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N) Save
Touching this button saves the current
location, along with any pictures,
breadcrumbs, description and voice

Once selected, a confirmation screen
appears: “Do you want to save this
location? Y/N”.

If the user selects “Yes”, the location is
saved and a confirmation appears
“Location Saved.” User touches screen
to continue.

If the user selects “No”, the
conformation screen disappears and
the application is brought back to the
main screen.

Saved locations can be accessed via
the Saved Locations button on the
home screen.
Touch Screen Selection
The user can switch between their current location marker
and the MeetBackHere marker by touching one or the
other on the screen. This effects which icon the center
button focuses on when touched.

When the user touches the MeetBackHere marker (red
arrow), the distance from his current location is shown. If
the player taps the distance box, they will be given an
option to switch to the metric system.

If the user touches the MeetBackHere marker and holds it
for one second, it will “lift up” from its location and the
user can move it by dragging it around the screen. Tap
again on the screen to place it.

The moveable MeetBackHere marker feature is to make
up for the inaccuracies of the GPS abilities of the
iPhone. Sometimes the location and/or map will be a bit
off and the user will need to move the marker
accordingly. Additionally, if the user just wants to mark
something, anything on their map they can do so and have
that be their meetbackhere location (regardless of
whether or not they have been there before). This makes
the app more all purpose. Find the movie theater on the
map, move your MeetBackHere marker there, boom - you
have a new route.
Return to Location
All one needs to get to any location is two
things: Where the desired location is and where
they are now.

Point A to point B.

MeetBackHere shows either point A
(MeetBackHere marker) or point B (User Location)
at all times on the screen, and quite frequently
both will be viewable (depending on zoom level
and distance).

The user can easily switch the focal point on the
screen with a simple tap of the switch button.

The user can see where they are, the desired
location and the how to get there.

To assist, MeetBackHere provides an optimal
route (blue line) and maps; along with options for
breadcrumbs, audible alerts, photos, recorded
voice memos and a timer.
Advertising (Free Version)
An ad screen should pop up between
the main menu screen and the main

The user will have three options:

•Disable Ads

Visit: Goes to the app store and shows
the user the product being advertised.

Close: Closes the ad and returns to

Disable Ads: Brings the user to the
app store to purchase MeetBackHere
pay version.

Additional Assets: VisitButton.png, CloseButton.png, DisableButton.png

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Description: iPhone App Brief - MeetBackHere. Read the actual design brief we wrote for our popular iPhone app MeetBackHere. The document includes screen mockups, application flows, and detailed descriptions of functionality.