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                                          UNDERFLOOR & RENEWABLES

                                   underfloor heating

for conservatories, extensions & single rooms

                          design    innovation   expertise   service

           natural warmth                                 a better kind of warmth
           More and more homeowners are                   Warming from the floor up is more
           appreciating the benefits of modern             comfortable – it feels natural because it is
           warm water underfloor heating.                  the way you are warmed by the sun.

           Heating from the floor improves comfort,        Radiators heat the air by convection,
           there is no intrusion on wall or floor space    drawing cold air across the floor and up to
           and running costs are kept low.                the ceiling. In contrast, underfloor heating
                                                          produces mainly radiant warmth. The
           Now conservatories, extensions or single
                                                          entire floor is heated meaning warmth is
           rooms, can all enjoy the quality of a
                                                          released evenly causing no stuffiness,
           Nu-Heat underfloor system, condensed
                                                          draughts or cold spots. Feet are gently
           into a simple-to-install package – onezone®.
                                                          warmed whilst the head is cool – ideal
           onezone® integrates seamlessly with any        comfort conditions.
           existing radiator system. It is designed and
                                                          The gentle, even heat and low humidity
           produced to exacting standards that have
                                                          variations create a kinder environment for
           led to Nu-Heat becoming the leading supplier
                                                          furniture, antique or modern and the
           of warm water underfloor heating systems in
                                                          circulation of dust and mites is reduced
           the UK. Since 1992 we have successfully
                                                          making the air cleaner and less allergenic.
           designed and supplied over 20,000 homes
           with bespoke underfloor heating systems.
from Nu-Heat is the leading underfloor
heating solution for:

Single rooms
onezone® can be integrated into any
existing heating system, quickly and easily;
allowing improvement and enhancement of
the home heating system.

onezone® is tailored to each room – it
is not one-size-fits-all. The pack arrives
complete with all controls and with the
correct amount of flexible Fastflo® floor
heating tube and clips for each individual
project. The installation instructions are
comprehensive and fully illustrated.

Installing the Fastflo® tube into the
floor construction is a simple process.
Both screed and floating floors are
easily accommodated.

the basic principle
Underfloor heating works by pumping
temperature controlled warm water from
a normal central heating boiler, through
jointless plastic tubing embedded in
the floor.

The floor temperature needs to be raised
only a few degrees above the room
temperature to maintain an effective
comfort level.

The onezone® control unit carefully blends
the water from the existing boiler to the
correct temperature for entry into the floor.

A simple wall-mounted thermostat ensures
complete comfort control.
          Nu-Heat applies the same
high quality standards
   to onezone as it does to
  full house systems

onezone® design features                          fastflo® floor heating tube                     performance
warm water control                                A onezone® pack contains Fastflo®               Nu-Heat onezone® can provide heating of
A well designed floor heating system              polyethylene floor heating tube with            up to 100 Watts per square metre of floor
maintains a comfortable floor temperature         oxygen barrier, (PE-Xc).                        area. This is normally more than sufficient
                                                                                                  to provide room temperature without
through accurately controlling the water          Fastflo® is fully compliant with all relevant
                                                                                                  supplementary heating. However, caution
temperature entering the floor. With Nu-Heat      British and European standards and delivers
                                                                                                  should be exercised to ensure that the heat
onezone®, water is taken from the existing        outstanding heating performance:
                                                                                                  output from the flow will meet the heat
heating system, passed through the control
                                                  • Smaller diameter – enables shorter coil       loss of the structure in extreme weather
unit and then pumped directly to the Fastflo®
                                                    lengths and closer spacing so warmth is       conditions, especially in highly glazed areas
underfloor heating tube.
                                                    spread more evenly,                           such as conservatories.
Nu-Heat applies the same high quality
                                                  • Faster response times – rooms heat            Heating response times in screed floors will
standards to onezone® as it does to
                                                    quickly and more efficiently,                 be longer than for radiators but this can
full-house systems.
                                                                                                  easily be allowed for by appropriate setting
                                                  • Quick installation – due to the flexibility
The onezone® control unit arrives complete                                                        of the time controls.
                                                    of the pipe, thereby reducing installation
with fill and drain points as well as its own
temperature and pressure gauges. Simple
push-fittings enable the system to be quickly
and easily integrated into the existing heating
and control circuits with minimal disruption
and reduced installation cost. Standard
15mm push-fit connections with plastic or
copper pipe can be used.
                                                                Existing heating

                                              wiring centre

                                                                                   For independent room heating,
           Programmable               onezone®                                     connect onezone® where it will
           room thermostat            control unit                                 not be affected by existing controls

                                                                                             To allow the existing heating to
             ®                                                                               control onezone®, connect into
  onezone                                                                                    the system where convenient
  underfloor heating

                                                                                                                          Existing radiator circuit

room temperature and timing
Nu-Heat onezone® provides two alternative
ways of controlling the times at which
warmth is available in the room.
Plumb from the existing radiator system
and use the existing heating timer as the
master control. The programmable thermostat
supplied with onezone® will be able to call
for heat in the room during the times set
on the main timer, but not at other times.
The room heating will switch off when
the correct temperature is reached within
these times.
Bypassing existing system controls to give
independent control over the underfloor
heating system. Ideally, independent               Nu-Heat      onezone®
control should always be the preferred                          can be controlled from the
option. However this is dependent on
the location of the room in relation to the
                                                         existing heating timer
existing system.                                      or      independently
                                            installing onezone® – nu-heat service and support
                                            We believe that our systems should be simple and quick to install regardless of technical
                                            knowledge – they are designed to enable trouble-free first time installation.

                                            Nu-Heat installation manuals are clear, concise and praised for their clear approach.

                                            Telephone and email support from the experienced Nu-Heat technical support staff is
                                            also available.

installation sequence

1. Place edge insulation around the sides   2. Lay insulation over the concrete base       3. Fix cliptrack across the floor
of the room

4. Lay the Fastflo® floor heating tube      5. Fit the onezone® control unit in a          6. Screed the floor
                                            suitable place, connect the Fastflo® tubing
                                            and pressure test
                                             floor constructions
                                             The majority of new-build extensions and
                                             conservatories have screed floors ideal for
                                             underfloor heating as screed gives efficient
                                             heat transfer. New flooring can be laid on
                                             top of the screed as normal.

                                                                Edge insulation
                                                                Sand & cement screed

                                                                Fastflo® tubing
                                                                Nu-Heat Cliptrack™
                                                                Polythene protection layer
                                                                Floor insulation
                                                                Concrete slab

Fastflo® in screed with Cliptrack™

                                             floating floors
                                             This floor construction is popular for
                                             extensions and will be found in many
                                             renovation projects. Nu-Heat supplies
                                             a heat diffuser plate attached to a thin
                                             polystyrene layer which can be laid on
                                             top of the standard insulation layer. The
                                             plates are fitted across the room and the
                                             Fastflo® tubing is pushed into them.
                                             The chipboard or final timber floor deck
                                             is laid directly on top of the panels making
                                             installation very straightforward.

                                                                Timber decking

                                                                Fastflo® tubing
                                                                EHD polystyrene with heat
                                                                transfer plate
                                                                Floor insulation
                                                                Floor structure
                                                                (Concrete or timber deck)

Fastflo® with diffuser panels in floating floor
floor insulation
The purpose of insulation in the floor of
any building is to prevent downward heat
losses, whether it has underfloor heating
or not.

The insulation level specified within current
Building Regulations is perfectly suitable
for Nu-Heat underfloor heating, therefore
no additional cost is incurred.

In renovation and refurbishment projects
with no insulation at all, the floor insulation
will have to be increased broadly in line
with modern standards. It is Nu-Heat policy
not to recommend any underfloor heating
scheme over an existing floor unless
sufficient insulation can be provided to
prevent wasteful downward heat losses.

In screed floors the insulation layer should
be on top of the concrete base slab or
beam and block subfloor, not beneath it.
The Fastflo® floor heating tube is secured
directly to the insulation layer with cliptrack.
The screed, normally of 65mm depth, is
laid and levelled over that.

As part of the onezone® package Nu-Heat
supplies edge insulation to allow for the
thermal expansion of the screed. Additional
edge insulation may be required to prevent
heat loss.

location of the components
The control unit can be fitted directly into
the room to be heated or in a convenient
place elsewhere in the building, for example
an airing cupboard or utility room.

The room temperature thermostat can be
conveniently fitted by the light switch.

                                                        The insulation level specified within current
                                                     building regulations is perfectly suitable
                                                   for nu-heat underfloor heating, therefore
                                                         no additional cost is incurred
floor coverings
A wide range of floor coverings may be used.
For optimum performance hard surfaces
such as ceramic tiles, slate, stone and marble
are recommended as they provide the best
transfer of heat.

The low surface temperature of underfloor
heating presents no problem with timber
floors provided that the timber is well
seasoned or kiln-dried and sensible
procedures are followed to prevent timber
from absorbing moisture from the building.

Although all carpets resist heat transfer
more than other coverings, if simple
guidelines are followed the efficiency of
underfloor heating will not be affected.
Very thick carpet with a high tog value
and felt underlays should be avoided.
The combined value of carpet and underlays
should not exceed 2.5 tog.

As part of our ongoing dedication to 100%
customer satisfaction, Nu-Heat will be
happy to advise on any aspect of floor

   a wide range
     of floor
    can be used
The Nu-Heat onezone® price includes the following:

1. A control unit consisting of: floor heating pump, temperature gauge, zone actuator,
   water temperature control valve, manual bypass valve, pipe manifold connectors,
   drain-offs, hose connectors, leak-proof caps, distributor assemblies. Fastflo® floor
   heating tube, cliptrack (or heat diffuser plates if appropriate), programmable room
   thermostat and onezone® wiring centre.

2. Installation manual with full instructions, schematics, wiring diagrams, floor constructions
   and system settings.

3. Telephone installation and technical support.

4. Delivery by carrier.

The only components needed to complete the installation are electrical cable and pipework
from the onezone® control unit to the heating circuit.

ordering onezone®
The Nu-Heat onezone® package can be supplied direct to you within just a few days.

This can be obtained in a number of ways:

   • On-line ordering at 5% preferential discounts apply
     when ordering via the internet using the discount code OZ5%.

   • Telephone to discuss your project on Freephone 0800 731 1976.

   • By Freepost, complete the enclosed order form and return to Nu-Heat.

                   Get a
    5% discount
     by ordering online

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