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Thursday - NYU Steinhardt School of Culture_ Education_ and Human


TIME             ACTIVITY

8:00-5:00      REGISTRATION DESK                                                                           Kimmell Center, RM 405

8:30-10:00     MORNING COFFEE                                                                              Kimmell Center, RM 405

9:00-12:00     WORKSHOPS 1-8

                               W-1 Beyond the Classroom: Democratic Theatre with Prisoners, Pushers, and   Kevin Bott
                               W-2 EQUIP for Educators for Behaviorally At-Risk Students: Pedagogy, Praxis, Ann-Marie DiBiase
                                   and Pragmatics of Program Implementation                                 Jan van Westerlaak

                               W-3 The Essence of Moral Education                                          Bernice Lerner

                               W-4 Prospects for Coexistence: Religion, Identity and Belonging in a Changing Diane Moore
                                   World                                                                     Adam Strom
                                                                                                             James W. Fraser
                               W-5 Scoring Moral Narratives and Measuring Moral Development                Michael Lamport Commons
                                                                                                           Sara Nora Ross
                                                                                                           Terri Lee Robinett
                                                                                                           Patrice Marie Miller
Wksp #6 STARTS AT 8 am         W-6 The Konstanz Method of Dilemma Discussion (KMDD)                        Georg Lind
                               W-7 Voices Reading: A Comprehensive Reading and Character Development       Patrick C. Walker
                                   Program                                                                 Catherine Snow
                                                                                                           Robert Selman
                               W-8 Racial and Ethical Sensitivity Training (REST) Workshop                 Lauren Rogers-Sirin
                                                                                                           Selcuk R. Sirin
12-1:30      LUNCH ON YOUR OWN

1:30-2:45    SESSION # PROPOSAL # TITLE                                                                     AUTHOR
1   47 The Cosmopolitan Solution: Political Lessons from Nineteenth Century       Chris Anderson
       Education Reformers

       Dialogue and Conflict of Cultures                                          Yu-hui Chen

       Cosmopolitan Ethics and the Cultivation of the Moral Resources             Dale T. Snauwaert
2   40 A Conceptual Framework For Teaching Ethics in a Pluralistic Society        Miriam Orkar

       Plurality as the Heart of Ethics, in Community and Curriculum              Simon Robinson

       Professional Ethics, Pluralism, and the “Rationality of Traditions”        Daniel Vokey
3   73 Moral Emotions in Childhood and Adolescence and Their Role in Moral        Tina Malti, Dan Lapsley

       Moral Emotions in Middle Childhood: Foundations for the Development of     Bryan Sokol
       the Moral Self

       Children's Moral Emotions, Moral Reasoning, and Prosocial Behavior         Tina Malti

       "It Can't Be Right What Feels Wrong": The Coordination of Moral Emotion Tobias Krettenauer
       Expectancies and Moral Judgment in Adolescence
4   55 Urban School Reform: Three “Social Justice” Efforts to Engage Students  Anna L. Romer, Steven Becton

       Strengthening Students' Voices and Engagement in a Chicago Middle          Anna L. Romer
                                                                                  Meredith Gavrin
       Citizenship School Theme Promotes College Bound Critical Thinkers
                                                                                  Dennis J. Barr
       Civic Learning and Small School Reform: Theory and Practice
5   26 Understanding Suffering: The Need for Service-Learning in Ethical          Katherine Kirby
                                                                                  Debora L. Liddell, Steven
       From Serving to Learning: Using Reflection to Facilitate Growth in College Hubbard

6      Documenting the Relationship Among Moral Emerging Adults
    80 Catalying A Commitment to Service-Work in Judgement Phases and             Scott Seider
                                                                                  W. Pitt Derryberry, Chris
       Attributional Complexity                                                   Chandler, Ian Love

       Toward a New Vocabulary in Moral Development Theory: Articulating          Dawn Schrader
       Models fo Cataclysmic Transformations in Theory and Practice

       Peer Influence, Religious Beliefs, and Ethical Conduct Among Adolescents Leslie K. Grier, Wendy Gudiel
                     7            62 Pathei Mathos: Suffering, Identity, and Moral Education/Hegel and the   Rodino Anderson
                                     Moral Curriculum of Images

3:00-4:15   SESSION # PROPOSAL # TITLE                                                                        AUTHOR
                    8         86 Social Understanding, Trust, and Commitment in Democracy                    Seana Moran, Amy Dray, Katie
                     9            28 A Case for Educating Against Hate Speech                                Kim Hyunjung

                                     Civil Civic Dialogue Across „Enemy‟ Lines                               Gerri Perreault

                                     Hate Words and "Multiculturalism as Crap": Discomfort, Resistance,      Tom Wilson
                                     Barriers, Ethics
                    10            37 Character in Teaching                                                   David Carr

                                     Fostering and Connecting Teachers‟ Spiritual Moral Commitments          Ramona Cutri

                    11            66 Effects of the EQUIP Peer-Helping Program                               Daniel Brugman, John C. Gibbs

                                     An Investigation of the Impact of a Psychoeducational Intervention      Ann-Marie DiBiase
                                     Program for Behaviourally At-Risk Students: EQUIP for Educators

                                     EQUIP for Educators in Spain: Results from a Pilot Intervention in      Kevin van der Meulen, Laura
                                     Secondary Schools                                                       Granizo, Cristina del Barrio

                                     The Preventive Effects of EQUIP for Educators on Moral Cognitions and   Floor van der Velden, Daniel
                                     Behavior                                                                Brugman, Jan Boom, Willem
                                     Responsible Adult Culture: A Case Study of Cognitive and Behavioral
                                     Changes at a Community-Based Correctional Facility                      Renee S. Devlin, John C. Gibbs

                    12               The Mathematics of Moral EQUIP in Creating Conditions
                                  18 Restorative Education and Education:Juvenile Delinquents for Profound   Bridget Cooper

                                     The "New" New Civics: Exploring Empathy Through a Video Game            James Diamond

                                     Empathy as Intersubjectivity: Resolving Hume and Smith‟s Divide         Matthew Schertz
            13           68 Middle School Moral Development: Climate, Discourse, and Teacher         Darcia Narvaez
                                                                                                    Vladimir Khmelkov, Darcia
                            Middle School Academic and Social Climate Influences on Moral Character Narvaez, Julianne C. Turner,
                                                                                                    Jenny Vaydich, Andrea

                            Teacher Discourse and Its Relation to Moral Character                    Darcia Narvaez, Julianne C.
                                                                                                     Turner, Gayle Mullen

            14              Linking Professionalism with Ethical Moral Efficacy
                         25 A New Scale for Measuring Teacher Capacities                             Darcia J. BebeauVladimir
                                                                                                     Muriel Narvaez,

                            Sense and Act: Assessing Ethical Sensitivity, Reasoning, and             Danielle King, Sean Cavanaugh,
                            Implementation in Resident Physicians                                    Adina Kalet
                 R-301      Classroom Relationships: Preparation for Living Respectfully in the World? D. Kay Johnston

                 R-302      Taiwan‟s Civic Education: Based on The Dialectic between Globalization   Chou-Sung Yang
                            and Localization

                 R-303      Teachers' Sensitivity to Social Justice: Beliefs and Practice            Mary Louise Arnold, Dwight Boyd

                 R-304      Packaging Boyhood: Masculinity, Media, and Moral Education               Lyn Mikel Brown, Mark B.
                                                                                                     Tappan, Sharon Lamb

                 R-305      Factors Influencing Moral Development in Professional Education          Trevor S. Harding, Cynthia J.
                                                                                                     Finelli, Donald D. Carpenter,
                                                                                                     Matthew J. Mayhew
                 R-307      The Moral Judgment of Gifted Adolescents: An Exploratory Study           Ashley Lewis

                 R-308      The Ethical Decision-Making Behaviour of Advertising Executives          Diane Rutkow Persky

                 R-309      Promoting Democratic Values Across Nations: Findings from a Long-term    John McGurgan, Tatyana V.
                            American-Russian Partnership                                             Tsyrlina, Joseph H. Rustick
R-310   Educating Children About Peace, Inclusive Thinking, and Nonviolent       Marshall Strax
        Problem Solving

R-312   Total Moral Education: The Outlines of the 1920s Americanization         John Kenneth Press

R-313   Teaching for Moral Democracy: Lessons from School and University         Tom Wilson, John Gunderson

R-314   Implications for Moral Education Practices from the Field                Sandra K. Winn

R-315   The Evolving Moral Self: Where We‟ve Been and Where We‟re Going          Jess Matthews Duval

R-316   Culturally-Relevant Teacher Care: Can It Be Quantified? Should We Try?   Mari Ann Roberts

R-317   Moral Conflicts of Mexican Public School Principals: Loyalties and       Maria Cecilia Fierro Evans

R-318   Moral Development through Constructive Controversy                       Michelle Tichy

R-319   The Moral Hero: Using Biography to Teach about Moral Development         Debora L. Liddell

R-320   Using Realistic Vignettes to Teach Ethical Thinking in Psychological     Kathryn M. LaFontana

R-321   Was Socrates‟ Method of Moral Education Anti-Democratic?                 Elly Pirocacos

R-322   Resources of Confucian Moral Education in a Pluralistic Global Society   Kwok Keung Lau

R-324   Seeking Cosmopolitan Citizenship: A Comparative Study of Two             Theresa B. Alviar-Martin
        International Schools
                         R-325         Changes of Concept in Global Citizenship for Taiwanese Young People        Chiau-Jen Chen
                                       Being International Volunteers

                         R-326         Ecological Cosmopolitan and Civic Education: Taiwan‟s Problems Under       Chun-Ping Wang
                                       Globalizing Condition

                         R-327         An Integrated Approach to Global Ethics Education                          Changwoo Jeong

                         R-328         Creating the Ethical Inclusive Classroom                                   Carol Strax

                         R-329         Individual Traits and Prosocial Behavior of Elementary Students in Korea   Chae-Yun Uhm

                         R-330         Moral Development of Teachers by Teaching Career and School Level in       Hyunjoo Won

                         R-331         College Students‟ Perception of Parental Use of Moral Socialization        Jupian J. Leung

                         R-332         Stage 7 and Multiple Moral Issues                                          Gunnar Jorgensen

                         R-333         Promoting Student Civic Involvement and Social Action                      Joseph Corsetti, Meredith Gavrin

5:45-7:00    WELCOME RECEPTION                                                                                    Shorin Room, Kimmel Center 8th Floor
             Sponsor: St. John's University
             Welcome: Jerrold Ross and John Snarey
             Entertainment: NYU Steinhardt String Quartet
7:00         DINNER ON YOUR OWN

6:30-10:00   AME EXECUTIVE BOARD PRE-CONFERENCE "WORKING" DINNER                                                  Payne Room, Pless Hall-4th Floor

             Host: John Snarey






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8:00-5:00     REGISTRATION DESK                                                                                   Kimmell Center, RM 405

8:30-10:30    MORNING COFFEE                                                                                      Kimmell Center, RM 405

9:15-10:30    WELCOME: Dr. Mary Brabeck, Dean of New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development
                      Dr. John Sexton, President of New York Univeristy, Dr. John Snarey, President of the Association for Moral Education

              KOHLBERG LECTURE: DR. KWAME ANTHONY APPIAH, Laureance S. Rockefeller University Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University

                                   "Global Citizenship"

10:45-12:00   SESSION # PROPOSAL # TITLE                                                                           AUTHOR
                     15           5 Global Citzenship and State Standards in Social Studies and Civics            Anatoli Rapoport

                                         Civic Identity Crystallization in a Religious Particularistic Venue      Gross Zehavit

                         16           77 Concepts, Research and Practices of Linking Different Perspectives       Wiel Veugelers, Victor
                                         Morality, Spirituality and Global Citizenship
                                                                                                                  Kirsi Tirri
                                         Moral Character Education: An Integrative Approach
                                                                                                                  Darcia Narvaez
                                         Moral Development and Citizenship Education from a Political Education
                                         Perspective                                                              Fritz Oser, Horst Biedermann

                                         Moral Development and Citizenship Education from a Critical Pedagogy
                                         Perspective                                                              Wiel Veugelers
17   32 Being White/Being Good: White Complicity, Moral Responsibility and Social Barbara Applebaum
        Justice Pedagogy

        Social Class, Income Disparity: Children's Awareness and Teachers'          Elizabeth Baird Saenger,
        Responsibility                                                              Joan Arrowsmith

        The Moral Dimension of Tolerance to Human Diversity                         Rivka Witenberg
18   31 Community Education and the Construction of Democracy and Citizenship       Ulisses F. Araujo

        Social Education as Part of a National Curriculum in Israel                 Yael Barenholtz

        The Chinese Debate over Deyu and the New Curriculum Reform                  Zhenzhou Zhao, Chuanbao
19   56 Social Change, Values, and the Management of "Positioning"                  Helen Haste

        Positioning in the Process of Deliberating Controversial Ethical and Political Angela Bermudez

        Positioning the Embodied Experience of Young Women Political                Masum Momaya
                                                                                    Leticia Braga
        Being or Becoming an Immigrant? Understanding Adolescents'
        Contextualized Identities
                                                                                    Salie Abrahams, Helen Haste
        "You Can't Oppress Yourself": Identity and Re-positioning in Post-Apartheid
20   72 Translating Developmental Theory and Research into Educational Practice: Kimberly Schonert-Reichel,
        Findings from University-School Board Partnerships Developed to Promote Lisa Pedrini
        Students‟ Social Responsibility

        Assessing Social Experience and Socially Responsible Behavior in            Lisa Pedrini, Jan Sippel,
        Secondary Students                                                          Shelly Hymel, Terry
        Creating Socially Responsible Learning Communities in Elementary
        Schools: Translating Theory into Practice                                   Maureen Dockendorf, Sharon
        Linking Theory and Research to Practice: The Role of Classroom and
        School “Connectedness” to Social Responsibility, Empathy-Related            Molly Stewart Lawlor,
        Responding, and Academic Motivation                                         Kimberly Schonert-Reichel,
21   70 Film Screening of American Idealist: The Story of Sargent Shriver           Bruce Orenstein
                                                                                    Anna Gomberg
                        22             Publishing in Academic Journals: Tips to Help You Publish Successfully    Graham Hobbs

                        23          13 Exploring Thematic Analyses of Interviews with Cambodian-American         Kaye Cook, Meghan Savina
                                       Buddhists and Christians

                                       Meetings with Remarkable Men and Women: On Teaching Moral                 Roger Bergman
12:45-1:45 PLENARY 1: DR. ANNE COLBY, Psychologist and Seniro Scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
                       (INTRODUCTION BY DR. JAMES HENNESSY, Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Fordam University )
                         "Educationg for Democracy: Preparing Undergraduates for Responsible Political Engagement"
2:00-3:15    SESSION # PROPOSAL # TITLE                                                                     AUTHOR
                    24             76 "Enter More Deeply": Facing Fear in Anti-Racist Education            Barbara S. Stengel, Mary
                                                                                                           Casey, Tracey Weis

                                       Seeing Race/Reading Fear: Memory and History                              Tracey Weis

                                       Fear and Racism: The Tyranny of Judgment and the Failure of Imagination   Barbara S. Stengel

                                       Fear, Race and Relationship in Adolescent Development                     Mary Casey
                        25          30 Teaching for Peace to Children of War in Sri Lanka                        Chandi Fernando

                                       A Theoretical Framework for Peace Education among Israelis and            Shai Fuxman
                                                                                                                 Joshua P. Morgan, Kevin
                                       Being a Peacemaker: Muslim and Christian Peacemakers‟ Faith-Based         Reimer, Joy Bustrum,
                                       Values                                                                    Theresa Tisdale
                        26          64 Religion and Morality                                                     Rene Arcilla

                                       Morality and Religious Pluralism                                          Lawrence Blum

                                       Catholicism and Pluralism within and Outside of Religious Groups          F. Clark Power

                                       Kohlberg's Moral and Religious Exemplars: Through the Eyes of William     John Snarey, Lynn Bridgers
27   74 A Cosmopolitan Orientation to the World: Hope, Thought, and Dialogue           Stephanie Burdick-Shepherd,
                                                                                       Cristina Cammarano,
                                                                                       Gonzalo Obelleiro, David T.
        Seeing With Hope: A Direction for Cosmopolitan Education
                                                                                       Stephanie Burdick-Shepherd
        The Necessity of Forgetfulness and Remembrance in Cosmopolitan
        Thinking                                                                       Cristina Cammarano

28      Tensions in Vision as for Citizenship in the Cosmopolitan
     44 A Dialogical Educationa Core Elementin the West and in Asia                    Gonzalo Obelleiro
                                                                                       Lutz H. Eckensberger

        Panoply of Values: Tracing the Perceptions and Origins in Rajasthani           Divya Sharma, Prerana
        Families                                                                       Mohite

        The Making of Legal Culture in Three Chinese Societies                         Thomas Kwan-Choi Tse,
29   42 Narrative Imagination, Human Rights, and the Catholic Tradition                R.W. Carstens

        Peer Influence, Religious Beliefs and Ethical Conduct among Adolescents        Leslie K. Grier, Wendy Gudiel

        Religious Ideals, Cosmopolitanism and Democracies                              Michael S. Merry, Doret J. de
30   16 Myth, Story and Narrative in Modern Rites of Moral Passage                     Robert Davis, David Carr

        The OC at the AME: Moral Messages in Adolescent Media                          Rebecca J. Glover, Lance C.

        Submitting to Liberation: The Corn is Green as Anti-Oppressive Pedagogy        James Stillwaggon, David
31    9 Examining the Relationship Between Cheating and Trust among College            Alesha Seroczynski, Kathryn
        Students                                                                       Scheid

        Attitude of High School Students Toward Moral Education                        Hema Pant

        Civic Engagement and Moral Development of Undergraduate Honors                 Jacqueline R. Klein
32   19 StudentsIn Morally Relevant Situations: A Result of Moral Intuition or Moral
        Judging                                                                        Karin Heinrichs

        Intuitive Moral Judgements and Moral Reasoning                                 Albert W. Musschenga

        Stages in Action: A Complex Example from a Politician‟s Life                   Don Collins Reed
                    33              53 Assessing Democratic Values: Methodological Challenges and Strategies       Melinda Fine, Ethan
                                                                                                                   Lowenstein, Angela
                                       Assessing Students‟ Democratic Dispositions: Tolerance and Civic
                                       Responsibility                                                              Melinda Fine

                                       Developing New Measures of Teacher Efficacy in Civics and Moral
                                       Education                                                                   Ethan Lowenstein

3-3:30                SODA BREAK
3:30-4:45   SESSION # PROPOSAL # TITLE                                                                              AUTHOR
                   34          36 Moral Skill Training: A New Method of Moral Education in Japan                   Yasunari Hayashi

                                       A Case Study of Planning, Implementation and Evaluation for Character-      (Angela) Chi-Ming Lee
                                       Based School Culture

                                       The Importance of Impressions in Character Education Endeavors              Matthew Schertz
                    35              29 The Forgiving Child: Forgiveness Education for Children in Impoverished     Anthony Holter, Robert D.
                                       Communities                                                                 Enright

                                       Adolescence and Violence: Building and Integrating Networks of Protection Clary Milnitsky-Sapiro,
                                                                                                                 Carmem Craidy

                                       Adolescent Girls‟ Relational Aggression: Second Year Follow-up Results of   Dawn Schrader, Jess
                                       the                                                                         Matthews Duval, Christine
                                       Bully-Victim-Bystander Dynamic Interaction Model and the Development of     Gouveia
                    36              38 Catholic School Pedagogy From/For the Dissent of the Faithful               Graham McDonough

                                       The Place of "I" in Moral Education and Moral Development                   Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi

                                       Christian Perspectives on Harry Potter: Tool of Satan or Christian Parable? Amie Senland, Elizabeth
                    37              57 Teaching History, Teaching Ethics, Teaching Democracy                       Joan Malczewski, James W.
                                                                                                                   Fraser, Diana Turk, Rachel

                                       Good History is Good Democratic Civic Engagement . . . and Vice Versa       James W. Fraser

                                       Democratic Preparation of Democratic Teachers                               Diana Turk

                                       Theater of the Assessed: A Historian Considers the Promise and Challenge Rachel Mattson
                                       of Drama-Based Pedagogies in the History Classroom
38   59 Racial and Ethical Sensitivity in Teacher Training: A Theory-Driven Model of Selcuk R. Sirin, Mary M.
        Applied Ethics                                                               Brabeck

        Increasing School Professionals‟ Cultural Competence: Findings From an      Lauren Rogers-Sirin, Kadidja
        Intervention Study                                                          Diallo, Frank Pignatosi

        Implementing an Ethical Sensitivity Development Program in Teacher          Michael J. Maher
                                                                                  Juan Jorge Michel Fariña,
        Ethical Sensitivity among Argentinean Teachers: The Spanish Adaptation of Gabriela Salomone, Esteban
        Racial and Ethical Sensitivity Test (REST)                                Costa, Alejandra Rodríguez
                                                                                  Lamberti, Fernando Pérez
39   43 Cooperative Learning: Roles and Opportunities for Civic Education         Ferretti
                                                                                  Chris Arney

        Kant‟s Political Morality and Educating for Cosmopolitan Citizenship        Pradeep A. Dhillon

        Dewey‟s Lessons from the War: Implications for Civic and Democratic         Jessica Ching-Sze Wang
40   24 Educationand Emotional Dynamics in Moral Motivation and Development
        Cognitive                                                                   Ulas Kaplan

        On the Significance of the Problem of Moral Motivation                      Gerhard Minnameier

        Moral Imagination to Shape Education                                        Azize Özgüven
41   70 Film Screening of American Idealist: The Story of Sargent Shriver           Bruce Orenstein, Anna
        (repeat session)                                                            Gomberg

42   60 Teacher Growth in Moral Education: The Next Generation of Measures          Sigrun Adalbjarnardottir,
                                                                                    Ethan Lowenstein, Robert
                                                                                    Selman, Dennis Barr

        Teachers‟ Pedagogical Visions: A New Analytical Model                       Sigrun Adalbjarnardottir

        The Next Generation of Teacher Performance Measures in Civic and Moral Ethan Lowenstein

        Implications of New Research on the Teachers‟ Methods to Deal with          Robert Selman, Dennis Barr
        Ethical Controversy in the Classroom for Developmental Theory and Moral
43   15 Building a Moral Community: The Legacy of Janusz Korczak                    Sara Efrat Efron

        Children‟s Attitudes toward Superheroes as a Potential Indicator of         Justin Frank Martin
        Children‟s Moral Understanding

        Transcendence in the Lives of Moral Exemplars: Addressing Moral             Lawrence J. Walker, Jeremy
        Psychology‟s Blind-Spot                                                     A. Frimer
5:00-6:15   SESSION # PROPOSAL # TITLE                                                                       AUTHOR
                   44         12 Preparing Dutch Undergraduates for Lives of Moral and Civic Responsibility Rob Boschhuizen, Joyce

                                       It‟s All Good: A Fresh Look at Ethical Relativism                             Theo L. Dawson, Zachary

                                       Perceived Moral Behaviors, Roles and Problems in Teacher Education
                                                                                                                       Feyza Doyran
                    45               6 Conflicting Moralities in Children‟s Literature: Children’s Choices and Adults‟ John D. Beach

                                       Literature and the Cultivation of Ethical Relationship across Difference      Ann Chinnery

                                       Shakespearean Drama as a Tool of Reconciliation in War-torn Bosnia            Andrew Garrod, Anthony
                    46              41 The Network of Interdependence as a Basis for Moral Education                 Nobumichi Iwasa

                                       African American Secondary Teachers and Their Perceptions of Care for         Mari Ann Roberts
                                       Their African American Students

                                       Integrating Moral Education into Junior High Working Class Students           Yu-Chen Wu, Fwu-Yuan
                                       Resistant Culture: A Case Study of Taiwan                                     Weng, Wei-Lin Tan, Ming-
                                                                                                                     Lun Chung, I-Chien Li
                    47              17 A Generation Lost – Biographical Pathways of Female Elders in South           Detlef Garf, Hyo-Seon Lee
                                                                                                                     Josephine Hauer
                                       Marriage and Relationship Education for Poor Couples: Does it Work?
                    48              33 What Makes a School Democratic? A Nation-Wide Study of School                 Jason J. Barr
                                                                                                                     E.Doyle Stevick, Bradley A.U.
                                       Cultural Context and the Qualitative Study of Democratic Citizenship          Levinson
                                                                                                                     Ronald Lee Zigler

                    49              48 Democratic Values and The Social Visions of Aldous Huxley Part One: The Steve Thoma, Jenifer Short,
                                       Exploring Aquino and Reed‟s Measure of Moral Identity
                                                                                                               Vin Porter
                      50            61 Triune Ethics: Testing a Neurobiologically-Rooted Moral Psychology Theory John Snarey, Darcia Narváez

                                       Triune Ethics Theory: A Neurobiologically-based Moral Psychology         Darcia Narváez

                                       Dispositional Aspects of Triune Ethics Theory                            Bradley Mattan, Ryan
                                                                                                                Kreager, Darcia Narváez

                                       Priming Reasoning for Security or Engagement: Situational Aspects of     Nicholas Lynchard, Ryan
                                       Triune Ethics Theory                                                     Kreager, Bradley Mattan,
                      51            49 Creating Technological "Safe Space" for Dialogue: Diverse Teacher        Darcia Narváez
                                                                                                                Benjamin H. Dotger, Michael
                                       Candidate Interactions                                                   J. Maher

                                       Helping Teachers to Develop a Moral Language About Teaching              Willem Wardekker, Yvonne

                                       What Do Teachers Do to Raise Good Citizens?                              Michael McCambridge, Julia
                      52            11 Activity Theory, Expansive Learning and Research in Moral Education      Geir Afdal

                                       A Trans-actional Approach to Moral Development                           Matthew Pamental

                                       Accessing the Moral Zone of Proximal Development in Children             Val D. Turner
6:15-7:00    RECEPTION

             Sponsor: Fordham University, Graduate School of Education
             Host:    James Hennessey, Dean of the Graduate School of Education

             NO HOST DINNER                                                                                        (Sign-up in Kimmel-4th Floor)

7:00-10:30   JME EXECUTIVE BOARD DINNER MEETING                                                                 Payne Room, 82 Washington Square East, P

 Princeton University

        Skirball Theater

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            Eisner and Lubin Hall

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         Rosenthal Pavillion, 10th Floor

mel-4th Floor)

 shington Square East, Pless Hall-4th Floor
TIME              ACTIVITY

8:00-5:00    REGISTRATION DESK                                                                      Kimmell Center, RM 405

8:30-9:30     MORNING COFFEE                                                                        Kimmell Center, RM 405

9:30-10:30   PLENARY 2: DR. PEDRO NOGUERA, Professor at the Steinhardt School at New York University

             "Safety and Caring in Schools: Addressing the Moral Basis of School Discipline Policies

             Introduction and Welcome: Júlio Rique

9:30-10:30    PLENARY 3: DR. PATRICIA MISCHE, Professor at Antioch College
              "Educating for a Deeper Democracy, Peace and Humanity: Yesterday, Today,
             Tomorrow" and Welcome: Elizabeth Vozzola

10:45-12:00 SESSION #   PROPOSAL #            TITLE                                                  AUTHOR                    TYPE
                     53                    85 Mechanisms of Transformation in the Loss and          Charles Blakeney, Ronnie   Papers
                                              Recovery of Integrity                                 Blakeney

                                              Psychologized Morality and the Varieties of Ethical   Bruce Maxwell
                       54                  83 Educating for Dissent and Non-Compliant Citizenship   Bill Puka                  Symposium
                                                                                                    Elly Vozzola
                                                                                                    Phyllis Curtis-Tweed
                                                                                                    Cheryl Armon
55   75 The Place of Dialogue in Reconstructing the             Megan Laverty             Symposium
        Cosmopolitan Ideal                                      David T. Hansen
                                                                Eduardo M. Duarte

        The Idea of Dialogue as a Way to Understand and be Megan Laverty

        Responding to the Call of Dialogue: Contours of the     David T. Hansen
        Cosmopolitan Sensibility

        Nos.Otros/Nosotros, Our Others/Us: the Strange          Eduardo M. Duarte
        Dialogic Arrival of the Cosmopolitan Idea
56   45 Integrating Getting to Yes With Kohlberg‟s Approach     Daniel Candee             Papers
        To Moral Education

        Addressing Conflict in History/Social Studies           Deborah Donahue-Keegan
        Classrooms: Possibilities and Moral Challenges

        Raw Conflict: Exploring the Middle East with Students   Gabriel Reich
57   58 New Perspectives on Teaching and Learning History:      Alan Stoskopf, Angela     Symposium
        Investigating the Role of Ethics and Emotions in        Bermudez, Ulrike Kuhlmann
        Historical Inquiry                                      Robert Selman, Mario

        Intellectual Rigor, Ethical Reflection and Emotional    Alan Stoskopf, Angela
        Engagement in Facing History and Ourselves              Bermudez

        Understanding Choices in Historical Context –           Ulrike Kuhlmann, Robert
        Encounters of Research in Historical Understanding      Selman
        and a Developmental Theory on Social Awareness

        Could History Teaching in Latin America Contribute to Mario Carretero
        Moral Development?
58   52 Multicultural Issues in Civic Education: International   A. Donald Biggs               Symposium
        Perspectives                                             Robert Colesante
                                                                 Gerald Porter
                                                                 Patrícia Batalgia

        Citizenship and the Common Good                          Robert Colesante

        Multicultural Issues in Civic Education – Black          Gerald Porter
        Oppositional Identity and Alienation from Citizenship

        Multicultural Issues in Civic Education - Moral          Patrícia Bataglia
        Competence and Citizenship in Brazil
59   46 Towards a Reclaimed “Critical” Peace Education           Monisha Bajaj                 Papers

        Relativism for Absolutists: the Role of Moral            Steven Cresap, Louis Tietje
        Reflection in a Multicultural Curriculum

        Are Psychopaths Morally Sensitive?                   Bruce Maxwell, Leonie
60   67 Polity (Not Democracy) as the Moral Aim of Education Robert W. Howard, Max      Symposium
                                                             Jennifer Preisman, Laura
        Education for Polity (not Democracy)
                                                             Robert W. Howard, Jennifer
        From Citizenship to Student Achievement: Getting
        There From Here                                      Max Riley, Robert W.
        Service-Learning for Academic Success, Social
        Capital, Citizenship, and Morality
61   27 Coaches as Moral Educators: Raising the Bar in       Cheryl Armon, Stephen      Papers
        Youth Sports                                         Venables

        Children and Adolescents Conceptions of Personal,        Jennifer Cole Wright
        Social, and Moral Issues

        The Use of Forgiveness Education with At-Risk            Suzanne Freedman
                     62                   20 From Our Needs to Our Norms: Ontogeny Meets         Joan Goodman                  Papers

                                             Ideals from the Good (A)moral Life                  Stijn Sieckelinck, Doret de

                                          The Politics of Moral Education: A Chinese Example Tianlong Yu
12:15-1:45                LUNCH WITH DR. CAROL GILLIGAN, Professor at the Steinhardt School at New York University

                          "The Scarlet Letter: A Play Inspired by Hawthorne's Novel"

                          Introduction and Welcome: John Snarey

2:00-3:15    SESSION #   PROPOSAL #           TITLE                                               AUTHOR                        TYPE
                      63                   7 Moral and Civic Consciousness Among National        Vishalache Balakrishnan,      Papers
                                             Service Participants in Malaysia

                                             Student Rights and Human Rights Education-          (Jennifer) Chia-Fan Lin
                                             Taiwan‟s Experience

                                             The Sprout of Taiwanese Democratic Education        Chin Chueh Wang
                     64                   78 Selfish or Fair: Integrating Economic Game Theory                                 Symposium
                                             and Moral Development

                                             Sharing from Childhood to Adulthood: Negotiation    Monika Keller, Thomas
                                             Strategies and Outcomes                             Canz, Michaela Gummerum

                                             Moral Emotions and Morally Relevant Behaviors in    Tina Malti

                                             Preschool Children‟s Moral Emotions and Prosocial Michaela Gummerum,
                                             Behavior in Dictator                              Monika Keller, Katrin Rust,
                                                                                               Yaniv Hanoch, Kimberly
                     65                   35 Moral Judgment Stage Development Across Cultures: John Gibbs, Karen S.            Papers
                                             Revisiting Kohlberg‟s Claims of Universality      Basinger, Rebecca L.
                                             The Impact of Democratization on Moral Judgement
                                             Competence: The Case of Poland (1977-1982)        Ewa Nowak, Georg Lind
                     66                   82 Democracy on Demand, not Democracy by Consent: Bill Puka                          Papers
                                             Educating for "Bad" Citizenship                   Cheryl Armon
                                                                                               Ann Hawthorne
67   67 The 4Rs Program: A Collaboration of Practitioners                                  Symposium
        and Researchers in School-Based Conflict Resolution

        Reading, Writing, Respect and Resolution, The 4Rs     Tom Roderick

        Experimental Impacts of the 4Rs Program on            Joshua L. Brown, Stephanie
        Children‟s Social-Emotional and Academic              M. Jones, J. Lawrence Aber
        Functioning Over the Course of Two Years

        The Challenge of Assessing and Changing School        Maria D. LaRusso, Joshua
        Climate: Understanding the Complexities of Schools    L. Brown, Stephanie M.
        as Whole Units Composed of Multiple Contexts          Jones, J. Lawrence Aber
68   63 Dilemmas and Hierachical Complexity in the Study of   Ean Stuart Bett              Symposium
        Moral Development

        Finding the Relationships Among Moral                 Ean Stuart Bett, Carrie
        Developmental Measures Using the Model of             Melissa Ost, Michael
        Hierarchical Complexity and Rasch Analysis            Lamport Commons, James
                                                              Meredith Day, Terri Lee
                                                              Robinett, Sara Nora Ross,
                                                              Helena Marchand
                                                              Maria Judith Sucupira da
                                                              Costa Lins
        Effects of a Structured Public Issues Discourse
        Process on Individual and Group Moral Development Sara Nora Ross

        Comparing Moral Reasoning Instruments Using the
69      Imaginary Literary Worlds and Moral Rasch Analysis Terri Lee Robinett Robert Papers
     14 Model of Hierarchical Complexity andEducation      Geoff Madoc-Jones,

        The Non-Instrumental Contribution of the Arts to      Panagiota Sidiropoulou,
        Moral and Spiritual Formation                         David Carr
70    3 Future Scenarios; A Key to Young People's Civic       Helen Haste, Amy Hogan       Papers

        Teaching Global Citizenship to Japanese University    Robin Sakamoto

        Can Young Adolescents Be Cosmopolitan Agents of       Theresa Sullivan
        Community Change?
                    71               22 Academic Environment in High School and Moral           Patrícia Bataglia,              Papers
                                        Competence                                              Marcia Schillinger-Agati,
                                                                                                Georg Lind
                                                                                                Luciana Augusta Gomes

                                        Designing and Validating a Computer-animated Moral Yuejin Xu
                                        Reasoning Test for Young Children

                    72               84 Moral Development and Democratic Attitudes: Are         James M. Day                    Papers
                                        there developmental pre-sets for sympathies toward
                                        terrorists and terrorist acts?

                                        The Estranged Self: Recovering Some Grounds for         James Conroy

3:30-4:45   SESSION #   PROPOSAL #       TITLE                                           AUTHOR                     TYPE
                     73              23 Quick-REST: A Measure of Cultural Competence as Selcuk Sirin, Lauren Roger- Papers
                                        an Ethical Responsibility                       Sirin, Brian A. Collins

                                        Moral Development and Conceptions of Teaching           Jason Stephens, GNA
                                        Among Undergraduates                                    Garcia

                                        Standardization of the Korean Version of DIT
                                                                                             Yong-Lin Moon, Minkang
                    74                8 Socialization into Moral Reasoning in a Torah School Netta Avineri                      Papers

                                        Acculturation Effects: Moral Learning in a Multicultural Catherine Ann Cameron,
                                        Society                                                  Cindy Lau, Kang Lee,
                                                                                                 Jennifer O‟Leary, Trudi S.F.
                                                                                                 Chan, Genyue Fu

                                        Japanese Moral Theme Comprehension: Report on           Robin Sakomoto
                                        an Exploratory Study
                    75               21 Moral References During Storytelling: Preservice        Charlotte Horton,Steven         Papers
                                        Teachers‟ Communication to Young Children               Thoma, Maria Hernandez-

                                        Fostering Social, Emotional, and Moral Understanding Angela Jaramillo, Kimberly
                                        During The Preschool Years                           A. Schonert-Reichl
76   39 Teaching Professional Ethics in a Pluralistic Society:   Matthew W. Keefer            Papers
        Proceeding without Agreement

        Promoting the Ethical Development of Undergraduate Christopher D. Schmidt,
        Business Students                                  Charles R. McAdams,
                                                           Christopher P. Adkins

        On the Role of Authority in Adult-Child Sex              Jan Steutel, Ben Spiecker
77   51 Character, Moral, and Citizenship Education in a         Victor Battistich            Symposium
        Democratic Society

        Where Character Meets Citizenship                        Wolfgang Althof, Marvin W.

        Moral and Performance Character: Building                Brenda Light Bredemeier,
        Character and Citizenship Through Sports                 David Light Shields

        Media Education and Civic Engagement: Empowering         Spring Schmidt, Melinda
        Youth to Make Healthy Choices                            Bier
78   54 Approaches to Education for Democracy in Peru and        Susana Frisancho             Symposium
        Mexico                                                   María Cristina Moreno G.
                                                                 Susana Patiño González
                                                                 José Alberto Mesa
                                                                 Ann Higgins-D'Alessandro

        Citizen Education and Transitional Justice: Results      Susana Frisancho
        from a National Evaluation in Peru

        Civic and Ethics Education at the Elementary Level in Maria Cristina Moreno G.
        Mexico: Challenges and Responses

        Compassion as a Moral Duty                               Susana Patiño González
79   69 Mixed Method and Longitudinal Approaches to         Erin O‟Connor              Film
        Understanding Student-Teacher Relationships,        Luba Falk Feigenberg
        Classroom Climate, and School Climate as            Maria D. LaRusso
        Interrelated Contexts of Children‟s Development     Joshua L. Brown
                                                            Stephanie M. Jones
                                                            J. Lawrence Aber

        Quality of Student-Teacher Relationships Throughout Erin O'Connor
        Elementary School: Contextual Predictors

        Context Matters: A Mixed-Methods Study on the       Luba Falk Feigenberg
        Influence of School Climate on Students‟ Behavior
        and Social Development in Early Adolescence

        Mixed Method Analyses of Schools as Contexts for    Maria D. LaRusso
        Social and Moral Development in Middle Childhood    Joshua L. Brown
                                                            Stephanie M. Jones
80   65 The Role of Purpose in Moral Functioning            J. Lawrence Aber
                                                            Kendall Cotton Bronk,      Symposium
                                                            Daniel Lapsley, Seana

        Humility among Purposeful Adolescents
                                                            Kendall Cotton Bronk
        Purpose and Well-Being in Adulthood
                                                            Daniel Lapsley, Jay
                                                            Brandenburger, Anthony
                                                            Burrow, Jessica Collado,
                                                            Patrick Hill
        The Moral Commitments of Creators
                      81                  71 Effectiveness of the "Roots of Empathy" Program on Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl Symposium
                                             Children‟s Social-Emotional Competence:             Veronica Smith, Darcia
                                             Considering Theory, Context, and Cumulative Effects Narváez, Bryan W. Sokol,
                                                                                                 Clyde Hertzman, Denise
                                                                                                 Buote, Stuart Hammond,
                                                                                                 Theo Elfers, Snjezana
                                                                                                 Huerta-Kralj, Angela M.
                                                                                                 Jaramillo, Michaela Jelen,
                                                                                                 Janine Odishaw

                                             Empathy, Agency, and the “Rules” of Inter-Personal   Stuart Hammond, Theo
                                             Engagement                                           Elfers, Snjezana Huerta-
                                                                                                  Kralj, Bryan Sokol

                                             What you See is What You Get: Considering Context Veronica Smith, Michaela
                                             and Process in an Evaluation of a Social Emotional Jelen, Janine Odishaw
                                             Learning Program

                                             Long-Term Impact of "Roots of Empathy" on Social     Kimberly A. Schonert-
                                             Competence with School-Aged Children: Theoretical,   Reichl, Veronica Smith,
                                             Developmental and Contextual Considerations          Denise Buote, Angela M.
                      82                  34 The Meaning of Equality to South African Learners:   Rhashida Hilliard          Papers
                                             The Case of Reasoma Secondary

                                             Teaching for Mature Interdependence                  Jeremy Leeds

                                       Discourse of Human Dignity – Analysis of Swedish           Anna Tapola
            Welcome: John Snarey, President of the Association for Moral Education


                           POSTER #          TITLE                                                          AUTHOR
                           P- 201            Demographic and Classroom Predictors of the Quality Caitlin E. Cline
                                             of Teacher-Student Relationships                    Stephanie M. Jones
                                                                                                 Joshua L. Brown
                                                                                                 J. Lawrence Aber

                           P-202             Mo Tsu and Cosmopolitanism                           Fumiyuki Ohnishi
P-203   The Five Dynamics: an assumption of morality in       Hyun Chang Lee
        Eastern thought                                       Stephen Sherblom

P-204   The Psychological Well-Being of “Seeking” and   Patrick L. Hill
        “Achieving” Purpose in Adulthood                Jessica Collado
                                                        Anthony Burrow
                                                        Jay Brandenberger
                                                        Daniel K. Lapsley
P-205   Mechanisms of Moral Disengagement and Increased Jessica Ashley Carroll
        levels of Aggression in a College Population

P-206   Educators and Students thoughts on Moral              Ana Carvajal
        Reasoning, Wisdom and Character                       Michel Ferrari

P-207   An Analysis of Elementary School Students‟            Hee-Sun Chang
        Comprehension of Korean Version of DIT

P-208   Children‟s Social Cognition, Moral Emotion Attribution, Theo Elfers
        and Prosocial Behavior                                  Snjezana Huerta-Kralj
                                                                Stuart Hammond
                                                                Stephanie McKenzie
                                                                Jayne Sidall
                                                                Bryan Sokol

P-209   Examining Differences Between School Counselors‟      Dana Griffin
        & School Counseling Interns‟ Moral Development        Victoria Foster

P-210   An Empirical Study of Psychological Influences in     Natalie Homa
        Unger‟s Moral Philosophy                              Jason Cowell
                                                              Heidi Giebel
                                                              Tonia Bock
P-211   Evaluation of the “Uncle Dan‟s Report Card” Moral     Jesse Graham
        Education Program

P-212   Measuring classroom connectedness: Classrooms as Snjezana Huerta-Kralj
        contexts for children‟s socio-moral development

P-213   Intercultural understanding education and moral       Araki Kazutomo
        development and education
P-214   Effects of family and peer support on social skills      Junko Enomoto
        among adolescents                                        Yayoi Watanabe

P-216   A Sociocognitive Approach: Moral and Social              Nicholas Lynchard
        Prototype Relationships                                  Darcia Narvaez

P-217   Saving the Dying: Effects of Playing a Prosocial Video Carl MacMichael
        Game                                                   Bradley Mattan
                                                               Darcia Narváez
P-218   Integrity, Generativity and Values: An Examination of    Patrick L. Hill
        the Integrity Scale                                      Jessica A. Jimenez
                                                                 Laura Nawrocki
                                                                 Daniel K. Lapsley
P-219   The Role of Emotion in Moral Dilemmas: A Cross           Eva E. A. Skoe
        National Comparison                                      Nancy Eisenberg
                                                                 Siri Neset

P-220   Learning virtues through championship in Brazilian     Maria Judith Sucupira da
        public school                                          Costa Lins
                                                               Eliana Machado de Almeida
                                                               Monique Marques Longo
P-221   Effects of Moral Education on Social Skills and School Yayoi Watanabe
        Adjustment                                             Tomoko Kobayashi

P-222   Exploring naturalistic conceptions of „a moral person‟   Sunghun Kim
        for Koreans: A pilot study

P-223   Analysis of Psychological Processes hindering or         Makoto Kobayashi
        promoting Forgiveness

P-224   Facing the Intractable: Seeds of Peace                   Sara M. Schleien

P-225   Changes in moral values of pupils – testing a new        Gabriela Fisarová

P-226   A possible model of analyzing moral judgments            Attila Horvath
                                                                 Júlia Habil Szekszárdi
P-227   Reasoning About Majority Rule and Personal            Charles C. Helwig
        Jurisdiction in Mainland China                        Shaogang Yang
                                                              Dingliang Tan
                                                              Chunqiong Liu
                                                              Tiffany Shao
P-228   Moral Reasoning about the Use of Great Apes in        Carol Midori Okamoto

P-229   Perceptions of the Parent-Child Relationship and      Jenny Vaydich
        Antisocial Behavior in Adulthood.

P-230   Cognition and Affectivity in Moral Reasoning          Valéria Amorim Arantes
                                                              Viviane Potenza Guimarães
P-231   Effects of Corporal Punishment and Empathy on         Kate Sherman
        Moral Development                                     Lance Garmon

P-232   Priming the Pump: A Role for Service-Learning in      Brian Hoyt
        Moral Education

P-233   Relationship Between Moral Identity And Religiosity   Mark Hunter

P-234   The Basis for the Construction of Humanizing          María Rosa Buxarrais
        Democratic Citizenship                                Estrada
                                                              María del Pilar Zeledón
P-235   Values and Moral Reasoning in Military Education      Ruíz
                                                              Wei-Lee Lu

P-236   The Moral Shadow: Psychosocial Processes              Verna E. Monson
        Moderating Moral Implementation

P-237   Teaching Moral and Character Education in             Kimberly Persiani-Becker
        Elementary School through Children‟s Literature

P-238   Using the Moral Theme Inventory to Evaluate a         Peter L. Samuelson
        Character Education Curriculum
              P-239   How Do Korean and Japanese students See                Shinobu Sekimizu
                      Gilligan‟s Ethic Model?                                Soon-Ja Choi

              P-240   Measuring Ethical Sensitivities Toward Children with   Marshall Strax
                      Disabilities: The SECQ

              P-241   The Impact of a Professional Ethics Course on          Minkang Kim
                      Professional Role Concept and Ethical Reasoning

              P-243   Does Inter-Cultural Experience Foster Moral            P. David Glanzer
                      Judgement Competence in College Students?              Georg Lind
                                                                             George Nipe
              P-245   Children Who Choose Not to Eat Meat: A Study of        Karen Hussar
                      Early Moral Decision-making

              P-246   Children‟s Perceptions of Post-Transgression           Craig E. Smith
                      Apologies                                              Paul L. Harris

              P-247   Moral Reasoning and Moral Sensitivity of Medical       Jihye Lee
                      Students in Korea

              P-248   Teaching Juveniles Normative Theories                  Terje Halvorsen

              P-249   Teaching Ethics about the Environment: The Problem Christopher Schlottmann
                      of Advocacy

              P-250   Structures and levels of students‟ moral judgment      Nicola Mittelsten Scheid,
                      competence                                             Corinna Hößle

5:45-6:45             RECEPTION / COCKTAIL HOUR
                      Sponsor: Teachers College, Columbia University
                      Welcome: David Hansen and John Conroy
Starting at           Ira Shankman Conducts NYU Steinhardt Jazz Singers

6:30-10:30            BANQUET
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Shorin Auditorium

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              RM #
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             James Conroy, Presiding over the Meeting   Payne Room, Pless Hall 4th Floor

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