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					                 Division of Child Support Services
    Employee Reference Guide – Standard Operating Procedure 640
                 Posting of Payments/Local Receipting
To provide for immediate capture of Funds Data and Funds Accountability in the local
child support office.

All Georgia Child Support Offices receiving Title IV-D funds including all private vendors
contracted with the Department of Human Services to provide child support services.

Required Case Conditions:
Payments received at the local child support office by mail or walk-in.

Effective July 1, 1999 the federal government mandated that a single unit be
established for the collection of income deduction ordered child support payments.
Therefore, all payments received locally are sent to FSR for posting. Exceptions are
cash payments collected at court and payments that must be posted to specific
accounts which include fee payments and direct recoupment payments. These
payments are posted in the local office and must comply with all local receipting

640.01 DCSS Manager/DCSS Supervisor Responsibilities
 1. Designate a custodian of the bank account: limited to an DCSS Office Manager,
    Supervisor or Region Financial Manager:
     a. Assure all procedures are enforced.
     b. Assist Financial Support Team (FST) in identifying and reconciling any bank
        account discrepancies.
 2. Comply with and enforce all local receipting policies and procedures as follows:
     a. Assure the separation of duties is in effect.
     b. The person that receipts payments cannot perform any other financial duties.
     c. Assure all employees observe security standards.
     d. Assure security levels are assigned to correspond to primary job duties.
     e. Assign backup personnel for the financial functions with respect to the
        separation of duties policy. Primary backup for the above functions must be
        someone other than an agent.
     f. Review the validated deposit slip and initial the Batch Control Log or validated
        deposit slip as set by region policy.
     g. Restrict the availability of the safe combination to the financial person as
        designated by the Region Financial Manager, to include immediate supervisor
        and/or DCSS Supervisor/Manager. The safe combination must not be
        available to the Cashier or primary receiptor of funds at the pay window.
     h. The safe combination must be changed when an employee who has access to
        the combination is no longer employed in that position.
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640.02 Local Office Receipting Tools
Tools used to process support payments efficiently and effectively are as follows:
1. Local office Endorsement Stamp:
   Used strictly to endorse all checks and money orders and must read as follows:
                      Child Support Services
                      Judicial Circuit, Location of Circuit or Office Number
                      Bank Account number, and
                      “For Deposit Only”
   FSR Endorsement Stamp: Used to endorse all checks and money orders that are
   forwarded to FSR to receipt and should read:
                      Child Support Services, Family Support Registry
                      “For Deposit Only”.
2. DCSS Name Stamp
   Used to stamp blank checks or money orders.
3. Date Stamp
   Will be used to date undated checks or money orders and to stamp retained
   envelope batches.
4. Three Part DCSS Receipt Books
      Receipt books must be kept secured in a locked drawer or filing cabinet to secure
      payment confidentiality;
      Receipt books will not be kept in the safe. This is a precautionary measure to
      prevent theft of receipt books should the safe be broken into or stolen;
      The same receipt books can be used for all payment types;
      Financial persons designated by the Region Financial Manager are responsible
      for all receipt books;
     Court receipt books must be signed “in and out”, and all issued receipts must be
     accounted for daily.
5. Lock Box/Safe With Slot
   Used to secure payments.
6. Two Letter Openers
7. Printing Calculator (with item count key)
   Used to run batch tapes.
8. FST or SMI Posting Log

640.03 Walk-In Payments
Inform customers that bring direct payments to the local office that all payments other
than purge payments are to be processed by the Family Support Registry (FSR).
Provide them with the FSR address and/or an envelope addressed to the FSR and
explain that they should include their return address on the payment instrument. The
FSR addresses are as follows:
                           Non-Custodial Parent
                           Family Support Registry
                           P.O. Box 1600
                           Carrollton, GA 30112-1600

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                            Employer or Private Attorney
                            Family Support Registry
                            P.O. Box 1800
                            Carrollton, GA 30112-1800

640.04 Review Payments
Upon receipt, review payments to determine appropriate processing and to assure they
are made payable to Office of Child Support Services.
   Fee payments, direct recoupments (not SMI loss adjustments) and payments
     received at court are entered on Court Reconciliation / Payment Acceptance Log
     found on page 24.
   All payments are to be mailed to the FSR or FST to be posted.
   Endorse all non-cash items immediately with the DCSS Endorsement Stamp.

Identifying Information
Payment documents should include the following:
        NCP name
        Case number (if purge payment)
        Social Security number (if regular child support payment)
        Payment source (type of fee payment, recoupment, etc.).

Two-member Team
Walk-In payments are balanced and batched by a two-member team referred in this
procedure as the “Cashier” and “Bank Depositor”.
  o Cashier: must be someone who does not process Reversals, adjust account or
     case information, approve/hold funds or transfer batches;
  o Bank Depositor: can be anyone who does not receipt money.
Each team member must run and initial separate calculator tapes and they must both
balance before payments are separated for posting. Once balanced, the Cashier will
entered all payments on the appropriate posting log.

640.05 Payments Posted by FST
These payments must be deposited in the local bank account. The Bank Depositor
will email the completed Court Reconciliation / Payment Acceptance Log to the
designated processor at FST.
Posting Logs received by FST staff by 2:00 p.m. will be processed on the receipt date.
Posting Logs received after 2:00 p.m. will be processed on the next business day.
The FST processor will log into the local office, post, transfer and approve the batch for
processing. Once the batch is open, the FST processor will Email the local office
financial staff with the batch information. The local office is responsible for logging the
batch information on the Batch Control Log.

640.06 Handwritten Receipts
Handwritten receipts are required on cash payments, but only give the Payor a receipt if
s/he demands one. Refer to your Region Financial Manager to determine whether
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handwritten receipts are required for payments forwarded to the FSR for processing.
For payments posted by FST or FSR the Batch Control Report will serve as reference
of the $TARS Receipt Number. Attach a copy of the report to your batch information.

Required information or steps for handwritten receipts:
 a. Date of payment
 b. Non custodial parent’s name (NCP)
 c. Numerical and written payment amount
 d. Payment type – [i.e. CASH , MONEY ORDER or CHECK]
 e. For non-cash payments, record the entire document digits, document date and
    document ID
 f. NCP case number/SSN
 g. Custodial parent’s name (CP)
 h. Received by – your signature
 i. Staple the pink handwritten receipt to the payment
 j. Give the original (white) handwritten receipt to the payor. If the payor does not
    want the receipt, note: “Payer declined receipt” on the receipt and staple it in the
    receipt book.
 k. If a handwritten receipt is voided, write, “void” (in ink) on all copies. All voided
    copies must be maintained in the receipt book. Document on the receipt why the
    receipt was voided.
 l. Prepare Walk-in Payment Control Sheet (if used) for all payments receipted in
    the local office. See page 20 for a sample form.

640.07 Batch Verification – Balancing
 A. Cashier:
     1. Account for all receipts, put all receipts issued in numerical order and reconcile
        against the $TARS Daily Journal Report.
     2. Reconcile handwritten receipts against the DCSS receipt book.
     3. Re-count the cash/coins attached to each individual receipt.
        Do not detach the receipt from the currency!
     4. Examine non-cash items for endorsement, date, amount, payee, and signature.
        Do not detach the receipt from the document!
     5. Run a calculator tape of the documents, total cash items, total non-cash items.
        Cash items plus non-cash items equal the total deposit.
        This tape must agree with the Walk-In Payment Control sheet (if used).
        Mark tape with the batch number, $TARS deposit number, initials and date.
     Note: Shortages on cash payments are the responsibility of the processor until the
     bank depositor accepts the cash. The cashier will replace any cash lost or stolen
     while he/she is responsible for it.
Any unresolved discrepancies in the cashier’s total and the bank depositor’s total will be
referred to the DCSS Supervisor/Designee for resolution before the bank depositor
accepts or signs for the batch amount.
After the bank depositor accepts and signs for the batch amount, he/she is responsible
for any cash shortage and will replace any lost or stolen cash.

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 B. Bank Depositor:
    1. Run a calculator tape of the documents from the cashier copy of the receipts
       separating cash items and non-cash items. Cash items plus non-cash items
       equal total deposit.
       The tape must agree with the Walk-In Payment Control sheet, if used.
       Mark tape with the batch number, $TARS deposit number, initials and date.
    2. Sign the Walk-In Payment Control Sheet (if used) acknowledging receipt of,
       and responsibility for, the walk-in payment batch amount.
    3. Prepare and make the bank deposit.
    4. If banking with Sun Trust, prepare monthly DCSS Deposit Log found on page
       23 including all deposits made for the month. Email the completed log to OFS,
       John Anderson (jhanderson@dhr.state.ga.us) no later than the fifth day of the
       following month.

640.08 Bank Deposit Preparation
The following procedures are used to prepare a bank deposit for either Walk-In and/or
Mail-In Payment batches.
There must be at least two (2) copies of the deposit slip. The original and one (1) copy
are given to the bank with the deposit.
The bank will return validation deposit slip and a validated deposit receipt to the local
office. These are to be stapled to the batch printout, Daily Journal and Batch Deposit
Report (if used).
A copy of the Batch Deposit Report can be given to the bank upon their request.

The deposit slip total MUST balance with the associated batch total(s) and the bank
validation slip.
1. List the following:
    a) Batch number and deposit number assigned by $TARS
    b) Current date (the date the deposit is taken to the bank)
    c) Cash total
    d) Non-cash total
    e) Grand total (cash and non-cash items)
2. Cashier and the Bank Depositor must each initial deposit slips
3. Attach the tape totaling all payments

If you deposit more than one batch per deposit slip:
    1. List each batch number and the total for each batch;
    2. The deposit slip total must equal the sum of all batches listed on the deposit slip;
    3. Attached tapes must be individual batch tapes with a tape of batches listed on
       the deposit slip on top;
    4. The top tape must equal the deposit slip total.

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640.9      Processing Payments Received after Transfer Cutoff
All payments received after transfer cutoff will be processed as follows:
 1. Receipts will be handwritten for all cash payments;
 2. Non-cash payments will be endorsed immediately with the DCSS endorsement
 3. All payments will be secured in the office safe;
 4. At the close of business day, the Cashier and Bank Depositor will remove all
      monies from the safe;
      a. The pink receipt copy, with payment attached, will be verified against the DCSS
         receipt book to assure receipt has not been altered and receipts are in
         consecutive order;
      b. Payments will be placed inside a locking deposit bag or box and secured in the
         office safe or bank overnight depository. Cash in excess of $500 is to be
         placed in night depository;
 5. These payments may be sent to FST or FSR for posting.
The deadline for transferring “Real-Money” batches is 3:00 pm
The deadline for transferring “Non-Money” batches is 4:00 pm.

640.10 Processing Mail-In Payments
Cash payments, fee payments and any direct recoupments (not SMI loss adjustments)
received by mail are to be processed by a two-member team in a secured area. For
purposes of this procedure, they will be called the Cashier and Mail Examiner.
The mail will be taken to a separate room for the batching of all mail-in payments.
 a. Separate payments from correspondence.
 b. Correspondence is routed to the appropriate person. Open payment envelopes
    keeping payment document, stub/source or listing and envelope together.
 c. Cash received will be indicated in the note section of the $TARS receipt that this
    payment was received in the mail.
       o Mail a follow-up letter to the payor instructing that future payments be made
          by check, money order or certified check.
       o The two people opening the mail will sign the letter and send it to the payer.
       o Document the case action log and
       o Maintain a copy in the Case File.
 d. If the payment has no identifying information but has a return address, return the
    payment to the sender with FormFAP. Retain a copy of the letter and payment.
 e. If a payment is made payable to the agent, child, or custodian; the Mail Examiner
    will endorse the payment to “Child Support Services” and continue processing.
       o Mail FormFAP advising the payor that the correct payee is Child Support
       o Document in case action log.
 f. Endorse payments immediately with the DCSS Endorsement Stamp.
 g. Both members must run/initial calculator tapes and balance before payments are

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 640.11 Payments to FSR or FST
 Payments received locally must be sent to FSR or FST for posting.

 Special Handling Payments
 These payments must include special instructions or they will be posted by SSN. They
 should be batched with the appropriate form and mailed to the Family Support Registry
 (FSR) as follows:
      Local Office Bankruptcy Payment form             Bankruptcy Payments
      Local Office Purge Payment form                   FIDM
                                                        License Suspension
                                                        Workers Compensation
                                                        Other Purge Payments
      Local Office Walk In/Mail-In Payment form         Walk-In Payments
                                                        Mail-In Payments

 Regular mail payments are mailed to:
                          Georgia Family Support Registry
                          Post Office Box 2000
                          Carrollton, GA 30112

 Overnight Payments by Federal Express are sent to:
                         Georgia Family Support Registry
                         c/o Systems & Methods, Inc.
                         106 Wedgewood Drive
                         Carrollton GA 30117

 640.12 Posting Fees
 All fees must be entered on the FSR or FST posting log and faxed to FSR or FST to be
Non-TANF Application Fees
Paid by the person applying for Child Support Services and posted by the payer ID number
using Payment Source “Z” (Application Fee). Payments will post to the ZZ account.
If the Non-TANF fee account is not set up you will receive the error message “No
Accounts found for Client ID” and the receipt will go into Funds in Error.
If the Non-TANF case is not set up you post the receipt to Unidentified entering all
available information (use the PAYER name field, SSN address field and Note field on the
receipt processing screen). The information entered on the receipt will be used to identify
the receipt once the case has been registered on $TARS
RevMod Fees
Paid by the person requesting RevMod services and posted by the payer ID number using
Payment Source “M” (RevMod Fee). Payments will post to the ZM account.
DNA Fees
Manually posted to the DNA test account - ZB by payer ID number using Payment Source
“O” (Other Fee).

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Court Fees
Manually posted to the Court Costs account – YJ, by the payer ID number using Payment
Source “O” (Other Fee).
Service of Process Fees must be manually posted to the Service of Process account –
YS, by payer ID number using Payment Source “O” (Other Fee).
Annual Maintenance Fees
Manually posted to the Annual Maintenance Fee account – ZY by payer ID number using
Payment Source “V” (Annual Maintenance Fee).
FSR Transaction Fees
Manually posted to the Annual Maintenance Fee account – ZR by payer ID number using
Payment Source “N” (FSR Transaction Fee).

 640.13 Round-up Procedures
 These are special collection campaigns held at the local office, courthouse, jail, etc.
 The same procedures for Local Receipting are used for round-ups. Receipts must be
 written during round-ups. A locking cash box or locking overnight deposit bag is to be
 used to secure payments during the round up.
 When the round up is over, the person who wrote receipts will count and run a tape of
 the money received in the presence of a 2nd party. The money is returned to the local
 office where the designated Financial Person will run a tape of all payment documents
 and receipts to assure they balance with 1st tape. They will secure the payments in an
 overnight deposit bag (if available through local bank) and take it to the bank. Round-
 up money should not be left in the office safe overnight!
 The next working day, Local Receipting procedures for handling/batching/transferring
 money will be followed.
 Note: It is advisable to arrange for deputies to be present at all round-ups.

 640.14 Posting Unidentified Payments
 Unidentified payments are processed as they are encountered in the batch. Since
 unidentified receipts cannot be processed for distribution, you must make every effort to
 identify the receipt by using the $TARS Database and searching for any of these four
 identifying fields:
     o Non Custodial Parent ID
     o Social Security Number
     o Case Number, or
     o Court Order Number.
 If your efforts fail to identify the receipt, record the payment information and deposit
 amount. When $TARS asks you to confirm the unidentified marking, respond to the
 message “AP ID not available” marking the receipt as unidentified by selecting “Y” and
 pressing <Enter>.
 Note: List all information to help identify this payment in the Note section.
 Daily Unidentified Receipts Report lists all receipts posted to unidentified for the day.
 640.15 Batch Error Corrections
 Deleting receipts in the Receipts Processing function must be approved by your Office
 Manager/Supervisor. DO NOT delete receipts in Collections Processing. Refer to your
 Region Financial Manager.
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640.16 Certified Lists
Is a record of payments distributed directly to the Custodial Parent or to another state by
a local source such as a Clerk of Court, Child Support Receiver, Probation Department,
or District Attorney. Regardless of the source of payment information, DCSS personnel
must verify the accuracy of the information before it can be posted.
The certified payment MUST not exceed account balances on $TARS.
No money is actually deposited will issue to an DCSS bank account.
Posting a certified list is done to allow $TARS to:
 (1) Provide a complete history of a Non-Custodial Parent’s payments,
 (2) Calculate case arrears,
 (3) Pay incentive on collections, and
 (4) Provide total collection figures for offices.

Only collections sent directly to another state or the Custodial Parent can be reported.
If the CP were active TANF at the time a direct payment was made and no other
payments disbursed through $TARS, the certified payment (up to the GAP amount the
CP is due) can be posted by case number; the difference should be reported to DFCS
as direct payment and should be considered in their budgeting.
It is very important that payments and accounts are closely reviewed before certified
payments are posted.
Any case that is NOT active TANF should NOT have a certified payment posted to the
PA account as this is money that is due the State of Georgia. The $2.00 maximum
collection fee collected by Child Support Receivers is not included in the collection.
Special Care must be taken on UIFSA cases. Responsibility for reporting by certified
list would be with child support office that sends the collection check directly to the
custodial parent (Intrastate cases) or other state (Interstate cases).

Other State Fees – Cost Recovery from Custodian
As required by PRWORA the state of Georgia must give an NCP credit for fees that his
state charges the custodian if Georgia is notified the fee has been deducted from the
payment submitted. If payments are received from other states with notification of a fee
held by the other state, this fee amount must be input to reduce account balances,
without disbursing, and report on the DCSS 34 report. This is a manual process
performed by the staff at the FSR.
When FSR receives a payment from another state that indicates a fee was withheld, the
FSR will process the fee in a Certified Batch as non-money money. The document ID
field on the receipt will be entered as “fee”.

DCSS 34 report
In preparing for the completion of the report, $TARS queries it’s records for Certified
Batches, Non-Money money with “fee” in the document ID field. These items are
totaled and reported on line 13 of the 34 report.
A View Direct report is generated listing the receipt number and office number for each
item included in the total report on the 34 report. The Fee payment will apply to the
NCP’s payment record and he will be credited with this amount which helps GA DCSS
maintain the same balance as the responding state.
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If another state notifies a local office of a fee charged to the CP, the local office would
post the fee via a certified posting. The local office will post using payment source “1”.
If the fees were charged prior to the current federal fiscal year by placing “Fees
FFYxxxx” in the document ID field on the receipt. Also, document the case action log
with the federal fiscal year the fees applied.

640.17 Batch Transfers and Approvals
Batches must be transferred and approved for receipts to distribute through $TARS.
Money MUST be deposited into your local bank account before batches are put in
Transfer status. The deadline for transferring “Real-Money” batches is 3:00 pm
The deadline for transferring “Non-Money” batches is 4:00 pm.
After 4:00 pm, FST reviews the Select Batch Screen and approves all batches in
Transfer status. After distribution, the batch no longer appears on the screen.
Office should review the Select Batch Screen daily to assure batches were approved. If
they remain on the Select Batch Screen, contact your Region Financial Manager.

640.18 Wire Transfer Adjustment
Upon determination that an incorrect amount was withdrawn from the local bank
account, the designated Financial Person must Email a Wire Transfer Adjustment using
the form on page 22 with a copy your Region Financial Manager.

640.19 Batch Numbers and Deposit Numbers
$TARS assigns Batch Numbers and Deposit Numbers. Deposit numbers remain the
same throughout the processing day unless manually increased. Batch numbers
increase by one each time a new batch is opened.
Batches opened but not used must be recorded on the Batch Control Log.
If a batch is opened in error or a “ghost” batch appears (one with no entries and a zero
balance), close and transfer this batch, indicate on the Batch Control Log that the batch
was opened “in error”.
To re-open a batch, enter the batch number on the Receipt Processing/Open Receipt
Batch Screen.
Batch Numbers, Deposit Numbers and Batch Totals must be recorded on the Batch
Control Log.

640.20 Commandments of Receipting
 1. DCSS Manager/Supervisor or the Region Financial Manager must designate a
    Custodian of the bank account
    Custodian responsibilities include:
     a. Assure that all procedures are enforced
     b. Identify and reconcile any account discrepancies
2. Money Orders/Checks must be made payable to Child Support Services
    If payments are made payable to an Agent, Custodial Parent or anyone else, mail
    FormFAP to the payor advising that future payments are to be made payable to
    Child Support Services. Document the Case Action Log.

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3. Receipts issued for Walk-In Payments
   $TARS generates receipts for monies entered online. Handwritten receipts will be
   issued in numerical order using receipt books issued by FST only. New receipts
   books should be requested at least 30 days before the current supply is exhausted.
   Agents must sign court receipts books out/in. All receipts are to be reconciled daily.
4. Cashier will count each cash payment before issuing receipt
   The Cashier must verify the amount of the payment, initial the receipt, staple the
   Cash to the receipt and deposit the payment in the safe.
   The Cashier is responsible for cash until the Depositor signs for it and will replace
   any cash lost or stolen while he/she is responsible for it.
5. Walk-in Payments must be identified before payer leaves the office
   Cashier will assure the NCP’s name, CP’s name and NCP’s SSN/case number are
   on the payment document and the receipt.
6. All Receipts for money orders or checks will include the money order number
   or check number and the maker of the money order or check
   This is done to prevent the NCP from receiving double credit for a single payment.
   On-line receipting requires this information before printing a receipt.
7. All payments must be kept separate from any other funds
   Do not mix personal money or any other office funds with the bank account money!
   Do not use bank account money for personal or office use!
   Do not make change with Child Support funds!

8. All payments will be secured at all times.
   Keep money out of sight. Use Lock Boxes, locking drawers, Safes, etc; as
   appropriate. Do not leave unlocked money unattended!
9. A Minimum of money will remain in the office overnight
   Money (i.e. cash, money orders, checks) must be deposited within 24 hours of receipt.
   Any payment that remains in the office overnight must be secured and locked in an
   approved location at the local office.
   If cash exceeds $500, it must be put in night deposit, unless the bank does not allow
   night deposits. A bank night drop bag is to be used, if available from the local bank.
   If a deposit has been prepared, a copy of the deposit slip will remain in the office.
   Never take payments home for safekeeping!
10. The person who receives payments will not prepare the deposit. (Refer to the
    code of Federal Regulations)
    The duties of receiving payments and posting payments are separated from
    preparing deposits.
    The same individual must not do both duties the same day. Exceptions to this rule
    must be approved by the Region Financial Manager.
11. Deposits must be prepared according to the specified written procedures
    Deposits must include a tape of the documents being deposited and the tape must
    balance with the batch totals.

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12. Two (2) validated deposit receipts will be obtained from the bank for each
    The two receipts will be (1) a validated copy of the deposit slip the Bank Depositor
    prepared and (2) a validated bank receipt.
13. Money will be transferred according to the established schedule.
    Before 3:00 pm each day for real money and 4:00 pm for non-money, closed
    batches must be reviewed and transferred.
    Real money must be deposited and credited in the bank account before batches
    can be placed in transfer status.
    Record all transfers on a Batch Control Log as required by Region Financial Manager
14. Bank Statements will be mailed by the bank directly to the FST
    Correspondence, such as debit/credit memos will be mailed by the bank to the FST
    and/or local office. Copies will be forwarded to the Region Financial Manager.
15. Local Offices banking with Sun Trust will complete and Email the DCSS
    Deposit Log on page 23 monthly according to procedures
16. No Service Charges will be paid out of the local bank account
17. No Checks will be printed for the local bank account.
18. The following signs will be placed in a visible location
       No Cash Retained Overnight in this Office
       All Payments are to be mailed to the Georgia Family Support Registry
       Make All Payments Payable to Child Support Services
19. Any check received from an NCP for over $5000 should be held for 10 days
    This will prevent DCSS from releasing funds and the check being returned
20. Offices accepting cash payments are to utilize Counterfeit identification pens

640.21    Security Awareness Guidelines for each office
Office Layout
     The lobby door to the Cashier’s area must be locked
     File cabinets must be locked
     Clients are not to be left alone in the office
     The office layout must eliminate blind spots where staff could be cornered

Furnishing the Work Area
    In case of an emergency or an attack, exits should not be blocked by file cabinets
    or any other equipment;
    Remove any objects, such as plants, lamps, etc. which could readily be used as
    weapons against staff.

Mental Preparations
    Employees are to have access to shields or other objects for use as defense in
    case of an attack.
    Employees must be able to summon for help immediately
    Key words or an alarm should be established in the office to alert the staff of
    danger and that help is needed.

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640.22 Accounting Precautions
     Payment documents must not be given to agents or other staff to identify;
     Cash and other payments must not be left in full view of the public at any time;
     When performing Accounting Functions, accounting staff must adhere to the
        1. Retire to a private room with door closed and locked (if possible).
        2. No phone calls are to be received/placed
        3. No unauthorized personnel should enter the area
        4. There should be no interruptions
     When deposits are taken to the bank, camouflage the bank deposit bag, i.e. place
     it inside a shopping bag, file folder, etc.
     As often as possible, go to the bank at different times each day. Do not establish
     a routine that could be easily identifiable by someone watching each day.
     Have the safe bolted to the floor when possible. Approval from the Landlord must
     be received to do this.
     Employees’ passwords are NEVER to be shared or left in view for others to see.
     For the safety of our employees and the security of the money it is recommended
     that two (2) people take the money to the bank.

           Money Order Abbreviations
           AE          American Express
           CK          Circle K Money Order
           FE          Federal Express
           GL          Global Express Money Order
           IPS         Integrated Payment System
           MM          Majik Market Money Order
           MID AM      Mid America Money Order
           NA          North America Money Order
           OS          Other State followed by 2-letter State Abbreviation
           PR          Adult Probation Office
           TE          Travelers Express Money Order
           US EX       US Express Money Order
           US          US Post Office
           Western     Western Union Money Order

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           Case Types / Subtypes
           Type          AFDC - AF
           Subtype       AFDC Arrears Only - AA
                         AFDC / Including Spousal Support - AS
                         IV-E Foster Care - AF
                         IV-E Arrears Only - FA
                         Regular AFDC - AR

           Type          Non-IV-D - NI
           Subtype       Non IVD Arrears Only - DA
                         Non IV-D Including Spousal Support - DS
                         Regular Non IV-D - DR

           Type          Non-AFDC - NA
           Subtype       Regular Former AFDC - FR
                         Arrears Only, Non-AFDC - NA
                         Former AFDC/ including spouse support - FS
                         Former IV-E Foster Care - FF
                         IV-B Arrears Only - FO
                         IV-B Foster Care - NF
                         Locate FSA-200 - LF
                         Locate Only - LO
                         MAO Full Service - MR
                         MAO Insurance Only - MI
                         NAFDC/ Including spouse support - NS
                         Regular Non-AFDC - NR
                         Transitional Child Care - TC

Email Release 2/4/2009                Page 14 of 24                   ERG Procedure 640
           Accounts                                 Code Designation
           AFDC Court Ordered Arrears                 PA
           AFDC Current Support                       PC
           AFDC Foster Care Arrears                   FA
           AFDC Foster Care Current Support           FC
           Annual Maintenance Fee                     ZY
           Application Fee                            ZZ
           Arrears Interest                           IN
           Attorney Costs                             YL
           Blood Test Fee                             ZB
           Conditionally Assigned                     RA
           Court Costs                                YJ
           Federal Tax Fee                            ZF
           FSR Posting Fee                            ZR
           IRS Full Service Fee                       ZI
           Location Service Fee                       ZL
           Medical Insurance Current                  MC
           Medical Bills Arrears                      DA
           Medical Bills Current                      DC
           Medical Bills Court Ordered Arrears        MA
           Miscellaneous Fee                          ZM
           Non IV-D Court Ordered Arrears             XA
           Non-IV-D Current Support                   XC
           NAFDC Court Ordered Arrears                CA
           NAFDC Current Support                      CC
           NAFDC Foster Care Arrears                  NA
           NAFDC Foster Care Current                  NC
           Out of State AFDC Arrears                  TA
           Out of State AFDC Current                  TC
           Out of State NAFDC Arrears                 WA
           Out of State NAFDC Current Support         WC
           Recoupment for Bad Check                   RB
           Recoupment for Misapplied Payment          RM
           Recoupment for Tax Amended Return          RT
           Service of Process Cost                    YS
           Spousal Support Arrears Court Ordered      SA
           Spousal Support Arrears Court Ordered      SC
           SSI/Court Ordered Arrears                  BA
           SSI/Current Support                        BC
           State Tax Fee                              ZS
           Temporarily Assigned                       OA
           Third Party                                YY
           Unassigned Arrears                         UA

Email Release 2/4/2009              Page 15 of 24              ERG Procedure 640
Case Functions
Code     Case Function                     Code     Case Function
C        Establishment                     E        Enforcement
F        Financial                         I        Intake
L        Locate                            X        System Logical Transfer

Case Status
Code     Case Status                       Code     Case Status
ACT      Active                            ICC      Req Locate Only
IAA      Closed – AP ID Corrected          ICD      AP Unlocated
IAB      Closed – CP ID Corrected          ICE      Can’t Establish Paternity
IAC      Change of CP                      ICG      Fixed Arr <$500
IAD      NCP Rec SSI – RSDI Disabled       ICH      Risk-Harm to Child or CP
IAF      NCP Foreign Res.-No Reciprocity   ICL      Inact – Close-AP???
IAL      LOC-Prison                        ICM      Foreign AP
IAM      NCP in Mental Health Facility     ICN      Inact-Close-CP Unlocated
IAT      Closed – Tax Dist. Pending        ICO      Inact-Close-CP Non-cooperative
IAW      NCP on AFDC                       ICR      Closed – CP Requested Closure
ICA      Closed – Paid in Full             ICX      Closed – Duplicate Case
ICB      Closed – AP Deceased              ICY      Closed – Other Reasons

Account Status
Code     Account Status
A        Administratively Closed
C        Closed
O        Open
S        Suspend/Ct. Order Susp CSE Status (currently not used)

Batch Types
Batch Type           Description
None Selected        Money, Regular Batch *
C                    Certified List *
E                    EFT Collections **
F                    Federal Tax Intercept
N                    Non-money Batch *
P                    CSPP Payments
R                    FSR Batch
U                    Unemployment Intercept Payment

* Local Use Only
** Region Financial Manager Approval Only

Email Release 2/4/2009              Page 16 of 24                   ERG Procedure 640
 Payment Source Codes                                       Payment Types
 Code     Payment Source                             Code   Payment Type
 A        Regular Collection                         A      Cash
 B        Bond Activation                            C      Check
 C        Certified List                             D      Credit Card
 D        Driver’s License                           E      Electronic Funds Transfer**
 E        Professional Lien or GA FTAX Fee*          M      Money Order
 F        FTAX TANF                                  N      Non-money Order*
 H        Purge
 I        Interstate
 J        FIDM
 K        Property Lien
 L        Lottery Intercept
 M        RevMod Fee
 O        Other Fee
 P        Private Collection
 Q        Worker’s Compensation
 R        Insurance Settlement
 S        STAX Intercept
 T        IRS Full Service
 U        Unemployment
 V        Fee Payment
 W        Wage
 X        FTAX**
 Y        STAX
 Z        Application Fee
 1        Fee, Certified
 2        Employer Bonus(20 day hold)
 3        DNR
 4        Passport

 * Payment Source of "X" along with Payment Type "N" designates a $12.65 Non-money fee
** Payment Source of "X" along with Payment Type "E" designates a $2.35 GA fee

 Email Release 2/4/2009              Page 17 of 24                    ERG Procedure 640
Escrow Types
Code     Escrow Type                           Code    Escrow Type
A        AFDC Disregard                        O       Non-AFDC Out of State
B        Blood Tests                           P       GAP Payment
C        Dormant Funds (Escrow)                R       Refund Payment
D        Non IV-D Payment                      S       AFDC Recipients
E        Retained AFDC                         T       AFDC Out of State
F        Fees                                  U       Dormant Funds (Unidentified)
G        Interest Paid                         W       Waiver
I        Incentive                             X       Erroneous Receipt Returns
M        Spousal Support                       Y       Third Party
N        Non-AFDC Recipients                   Z       Pre-STARS Adjustment

Error Codes
Code Description                               Code Description
01   No approved batches found to              14   Previous bad check received
02   No receipts found for approved            15      Account not listed in matrix/
     batch                                             manual distribution
03   Non-custodial parent has filed an         16      No case found for court order
04   Court order not wage withholding          17      Multiple cases found for court
                                                       order/manual proration
05      Case certification balances not        18      No accounts exist for IRN
06      No cases found for distribution        19      No wage withholding court orders
07      Specified account not found            20      No certified balance for trip/trop
08      Unable to distribute payment           21      Wage withholding orders found for
                                                       regular payment
09      No distribution matrix entry found     22      Invalid Court Order on receipt or
10      No accounts found for manual           23      Receipt number already exists
11      No accounts found for auto             24      Retro payment error
12      Manual distribution instructions not   25      Unable to prorate
13      Proration instructions not found

Email Release 2/4/2009                 Page 18 of 24                    ERG Procedure 640
Reversal Reason Codes
Code          Reason for Reversal
AB            Incorrect Accounts and/or balances
CC            Change of Custodian or Custodian ID Correction
CE            Child Emancipated, apply to NCP’s other case or refund to NCP
DC            Deceased Custodian
DN            Deceased NCP
DO            NCP refund due his other cases
EE            Employer Error
EC            E Card / ACS Reversal (to be used by FST ONLY)
EP            Early Payment
FS            FSR Error
IA            Check returned, Bad Address/FIPS
IN            Interest
IR            Interstate refund (refund from another state)
IS            Interface/System Error
NC            Non – cooperative custodian
ND            Non IV-D case not set up when monies distributed
OT            Other
PP            Portal Payment Reversal (to be used by FST ONLY)
SV            Auto Check Cancellation
TA            IRS Tax Adjustments
TG            Incorrect TANF GAP information
TH            Tax Hearing Reversal
TP            Refunding to Third Party
UA            Incorrect/NO UPA on system
Uc            Unlocated custodian
UE            User Error
YJ            $ Due YJ (court cost) account

Email Release 2/4/2009              Page 19 of 24               ERG Procedure 640

CIRCUIT:___________________                     DATE:_______________

BATCH#_________          DEPOSIT#_________            BATCH DATE:______________

A.   I have this date received and posted ___ items. The total cash value of these items
     is $________. All payments have been properly endorsed and I have verified the
     total received as detailed below.

     Starting Receipt Number:     _________________________ (Handwritten)

     Ending Receipt Number:       _________________________ (Handwritten)

     Voided Receipt Number(s); _________________________

     Why Receipt was Voided:      ____________________________________________

     Walk in Receipt #’s Mailed to FSR: _______________________

     Total Cash $____________________

     Total Checks/Money Orders: $____________________

     Total Batch Amount: $____________________

     Cashier Signature

B.   I have this date received from __________________________________, the above
     referenced cash and/or checks/money orders and find the total to be correct.

     Bank Depositor Signature

C.   I have this date reviewed Batch#________for $_____________, and changed batch
     status to transferred.

     Person who transferred the Batch

Email Release 2/4/2009                Page 20 of 24                     ERG Procedure 640
                              CERTIFIED LIST PAYMENT
                                                                          DATE: _______________

NCP NAME: _________________________________________

NCP CASE NUMBER: ____________________                  ID: __________________________

NCP SSN: _______________________________

$$ AMOUNT OF CREDIT TO BE GIVEN: $____________________

CURRENT BALANCE $__________________                    ARREARS BALANCE $_______________

   1) Verify previous account adjustments to make certain the NCP has not been given credit
      twice for the payment.
   2) Verify the certified payment amount does not exceed the total current and arrears
      balances. If it does, request the balances be increased.
   3) Certified Funds are not to be posted to the PA account, as the CP received the funds via
      a direct payment.

[ ] Federal Tax              [ ] Clerk of Court
[ ] Child Support Receiver   [ ] Probation Dept        [ ] District Attorney
[ ] Direct Payment           [ ] Other

Document ID (State Abbreviation): __________________________

Document Digit (If available): _____________________________

Date of Collection: ____/___/____     POST BY CASE# [ ]          or   SSN [ ]

Agent______________________________                    $@CS__________________________

No checks will issue from certified posting. This is for record keeping purposes only. Payments
will post to accounts according to distribution matrix based on cases type/subtype then payment
type: Certified List.

***Attach a copy of the CSENET Transaction screen, Enforcement Transmittal, letter from state
or affidavit from CP or payment will not be processed.

Keep a copy of all documents in case file.

Received by Accounting: _____________________                 Date_________________________

Approved by Supervisor: _____________________                 Date_________________________

Processed by: ______________________________                  Date_________________________

Email Release 2/4/2009                       Page 21 of 24                       ERG Procedure 640
                         WIRE TRANSFER ADJUSTMENT
Send To:          Bobbi West
                  Dianne Davis

CC:               (Region Accountant)
                  Annaky Maxie


                         SUBMIT THIS REQUEST ONLY ONCE!

$tars Office #: _________ Office Name: ____________________________

ACH LOC #: ________________________ Region #: ___________

Region Accountant Name: _______________________________

DECREASE the transfer by $_______________
INCREASE the transfer by $________________

Reason (Be Specific):

Rev. 11/07/2003

Email Release 2/4/2009                  Page 22 of 24     ERG Procedure 640

Deposited by
Contact Number
Monthly Deposit Amount            $_____________

Deposit Date             Amount        Comments





Email Release 2/4/2009               Page 23 of 24   ERG Procedure 640
                                                        Court Reconciliation / Payment Acceptance Log
     Office Name & Number: ________________________________
     Date Received: _________________
     Date Posted or Mailed to FSR or Faxed to FST: _____________________                             Approved By: _________________________________________

     Document                Micr Line                  Payment     ORDERED               NCP Name               Case #        Rec’vg      NCP       Supervisor         Amount To
      Type:         This is on the bottom line of       Amount      AMT PER                                                     Staff     Initials   Verification       FSR or FST
     Personal Ck;     the document, enter the                       CT ORDER                                                   Initials                                 for Posting
     MO; Cashiers
                          entire line below
     Ck; Cash
14                                                  $              $                                                                                                $
13                                                  $              $                                                                                                $
12                                                  $              $                                                                                                $
11                                                  $              $                                                                                                $
10                                                  $              $                                                                                                $
9                                                   $              $                                                                                                $
8                                                   $              $                                                                                                $
7                                                   $              $                                                                                                $
6                                                   $              $                                                                                                $
5                                                   $              $                                                                                                $
4                                                   $              $                                                                                                $
3                                                   $              $                                                                                                $
2                                                   $              $                                                                                                $
1                                                   $              $                                                                                                $
                         Please start at the bottom of the log. Enter your data from the last line up to prevent disclosure of confidential information.

                                                                                Payment Acceptance

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