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									          What is Available?                     Do I Qualify for Free Services?                    facility, such as a pay stub and, if
                                                                                                    applying for Medicaid, Medicare, or
                                                • 	 To qualify for services, an applicant's         some other medical assistance
• 	 Free and reduced-cost health care is            income must fall within the annually            program, a letter of approval or denial.
    available to people who cannot afford           published Poverty Guidelines of the
                                                                                                • 	 These documents must be submitted
    to pay at Hill-Burton obligated                 U.S. Department of Health and 

                                                                                                    within a reasonable time after 

    facilities. These facilities must post          Human Services. 

                                                • 	 If your income is at or below the               applying for Hill-Burton services. 

    a sign in their Admissions Office,
    Business Office, and Emergency                  current Poverty Guidelines, facility        • 	 When you return the completed
    Room advising people of their free              services may be free.                           application, ask for a Determination of
    and reduced-cost care obligation.           • 	 If your income is more than the                 Eligibility. The facility must notify you
    The sign must read, "NOTICE­                    current Poverty Guidelines, but is              in writing of its determination of your
    Medical Care for Those Who Can­                 less than double (or in the case of             eligibility for free or reduced-cost
    not Afford to Pay. "                            nursing homes less than triple),                services within the timeframes included
                                                    Hill-Burton facilities may provide              on the Individual Notice.
• 	 Hill-Burton assisted facilities include
    hospitals, nursing homes, and other             services at full charge, reduced
    health care facilities. You can apply           charge, or free. The Individual Notice                  Can I Be Denied?
    at the facility's Admissions Office or          will tell you what medical services
    Business Office, before or after care           and income levels qualify for free          The facility may deny your request if:
    is received and even after bills have           care.                                       • 	 Your income is more than the income
    been sent for collection.                                                                       levels in the Allocation Plan and as
• 	 Hill-Burton facilities determine which                 How Do I Apply?                          specified in the Individual Notice.
    services are provided free of charge                                                        • 	 The facility has given out the required
    or at reduced costs.                        • 	 Contact the Hill-Burton Hot Line for a          amount of free care as specified in its
• 	 The program only covers facility                list of obligated facilities.                   Allocation Plan.
    costs; it does not cover private            • 	 Contact the facility's Admissions           • 	 The services you request or have
    physician bills.                                Office or Business Office. Ask for an           received are not covered by the
• 	 Hill-Burton facilities must provide a           application and a copy of the facility's        facility's Allocation Plan as specified in
    written Individual Notice that specifies        Individual Notice .                             the Individual Notice.
    the types of Hill-Burton free and                    This notice provides information       • 	 The services you are requesting are
    reduced-cost services available and                  on qualifying income levels,               fully covered by Medicare, Medicaid,
    the income criteria. These services                  required documentation, where to           insurance or another medical
    are reflected in the facility's published            apply, and the timeframe for               assistance program.
    allocation plan.
                                                         the facility to make the eligibility   • 	 You do not provide the documents the
                                                         determination.                             facility requires to verify your eligibility,
                                                • 	 The types of documentation that may             such as a pay stub.
                                                    be required are proof of income to the
     What is the Hill-Burton 
                    What If I Have a Complaint?                 Free or Reduced-Cost 

   Free or Reduced-Cost Care 
                                                                     Health Care 

                          If you believe you have been unfairly
                                                denied Hill-Burton free or reduced-cost
The Hill-Burton Program, passed into
                                                services, a written complaint may be filed
law by Congress in 1946, provides
                                                with the U.S. Department of Health and
funds to hospitals and other health
facilities for building and modernization.      Human Services. To file a complaint,          Participating Hospitals, 

In return, funded facilities agree to (1)       please state the facts and dates
provide a reasonable amount of free or          concerning the complaint. If you need
                                                                                               Nursing Homes, and 

reduced-cost care to people unable to           assistance, call toll free at                   Other Health Care 

pay, and (2) make services available to         1-800-638-0742 or for Maryland
all people living in that local area.                                                                 Facilities 

                                                residents, 1-800-492-0359.

Eligibility rules and procedures may vary
by facility.                                    Complaints should be sent to:

For more information, call the national         Director, Division of Facilities Compliance   Hill-Burton Program
toll-free hotline:                                 and Recovery
                                                Health Resources and Services
         For Maryland residents:                Healthcare Systems Bureau                     U.S. Department of Health and 

                                                5600 Fishers Lane, Room 10-105                       Human Services 

                                                Rockville, MD 20857                           Health Resources and Services 

The number of Hill-Burton facilities is                                                               Administration 

limited, and some States have no facili­
ties. For an updated list, visit
www.hrsa.gov/hillburton/default.htm                                                                                  July 2010

The Hill-Burton Community Service
Assurance requires that facilities must
provide services without discrimination on
the basis of race, color, national origin, or

                                                                                              (. -t <&Hm 


creed. They also may not discriminate                                                          ~.            'tee,
against Medicare and Medicaid patients.
For more information, call the Office for
Civil Rights toll free at: 1-800-368-1 019.
                                                                                              ,~                         Health Resources and Services Administration

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