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									                                            DRAFT - Professional Dog Walker Permit Fee and Calculator
Professional dog walkers may chose from two options; Sign up for the flat fee 'Max Package' to bring up to 10 dogs per visit Monday-
Friday 10am-4pm, or pay a reduced fee based on the number of dogs and number of visits per week over a year. All businesses pay $98
permit fee plus an impact fee. Impact fee balances must be reduced to zero before the end of the year. Permits with an Impact Fee
balance will not be renewed. Reduced Rate permit holders will be required to declare a schedule that will provide specific timeframes to
monitor the permit holders.

All dog walkers will be issued a vest with ID number cards. The ID number cards must be inserted into the panels on the front and
back of vest and be visible at all times. The first number of ID is the maximum number of dogs you are allowed to bring each visit.

Impact Fee payment may be made in three ways: 1) Perform stewardship work at approved park stewardship activities;
each documented stewardship hour is worth $20 toward impact fees. (Sorry, no partial hours accepted) 2) Contribute to
S.O.D.A. maintenance fund and receive credit for each dollar contributed. 3) Pay impact fee directly to King County Parks.

Use the calculator below to choose the best option for your business:
Max Package
Visit Monday-Friday 10am-4pm and bring up to 10 dogs per visit

Permit Fee                                                                          $    98.00

                                                                                                    Pay or perform equivalent stewardship
Impact fee                                                                          $   702.00
                                                                                                             hours by end of year

Total payment if no stewardship hours performed                                     $800 Max-Package
Max number of stewardship hours eligible to apply toward impact fee:                    35

Reduced Rate or Partial-Year Discount Package

Maximum number of dogs determined at application. Visit days and times limited to an agreed upon schedule.

                Reduced Rate Calculator:
Enter maximum number of dogs you would bring per day                                     5                      Savings for Small Group Discount
Enter maximum number of days you would visit per week                                    2                              vs Max Package

Total dog visits per year                                                               520
Automatic credit of 234 visits for allowance of average use as park patron.             -234

Total estimated dog-visits per year over patron allowance                               286
Permit fee (all businesses)                                                         $    98.00            Pay at time of application

Annual impact fee (total dog-visits X $.52 per visit)                               $   148.72

             Partial-Year Discount Calculator:
Partial-Year Discount for application after January 31                  per month
(Enter the number that corresponds with month of purchase i.e.
March = 3)                                                         2    $     12.39 $   136.33

Impact fee due by end of year                                                       $   136.33

Total annual fee if no stewardship hours performed                                             $234.33

Max number of stewardship hours eligible to apply toward impact fee:                     7

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