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                                                                        revised March 2011
                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

      1.1  BCS EXECUTIVE
      1.3 BCS COACHES
      2.1 FIGURES
      2.2 ROUTINE
       2.4  LAND TRAINING
       4.3  FUNDRAISING
       4.4  SPONSORSHIP
       4.5  SWIM-A-THON
       6.1  PRE-COMP
       6.2    COMPETITIVE
9.0    WATER SHOW INFORMATION (Pre-Comp and Competitive Swimmers)
10.0   COMPETITION INFORMATION (Competitive Swimmers Only)
       11.1 CODE OF CONDUCT


       Welcome to Border City Stingrays Synchronized Swim Club (BCS)! We are
       proud to offer athletes synchronized swimming in Lloydminster. This handbook is
       designed to give information that will help make participating in the sport easy.
       BCS has been active in Lloydminster for more than 20 years. BCS is a registered
       nonprofit organization providing synchronized swimming to all levels of athletes.
       We offer programs that are geared towards those swimmers newly entering the
       sport of synchro and progressively more competitive programs. The programs
       operate from September to May/June.

                                  BCS’s Vision Statement:
       Achieving Excellence with Passion and Creativity in the Sport of Synchronized

                               BCS’s Mission Statement:
       With strength & beauty, skill & grace, and a positive attitude our athletes are
provided with the
       opportunity to achieve their full potential through the sport of synchronized

1. Encourage fitness and a desire to achieve personal bests in synchronized
2. Develop new friendships through teamwork.
3. Inspire athletes to develop synchronized swimming skills with fun, hardwork and

             President – Nicole Plandowski
             Vice President – Allyshia Miller
       Secretary – Kelly Yockey
             Treasurer – Danette Boisvert

                Clothing Coordinator - Kelly Yockey
                Water Show & Photography – Brenda Turcotte
                Voucher Sales – Allyshia Miller
                Website Development – Nicole Plandowski

       Janelle Dembicki – Head Coach
              Jenny Dodman – Competitive Coach
              Jill Roy – Competitive Coach
             Claire Daly - Competitive Coach
             Lori-Ann Betton – Pre-Competitive Coach
             Tamsen Findlay – Aqua Squirts Coach
             Lauren Wourms – Aqua Squirts Coach

      Synchronized swimming is not just a sport into itself as it is a hybrid of a variety
      of different disciplines such as swimming, gymnastics, and ballet. Synchronized
      swimming involves swimmers performing in a combination of teams, solos,
      duets, or ―combo‖ events – aesthetically pleasing and strenuous movements
      while keeping afloat in and under water. Aside from exceptional breath control,
      this demanding sport also requires strength, endurance, flexibility, artistry, and
      split-second timing. The goal is the illusion of effortlessness and grace.

      Athletes will learn how to move in the water fusing music and choreography.
      Training includes both land and water time. Land training, designed to enhance
      strength and flexibility, includes cardiovascular training and flexibility training.
      Water training includes lap swimming, synchro skills (figures) and routine
      development. All training is skill and age appropriate in line with the Long Term
      Athlete Development Program (LTAD) developed by Canadian Sport Centres.

      Figures, which form the foundation of any routine, are a combination of basic
      positions joined together by transitional movement. During competition, figures
      are performed in front of a panel of judges who mark the figures out of ten points.
      Five marks are given for the design of the figure; the remaining five marks are
      given for control. Design is broken down into three main categories: body
      position, transitions, and the distinction between position and transition. Control
      is broken down into motion, height above water, ease of execution, and

      Individual marks for the figures are combined with the scores for the routine to
      arrive at the overall championship score of a team. Both individual and team
      performance are thus recognized in the team’s score.

      A routine is performed as a team, combo, duet, or solo. For a team, a minimum
      of four swimmers is required. A combo, as the name implies, is a combination of
      a solo, duet, and team performances in one routine. Combos are performed
      usually by eight to ten swimmers. All routines are choreographed to music by the
      coach and swimmer(s).

      Like figures, routines are marked on a ten-point scale by two panels of judges for
      both technical merit and artistic impression. The mark for technical merit is
      broken down into execution, synchronization, and degree of difficulty, with
      execution weighted the most. Ideally, higher marks are given to a routine where
      swimmers execute difficult elements that are well performed. Artistic impressions
      consist of choreography, music, use, and presentation.

      BCS offers competitive swimmers a team program with additional optional
      programs of either solo, or duet, or combo routines. This format remains the most
      beneficial for swimmer and team development, as well as being the most cost-
      effective for the club. Team formation always takes priority in synchronized
      swimming. If a team is available, the team comes first.

      An extra routine is a solo, duet, or combo event in which a swimmer participates
      over and above her available team’s normal training time, scheduled and posted
      at the beginning of each year. These optional routines are offered depending on
      obtainable coaching, pool time and resources available to the club, by Executive
      decision. The club incurs an increased cost for an extra routine; parents must
      agree to an additional swim fee, and volunteer/fundraising participation to cover
      pool rental and coaching expenses and agree to purchase an added competition
      suit, if required.

      All competitive swimmers will be asked by the end of September whether they
      would like to participate in an extra routine. If a team is unavailable, that
      swimmer may do a solo or duet as her/his regular team program and not be
      considered as participating in an extra (optional) program. In the case of a
      duet, swimmers will be asked with whom they would like to partner. Swimmers
      should have similar levels of skill and commitment, and they should work well
      together. The option to learn an extra routine is a privilege and left to the Head
      Coach’s discretion, based, in part, on the swimmer’s attitude, attendance and
      overall commitment. Coaches will contact a swimmer’s parents for permission to
      participate prior to announcing extra routines.

      Separate training for extra routines will begin in early October at a schedule to be
      determined and announced at that time. All extra routines will be evaluated by
      both the Coach and Head Coach in December. If the Coach feels that there is a
      lack of commitment on the part of the swimmer(s), or if other problems have
      arisen, the Coach may decide not to pursue the extra routine.

      The decision to accommodate a Special Case – here defined as a swimmer who
      has committed to a team program but wishes to further develop her/his technical
      skills – remains at the discretion of the Executive Board, after a recommendation
      by the Head Coach.

      Land training is performed as a supplement to training being done in the water.
      Land training strength, stretching, and conditioning exercises bring about optimal
      fitness more efficiently than relying only on training in the water. Land training
      workouts include squats, lunges, push-ups, and many types of body core
      exercises to develop a tighter, stronger swimmer. Balancing strength-building
      exercises with stretching builds flexibility and helps prevent injury.

      Stretching prevents injury and increases flexibility. Flexibility is extremely
      important in many of the intricate positions and movements that synchronized
      swimming demands. Many positions are not possible without good hip, back, and
      shoulder flexibility. For example, certain sculls require flexibility in the shoulders
      to be effective, and an extended flat split position will receive much higher scores
      than one that shows poor flexibility. Stretching can be done individually and
      requires as little as 15 minutes per day for maintenance. Stretching for up to 30
      minutes per day can bring marked improvement in all areas of flexibility in a short
      period of time. At the very minimum, swimmers will be expected to participate in
      stretching for half an hour every practice; however, swimmers are encouraged to
      stretch as much as possible on their own. The difference between a swimmer
      who stretches and one who doesn't is very apparent in the pool. Although proper
      stretching does not require a solitary, quiet environment, it does demand
      thoughtful, concentrated effort to prevent injuries.

       To help in planning for the approaching season, Registration for the Border City
Stingrays Synchronized Swimming Club (BCSSSC) will take place by June 30 of each
year for returning members and by September 15th for new members.

Registration with Synchro Alberta and Synchro Canada allows the swimmer to compete
in sanctioned synchronized swimming events and provides liability insurance for
BCSSSC for all sanctioned activities of its membership.

Registration requires submission of the following forms and payments:
BCS Registration form including:
                 Consent For Use of Personal Information and Photo Release and
                 Waiver and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Emergency Treatment Authorization form
Synchro Albertaʼs Participation Agreement
Swimmer Code of Conduct
Payments as per Fee Schedule
Fundraising Deposit
      The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for members is held in early September. All
      members are encouraged to attend. This meeting provides an opportunity to
      meet other club members, the coaches and members of the Executive. At the
      end of this meeting, all forms, post-dated cheques for swim fees, deposits must
      be fully completed and submitted before a swimmer is allowed to participate in
      her/his respective program.

      a. Utilize the Synchro Alberta Registration Form for registration of BCS
         swimmers at Synchro Alberta.
      b. Pay all fees and dues as required and requested by Synchro Alberta.
          c.        Submit a list, including name, address, telephone and email of all
          Club Directors, Coaches,
         Volunteers and Athletes to Synchro Alberta.

        Complete Registration and Emergency Treatment Authorization Form .
        Complete Synchro Alberta Registration Form. All forms need to be
        completed before the swimmer is permitted to enter the pool or attend BCS
        Payment as per Fee Schedule (including Fundraising Deposit). Cheques
        payable to Border City Stingrays.


      The goal of BCS is to operate efficiently and with a balanced budget. The club’s
      main sources of income are the annual membership fees, revenue from the
      yearly Swim-A-Thon, grants, fundraising voucher sales, community sponsorship
      and various other fundraising activities held throughout the season.

      Annual membership fees covers only a portion of the expenses incurred for pool
      space rental, coaching fees and costs related to equipment
      acquisition/replacement. The swim fees for any given level of swimmers are
      SUBSIDIZED through the other sources of funding raised by the volunteer
      efforts of all Club members. Our fundraising helps keep the annual fee
      accessible to more families.

      The swim fees are subject to swimmer registration, pool fees, and other
      expenses. In the unlikely event of a significant change in one of these factors,
      the Executive can approve an amended fee schedule to be provided no later
      than the 30th of September.

      Receipts will be issued for all swim fees.

      If the club incurs an NSF cheque, certified funds including all charges incurred by
      the Club are to be provided within a week or the swimmer cannot participate in
      any club activities.

      Payment is due upon receipt of notification. At the time when payment is
      deemed to be overdue, a notice will be sent home with the swimmer addressed
      to the swimmer’s parents, requesting payment within one week or the swimmer
      will be suspended from participation until payment is received. At the same time,
      the Treasurer will contact the swimmer’s parents requesting payment within one
      week. If payment is not received after one week, the swimmer’s parents are
      notified in writing if immediate payment is not received, the swimmer’s
      participation will be suspended in 7 days. It will be the responsibility of the
      parent(s) to inform their child that they will not be allowed to participate.

      A swimmer wishing to withdraw from the BCS shall give 30 days notice to the
      Head Coach and President or Treasurer. This policy applies to returning
      swimmers immediately following registration. Training fees are payable until the
      expiry of the 30 days notice period.

      Post-dated cheques that have been provided will be returned for the months
      following the month in which the cancellation notice was provided. If the
      cancellation occurs anytime after the first of the month, no portion of the month in
      which the cancellation notice was received will be returned, as all post dated
      swim payment cheques are dated and deposited on the first of the month. The
      Synchro Alberta Registration fee is non refundable, regardless of when the
      cancellation takes place. No refunds to be given after December 31st of the
      club year.

      In the event that a swimmer leaves the Club as a cancellation or termination and
      there are fees owed to the club for supplies, travel, fundraising, etc., these
      amounts will remain the responsibility of the swimmer and must either be paid
      directly or deducted from any reimbursed payment or post dated swim payment

      BCS’ mainfundraiser is voucher sales from Co-op and Sobey. Mandatory for
      competitive swimmers, each swimmer has the entire swim season to sell a
      minimum of $3000 grocery vouchers. The club is dependent on this fundraiser
      financially as revenues from this fundraiser keeps annual membership fees
      available to more families. A fundraising deposit of $270, in the form of a post-
      dated cheque, is required at time of registration. Each swimmer is to sell $3000
      grocery vouchers by March 31 of the current season. If $3000 vouchers are sold
      by deadline, the fundraising deposit will be returned. If competitor swimmer’s
      sales exceed $3000, they will receive 3% of their extra sales as a reduction in
      their competition fees. Fundraising Cheques are required to ensure swimmer
      participation is equitable and fair.
       Our profit on vouchers depends on the amount of vouchers purchased each time:
       $2000-$3999 – 5%
       $4000-$6499 – 6%
       $6500-$9999 – 7%
       $10,000-$14,999 – 8%
       $15,000-24,999 – 9%
       $25,000 & Over – 10%

       Vouchers can be bought dollar for dollar. These are available in any amount
       requested and can be used at any Sobeys or Co-op location.

       Sponsors may make a donation in any amount of their choice, or participate by
       purchasing at four different levels. Each level will include gift cards from Sobeys
       or Co-op.
       Bronze: $1000 donation – receive $700 in gift cards
       Silver: $2000 donation – receive $1500 in gift cards
       Gold: $3000 donation – receive $2400 in gift cards
       Platinum: $4000 donation – receive $3400 in gift cards
       In appreciation of yearly sponsors, we like to thank them in several ways:
Listed in our brochure
Listed on our website
Posted in our display case at the Lloydminster Leisure Centre
Advertisements, etc. in newspapers
Water Show Program

       The Swim-a-thon takes place in late October or early November of every year
       and is an important fundraising activity of BCS. The Swim-a-thon is an integral
       part of our clubs fundraising efforts and all swimmers are required to participate.

       Revenue General ideas are always welcome. We encourage parents to become
       involved and to contribute to the success of the BCS financial support to
       swimmers through assisting with the organizing of club fundraising events.

       In addition to fundraising events, approved by the Executive, there is also the
       opportunity for fundraising events on an individual and team basis. All such
       events do required the approval of Executive.

       Practice Suite
       Swim Cap $10 (can be purchased through the coach)
      Nose Clip $5 (can be purchased through the Coach)
      Water Bottle

     Mandatory Wardrobe
     Black Swim Suit for Water Show (swimmer’s responsibility or purchase through
     the BCS Clothing Coordinator)
     White Swim Cap (can be purchased through coach)
     Nose Plugs $5 (can be purchased through coach)
     Optional Wardrobe:
BCS Tank, Shorts, Jackets & Pants

      One half of the costs of clothing/swim suits will be due at the time of order.
      Wardrobe items will not be given out by the Clothing Coordinator unless full
      payment has been received.

       Mandatory Wardrobe:
Black Swim Suit for Figures (swimmer’s responsibility or purchase through the BCS
Clothing Coordinator, price TBA)
Team Swim Suit (purchase through the BCS Clothing Coordinator, price TBA)
Additional Routine Swim Suit (if applicable) (purchase through the BCS Clothing
Coordinator) (price TBA)
Nose Plugs $5 (can be purchased through coach)
White Swim Cap $10 (can be purchased through coach)
BCS Swim Cap $10 (can be purchased through coach)
BCS Tank & Shorts (price TBA)
       Optional Wardrobe:
       1. BCS Jackets & Pants

      One half of the costs of clothing/swim suits will be due at the time of order.
      Wardrobe items will not be given out by the Clothing Coordinator unless full
      payment has been received.


      Water!! Water! Water!
      The most important and most often neglected nutrient.
      About 60% of our body is water and our need for water increases greatly with
      exercise. Sweat acts as our body’s ―air conditioner‖ and needs to be replaced or
      our performance is affected. ATHLETES LOSE MORE CONTESTS THROUGH
       Adequate fluid intake before, during and after exercise is critical in preventing
       dehydration. Thirst is not the best gauge of your body’s water needs.

       WHEN?                                       HOW MUCH?
       2 hours before exercising                   2 cups
       10-15 minutes before exercising             1-2 cups
       15-20 minute intervals during exercise 1/3-1 cup
       10-20 minutes after exercising              about 1 cups
       * The best fluid replacement is plain cool water.
       * Drinking lots of fluid is important, even when it is cool outside, but you will need
       even more when it is hot.

      Rules of the Nutrition Game
      1. Have a regular schedule for meals and snacks.
      2. Follow the Canada Food Guide and eat from all food groups daily.
      3. Increase servings of carbohydrate foods during times of training and
         competition e.g. bread, cereals, crackers, rice, pasta, potatoes, and muffins.
      4. Limit consumption of foods high in fact, sugar, salt, and alcohol.
      5. Drink plenty of cool water before, during and after training and competitions.
      6. Eat a high carbohydrate snack within 15 minutes after practice to replenish
         your glycogen (e.g. crackers, bagel, fresh or dried fruit, cereal bar, juice box)
         7. Eat pre-event meals that are high in carbohydrates and low in protein, fat
         and fibre. Eat meals 3-4 hours before competing.
         8. Avoid eating foods or beverages high in sugar just prior to competing.
         During activity small amounts of foods or beverages containing sugar can be
         consumed e.g. fruit, crackers, diluted fruit juice.

 How to Gel Your Hair for Synchronized
        Swimming Competition

What You Will Need
p_13264903292010021723.jpg" \o "\"\" HYPERLINK
p_13264903292010021904.jpg" \o "\"\" HYPERLINK
p_13264903292010022009.jpg" \o "\"\" HYPERLINK
p_13264903292010022058.jpg" \o "\"\"

Knox gelatin envelopes: You'll need about 2-4 per person.
Cup: The cup should be able to disposed of when finished.
Plastic Spoon
Hair brush: The regular kind is perfect.
Rat-tail comb: The kind of comb with a long, pointy handle.
Hair bands/ponytail holders: Use bigger ones for all your hair and smaller ones for braids, making
sure they match the color of your hair.
Bobby pins: That also match your hair color.
Hair pins: Not the same as bobbies, hair pins have two squiggly sides and are always slightly open,
and must match your hair color as well.
Paint brush: A hair coloring brush, a kitchen basting brush, or even a small paint brush.
A towel: A slimy drip can sneak past even the most veteran of gellers. A towel will keep it off your
neck and body. It’s also nice to have when you’ve just climbed out of the pool to catch the mixture of
gel and pool water that will inevitably drip down the back of your neck before it dries into
uncomfortable stickiness.
Bag or carrying case: Keep all your gelling products together in one place.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to take the anxiety out of the gelling process:

A Good Ponytail
A smooth and tightly pulled-back ponytail will make the whole job easier, so get your hair wet before
you start.
p_13264903292010022854.jpg" \o "\"\"
First use the brush and then the rat-tail comb to make your hair go as smoothly into the ponytail as
Secure it with your bigger hair band.
Making the Bun
p_13264903292010031246.jpg" \o "\"\"
Start by dividing your ponytail into two sections, then braid each one and secure it with a smaller
hair band.
p_13264903292010031357.jpg" \o "\"\"
Wrap one braid around the base of your ponytail to make the first half of your bun. Hold it in place
with either hair pins or bobby pins. (Hair pins seem to go in a little easier.) Three should do it.

p_13264903292010031648.jpg" \o "\"\"
Here’s where you need a little bit of an artist’s eye—wrap and shape your braids so your bun looks
as bun-like as possible. Use a few more pins to secure it

Making the Gel
p_13264903292010043443.jpg" \o "\"\"

If you’re making gel for one, empty three envelopes of the gel powder into a disposable container.
Add hot water very slowly, using just a few tablespoons at first and then in teaspoon size increments
after the first pour.
Stir with the plastic spoon.
p_13264903292010043710.jpg" \o "\"\"
You’ll know you’ve achieved the perfect, slimy consistency if you lift your stirring spoon out of the
gel and a smooth stream runs back down into the cup. If it falls into the cup in big blobs or runs very
slowly, add a little more water. If it makes individual drips, then it’s too watery.

Unfortunately, this is the point of no return. You can always add water to gel, but adding gel to water
causes globules that no amount of stirring can remedy. In an emergency it will still serve its purpose,
but the result just looks unprofessional.

Paint It On
Now is not the time for a quick run to the snack bar. The gel will only get more difficult to work with
as it cools. Be careful not to burn yourself, but remember that the reason the gelatin methods works
at all is because it solidifies as it cools.
p_13264903292010044311.jpg" \o "\"\"

Wrap your small towel around your neck and start painting the gel onto your hair from the very front,
center of your hairline to your bun.
Gel the whole top portion of your hair, run the comb through it to smooth it out, and then paint over
the top of that section again.
Repeat the painting-combing-painting process for each side of your head, ending on the back.
Remember to gel your bun too.
The easiest way to get out your gel is to shower using the warmest water possible while still
remaining comfortable. The gel should melt out. Some synchro swimmers like to use a comb in the
shower to help speed up the process, but be patient or you could end up pulling out hair that was too
young to go down the drain.

9.0     WATER SHOW INFORMATION (Pre-Comp and Competitive Swimmers)
        All Pre-Competitive and Competitive swimmers perform their routines in our local
        Water Show at the end of the season in May. (see Clothing and Hair
        Instructions). Date and Time TBA.

10.0    COMPETITION INFORMATION (Competitive Swimmers Only)
        Synchronized swimming is a team sport. The needs of the team must take
        precedence over the interests of the individual. BCS has a pre-determined meet
        schedule that will be forwarded to parents in a timely fashion. This schedule
        cannot be altered.

        After BCS has been registered for a competition, an invoice for each swimmer’s
        competition fees will be forwarded to parents. Payment in full must be made
        upon receipt of invoice and prior departure to the competition. Athletes with
        unpaid travel invoices will not be permitted to attend the meet unless payment
        options have been arranged with the Treasurer.

        Travel and costs are the responsibility of the parents’ unless BCS has made
        arrangements for team travel. A block of rooms will be arranged by the BCS
        Treasurer, or designate. Once the block has been organized, the details of the
        booking and the deadlines will be communicated to parents. It is each parent’s
        responsibility to book a hotel room if needed.
       1. Adhere to the Coach’s guidelines with respect to nutrition, dress code, curfew,
          bed times etc.
          2. You are responsible for your belongings. KEEP TRACK OF THEM!!
          Please label your belongings in the event that they are left behind.
       3. BCS are not responsible for the safety of the athlete while at competitions.
       4. When swimming at a meet the swimmers are NOT ALLOWED to wear nail
          polish or ANY jewelry. They will be disqualified by Synchro Alberta if caught.

       Swim Suits and Equipment:
Black Figures Suit
Competition Routine Suits
Nose Clips
Stingrays Cap
White Cap
Towels (2 large)
Sandals or flip flops
       Team Wardrobe:
BCS shorts and tank
       Hair & Makeup (every swimmer is required to have their own equipment for
       EVERY meet):
Bobby Pins
Hair Pins
Circular Combs (for shorter hair)
Headpieces for Team Routine
Knox Gelatin
Container for Gelatin
Small Brush for Gelatin (pastry or paint brush)
Team Routine Makeup (waterproof) as determined by coach

     Clothing & Personal:
Underwear and socks
Warm jacket/fleece/hoodie
Black pants or other color pants (no jeans)
Banquet outfit (if needed)
Meet schedule
Spending money
Book/cd player, cards/games
Healthy snacks
Water bottle

11.1   Code of Conduct
       The BCS is dedicated to pursuing excellence in the sport of synchronized
       swimming the behaviour of the athletes should reflect a positive image of the
       club. Swimmers and parents are encouraged and expected to promote a
       professional attitude regarding sportsmanship, competition and fair play. This
       behaviour should be demonstrated both in and out of the water in daily training
       and at all meets. This code is provided for minimum direction. The executive,
       head coach, team coaches, parents and swimmers will be responsible for further
       spelling out their own expectations or identifying issues that may arise and need
       attention. Swimmers and parents must sign and return a copy of the Swimmer Code of
       Conduct prior to commencing the season.

        Swimmers are expected to:
        Demonstrate a positive attitude towards the sport of synchronized swimming.
Demonstrate good sportsmanship.
Treat coaches and fellow swimmers with courtesy and respect.
Be courteous to fellow competitors, other club coaches, and officials, and to conduct
           themselves appropriately.
Be in attendance at and be on time for all swim meets.
Support club swimmers by sitting together and cheering for all Border City Stingrays
           Synchronized Swimming Club’s (BCSSSC) teams and routines.
Attend the Award Presentations at all events.
Follow all pool safety rules while on pool decks and in the change rooms.

       There is zero tolerance of:
Offensive language,
Rude or offensive behavior,
Angry outbursts or disorderly behavior,
Abuse of athletes, coaches, or officials,
Use of alcohol, cigarettes or illegal drugs,
Use of electronic communication devices and/or cameras in change areas.

       The coaching staff may solicit feedback from swimmers from time to time and this is
       expected to be open, honest, and constructive.

       Discipline will be applied as outlined in the BCSSSC Discipline Policy.

       The BCSSSC Executive, at its discretion, may terminate with notice a swimmer’s
       membership in BCSSSC and the swimmer will forfeit swim fees or other costs incurred
       by the swimmer up to one full month after termination prior to January 1st, after which
       all swim fees may be forfeited.
       Attendance and punctuality is extremely important in a team sport like
       synchronized swimming. The swimmer should clearly understand the
       commitment to her team, coach, and club before the season starts. It is important
       to note that during the competition season, the highest degree of attendance,
       punctuality and focus is necessary.

       The progress of the team depends on the regular and punctual attendance of
       every swimmer. Absence or repeated tardiness affects the entire team. If a
       swimmer must late or miss a scheduled practice, the Coach must be
       notified by telephone or e-mail as soon as possible. This allows maximum
       preparation time for the Coach to organize the practice for the least amount of
       disruption for the other members of the team.

       Parents of swimmers with more than two unexcused absences within a one-
       month period will be contacted, and a parent–coach meeting will be arranged by
       the Head Coach. The swimmer's commitment and the Coach's expectations of
       the swimmer will be discussed. If unexcused absences continue, the Coach and
       the Head Coach will re-evaluate the swimmer and decide on a course of action.

       Parents are encouraged to schedule vacations at times when swimmers do not
       have scheduled practices (for example, Christmas holidays). If vacation is to be
       taken during scheduled practice time, provide written notice to the Coach and
       Head Coach well beforehand, to enable them to plan around a swimmer's
       absence. Vacations should not be planned two weeks prior to Northern Trials, or
       four weeks prior to the Wildrose Classic, Westerns, MASY Challenge, and
       Nationals. Should the vacation extend for a period longer than two weeks, it is at
       the discretion of the Coach and Head Coach whether the swimmer will continue
       as an active member of the team or swim as an alternate.

       The Border City Stingrays Synchronized Swimming Club (BCSSSC) is committed
       to providing a sport environment which is athlete-centred and which is
       characterized by open, clear
       communication and honesty, fairness and mutual respect.

       This Discipline and Complaints Policy identifies the standard of behavior which is
       expected of all BCSSSC members and their representatives (e.g., Executive
       members, swimmers, coaches, technical staff, parents, administrators,
       volunteers, committee chairs). Members and
        representatives who fail to meet this standard will be subject to the disciplinary
identified within this Policy. Since sanctions may be applied, it is only fair to provide club
members a mechanism so that complaints and discipline may be dealt with fairly,
and affordably.

       For complete information on this policy, please refer to the policy on the website.

       Parents are encouraged to discuss progress and concerns with their swimmer’s
       coach. If they wish to meet with the coach, these discussions are to take place
       before or after scheduled practices, not on deck during a practice. Parents may
       watch the swimmers during practice in the observation areas provided by the
       facility. Parents are not to interfere with practices or competitions.

       Club Meetings
       There will be two Club Meetings each year which parents are encouraged to
       attend. These will include a Parent Meeting early in the swim season and the
       Annual General Meeting and Election at the end of the swim season in the
       spring. Dates and times for these meetings will be provided.

       Parent Meetings
       The coach and parents of the various programs/teams may hold meetings
       throughout the year to
       ensure that everyone is informed about club activities and address questions and
       concerns. Parent meetings may also be called as required to review details
       pertaining to upcoming competitions, fundraising initiatives or to address specific

       The BCS, with the exception of the coaches, is staffed by volunteers and relies
       volunteer parents/family to operate. There is an expectation that all parents will
       volunteer in some capacity and participate in all club fundraising activities as
       much as possible. Parental involvement is necessary for the general operation of
       the club.

      Communication is a vital part of the operation of the Border City Stingrays
      Swimming Club (BCSSSC). Information regarding competitions, meetings,
      fundraising and club events is transmitted to the membership by means of the
      1. The club has a web site: HYPERLINK "http://www.bordercitystingrays.com"
www.bordercitystingrays.com. Notices, minutes and other
communication are available on the site.
2. Any notice sent home to all club members must be approved by the President.
3. The Annual General Meeting will be held in early September of each year to address
questions, introduce Executive members, new members and coaches, and to provide a
calendar for the competition season and complete registration and fee payments. Dates
       times for this meeting will be provided. In addition, the coach and parents of the
       various programs/teams may hold meetings throughout the year to ensure that
       everyone is informed about club activities and address questions and concerns.
       Parent meetings may also be called as required to review details pertaining to
       upcoming competitions, fundraising initiatives or to address specific issues.
       4. Parents are asked to register an email address with the club. A club email
roster will be
created and distributed to all Executive members and coaches. Reminders,
and other communication will be sent by email periodically. Please provide the
Secretary with
any email changes that may occur during the year.
       5. Emails and memos, as a last resort, containing valuable information regarding
       meets, special events, meetings, deadlines, etc. may be sent home throughout
       the year via the swimmer. Please check on a regular basis with your swimmer,
       in her/his bag if necessary, to see if a memo has been sent home. Provide your
       swimmer with some large zip lock plastic bags to keep the memos dry and

Parent, Coach, and Swimmer Communication
Injured swimmers should notify their coach immediately who may choose to then inform
lifeguards on duty, poolside.

Swimmers who are sick must notify their coach before practice and stay home if they
contagious. Coaches should be contacted by phone or email. Please ensure that the
receives your communication prior to the planned practice time.

In the event that a parent concern arises, parents should contact their swimmerʼs
coach in a
timely manner, off-deck and outside of scheduled practice time. Individual parents
should first
       discuss problems with their swimmerʼs coach. Parents may also arrange a team
       meeting with a coach. If not satisfied with the coachʼs response, parents should
       contact the Head Coach, or
       subsequently, the BCSSSCʼs President. Parents are asked to direct any
concerns to their
swimmerʼs coach or to the Head Coach, not to other parents. One properly directed
concern or
complaint does more for all concerned than many misdirected ones.


Anti-Harassment and Anti-Abuse
Conflict of Interest



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