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					Logical name:                    English:
text_language_name               English
qtf_acc_info_no_volume_control   Volume control not available
qtf_alarm_expired                %U
qtf_alarm_sleep_active           Snooze on
qtf_ams2x_notif_ams_running      Downloads application active
qtf_ams2x_notif_dl_complete      Downloaded. Open fold to continue.
qtf_ams2x_notif_dl_error         Downld. error. Open fold to continue.
qtf_ams2x_notif_downloading      Downloading
qtf_apoff_warning                Phone will power off if not used
qtf_app_illegally_modified       Application illegally modified
qtf_auto_dialing                 Redialling
qtf_barring_activated            Barring activated
qtf_barring_canceled             Barring cancelled
qtf_barring_not_active           Barring not active
qtf_bcard_received               Business card received
qtf_brew_notif_app_active        App. active. Transferring data.
qtf_brew_notif_app_paused        Application paused
                                 Connected to
qtf_bt_conf_connected            %U
                                 Paired with
qtf_bt_conf_conn_and_saved       %U
qtf_bt_conf_conn_closed          %U
qtf_bt_info_conn_closed          %U
                                 Connect audio with?
qtf_bt_notif_audio               %U
                                 Connect with?
qtf_bt_notif_connect_to_pc       %U
                                 Dial-up con-nection with?
qtf_bt_notif_dialup              %U
                                 Fax modem conn. with?
qtf_bt_notif_fax                 %U
                                 Pair with?
qtf_bt_notif_pair_with           %U
                                 Receive data from?
qtf_bt_notif_receive_data        %U
                                 Remote SIM conn. with?
qtf_bt_notif_remote_sim          %U
                                 Serial port conn. with?
qtf_bt_notif_serial              %U
                                 Data transfer conn. with?
qtf_bt_notif_synchronize_with    %U
                                 Exchange data with?
qtf_bt_notif_transfer_data       %U
qtf_bt_wait_connecting_to        Connecting: %U
qtf_bt_wait_disconnecting        Disconnecting
qtf_bt_warn_conn_terminated       %U
qtf_call                          Call
qtf_call_barred                   Active call barrings
qtf_call_conf_chf_mode_active     Audio routed to handsfree
qtf_call_conf_hp_mode_active      Audio routed to handset
qtf_call_conf_hs_mode_active      Audio routed to headset
qtf_call_diverted_outgoing        Call is being diverted
qtf_call_in_absence               %N missed calls
qtf_call_in_progress              Call in progress
qtf_call_not_allowed              Call not allowed
qtf_call_number                   Call %N
qtf_call_term_note_title          Call summary
qtf_call_waiting_activated        Call waiting activated
qtf_call_waiting_cancelled        Call waiting cancelled
qtf_call_waiting_not_active       Call waiting not active
qtf_cam_info_opn_fold_to_c_clip   Open fold to view video clip
qtf_cam_info_opn_fold_to_c_imag   Open fold to view image
qtf_cam_wait_saving               Saving to %U
qtf_card_blocked                  PIN blocked
qtf_cb_received                   Info message received
qtf_cdata_conf_dormant            Dormant mode active
qtf_cdata_err_call_in_progress    Call in progress
qtf_cdata_err_conn_lost           Data connection lost
qtf_cdata_indic_data_only         Data calls only
qtf_cdata_indic_dormant           Dormant mode
qtf_cdata_indic_fax_only          Fax calls only
qtf_cdata_indic_receiving         Receiving
qtf_cdata_indic_transmitting      Sending
qtf_cdata_info_conn_cable         Connect cable first
qtf_cdata_info_data_reception     Incoming data calls only
qtf_cdata_info_end_session        Use PC to end data session
qtf_cdata_info_fax_reception      Incoming fax calls only
qtf_cdata_info_ir_found           Infrared connection found
qtf_cdata_info_normal_mode        Normal mode selected
qtf_cdata_info_resume             Data transfer resumed
qtf_cdata_info_session_ended      Data session ended
qtf_cdata_notif_act_conn_via_dt   Activate connection via data terminal
qtf_cdata_notif_align_ports       Point phone's IR port to the IR terminal
qtf_cdata_wait_connecting         Connecting via infrared
qtf_cdmaptt_call_connect          Calling
qtf_cdmaptt_call_incoming         Push to talk call
qtf_cdmaptt_call_notify           Alerting
qtf_cdmaptt_conf_ptt_registered   Connected to push to talk service
qtf_cdmaptt_conf_ptt_unregister   Disconnec-ted from PTT service
qtf_cdmaptt_conf_svc_disabled     Push to talk service disabled
qtf_cdmaptt_conf_svc_enabled      Push to talk service switched on
qtf_cdmaptt_err_invalid_number    Invalid push to talk number
qtf_cdmaptt_err_not_valid_user    PTT ID not recognised by server
qtf_cdmaptt_err_no_data_connect   PTT data connection unavailable
qtf_cdmaptt_err_recpt_busy        Recipient busy
qtf_cdmaptt_err_recpt_not_avail   Recipient not available
qtf_cdmaptt_err_serv_not_avail    PTT service temporarily unavailable
qtf_cdmaptt_floor_exit            %U exited
qtf_cdmaptt_floor_joined          %U joined
qtf_cdmaptt_indic_floor_open      Floor open
qtf_cdmaptt_indic_group_call      Group call
qtf_cdmaptt_indic_remote_speak    speaking
qtf_cdmaptt_indic_speak           Speak now
qtf_cdmaptt_info_redial           No PTT number saved
qtf_cdmaptt_mtcall_group          PTT group call
qtf_cdmaptt_quest_ptt_disabled    Open fold to enable push to talk
qtf_cdmaptt_redial                Press PTT key to call %U
qtf_cdmaptt_wait_register         Connecting to PTT service
qtf_cfm_mms_retrieval_fail_del    Multimedia message cannot be retrieved
qtf_cfm_mms_retry_retrieval       Multimedia message retrieval failed
qtf_cfm_quest_save_message        Save message?
qtf_clearing_personal_dir         Deleting
qtf_clir_suppr_rejected           Cannot show caller ID
qtf_cli_withheld                  Private no.
qtf_clk_april                     Apr
qtf_clk_august                    Aug
qtf_clk_december                  Dec
qtf_clk_february                  Feb
qtf_clk_friday                    Fri
qtf_clk_january                   Jan
qtf_clk_july                      Jul
qtf_clk_june                      Jun
qtf_clk_march                     Mar
qtf_clk_may                       May
qtf_clk_monday                    Mon
qtf_clk_november                  Nov
qtf_clk_october                   Oct
qtf_clk_saturday                  Sat
qtf_clk_september                 Sep
qtf_clk_sunday                    Sun
qtf_clk_thursday                  Thu
qtf_clk_tuesday                   Tue
qtf_clk_wednesday                 Wed
qtf_cntdn_conf_per_running        %U
qtf_colp_connected                Diverted
qtf_conference                    Conference
qtf_conf_already_installed        Latest version already installed
qtf_conf_availabilty_selected     Availability selected
qtf_conf_changes_saved            Changes saved
qtf_conf_connected_to_service     Connected to 'My presence'
qtf_conf_disconnec_from_service   Disconnect-ed from 'My presence'
                                  Copied to
qtf_conf_file_copied_to           %U
qtf_conf_file_saved_to            Saved to %U
qtf_conf_flight_end_conn          End all active connections?
qtf_conf_flight_end_mess          Some messages pending. End all connections?
qtf_conf_logo_selected            Logo selected
qtf_conf_notep_send_cancelled     Note sending cancelled
qtf_conf_note_send_cancelled      Note sending cancelled
qtf_conf_playback_cancelled       Playback cancelled
qtf_conf_publish_no_one           No one' selected
qtf_conf_publish_private_only     Private viewers' selected
qtf_conf_publish_private_public   Private and public' selected
qtf_conf_sent_file                %U
qtf_conf_update_complete          Update complete
qtf_countdown_time_up             Countdown time up
qtf_csysl_err_no_serv_avail       No network coverage
qtf_csysl_ind_analog_a            Analogue A
qtf_csysl_ind_analog_b            Analogue B
qtf_csysl_ind_extend_network      Extended netw.
qtf_csysl_ind_internat_roaming    Internat. roam.
qtf_csysl_ind_sprint              Serv. provider
qtf_csysl_info_home_not_avail     %U currently unavailable
qtf_csysl_info_roam_rate_app      Roaming rate applies
qtf_csysl_roaming_mo_call         Roam call
qtf_csysl_wait_enter_banner       Entering %U service area
qtf_cterm_d_barred_in_cug         Call barred in closed group
qtf_cterm_d_clir_not_subscr       Check caller ID sending service
qtf_cterm_d_cug_bs_incompab       Not possible in this group
qtf_cterm_d_cug_call_failur       Check closed user group
qtf_cterm_d_no_cug_selected       Select closed user group
qtf_cterm_d_unknown_cug_index     Closed group unknown
qtf_cterm_nbr_barred              Number barred
qtf_cterm_nbr_not_in_cug          Number not in group
qtf_cug_in_use                    Group %N in use
qtf_data_and_voice_call           Voice/data call
qtf_data_call                     Data call
qtf_data_mode_active              Data mode active
qtf_data_nokia_connected          Data en- hancement connected
qtf_diverted_call                 Diverted call
qtf_diverted_incoming_call        Diverted call
qtf_divert_activated              Divert activated
qtf_divert_active                 Divert active
qtf_divert_canceled               Divert cancelled
qtf_divert_deactivated            Divert deactivated
qtf_divert_inactive               Divert not active
qtf_drm_invalid_key               No valid activation key
                                  Activation key received
qtf_drm_soft_rights_received      %U
qtf_drop_done                     Call ended
qtf_dtail_sim_info_prefix         Operator info available
qtf_dtmf_open_fold_send           Open fold to send DTMF tones
qtf_dtmf_paused_please_wait       Paused. Please wait.
qtf_dtmf_sending                  Sending
qtf_dtmf_waiting_to_be_sent       Press 'Send' to send number:
qtf_email_messages_waiting        %U new e-mail messages
qtf_email_message_waiting         New e-mail message
qtf_emergency_call                Attempting emergency call
qtf_emergency_call_on             Emergency
qtf_emergency_only                Emergency calls only
qtf_emerg_mode_open_fold_exit     Emergency mode. Open fold.
qtf_ems_info_inval_fil_cnt_play   Invalid file type. Cannot play.
qtf_ems_info_inval_fil_cnt_save   Invalid file type. Cannot save.
qtf_ems_notif_anim_received       Animation received
qtf_ems_notif_picture_received    Picture received
qtf_ems_notif_sound_received      Sound received
qtf_err_call_rejected             Call rejected
qtf_err_cause_unknown             Unknown server error
qtf_err_certificate_date_ivalid   Cert. invalid according to phone's date
qtf_err_check_settings            Check connection settings
qtf_err_invalid_security_certif   No valid certificate
qtf_err_note_send_failure         Note sending failed
qtf_err_no_network_coverage       No network coverage
qtf_err_ph_or_sim_cert_missing    Certificate not on phone or SIM
qtf_err_sending_failed            Sending failed
qtf_fax_and_voice_call            Voice/fax call
qtf_fax_call                      Fax call
qtf_fax_messages_waiting          %U new fax messages
qtf_fax_message_waiting           New fax message
qtf_fax_mode_active               Fax mode active
qtf_filemove_wait_moving          Moving
qtf_filesave_info_lack_unkn_mmc   Not enough memory on card to save file
qtf_filesave_info_lack_unkn_pho   Not enough phone memory to save file
qtf_fota_indic_install_error      Software update error
qtf_fota_info_batt_low            Battery low. Cannot update.
qtf_fota_info_batt_removed        Update will continue
qtf_fota_info_cant_connect        Cannot continue installation
qtf_fota_info_downloading         Downloading
qtf_fota_info_installing          Updating
qtf_fota_info_install_now         New software available
qtf_fota_info_interrupted         Download-ing. Please wait.
qtf_fota_info_lost_connect        Connection lost during download
qtf_fota_info_nothing_new         No new updates available
qtf_fota_info_no_permit           Update not allowed
qtf_fota_info_server_error        Service error. Cannot update.
qtf_fota_notif_complete           Installation complete
qtf_frcpt_info_mem_full           Not enough memory
qtf_frcpt_notif_clip_received     Video clip received
qtf_frcpt_notif_files_received    %N files received
qtf_frcpt_notif_file_received     File received
qtf_frcpt_notif_image_received    Image received
qtf_frcpt_notif_theme_received    Theme received
qtf_frcpt_notif_tone_received     Tone received
qtf_gal_conf_content_deleted      All items deleted from folder
qtf_gal_conf_folder_removed       Folder deleted
qtf_gal_conf_item_moved_to        Moved to %U
qtf_gal_conf_item_removed         Deleted
qtf_gal_conf_sorted               Sorted
qtf_gal_err_not_enough_memory     Not enough memory
qtf_gal_err_sending_failed        Sending failed
qtf_gal_err_unable_to_save        Unable to save file
qtf_gal_file_list_voice           Record
qtf_gal_info_already_exists       Name already exists
qtf_gal_info_files_not_deleted    %N items not deleted
qtf_gal_info_file_not_deleted     1 item not deleted
qtf_gal_quest_dnl_failed          Downloading failed
qtf_gal_quest_dnl_success         Downloading complete. Open app. now?
qtf_gal_quest_lack_unkn_phone     Not enough memory to download
qtf_gal_quest_not_enough_mem_kb   Delete some messages first
qtf_gal_quest_too_big_total       File too large to download
qtf_gal_wait_download_file        %U
qtf_gal_wait_removing_folder      Deleting
qtf_gal_wait_sorting              Sorting
qtf_gal_wait_validate             Checking selected item
qtf_gen_info_connection_timeout   Connection time-out
qtf_going_call                    Calling
qtf_gprs_err_auth_failed          Authentica- tion failed
qtf_gprs_err_conn_failed          GPRS con- nection not available
qtf_gprs_err_gprs_not_allowed     GPRS not allowed
qtf_gprs_err_invalid_apn          Access point not valid
qtf_gprs_err_not_allowed          Not allowed
qtf_gprs_err_not_subscribed       Subscribe to GPRS first
qtf_gprs_err_not_when_gprs_on     End GPRS connection
qtf_gprs_info_conn_closed_by_nw   Packet data conn. closed by network
qtf_gprs_info_dlup_conn_ended     GPRS connection ended
qtf_gprs_info_gprs_not_avail      GPRS not available
qtf_gprs_info_limited_nw_func     GPRS connection lost
qtf_gprs_info_move_out_of_gprs    GPRS connection lost
qtf_gprs_info_no_online_in_nwm3   Always online off
qtf_gprs_info_nw_busy             Network busy
qtf_gprs_info_roam_conn_lost      GPRS connection lost
qtf_gprs_info_serv_no_support     Service not supported
qtf_gprs_info_temp_nw_problem     Temporary network problem
qtf_gprs_wait_dlup_connecting     Creating GPRS connection
qtf_gps_notif_neg_test            GPS failure. Call service provider.
qtf_hplmn_selected                Home network selected
qtf_ihf_conf_deactivated          Loud-speaker off
qtf_ihf_warn_activated            Audio routed to loud-speaker
qtf_imsi_unknown_in_hlr           SIM registration failed
                                  Not found:
qtf_im_err_name_not_on_server     %U
qtf_incal_3way_call               Multicall
qtf_incal_call_timer              Time: %N
qtf_incal_muted                   Muted
qtf_incal_roam_timer              Roam %N
qtf_incoming_call                 calling
qtf_incoming_calls_diverted       Call divert active
qtf_incoming_call_waiting         waiting
qtf_incoming_data_call            data call
qtf_incoming_fax_call             fax call
qtf_incoming_voice_data_call      voice/data
qtf_incoming_voice_fax_call       voice/fax
qtf_ind_anonymous                 Anonymous %N
qtf_ind_application_open          Phone running
qtf_ind_muted                     Muted
qtf_ind_not_known                 Anonymous
qtf_info_app_per_not_allowed      App. access set to not allowed
qtf_info_battery_full             Battery full
qtf_info_charging                 Charging
qtf_info_chats_full_new_msg       Memory full. Msg. from %U.
qtf_info_connection_broken        Connection lost. Logout and re-login.
qtf_info_drm_regist_failed        Registration failed
qtf_info_id_exists                ID already exists
qtf_info_mem_slot_flap_open       Oper. inter-rupted. Slot flap open.
qtf_info_mmc_oper_interrupt       Oper. inter-rupted. Card removed.
qtf_info_mmc_removed              Memory card removed
qtf_info_move_unable_using_file   File in use. Unable to move.
qtf_info_nodevices_found          Infrared reception timed out
qtf_info_presence_not_updated     Presence could not be updated
qtf_info_publishing_level         Presence info will not be shared
qtf_info_request_not_confirmed    Request cancelled
qtf_info_usb_unlock_sec           Unlock key-guard to use data cable
qtf_info_user_away                %U is now away
qtf_info_user_busy                %U is now busy
qtf_info_user_offline             %U is now offline
qtf_info_user_online              %U is now online
qtf_invalid_number                Number not valid
qtf_ir_info_no_devices_found      No infrared devices found
qtf_ir_wait_searching             Searching for IR devices
qtf_java_application_paused       Application paused
qtf_java_conf_port_conflict       Conflicting applications. Show items?
qtf_java_cover_download           Down-loading application
qtf_java_err_app_not_supported    Application not supported
qtf_java_err_invalid_file         Invalid application
qtf_java_generic_note             See application to continue
qtf_java_mms_queued               Multimedia message queued
qtf_java_mms_send                 Send multimedia message?
qtf_java_notif_bg_exit            %U stopped
qtf_java_notif_fg_request         View %U
qtf_java_quest_app_error          Application error
qtf_java_quest_replace_version    Replace version?
qtf_keyguard_activating          Keypad locked
qtf_lbs_conf_position_sent       Your posi-tion sent to %U
qtf_lbs_conf_request_rejected    Pos. request rejected for %U
qtf_lbs_err_request_failed       Operation failed
qtf_lbs_err_request_rejected     Operation rejected by network
qtf_lbs_notif_notification       Your position sent to %U
qtf_lbs_notif_rejected           Pos. request rejected for %U
qtf_lbs_notif_request            Your position requested by %U
qtf_lbs_quest_accept_future      Always accept requests? %U
qtf_lbs_quest_reject_future      Always reject requests? %U
qtf_lbs_quest_request            Your position requested by %U
qtf_lbs_wait_rejecting_request   Rejecting pos. request
qtf_lbs_wait_sending_position    Sending your current position
qtf_list_prof_keypad             Lock keypad
qtf_locsr_conf_loc_occured       You have been locat- ed by %U
qtf_locsr_conf_req_accepted      Request accepted
qtf_locsr_conf_req_rejected      Request rejected
qtf_locsr_notif_req_missed       1 missed position request
qtf_locsr_notif_sev_req_missed   %N missed position requests
qtf_locsr_quest_loc_req_id       Position request from %U
qtf_locsr_quest_req_accept       Position request will be accepted from %U
qtf_locsr_quest_req_reject       Position request will be rejected from %U
qtf_locsr_wait_accepting         Accepting
qtf_locsr_wait_rejecting         Rejecting
qtf_mcd_info_cod_syntax_err      Unsupport-ed file format
qtf_mcd_info_file_too_large      File too large to be saved
qtf_mcd_info_generic_error       Down-loading failed
qtf_mcd_wait_downloading         Downloading
qtf_mcd_wait_reject_cod          Cancelling. Please wait.
qtf_mcn_info_no_cell_display     Cell info not available in this netw.
qtf_memory_phone_not_ready       Contacts not ready
qtf_menu_reset_complete          Settings restored
qtf_message_rejected             No space for new messages
qtf_mmp_author_unknown           Auth. unknown
qtf_mmp_quest_spr_continue       Continue streaming?
qtf_mmp_title_unknown            Title unknown
qtf_mms_conf_msg_sent            Multimedia msg. sent to: %U
qtf_mms_conf_msg_sent_alb        Multimedia msg. sent to album
qtf_mms_conf_send_in_progress    Multim. msg. sending in progress
qtf_mms_err_conn_settings        Check multimedia settings
qtf_mms_info_cancel_retr_fail    Cancelling failed. Msg. received.
qtf_mms_info_sett_no_retrieval   Check multim. recept. sett.
qtf_mms_note_starting_resend     Resending
qtf_mms_notif_1_mms_available    1 multimedia message available
qtf_mms_notif_1_mms_received     Multimedia message received
qtf_mms_notif_mms_memory_full    View waiting multimedia message
qtf_mms_notif_no_memory          Memory full. New msgs. discarded.
qtf_mms_notif_n_mms_available    %N multimedia messages available
qtf_mms_notif_n_mms_received     %N multi-media msgs. received
qtf_mms_notif_send_msgs_failed   Failed to send %N multi-media msgs.
qtf_mms_notif_send_msg_failed     Multimedia message sending failed
qtf_mms_open_fold_mo_call         Transferring message. Open fold.
qtf_mms_urn_conn_settings         Check multimedia settings
qtf_mms_urn_sett_no_retrieval     Check multim. reception settings
qtf_mocal_calling_vivo_atendim    Atendim. Vivo
qtf_mocal_calling_vivo_informa    Vivo informa
qtf_mocal_calling_vivo_roam       Int Roaming
qtf_mocal_err_call_failed         Call failed
qtf_mocal_err_wait_for_service    Wait for service
qtf_mocal_setup_calling_card      Card call
qtf_mode_conf_timed_expired       Timed profile expired
                                  Activated profile:
qtf_mode_selected                 %U
qtf_mode_selection_mode2          Silent
qtf_mode_selection_mode3          Meeting
qtf_mode_selection_mode4          Outdoor
qtf_mode_selection_mode5          Pager
qtf_mode_selection_normal         General
qtf_mode_selection_power_off      Switch off!
qtf_mp3_info_player_stopped       Music player stopped
qtf_msg_snot_messages_received    %N messages received
qtf_mtcal_payphone                Payphone
qtf_mtcal_pi_not_available        Unavailable
qtf_mtcal_pi_restricted           Restricted
qtf_music_info_con_headset        Please connect headset
qtf_muted                         Muted
qtf_mymetro_notif_billing_info    Billing information received
qtf_network_busy                  Network busy
qtf_network_failure               Error in connection
qtf_net_info_lost                 Check network services
qtf_new_pin                       Open fold and enter new PIN code
qtf_nitz_update_query             Update date and time?
qtf_notep_conf_note_sent          Note sent
qtf_notep_err_send_failure        Note sending failed
qtf_notep_wait_sending            Sending note
qtf_note_cancellings_failed       Cancelling failed
qtf_note_cancelling_failed        Cancelling failed
qtf_note_cancelling_sending       Cancelling msg. sending
qtf_note_cancelling_sendings      Cancelling msg. sending
qtf_note_check_sett_to_retrieve   Check multimedia settings
qtf_note_compl_download           Download complete
qtf_note_drm_activate             Activate?
qtf_note_drm_delete_key           Discard activation key?
qtf_note_drm_key_exp_urn          Activation key expired
qtf_note_drm_key_not_rec          Activation key not received
qtf_note_drm_key_rec              Activation key received
qtf_note_drm_receiving            Receiving activation key
qtf_note_drm_register             Register?
qtf_note_drm_registering          Registering
qtf_note_drm_still_reg            Phone still registered
qtf_note_drm_unregister           Deregister?
qtf_note_drm_unregistering        Deregistering
qtf_note_idle_print_error         Printer error. Check printer.
qtf_note_invalid_app_update       Invalid application for update
qtf_note_loading_failed           Loading failed
qtf_note_marked_cancelled         Sending cancelled
                                  Message not delivered to:
qtf_note_message_not_delivered    %U
qtf_note_mms_retrieval_cancel     Multim. msg. retrieval cancelled
qtf_note_mms_retriev_cancelled    Message retrieval cancelled
qtf_note_no_save_nomem            Not enough memory
qtf_note_one_marked_cancelled     Sending cancelled
qtf_note_retrieval_failed         Unable to receive message
qtf_note_retrying_sending         Trying to send message again
qtf_note_retrying_sendings        Trying to send msgs. again
qtf_note_sendings_flight_mode     Msgs. will be sent when flight profile is off
qtf_note_sendings_in_demo_mode    Messages will be sent when SIM inserted
qtf_note_sendings_in_progress     Sending messages
qtf_note_sendings_when_possible   Messages will be sent when possible
qtf_note_sending_again_msgs       Sending messages
qtf_note_sending_cancelled        Message sending cancelled
qtf_note_sending_done             Finished sending
qtf_note_sending_flight_mode      Msg. will be sent when flight profile is off
qtf_note_sending_in_demo_mode     Message will be sent when SIM card inserted
qtf_note_sending_in_progress      Sending message
qtf_note_sending_now_msg          Sending message
qtf_note_sending_now_msgs         Sending messages
qtf_note_sending_when_possible    Message will be sent when possible
qtf_note_sms_send_failure         Message sending failed
qtf_note_softupdated              Software successfully installed
qtf_note_start_downl              Open fold to start down-loading
qtf_note_updatecomplete           Update completed
qtf_note_usb_nokia_mode           Mode selected: Default
qtf_note_usb_print_failed         Unable to connect. Try again.
qtf_note_usb_print_mode           Mode selected: Printing
qtf_note_user_online_aol          %U available
qtf_note_user_online_icq          %U available
qtf_notif_als_vid_mails_l1        %N new video msgs. on line 1
qtf_notif_als_vid_mails_l2        %N new video msgs. on line 2
qtf_notif_als_vid_mail_l1_l2      New video messages on both lines
qtf_notif_als_vid_mail_on_l1      New video message on line 1
qtf_notif_als_vid_mail_on_l2      New video message on line 2
qtf_notif_app_reminder            %1U
qtf_notif_audio_msg_received      1 audio message received
qtf_notif_drm_get_key             Receive activation key?
qtf_notif_drm_key_not_rec         Activation key not received
qtf_notif_drm_update              Update?
qtf_notif_functional_cover        %U in Applications
qtf_notif_incorrect_settings      Check multimedia settings
qtf_notif_invalid_settings        Invalid settings discarded
qtf_notif_java_bt_multiple_noti   %N connection requests received
qtf_notif_java_bt_single_notif    1 connection request received
qtf_notif_many_sendings_failed    Sending of %N messages failed
qtf_notif_msgs_unknown_app        %N new items for unknown application
qtf_notif_msg_failed              Message sending failed
qtf_notif_msg_sending_failed      Message sending failed. Check details.
qtf_notif_msg_unknown_app         1 new item for unknown application
qtf_notif_new_high_prio_ams       Hi. priority audio msg. received
qtf_notif_new_high_prio_mmnotif   Hi. priority MMS available
qtf_notif_new_high_prio_mms       Hi. priority MMS received
qtf_notif_new_im_invitation       New invitation received
qtf_notif_new_im_invitations      %N new invitations
qtf_notif_new_instant_message     New instant message
qtf_notif_new_instant_messages    %N new instant messages
qtf_notif_new_instant_msgs_aol    %N new IMs
qtf_notif_new_instant_msgs_icq    %N new ICQ messages
qtf_notif_new_instant_msgs_vf     %N new IM Conversations
qtf_notif_new_instant_msgs_yah    %N new Yahoo messages
qtf_notif_new_instant_msg_aol     New IM from %U
qtf_notif_new_instant_msg_icq     New ICQ message from %U
qtf_notif_new_instant_msg_vf      New IM Conversation
qtf_notif_new_instant_msg_yah     New Yahoo message from %U
qtf_notif_new_low_prio_ams        Low priority audio msg. received
qtf_notif_new_low_prio_mmnotif    Low priority MMS available
qtf_notif_new_low_prio_mms        Low priority MMS received
qtf_notif_one_app_rcvd            Application received
qtf_notif_operator_sim_info       Operator info received
qtf_notif_pending_failed          %N pending messages failed
qtf_notif_pending_sent            %N pending messages sent
qtf_notif_receiving_mem_full      Memory full. Unable to receive msgs.
qtf_notif_retrievals_failed       Retrieval of %N messages failed
qtf_notif_retrieval_failed        Message retrieval failed
qtf_notif_sendings_not_allowed    Sending of %N msgs. failed
qtf_notif_sending_not_allowed     Msg. sending failed. Sending not allowed.
qtf_notif_sim_memory_full         Delete data from SIM to receive msg.?
qtf_notif_softwaredownload        Software downloaded
qtf_notif_updateavail             Update available
qtf_notif_usb_mode_select         USB cable connected. Select mode.
qtf_notif_vid_msg                 New video message
qtf_notif_vid_msgs                %N new video messages
qtf_notif_wifi_nw_received        Wi-Fi network settings received
qtf_not_allowed                   Not allowed
qtf_no_answer                     No answer
qtf_no_service                    No network coverage
qtf_nsm_ind_no_sim                No SIM card
qtf_number_busy                   Number busy
qtf_obex_auth_notif_req           Authentica-tion requested
qtf_oma_notif_conf_sett_rec       Configuration settings received
qtf_one_call_in_absence           1 missed call
qtf_otaa_notif_maint_req          Call service provider
qtf_ota_calen_received            Calendar note received
qtf_ota_calen_transfer_done       Calendar note sent
qtf_ota_calen_transf_started      Sending calendar note
qtf_ota_calling_serv_prov         Cust. solutions
qtf_ota_oplogo_received           Operator logo received
qtf_ota_prof_list_otaprof1        My style 1
qtf_ota_prof_list_otaprof2        My style 2
qtf_other_messages_waiting        %U new messages in mailbox
qtf_other_message_waiting         New message in mailbox
qtf_ow_notif_browser_online       Browser active
qtf_ow_notif_browser_paused       Browser paused
qtf_pb_err_operation_failed       Operation failed
qtf_personal_dir_cleared          Contacts deleted
qtf_per_restore_wait              Restoring settings. Please wait.
qtf_pin                           Open fold and enter PIN code
qtf_play_err_operation_failed     Operation failed
qtf_please_select_network         Select operator
qtf_pmail_info_hold_cam_key       Press and hold camera key to open
qtf_pmail_info_memory_full        Memory full
qtf_pmail_info_new_pmail          New picture msg. from %U
qtf_pmail_notif_new_pmail         %N Picture Mail received
qtf_pmail_notif_open_to_cont      Open fold to continue
qtf_pmail_notif_open_to_view      Open fold to view image
qtf_pmail_notif_pmail_rejected    No space for new picture messages
qtf_pmail_notif_suspended         Pictures and videos
qtf_pmail_unaccept_file_type      File type not supported
qtf_poc_call_exited               Exited: %U
qtf_poc_call_incoming             Incoming
qtf_poc_call_joined               Joined: %U
qtf_poc_call_notifying            Notifying
qtf_poc_call_participants         %N participants
qtf_poc_call_queuing              Queuing
qtf_poc_call_waiting              Waiting
qtf_poc_conf_logged_in            Push to talk switched on
qtf_poc_err_check_settings        Cannot switch push to talk on
qtf_poc_err_dnd_on                Push to talk voice switched off
qtf_poc_err_max_speech_exceeded   Maximum talk time reached
qtf_poc_err_no_active_members     Channel has no active members
qtf_poc_err_no_default_group      No default channel selected
qtf_poc_err_too_many_act_grps     Too many channels or members
qtf_poc_err_wrong_userdata        Invalid user name or password
qtf_poc_info_cback_undelivered    Callback recipient not available
qtf_poc_info_service_denied       Service not allowed
qtf_poc_info_serv_tmp_unavailab   PTT service temporarily unavailable
qtf_poc_info_turned_off           Push to talk switched off
qtf_poc_note_invalid_invitat      Invalid invitation received
qtf_poc_note_roaming_poc_off      PTT disabled
qtf_poc_note_roaming_poc_on       Push to talk enabled
qtf_poc_notif_callback_received   Callback request received
qtf_poc_notif_invite_received     Channel invitation received
qtf_poc_quest_change_roaming      PTT disabled. Open fold to change setting.
qtf_poc_quest_del_unknown_addr    Unknown address. Open fold.
qtf_poc_quest_login_to_ptt        Open fold to select push to talk status
qtf_poc_quest_login_to_ptt_now    Open fold to switch push to talk on
qtf_postcall_time_total           Total:
qtf_prmpt_isim_current            Enter current ISIM code for %U:
qtf_prmpt_isim_new                Enter new ISIM code for %U:
qtf_prmpt_isim_puk                Enter PUK code for %U:
qtf_prmpt_isim_query              Enter ISIM code for %U:
qtf_prmpt_isim_verify             Verify new ISIM code for %U:
qtf_psc_note_copy_imp_unsupp      Not possible. App. un-supported.
qtf_psc_note_no_tr_app_active     Data transfer unavailable. App. active.
qtf_psc_note_other_start_again    Start transfer on other device
qtf_psc_note_psc_unsup_other      Data transfer not supported
qtf_psc_note_sync_imp_unsupp      Not possible. App. un-supported.
qtf_psc_note_transfer_not_poss    Data transfer not possible
qtf_psc_note_transf_imp_busy      Transfer not poss. Other device busy.
qtf_psc_note_transf_imp_no_resp   Transfer not possible. No response.
qtf_psc_note_transp_error         Check data connection
qtf_psc_quest_list_full_delete    Contact list full. Delete contact?
qtf_psc_quest_replace_on_target   Overwrite data on other device? %U
qtf_psc_quest_start_exp_to        Copy data to? %U
qtf_psc_quest_start_imp_from      Copy data from? %U
qtf_psc_quest_start_sync          Synchronise data with? %U
qtf_psc_quest_tr_imp_time_date    Data transfer not possible. Set time and date?
qtf_psc_urn_copy_status           Copying completed
qtf_psc_urn_sync_status           Synchronisation completed
qtf_psc_wait_copy_receiving       Receiving data
qtf_psc_wait_copy_sending         Sending data
qtf_psc_wait_fin_copy             Finalising copying
qtf_psc_wait_fin_sync             Finalising sync
qtf_psc_wait_initi_copy           Initialising copy
qtf_psc_wait_term_copy            Quitting
qtf_query_usb_close_flap          Card slot open. Insert card and close flap.
qtf_query_usb_insert_mem          Memory card removed. Insert memory card.
qtf_quest_app_source_different    Application source differs. Continue?
qtf_quest_app_source_unknown      App. source unknown. Continue?
qtf_quest_cancel_download         Cancel download?
qtf_quest_cancel_playback         Cancel playback?
qtf_quest_demo_no_sim_startup     No SIM. Start?
qtf_quest_launcher                Start Tutorial to see presenta-tion of phone?
qtf_radio_conf_con_headset        Connect en-hancement
qtf_radio_conf_radio_off          Radio off
qtf_radio_frequency_indicator     %0N.%1U MHz
qtf_radio_list_empty              %N. (empty)
qtf_radio_list_memory_location    %0N. %1U
qtf_remote_end_active             Connected
qtf_remote_end_mpty_active       Conference call active
qtf_remote_end_on_hold           On hold
qtf_remote_end_waiting           Waiting
qtf_rem_notif_note_received      Note received
qtf_save_to_phone_done           Saved to phone memory
qtf_scl_info_channels_exited     Channel listing exited
qtf_search_active                Searching
qtf_security_code                Open fold and enter security code
qtf_sec_info_emerg_dial_only     Only special or emerg. nos. allowed
qtf_sec_keyg_active              Keypad lock-ed with se-curity code
qtf_sending                      Requesting
qtf_short_message_sent           Message sent
qtf_simcd_indic_appl_rejected    Service provider rejected
qtf_simcd_prompt_new_upin        Open fold and enter new UPIN code
qtf_simcd_prompt_unblock_upuk    Open fold and enter UPUK code
qtf_simcd_prompt_upin_code       Open fold and enter UPIN code
qtf_simcd_prompt_verify_upin     Open fold and verify new UPIN code
qtf_simlk_err_restricted         Phone restricted
qtf_sim_err_not_supported        SIM card not supported
qtf_sim_lock_pending             SIM cannot be used
qtf_sim_rejected                 SIM card rejected
qtf_sim_removed                  Insert SIM card
qtf_sivr_note_no_voice_tags      No active voice commands
qtf_sivr_note_training_ongoing   Voice training in progress
qtf_smsa_conf_sent               Text message sent
qtf_smsa_err_send_failure        Text msg. sending failed
                                 %0N new items
qtf_smsa_notif_msgs_received     %1U
                                 1 new item
qtf_smsa_notif_msg_received      %U
                                 Item rejected
qtf_smsa_notif_msg_rejected      %U
qtf_smsa_wait_sending            Sending text message
qtf_smscb_info_no_reception      Info msg. not possible in network
qtf_smstx_note_emergency_msg     Emergency message
qtf_smstx_notif_emergency_msgs   %N new emergency messages
qtf_sms_cb_class_0_rec_note      %U
qtf_sms_cb_class_0_rec_notif     %U
qtf_sms_dest_not_subsc           Recipient has no msg. service
qtf_sms_dest_unavail             Destination not available
qtf_sms_emergency_received       New emergency message
qtf_sms_err_num_duplicate_dl     Number already added
qtf_sms_info_delivered_to        Delivered to:
qtf_sms_info_emerg_rcvd          Emerg. msg. from %U
qtf_sms_info_msg_rcvd            New msg. from %U
qtf_sms_info_urg_rcvd            Urgent msg. from %U
qtf_sms_messages_received        %N messages received
qtf_sms_message_received         1 message received
qtf_sms_message_saved             Message saved
qtf_sms_notif_1_emerg_msg         1 emerg. msg.
qtf_sms_notif_1_message           1 message
qtf_sms_notif_1_urg_msg           1 urgent msg.
qtf_sms_notif_ack_delivered       Message delivered
qtf_sms_notif_emerg_msg           Emerg. msg.: %U
qtf_sms_notif_mem_almost_full     Message memory almost full
                                  Message delivered to:
qtf_sms_notif_msg_delivered_to    %U
qtf_sms_notif_msg_failed          Message sending failed
qtf_sms_notif_new_msg             Msg.: %U
qtf_sms_notif_no_space_uim        UIM full. No space for new text msgs.
qtf_sms_notif_n_emerg_msgs        %N emer. msgs.
qtf_sms_notif_n_messages          %N messages
qtf_sms_notif_n_urg_msgs          %N urg. msgs.
qtf_sms_notif_pending_failed      %N pending messages failed
qtf_sms_notif_pending_sent        %N pending messages sent
qtf_sms_notif_service_msg         R-World message received
qtf_sms_notif_uim_almost_full     UIM memory almost full
qtf_sms_notif_urg_msg             Urgent msg.: %U
qtf_sms_notif_u_serv_msgs         %N R-World msgs. received
qtf_sms_quest_send_failed         Msg. not sent. Try later: %U
qtf_sms_system_msg_received       %U
qtf_sms_urgent_msgs_received      %N urgent messages received
qtf_sms_urgent_msg_received       1 urgent message received
qtf_snot_1_message_received       1 message
qtf_snot_1_missed_call            1 missed call
qtf_snot_n_missed_calls           %N calls
qtf_snot_n_new_messages           %N messages
qtf_snot_you_have                 You have:
qtf_speech_mode_active            Voice mode active
qtf_spr_err_network_busy          Network busy. Try again later.
qtf_spr_err_no_serv_avail         No service
qtf_spr_err_out_of_range          Out of range. Cannot call.
qtf_spr_err_signal_faded          Singal faded. Call was lost.
qtf_sync_conf_result              Synchroni-sation completed
qtf_sync_err_no_authorisation     No authori-sation
qtf_sync_err_other                Synchronisa-tion failed
qtf_sync_wait_synchronizing       Sync / Sending data
qtf_sync_wait_sync_initialising   Initialising synchronisation
qtf_sync_wait_sync_receiving      Sync / Receiving data
qtf_sync_wait_terminating         Quitting synchronisation
qtf_system_requesting             Requesting
qtf_system_selected               Selected operator:
qtf_terminal_connect_lost         Terminal dis-connected
                                  Selected theme:
qtf_themes_conf_theme_selected    %U
qtf_todo_conf_note_sent           To-do note sent
qtf_todo_note_received            To-do note received
qtf_todo_note_sending            Sending to-do note
qtf_transferred                  Transferred
qtf_umail_notif_fold_new_email   New e-mail received
qtf_umail_notif_umail            Mail
qtf_unassigned_number            Number not in use
qtf_unblocking_key               Open fold and enter PUK code
qtf_unconfirmed                  Request not confirmed
qtf_unhold_done                  %U
qtf_unsupp_accessory_connected   Enhance- ment not supported
qtf_urn_delete_ok_item           1 item deleted
qtf_urn_delete_ok_items          All %N items deleted
qtf_urn_move_items_not_ok        %N items not moved
qtf_urn_move_items_ok            All %0N items moved to %1U
qtf_urn_move_item_not_ok         1 item not moved
qtf_urn_move_item_ok             1 item moved to %U
qtf_usb_err_cable_removed        USB data cable removed
qtf_usb_info_cable_removed       USB data cable removed
qtf_usb_info_disabled            Data trans-fer mode deactivated
qtf_usb_notif_enable             Use phone as data storage device?
qtf_usb_quest_standby            USB connection on standby
qtf_usb_text_transfer_mode       USB data transfer mode
qtf_usb_wait_transfer            Transferring data
qtf_vb_voice_press_to_start      Record
qtf_vb_vorec_rec_paused          Paused
qtf_vcom_profiles_general        General
qtf_vcom_profiles_meeting        Meeting
qtf_vcom_profiles_outdoor        Outdoor
qtf_vcom_profiles_pager          Pager
qtf_vcom_profiles_silent         Silent
qtf_vd_found                     Found:
qtf_verify_pin                   Open fold and verify new PIN code
qtf_vms_conf_vmbx_nbr_saved      Voice mail-box number saved
qtf_voicc_list_activate_ir       Activate infrared
qtf_voicc_list_asabi_batt        Audible battery bar
qtf_voicc_list_asabi_signal      Audible signal bar
qtf_voicc_list_call_video_mail   Call video mailbox
qtf_voicc_list_create_sms        Create text message
qtf_voicc_list_homepage          Homepage
qtf_voicc_list_listen_to         Call voice mailbox
qtf_voicc_list_missed_calls      Missed calls
qtf_voicc_list_next_channel      Next station
qtf_voicc_list_next_song         Next track
qtf_voicc_list_otaprof1          (My profile 1)
qtf_voicc_list_otaprof2          (My profile 2)
qtf_voicc_list_player_off        Music player off
qtf_voicc_list_player_on         Music player on
qtf_voicc_list_previous_song     Previous track
qtf_voicc_list_prev_channel      Previous station
qtf_voicc_list_radio_off         Radio off
qtf_voicc_list_radio_on           Radio on
qtf_voicc_list_received_calls     Received calls
qtf_voicc_list_record             Record
qtf_voice_info_open_fold          Open fold first
qtf_voice_info_received           Information received
qtf_voice_info_unlock_sec_kg      Unlock security keyguard
qtf_voice_mails_l1_waiting        %N new voice messages on line 1
qtf_voice_mails_l2_waiting        %N new voice messages on line 2
qtf_voice_mail_l1_l2_waiting      New voice messages on both lines
qtf_voice_mail_waiting_on_l1      New voice message on line 1
qtf_voice_mail_waiting_on_l2      New voice message on line 2
qtf_voice_messages_waiting        %U new voice messages
qtf_voice_message_waiting         New voice message
qtf_voice_msg_info_emgs_waiting   %N new emerg. voice mails
qtf_voice_msg_info_notif_emg      Emergency voice mail
qtf_voice_msg_info_notif_urg_wa   Urgent voice mail
qtf_voice_msg_info_notif_vmbx     Voice mail
qtf_voice_msg_info_urgs_waiting   %N new urgent voice mails
qtf_voice_msg_notif_message       New voice message
qtf_voice_msg_notif_messages      %U new voice messages
qtf_voice_no_matches              No match found
qtf_voice_no_more_tags            No more voice tags
qtf_voice_no_tag                  No voice tags saved
qtf_voice_rec_recording           Recording
qtf_voice_speak_now               Speak now
qtf_voice_system_error            Voice system error
qtf_wait_applying_theme           Applying theme
qtf_wait_cancel_mms_retrieval     Cancelling retrieval
qtf_wait_cancel_mms_retrievals    Cancelling retrieval
qtf_wait_completing_install       Completing installation
qtf_wait_connecting               Connecting to %U
qtf_wait_connect_to_server        Connecting
qtf_wait_copy_file                %U
qtf_wait_delete_marked_item       Deleting item
qtf_wait_delete_marked_items      Deleting items
qtf_wait_disconnect_from_server   Disconnecting
qtf_wait_dl_no_save               Receiving data
qtf_wait_downloading              Downloading software
qtf_wait_loading                  Loading
qtf_wait_marking_pb               Marking items
qtf_wait_move_marked_item         Moving item
qtf_wait_move_marked_items        Moving items
qtf_wait_move_terminate           Cancelling
qtf_wait_opening_folder_name      Opening %U
qtf_wait_prepar_install           Preparing installation
qtf_wait_prep_download            Preparing download
qtf_wait_retrieving_mms           Retrieving message
qtf_wait_saving                   Saving
qtf_wait_saving_image             Saving
qtf_wait_sending                  Sending file
qtf_wait_sending_items            Sending
qtf_wait_trans_to_printer         Printing
qtf_wait_unmarking_pb             Unmarking items
qtf_wait_updatingsoft             Updating
qtf_wait_updating_info            Updating information
qtf_wait_usb_print_connect        Connecting to printer
qtf_warn_battery_low              Battery low
qtf_warn_recharge_battery         Battery empty
                                  Connected to
qtf_wifi_conf_connected           %U
qtf_wifi_conf_conn_set_saved      Connection settings changed
qtf_wifi_conf_deleted             %U
                                  Disconnect-ed from
qtf_wifi_conf_disconnected        %U
qtf_wifi_conf_off                 Wi-Fi switched off
qtf_wifi_conf_on                  Wi-Fi switched on
qtf_wifi_info_ap_err              Unavailable from access point
qtf_wifi_info_ap_err_j1_tmo       Service not avail. from this AP(J001)
qtf_wifi_info_busy_err            Network busy
qtf_wifi_info_busy_err_c0_tmo     Network busy (C000)
qtf_wifi_info_connection_lost     Wi-Fi connection lost
qtf_wifi_info_intn_err            Internet connection failed
qtf_wifi_info_intn_err_w4_tmo     Internet conn. failed (W004)
qtf_wifi_info_intn_err_w5_tmo     Internet conn. failed (W005)
qtf_wifi_info_intn_err_w6_tmo     Wi-Fi conn. failed (W006)
qtf_wifi_info_loc_err             Unavailable fom this location
qtf_wifi_info_loc_err_j2_tmo      Location unavailable (J002)
qtf_wifi_info_loc_err_j4_tmo      Location unavailable (J004)
qtf_wifi_info_not_found           Network not found
qtf_wifi_info_no_available_tmo    Could not connect to a Wi-Fi netw.
qtf_wifi_info_no_connectable      No quick connect networks
qtf_wifi_info_no_to_add_tmo       No networks available
qtf_wifi_info_ntw_err             Network connection failed
qtf_wifi_info_ntw_err_j3_tmo      Network connection failed (J003)
qtf_wifi_info_ntw_err_j6_tmo      Network connection failed (J006)
qtf_wifi_info_ntw_err_j7_tmo      Network connection failed (J007)
qtf_wifi_info_ntw_err_j8_tmo      Network connection failed (J008)
qtf_wifi_info_ntw_err_j9_tmo      Network connection failed (J009)
qtf_wifi_info_ntw_err_w8_tmo      Network conn. failed (W008)
qtf_wifi_info_paring_failed_tmo   Securing connection failed
qtf_wifi_info_sim_err             SIM not allowed
qtf_wifi_info_sim_err_c2_tmo      SIM not allowed (C002)
qtf_wifi_info_wifi_err            Wi-Fi connection failed
qtf_wifi_info_wifi_err_w0_tmo     Wi-Fi con-nect. failed (W000)
qtf_wifi_info_wifi_err_w2_tmo     Wi-Fi con-nect. failed (W002)
                                  Run EasyKey-Setup for:
qtf_wifi_quest_pair_tmo           %U
qtf_wifi_quest_run_next_tmo       View Wi-Fi tutorial on next power up?
qtf_wifi_quest_save               Add %U to your saved networks?
qtf_wifi_urn_tip_settings_tmo     To connect to Wi-Fi, go to Menu >Settings>Wi-Fi
qtf_wifi_wait_cancel              Cancelling
                                  Connecting to
qtf_wifi_wait_connecting          %U
qtf_wifi_wait_deleting            %U
qtf_wifi_wait_disconnecting       Disconnecting from %U
qtf_wifi_wait_please_wait         Please wait
qtf_wifi_wait_save                Saving priorities
qtf_wifi_wait_saving              Saving setting
qtf_wifi_wait_searching           Searching for Wi-Fi networks
qtf_wifi_wait_search_available    Refreshing networks
qtf_wifi_wait_search_key_tmo      Securing connection
qtf_wifi_wait_turning_off         Switching off Wi-Fi
qtf_wifi_wait_turning_on          Switching on Wi-Fi
qtf_wmlbm_conf_nr_bm_rcvd         1 bookmark received
qtf_wmls_soft_received_wapp       Connection settings received
                                  Connecting to
qtf_wmls_wait_connecting_to       %U
qtf_wml_push_notif_rcvd           1 service message received
qtf_wml_push_notif_rcvds          %N service messages received
qtf_wml_request_waitnote          Connecting
qtf_wrong_charger                 Not charging
qtn_acc_conf_def_prof_changed     Default profile selected
qtn_acc_conf_lps_disabled         Loopset not active
qtn_acc_conf_lps_selected         Loopset selected for use
qtn_acc_conf_sidetone_set         Audio feedback level selected
qtn_acc_conf_tty_disabled         Text phone not active
qtn_acc_conf_tty_selected         Text phone selected for use
qtn_acc_full_acc_settings         Enhancement settings
qtn_acc_hdr_acc_settings          Enhanc. settings
qtn_acc_hdr_active_covers         Active cover
qtn_acc_hdr_active_cover_lights   Cover lights
qtn_acc_hdr_charger               Charger
qtn_acc_hdr_def_prof              Default profile
qtn_acc_hdr_loopset               Loopset
qtn_acc_hdr_lps_in_use            Use loopset
qtn_acc_hdr_music_stand           Music stand
qtn_acc_hdr_sidetones             Audio feedback
qtn_acc_hdr_tty                   Text phone
qtn_acc_hdr_tty_in_use            Use text phone
qtn_acc_ilist_acc_settings        Enhance-ments
qtn_acc_info_no_volume_control    Vol. control not available with this enhancement
qtn_acc_list_active_covers        Active cover
qtn_acc_list_act_prof             Current profile
qtn_acc_list_charger              Charger
qtn_acc_list_handsfree            Handsfree
qtn_acc_list_headset              Headset
qtn_acc_list_loopset              Loopset
qtn_acc_list_lps_no               No
qtn_acc_list_lps_yes              Yes
qtn_acc_list_music_stand          Music stand
qtn_acc_list_tty                  Text phone
qtn_acc_list_tty_no               No
qtn_acc_list_tty_yes              Yes
qtn_acc_quest_disable_lps         Disable loopset first?
qtn_acc_quest_disable_tty         Disable text phone first?
qtn_acc_sett_active_cover_light   Cover lights
qtn_acc_sett_def_prof             Default profile
qtn_acc_sett_lps_in_use           Use loopset
qtn_acc_sett_sidetones            Audio feedback
qtn_acc_sett_sidetones_high       High
qtn_acc_sett_sidetones_low        Low
qtn_acc_sett_sidetones_mid        Medium
qtn_acc_sett_tty_in_use           Use text phone
qtn_activate_service              Activate
qtn_ai_countdown_off              Cntd. timer off
qtn_ai_ilist_audio_player         Music player off
qtn_ai_ilist_empty                (empty)
qtn_ai_ilist_found                Found:
qtn_ai_ilist_frequency            Frequency:
qtn_ai_ilist_freq_indicator       %0N.%1U MHz
qtn_ai_ilist_memory_location      %0N. %1U
qtn_ai_ilist_no_information       (no information)
qtn_ai_ilist_radio                Radio off
qtn_ai_ilist_tuning               Tuning:
qtn_ai_list_audio_applications    Audio applications
qtn_ai_list_audio_player          Music player
qtn_ai_list_calendar              Calendar
qtn_ai_list_countdown             Countdown timer
qtn_ai_list_empty                 (empty)
qtn_ai_list_info_indicators       General indicators
qtn_ai_list_livecast              %U
qtn_ai_list_my_presence           My presence
qtn_ai_list_no_appointments       No notes
qtn_ai_list_no_shortcuts          (no shortcuts)
qtn_ai_list_no_upcoming_appts     No upcg. notes
qtn_ai_list_organise_links        Organise links
qtn_ai_list_radio                 Radio
qtn_ai_list_select_links          Select links
qtn_ai_list_shortcut_bar          Shortcut bar
qtn_ai_list_usernote              My note
qtn_alarm_clock_main              Alarm clock
qtn_alarm_clock_time              Alarm time
qtn_alarm_clock_tone              Alarm tone
qtn_alarm_conf_repeat_off         Alarm repetition off
qtn_alarm_conf_repeat_set         Alarm repetition on
qtn_alarm_conf_tone_selected      Alarm tone selected
qtn_alarm_hdr_alarm_tone          Alarm tone
qtn_alarm_hdr_repeat              Repeat alarm
qtn_alarm_ilist_customise         Repetition days
qtn_alarm_ilist_radio             Radio
qtn_alarm_info_set_alarm          Set alarm first
qtn_alarm_list_customise          Repetition days
qtn_alarm_list_radio              Radio
qtn_alarm_list_snooze             Snooze on
qtn_alarm_quest_play_radio        Keep radio on?
qtn_alarm_quest_stop_snooze       Stop snoozing?
qtn_alarm_sett_repeat             Repeat alarm
qtn_alert_type_alarm              Alarm
qtn_alert_type_confirmation       OK
qtn_alert_type_error              Error
qtn_alert_type_information        Information
qtn_alert_type_null               Alert
qtn_alert_type_warning            Warning
qtn_allow_app_to_play_file        Allow app. to use activ. key to play:
qtn_ams2x_assigned_alarm          %U set as default alarm tone
qtn_ams2x_assigned_ext_lcd        %U set as mini display wallpaper
qtn_ams2x_assigned_msg_tone       %U set as message alert tone for current profile
qtn_ams2x_assigned_pb_image       %U set as contact's image
qtn_ams2x_assigned_pb_ringer      %U set as contact's ringing tone
qtn_ams2x_assigned_ringtone       %U set as ringing tone for current profile
qtn_ams2x_assigned_scr_savr       %U set as current screen saver
qtn_ams2x_assigned_wallpaper      %U set as current wallpaper
qtn_ams2x_authentication_error    Failed to authenticate application
qtn_ams2x_cancel_sub_first        Cancel subscription before deleting content. Cancel?
qtn_ams2x_conf_checking_canc      Cancelled
qtn_ams2x_conf_net_always_allow   Network access always allowed
qtn_ams2x_conf_net_always_ask     Network access will be allowed after prompting
qtn_ams2x_conf_net_never_allow    Network access never allowed
qtn_ams2x_conf_played_mem_full    %U needed to save. Select items to delete?
qtn_ams2x_dl_comp_normal          %0U has been saved in %1U
qtn_ams2x_dl_comp_other           %U placed in Other
qtn_ams2x_dl_comp_prompt          %1U has been saved to %2U. %3U?
qtn_ams2x_download_domain         Download domain:
qtn_ams2x_err_unable_to_set       Unable to change setting
qtn_ams2x_expiration_info         Expiration
qtn_ams2x_exp_on_date             Expires on %U
qtn_ams2x_exp_uses_remaining      %N uses remaining
qtn_ams2x_handler_dl_replace      %0U will be replaced with default content application %1U. Continue
qtn_ams2x_handler_download        %0U will be the default content application for %1U
qtn_ams2x_hdr_content_assigned    Assigned
qtn_ams2x_hdr_delete              Delete
qtn_ams2x_hdr_delete_from         Delete from
qtn_ams2x_hdr_dl_complete         Downloaded
qtn_ams2x_hdr_error               Error
qtn_ams2x_hdr_error_code          Error: %N
qtn_ams2x_hdr_im_email            IM & E-mail
qtn_ams2x_hdr_license_info        License info
qtn_ams2x_hdr_memory_status       Memory status
qtn_ams2x_hdr_network             Network access
qtn_ams2x_hdr_nontrusted_file     Untrusted file
qtn_ams2x_hdr_pim                 Info manager
qtn_ams2x_hdr_properties          Details
qtn_ams2x_hdr_save_complete       Completed
qtn_ams2x_hdr_select_from         Select from
qtn_ams2x_hdr_settings            Settings
qtn_ams2x_hdr_space_needed        %U needed
qtn_ams2x_hdr_status_code         Status:%N
qtn_ams2x_hdr_vid_ringer          Video ring. tone
qtn_ams2x_ilist_im_email          IM & E-mail
qtn_ams2x_ilist_messaging         Messaging
qtn_ams2x_install_canceled        Download cancelled
qtn_ams2x_inst_failed             Download failed
qtn_ams2x_inst_failed_reported    Reported to the server. Please, try again later.
qtn_ams2x_inst_failed_unreptd     Please try again later
qtn_ams2x_launchfail_error        Failed to run application
                                  License active:
qtn_ams2x_license_info_ts         %U
qtn_ams2x_license_not_exist       License does not exist
qtn_ams2x_license_update_ok       License updated successfully
qtn_ams2x_list_add_to_contact     Add to contact
qtn_ams2x_list_always_allow       Always allow
qtn_ams2x_list_always_ask         Ask
qtn_ams2x_list_call_tones         Call tones
qtn_ams2x_list_content_mgr        Content manager
qtn_ams2x_list_downloads          Downloads
qtn_ams2x_list_listen             Listen
qtn_ams2x_list_memory_status      Memory status
qtn_ams2x_list_mmc_card           Memory card
qtn_ams2x_list_never_allow        Never allow
qtn_ams2x_list_pictures           Pictures
qtn_ams2x_list_play               Play
qtn_ams2x_list_properties         Details
qtn_ams2x_list_run                Run
qtn_ams2x_list_save_content       Save
qtn_ams2x_list_settings           Settings
qtn_ams2x_list_set_as             Set as
qtn_ams2x_list_set_as_alarm       Set as alarm tone
qtn_ams2x_list_set_as_mini_disp   Add to mini display
qtn_ams2x_list_set_as_msg_tone    Set as msg. tone
qtn_ams2x_list_set_as_scr_savr    Set as scr. saver
qtn_ams2x_list_shop               Shop
qtn_ams2x_list_videos             Videos
qtn_ams2x_list_view               View
qtn_ams2x_memory_free             Memory free
qtn_ams2x_memory_in_use           Memory in use
qtn_ams2x_nontrusted_file         Untrusted file. The service provider cannot guarantee the quality or t
qtn_ams2x_pim_always_allow        Access to persl. info. manager al-ways allowed
qtn_ams2x_pim_always_ask          Prompt before access to persl. info. manager
qtn_ams2x_pim_never_allow         Access to persl. info. manager never allowed
qtn_ams2x_quest_content_owrite    Existing content will be over-written. Are you sure?
qtn_ams2x_quest_license_exp       %U license has expired
qtn_ams2x_quest_newer_ver_saved   Newer version already saved
qtn_ams2x_quest_older_ver_saved   Older version already saved
qtn_ams2x_quest_renew_license     Renew license for %U?
qtn_ams2x_quest_renew_sub         Renew subscription for %U?
qtn_ams2x_quest_same_ver_saved    Same version already saved
qtn_ams2x_quest_sub_cancel_del    Subscription cancelled. Delete content?
qtn_ams2x_quest_sub_exp           %U subscription has expired
qtn_ams2x_sett_network            Network access
qtn_ams2x_sett_pim                Personal info. manager
qtn_ams2x_softk_preview           Preview
                                  Subscription active:
qtn_ams2x_sub_info_ts             %U
qtn_ams2x_unable_to_process       Unable to process request
qtn_ams2x_validation_error        Failed to validate application
qtn_ams2x_video_ringer            Warning: Video may not be loud enough as a ringer. Please preview
qtn_ams2x_wait_canceling_dl       Cancelling download
qtn_ams2x_wait_canceling_sub      Cancelling subscription
qtn_ams2x_wait_checking_license   Checking license
qtn_ams2x_wait_checking_sub       Checking subscription
qtn_ams2x_wait_downloading        Downloading: %U
qtn_ams2x_wait_download_error     Cancelling download
qtn_ams2x_wait_finishing_dl       Completing download
qtn_ams_conf_handler_overwrite    File will be default content application. Download?
qtn_ams_list_cancel               Cancel
qtn_ams_list_get_more             More downloads
qtn_ams_list_set_as_screensaver   Set as scr. saver
qtn_ams_quest_amsscheme_search    Cannot find content on phone. Search Web?
qtn_ams_quest_no_hdlr_overwrite   Requested file is a content app. Cannot overwrite existing one.
qtn_ams_quest_open_content        Application found. Open content?
qtn_ams_quest_scheme_search_web   Cannot find content on phone. Search Web?
qtn_ams_wait_cancelling           Cancelling
qtn_answer_on_open_off            Off
qtn_answer_on_open_on             On
qtn_aoc_hdr_clear_counters        Clear counters
qtn_aoc_hdr_cost_limit            Call cost limit
qtn_aoc_hdr_cost_settings         Cost settings
qtn_aoc_hdr_show_costs_in         Show costs in
qtn_aoc_settings_choice           Call cost settings
qtn_applications_menu             Applications
qtn_app_illegally_modified        Application illegally modified
qtn_app_not_found                 Application not found
qtn_app_not_found_downld          Application not found. Download now?
qtn_audio_message_default_title   Audio message
qtn_autolock_hdr_automatic_lock   Phone lock
qtn_avc_err_not_allowed           Not allowed
qtn_avc_hdr_automatic_vol         Auto volume
qtn_avc_note_avc_off              Automatic volume control off
qtn_avc_note_avc_on               Automatic volume control on
qtn_avc_sett_avc_off_in_call      Auto volume off
qtn_avc_sett_avc_on_in_call       Auto volume on
qtn_banner_list_user_name         User name
qtn_barr_hdr_change_passwd        Change passwd.
qtn_bcard_hdr_send_card_via       Send card
qtn_bcard_ilist_via_bluetooth     Via Bluetooth
qtn_bcard_ilist_via_ir            Via infrared
qtn_bcard_list_via_bluetooth      Via Bluetooth
qtn_bcard_list_via_ir             Via infrared
qtn_bcard_list_via_sms            Via text message
qtn_bengali_entry                 Text: অ আ ই
qtn_blocked_msg                   Message blocked or recipient busy
qtn_blog_conf_brow_cleared        All browser registers cleared
qtn_blog_full_all_browser_rece    All received browser data
qtn_blog_full_all_browser_sent    All sent browser data
qtn_blog_full_all_browser_sess    All browser sessions
qtn_blog_full_browser             Minibrowser calls
qtn_blog_full_clear_all_brow      Clear all browser registers
qtn_blog_full_last_browser_rece   Last received browser data
qtn_blog_full_last_browser_sent   Last sent browser data
qtn_blog_full_last_browser_sess   Last browser session
qtn_blog_hdr_minibrowser          Minibrowser
qtn_blog_ilist_browser_calls      Minibrowser calls
qtn_blog_quest_clear              Clear all browser registers?
qtn_brew_conf_app_ended           Application ended
qtn_brew_main_brew                Get It Now
qtn_brew_notif_app_request        Application requests to be opened. OK?
qtn_brew_quest_app_paused         Application paused. Resume?
qtn_brew_quest_shop_splash        Browsing and downloading applications uses airtime. Continue?
qtn_brew_quest_training           Use the left selection key to select and the right selection key to retu
qtn_brew_quest_training_3sk       Use the center selection key to select and the right selection key to r
qtn_browserbm_list_enter_addr     Enter address
qtn_browser_conf_conn_items_off   Alert for unsecure items off
qtn_browser_conf_conn_items_on    Alert for unsecure items on
qtn_browser_conf_conn_unsec_off   Alert for unsecure connection off
qtn_browser_conf_conn_unsec_on    Alert for unsecure connection on
qtn_browser_conf_encoding         Selected: %0U (%1U)
                                  Do not send web addr. as Unicode
qtn_browser_conf_utf8_off         (UTF-8)
                                  Send web addresses as Unicode
qtn_browser_conf_utf8_on          (UTF-8)
qtn_browser_conf_wml_scripts_of   WMLScripts not allowed over secure connection
qtn_browser_conf_wml_scripts_on   WMLScripts allowed over secure connection
qtn_browser_dyn_big5              Trad. Chinese (Big5)
qtn_browser_dyn_big5hk            Trad. Chinese (Big5HK)
qtn_browser_dyn_cp437             Western (IBM437)
qtn_browser_dyn_cp850             Western (IBM850)
qtn_browser_dyn_eucjp             Japanese (EUC)
qtn_browser_dyn_gb18030         Sim. Chinese (GB18030)
qtn_browser_dyn_gb2312          Simp. Chinese (GB2312)
qtn_browser_dyn_gbk             Simp. Chinese (GBK)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso2022jp       Japanese (ISO)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso88591        Western (ISO 8859-1)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso885910       Nordic (ISO)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso885911       Thai (ISO)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso885913       Baltic (ISO 8859-13)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso885914       Celtic (ISO)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso885915       Western (ISO 8859-15)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso885916       Romanian (ISO)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso88592        Central European (ISO)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso88593        South European (ISO)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso88594        Baltic (ISO 8859-4)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso88595        Cyrillic (ISO)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso88596        Arabic (ISO)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso88597        Greek (ISO)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso88598        Hebrew (ISO)
qtn_browser_dyn_iso88599        Turkish (ISO)
qtn_browser_dyn_shiftjis        Japanese (Shift-JIS)
qtn_browser_dyn_ucs2            Unicode (UCS-2)
qtn_browser_dyn_usascii         Western (ASCII)
qtn_browser_dyn_utf16           Unicode (UTF-16)
qtn_browser_dyn_utf8            Unicode (UTF-8)
qtn_browser_dyn_windows1250     C. European (Windows)
qtn_browser_dyn_windows1251     Cyrillic (Windows)
qtn_browser_dyn_windows1252     Western (Windows)
qtn_browser_dyn_windows1253     Greek (Windows)
qtn_browser_dyn_windows1254     Turkish (Windows)
qtn_browser_dyn_windows1255     Hebrew (Windows)
qtn_browser_dyn_windows1256     Arabic (Windows)
qtn_browser_dyn_windows1258     Vietn. (Windows)
qtn_browser_dyn_windows874      Thai (Windows)
qtn_browser_full_alerts         Alerts
qtn_browser_full_encoding       Character encoding
qtn_browser_hdr_alert           Alert
qtn_browser_hdr_arabic          Arabic
qtn_browser_hdr_baltic          Baltic
qtn_browser_hdr_celtic          Celtic
qtn_browser_hdr_chinese         Chinese
qtn_browser_hdr_content_encod   Cont. encoding
qtn_browser_hdr_cyrillic        Cyrillic
qtn_browser_hdr_encoding        Char. encoding
qtn_browser_hdr_euroe           Central European
qtn_browser_hdr_euros           South European
qtn_browser_hdr_global_navi     Shortcuts
qtn_browser_hdr_greek           Greek
qtn_browser_hdr_hebrew          Hebrew
qtn_browser_hdr_history         History
qtn_browser_hdr_japanese        Japanese
qtn_browser_hdr_nordic          Nordic
qtn_browser_hdr_other_options   Other options
qtn_browser_hdr_romanian        Romanian
qtn_browser_hdr_save_image      Save image
qtn_browser_hdr_thai            Thai
qtn_browser_hdr_turkish         Turkish
qtn_browser_hdr_unicode         Unicode
qtn_browser_hdr_utf8            UTF-8 URLs
qtn_browser_hdr_vietnamese      Vietnamese
qtn_browser_hdr_western         West. European
qtn_browser_hdr_wml_scripts     WMLScripts
qtn_browser_ilist_arabic        Arabic
qtn_browser_ilist_baltic        Baltic
qtn_browser_ilist_big5          Traditional Big5
qtn_browser_ilist_big5hk        Trad. Big5HK
qtn_browser_ilist_celtic        Celtic
qtn_browser_ilist_chinese       Chinese
qtn_browser_ilist_cp437         IBM437
qtn_browser_ilist_cp850         IBM850
qtn_browser_ilist_cyrillic      Cyrillic
qtn_browser_ilist_eucjp         EUC
qtn_browser_ilist_euroe         Cent. European
qtn_browser_ilist_euros         South European
qtn_browser_ilist_gb18030       Simp. GB18030
qtn_browser_ilist_gb2312        Simp. GB2312
qtn_browser_ilist_gbk           Simplified GBK
qtn_browser_ilist_greek         Greek
qtn_browser_ilist_hebrew        Hebrew
qtn_browser_ilist_iso           ISO
qtn_browser_ilist_iso88591      ISO 8859-1
qtn_browser_ilist_iso885913     ISO 8859-13
qtn_browser_ilist_iso885915     ISO 8859-15
qtn_browser_ilist_iso88594      ISO 8859-4
qtn_browser_ilist_japanese      Japanese
qtn_browser_ilist_nordic        Nordic
qtn_browser_ilist_romanian      Romanian
qtn_browser_ilist_shiftjis      Shift-JIS
qtn_browser_ilist_thai          Thai
qtn_browser_ilist_turkish       Turkish
qtn_browser_ilist_ucs2          UCS-2
qtn_browser_ilist_unicode       Unicode
qtn_browser_ilist_usascii       ASCII
qtn_browser_ilist_utf16         UTF-16
qtn_browser_ilist_utf8          UTF-8
qtn_browser_ilist_vietnamese    Vietnamese
qtn_browser_ilist_western       West. European
qtn_browser_ilist_windows       Windows
qtn_browser_info_invalid_url    Invalid web address
qtn_browser_info_use_send_key   Call key can also select items
qtn_browser_list_arabic         Arabic
qtn_browser_list_baltic          Baltic
qtn_browser_list_big5            Traditional Big5
qtn_browser_list_big5hk          Traditional Big5HK
qtn_browser_list_celtic          Celtic
qtn_browser_list_chinese         Chinese
qtn_browser_list_cp437           IBM437
qtn_browser_list_cp850           IBM850
qtn_browser_list_cyrillic        Cyrillic
qtn_browser_list_eucjp           EUC
qtn_browser_list_euroe           Central European
qtn_browser_list_euros           South European
qtn_browser_list_gb18030         Simp. GB18030
qtn_browser_list_gb2312          Simplified GB2312
qtn_browser_list_gbk             Simplified GBK
qtn_browser_list_global_navi     Shortcuts
qtn_browser_list_greek           Greek
qtn_browser_list_hebrew          Hebrew
qtn_browser_list_history         History
qtn_browser_list_iso             ISO
qtn_browser_list_iso88591        ISO 8859-1
qtn_browser_list_iso885913       ISO 8859-13
qtn_browser_list_iso885915       ISO 8859-15
qtn_browser_list_iso88594        ISO 8859-4
qtn_browser_list_japanese        Japanese
qtn_browser_list_mark            Mark
qtn_browser_list_nordic          Nordic
qtn_browser_list_other_options   Other options
qtn_browser_list_romanian        Romanian
qtn_browser_list_save_image      Save image
qtn_browser_list_security        Security
qtn_browser_list_select          Select
qtn_browser_list_shiftjis        Shift-JIS
qtn_browser_list_submit          Submit
qtn_browser_list_thai            Thai
qtn_browser_list_turkish         Turkish
qtn_browser_list_ucs2            UCS-2
qtn_browser_list_unicode         Unicode
qtn_browser_list_unmark          Unmark
qtn_browser_list_usascii         ASCII
qtn_browser_list_utf16           UTF-16
qtn_browser_list_utf8            UTF-8
qtn_browser_list_vietnamese      Vietnamese
qtn_browser_list_western         Western European
qtn_browser_list_windows         Windows
qtn_browser_list_wml_scripts     WMLScript sett.
qtn_browser_quest_conn_unsec     Connection not secure. Continue?
qtn_browser_quest_items_unsec    Some items are unsecure. Load unsecure items?
qtn_browser_sett_conn_unsec      Alert for unsecure connection
qtn_browser_sett_content_encod   Content encoding
qtn_browser_sett_items_unsec     Alert for unsecure items
qtn_browser_sett_utf8             Unicode (UTF-8) web addresses
qtn_browser_sett_wml_scripts      WMLScripts over secure connection
qtn_browser_softkey_submit        Submit
qtn_browser_wait_proc_data        Processing data
qtn_bs_alpha_20_video             Video and data calls
qtn_bs_alpha_24_video             Video calls
qtn_bs_alpha_25_video             Data calls
qtn_bt_conf_all_closed_bt_off     All active devices disconnected
qtn_bt_conf_automatic_on          Auto-connect on. Confirma-tion will not be asked.
                                  Connected to
qtn_bt_conf_connected             %U
                                  Paired with
qtn_bt_conf_conn_and_saved        %U
qtn_bt_conf_conn_cancelled        Bluetooth connection cancelled
qtn_bt_conf_conn_closed           %U
qtn_bt_conf_disconnected          %U
qtn_bt_conf_general_disc_on       Visible to all searching devices
qtn_bt_conf_hidden                Not visible to other Bluetooth devices
qtn_bt_conf_manual_on             Auto-connect off. Confirma-tion will be asked.
qtn_bt_conf_name_saved            Name saved
qtn_bt_conf_nickname_changed      Short name saved
                                  Pairing deleted:
qtn_bt_conf_removed               %U
qtn_bt_conf_replaced              %U
qtn_bt_conf_search_cancelled      Search cancelled
qtn_bt_conf_search_completed      Search completed
qtn_bt_conf_set_off               Bluetooth switched off
qtn_bt_conf_set_on                Bluetooth switched on
qtn_bt_conf_visible_permanent     Phone visible to searching devices when Bluetooth on
qtn_bt_conf_visible_temporary     Phone is temporarily visible to all devices
qtn_bt_err_connection_failed      Bluetooth connection failed
qtn_bt_err_conn_rejected          Connection rejected by %U
qtn_bt_err_device_not_available   Device not available
qtn_bt_err_no_devices_found       No devices found
qtn_bt_err_pairing_failed         Pairing failed
qtn_bt_err_reject_unitkey         Pairing and conn. rejected for security reasons
qtn_bt_err_wrong_passkey          Invalid passcode
qtn_bt_full_connect               Connect
qtn_bt_full_connect_to_acc        Search for audio enhancements
qtn_bt_full_dissolve              Delete pairing
qtn_bt_full_own_settings          Bluetooth settings
qtn_bt_full_pair_new              Pair new device
qtn_bt_full_view_active_conn      Active devices
qtn_bt_full_view_active_one       Active device
qtn_bt_full_view_trusted          Paired devices
qtn_bt_hdr_active_conn            Active devices
qtn_bt_hdr_active_one             Active device
qtn_bt_hdr_bluetooth              Bluetooth
qtn_bt_hdr_confirmation           Automatic conn.
qtn_bt_hdr_connection_type        Conn. types
qtn_bt_hdr_detectability          Visibility
qtn_bt_hdr_device_name            %U
qtn_bt_hdr_found_devices          Devices found
qtn_bt_hdr_module_info            Bluetooth info
qtn_bt_hdr_on_off                 Bluetooth
qtn_bt_hdr_own_settings           Settings
qtn_bt_hdr_paired                 Paired devices
qtn_bt_hdr_passcode               Passcode
qtn_bt_hdr_phone_name             %U
qtn_bt_ilist_automatic            Yes
qtn_bt_ilist_bt_off               Off
qtn_bt_ilist_bt_on                On
qtn_bt_ilist_car_kit              Handsfree
qtn_bt_ilist_computer             Computer
qtn_bt_ilist_general_mode         Shown to all
qtn_bt_ilist_headset              Headset
qtn_bt_ilist_hide                 Hidden
qtn_bt_ilist_manual               No
qtn_bt_ilist_misc                 Other
qtn_bt_ilist_phone                Handset
qtn_bt_ilist_unknown_device       Unknown
qtn_bt_ilist_visible_permanent    Perm. visibil.
qtn_bt_ilist_visible_temporary    Temp. visibil.
qtn_bt_info_activate              Switch on Bluetooth first
qtn_bt_info_bt_busy               Bluetooth is busy. Try again.
                                  Reconnect using
qtn_bt_info_conn_again            %U
qtn_bt_info_conn_closed           %U
qtn_bt_info_disconnect_wire       Disconnect wired enhancement first
qtn_bt_info_disconn_sap_first     Deactivate remote SIM mode first
qtn_bt_info_enter_passkey_first   Enter 16 digit code
qtn_bt_info_invalid_pairing       Invalid pairing
qtn_bt_info_in_sap_mode           Remote SIM mode still active
qtn_bt_info_ms_not_allowed        New con-nection not allowed by %U
qtn_bt_info_name_used             Name already exists
qtn_bt_info_only_music            Only audio files will be transferred
qtn_bt_info_pairing_not_saved     Pairing not saved
qtn_bt_info_pairing_saved         Pairing saved
qtn_bt_info_service_conflict      Audio connection already exists
qtn_bt_info_too_many_conn         Too many active devices
qtn_bt_info_too_many_paired       No space for new devices
qtn_bt_info_visible_no_change     Unable to change while curr. devices connected
qtn_bt_list_automatic             Yes
qtn_bt_list_bt_off                Off
qtn_bt_list_bt_on                 On
qtn_bt_list_connection_type       Connection types
qtn_bt_list_disconnect           Disconnect
qtn_bt_list_general_mode         Shown to all
qtn_bt_list_hide                 Hidden
qtn_bt_list_manual               No
qtn_bt_list_play_via_bt          Play via Bluetooth
qtn_bt_list_temporarily_hidden   Tempor. hidden
qtn_bt_list_visible_permanent    Permanent visibil.
qtn_bt_list_visible_temporary    Temporary visibil.
qtn_bt_list_visible_timed        Phone visible: %U
qtn_bt_main_menu                 Bluetooth
                                 Connect audio with?
qtn_bt_notif_audio               %U
                                 Connect with?
qtn_bt_notif_connect_to_pc       %U
                                 Dial-up con-nection with?
qtn_bt_notif_dialup              %U
                                 Fax modem conn. with?
qtn_bt_notif_fax                 %U
                                 Pair with?
qtn_bt_notif_pair_with           %U
                                 Receive data from?
qtn_bt_notif_receive_data        %U
                                 Remote SIM connection?
qtn_bt_notif_remote_sim          %U
                                 Serial port connection?
qtn_bt_notif_serial              %U
                                 Data transfer connection?
qtn_bt_notif_synchronize_with    %U
                                 Exchange data with?
qtn_bt_notif_transfer_data       %U
qtn_bt_prmpt_alias               Short name:
qtn_bt_prmpt_bt_passkey          Enter passcode:
qtn_bt_prmpt_name_used_rename    Name exists. Enter new name:
qtn_bt_prmpt_new_name            Phone's name:
qtn_bt_quest_activate            Switch on Bluetooth first?
qtn_bt_quest_authorization       Allow this device to connect automatically? Choosing 'Yes' allows co
qtn_bt_quest_close_all           Disconnect all active Bluetooth devices?
                                 Disconnect first?
qtn_bt_quest_close_first         %U
qtn_bt_quest_conflict_bt_off     Bluetooth will be switched off. Continue?
qtn_bt_quest_disconnect          %U
qtn_bt_quest_disconnect_all      Disconnect all connection types?
qtn_bt_quest_disconnect_one      Disconnect one active device?
qtn_bt_quest_on                  Switch on Bluetooth?
                                 Play game with?
qtn_bt_quest_play_with           %U
qtn_bt_quest_remove              Delete pairing?
qtn_bt_quest_replace             Replace an existing device?
qtn_bt_quest_save_pairing_not    Pairing will not be saved. Continue?
qtn_bt_quest_visibility             Set phone visible to all searching devices?
qtn_bt_quest_visibility_hidden      Set phone's Bluetooth visiblity to 'Hidden'?
qtn_bt_quest_visibility_shown       Set phone's Bluetooth visibility to 'Permanent visibility'?
qtn_bt_quest_visibilty              Set phone visible to searching devices when Bluetooth is on?
qtn_bt_sett_conn_type               Auto-conn. with- out confirmation
qtn_bt_sett_give_alias              Assign short name
qtn_bt_sett_module                  Bluetooth
qtn_bt_sett_phone_detectability     My phone's visibility
qtn_bt_sett_rename_phone            My phone's name
qtn_bt_urn_limited_hidden           Phone not connectable to remote devices due to active connections.
qtn_bt_urn_limited_visible          Phone neither visible nor connectable to remote devices due to activ
qtn_bt_urn_ms_conn_rejected         Connection request rejected. Connection to %0U not allowed by %1
qtn_bt_urn_not_limited_hidden       Phone now connectable to remote devices
qtn_bt_urn_not_limited_visible      Phone now visible and connectable to remote devices
qtn_bt_wait_cancelling              Cancelling
                                    Connecting to
qtn_bt_wait_connecting_to           %U
qtn_bt_wait_disconnecting           Disconnecting
qtn_bt_wait_pairing                 Pairing with %U
qtn_bt_wait_searching_devices       Searching for devices
qtn_bt_wait_switch_off              Switching off Bluetooth
qtn_bt_wait_switch_on               Switching on Bluetooth
qtn_bt_warn_conn_terminated         %U
qtn_calc_info_exch_rate_first       Set exchange rate first
qtn_calc_info_positive              Number must be positive
qtn_calc_info_zero                  Currency rate must be bigger than zero
qtn_calc_list_square                Square
qtn_calc_list_square_root           Square root
qtn_calc_om_change_sign             Change sign
qtn_calc_softk_equals               Equals
qtn_calendar_alarm_off              Alarm off
qtn_calendar_alarm_on               Alarm on
qtn_calendar_separator_date         Date separator
qtn_cale_conf_snooze_active         Calendar alarm snooze activated
qtn_cale_conf_time_date             Time and date set
qtn_cale_expiry                     Expires:
qtn_cale_hdr_alarm                  Alarm
qtn_cale_hdr_birthday               Birthday
qtn_cale_hdr_call                   Call
qtn_cale_hdr_delete                 Delete
qtn_cale_hdr_edit                   Edit
qtn_cale_hdr_meeting                Meeting
qtn_cale_hdr_memo                   Memo
qtn_cale_hdr_move                   Move
qtn_cale_hdr_reminder               Reminder
qtn_cale_hdr_timeanddate_settings   Time and date
qtn_cale_ilist_1_day                After 1 day
qtn_cale_ilist_1_week               After 1 week
qtn_cale_ilist_no_end_date          No end date
qtn_cale_ilist_set_end_date    Set end date
qtn_cale_ilist_weekview        Week view
qtn_cale_info_one_occurence    Note occurs only once. No repeat set.
qtn_cale_list_1_day            After 1 day
qtn_cale_list_1_week           After 1 week
qtn_cale_list_all_occurences   All occurrences
qtn_cale_list_find             Search
qtn_cale_list_go_to_todo       Go to to-do list
qtn_cale_list_insert_note      Insert note
qtn_cale_list_no_end_date      No end date
qtn_cale_list_one_occurence    One occurrence
qtn_cale_list_reminder         Reminder
qtn_cale_list_save             Save
qtn_cale_list_set_end_date     Set end date
qtn_cale_list_weekview         Week view
qtn_cale_lunar_festival_1      Chun Jie-Spring Festival
qtn_cale_lunar_festival_2      Yuan Xiao Jie-Lantern Festival
qtn_cale_lunar_festival_3      Duan Wu Jie-Dragon Boat Festival
qtn_cale_lunar_festival_4      Qi Xi Jie - Seventh night festival
qtn_cale_lunar_festival_5      Zhong Yuan Jie - Ghost festival
qtn_cale_lunar_festival_6      Zhong Qiu Jie - Mid Autumn Festival
qtn_cale_lunar_festival_7      Chong Yang Jie - Double Ninth Festival
qtn_cale_lunar_festival_8      La baJie - Eighth of the twelfth month festival
qtn_cale_lunar_festival_9      Chu Xi - New year's eve
qtn_cale_lunar_hdr_chu         Chu
qtn_cale_lunar_hdr_leap        Leap
qtn_cale_lunar_hdr_month       Month
qtn_cale_lunar_hdr_separator   ·
qtn_cale_lunar_hdr_zheng       Zheng
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_1    Li Chun
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_10   Xia Zhi
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_11   Xiao Shu
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_12   Da Shu
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_13   Li Qiu
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_14   Chu Shu
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_15   Bai Lu
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_16   Qiu Fen
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_17   Han Lu
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_18   Shuang Jiang
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_19   Li Dong
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_2    Yu Shui
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_20   Xiao Xue
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_21   Da Xue
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_22   Dong Zhi
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_23   Xiao Han
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_24   Da Han
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_3    Jing Zhe
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_4    Chun Fen
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_5    Qing Ming
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_6    Gu Yu
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_7       Li Xia
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_8       Xiao Man
qtn_cale_lunar_solar_item_9       Mang Zhong
qtn_cale_prmpt_location           Location:
qtn_cale_prmpt_start_date         Start date:
qtn_cale_separator_space          (space)
qtn_cale_sms_reminder             Reminder note:
qtn_cale_start_end_separator      -
qtn_cale_timeanddate_settings     Time and date settings
qtn_calling_voice_portal          Voice portal
qtn_call_conf_chf_mode_active     Audio routed to handsfree
qtn_call_conf_hp_mode_active      Audio routed to handset
qtn_call_conf_hs_mode_active      Audio routed to headset
qtn_call_dropped                  Call dropped
qtn_call_failed                   Call failed
qtn_call_list_answer_to_phone     Handset
qtn_call_list_car_kit             Handsfree
qtn_call_list_handportable        Handset
qtn_call_list_headset             Headset
qtn_call_quest_continue_call      Continue call?
qtn_call_tel_uri                  %U
qtn_calor_conf_added_activities   Added to activities
qtn_calor_conf_age                Age saved
qtn_calor_conf_calor_form_sel     Calorie format selected
qtn_calor_conf_edited             Activity edited
qtn_calor_conf_enter_data         Enter personal data first
qtn_calor_conf_erased_all         All activities deleted
qtn_calor_conf_gender             Gender selected
qtn_calor_conf_note_saved         Note saved
qtn_calor_conf_velocity_sel       Velocity format selected
qtn_calor_conf_weight_selected    Weight format selected
qtn_calor_hdr_activities          Activities
qtn_calor_hdr_activity            Activity
qtn_calor_hdr_calories            Calories
qtn_calor_hdr_calorie_counter     Calorie counter
qtn_calor_hdr_calorie_format      Calorie format
qtn_calor_hdr_gender              Gender
qtn_calor_hdr_intensity           Intensity
qtn_calor_hdr_settings            Settings
qtn_calor_hdr_total_calories      Total calories
qtn_calor_hdr_velocity            Velocity format
qtn_calor_hdr_weight_format       Weight format
qtn_calor_list_activities         Activities
qtn_calor_list_add_new            Add new
qtn_calor_list_aerobics           Aerobics
qtn_calor_list_age_age            %N
qtn_calor_list_agility            Agility
qtn_calor_list_alone              Alone
qtn_calor_list_archery            Archery
qtn_calor_list_badminton          Badminton
qtn_calor_list_baseball           Baseball
qtn_calor_list_basketball         Basketball
qtn_calor_list_bicycling          Bicycling
qtn_calor_list_billiard           Billiards
qtn_calor_list_bowling            Bowling
qtn_calor_list_boxing             Boxing
qtn_calor_list_calor_form_kcal    kcal
qtn_calor_list_calor_form_kj      kj
qtn_calor_list_canoeing           Canoeing
qtn_calor_list_competition        Competition
qtn_calor_list_cross_coun_ski     Cross-country skiing
qtn_calor_list_dancing            Dancing
qtn_calor_list_darts              Darts
qtn_calor_list_difficult_route    Difficult route
qtn_calor_list_downhill_skiing    Downhill skiing
qtn_calor_list_driving_car        Driving car
qtn_calor_list_easy_route         Easy route
qtn_calor_list_edit               Edit
qtn_calor_list_empty              (empty)
qtn_calor_list_erase              Delete
qtn_calor_list_erase_all          Delete all
qtn_calor_list_fishing            Fishing
qtn_calor_list_floor_ball         Floorball
qtn_calor_list_football           Football
qtn_calor_list_four_player_gro    Four player group
qtn_calor_list_gallopping         Galloping
qtn_calor_list_gender_female      Female
qtn_calor_list_gender_male        Male
qtn_calor_list_golf               Golf
qtn_calor_list_gymnastics         Gymnastics
qtn_calor_list_handball           Handball
qtn_calor_list_heavy              Heavy
qtn_calor_list_heavy_man_lab      Heavy labour
qtn_calor_list_hiking             Hiking
qtn_calor_list_housework          Housework
qtn_calor_list_ice_hockey         Ice hockey
qtn_calor_list_ice_skating        Ice skating
qtn_calor_list_intensit_walking   Walking
qtn_calor_list_judo_karate        Martial arts
qtn_calor_list_kick_boarding      Kickboarding
qtn_calor_list_kmh                %U km/h
qtn_calor_list_light              Light
qtn_calor_list_light_man_lab      Light labour
qtn_calor_list_light_work_sit     Office work
qtn_calor_list_match              Match
qtn_calor_list_moderate           Moderate
qtn_calor_list_moderate_route     Moderate route
qtn_calor_list_moder_man_lab      Moderate labour
qtn_calor_list_mostly_running     Mostly running
qtn_calor_list_mostly_walking     Mostly walking
qtn_calor_list_mountain_climb     Mountain climbing
qtn_calor_list_mowing_lawn        Mowing lawn
qtn_calor_list_mph                %U mph
qtn_calor_list_nordic_walking     Nordic walking
qtn_calor_list_rest               Resting
qtn_calor_list_riding             Horseback riding
qtn_calor_list_rink_bandy         Rink bandy
qtn_calor_list_rollerskating      Rollerskating
qtn_calor_list_rope_jumping       Skipping rope
qtn_calor_list_rowing             Rowing
qtn_calor_list_running            Running
qtn_calor_list_sailing            Sailing
qtn_calor_list_settings           Settings
qtn_calor_list_skateboarding      Skateboarding
qtn_calor_list_snorkeling         Snorkelling
qtn_calor_list_snowboard          Snowboarding
qtn_calor_list_snowshoeing        Snowshoeing
qtn_calor_list_squash             Squash
qtn_calor_list_stationary_bic     Stationary bicycling
qtn_calor_list_strenght_train     Gym training
qtn_calor_list_stretching         Stretching
qtn_calor_list_surfing            Surfing
qtn_calor_list_swimming           Swimming
qtn_calor_list_table_tennis       Table tennis
qtn_calor_list_tennis             Tennis
qtn_calor_list_total_calories     Total calories
qtn_calor_list_training           Training
qtn_calor_list_triathlon          Triathlon
qtn_calor_list_trotting           Trotting
qtn_calor_list_two_player_group   Two player group
qtn_calor_list_velocity_kmh       km/h
qtn_calor_list_velocity_mph       mph
qtn_calor_list_volleyball         Volleyball
qtn_calor_list_walking            Walking
qtn_calor_list_water_skiing       Water skiing
qtn_calor_list_weight_format_kg   kg
qtn_calor_list_weight_form_lbs    lbs
qtn_calor_list_weight_weight      %N
qtn_calor_list_windsurfing        Windsurfing
qtn_calor_list_winterfishing      Ice fishing
qtn_calor_list_working            Working
qtn_calor_prmpt_age               Age (years):
qtn_calor_prmpt_duration          Duration:
qtn_calor_prmpt_weight_kg         Weight (kg):
qtn_calor_prmpt_weight_lbs        Weight (lbs.):
qtn_calor_quest_erase             %U
qtn_calor_quest_erase_all         Delete all activities?
qtn_calor_quest_memory_full       Memory full. Delete an existing record?
qtn_calor_sett_age                Age
qtn_calor_sett_calorie_counter    Calorie counter
qtn_calor_sett_calorie_format     Calorie format
qtn_calor_sett_gender             Gender
qtn_calor_sett_velocity           Velocity format
qtn_calor_sett_weight             Weight
qtn_calor_sett_weight_format      Weight format
qtn_calor_title_activity          Activity: %U
qtn_calor_title_duration          Duration: %U
qtn_calor_title_energy_cost       Energy used: %U
qtn_calor_title_intensity         Intensity: %U
qtn_calor_title_numb_activities   No. of activities: %N
qtn_calor_title_total_duration    Total duration: %U
qtn_calor_title_tot_ener_cost     Total energy used: %U
qtn_cal_auto_erase_desel          Auto-delete deactivated
qtn_cal_date_separator_done       Date separator selected
qtn_cal_send_via_bluetooth        Via Bluetooth
qtn_cam_close_flip                Camera on standby. Close keypad flip.
qtn_cam_conf_camera_off           Camera closed
qtn_cam_conf_flash_off            Flash switched off
qtn_cam_conf_flash_on             Flash switched on
qtn_cam_conf_nightmode_off        Night mode off
qtn_cam_conf_nightmode_on         Night mode on
qtn_cam_err_unable_capture_seq    Unable to capture com- plete image sequence
qtn_cam_err_unable_save_seq       Unable to save com- plete image sequence
qtn_cam_filtrs_false_colours      False colours
qtn_cam_filtrs_greyscale          Greyscale
qtn_cam_filtrs_negative           Negative
qtn_cam_filtrs_normal             Normal
qtn_cam_filtrs_sepia              Sepia
qtn_cam_filtrs_solarize           Solarise
qtn_cam_hdr                       Camera
qtn_cam_hdr_brightness            Brightness
qtn_cam_hdr_default_title         Default title
qtn_cam_hdr_filters               Effects
qtn_cam_hdr_flash                 Flash
qtn_cam_hdr_landscape             Standard photo
qtn_cam_hdr_mode                  Mode
qtn_cam_hdr_night                 Night mode
qtn_cam_hdr_portrait              Portrait photo
qtn_cam_hdr_preview_return        Preview time
qtn_cam_hdr_quality               Image quality
qtn_cam_hdr_resolution            Image size
qtn_cam_hdr_self_lights           Self-timer lights
qtn_cam_hdr_self_timer            Self-timer
qtn_cam_hdr_settings              Settings
qtn_cam_hdr_shutter_sound         Camera sounds
qtn_cam_hdr_storage_folder        Image storage
qtn_cam_hdr_video                 Video
qtn_cam_hdr_video_quality         Video clip quality
qtn_cam_hdr_video_resolution      Video resolution
qtn_cam_hdr_video_size            Video clip length
qtn_cam_hdr_white_balance         White balance
qtn_cam_hdr_zoom                  Zoom
qtn_cam_iiist_size_unlimited      Maximum
qtn_cam_ilist_default_folders     Default folder
qtn_cam_ilist_landscape           Standard photo
qtn_cam_ilist_memory_mmc          Memory card
qtn_cam_ilist_memory_phn_memory   Phone memory
qtn_cam_ilist_my_folder           Other folder
qtn_cam_ilist_night               Night mode
qtn_cam_ilist_portrait            Portrait photo
qtn_cam_ilist_preview_ret_after   %N seconds
qtn_cam_ilist_preview_ret_immed   No preview
qtn_cam_ilist_preview_ret_off     End manually
qtn_cam_ilist_quality_economy     Basic
qtn_cam_ilist_quality_high        High
qtn_cam_ilist_quality_standard    Normal
qtn_cam_ilist_size_limited        Default
qtn_cam_ilist_size_unlimited      Maximum
qtn_cam_ilist_video               Video
qtn_cam_ilist_video_qual_high     High
qtn_cam_ilist_video_qual_low      Basic
qtn_cam_ilist_video_qual_medium   Normal
qtn_cam_info_camera_not_ready     Camera not ready
qtn_cam_list_attach_to_names      Attach to contact
qtn_cam_list_brightness           Brightness
qtn_cam_list_erase                Delete
qtn_cam_list_filters              Effects
qtn_cam_list_flash                Flash
qtn_cam_list_flash_off            Flash off
qtn_cam_list_flash_on             Flash on
qtn_cam_list_landscape            Standard photo
qtn_cam_list_memory_phn_memory    Phone memory
qtn_cam_list_mute                 Mute
qtn_cam_list_new_photo            New image
qtn_cam_list_new_video            New video clip
qtn_cam_list_night                Night mode
qtn_cam_list_nightmode_off        Night mode off
qtn_cam_list_nightmode_on         Night mode on
qtn_cam_list_photo                Still image
qtn_cam_list_portrait             Portrait photo
qtn_cam_list_preview              View previous
qtn_cam_list_rename               Rename
qtn_cam_list_self_timer           Self-timer
qtn_cam_list_self_timer_off       Self-timer off
qtn_cam_list_self_timer_on        Self-timer on
qtn_cam_list_send                 Send
qtn_cam_list_sequence             Image sequence
qtn_cam_list_sequence_off         Img. sequence off
qtn_cam_list_sequence_on         Img. sequence on
qtn_cam_list_series_folder       Sequen.
qtn_cam_list_settings            Settings
qtn_cam_list_set_folder          Set as folder
qtn_cam_list_switch_mode         Change mode
qtn_cam_list_unmute              Unmute
qtn_cam_list_use_first_dis       Use main display
qtn_cam_list_use_sec_dis         Use mini display
qtn_cam_list_video               Video
qtn_cam_list_video_qual_high     High
qtn_cam_list_video_qual_low      Basic
qtn_cam_list_video_qual_medium   Normal
qtn_cam_list_wb_auto             Auto
qtn_cam_list_wb_day              Daylight
qtn_cam_list_wb_fluorescent      Fluorescent
qtn_cam_list_wb_horizon          Horizon
qtn_cam_list_wb_tungsten         Tungsten
qtn_cam_list_white_balance       White balance
qtn_cam_list_zoom                Zoom
qtn_cam_list_zoom_in             Zoom in
qtn_cam_list_zoom_out            Zoom out
qtn_cam_memory_full              Camera on standby. Memory full.
qtn_cam_ongoing_call             Camera on standby. Call in progress.
qtn_cam_open_cover               Camera on standby. Open lens cover.
qtn_cam_quest_replace_picture    Contact already contains an image. Replace image?
qtn_cam_second_display           Mini display used
qtn_cam_sett_default_folder      Default folder
qtn_cam_sett_flash_off           Off
qtn_cam_sett_flash_on            No red-eye reduct.
qtn_cam_sett_flash_red_on        Red-eye reduction
qtn_cam_sett_mode                Default mode
qtn_cam_sett_my_folder           Other folder
qtn_cam_sett_preview_return      Image preview time
qtn_cam_sett_preview_ret_after   %N seconds
qtn_cam_sett_preview_ret_immed   No preview
qtn_cam_sett_preview_ret_off     End manually
qtn_cam_sett_quality             Image quality
qtn_cam_sett_quality_economy     Basic
qtn_cam_sett_quality_high        High
qtn_cam_sett_quality_standard    Normal
qtn_cam_sett_resolution          Image size
qtn_cam_sett_self_lights         Self-timer lights
qtn_cam_sett_self_lights_off     Off
qtn_cam_sett_self_lights_on      On
qtn_cam_sett_shutter_sound       Camera sounds
qtn_cam_sett_size_limited        Default
qtn_cam_sett_size_unlimited      Maximum
qtn_cam_sett_sound_off           Off
qtn_cam_sett_sound_on            On
qtn_cam_sett_storage_folder      Image and video storage
qtn_cam_sett_template             Default title
qtn_cam_sett_template_own         My title
qtn_cam_sett_video_quality        Video clip quality
qtn_cam_sett_video_resolution     Video resolution
qtn_cam_sett_video_size           Video clip length
qtn_cam_softk_activate_camera     Continue
qtn_cam_softk_activate_cam_ls     Cont.
qtn_cam_softk_attach              Attach
qtn_cam_softk_capture             Capture
qtn_cam_softk_sequence            Sequen.
qtn_cam_softk_start_self_timer    Start
qtn_cam_standby                   Camera on standby
qtn_cam_wait_capturing            Capturing im- age sequence
qtn_cam_wait_initiating           Starting camera
qtn_cam_wait_saving               Saving to %U
qtn_cancel_selections             Undo selections
qtn_cancel_service                Cancel
qtn_ccard_err_first_char_number   First character must be a number
qtn_ccard_err_no_w_allowed        First or last character must not be 'w'
qtn_cdata_conf_dormant            Dormant mode active
qtn_cdata_hdr_datafax_calls       Data/fax calls
qtn_cdata_hdr_data_only           Data calls only
qtn_cdata_hdr_data_rate_indicat   Data rate view
qtn_cdata_hdr_fax_only            Fax calls only
qtn_cdata_hdr_income_select       Incoming calls
qtn_cdata_indic_dormant           Dormant mode
qtn_cdata_info_conn_first         Connect data cable first
qtn_cdata_info_end_session        Use PC to end data session
qtn_cdata_info_ir_found           Infrared connection found
qtn_cdata_info_resume             Data transfer resumed
qtn_cdata_list_via_bt             Via Bluetooth
qtn_cdata_list_via_cable          Via cable
qtn_cdata_list_via_ir             Via infrared
qtn_cdata_notif_act_conn_via_dt   Activate connection via data terminal
qtn_cdata_notif_align_ports       Point phone's IR port to the IR terminal
qtn_cdata_quest_conn_ready        Connect?
qtn_cdata_quest_ended             Data session ended
qtn_cdata_quest_pause             Pause data session?
qtn_cdata_wait_connecting         Connecting via infrared
qtn_cdmaptt_call_connect          Calling
qtn_cdmaptt_call_incoming         PTT call
qtn_cdmaptt_call_notify           Alerting
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_added_temp       %U added for this call only
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_audio_handset    Default push to talk audio routed to handset
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_audio_loudsp     Default push to talk audio routed to loudspeaker
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_contact_saved    %U saved
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_delete_contact   %U deleted
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_delete_group     Delete group? %U
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_manual_ans_off   Push to talk calls will be automatically answered
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_manual_ans_on    Push to talk calls will be confirmed first
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_pres_avail       Presence availability set to 'Available'
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_pres_available   Presence information available for
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_pres_busy        Presence availability set to 'Busy'
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_pres_dnd         Presence availability set to 'Do not disturb'
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_pres_edit        Remove PTT contact from all PTT groups?
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_pres_removed     Remove contact from all PTT groups and PTT contacts list?
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_pres_succeed     Presence updated
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_ptt_registered   Connected to push to talk service
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_ptt_unregister   Disconnected from push to talk service
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_rename_contact   %1U renamed to %2U
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_svc_disabled     Push to talk service switched off
qtn_cdmaptt_conf_svc_enabled      Push to talk service switched on
qtn_cdmaptt_dtail_available       Available
qtn_cdmaptt_dtail_busy            Busy
qtn_cdmaptt_dtail_do_not_dist     Do not disturb
qtn_cdmaptt_dtail_unknown         Unknown
qtn_cdmaptt_err_add_member        Failed to add %1U to %2U
qtn_cdmaptt_err_analog            Push to talk requires high-speed data connection
qtn_cdmaptt_err_create_group      Failed to create group %U
qtn_cdmaptt_err_delete_group      Failed to delete group %U
qtn_cdmaptt_err_del_contact       Unable to delete %U
qtn_cdmaptt_err_invalid_number    Invalid push to talk number
qtn_cdmaptt_err_max_contacts      Maximum number of contacts reached
qtn_cdmaptt_err_max_groups        Maximum number of groups reached
qtn_cdmaptt_err_max_members       Maximum number of members reached
qtn_cdmaptt_err_new_contact       Unable to save %U
qtn_cdmaptt_err_not_valid_user    Push to talk user ID not recognised by server
qtn_cdmaptt_err_no_data_connect   Push to talk data connection unavailable
qtn_cdmaptt_err_number_exists     Push to talk number aleady in use
qtn_cdmaptt_err_pres_failed       Presence information could not be updated
qtn_cdmaptt_err_recpt_busy        Recipient busy
qtn_cdmaptt_err_recpt_not_avail   Recipient not available
qtn_cdmaptt_err_rename_contact    Unable to rename %U
qtn_cdmaptt_err_rename_failed     Failed to rename group %U
qtn_cdmaptt_err_serv_not_avail    Push to talk service temporarily unavailable
qtn_cdmaptt_err_voice_call        PTT call not allowed. End voice call first.
qtn_cdmaptt_floor_exit            %U exited
qtn_cdmaptt_floor_joined          %U joined
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr                   Push to talk
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_active_members    Active members
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_add_member        Add member
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_alerting_tone     Alert tone
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_contact_updates   Contact updates
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_default_audio     Default speaker
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_details           PTT details
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_groups            PTT groups
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_group_query       PTT group
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_manual_ans        Conf. PTT calls
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_new_contact       New contact
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_new_group         New PTT group
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_options           Options
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_ptt_contacts      PTT contacts
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_ptt_service       PTT service
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_rename            Rename
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_settings          PTT settings
qtn_cdmaptt_hdr_set_presence      Presence
qtn_cdmaptt_ilist_contacts        Push to talk contacts
qtn_cdmaptt_ilist_groups          Push to talk groups
qtn_cdmaptt_ilist_pres_refresh    Update presence
qtn_cdmaptt_ilist_redial          Call: %U
qtn_cdmaptt_ilist_settings        Push to talk settings
qtn_cdmaptt_ilist_set_available   Available
qtn_cdmaptt_ilist_set_busy        Busy
qtn_cdmaptt_ilist_set_dnd         Do not disturb
qtn_cdmaptt_indic_floor_open      Conversation open
qtn_cdmaptt_indic_group_call      Group call
qtn_cdmaptt_indic_remote_speak    speaking
qtn_cdmaptt_indic_speak           Speak now
qtn_cdmaptt_info_add_member       %0U added to group %1U
qtn_cdmaptt_info_create_contact   %U saved
qtn_cdmaptt_info_create_group     Group %U created
qtn_cdmaptt_info_create_grp_err   Unable to create group %U
qtn_cdmaptt_info_delete_group     Group %U deleted
qtn_cdmaptt_info_name_cut         Contact name cannot exceed 24 characters
qtn_cdmaptt_info_name_exists      Name already exists
qtn_cdmaptt_info_one_number       Each contact can have only one Push to talk address
qtn_cdmaptt_info_pending_op       Updates not confirmed by network yet
qtn_cdmaptt_info_pres_cleared     Contact removed from PTT groups and contacts
qtn_cdmaptt_info_pres_upd_fail    Presence update failed
qtn_cdmaptt_info_rename_group     Group %0U renamed to %1U
qtn_cdmaptt_info_request_sent     Request sent to network. No response yet.
qtn_cdmaptt_list_add_contact      New PTT contact
qtn_cdmaptt_list_add_member       Add member
qtn_cdmaptt_list_add_temp         Add contact once
qtn_cdmaptt_list_alert_call       Alert call
qtn_cdmaptt_list_available        Available
qtn_cdmaptt_list_busy             Busy
qtn_cdmaptt_list_change_list      Change view
qtn_cdmaptt_list_copy_contact     Copy to Contacts
qtn_cdmaptt_list_create_group     New PTT group
qtn_cdmaptt_list_delete_contact   Delete
qtn_cdmaptt_list_delete_group     Delete
qtn_cdmaptt_list_dnd              Do not disturb
qtn_cdmaptt_list_group_call       PTT group call
qtn_cdmaptt_list_pres_refresh     Update presence
qtn_cdmaptt_list_ptt              Push to talk
qtn_cdmaptt_list_ptt_disable      Disable
qtn_cdmaptt_list_ptt_enable       Enable
qtn_cdmaptt_list_rename_contact   Rename
qtn_cdmaptt_list_rename_group     Rename
qtn_cdmaptt_list_search           Search
qtn_cdmaptt_list_settings         PTT settings
qtn_cdmaptt_list_unavailable      Unavailable
qtn_cdmaptt_list_unknown          Unknown
qtn_cdmaptt_list_using_data       Set by network
qtn_cdmaptt_main_ptt              Push to talk
qtn_cdmaptt_mtcall_group          PTT group call
qtn_cdmaptt_prmpt_contact_mdn     PTT number:
qtn_cdmaptt_prmpt_contact_name    PTT contact name:
qtn_cdmaptt_prmpt_group_name      Push to talk group name:
qtn_cdmaptt_prmpt_ptt_number      Push to talk address:
qtn_cdmaptt_quest_create_group    Group %U created. Add new group member?
qtn_cdmaptt_quest_delete_group    %U will be deleted. Continue?
qtn_cdmaptt_quest_del_contact     %U will be deleted. Continue?
qtn_cdmaptt_quest_ptt_disabled    Push to talk switched off. Enable?
qtn_cdmaptt_sett_alerting_tone    Alert tone
qtn_cdmaptt_sett_audio_handset    Handset
qtn_cdmaptt_sett_audio_loudsp     Loudspeaker
qtn_cdmaptt_sett_default_audio    Default audio
qtn_cdmaptt_sett_manual_answer    Confirm push to talk calls
qtn_cdmaptt_sett_manual_ans_off   No
qtn_cdmaptt_sett_manual_ans_on    Yes
qtn_cdmaptt_sett_presence         Presence
qtn_cdmaptt_sett_ptt_disabled     Off
qtn_cdmaptt_sett_ptt_enabled      On
qtn_cdmaptt_sett_ptt_service      Push to talk service
qtn_cdmaptt_softkey_add           Add
qtn_cdmaptt_softkey_group         Group
qtn_cdmaptt_softkey_import        Import
qtn_cdmaptt_softkey_more          More
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_contact_added     %N contacts added
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_contact_add_det   %U added
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_contact_name      PTT contact name
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_contact_number    PTT number
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_contact_renamed   Contact renamed to %U
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_details           Details
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_group_name        PTT group name
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_names_changed     %N PTT contact names changed
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_numbers_deleted   %N PTT numbers deleted
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_number_changed    %N numbers changed to PTT numbers
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_number_deleted    %U push to talk number deleted
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_presence          Presence
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_saved_as          %0U saved as %1U
qtn_cdmaptt_txt_summary           Summary
qtn_cdmaptt_wait_add_member       %0U to %1U
qtn_cdmaptt_wait_create_contact   Saving %U
qtn_cdmaptt_wait_create_group     Creating %U
qtn_cdmaptt_wait_delete_contact   Deleting %U
qtn_cdmaptt_wait_delete_group     Deleting %U
qtn_cdmaptt_wait_pres_refresh     Updating presence
qtn_cdmaptt_wait_register         Connecting to PTT service
qtn_cdmaptt_wait_rename_contact   %0U to %1U
qtn_cdmaptt_wait_rename_group     %0U to %1U
qtn_cdmaptt_warn_near_max         Max. no. almost reached (%0N/%1N)
qtn_cdmp_err_3g_lost              3G service lost
qtn_cdmp_err_conn_fail            Connection failed
qtn_cdmp_err_data_chan_lost       Data channel lost
qtn_cdmp_err_digital_dropped      Digital service disconnected
qtn_cdmp_err_invalid_settings     Invalid streaming settings
qtn_cdmp_err_no_3g                No 3G service available
qtn_cdmp_err_no_digital           Not available in analogue mode
qtn_cdmp_err_no_signal            No signal available
qtn_cdmp_hdr_online_media         Online media
qtn_cdmp_list_browse_media        Browse media
qtn_cdmp_list_channel_listing     Channel listing
qtn_cdmp_list_online_media        Online media
qtn_cellbr_conf_alert             Alert tone selected
qtn_cellbr_conf_msg_erased        Message deleted
qtn_cellbr_conf_msg_moved         Message moved to archive
qtn_cellbr_conf_read_erased       All read messages deleted
qtn_cellbr_conf_vibrate_off       Vibra alerting off
qtn_cellbr_conf_vibrate_on        Vibrating alert on
qtn_cellbr_err_no_read            No read messages
qtn_cellbr_err_saved_full         Archive full. Delete messages.
qtn_cellbr_full_erase             Delete info service messages
qtn_cellbr_full_info_serv         Info service messages
qtn_cellbr_full_saved             Archive
qtn_cellbr_full_settings          Info service settings
qtn_cellbr_hdr_alert              Alert tones
qtn_cellbr_hdr_erase              Delete
qtn_cellbr_hdr_info_inbox         Info msg. inbox
qtn_cellbr_hdr_info_serv          Info service
qtn_cellbr_hdr_saved              Archive
qtn_cellbr_hdr_settings           Settings
qtn_cellbr_hdr_vibrate            Vibrating alert
qtn_cellbr_list_option_save       Save message
qtn_cellbr_list_vibrate_off       Off
qtn_cellbr_list_vibrate_on        On
qtn_cellbr_notif_one_recvd        1 info message received
qtn_cellbr_notif_recvd            %N info messages received
qtn_cellbr_number_new             %N new
qtn_cellbr_number_read            %N read
qtn_cellbr_quest_erase            Delete all read messages?
qtn_cellbr_sett_admin             Administrative
qtn_cellbr_sett_alert             Alert tones
qtn_cellbr_sett_archive           Archive
qtn_cellbr_sett_emg_brdcst        Emergency broadcasts
qtn_cellbr_sett_info_inbox        Info message inbox
qtn_cellbr_sett_maintenance       Maintenance
qtn_cellbr_sett_vibrate           Vibrating alert
qtn_cfm_erase_all_messages       Delete all messages from %U?
qtn_cfm_hdr_saved_folder         Saved items
qtn_cfm_inbox_del_pending_mms    Also delete messages waiting to be retrieved?
qtn_cfm_info_msg_not_saved       Message not saved
qtn_cfm_mms_no_memory            Multimedia memory full. New msgs. discarded.
qtn_cfm_mms_retrieval_fail_del   Multimedia message cannot be retrieved. Remove prompt?
qtn_cfm_mms_retry_retrieval      Multimedia message retrieval failed. Try again?
qtn_cfm_quest_save_message       Save message?
qtn_cfm_roaming_retrieve         Phone not in home network. Continue?
qtn_check_service                Check status
qtn_chi_input_ambg_anang         an, ang
qtn_chi_input_ambg_cch           c, ch
qtn_chi_input_ambg_eneng         en, eng
qtn_chi_input_ambg_fh            f, h
qtn_chi_input_ambg_ining         in, ing
qtn_chi_input_ambg_nl            n, l
qtn_chi_input_ambg_rl            r, l
qtn_chi_input_ambg_ssh           s, sh
qtn_chi_input_ambg_zzh           z, zh
qtn_chi_input_conf_ambg_off      Ambiguous pinyin off
qtn_chi_input_conf_ambg_on       Ambiguous pinyin on
qtn_chi_input_conf_ambg_saved    Ambiguous pinyin setting saved
qtn_chi_input_conf_deleted       Deleted
qtn_chi_input_conf_saved         Phrase saved
qtn_chi_input_hdr_ambg           Ambiguous pinyin
qtn_chi_input_hdr_define         New phrase
qtn_chi_input_hdr_udb            User phrases
qtn_chi_input_info_exist         Phrase already exists
qtn_chi_input_info_invalid       Invalid phrase
qtn_chi_input_opt_add            Add
qtn_chi_input_opt_ambg           Ambiguous pinyin
qtn_chi_input_opt_ambg_off       Ambig. pinyin off
qtn_chi_input_opt_ambg_on        Ambig. pinyin on
qtn_chi_input_opt_del            Delete
qtn_chi_input_opt_del_all        Delete all
qtn_chi_input_opt_edit           Edit
qtn_chi_input_opt_phrase         Create phrase
qtn_chi_input_opt_udb            User phrases
qtn_chi_input_query_phrase       Enter phrase:
qtn_chi_input_quest_delete        %U
qtn_chi_input_quest_delete_all   Delete all?
qtn_chn_pb_info_func_not_avail   Option not available when flip is open
qtn_chr_key_lower_row1col10      9
qtn_chr_key_lower_row1col11      0
qtn_chr_key_lower_row1col2       1
qtn_chr_key_lower_row1col3       2
qtn_chr_key_lower_row1col4       3
qtn_chr_key_lower_row1col5       4
qtn_chr_key_lower_row1col6       5
qtn_chr_key_lower_row1col7        6
qtn_chr_key_lower_row1col8        7
qtn_chr_key_lower_row1col9        8
qtn_chr_key_lower_row2col1        -
qtn_chr_key_lower_row2col12       +
qtn_chr_key_lower_row3col1        [
qtn_chr_key_lower_row3col11       :
qtn_chr_key_lower_row3col12       „‟
qtn_chr_key_lower_row4col10       。
qtn_chr_key_lower_row4col11       /
qtn_chr_key_lower_row4col9        ,
qtn_chr_key_upper_row1col10       )
qtn_chr_key_upper_row1col11       ¥
qtn_chr_key_upper_row1col2        !
qtn_chr_key_upper_row1col3        @
qtn_chr_key_upper_row1col4        #
qtn_chr_key_upper_row1col5        $
qtn_chr_key_upper_row1col6        %
qtn_chr_key_upper_row1col7        &
qtn_chr_key_upper_row1col8        *
qtn_chr_key_upper_row1col9        (
qtn_chr_key_upper_row2col1        \
qtn_chr_key_upper_row2col12       =
qtn_chr_key_upper_row3col1        ]
qtn_chr_key_upper_row3col11       ;
qtn_chr_key_upper_row3col12       “”
qtn_chr_key_upper_row4col10       >
qtn_chr_key_upper_row4col11       ?
qtn_chr_key_upper_row4col9        <
qtn_cjava_quest_browser_launch    Allow application to start browser?
qtn_cjava_quest_email_launch      Allow application to start U-Mail?
qtn_cjava_quest_make_calls        Allow application to make calls?
qtn_cjava_quest_msg_launch        Allow application to access text messaging?
qtn_clig_hdr_colleagues           Business
qtn_clig_hdr_family               Family
qtn_clig_hdr_friends              Friends
qtn_clig_hdr_other                Other
qtn_clig_hdr_vip                  VIP
qtn_clig_info_all_names           All contacts in caller group
qtn_clit_conf_cli_tone_selected   Ringing tone selected
qtn_clk_april                     Apr
qtn_clk_august                    Aug
qtn_clk_conf_date_hidden          Date hidden
qtn_clk_conf_date_shown           Date displayed
qtn_clk_conf_tz_selected          Time zone selected
qtn_clk_dd_mmm_yyyy               DD MMM YYYY
qtn_clk_december                  Dec
qtn_clk_default_tz                GMT
qtn_clk_february                  Feb
qtn_clk_friday                    Fri
qtn_clk_hdr_date_setting         Date
qtn_clk_hdr_time_zone            Time zone
qtn_clk_idle_am                  am
qtn_clk_idle_pm                  pm
qtn_clk_ilist_time_zone_list     GMT %U
qtn_clk_info_date_not_set        Date not set
qtn_clk_info_set_date            Set date first
qtn_clk_info_set_time_date       Set time and date first
qtn_clk_info_time_date_not_set   Time and date not set
qtn_clk_january                  Jan
qtn_clk_july                     Jul
qtn_clk_june                     Jun
qtn_clk_list_dd_mm_yy            DD MM YY
qtn_clk_list_hide_date           Hide date
qtn_clk_list_mm_dd_yy            MM DD YY
qtn_clk_list_show_date           Show date
qtn_clk_list_time_zone           Time zone
qtn_clk_list_time_zone_list      GMT %U
qtn_clk_list_yyyy_mmm_dd         YYYY MMM DD
qtn_clk_list_yy_mm_dd            YY MM DD
qtn_clk_march                    Mar
qtn_clk_may                      May
qtn_clk_mmm_dd_yyyy              MMM DD YYYY
qtn_clk_monday                   Mon
qtn_clk_november                 Nov
qtn_clk_october                  Oct
qtn_clk_saturday                 Sat
qtn_clk_september                Sep
qtn_clk_sunday                   Sun
qtn_clk_thursday                 Thu
qtn_clk_tuesday                  Tue
qtn_clk_wednesday                Wed
qtn_cme_conf_object_added        Object added
qtn_cme_conf_object_removed      Object deleted
qtn_cme_conf_remove_file         %U
qtn_cme_info_max_size_exceeded   Maximum message size exceeded by %N kB
qtn_cme_info_scaling_failed      Image scaling failed. Original size used.
qtn_cme_list_insert_image        Insert image
qtn_cme_list_insert_sound        Insert sound clip
qtn_cme_list_insert_video        Insert video clip
qtn_cme_list_remove_image        Remove image
qtn_cme_list_remove_sound        Remove sound clip
qtn_cme_list_remove_video        Remove video clip
qtn_cme_wait_scaling_image       Scaling image
qtn_cmmc_conf_added_to_contact   Added to contact
qtn_cmmc_info_insert_card        Insert memory card first
qtn_cmmc_list_add_to_contact     Add to contact
qtn_cmmc_list_memory_card        Memory card
qtn_cmmc_list_view_contents      View contents
qtn_cmmc_quest_replace_image      Replace existing image?
qtn_cmmc_wait_opening_content     Opening
qtn_cmmc_wait_opening_mmc         %U
qtn_cmm_conf_sending_message      Message queued for sending
qtn_cmm_email                     E-mail
qtn_cmm_err_mms_failed            Multimedia message sending failed
qtn_cmm_err_sending_failed        Multimedia message sending failed
qtn_cmm_hdr_outbox                Outbox
qtn_cmm_hdr_sent_items            Sent items
qtn_cmm_ilist_multimedia_outbox   Outbox
qtn_cmm_info_mms_sent             Multimedia message sent
qtn_cmm_info_mm_not_available     Message already sent
qtn_cmm_list_erase_mms_outbox     Outbox
qtn_cmm_list_erase_mms_saved      Saved items
qtn_cmm_list_multimedia_outbox    Outbox
qtn_cmm_list_multimedia_saved     Saved items
qtn_cmm_list_multimedia_sent      Sent items
                                  Selected white balance:
qtn_cm_conf_wb_selected           %U
qtn_cnap_active                   Name of caller is shown
qtn_cnap_not_active               Name of caller is not shown
qtn_cntdn_conf_autom              Automatic continuation enabled
qtn_cntdn_conf_confirm            Continuing after confirmation enabled
qtn_cntdn_conf_per_erased         %U
qtn_cntdn_conf_per_running        %U
qtn_cntdn_conf_per_saved          %U
qtn_cntdn_conf_timer_erased       %U
qtn_cntdn_erase_timer             Delete timer
qtn_cntdn_hdr_countdown           Countd. timer
qtn_cntdn_hdr_interval            Interval timers
qtn_cntdn_hdr_period              Period
qtn_cntdn_hdr_prog_to_per         To next period
qtn_cntdn_hdr_settings            Settings
qtn_cntdn_hdr_start_from          Start timer from
qtn_cntdn_hdr_timer               Timer
qtn_cntdn_ilist_automatic         Automatic
qtn_cntdn_ilist_conf_first        Confirm first
qtn_cntdn_info_all_per_erased     All periods deleted
qtn_cntdn_info_all_tim_erased     All timers deleted
qtn_cntdn_info_hhmmss             Enter time as hhmmss
qtn_cntdn_info_min_second         Minimum time is 1 second
qtn_cntdn_info_no_periods         No periods saved
qtn_cntdn_info_only_trad          Interval timer is running
qtn_cntdn_list_add_new            Add new timer
qtn_cntdn_list_add_period         Add period
qtn_cntdn_list_automatic         Automatic
qtn_cntdn_list_conf_first        Confirm first
qtn_cntdn_list_edit_period       Edit period
qtn_cntdn_list_edit_timer        Edit timer
qtn_cntdn_list_erase_period      Delete period
qtn_cntdn_list_interval          Interval timer
qtn_cntdn_list_settings          Settings
qtn_cntdn_list_start_timer       Start timer
qtn_cntdn_list_traditional       Normal timer
qtn_cntdn_list_view_timer        View timer
qtn_cntdn_maximum_note_length    24
qtn_cntdn_prmpt_name_for_per     Name for period %0N/%1N:
qtn_cntdn_prmpt_timer_name       Timer name:
qtn_cntdn_prmpt_time_for_per     Time for period %0N/%1N:
qtn_cntdn_quest_erase_per        %U
qtn_cntdn_quest_erase_timer      %U
qtn_cntdn_quest_per_mem_full     Memory full. Delete one of existing periods?
qtn_cntdn_quest_timer_mem_full   Memory full. Delete one of existing timers?
qtn_cntdn_sett_prog_to_per       Continue to the next period
qtn_cntdn_set_from_idle          Countdown timer
qtn_cntdn_set_from_idle_info     Enter time as hhmm
qtn_cntdn_softk_continue         Next
qtn_cntdn_softk_restart          Restart
qtn_cntdn_zero_set_idle_info     Minimum time 1 minute
qtn_color_selection_hdr_color    Colour
qtn_conf_acc_landmarks_session   Allow app. to add new or access all your landmarks until app. exits?
qtn_conf_active_ai_ucsk          Navigation key icons cannot be used when active standby is on. Swi
qtn_conf_active_ohs_ucsk         Navigation key icons cannot be used when Orange HomeScreen is o
qtn_conf_active_ucsk_ai          Active standby cannot be used when navigation key icons are on. Sw
qtn_conf_active_ucsk_ohs         Orange HomeScreen cannot be used when navigation key icons are
qtn_conf_act_key_filter_off      Activation key reception filter off
qtn_conf_act_key_filter_on       Activation key reception filter on
qtn_conf_added_to_blocked        Added to blocked list
qtn_conf_added_to_group_list     Added to group list
                                 Added to IM contacts:
qtn_conf_added_to_im_list        %U
qtn_conf_added_to_im_list_aol    Buddy added
qtn_conf_added_to_im_list_icq    Contact added
qtn_conf_added_to_private        Added to private list
qtn_conf_ai_dupl_on_ai_on        Select general indicators option to see all standby mode info in activ
qtn_conf_ai_dupl_remove_info     General indicators option must be selected to see all standby mode
qtn_conf_ai_on_dupl_on           Select general indicators option to see all standby mode info in activ
qtn_conf_alias_saved             Alias saved
qtn_conf_alias_saved_aol         Nickname saved
qtn_conf_alias_saved_icq         Nickname saved
qtn_conf_allow_auto_start        Allow application to start when notified?
qtn_conf_allow_connection         Allow connection via:
qtn_conf_allow_local_connect      Allow application to use connectivity applications?
qtn_conf_all_deleted              All messages deleted from %U
qtn_conf_all_notes_deleted        All notes deleted
qtn_conf_already_installed        Latest version %U already installed. Open it now?
qtn_conf_analog                   Analogue clock selected
qtn_conf_app_permissions_saved    Settings saved:
qtn_conf_app_send_video           Application may send recorded data. Continue?
qtn_conf_araind_number_sel        Arabic selected
qtn_conf_autologin_off            Automatic login off
qtn_conf_autologin_off_aol        Auto-Sign On off
qtn_conf_autologin_off_icq        Auto-Connect off
qtn_conf_autologin_off_vf         Automatic login switched off
qtn_conf_autologin_powerup        Automatic login on phone start-up selected
qtn_conf_autologin_powerup_aol    Auto-Sign On at power-up
qtn_conf_autologin_powerup_icq    Auto-Connect at power-up
qtn_conf_autologin_powerup_yah    Auto Sign In on power up
qtn_conf_autolog_on_launch_aol    Auto-Sign On at start-up
qtn_conf_autolog_on_launch_icq    Auto-Connect at start-up
qtn_conf_availabilty_selected     Availability selected
qtn_conf_availabilty_select_vf    Status changed
qtn_conf_bcard_saved              Card saved to phone memory. Select phone memory or combined m
qtn_conf_chat_closed              Conversation ended
qtn_conf_chat_name_changed        IM service name changed
qtn_conf_connected_to_service     Connected to 'My presence' service
qtn_conf_connect_auto             Automatic connection selected
qtn_conf_connect_bluetooth        Bluetooth
qtn_conf_connect_data_cable       Data cable
qtn_conf_connect_infrared         Infrared
qtn_conf_connect_manual           Manual connection selected
qtn_conf_copy_app_to_phone        Memory card is read-only. Copy app. to phone memory?
qtn_conf_costs_warning            Application can connect automatically. Continue?
qtn_conf_create_call              Create call to:
qtn_conf_def_ptt_addr_changed     Default push to talk address set
qtn_conf_deletion_quitted         Deleting interrupted
qtn_conf_del_invalid_file         Invalid application. Delete?
qtn_conf_del_unsupported_app      Application not supported. Delete?
qtn_conf_digital                  Digital clock selected
qtn_conf_disconnec_from_service   Disconnected from presence service
qtn_conf_dual_mode                Dual mode selected
qtn_conf_empty_group_kept         Empty group kept
qtn_conf_exit_application         Exit application?
                                  Copied to
qtn_conf_file_copied_to           %U
qtn_conf_file_saved_to            Saved to %U
qtn_conf_flight_active            Flight profile active. All active conns. ended.
qtn_conf_flight_end_conn          End all active connections?
qtn_conf_flight_end_mess          Some messages pending in Outbox. End all connections?
qtn_conf_flight_leave            Exit flight profile?
qtn_conf_flight_query_off        Flight query off
qtn_conf_flight_query_on         Flight query on
                                 Size selected:
qtn_conf_font_size_selected      %U
qtn_conf_get_location_oneshot    Allow application to get your current location?
qtn_conf_get_location_session    Allow app. to get your current and future locations until app. exits?
qtn_conf_group_not_added         Not added to group list
qtn_conf_gsm                     GSM selected
qtn_conf_ignition_off            Ignition detector deactivated
qtn_conf_ignition_on             Ignition detector activated
qtn_conf_imei_off                Send serial number switched off
qtn_conf_imei_on                 Send serial number switched on
qtn_conf_im_alert_off            Instant message alert tone off
qtn_conf_im_alert_selected       Instant message alert tone selected
qtn_conf_infolink_saved          Web link saved
qtn_conf_invitation_deleted      Invitation deleted
                                 Joined group:
qtn_conf_joined_to_group         %U
                                 Joined Conversation:
qtn_conf_joined_to_group_vf      %U
qtn_conf_latin_number_sel        Latin selected
qtn_conf_light_seq_off           Light effects off
qtn_conf_light_seq_on            Light effects on
qtn_conf_logged_out              Logged out
qtn_conf_logged_out_aol          Signed off
qtn_conf_logged_out_icq          Logged out
qtn_conf_logo_selected           Logo selected
qtn_conf_looping_off             Looping off
qtn_conf_looping_on              Looping on
qtn_conf_make_public             Changed to public
qtn_conf_messages_blocked        %U
qtn_conf_messages_copied         %0N messages copied to %1U
qtn_conf_messages_unblocked      %U
qtn_conf_message_copied          Message copied to %U
qtn_conf_month_view_selected     Month view selected
qtn_conf_moved_to_blocked        Moved to blocked list
qtn_conf_moved_to_private        Moved to private list
qtn_conf_msgs_deleted            %N messages deleted
qtn_conf_msgs_outbox_deleted     Failed and cancelled msgs. deleted from Outbox
qtn_conf_multiple_ids            More than one User ID available. Select one.
qtn_conf_multiple_ids_vf         More than one Messenger ID available. Select one.
qtn_conf_name_saved_no_changes   Conversation saved without changes
qtn_conf_name_sett_selected      Name display selected
qtn_conf_notep_send_cancelled    Note sending cancelled
qtn_conf_note_send_cancelled     Note sending cancelled
qtn_conf_no_changes_made          Name saved without changes
qtn_conf_phone_def_activated      Default settings activated
qtn_conf_playback_cancelled       Playback cancelled
qtn_conf_prefer_access_point      Activated as preferred access point
qtn_conf_presence_link_off        Synchro- nisation with profiles off
qtn_conf_presence_link_on         Synchro- nisation with profiles on
qtn_conf_presence_name_changed    Presence service name changed
qtn_conf_proxy_disabled           Proxy disabled
qtn_conf_proxy_enabled            Proxy enabled
qtn_conf_publish_no_one           Show to no one' selected
qtn_conf_publish_private_only     Show to private viewers' selected
qtn_conf_publish_private_public   Show to private and public' selected
qtn_conf_pwr_dwn_tone_off         Switch off tone not played
qtn_conf_pwr_dwn_tone_on          Switch off tone played
qtn_conf_pwr_flight_mode          Activate flight profile?
qtn_conf_read_deleted             Read messages deleted from %U
qtn_conf_rec_audio_oneshot        Allow application to use microphone for voice recording?
qtn_conf_rec_photo_oneshot        Allow application to use this camera image?
qtn_conf_rec_session              Allow application to use camera and microphone for recording until a
qtn_conf_rec_video_oneshot        Allow application to use camera for video recording?
qtn_conf_removed_from_groups      Deleted from group list
qtn_conf_removed_from_im_aol      Buddy deleted
qtn_conf_removed_from_im_icq      Contact deleted
qtn_conf_removed_from_im_list     Removed from Instant messaging contacts
qtn_conf_remov_from_im_list_vf    %U deleted from IM Contacts
qtn_conf_renamed                  Name changed
qtn_conf_replace_application      Replace %0U with newer version %1U?
qtn_conf_retrimethod_selected     Retrieval method selected
qtn_conf_run_app_from_phone       Memory card is read-only. Application will be run from %0U folder %
qtn_conf_scroll_key_ind_off       Navigation key icons off
qtn_conf_scroll_key_ind_on        Navigation key icons on
qtn_conf_secure_login_disabled    Secure login disabled
qtn_conf_sent_file                %U
qtn_conf_sets_saved_changed       Settings saved and changed
qtn_conf_settings_warning         Simultaneous auto-start and netw. acc. not allowed
                                  Set as default:
qtn_conf_set_as_default           %U
qtn_conf_show_status_idle_off     Current presence not shown in standby
qtn_conf_show_status_idle_on      Current presence shown in standby
qtn_conf_slide_answ_on_open_off   Calls will not be answered when slide is opened
qtn_conf_slide_answ_on_open_on    Calls will be answered when slide is opened
qtn_conf_slide_end_on_close_off   Calls will not be ended when slide is closed
qtn_conf_slide_end_on_close_on    Calls will be ended when slide is closed
qtn_conf_sm                       Sleep mode option saves battery. Switch off anyway?
qtn_conf_smart_card_comm          Allow app. to communicate with smart card until app. exits?
qtn_conf_snooze_time_out          Snooze time-out selected
qtn_conf_sorting_selected         Sorting type selected
qtn_conf_subscription_activated   Subscription activated
qtn_conf_subscription_ended       Subscription ended
qtn_conf_swivel_answ_on_open_on   Calls will be answered when swivel is opened
qtn_conf_swivel_end_on_close_on   Calls will end when swivel is closed
qtn_conf_swi_answ_on_open_off     Calls will not be answered when swivel is opened
qtn_conf_swi_end_on_close_off     Calls will not end when swivel is closed
qtn_conf_template_renamed         Template renamed
qtn_conf_umts                     UMTS selected
                                  Update complete:
qtn_conf_update_complete          %U
qtn_conf_usernote_saved           Note saved
qtn_conf_week_view_selected       Week view selected
qtn_conf_wv_ser_name_changed      IM and presence service name changed
qtn_conf_wv_user_id_changed       User ID changed
qtn_connectivity_gprs             Packet data
qtn_connectivity_hdr_connectivi   Connectivity
qtn_connectivity_hdr_gprs         Packet data
qtn_connectivity_menu             Connectivity
qtn_crypt_err_no_service          Voice privacy only available in digital service
qtn_crypt_err_service_not_avail   Service not available
qtn_cs                            Colour schemes
qtn_csysl_confq_rm_rate_answer    Roaming rate applies. Answer?
qtn_csysl_confq_rm_rate_place     Roaming rate applies. Place call?
qtn_csysl_conf_alerts_off         Roam call alert tones off
qtn_csysl_conf_alerts_on          Roam call alert tones on
qtn_csysl_conf_a_only             A band channels only selected
qtn_csysl_conf_b_only             B band channels only selected
qtn_csysl_conf_call_guard_off     Call guard off
qtn_csysl_conf_call_guard_on      Call guard on
qtn_csysl_conf_default_tone       Default roam call ringing tone selected
qtn_csysl_conf_is95_per_call      Use IS-95 for next few minutes?
qtn_csysl_conf_no_srvc_try_anal   %U service unavailable. Roam on analog?
qtn_csysl_conf_roaming_only       Selected: Roaming only
qtn_csysl_conf_selected           %U selected
qtn_csysl_err_no_serv_avail       No network coverage
qtn_csysl_fwsc_call_guard         Call guard
qtn_csysl_fwsc_set_mode           Set mode
qtn_csysl_hdr_roam_alert          Roam call alerts
qtn_csysl_header_system           Network
qtn_csysl_ilist_network           Network
qtn_csysl_ilist_roaming           Roaming
qtn_csysl_ind_alliance            Alliance partner
qtn_csysl_ind_analog_a            Analogue A
qtn_csysl_ind_analog_b            Analogue B
qtn_csysl_ind_available           Available system
qtn_csysl_ind_extend_network      Extended network
qtn_csysl_ind_full_service        Roaming full service
qtn_csysl_ind_internat_roam       When abroad
qtn_csysl_ind_internat_roaming    When abroad
qtn_csysl_ind_out_of_building     Out of building
qtn_csysl_ind_partial_service     Roaming partial serv.
qtn_csysl_ind_preferred           Preferred system
qtn_csysl_ind_premium             Premium partner
qtn_csysl_ind_sprint              Service provider
qtn_csysl_info_home_not_avail     %U currently unavailable
qtn_csysl_info_sprint_not_avail   %S currently unavailable
qtn_csysl_list_a_only             Automatic - A only
qtn_csysl_list_b_only             Automatic - B only
qtn_csysl_list_default_tone       Default roam tone
qtn_csysl_list_ring_tone          Ringing tone
qtn_csysl_list_roaming_only       Roaming only
qtn_csysl_mode_is95_per_call      IS-95 per call
qtn_csysl_note_is95_per_call      Selected: IS-95 per call
qtn_csysl_quest_banner_srvc       %U service only
qtn_csysl_quest_roam_only         Roaming rate will apply until the phone is switched off
qtn_csysl_quest_try_roam          %U service not available. Place roam call?
qtn_csysl_roaming_mo_call         Roam call
qtn_csysl_roaming_mt_call         Roam call
qtn_csysl_roam_timer              Roam: %U
qtn_csysl_sdca_full_srvc_name     %U
qtn_csysl_sdca_hdr_srvc_name      Service area
qtn_csysl_sdca_indic_success      %U
qtn_csysl_sdca_list_srvc_name     Service area
qtn_csysl_sdca_note_failure       Not registered yet
qtn_csysl_sdca_note_srvc_name     network area
qtn_csysl_sel_call_guard_off      Off
qtn_csysl_sel_call_guard_on       On
qtn_csysl_sett_roam_alert         Roam call alert tones
qtn_csysl_sprint_hdr_call_guard   Call guard
qtn_csysl_sprint_hdr_set_mode     Set mode
qtn_csysl_wait_enter_analog       Entering analog serv.
qtn_cs_conf_note_activated        Colour scheme selected:
qtn_cs_hdr                        Colour schemes
qtn_cs_list_black                 Black
qtn_cs_list_blue                  Blue
qtn_cs_list_brown                 Brown
qtn_cs_list_gray                  Grey
qtn_cs_list_green                 Green
qtn_cs_list_orange                Orange
qtn_cs_list_pink                  Pink
qtn_cs_list_purple                Purple
qtn_cs_list_red                   Red
qtn_cs_list_silver                Silver
qtn_cs_list_turquoise             Turquoise
qtn_cs_list_violet                Violet
qtn_cs_list_yellow                Yellow
qtn_data_conf_active_bearer       Active data bearer: %U
qtn_data_hdr_1xrtt                1xRTT
qtn_data_hdr_active_bearer        Active bearer
qtn_data_hdr_data_bearer          Data bearer
qtn_data_hdr_multimedia           Media gateway
qtn_data_hdr_profile_username     User name
qtn_data_info_ir_fail             Infrared connection failed
qtn_data_info_no_free_slots       Memory full. Delete an existing profile.
qtn_data_info_only_one_profile    Only one profile available
qtn_data_list_1xrtt               1xRTT
qtn_data_list_automatic           Automatic
qtn_data_list_forbid_sid_nid_u    Forbid. SID/NID %U
qtn_data_list_home_sid_nid_u      Home SID/NID %U
qtn_data_list_multimedia_edit     Edit
qtn_data_list_multimedia_view     View
qtn_data_prmpt_domain             Domain:
qtn_data_sett_active_bearer       Active data bearer
qtn_data_sett_bearer_settings     Data bearer settings
qtn_data_sett_multimedia          Multimedia gateway
qtn_default_alias                 Alias
qtn_default_alias_aol             Nickname
qtn_default_alias_icq             Nickname
qtn_default_alias_yah             Nick Name
qtn_delete_selected_contact       Delete selected
qtn_detail_read_data              Allow application to read data in:
qtn_dict_entry_opt_antonyms       Antonyms
qtn_dict_entry_opt_exit           Exit
qtn_dict_entry_opt_lookup         Look up
qtn_dict_entry_opt_synonyms       Synonyms
qtn_dict_hdr_antonyms             %U
qtn_dict_hdr_dictionary           Dictionary
qtn_dict_hdr_entry_option         %U
qtn_dict_hdr_lexis                %U
qtn_dict_hdr_synonyms             %U
qtn_dict_hdr_trans                %U
qtn_dict_menu_dictionary_main     Dictionary
qtn_dict_menu_dictionary_one      Dictionary
qtn_dict_menu_dictionary_two      Dictionary
qtn_display_settings              Display settings
qtn_display_settings_hdr          Display settings
qtn_displ_conf_contr_changed      Display contrast adjusted
qtn_divert_to_video_mail          To video mailbox
qtn_div_hdr_time_delay            Delay time
qtn_dlog_conf_logs_cleared        All data/fax registers cleared
qtn_dlog_err_end_data_call        End data call first
qtn_dlog_full_all_data_call       Duration of all data/fax calls
qtn_dlog_full_all_data_call_re    All received data/fax
qtn_dlog_full_all_data_call_se    All sent data/fax
qtn_dlog_full_clear_all_data_ca   Clear all data/fax registers
qtn_dlog_full_data_call           Data/fax calls
qtn_dlog_full_last_data_call      Duration of last data/fax call
qtn_dlog_full_last_data_call_re   Last received data/fax
qtn_dlog_full_last_data_call_se   Last sent data/fax
qtn_dlog_hdr_data_call            Data/fax calls
qtn_dlog_ilist_data_fax_calls     Data/fax calls
qtn_dlog_quest_clear              Clear all data/fax registers?
qtn_downlds_hdr_downlds           Gallery
qtn_dqe_blink_separator           Insert blink char.
qtn_dqe_rtr_list_pred_off         Prediction off
qtn_dqe_rtr_list_pred_on          Prediction on

                                  Name cannot start with full stop or
qtn_dqe_text_illegal_char         space.
qtn_drm_conf_all_rights_deleted   All activation keys deleted
qtn_drm_conf_deleted_right        Deleted
qtn_drm_conf_expired_deleted      All expired activation keys deleted
qtn_drm_conf_rights_discarded     Content not activated
qtn_drm_conf_rights_kept          Activation key kept
qtn_drm_conf_rights_saved         Content activated
qtn_drm_dtail_nolimit             Unlimited
qtn_drm_hdr_expired               Expired keys
qtn_drm_hdr_memory_needed         Delete
qtn_drm_hdr_rights                Activation keys
qtn_drm_info_app_not_activated    Application not activated
qtn_drm_info_no_expired_rights    No expired activation keys found
qtn_drm_info_no_valid_rights      Activate content first
qtn_drm_info_rights_not_saved     Invalid activation key discarded
qtn_drm_invalid_key               No valid activation key
qtn_drm_list_delete_expired       Delete all expired
qtn_drm_list_delete_files         Delete files
qtn_drm_list_delete_rights        Delete activ. key
qtn_drm_list_get_rights           Activate content
qtn_drm_list_show_all             Show all
qtn_drm_list_show_expired         Show expired
qtn_drm_list_unnamed              (unnamed)
qtn_drm_list_usage_rights         Activation key list
qtn_drm_quest_delete_all          Delete all activation keys?
qtn_drm_quest_delete_expired      Delete all expired activation keys?
qtn_drm_quest_delete_right        Delete activation key?
qtn_drm_quest_discard_rights      Discard activation key?
qtn_drm_quest_keep_rights         Keep activation key?
qtn_drm_quest_memfull_delete      Not enough memory. Delete files or acti- vation keys?
qtn_drm_quest_still_mem_needed    Not enough memory. Delete more activation keys?
qtn_drm_quest_update_rights       Activate content via web?
qtn_drm_sett_count                Uses left %U
qtn_drm_sett_end_date             Active until %U
qtn_drm_sett_start_date           Active from %U
qtn_drm_softk_show_all            All
                                  Activation key received
qtn_drm_soft_rights_received      %U
qtn_dset_conf_ip_saved            IP address saved
qtn_dset_conf_password_saved      Password saved
qtn_dset_conf_port_saved          Port value saved
qtn_dset_conf_username            User name saved
qtn_dset_err_invalid_value        Invalid value
qtn_dset_hdr_chap_password        CHAP password
qtn_dset_hdr_data_settings        WAP settings
qtn_dset_hdr_gateway_address      Gateway addr.
qtn_dset_hdr_pap_password         PAP password
qtn_dset_hdr_username             User name
qtn_dset_ilist_data_settings      WAP settings
qtn_dset_prmpt_chap_password      CHAP password:
qtn_dset_prmpt_ip_address         IP address:
qtn_dset_prmpt_pap_password       PAP password:
qtn_dset_prmpt_port               Port:
qtn_dset_prmpt_username           User name:
qtn_dset_quest_enter_data         Changing settings may prevent you from connecting to internet servi
qtn_dset_sett_chap_password       CHAP password
qtn_dset_sett_data_settings       WAP settings
qtn_dset_sett_gateway_address     Gateway address
qtn_dset_sett_ip_address          IP address
qtn_dset_sett_pap_password        PAP password
qtn_dset_sett_port                Port
qtn_dset_sett_username            User name
qtn_dtail_1_msg_amount            1 message
qtn_dtail_app_certif_present      Certificate
qtn_dtail_app_contents            Contents
qtn_dtail_app_country_code        Country code
qtn_dtail_app_descrip             Description
qtn_dtail_app_not_available       Not available
qtn_dtail_app_org                 Organisation
qtn_dtail_app_vendor              Vendor
qtn_dtail_app_version             Version
qtn_dtail_app_without_certif      No
qtn_dtail_app_with_certif         Yes
qtn_dtail_certif_present          Certificate:
qtn_dtail_completed               Complete
qtn_dtail_com_and_multimedia      One of the 'Communication' settings and the 'Multimedia rec.' setting
qtn_dtail_com_and_positioning     One of the 'Communication' settings and the 'Positioning' setting are
qtn_dtail_com_and_read_my_data    One of the 'Communication' settings and the 'Read user data' setting
qtn_dtail_com_and_smart_card      One of the 'Communication' settings and the 'Smart card' setting are
qtn_dtail_contact_not_on_server   Not available on selected server
qtn_dtail_country_code            Country code:
qtn_dtail_create_data_oneshot     Allow application to add new data in:
qtn_dtail_delivered               Message delivered
qtn_dtail_delivered1_failed1      1 message delivered, 1 delivery failed
qtn_dtail_delivered1_failed2      1 message delivered, %N deliveries failed
qtn_dtail_delivered2_failed1      %N messages delivered, 1 delivery failed
qtn_dtail_delivered2_failed2      %0N messages delivered, %1N deliveries failed
qtn_dtail_delivered_many          Messages delivered
qtn_dtail_deliveries_failed       Deliveries failed
qtn_dtail_deliveries_pending      Waiting for delivery details
qtn_dtail_delivery_failed         Delivery failed
qtn_dtail_delivery_pending       Waiting for delivery details
qtn_dtail_dm_account             Configuration settings provided by %U. Service provider will inform y
qtn_dtail_draft                  Drafts
qtn_dtail_drm_content_descr      Description
qtn_dtail_drm_content_name       Name
qtn_dtail_drm_content_vendor     Vendor
qtn_dtail_endbyuser              Cancelled
qtn_dtail_failed                 Incomplete
qtn_dtail_file_name              File: %U
qtn_dtail_folder_name            Folder: %U
qtn_dtail_go_to_web_address      Do you want to go to web address:
qtn_dtail_im_and_presence        IM and my presence
qtn_dtail_inbox                  Inbox
qtn_dtail_installsoftupdate      %U has sent you a software update. Before the software can be use
qtn_dtail_jad_domain             Source: Third-party
qtn_dtail_jad_organisation       Organisation:
qtn_dtail_jad_version            Version:
qtn_dtail_java_config            Configuration:
qtn_dtail_java_profile           Profile:
                                 Last updated:
qtn_dtail_lastupdated            %U
                                 Latest sending:
qtn_dtail_last_sent              %U
qtn_dtail_location_path          Location: %U
qtn_dtail_midlet_and_rms_size    Application and data size: %NkB
qtn_dtail_midlet_descrip         Description: %U
qtn_dtail_midlet_domain          Source: Third-party
qtn_dtail_midlet_menu            Folder: %U
qtn_dtail_midlet_name            Name: %U
qtn_dtail_midlet_organisation    Organisation: %U
qtn_dtail_midlet_size            Size: %NkB
qtn_dtail_midlet_vendor          Vendor: %U
qtn_dtail_midlet_version         Version: %U
qtn_dtail_modify_data            Allow application to edit and add new data in:
qtn_dtail_msgs_amount            %N messages
qtn_dtail_msgs_value1            1 message
qtn_dtail_msgs_value2            %N messages
qtn_dtail_msg_folder_name        Name:
qtn_dtail_msg_folder_size        Size:
qtn_dtail_msg_not_found          Network error. Message not found.
qtn_dtail_msg_receiving_failed   Message receiving failed
qtn_dtail_msg_sending_failed     Message sending failed
                                 Message type:
qtn_dtail_msg_type               %U
qtn_dtail_network_busy_error     Network busy. Try again later.
qtn_dtail_network_error          Network error. Try again later.
qtn_dtail_nodata                 No data available
qtn_dtail_no_data_available      No data available
qtn_dtail_no_msgs_amount         No messages
qtn_dtail_no_name_available      (no name)
qtn_dtail_no_recip_support       Message not supported by recipient
qtn_dtail_no_sending_support     No network support for messages. Contact your service provider.
qtn_dtail_no_subject_available   (no subject)
qtn_dtail_number_not_allowed     Recipient or message centre number not on fixed dialling list
qtn_dtail_nw_security            Security type:
qtn_dtail_nw_ssid                Network SSID:
qtn_dtail_offerdownloadup        New update available from %0U. Updating is recommended. To rece
qtn_dtail_outbox                 Outbox
qtn_dtail_phoneuser              Phone user
qtn_dtail_postcard_service       Postcard service
qtn_dtail_priority_high          High
qtn_dtail_priority_low           Low
qtn_dtail_priority_normal        Normal
                                 Message priority:
qtn_dtail_priority_title         %U
qtn_dtail_replace_file           Replace file? %U
qtn_dtail_result                 %U
qtn_dtail_saved_items            Saved items
qtn_dtail_saved_messages         Saved messages
qtn_dtail_security_8021x         8021x
qtn_dtail_security_none          None
qtn_dtail_security_wep           WEP
qtn_dtail_security_wpa           WPA
qtn_dtail_security_wpa2          WPA2
qtn_dtail_security_wpa2psk       WPA2-PSK
qtn_dtail_security_wpapsk        WPA-PSK
qtn_dtail_segments_value1        1 part
qtn_dtail_segments_value2        %N parts
qtn_dtail_sender                 Sender:
qtn_dtail_sending_not_allowed    Message sending rejected by SIM card
qtn_dtail_sent_items             Sent items
qtn_dtail_serviceprovider        Service provider
qtn_dtail_service_unavailable    Service unavailable. Contact your service provider.
qtn_dtail_session_setting_info   Application access is set to 'Ask first time'. Accepting prompt allows
qtn_dtail_setting_error          Check message settings
                                 Operator info:
qtn_dtail_status_cancelled       Cancelled
qtn_dtail_status_delivered       Delivered
qtn_dtail_status_expired         Not delivered. Message expired.
qtn_dtail_status_failed          Failed
qtn_dtail_status_not_available   Status not available
qtn_dtail_status_not_delivered   Not delivered
qtn_dtail_status_pending         Pending
qtn_dtail_status_rejected        Not delivered. Message rejected by recipient.
qtn_dtail_templates              Templates
qtn_dtail_type_ams               Audio message
qtn_dtail_type_flash             Flash message
qtn_dtail_type_mms               Multimedia message
qtn_dtail_type_mms_postcard       Postcard
qtn_dtail_type_sms                Text message
qtn_dtail_uma                     Wi-Fi call
qtn_dtail_unaccept_msg_content    Content not supported
qtn_dtail_unknown_network_err     Unknown network error
qtn_dtail_unsupp_msg_content      Message contains unsupported objects
                                  Update initiated by:
qtn_dtail_updateinitiated         %U
qtn_dtail_video_share             Video sharing
qtn_dtail_waiting_for_info        Waiting for info
qtn_dtail_wifi_nw                 Wi-Fi networks:
qtn_dtail_wrong_nro_error         Number not in use
qtn_dtmf_paused_please_wait       Paused. Please wait.
qtn_dtmf_waiting_to_be_sent       Press 'Send' to send number:
qtn_dyn_no_image                  No image
qtn_dyn_themes                    Set by theme
qtn_edit_sentence_separators      .?!
qtn_edtr_hdr_editor               Image editor
qtn_edtr_hdr_font_color           Font colour
qtn_edtr_hdr_font_size            Font size
qtn_edtr_hdr_font_style           Font style
qtn_edtr_hdr_insert_text          Insert text
qtn_edtr_hdr_rotate               Rotate
qtn_edtr_list_90deg_rotate_left   - 90
qtn_edtr_list_90deg_rotate_righ   90
qtn_edtr_list_add_frame           Insert frame
qtn_edtr_list_add_icon            Insert clip-art
qtn_edtr_list_add_text            Insert text
qtn_edtr_list_adjust_aratio       Adjustable size
qtn_edtr_list_crop                Crop
qtn_edtr_list_crop_image          Crop image
qtn_edtr_list_font_color          Font colour
qtn_edtr_list_font_color_brown    Brown
qtn_edtr_list_font_color_cyan     Cyan
qtn_edtr_list_font_color_purple   Purple
qtn_edtr_list_font_color_yellow   Yellow
qtn_edtr_list_font_normal         Normal
qtn_edtr_list_font_size           Font size
qtn_edtr_list_font_small          Small
qtn_edtr_list_font_style          Font style
qtn_edtr_list_font_style_bold     Bold
qtn_edtr_list_font_style_bundl    Bold underline
qtn_edtr_list_font_style_italic   Italic
qtn_edtr_list_font_style_iundl    Italic underline
qtn_edtr_list_font_style_plain    Plain
qtn_edtr_list_font_style_pundl    Plain underline
qtn_edtr_list_font_xsmall         Extra small
qtn_edtr_list_move                Move
qtn_edtr_list_portrait_aratio     Portrait size
qtn_edtr_list_rescale             Rescale
qtn_edtr_list_rotate              Rotate
qtn_edtr_prmpt_add_comment        Text:
qtn_email_conf_activated          Activated
qtn_email_conf_auth_not_used      SMTP authorisation not used
qtn_email_conf_auth_used          SMTP authorisation used
qtn_email_conf_imap4_select       IMAP4 selected
qtn_email_conf_latest_selected    Latest selected
qtn_email_conf_lat_unread_sel     Latest unread selected
qtn_email_conf_pop3_select        POP3 selected
qtn_email_conf_secure_login_off   Secure login off
qtn_email_conf_secure_login_on    Secure login on
qtn_email_conf_sign_not_include   Signature not included
qtn_email_full_edit_active_set    Edit active e-mail settings
qtn_email_full_imap4_conn_sett    IMAP4 connection settings
qtn_email_full_imap4_passwd       IMAP4 password
qtn_email_full_other_setts        Other settings
qtn_email_full_pop3_conn_sett     POP3 connection settings
qtn_email_full_pop3_passwd        POP3 password
qtn_email_full_smtp_conn_sett     SMTP connection settings
qtn_email_full_smtp_passwd        SMTP password
qtn_email_hdr_email_settings      E-mail settings
qtn_email_hdr_imap4_passwd        IMAP4 password
qtn_email_hdr_include_signature   Include signature
qtn_email_hdr_incom_srv_type      Incoming server
qtn_email_hdr_new_amount          New amount
qtn_email_hdr_new_imap4_port      New IMAP4 port
qtn_email_hdr_new_imap4_srv       IMAP4 server
qtn_email_hdr_new_mailbox         Mailbox name
qtn_email_hdr_new_mail_addr       E-mail address
qtn_email_hdr_new_name            New name
qtn_email_hdr_new_pop3_port       New POP3 port
qtn_email_hdr_new_pop3_srv        POP3 server
qtn_email_hdr_new_reply_addr      Reply-to address
qtn_email_hdr_new_signature       New signature
qtn_email_hdr_new_smtp_server     SMTP server
qtn_email_hdr_pop3_passwd         POP3 password
qtn_email_hdr_retrieval_method    Retrieval method
qtn_email_hdr_secure_login        Secure login
qtn_email_hdr_smtp_new_user       New user name
qtn_email_hdr_smtp_passwd         SMTP password
qtn_email_hdr_smtp_port           New SMTP port
qtn_email_hdr_use_auth            Authorisation
qtn_email_ilist_imap4             IMAP4
qtn_email_ilist_latest            Latest
qtn_email_ilist_latest_unread     Latest unread
qtn_email_ilist_pop3              POP3
qtn_email_list_email              E-mail messages
qtn_email_list_imap4              IMAP4
qtn_email_list_latest             Latest
qtn_email_list_latest_unread      Latest unread
qtn_email_list_pop3               POP3
qtn_email_prmpt_imap4_user        IMAP4 user name:
qtn_email_prmpt_incom_port        Incoming mail port:
qtn_email_prmpt_incom_srv         Incoming mail server:
qtn_email_prmpt_mailbox_name      Mailbox name:
qtn_email_prmpt_my_name           My name:
qtn_email_prmpt_outg_port         Outgoing port:
qtn_email_prmpt_pop3_user         POP3 user name:
qtn_email_prmpt_reply_to_addr     Reply-to address:
qtn_email_prmpt_retrieve_amount   Retrieve this many:
qtn_email_prmpt_signature         Signature:
qtn_email_prmpt_smtp_server       Outgoing mail server:
qtn_email_prmpt_smtp_username     SMTP user name:
qtn_email_sett_active_email_set   Active e-mail settings
qtn_email_sett_imap4_port         Incoming IMAP4 port
qtn_email_sett_imap4_server       Incoming IMAP4 server
qtn_email_sett_imap4_username     IMAP4 user name
qtn_email_sett_include_signatur   Include signature
qtn_email_sett_incom_srv_type     Incoming server type
qtn_email_sett_mailbox_name       Mailbox name
qtn_email_sett_my_name            My name
qtn_email_sett_pop3_port          Incoming POP3 port
qtn_email_sett_pop3_server        Incoming POP3 server
qtn_email_sett_pop3_username      POP3 user name
qtn_email_sett_reply_to_addr      Reply-to address
qtn_email_sett_retrieval_method   Retrieval method
qtn_email_sett_retrieve_mails     Retrieve e-mails
qtn_email_sett_secure_login       Secure login
qtn_email_sett_smtp_port          Outgoing SMTP port
qtn_email_sett_smtp_server        Outgoing SMTP server
qtn_email_sett_smtp_username      SMTP user name
qtn_email_sett_use_auth           Use SMTP authorisation
qtn_emerg_help_switch_off_on      Switch phone off and on to restore normal serv.
qtn_emerg_reset                   Service restored. Restarting.
qtn_ems_check_gallery             Gallery
qtn_ems_check_ring_tones          Ringing tones
qtn_ems_check_sound_library       Add-ins
qtn_ems_conf_align_centered       Text alignment: centre
qtn_ems_conf_align_langbased      Text alignment: by language
qtn_ems_conf_align_left           Text alignment: left
qtn_ems_conf_align_right          Text alignment: right
qtn_ems_conf_animation_erased     Animation deleted
qtn_ems_conf_anim_discarded       Animation discarded
qtn_ems_conf_autoplay_off         Automatic playback disabled
qtn_ems_conf_autoplay_on          Automatic playback enabled
qtn_ems_conf_large_font           Large font selected
qtn_ems_conf_medium_font          Medium font selected
qtn_ems_conf_new_anim_saved       Animation saved
qtn_ems_conf_new_picture_saved    Picture saved
qtn_ems_conf_new_sound_saved      New sound saved
qtn_ems_conf_picture_discarded    Picture discarded
qtn_ems_conf_picture_erased       Picture deleted
qtn_ems_conf_small_font           Small font selected
qtn_ems_conf_sound_discarded      Sound discarded
qtn_ems_conf_sound_erased         Sound deleted
qtn_ems_email_cannot_send         Cannot send to e-mail recipients
qtn_ems_hdr_animations            Animations
qtn_ems_hdr_apply_style           Apply style
qtn_ems_hdr_copy_tone             Copy tone
qtn_ems_hdr_erase_from            Delete from
qtn_ems_hdr_font_appearance       Font type
qtn_ems_hdr_font_size             Font size
qtn_ems_hdr_insert_addin          Add-ins
qtn_ems_hdr_insert_animation      Insert animation
qtn_ems_hdr_insert_picture        Insert picture
qtn_ems_hdr_insert_sound          Insert sound
qtn_ems_hdr_library_objects       Add-ins
qtn_ems_hdr_msg_snd_autoplay      Playback sound
qtn_ems_hdr_objects               Object list
qtn_ems_hdr_pictures              Pictures
qtn_ems_hdr_received_animation    New animation
qtn_ems_hdr_received_picture      New picture
qtn_ems_hdr_received_sound        New sound
qtn_ems_hdr_save_sound            Save to
qtn_ems_hdr_save_sound_as_ring    Ringing tones
qtn_ems_hdr_sounds                Sounds
qtn_ems_hdr_text_alignment        Text alignment
qtn_ems_info_cant_save_pre_anim   Cannot save pre-defined animations
qtn_ems_info_inval_fil_cnt_play   Invalid file type. Cannot play sound.
qtn_ems_info_inval_fil_cnt_save   Invalid file type. Cannot save sound.
qtn_ems_info_max_animation        Only 64 animations can be shown
qtn_ems_info_max_picture          Only 64 pictures can be shown
qtn_ems_info_max_sound            Only 64 sounds can be shown
qtn_ems_info_max_vcalender        Only 64 calendar notes can be shown
qtn_ems_info_max_vcard            Only 64 business cards can be shown
qtn_ems_list_addins               Add-ins
qtn_ems_list_align_center         Centre
qtn_ems_list_align_langbased      By language
qtn_ems_list_align_left           Left
qtn_ems_list_align_right          Right
qtn_ems_list_animation_library    Animations
qtn_ems_list_autoplay_off         Off
qtn_ems_list_autoplay_on          On
qtn_ems_list_copy_tone            Copy tone
qtn_ems_list_erase_sound          Delete sound
qtn_ems_list_font_large           Large
qtn_ems_list_font_medium          Medium
qtn_ems_list_font_small           Small
qtn_ems_list_generic_animation    Animation %N
qtn_ems_list_generic_picture      Picture %N
qtn_ems_list_generic_sound        Sound %N
qtn_ems_list_generic_vcalendar    Note %N
qtn_ems_list_generic_vcard        Bus. card %N
qtn_ems_list_list_objects         List objects
qtn_ems_list_picture_library      Pictures
qtn_ems_list_play_sound           Play sound
qtn_ems_list_save_animation       Save animation
qtn_ems_list_save_picture         Save picture
qtn_ems_list_save_sound           Save sound
qtn_ems_list_snd0_chimeshigh      Chimes high
qtn_ems_list_snd1_chimeslow       Chimes low
qtn_ems_list_snd2_ding            Ding
qtn_ems_list_snd3_tada            Tah dah!
qtn_ems_list_snd4_notify          Notify
qtn_ems_list_snd5_drum            Drum
qtn_ems_list_snd6_claps           Claps
qtn_ems_list_snd7_fanfare         Fanfare
qtn_ems_list_snd8_chordhigh       Chord high
qtn_ems_list_snd9_chordlow        Chord low
qtn_ems_list_sound_library        Sounds
qtn_ems_list_styles               Styles
qtn_ems_list_view_vcalendar       Calendar note
qtn_ems_list_view_vcard           Business card
qtn_ems_notif_anim_received       New animation received
qtn_ems_notif_picture_received    New picture received
qtn_ems_notif_sound_received      New sound received
qtn_ems_prmpt_sound_name          Sound name:
qtn_ems_quest_discard_animation   Discard received animation?
qtn_ems_quest_discard_picture     Discard received picture?
qtn_ems_quest_discard_sound       Discard received sound?
qtn_ems_quest_encoding            Some characters cannot be dis-played. View anyway?
qtn_ems_quest_erase_animation     Delete animation?
qtn_ems_quest_erase_object        Add-in folders full. Delete an existing item?
qtn_ems_quest_erase_picture       Delete picture?
qtn_ems_quest_erase_sound         Delete sound? %U
qtn_ems_quest_incomplete_del      Message incomplete. Delete anyway?
qtn_ems_quest_incomplete_fwd      Message incomplete. Forward anyway?
qtn_ems_quest_incomplete_name     Message incomplete. Rename anyway?
qtn_ems_quest_incomplete_reply    Message incomplete. Reply anyway?
qtn_ems_quest_incomplete_save     Message incomplete. Move anyway?
qtn_ems_quest_msg_incomplete      Message incomplete. View anyway?
qtn_ems_quest_object_too_small    Still not enough space. Delete another item?
qtn_ems_quest_remove_copyrights   Copy-protected objects in message. Remove?
qtn_ems_sett_font_appearance      Font type
qtn_ems_sett_font_size            Font size
qtn_ems_sett_insert_animation     Animation
qtn_ems_sett_insert_picture       Picture
qtn_ems_sett_insert_sound         Sound
qtn_ems_sett_library_objects      Add-ins
qtn_ems_sett_msg_snd_autoplay     Auto-playback of sounds
qtn_ems_sett_text_alignment       Text alignment
qtn_ems_sound_empty_cannot_play   Sound file empty. Cannot play.
qtn_ems_sound_empty_cannot_save   Sound file empty. Cannot save.
qtn_ems_tick_bold                 Bold
qtn_ems_tick_italic               Italic
qtn_ems_tick_strikethrough        Strikethrough
qtn_ems_tick_underline            Underline
qtn_ems_wait_playing_sound        Playing sound
qtn_equ                           Equaliser
qtn_equ_conf_adjustments_saved    Adjustments saved
qtn_equ_conf_name_changed         Name changed
qtn_equ_conf_set_activated        Activated: %U
qtn_equ_err_adjustment_failed     Adjustment failed
qtn_equ_err_set_not_activated     Set could not be activated
qtn_equ_hdr_bright                Bright
qtn_equ_hdr_classical             Classical
qtn_equ_hdr_dark                  Dark
qtn_equ_hdr_equalizer             Equaliser
qtn_equ_hdr_jazz                  Jazz
qtn_equ_hdr_loudness              Loudness
qtn_equ_hdr_normal                Normal
qtn_equ_hdr_pop                   Pop
qtn_equ_hdr_rock                  Rock
qtn_equ_hdr_set_name              %U
qtn_equ_ilist_bright              Bright
qtn_equ_ilist_classical           Classical
qtn_equ_ilist_dark                Dark
qtn_equ_ilist_jazz                Jazz
qtn_equ_ilist_loudness            Loudness
qtn_equ_ilist_media_eq            Equaliser
qtn_equ_ilist_normal              Normal
qtn_equ_ilist_pop                 Pop
qtn_equ_ilist_rock                Rock
qtn_equ_ilist_set                 Set %N
qtn_equ_info_cannot_rename        Renaming not possible
qtn_equ_in_call                   Equaliser
qtn_equ_list_activate             Activate
qtn_equ_list_bright               Bright
qtn_equ_list_classical            Classical
qtn_equ_list_dark                 Dark
qtn_equ_list_edit                 Edit
qtn_equ_list_jazz                 Jazz
qtn_equ_list_loudness             Loudness
qtn_equ_list_media_eq             Media equaliser
qtn_equ_list_normal               Normal
qtn_equ_list_pop                  Pop
qtn_equ_list_rename               Rename
qtn_equ_list_rock                 Rock
qtn_equ_list_set                  Set %N
qtn_equ_list_view                 View
qtn_equ_prmpt_new_name            New name:
qtn_equ_sett_call_eq              Call audio equaliser
qtn_erase_mms_saved_items         Saved multimedia
qtn_erase_outbox                  Outbox
qtn_erase_sent_items              Sent items
qtn_error_launcher_failed         Unable to launch application
qtn_err_call_in_progress          End call first
qtn_err_call_rejected             Call rejected
qtn_err_cause_unknown             Unknown server error
qtn_err_certificate_date_ivalid   Certificate invalid according to phone's date
qtn_err_check_settings            Check connection settings
qtn_err_deletion                  Error occurred. Deletion not completed.
qtn_err_group_not_created         Group creation failed
qtn_err_id_not_valid              Subscription failed. Invalid ID.
qtn_err_invalid_file              File type not supported
qtn_err_invalid_name              Invalid name
qtn_err_invalid_security_certif   No valid certificate
qtn_err_invalid_user_id           User ID not recognised by server
qtn_err_invalid_user_id_vf        Messenger ID not recognised by server
qtn_err_inv_sending_failed        Invitation sending failed
qtn_err_joining_failed            Joining group failed
qtn_err_note_send_failure         Note sending failed
qtn_err_no_access_app             Still updating server. Cannot access application.
qtn_err_no_data                   No data to display
qtn_err_no_network_coverage       No network coverage
qtn_err_page_req_cancelled        Page request cancelled
qtn_err_ph_or_sim_cert_missing    Certificate not on phone or SIM
qtn_err_search_failed             Search failed
qtn_err_sending_failed            Sending failed
qtn_err_server_down               Server down
qtn_err_service_not_supported     Service not supported
qtn_err_subscription_failed       Updating failed. Max. number of subscriptions.
qtn_err_too_broad_srch_criteria   Search criteria too large
qtn_err_unable_mark_items_nommc   Unable to mark system files and folders
qtn_err_unable_mark_mmc           Unable to mark memory card
qtn_err_unable_mark_some_items    Unable to mark some items
qtn_err_unable_mark_syst_file     Unable to mark system file
qtn_err_unable_mark_syst_fldr     Unable to mark system folder
qtn_err_unable_show_object        Unable to show object
qtn_err_unavailable_for_talking   Not available to talk
qtn_err_unsupported_format        Unable to show all objects
qtn_fcs_err_invalid_code          Invalid feature code
qtn_fcs_err_req_failed            Request failed. Try again.
qtn_fcs_err_serv_busy             Network busy. Try again later.
qtn_fcs_ilist_network_services    Network services
qtn_fdn_view_number               View number
qtn_fetch_mark_all_matching       Mark all '%U'
qtn_fetch_no_email                E-mail address not found
qtn_fetch_no_number               Number not found
qtn_fetch_unmark_all_matching     Unmark all '%U'
qtn_filemove_wait_moving          Moving
qtn_filesave_info_lack_unkn_mmc   Not enough memory on memory card to save file
qtn_filesave_info_lack_unkn_pho   Not enough phone memory to save file
qtn_fileui_pathlength_exceed      Path too long
qtn_file_business_card            Business card
qtn_file_calendar_note            Calendar note
qtn_flash_conf_alert_off          Light alert off
qtn_flash_conf_alert_on           Light alert on
qtn_flash_hdr_light_alert         Light alert
qtn_flash_list_light_off          Off
qtn_flash_list_light_on           On
qtn_flash_message_title           Flash message
qtn_flash_sett_light              Light alert
qtn_flash_unsuccessful            Request not confirmed
qtn_form_default_tone             Default
qtn_form_group_image              Group image:
qtn_form_group_name               Group name:
qtn_form_group_tone               Group tone:
qtn_form_key_tone_volume          Keypad tones:
qtn_form_label_bcc                Bcc:
qtn_form_label_business_card      Business card:
qtn_form_label_calendar_note      Calendar note:
qtn_form_label_callback_number    Callback number
qtn_form_label_cc                 Cc:
qtn_form_label_channel_address    Channel addr.:
qtn_form_label_channel_name       Channel name:
qtn_form_label_channel_security   Chnl. security:
qtn_form_label_channel_status     Channel status:
qtn_form_label_im_a_login         Automatic login:
qtn_form_label_im_a_login_aol     Auto-Sign on:
qtn_form_label_im_a_login_icq     Auto-Connect:
qtn_form_label_im_domain          Domain:
qtn_form_label_im_password        Password:
qtn_form_label_im_user_id         User ID:
qtn_form_label_im_user_id_aol     Screen name:
qtn_form_label_im_user_id_icq     ICQ #:
qtn_form_label_mail_centre_name   Centre name:
qtn_form_label_mail_gateway       Server number:
qtn_form_label_mail_service_cen   E-mail centre no:
qtn_form_label_mand_add_address   Additional addr.:
qtn_form_label_mand_city          City:
qtn_form_label_mand_country       Country:
qtn_form_label_mand_greetings     Greeting text:
qtn_form_label_mand_image         Image:
qtn_form_label_mand_pcode         Postal code:
qtn_form_label_mand_recipient     Recipient:
qtn_form_label_mand_state         State/Province:
qtn_form_label_mand_street        Postal address:
qtn_form_label_message            Message:
qtn_form_label_msg_centre_name    Centre name:
qtn_form_label_msg_centre_numb    Centre number:
qtn_form_label_nick_in_channel    Chnl. nickname:
qtn_form_label_presentation       Presentation:
qtn_form_label_sound              Sound clip:
qtn_form_label_streaming_link     Streaming link:
qtn_form_label_subject            Subject:
qtn_form_label_text               Text:
qtn_form_label_theme              Theme:
qtn_form_label_to                 To:
qtn_form_label_unknown            Unknown obj.:
qtn_form_label_video              Video clip:
qtn_form_list_all_selected        All selected
qtn_form_list_cancel              Cancel
qtn_form_list_clear_field         Clear field
qtn_form_list_day_monthview       Select day
qtn_form_list_gotobottom          Go to bottom field
qtn_form_list_gototop             Go to top field
qtn_form_list_im_autologin_off    Off
qtn_form_list_im_autologin_on     On
qtn_form_list_im_exit_login       Exit
qtn_form_list_im_login            Login
qtn_form_list_im_login_aol        Sign on
qtn_form_list_im_login_icq        Connect
qtn_form_list_move_field          Move field
qtn_form_list_none_selected       None selected
qtn_form_list_save                Save
qtn_form_list_sev_selected        Several selected
qtn_form_md_cli_vip_group         Alert for:
qtn_form_md_sett_pres_stat        My presence:
qtn_form_mode_sett_poc            PTT settings:
qtn_form_note_changes_saved       Changes saved
qtn_form_note_field_unavailable   Field not available
qtn_form_no_content_to_display    Nothing to display
qtn_form_no_group_image           No image
qtn_form_quest_cancel_changes     Changes will not be saved. Exit anyway?
qtn_form_quest_save_now           Changes have not been saved. Save now?
qtn_form_ringing_options          Incom. call alert:
qtn_form_ringing_type             Ringing tone:
qtn_form_ringing_volume           Ringing volume:
qtn_form_selected_item            %U
qtn_form_sett_light_seq           Light effects:
qtn_form_sett_poc_callb_tone      PTT callb. tone:
qtn_form_sett_poc_notify_tone     PTT notif. tone:
qtn_form_sett_poc_voice_status    PTT voice opt.:
qtn_form_sett_profile_name        Profile name:
qtn_form_sett_warning_tone        Warning tones:
qtn_form_sms_part_missing         * some text missing *
qtn_form_sms_tone_type            Msg. alert tone:
qtn_form_softk_next               Next
qtn_form_text_active_msg_centre   Message centre no. in use
qtn_form_text_email_cntr_name     E-mail centre
qtn_form_text_msg_centre_name     Message centre
qtn_form_tone_sett_imsg_alert     IM alert tone:
qtn_form_vbutton3_exit            Exit
qtn_form_vbutton3_insert          Insert
qtn_form_vbutton3_send            Send
qtn_form_vbutton_cancel           Cancel
qtn_form_vbutton_done             Done
qtn_form_vbutton_exit             Exit
qtn_form_vbutton_im_login         Login
qtn_form_vbutton_im_login_aol     Sign on
qtn_form_vbutton_im_login_icq     Connect
qtn_form_vbutton_new_slide        New
qtn_form_vbutton_next_slide       Next
qtn_form_vbutton_prev_slide       Prev.
qtn_form_vbutton_save             Save
qtn_form_vbutton_send             Send
qtn_form_vbutton_send_to          Send to
qtn_form_vibra_options            Vibrating alert:
                                  Software update will not delete any
                                  data on your phone. To see update
                                  notes, scroll down:
qtn_fota_dtail_description        %U
qtn_fota_dtail_reminder_yes       An update reminder will be displayed next time you charge or switch
                                  Once update starts, it will proceed
                                  until completed. You will not be able
                                  to use your phone during the process,
                                  even for emergencies.
                                  The process will take approximately
                                  %0N minutes, %1N seconds to
qtn_fota_dtail_warning            complete.
qtn_fota_err_batt_low             Unable to update. Recharge phone battery first.
qtn_fota_err_lost_connect         Connection lost during download
qtn_fota_err_nothing_new          No new updates received
qtn_fota_err_no_permit            Update not allowed. Contact service provider.
qtn_fota_err_server               Service error. Cannot update.
qtn_fota_hdr_phone_updates        Phone updates
qtn_fota_indic_install_error      SW update error
qtn_fota_info_batt_removed        Update process will continue
qtn_fota_info_power_cycle         Switching phone off and on
qtn_fota_notif_complete           Installation and update complete
qtn_fota_notif_install_now        New software available. Install?
qtn_fota_quest_cant_connect       No network connection. Cannot start update.
qtn_fota_quest_download_now       Software update available. Download?
qtn_fota_quest_high_priority      High priority update. Install?
qtn_fota_quest_install_now        New software available. Install?
qtn_fota_quest_remind_later      Display update reminder?
qtn_fota_sett_current_ver        Current version
qtn_fota_sett_phone_updates      Phone software updates
qtn_fota_sett_updates            Updates
qtn_fota_wait_check_update       Checking for update
qtn_fota_wait_downloading        Downloading
qtn_fota_wait_preparing          Preparing for SW update
qtn_fota_wait_updating           Updating
qtn_frcpt_conf_discard_clip      Video clip discarded
qtn_frcpt_conf_discard_image     Image discarded
qtn_frcpt_conf_discard_tone      Tone discarded
qtn_frcpt_conf_files_discard     Files discarded
qtn_frcpt_conf_files_procesd     All received files processed
qtn_frcpt_conf_file_discarded    File discarded
qtn_frcpt_conf_theme_discarded   Theme discarded
qtn_frcpt_hdr_received           Received file
qtn_frcpt_hdr_received_files     Received files
qtn_frcpt_info_mem_full          Not enough memory to receive file
qtn_frcpt_notif_clip_received    Video clip received
qtn_frcpt_notif_files_received   %N files received
qtn_frcpt_notif_file_received    File received
qtn_frcpt_notif_image_received   Image received
qtn_frcpt_notif_theme_received   Theme received
qtn_frcpt_notif_tone_received    Tone received
qtn_frcpt_query_theme_discard    Discard received theme?
qtn_frcpt_quest_discard_clip     Discard received video clip?
qtn_frcpt_quest_discard_file     Discard received file?
qtn_frcpt_quest_discard_image    Discard received image?
qtn_frcpt_quest_discard_tone     Discard received tone?
qtn_frcpt_quest_disc_unsaved     Discard unsaved files?
qtn_frcpt_quest_set_as_wallp     Set image as wallpaper?
qtn_full_get_operator_setting    Connect to service provider support
qtn_full_imap4_ap_settings       IMAP4 access point
qtn_full_instant_msg             Instant message
qtn_full_pop3_ap_settings        POP3 access point
qtn_full_proxy_server            Proxy server
qtn_full_regist_server           Registrar server
qtn_full_sip_settings            SIP settings
qtn_full_smtp_ap_settings        SMTP access point
qtn_gal_conf_content_deleted     All items deleted from folder
qtn_gal_conf_dnl_cancelled       Download cancelled
qtn_gal_conf_folder_removed      Folder deleted
qtn_gal_conf_item_moved_to       Moved to %U
qtn_gal_conf_item_removed        Deleted
qtn_gal_conf_mmc_format_compl    Memory card formatted
qtn_gal_conf_mmc_name_changed    Memory card name changed
qtn_gal_conf_mmc_pwd_changed     Password changed
qtn_gal_conf_mmc_pwd_removed     Password deleted
qtn_gal_conf_mmc_pwd_set         Password set
qtn_gal_conf_sending_cancelled   Sending cancelled
qtn_gal_conf_sorted               Sorted
qtn_gal_conf_view_changed         View selected
qtn_gal_details_resolution        %0N x %1N
qtn_gal_err_mmc_incorrect_pwd     Password incorrect
qtn_gal_err_mmc_pwd_no_match      Passwords do not match
qtn_gal_err_not_enough_memory     Not enough memory
qtn_gal_err_no_attach             Unable to attach file
qtn_gal_err_no_details            Details not available
qtn_gal_err_no_erase              Unable to delete
qtn_gal_err_no_rename             Unable to rename
qtn_gal_err_sending_failed        Sending failed
qtn_gal_err_unable_to_save        Unable to save file
qtn_gal_file_list_picture         Image
qtn_gal_file_list_sound           Tone
qtn_gal_file_list_video           Video
qtn_gal_file_list_voice           Record
qtn_gal_hdr_contrast              Contrast
qtn_gal_hdr_details               Details
qtn_gal_hdr_gallery               Gallery
qtn_gal_hdr_graphics              Graphics
qtn_gal_hdr_photo_album           Images
qtn_gal_hdr_ringing_tones         Tones
qtn_gal_hdr_save                  Save
qtn_gal_hdr_services              Gallery downlds.
qtn_gal_hdr_sort                  Sort
qtn_gal_hdr_video_album           Video clips
qtn_gal_hdr_voice_memos           Voice recordings
qtn_gal_ilist_by_date             By date
qtn_gal_ilist_by_name             By name
qtn_gal_ilist_by_size             By size
qtn_gal_ilist_by_type             By format
qtn_gal_ilist_grid                Grid
qtn_gal_ilist_large_icon          List with details
qtn_gal_ilist_name                List
qtn_gal_info_already_exists       Name already exists
qtn_gal_info_constrained          Unable to activate content
qtn_gal_info_copy_protected       The file is copyright protected
qtn_gal_info_filesend_not_ready   Connection not ready. Try again later.
qtn_gal_info_files_not_deleted    %N items not deleted
qtn_gal_info_file_not_deleted     1 item not deleted
qtn_gal_info_file_too_big_mmc     File too large for memory card. Down-load to phone.
qtn_gal_info_file_too_big_phone   File too large for phone mem. Down-load to card.
qtn_gal_info_memory_full          Memory full. Delete items from Gallery.
qtn_gal_info_mmc_not_delete       Deleting memory card not possible
qtn_gal_info_mmc_not_move         Moving memory card not possible
qtn_gal_info_mmc_unformatted      Memory card not formatted
qtn_gal_info_name_start_dot       Name cannot start with full stop or space
qtn_gal_info_no_requested_files   Requested files not found
                                  File is
qtn_gal_info_read_only_file       read-only
                                  Folder is
qtn_gal_info_read_only_folder     read-only
qtn_gal_info_sel_save_folder      Select target folder
qtn_gal_list_3gp2_video           3G2
qtn_gal_list_add_folder           Add folder
qtn_gal_list_alerttones_folder    Alert tones
qtn_gal_list_amr                  AMR
qtn_gal_list_bmp                  BMP
qtn_gal_list_by_date              By date
qtn_gal_list_by_name              By name
qtn_gal_list_by_size              By size
qtn_gal_list_by_type              By format
qtn_gal_list_clip_arts_folder     Clip-arts
qtn_gal_list_cmf                  CMF
qtn_gal_list_copyright            Copyright
qtn_gal_list_copyright_off        None
qtn_gal_list_copyright_on         Protected
qtn_gal_list_created              Created
qtn_gal_list_date                 Date
qtn_gal_list_delete_all           Delete all
qtn_gal_list_details              Details
qtn_gal_list_duration             Length
qtn_gal_list_edit                 Edit
qtn_gal_list_edit_image           Edit image
qtn_gal_list_explore              View folders
qtn_gal_list_file_name            Name
qtn_gal_list_format               Format
qtn_gal_list_frames_folder        Frames
qtn_gal_list_gallery_view         Type of view
qtn_gal_list_gb                   %U GB
qtn_gal_list_gif                  GIF
qtn_gal_list_graphics_folder      Graphics
qtn_gal_list_grid                 Grid
qtn_gal_list_images               Graphics
qtn_gal_list_jpeg                 JPEG
qtn_gal_list_kb                   %U kB
qtn_gal_list_large_icon           List with details
qtn_gal_list_mb                   %U MB
qtn_gal_list_memory_info          Memory status
qtn_gal_list_mmc_card_corrupted   (corrupted)
qtn_gal_list_mmc_card_locked      (locked)
qtn_gal_list_mmc_change_pwd       Change password
qtn_gal_list_mmc_format           Format mem. card
qtn_gal_list_mmc_no_name          (unnamed)
qtn_gal_list_mmc_remove_pwd       Delete password
qtn_gal_list_mmc_rename           Rename mem. card
qtn_gal_list_mmc_set_pwd          Set password
qtn_gal_list_mmc_unformatted      (unformat.)
qtn_gal_list_move_to             Move
qtn_gal_list_mpeg_video          MP4
qtn_gal_list_music_folder        Music files
qtn_gal_list_name                List
qtn_gal_list_nrt                 Nokia ringing tone
qtn_gal_list_open                Open
qtn_gal_list_open_gallery        Open Gallery
qtn_gal_list_pbm                 PBM
qtn_gal_list_photo_album         Images
qtn_gal_list_png                 PNG
qtn_gal_list_presence_folder     Pres. logos
qtn_gal_list_remove_folder       Delete folder
qtn_gal_list_resolution          Resolution
qtn_gal_list_ringing_tones       Tones
qtn_gal_list_ringtones_folder    Ring. tones
qtn_gal_list_rmf                 RMF
qtn_gal_list_save                Save
qtn_gal_list_save_to             Save to folder
qtn_gal_list_scrsavers_folder    Scr. savers
qtn_gal_list_sdp_author          Author
qtn_gal_list_sdp_name            Title
qtn_gal_list_sdp_url             Web address
qtn_gal_list_select              Move here
qtn_gal_list_series_folder       Sequen.
qtn_gal_list_services            Downloads
qtn_gal_list_set_as_im_alert     Set as IM tone
qtn_gal_list_set_as_logo         Set as pres. logo
qtn_gal_list_set_as_msg_tone     Set as msg. tone
qtn_gal_list_set_as_tone         Set as ring tone
qtn_gal_list_set_as_wallpaper    Set as wallpaper
qtn_gal_list_set_callb           Set as callb. tone
qtn_gal_list_set_contrast        Set contrast
qtn_gal_list_set_notify          Set as notif. tone
qtn_gal_list_size                Size
qtn_gal_list_slide_show          Open in sequence
qtn_gal_list_smf                 SMF
qtn_gal_list_sort                Sort
qtn_gal_list_themes_folder       Themes
qtn_gal_list_time                Time
qtn_gal_list_umts_video          3GP
qtn_gal_list_unknown             Unknown
qtn_gal_list_video_album         Video clips
qtn_gal_list_view                View
qtn_gal_list_voice_memos         Recordings
qtn_gal_list_wallpapers_folder   Wallpapers
qtn_gal_list_wbmp                WBMP
qtn_gal_mmc_default_name         Memory card
qtn_gal_prmpt_mmc_name           Enter memory card name:
qtn_gal_prmpt_mmc_new_pwd        Enter new password:
qtn_gal_prmpt_mmc_pwd            Enter password:
qtn_gal_prmpt_mmc_verify_pwd      Verify new password:
qtn_gal_prmpt_name_folder         Folder name:
                                  Delete all items from folder?
qtn_gal_quest_delete_all          %U
qtn_gal_quest_del_files_mmc       %U more memory needed on card. Select files to delete.
qtn_gal_quest_del_files_phone     %U more phone mem. needed. Select files to delete.
qtn_gal_quest_dnl_cancel          Cancel download?
qtn_gal_quest_dnl_failed          Downloading failed
qtn_gal_quest_dnl_success         Open application now? App. downloaded to %U.
qtn_gal_quest_erase_item          %U
qtn_gal_quest_folder_not_empty    Folder not empty. Delete? %U
qtn_gal_quest_lack_dnl_mmc        Not enough memory on card. Download to phone?
qtn_gal_quest_lack_dnl_phone      Not enough phone memory. Download to memory card?
qtn_gal_quest_lack_save_mmc       Not enough memory on card. Save to phone?
qtn_gal_quest_lack_save_phone     Not enough phone memory. Save to memory card?
qtn_gal_quest_lack_unkn_mmc       Not enough memory on card to download file
qtn_gal_quest_lack_unkn_phone     Not enough phone memory to download file
qtn_gal_quest_mmc_format1         Format memory card?
qtn_gal_quest_mmc_format2         Delete all data on memory card?
qtn_gal_quest_mmc_remove_pwd      Memory card will be unlocked. Continue?
qtn_gal_quest_not_enough_mem_kb   %U more memory needed. Select files to be deleted?
qtn_gal_quest_remove_folder       Delete folder? %U
qtn_gal_quest_too_big_total       File too large to download
qtn_gal_sett_mmc_capacity         Size
qtn_gal_softk_zoom                Zoom
qtn_gal_wait_download_file        %U
qtn_gal_wait_mmc_formatting       Formatting memory card
qtn_gal_wait_removing_folder      Deleting
qtn_gal_wait_sorting              Sorting
qtn_gal_wait_validate             Checking selected item
qtn_games_bumper                  Bumper
qtn_games_conf_app_saved          Saved to Games. Open now?
qtn_games_ilist_app_setting       Application settings
qtn_games_kart_race               Kart Racing
qtn_games_list_club_nokia         Game downloads
qtn_games_list_games              Select game
qtn_games_space_impact2           Space Impact II
qtn_gdata_list_ir                 Activate infrared
qtn_gen_font_xsmall               Extra small
qtn_gen_ilist_no                  No
qtn_gen_ilist_yes                 Yes
qtn_gen_info_connection_timeout   Connection time-out
qtn_gen_info_recipient_busy       Recipient busy
qtn_gen_list_more_options         More options
qtn_gen_list_no                   No
qtn_gen_list_yes                  Yes
qtn_gprs_conf_data_amnts_clear    Counters cleared
qtn_gprs_conf_dlup_alias_saved    Alias saved
qtn_gprs_conf_dlup_set_activate   Activated: %U
qtn_gprs_conf_durations_clear     Timers cleared
qtn_gprs_conf_resumed             Packet data connection active
qtn_gprs_conf_suspended           Packet data connection on hold
qtn_gprs_dtail_data_count_unit    %D B
qtn_gprs_err_auth_failed          Packet data authentica-tion failed
qtn_gprs_err_call_in_progress     End call first
qtn_gprs_err_conn_failed          Packet data connection not available
qtn_gprs_err_conn_in_progress     End packet data connection first
qtn_gprs_err_end_exist_conn_1st   End existing packet data connection first
qtn_gprs_err_gprs_not_allowed     Packet data not allowed
qtn_gprs_err_invalid_apn          Packet data access point not valid
qtn_gprs_err_not_allowed          Not allowed
qtn_gprs_err_not_subscribed       Subscribe to packet data first
qtn_gprs_err_not_when_gprs_on     End packet data connection first
qtn_gprs_full_clear_data_amnts    Clear counters
qtn_gprs_full_clear_durations     Clear timers
qtn_gprs_full_conn_duration       Packet data connection timer
qtn_gprs_full_dlup_apn_settings   Edit active access point
qtn_gprs_full_transf_data_amnt    Packet data counter
qtn_gprs_hdr_conn_duration        Connection timer
qtn_gprs_hdr_dlup_apn_list        Access points
qtn_gprs_hdr_dlup_conn_set        GPRS modem
qtn_gprs_hdr_dlup_set_options     Settings
qtn_gprs_hdr_transf_data_amnt     Data counter
qtn_gprs_ilist_conn_duration      Packet data conn. timer
qtn_gprs_ilist_dlup_set           Access point %N
qtn_gprs_ilist_transf_data_amnt   Packet data counter
qtn_gprs_info_conn_closed_by_nw   Packet data connection closed by network
qtn_gprs_info_dlup_conn_ended     Packet data connection ended
qtn_gprs_info_gprs_not_avail      Packet data not available
qtn_gprs_info_limited_nw_func     Packet data connection lost
qtn_gprs_info_move_out_of_gprs    Packet data connection lost
qtn_gprs_info_no_online_in_nwm3   Always online not available
qtn_gprs_info_nw_busy             Network busy
qtn_gprs_info_roam_conn_lost      Packet data connection lost
qtn_gprs_info_serv_no_support     Service not supported
qtn_gprs_info_temp_nw_problem     Temporary network problem
qtn_gprs_info_wap_conn_ended      WAP connection ended
qtn_gprs_list_dlup_set            Access point %N
qtn_gprs_prmpt_dlup_set_name      New alias:
qtn_gprs_prmpt_edit_dlup_apn      Access point:
                                  Duration of
qtn_gprs_sett_conn_durat_total    all sessions
qtn_gprs_sett_data_recv_last      Data received in last session
qtn_gprs_sett_data_recv_total     All received data
qtn_gprs_sett_data_sent_last      Data sent in last session
qtn_gprs_sett_data_sent_total     All sent data
qtn_gprs_sett_dlup_apn            Packet data access point
qtn_gprs_sett_dlup_apn_active     Active access point
qtn_gprs_sett_dlup_apn_name       Alias for access point
qtn_gprs_sett_dlup_conn_set       Packet data settings
                                  Duration of
qtn_gprs_sett_last_conn_durat     last session
qtn_gprs_softk_activate           Activate
qtn_gprs_softk_dlup_cancel_conn   Cancel
qtn_gprs_softk_rename             Rename
qtn_gprs_wait_dlup_connecting     Creating connection
qtn_gprs_warn_limited_nw_func     Note: no calls while browsing
qtn_gps_conf_emerg                Location info will be shared during emer-gency calls
qtn_gps_conf_share                Location info will be shared with network
qtn_gps_hdr_privacy               Loc. info sharing
qtn_gps_list_always_on            On
qtn_gps_list_emergency            Emergency
qtn_gps_notif_neg_test            GPS failure. Call service provider.
qtn_gps_quest_continue            Warning: if normal service is restored, emerg. operators may not rea
qtn_gps_quest_emerg               Share loc. info in emergency calls only?
qtn_gps_quest_share               Always share loc. info with the network?
qtn_gps_sett_privacy              Location info sharing
qtn_graph_conf_pict_cha           Picture changed
qtn_graph_conf_pict_link          Picture added
qtn_graph_conf_pict_remo          Picture deleted
qtn_graph_conf_pict_saved         Picture saved as template
qtn_graph_conf_templ_replaced     Picture replaced
qtn_graph_err_edit_not_supp       Editing not possible
qtn_graph_err_too_long            Message too long. Delete %N characters.
qtn_graph_hdr_gr_templ            Templates
qtn_graph_header_templ_name       Save picture
qtn_graph_info_cant_replc_lock    Cannot replace. Graphic locked.
qtn_graph_info_no_send_as_email   Cannot send picture as e-mail
qtn_graph_info_no_send_as_fax     Cannot send picture as fax
qtn_graph_info_no_send_as_page    Cannot send picture to pager
qtn_graph_list_cha_pict           Change picture
qtn_graph_list_ins_pict           Insert picture
qtn_graph_list_pict_name          Picture
qtn_graph_list_remo_pict          Delete picture
qtn_graph_list_repl_templ         Replace
qtn_graph_list_save_pict          Save picture
qtn_graph_list_view_pict          View
qtn_graph_prmpt_pict_title        Picture title:
qtn_graph_quest_remo_pict         Delete picture from the message?
qtn_graph_quest_replace_gr_temp   Memory full. Replace an existing picture?
qtn_graph_quest_save_anyway       Message too long. Save without picture?
qtn_graph_quest_send_anyway       Send without the picture?
qtn_graph_softk_use               Insert
qtn_graph_title_incomp_msg        Message too long
qtn_graph_title_pict              <picture>
qtn_group_empty                   (no members)
qtn_gujarati_entry                Text: અ આ ઇ
qtn_hdr_access_codes              Access codes
qtn_hdr_access_landmarks       Acc. landmarks
qtn_hdr_active_chats           Conversations
qtn_hdr_active_idle            Active standby
qtn_hdr_active_key_index       Active key index
qtn_hdr_active_watchers        Current viewers
qtn_hdr_act_key_filter         Activ. key filter
qtn_hdr_additional_address     Additional addr.
qtn_hdr_add_new_contact        Add contact
qtn_hdr_add_new_contact_aol    Add buddy
qtn_hdr_add_new_contact_icq    Add user
qtn_hdr_add_new_contact_yah    Add contact
qtn_hdr_add_to_blocked         Add to blocked
qtn_hdr_add_to_private         Add to private
qtn_hdr_adg                    Operator msg.
qtn_hdr_ai_activation_method   Enabling standby
qtn_hdr_ai_my_idle             My act. standby
qtn_hdr_ai_my_idle_content     My act. standby
qtn_hdr_ai_scb_links           Shortcut bar
qtn_hdr_ai_shortcut_bar        Shortcut bar
qtn_hdr_alert_for              Alert for
qtn_hdr_alias                  My alias
qtn_hdr_all_channels           All channels
qtn_hdr_alt_delivery_value     Alternat. bearer
qtn_hdr_always_allowed         Always allowed
qtn_hdr_applications           Applications
qtn_hdr_applic_tones           App. tones
qtn_hdr_app_permissions        App. access
qtn_hdr_ap_handover            Router handover
qtn_hdr_audio_message          Audio message
qtn_hdr_autocomplete           Auto-fill
qtn_hdr_autosave_sett          Autom. saving
qtn_hdr_auto_application       Auto-start
qtn_hdr_auto_login             Automatic login
qtn_hdr_auto_login_aol         Auto-Sign on
qtn_hdr_auto_login_icq         Auto-Connect
qtn_hdr_availability           Availability
qtn_hdr_barring_all            All calls barring
qtn_hdr_barring_fax            Fax call barring
qtn_hdr_barring_video          Video/data brng.
qtn_hdr_barring_voice          Voice call barring
qtn_hdr_blocked_contacts       Blocked contacts
qtn_hdr_blocked_contacts_aol   Blocked list
qtn_hdr_blocked_contacts_icq   Blocked contacts
qtn_hdr_blocked_list           Blocked list
qtn_hdr_broadcast_ssid         Broadcast SSID
qtn_hdr_browser_images         Images mode
qtn_hdr_business_cards         Business cards
qtn_hdr_calendar_alarm_tone    Calendar tone
qtn_hdr_calendar_notes            Calendar notes
qtn_hdr_call_log                  Call log
qtn_hdr_change_font_size          Font size
qtn_hdr_change_msg_to             Change type
qtn_hdr_character_support         Char. support
qtn_hdr_chat_settings             IM settings
qtn_hdr_chat_settings_vf          IM settings
qtn_hdr_chat_with                 Chat with
qtn_hdr_chat_with_aol             Send IM to
qtn_hdr_chat_with_icq             Send msg. to
qtn_hdr_chat_with_vf              Start conv. with
qtn_hdr_city                      City
qtn_hdr_clk_type                  Clock type
qtn_hdr_clock_display             Clock type
qtn_hdr_collection                Collection
qtn_hdr_common_settings           General sett.
qtn_hdr_communication             Communication
qtn_hdr_connection_type           Connection type
qtn_hdr_connectivity              Connectivity
qtn_hdr_contacts                  IM contacts
qtn_hdr_contacts_aol              Buddy List
qtn_hdr_contacts_icq              Contact List
qtn_hdr_contacts_vf               IM contacts
qtn_hdr_conversations             Conversations
qtn_hdr_copy_to_folder            Copy to
qtn_hdr_country                   Country
qtn_hdr_currentsoftdetail         Software details
qtn_hdr_current_status            Current presence
qtn_hdr_customer_cmcc             Customer serv.
qtn_hdr_decline_reason            Rejection reason
qtn_hdr_default_nickname          Nickname
qtn_hdr_default_view              Default view
qtn_hdr_delete_from               Delete from
qtn_hdr_delete_marked             Delete marked
qtn_hdr_delivery_report           Delivery report
qtn_hdr_delivery_reports          Delivery reports
qtn_hdr_delivery_rep_for_one      Delivery report
qtn_hdr_devicemanset              Device manager
qtn_hdr_divert_all_calls          All call types
qtn_hdr_divert_all_calls_always   Always
qtn_hdr_divert_all_video          All vid./data calls
qtn_hdr_divert_video              Video/data calls
qtn_hdr_divert_voice              Voice calls
qtn_hdr_domain                    Domain
qtn_hdr_download_midlet           Download
qtn_hdr_download_sett             Downl. settings
qtn_hdr_drafts                    Drafts
qtn_hdr_drm_current_act_key       Current act. key
qtn_hdr_drm_expired_act_key   Expired act. key
qtn_hdr_drm_list_act_key      Activation keys
qtn_hdr_drm_pending_act_key   Pending act. key
qtn_hdr_ecmascript            JavaScript
qtn_hdr_editing_options       Editing options
qtn_hdr_email_centres         E-mail centres
qtn_hdr_email_centre_in_use   E-mail centre
qtn_hdr_expired               Expired
qtn_hdr_extras                Extras
qtn_hdr_flash                 Flash message
qtn_hdr_flight_query          Flight query
qtn_hdr_fold                  Fold animation
qtn_hdr_folder_details        Folder details
qtn_hdr_get_location          Get location
qtn_hdr_gotoaddress           Go to address
qtn_hdr_gotone_cmcc           GoTone club
qtn_hdr_greeting_text         Greeting text
qtn_hdr_groups                Groups
qtn_hdr_group_image           Group image
qtn_hdr_group_name            Group name
qtn_hdr_guide_cmcc            Service guide
qtn_hdr_hashkey_menu          Editor settings
qtn_hdr_hearing_aid           Hearing aid
qtn_hdr_help                  Help
qtn_hdr_history_name          Convers. name
qtn_hdr_image_size_mmplus     Image size
qtn_hdr_image_size_mms        Image size
qtn_hdr_imei                  Send serial no.
qtn_hdr_im_alert              IM alert tone
qtn_hdr_im_auto_login         Automatic login
qtn_hdr_im_auto_login_aol     Auto-Sign on
qtn_hdr_im_auto_login_icq     Auto-Connect
qtn_hdr_im_availability       Availability
qtn_hdr_im_domain             Domain
qtn_hdr_im_login              Login
qtn_hdr_im_login_aol          Sign on
qtn_hdr_im_login_icq          Connect
qtn_hdr_im_menu               Inst. messaging
qtn_hdr_im_menu_vf            Messenger
qtn_hdr_incoming_msg          Incoming msgs.
qtn_hdr_information           Information
qtn_hdr_insert_image          Insert image
qtn_hdr_insert_sound_clip     Insert sound clip
qtn_hdr_insert_theme          Insert theme
qtn_hdr_insert_video_clip     Insert video clip
qtn_hdr_invitation            Invitation msg.
qtn_hdr_isim_code             ISIM code
qtn_hdr_isim_label            %U
qtn_hdr_iv_about               About
qtn_hdr_iv_menu                Instant viewer
qtn_hdr_java_email             E-mail
qtn_hdr_java_im                Inst. messaging
qtn_hdr_java_version           Version details
qtn_hdr_key_index_1            Key index 1
qtn_hdr_key_index_2            Key index 2
qtn_hdr_key_index_3            Key index 3
qtn_hdr_key_index_4            Key index 4
qtn_hdr_language_settings      Lang. settings
qtn_hdr_latestupdates          Latest update
qtn_hdr_light_seq              Light effects
qtn_hdr_light_settings         Light settings
qtn_hdr_link_to_profile        Synchronisation
qtn_hdr_lists_on_server        Lists on server
qtn_hdr_livecast_options       %U
qtn_hdr_livecast_service       %U service
qtn_hdr_livecast_settings      %U sett.
qtn_hdr_loose_routing          Loose routing
qtn_hdr_main_display           Main display
qtn_hdr_make_public            Change to public
qtn_hdr_marked_item            Marked item
qtn_hdr_marked_items           Marked items
qtn_hdr_media                  Media
qtn_hdr_memory_card            Memory card
qtn_hdr_message_centres        Message centres
qtn_hdr_message_log            Message log
qtn_hdr_message_priority       Message priority
qtn_hdr_messaging              Messaging
qtn_hdr_mini_display           Mini display
qtn_hdr_move_slide             Move slide
qtn_hdr_move_to_blocked        Move to blocked
qtn_hdr_move_to_private        Move to private
qtn_hdr_msg_centre_in_use      Message centre
qtn_hdr_msg_comp_list          Send
qtn_hdr_msg_details            Message details
qtn_hdr_msg_format_for_one     Send via
qtn_hdr_msg_preview            Preview
qtn_hdr_msg_recipients         Msg. recipients
qtn_hdr_msg_validity_for_one   Message validity
qtn_hdr_multimedia_plus        Multimedia plus
qtn_hdr_multimedia_recording   Multimedia rec.
qtn_hdr_my_cmcc                My Monternet
qtn_hdr_my_files               My files
qtn_hdr_my_information         My settings
qtn_hdr_my_presence            My presence
qtn_hdr_names                  Names
qtn_hdr_name_display           Name display
qtn_hdr_nbr_ticker_messages    No. of messages
qtn_hdr_network_access         Network access
qtn_hdr_network_type          Network type
qtn_hdr_new_audio_message     New audio msg.
qtn_hdr_new_call              New call
qtn_hdr_new_email_centre      New e-mail cntr.
qtn_hdr_new_files             New files
qtn_hdr_new_flash             New flash msg.
qtn_hdr_new_group             New group
qtn_hdr_new_msg_centre        New msg. centre
qtn_hdr_new_multimedia_plus   New MMS plus
qtn_hdr_new_nw_name           New
qtn_hdr_new_nw_name_tmo       New prof. name
qtn_hdr_new_postcard          New postcard
qtn_hdr_new_presentation      New multimedia
qtn_hdr_new_realm             New realm
qtn_hdr_new_sms               New text msg.
qtn_hdr_new_ssid              New SSID
qtn_hdr_number_setting        Number entry
qtn_hdr_offline_contacts      Offline
qtn_hdr_online_contacts       Online
qtn_hdr_other_tones           Other tones
qtn_hdr_outgoing_msg          Outgoing msgs.
qtn_hdr_own_number            My number
qtn_hdr_page_options          Page options
qtn_hdr_passphrase            Password
qtn_hdr_passphrase_tmo        Passphrase
qtn_hdr_password_new_query    New password
qtn_hdr_phoneupdates          Phone updates
qtn_hdr_phone_access          Data access
qtn_hdr_pim_cmcc              Phonebook mgr.
qtn_hdr_positioning           Positioning
qtn_hdr_postal_code           Postal code
qtn_hdr_postcard_options      Postcard
qtn_hdr_presence_logo         My presence logo
qtn_hdr_presence_message      Presence msg.
qtn_hdr_presence_settings     Pres. settings
qtn_hdr_presentation          Multimedia msg.
qtn_hdr_previous_messages     Previous msgs.
qtn_hdr_private_list          Private list
qtn_hdr_private_status        Private presence
qtn_hdr_prof_flight_mode      Flight mode
qtn_hdr_prof_name_edit_opt    Profile name
qtn_hdr_prompt_memory_info    Memory details
qtn_hdr_proxy                 Proxy
qtn_hdr_proxy_server          Proxy server
qtn_hdr_ps                    Power saver
qtn_hdr_public_groups         Public groups
qtn_hdr_public_status         Public presence
qtn_hdr_publishing_level      Show to
qtn_hdr_pwr_dwn_tone          Switch off tone
qtn_hdr_read_user_data        Read user data
qtn_hdr_recently_used           Recently used
qtn_hdr_recipient               Recipient
qtn_hdr_regist_server           Registrar server
qtn_hdr_remoteman               Softw. updates
qtn_hdr_remove                  Remove
qtn_hdr_rename                  Rename
qtn_hdr_repeat_indefinitely     Rep. indefinitely:
qtn_hdr_request_presence        Request presen.
qtn_hdr_ring_bgr                Incom. call video
qtn_hdr_saved_histories         Saved convers.
qtn_hdr_saved_msgs              Saved msgs.
qtn_hdr_save_sent_msg_for_one   Save sent msg.
qtn_hdr_save_to_contacts        Add to Contacts
qtn_hdr_screen_layout           Screen size
qtn_hdr_screen_name             My screen name
qtn_hdr_screen_name_aol         My nickname
qtn_hdr_screen_name_icq         My nickname
qtn_hdr_scroll_keys             Navigation key
qtn_hdr_scroll_key_down         Navig. key down
qtn_hdr_scroll_key_indication   Navig. key icons
qtn_hdr_scroll_key_left         Navig. key left
qtn_hdr_scroll_key_right        Navig. key right
qtn_hdr_scroll_key_up           Navig. key up
qtn_hdr_scrs                    Screen savers
qtn_hdr_search                  Search for
qtn_hdr_search_by               Search by
qtn_hdr_search_for              Search for
qtn_hdr_search_results          Search results
qtn_hdr_secretary_cmcc          Mobile secretary
qtn_hdr_security_key            Security key
qtn_hdr_security_type           Security type
qtn_hdr_sec_negotiation         Use security
qtn_hdr_select_color            Select colour
qtn_hdr_sending_settings        Sending options
qtn_hdr_send_as_message         Send as
qtn_hdr_send_dtmf               Send DTMF
qtn_hdr_servicepro              Service providers
qtn_hdr_service_cmcc            China Mobile
qtn_hdr_service_profile         Service profile
qtn_hdr_service_settings        Connect via
qtn_hdr_setting_cmcc            Settings
qtn_hdr_set_flip_call           Flip call handling
qtn_hdr_set_old_password        Old password
qtn_hdr_show_status_in_idle     Show in standby
qtn_hdr_sim_email_centre        SIM centre%N
qtn_hdr_sim_info                Operator info
qtn_hdr_sim_messages            SIM messages
qtn_hdr_sim_msg_centre          SIM centre%N
qtn_hdr_sip_settings            SIP settings
qtn_hdr_slide                    Slide animation
qtn_hdr_slide_answer_on_open     Open to answer
qtn_hdr_slide_call_handle        Slide call handling
qtn_hdr_sm                       Sleep mode
qtn_hdr_smart_card_comm          Smart card
qtn_hdr_smileys_setting          Graphical smileys
qtn_hdr_sms                      Text message
qtn_hdr_snooze_time_out          Snooze time-out
qtn_hdr_softdownload             Softw. update
qtn_hdr_sort_contacts            Sort
qtn_hdr_speedkeys                Speed keys
qtn_hdr_stand_by_settings        Standby sett.
qtn_hdr_state                    State/Province
qtn_hdr_status                   My status
qtn_hdr_street                   Postal address
qtn_hdr_subscribed_names         Subscrib. names
qtn_hdr_supported_apps           Supported apps.
qtn_hdr_swivel                   Swivel animation
qtn_hdr_swivel_call_handle       Swivel call
qtn_hdr_teaser_latest_news       Latest news
qtn_hdr_template_name            Template name
qtn_hdr_ticker_speed_value       Ticker speed
qtn_hdr_timers_counters          Timers
qtn_hdr_transport_protocol       Transport type
qtn_hdr_ucsk_left_sel_key        Left select. key
qtn_hdr_ucsk_personal_shortcut   Shortcuts
qtn_hdr_ucsk_right_sel_key       Selection key
qtn_hdr_unmarked_items           Unmarked items
qtn_hdr_unnamed                  Unnamed
qtn_hdr_updateavail              Update available
qtn_hdr_update_contact_list      Update list
qtn_hdr_usb_connect              USB cable mode
qtn_hdr_usb_setting              USB data cable
qtn_hdr_usernote                 My note
qtn_hdr_user_id                  User ID
qtn_hdr_use_as_settings          Settings
qtn_hdr_use_compression          Use compression
qtn_hdr_use_flash                Use Flash
qtn_hdr_use_preferred_ap         Use preferred
qtn_hdr_utilities                Utilities
qtn_hdr_verify_password          Verify password
qtn_hdr_video_menu               Video messages
qtn_hdr_video_share              Video sharing
qtn_hdr_view_status              View presence
qtn_hdr_voice_mail               Voice mail
qtn_hdr_voice_services           Voice services
qtn_hdr_watchers                 Viewers
qtn_hdr_watchers_list_vf         My watchers
qtn_hdr_wp                       Wallpapers
qtn_hdr_wp_main_display          Main wallpaper
qtn_hdr_wp_mini_display          Mini wallpaper
qtn_hdr_write_user_data          Add and edit
qtn_hdr_writ_lang_list           Writing language
qtn_hdr_wv_service_name          Service name
qtn_hdr_wv_settings              IM and presence
qtn_hdr_wv_settings_vf           IM and Presence
qtn_hdr_wv_user_id               My user ID
qtn_hdr_wv_user_id_aol           Screen name
qtn_hdr_wv_user_id_icq           ICQ #
qtn_hdr_wv_user_id_vf            My Messenger ID
qtn_header_call_log              Call log
qtn_header_ignition_sense        Ignition detector
qtn_header_notep_sending         Send note
qtn_header_system_mode           Network mode
qtn_header_t9_matches_list       Matches
qtn_header_usim_language         SIM language
qtn_help_conf_note_off           Help texts off
qtn_help_conf_note_on            Help texts on
qtn_help_header_text             Help texts
qtn_help_list_off                Off
qtn_help_list_on                 On
qtn_help_menu                    Help text activation
qtn_hindi_entry                  Text: अ आ इ
qtn_homepage_locked              Homepage cannot be changed
qtn_hutch_list_hutchplay         HutchPlay
qtn_icon_text_unsupp_object      Unsupported format
qtn_ihf_conf_deactivated         Loudspeaker off
qtn_ihf_list_hfree_in_call       Loudspeaker
qtn_ihf_warn_activated           routed to loudspeaker
qtn_ilist_10_minutes             10 minutes
qtn_ilist_15_minutes             15 minutes
qtn_ilist_30_minutes             30 minutes
qtn_ilist_5_minutes              5 minutes
qtn_ilist_60_minutes             60 minutes
qtn_ilist_access_point           Access point
qtn_ilist_active                 Active
qtn_ilist_active_chats           Conversa-tions
qtn_ilist_adjust_aratio          Adjustable size
qtn_ilist_alarm_clock            Alarm clock
qtn_ilist_alarm_clock_sel_off    Off
qtn_ilist_alarm_clock_sel_on     On
qtn_ilist_alarm_off              Alarm off
qtn_ilist_alarm_on               Alarm on
qtn_ilist_alarm_t_alarm          With tone
qtn_ilist_alarm_t_silent         Silent
qtn_ilist_allowremoteman         Always allow
qtn_ilist_als_alternative_line   Line 2
qtn_ilist_als_line_block_off     Allowed
qtn_ilist_als_line_block_on       Not allowed
qtn_ilist_als_line_lock           Lock
qtn_ilist_als_line_unlock         Unlock
qtn_ilist_als_primary_line        Line 1
qtn_ilist_always_allowed          Always allowed
qtn_ilist_analog                  Analogue
qtn_ilist_app_lights_off          Default
qtn_ilist_app_lights_on           App. defined
qtn_ilist_app_sounds_off          Off
qtn_ilist_app_sounds_on           On
qtn_ilist_app_vibra_off           Off
qtn_ilist_app_vibra_on            On
qtn_ilist_ask_every_time          Ask every time
qtn_ilist_ask_first_time          Ask first time
qtn_ilist_audio_message           Audio message
qtn_ilist_authentic_option_chap   Secure
qtn_ilist_authentic_option_pap    Normal
qtn_ilist_auth_open               Open
qtn_ilist_auth_shared             Shared
qtn_ilist_automatic               Automatic
qtn_ilist_auto_mode               Automatic
qtn_ilist_a_10_min_before         10 min before
qtn_ilist_a_15_min_before         15 min before
qtn_ilist_a_1_day_before          1 day before
qtn_ilist_a_2_day_before          2 days before
qtn_ilist_a_30_min_before         30 min before
qtn_ilist_a_3_day_before          3 days before
qtn_ilist_a_5_min_before          5 min before
qtn_ilist_a_custom_date           Other
qtn_ilist_a_custom_time           Other
qtn_ilist_a_on_day                On the day
qtn_ilist_a_on_time               At event time
qtn_ilist_a_week_before           Week before
qtn_ilist_bearer_option_csd       GSM data
qtn_ilist_bi_weekly               Every 2 weeks
qtn_ilist_blocked_contacts        Blocked list
qtn_ilist_blocked_contacts_aol    Block list
qtn_ilist_blocked_contacts_icq    Block list
qtn_ilist_blocked_contacts_vf     Block List
qtn_ilist_blocked_contacts_yah    Ignored users
qtn_ilist_calculator              Calculator
qtn_ilist_calendar                Calendar
qtn_ilist_call_log                Call log
qtn_ilist_call_settings           Call
qtn_ilist_call_termination_menu   Summ. after call
qtn_ilist_call_timers             Call duration
qtn_ilist_camera_menu             Camera
qtn_ilist_chat_cmcc               Chat
qtn_ilist_chat_menu               Chat
qtn_ilist_chat_settings           IM settings
qtn_ilist_cli_group_menu          Caller groups
qtn_ilist_cli_sending_default     Set by network
qtn_ilist_cmm_email               E-mail
qtn_ilist_config_settings         Config. settings
qtn_ilist_confirmremmanfirst      Confirm first
qtn_ilist_connectivity_menu       Connectivity
qtn_ilist_connect_auto            Automatic
qtn_ilist_connect_manual          Manual
qtn_ilist_copy_contacts           Copy contacts
qtn_ilist_countdown_timer         Timer
qtn_ilist_create_private_group    Create group
qtn_ilist_cug_default             Default
qtn_ilist_data_transfer           Data transfer
qtn_ilist_dcall_option_analog     Analogue
qtn_ilist_dcall_option_isdn       ISDN
qtn_ilist_dcall_speed_19200       19200
qtn_ilist_dcall_speed_28800       28800
qtn_ilist_dcall_speed_38400       38400
qtn_ilist_dcall_speed_43200       43200
qtn_ilist_dcall_speed_opt_14400   14400
qtn_ilist_dcall_speed_opt_9600    9600
qtn_ilist_dcall_speed_opt_auto    Automatic
qtn_ilist_dd_mmm_yyyy             DD MMM YYYY
qtn_ilist_dd_mm_yy                DD MM YY
qtn_ilist_dd_mm_yyyy              DD MM YYYY
qtn_ilist_delete_all_contacts     Delete all contacts
qtn_ilist_delivery_reports        Delivery reports
qtn_ilist_del_1_month             After 1 month
qtn_ilist_dictionary_menu         Dictionary
qtn_ilist_digital                 Digital
qtn_ilist_display_settings        Display
qtn_ilist_drafts                  Drafts
qtn_ilist_dual_system             Dual mode
qtn_ilist_dynamic_presence        My presence
qtn_ilist_email                   E-mail
qtn_ilist_erase_calls             Clear log lists
qtn_ilist_every_day               Every day
qtn_ilist_every_month             Every month
qtn_ilist_every_week              Every week
qtn_ilist_every_year              Every year
qtn_ilist_fdn_list                Number list
qtn_ilist_finance_cmcc            Finance online
qtn_ilist_font_normal             Normal
qtn_ilist_font_small              Small
qtn_ilist_font_style_bold         Bold
qtn_ilist_font_style_bundl        Bold underline
qtn_ilist_font_style_italic       Italic
qtn_ilist_font_style_iundl        Italic underline
qtn_ilist_font_style_plain        Plain
qtn_ilist_font_style_pundl        Plain underline
qtn_ilist_font_xsmall             Extra small
qtn_ilist_full_char_support       Full
qtn_ilist_games_cmcc              Games
qtn_ilist_gotone_cmcc             GoTone club
qtn_ilist_groups                  Groups
qtn_ilist_gsm                     GSM
qtn_ilist_guide_cmcc              Service guide
qtn_ilist_hide_clock              Hide clock
qtn_ilist_hotline_cmcc            Service hotline
qtn_ilist_id                      User ID
qtn_ilist_ietf                    Standard IETF
qtn_ilist_im_presence_settings    Connection settings
qtn_ilist_inactive                Inactive
qtn_ilist_index_1                 Index 1
qtn_ilist_index_2                 Index 2
qtn_ilist_index_3                 Index 3
qtn_ilist_index_4                 Index 4
qtn_ilist_inf_nbr                 Info numbers
qtn_ilist_instant_msg             Instant message
qtn_ilist_ipv4                    IPv4
qtn_ilist_ipv6                    IPv6
qtn_ilist_keyguard_off            Off
qtn_ilist_keyguard_on             On
qtn_ilist_language_automatic      Automatic
qtn_ilist_lights_automatic        Automatic
qtn_ilist_lights_follow_profile   Follows profile
qtn_ilist_lights_on               On
qtn_ilist_light_seq_off           Off
qtn_ilist_light_seq_on            On
qtn_ilist_light_settings          Lights
qtn_ilist_main_display            Main display
qtn_ilist_manager_cmcc            Customer manager
qtn_ilist_manual_mode             Manual
qtn_ilist_memory_options_settin   Settings
qtn_ilist_memo_view_speed_dials   Speed dials
qtn_ilist_mem_opt_own_number      My numbers
qtn_ilist_mem_scroll_image        Name & image
qtn_ilist_mem_scroll_name_list    Norm. name list
qtn_ilist_mem_scroll_name_nbr     Name & number
qtn_ilist_mem_scroll_name_only    Large name list
qtn_ilist_menu_circular           Circular
qtn_ilist_menu_grid               Grid
qtn_ilist_menu_labelgrid          Grid with labels
qtn_ilist_menu_list               List
qtn_ilist_menu_reset              Restore factory sett.
qtn_ilist_menu_tab                Tab
qtn_ilist_message_log             Message log
qtn_ilist_mini_display            Mini display
qtn_ilist_missed_calls            Missed calls
qtn_ilist_mmm_dd_yyyy             MMM DD YYYY
qtn_ilist_mms                     Multimedia msg.
qtn_ilist_mms_free                Multimedia plus
qtn_ilist_mm_dd_yy                MM DD YY
qtn_ilist_mm_dd_yyyy              MM DD YYYY
qtn_ilist_monternet_cmcc          Monternet
qtn_ilist_month_view              Month view
qtn_ilist_more_settings           More settings
qtn_ilist_move_contacts           Move contacts
qtn_ilist_movie_cmcc              Movies & TV
qtn_ilist_msg_recipients          Message recipients
qtn_ilist_music_player            Music player
qtn_ilist_my_cmcc                 My Monternet
qtn_ilist_my_information          My settings
qtn_ilist_names                   Names
qtn_ilist_news_cmcc               News & weather
qtn_ilist_nitz_option_ask_first   Confirm first
qtn_ilist_nitz_option_auto        On
qtn_ilist_nitz_option_no_update   Off
qtn_ilist_normal_font_sett        Normal font
qtn_ilist_notep                   Notes
qtn_ilist_not_allowed             Not allowed
qtn_ilist_not_repeated            Never
qtn_ilist_no_alarm                No alarm
qtn_ilist_no_deletion             Never
qtn_ilist_oma_email               E-mail
qtn_ilist_online_enquiry          Enquiry
qtn_ilist_other_settings          Other settings
qtn_ilist_outbox                  Outbox
qtn_ilist_pbsel_phone             Phone
qtn_ilist_pbsel_phone_and_sim     Phone and SIM
qtn_ilist_pbsel_sim               SIM card
qtn_ilist_pen_input_tim_fast      Fast
qtn_ilist_pen_input_tim_mid       Normal
qtn_ilist_pen_input_tim_slow      Slow
qtn_ilist_phone                   Phone
qtn_ilist_phone_default           Default
qtn_ilist_phone_settings          Phone
qtn_ilist_pictures_cmcc           Pictures & ringtones
qtn_ilist_pim_cmcc                Phonebook manager
qtn_ilist_poc                     Push to talk
qtn_ilist_portrait_aratio         Portrait size
qtn_ilist_postcard                Postcard
qtn_ilist_presentation            Multimedia
qtn_ilist_pres_settings           Presence settings
qtn_ilist_priority_high           High
qtn_ilist_priority_low            Low
qtn_ilist_priority_normal         Normal
qtn_ilist_profiles_menu           Profiles
qtn_ilist_pti_char_pred           Normal
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_afrikaans      Afrikaans
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_arabic       Arabic
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_bulgarian    Bulgarian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_croatian     Croatian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_czech        Czech
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_dansk        Danish
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_deutsch      German
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_english      English
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_espanol      Spanish
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_estonian     Estonian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_farsi        Farsi
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_francais     French
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_greek        Greek
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_hebrew       Hebrew
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_hindi        Hindi
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_hungarian    Hungarian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_icelandic    Icelandic
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_indonesian   Indonesian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_italiano     Italian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_latvian      Latvian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_lithuanian   Lithuanian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_malay        Malay
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_nederlands   Dutch
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_norsk        Norwegian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_polish       Polish
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_portugues    Portuguese
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_romanian     Romanian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_russian      Russian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_serbian      Serbian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_slovak       Slovak
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_slovene      Slovenian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_suomi        Finnish
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_svenska      Swedish
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_swahili      Swahili
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_tagalog      Tagalog
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_thai         Thai
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_turkish      Turkish
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_ukranian     Ukrainian
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_urdu         Urdu
qtn_ilist_pti_lang_vietnamese   Vietnamese
qtn_ilist_pti_word_compl        Word sugg.
qtn_ilist_publish_off           No one
qtn_ilist_publish_private       Private viewers
qtn_ilist_publ_public_private   Private & public
qtn_ilist_rcvd_apps             Applications
qtn_ilist_rcvd_bookmarks        Bookmarks
qtn_ilist_rcvd_gal_files        Gallery files
qtn_ilist_realtime_12h          12-hour
qtn_ilist_realtime_24h          24-hour
qtn_ilist_realtime_am           am
qtn_ilist_realtime_pm           pm
qtn_ilist_recall_last             Dialled numbers
qtn_ilist_received_calls          Received calls
qtn_ilist_reduced_char_support    Reduced
qtn_ilist_rejectremoteman         Always reject
qtn_ilist_saved_items             Saved items
qtn_ilist_saved_msgs              Saved messages
qtn_ilist_screen_layout_full      Full
qtn_ilist_screen_layout_small     Small
qtn_ilist_search_ids              Search
qtn_ilist_search_users            Search users
qtn_ilist_secretary_cmcc          Mobile secretary
qtn_ilist_security_menu           Security
qtn_ilist_security_wep            WEP
qtn_ilist_security_wpa2psk        WPA2-PSK
qtn_ilist_security_wpapsk         WPA-PSK
qtn_ilist_send_bm_as_sms          As text msg.
qtn_ilist_send_bm_as_txt          As bookmark
qtn_ilist_send_via_audio_msg      Via audio msg.
qtn_ilist_send_via_bt             Via Bluetooth
qtn_ilist_send_via_ir             Via infrared
qtn_ilist_send_via_mms            Via multimedia
qtn_ilist_sent_items              Sent items
qtn_ilist_separator_dash          -
qtn_ilist_separator_dot           .
qtn_ilist_separator_slash         /
qtn_ilist_separator_space         (space)
qtn_ilist_service_dialling_nos    Service numbers
qtn_ilist_setting_cmcc            Settings
qtn_ilist_sett_thermometer        Thermometer
qtn_ilist_set_personal_shortcut   My shortcuts
qtn_ilist_sim_cmcc                STK applications
qtn_ilist_sim_email_centre        SIM centre%N
qtn_ilist_sim_mms_account         MMS settings
qtn_ilist_sim_mms_account_n       MMS sett. %N
qtn_ilist_sim_msg_centre          SIM centre%N
qtn_ilist_sim_supplied_mms        Prim. MMS sett.
qtn_ilist_slide_set               Slide set
qtn_ilist_slm                     Sound meter
qtn_ilist_smsse_big_font          Large font
qtn_ilist_smsse_small_font        Small font
qtn_ilist_sms_inbox               Inbox
qtn_ilist_sms_options_menu        Message settings
qtn_ilist_sms_option_compose      Create message
qtn_ilist_sms_option_erase_msgs   Delete messages
qtn_ilist_ss_delay_10_sec         10 seconds
qtn_ilist_ss_delay_15_sec         15 seconds
qtn_ilist_ss_delay_20_sec         20 seconds
qtn_ilist_ss_delay_25_sec         25 seconds
qtn_ilist_ss_delay_30_sec         30 seconds
qtn_ilist_ss_delay_5_sec          5 seconds
qtn_ilist_stopwatch               Stopwatch
qtn_ilist_streaming               Streaming
qtn_ilist_subscribed_names        Subscribed names
qtn_ilist_sync                    Synchronisation
qtn_ilist_sync_all                Synchronise all
qtn_ilist_system_mode             Network mode
qtn_ilist_system_select           Operator selec.
qtn_ilist_tcp                     TCP
qtn_ilist_template                My title
qtn_ilist_templates               Templates
qtn_ilist_three_gpp               Nokia 3GPP
qtn_ilist_timedate_settings       Time and date
qtn_ilist_todo                    To-do list
qtn_ilist_ucsk_last_url           Last web address
qtn_ilist_ucsk_sk_function        Right selec-tion key
qtn_ilist_udp                     UDP
qtn_ilist_uma                     Wi-Fi call
qtn_ilist_uni_channel             Channel
qtn_ilist_unknown_content         Unkn. object
qtn_ilist_usb_mass_stor_mode      Data storage
qtn_ilist_usb_nokia_mode          Default mode
qtn_ilist_usb_print_mode          Printing
qtn_ilist_ussd_request_editor     Service commands
qtn_ilist_vcom                    Voice commands
qtn_ilist_via_postcard            Via postcard
qtn_ilist_vibra_follow_profile    Follows profile
qtn_ilist_video_menu              Video
qtn_ilist_video_msgs              Video messages
qtn_ilist_video_share             Video sharing
qtn_ilist_voice_messages          Voice messages
qtn_ilist_voice_rec_memo          Recorder
qtn_ilist_voice_tags              Voice tags
qtn_ilist_wcdma                   UMTS
qtn_ilist_web                     Web
qtn_ilist_week_f_monday           Monday
qtn_ilist_week_f_saturday         Saturday
qtn_ilist_week_f_sunday           Sunday
qtn_ilist_wim                     Security module
qtn_ilist_wml_option_bookmarks    Bookmarks
qtn_ilist_wml_option_empty_cach   Clear the cache
qtn_ilist_wml_option_goto         Go to address
qtn_ilist_wml_option_home         Home
qtn_ilist_wml_option_settings     Settings
qtn_ilist_wp_set_slide_show       Select slide set
qtn_ilist_wv                      IM & presence
qtn_ilist_wv_settings             IM and my presence
qtn_ilist_xsmall_font_sett        Extra small font
qtn_ilist_yyyy_mmm_dd             YYYY MMM DD
qtn_ilist_yyyy_mm_dd              YYYY MM DD
qtn_ilist_yy_mm_dd                YY MM DD
                                 Electrical Serial no.
qtn_imei_esn                     %U
qtn_im_contact_name              Contact name:
                                 Not found:
qtn_im_err_name_not_on_server    %U
qtn_im_list_on_powerup           On phone start-up
qtn_im_list_refresh_list         Refresh list
qtn_im_main_menu                 IM
qtn_im_main_menu_vf              Messenger
qtn_im_spr_list_notif            Notifications
qtn_incal_3way_call              Multicall
qtn_incal_call_timer             Time: %N
qtn_incal_conf_slide_end_off     Phone will not end calls when slide is closed
qtn_incal_conf_slide_end_on      Phone will end calls when slide is closed
qtn_incal_err_3_call_not_allow   3-way call not allowed
qtn_incal_hdr_end_call           End
qtn_incal_hdr_muted              Muted
qtn_incal_list_join_conference   Add to conference
qtn_incal_list_lock_keypad       Lock keypad
qtn_incal_muted                  Muted
qtn_incal_sett_slide_end_close   End call when slide is closed
qtn_incal_softk_hfree_in_call    Loudsp.
qtn_incal_softk_hset_in_call     Normal
qtn_incal_softk_loopset          Loopset
qtn_incal_softk_wire_car_kit     Handsf.
qtn_incal_softk_wire_hset        Heads.
qtn_indic_roam_off_campus        Off campus
qtn_indic_roam_on_campus          On campus
qtn_indi_auto_answer              Auto-answer
qtn_ind_anonymous                 Anonymous %N
qtn_ind_auto_answer               Automatic answer
qtn_ind_muted                     Muted
qtn_ind_not_known                 Anonym.
qtn_infnr_list_empty              Info numbers list empty
qtn_infnr_numbers_not_available   Service not available
qtn_info_active_service_setting   Web setting:
qtn_info_addr_exists              Address already exists for this contact
qtn_info_all_names_subscribed     All names already subscribed
qtn_info_already_joined           Already a member of this group
qtn_info_already_on_list          Already on list
qtn_info_app_option_unavailable   Not available for read-only memory card. Go to application in %0U fo
qtn_info_app_option_unavail_ro    Not available for read-only memory card
qtn_info_app_perm_not_allowed     Application access set to not allowed
qtn_info_app_sim_removed          SIM card changed
qtn_info_a_and_b_memory_ful       Phone and SIM memory full
qtn_info_blocked_list_full        Blocked list full
qtn_info_blocked_list_full_aol    Block list full
qtn_info_blocked_list_full_icq    Block list full
qtn_info_blocked_list_full_vf     Block List full
qtn_info_blocked_list_full_yah    Ignore Contact List full
qtn_info_chats_full_new_msg       Conversation memory full. Message from %U.
qtn_info_connection_broken        Connection lost. Logout and re-login.
qtn_info_contact_not_added        Not added to Instant messaging contacts
qtn_info_contact_not_added_aol    Not added to Group
qtn_info_contact_not_added_icq    Not added to Contact List
qtn_info_contact_not_added_vf     Not added to Messenger contacts
qtn_info_corrupt_file             File corrupted
qtn_info_data_not_allowed         Contact detail not supported by SIM card
qtn_info_date_nitz_on             Cannot set date when auto-update enabled
qtn_info_deleting_failed          Deleting failed
qtn_info_demo_inaccessible        Operation requires SIM card
qtn_info_demo_mem_unavail         No SIM card inserted. SIM card memory unavailable.
qtn_info_demo_sim_inserted        SIM card inserted. Phone will restart.
qtn_info_demo_sim_removed         SIM card removed. Phone will restart.
qtn_info_details_not_available    Details not available
qtn_info_drmcd_no_act_appl        Application cannot be activated
qtn_info_drmcd_no_act_image       Image cannot be activated
qtn_info_drmcd_no_act_theme       Theme cannot be activated
qtn_info_drmcd_no_act_tone        Tone cannot be activated
qtn_info_drmcd_no_act_video       Video clip cannot be activated
qtn_info_drmsd_act_appl_first     Activate application first
qtn_info_drmsd_act_image_first    Activate image first
qtn_info_drmsd_act_theme_first    Activate theme first
qtn_info_drmsd_act_tone_first     Activate tone first
qtn_info_drmsd_act_video_first    Activate video clip first
qtn_info_enter_search_criteria    Save mobile number or e-mail address first
qtn_info_filetype_mismatch        Selected file type incorrect
qtn_info_flight_end_call          End call first
qtn_info_general_protected        Not allowed by activation key
qtn_info_group_deleted            Group deleted
qtn_info_group_name_in_use        Group name already exists
qtn_info_hdr_memory_info          Memory status
qtn_info_hdr_mmc                  Memory card
qtn_info_hdr_phone                Phone memory
qtn_info_history_not_saved        Conversation not saved
qtn_info_homepage_too_long        Web address too long to set as homepage
qtn_info_id_exists                ID already exists for another name
qtn_info_id_exists_for_name       ID already exists for this contact
qtn_info_id_in_use                Cannot change an ID that is in use
qtn_info_image_too_big            Cannot select. Image too large.
qtn_info_import_memory_full       All contacts on list cannot be displayed
qtn_info_im_id_empty              User ID cannot be empty
qtn_info_im_id_empty_aol          Screen name cannot be empty
qtn_info_im_id_empty_icq          ICQ # cannot be empty
qtn_info_invalid_sett             Check sync settings
qtn_info_item_not_selectable      Item not available
qtn_info_limited_data_save        Detail already exists for this contact
qtn_info_list_empty               List is empty
qtn_info_list_free                Free memory
qtn_info_list_free_mmc            Free memory on memory card
qtn_info_list_is_full             IM contacts full
qtn_info_list_is_full_aol         Buddy list full
qtn_info_list_is_full_icq         Contact list full
qtn_info_list_is_full_yah         IM contacts full
qtn_info_list_mmc                 Memory card
qtn_info_list_used                Used memory
qtn_info_maximum_1_hour           Maximum snooze time is 1 hour
qtn_info_max_active_chats         Maximum number of conversations active
qtn_info_memories_empty           Phone and SIM memory empty
qtn_info_mem_slot_flap_open       Operation interrupted. Card slot flap open.
qtn_info_minimum_2_minutes        Minimum snooze time is 2 minutes
qtn_info_mmc_oper_interrupt       Operation interrupted. Memory card removed.
qtn_info_mmc_removed              Memory card removed
qtn_info_mmc_removed_no_action    Unable to continue. Memory card removed.
qtn_info_move_not_ok_copyright    Unable to move copy-righted item to mem. card
qtn_info_move_not_to_source       Unable to move to original folder
qtn_info_move_unable_using_file   File in use. Unable to move.
qtn_info_move_unable_using_name   File in use. Unable to move %U.
qtn_info_new_mbrs_not_invited     New members not invited
qtn_info_nodevices_found          Infrared reception timed out
qtn_info_note_not_exist           Calendar note has been deleted
qtn_info_not_added_invalid_id     Invalid ID. Name not added.
qtn_info_not_connected            Not connected to server
qtn_info_not_logged_in            Not logged in
qtn_info_not_logged_in_aol        Not signed on
qtn_info_not_logged_in_icq        Not connected
qtn_info_not_with_data            Selected msg. type does not support this attachment
qtn_info_not_with_recipient       Selected msg. type does not support this recipient info
qtn_info_no_access_settings       Calendar options not available from act. standby
qtn_info_no_access_todo           To-do list not available from active standby
qtn_info_no_area_cmcc             Area code not defined
qtn_info_no_contact_selected      No contact selected
qtn_info_no_email_address         No e-mail address
qtn_info_no_email_or_number       No e-mail address or phone number
qtn_info_no_group_services        Group services not supported on this server
qtn_info_no_id                    Contact has no defined user ID
qtn_info_no_id_available          Adding failed. User ID not available.
qtn_info_no_id_available_vf       Adding failed. Messenger ID not found.
qtn_info_no_images                Folder does not contain any images
qtn_info_no_image_folder_full     Not enough memory. Image discarded.
qtn_info_no_lists_found           No lists found
qtn_info_no_new_contacts_aol      No buddies to be added
qtn_info_no_new_contacts_icq      No contacts to be added
qtn_info_no_number_cmcc           Customer manager number not defined
qtn_info_no_results_found         No results found
qtn_info_no_sending               Cannot send note. SIM card not inserted.
qtn_info_no_sim_service           UNI-INFO application not available
qtn_info_only_online_adding_aol   Buddy must be online
qtn_info_only_online_adding_icq   Contacts must be online
qtn_info_other_set_in_use         Other settings in use
qtn_info_permissions_not_avail    Not available for this application
qtn_info_phone_memory_empty       Phone memory empty
qtn_info_presence_info_cleared    Presence information will be deleted
qtn_info_presence_not_updated     Presence information could not be updated
qtn_info_publishing_level         Show to no one' selected. Presence info not shared.
qtn_info_repeat_duration          Invalid repeat interval
qtn_info_repeat_end_date          Repeat end date is before start date
qtn_info_request_not_confirmed    Request cancelled
qtn_info_ro_mmc                   Not available for read-only memory card
qtn_info_rtc_factory_settings     Default time and date set
qtn_info_screenname_in_use        Name already in use
qtn_info_server_list_full         Contact list on server full
qtn_info_sys_file                 Not available for system file
qtn_info_sys_folder               Not available for system folder
qtn_info_text_truncated           Text too long and was truncated
qtn_info_timezone_nitz_on         Cannot set time zone when auto-upd. enabled
qtn_info_time_nitz_on             Cannot set time when auto-update enabled
qtn_info_time_zone                Time zone must postdate 1.1.1980
qtn_info_unable_to_change_pin     Changing PIN code not allowed
qtn_info_usb_unlock_sec           Unlock security key-guard to use data cable
qtn_info_user_away                %U is now away
qtn_info_user_busy               %U is now busy
qtn_info_user_not_reachable      User cannot be reached
qtn_info_user_offline            %U is now offline
qtn_info_user_online             %U is now online
qtn_info_view_not_poss           Cannot view details
qtn_info_wait_opening            Updating me-mory status
qtn_info_where_to_delete         Select location for deleting items
qtn_info_wv_id_in_use            User ID in use
qtn_info_wv_set_usr_online       Logout to change this setting
qtn_info_wv_set_usr_online_aol   Sign off to change this setting
qtn_info_wv_set_usr_online_icq   Disconnect to change this setting
qtn_input_arabic_option                  ‫اب‬
                                 Text: ‫‌ ‌ت‬
qtn_input_english_pred           Predictive English
qtn_input_farsi_option                   ‫اب‬
                                 Text: ‫‌ ‌پ‬
qtn_input_hdr_instructions       Instructions
qtn_input_hebrew_option          Text: ‫אבג‬
qtn_input_instructions           Writing instruct.
qtn_input_latin_lower            abc
qtn_input_latin_option           Text: A b c
qtn_input_latin_upper            ABC
qtn_input_lower_option           Text: a b c
qtn_input_number_araind          Numbers: ١٢٣
qtn_input_number_bengali         Numbers: ১ ২ ৩
qtn_input_number_entry           Number
qtn_input_number_farsi           Numbers: ١‌ ‌٢٣
qtn_input_number_gujarati        Numbers: ૧ ૨ ૩
qtn_input_number_kannada         Numbers: ೧ ೨ ೩
qtn_input_number_latin           Numbers: 1 2 3
qtn_input_number_marathi         Numbers: १ २ ३
qtn_input_number_punjabi         Numbers: ੧ ੨ ੩
qtn_input_spec_char_option       Insert symbol
qtn_input_upper_option           Text: A B C
qtn_input_urdu_option                    ‫اب‬
                                 Text: ‫‌ ‌پ‬
qtn_intro_gotone_cmcc            Updates on services provided by China Mobile, including recent prom

                                 Nokia customer service hotline

                                 Telephone: 4008 800123
                                 Fax: 4008 800321
                                 Mail: P.O. Box 3142, Beijing # Nokia
                                 Customer Service Hotline
                                 Post code: 100044
qtn_intro_guide_cmcc             *International users +86-10-58692662
qtn_intro_my_mms_cmcc            To enquire about or cancel a MMS service, send CX0000 to the serv
qtn_intro_my_sms_cmcc            To enquire about or cancel a SMS service, send 0000 to the service
                                  The Phonebook manager is a service
                                  provided by China Mobile:
                                  (1) Phonebook update: Backup or
                                  restore your phonebook entries online
                                  (2) Online enquiries: Store your
                                  phonebook entries online to save
qtn_intro_pim_cmcc                memory on your phone.
qtn_intro_secretary_travel_cmcc   Flights, hotel enquiries and booking services. For tariff information, p
qtn_int_dial_pre_conf             International prefix saved
qtn_int_dial_pre_full_setting     International prefix
qtn_int_dial_pre_query            International prefix:
qtn_invitation_rejected_msg       %0U rejected invitation. Reason: %1U
qtn_ip_sett_addr_1                IP address 1
qtn_ip_sett_v4                    IPv4 address
qtn_ip_sett_v6                    IPv6 address
qtn_ir_conf_deactivated           Infrared reception deactivated
qtn_ir_conn_denied                Close application first
qtn_ir_info_ir_busy               Infrared busy
qtn_ir_info_ir_data_transfering   Transferring data via infrared
qtn_ir_info_no_devices_found      No infrared devices found
qtn_ir_quest_conflict_ir_off      Infrared reception will be deactivated. Continue?
qtn_ir_quest_deactivate           Deactivate infrared?
qtn_ir_wait_searching             Searching for IR devices
qtn_javaie_err_email_too_long     E-mail address too long
qtn_javaie_err_number_too_long    Number too long
qtn_java_app_info_suite_list      Contents:
qtn_java_app_info_version_size    %1NkB
qtn_java_change_pin               Enter PIN code to change PIN:
qtn_java_change_pin_label         Enter PIN code to change PIN: %U
qtn_java_conf_app_saved           Saved to Collection. Open now?
qtn_java_conf_erased_app          %U
qtn_java_conf_net_acc_allow       Web access allowed
qtn_java_conf_net_acc_ask         Web access asked first
qtn_java_conf_net_acc_not_allow   Web access not allowed
qtn_java_conf_port_conflict       Conflicting applications. Show items?
qtn_java_cover_download           Downloading application
qtn_java_disable_pin              Enter PIN code to disable PIN:
qtn_java_disable_pin_label        Enter PIN code to disable PIN: %U
qtn_java_enable_pin               Enter PIN code to enable PIN:
qtn_java_enable_pin_label         Enter PIN code to enable PIN: %U
qtn_java_enter_pin                Enter PIN code:
qtn_java_enter_pin_label          Enter PIN code: %U
qtn_java_err_action_failed        Action failed
qtn_java_err_app_error            Application error
qtn_java_err_app_not_supported    Application not supported
qtn_java_err_cant_run_app         Unable to run application
qtn_java_err_file_too_large       File too large
qtn_java_err_format_unrecogn      File format not recognised
qtn_java_err_invalid_file         Invalid application
qtn_java_err_launch_failed        Unable to start
qtn_java_err_net_acc_not_allow    Web access set to not allowed
qtn_java_first_name               First name
qtn_java_hdr_apps                 Applications
qtn_java_hdr_app_services         App. downloads
qtn_java_hdr_erase1               Mark one item
qtn_java_hdr_kb_needed            %NkB needed
qtn_java_hdr_memory               Memory
qtn_java_hdr_net_access           Web access
qtn_java_hdr_port_conflict        Conflicting apps.
qtn_java_info_dimmed_no_link      No link available
qtn_java_info_running_in_bg       %U running. Nothing to display.
qtn_java_label_birthday           Birthday
qtn_java_label_car_number         Car phone
qtn_java_label_country            Country
qtn_java_label_extended_addr      Extended addr.
qtn_java_label_locality           City
qtn_java_label_nickname           Nickname
qtn_java_label_organisation       Company
qtn_java_label_pager_number       Pager
qtn_java_label_post_code          Postal/ZIP code
qtn_java_label_region             State/Province
qtn_java_label_separator          :
qtn_java_label_street             Street
qtn_java_label_title              Job title
qtn_java_label_video_number       Video call no.
qtn_java_launch_in_bg             %U running in background
qtn_java_list_apps                Select application
qtn_java_list_delete_app          Delete application
qtn_java_list_erase               Delete
qtn_java_list_exit_app            Exit application
qtn_java_list_memory              Memory
qtn_java_list_net_access          Web access
qtn_java_list_net_acc_allow       Allowed
qtn_java_list_net_acc_ask         Ask first
qtn_java_list_net_acc_not_allow   Not allowed
qtn_java_list_no_name             Unknown
qtn_java_list_open                Open
qtn_java_list_restart_app         Restart app.
qtn_java_list_services            App. downloads
qtn_java_list_update_check        Update version
qtn_java_list_view_app            View application
qtn_java_list_view_info           Details
qtn_java_list_www_link            Web page
qtn_java_mms_bcc                  Bcc:
qtn_java_mms_cc                   Cc:
qtn_java_mms_queued                Multimedia message queued for sending
qtn_java_mms_send                  Send multimedia message to %N recipients?
qtn_java_mms_send_single           Send multimedia message to 1 recipient?
qtn_java_mms_size_kb               Size: %U kB
qtn_java_mms_size_mb               Size: %U MB
qtn_java_mms_to                    To:
qtn_java_new_pin                   Enter new PIN code:
qtn_java_new_pin_label             Enter new PIN code: %U
qtn_java_notif_bg_exit             %U stopped
qtn_java_notif_fg_request          View %U?
qtn_java_prmpt_date                Date:
qtn_java_prmpt_datetime            Date/Time:
qtn_java_prmpt_ellipsis            …
qtn_java_prmpt_time                Time:
qtn_java_quest_allow_net_acc       Allow network access?
qtn_java_quest_alrdy_inst          Version %U already installed. Replace?
qtn_java_quest_app_error           Application error
                                   v%1U (%2NkB)
qtn_java_quest_app_info            %3U
                                   Version %0U (%1NkB)
                                   in Collection
qtn_java_quest_app_info1           %2U
qtn_java_quest_erase_appli         Delete?
qtn_java_quest_erase_nn_marked     Memory OK. %N items marked. Continue?
qtn_java_quest_erase_one_app       One item marked. Continue?
qtn_java_quest_erase_one_marked    Memory OK. One item marked. Continue?
                                   Version %0U (%1NkB)
                                   in Games
qtn_java_quest_game_info1          %2U
qtn_java_quest_latest_alrdy_inst   Latest version already installed
qtn_java_quest_mark_to_erase       Memory low. Mark items to delete?
qtn_java_quest_max_apps_inst       Too many items installed. Delete one?
qtn_java_quest_replace_version     Replace version %U?
qtn_java_second_name               Last name
qtn_java_softk_fetch               Downld.
qtn_java_softk_open                Open
                                   Free memory:
qtn_java_system_memory             %U
                                   Memory used:
                                   Collection %0U
qtn_java_system_memory1            Games %1U
qtn_java_unblock_pin               Enter PUK code:
qtn_java_unblock_pin_label         Enter PUK code: %U
qtn_java_verify_pin                Verify new PIN code:
qtn_java_verify_pin_label          Verify new PIN code: %U
qtn_java_wait_exiting              Closing application
qtn_java_wait_fetching             Downloading %U
qtn_java_wait_loading              Opening application
qtn_java_wait_opening_folder       Opening
qtn_jms_conf_folder_added         Folder added
qtn_jms_conf_folder_renamed       Folder renamed
qtn_jms_conf_moved_to_folder      Moved %0U to %1U
qtn_jms_conf_moved_to_root        Moved to root folder: %U
qtn_jms_conf_sorted               Sorted
qtn_jms_creation_time             Creation time
qtn_jms_drm_rights                DRM rights:
qtn_jms_err_app_not_valid         Application not valid
qtn_jms_err_folder_empty_no_del   Folder not empty. Cannot be deleted.
qtn_jms_err_folder_exists         Folder name already exists
qtn_jms_err_no_rename             Unable to rename
                                  Change UIM card to update:
qtn_jms_err_update_not_allowed    %U
                                  App. exists. Change UIM to update:
qtn_jms_err_update_not_ok_dl      %U
qtn_jms_free_memory               Free memory:
qtn_jms_hdr_3d_graphics           3D graphics
qtn_jms_hdr_applications          Applications
qtn_jms_hdr_attributes            Details
qtn_jms_hdr_bluetooth             Bluetooth
qtn_jms_hdr_create_folder         Create folder
qtn_jms_hdr_file_system           File system
qtn_jms_hdr_info                  Details
qtn_jms_hdr_media                 Media player
qtn_jms_hdr_mem_needed            %U needed
qtn_jms_hdr_move_down             Move down
qtn_jms_hdr_move_to               Move to
qtn_jms_hdr_move_up               Move up
qtn_jms_hdr_network               Network
qtn_jms_hdr_options               Options
qtn_jms_hdr_permissions           App. access
qtn_jms_hdr_pim                   Personal info
qtn_jms_hdr_push_registry         Push registry
qtn_jms_hdr_rename_folder         Rename folder
qtn_jms_hdr_sms_messaging         Text messaging
qtn_jms_hdr_sort_by               Sort by
qtn_jms_hdr_system_info           System details
qtn_jms_ilist_3d_graphics         3D graphics
qtn_jms_ilist_app_call            App. call
qtn_jms_ilist_attributes          Details
qtn_jms_ilist_blanket             Always allowed
qtn_jms_ilist_bluetooth           Bluetooth
qtn_jms_ilist_create_folder       Create folder
qtn_jms_ilist_delete              Delete
qtn_jms_ilist_delete_folder       Delete folder
qtn_jms_ilist_dl_new              Download new
qtn_jms_ilist_file_system         File system
qtn_jms_ilist_media               Media player
qtn_jms_ilist_move_down           Move down
qtn_jms_ilist_move_one_spot       Move one spot
qtn_jms_ilist_move_to_bottom      Move to bottom
qtn_jms_ilist_move_to_folder      Move to folder
qtn_jms_ilist_move_to_top         Move to top
qtn_jms_ilist_move_up             Move up
qtn_jms_ilist_network             Network
qtn_jms_ilist_never_allow         Never allow
qtn_jms_ilist_oneshot             Ask every time
qtn_jms_ilist_permissions         App. access
qtn_jms_ilist_pim                 Personal info
qtn_jms_ilist_push_registry       Push registry
qtn_jms_ilist_registry            Registry
qtn_jms_ilist_rename_folder       Rename folder
qtn_jms_ilist_root_folder         Root folder
qtn_jms_ilist_session             Ask once
qtn_jms_ilist_sms_messaging       Text messaging
qtn_jms_ilist_sort                Sort
qtn_jms_ilist_system_info         System details
qtn_jms_ilist_upgrade             Update
qtn_jms_info_cannot_move_down     Cannot move further
qtn_jms_info_cannot_move_up       Cannot move further
qtn_jms_info_perm_not_allowed     Change UIM card to set permissions
qtn_jms_info_uim_change_needed    Change to valid UIM to run application
qtn_jms_install_time              Installation date:
qtn_jms_last_run_time             Last time used:
qtn_jms_list_empty                (empty)
qtn_jms_list_get_app              Get application
qtn_jms_list_install_time         Installation date
qtn_jms_list_last_run_time        Last time used
qtn_jms_list_name                 Name
qtn_jms_list_number_of_uses       Times used
qtn_jms_list_size                 Size
qtn_jms_name                      Name:
qtn_jms_number_of_uses            Times used:
qtn_jms_prmpt_folder_name         Folder name:
qtn_jms_prmpt_permissions         Application access
qtn_jms_quest_app_untrusted       Untrusted application. Cannot continue.
qtn_jms_quest_check_for_new       Check for new version?
qtn_jms_quest_conf_app_deleted    %U
qtn_jms_quest_delete_app          Delete %U?
qtn_jms_quest_dl_again            Download this application again?
qtn_jms_quest_dl_newer_version    Newer version found. Download?
qtn_jms_quest_dl_other            Download more applications?
qtn_jms_quest_download_app        %U?
qtn_jms_quest_exit                Exit U-Magic?
qtn_jms_quest_install_app         %U?
qtn_jms_quest_inst_cmp            Installation complete
qtn_jms_quest_inst_cmp_opt_miss   Installation complete. Components missing.
qtn_jms_quest_inst_cmp_untrust   Installation complete. Application is untrusted.
qtn_jms_quest_inst_failed        Installation failed
qtn_jms_quest_keep_user_data     Keep existing user data for application?
                                 Connect browser to app. page for
qtn_jms_quest_launch_to_app      %U
qtn_jms_quest_mem_full_delete    %U needed. Select items to delete?
qtn_jms_quest_newer_inst_cont    Older version already installed. Continue?
qtn_jms_quest_newer_not_found    Newer version not available
qtn_jms_quest_older_inst_cont    Newer version already installed. Continue?
qtn_jms_quest_reg_conflict       Registration conflict. Delete application to continue?
qtn_jms_quest_retry_download     Downloading failed. Retry?
qtn_jms_quest_rights_error       Error occurred. DRM rights not updated.
qtn_jms_quest_rights_expired     Copyright expired
qtn_jms_quest_rights_updated     DRM rights updated successfully
qtn_jms_quest_run_app_now        Start application now?
qtn_jms_quest_same_inst_cont     Same version already installed. Continue?
qtn_jms_quest_uim_update_reg     UIM card changed. Update registration info?
qtn_jms_quest_update_rights      Copyright expired. Update rights?
qtn_jms_quest_wait_deleting      Deleting
qtn_jms_size                     Size:
qtn_jms_system_version           System version:
qtn_jms_total_memory             Total memory:
qtn_jms_used_memory              Used memory:
qtn_jms_vendor                   Vendor:
qtn_jms_version                  Version:
qtn_jms_wait_authenticating      Authentica-ting
qtn_jms_wait_cancelling          Cancelling
qtn_jms_wait_downloading_app     %U
qtn_jms_wait_installing          Installing
qtn_jms_wait_opening             Opening
qtn_jms_wait_sorting             Sorting
qtn_joined_msg                   %U joined
qtn_kannada_entry                Text: ಅ ಆ ಇ
qtn_keyg_conf_auto_off           Automatic keyguard off
qtn_keyg_hdr_automatic           Automatic keyg.
qtn_keyg_info_auto_delay_max     Maximum delay 60 minutes
qtn_keyg_info_auto_delay_min     Minimum delay 5 seconds
qtn_key_backspace                Backspace
qtn_key_enter                    Enter
qtn_key_left_selkey              Left selection key
qtn_key_middle_selkey            Middle selection key
qtn_key_num0                     0
qtn_key_num1                     1
qtn_key_num2                     2
qtn_key_num3                     3
qtn_key_num4                     4
qtn_key_num5                     5
qtn_key_num6                     6
qtn_key_num7                     7
qtn_key_num8                   8
qtn_key_num9                   9
qtn_key_right_selkey           Right selection key
qtn_key_send                   Send
qtn_key_space                  Space
qtn_kg_lock_keypad             Lock keypad?
qtn_label_background           Video:
qtn_label_birthday             Birthday:
qtn_label_country              Country:
qtn_label_email                E-mail address:
qtn_label_extended_address     Extended addr.:
qtn_label_fax_number           Fax number:
qtn_label_first_name           First name:
qtn_label_formal_name          Name:
qtn_label_gen_name             Name:
qtn_label_gen_number           Phone number:
qtn_label_gen_postal_address   Postal address:
qtn_label_home_number          Home number:
qtn_label_image                Image:
qtn_label_job_title            Job title:
qtn_label_locality             City:
qtn_label_mobile_number        Mobile number:
qtn_label_nickname             Nickname:
qtn_label_note                 Note:
qtn_label_office_number        Office number:
qtn_label_organisation         Company:
qtn_label_post_code            Postal/ZIP code:
qtn_label_ptt_number           PTT number:
qtn_label_ptt_text             PTT address:
qtn_label_region               State/Province:
qtn_label_second_name          Last name:
qtn_label_street               Street:
qtn_label_swis_sip_address     Video share SIP:
qtn_label_tone                 Ringing tone:
qtn_label_video                Video:
qtn_label_video_number         Video:
qtn_label_web_address          Web address:
qtn_label_wv_id                User ID:
qtn_landmark_accomodation      Accommodation
qtn_landmark_activities        Outdoor activit.
qtn_landmark_area              Geogr. location
qtn_landmark_business          Businesses
qtn_landmark_communication     Telecommunic.
qtn_landmark_education         Education
qtn_landmark_entertainment     Entertainment
qtn_landmark_food              Food & drink
qtn_landmark_people            People
qtn_landmark_publicservice     Public services
qtn_landmark_religion          Worship places
qtn_landmark_shopping          Shopping
qtn_landmark_sightseeing          Sightseeing
qtn_landmark_sports               Sports
qtn_landmark_transport            Transport
qtn_language_settings             Language settings
qtn_language_week_holiday         Sunday
qtn_language_week_number          Shown
qtn_lbs_conf_accept_request       Pos. requests always accepted: %U
qtn_lbs_conf_ask_request          Confirm position requests: %U
qtn_lbs_conf_lock_off             Lock code request off
qtn_lbs_conf_lock_on              Lock code request on
qtn_lbs_conf_log_cleared          Position log cleared
qtn_lbs_conf_master_accept_all    All requests will be automatically accepted
qtn_lbs_conf_master_ask_all       All requests will be confirmed first
qtn_lbs_conf_master_reject_all    All requests will be automatically rejected
qtn_lbs_conf_master_rules_used    Personal req. rules will be used for each requester
qtn_lbs_conf_name_saved           Requester name saved
qtn_lbs_conf_notification_off     Position request note will not be shown
qtn_lbs_conf_notification_on      Position request note will be shown
qtn_lbs_conf_positioning_off      Phone positioning disabled
qtn_lbs_conf_positioning_on       Phone positioning enabled
qtn_lbs_conf_position_sent        Your current position sent to %U
qtn_lbs_conf_reject_request       Pos. requests always rejected: %U
qtn_lbs_conf_requester_deleted    Requester deleted
qtn_lbs_conf_requester_replaced   %U
qtn_lbs_conf_request_rejected     Position request rejected for %U
qtn_lbs_conf_rule_set_accept      Pos. requests automatically accepted: %U
qtn_lbs_conf_rule_set_ask         Position requests confirmed: %U
qtn_lbs_conf_rule_set_reject      Pos. requests automatically rejected: %U
qtn_lbs_conf_security_off         Security code request off
qtn_lbs_conf_security_on          Security code request on
qtn_lbs_dtail_details_log_acc     Accepted
qtn_lbs_dtail_details_log_den     Rejected by network
qtn_lbs_dtail_details_log_exp     Request expired
qtn_lbs_dtail_details_log_notif   Note
qtn_lbs_dtail_details_log_rej     Rejected
qtn_lbs_dtail_details_req_acc     Accept
qtn_lbs_dtail_details_req_ask     Confirm
qtn_lbs_dtail_details_req_rej     Reject
qtn_lbs_dtail_dtails_master_acc   Accept all
qtn_lbs_dtail_dtails_master_ask   Confirm all first
qtn_lbs_dtail_dtails_master_rej   Reject all
qtn_lbs_err_request_failed        Operation failed
qtn_lbs_err_request_rejected      Operation rejected by network
qtn_lbs_hdr_details               %U
qtn_lbs_hdr_lock_code             Lock code
qtn_lbs_hdr_log                   Position log
qtn_lbs_hdr_master_rule           Request rules
qtn_lbs_hdr_notification          Request note
qtn_lbs_hdr_positioning           Positioning
qtn_lbs_hdr_positioning_on_off    Positioning
qtn_lbs_hdr_requesters            Requesters
qtn_lbs_hdr_rule                  Personal req. rule
qtn_lbs_hdr_security              Security code
qtn_lbs_ilist_positioning_menu    Positioning
qtn_lbs_info_empty_positionlog    List is empty
qtn_lbs_info_master_rule_on       'Use personal rules' setting must be enabled first
qtn_lbs_info_name_exist           Requester name already exists
qtn_lbs_info_to_many_requesters   No space for new requesters
qtn_lbs_list_accepted_request     Accepted:
qtn_lbs_list_clear_log            Clear list
qtn_lbs_list_client_brew          Phone app.
qtn_lbs_list_client_java          Phone app.
qtn_lbs_list_client_sms           Network app.
qtn_lbs_list_client_wap           Web app.
qtn_lbs_list_delete_requester     Delete
qtn_lbs_list_lock_code_req        Lock code request
qtn_lbs_list_log                  Position log
qtn_lbs_list_master_accept_all    Accept all
qtn_lbs_list_master_ask_all       Confirm all
qtn_lbs_list_master_reject_all    Reject all
qtn_lbs_list_master_set_high      Positioning
qtn_lbs_list_master_use_rules     Use personal rules
qtn_lbs_list_notification_off     Off
qtn_lbs_list_notification_on      On
qtn_lbs_list_positioning_menu     Positioning
qtn_lbs_list_positioning_off      Off
qtn_lbs_list_positioning_on       On
qtn_lbs_list_rejected_request     Rejected:
qtn_lbs_list_rename_requester     Rename
qtn_lbs_list_requesters           Requesters
qtn_lbs_list_requester_empty      (empty)
qtn_lbs_list_requester_name       %U
qtn_lbs_list_request_time         Time of request
qtn_lbs_list_rule_accept          Accept
qtn_lbs_list_rule_ask             Confirm first
qtn_lbs_list_rule_emergency       Emergency only
qtn_lbs_list_rule_reject          Reject
qtn_lbs_list_security_off         Off
qtn_lbs_list_security_on          On
qtn_lbs_list_settings             Settings
qtn_lbs_list_setting_master       Request rules
qtn_lbs_list_setting_notifica     Position request note
qtn_lbs_list_setting_security     Security code request
qtn_lbs_list_set_request_rule     Set personal rule
qtn_lbs_notif_notification        Your current position sent to %U
qtn_lbs_notif_rejected            Pos. request rejected for %U
qtn_lbs_notif_request             Your position requested by %U
qtn_lbs_prmpt_requester_name      Requester name:
qtn_lbs_quest_accept_future       Always accept position requests? %U
qtn_lbs_quest_activate_indiv      Use personal request rules for all requesters?
qtn_lbs_quest_clear_log           Clear position log?
qtn_lbs_quest_delete_requester    Delete requester? %U
qtn_lbs_quest_master_individual   Personal request rules will be used for each request-er. Continue?
qtn_lbs_quest_master_overrule     This will override all personal request rules. Continue?
qtn_lbs_quest_reject_future       Always reject position requests? %U
qtn_lbs_quest_replace_requester   Replace an existing requester?
qtn_lbs_quest_request             Your current position requested by %U
qtn_lbs_softk_details             Details
qtn_lbs_urn_application_failure   Application failure. Pos. request rejected for %U.
qtn_lbs_wait_rejecting_request    Rejecting pos. request
qtn_lbs_wait_sending_position     Sending cur-rent position
qtn_left_msg                      %U left
qtn_light_err_max_timeout         Maximum time-out: 5 minutes
qtn_light_err_min_timeout         Minimum time-out: 15 seconds
qtn_light_hdr_backlight           Backlight
qtn_light_hdr_customize           Personalise
qtn_light_hdr_timeout             Time-out
qtn_light_list_15_seconds         15 seconds
qtn_light_list_30_seconds         30 seconds
qtn_light_list_7_seconds          7 seconds
qtn_light_list_always_off         Always off
qtn_light_list_always_on          Always on
qtn_light_list_backlight          Backlight
qtn_light_list_customize          Personalise
qtn_light_list_default            Default
qtn_light_list_never              Never
qtn_light_list_rhythmic_off       Off
qtn_light_list_rhythmic_on        On
qtn_light_quest_always_timeout    Display backlight will be disabled. Continue?
qtn_light_quest_never_timeout     May deplete battery faster. Continue?
qtn_light_rhythmic_alert_off      Rhythmic backlight alert off
qtn_light_rhythmic_alert_on       Rhythmic backlight alert on
qtn_light_seq_off                 Off
qtn_light_seq_on                  On
qtn_light_settings                Light settings
qtn_light_sett_backlight          Backlight time-out
qtn_light_sett_hdr_backlight      Backlight alert
qtn_light_sett_rhythmic_lights    Rhythmic backlight alert
qtn_list_10_minutes               10 minutes
qtn_list_15_minutes               15 minutes
qtn_list_1_msg_amount             1 message
qtn_list_1_unread_msg_amount      1 unread message
qtn_list_30_minutes               30 minutes
qtn_list_5_minutes                5 minutes
qtn_list_60_minutes               60 minutes
qtn_list_about                    Remind about
qtn_list_accept_invitation        Accept
qtn_list_access_landmarks         Access landmarks
qtn_list_access_point             Access point
qtn_list_activate                 Continue
qtn_list_active                   Active
qtn_list_active_chats             Conversations
qtn_list_active_chat_settings     Current IM settings
qtn_list_active_idle              Active standby
qtn_list_active_pres_settings     Current presence settings
qtn_list_active_sec               Yes
qtn_list_active_watchers          Current viewers
qtn_list_act_key_filter           Activ. key filter
qtn_list_address                  Address
qtn_list_add_all                  Add all
qtn_list_add_callergroup          Contact group
qtn_list_add_centre               Add centre
qtn_list_add_country_field        Country
qtn_list_add_ex_address_field     Extended address
qtn_list_add_image                Insert image
qtn_list_add_locality_field       City
qtn_list_add_name                 Name
qtn_list_add_new_to_im_list       Add contact
qtn_list_add_new_to_im_list_aol   Add buddy
qtn_list_add_new_to_im_list_icq   Add user
qtn_list_add_new_to_im_list_vf    New Contact
qtn_list_add_number               Number
qtn_list_add_post_code_field      Postal/ZIP code
qtn_list_add_region_field         State/Province
qtn_list_add_street_field         Street
qtn_list_add_subject              Add subject
qtn_list_add_text_field           Add text
qtn_list_add_to_blocked           Add to blocked list
qtn_list_add_to_group             Add to group
qtn_list_add_to_group_list        Add to groups
qtn_list_add_to_name              Add to contact
qtn_list_add_to_name_aol          Add to buddy
qtn_list_add_to_name_icq          Add to contact
qtn_list_add_to_private           Add to private list
qtn_list_ai_activation_method     Enabling standby
qtn_list_ai_act_method            Enabling standby
qtn_list_ai_my_idle               My active standby
qtn_list_ai_off                   Off
qtn_list_ai_organise_content      Organise
qtn_list_ai_preview               Preview
qtn_list_ai_sby_settings          Standby sett.
qtn_list_ai_select_content        Personalise
qtn_list_alarm                    Alarm
qtn_list_album                    Album
qtn_list_alias                    Alias
qtn_list_alias_aol                Nickname
qtn_list_alias_icq                Nickname
qtn_list_allowremoteman           Always allow
qtn_list_all_channels             All channels
qtn_list_always_allowed           Always allowed
qtn_list_analog                   Analogue
qtn_list_anonymous                %N anonymous
qtn_list_app_name                 Name
qtn_list_app_permissions          App. access
qtn_list_artist                   Artist
qtn_list_ask_every_time           Ask every time
qtn_list_ask_first_time           Ask first time only
qtn_list_audio_application        Audio applications
qtn_list_audio_message            Audio message
qtn_list_audio_message_title      Audio msg.
qtn_list_audio_msg_templ_title    Audio msg. template
qtn_list_audio_player             Music player
qtn_list_auth_open                Open
qtn_list_auth_shared              Shared
qtn_list_autocomplete             Auto-fill
qtn_list_autocomplete_sett        Auto-fill settings
qtn_list_autologin_off            Off
qtn_list_autologin_off_aol        Auto-Sign on off
qtn_list_autologin_off_icq        Auto-Connect off
qtn_list_autolog_on_launch_aol    At start-up
qtn_list_autolog_on_launch_icq    At start-up
qtn_list_automatic                Automatic
qtn_list_autosave_sett            Automatic saving
qtn_list_auto_application         Auto-start
qtn_list_auto_login               Automatic login
qtn_list_auto_login_aol           Auto-Sign on
qtn_list_auto_login_icq           Auto-Connect
qtn_list_auto_login_vf            Login at power up
qtn_list_available                Available
qtn_list_available_for_all        Available for all
qtn_list_available_for_contacts   Avail. for contacts
qtn_list_avail_for_contacts_icq   Avail. for Contacts
qtn_list_background               Video
qtn_list_bar_fax_cancel           Cancel all fax call barrings
                                  Cancel all video/
qtn_list_bar_video_cancel         data call barrings
qtn_list_bar_voice_cancel         Cancel all voice call barrings
qtn_list_birthday                 Birthday
qtn_list_bitrate                  Bitrate
qtn_list_blocked_contacts         Blocked list
qtn_list_blocked_contacts_aol     Block list
qtn_list_blocked_contacts_icq     Block list
qtn_list_blocked_contacts_vf      Block List
qtn_list_blocked_contacts_yah     Ignored list
qtn_list_blocked_list             Blocked list
qtn_list_block_inviter            Block inviter
qtn_list_block_inviter_aol        Block
qtn_list_block_inviter_icq       Block
qtn_list_block_inviter_yah       Ignore inviter
qtn_list_browser_images          Images mode
qtn_list_business_card           Bus. card
qtn_list_by_folder               By folder
qtn_list_by_message              By message
qtn_list_by_number               By mobile number
qtn_list_calendar                Calendar
qtn_list_calendar_note           Calen. note
qtn_list_cale_tone               Calendar tone
qtn_list_call_log                Call log
qtn_list_camera_menu             Camera
qtn_list_cancel_marked           Cancel marked
qtn_list_cancel_retrieval        Cancel retrieval
qtn_list_cancel_sending          Cancel sending
qtn_list_change_contact_list     Change list
qtn_list_change_cont_list_aol    Change group
qtn_list_change_msg_type         Change msg. type
qtn_list_change_status           Change my status
qtn_list_change_video            Change video
qtn_list_character_support       Character support
qtn_list_chat_history            View conversation
qtn_list_chat_menu               Chat
qtn_list_chat_settings           IM settings
qtn_list_chat_with               Chat with
qtn_list_chat_with_aol           Send IM to
qtn_list_chat_with_icq           Send message to
qtn_list_chat_with_vf            Start conv. with
qtn_list_clear_all_counters      Clear all counters
qtn_list_clear_autocomp_data     Clear history
qtn_list_clock_display           Clock type
qtn_list_collapse_folder         Collapse folder
qtn_list_collection_menu         Collection
qtn_list_collection_menu_fldr    Collection
qtn_list_common_settings         General settings
qtn_list_communication           Communication
qtn_list_completed               Done
qtn_list_completion_date         Deadline date
qtn_list_config_settings         Config. settings
qtn_list_confirmremmanfirst      Confirm first
qtn_list_connect                 Download
qtn_list_connection_type         Connection type
qtn_list_connectivity            Connectivity
qtn_list_connect_auto            Automatic
qtn_list_connect_manual          Manual
qtn_list_connect_to_server       Connect to 'My presence' service
qtn_list_contact_details         Contact details
qtn_list_continue_presentation   Continue present.
qtn_list_continue_search         More results
qtn_list_copy_all                 Copy all
qtn_list_copy_as_template         Copy as template
qtn_list_copy_contact             Copy contact
qtn_list_copy_contacts            Copy contacts
qtn_list_copy_from_server         Copy from server
qtn_list_copy_marked              Copy marked
qtn_list_copy_to_notepad          Copy to Notes
qtn_list_copy_to_server           Copy to server
qtn_list_countdown                Countdown timer
qtn_list_create_private_group     Create group
qtn_list_currentsoftdetail        Current software details
qtn_list_current_channel          Current channel
qtn_list_current_status           Edit my presence
qtn_list_cut_marked               Cut marked
qtn_list_data_transfer            Data transfer
qtn_list_default_logo             Default logo
qtn_list_defined                  (defined)
qtn_list_delete_all               Delete all notes
qtn_list_delete_all_contacts      Delete all contacts
qtn_list_delete_all_marked        Delete all marked
qtn_list_delete_contacts          Delete contacts
qtn_list_delete_invitation        Delete
qtn_list_delete_marked            Delete marked
qtn_list_delivery_rep_for_one     Delivery report
qtn_list_deliv_status_not_avail   %U Not available
qtn_list_detach_tone              Remove tone
qtn_list_device                   Phone
qtn_list_devicemanset             Device manager settings
qtn_list_digital                  Digital
qtn_list_disabled                 Disabled
qtn_list_discard                  Discard
qtn_list_disconnect_from_server   Disconnect from service
qtn_list_divert_all_video         Divert all video and data calls
qtn_list_divert_always            Divert always
                                  Cancel all video/
qtn_list_divert_video_cancel      data call diverts
qtn_list_divert_voice_cancel      Cancel all voice call diverts
qtn_list_done                     Done
qtn_list_downloadphonesoft        Download phone software
qtn_list_download_sett            Downloading settings
qtn_list_drmsd_act_appl           Activate app.
qtn_list_drmsd_act_image          Activate image
qtn_list_drmsd_act_theme          Activate theme
qtn_list_drmsd_act_tone           Activate tone
qtn_list_drmsd_act_video          Activate video clip
qtn_list_drm_activate             Activate
qtn_list_drm_act_key              Activation keys
qtn_list_drm_bound_to_phone       Activation key tied to phone
qtn_list_drm_bound_to_sim         Activation key tied to SIM card
qtn_list_drm_current_act_key     Current act. key
qtn_list_drm_expired_act_key     Expired act. key
qtn_list_drm_free_demo           Free demo time
qtn_list_drm_join_domain         Join domain
qtn_list_drm_nr_left_post_demo   Uses left after demo
qtn_list_drm_nr_left_to_print    Uses left for printing
qtn_list_drm_nr_of_times_left    Uses left
qtn_list_drm_pending_act_key     Pending act. key
qtn_list_drm_personal_permis     Personal permission
qtn_list_drm_pers_print_perm     Personal print permission
qtn_list_drm_print_from          Print from
qtn_list_drm_print_period        Print for a period of
qtn_list_drm_print_until         Print until
qtn_list_drm_p_bound_to_phone    Print permission tied to phone
qtn_list_drm_p_bound_to_sim      Print permission tied to SIM card
qtn_list_drm_total_time_left     Total time left for use
qtn_list_drm_transac_tracking    Track protected object
qtn_list_drm_unlimited_print     Unlimited printing
qtn_list_drm_unlimited_use       Unlimited use
qtn_list_drm_use_from            Use from
qtn_list_drm_use_until           Use until
qtn_list_drm_valid_for_period    Valid for
qtn_list_dual_system             Dual mode
qtn_list_due_date                Due date
qtn_list_dynamic_presence        My presence
qtn_list_ecmascript              JavaScript
qtn_list_edit_active_chat_set    Edit current IM settings
qtn_list_edit_active_pres_set    Edit current presence settings
qtn_list_edit_active_wv_set      Edit current IM and presence settings
qtn_list_edit_channels           Edit channel list
qtn_list_edit_contact_name       Edit contact name
qtn_list_edit_contact_name_icq   Edit user name
qtn_list_email                   E-mail address
qtn_list_email_address           E-mail address
qtn_list_email_centres           E-mail message centres
qtn_list_email_centre_in_use     E-mail centre in use
qtn_list_empty                   (empty)
qtn_list_enabled                 Enabled
qtn_list_end_date                End date
qtn_list_end_time                End time
qtn_list_enter_cmcc              Enter
qtn_list_enter_id                Enter ID manually
qtn_list_enter_id_aol            Enter screen name
qtn_list_enter_id_icq            Enter ICQ #
qtn_list_enter_id_vf             Messenger ID:
qtn_list_enter_manually          Enter manually
qtn_list_enter_text              Write message
qtn_list_enter_text_vf           Start IM Convers.
qtn_list_exit_marking            Exit marking
qtn_list_expand_folder           Expand folder
qtn_list_extras_menu             Extras
qtn_list_extras_menu_fldr        Extras
qtn_list_failed_msgs             Number of failed messages in folder:
qtn_list_fax                     Fax
qtn_list_fax_msisdn              Fax service no.
qtn_list_file_name               File name
qtn_list_find_groups             Groups
qtn_list_find_users              Users
qtn_list_first_name              First name
qtn_list_first_name_first        First name first
qtn_list_flash_msg_templ_title   Flash msg. template
qtn_list_folder_conversations    Convers. (%N)
qtn_list_folder_details          Folder details
qtn_list_folder_offline          Offline (%N)
qtn_list_folder_online           Online (%N)
qtn_list_fold_anim               Fold animation
qtn_list_font_color              Font colour
qtn_list_formal_name             Formal name
qtn_list_form_applic_tones       App. tones:
qtn_list_form_other_tones        Other tones:
qtn_list_form_ring_bgr           Incom. call video:
qtn_list_from_phonebook          From contacts
qtn_list_full_char_support       Full
qtn_list_games_menu_fldr         Games
qtn_list_get_location            Get location
qtn_list_goto_today              Go to today
qtn_list_gprs_modem              GPRS modem
qtn_list_groups                  Groups
qtn_list_group_add               Add new group
qtn_list_group_details           Group details
qtn_list_group_id                Group ID
qtn_list_group_image             Group image
qtn_list_group_image_save        Save group image
qtn_list_group_members           Group members
qtn_list_group_members_vf        Invite others
qtn_list_group_msg               Send group msg
qtn_list_group_name              Group name
qtn_list_group_topic             Group topic
qtn_list_gsm                     GSM
qtn_list_hdr_reorder             Organise
qtn_list_hearing_aid             Hearing aid
qtn_list_hearing_aid_mode        T-coil hearing aid mode
qtn_list_home                    Home
qtn_list_idle_font_color         Standby mode font colour
qtn_list_ietf                    Standard IETF
qtn_list_images_grid             Graphics
qtn_list_image_from_camera       New image
qtn_list_image_from_gallery      From Gallery
qtn_list_image_size_mmplus       Image size (multimedia plus)
qtn_list_image_size_mms          Image size (multimedia)
qtn_list_im_availability         Availability
qtn_list_im_availability_vf      Current Status
qtn_list_im_other_email_addr     Other e-mail add.
qtn_list_im_presence_settings    Connect. settings
qtn_list_inactive                Inactive
qtn_list_inactive_sec            No
qtn_list_incoming_msg            Incoming msgs.
qtn_list_index_1                 Index 1
qtn_list_index_2                 Index 2
qtn_list_index_3                 Index 3
qtn_list_index_4                 Index 4
qtn_list_information             Information
qtn_list_info_indicators         General indicators
qtn_list_insert_item             Insert
qtn_list_insert_marked           Insert marked
qtn_list_insert_pictograph       Insert pictograph
qtn_list_installdownloadedsoft   Install software update
qtn_list_installlater            Install later
qtn_list_installnow              Install now
qtn_list_invisible               Appear offline
qtn_list_ipv4                    IPv4
qtn_list_ipv6                    IPv6
qtn_list_isim_codechange         Change ISIM code
qtn_list_isim_codeprmpt          ISIM code request
qtn_list_iv_about                About
qtn_list_iv_help                 Help
qtn_list_java_version            Version details
qtn_list_job_title               Job title
qtn_list_joined_user             Member
qtn_list_join_group              Join group
qtn_list_join_group_vf           Join Conversation
qtn_list_kbps                    %U kbps
qtn_list_last_name               Last name
qtn_list_latestupdetails         Latest update
qtn_list_latest_news             Latest news
qtn_list_lights_follow_profile   Follows profile
qtn_list_link_to_profile         Synchronise with profiles
qtn_list_location                Location
qtn_list_loop_off                Looping off
qtn_list_loop_on                 Looping on
qtn_list_lunar_calendar          Lunar calendar
qtn_list_make_public             Change to public
qtn_list_mark_all                Mark all
qtn_list_mark_text               Mark text
qtn_list_memory_card_fldr        Memory card
qtn_list_menu_contacts           Contacts
qtn_list_menu_im                 Instant messaging
qtn_list_menu_messages           Messaging
qtn_list_menu_web                Web
qtn_list_messaged                Msg. recipients
qtn_list_message_centres         Message centres
qtn_list_message_log             Message log
qtn_list_message_priority        Message priority
qtn_list_messaging               Messaging
qtn_list_mms_postcard            Postcard
qtn_list_mobile                  Mobile
qtn_list_mobile_number           Mobile number
qtn_list_month_view              Month view
qtn_list_move_all                Move all
qtn_list_move_backward           To previous slide
qtn_list_move_contact            Move contact
qtn_list_move_contacts           Move contacts
qtn_list_move_forward            To next slide
qtn_list_move_from_server        Move from server
qtn_list_move_marked             Move marked
qtn_list_move_slide              Move slide
qtn_list_move_to_blocked         Move to blocked
qtn_list_move_to_first           To first position
qtn_list_move_to_last            To last position
qtn_list_move_to_next            Move to next
qtn_list_move_to_prev            Move to prev.
qtn_list_move_to_private         Move to private
qtn_list_move_to_server          Move to other grp.
qtn_list_msgs                    Number of messages in folder:
qtn_list_msgs_amount             %N messages
qtn_list_msg_centre_in_use       Message centre in use
qtn_list_msg_format_for_one      Message sent via
qtn_list_msg_not_available       (not available)
qtn_list_msg_recipients          Message recipients
qtn_list_msg_type_audio          audio message
qtn_list_msg_type_flash          flash message
qtn_list_msg_type_mms            multimedia plus
qtn_list_msg_type_postcard       postcard
qtn_list_msg_type_presentation   multimedia msg.
qtn_list_msg_type_text           text message
qtn_list_msg_validity_for_one    Message validity
qtn_list_multimedia_plus         Multimedia plus
qtn_list_multimedia_recording    Multimedia rec.
qtn_list_multim_templ_title      Multimedia template
qtn_list_multiplus_templ_title   MMS plus template
qtn_list_music_folder_grid       Music files
qtn_list_mymetro_get_balance     Get balance
qtn_list_mymetro_pay_bill        Pay monthly bill
qtn_list_my_access_point         My access point
qtn_list_my_browser              My web
qtn_list_my_email                My e-mail
qtn_list_my_im                   My instant messaging
qtn_list_my_im_and_presence      My IM and presence
qtn_list_my_information           Settings
qtn_list_my_mms                   My multimedia msg.
qtn_list_my_mms_cmcc              Monternet MMS
qtn_list_my_monternet_cmcc        Monternet
qtn_list_my_precense              My presence
qtn_list_my_presence              My presence
qtn_list_my_push_to_talk          My push to talk
qtn_list_my_sms_cmcc              Monternet SMS
qtn_list_my_status_busy           My status: Busy
qtn_list_my_status_busy_aol       Status: Away
qtn_list_my_status_busy_icq       Status: Away
qtn_list_my_status_invisible      Status: App. off.
qtn_list_my_status_invisibl_aol   Status: Invisible
qtn_list_my_status_invisibl_icq   Status: Invisible
qtn_list_my_status_online         Status: Online
qtn_list_my_status_online_aol     Status: Availabl.
qtn_list_my_status_online_icq     Status: Availabl.
qtn_list_my_streaming             My streaming
qtn_list_my_sync                  My synchronisation
qtn_list_my_video_share           My video sharing
qtn_list_name                     Name
qtn_list_names                    Names
qtn_list_name_display             Name display
qtn_list_network_access           Network access
qtn_list_new_image_option         New image
qtn_list_nickname                 Nickname
qtn_list_no                       No
qtn_list_normal_font_sett         Normal font
qtn_list_note                     Note
qtn_list_notep_menu               Notes
qtn_list_not_allowed              Not allowed
qtn_list_not_available            Not available
qtn_list_not_defined              (not defined)
qtn_list_no_files                 %U files
qtn_list_no_template_title        (no title)
qtn_list_number_select_araind     Arabic
qtn_list_number_select_latin      Latin
qtn_list_occupied                 Busy
qtn_list_office                   Office
qtn_list_one_file                 1 file
qtn_list_online_enquiry           Enquiry
qtn_list_open_application         Open application
qtn_list_open_camera              New image
qtn_list_open_folder              Open folder
qtn_list_open_image               Open image
qtn_list_open_images_folder       Open Images
qtn_list_open_message             Open message
qtn_list_open_recordings_folder   Open Recordings
qtn_list_open_sound               Open sound clip
qtn_list_open_themes_folder      Open Themes
qtn_list_open_vcal               Open calend. note
qtn_list_open_vcard              Open bus. card
qtn_list_open_video              Open video clip
qtn_list_open_video_camera       New video clip
qtn_list_open_video_folder       Open Video clips
qtn_list_open_voice_recorder     New sound clip
qtn_list_organisation            Company
qtn_list_other_settings          Other settings
qtn_list_other_tones             Other tones
qtn_list_outbox                  Outbox
qtn_list_outgoing_msg            Outgoing msgs.
qtn_list_page_options            Page options
qtn_list_paste                   Paste
qtn_list_pending_msgs            Number of pending messages in folder:
qtn_list_phoneupdates            Phone updates
qtn_list_phone_access            Data access
qtn_list_phone_default           Default
qtn_list_phone_number            Phone number
qtn_list_photo_album_grid        Images
qtn_list_pim_inquiry_cmcc        Online enquiry
qtn_list_pim_inquiry_sms_cmcc    SMS enquiry
qtn_list_pim_inquiry_wap_cmcc    WAP enquiry
qtn_list_pim_phonebook_cmcc      Phonebook
qtn_list_pim_subcribe_cmcc       Subscribe/Unsu
qtn_list_pim_subscribe_cmcc      Subscribe/Unsu
qtn_list_pim_update_cmcc         Phoneb. update
qtn_list_play_message            Play message
qtn_list_play_presentation       Play presentation
qtn_list_play_template           Play template
qtn_list_play_voice_tag          Play voice tag
qtn_list_positioning             Positioning
qtn_list_postal_address          Postal address
qtn_list_postcard_templ_title    Postcard template
qtn_list_presence_alerts         Availability alerts
qtn_list_presence_alerts_vf      Status alerts
qtn_list_presence_availability   My availability
qtn_list_presence_available      Available
qtn_list_presence_infolink       My web link
qtn_list_presence_logo           My presence logo
qtn_list_presence_message        My presence message
qtn_list_presence_settings       Connection settings
qtn_list_presentation            Presentat.
qtn_list_pres_settings           Presence settings
qtn_list_previous_messages       Previous msgs.
qtn_list_print                   Print
qtn_list_print_marked            Print marked
qtn_list_priority                Priority
qtn_list_private_list            Private list
qtn_list_private_status          Private pres.
qtn_list_prof_keypad              Lock keypad
qtn_list_ps                       Power saver
qtn_list_ptt_address              PTT address
qtn_list_public_groups            Public groups
qtn_list_public_status            Public presence
qtn_list_publishing_level         Show to
qtn_list_publish_off              No one
qtn_list_publish_private          Private viewers
qtn_list_publish_public_private   Private and public
qtn_list_pwr_down_tone            Switch off tone
qtn_list_radio                    Radio
qtn_list_read_msgs                Read messages in folder:
qtn_list_read_user_data           Read user data
qtn_list_received_files_folder    Receiv. files
qtn_list_received_mm_msgs         Received multimedia msgs.
qtn_list_received_text_msgs       Received text messages
qtn_list_receiving_status         Receiving
qtn_list_recently_used            Recently used
qtn_list_redo_audio_clip          Replace sound clip
qtn_list_reduced_char_support     Reduced
qtn_list_refresh                  Refresh
qtn_list_refresh_contact_list     Refresh list
qtn_list_rejectremoteman          Always reject
qtn_list_reject_invitation        Reject
qtn_list_remoteman                Service provider software updates
qtn_list_remove                   Remove
qtn_list_remove_all               Remove all
qtn_list_remove_bcc               Remove Bcc
qtn_list_remove_business_card     Remove card
qtn_list_remove_calendar_note     Remove note
qtn_list_remove_cc                Remove Cc
qtn_list_remove_from_group        Remove member
qtn_list_remove_from_groups       Delete group
qtn_list_remove_from_im_aol       Delete buddy
qtn_list_remove_from_im_icq       Delete contact
qtn_list_remove_from_im_list      Remove contact
qtn_list_remove_from_im_list_vf   Delete Contact
qtn_list_remove_groups            Delete groups
qtn_list_remove_memb_from_group   Remove from grp.
qtn_list_remove_presentation      Remove present.
qtn_list_remove_streaming_link    Remove link
qtn_list_remove_text_field        Remove text field
qtn_list_remove_theme             Remove theme
qtn_list_remove_unknown           Remove object
qtn_list_reorder                  Organise
qtn_list_request_presence         Request presence
qtn_list_request_presence_once    One time only
qtn_list_req_presence_subscribe   As subscription
qtn_list_resend_marked           Send marked
qtn_list_reset_zoom              Restore orig. size
qtn_list_retrieve_marked         Retrieve marked
qtn_list_retrieve_mms            Retrieve message
qtn_list_retry_sending           Retry sending
qtn_list_retry_send_marked       Retry sending
qtn_list_ring_bgr                Incoming call video
qtn_list_sap_proxy_address       Proxy address
qtn_list_saved_msgs              Saved messages
qtn_list_save_address            Add to Contacts
qtn_list_save_as_new_contact     Add as new
qtn_list_save_as_template        Save as template
qtn_list_save_contact            Save contact
qtn_list_save_contact_aol        Save buddy
qtn_list_save_contact_icq        Save contact
qtn_list_save_conversation       Save conversation
qtn_list_save_sent_msg_for_one   Save sent message
qtn_list_save_to_existing        Add to existing
qtn_list_screen_layout           Screen size
qtn_list_screen_layout_full      Full
qtn_list_screen_layout_small     Small
qtn_list_scroll_down             Navigat. key down
qtn_list_scroll_keys_setting     Navigation key
qtn_list_scroll_up               Navigation key up
qtn_list_scroll_up_and_down      Nav. key up/down
qtn_list_sdp                     SDP
qtn_list_search_address          Search address
qtn_list_search_again            Search again
qtn_list_search_by_alias         Alias
qtn_list_search_by_alias_aol     Nickname
qtn_list_search_by_alias_icq     Nickname
qtn_list_search_call_register    Open Log
qtn_list_search_contacts         Contact
qtn_list_search_groups           Search groups
qtn_list_search_ids              Search
qtn_list_search_users            Search from serv.
qtn_list_search_users_aol        Search
qtn_list_search_users_vf         Find new user
qtn_list_search_user_ids         Search IM users
qtn_list_second_name_first       Last name first
qtn_list_secretary_call_cmcc     Call fwd. to SMS
qtn_list_secretary_sms_cmcc      Send SMS
qtn_list_secretary_travel_cmcc   Travel agent
qtn_list_security_8021x          8021x
qtn_list_security_wep            WEP
qtn_list_security_wpa            WPA
qtn_list_security_wpa2           WPA2
qtn_list_security_wpa2psk        WPA2-PSK
qtn_list_security_wpapsk          WPA-PSK
qtn_list_select_marked            Select marked
qtn_list_sending_settings         Sending options
qtn_list_sending_status           Sending
qtn_list_send_as_bookmark         As bookmark
qtn_list_send_as_message          Send as message
qtn_list_send_copy                Send copy
qtn_list_send_marked              Send marked
qtn_list_send_now                 Send now
qtn_list_send_now_marked          Send marked now
qtn_list_send_to_email_address    To e-mail address
qtn_list_send_to_many             To many
qtn_list_send_to_number           To phone number
qtn_list_send_to_one              Send to one
qtn_list_send_via_audio_msg       Via audio message
qtn_list_send_via_profile         Via sending profile
qtn_list_send_web_add             Send web address
qtn_list_sent_multimedia_msgs     Sent multimedia messages
qtn_list_sent_text_messages       Sent text messages
qtn_list_service_settings         Connect via
qtn_list_settings                 Settings
qtn_list_sett_livecast            Settings
qtn_list_sett_status_busy         Busy
qtn_list_sett_status_busy_aol     Away
qtn_list_sett_status_busy_icq     Away
qtn_list_sett_status_invisible    Appear offline
qtn_list_sett_status_invisi_aol   Invisible
qtn_list_sett_status_invisi_icq   Invisible
qtn_list_sett_status_online       Online
qtn_list_sett_status_online_aol   Available
qtn_list_sett_status_online_icq   Available
qtn_list_set_as_home              Set as homepage
qtn_list_shortcut_bar             Shortcut bar
qtn_list_show_status_in_idle      Show current pres. in standby
qtn_list_sim                      SIM
qtn_list_sim_email_centre         SIM e-mail cntr.%N
qtn_list_sim_messages             SIM messages
qtn_list_sim_mms_account          MMS settings
qtn_list_sim_mms_account_n        MMS settings %N
qtn_list_sim_msg_centre           SIM msg. centre%N
qtn_list_sim_supplied_mms         Primary MMS sett.
qtn_list_size_160x120             160 x 120
qtn_list_size_640x480             640 x 480
qtn_list_size_original            Original
qtn_list_slide_anim               Slide animation
qtn_list_slide_ans_off            Off
qtn_list_slide_ans_on             On
qtn_list_slide_set                Slide set
qtn_list_smart_card_comm          Smart card
qtn_list_sort_alphabetically    Alphabetically
qtn_list_sort_per_status        By status
qtn_list_ss_all                 All call types
qtn_list_ss_fax                 Fax calls
qtn_list_ss_video               Video/data calls
qtn_list_ss_voice               Voice calls
qtn_list_stand_by_settings      Standby mode settings
qtn_list_start_camera           Open Camera
qtn_list_start_chat             Chat
qtn_list_start_chat_aol         Send IM
qtn_list_start_chat_icq         Send message
qtn_list_start_chat_vf          Start IM Convers.
qtn_list_start_date             Start date
qtn_list_start_time             Start time
qtn_list_status                 My status
qtn_list_status_delivered       %U Delivered
qtn_list_status_delivery_fail   %U Failed
qtn_list_status_delivery_wait   %U Waiting
qtn_list_streaming_link         Streaming link
qtn_list_subject                Subject
qtn_list_subscribed_names       Subscribed names
qtn_list_subscribe_new          Subscribe new
qtn_list_svg                    SVG
qtn_list_swf                    SWF
qtn_list_swis_sip_address       Video sharing SIP
qtn_list_swivel_anim            Swivel animation
qtn_list_sync_all               Synchronise all
qtn_list_tariff_cmcc            Tariff
qtn_list_tcp                    TCP
qtn_list_text                   Text
qtn_list_theme                  Theme
qtn_list_themes_folder_grid     Themes
qtn_list_three_gpp              Nokia 3GPP
qtn_list_time                   Time
qtn_list_time_of_sent_msg       Time of sent msg.
qtn_list_title                  Title
qtn_list_tone                   Tone
qtn_list_tones_grid             Tones
qtn_list_tone_change            Change tone
qtn_list_udp                    UDP
qtn_list_unblock_messages       Unblock contact
qtn_list_unblock_messages_aol   Unblock
qtn_list_unblock_messages_icq   Unblock messages
qtn_list_unnamed                Unnamed
qtn_list_unread_msgs            Unread mes-sages in folder:
qtn_list_unread_msgs_amount     %N unread msgs.
qtn_list_unsubscribe            Unsubscribe
qtn_list_upconfig               Update config.
qtn_list_update_automatically    Automatically
qtn_list_update_contact_list     Update list
qtn_list_update_manually         Manually
qtn_list_url                     URL
qtn_list_usb_mass_stor_mode      Data storage
qtn_list_usb_nokia_mode          Default mode
qtn_list_usb_print_mode          Printing
qtn_list_usb_setting             USB data cable
qtn_list_usernote                My note
qtn_list_use_as_alarm_clock      Set as alarm tone
qtn_list_use_as_calendar_alarm   Set as calen. tone
qtn_list_use_as_contact_bgr      Set as cont. video
qtn_list_use_as_contact_image    Set as cont. image
qtn_list_use_as_contact_tone     Set as cont. tone
qtn_list_use_as_group_bgr        Set as group video
qtn_list_use_as_group_image      Set as gr. image
qtn_list_use_as_im_alert         Set as IM tone
qtn_list_use_as_msg_alert        Set as msg. tone
qtn_list_use_as_ptt_callb        Set as callb. tone
qtn_list_use_as_ptt_notify       Set as notif. tone
qtn_list_use_as_ring_bgr         Set as call video
qtn_list_use_as_ring_tone        Set as ring tone
qtn_list_use_as_scrs             Set as scr. saver
qtn_list_use_as_wp               Set as wallpaper
qtn_list_use_flash               Use Flash content
qtn_list_use_image               Use image
qtn_list_use_preferred_ap        Use preferred access point
qtn_list_use_recording           Use sound clip
qtn_list_use_tone                Use tone
qtn_list_use_video               Use video clip
qtn_list_usim_language_name      English
qtn_list_value_separator         /
qtn_list_variant_text            %U
qtn_list_via_postcard            Via postcard
qtn_list_vibra_follow_profile    Follows profile
qtn_list_video_album_grid        Video clips
qtn_list_video_mbx_nbr           Video mailbox number
qtn_list_video_menu              Video
qtn_list_video_msgs              Video messages
qtn_list_view_addr               View address
qtn_list_view_current_status     View my presence
qtn_list_view_item               View
qtn_list_view_members            View members
qtn_list_view_msg                View message
qtn_list_view_template           View template
qtn_list_view_text               View text
qtn_list_view_unmarked           View unmarked
qtn_list_view_video_msgs         View video messages
qtn_list_voice_memos_grid        Recordings
qtn_list_voice_msisdn_line_1     Voice call line 1
qtn_list_voice_msisdn_line_2      Voice call line 2
qtn_list_wallpapers               Wallpapers
qtn_list_watchers                 My viewers
qtn_list_watchers_list_vf         My watchers
qtn_list_wcdma                    UMTS
qtn_list_web_address              Web address
qtn_list_wlantestappl             Wi-Fi test
qtn_list_wp_set_slide_show        Select slide set
qtn_list_write_user_data          Add and edit data
qtn_list_wv_password              Password
qtn_list_wv_service_name          IM and presence service name
qtn_list_wv_settings              IM and my presence settings
qtn_list_wv_user_id               User ID
qtn_list_wv_user_id_aol           Screen name:
qtn_list_wv_user_id_icq           ICQ #:
qtn_list_wv_user_id_vf            Messenger ID
qtn_list_xsmall_font_sett         Extra small font
qtn_list_year_of_birth            Year of birth
qtn_list_yes                      Yes
qtn_livecast_no_new_msgs          No new messages
qtn_lock_code_hdr_code_prompt     Enter new code
qtn_locsr_conf_loc_occured        You have been located by %U
qtn_locsr_conf_req_accepted       Request accepted
qtn_locsr_conf_req_rejected       Request rejected
qtn_locsr_err_operation_failed    Operation failed
qtn_locsr_err_resp_failed         Failed. Default value will be used.
qtn_locsr_hdr_location            Positioning
qtn_locsr_hdr_loc_register        Position log
qtn_locsr_hdr_privacy             Privacy manager
qtn_locsr_ilist_locsr_menu        Positioning
qtn_locsr_info_folder_empty       Folder empty
qtn_locsr_info_setting_selected   Privacy setting selected
qtn_locsr_info_timeout            Time-out. Default value is used.
qtn_locsr_list_accept_all         Always accept
qtn_locsr_list_erase_all          Delete all
qtn_locsr_list_locsr_menu         Positioning
qtn_locsr_list_loc_register       Position log
qtn_locsr_list_open_folder        Open folder
qtn_locsr_list_predefined_sett    Operator setting
qtn_locsr_list_privacy            Privacy manager
qtn_locsr_list_reject_all         Always reject
qtn_locsr_list_sender_net         Network
qtn_locsr_list_user_confirmatio   Confirm first
qtn_locsr_notif_req_missed        1 missed position request
qtn_locsr_notif_sev_req_missed    %N missed position requests
qtn_locsr_quest_erase_rec_req     Delete all received requests?
qtn_locsr_quest_loc_req_id        Position request from %U
qtn_locsr_quest_req_accept        Position request will be accepted from %U
qtn_locsr_quest_req_reject        Position request from %U will be rejected
qtn_locsr_title_req_accepted     Accepted:
qtn_locsr_title_req_def_accept   Accepted (default):
qtn_locsr_title_req_def_reject   Rejected (default):
qtn_locsr_title_req_rejected     Rejected:
qtn_locsr_wait_accepting         Accepting
qtn_locsr_wait_rejecting         Rejecting
qtn_logs_data_quantity           %N kB
qtn_log_full_time_format         HHHH:MM:SS
qtn_lunar_animal_dog             Dog
qtn_lunar_animal_dragon          Dragon
qtn_lunar_animal_horse           Horse
qtn_lunar_animal_monkey          Monkey
qtn_lunar_animal_ox              Ox
qtn_lunar_animal_pig             Pig
qtn_lunar_animal_rabbit          Rabbit
qtn_lunar_animal_rat             Rat
qtn_lunar_animal_rooster         Rooster
qtn_lunar_animal_sheep           Sheep
qtn_lunar_animal_snake           Snake
qtn_lunar_animal_tiger           Tiger
qtn_lunar_chi_year               Year
qtn_lunar_hdr_lun_calendar       Lunar calendar
qtn_lunar_hdr_lun_festival       Lunar festival
qtn_lunar_hdr_solar_item         Solar item
qtn_lunar_heav_stem_1            Jia
qtn_lunar_heav_stem_10           Gui
qtn_lunar_heav_stem_2            Yi
qtn_lunar_heav_stem_3            Bing
qtn_lunar_heav_stem_4            Ding
qtn_lunar_heav_stem_5            Wu
qtn_lunar_heav_stem_6            Ji
qtn_lunar_heav_stem_7            Geng
qtn_lunar_heav_stem_8            Xin
qtn_lunar_heav_stem_9            Ren
qtn_lunar_list_greg_lun          Gregorian to lunar
qtn_lunar_list_lun_calendar      Lunar calendar
qtn_lunar_list_lun_festival      Lunar festival
qtn_lunar_list_lun_greg          Lunar to gregorian
qtn_lunar_list_solar_item        Solar item
qtn_lunar_prmpt_greg_date        Gregorian date:
qtn_lunar_prmpt_greg_year        Gregorian year:
qtn_lunar_prmpt_lun_date         Lunar date:
qtn_lunar_terr_branch_1          Zi
qtn_lunar_terr_branch_10         You
qtn_lunar_terr_branch_11         Xu
qtn_lunar_terr_branch_12         Hai
qtn_lunar_terr_branch_2          Chou
qtn_lunar_terr_branch_3          Yin
qtn_lunar_terr_branch_4          Mao
qtn_lunar_terr_branch_5          Chen
qtn_lunar_terr_branch_6         Si
qtn_lunar_terr_branch_7         Wu
qtn_lunar_terr_branch_8         Wei
qtn_lunar_terr_branch_9         Shen
qtn_lunar_wk_xing_qi            Week
qtn_mail_full_web_mail          E-mail
qtn_mail_ilist_full_web_mail    E-mail
qtn_main_audio_message          Audio message
qtn_main_customer_cmcc          Customer serv.
qtn_main_extras                 Extras
qtn_main_help                   Help
qtn_main_menu_view              Main menu view
qtn_main_menu_view_hdr          Main menu view
qtn_main_my_files               My files
qtn_main_services_cmcc          China Mobile
qtn_main_utilities              Utilities
qtn_main_voice_mail             Voice mail
qtn_main_voice_portal           Voice portal
qtn_main_voice_services         Voice services
qtn_malayalam_entry             Text: അ ആ ഇ
qtn_marathi_entry               Text: अ आ इ
qtn_mark                        Mark
qtn_mark_all                    Mark all
qtn_mcdma_conf_ip_addr_saved    IP address saved
qtn_mcdma_err_cannot_save       Data cannot be saved
qtn_mcdma_hdr_srvr_addr         Server address
qtn_mcdma_prmpt_ip_1            IP address 1:
qtn_mcdma_prmpt_ip_2            IP address 2:
qtn_mcd_dtail_cod_descript      Description:
qtn_mcd_dtail_cod_name          Name:
qtn_mcd_dtail_cod_price         Price:
qtn_mcd_dtail_cod_size          Size:
qtn_mcd_dtail_cod_vendor        Vendor:
qtn_mcd_hdr_cod_application     Application
qtn_mcd_hdr_cod_file            File
qtn_mcd_hdr_cod_image           Image
qtn_mcd_hdr_cod_tone            Ringing tone
qtn_mcd_hdr_download            Downloads
qtn_mcd_ilist_image             Graphic downls.
qtn_mcd_info_cod_syntax_err     Unsupported file format
qtn_mcd_info_cod_unknown_type   File format unknown
qtn_mcd_info_file_too_large     File too large to be saved
qtn_mcd_info_generic_error      Downloading failed
qtn_mcd_info_unsupp_mime_type   Unsupported file format
qtn_mcd_list_download           Downloads
qtn_mcd_list_image              Graphic downloads
qtn_mcd_list_tone               Tone downloads
qtn_mcd_list_video              Video downloads
qtn_mcd_wait_cod_plswait        Please wait
qtn_mcd_wait_downloading        Downloading
qtn_mcd_wait_reject_cod           Cancelling. Please wait.
qtn_mcn_info_no_cell_display      Cell info not available in this network
qtn_md_conf_graphic_timeout       Time-out selected
qtn_md_conf_poc_earpiece          Headset selected
qtn_md_conf_poc_loudspeak         Loudspeaker selected
qtn_md_conf_poc_nodisturb         Do not disturb selected
qtn_md_full_tone_services         Tone downloads
qtn_md_hdr_graphic_timeout        Time-out
qtn_md_hdr_poc_callb_tone         Callback tone
qtn_md_hdr_poc_notify_tone        Notification tone
qtn_md_hdr_poc_voice_status       Voice options
qtn_md_hdr_timeout_select         Time-out
qtn_md_hdr_tones_beep             Discreet
qtn_md_hdr_tones_silent           Silent
qtn_md_hdr_tone_settings          Tone settings
qtn_md_ilist_graphic_timeout      Time-out
qtn_md_ilist_open_gallery         Open Gallery
qtn_md_list_graphic_off           Off
qtn_md_list_graphic_on            On
qtn_md_list_graphic_timeout       Time-out
qtn_md_list_graphic_timeout_3     1 minute
qtn_md_list_graphic_timeout_8     30 seconds
qtn_md_list_graphic_time_other    Other
qtn_md_list_open_gallery          Open Gallery
qtn_md_list_tone_settings         Tone settings
qtn_md_prmpt_timeout              Time-out:
qtn_md_sett_poc_callb_tone        Callback tone
qtn_md_sett_poc_earpiece          Headset
qtn_md_sett_poc_nodisturb         Do not disturb
qtn_md_sett_poc_notify_tone       Notification tone
qtn_md_sett_poc_voice_status      Voice options
qtn_media_menu                    Media
qtn_memory_usage                  Memory usage
qtn_menu_camera                   Camera
qtn_menu_choice_3d                3D
qtn_menu_choice_circular          Circular
qtn_menu_choice_grid              Grid
qtn_menu_choice_labelgrid         Grid with labels
qtn_menu_choice_list              List
qtn_menu_choice_preview_pane      Preview pane
qtn_menu_choice_tab               Tab
qtn_menu_conf_3d_selected         3D view selected
qtn_menu_conf_call_summary_off    Call summary off
qtn_menu_conf_call_summary_on     Call summary on
qtn_menu_conf_circular_selected   Circular view selected
qtn_menu_conf_gridlab_selected    Grid with labels view selected
qtn_menu_conf_grid_selected       Grid view selected
qtn_menu_conf_list_selected       List view selected
qtn_menu_conf_pane_selected       Preview pane view selected
qtn_menu_conf_tab_selected        Tab view selected
qtn_menu_gallery                 Gallery
qtn_menu_go_to                   Go to
qtn_menu_hdr_call_summary        Call summary
qtn_menu_hdr_java                Applications
qtn_menu_hdr_menu_view           Menu view
qtn_menu_hdr_mobile_web          Mobile web
qtn_menu_hdr_number_entry        Number entry
qtn_menu_ilist_brew              Applications
qtn_menu_ilist_extras_dwnlds     Extras downlds.
qtn_menu_ilist_gallery_downlds   Gallery downlds.
qtn_menu_ilist_minibrowser       Minibrowser
qtn_menu_instant_viewer          Instant viewer
qtn_menu_list_brew               Applications
qtn_menu_list_call_summary_off   Off
qtn_menu_list_call_summary_on    On
qtn_menu_list_extras_dwnlds      Extras downloads
qtn_menu_list_gallery_dwnlds     Gallery downloads
qtn_menu_list_minibrowser        Minibrowser
qtn_menu_main_java               Applications
qtn_menu_main_mobile_web         Mobile web
qtn_menu_main_presence           My presence
qtn_menu_number_entry            Number entry
qtn_menu_options_hdr             Menu options
qtn_menu_sett_call_summary       Call summary
qtn_menu_sett_livecast           %U settings
qtn_menu_set_menu_view           Menu view
qtn_menu_timers_counters         Timers and counters
qtn_message_to_many_title        To many
qtn_me_dd                        DD
qtn_me_hh                        HH
qtn_me_mm_minutes                MM
qtn_me_mm_months                 MM
qtn_me_ss                        SS
qtn_me_yyyy                      YYYY
qtn_misccdma_full_server         Server address
qtn_misccdma_hdr_browser         Browser menu
qtn_misccdma_hdr_settings        Browser sett.
qtn_misccdma_list_disable        Disable
qtn_misccdma_list_enable         Enable
qtn_misccdma_list_serv1          Server 1
qtn_misccdma_list_serv2          Server 2
qtn_misccdma_list_serv3          Server 3
qtn_misccdma_sett_browser        Minibrowser menu
qtn_misc_conf_gateway_saved      %U gateway saved
qtn_misc_conf_mms_server_saved   Multimedia server address saved
qtn_misc_conf_reset              Minibrowser reset
qtn_misc_full_phone_model        %U
qtn_misc_full_reset_browser      Reset minibrowser
qtn_misc_hdr_appl_menu           Application menu
qtn_misc_hdr_browser_gateway      Brow. gateway
qtn_misc_hdr_java_settings        App. settings
qtn_misc_hdr_mms_album            Album address
qtn_misc_hdr_mms_settings         Multim. settings
qtn_misc_hdr_phone_model          Model number
qtn_misc_ilist_disabled           Disabled
qtn_misc_list_disabled            Disabled
qtn_misc_list_enabled             Enabled
qtn_misc_list_is2000              IS-2000
qtn_misc_list_is2000a             IS-2000A
qtn_misc_list_is95a               IS-95A
qtn_misc_list_mms_edit_album      Edit address
qtn_misc_list_mms_rest_album      Restore default
qtn_misc_prmpt_gateway_u          %U gateway:
qtn_misc_prmpt_mms_album          Album address
qtn_misc_prmpt_mms_server         Multimedia server address:
qtn_misc_quest_mms_album          Album address saved
qtn_misc_quest_mms_album_restor   Default album address restored
qtn_misc_sett_brows_gateway       Browser gateway
qtn_misc_sett_mms_album           Album address
qtn_misc_sett_mms_server          Multimedia centre server
qtn_misc_sett_prim_gateway        Primary
qtn_misc_sett_sec_gateway         Secondary
qtn_mmb_err_no_url                Message does not contain a web address
qtn_mmp_active_conn_sett          Active connection settings
qtn_mmp_album_unknown             Unknown album
qtn_mmp_author_unknown            Unknown artist
qtn_mmp_conf_conn_sett_activate   Connection settings activated
qtn_mmp_conf_port_range_set       UDP port range set
qtn_mmp_conf_step_set             Fast forward and rewind interval set
qtn_mmp_conn_sett                 Streaming sett.
qtn_mmp_edit_conn_sett            Edit active connec- tion settings
qtn_mmp_err_check_settings        Check connection settings
qtn_mmp_err_invalid_value         Minimum port must be smaller than maximum port
qtn_mmp_err_not_found             Unable to find media clip
qtn_mmp_err_pause_not_allowed     Unable to pause this clip
qtn_mmp_err_request_failed        Action failed. Try again.
qtn_mmp_err_spr_forbidden         RTSP error %N. Access not allowed.
qtn_mmp_err_spr_invalid_request   RTSP error %N. Invalid request. Try again.
qtn_mmp_err_spr_not_found         RTSP error %N. Clip not found on server.
qtn_mmp_err_spr_server_problem    RTSP error %N. Server problem. Try again later.
qtn_mmp_err_spr_server_timeout    RTSP error %N. Server time-out. Try again.
qtn_mmp_hdr_conn_sets             Sets
qtn_mmp_hdr_conn_sett             Connection sett.
qtn_mmp_hdr_media_player          Media player
qtn_mmp_hdr_port_range            UDP port range
qtn_mmp_hdr_services              Media downloads
qtn_mmp_hdr_step_set              FF/Rew interval
qtn_mmp_ilist_ffrew_step_10       10 seconds
qtn_mmp_ilist_ffrew_step_20       20 seconds
qtn_mmp_ilist_ffrew_step_30       30 seconds
qtn_mmp_ilist_ffrew_step_other    Other
qtn_mmp_ilist_media_player        Media player
qtn_mmp_list_edit_video           Edit video
qtn_mmp_list_ffrew_step           FF/Rew interval
qtn_mmp_list_ffrew_step_10        10 seconds
qtn_mmp_list_ffrew_step_20        20 seconds
qtn_mmp_list_ffrew_step_30        30 seconds
qtn_mmp_list_ffrew_step_other     Other
qtn_mmp_list_full_screen          View full screen
qtn_mmp_list_load                 Load
qtn_mmp_list_save_link            Save link
qtn_mmp_list_services             Media downloads
qtn_mmp_list_view_theme           Preview
qtn_mmp_media_player              Media player
qtn_mmp_multipart_set             Set interval:
qtn_mmp_prompt_port_range         Range:
qtn_mmp_quest_spr_continue        Continue streaming?
qtn_mmp_sett_port_range           UDP port range
qtn_mmp_softk_full_screen         Full scr.
qtn_mmp_softk_load                Load
qtn_mmp_softk_mute                Mute
qtn_mmp_softk_unmute              Unmute
qtn_mmp_title_unknown             Unknown track
qtn_mmp_view_conn_sett            Active streaming conn. settings
qtn_mmp_wait_loading              %U
qtn_mmp_war_not_enough_bw         Not enough bandwidth. Quality less than normal.
qtn_mms_conf_bcard_added          Business card added
qtn_mms_conf_canceling_send       Message sending cancelled
qtn_mms_conf_image_scaling        Image scaling set
qtn_mms_conf_mms_discarded        Multimedia message discarded
qtn_mms_conf_msg_sent             Multimedia message sent to: %U
qtn_mms_conf_msg_sent_alb         Multimedia message sent to album
qtn_mms_conf_msg_sent_to_outbox   Message moved to Outbox and will be sent
qtn_mms_conf_prmpt_deleted        Multimedia message reminder deleted
qtn_mms_conf_prompt_stored        Download reminder in multimedia msgs. inbox
qtn_mms_conf_retrieve_msg         Retrieval started
qtn_mms_conf_save_sent_msgs_off   Sent multimedia messages will not be saved
qtn_mms_conf_save_sent_msgs_on    Sent multimedia messages will be saved
qtn_mms_conf_send_in_progress     Multimedia message sending in progress
qtn_mms_conf_sett_activated       Multimedia settings activated
qtn_mms_conf_sett_discarded       Multimedia settings discarded
qtn_mms_conf_sett_receive_ads     Advert handling set
qtn_mms_conf_sett_receive_any     Multimedia reception set
qtn_mms_conf_sett_saved           Multimedia settings saved
qtn_mms_conf_sett_when_enabled    Message handling set
qtn_mms_conf_vcal_added           Calendar note added
qtn_mms_default_timing_header     Default timing
qtn_mms_default_timing_setting    Default slide timing
qtn_mms_dr_status                 %U
qtn_mms_dr_status_deferred        Postponed
qtn_mms_dr_status_delivered       Delivered
qtn_mms_dr_status_expired         Expired
qtn_mms_dr_status_rejected        Rejected
qtn_mms_dr_status_unrecognized    Unrecognised
qtn_mms_dr_your_message           Message info
qtn_mms_dtail_class_ad            Advert
qtn_mms_dtail_class_auto          Automatic
qtn_mms_dtail_class_info          Informational
qtn_mms_dtail_class_personal      Personal
qtn_mms_err_conn_settings         Check multimedia settings
qtn_mms_failed_msg                Multimedia message error
qtn_mms_frw_to_many               Forward to many
qtn_mms_full_conn_settings        Connection settings
qtn_mms_full_sett_active          Active multimedia settings
qtn_mms_full_sett_edit            Edit active multi- media settings
qtn_mms_full_sett_view            Active multimedia settings
qtn_mms_hdr_conn_settings         Connection sett.
qtn_mms_hdr_details               Details
qtn_mms_hdr_image_size            Scale image
qtn_mms_hdr_mms_inbox             Multimedia inbox
qtn_mms_hdr_mms_settings          Multimedia msg.
qtn_mms_hdr_msg_from              %U
qtn_mms_hdr_reply                 Reply
qtn_mms_hdr_save_sent_msgs        Save sent msgs.
qtn_mms_hdr_sett_receive_ads      Allow adverts
qtn_mms_hdr_sett_receive_any      Allow reception
qtn_mms_hdr_sett_when_enabled     Incoming msgs.
qtn_mms_ilist_enabled_fetch       Retrieve
qtn_mms_ilist_enabled_reject      Reject
qtn_mms_ilist_image_option        Image
qtn_mms_ilist_manual_retrieval    Retr. manually
qtn_mms_ilist_receive_home_only   In home netw.
qtn_mms_ilist_reply_sms           Text message
qtn_mms_ilist_video_clip_option   Video clip
qtn_mms_image_option              Image
qtn_mms_info_album_al_added       Album already added
qtn_mms_info_cancel_retr_fail     Cancelling failed. Multimedia msg. received.
qtn_mms_info_cant_retrieve        Cannot re-trieve msg. when flight profile active
qtn_mms_info_copy_protected       Cannot forward copyrighted files
qtn_mms_info_empty_mms            Message empty. Insert media or add text to send.
qtn_mms_info_rec_no_space         No space for new recording in message
qtn_mms_info_sett_no_retrieval    Cannot retrieve. Check multim. recept. sett.
qtn_mms_info_timing_maximum       Maximum slide timing: 04:15
qtn_mms_info_timing_minimum       Minimum slide timing: 00:01
qtn_mms_insert_header             Insert
qtn_mms_insert_option             Insert
qtn_mms_layout_changed_note       Layout changed
qtn_mms_list_album_as_msg_name    Album
qtn_mms_list_album_to             Album: %U
qtn_mms_list_ask_first            Ask first
qtn_mms_list_discard_message      Discard
qtn_mms_list_dl                   Distribution lists
qtn_mms_list_download_later       Retrieve later
qtn_mms_list_enabled_fetch        Retrieve
qtn_mms_list_enabled_reject       Reject
qtn_mms_list_erase_message        Delete
qtn_mms_list_forward_dl           To distribution list
qtn_mms_list_frw_to_email         Forward to e-mail
qtn_mms_list_frw_to_nr            Forward to no.
qtn_mms_list_image_size           Scale image down
qtn_mms_list_msgs_menu            Text and multimedia msgs.
qtn_mms_list_multimedia           Multimedia
qtn_mms_list_receive_home_only    In home network
qtn_mms_list_receive_off          No
qtn_mms_list_receive_on           Yes
qtn_mms_list_reply_mms            Multimedia msg.
qtn_mms_list_reply_sms            Text message
qtn_mms_list_save_image           Save image
qtn_mms_list_save_sound_clip      Save sound clip
qtn_mms_list_save_theme           Save theme
qtn_mms_list_save_video           Save video clip
qtn_mms_list_send_mms             Send multimedia
qtn_mms_list_send_sub_album       Album
qtn_mms_list_send_to_album        Send to album
qtn_mms_list_send_to_email        Send to e-mail
qtn_mms_list_send_to_nr           Send to number
qtn_mms_list_setting_set          Set %N
qtn_mms_list_show_details         Show details
qtn_mms_message_waiting           Multimedia message waiting to be retrieved
qtn_mms_multiple_query_full       Recipient field full
qtn_mms_multi_add_cc              Add cc
qtn_mms_multi_add_to              Add recipient
qtn_mms_multi_forward_to_album    Forward to album
qtn_mms_multi_recip_cc            Cc:
qtn_mms_multi_recip_to            To:
qtn_mms_multi_search_email        Search e-mail
qtn_mms_multi_search_number       Search number
qtn_mms_new_sound_clip_option     New sound clip
qtn_mms_next_slide                Next slide
qtn_mms_note_msg_cancelled        Message transfer cancelled
qtn_mms_note_msg_will_transfer    Multimedia msg. transfer will continue after the call
qtn_mms_note_starting_resend      Resending
qtn_mms_note_transfer_try_again   Transferring message. Try again later.
qtn_mms_note_unsupported          File format not supported for msg. sending
qtn_mms_notif_1_mms_available     1 multim. msg. available
qtn_mms_notif_1_mms_received      Multimedia message received
qtn_mms_notif_format_corrupt      Multimedia msg. corrupted. Not sent.
qtn_mms_notif_invalid_addres      Invalid ad-dress. Message not sent.
qtn_mms_notif_mms_memory_full     Multimedia me-mory full. View waiting msg.
qtn_mms_notif_msg_not_retrieved   Failed. Reminder will be deleted.
qtn_mms_notif_network_err         Network failure. Msg. not sent.
qtn_mms_notif_no_memory           Multim. memory full. New msgs. discarded.
qtn_mms_notif_n_mms_available     %N multimedia messages available
qtn_mms_notif_n_mms_received      %N multimedia messages received
qtn_mms_notif_send_msgs_failed    Failed to send %N multi-media msgs.
qtn_mms_notif_send_msg_failed     Multimedia message sending failed
qtn_mms_notif_service_req_fail    Service not active. Mes-sage not sent.
qtn_mms_notif_sett_received       Multimedia settings received
qtn_mms_notif_unsupported_media   Media type not supported. Msg. not sent.
qtn_mms_not_mms_not_canceled      Message already sent. Cannot be cancelled.
qtn_mms_not_with_video_note       Cannot insert when video clip is already added
qtn_mms_no_error                  (none)
qtn_mms_no_memory_info            Multimedia message memory full. New messages may be discarded
qtn_mms_no_more_slides_note       Cannot insert more slides
qtn_mms_object_saved_encrypted    Encrypted object will be saved without activation key. Continue?
qtn_mms_object_sent_encrypted     Receiver may have to pay to activate content. Continue?
qtn_mms_only_one_object_note      Cannot insert more than one object of same type
qtn_mms_orig_msg_deleted          Original message deleted
qtn_mms_pending_msg               Multimedia message pending
qtn_mms_previous_slide_option     Previous slide
                                  Multimedia message from
qtn_mms_prompt_notif              %U
qtn_mms_prompt_title              MMS notif.
qtn_mms_query_cancel_trans        Cancel message transfer to make call?
qtn_mms_query_delay_trans         Delay message transfer to call?
qtn_mms_query_remove_slide        Delete slide?
qtn_mms_quest_album               Send message to album?
qtn_mms_quest_cancel_send         Cancel message sending?
qtn_mms_quest_delete_unlckd       Delete all unlocked messages from %U?
qtn_mms_quest_discard_mms         Discard received message?
qtn_mms_quest_discard_wait_mms    Discard waiting multimedia message?
qtn_mms_quest_fwrd_msg_to_album   Forward message to album?
qtn_mms_quest_mms_memory_full     Multimedia message memory full. View waiting message?
qtn_mms_quest_outbox_del_unsent   Also delete messages waiting to be sent?
qtn_mms_quest_save_wait_mms       Save new multimedia message first?
qtn_mms_quest_sett_activate       Activate saved multimedia settings?
qtn_mms_quest_sett_discard        Discard multimedia settings?
qtn_mms_recipient_added           Recipient added
qtn_mms_remove_header             Delete
qtn_mms_remove_option             Delete
qtn_mms_reply_to_all              Reply to all
qtn_mms_sett_homepage             Homepage
qtn_mms_sett_receive_ads          Allow adverts
qtn_mms_sett_receive_any          Allow multimedia reception
qtn_mms_sett_save_sent_msgs       Save sent messages
qtn_mms_sett_when_enabled         Incoming multi- media messages
qtn_mms_slide_added_note          Slide added
qtn_mms_slide_list_header         Slide list
qtn_mms_slide_list_item           Slide %N
qtn_mms_slide_list_option         Slide list
qtn_mms_slide_option              Slide
qtn_mms_slide_removed_note        Slide deleted
qtn_mms_slide_timing_header       Slide timing
qtn_mms_slide_timing_option       Slide timing
qtn_mms_slide_timing_prompt       Timing:
qtn_mms_sound_clip_option         Sound clip
qtn_mms_stat_perct_msg            %N%%
qtn_mms_text_on_bottom_option     Place text last
qtn_mms_text_on_top_option        Place text first
qtn_mms_theme                     Theme
qtn_mms_timing_selected_note      Timing selected
qtn_mms_title_class               %U
                                  Error code:
qtn_mms_title_error_code          %U
                                  Error message:
qtn_mms_title_error_msg           %U
qtn_mms_title_expires             %U
qtn_mms_title_recipients          %U
qtn_mms_title_recip_album         Album
qtn_mms_title_size                %N kB
qtn_mms_title_subject             %U
qtn_mms_title_unsupported         Object not supported
qtn_mms_urn_conn_settings         Check multimedia settings
qtn_mms_urn_msg_queued            Message cannot be sent in IS-95 or analogue mode. Message will b
qtn_mms_urn_rtrv_dig              Message cannot be retrieved in IS-95 or analogue mode. Try again l
qtn_mms_urn_send_later_flt_mode   Message will be sent automatically when flight profile is not active. M
qtn_mms_urn_sett_no_retrieval     Cannot retrieve. Check multimedia reception settings.
qtn_mms_vcalendar                 Calendar note
qtn_mms_vcard                     Business card
qtn_mms_video_clip_option         Video clip
qtn_mms_video_with_one_slide      Cannot insert video clip with multiple slides
qtn_mms_video_with_text_note      Video clip can only be added to slide with text
qtn_mms_wait_adding_to_outbox     Message being sent
qtn_mms_wait_move_to_outbox       Moving msg. to Outbox
qtn_mms_warn_trans_msg            Transferring message
qtn_mocal_abbrev_dial_off         Off
qtn_mocal_abbrev_dial_on          On
qtn_mocal_calling_vivo_roam       Internat. roam
qtn_mocal_conf_abbrev_dial_off    Abbreviated dialling off
qtn_mocal_conf_abbrev_dial_on     Abbreviated dialling on
qtn_mocal_conf_pref_carr_off      Preferred carrier off
qtn_mocal_conf_pref_carr_on       Preferred carrier on
qtn_mocal_err_abbrev_dial        Number must be 5 or 6 digits
qtn_mocal_err_carr_code          Only enter 2-digit numbers
qtn_mocal_hdr_abbrev_dial        Abbreviated dial
qtn_mocal_hdr_pref_carr          Preferred carrier
qtn_mocal_pref_carr_off          Off
qtn_mocal_pref_carr_on           On
qtn_mocal_prmpt_abbrev_dial      Enter prefix:
qtn_mocal_prmpt_carr_code        Carrier code:
qtn_mocal_sett_abbrev_dial       Abbreviated dialling
qtn_mocal_sett_pref_carr         Preferred carrier
qtn_mocal_speed_dial_found       Found:
qtn_mode_close_appl              Close applications
                                 Saved to profile:
qtn_mode_conf_saved_in_prof      %U
qtn_mode_conf_timed_expired      Timed profile expired
                                 Timed profile:
qtn_mode_conf_timed_prof         %U
qtn_mode_full_tone_settings      Tone settings
qtn_mode_ilist_tone_settings     Tones
qtn_mode_list_timed              Timed
qtn_mode_prmpt_expiry_time       Profile expires:
qtn_mode_prmpt_new_name          Profile name:
qtn_mode_sett_poc                Push to talk settings
qtn_mode_sett_presence_status    My presence
qtn_mode_sett_profile_name       Profile name
qtn_mp3_info_player_stopped      Music player stopped
qtn_mp3_list_play                Play
qtn_mp3_list_restart             Restart
qtn_mp3_list_services            Music downloads
qtn_mp3_list_tracklist           Track list
qtn_msg_characters               %N
qtn_msg_check_archive            Archive
qtn_msg_check_inbox              Inbox
qtn_msg_check_user_def           %U
qtn_msg_conf_icon_only           Incoming msg. display: Msg. alert
qtn_msg_conf_msg                 Incoming message display: Message view
qtn_msg_conf_msg_svd_outbox      Message saved to Outbox
qtn_msg_conf_queue_off           Message queuing off
qtn_msg_conf_queue_on            Message queuing on
qtn_msg_conf_queue_prompt        Message will be queued after prompting
qtn_msg_conf_retry_pending       Cannot send. Too many pending messages. Try again later.
qtn_msg_conf_send_cancel         Sending cancelled
qtn_msg_details_recipients_bcc   %U
qtn_msg_details_recipients_cc    %U
qtn_msg_details_recipients_to    %U
qtn_msg_details_reply_to         Reply-to:
qtn_msg_forward_to               Forward
qtn_msg_full_msg_sett            Message settings
qtn_msg_full_notif               Incoming msg. display
qtn_msg_hdr_addins               Add-ins
qtn_msg_hdr_create_message       Create message
qtn_msg_hdr_delete_all           Delete all msgs.
qtn_msg_hdr_delete_read          Del. read msgs.
qtn_msg_hdr_delete_unread        Delete unread
qtn_msg_hdr_distrib_list         Distribution lists
qtn_msg_hdr_drafts               Drafts
qtn_msg_hdr_email                E-mail
qtn_msg_hdr_emerg                Emergency
qtn_msg_hdr_flash_messages       Flash messages
qtn_msg_hdr_forward_to           Forward:
qtn_msg_hdr_msg_sett             Msg. settings
qtn_msg_hdr_msg_too_long         Msg. too long
qtn_msg_hdr_name                 Enter name
qtn_msg_hdr_notif                Msg. display
qtn_msg_hdr_number               Number
qtn_msg_hdr_pic_details          Picture details
qtn_msg_hdr_queue                Queue msgs.
qtn_msg_hdr_rename               Rename
qtn_msg_hdr_reply_all            Reply to all
qtn_msg_hdr_reply_as             Reply as
qtn_msg_hdr_reply_with           Reply with
qtn_msg_hdr_saved                Saved
qtn_msg_hdr_save_to              Move to
qtn_msg_hdr_send                 Send
qtn_msg_hdr_send_callback        Send callback
qtn_msg_hdr_snd_details          Sound details
qtn_msg_hdr_unsup_details        Not supported
qtn_msg_hdr_urgent               Urgent
qtn_msg_hdr_vcal_details         Note details
qtn_msg_hdr_vcard_details        Bus. card details
qtn_msg_ilist_distrib_lists      Distribution lists
qtn_msg_ilist_flash_message      Flash message
qtn_msg_ilist_mm_msgs            Multimedia msg.
qtn_msg_info_dig_service         Messaging requires digital service
qtn_msg_info_no_digital          No digital service. Msg. saved to Outbox.
qtn_msg_info_remove_char         Remove at least %N characters
qtn_msg_info_send_digital        Message will be sent when digital service is available
qtn_msg_list_addins              Text msg. add-ins
qtn_msg_list_animation           Animations
qtn_msg_list_archive             Archive
qtn_msg_list_cancel_msg          Cancel sending
qtn_msg_list_create_msg          Create message
qtn_msg_list_delete_all_unread   All unread
qtn_msg_list_delete_msgs         Delete messages
qtn_msg_list_distrib_list        Distribution lists
qtn_msg_list_drafts              Drafts
qtn_msg_list_file_created        %U
qtn_msg_list_file_length         %U
qtn_msg_list_file_name           %U
qtn_msg_list_file_resolution     %U
qtn_msg_list_file_size           %U kB
qtn_msg_list_flash_message       Flash message
qtn_msg_list_icon_only           Msg. alert
qtn_msg_list_mm_msg              Multimedia msg.
qtn_msg_list_mm_msgs             Multimedia msg.
qtn_msg_list_msg                 Message view
qtn_msg_list_msg_blocking        Message blocking
qtn_msg_list_msg_info            Message details
qtn_msg_list_msg_settings        Message settings
qtn_msg_list_my_folders          My folders
qtn_msg_list_outbox              Outbox
qtn_msg_list_picture             Pictures
qtn_msg_list_pm_msg              Picture message
qtn_msg_list_queue_off           Off
qtn_msg_list_queue_on            On
qtn_msg_list_queue_prompt        On prompt
qtn_msg_list_save                Save object
qtn_msg_list_send_as_email       Send as e-mail
qtn_msg_list_send_mm             Send multimedia
qtn_msg_list_send_page           Numeric page
qtn_msg_list_send_txt            Send text msg.
qtn_msg_list_sent_items          Sent items
qtn_msg_list_shorten_text        Shorten text
qtn_msg_list_sound               Sounds
qtn_msg_list_templates           Templates
qtn_msg_list_text_msg            Text message
qtn_msg_list_txt_msgs            Text messages
qtn_msg_list_umail_msg           Mail
qtn_msg_list_use_addr            Use address
qtn_msg_list_vidm_msg            Video message
qtn_msg_list_view_recip          View recipients
qtn_msg_note_orig_deleted        Copy of msg. saved and original deleted
qtn_msg_notif_msg_failed         Message sending failed
qtn_msg_notif_pending_failed     %N pending messages failed
qtn_msg_notif_pending_sent       %N pending messages sent
qtn_msg_quest_delete_all         Delete messages from selected folders?
qtn_msg_quest_delete_unread      Delete unlocked unread messages from Inbox?
qtn_msg_quest_del_all            Delete messages from selected folders?
qtn_msg_quest_del_all_unlock     Delete unlocked messages from selected folders?
qtn_msg_quest_msg_too_long       Message too long. Cannot send.
qtn_msg_quest_orig_recip         Send message to original recipient(s)?
qtn_msg_quest_send_digital       Automatically send when digital service is available?
qtn_msg_quest_send_others        Send to non e-mail recipients?
qtn_msg_send_to                  Send to
qtn_msg_sett_queue               Queue msgs. when digital unavailable
qtn_msg_snot_messages_received   %N messages received
qtn_msg_to_many                   Many
qtn_msg_unavailable               (not available)
qtn_mtcal_conf_flip_answer_off    Phone will not answer calls when fold is opened
qtn_mtcal_conf_flip_answer_on     Phone will answer calls when fold is opened
qtn_mtcal_conf_no_call_id_off     Ringing tone for no caller ID off
qtn_mtcal_conf_no_call_id_on      Ringing tone for no caller ID on
qtn_mtcal_conf_slide_ans_off      Phone will not answer calls when slide is opened
qtn_mtcal_conf_slide_ans_on       Phone will answer calls when slide is opened
qtn_mtcal_divertedby_small        Diverted by
qtn_mtcal_hdr_answer_on_open      Answer
qtn_mtcal_hdr_no_call_id_ring     Ring. tn. no call ID
qtn_mtcal_hdr_vid_ringer          Video ring. tone
qtn_mtcal_list_vid_ring_off       Off
qtn_mtcal_list_vid_ring_on        On
qtn_mtcal_maint_call              Service call
qtn_mtcal_no_call_id_off          Off
qtn_mtcal_no_call_id_on           On
qtn_mtcal_payphone                Payphone
qtn_mtcal_pi_not_available        ID unavail.
qtn_mtcal_pi_restricted           ID restricted
qtn_mtcal_sett_answer_on_open     Answer when fold is opened
qtn_mtcal_sett_no_call_id_ring    Ringing tone for no caller ID
qtn_mtcal_sett_slide_ans_open     Answer when slide is opened
qtn_mtcal_sett_video_ringer       Video ringing tone
qtn_mtcal_video_ringer            Video ringing tone will override the default ringing tone and may not
qtn_mt_call_call_waiting          Call waiting
qtn_mupnr_list_launch_browser     Open
qtn_mupnr_list_use_number         Use number
qtn_mupnr_name_moved_to_phone     Move contact to phone memory?
qtn_mupnr_prmpt_email             E-mail address:
qtn_mupnr_prmpt_note              Note:
qtn_mupnr_prmpt_postal_addr       Postal address:
qtn_mupnr_prmpt_url               Web address:
qtn_mupnr_text_type_url           Web address
qtn_mupnr_title_url               Web address:
qtn_music_conf_list_created       Track list created
qtn_music_conf_list_renamed       Track list renamed
qtn_music_conf_playlist           %U
qtn_music_conf_playlist_deleted   Track list deleted
qtn_music_conf_random_off         Random play off
qtn_music_conf_random_on          Random play on
qtn_music_conf_repeat_all         All tracks repeated
qtn_music_conf_repeat_current     Current track repeated
qtn_music_conf_repeat_off         Repeat play off
qtn_music_conf_sel_default        Default folder selected
qtn_music_conf_sel_folder         Selected folder: %U
qtn_music_conf_sel_playlist       Selected track list: %U
qtn_music_details_album           Album:
qtn_music_details_artist          Artist:
qtn_music_details_bitrate        Bitrate:
qtn_music_details_filename       File name:
qtn_music_details_length         Length:
qtn_music_details_title          Title:
qtn_music_err_invalid_playlist   Invalid track list
qtn_music_err_object_err         File corrupted or format not supported
qtn_music_hdr_change_list        Change track list
qtn_music_hdr_music              Music
qtn_music_hdr_player             Music player
qtn_music_hdr_source             Music source
qtn_music_hdr_srs                Stereo widening
qtn_music_ilist_all_tracks       All tracks
qtn_music_ilist_current          Current track
qtn_music_ilist_none             None
qtn_music_info_con_headset       Please connect headset
qtn_music_info_no_address        No web address available for this file
qtn_music_info_no_tracks         No music files found
qtn_music_info_remove_tty        Disconnect text phone first
qtn_music_info_select_position   Go to new position
qtn_music_info_track_not_there   Selected track not available
qtn_music_list_all               All tracks
qtn_music_list_change_list       Change track list
qtn_music_list_create_new_list   Create new list
qtn_music_list_current           Current track
qtn_music_list_default           Default folder
qtn_music_list_default_list      All tracks
qtn_music_list_delete_list       Delete track list
qtn_music_list_none              None
qtn_music_list_refresh_list      Refresh all tracks
qtn_music_list_rename_list       Rename track list
qtn_music_list_sel_folder        Select folder
qtn_music_list_sel_playlist      Select track list
qtn_music_list_stop              Stop
qtn_music_main_menu              Music
qtn_music_player                 Music player
qtn_music_player_starting        Starting music player
qtn_music_prmpt_artist_name      Artist:
qtn_music_prmpt_list_name        List name:
qtn_music_prmpt_track_number     Go to track number:
qtn_music_prmpt_track_title      Track name:
                                 Activate track list?
qtn_music_quest_activate_list    %U
qtn_music_quest_change_source    Search for music files from another folder?
                                 Delete track list?
qtn_music_quest_delete_list      %U
qtn_music_sett_source            Music source
qtn_music_sett_srs               Stereo widening
qtn_music_wait_reading           Loading new track list
qtn_music_wait_refreshing        Refreshing all tracks
qtn_music_wait_searching         Searching for track lists
qtn_mymetro_conf_bill_info_dele   Billing info deleted
qtn_mymetro_hdr_get_mcard_bal     Get balance
qtn_mymetro_hdr_metrocard         metroPCS Card
qtn_mymetro_hdr_metroconnect      MetroConnect
qtn_mymetro_hdr_monthly_bill      Monthly bill
qtn_mymetro_hdr_mymetro           My Metro
qtn_mymetro_hdr_pay_bill_with     Pay bill with
qtn_mymetro_hdr_pay_by_credit     Credit card
qtn_mymetro_hdr_pay_by_other      Other options
qtn_mymetro_list_credit_card      Credit card
qtn_mymetro_list_metrocard        metroPCS Card
qtn_mymetro_list_metroconnect     MetroConnect
qtn_mymetro_list_monthly_bill     Monthly bill
qtn_mymetro_list_other_options    Other options
qtn_mymetro_notif_billing_info    Billing information received
qtn_mymetro_quest_bill_not_rece   Billing information not yet received
qtn_mymetro_quest_del_bill_info   Delete all billing information?
qtn_mymetro_quest_get_card_bal    Call now to get balance?
qtn_mymetro_quest_get_conn_bal    Call now to get balance or add money?
qtn_mymetro_quest_pay_by_credit   Call now to pay bill?
qtn_mymetro_quest_pay_by_mcard    Call now to pay bill?
qtn_mymetro_quest_pay_by_other    Call now for payment options?
qtn_mymetro_softk_pay             Pay
qtn_nai_conf_netguard_off         Net guard off
qtn_nai_conf_netguard_on          Net guard on
qtn_nai_conf_vision_disabled      Update cancelled. Service disabled.
qtn_nai_err_2048                  Network busy. Try again.
qtn_nai_err_3000                  Network busy. Try again.
qtn_nai_err_4000                  Network busy. Try again.
qtn_nai_full_spr_web_settings     Internet
qtn_nai_ha_failure                Home agent failure. Home agent address may be incorrect or the ho
qtn_nai_hdr_connection            Internet conn.
qtn_nai_hdr_err_numb              Error %U
qtn_nai_hdr_incoming_data         Incoming data
qtn_nai_hdr_spr_web_set           Internet
qtn_nai_ilist_pcs_vision          Internet
qtn_nai_indic_spr_signed_out      Signed out
qtn_nai_list_always_autoconnect   Auto-connect
qtn_nai_list_connect              Connect
qtn_nai_list_netguard             Net guard
qtn_nai_list_spr_enter_new        Restart
qtn_nai_list_spr_off              Off
qtn_nai_list_spr_on               On
qtn_nai_list_spr_sign_in          Enable service
qtn_nai_list_spr_sign_out         Disable service
qtn_nai_list_spr_try_again        Try again
qtn_nai_list_update               Update settings
qtn_nai_main_phone_info           Phone details
qtn_nai_no_data_service           Cannot prepare service. Please try again later. If the problem persist
qtn_nai_ntwk_err_try_again        Network error. Sign in failed. Please wait a moment and try again. If
qtn_nai_ntwk_err_update_profile   Network error. Sign in failed. Please wait a moment and try again. Yo
qtn_nai_quest_dis_vision          Disable service?
qtn_nai_quest_no_service          Network unavailable. Retry?
qtn_nai_session_lifetime          Device requested a session lifetime that is too long. If this problem p
qtn_nai_signin_failure_131        Sign in failed. User name and/or password may be incorrect. Please
qtn_nai_signin_failure_133        Sign in failed. User name and/or password may be incorrect. Please
qtn_nai_sys_err_try_again         System error. Sign in failed. Please wait a moment and try again. If t
qtn_nai_sys_err_update_profile    System error. Sign in failed. Please wait a moment and try again. Yo
qtn_nai_unknown_err               Unknown error. Sign in failed. Please try again. If the problem persis
qtn_nai_unrec_ha                  Unrecognizable home agent addresses. Please try again. You may n
qtn_nai_update_in_progress        Wait, the network is updating your settings. Press Cancel to end upd
qtn_nai_wait_spr_connecting       Connecting
qtn_nai_wait_spr_prep_data        Preparing service
qtn_nai_wait_update_data          Updating settings
qtn_nam_conf_greet_1              Banner selected
qtn_nam_conf_greet_2              Banner saved
qtn_nam_err_msid_length           MSID must be 10 digits
                                  Forbidden SID/NID
qtn_nam_full_forbid_sid_nid       %U
                                  Home SID/NID
qtn_nam_full_hm_sid_nid           %U
                                  Preferred SID/NID
qtn_nam_full_pref_sid_nid         %U
qtn_nam_hdr_ded_ctrl_chan         Control channels
qtn_nam_hdr_greet                 Banner
qtn_nam_hdr_phone_prog            Phone setup
qtn_nam_hdr_server_n              Server %N
qtn_nam_hdr_slot_index            Slot index
qtn_nam_list_custom               Personalise
qtn_nam_list_lock_code            Lock code
qtn_nam_list_mdn                  Phone no. (MDN)
qtn_nam_list_user_name            Default
qtn_nam_prmpt_greet               Banner:
qtn_nam_prmpt_lock_code           Lock code:
qtn_nam_prmpt_mdn                 Phone number (MDN):
qtn_nam_prmpt_msid                MSID
qtn_nam_prmpt_nid                 NID %U:
qtn_nam_prmpt_sid                 SID %U:
qtn_nam_ruim_mcc                  Code: %U
qtn_nam_sett_greeting             Banner
qtn_nam_spr_accessing             Accessing service prog.
qtn_nam_spr_conf_accept           Accepted
qtn_nam_spr_err_failed            Saving failed. Try again.
qtn_nam_spr_err_inv_value         Invalid value
qtn_nam_spr_hdr_serv_prog         Service prog.
qtn_nam_ufe_err_mdn_9             My number (MDN) must be 9 digits
qtn_nbpm_add_balance              Add money to account
qtn_nbpm_balance_checking         Checking balance
qtn_nbpm_balance_number           Balance phone number
qtn_nbpm_check_balance            Check account balance
qtn_nbpm_conf_query_end_call      Wait for prompt and press 'End'
qtn_nbpm_enter_balance_number     Balance number:
qtn_nbpm_enter_prepaid_card_num   Card number:
qtn_nbpm_enter_replenish_number   Replenish number:
qtn_nbpm_header_access_numbers    Access numbers
qtn_nbpm_header_prepaid           Prepaid
qtn_nbpm_listen_conf_press_ok     Listen for prompt and press 'OK'
qtn_nbpm_prepaid_already_off      Prepaid already disabled
qtn_nbpm_prepaid_already_on       Prepaid already enabled
qtn_nbpm_prepaid_disabled         Prepaid menu disabled
qtn_nbpm_prepaid_enabled          Prepaid menu enabled
qtn_nbpm_prepaid_main_title       Prepaid
qtn_nbpm_replenish_number         Replenish phone number
qtn_nbpm_save_access_numbers      Save access phone numbers
                                  New item
qtn_new_smsa_notif_msg_received   %U
qtn_new_version_available         Updated version is available. Update application now?
qtn_notep_conf_all_deleted        All notes deleted
qtn_notep_conf_note_sent          Note sent
qtn_notep_err_delete_1            Text too long. Delete 1 character.
qtn_notep_err_send_failure        Note sending failed
qtn_notep_err_too_many_char       Text too long. Delete %N characters.
qtn_notep_hdr_notes               Notes
qtn_notep_info_memory_full        Memory full
qtn_notep_list                    Notes
qtn_notep_list_close              Close
qtn_notep_list_delete_all         Delete all notes
qtn_notep_list_time_date          Insert time & date
qtn_notep_make_note               Make a note
qtn_notep_note                    Note:
qtn_notep_note_deleted            Note deleted
qtn_notep_note_saved              Note saved
qtn_notep_no_notes                (no notes)
qtn_notep_send_as                 Send note
qtn_notep_send_reserved           Still sending previous note
qtn_notep_wait_sending            Sending note
qtn_note_active_marked_apps       Settings activated in marked application(s)
qtn_note_active_next_time         Open application to activate changes
qtn_note_added_to_group           Added to group:
qtn_note_adding_content           Adding %0N of %1N objects
qtn_note_address_inserted         Address added
qtn_note_address_not_inserted     Address not added
qtn_note_add_too_long             Address too long to send
qtn_note_ai_activation_lock       Active stand- by uses navig. key up/down when enabled
qtn_note_ai_act_scroll_down       Press navig. key down to enable active standby
qtn_note_ai_act_scroll_up         Press navig. key up to enable active standby
qtn_note_ai_act_scroll_up_down    Press navig. key up/down to enable ac- tive standby
qtn_note_ai_content_assigned      %U selected
qtn_note_ai_content_removed       %U removed
qtn_note_ai_item_locked           Option cannot be changed
qtn_note_ai_my_idle_on            My active standby on
qtn_note_ai_off                   Active standby off
qtn_note_all_contacts_in_group    All contacts already belong to the group
qtn_note_all_counter_cleared      All message counters cleared
qtn_note_alt_delivery_always      Alternative bearer will always be used
qtn_note_alt_delivery_home_netw   Alternative bearer will be used only in home netw.
qtn_note_anim_off                 Animation off
qtn_note_anim_on                  Animation on
qtn_note_ap_handover_allow        Wireless router handovers allowed
qtn_note_ap_handover_not_allow    Wireless router handovers not allowed
qtn_note_audio_msg_ready          Message ready for use
qtn_note_autocomplete_disabled    Auto-fill disabled
qtn_note_autocomplete_enabled     Auto-fill enabled
qtn_note_autocomp_cleared         Auto-fill history cleared
qtn_note_bad_channel_list         Invalid channel list. Try again later.
qtn_note_broadcast_ssid_no        SSID will not be broadcast
qtn_note_broadcast_ssid_yes       SSID will be broadcast
qtn_note_buffer_full              Editing field full
qtn_note_calendar_alarm_set       Calendar tone selected
qtn_note_cancelled1_sent1         1 message cancelled. 1 message already sent.
qtn_note_cancelled1_sent2         1 message cancelled. %N messages already sent.
qtn_note_cancelled2_sent1         %N messages cancelled. 1 message already sent.
qtn_note_cancelled2_sent2         %0N messages cancelled. %1N messages already sent.
qtn_note_cancellings_failed       Cancelling failed. Messages already sent.
qtn_note_cancelling_failed        Cancelling failed. Message already sent.
qtn_note_cancelling_sending       Cancelling msg. sending
qtn_note_cancelling_sendings      Cancelling msg. sending
qtn_note_cannot_add_big_image     Unable to add. Image too large.
qtn_note_cannot_edit_number       Unable to edit. Number defined by SIM card.
qtn_note_cannot_send              Unable to send selected files
qtn_note_cannot_send_to_email     Unable to send flash messages to e-mail. E-mail addresses will be r
qtn_note_cb_dimmed_flight_mode    Not available when flight profile activated
qtn_note_cb_mcn_both_modes_on     Service not available
qtn_note_cc_locked                Phone is being updated. Try again later.
qtn_note_centre_activated         Message centre set
qtn_note_cert_replaced            Certificate replaced
qtn_note_channels_saved           Channel list saved
qtn_note_charge_phone             Unable to install, battery low. Charge phone first.
qtn_note_char_support_changed     Character support setting changed
qtn_note_check_sett_to_retrieve   Check multimedia settings to receive messages
qtn_note_complete_fields          Unable to save. Fill in all fields first.
qtn_note_compl_download           Downloaded to %U
qtn_note_compress_disable         Compression disabled
qtn_note_compress_enable          Compression enabled
qtn_note_confirmfirstsel          Confirm first selected
qtn_note_conf_copied              Copied for pasting
qtn_note_connect_lost             Connection lost while updating
qtn_note_contacts_del_from_grps   Contacts removed from groups
qtn_note_conversation_empty       Conversation empty
                                  %0N names copied to:
qtn_note_copied_to_server         %1U
qtn_note_counter_cleared          Message counter cleared
qtn_note_current_msg_type         Message is already of this type
qtn_note_data_too_large           Unable to complete. Data size too large.
qtn_note_define_access_point      Define access point settings
qtn_note_deleted1_sent1           1 message deleted. 1 message already sent.
qtn_note_deleted1_sent2           1 message deleted. %N messages already sent.
qtn_note_deleted2_sent1           %N messages deleted. 1 message already sent.
qtn_note_delete_all_marked        %0N contacts, %1N groups deleted
qtn_note_delete_all_marked_1      1 contact, 1 group deleted
qtn_note_delete_all_marked_2      %N contacts, 1 group deleted
qtn_note_delete_all_marked_3      1 contact, %N groups deleted
qtn_note_delete_all_marked_4      %0N contacts, %1N groups deleted
qtn_note_delete_contact           1 contact deleted
qtn_note_delete_contacts          %N contacts deleted
qtn_note_dim_copy_to_cal          Only text can be copied to Calendar
qtn_note_dim_edit_no_pending      Unable to edit pending messages
qtn_note_dim_no_del_pend_mmsnot   Unable to delete pending multimedia msg. notification
qtn_note_dim_no_del_pred_templ    Operation unavailable for default templates
qtn_note_dim_pending_no_move      Unable to move pending messages
qtn_note_dim_text_templ_option    Not available for default text templates
qtn_note_download_settings        Downloading settings
qtn_note_drm_activate_content     Activate %U?
qtn_note_drm_activate_demo_vers   Connect to activate demo version?
qtn_note_drm_act_key_discard      Activation key discarded
qtn_note_drm_act_key_exp          Activation key expired
qtn_note_drm_act_key_received     Activation key received
qtn_note_drm_can_not_activate     Unable to activate %U
qtn_note_drm_conn_to_activate     Connect to activate? %U
qtn_note_drm_delete_act_key       Discard activation key? %U
qtn_note_drm_demo_vers_only       Demo version only
qtn_note_drm_discard_key          Discard activation key?
qtn_note_drm_domain               Domain
qtn_note_drm_exp_key_no_buy       Activation key expired. Cannot activate %U.
qtn_note_drm_key_expired          Activation key expired for %U
qtn_note_drm_key_exp_buy_new_q    Activation key expired. Connect to activate %U?
qtn_note_drm_not_got_act_key      Activation key not received
qtn_note_drm_no_act_key           No activation keys found
qtn_note_drm_no_longer_regist     Phone no longer registered
qtn_note_drm_objects_checked      Message contains protected objects. Some will be sent without activ
qtn_note_drm_objects_removed      Unable to forward protected objects. Protected objects will be remov
qtn_note_drm_objects_sent         Message contains protected objects that will be sent without activatio
qtn_note_drm_phone_registered     Phone registered
qtn_note_drm_register_activate    Connect to register and activate %U?
qtn_note_drm_register_with        Connect to register with %U?
qtn_note_drm_register_with_ri     Register with %U?
qtn_note_drm_regist_failed        Registration failed
qtn_note_drm_regist_updated       Registration updated
qtn_note_drm_rights_issuer        Rights Issuer
qtn_note_drm_still_registered    Unable to deregister. Phone still registered.
qtn_note_drm_unregister_dom      Deregister from %U?
qtn_note_ecmascript_disabled     JavaScript disabled
qtn_note_ecmascript_enabled      JavaScript enabled
qtn_note_edit_not_allowed        Unable to edit
qtn_note_email_centre_saved      E-mail message centre saved
qtn_note_email_centre_selected   E-mail message centre set as default
qtn_note_enough_mem_add_folder   Memory now available for adding folder
qtn_note_enough_mem_copy         Memory now available for copying message
qtn_note_enough_mem_move         Memory now available for moving message
qtn_note_enough_mem_receive      Memory now available for receiving message
qtn_note_enough_mem_save         Memory now available for saving message
qtn_note_enough_mem_send         Memory now available for sending message
qtn_note_enough_sim_mem          Memory now available for receiving operator msg.
qtn_note_failed_try_again        Operation failed. Try again.
qtn_note_fail_create_nw          Unable to create network
qtn_note_fail_to_save            Unable to save settings. Settings discarded.
qtn_note_fail_to_save_discard    Unable to save network. Network discarded.
qtn_note_fail_to_save_settings   Memory full. Unable to save settings.
qtn_note_fetch_1_email_added     1 e-mail address added
                                 Adding 1 number,
qtn_note_fetch_1_num_1_email     1 e-mail address
qtn_note_fetch_1_num_added       1 number added
qtn_note_fetch_1_num_n_email     Adding 1 number, %N e-mail addresses
qtn_note_fetch_1_ptt_added       1 push to talk address added
qtn_note_fetch_no_detail         No details added
qtn_note_fetch_no_email          No e-mail addresses added
qtn_note_fetch_no_num            No numbers added
qtn_note_fetch_no_ptt            No push to talk addresses added
qtn_note_fetch_n_email_added     Adding %N e-mail addresses
                                 Adding %N numbers,
qtn_note_fetch_n_num_1_email     1 e-mail address
qtn_note_fetch_n_num_added       Adding %N numbers
qtn_note_fetch_n_num_n_email     Adding %0N numbers, %1N e-mail addresses
qtn_note_fetch_n_ptt_added       Adding %N push to talk addresses
qtn_note_field_added             Field added
qtn_note_field_removed           Field removed
qtn_note_fileuse_failed          Operation failed
qtn_note_file_system_busy        File system busy. Try again later.
qtn_note_file_unsupported        File format not supported
qtn_note_fixed_silent            Settings locked in silent profile
qtn_note_flight_blocked          Unable to use when flight profile active
qtn_note_flight_emergency        Deactivate flight profile by activating another profile to make an eme
qtn_note_folder_empty            Nothing to delete
qtn_note_folder_not_added        Folder not added
qtn_note_font_color_selected     Font colour selected
qtn_note_grap_smileys_changed    Graphical smileys setting changed
qtn_note_groups_per_contact      Contact can only belong to %N groups
qtn_note_group_added             Group added
qtn_note_group_details_saved     Group details saved
qtn_note_group_image_deleted      Group image deleted
qtn_note_group_image_select       Group image selected
qtn_note_group_name_empty         Enter group name first
qtn_note_group_renamed            Group renamed
qtn_note_group_set_default        Default group set
qtn_note_group_tone_select        Group tone selected
qtn_note_hac_inactive_acc         T-coil hearing aid mode inactive until enhancement disconnected
qtn_note_hac_inactive_ihf         T-coil hearing aid mode inactive until loudspeaker deactivated
qtn_note_hearing_aid_off          T-coil hearing aid mode deactivated
qtn_note_hearing_aid_on           T-coil hearing aid mode activated
qtn_note_icall_vid_on             Incoming call video selected
qtn_note_idle_print_error         Printer error. Check printer for more information.
qtn_note_image_added              Image added
qtn_note_image_changed            Image replaced
qtn_note_image_deleted            Image removed
qtn_note_image_size_changed       Image size selected
qtn_note_img_no_space             Not enough memory to start camera
qtn_note_impossible_to_paste      Unable to paste
qtn_note_im_small_font_set        Small font not available in Instant messaging
qtn_note_index_sel                Active key index selected
                                  Service provider message:
qtn_note_info_from_operator       %U
qtn_note_info_nothing_to_copy     Nothing to copy. Mark text first with navig. keys.
qtn_note_info_nothing_to_cut      Nothing to cut. Mark text first with navig. keys.
qtn_note_info_nothing_to_mark     Nothing to mark
qtn_note_info_nothing_to_paste    Nothing to paste
qtn_note_info_text_truncated      Text too long and truncated at end
qtn_note_install_failed           Software installation failed
qtn_note_invalid_app_update       Invalid application for update
                                  Invalid password.

                                  A valid password has either 8 to 63
                                  ASCII characters or 64 HEX
qtn_note_invalid_passphrase       characters.
                                  Invalid passphrase.

                                  A valid passphrase has either 8 to 63
                                  ASCII characters or 64 HEX
qtn_note_invalid_passphrase_tmo   characters.
qtn_note_invalid_puk              Invalid PUK code
qtn_note_invalid_recipient        Invalid characters in recipient field: %U
                                  Invalid security key.

                                  A valid security key has the following
                                  format: 5 ASCII characters, 13 ASCII
                                  characters, 10 HEX characters, 26
qtn_note_invalid_security_key     HEX characters.
qtn_note_inval_content            Unsupported content type
qtn_note_inval_web_settings       Invalid web settings
qtn_note_isim_blocked             ISIM code blocked for %U
qtn_note_isim_code_off            ISIM code request off
qtn_note_isim_code_on             ISIM code request on
qtn_note_isim_enable_request      Set ISIM code request on
qtn_note_isim_rejected            Access blocked to %U
qtn_note_item_applications        Applications: %N
qtn_note_item_drm_objects         Protected objects: %N
qtn_note_item_folders             Folders: %N
qtn_note_lights_follow_profile    Application lights will follow profile settings
qtn_note_link_unavail             Link not available
qtn_note_link_unavail_retry       Link not available. Try again.
qtn_note_list_full_discard        Saved network list full, network discarded. Delete some networks firs
qtn_note_livecast_cannot_change   Unable to change sel. key when %U is on
qtn_note_livecast_locked          %U must be switched off first
qtn_note_livecast_off             %U service switched off
qtn_note_livecast_on              %U service switched on
qtn_note_livecast_roaming         %U messages will not be received
qtn_note_loading                  Loading
qtn_note_loading_failed           Loading failed
qtn_note_loading_serv_sett        Loading %U
qtn_note_loose_route_disable      Loose routing disabled
qtn_note_loose_route_enable       Loose routing enabled
qtn_note_marked_cancel            %0N of marked %1N messages cancelled. Only pending MMS notifi
qtn_note_marked_cancelled         Sending of marked messages cancelled
qtn_note_marked_contacts_delet    Marked contact(s) deleted
qtn_note_marked_deleted           %0N messages deleted. %1N messages already sent.
qtn_note_marked_resend_pending    %0N of %1N messages resent. Pending messages cannot be resen
qtn_note_marked_retrieval         %0N of marked %1N messages set for retrieval. Only non-pending M
qtn_note_marked_sent_again        %0N of %1N messages resent. Pending messages cannot be resen
qtn_note_marked_sent_now          %0N of %1N messages sent. Pending messages cannot be queued
qtn_note_marking_demo_mode        %0N of marked %1N messages will be retrieved when SIM card inse
qtn_note_marking_flight_mode      %0N of marked %1N messages will be retrieved when flight profile is
qtn_note_mark_flight_demo_mode    %0N of marked %1N messages will be retrieved when possible. Onl
qtn_note_max_msg_size_exceeded    Maximum message size exceeded by %N kB
qtn_note_max_recip_reached        Maximum number of recipients reached: %N
qtn_note_member_added             Member added:
qtn_note_memory_not_ready         Message storage memory not ready
qtn_note_memo_full_add_failed     Memory full. Unable to add new network.
qtn_note_memo_full_discard        Memory full. Network discarded.
qtn_note_memo_full_save_failed    Memory full. Unable to save network.
qtn_note_mem_temp_low             Memory temporarily low. Try again later.
qtn_note_messages_not_copied      Messages not copied
qtn_note_message_already_sent     Message already sent
qtn_note_message_not_available    Message no longer available
qtn_note_message_not_copied       Message not copied
                                  Message not delivered to:
qtn_note_message_not_delivered    %U
                                  Unable to receive message. Message
                                  too large.
qtn_note_message_too_large        %1U
qtn_note_mess_small_font_set      Small font size not available in Messaging
qtn_note_mms_copy_as_templ_not    Unable to copy as template
qtn_note_mms_edit_not_allowed     Unable to edit message
qtn_note_mms_fwd_not_allowed      Unable to forward message
qtn_note_mms_image_too_big        Image too large. Unable to scale.
qtn_note_mms_mem_full             Unable to perform the operation
qtn_note_mms_retrieval_cancel     Multimedia message retrieval cancelled
qtn_note_mms_retriev_cancelled    Message retrieval cancelled
qtn_note_moved_no_pending         %0N of %1N messages moved. Pending messages cannot be move
                                  %0N names moved to:
qtn_note_moved_to_server          %1U
qtn_note_msgs_not_moved           Messages not moved
qtn_note_msgs_will_be_resent      Messages will be resent when SIM card inserted
qtn_note_msg_centre_saved         Message centre saved
qtn_note_msg_centre_selected      Message centre set as default
qtn_note_msg_field_unfilled       Some required fields are empty
qtn_note_msg_move_not_ok          %0N of %1N messages moved. Multimedia message notifications c
qtn_note_msg_not_moved            Message not moved
qtn_note_msg_recipients_erased    Message recipients list cleared
qtn_note_msg_type_changed         Message type changed to %U
qtn_note_msg_will_be_resent       Message will be resent when SIM card inserted
qtn_note_my_status_changed        My status changed
qtn_note_name_changed             Name changed
qtn_note_nbr_ticker_set           Number of displayed ticker messages set
qtn_note_network_type_selected    Network type selected
                                  %0N contacts copied
qtn_note_nn_copied_nn_not         %1N contacts not copied
                                  %N contacts copied
qtn_note_nn_copied_one_not        1 contact not copied
qtn_note_nn_copied_to_me          %N copied to phone memory
qtn_note_nn_copied_to_sim         %N copied to SIM memory
                                  %0N contacts moved
qtn_note_nn_moved_nn_not          %1N contacts not moved
                                  %N contacts moved
qtn_note_nn_moved_one_not         1 contact not moved
qtn_note_nn_moved_to_me           %N moved to phone memory
qtn_note_nn_moved_to_sim          %N moved to SIM memory
qtn_note_nothing_to_delete        Nothing deleted
qtn_note_not_all_activ            Theme selected. 1 or more ele- ments invalid.
qtn_note_not_deletable_items      Unable to delete default templates
qtn_note_not_del_all_items        Unable to delete all messages. Default templates cannot be deleted.
qtn_note_not_del_mms_notificat    Unable to delete all messages. Some messages already retrieved.
qtn_note_not_enough_mem_receive   Not enough memory to receive messages. Delete some data first.
qtn_note_not_enough_sim_mem       Not enough memory to receive operator messages. Delete some da
qtn_note_not_saved_to_sent_item   Message not saved to Sent items folder
qtn_note_not_use_preferred_ap     Preferred access point not in use
qtn_note_noupdatesavail           No software updates available
qtn_note_no_address_to_save       Nothing to add
qtn_note_no_app_to_activate       No supported applications found
qtn_note_no_centre_available      No message centre defined
qtn_note_no_channels              No channels selected
qtn_note_no_channels_saved        Channel list not saved
qtn_note_no_content               No object to remove
qtn_note_no_default_alias         No default alias found. Define alias first.
qtn_note_no_default_alias_aol     No default Nickname found. Define name to use.
qtn_note_no_default_alias_icq     No default Nickname found. Define name to use.
qtn_note_no_default_alias_yah     No default Nick name found. Define name to use.
qtn_note_no_default_im_list       No default list selected. Select list first.
qtn_note_no_details_found         No details found
qtn_note_no_email_found           No e-mail addresses found
qtn_note_no_list                  No lists found. Log out now?
qtn_note_no_network               No network connection. Unable to download.
qtn_note_no_num_found             No numbers found
qtn_note_no_num_or_email          No numbers or e-mail addresses found
qtn_note_no_objects_added         No objects inserted
qtn_note_no_printer_connection    Connection to printer lost
qtn_note_no_recipient             Message recipient not defined
qtn_note_no_save_nomem            Not enough memory
qtn_note_no_settings_defined      Multimedia message settings not defined. Message not sent.
qtn_note_no_sw_to_install         No software to install
                                  Network created:
qtn_note_nw_created               %U
qtn_note_nw_created_tmo           Network created and saved
qtn_note_nw_name_changed          Network name changed
qtn_note_nw_name_changed_tmo      Profile name changed
qtn_note_nw_name_exist            Name already exists. Enter new name.
qtn_note_nw_sending_failed        Unable to forward network settings
qtn_note_nw_settings_sent         Network settings forwarded
qtn_note_objects_added            %0N of %1N objects added
qtn_note_object_added_slide       New slide created and object added
qtn_note_object_not_added         Object not inserted
qtn_note_object_not_saved         Object not saved
qtn_note_object_removed           Object removed
qtn_note_object_replaced          Object replaced
                                  1 contact copied
qtn_note_one_copied_nn_not        %N contacts not copied
                                  1 contact copied
qtn_note_one_copied_one_not       1 contact not copied
qtn_note_one_marked_cancelled     Sending of marked message cancelled
                                  1 contact moved
qtn_note_one_moved_nn_not         %N contacts not moved
                                  1 contact moved
qtn_note_one_moved_one_not        1 contact not moved
qtn_note_only_one_slide           Unable to move. Msg. contains only 1 slide.
qtn_note_oper_part_successful     Operation partially successful
qtn_note_op_timed_out             Operation timed out
qtn_note_other_tones_off          Other tones off
qtn_note_other_tones_on           Other tones on
qtn_note_overwrite_changed        Overwriting in Sent items' setting changed
qtn_note_part_resend_both_modes   %0N of %1N messages will be resent when possible. Pending mess
qtn_note_passphrase_defined       Password defined
qtn_note_passphrase_defined_tmo   Passphrase defined
qtn_note_pb_exsmall_font_set      Extra small font size not available in Contacts
qtn_note_pb_small_font_set        Small font size not available in Contacts
qtn_note_postponeinstall          You have postponed the installation of downloaded phone software.
qtn_note_preferred_ap_in_use      Preferred access point in use
qtn_note_printer_error            Printer error. Check printer.
qtn_note_printer_not_found        No compatible printer found
qtn_note_printing_cancelled       Printing cancelled from printer
qtn_note_ps_off                   Power saver off
qtn_note_ps_on                    Power saver on
qtn_note_rec_too_short            Recording too short
qtn_note_remotemanallow           Always allow selected
qtn_note_remotemannotallow        Always reject selected
qtn_note_removed_from_group       Removed from group:
qtn_note_remove_group             1 group deleted
qtn_note_remove_groups            %N groups deleted
qtn_note_reorder                  Unable to organise content
qtn_note_resends_in_flight_mode   Messages will be resent when flight profile is deactivated
qtn_note_resends_when_possible    Messages will be resent when possible
qtn_note_resend_flight_mode       %0N of %1N messages will be resent when flight profile is deactivat
qtn_note_resend_in_flight_mode    Message will be resent when flight profile is deactivated
qtn_note_resend_when_possible     Message will be resent when possible
qtn_note_retrievals_started       Retrieving multimedia messages
                                  Unable to receive multimedia
qtn_note_retrieval_failed         %2U
qtn_note_retrieval_flight_mode    Message re-trieved when flight profile deactivated
qtn_note_retrieval_started        Retrieving multimedia message
qtn_note_retrieve_in_demo_mode    Insert SIM card to retrieve message
qtn_note_retrievx_in_demo_mode    Insert SIM card to retrieve messages
qtn_note_retrx_flight_demo_mode   Messages will be retrieved when possible
qtn_note_retrying_sending         Trying to send again
qtn_note_retrying_sendings        Retrying sending msgs.
qtn_note_retr_flight_demo_mode    Message will be retrieved when possible
qtn_note_ring_bgr_notone          Incoming call video on
qtn_note_ring_bgr_off             Incoming call video off
qtn_note_ring_bgr_off_toneset     Inc. call video off. Active ringing tone: %U
qtn_note_ring_bgr_tone            Video's sound will be used as ringing tone
qtn_note_sat_not_av               Application not available
qtn_note_saved_list_full          Saved networks list full. Delete some networks first.
qtn_note_saved_to_imlist          %N names added
                                  %0N names added to Buddy list
qtn_note_saved_to_pb_imlist_aol   %1N names saved to Contacts
                                  %0N names added to Contact list
qtn_note_saved_to_pb_imlist_icq   %1N names saved to Contacts
                                  %0N names added to IM contacts
qtn_note_saved_to_pb_imlist_yah   %1N names saved to Contacts
qtn_note_save_sent_messages       Save sent messages' setting changed
qtn_note_saving_settings          Saving settings
qtn_note_scaling_failed           Unable to scale image
qtn_note_scm_video_nbr_saved      Video mailbox number saved
qtn_note_screen_layout_selected   Screen size selected
qtn_note_scroll_key_assigned      Function assigned to navigation key
qtn_note_scrs_activated           Screen saver activated
qtn_note_scrs_deactivated         Screen saver deactivated
qtn_note_search_support           Searching support
qtn_note_securing_failed          Network securing failed. Invalid network sett. received.
qtn_note_security_key_defined     Security key defined
qtn_note_security_type_sel        Security type selected
qtn_note_sec_nego_active          Security enabled
qtn_note_sec_nego_inactive        Security disabled
qtn_note_select_wp                Select wallpaper first
qtn_note_selservicepro            Select service provider
qtn_note_sendings_flight_mode     Messages will be sent when flight profile is deactivated
qtn_note_sendings_in_demo_mode    Messages moved to Outbox and will be sent when SIM card inserted
qtn_note_sendings_in_progress     Sending messages
qtn_note_sendings_when_possible   Messages will be sent when possible
qtn_note_sending_again_msgs       Sending messages
qtn_note_sending_cancelled        Message sending cancelled
qtn_note_sending_flight_mode      Message will be sent when flight profile is deactivated
qtn_note_sending_in_demo_mode     Message moved to Outbox and will be sent when SIM card inserted
qtn_note_sending_in_progress      Sending message
qtn_note_sending_not_allowed      Message sending not allowed
qtn_note_sending_not_possible     Unable to send without message centre no.
qtn_note_sending_now_msg          Sending message
qtn_note_sending_now_msgs         Sending messages
qtn_note_sending_when_possible    Message will be sent when possible
qtn_note_send_items_all_ok        All items sent
qtn_note_send_items_ok            %0N of %1N items sent
qtn_note_send_items_some_not      %N items not sent
qtn_note_send_item_not_ok         Item not sent
qtn_note_send_item_ok             1 item sent
qtn_note_send_not_able            Unable to send
qtn_note_send_nw_settings         Forwarding network sett.
qtn_note_send_poss_numb_only      Messages can only be sent to phone numbers
qtn_note_send_protected_maybe     Prot. objects not sent or sent without act. key
qtn_note_send_protected_none      Protected objects not sent
qtn_note_send_protected_one_not   Unable to send protected object
qtn_note_send_protected_one_ok    Protected object sent without activation key
qtn_note_send_protected_some      Protected objects sent without act. key
qtn_note_send_selected_not        Unable to send selected items
qtn_note_send_selected_one        Unable to send selected item
qtn_note_sent_more_to_printer     Images printed
qtn_note_sent_to_printer          Image printed
qtn_note_server_not_respond       Remote server not responding
qtn_note_service_profile_sel      Service profile selected
qtn_note_service_unavail          Service not available
qtn_note_serv_large_font_set      Large font size not available in Web
qtn_note_settings_cannot_save     Unable to save settings
qtn_note_settings_not_available   Settings not available
qtn_note_sett_changed_for_one     Settings changed for this message
qtn_note_sett_lock_profile        Setting locked in profile: %U
qtn_note_set_pin2_request_on      Set PIN2 code request on
qtn_note_shortcut_locked          Default shortcuts cannot be changed
qtn_note_shortcut_removed         Function removed from navigation key
qtn_note_sim_changed_upd_groups   SIM card changed. Update groups.
qtn_note_slide_already_first      Slide already in first position
qtn_note_slide_already_last       Slide already in last position
qtn_note_slide_moved              Slide moved
qtn_note_slide_removed            Slide removed
qtn_note_sms_format_unsupported   Message sending failed. Format not supported.
qtn_note_sms_perm_send_failure    Message sending failed. No network support for messages.
qtn_note_sms_send_failure         Message sending failed
qtn_note_sms_temp_send_failure    Message sending failed. Try again later.
qtn_note_softupdated              Software succesfully installed
qtn_note_softwarediscarded        Software discarded
qtn_note_some_chars_not_pasted    Some characters cannot be pasted
qtn_note_some_not_added           All objects not inserted
qtn_note_support_not_found        Service provider support not found. Contact your service provider for
qtn_note_switch_off_first         Close %U before editing settings
qtn_note_template_in_use          Template in use
qtn_note_text_copied_to_cal       Text copied to Calendar
qtn_note_ticker_speed             News ticker speed set
qtn_note_too_many_groups          Only %N groups allowed
qtn_note_too_many_members         Only %N members allowed in a group
qtn_note_too_many_recipients      Unable to add all recipients
qtn_note_transport_proto_sel      Transport type selected
qtn_note_ucsk_app_list_empty      Application list empty
qtn_note_ucsk_bm_list_empty       Bookmarks list empty
qtn_note_ucsk_opening_list        Opening shortcut list
qtn_note_unable_select_all        Unable to mark some items
qtn_note_unable_select_folder     Unable to mark this folder
qtn_note_unable_to_save           Unable to save network
qtn_note_unassigned_number        Message sending failed. Number not in use.
qtn_note_updatecomplete           Update completed
qtn_note_updatediscarded          Update rejected
qtn_note_update_abort             Updating cancelled by server
qtn_note_update_fail              Updating failed
qtn_note_update_not_allow         Update not allowed. Contact service provider.
qtn_note_updating_selected        Contact list updating type selected
qtn_note_usb_nokia_mode           Mode selected: Default
qtn_note_usb_print_failed         Unable to connect. Reconnect to printer again.
qtn_note_usb_print_mode           Mode selected: Printing
qtn_note_user_online_aol          %U available
qtn_note_user_online_icq          %U available
qtn_note_use_preferred_ap         Preferred access point selected
qtn_note_verification_failed      Unable to verify. Settings discarded.
qtn_note_vibra_follow_profile     Application vibration will follow profile settings
qtn_note_video_mbx_nbr            Save video mailbox number first
qtn_note_web_adds_deleted         Web addr. de-leted from 'Go to address' history
qtn_note_web_add_deleted          Web address deleted
qtn_note_welcome_texts_vf         Welcome to Vodafone Messenger!
qtn_note_wifi_nw_discarded        Wi-Fi network discarded
qtn_note_will_be_resent           %0N of %1N messages will be resent when SIM card inserted. Pend
qtn_note_wim_unsupported          Not supported by security module
                                  Writing language selected:
qtn_note_wls_lang_sel             %U
                                  T9 prediction on:
qtn_note_wls_t9_on                %U
qtn_note_xretrieval_flight_mode   Messages re-trieved when flight profile deactivated
qtn_notif_act_key_untrusted       Sender not on trusted channels list
qtn_notif_als_vid_mails_l1        %N new video messages on line 1
qtn_notif_als_vid_mails_l2        %N new video messages on line 2
qtn_notif_als_vid_mail_l1_l2      New video messages on both lines
qtn_notif_als_vid_mail_on_l1      New video message on line 1
qtn_notif_als_vid_mail_on_l2      New video message on line 2
qtn_notif_app_reminder            %1U
qtn_notif_audio_msg_received      1 audio message received
qtn_notif_auth_req_denied         Request de-nied. Deleted: %U.
qtn_notif_delete_text_messages    Text msgs. memory full. Delete msgs.
qtn_notif_drm_act_key_rec         Activation key received
qtn_notif_drm_connect_update      Connect to update? %U
qtn_notif_drm_exp_key_no_buy      Act. key ex-pired. Cannot activ. %U.
qtn_notif_drm_receive_act_key     Receive activation key?
qtn_notif_drm_receive_key         Connect to receive activation key?
qtn_notif_drm_rec_key_untrust     Receive key from un-trusted source?
qtn_notif_drm_register_with       Connect to reg-ister phone? %U
qtn_notif_drm_unregister_from     Connect to deregister? %U
qtn_notif_functional_cover        in‌Applications/​Collection
qtn_notif_incorrect_settings      Invalid multi-media settings. Check settings.
qtn_notif_invalid_settings        Invalid settings discarded
qtn_notif_java_autostart          Auto-starting %U
qtn_notif_java_bt_multiple_noti   %0N devices re-quest conn. Open %1U.
qtn_notif_java_bt_quick_device    Other user requests you to open %U
qtn_notif_java_bt_quick_notif     %0U re-quests you to open %1U
qtn_notif_java_bt_secure_device   Other user requests conn. Open %U.
qtn_notif_java_bt_secure_notif    %0U re-quests conn. Open %1U.
qtn_notif_java_unlock_autostart   Unlock to auto-start %U
qtn_notif_many_sendings_failed    Sending of %N msgs. failed. Check details.
qtn_notif_mmc_almost_full         Memory card almost full. Delete items?
qtn_notif_msgs_unknown_app        %N new items for unknown application
qtn_notif_msg_sending_failed      Message sending failed. Check details.
qtn_notif_msg_unknown_app         1 new item for unknown application
qtn_notif_new_high_prio_ams       Hi. priority audio msg. received
qtn_notif_new_high_prio_mmnotif   Hi. priority MMS available
qtn_notif_new_high_prio_mms       Hi. priority MMS received
qtn_notif_new_im_invitation       New invitation received
qtn_notif_new_im_invitations      %N new invitations received
qtn_notif_new_instant_message     New instant message
qtn_notif_new_instant_messages    %N new instant messages
qtn_notif_new_instant_msgs_aol    %N new IMs
qtn_notif_new_instant_msgs_icq    %N new ICQ messages
qtn_notif_new_instant_msgs_vf     %N New IM Conversations
qtn_notif_new_instant_msg_aol     New IM from %U
qtn_notif_new_instant_msg_icq     New ICQ message from %U
qtn_notif_new_instant_msg_vf      New IM Conversation
qtn_notif_new_low_prio_ams        Low priority audio msg. received
qtn_notif_new_low_prio_mmnotif    Low priority MMS available
qtn_notif_new_low_prio_mms        Low priority MMS received
qtn_notif_one_app_rcvd            Application received
qtn_notif_operator_sim_info       Operator info received
qtn_notif_receiving_mem_full      Memory full. Unable to receive msgs.
qtn_notif_retrievals_failed       Retrieval of %N messages failed
qtn_notif_retrieval_failed        Multimedia message retrieval failed
qtn_notif_sendings_not_allowed    Sending of %N msgs. failed. Not allowed.
qtn_notif_sending_not_allowed     Msg. sending failed. Sending not allowed
qtn_notif_sim_memory_full         Delete data from SIM to receive msg.?
qtn_notif_softwaredownload        Software downloaded from %U
qtn_notif_uninstalled_sw          Phone contains uninstalled software
qtn_notif_updateavail             Update avail. from %U
qtn_notif_usb_mode_select         USB data cable connected. Select mode.
qtn_notif_video_msgs_waiting      %N new video messages
qtn_notif_video_msg_waiting       New video message
                                  Wi-Fi network sett. received:
qtn_notif_wifi_nw_received        %U
qtn_not_defined_title             (not avail.)
qtn_no_data_available             (not available)
qtn_no_image                      (no image)
qtn_no_setting_value              (not defined)
qtn_nren_send_mms                 Send multim. msg.
qtn_nren_send_sms                 Send text msg.
qtn_nsm_hdr_no_sim                No SIM card
qtn_nsm_hdr_receive_transfer      Receive data
qtn_nsm_ind_no_sim                No SIM card inserted
qtn_nsm_list_partner_list         Send data
qtn_nsm_list_receive_transfer     Receive data
qtn_nsm_note_insert_sim           Insert SIM card
qtn_nsm_softk_data                Transfer
qtn_nsm_wait_bt_transfer          Waiting for transfer
qtn_nsm_wait_deactivate_ir        Deactivating infrared
qtn_nsm_wait_ir_transfer          Waiting for transfer
qtn_nsm_wait_media_not_ready      Opening
qtn_nsm_wait_transfer             Waiting for transfer
qtn_number_mode                   Number mode
qtn_obex_auth_conf_sent           Password sent
qtn_obex_auth_notif_req           Authentication requested
qtn_obex_auth_prmpt_passcode      Password for %U:
qtn_obex_auth_prmpt_password_un   Password for unknown device:
qtn_oma_conf_activated            Activated for %U
                                  Access point selected
qtn_oma_conf_ap_selected          %U
qtn_oma_conf_default_activated    Default activated in all applications
qtn_oma_conf_default_selected     Default selected
qtn_oma_conf_deleted              %U
qtn_oma_conf_server_type_select   Server type selected
qtn_oma_conf_settings_saved       %U
qtn_oma_conf_sett_discarded       %U
                                  Set as default settings
qtn_oma_conf_set_as_default       %U
qtn_oma_dtail_applications_supp   Applications supported:
qtn_oma_dtail_bearer              Data bearer: %U
qtn_oma_dtail_csd                 GSM data
qtn_oma_dtail_dialup_number       GSM dial-up number: %U
qtn_oma_dtail_gprs                Packet data
qtn_oma_dtail_gprs_ap             Packet data access point: %U
qtn_oma_dtail_no_data             No data available
qtn_oma_dtail_no_supp_appl        (no supported applications)
                                  Configuration settings:
qtn_oma_dtail_service_provider    %U
qtn_oma_dtail_unsupp_bearer       Unsupported data bearer type
qtn_oma_full_activate_default     Activate default in all applications
qtn_oma_full_ap_settings          Access point settings
qtn_oma_full_calendar_db          Calendar database
qtn_oma_full_conf_settings        Configuration settings
qtn_oma_full_contacts_db          Contacts database
qtn_oma_full_inc_settings         Incoming mail settings
qtn_oma_full_notes_db             Notes database
qtn_oma_full_user_defined         Personal configu- ration settings
qtn_oma_hdr_access_point         Access points
qtn_oma_hdr_accounts             Accounts
qtn_oma_hdr_app_types            App. types
qtn_oma_hdr_ap_settings          Access point
qtn_oma_hdr_browser              Web
qtn_oma_hdr_calendar_db          Calendar
qtn_oma_hdr_chat                 IM
qtn_oma_hdr_configuration        Configurations
qtn_oma_hdr_config_sett          Config. settings
qtn_oma_hdr_contacts_db          Contacts
qtn_oma_hdr_inc_settings         Mail settings
qtn_oma_hdr_new_account          New account
qtn_oma_hdr_notes_db             Notes
qtn_oma_hdr_presence             Presence
qtn_oma_hdr_streaming            Streaming
qtn_oma_hdr_user_defined         Personal accts.
qtn_oma_ilist_browser            Web
qtn_oma_ilist_chat               IM
qtn_oma_ilist_conf_settings      Configura-tion
qtn_oma_ilist_poc                Push to talk
qtn_oma_ilist_presence           Presence
qtn_oma_ilist_streaming          Streaming
qtn_oma_ilist_sync               Synchronisation
qtn_oma_ilist_user_defined       Personal config.
qtn_oma_ilist_wv                 IM & presence
qtn_oma_info_delete_not_poss     Unable to delete
qtn_oma_info_not_activated       No default configuration settings available
qtn_oma_info_not_supported       Active config. does not support this application
qtn_oma_info_no_data_found       No data available
qtn_oma_info_no_default_select   No default configuration settings selected
qtn_oma_info_saving_failed       Saving failed
qtn_oma_info_select_failed       Unable to select
qtn_oma_list_add_new             Add new
qtn_oma_list_browser             Web
qtn_oma_list_chat                IM
qtn_oma_list_poc                 Push to talk
qtn_oma_list_presence            Presence
qtn_oma_list_select              Select
qtn_oma_list_set_as_default      Set as default
qtn_oma_list_streaming           Streaming
qtn_oma_list_sync                Synchronisation
qtn_oma_list_user_defined        Personal config.
qtn_oma_list_wv                  IM and presence
                                 Configuration sett. received
qtn_oma_notif_conf_sett_rec      %U
qtn_oma_prmpt_account            Account name:
qtn_oma_prmpt_server_addr        Server address:
qtn_oma_quest_activate_in_all    Activate default in all applications?
qtn_oma_quest_auth_not_found     Authentic. info not found. Contact your service provider.
qtn_oma_quest_delete              %U

                                  Delete default configuration settings?
qtn_oma_quest_delete_default      %U
                                  Discard configuration settings?
qtn_oma_quest_discard_conf_sett   %U
qtn_oma_quest_max_cc_no_reached   Only %N sets allowed. Settings discarded.
qtn_oma_quest_no_memory           Not enough memory. Settings discarded.
qtn_oma_quest_no_settings         No settings found. Contact your service provider.
qtn_oma_quest_overwrite           Settings already exist. Overwrite existing settings?
qtn_oma_quest_select_default      Select new default settings?
qtn_oma_sett_account              Account
qtn_oma_sett_account_name         Account name
qtn_oma_sett_configuration        Configuration
qtn_oma_sett_db_address           Database address
qtn_oma_sett_imap4_login          IMAP4 secure login
qtn_oma_sett_internet_ap          Preferred access point
qtn_oma_sett_login_smtp           SMTP secure login
qtn_oma_sett_pop3_login           POP3 secure login
qtn_oma_sett_port                 Port number
qtn_oma_sett_proxy                Proxy
qtn_oma_sett_proxy_port           Proxy port
qtn_oma_sett_server_addr          Server address
qtn_oma_sett_service_provider     Default configu- ration settings
qtn_oma_softkey_add_new           Add new
qtn_oma_softk_set_as_default      Default
qtn_oma_untitled_settings         Unnamed
qtn_oma_wait_please_wait          Please wait
qtn_oplog                         Operator logo
qtn_oplog_conf_activated          Operator logo on
qtn_oplog_conf_deactivated        logo off
qtn_oplog_info_dimmed             No logos in phone memory
qtn_oplog_info_roam_dimmed        Logo cannot be shown when abroad
qtn_oplog_list_off                Off
qtn_oplog_list_on                 On
qtn_oplog_quest_replace           Replace current operator logo?
qtn_options_contacts              Add to contact
qtn_options_edit_insert_pause     Insert pause ('p')
qtn_options_edit_insert_wait      Insert wait ('w')
qtn_options_send_via_sms          Via text message
qtn_option_call_log               Call log
qtn_organ_hdr_organizer           Organiser
qtn_organ_main_organizer          Organiser
qtn_otaa_service_full_status_di   Disabled
qtn_otaa_service_full_status_en   Enabled
qtn_otaa_service_hdr_browser      Browser version
qtn_otaa_service_hdr_hardware     HW version
qtn_otaa_service_hdr_info         Phone details
qtn_otaa_service_hdr_model        Model number
qtn_otaa_service_hdr_phone_nbr    Phone number
qtn_otaa_service_hdr_prl          PRL version
qtn_otaa_service_hdr_software     SW version
qtn_otaa_service_hdr_status       Status
qtn_otaa_service_hdr_username     User name
qtn_otaa_service_list_browser     Browser version
qtn_otaa_service_list_hardware    Hardware version
qtn_otaa_service_list_info        Phone details
qtn_otaa_service_list_model       Model number
qtn_otaa_service_list_phone_nbr   Phone number
qtn_otaa_service_list_prl         PRL version
qtn_otaa_service_list_software    Software version
qtn_otaa_service_list_status      Status
qtn_otaa_service_list_username    User name
qtn_otaa_spr_no_call_options      Option not avail. while in a customer service call
qtn_otat_dtail_name_missing       No title for tone
qtn_otat_dtail_no_name            No title
qtn_ota_calling_serv_prov         Cust. solutions
qtn_ota_err_no_change             Setting cannot be changed
qtn_ota_hdr_auto_update_service   Auto-update
qtn_ota_info_no_call              Call not allowed
qtn_ota_ppc_hdr                   Send info
qtn_ota_prof_list_otaprof1        My style 1
qtn_ota_prof_list_otaprof2        My style 2
qtn_ota_prof_list_save            Save
qtn_outl_cam_softk_capture        Capture
qtn_outl_cam_softk_sequence       Sequen.
qtn_outl_cam_softk_strt_self_ti   Start
qtn_ow_browser_msgs_locked        %N messages received
qtn_ow_browser_msg_locked         1 message received
qtn_ow_button_select              Select
qtn_ow_button_view_edit           View/edit
qtn_ow_conf_atype_selected        Authentica-tion type selected
qtn_ow_conf_bearer_selected       Bearer selected
qtn_ow_conf_cache_cleared         Cache cleared
qtn_ow_conf_clear_history         Delete all items from history?
qtn_ow_conf_dial_string_saved     Dial string saved
qtn_ow_conf_gw_address_saved      Gateway address saved
qtn_ow_conf_history_erased        History deleted
qtn_ow_conf_home_url_saved        Homepage URL saved
qtn_ow_conf_large_font_selected   Large font selected
qtn_ow_conf_launch_page_home      Browser will open from the home page
qtn_ow_conf_launch_page_last      Browser will open from the last page viewed
qtn_ow_conf_ppp_pw_changed        PPP password changed
qtn_ow_conf_ppp_pw_saved          PPP password saved
qtn_ow_conf_ppp_userid_saved      PPP userid saved
qtn_ow_conf_selected_ap           %U
qtn_ow_conf_small_font_selected   Small font selected
qtn_ow_download_feature_prompt    Download sounds, images, and objects
qtn_ow_err_browser_not_ready      Browser not ready. Try again later.
qtn_ow_err_cannot_view_pw         Cannot view password
qtn_ow_err_dial_string_invalid    Dial string not valid
qtn_ow_err_gw_addr_invalid        Gateway address not valid
qtn_ow_err_home_url_invalid       Homepage URL not valid
qtn_ow_err_network_timeout        Network time-out. Try again.
qtn_ow_err_net_not_avail_retry    Network unavailable. Try again later.
qtn_ow_err_no_3g_srvc             Service unavailable
qtn_ow_err_no_bookmark            Unable to bookmark
qtn_ow_err_no_browser_avail       Browser not available
qtn_ow_err_no_browser_during_dc   Browser unavailable during data call
qtn_ow_err_op_inc                 Unable to complete operation
qtn_ow_err_ppp_pw_error           Password error
qtn_ow_err_ppp_pw_invalid         Password not valid
qtn_ow_err_ppp_pw_no_match        Passwords do not match
qtn_ow_err_ppp_userid_invalid     PPP userid not valid
qtn_ow_full_web_alerts            Minibrowser messages
qtn_ow_hdr_active_settings        Active points
qtn_ow_hdr_bearer                 Bearer
qtn_ow_hdr_browser_access         Browser access
qtn_ow_hdr_browsing_tips          Instructions
qtn_ow_hdr_clear_memory           Clear memory
qtn_ow_hdr_connecting             Connecting
qtn_ow_hdr_customized             Customised
qtn_ow_hdr_gateway_settings       Gateway
qtn_ow_hdr_other_options          Other options
qtn_ow_hdr_ppp_atype              PPP authenticat.
qtn_ow_hdr_receiving              Receiving
qtn_ow_hdr_sending                Sending
qtn_ow_hdr_unicom_default         Unicom default
qtn_ow_hdr_view_history           View history
qtn_ow_hdr_web                    Minibrowser
qtn_ow_http_err_400_invalid_req   HTTP Error 400: Invalid request. Please try again. If the problem per
qtn_ow_http_err_401_imp_auth      HTTP Error 401: Improper authentication. Please try again. If the pro
qtn_ow_http_err_402_serv_req      HTTP Error 402: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_ow_http_err_403_access_forb   HTTP Error 403: Access forbidden. The web page or document you
qtn_ow_http_err_404_doc_not_fnd   HTTP Error 404: Document not found. The web page or document y
qtn_ow_http_err_405_serv_req      HTTP error 405: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_ow_http_err_406_serv_req      HTTP error 406: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_ow_http_err_407_serv_req      HTTP error 407: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_ow_http_err_408_serv_tmout    HTTP Error 408: Server timed out. The web page or document you r
qtn_ow_http_err_409_serv_req      HTTP error 409: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_ow_http_err_410_doc_not_fnd   HTTP error 410: Document not found. The web page or document y
qtn_ow_http_err_411_serv_req      HTTP error 411: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_ow_http_err_412_serv_req      HTTP error 412: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_ow_http_err_413_serv_req      HTTP error 413: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_ow_http_err_414_serv_req      HTTP error 414: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_ow_http_err_415_serv_req      HTTP error 415: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_ow_http_err_416_serv_req      HTTP error 416: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_ow_http_err_417_serv_req      HTTP error 417: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_ow_http_err_500_page_prob     HTTP Error 500: There is a problem with the page you are trying to r
qtn_ow_http_err_501_page_prob     HTTP error 501: There is a problem with the page you are trying to r
qtn_ow_http_err_502_page_prob     HTTP error 502: There is a problem with the page you are trying to r
qtn_ow_http_err_503_svc_unavail   HTTP Error 503: Service unavailable. The web service that you requ
qtn_ow_http_err_504_gw_tmout      HTTP Error 504: Gateway timeout. The system did not respond in tim
qtn_ow_http_err_505_page_prob     HTTP error 505: There is a problem with the page you are trying to r
qtn_ow_ilist_web_alerts           Minibrowser messages
qtn_ow_info_file_not_supported    Content not supported
qtn_ow_info_set_customized        Set customised access point first
qtn_ow_list_access_point          Access point
qtn_ow_list_atype_none            None
qtn_ow_list_backstepping          Back
qtn_ow_list_browser_menu          Browser menu
qtn_ow_list_customized            Customised
qtn_ow_list_exit_browser_help     Exit web
qtn_ow_list_gateway_settings      Gateway settings
qtn_ow_list_hidden                (hidden)
qtn_ow_list_launch_page_home      Home page
qtn_ow_list_launch_page_last      Last page viewed
qtn_ow_list_unicom_default        Unicom default
qtn_ow_main_web                   Web
qtn_ow_main_web_menu              Minibrowser
qtn_ow_message_from_s             New message from: %S
qtn_ow_new_alert                  New web message
qtn_ow_note_history_empty         History empty
qtn_ow_no_browsing_during_mms     Multimedia session active. Cannot start browser. Try again later.
qtn_ow_no_browsing_in_analog      Browsing requires digital service
qtn_ow_pop_bm_option_enter_new    Add bookmark
qtn_ow_pop_browse_page            Browse page
qtn_ow_pop_browsing_tips          Instructions
qtn_ow_pop_clear_cache            Clear cache
qtn_ow_pop_clear_memory           Clear memory
qtn_ow_pop_downloads              Downloads
qtn_ow_pop_encryption             Encryption
qtn_ow_pop_exit                   Exit web
qtn_ow_pop_font_size              Font size
qtn_ow_pop_forward                Forward
qtn_ow_pop_hdr_font_size          Font size
qtn_ow_pop_home                   VZW Home
qtn_ow_pop_large                  Large
qtn_ow_pop_launch_page            Open page
qtn_ow_pop_normal                 Medium
qtn_ow_pop_open_page              Go to URL
qtn_ow_pop_other_options          Other options
qtn_ow_pop_push_messages          Push Message
qtn_ow_pop_quest_clear_history    Clear
qtn_ow_pop_refresh                Refresh
qtn_ow_pop_reload                 Reload
qtn_ow_pop_restart_browser        Restart browser
qtn_ow_pop_search                 Search
qtn_ow_pop_security_settings      Security settings
qtn_ow_pop_send_url               Send URL
qtn_ow_pop_small                  Small
qtn_ow_pop_smiley                 Smiley
qtn_ow_pop_unicom_portal          Unicom portal
qtn_ow_pop_view_address           Address
qtn_ow_pop_view_bookmarks         View bookmarks
qtn_ow_pop_view_history           View history
qtn_ow_prmpt_bearer               Bearer:
qtn_ow_prmpt_current_ppp_pw       Current PPP password:
qtn_ow_prmpt_dial_string          Dial string:
qtn_ow_prmpt_gw_address           Gateway address:
qtn_ow_prmpt_home_url             Homepage URL:
qtn_ow_prmpt_launch_page          Browser starts from:
qtn_ow_prmpt_new_ppp_pw           New PPP password:
qtn_ow_prmpt_ppp_userid           PPP userid:
qtn_ow_prmpt_verify_ppp_pw        Verify PPP password:
qtn_ow_quest_can_not_copy         Unable to copy
qtn_ow_quest_clear_cache          Delete cache and return to home page?
qtn_ow_quest_end_key_training     Press End key to return to previous screen
qtn_ow_quest_exit_browser_ap      Must exit browser to view/edit settings. Exit now?
qtn_ow_quest_exit_browser_help    Press 'End' or select 'Exit web' from the browser menu to exit the bro
qtn_ow_quest_power_key_training   Press Power key to open browser menu
qtn_ow_quest_restart_browser_ap   Browser must restart to enable settings. Save settings and restart?
qtn_ow_quest_send_url             Close browser and send URL?
qtn_ow_sel_more                   More options
qtn_ow_service_temp_unavail       Service temporarily unavailable
qtn_ow_sett_active_access_set     Active access point
qtn_ow_sett_bearer                Bearer
qtn_ow_sett_browser_access        Browser access point settings
qtn_ow_sett_dial_string           Dial string
qtn_ow_sett_edit_settings         Edit customised settings
qtn_ow_sett_gw_address            Gateway address
qtn_ow_sett_home_url              Homepage URL
qtn_ow_sett_ppp_atype             PPP authen-tication type
qtn_ow_sett_ppp_pw                PPP password
qtn_ow_sett_ppp_userid            PPP userid
qtn_ow_sett_view_settings         View Unicom default settings
qtn_ow_softk_smiley               Smiley
qtn_ow_softk_symbol               Symbol
qtn_ow_tick_clear_cache           Clear cache
qtn_ow_tick_clear_cookies         Clear cookies
qtn_ow_tick_clear_history         Clear log
qtn_ow_title_launch_page          Open page
qtn_ow_wait_accessing_settings    Opening phone sett.
qtn_ow_wait_restarting_browser    Restarting browser
qtn_ow_wait_starting_browser      Starting browser
qtn_paswd_err_codes_mismatch      do not match
qtn_paswd_hdr_cancel_barrings     Cancel barrings
qtn_paswd_info_code_blocked       Barring password blocked
qtn_pbclr_info_erase_continues    Deleting continues
qtn_pbcop_info_one_not_copied     1 contact not copied
qtn_pbcop_info_one_not_moved      1 contact not moved
qtn_pbcop_list_copy_email         Copy e-mail addr.
qtn_pbcop_list_copy_number        Copy number
qtn_pbfin_softk_view              View all
qtn_pbform_list_chg_tone          Change tone
qtn_pbform_list_delete_field      Delete detail
qtn_pbform_vbttn_cancel           Cancel
qtn_pbform_vbttn_save             Save
qtn_pbsav_edit                    Edit
qtn_pbsav_err_number_too_long     Number too long
qtn_pbsav_hdr_new_name            New contact
qtn_pbsav_info_no_name            Name must be entered
qtn_pbsav_quest_cancel_changes    Discard changes?
qtn_pbsav_quest_save_details      Save details?
qtn_pbsav_unicode_name_too_long   Contact name too long
qtn_pbscr_list_name_image         Name and image
qtn_pbsel_conf_combined_memory    Both memories selected
qtn_pbsel_phone_and_sim           Phone and SIM
qtn_pbsta_hdr_memory_status       Memory status
qtn_pbsta_hdr_phone               Phone contacts
qtn_pbsta_hdr_sim                 SIM memory
qtn_pbsta_list_phone              Phone
qtn_pbsta_list_sim                SIM card
qtn_pb_dtail_image                Image
qtn_pb_err_operation_failed       Operation failed
qtn_pb_err_unsupported_schema     Unsupported URL type
qtn_pb_hdr_unnamed                Unnamed
                                  Not allowed when SIM memory is
qtn_pb_info_sim_not_allowed       in use
qtn_pb_list_attach_image          Add image
qtn_pb_list_change_image          Change image
qtn_pb_list_detach_image          Delete image
qtn_pb_list_detach_video          Remove video clip
qtn_pb_list_save_to_gallery       Save to Gallery
qtn_pb_list_view_name             View name
qtn_pb_no_details                 (no details)
qtn_pb_view_continue              Continue?
                                  Number already
qtn_pb_view_duplicate_number      in use for:
qtn_pb_view_no_name               Unnamed
qtn_pdc_conf_image_saved          Logo saved
qtn_pdc_conf_ring_tone_saved      Ringing tone saved
qtn_pdc_err_image_not_saved       Logo not saved
qtn_pdc_err_ring_tone_not_saved   Ringing tone not saved
qtn_pdc_header_confirmation       Confirmation
qtn_pdc_header_minibrowser        Minibrowser
qtn_pdc_header_minibrowser_menu   Minibrowser menu
qtn_pdtw_confq_close_terminal     Close terminal window but keep connection active?
qtn_pdtw_list_close_connection    Close connection
qtn_pdtw_list_close_terminal      Close window
qtn_pdtw_list_send_clear          Send clear char.
qtn_pdtw_list_send_enter          Send enter char.
qtn_pdtw_list_send_no_enter       Send without ent.
qtn_pdtw_list_write               Write text
qtn_pen_conf_timeout_changed      Time-out set
qtn_pen_input_hdr_time            Time-out
qtn_pen_input_mode_chi_sim        Simplified Chinese
qtn_pen_input_mode_chi_tra        Trad. Chinese
qtn_pen_input_mode_latin_lower    Latin lower case
qtn_pen_input_mode_latin_upper    Latin upper case
qtn_pen_input_mode_number         Number
qtn_pen_input_mode_sym_full       Full-width symbols
qtn_pen_input_mode_sym_half       Half-width symbol
qtn_pen_input_time_set            Recognition time-out
qtn_pen_input_tim_set_fast        Fast
qtn_pen_input_tim_set_mid         Normal
qtn_pen_input_tim_set_slow        Slow
qtn_per_change_language           Please wait
qtn_per_restore_wait              Restoring settings. Please wait.
qtn_phap_hdr_compens              Audio enhancing
qtn_phap_list_in_call             Audio enhancing
qtn_phap_note_active              Audio enhancing activated
qtn_phap_note_inactive            Audio enhancing deactivated
qtn_phap_sett_call                Audio enhancing
qtn_phin_extview_1x               Icon indicates phone is in digital network mode (IS-2000)
qtn_phin_extview_3g_active        Icon indicates that 3G is active
qtn_phin_extview_3g_dormant       Icon indicates that 3G is dormant
qtn_phin_extview_3g_inactive      Icon indicates that 3G is inactive
qtn_phin_extview_alarm            Icon indicates that the alarm in Calendar is set
qtn_phin_extview_analog           Icon indicates phone is in analog mode
qtn_phin_extview_bluetooth        Icon indicates that Bluetooth is active
qtn_phin_extview_calls_not        Icon indicates that calls are not possible
qtn_phin_extview_cam              Icon indicates that the camera is ready for use
qtn_phin_extview_cam_econ         Icon indicates that camera image quality is set to low
qtn_phin_extview_cam_flash        Icon indicates that the image in the camera viewfinder was captured
qtn_phin_extview_cam_high         Icon indicates that camera image quality is set to high
qtn_phin_extview_cam_inactive     Icon indicates that the camera is not ready for use.
qtn_phin_extview_cam_norm         Icon indicates that camera image quality is set to normal
qtn_phin_extview_cam_timer        Icon indicates that the self-timer is being used for the camera
qtn_phin_extview_countdown        Icon indicates that the countdown timer is active
qtn_phin_extview_digital          Icon indicates phone is in digital network mode (IS-95)
qtn_phin_extview_encrypt_off      Icon indicates that encryption is off
qtn_phin_extview_encrypt_on       Icon indicates that encryption is on
qtn_phin_extview_gps_off          Icon indicates that GPS is off
qtn_phin_extview_gps_on           Icon indicates that GPS is on
qtn_phin_extview_headset          Icon indicates that a headset is connected
qtn_phin_extview_ihf              Icon indicates that the speakerphone is active
qtn_phin_extview_inbox_full       Icon indicates that your Inbox is full
qtn_phin_extview_in_call          Icon indicates an incoming call, call-in-progress, or missed call
qtn_phin_extview_ir_active        Icon indicates that Infrared is active
qtn_phin_extview_keyguard         Icon indicates that the keyguard is active
qtn_phin_extview_message          Icon indicates that you have an unread text message in the Inbox
qtn_phin_extview_packet_data      Icon indicates that packet data is being delivered to the phone
qtn_phin_extview_privacy_accept   Icon indicates all requests will be accepted
qtn_phin_extview_privacy_ask      Icon indicates all requests will be confirmed first
qtn_phin_extview_privacy_emerg    Icon indicates only emergency requests will be accepted
qtn_phin_extview_privacy_indiv    Icon indicates personal request rules will be used
qtn_phin_extview_privacy_on       Icon indicates that phone positioning is enabled
qtn_phin_extview_privacy_req      Icon indicates your position has been requested
qtn_phin_extview_query            Icon indicates that normal text input will occur for current query
qtn_phin_extview_radio            Icon indicates that the radio is active
qtn_phin_extview_roam2            Icon indicates phone is roaming
qtn_phin_extview_roaming          Icon indicates that the phone is roaming
qtn_phin_extview_silent           Icon indicates that the phone is in silent mode
qtn_phin_extview_stopwatch        Icon indicates that the stopwatch is active
qtn_phin_extview_t9               Icon indicates that predictive text is active for the current query
qtn_phin_extview_vibra_on         Icon indicates that the phone's vibrating alert is enabled
qtn_phin_extview_vm0              Icon indicates that you have new voicemail
qtn_phin_hdr_brows_ver            Browser version
qtn_phin_hdr_chan                 Channel
qtn_phin_hdr_device_info          Version details
qtn_phin_hdr_eri                  ERI
qtn_phin_hdr_esn                  ESN
qtn_phin_hdr_freq                 Frequency
qtn_phin_hdr_getitnow             Get It Now
qtn_phin_hdr_hw_ver               HW version
qtn_phin_hdr_mdn                  MDN
qtn_phin_hdr_meid                 MEID
qtn_phin_hdr_msid                 MSID
qtn_phin_hdr_nai_status           Status
qtn_phin_hdr_pesn                 P-ESN
qtn_phin_hdr_phon_mod             Phone model
qtn_phin_hdr_privacy              Privacy
qtn_phin_hdr_prl                  PRL
qtn_phin_hdr_sid                  SID
qtn_phin_hdr_sw_ver               SW version
qtn_phin_hdr_system_info          System details
qtn_phin_hdr_tech                 Mode
qtn_phin_hdr_user_addr            User address
qtn_phin_hdr_user_info            User details
qtn_phin_ilist_1x                 1x
qtn_phin_ilist_3g_active_disc     3G status
qtn_phin_ilist_alarm              Alarm
qtn_phin_ilist_analog             Analog
qtn_phin_ilist_bluetooth          Bluetooth
qtn_phin_ilist_cam                Camera
qtn_phin_ilist_cam_quality_econ   Camera quality
qtn_phin_ilist_countdown          Countdown
qtn_phin_ilist_digital            Digital
qtn_phin_ilist_encrypt_on         Encryption
qtn_phin_ilist_gps_on_disc        GPS
qtn_phin_ilist_headset            Headset
qtn_phin_ilist_ihf                Speakerphone
qtn_phin_ilist_in_call            Call status
qtn_phin_ilist_ir_active          Infrared
qtn_phin_ilist_keyguard           Keyguard
qtn_phin_ilist_message            Text message
qtn_phin_ilist_privacy            Privacy
qtn_phin_ilist_query              Text input
qtn_phin_ilist_radio              Radio
qtn_phin_ilist_roaming            Roaming
qtn_phin_ilist_silent             Silent mode
qtn_phin_ilist_stopwatch          Stopwatch
qtn_phin_ilist_vibra              Vibrating alert
qtn_phin_ilist_vm0                Voice message
qtn_phin_info_nai_not_avail       Service has not been activated
qtn_phin_list_analog              Analogue
qtn_phin_list_device_info         Version details
qtn_phin_list_digital             Digital
qtn_phin_list_icon_info           Icon details
qtn_phin_list_system_info         System details
qtn_phin_list_user_info           User details
qtn_phin_menu_hdr_phone_info      Phone details
qtn_phin_sett_brows_ver           Browser version
qtn_phin_sett_chan                Channel
qtn_phin_sett_eri                 ERI
qtn_phin_sett_esn                 ESN
qtn_phin_sett_freq                Frequency
qtn_phin_sett_getitnow            Get It Now version
qtn_phin_sett_hw_ver              Hardware version
qtn_phin_sett_meid                MEID
qtn_phin_sett_msid                Mobile station ID number (MSID)
qtn_phin_sett_nai_status          Status
qtn_phin_sett_own_number          My number (MDN)
qtn_phin_sett_pesn                P-ESN
qtn_phin_sett_phone_info          Phone details
qtn_phin_sett_phon_mod            Phone model
qtn_phin_sett_prl                 Preferred roaming list (PRL)
qtn_phin_sett_sid                 System ID (SID)
qtn_phin_sett_sw_version          Software version
qtn_phin_sett_tech                Mode
qtn_phin_sett_user_address        User ID
qtn_phob_title_image              Image:
qtn_phonebook_name_modified       Contact name modified
qtn_picture_template_title        Picture template
qtn_pic_ed_list_colour_black     Black
qtn_pic_ed_list_colour_white     White
qtn_pin2_hdr_code_on_off         PIN2 request
qtn_pin2_list_code_on_off        PIN2 code request
qtn_pin2_note_code_off           PIN2 code request off
qtn_pin2_note_code_on            PIN2 code request on
qtn_pin2_prmpt_code_query        Enter PIN2 code:
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row2col10   o
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row2col11   p
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row2col2    q
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row2col3    w
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row2col4    e
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row2col5    r
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row2col6    t
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row2col7    y
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row2col8    u
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row2col9    i
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row3col10   l
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row3col2    a
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row3col3    s
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row3col4    d
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row3col5    f
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row3col6    g
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row3col7    h
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row3col8    j
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row3col9    k
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row4col2    z
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row4col3    x
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row4col4    c
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row4col5    v
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row4col6    b
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row4col7    n
qtn_pinyin_key_lower_row4col8    m
qtn_player_conf_headphones       Played through headset
qtn_player_conf_player_on        Music player on
qtn_player_conf_speaker          Played through loudspeaker
qtn_player_err_general           Music player error
qtn_player_hdr_cont              Repeat
qtn_player_hdr_play_mode         Play options
qtn_player_hdr_random            Random
qtn_player_list_play_mode        Play options
qtn_player_no_tracks             (no tracks)
qtn_player_sett_continuous       Repeat
qtn_player_sett_random           Random
qtn_player_sett_random_off       Off
qtn_player_sett_random_on        On
qtn_play_conf_muted              Audio muted
qtn_play_conf_unmuted            Audio unmuted
qtn_play_err_not_decoded         Unable to open file
qtn_play_err_operation_failed    Operation failed
qtn_play_info_not_as_ringtone     Cannot be set as ringing tone
qtn_play_info_not_supported       File format not supported
qtn_play_list_mute                Mute audio
qtn_play_list_pause               Pause
qtn_play_list_play                Play
qtn_play_list_unmute              Unmute audio
qtn_play_list_zoom_in             Zoom
qtn_play_softk_pause              Pause
qtn_pmail_conf_album_created      Album created: %U
qtn_pmail_conf_album_deleted      Empty album deleted
qtn_pmail_conf_album_renamed      Album renamed
qtn_pmail_conf_alert              Incoming picture msg. display: Msg. alert
qtn_pmail_conf_attach_delete      Attachment removed
qtn_pmail_conf_auto_delete_off    Files will not be deleted after upload
qtn_pmail_conf_auto_delete_on     Files will be deleted after upload
qtn_pmail_conf_auto_title         Automatic caption selected
qtn_pmail_conf_basic_quality      Basic quality selected
qtn_pmail_conf_changes_saved      Changes saved
qtn_pmail_conf_contents_deleted   Album contents deleted
qtn_pmail_conf_copied_to          Copied to: %U
qtn_pmail_conf_copied_to_local    Copied to folder: %U
qtn_pmail_conf_deleted            Deleted
qtn_pmail_conf_del_all_camera     All pictures deleted
qtn_pmail_conf_details            Incoming message display: Message view
qtn_pmail_conf_dl_done            Saved to phone
qtn_pmail_conf_file_unaccepted    Recipient cannot receive selected file type. Continue?
qtn_pmail_conf_high_quality       High quality selected
qtn_pmail_conf_locked             Locked
qtn_pmail_conf_marked_deleted     %0N of %1N deleted
qtn_pmail_conf_moved_to           Moved to: %U
qtn_pmail_conf_moved_to_local     Moved to folder: %U
qtn_pmail_conf_msg_saved          Picture message saved to Draft
qtn_pmail_conf_my_title           Custom caption selected
qtn_pmail_conf_norm_quality       Normal quality selected
qtn_pmail_conf_not_replaced       File will not be replaced
qtn_pmail_conf_no_changes         Saved without changes
qtn_pmail_conf_overwrite_off      Message overwrite off
qtn_pmail_conf_overwrite_on       Message overwrite on
qtn_pmail_conf_phonebook_set      Saved to phone memory
qtn_pmail_conf_picture_lock_off   Picture privacy disabled
qtn_pmail_conf_picture_lock_on    Picture privacy enabled
qtn_pmail_conf_pic_copied         Copied to: %U
qtn_pmail_conf_pic_deleted        Picture deleted
qtn_pmail_conf_pic_moved          Moved to: %U
qtn_pmail_conf_pic_name_changed   Caption changed
qtn_pmail_conf_pic_rotated        Picture rotated
qtn_pmail_conf_recip_deleted      Recipient deleted
qtn_pmail_conf_renamed            Caption changed
qtn_pmail_conf_replaced           File will be replaced
qtn_pmail_conf_reset_camera       Camera reset
qtn_pmail_conf_saved_to_camera   Saved to camera
qtn_pmail_conf_sent              Picture message sent
qtn_pmail_conf_shutter_off       Shutter sound disabled
qtn_pmail_conf_shutter_on        Shutter sound enabled
qtn_pmail_conf_shuttter_on       Shutter sound enabled
qtn_pmail_conf_unlocked          Unlocked
qtn_pmail_conf_vid_deleted       Video deleted
qtn_pmail_conf_voice_deleted     Voice memo deleted
qtn_pmail_conf_voice_memo        Voice memo attached
qtn_pmail_conf_wallpaper_set     Wallpaper selected
qtn_pmail_emergs_received        %N emergency picture msgs.
qtn_pmail_emerg_received         1 emergency picture message
qtn_pmail_err_bad_recip          Add number or e-mail address
qtn_pmail_err_no_contacts        No contacts available
qtn_pmail_err_no_network         Network currently unavailable
qtn_pmail_err_no_save_draft      Draft not saved
qtn_pmail_err_op_failed          Operation failed
qtn_pmail_err_op_inc             Unable to complete operation
qtn_pmail_err_size_limit         %0N kB size limit exceeded by %1N kB
qtn_pmail_err_too_many_recips    Maximum number of recipients reached
qtn_pmail_full_create_pmail      Create picture message
qtn_pmail_full_del_msgs          Delete messages
qtn_pmail_full_draft_item        Draft
qtn_pmail_full_notif             Incoming picture message display
qtn_pmail_full_pics_in_camera    Stored in camera
qtn_pmail_full_pics_in_dls       Saved to phone
qtn_pmail_full_settings          Settings
qtn_pmail_full_stored_in_mmc     Stored in memory card
qtn_pmail_full_upload_from_cam   Upload from camera
qtn_pmail_full_upload_pics       Upload pictures
qtn_pmail_full_upload_vids       Upload videos
qtn_pmail_full_vids_in_camera    Stored in Video recorder
qtn_pmail_full_view_albums       View online albums
qtn_pmail_hdr_add                Add
qtn_pmail_hdr_add_send_to        Add recipient
qtn_pmail_hdr_album_details      Album details
qtn_pmail_hdr_album_name         Album name
qtn_pmail_hdr_auto_deletion      Auto-deletion
qtn_pmail_hdr_camera             Camera
qtn_pmail_hdr_copy_to            Copy to
qtn_pmail_hdr_create_pmail       Create pict. msg.
qtn_pmail_hdr_custom_title       Custom caption
qtn_pmail_hdr_default_title      Default caption
qtn_pmail_hdr_delete             Delete
qtn_pmail_hdr_del_mgs            Delete msgs.
qtn_pmail_hdr_details            Details
qtn_pmail_hdr_dl_done            Complete
qtn_pmail_hdr_error_note         Pict. msg. error
qtn_pmail_hdr_lock_pictures      Picture privacy
qtn_pmail_hdr_mmc_pics           Picture msgs.
qtn_pmail_hdr_mmc_vids           Video messages
qtn_pmail_hdr_move_to            Move to
qtn_pmail_hdr_my_albums          My albums
qtn_pmail_hdr_my_pictures        My pictures
qtn_pmail_hdr_my_videos          My videos
qtn_pmail_hdr_notif              Pict. msg. display
qtn_pmail_hdr_online_albums      Online albums
qtn_pmail_hdr_order_prints       Order prints
qtn_pmail_hdr_other_services     Other services
qtn_pmail_hdr_password           Password
qtn_pmail_hdr_pics_attached      Pict. attached
qtn_pmail_hdr_pics_in_cam        In Camera
qtn_pmail_hdr_pics_in_camera     Camera
qtn_pmail_hdr_pics_in_dls        Gallery
qtn_pmail_hdr_pics_in_phone      Pictures in phone
qtn_pmail_hdr_pics_vids          Pict. & videos
qtn_pmail_hdr_pictures           Pictures
qtn_pmail_hdr_picture_title      Picture caption
qtn_pmail_hdr_pic_quality        Image quality
qtn_pmail_hdr_pmail              Picture message
qtn_pmail_hdr_preview_rotation   Preview rotation
qtn_pmail_hdr_recent_msgs        Recent msgs.
qtn_pmail_hdr_rotate_pic         Rotate picture
qtn_pmail_hdr_send_album         Send album
qtn_pmail_hdr_send_album_from    Send album from
qtn_pmail_hdr_send_pic           Send picture
qtn_pmail_hdr_send_pic_from      Send from
qtn_pmail_hdr_send_to            Send to
qtn_pmail_hdr_send_vid           Send video
qtn_pmail_hdr_settings           Settings
qtn_pmail_hdr_settings_info      Sett. & details
qtn_pmail_hdr_share_picture      Preview
qtn_pmail_hdr_shutter_sound      Shutter sound
qtn_pmail_hdr_size_limit         Size limit
qtn_pmail_hdr_upload_to          Upload to
qtn_pmail_hdr_videos             Videos
qtn_pmail_hdr_video_title        Video caption
qtn_pmail_hdr_vids_attached      Videos attached
qtn_pmail_hdr_vids_in_camera     In Video rec.
qtn_pmail_hdr_vids_in_phone      Videos in phone
qtn_pmail_hdr_view_albums        View albums
qtn_pmail_hdr_voice_memo         Voice memo
qtn_pmail_header_share_album     Share album
qtn_pmail_header_take_picture    Photo
qtn_pmail_ilist_account_info     Account info
qtn_pmail_ilist_camera           Camera
qtn_pmail_ilist_my_albums        My albums
qtn_pmail_ilist_my_pictures      My pictures
qtn_pmail_ilist_my_videos        My videos
qtn_pmail_ilist_online_albums    Online albums
qtn_pmail_ilist_order_prints      Order prints
qtn_pmail_ilist_picture_mail      Picture message
qtn_pmail_ilist_premium_mesages   Premium messages
qtn_pmail_ilist_print_by_mail     Print by mail
qtn_pmail_ilist_send_messsages    Send messages
qtn_pmail_ilist_settings          Settings
qtn_pmail_ilist_settings_info     Settings & details
qtn_pmail_ilist_vid_camera        Video recorder
qtn_pmail_info_emerg_pmail        Emergency picture msg. from %U
qtn_pmail_info_locked             Unlock first and delete
qtn_pmail_info_memory_full        Memory full
qtn_pmail_info_new_pmail          New picture message from %U
qtn_pmail_info_no_draft           No drafts available
qtn_pmail_info_no_print_marked    1 online picture can only be prin-ted at a time
qtn_pmail_info_no_transfer        Not available when multiple files are selected
qtn_pmail_info_oper_unavailable   Option currently unavailable
qtn_pmail_info_too_many_mark      Too many items marked. Maximum %U
qtn_pmail_info_urg_pmail          Urgent picture msg. from %U
qtn_pmail_items_copied_oa         Copied to Online albums
qtn_pmail_items_moved_oa          Moved to Online albums
qtn_pmail_list_account_info       Account info
qtn_pmail_list_add_to_contact     Add to contact
qtn_pmail_list_album_details      Album details
qtn_pmail_list_all                All
qtn_pmail_list_all_read           All read
qtn_pmail_list_all_unread         All unread
qtn_pmail_list_attach             Attach
qtn_pmail_list_auto_delete_off    Disabled
qtn_pmail_list_auto_delete_on     Enabled
qtn_pmail_list_auto_title         Automatic
qtn_pmail_list_browse_contacts    View contacts
qtn_pmail_list_camera             Camera
qtn_pmail_list_change             Change
qtn_pmail_list_change_picture     Change picture
qtn_pmail_list_contacts           Contacts
qtn_pmail_list_cont_browse        View album
qtn_pmail_list_copy               Copy
qtn_pmail_list_copy_contents      Copy contents
qtn_pmail_list_copy_picture       Copy
qtn_pmail_list_create_album       Create new album
qtn_pmail_list_custom_title       Personalise
qtn_pmail_list_default            Default
qtn_pmail_list_default_album      Default album
qtn_pmail_list_delete             Delete
qtn_pmail_list_delete_album       Delete album
qtn_pmail_list_delete_contents    Delete contents
qtn_pmail_list_del_all_camera     Delete all
qtn_pmail_list_details            Details
qtn_pmail_list_display_alert      Message alert
qtn_pmail_list_display_details    Message view
qtn_pmail_list_dls                Gallery
qtn_pmail_list_download           Save to phone
qtn_pmail_list_download_picture   Download
qtn_pmail_list_edit               Edit %U
qtn_pmail_list_email              E-mail address
qtn_pmail_list_empty              (empty)
qtn_pmail_list_expand             Expand
qtn_pmail_list_filter_off         All
qtn_pmail_list_from_album         From online album
qtn_pmail_list_from_camera        Camera
qtn_pmail_list_from_mmc           Memory card
qtn_pmail_list_from_phone         From phone
qtn_pmail_list_from_vid_camera    Video recorder
qtn_pmail_list_help               Help
qtn_pmail_list_index              %0N/%1N
qtn_pmail_list_insert             Insert
qtn_pmail_list_insert_recent      Insert recent msg.
qtn_pmail_list_in_device          Phone album
qtn_pmail_list_loading            Loading
qtn_pmail_list_lock               Lock
qtn_pmail_list_mark_all           Mark all
qtn_pmail_list_media_filter       Filter media
qtn_pmail_list_move               Move
qtn_pmail_list_move_contents      Move contents
qtn_pmail_list_move_picture       Move
qtn_pmail_list_my_albums          My albums
qtn_pmail_list_my_pictures        My pictures
qtn_pmail_list_my_title           Custom caption
qtn_pmail_list_my_videos          My videos
qtn_pmail_list_new_album          New album
qtn_pmail_list_next               (next)
qtn_pmail_list_num_items          item(s)
qtn_pmail_list_num_pics           pictures
qtn_pmail_list_num_vids           video(s)
qtn_pmail_list_off                Off
qtn_pmail_list_on                 On
qtn_pmail_list_online_addresses   Add online addr.
qtn_pmail_list_online_albums      Online albums
qtn_pmail_list_open               Open
qtn_pmail_list_open_album         Open album
qtn_pmail_list_open_my_pictures   Open my pictures
qtn_pmail_list_order_prints       Order prints
qtn_pmail_list_other_album        Other album
qtn_pmail_list_other_services     Other services
qtn_pmail_list_phone_number       Phone number
qtn_pmail_list_pics_only          Pictures
qtn_pmail_list_picture_lock_off   Off
qtn_pmail_list_picture_lock_on    On
qtn_pmail_list_pic_qual_basic     Basic
qtn_pmail_list_pic_qual_high      High
qtn_pmail_list_pic_qual_norm      Normal
qtn_pmail_list_pic_ul_stat_no     No
qtn_pmail_list_pic_ul_stat_yes    Yes
qtn_pmail_list_play               Play
qtn_pmail_list_previous           (previous)
qtn_pmail_list_print_by_mail      Print by mail
qtn_pmail_list_record             Record
qtn_pmail_list_recording_list     Recording list
qtn_pmail_list_record_new         Record new
qtn_pmail_list_remove             Remove
qtn_pmail_list_rename             Change caption
qtn_pmail_list_rename_album       Rename album
qtn_pmail_list_rotate_left        Rotate left
qtn_pmail_list_rotate_picture     Rotate picture
qtn_pmail_list_rotate_right       Rotate right
qtn_pmail_list_self_timer         Self-timer
qtn_pmail_list_send               Send
qtn_pmail_list_send_album         Send album
qtn_pmail_list_send_picture       Send picture
qtn_pmail_list_send_pmail         Send picture msg.
qtn_pmail_list_send_video         Send video
qtn_pmail_list_settings           Settings
qtn_pmail_list_settings_info      Settings & details
qtn_pmail_list_set_as_wallpaper   Set as wallpaper
qtn_pmail_list_shutter_off        Off
qtn_pmail_list_shutter_on         On
qtn_pmail_list_sort               Sort
qtn_pmail_list_take_new_pic       Take new picture
qtn_pmail_list_take_new_vid       Take new video
qtn_pmail_list_take_picture       Take picture
qtn_pmail_list_transfer           Transfer
qtn_pmail_list_type_of_view       Type of view
qtn_pmail_list_unlock             Unlock
qtn_pmail_list_unmark_all         Unmark all
qtn_pmail_list_update_list        Update list
qtn_pmail_list_upload             Upload
qtn_pmail_list_upload_all         Upload all
qtn_pmail_list_vids_only          Videos
qtn_pmail_list_vid_camera         Video recorder
qtn_pmail_list_view               View
qtn_pmail_list_view_media         View saved media
qtn_pmail_list_view_pictures      View pictures
qtn_pmail_list_view_sequence      Start slide show
qtn_pmail_list_view_videos        View videos
qtn_pmail_list_voice_memo         Voice memo
qtn_pmail_list_zoom               Zoom
qtn_pmail_main_pictures           Pictures
qtn_pmail_marked                  (Marked)
qtn_pmail_notif_more_emerg        %N emerg. picture msgs. received
qtn_pmail_notif_more_pmail        %N picture messages received
qtn_pmail_notif_more_urgent       %N urgent picture msgs. received
qtn_pmail_notif_new_pmail         Msg.: %U
qtn_pmail_notif_one_emerg         1 emergency picture msg. received
qtn_pmail_notif_one_pmail         1 picture received
qtn_pmail_notif_one_urgent        1 urgent picture msg. received
qtn_pmail_notif_pmail_rejected    No space for new picture messages
qtn_pmail_other_services_help     Lets you send a picture message for printing, contests, and other se
qtn_pmail_prmpt_album_name        Album name:
qtn_pmail_prmpt_enter_password    Enter password:
qtn_pmail_prmpt_my_title_name     Caption:
qtn_pmail_prmpt_name              Caption:
qtn_pmail_prmpt_picture_name      Caption:
qtn_pmail_prmpt_set_password      Set password (4-8 chars.):
qtn_pmail_quest_assign_online     File must be first saved to phone. Save now?
qtn_pmail_quest_attach_marked     Attach marked item(s)?
qtn_pmail_quest_cancel_send       Cancel sending of picture?
qtn_pmail_quest_copy_all_items    Copy all item(s) from %0U to %1U?
qtn_pmail_quest_copy_marked       Copy marked item(s) to %U?
qtn_pmail_quest_delete_album      Delete album: %U?
qtn_pmail_quest_delete_all_pics   Delete all pictures from Camera?
qtn_pmail_quest_delete_assigned   %U is in use by other applications. Delete anyway?
qtn_pmail_quest_delete_contents   Delete contents of %U?
qtn_pmail_quest_delete_marked     Delete marked item(s)?
qtn_pmail_quest_delete_pic        %U
qtn_pmail_quest_delete_selected   Delete? %U
qtn_pmail_quest_del_album         Album not empty. Delete? %U
qtn_pmail_quest_del_album_more    Album contains other media. Delete anyway?
qtn_pmail_quest_del_all_camera    Delete all pictures from Camera?
qtn_pmail_quest_del_all_mgs       Delete all unlocked picture messages from Inbox?
qtn_pmail_quest_del_all_video     Delete all videos from Video recorder?
qtn_pmail_quest_del_attach        Remove attachment? %U
qtn_pmail_quest_del_no_upload     Delete picture without uploading?
qtn_pmail_quest_del_pic           Delete picture?
qtn_pmail_quest_del_read_mgs      Delete all unlocked read picture messages from Inbox?
qtn_pmail_quest_del_unread_mgs    Delete all unlocked unread picture messages from Inbox?
qtn_pmail_quest_del_voice         Delete voice memo?
qtn_pmail_quest_dl_marked         Save marked item(s) to phone?
qtn_pmail_quest_download_pic      %U
                                  Error: %U.
qtn_pmail_quest_error_no_retry    Please try again later.
                                  Error: %U.
qtn_pmail_quest_error_retry       Please try again.
qtn_pmail_quest_file_unaccepted   File type not allowed by recipient. Continue?
qtn_pmail_quest_inc_draft         Some attachments not available. Continue?
qtn_pmail_quest_items_copied      %1N item(s) copied to %0U
qtn_pmail_quest_items_moved       %1N item(s) moved to %0U
qtn_pmail_quest_mem_full_delete   Memory full. Delete some items?
qtn_pmail_quest_move_all_items    Move all item(s) from %0U to %1U?
qtn_pmail_quest_move_marked       Move marked item(s) to %U?
qtn_pmail_quest_no_prev_recips    (No recipients found)
qtn_pmail_quest_no_save           Message will be deleted. Continue?
qtn_pmail_quest_pics_copied_oa    Pictures copied to Online albums
qtn_pmail_quest_pics_moved_oa     Pictures moved from Camera to Online albums
qtn_pmail_quest_pic_added         Picture added
qtn_pmail_quest_pic_copied_oa     Picture copied to Online albums
qtn_pmail_quest_pic_downloaded    1 picture saved to Gallery
qtn_pmail_quest_pic_moved_oa      Picture moved from Camera to Online albums
qtn_pmail_quest_print_small       File too large to print. Print at lower resolution?
qtn_pmail_quest_record            Overwrite existing voice memo?
qtn_pmail_quest_replace           %U already exists. Replace?
qtn_pmail_quest_replace_picture   Picture already saved. Replace?
qtn_pmail_quest_reset_camera      Reset camera?
qtn_pmail_quest_save_changes      Save changes?
qtn_pmail_quest_save_phonebook    Save to contacts?
qtn_pmail_quest_send_marked       Send marked item(s)?
qtn_pmail_quest_send_to_recips    Send to %N recipient(s)?
qtn_pmail_quest_transfer_small    File size too large. Transfer at lower resolution?
qtn_pmail_quest_upload_marked     Upload marked item(s)?
qtn_pmail_received_many           %N picture messages received
qtn_pmail_received_one            1 picture message received
qtn_pmail_sett_auto_deletion      Auto-deletion after upload
qtn_pmail_sett_date_created       Date created
qtn_pmail_sett_date_modified      Date when last modified
qtn_pmail_sett_date_uploaded      Date uploaded
qtn_pmail_sett_default_title      Default caption
qtn_pmail_sett_flash              Default flash mode
qtn_pmail_sett_inbox              Inbox
qtn_pmail_sett_lock_pictures      Picture privacy
qtn_pmail_sett_mode               Default camera mode
qtn_pmail_sett_name               Caption
qtn_pmail_sett_picture_date       Date
qtn_pmail_sett_picture_format     Format
qtn_pmail_sett_picture_name       Caption
qtn_pmail_sett_picture_quality    Image quality
qtn_pmail_sett_picture_res        Resolution
qtn_pmail_sett_picture_size       Size
qtn_pmail_sett_picture_time       Time
qtn_pmail_sett_picture_ul_stat    Uploaded
qtn_pmail_sett_reset_camera       Reset camera
qtn_pmail_sett_shutter_sound      Camera sounds
qtn_pmail_sett_size               Size
qtn_pmail_sett_time_created       Time created
qtn_pmail_sett_time_modified      Time when last modified
qtn_pmail_sett_time_uploaded      Time uploaded
qtn_pmail_sett_total_pics         Total pictures
qtn_pmail_sett_total_vids         Total videos
qtn_pmail_size_limit              The requested operation cannot be completed on the following files
qtn_pmail_softk_attach            Attach
qtn_pmail_softk_open             Open
qtn_pmail_softk_send             Send
qtn_pmail_template_1             Check this out!
qtn_pmail_template_10            What do you think about this?
qtn_pmail_template_2             Isn't this great?
qtn_pmail_template_3             Tag, you're it!
qtn_pmail_template_4             Call me
qtn_pmail_template_5             Love you!
qtn_pmail_template_6             Wish you were here!
qtn_pmail_template_7             I miss you.
qtn_pmail_template_8             Hope you're having a great day!
qtn_pmail_template_9             Meet me here at
qtn_pmail_urgents_received       %N urgent picture msgs. received
qtn_pmail_urgent_received        1 urgent picture msg. received
qtn_pmail_urn_assign_no_delete   File is in use by other applications. Cannot be deleted.
qtn_pmail_wait_composer          Starting editor
qtn_pmail_wait_copying           Copying item(s)
qtn_pmail_wait_copying_num       Copying %0N of %1N
qtn_pmail_wait_copying_pic       Copying picture
qtn_pmail_wait_creating_album    Creating album
qtn_pmail_wait_delete_contents   Deleting contents
qtn_pmail_wait_deleting          Deleting
qtn_pmail_wait_deleting_album    Deleting album
qtn_pmail_wait_deleting_num      Deleting %0N of %1N
qtn_pmail_wait_deleting_pic      Deleting picture
qtn_pmail_wait_del_all_camera    Deleting pictures
qtn_pmail_wait_del_empty_album   Deleting empty album
qtn_pmail_wait_downloading_pic   Downloading picture
qtn_pmail_wait_getting_info      Accessing account info
qtn_pmail_wait_loading           Loading
qtn_pmail_wait_loading_albums    Loading albums
qtn_pmail_wait_moving            Moving item(s)
qtn_pmail_wait_moving_num        Moving %0N of %1N
qtn_pmail_wait_moving_pic        Moving picture
qtn_pmail_wait_opening_album     Opening album
qtn_pmail_wait_opening_dls       Opening downloads
qtn_pmail_wait_opening_mmc       Opening memory card
qtn_pmail_wait_opening_pic       Opening picture
qtn_pmail_wait_opening_recips    Opening all recipient lists
qtn_pmail_wait_opening_vid       Opening video
qtn_pmail_wait_open_in_camera    Opening Camera
qtn_pmail_wait_open_in_dls       Loading
qtn_pmail_wait_open_vid_camera   Opening Video recorder
qtn_pmail_wait_please_wait       Please wait
qtn_pmail_wait_preparing_print   Preparing print
qtn_pmail_wait_previewing_pic    Previewing picture
qtn_pmail_wait_renaming_album    Renaming album
qtn_pmail_wait_renaming_pic      Changing caption
qtn_pmail_wait_save_num          Saving %0N of %1N
qtn_pmail_wait_saving            Saving
qtn_pmail_wait_saving_to          Saving to: %U
qtn_pmail_wait_sending_pmail      Sending message
qtn_pmail_wait_transfer_prep      Preparing for transfer
qtn_pmail_wait_update_list        Updating list
qtn_pmail_wait_uploading_item     Uploading
qtn_pmail_wait_upload_num         Uploading %0N of %1N
qtn_pmail_wait_upload_pic         Uploading picture
qtn_pmail_wait_upload_pic_num     %0N of %1N
qtn_poc_call_exited               Exited: %U
qtn_poc_call_incoming             Incoming
qtn_poc_call_joined               Joined: %U
qtn_poc_call_notifying            Notifying
qtn_poc_call_participants         %N participants
qtn_poc_call_queuing              Queuing
qtn_poc_call_waiting              Waiting
qtn_poc_conf_1to1_off             1 to 1 calls deactivated
qtn_poc_conf_1to1_on              1 to 1 calls activated
qtn_poc_conf_all_groups_erased    All push to talk channels deleted
qtn_poc_conf_callback_deleted     Callback request deleted
qtn_poc_conf_contact_deleted      Contact deleted
qtn_poc_conf_contact_saved        Contact saved
qtn_poc_conf_default_nick_saved   Default nickname saved
qtn_poc_conf_def_domain_saved     Domain saved
qtn_poc_conf_groups_not_deleted   Push to talk channels not deleted
qtn_poc_conf_group_erased         Push to talk channel deleted: %U
qtn_poc_conf_group_graphic_sel    Push to talk channel graphic selected
qtn_poc_conf_group_name_saved     Channel name saved
qtn_poc_conf_group_not_deleted    Push to talk channel not deleted
qtn_poc_conf_group_saved          PTT channel saved with inactive status
qtn_poc_conf_grp_not_activated    Push to talk channel not activated
qtn_poc_conf_individ_disabled     My PTT address sending disabled
qtn_poc_conf_individ_enabled      My PTT address sending enabled
qtn_poc_conf_invitation_sent      Invitation sent
qtn_poc_conf_invite_discarded     Invitation discarded
qtn_poc_conf_ip_address_saved     Server address saved
qtn_poc_conf_logged_in            Push to talk switched on
qtn_poc_conf_logged_out           Push to talk switched off
qtn_poc_conf_login_not_executed   Push to talk is off
qtn_poc_conf_logon_ask_first      PTT status in startup set to 'Ask first'
qtn_poc_conf_logon_off            PTT status in startup set to 'No'
qtn_poc_conf_logon_on             PTT status in startup set to 'Yes'
qtn_poc_conf_nickname_saved       Nickname in channel saved
qtn_poc_conf_notify_on            1 to 1 calls set to 'Notify'
qtn_poc_conf_password_saved       Password saved
qtn_poc_conf_ptt_def_selected     PTT key default function selected
qtn_poc_conf_username_saved       User name saved
qtn_poc_err_bsubs_not_logged_in   Recipient busy or unreachable
qtn_poc_err_check_settings        Unable to switch PTT on. Check settings.
qtn_poc_err_dnd_on                Push to talk voice switched off
qtn_poc_err_max_speech_exceeded   Maximum talk time reached
qtn_poc_err_memory_full           Memory full. Delete some channels first.
qtn_poc_err_no_active_members     Channel has no active members
qtn_poc_err_no_default_group      No default channel selected
qtn_poc_err_no_ptt_address        No push to talk address available
qtn_poc_err_too_many_act_grps     Too many act. channels or members in a channel
qtn_poc_err_unknown_address       Unknown push to talk address
qtn_poc_err_wrong_userdata        Invalid user name or password
qtn_poc_hdr_1to1_calls            1 to 1 calls
qtn_poc_hdr_add_group             Add channel
qtn_poc_hdr_allow_group_individ   Send my addr.
qtn_poc_hdr_callback_requests     Callback inbox
qtn_poc_hdr_details               Details
qtn_poc_hdr_group_graphic         Channel graphic
qtn_poc_hdr_group_list            Channels
qtn_poc_hdr_group_name            Channel name
qtn_poc_hdr_group_security        Channel security
qtn_poc_hdr_group_status          Channel status
qtn_poc_hdr_logon_at_startup      Startup status
qtn_poc_hdr_nickname              New nickname
qtn_poc_hdr_own_status            Show my status
qtn_poc_hdr_ptt_contacts          PTT contacts
qtn_poc_hdr_ptt_default           PTT key funct.
qtn_poc_hdr_ptt_settings          PTT settings
qtn_poc_hdr_push_to_talk          Push to talk
qtn_poc_hdr_roaming               When abroad
qtn_poc_ilist_add_group           Add channel
qtn_poc_ilist_ask_first           Ask first
qtn_poc_ilist_callback_requests   Callback inbox
qtn_poc_ilist_channel_list        Open chnl. list
qtn_poc_ilist_contact_list        Open cont. list
qtn_poc_ilist_default_channel     Call PTT channel
qtn_poc_ilist_default_contact     Call cont./group
qtn_poc_ilist_group_list          Channel list
qtn_poc_ilist_login               Switch PTT on
qtn_poc_ilist_logout              Switch PTT off
qtn_poc_ilist_notify              Notify
qtn_poc_ilist_off                 Off
qtn_poc_ilist_on                  On
qtn_poc_ilist_ptt_contacts        Contacts list
qtn_poc_ilist_ptt_services        Web
qtn_poc_ilist_ptt_settings        PTT settings
qtn_poc_ilist_to_active           Active
qtn_poc_ilist_to_inactive         Inactive
qtn_poc_ilist_use_def_graphic     Default graphic
qtn_poc_info_address_not_valid    Invalid push to talk address
qtn_poc_info_cback_undelivered    Callback recipient not available: %U
qtn_poc_info_check_indicator      Check PTT serv. indicator for connec-tion status
qtn_poc_info_choose_def_channel   Choose channel to be called
qtn_poc_info_choose_def_contact   Choose contact or group to be called
qtn_poc_info_group_name_in_use    Channel name already exists
qtn_poc_info_invitation_denied    Invit. sending to private channel not allowed
qtn_poc_info_not_logged_in        PTT switched off. Channel not deleted.
qtn_poc_info_no_cover_own_kept    No network coverage. Own channels kept.
qtn_poc_info_own_groups_kept      PTT switched off. Own channels kept.
qtn_poc_info_service_denied       Service not allowed
qtn_poc_info_serv_tmp_unavailab   Push to talk service temporarily unavailable
qtn_poc_info_switch_off_first     Switch push to talk off first
qtn_poc_info_turned_off           PTT service switched off
qtn_poc_list_activate             Activate
qtn_poc_list_add_contact          Add contact
qtn_poc_list_add_existing_group   Manual
qtn_poc_list_add_group            Add channel
qtn_poc_list_ask_first            Ask first
qtn_poc_list_call                 Call: %U
qtn_poc_list_callback_requests    Callback inbox
qtn_poc_list_cback_to_marked      Callb. to marked
qtn_poc_list_change_status        Change status
qtn_poc_list_channel_list         Open channel list
qtn_poc_list_contact_list         Open contact list
qtn_poc_list_default_channel      Call PTT channel
qtn_poc_list_default_contact      Call contact/group
qtn_poc_list_delete_callback      Delete callback
qtn_poc_list_delete_marked        Delete marked
qtn_poc_list_edit_address         Edit address
qtn_poc_list_edit_marked          Edit marked
qtn_poc_list_erase_all            Delete all channels
qtn_poc_list_erase_contact        Delete contact
qtn_poc_list_erase_group          Delete channel
qtn_poc_list_group_details        Details
qtn_poc_list_group_graphic        Channel graphic
qtn_poc_list_group_list           Channel list
qtn_poc_list_group_members        Active members
qtn_poc_list_guided_form          Create guided add.
qtn_poc_list_inactivate           Inactivate
qtn_poc_list_login                Switch PTT on
qtn_poc_list_logout               Switch PTT off
qtn_poc_list_manual_form          Edit add. manually
qtn_poc_list_new_group            Guided
qtn_poc_list_nickname_in_group    Nickname in channel
qtn_poc_list_notify               Notify
qtn_poc_list_not_available        Not available
qtn_poc_list_off                  Off
qtn_poc_list_on                   On
qtn_poc_list_open_group           Public channel
qtn_poc_list_own_status           Show my login status
qtn_poc_list_ptt_contacts         Contacts list
qtn_poc_list_ptt_password         PTT password
qtn_poc_list_ptt_services         Web
qtn_poc_list_ptt_settings         PTT settings
qtn_poc_list_save_to_pb           Save as
qtn_poc_list_secure_group         Private channel
qtn_poc_list_send_callback        Send callback
qtn_poc_list_send_invitation      Send invitation
qtn_poc_list_set_as_def_for_ptt   Set as PTT key
qtn_poc_list_set_ptt_graphic      Set as PTT graphic
qtn_poc_list_show_ptt_address     View PTT address
qtn_poc_list_subscribe            Subscribe contact
qtn_poc_list_subs_marked          Subscribe marked
qtn_poc_list_time_of_request      Time of request
qtn_poc_list_to_active            Active
qtn_poc_list_to_inactive          Inactive
qtn_poc_list_unsubscribe          Unsubscr. contact
qtn_poc_list_unsubs_marked        Unsubscr. marked
qtn_poc_list_use_def_graphic      Default graphic
qtn_poc_main_push_to_talk         Push to talk
qtn_poc_note_already_erased       Channel has been deleted
qtn_poc_note_invalid_invitat      Invalid channel invitation received
qtn_poc_note_invalid_server       Invalid server address
qtn_poc_note_invalid_username     Invalid user name
qtn_poc_note_own_status_shown     Login status shown
qtn_poc_note_own_stat_not_shown   Login status not shown
qtn_poc_note_roaming_active       Push to talk enabled when abroad
qtn_poc_note_roaming_inactive     Push to talk disabled when abroad
qtn_poc_note_roaming_poc_off      Not in home network. Push to talk disabled.
qtn_poc_note_roaming_poc_on       Home network available. PTT enabled.
qtn_poc_note_same_address_subs    Subscription error. 2 or more contacts have same address.
qtn_poc_note_subscribe_off        Selected contacts' subscription ended
qtn_poc_note_subscribe_on         Selected contacts' subscription activated
qtn_poc_note_switch_roam_off      Operation failed. Push to talk disabled when abroad.
qtn_poc_note_too_long_domain      Domain too long
qtn_poc_note_too_long_groupname   Channel name too long
qtn_poc_note_too_long_username    User name too long
qtn_poc_note_too_many_recipient   Too many recipients selected
qtn_poc_note_too_many_subscr      Too many subscribed contacts
qtn_poc_note_try_again            Updating status. Try again later.
qtn_poc_note_x_invites_sent       %N invitations sent
qtn_poc_notif_callback_received   Callback request received
qtn_poc_notif_invite_received     Channel invita-tion received: %U
qtn_poc_prmpt_default_domain      Domain:
qtn_poc_prmpt_default_nickname    Default nickname:
qtn_poc_prmpt_group_address       Channel address:
qtn_poc_prmpt_group_name          Channel name:
qtn_poc_prmpt_group_nickname      Nickname in channel:
qtn_poc_prmpt_ip_address          Server address:
qtn_poc_prmpt_password            PTT password:
qtn_poc_prmpt_username            PTT user name:
qtn_poc_quest_activate_now        Channel inactive. Activate now?
qtn_poc_quest_change_roaming      Push to talk disabled when abroad. Change setting?
qtn_poc_quest_continue            Channel will be temporarily unavailable. Continue?
qtn_poc_quest_delete_callback     Delete callback request from %U?
qtn_poc_quest_del_unknown_addr    Unknown address. Delete from phone? %U
qtn_poc_quest_discard_invite      Discard invitation to %U?
qtn_poc_quest_erase_all_groups    Delete all channels from phone and network?
qtn_poc_quest_erase_contact       Delete contact? %U
qtn_poc_quest_erase_group         Delete channel %U from phone?
qtn_poc_quest_erase_own_group     Delete channel %U from phone and network?
qtn_poc_quest_ers_cntct_from_pb   Delete from PTT contacts list and Contacts? %U
qtn_poc_quest_exists_st_change    Channel already exists. Change status?
qtn_poc_quest_login_to_ptt        Switch push to talk on?
qtn_poc_quest_login_to_ptt_now    PTT is off. Switch on now?
qtn_poc_quest_send_invitations    Send invitation to join channel?
qtn_poc_save_inviter_as_new       Save sender as new contact
qtn_poc_save_inviter_to_old       Save sender details to contact
qtn_poc_sett_allow_group_indivi   Send my PTT address
qtn_poc_sett_default_domain       Domain
qtn_poc_sett_default_nickname     Default nickname
qtn_poc_sett_def_ptt_action       PTT key default function
qtn_poc_sett_def_ptt_graphic      Default graphic
qtn_poc_sett_group_address        Channel address
qtn_poc_sett_group_name           Channel name
qtn_poc_sett_individ_calls        1 to 1 calls
qtn_poc_sett_inviter              Sender
qtn_poc_sett_logon_at_startup     PTT status in startup
qtn_poc_sett_roaming              Push to talk when abroad
qtn_poc_sett_server_address       Server address
qtn_poc_sett_username             PTT user name
qtn_poc_wait_erasing              Deleting channel
qtn_poc_wait_erasing_all_groups   Deleting all channels
qtn_poc_wait_member_query         Retrieving list
qtn_power_off                     Goodbye
qtn_ppc_quest_send_counter        Send product info message?
qtn_prmpt_add_address             Additional address:
qtn_prmpt_adm_status_message      Presence:
qtn_prmpt_alarm                   Alarm:
qtn_prmpt_alarm_date              Alarm date:
qtn_prmpt_alarm_time              Alarm time:
qtn_prmpt_alarm_type              Alarm type:
qtn_prmpt_alias                   Alias:
qtn_prmpt_alias_aol               Nickname:
qtn_prmpt_alias_icq               Nickname:
qtn_prmpt_area_cmcc               Enter area code:
qtn_prmpt_chat_service_name       IM service name:
qtn_prmpt_city                    City:
qtn_prmpt_country                 Country:
qtn_prmpt_email_address           E-mail address:
qtn_prmpt_enter_ ssid             Enter network SSID:
qtn_prmpt_enter_file_name         File name:
qtn_prmpt_enter_key               Enter key (case sensitive):
qtn_prmpt_enter_passphrase        Enter password (case sensitive):
qtn_prmpt_enter_passphrase_tmo    Enter passphrase (case sensitive):
qtn_prmpt_enter_ssid              Enter network SSID:
qtn_prmpt_greg_year_spr_fest      Gregorian year of spring festival
qtn_prmpt_group_id                Group ID:
qtn_prmpt_group_name              Group name:
qtn_prmpt_group_topic             Group topic:
qtn_prmpt_hotline_cmcc            Enter hotline number:
qtn_prmpt_id                      User ID:
qtn_prmpt_import_contacts_aol     Buddy list empty. Copy buddies from master list?
qtn_prmpt_import_contacts_icq     Contact list empty. Copy users from master list?
qtn_prmpt_import_contacts_yah     Contact list empty. Copy contacts from server?
qtn_prmpt_isim_current            Enter current ISIM code for %U:
qtn_prmpt_isim_new                Enter new ISIM code for %U:
qtn_prmpt_isim_puk                Enter PUK code for %U:
qtn_prmpt_isim_query              Enter ISIM code for %U:
qtn_prmpt_isim_verify             Verify new ISIM code for %U:
qtn_prmpt_joined_user             Member ID:
qtn_prmpt_manager_name_cmcc       Your‌customer‌manager‟s‌name:
qtn_prmpt_manager_num_cmcc        Your‌customer‌manager‟s‌number:
qtn_prmpt_mobile_number           Mobile number:
qtn_prmpt_nw_name                 Network name:
qtn_prmpt_nw_name_tmo             Profile name:
qtn_prmpt_postal_code             Postal code:
qtn_prmpt_presence_service_name   Presence service name:
qtn_prmpt_priority                Priority:
qtn_prmpt_ptt_address             Push to talk address:
qtn_prmpt_public_username         Public user name:
qtn_prmpt_realm                   Realm:
qtn_prmpt_recipient               Recipient:
qtn_prmpt_regist_address          Registrar address:
qtn_prmpt_repetition              Repeat:
qtn_prmpt_repetition_enddate      Repeat until:
qtn_prmpt_repetition_indefin      Repeat indefin.:
qtn_prmpt_secretary_cmcc          Enter mobile secretary number:
qtn_prmpt_set_old_password        Old password:
qtn_prmpt_snooze_time_out         Set snooze time-out:
qtn_prmpt_state                   State/Province:
qtn_prmpt_street                  Postal address:
qtn_prmpt_template_title          Template name:
qtn_prmpt_title                   Name:
qtn_prmpt_wv_service_name         IM and presence service name:
qtn_prmpt_wv_user_id              User ID:
qtn_prmpt_wv_user_id_aol          Screen name:
qtn_prmpt_wv_user_id_icq          ICQ #:
qtn_prmpt_wv_user_id_vf           Messenger ID
qtn_prmt_status_message           My presence message:
qtn_prof_list_flight_mode         Flight
qtn_psc_hdr_confirmation          Request
qtn_psc_hdr_copy_data             Copy
qtn_psc_hdr_copy_sett             Copy settings
qtn_psc_hdr_data_transfer         Data transfer
qtn_psc_hdr_delete_partner        Delete contact
qtn_psc_hdr_media                 Send
qtn_psc_hdr_partner_name          Transf. contact
qtn_psc_hdr_sync_settings         Sync settings
qtn_psc_hdr_transfer_type         Transfer type
qtn_psc_ilist_add_all             Add all
qtn_psc_ilist_always              Always
qtn_psc_ilist_export              From my phone
qtn_psc_ilist_import              From other dev.
qtn_psc_ilist_never               Never
qtn_psc_ilist_replace_all         Replace all
qtn_psc_list_add_all              Add all
qtn_psc_list_always               Always
qtn_psc_list_copy_sett_data       Data to be copied
qtn_psc_list_direction            Transfer data
qtn_psc_list_export               From my phone
qtn_psc_list_import               From other device
qtn_psc_list_media                Connection
qtn_psc_list_method               Copying mode
qtn_psc_list_my_pc_sync           PC sync
qtn_psc_list_my_server_sync       Server sync
qtn_psc_list_never                Never
qtn_psc_list_partner_name         Rename transfer contact
qtn_psc_list_phone_copy           Phone copy
qtn_psc_list_phone_partner_edit   Edit
qtn_psc_list_phone_sync           Phone sync
qtn_psc_list_ph_partner_add_new   Add contact
qtn_psc_list_ph_partner_delete    Delete
qtn_psc_list_ph_partner_start     Start
qtn_psc_list_replace_all          Replace all
qtn_psc_list_request_conf         Request confirmation
qtn_psc_note_add_selected         All data will be copied to my phone
qtn_psc_note_always_sel           Confirmation will always be requested
qtn_psc_note_copy_imp_unsupp      Copying not possible. Ap-plication not supported.
qtn_psc_note_copy_interrupt       Copying interrupted
qtn_psc_note_exp_selected         Data will be copied from my phone to other device
qtn_psc_note_imp_selected         Data will be copied from other device to my phone
qtn_psc_note_media_bt             Data will be transferred via Bluetooth
qtn_psc_note_media_ir             Data will be transferred via infrared
qtn_psc_note_never_sel            Confirmation will never be requested
qtn_psc_note_new_partner_saved    New transfer contact saved
qtn_psc_note_no_tr_app_active     Data transfer unavailable when app. is active
qtn_psc_note_other_start_again    Start transfer again on other device
qtn_psc_note_partner_deleted      Transfer contact deleted
qtn_psc_note_partner_exists       Transfer contact already exists
qtn_psc_note_partner_name_saved   Transfer contact name saved
qtn_psc_note_partner_renamed      Transfer contact renamed
qtn_psc_note_psc_unsup_other      Data transfer not supported on other device
qtn_psc_note_replace_selected     All data will be replaced on my phone
qtn_psc_note_req_timeout          Transfer request time-out
qtn_psc_note_sel_copy_data        Select data to be copied first
qtn_psc_note_sync_imp_unsupp      Sync not possible. Ap-plication not supported.
qtn_psc_note_transfer_not_poss    Data transfer not possible
qtn_psc_note_transf_imp_busy      Data transfer not possible. Other device busy.
qtn_psc_note_transf_imp_no_resp   Data transfer not possible. No response.
qtn_psc_note_transp_error         Data transfer not possible. Check data connection.
qtn_psc_prmpt_partner_name        Contact %U
qtn_psc_prmpt_rename_partner      New name:
qtn_psc_quest_copy_interrupt      Quit copying?
qtn_psc_quest_delete_partner      Delete transfer contact? %U
qtn_psc_quest_exit_wo_renaming    Exit without renaming transfer contact?
qtn_psc_quest_list_full_delete    Transfer contact list full. Delete existing contact?
qtn_psc_quest_new_contact         new device
                                  Transfer contact saved. Rename?
qtn_psc_quest_ptr_saved_rename    %U
qtn_psc_quest_replace_on_device   Overwrite existing phone data on my phone? %U
qtn_psc_quest_replace_on_target   Overwrite existing phone data on other device? %U
qtn_psc_quest_save_new_partner    Save new transfer contact?
qtn_psc_quest_start_exp_to        Copy data to? %U
qtn_psc_quest_start_imp_from      Copy data from? %U
qtn_psc_quest_start_sync          Synchronise data with? %U
qtn_psc_quest_tr_imp_time_date    Data transfer not possible. Set time and date?
qtn_psc_urn_cld_upd_other_dev     Calendar notes updated on other device:
qtn_psc_urn_cld_upd_this_device   Calendar notes updated on my phone:
qtn_psc_urn_copy_status           Copy info:
qtn_psc_urn_nbr_sent_received     %0N sent. %1N received.
qtn_psc_urn_new_items             New: %N
qtn_psc_urn_note_upd_other_dev    Notes updated on other device:
qtn_psc_urn_note_upd_this_dev     Notes updated on my phone:
qtn_psc_urn_not_ok_failed         Incomplete. Unable to process all items.
qtn_psc_urn_not_ok_full_here      Incomplete. Memory full on my phone.
qtn_psc_urn_not_ok_full_other     Incomplete. Memory full on other device.
qtn_psc_urn_not_ok_unsupported    Incomplete. Application not supported on other device.
qtn_psc_urn_phb_upd_other_dev     Contacts updated on other device:
qtn_psc_urn_phb_upd_this_device   Contacts updated on my phone:
qtn_psc_urn_removed_items         Removed: %N
qtn_psc_urn_skipped_items         Skipped: %N
qtn_psc_urn_sync_status           Sync info:
qtn_psc_urn_updated_items         Updated: %N
qtn_psc_wait_calendar             Calendar
qtn_psc_wait_copy_receiving       Receiving data
qtn_psc_wait_copy_sending         Sending data
qtn_psc_wait_fin_copy             Finalising copying
qtn_psc_wait_fin_sync             Finalising sync
qtn_psc_wait_initi_copy           Initialising copy
qtn_psc_wait_notes                Notes
qtn_psc_wait_phonebook            Contacts
qtn_psc_wait_term_copy            Quitting copying
qtn_psc_wait_x_of_y              %0N of %1N
qtn_pti_conf_char_pred_sel       Normal selected
                                 Prediction language selected:
qtn_pti_conf_pred_lang_sel       %U
qtn_pti_conf_word_compl_sel      Word suggestions selected
qtn_pti_hdr_pred_lang            Predict. language
qtn_pti_hdr_pred_sett            Prediction sett.
qtn_pti_hdr_pred_stat            Prediction
qtn_pti_hdr_pred_style           Prediction type
qtn_pti_info_pred_off            Prediction off
qtn_pti_info_pred_on             Prediction on
qtn_pti_list_char_pred           Normal
qtn_pti_list_pred_off            Off
qtn_pti_list_pred_on             On
qtn_pti_list_pred_sett           Prediction sett.
qtn_pti_list_word_compl          Word suggestions
qtn_pti_quest_activate_pred      Prediction off. Activate now?
qtn_pti_sett_list_pred_lang      Prediction language
qtn_pti_sett_list_pred_stat      Prediction
qtn_pti_sett_list_pred_style     Prediction type
qtn_punjabi_entry                Text: ਅ ੲ ੳ
qtn_push_conf_filter_off         Message filter off
qtn_push_conf_filter_on          Message filter on
qtn_push_hdr_filter_safelist     Trusted chnls.
qtn_push_hdr_set_filter          Message filter
qtn_push_ilist_filter_safelist   Trusted chnls.
qtn_push_info_msgs_not_saved     Message(s) not saved
qtn_push_list_filter_safelist    Trusted channels
qtn_push_quest_delete_pending    Delete pending service message?
qtn_push_sett_message_filter     Message filter
qtn_query_delete_all_marked      Delete %0N contacts and %1N groups?
qtn_query_delete_all_marked_1    Delete 1 contact and 1 group?
qtn_query_delete_all_marked_2    Delete %N contacts and 1 group?
qtn_query_delete_all_marked_3    Delete 1 contact and %N groups?
qtn_query_delete_all_marked_4    Delete %0N contacts and %1N groups?
qtn_query_delete_contact         Delete 1 contact?
qtn_query_delete_contacts        Delete %N contacts?
qtn_query_discard_wifi_nw        Discard Wi-Fi network?
qtn_query_enter_passphrase       Enter password now?
qtn_query_enter_passphrase_tmo   Enter passphrase now?
qtn_query_enter_security_key     Enter security key now?
qtn_query_exit_securing          Quit retrieving security key?
qtn_query_exit_securing_tmo      Quit EasyKeySetup?
qtn_query_remove_group           Delete 1 group?
qtn_query_remove_groups          Delete %N groups?
qtn_query_save_channels          Save channel list?
qtn_query_send_email             Send e-mail to:
                                 Send multimedia message?
qtn_query_send_mms               %U
                                  Send text message?
qtn_query_send_sms                %U
qtn_query_tone_with_video         Video will replace ringing tone. Audio levels may vary depending on
qtn_query_usb_close_flap          Memory card slot flap open. Insert card and close flap to continue.
qtn_query_usb_insert_mem          Memory card removed. Insert memory card to continue.
qtn_query_video_with_tone         Ringing tone will replace video. Continue?
qtn_quest_activate_in_apps        Activate saved configuration settings?
qtn_quest_active_call_to_video    End all calls and make video call?
qtn_quest_addnew_failed           Cannot add new account. Memory full.
qtn_quest_allow_scaling           Allow scaling to fit multiple images?
qtn_quest_all_msgs_retrieved      All messages, including cancelled and failed, will be automatically re
qtn_quest_always_autologin        Always login automatically on phone startup?
qtn_quest_always_autologin_aol    Always Sign on automatically on phone startup?
qtn_quest_always_autologin_icq    Always Auto-Connect on phone startup?
qtn_quest_always_autologin_vf     Always log into Messenger automatically on phone startup?
qtn_quest_app_source_different    Application source differs from original. Continue?
qtn_quest_app_source_unknown      Application source unknown. Continue?
qtn_quest_blocked_to_private      Move viewers from blocked list to private list?
qtn_quest_block_chat_open         Block %U? All conversations and invitations will be deleted.
qtn_quest_block_chat_open_aol     Block %U? All conversations will be deleted.
qtn_quest_block_chat_open_icq     Block %U? All conversations will be deleted.
qtn_quest_block_chat_open_yah     Ignore contact and end all conversations?
qtn_quest_block_inviter_del_msg   Block inviter? All conversations and invitations will be deleted.
qtn_quest_block_inv_del_msg_aol   Block alias? All conversations and invitations will be deleted.
qtn_quest_block_inv_del_msg_icq   Block user? All convers. and chat requests will be deleted
qtn_quest_block_inv_del_msg_yah   Ignore contact and end all conversations?
qtn_quest_block_messages          Block %U?
qtn_quest_block_messages_aol      %U?
                                  Block messages?
qtn_quest_block_messages_icq      %U
                                  Ignore messages?
qtn_quest_block_messages_yah      %U
qtn_quest_cancel_playback         Cancel playback?
qtn_quest_chat_open_remove        Conversation open. Remove anyway?
qtn_quest_close_private_groups    All private group conversations will be closed. Continue?
qtn_quest_contact_blocked         This person's messages are currently blocked. Unblock now?
qtn_quest_contact_blocked_aol     This person is currently blocked. Unblock now?
qtn_quest_contact_blocked_icq     This contact is currently blocked. Unblock now?
qtn_quest_contact_blocked_yah     Ignored contact. Un-ignore?
qtn_quest_content_deleted         Using template will remove all content from message. Continue?
qtn_quest_copy_contact_to_me      Copy %U to phone memory?
qtn_quest_copy_contact_to_sim     Copy %U to SIM memory?
qtn_quest_copy_marked             Copy marked messages?
qtn_quest_created_groups_delete   All groups you have created will be deleted. Change anyway?
qtn_quest_define_also_email       Define e-mail centre now?
qtn_quest_define_centres          Unable to send messages. No message and e-mail centre numbers
qtn_quest_define_email_centre     Unable to send e-mails. No e-mail centre number defined. Define on
qtn_quest_define_msg_centre       Unable to send text messages. No message centre number defined.
                                  Activated in %0U. Delete?
qtn_quest_delete_active_account   %1U
                                  Activated in some application(s).
qtn_quest_delete_active_config    %U
qtn_quest_delete_all              Delete all addresses from 'Go to address' history?
qtn_quest_delete_group_image      Delete group image?
qtn_quest_delete_invitation       Delete invitation?
qtn_quest_delete_item             Delete 1 item?
qtn_quest_delete_items            Delete %N items?
qtn_quest_delete_marked           Delete marked messages?
                                  Activated as preferred access point.
qtn_quest_delete_preferred_ap     %U
qtn_quest_del_all_contacts_phon   Delete all contacts on phone memory?
qtn_quest_del_all_contacts_sim    Delete all contacts on SIM card?
qtn_quest_del_marked_contacts     Delete marked contact(s)?
qtn_quest_demo_no_sim_startup     Start up phone without SIM card?
qtn_quest_discardsoft             Discard software from %U?
qtn_quest_discardupdate           Reject update from %U?
qtn_quest_disconnect_service      Disconnect from presence service?
qtn_quest_drmsd_act_appl_web      Activate application via web?
qtn_quest_drmsd_act_image_web     Activate image via web?
qtn_quest_drmsd_act_theme_web     Activate theme via web?
qtn_quest_drmsd_act_tone_web      Activate tone via web?
qtn_quest_drmsd_act_video_web     Activate video clip via web?
qtn_quest_empty_field             (empty detail)
qtn_quest_end_calls_start_video   End all calls and make video call?
qtn_quest_end_call_create_video   End active call and make video call?
qtn_quest_end_subscription        End subscription to presence info?
qtn_quest_fetch_limit_1_reached   Can only add 1 contact. Change selection?
qtn_quest_fetch_limit_reached     Can only add first %N contacts. Change selection?
qtn_quest_fetch_sel_detail_mult   Select details for %N contacts
                                  Select detail for
qtn_quest_fetch_sel_detail_one    %U
qtn_quest_fetch_sel_email_mult    Select e-mail addresses for %N contacts
                                  Select e-mail address for
qtn_quest_fetch_sel_email_one     %U
qtn_quest_fetch_sel_num_mult      Select numbers for %N contacts
                                  Select number for
qtn_quest_fetch_sel_num_one       %U
qtn_quest_fetch_sel_ptt_mult      Select push to talk addresses for %N contacts
                                  Select push to talk address for
qtn_quest_fetch_sel_ptt_one       %U
qtn_quest_first_on_not_setup      Download sett-ings for some applications from service provider?
qtn_quest_flight_mo_call          You must select another profile to be able to make a call. Exit flight p
qtn_quest_found_support           Support found. Set time and date to start connecting.
qtn_quest_group_delete            Delete group?
qtn_quest_im_list_full_cont_aol   Buddy list full, continue saving to phone's Contacts?
qtn_quest_im_list_full_cont_icq   Contact list full, continue saving to phone's Contacts?
qtn_quest_im_list_full_cont_yah   IM contacts full, continue saving to phone's Contacts?
qtn_quest_install_later           Save downloaded software for later install?
qtn_quest_keep_empty_group        Group has no members. Keep anyway?
qtn_quest_keep_mms_notif          Keep multimedia message notifications?
qtn_quest_keep_rms_data           Keep application data?
qtn_quest_keep_unread             Keep unread messages?
qtn_quest_keep_waiting_msgs       Keep messages queued for sending?
qtn_quest_latest_alrdy_inst       Latest version already installed
qtn_quest_launcher                Start Tutorial to see presentation about your new phone?
qtn_quest_launcher_rejected       Ask to see Tutorial again on next phone start-up?
qtn_quest_list_full_replace       List full. Replace an existing entry?
qtn_quest_logout                  Logout from Instant messaging?
qtn_quest_logout_aol              Sign off?
qtn_quest_logout_end_chats        Logout and end all conversations?
qtn_quest_logout_end_chat_aol     Sign off and end all conversations?
qtn_quest_logout_end_chat_icq     Disconnect and end all conversations?
qtn_quest_logout_icq              Disconnect?
qtn_quest_logout_vf               Logout from Vodafone Messenger?
qtn_quest_max_account             Cannot add account. Only %N allowed in phone.
qtn_quest_mem_full_delete_some    %U memory available. Free more memory?
qtn_quest_mem_full_del_items      %U memory needed. Delete some items?
qtn_quest_mem_full_discard_msg    Memory full. Discard message?
qtn_quest_mem_ful_del_some_mor    %U memory available. Free some memory?
qtn_quest_mem_ful_save_drafts     Not enough memory to save message to Drafts. Delete some data?
qtn_quest_modified                Some formats not supported and will be removed. Continue?
qtn_quest_more_mem_needed         %U more memory needed. Delete more?
qtn_quest_move_contact_to_me      Move %U to phone memory?
qtn_quest_move_contact_to_sim     Move %U to SIM memory?
qtn_quest_nn_contacts_selected    %N contacts selected
qtn_quest_nn_contact_selected     1 contact selected
qtn_quest_no_folder_exists        No folder exists where message can be moved. Create new folder?
qtn_quest_no_folder_for_msgs      No folder exists where messages can be moved. Create new folder?
qtn_quest_no_mbs_delete_group     No members in group. Delete group?
qtn_quest_no_sms_discard_image    Cannot send image via text message. Send other details?
qtn_quest_no_viewer               Unsupported message type. Delete message?
qtn_quest_open_latest_version     Latest version already installed. Open?
qtn_quest_phone_not_setup         Some apps. require settings. Download at next start-up?
qtn_quest_presence_connect        Not connected to server. Connect now?
qtn_quest_print_marked_pictures   Print %N images?
qtn_quest_print_picture           Print? %U
qtn_quest_ps_off                  Power saver option saves battery. Switch off anyway?
qtn_quest_ptt_will_be_off         Start video streaming and switch off push to talk?
qtn_quest_quit_and_delete_chat    Group will be deleted. End conversation?
qtn_quest_quit_chat               End conversation?
qtn_quest_quit_data_conn          Quit data connection?
qtn_quest_redirect                Redirection failed. Try again?
                                  Remove object?
qtn_quest_remove                  %U
qtn_quest_remove_business_card    Remove business card?
qtn_quest_remove_calendar_note    Remove calendar note?
qtn_quest_remove_field            Remove field?
qtn_quest_remove_from_group       Remove from group?
                                  Delete from group list?
qtn_quest_remove_from_groups      %U
qtn_quest_remove_from_im_aol      Delete buddy?
qtn_quest_remove_from_im_icq      Delete contact?
                                  Remove from IM contacts?
qtn_quest_remove_from_im_list     %U
qtn_quest_remove_member           Remove member?
qtn_quest_remove_presentation     Remove presentation?
qtn_quest_remove_slide            Remove slide?
qtn_quest_remove_streaming_link   Remove streaming link?
qtn_quest_remove_theme            Remove theme?
qtn_quest_remove_unknown          Remove unknown object?
qtn_quest_rem_from_im_list_vf     Delete %U from Vodafone Messenger Contacts?
qtn_quest_replace_address         Replace current address?
qtn_quest_replace_history         Memory full. Replace a saved conversation?
qtn_quest_ring_bgr_set_off        Incoming call video will be disabled. Continue?
qtn_quest_ring_bgr_set_on         Video's sound will be used as ringing tone. Continue?
qtn_quest_ring_bgr_set_on_audio   Video will be used as ringing tone. Audio levels may vary depending
qtn_quest_ring_bgr_tone           Use video's sound as ringing tone?
qtn_quest_save_changes            Save changed?
qtn_quest_save_user_id            Save %U to IM contacts?
qtn_quest_save_user_id_aol        Save %U to List?
qtn_quest_save_user_id_icq        Save %U to Contact List?
qtn_quest_save_user_id_vf         Save %U to IM Contacts?
qtn_quest_save_user_id_yah        Save %U to Friend List?
qtn_quest_scale_image             Image size too large. Scale image down?
qtn_quest_scale_images            Image sizes too large. Scale images down?
qtn_quest_scale_more              Image too large. Scale down more?
qtn_quest_send_invitation         Invitation not sent. Send now?
qtn_quest_set_centre_active       Set as default message centre?
qtn_quest_stm_erase_email         Delete e-mail address from list?
qtn_quest_text_too_long_cut       Text too long and was truncated. Insert truncated text?
qtn_quest_truncate_msg            Message too long. Text will be truncated. Continue?
                                  Unblock messages?
qtn_quest_unblock_messages        %U
qtn_quest_unblock_messages_aol    %U
                                  Unblock messages?
qtn_quest_unblock_messages_icq    %U
qtn_quest_uri_tel                 Call?
qtn_quest_uri_vtel                Make video call?
qtn_quest_voice_to_video          End active voice call and make video call?
qtn_radio2_channel_location       Station %N
qtn_radio2_empty                  (empty)
qtn_radio2_prmt_set_freq          Frequency:
qtn_radio2_quest_file_corrupted   File corrupted. Settings will be discarded.
qtn_radio2_quest_file_nosupport   Invalid data. Settings will be discarded.
qtn_radio_channel_name            Station name:
qtn_radio_chlist_channel          Station %N
qtn_radio_conf_ch_selected        Selected station:
qtn_radio_conf_con_headset        Connect an enhancement
qtn_radio_conf_erased             Station deleted
qtn_radio_conf_frequency_set      Frequency set
qtn_radio_conf_headphones         Radio played through the headset
qtn_radio_conf_minfrequency_set   Minimum frequency set
qtn_radio_conf_mode_selected      Visual service mode selected
qtn_radio_conf_mono_selected      Mono output selected
qtn_radio_conf_name_changed       Station renamed
qtn_radio_conf_radio_off          Radio off
qtn_radio_conf_replace            Replace?
qtn_radio_conf_saved              Station saved
qtn_radio_conf_speaker            Radio played through the loudspeaker
qtn_radio_conf_stereo_selected    Stereo output selected
qtn_radio_found                   Found:
qtn_radio_frequency_indicator2    %0N.%1U MHz
qtn_radio_hdr_fmradio             Radio
qtn_radio_hdr_list_of_channels    Stations
qtn_radio_hdr_start_mode          Enable service
qtn_radio_hdr_vroptions           Settings
qtn_radio_ilist_fm_radio          Radio
qtn_radio_ilist_mode_askfirst     Ask first
qtn_radio_ilist_mode_autom        Automatically
qtn_radio_ilist_mode_manual       Manually
qtn_radio_ilist_vrservices        Station direct.
qtn_radio_info_channel_empty      Station already empty
qtn_radio_info_chan_empty         Station empty
qtn_radio_info_invalid_locat      Invalid station location
qtn_radio_info_mono_connected     Stereo headset needed for stereo output
qtn_radio_info_no_saved_chans     No stations saved
qtn_radio_info_radio_on           Radio on
qtn_radio_info_sel_location       Select station location
qtn_radio_info_settin_discarded   Visual Radio settings discarded
qtn_radio_info_settin_exists      Frequency already saved
qtn_radio_info_settin_saved       Visual Radio settings saved
qtn_radio_list_auto_seek          Automatic tuning
qtn_radio_list_chan               Stations
qtn_radio_list_chan_vrid          Visual service ID
qtn_radio_list_empty              %N. (empty)
qtn_radio_list_erase              Delete station
qtn_radio_list_erase_all          Delete all
qtn_radio_list_freq_input         Set frequency
qtn_radio_list_headphones         Headset
qtn_radio_list_manual_seek        Manual tuning
qtn_radio_list_memory_location    %0N. %1U
qtn_radio_list_mode_askfirst      Ask first
qtn_radio_list_mode_autom         Automatically
qtn_radio_list_mode_manual        Manually
qtn_radio_list_mono               Mono output
qtn_radio_list_name               Rename
qtn_radio_list_radio_off          Switch off
qtn_radio_list_save               Save station
qtn_radio_list_speaker            Loudspeaker
qtn_radio_list_start_visual       Visual Radio
qtn_radio_list_stereo             Stereo output
qtn_radio_list_visual_options     Visual Radio sett.
qtn_radio_main_fm_radio           Radio
qtn_radio_notif_settin_received   Visual Radio settings received
qtn_radio_no_channel              No stations found
qtn_radio_prmpt_auto_seek         Automatic tuning:
qtn_radio_prmpt_manual_seek       Manual tuning:
qtn_radio_prmpt_set_freq          Frequency:
qtn_radio_prmpt_visual_id         Visual service ID:
qtn_radio_quest_erase             Delete station?
qtn_radio_quest_settin_discard    Discard received settings?
qtn_radio_quest_settin_received   Visual Radio settings received
qtn_radio_quest_start_vr          Start Visual Radio?
qtn_radio_sett_startmode          Enable visual service
qtn_radio_sett_vrservices         Station directory
qtn_radio_textviewer_mhz          MHz
qtn_radio_textviewer_vrname       Station name:
qtn_radio_tuning                  Tuning
qtn_radio_wait_tuning             Tuning
qtn_rcvd_count                    %N new files
qtn_realtime_sett_date            Date
qtn_received_whisper_msg          [Private message from %0U: %1U]
qtn_recved_files_fldr_grid        Rec. files
qtn_removed_from_group_msg        You were removed from this conversation
qtn_rem_conf_note_sent            Note sent
qtn_rem_conf_rem_note_saved       Note saved
qtn_rem_err_send_failure          Reminder sending failed
qtn_rem_list_add_new              Add new
qtn_rem_list_set_date             Set the date
qtn_rem_note_conf_discarded       Note discarded
qtn_rem_notif_note_received       Note received
qtn_rem_notif_rems_received       %U reminders received
qtn_rem_notif_rem_received        Reminder received
qtn_rem_prmpt_rem_text            Remind about:
qtn_rem_quest_discard_note        Discard?
qtn_rem_sms_note                  Note:
qtn_rem_wait_sending_note         Sending note
qtn_restr_full_allowed            Allowed numbers
qtn_restr_full_blocked            Blocked numbers
qtn_restr_hdr_add_restriction     Add restriction
qtn_restr_hdr_allowed_in          Allow incoming
qtn_restr_hdr_allowed_out         Allow outgoing
qtn_restr_hdr_blocked_in          Block incoming
qtn_restr_hdr_blocked_out         Block outgoing
qtn_restr_hdr_edit_restriction    Edit restriction
qtn_restr_quest_phonebook         Memory full. Can restrict %N numbers. Continue?
qtn_restr_tick_import_pb          Add contacts
qtn_restr_tick_phonebook          Phone book
qtn_rim_all_content_rec           All received. View new message.
                                  Access point name:
qtn_rim_apn                       %U
qtn_rim_bcc_disabled              Unable to send to Bcc recipients
qtn_rim_cc_in_editor              Cc:
qtn_rim_conf_acc_active           Mailbox activated
qtn_rim_conf_acc_deleted          Mailbox settings deleted
qtn_rim_conf_acc_mails_deleted    Mailbox, settings and e-mails deleted
qtn_rim_conf_acc_not_active       Mailbox deactivated
qtn_rim_conf_alert_tone_off       Alert tone off
qtn_rim_conf_all_email_deleted    All BlackBerry e-mails deleted
qtn_rim_conf_email_discarded      E-mail message deleted
qtn_rim_conf_fetch_req            More content requested
qtn_rim_conf_fetch_when_active    E-mail can be received when mailbox active
qtn_rim_conf_recipient_updated    Recipient(s) updated
qtn_rim_conf_roam_no_reception    Mailbox disabled when abroad
qtn_rim_conf_roam_reception       Mailbox enabled when abroad
qtn_rim_conf_save_sent_msgs_off   Sent messages will not be saved
qtn_rim_conf_save_sent_msgs_on    Sent messages will be saved
qtn_rim_conf_sent_when_active     Message will be sent when mailbox is active
qtn_rim_email_address             E-mail address:
qtn_rim_email_address_in_viewer   E-mail address:
qtn_rim_err_acc_settings          Invalid settings. Connect phone to PC.
qtn_rim_err_encrypt               Encryption failure. Connect phone to PC.
qtn_rim_err_sending_failed        Unable to send e-mail message
qtn_rim_fetch_more_failed         Unable to retrieve more message text
qtn_rim_from_in_editor            From:
qtn_rim_hdr_account_sett          Mailbox settings
qtn_rim_hdr_active_account        Activate mailbox
qtn_rim_hdr_add_recipients        Msg. recipients
qtn_rim_hdr_alert_tone            Alert tone
qtn_rim_hdr_blackberry            BlackBerry
qtn_rim_hdr_disable_roam          Disable mailbox
qtn_rim_hdr_edit_bcc              Edit Bcc
qtn_rim_hdr_edit_cc               Edit Cc
qtn_rim_hdr_edit_recipients       Edit recipients
qtn_rim_hdr_edit_to               Edit To
qtn_rim_hdr_email                 E-mail
qtn_rim_hdr_global_lookup         Address lookup
qtn_rim_hdr_host_info             Host routing info
qtn_rim_hdr_imei                  IMEI number
qtn_rim_hdr_invalid_address       Invalid address
qtn_rim_hdr_mail_account          Mailbox
qtn_rim_hdr_pin                  Pager number
qtn_rim_hdr_recipient_type       Recipient type
qtn_rim_hdr_result_view          %0N - %1N of %2N
qtn_rim_home_phone               Home phone:
qtn_rim_ilist_blackberry         BlackBerry
qtn_rim_info_email_sent          E-mail message sent
qtn_rim_info_no_sender           Sender information not available
qtn_rim_invalid_bcc_address      Invalid Bcc addresses:
qtn_rim_invalid_cc_address       Invalid Cc addresses:
qtn_rim_invalid_to_address       Invalid To addresses:
                                 IP address:
qtn_rim_ip_address               %U
qtn_rim_it_notif_it_policy       BlackBerry policy updated
qtn_rim_kill_first_content       BlackBerry account and e-mail deleted
qtn_rim_kill_message_content     BlackBerry e-mail account is disabled. All e-mail is deleted. For more
qtn_rim_kill_message_received    BlackBerry administrator msg. received
qtn_rim_kill_second_content      Contact BlackBerry administrator
qtn_rim_list_accept_recipients   OK
qtn_rim_list_add_bcc             Add Bcc
qtn_rim_list_add_cc              Add Cc
qtn_rim_list_add_to              Add To
qtn_rim_list_bcc                 Bcc
qtn_rim_list_blackberry          BlackBerry
qtn_rim_list_cc                  Cc
qtn_rim_list_edit_bcc            Edit Bcc
qtn_rim_list_edit_cc             Edit Cc
qtn_rim_list_edit_recipients     Edit recipients
qtn_rim_list_edit_to             Edit To
qtn_rim_list_email               E-mail
qtn_rim_list_exit_validation     Exit validation
qtn_rim_list_fetch_more          Retrieve more
qtn_rim_list_global_lookup       Address lookup
qtn_rim_list_home_phone          Home phone
qtn_rim_list_mobile_phone        Mobile phone
qtn_rim_list_move_to_saved       Move to saved
qtn_rim_list_new_lookup          New lookup
qtn_rim_list_next                Next results
qtn_rim_list_previous            Previous results
qtn_rim_list_quit_add_rcpts      Quit
qtn_rim_list_refine_lookup       Refine lookup
qtn_rim_list_register            Register now
qtn_rim_list_save_contact        Save contact
qtn_rim_list_search_address      Search address
qtn_rim_list_to                  To
qtn_rim_list_view_details        View details
qtn_rim_list_work_phone          Office phone
qtn_rim_looking_up               Looking‌up…
qtn_rim_lookup_failed            (failed)
qtn_rim_mgs_sum_size             Size: %N kB
qtn_rim_mgs_sum_subject          Subject: %U
qtn_rim_mobile_phone              Mobile phone:

qtn_rim_more_available            (more available: %N kB)
                                  Network provider code:
qtn_rim_ncp                       %U
qtn_rim_note_invld_addr_rmvd      Invalid address removed
qtn_rim_note_name_needed          Contact name must be defined when saving
qtn_rim_note_need_connection      Rqst will be submitted when conn. enabled
qtn_rim_note_no_email_address     No e-mail address found
qtn_rim_note_no_rply_invld_add    Cannot reply. E-mail address invalid.
qtn_rim_note_recipient_overflow   Too many e-mail addresses. Some deleted.
qtn_rim_note_reg_queued           Request will be sent when mailbox active again
qtn_rim_note_reg_sent             Registration request submitted
qtn_rim_note_reply_to_address     Reply-to address used
qtn_rim_notif_1_email_received    1 e-mail message received
qtn_rim_notif_desktop_activated   BlackBerry service activated
qtn_rim_notif_email_mem_full      E-mail memory full. View waiting msg.
qtn_rim_notif_n_email_received    %N e-mail messages received
qtn_rim_notif_settings_activate   BlackBerry settings received
qtn_rim_notif_settings_rejected   BlackBerry web settings rejected
qtn_rim_notif_sett_disallowed     BlackBerry settings not allowed
qtn_rim_notif_web_settings_recv   Web settings received
qtn_rim_no_connection_status      Not connected. Wait for reconn.
qtn_rim_no_match                  (no matches)
qtn_rim_no_settings_note          BlackBerry account setup required
qtn_rim_original_msg_in_editor    ---Original Message---
                                  Port 1:
qtn_rim_port1                     %U
                                  Port 2:
qtn_rim_port2                     %U
qtn_rim_quest_bcc                 Bcc:
qtn_rim_quest_delete_account      Delete mailbox settings?
qtn_rim_quest_delete_acc_mails    Delete all e-mails in this mailbox?
qtn_rim_quest_delete_sett_first   Delete current settings first to receive web settings
qtn_rim_quest_discard_email       Delete received e-mail message?
qtn_rim_quest_discard_wait        Delete waiting e-mail message?
qtn_rim_quest_email_mem_full      E-mail memory full. View waiting message?
qtn_rim_quest_emladd_too_long     E-mail add. too long and was shortened. Use incomplete add.?
qtn_rim_quest_fetch_req_again     Same content requested. Request again?
qtn_rim_quest_lookup              Lookup:
qtn_rim_quest_lookup_returned     Lookup result returned
qtn_rim_quest_move_to_saved       Move message to Saved items folder?
qtn_rim_quest_outbox_del_msgreq   Delete messages and requests waiting to be sent?
qtn_rim_quest_outbox_del_req      Delete requests waiting to be sent?
qtn_rim_quest_save_wait_email     Save new e-mail message first?
qtn_rim_reg_message               Your handheld has been registered with the wireless network
qtn_rim_reg_subject               Registration
qtn_rim_sent_in_editor            Sent:
qtn_rim_sett_acc_active           Activate mailbox
qtn_rim_sett_acc_settings         Mailbox settings
qtn_rim_sett_delete_account       Delete mailbox settings
qtn_rim_sett_hdr_initialize       Connection
qtn_rim_sett_host_info            Host routing info
qtn_rim_sett_imei                 IMEI number
qtn_rim_sett_list_initialize      Connect for web setup
qtn_rim_sett_mail_account         Mailbox name
qtn_rim_sett_note_initialized     Connection set to on
qtn_rim_sett_note_not_init        Connection set to off
qtn_rim_sett_off                  Off
qtn_rim_sett_on                   On
qtn_rim_sett_pin                  Pager number
qtn_rim_sett_roam                 Disable mailbox when abroad
qtn_rim_softkey_add               Add
qtn_rim_softkey_email             E-mail
qtn_rim_softkey_lookup            Lookup
qtn_rim_softkey_stop              Stop
qtn_rim_softkey_swap              Swap
qtn_rim_softkey_use               Use
qtn_rim_softk_fetch_more          More
qtn_rim_status_not_changed        Unable to change e-mail status
qtn_rim_subject_in_editor         Subject:
qtn_rim_synch_with_pc_suite       Synchronise phone with PC Suite
qtn_rim_text_unsupported          Text type not supported
qtn_rim_to_in_editor              To:
qtn_rim_wait_for_active_mailbox   (waiting for active mailbox)
qtn_rim_work_phone                Office phone:
qtn_rtr_ccw                       anti-clockwise
qtn_rtr_cw                        clockwise
qtn_rtr_speed_dial_conf_assign    Contact assigned to number %N
qtn_rtr_speed_dial_conf_erased    Speed dial deleted from number %N
qtn_rtr_speed_dial_hdr_number     Number %N
qtn_rtr_speed_dial_info_dup       Already assigned to number %N
qtn_rtr_speed_dial_query_erase    Delete speed dial from number %N?
qtn_sat_call_cont_info_call_mod   Call modified
qtn_sat_call_cont_info_call_rej   Call not allowed
qtn_sat_call_cont_info_sms_rej    Sending not allowed
qtn_sat_call_cont_info_ss_rej     Request not allowed
qtn_sat_hdr_options               Options
qtn_sat_info_sett_not_available   No SIM services available
qtn_sat_query_allow_reset         New info for SIM card received. Update SIM?
qtn_sat_quest_launch_browser      Allow SIM card to create browser connection?
qtn_saved_items                   Saved items
qtn_scl_err_channel_not_avail     Channel not available
qtn_scl_err_invalid_cont_type     Server error. Try again later.
qtn_scl_err_invalid_mcd           Server error. Try again later.
qtn_scl_err_invalid_xml           Server error. Try again later.
qtn_scl_hdr_channel_list          Channel listing
qtn_scl_hdr_description           Description
qtn_scl_hdr_details               Channel details
qtn_scl_hdr_load_error            Server error
qtn_scl_hdr_media_player         Media player
qtn_scl_hdr_title                Name
qtn_scl_info_no_channels         No channels available
qtn_scl_info_no_digital          Not available in analogue mode
qtn_scl_info_streaming_sett      Invalid streaming settings
qtn_scl_info_updated_channels    Channel listing updated
qtn_scl_list_avail_channels      Available channels
qtn_scl_list_channels_empty      (none)
qtn_scl_list_channel_list        Channel listing
qtn_scl_list_description         Description
qtn_scl_list_details             Channel details
qtn_scl_list_help                Help
qtn_scl_list_length              Clip length
qtn_scl_list_my_channels         My channels
qtn_scl_list_not_available       Not available
qtn_scl_list_online_cat          Online catalogue
qtn_scl_list_refresh             Refresh
qtn_scl_list_title               Name
qtn_scl_list_view_more           More
qtn_scl_quest_channel            Channel:
qtn_scl_quest_exit_player        Exit Media player?
qtn_scl_quest_invalid_cont_typ   Error M01: There is a problem with the server. Please try again later
qtn_scl_quest_invalid_mcd        Error M03: There is a problem with the server. Please try again later
qtn_scl_quest_invalid_xml        Error M02: There is a problem with the server. Please try again later
qtn_scl_quest_vision_unavail     Service unavailable. Retry?
qtn_scl_softkey_go               Go
qtn_scl_text_description         Description:
qtn_scl_text_enter_available     Channel has not been purchased.
qtn_scl_text_server_problem      Server error occured. Retry?
qtn_scl_wait_loading_file        Loading %U
                                 File too
qtn_scrs_err_too_large           large to be downloaded
qtn_scrs_ilist_analog_clock      Analogue clock
qtn_scrs_ilist_digital_clock     Digital clock
qtn_scrs_ilist_lunar_calendar    Lunar calendar
qtn_scrs_ilist_scrs              Screen savers
qtn_scrs_info_select_first       Select screen saver first
qtn_scrs_info_timeout_max        Maximum time-out:
qtn_scrs_info_timeout_min        Minimum time-out:
qtn_scrs_list_analog_clock       Analogue clock
qtn_scrs_list_digital_clock      Digital clock
qtn_scrs_list_lunar_calendar     Lunar calendar
qtn_scrs_list_nminutes           %N minutes
qtn_scrs_list_nseconds           %N seconds
qtn_scrs_list_pictures           Graphics
qtn_scrs_list_scrs               Screen savers
qtn_scrs_list_select_screensav   Select s. saver
qtn_scrs_timeout_setting         Screen saver time-out
qtn_secc_change_code_hdr         Security code
qtn_sec_conf_allowed_num_erase   Number deleted
qtn_sec_conf_allowed_num_saved    Number saved
qtn_sec_conf_phone_locked_now     Phone lock on
qtn_sec_conf_phone_locked_pwr     Phone will be locked on power-up
qtn_sec_hdr_allowed_numbers       Allowed nos.
qtn_sec_hdr_allowed_numbers_var   Allowed no. %U
qtn_sec_keyg                      Security keyguard
qtn_sec_keyg_active               Keypad locked with security code
qtn_sec_keyg_hdr                  Security keyg.
qtn_sec_keyg_off                  Security keyguard deactivated
qtn_sec_keyg_on                   Security keyguard activated
qtn_sec_list_allowed_nums_empty   (empty)
qtn_sec_list_change               Change
qtn_sec_list_erase                Delete
qtn_sec_list_phone_lock_now       Lock now
qtn_sec_list_phone_lock_off       Off
qtn_sec_list_phone_lock_on_pwr    On power-up
qtn_sec_list_view_number          View number
qtn_sec_note_ruim_invalid         Invalid UIM card. Only emergency calls allowed.
qtn_sec_prmpt_allowed_numbers     Number %U:
qtn_sec_quest_emerg_dial_only     Only special or emergency dialling allowed
qtn_sec_quest_erase_allowed_num   Delete allowed number?
qtn_sec_urn_call_carrier          Call service provider to restore default lock code
qtn_sec_urn_code_restored         Default lock code restored to %U
qtn_sel_note_unavailable          Shortcut not available
qtn_send_via_bt                   Via Bluetooth
qtn_send_via_ir                   Via infrared
qtn_send_via_mms                  Via multimedia
qtn_sent_items                    Sent items
qtn_settings_speedkeys            Speed keys
qtn_settings_ucsk_choose          Select options
qtn_settings_ucsk_hdr_choose      Options
qtn_settings_ucsk_hdr_function    Selection key
qtn_settings_ucsk_hdr_organise    Organise
qtn_settings_ucsk_organise        Organise
qtn_settings_ucsk_sk_function     Right selection key settings
qtn_sett_active_key_index         Active key index
qtn_sett_alt_delivery             Use alternative bearer
qtn_sett_alt_delivery_always      Always
qtn_sett_alt_delivery_home_netw   In home netw.
qtn_sett_alt_del_always_nic       Always
qtn_sett_alt_del_home_netw_nic    In home netw.
qtn_sett_applications             Applications
qtn_sett_ap_handover              Wireless router handovers
qtn_sett_area_cmcc                Area code
qtn_sett_broadcast_ssid           Broadcast SSID
qtn_sett_change_contact_list      Contact list in use
qtn_sett_change_cont_list_aol     Group in use
qtn_sett_change_cont_list_icq     Group in use
qtn_sett_change_cont_list_yah     Select Contact List
qtn_sett_chat_service_name        IM service name
qtn_sett_clk_type               Clock type
qtn_sett_connectivity_menu      Connectivity
qtn_sett_default_view           Default view
qtn_sett_display                (view)
qtn_sett_edit_channels          Edit channel list
qtn_sett_execute                (open)
qtn_sett_flight_query           Flight query
qtn_sett_free_memory            Free mem.
qtn_sett_gallery                Gallery
qtn_sett_handset                Phone
qtn_sett_hdr_more_settings      More settings
qtn_sett_hotline_cmcc           Service hotline number
qtn_sett_imei                   Send serial number
qtn_sett_interval               Active for %U
qtn_sett_interval_day_more      %N days
qtn_sett_interval_day_one       1 day
qtn_sett_interval_hour_more     %N hrs.
qtn_sett_interval_hour_one      1 hr.
qtn_sett_interval_minute_more   %N mins.
qtn_sett_interval_minute_one    1 min.
qtn_sett_interval_month_more    %N mths.
qtn_sett_interval_month_one     1 mth.
qtn_sett_interval_second_more   %N secs.
qtn_sett_interval_second_one    1 sec.
qtn_sett_interval_year_more     %N yrs.
qtn_sett_interval_year_one      1 yr.
qtn_sett_key_index_1            Key index 1
qtn_sett_key_index_2            Key index 2
qtn_sett_key_index_3            Key index 3
qtn_sett_key_index_4            Key index 4
qtn_sett_light_seq              Light effects
qtn_sett_livecast_service       %U service
qtn_sett_loose_routing          Loose routing
qtn_sett_main_display           Main display settings
qtn_sett_manager_name_cmcc      Customer manager name
qtn_sett_manager_num_cmcc       Customer manager number
qtn_sett_memory_info            Memory status
qtn_sett_menu_more_settings     More settings
qtn_sett_messages               Messaging
qtn_sett_mini_display           Mini display settings
qtn_sett_mms_manual_retrieval   Retrieve manually
qtn_sett_nbr_ticker_five        5
qtn_sett_nbr_ticker_one         1
qtn_sett_nbr_ticker_ten         10
qtn_sett_nbr_ticker_three       3
qtn_sett_network_type           Network type
qtn_sett_number_select          Number entry
qtn_sett_nw_ssid                SSID
qtn_sett_passphrase             Password
qtn_sett_passphrase_tmo         Passphrase
qtn_sett_play                     (play)
qtn_sett_presence_service_name    Presence service name
qtn_sett_print                    (print)
qtn_sett_profiles_menu            Profiles
qtn_sett_proxy_password           Proxy password
qtn_sett_proxy_username           Proxy user name
qtn_sett_public_user_name         Public user name
qtn_sett_realm                    Realm
qtn_sett_regist_address           Registrar address
qtn_sett_regist_password          Registrar password
qtn_sett_regist_port              Registrar port
qtn_sett_regist_username          Registrar user name
qtn_sett_secretary_cmcc           Mobile secretary number
qtn_sett_security_key_tmo         Security key
qtn_sett_security_type            Security type
qtn_sett_sec_negotiation          Use security
qtn_sett_service_profile          Service profile
qtn_sett_snooze_time_out          Snooze time-out
qtn_sett_sort_contacts            Sort list
qtn_sett_ticker_high              High
qtn_sett_ticker_high_nic          High
qtn_sett_ticker_low               Low
qtn_sett_ticker_low_nic           Low
qtn_sett_ticker_medium            Medium
qtn_sett_ticker_medium_nic        Medium
qtn_sett_ticker_message           Number of messages shown
qtn_sett_ticker_speed             News ticker speed
qtn_sett_total_memory             Total mem.
qtn_sett_transport_protocol       Transport type
qtn_sett_used_memory              Used mem.
qtn_sett_use_compression          Use compression
qtn_set_flip_call_full_selected   Answer and end calls selected
qtn_set_flip_call_half_selected   Answer calls selected
qtn_set_flip_call_handle          Flip call handling
qtn_set_flip_call_handle_full     Answer & end calls
qtn_set_flip_call_handle_half     Answer calls only
qtn_set_flip_call_handle_no       None
qtn_set_flip_call_no_selected     None selected
qtn_set_scroll_key_indication     Navigation key icons
qtn_set_sec_code_error            Code error
qtn_set_slide_answer_on_open      Open slide to answer calls
qtn_set_slide_call_handle         Slide call handling
qtn_set_slide_end_on_close        Close slide to end calls
qtn_set_swivel_answer_on_open     Open swivel to answer calls
qtn_set_swivel_call_handle        Swivel call handling
qtn_set_swivel_end_on_close       Close swivel to end calls
qtn_set_ucsk_choose_go_to         Select 'Go to' options
qtn_set_ucsk_left_sel_key         Left selection key
qtn_set_ucsk_organise_go_to       Organise 'Go to' options
qtn_set_ucsk_personal_shortcut    Personal shortcuts
qtn_set_ucsk_right_sel_key        Right selection key
qtn_simatk_call_setup_note        Calling
qtn_simcd_change_pin2_hdr         PIN2 code
qtn_simcd_change_pin_hdr          PIN code
qtn_simcd_conf_pin_activated      PIN code in use
qtn_simcd_conf_upin_activated     UPIN code in use
qtn_simcd_conf_upin_req_off       UPIN code request off
qtn_simcd_conf_upin_req_on        UPIN code request on
qtn_simcd_err_appl_blocked        UPIN blocked
qtn_simcd_err_upin_req_on         Set UPIN code request on
qtn_simcd_hdr_curr_active_code    Code in use
qtn_simcd_hdr_prompt_pin          PIN code
qtn_simcd_hdr_prompt_puk          PUK code
qtn_simcd_hdr_prompt_puk2         PUK2 code
qtn_simcd_hdr_prompt_upin         UPIN code
qtn_simcd_hdr_prompt_upuk         UPUK code
qtn_simcd_hdr_serv_prov           Service providers
qtn_simcd_hdr_sim_settings        SIM settings
qtn_simcd_hdr_upin_request        UPIN request
qtn_simcd_indic_appl_rejected     Service provider rejected
qtn_simcd_list_pin                PIN code
qtn_simcd_list_ser_prov           Service provider
qtn_simcd_list_simc_settings      SIM card settings
qtn_simcd_list_upin               UPIN code
qtn_simcd_list_upin_change        Change UPIN code
qtn_simcd_list_upuk               UPUK code
qtn_simcd_prompt_current_upin     Enter current UPIN code:
qtn_simcd_prompt_new_upin         Enter new UPIN code:
qtn_simcd_prompt_unblock_upuk     Enter UPUK code:
qtn_simcd_prompt_upin_code        Enter UPIN code:
qtn_simcd_prompt_verify_upin      Verify new UPIN code:
qtn_simcd_sett_curr_active_code   Code in use
qtn_simcd_sett_upin_req           UPIN code request
qtn_simcd_startup_hdr             Start-up
qtn_simlk_err_restricted          Phone restricted
qtn_simlk_handling_blocked        Cannot undo restriction
qtn_simlk_hard_ware_error         Temporary failure. Try again.
qtn_simlk_prompt_code             Enter restriction code:
qtn_simlk_timer_not_elapsed       Wait and try again
qtn_simlk_wrong_level             Restriction level incorrect
qtn_sim_err_not_supported         SIM card not supported
qtn_sind_flight_mode              Flight
qtn_sinhalese_entry               Text: අ ආ ඇ
qtn_sivr_hdr_found                Found
qtn_sivr_list_playback_language   Voice playback language
qtn_sivr_list_remove_command      Remove
qtn_sivr_note_all_commands_add    All voice commands added
qtn_sivr_note_all_commands_rem    All voice commands removed
qtn_sivr_note_command_added       Voice command added
qtn_sivr_note_command_removed     Voice command removed
qtn_sivr_note_no_voice_tags       No active voice commands
                                  Playback language selected:
qtn_sivr_note_playback_language   %U
qtn_sivr_note_training_ongoing    Voice training in progress
qtn_sivr_note_training_started    Voice training started
qtn_sivr_note_unable_to_train     Voice command not recognised
qtn_sivr_prmpt_voice_command      Voice command:
qtn_slide_end_on_close            Close to end
qtn_slm_conf_a_weighting          A weighting selected
qtn_slm_conf_c_weighting          C weighting selected
qtn_slm_conf_dynamic_sel          Dynamic peak value selected
qtn_slm_conf_hold_sel             Peak value hold selected
qtn_slm_conf_reset_sel            Peak value reset
qtn_slm_conf_weighting_off        Noise tuning off
qtn_slm_err_not_allowed           Not allowed
qtn_slm_greater_than_sign         >
qtn_slm_hdr_sound_meter           Sound meter
qtn_slm_hdr_weighting             Noise tuning
qtn_slm_ilist_a_weighting         A weighting
qtn_slm_ilist_c_weighting         C weighting
qtn_slm_list_a_weighting          A weighting
qtn_slm_list_c_weighting          C weighting
qtn_slm_list_weighting            Noise tuning
qtn_slm_list_weighting_off        Off
qtn_slm_smaller_than_sign         <
qtn_sm                            Sleep mode
qtn_smcb_softkey_usedetail        Use info
qtn_smileys_list_content          :-);-);-(:-/:-|:-(:-D:-x:O :-":) ;) :-P:-*:'(8-)%-);-D:-[:-C:-@:->B-);> :-q
qtn_smileys_list_content_icons    :-):-D;-):-(:-P;-(:-|:-/:-O:-*:-x:->B-)%-):-@;->
qtn_smileys_list_insert           Insert smiley
qtn_smileys_setting               Graphical smileys
qtn_smil_hdr_attachments          Attachments
qtn_smil_hdr_objects              Objects
qtn_smil_info_call_in_progress    Unable to play media clips during call
qtn_smil_list_attachments         Attachments
qtn_smil_list_objects             Objects
qtn_smil_list_vcal                Calen. note
qtn_smil_list_vcard               Bus. card
qtn_smil_quest_view_attachments   Message includes attachments. View now?
qtn_smsa_conf_sent                Text message sent
qtn_smsa_err_send_failure         Text message sending failed
qtn_smsa_info_items_queued        Items queued
                                  Queue full.
qtn_smsa_info_memory_full         Start app.
                                  %0N new items
qtn_smsa_notif_msgs_received      %1U
                                  1 new item
qtn_smsa_notif_msg_received       %U
                                  %0N new items
qtn_smsa_notif_msg_recvd_queue    Queued:%2N/%3N
                                  Item rejected.
                                  No space.
qtn_smsa_notif_msg_rejected       %U
qtn_smsa_quest_send               Send text message to
qtn_smsa_quest_send_more          Send %N text messages to
qtn_smsa_wait_sending             Sending text message
qtn_smscb_err_does_not_exist      Message no longer available
qtn_smscb_err_tmany_lang          Up to four languages allowed
qtn_smscb_hdr_add_edit_topic      Topic
qtn_smscb_hdr_edit_topic          Edit topic
qtn_smscb_hdr_erase_topic         Delete topic
qtn_smscb_hdr_info_msgs           Info messages
qtn_smscb_hdr_sim_topic           Topic on SIM
qtn_smscb_ilist_cell_broadcast    Info messages
qtn_smscb_info_all_new_read       No more new messages
qtn_smscb_info_not_receiving      May not be possible when packet data active
qtn_smscb_info_not_saved          Memory full. Delete old messages.
qtn_smscb_info_no_reception       Info message reception not available in this network
qtn_smscb_info_sim_topic_exists   Topic already exists
qtn_smscb_list_cell_broadcast     Info messages
qtn_smscb_quest_erase_sim_topic   Delete topic?
qtn_smscb_quest_erase_topic       Delete topic?
qtn_smscb_quest_repl_topic        Replace the existing topic?
qtn_smscb_softkey_usedetail       Use info
qtn_smscb_softkey_usenumber       Use no.
qtn_smsef_erase_all_from_folder   Delete all messages from %U?
qtn_smsef_erase_from_inbox        Delete all read messages from Inbox?
                                  Delete all unlocked messages from
qtn_smsef_erase_unlocked_folder   %U
qtn_smsef_erase_unlocked_inbox    Delete all unlocked read messages from Inbox?
qtn_smsef_hdr_erase_msgs          Delete msgs.
qtn_smsef_list_all_msgs           All messages
qtn_smsef_list_erase_all          All
qtn_smsef_list_erase_unread       All unread
qtn_smsef_quest_delete_all        Delete all messages from all folders?
qtn_smsef_quest_erase_all         Delete all messages from all folders?
qtn_smsef_quest_erase_unlocked    Delete all unlocked read messages?
qtn_smsef_quest_erase_unread      Delete unread messages from all folders?
qtn_smsef_wait_erasing_messages   Deleting messages
qtn_smsmc_conf_all_cleared        All message counters cleared
qtn_smsmc_conf_entry_erased       Deleted from list
qtn_smsmc_conf_recv_cleared       Received messages counter cleared
qtn_smsmc_conf_sent_cleared       Sent messages counter cleared
qtn_smsmc_hdr_clear_counters      Clear counters
qtn_smsmc_hdr_msg_counter         Message counter
qtn_smsmc_hdr_received_msgs       Received msgs.
qtn_smsmc_hdr_sent_msgs           Sent messages
qtn_smsmc_ilist_message_counter   Message counter
qtn_smsmc_info_not_ready          Message counter not ready
qtn_smsmc_list_clear_all          All
qtn_smsmc_list_clear_recv         Received
qtn_smsmc_list_clear_sent         Sent
qtn_smsmc_list_counter_received   Received messages
qtn_smsmc_list_counter_reset      Clear counters
qtn_smsmc_list_counter_sent       Sent messages
qtn_smsmc_list_empty              List empty
qtn_smsmc_list_message_counter    Message counter
qtn_smsmc_query_del_from_list     Delete from list?
qtn_smsmc_wait_open_list          Opening list
qtn_smsse_auto_resend_first       Resending first attempt
qtn_smsse_auto_resend_second      Resending 2nd attempt
qtn_smsse_auto_resend_third       Resending third attempt
qtn_smsse_conf_font_size_set      Font size selected
qtn_smsse_conf_gprs_set           Setting selected
qtn_smsse_conf_overwrite_set      Setting selected
qtn_smsse_conf_resend_off         Automatic resending off
qtn_smsse_conf_resend_on          Automatic resending on
qtn_smsse_full_email_gateway      E-mail server
qtn_smsse_full_multimedia         Multimedia msgs.
qtn_smsse_full_text_messages      Text messages
qtn_smsse_hdr_auto_resend         Auto-resending
qtn_smsse_hdr_def_profile         Default profile
qtn_smsse_hdr_email_gateway       E-mail server
qtn_smsse_hdr_font_size           Font size
qtn_smsse_hdr_overwrite           Overwriting
qtn_smsse_hdr_text_messages       Text messages
qtn_smsse_hdr_usage_settings      Other settings
qtn_smsse_hdr_use_gprs            Use packet data
qtn_smsse_ilist_multimedia        Multimedia messages
qtn_smsse_ilist_overwrite_off     Not allowed
qtn_smsse_ilist_overwrite_on      Allowed
qtn_smsse_ilist_text_messages     Text messages
qtn_smsse_info_email_server       Update e-mail server
qtn_smsse_info_recipient_number   Update default recipient number
qtn_smsse_list_big_font           Large font
qtn_smsse_list_def_profile        Default profile
qtn_smsse_list_gprs_off           No
qtn_smsse_list_gprs_on            Yes
qtn_smsse_list_multimedia         Multimedia msgs.
qtn_smsse_list_overwrite_off      Not allowed
qtn_smsse_list_overwrite_on       Allowed
qtn_smsse_list_send_settings      Sending profile
qtn_smsse_list_small_font         Small font
qtn_smsse_list_text_messages      Text messages
qtn_smsse_list_usage_settings     Other settings
qtn_smsse_sett_auto_resending     Automatic resending
qtn_smsse_sett_auto_resend_off    Off
qtn_smsse_sett_auto_resend_on     On
qtn_smsse_sett_font_size          Font size
qtn_smsse_sett_over_inbox         Overwriting in Inbox
qtn_smsse_sett_over_outbox        Overwriting in Sent items
qtn_smsse_sett_use_gprs           Use packet data
qtn_smstx_conf_clear_dl           All contacts deleted from list
qtn_smstx_conf_conc_part_saved    One part saved
qtn_smstx_conf_del_old_sim_info   Delete the contacts that refer to an old SIM card?
qtn_smstx_conf_dl_added           Added: %U
qtn_smstx_conf_dl_old_removed     Contacts deleted from distribution lists
qtn_smstx_conf_dl_removed         Deleted: %U
qtn_smstx_conf_email_gw_stored    E-mail server number saved
qtn_smstx_conf_failed_dl_saved    List of unreachable recipients saved
qtn_smstx_conf_recipient_saved    E-mail address saved
qtn_smstx_conf_saved_to_folder    Message saved to %U
qtn_smstx_conf_subject_saved      Subject saved
qtn_smstx_err_dl_name_in_use      Name already in use
qtn_smstx_err_dl_name_reserved    Name already in use
qtn_smstx_err_empty_dl            Distribution list empty
qtn_smstx_err_invalid_email_add   E-mail address not valid
qtn_smstx_err_msg_incomplete      Cannot move. Message not complete.
qtn_smstx_err_no_dl_exist         No lists available
qtn_smstx_err_no_mem_for_new_dl   No space for new list
qtn_smstx_err_number_exists       Number already on list
qtn_smstx_err_rename_incomplete   Cannot rename. Message not complete.
qtn_smstx_err_send_not_allowed    Message sending not allowed
qtn_smstx_err_too_long            Message too long. Delete %N characters.
qtn_smstx_hdr_dl_failed           Undelivered
qtn_smstx_hdr_editor_options      New message
qtn_smstx_hdr_email_addr_query    Msg. recipient
qtn_smstx_hdr_email_subj_query    Message subject
qtn_smstx_hdr_forward_type        Forward
qtn_smstx_hdr_prmpt_list_name     Add list
qtn_smstx_hdr_prmpt_rename_list   Rename list
qtn_smstx_hdr_save_message        Save to folder
qtn_smstx_header_add_folder       Add folder
qtn_smstx_header_rename_folder    Rename folder
qtn_smstx_header_send_message     Send message
qtn_smstx_header_text_editor      New message
qtn_smstx_info_dl_full            Too many recipients. Maximum %N allowed.
qtn_smstx_info_dl_not_working     Distribution lists not available
qtn_smstx_info_long_addr_tr       Address too long and was truncated
qtn_smstx_info_long_nr_tr         Number too long and was truncated
qtn_smstx_info_no_details         No details available
qtn_smstx_list_archive            Saved text msgs.
qtn_smstx_list_dl_add             Add list
qtn_smstx_list_dl_erase           Clear list
qtn_smstx_list_dl_failed          Undelivered
qtn_smstx_list_dl_remove          Delete list
qtn_smstx_list_dl_resend          Resend to list
qtn_smstx_list_dl_view_msg        View message
qtn_smstx_list_edit_email_addr    Edit recipient
qtn_smstx_list_edit_email_subj    Edit subject
qtn_smstx_list_email_title        E-mail
qtn_smstx_list_inbox              Inbox
qtn_smstx_list_msg_name           Message
qtn_smstx_list_outbox             Sent items
qtn_smstx_list_templates          Templates
qtn_smstx_note_emergency_msg      Emergency message
qtn_smstx_notif_emergency_msgs    %N new emergency messages
qtn_smstx_ota_prof_no_support     OTA profiles not supported
qtn_smstx_pict_template_replace   Only one picture allowed. Replace existing?
qtn_smstx_prmpt_dl_name           List name:
qtn_smstx_prmpt_email_serv_nr     E-mail server number:
qtn_smstx_prmpt_fax_number        Fax number:
qtn_smstx_prmpt_pager_number      Pager number:
qtn_smstx_quest_clear_dl          Delete all contacts from list?
qtn_smstx_quest_conc_email        Message has more than %N parts. Send anyway?
qtn_smstx_quest_conc_no_space     Not enough memory. Save partially?
qtn_smstx_quest_dl_not_empty      Distribution list not empty. Delete anyway?
qtn_smstx_quest_erase_all_reps    Delete all delivery reports?
qtn_smstx_quest_erase_rep         Delete delivery report?
qtn_smstx_quest_fold_del_unread   Delete unread messages also?
qtn_smstx_quest_remove_dl         Delete distribution list?
qtn_smstx_quest_replace_orig      Replace original?
qtn_smstx_quest_show_failed_dl    %N messages not sent. Show recipients?
qtn_smstx_quest_still_failed_dl   %N messages not sent
qtn_smstx_time_stamp_saved        %U
qtn_smstx_title_comp_conc_msg     Message cannot be displayed. Header missing.
qtn_smstx_title_email_forward     FW:
qtn_smstx_title_email_reply       RE:
qtn_smstx_wait_moving_conc_msg    Moving message
qtn_smstx_wait_opening            Opening message
qtn_smstx_wait_resend_dl          Resending. %N left.
qtn_smstx_wait_saving             Saving message
qtn_smstx_wait_send_dl            Sending to list. %N left.
qtn_smstx_wait_updating           Updating message
qtn_smstx_warn_dl_new_sim         SIM card changed. Update lists.
qtn_smsvo_conf_clr_voice_icon     Voice message icon cleared
qtn_smsvo_hdr_last_reminder       Details
qtn_smsvo_hdr_voice_menu          Voice messages
qtn_smsvo_header_info             Info
qtn_smsvo_info_invalid_vmn        Voice mailbox number not valid
qtn_smsvo_info_rem_no_data        No details available
qtn_smsvo_list_clr_voice_icon     Clear voice message icon
qtn_smsvo_list_listen             Listen
qtn_smsvo_list_read_info          Info
qtn_sms_app_request_received      Received message will be deleted when read. Continue?
qtn_sms_auto_display              Automatic display
qtn_sms_cause_code                Cause code: %N
qtn_sms_cdma_send_numeric_page    Send numeric page
qtn_sms_cdma_send_to              Send to
qtn_sms_conf_all_removed          All recipients removed
qtn_sms_conf_app_deleted          Deleted: %U
qtn_sms_conf_auto_display_off     Automatic display disabled
qtn_sms_conf_auto_display_on      Automatic display enabled
qtn_sms_conf_auto_saved           Message automatically saved
qtn_sms_conf_cancel_msg_sent      Cancellation request sent
qtn_sms_conf_cant_queue           Too many pending msgs. Save msg. to Drafts?
qtn_sms_conf_def_always_ask       Messages saved on prompt
qtn_sms_conf_def_always_saved     Messages always saved
qtn_sms_conf_def_autosave_off     Messages never saved
qtn_sms_conf_def_callback_off     Callback number not attached
qtn_sms_conf_def_callback_on      Callback number attached
qtn_sms_conf_def_deliv            Selected delivery: Deferred
qtn_sms_conf_def_delivery         Deferred delivery set
qtn_sms_conf_def_deliv_ack_off    Delivery reports will not be sent
qtn_sms_conf_def_deliv_ack_on     Delivery reports will be sent
qtn_sms_conf_def_font_big         Large font selected
qtn_sms_conf_def_font_small       Small font selected
qtn_sms_conf_def_inbox_only       Overwrite in Inbox only
qtn_sms_conf_def_outbox_inbox     Overwrite in Inbox and Sent items
qtn_sms_conf_def_overwrite_off    No overwrite in any folder
qtn_sms_conf_def_priority_nrml    Normal priority selected
qtn_sms_conf_def_priority_urg     Urgent priority selected
                                  Distribution list added:
qtn_sms_conf_dl_added             %U
                                  List cleared:
qtn_sms_conf_dl_cleared           %U
                                  New distribution list created:
qtn_sms_conf_dl_created           %U
                                  List deleted:
qtn_sms_conf_dl_deleted           %U
qtn_sms_conf_dl_renamed           List renamed
qtn_sms_conf_exit_without_save    No space to save message. Exit anyway?
qtn_sms_conf_gmt_stamp_sel        Sending time (GMT) selected
qtn_sms_conf_immed_del            Selected delivery: Immediate
qtn_sms_conf_lockd_msg_saved      Locked message saved to Sent items
qtn_sms_conf_message_locked       Message locked
qtn_sms_conf_message_unlocked     Message unlocked
qtn_sms_conf_msg_cncld            Message sending cancelled
qtn_sms_conf_msg_saved            Message will be saved to Sent items
qtn_sms_conf_msg_sent             Message sent
qtn_sms_conf_new_template_added   New template added
qtn_sms_conf_number_changed       Number changed
qtn_sms_conf_num_added_dl         Number added to list
                                  Number removed:
qtn_sms_conf_num_rmv              %U
qtn_sms_conf_outbox_only          Overwrite in Sent items only
qtn_sms_conf_read_rcpt_off        Read receipt disabled
qtn_sms_conf_read_rcpt_on         Read receipt enabled
qtn_sms_conf_recip_removed        %U
qtn_sms_conf_resend_mem_full      Memory full. Cannot save to Outbox.
qtn_sms_conf_saved_inbox          Saved to Inbox: %U
qtn_sms_conf_saved_outbox         Message saved to Outbox
qtn_sms_conf_saved_to_drafts      Saved to Drafts
qtn_sms_conf_save_phone           Text messages saved to phone
qtn_sms_conf_save_uim             Text messages saved to UIM
qtn_sms_conf_save_uim_phone       Text messages saved to UIM then phone
qtn_sms_conf_sender_blocked       %U
qtn_sms_conf_sender_unblocked     %U
qtn_sms_conf_send_cancl_saved     Sending cancelled. Msg. saved to Outbox.
qtn_sms_conf_send_opt_deact       Sending options deactivated
qtn_sms_conf_setts_reset          R World reset
qtn_sms_conf_sig_attached         Signature attached
qtn_sms_conf_sig_off              Signature disabled
qtn_sms_conf_sig_on               Signature enabled
qtn_sms_conf_unlocked_erased      Unlocked messages deleted
                                  Validity period:
qtn_sms_conf_validity_selected    %U
qtn_sms_drafts                    Drafts
                                  E-mail server:
qtn_sms_email_gateway             %U
qtn_sms_email_picture_removed     Cannot send picture as e-mail. Picture removed.
qtn_sms_err_blocking_failed       Blocking failed
qtn_sms_err_cal_num_emt_no_sent   Callback number emtpy and not sent
qtn_sms_err_dest_invalid          Destination invalid or serv. blocked: %U
qtn_sms_err_dl_too_many_recip     Too many recipients. Distribution list not added.
qtn_sms_err_email_too_long        E-mail address too long
qtn_sms_err_gen_probs             Delivery failed. General problems.
qtn_sms_err_invalid_date          Invalid date
qtn_sms_err_invalid_phone_num     Invalid phone number
qtn_sms_err_invalid_time          Invalid time
qtn_sms_err_locked_cannot_erase   Message locked. Cannot delete.
qtn_sms_err_max_recip_reached     Maximum number of recipients reached (%N)
qtn_sms_err_msg_long              Delivery failed. Msg. too long for network.
qtn_sms_err_msg_not_delivered     Message not delivered
qtn_sms_err_msg_too_long          Too long. Delete %N characters.
qtn_sms_err_ntwk_problems         Delivery failed. Network problems.
qtn_sms_err_num_duplicate_dl      Number already added
qtn_sms_err_sender_too_long       Sender details too long
qtn_sms_err_serv_unavail          Delivery failed. Service unavailable.
qtn_sms_err_serv_unsupport        Delivery failed. Service not supported.
qtn_sms_err_too_long             Delivery failed. Msg. too long for network.
qtn_sms_err_too_long_network     Message too long
qtn_sms_err_unblocking_failed    Unblocking failed
qtn_sms_err_unsbscrb_cntnt       Content not supported
qtn_sms_err_valid_dates          Must be delivered within %U days
qtn_sms_full_create_template     Create template
qtn_sms_full_create_text         Create text msg.
qtn_sms_full_def_callback        Send callback number
qtn_sms_full_def_delivery_ack    Delivery reports
qtn_sms_full_def_font_size       Message font size
qtn_sms_full_def_msg_overwrite   Message overwriting
qtn_sms_full_def_msg_save        Save to Sent items as sending
qtn_sms_full_def_priority        Priority
qtn_sms_full_def_signature       Signature
qtn_sms_full_global_settings     Message settings
qtn_sms_full_insert_template     Insert template
qtn_sms_full_message_blocking    Message blocking
qtn_sms_full_phone_only          Phone only
qtn_sms_full_reset_app_sett      Reset R World
qtn_sms_full_uim_only            UIM card only
qtn_sms_full_uim_phone           Save to UIM then phone if mem. full
qtn_sms_hdr_add_folder           Add folder
qtn_sms_hdr_add_recipient        Add recipient
qtn_sms_hdr_app_details          Message details
qtn_sms_hdr_auto_display         Auto-display
qtn_sms_hdr_block                Block
qtn_sms_hdr_contact_name         %U
qtn_sms_hdr_create_msg           Create message
qtn_sms_hdr_date_time            Set date/time
qtn_sms_hdr_default_callback     Callback number
qtn_sms_hdr_default_deliv_ack    Delivery reports
qtn_sms_hdr_default_priority     Message priority
qtn_sms_hdr_def_deliv            Deferred delivery
qtn_sms_hdr_delivered            Delivered
qtn_sms_hdr_dl_name              %U
qtn_sms_hdr_email_addr_list      E-mail addresses
qtn_sms_hdr_extr_details         Use detail
qtn_sms_hdr_global_settings      Msg. settings
qtn_sms_hdr_insert_number        Insert number
qtn_sms_hdr_message_blocking     Msg. blocking
qtn_sms_hdr_message_type         Message type
qtn_sms_hdr_messaging_font       Font size
qtn_sms_hdr_msg_details          Message details
qtn_sms_hdr_msg_overwriting      Overwriting
qtn_sms_hdr_msg_status           Message status
qtn_sms_hdr_num_of_msgs          No. of messages
qtn_sms_hdr_other_zone           Other zone
qtn_sms_hdr_priority             Priority
qtn_sms_hdr_read_receipt         Read receipt
qtn_sms_hdr_recipients           Recipients
qtn_sms_hdr_save_as               Save to
qtn_sms_hdr_save_incoming         Save incoming to
qtn_sms_hdr_save_sent_msgs        Save sent msgs.
qtn_sms_hdr_save_when_send        Save to S. items
qtn_sms_hdr_select_email          Select e-mail
qtn_sms_hdr_select_email_addr     E-mail addresses
qtn_sms_hdr_select_number         Select number
qtn_sms_hdr_select_web_links      Web links
qtn_sms_hdr_sender_type           Sender type
qtn_sms_hdr_sending_options       Sending options
qtn_sms_hdr_send_numeric_page     Send page
qtn_sms_hdr_send_settings         Sending options
qtn_sms_hdr_send_to               Send to:
qtn_sms_hdr_signature             Signature
qtn_sms_hdr_text_messages         Text messages
qtn_sms_hdr_time_zone             Time zone
qtn_sms_hdr_url_addr_list         Web addresses
qtn_sms_hdr_usage_settings        Other settings
qtn_sms_hdr_validity              Validity period
qtn_sms_header_centre_number      Message centre
qtn_sms_header_msg_profile        Sending profile
qtn_sms_header_not_sent           Outbox
qtn_sms_header_rename_message     Rename msg.
qtn_sms_ilist_1_h                 1 hour
qtn_sms_ilist_1_week              1 week
qtn_sms_ilist_24_h                24 hours
qtn_sms_ilist_6_h                 6 hours
qtn_sms_ilist_72_h                3 days
qtn_sms_ilist_fax_3               Fax
qtn_sms_ilist_maximum             Maximum time
qtn_sms_ilist_normal_sms          Text
qtn_sms_ilist_paging              Paging
qtn_sms_ilist_text_message        Text messages
qtn_sms_info_blocked_list_empty   Blocked list empty
qtn_sms_info_cannot_reply         Cannot reply to own number
qtn_sms_info_cant_forward_bill    Cannot forward billing information message
qtn_sms_info_cant_rename_bill     Cannot rename billing information message
qtn_sms_info_cant_reply_bill      Cannot reply to billing information message
qtn_sms_info_cant_save_to_temp    Cannot save to Templates folder
qtn_sms_info_delivered_to         Delivered to:
qtn_sms_info_delivery_failed      Not sent to:
qtn_sms_info_email_gms_ems        Cannot send to e-mail. Check content or length.
qtn_sms_info_emerg_rcvd           Emerg. msg. from %U
qtn_sms_info_end_call_first       End call first
qtn_sms_info_extr_not_found       No addresses found
qtn_sms_info_max_contacts         Memory full. Delete an existing contact.
qtn_sms_info_max_fldrs_reached    Maximum number of folders reached
qtn_sms_info_max_lists            Memory full. Delete an existing distrib. list.
qtn_sms_info_max_num_char_reach   Maximum number of characters reached
qtn_sms_info_mem_full             Phone memory full. Cannot move message.
qtn_sms_info_message_discarded   Message discarded
qtn_sms_info_msg_not_available   Message no longer available
qtn_sms_info_msg_rcvd            New msg. from %U
qtn_sms_info_no_details_avail    No details available for billing infor-mation msg.
qtn_sms_info_no_read             No read messages available
qtn_sms_info_no_read_unlock      No read, unlocked messages available
qtn_sms_info_no_sender_found     No sender found
qtn_sms_info_no_unread           No unread messages available
qtn_sms_info_no_unread_unlock    No unread, unlocked messages available
qtn_sms_info_perm_failure        Permanent failure. Cannot resend.
qtn_sms_info_urg_rcvd            Urgent msg. from %U
qtn_sms_list_1hour               1 hour
qtn_sms_list_24hours             24 hours
qtn_sms_list_3days               3 days
qtn_sms_list_5days               5 days
qtn_sms_list_6hours              6 hours
qtn_sms_list_add_contact         Add contact
qtn_sms_list_add_dist            Add distrib. list
qtn_sms_list_add_email_to_name   Add to name
qtn_sms_list_add_recipient       Add recipient
qtn_sms_list_am                  am
qtn_sms_list_app_number          Number: %U
qtn_sms_list_app_param           Parameters: %U
qtn_sms_list_app_suite           Suite: %U
qtn_sms_list_app_title           Title: %U
qtn_sms_list_app_url             URL: %U
qtn_sms_list_app_vendor          Vendor: %U
qtn_sms_list_app_version         Version: %U
qtn_sms_list_auto_display_off    Off
qtn_sms_list_auto_display_on     On
qtn_sms_list_block               Block
qtn_sms_list_block_sender        Block sender
qtn_sms_list_cancel              Cancel
qtn_sms_list_cancel_message      Cancel message
qtn_sms_list_clear_dl            Clear list
qtn_sms_list_create_dl           Create new list
qtn_sms_list_date_time           Set date/time
qtn_sms_list_def_always_ask      Always prompt
qtn_sms_list_def_always_save     Always save
qtn_sms_list_def_autosave_off    Off
qtn_sms_list_def_callback_off    Off
qtn_sms_list_def_callback_on     On
qtn_sms_list_def_deliv_ack_off   Off
qtn_sms_list_def_deliv_ack_on    On
qtn_sms_list_def_deliv_current   Current
qtn_sms_list_def_deliv_home      Home
qtn_sms_list_def_deliv_other     Other
qtn_sms_list_def_inbox_only      Inbox only
qtn_sms_list_def_outbox_inbox    S. items & Inbox
qtn_sms_list_def_outbox_only     Sent items only
qtn_sms_list_def_overwrite_off    Off
qtn_sms_list_def_priority_nrml    Normal
qtn_sms_list_def_priority_urg     Urgent
qtn_sms_list_def_send_opts        Sending options
qtn_sms_list_def_usage_opts       Other settings
qtn_sms_list_delete               Delete
qtn_sms_list_delete_dl            Delete list
qtn_sms_list_dl                   Distribution list
qtn_sms_list_dl_name              %U
qtn_sms_list_edit_extracted_num   Edit number
qtn_sms_list_edit_text            Edit text
qtn_sms_list_email_address        E-mail address
qtn_sms_list_empty                (empty)
qtn_sms_list_enter_text           Enter text
qtn_sms_list_extr_email_addr      E-mail address
qtn_sms_list_extr_numbers         Number
qtn_sms_list_extr_num_email_url   Use detail
qtn_sms_list_extr_url             Web address
qtn_sms_list_launch               Open
qtn_sms_list_lock_message         Lock
qtn_sms_list_message_details      Message details
qtn_sms_list_msg_details          Message details
qtn_sms_list_msg_status           Message status
qtn_sms_list_num_of_msgs          No. of messages
qtn_sms_list_off                  Off
qtn_sms_list_on                   On
qtn_sms_list_open_dl              Open list
qtn_sms_list_open_rmenu           Open R-Menu
qtn_sms_list_phone                Phone
qtn_sms_list_phone_number         Phone number
qtn_sms_list_pictures             Pictures
qtn_sms_list_pm                   pm
qtn_sms_list_remove_all           Remove all
qtn_sms_list_remove_recip         Remove %U
qtn_sms_list_rename_dl            Rename list
qtn_sms_list_reset_app_sett       Reset R-Menu
qtn_sms_list_ruim_card            UIM card
qtn_sms_list_save                 Save
qtn_sms_list_save_as_dl           Save all to list
qtn_sms_list_save_as_draft        Save as draft
qtn_sms_list_save_bookmark        Add bookmark
qtn_sms_list_save_draft           Drafts
qtn_sms_list_save_email_to_pb     Save
qtn_sms_list_save_recipient       Save recipient
qtn_sms_list_save_template        Templates
qtn_sms_list_sending_options      Sending options
qtn_sms_list_send_email           Send e-mail
qtn_sms_list_send_msg_dl          Send message
qtn_sms_list_status_cancelled     Cancelled
qtn_sms_list_status_delivered     Delivered
qtn_sms_list_status_failed        Failed
qtn_sms_list_status_pending       Pending
qtn_sms_list_status_read          Read
qtn_sms_list_status_sent          Sent
qtn_sms_list_status_unsent        Unsent
qtn_sms_list_templates            Templates
qtn_sms_list_time_zone_alaska     Alaska
qtn_sms_list_time_zone_arizona    Arizona
qtn_sms_list_time_zone_atlantic   Atlantic
qtn_sms_list_time_zone_central    Central
qtn_sms_list_time_zone_eastern    Eastern
qtn_sms_list_time_zone_hawaii     Hawaii
qtn_sms_list_time_zone_mountain   Mountain
qtn_sms_list_time_zone_nfland     Newfoundland
qtn_sms_list_time_zone_pacific    Pacific
qtn_sms_list_tone_personal        Ringing tone
qtn_sms_list_unblock              Unblock
qtn_sms_list_unknown              Unknown
qtn_sms_list_unlock_message       Unlock
qtn_sms_list_use_content          Use
qtn_sms_list_view_details         View details
qtn_sms_list_view_recip           View %U
qtn_sms_note_fm_cant_send         Unable to send when flight profile activated
qtn_sms_notif_1_emerg_msg         1 emerg. message
qtn_sms_notif_1_message           1 message
qtn_sms_notif_1_urg_msg           1 urgent msg.
qtn_sms_notif_ack_delivered       Message delivered
qtn_sms_notif_almost_full         Message memory almost full
qtn_sms_notif_emerg_msg           Emerg. msg.: %U
qtn_sms_notif_fail_retry          Message failed. Retry? %U
qtn_sms_notif_mem_almost_full     Message memory almost full
                                  Message delivered to:
qtn_sms_notif_msg_delivered_to    %U
qtn_sms_notif_new_msg             Msg.: %U
qtn_sms_notif_no_space_uim        UIM full. No space for new text msgs.
qtn_sms_notif_n_emerg_msgs        %N emerg. msgs.
qtn_sms_notif_n_messages          %N messages
qtn_sms_notif_n_urg_msgs          %N urgent msgs.
qtn_sms_notif_service_msg         R World message received
qtn_sms_notif_uim_almost_full     UIM memory almost full
qtn_sms_notif_urg_msg             Urgent msg.: %U
qtn_sms_notif_u_serv_msgs         %N R World messages received
qtn_sms_not_sent                  Outbox
qtn_sms_option_edit               Edit
qtn_sms_picts_list_use_as_scrs    Set as s. saver
qtn_sms_prmpt_block_sender        Block:
qtn_sms_prmpt_date                Date (MMDD):
qtn_sms_prmpt_dl_name             List name:
qtn_sms_prmpt_extracted_num       Number:
qtn_sms_prmpt_rename_dl           Rename list:
qtn_sms_prmpt_sig                 Signature:
qtn_sms_prmpt_time                Time:
                                  Send message to distrib. list?
qtn_sms_query_send_to_dl          %U
                                  Clear distribution list?
qtn_sms_quest_clear_dl            %U
qtn_sms_quest_delete_app          Delete %U?
                                  Delete distribution list?
qtn_sms_quest_delete_dl           %U
qtn_sms_quest_deliv_off           Delivery report will not be sent. Continue?
qtn_sms_quest_del_ack_off         Delivery report will not be received. Continue?
qtn_sms_quest_dest_invalid        Destination address invalid or service blocked: %U
                                  Delete all unlocked messages from
qtn_sms_quest_erase_blk_msgs      %U?
qtn_sms_quest_fail_retry          Message failed. Retry? %U
qtn_sms_quest_gen_probs           Delivery failed. General problems.
qtn_sms_quest_gms_phone           Graphical messages can only be saved to phone. Continue?
qtn_sms_quest_lock_del            Folder contains locked messages. Delete anyway?
qtn_sms_quest_msg_long            Delivery failed. Message too long for network.
qtn_sms_quest_msg_move            Msg. to be moved from UIM to phone. Cannot be moved back. Ok?
qtn_sms_quest_no_settings_avail   Cannot use sending options for picture. Attach anyway?
qtn_sms_quest_ntwk_problems       Delivery failed. Network problems.
qtn_sms_quest_remove_all          Remove all message recipients?
                                  Remove recipient?
qtn_sms_quest_remove_recip        %U
qtn_sms_quest_resend_msg          Resend message to recipient(s)?
qtn_sms_quest_reset_app           Reset R World?
qtn_sms_quest_retry               Delivery failed. Try again?
                                  Remove number?
qtn_sms_quest_rmv_num             %U
qtn_sms_quest_save_message        Save message or discard?
qtn_sms_quest_save_on             Sent messages will always be saved. Continue?
qtn_sms_quest_save_to_outbox      Save message to Sent items?
qtn_sms_quest_send_failed         Msg. not sent. Try later: %U
qtn_sms_quest_send_msg            Send message to recipient(s)?
                                  Send message to distribution list?
qtn_sms_quest_send_to_list        %U
qtn_sms_quest_serv_unavail        Delivery failed. Service unavailable.
qtn_sms_quest_serv_unsupport      Delivery failed. Service not supported.
qtn_sms_quest_settings_not_used   Cannot use sending options for picture. Attach anyway?
qtn_sms_quest_sv_outbox           Message must be saved to Sent items. Save when sending?
qtn_sms_quest_unable_add_recip    Unable to add all recipients. Add maximum number allowed?
qtn_sms_quest_unable_send         Unable to send message
qtn_sms_quest_unblock_sender      %U?
qtn_sms_quest_use_local_time      Use local time? (Press 'No' to use GMT time).
qtn_sms_send_to_list              Send to distrib. list
qtn_sms_service_not_yet_ready     Service not available yet. You will receive a text message when it is
qtn_sms_sett_def_deliv            Deferred delivery
qtn_sms_sett_drafts               Drafts
qtn_sms_sett_message_blocking     Message blocking
qtn_sms_sett_num_of_msgs          (%N)
qtn_sms_sett_pred_text            Predictive text
qtn_sms_sett_read_receipt         Read receipt
qtn_sms_sett_save_incoming        Save incoming text messages
qtn_sms_sett_save_sent_msgs       Save sent messages
qtn_sms_sett_send_numeric_page    Send numeric page
qtn_sms_sett_validity             Validity period
qtn_sms_softk_discard             Discard
qtn_sms_templ_conf_copied         Copied to: %U
qtn_sms_templ_conf_restored       Original template restored
qtn_sms_templ_err_no_room         No space for new pictures
qtn_sms_temp_11                   I'm busy right now. I'll call you later.
qtn_sms_tick_drafts               Drafts
qtn_sms_tick_inbox                Inbox
qtn_sms_tick_outbox               Outbox
qtn_sms_tick_sent_items           Sent items
qtn_sms_tick_signature            Signature
qtn_sms_title                     Text msg.
qtn_sms_tone_type_set_off         Message alert tone off
qtn_sms_t_num_of_msgs             (%0N/%1N)
qtn_sms_t_status_cancelled        Cancelled:
qtn_sms_t_status_delivered        Successfully delivered:
qtn_sms_t_status_failed           Failed:
qtn_sms_t_status_read             Read:
qtn_sms_t_status_submitted        Submitted:
qtn_sms_t_status_waiting          Waiting for digital service to send
qtn_sms_urgent_msgs_received      %N urgent messages received
qtn_sms_urgent_msg_received       1 urgent message received
qtn_sms_urn_fm_savetoeditor       Msg. saved to editor. No space in folders.
qtn_sms_urn_invalid_recipient     Invalid recipient: %U
qtn_sms_urn_msg_move              Message will be moved from UIM card to phone and cannot be move
qtn_sms_urn_msg_too_long_email    Message too long due to recipient e-mail address. Remove %N char
qtn_sms_urn_must_save             Message must be saved to Sent items to receive a delivery report
qtn_sms_urn_recip_num_long        Number too long to add to message %U
qtn_sms_urn_rw_incall_nolaunch    Cannot launch R World during a call
qtn_sms_wait_blocking_sender      Blocking sender
qtn_sms_wait_block_email          Blocking e-mail address
qtn_sms_wait_block_number         Blocking phone no.
qtn_sms_wait_del_msgs             Deleting messages
qtn_sms_wait_erase_sender_msgs    Deleting messages
qtn_sms_wait_loading              Loading
qtn_sms_wait_open_outbox          Opening Outbox
qtn_sms_wait_retrieving_blocked   Retrieving blocked list
qtn_sms_wait_return_to_folder     Returning to folder
qtn_sms_wait_sending_cancel_msg   Sending request
qtn_sms_wait_unblock_email        Unblocking e-mail address
qtn_sms_wait_unblock_number       Unblocking phone no.
qtn_sm_off                        Sleep mode off
qtn_sm_on                         Sleep mode on
qtn_snot_1_message_received     1 message
qtn_snot_1_missed_call          1 missed call
qtn_snot_info_open_to_operate   Open slide to continue
qtn_snot_n_missed_calls         %N missed calls
qtn_snot_n_new_messages         %N messages
qtn_snot_you_have               You have:
qtn_sofk_postpone               Delay
qtn_softkey_activate            Activate
qtn_softkey_add_folder          Add fold.
qtn_softkey_add_new             Add new
qtn_softkey_bt_connect          Connect
qtn_softkey_bt_pair             Pair
qtn_softkey_bt_pair_new         New
qtn_softkey_buy                 Buy
qtn_softkey_copy_to             Copy to
qtn_softkey_delete              Delete
qtn_softkey_discard             Discard
qtn_softkey_disconnect          Disconn.
qtn_softkey_dismiss             Dismiss
qtn_softkey_download            Downl.
qtn_softkey_enter_cmcc          Enter
qtn_softkey_history             History
qtn_softkey_im_login            Login
qtn_softkey_im_login_aol        Sign on
qtn_softkey_im_login_icq        Connect
qtn_softkey_insert              Insert
qtn_softkey_lock                Lock
qtn_softkey_lunar_festival      Lunar festival
qtn_softkey_make_note           Add note
qtn_softkey_move                Move
qtn_softkey_move_to             Move to
qtn_softkey_new                 New
qtn_softkey_notep_add_note      Add note
qtn_softkey_ok                  OK
qtn_softkey_pause               Pause
qtn_softkey_remove              Delete
qtn_softkey_reset_direction     Reset
qtn_softkey_retrieve            Retrieve
qtn_softkey_save_to             Save to
qtn_softkey_set                 Set
qtn_softkey_undo                Undo
qtn_softkey_use                 Set
qtn_softkey_use_template        Use
qtn_softk_accept                Accept
qtn_softk_activate              Activate
qtn_softk_add                   Add
qtn_softk_add_contact           Add new
qtn_softk_add_new               Add new
qtn_softk_adjust                Adjust
qtn_softk_apply           Apply
qtn_softk_cancel          Cancel
qtn_softk_change_dir      Direction
qtn_softk_chat            Chat
qtn_softk_chat_aol        Send IM
qtn_softk_chat_icq        Open
qtn_softk_chat_vf         Start
qtn_softk_chat_with       Chat
qtn_softk_chat_with_aol   Send to
qtn_softk_chat_with_icq   Send to
qtn_softk_chat_with_vf    Start
qtn_softk_collapse        Collapse
qtn_softk_connect         Connect
qtn_softk_continue        Contin.
qtn_softk_copy            Copy
qtn_softk_create          New list
qtn_softk_crop            Crop
qtn_softk_delete          Delete
qtn_softk_details         Details
qtn_softk_disconnect      Disconn.
qtn_softk_dismiss         Dismiss
qtn_softk_expand          Expand
qtn_softk_gallery         Gallery
qtn_softk_help            Help
qtn_softk_ignore          Ignore
qtn_softk_info            Info
qtn_softk_insert_name     Insert
qtn_softk_install         Install
qtn_softk_invite          Invite
qtn_softk_join            Join
qtn_softk_members         Members
qtn_softk_new             New
qtn_softk_next            Next
qtn_softk_open_theme      Open
qtn_softk_option_ls       Options
qtn_softk_refresh         Refresh
qtn_softk_renew           Renew
qtn_softk_resend          Resend
qtn_softk_retry           Retry
qtn_softk_retry_sending   Retry
qtn_softk_run             Start
qtn_softk_select_ls       Sel.
qtn_softk_send_to         Send to
qtn_softk_shorten_text    Shorten
qtn_softk_skip            Skip
qtn_softk_sms             SMS
qtn_softk_start                   Start
qtn_softk_talk                    Talk
qtn_softk_tariff_cmcc             Tariff
qtn_softk_time_of_call            Call time
qtn_softk_ucsk_call_log           Call log
qtn_softk_unblock                 Unblock
qtn_softk_unblock_aol             Unblock
qtn_softk_unblock_icq             Unblock
qtn_softk_unblock_yah             Unignore
qtn_softk_unmark                  Unmark
qtn_softk_use                     Use
qtn_softk_use_detail              Use
qtn_softk_view_number             View
qtn_softk_write                   Write
qtn_soft_java_dismiss             Dismiss
qtn_soft_memory_almost_full       Phone memory almost full. Delete items.
qtn_spdia_quest_activate          Speed dialling off. Activate it now?
qtn_speedkey_conf_assigned        Function assigned to speed key
qtn_speedkey_conf_deleted         Function removed from speed key
qtn_speedkey_opt_delete           Remove
qtn_speedkey_opt_function         Application
qtn_speedkey_opt_number           Phone number
qtn_speedkey_query_delete         Remove function from speed key?
qtn_sportextras_hdr               Sports
qtn_sportextras_menu              Sports
qtn_spr_alarm_call_ended          Call ended
qtn_spr_alarm_total_time          Total:
qtn_spr_ams_conf_anim_saved       Saved to Animations. Shop again?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_apps_saved       Saved to Applications. Shop again?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_app_paused       Application paused. Exit?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_data_overwrite   Existing data will be deleted. Continue?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_downl_failed     Download not successful
qtn_spr_ams_conf_dynamic_saved    Saved to %U. Continue shopping?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_erase            Delete %U?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_erase_use_left   Remaining uses will be deleted. Are you sure?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_eras_cont_down   %N will be deleted. Download?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_expired_erase    Delete expired file?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_expired_shop     Application expired. Shop again?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_file_saved       File saved. Shop again?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_games_saved      Saved to Games. Shop again?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_game_paused      Game paused. Exit?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_handlr_unknown   Unknown file type. Download content appli-cation?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_image_saved      Saved to Images. Shop again?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_memory_full      Need %N space to download. Select items to delete?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_mime_not_supp    MIME type not supported. Continue?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_non_trust        File integrity not guaranteed. Continue?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_other_saved      Saved to Other. Shop again?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_run_app_date     Expires on %U. Run application?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_run_app_use      1 use remaining. Run application?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_run_app_uses     %N uses remaining. Run application?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_search_web       No content available. Search web?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_tones_saved      Saved to Tones. Shop again?
qtn_spr_ams_conf_usage_exp_date   Expiry date: %U
qtn_spr_ams_conf_usage_info       %N uses left
qtn_spr_ams_conf_usage_info_one   1 use left
qtn_spr_ams_err_901_insuff_mem    901 not enough memory
qtn_spr_ams_err_903_svc_loss      903 loss of service
qtn_spr_ams_err_904_jar_size      904 content size mismatch
qtn_spr_ams_err_905_attribute     905 attribute mismatch
qtn_spr_ams_err_906_invalid_jad   906 invalid descriptor
qtn_spr_ams_err_907_server_err    907 server error
qtn_spr_ams_err_908_inv_token     908 invalid token
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_animations        Animations
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_applications      Applications
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_data_access       Data access
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_downloads         Gallery
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_erase_items       Delete items
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_file_info         File info
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_games             Games
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_group_logo        Group logo
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_images            Images
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_memory            Memory
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_online_info       Online info
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_other             Other
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_sort              Sort
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_tones             Tones
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_usage_info        Usage info
qtn_spr_ams_hdr_use_as            Use as
qtn_spr_ams_info_902_dl_canc      902 download cancelled
qtn_spr_ams_info_read_only_file   File is read-only
qtn_spr_ams_list_info_desc        Description
qtn_spr_ams_list_info_domain      Domain
                                  Free memory:
qtn_spr_ams_list_info_free_mem    %N kB
qtn_spr_ams_list_info_name        Name
qtn_spr_ams_list_info_size        Size
qtn_spr_ams_list_info_unavailab   Unavailable
                                  Used memory:
qtn_spr_ams_list_info_used_mem    %N kB
qtn_spr_ams_list_info_vendor      Vendor
qtn_spr_ams_list_info_version     Version
qtn_spr_ams_main_downloads        Gallery
qtn_spr_ams_note_cust_tone_sel    Custom tone set
qtn_spr_ams_note_download_canc    Download cancelled
qtn_spr_ams_note_erase_anim       Animation deleted
qtn_spr_ams_note_erase_app        Application deleted
qtn_spr_ams_note_erase_canceled   Deleting cancelled
qtn_spr_ams_note_erase_file       File deleted
qtn_spr_ams_note_erase_game       Game deleted
qtn_spr_ams_note_erase_image      Image deleted
qtn_spr_ams_note_erase_tone       Tone deleted
qtn_spr_ams_note_file_replaced    File replaced
qtn_spr_ams_note_goodbye_sel      Goodbye logo set for use
qtn_spr_ams_note_group_sel        Group logo set
qtn_spr_ams_note_handlr_install   Plug-in installed
qtn_spr_ams_note_invalid_descr    Invalid descriptor
qtn_spr_ams_note_mess_alert_sel   Profile message alert set
qtn_spr_ams_note_newer_version    New version already saved
qtn_spr_ams_note_new_ver_saved    New version saved
qtn_spr_ams_note_older_version    Old version already saved
qtn_spr_ams_note_replace_cancel   Replacement cancelled
qtn_spr_ams_note_ring_tone_sel    Profile ringing tone set
qtn_spr_ams_note_same_version     Version already saved
qtn_spr_ams_note_saved_anim       Saved to Animations
qtn_spr_ams_note_saved_apps       Saved to Applications
qtn_spr_ams_note_saved_games      Saved to Games
qtn_spr_ams_note_saved_images     Saved to Images
qtn_spr_ams_note_saved_other      Saved to Other
qtn_spr_ams_note_saved_tones      Saved to Tones
qtn_spr_ams_note_screensvr_sel    Profile screen saver set
qtn_spr_ams_notif_new_app         New app. received: %U
qtn_spr_ams_notif_new_file        New file received: %U
qtn_spr_ams_notif_new_game        New game received: %U
                                  Uses left: %0N
qtn_spr_ams_quest_date_uses_exp   Run now?
qtn_spr_ams_sel_allowed           Allowed
qtn_spr_ams_sel_animations        Animations
qtn_spr_ams_sel_applications      Applications
qtn_spr_ams_sel_ask               Ask
qtn_spr_ams_sel_data_access       Data access
qtn_spr_ams_sel_details           Details
qtn_spr_ams_sel_erase             Delete
qtn_spr_ams_sel_file_info         File info
qtn_spr_ams_sel_games             Games
qtn_spr_ams_sel_get_new           Get new
qtn_spr_ams_sel_group_logo        As group logo
qtn_spr_ams_sel_images            Images
qtn_spr_ams_sel_memory            Memory
qtn_spr_ams_sel_not_allowed       Not allowed
qtn_spr_ams_sel_online_info       Online info
qtn_spr_ams_sel_open              Open
qtn_spr_ams_sel_other             Other
qtn_spr_ams_sel_play              Play
qtn_spr_ams_sel_replace           Replace
qtn_spr_ams_sel_restore           Restore
qtn_spr_ams_sel_run               Run
qtn_spr_ams_sel_save_new          Save new
qtn_spr_ams_sel_screensaver       As screen saver
qtn_spr_ams_sel_sort              Sort
qtn_spr_ams_sel_sort_by_date      By date
qtn_spr_ams_sel_sort_by_name      By name
qtn_spr_ams_sel_sort_by_size      By size
qtn_spr_ams_sel_sort_by_type      By type
qtn_spr_ams_sel_tones             Tones
qtn_spr_ams_sel_usage_info        Usage info
qtn_spr_ams_sel_use_alert_tone    As message alert
qtn_spr_ams_sel_use_as            Use
qtn_spr_ams_sel_use_call_grp      For caller groups
qtn_spr_ams_sel_use_cust_tone     As custom tone
qtn_spr_ams_sel_use_ring_tone     Ringing tone
qtn_spr_ams_sel_view              View
qtn_spr_ams_wait_cancelling       Cancelling
qtn_spr_ams_wait_downloading      Downloading
qtn_spr_ams_wait_init_download    Initiating download
qtn_spr_ams_wait_playing          Playing %U
qtn_spr_ams_wait_sorting          Sorting
qtn_spr_calling_account_info      Account info
qtn_spr_calling_ser_prov          Service provider
qtn_spr_csysl_conf_srvc_ton_off   Service change tones off
qtn_spr_csysl_conf_srvc_ton_on    Service change tones on
qtn_spr_csysl_fwsc_rm_ring_off    Off
qtn_spr_csysl_fwsc_rm_ring_on     On
qtn_spr_csysl_fwsc_roam_ringer    Roam call ringing tone
qtn_spr_csysl_fws_roaming         Roaming
qtn_spr_csysl_hdr_roaming_tone    Roam call tone
qtn_spr_csysl_hdr_srvc_tones      Change tones
qtn_spr_csysl_ind_analog          Analogue
qtn_spr_csysl_list_srvc_ton_off   Off
qtn_spr_csysl_list_srvc_ton_on    On
qtn_spr_csysl_note_rm_ring_off    Roam call tone off
qtn_spr_csysl_note_rm_ring_on     Roam call tone on
qtn_spr_csysl_sett_srvc_tones     Service change tones
                                  Phone off.
qtn_spr_emer_phoneoff_batt_full   Battery full.
                                  Phone off.
qtn_spr_emer_phone_off_charge     Charging.
qtn_spr_extview_3g_active         Icon indicates that 3G is active
qtn_spr_extview_3g_dormant        Icon indicates that 3G is dormant
qtn_spr_extview_3g_inactive       Icon indicates that 3G is inactive
qtn_spr_extview_alarm             Icon indicates that the alarm in Calendar is set
qtn_spr_extview_bluetooth         Icon indicates that Bluetooth is active
qtn_spr_extview_calls_not_poss    Icon indicates that making calls is not possible
qtn_spr_extview_cam               Icon indicates that the camera is ready for use
qtn_spr_extview_cam_econ          Icon indicates that camera image quality is set to low
qtn_spr_extview_cam_flash         Icon indicates that the image in the camera viewfinder was captured
qtn_spr_extview_cam_high          Icon indicates that camera image quality is set to high
qtn_spr_extview_cam_inactive      Icon indicates that the camera is not ready for use.
qtn_spr_extview_cam_norm          Icon indicates that camera image quality is set to normal
qtn_spr_extview_cam_timer       Icon indicates that the self-timer is being used for the camera
qtn_spr_extview_countdown       Icon indicates that the countdown timer is active
qtn_spr_extview_digital         Icon indicates that the phone is operating in digital mode
qtn_spr_extview_encrypt_off     Icon indicates that encryption is off
qtn_spr_extview_encrypt_on      Icon indicates that encryption is on
qtn_spr_extview_gps_off         Icon indicates that GPS is off
qtn_spr_extview_gps_on          Icon indicates that GPS is on
qtn_spr_extview_headset         Icon indicates that a headset is connected
qtn_spr_extview_ihf             Icon indicates that the speakerphone is active
qtn_spr_extview_inbox_full      Icon indicates that your Inbox is full
qtn_spr_extview_in_call         Icon indicates an incoming call, call-in-progress, or missed call
qtn_spr_extview_ir_active       Icon indicates that Infrared is active
qtn_spr_extview_keyguard        Icon indicates that the keyguard is active
qtn_spr_extview_message         Icon indicates that you have an unread text message in the Inbox
qtn_spr_extview_outbox          Icon indicates that there are unsent messages in the Outbox
qtn_spr_extview_packet_data     Icon indicates that packet data is being delivered to the phone
qtn_spr_extview_query           Icon indicates that normal text input will occur for current query
qtn_spr_extview_radio           Icon indicates that the radio is active
qtn_spr_extview_roaming         Icon indicates that the phone is roaming
qtn_spr_extview_roam_non_pref   Icon indicates that the phone is roaming on a non-preferred system
qtn_spr_extview_silent          Icon indicates that the phone is in silent mode
qtn_spr_extview_stopwatch       Icon indicates that the stopwatch is active
qtn_spr_extview_t9              Icon indicates that predictive text is active for the current query
qtn_spr_extview_vibra_on        Icon indicates that the phone's vibrating alert is enabled
qtn_spr_extview_vm0             Icon indicates that you have new voicemail
qtn_spr_hdr_3g_status           3G status
qtn_spr_hdr_alarm               Alarm
qtn_spr_hdr_bluetooth           Bluetooth
qtn_spr_hdr_brows_ver           Browser version
qtn_spr_hdr_call_status         Call status
qtn_spr_hdr_camera              Camera
qtn_spr_hdr_camera_quality      Camera quality
qtn_spr_hdr_chan                Channel
qtn_spr_hdr_countdown           Countdown
qtn_spr_hdr_device_info         Version details
qtn_spr_hdr_digital_mode        Digital mode
qtn_spr_hdr_encryption          Encryption
qtn_spr_hdr_freq                Frequency
qtn_spr_hdr_gps                 GPS
qtn_spr_hdr_headset             Headset
qtn_spr_hdr_hw_ver              HW version
qtn_spr_hdr_icon_details        Icon details
qtn_spr_hdr_infrared            Infrared
qtn_spr_hdr_keyguard            Keyguard
qtn_spr_hdr_loudspeaker         Speakerphone
qtn_spr_hdr_mdn                 MDN
qtn_spr_hdr_msid                MSID
qtn_spr_hdr_nai_status          Status
qtn_spr_hdr_outbox              Outbox
qtn_spr_hdr_phon_mod            Phone model
qtn_spr_hdr_postcall_multicall    Multicall
qtn_spr_hdr_prl                   PRL
qtn_spr_hdr_radio                 Radio
qtn_spr_hdr_roaming               Roaming
qtn_spr_hdr_sid                   SID
qtn_spr_hdr_silent_mode           Silent mode
qtn_spr_hdr_stopwatch             Stopwatch
qtn_spr_hdr_sw_ver                SW version
qtn_spr_hdr_sys_info              System details
qtn_spr_hdr_tech                  Mode
qtn_spr_hdr_text_input            Text input
qtn_spr_hdr_text_message          Text message
qtn_spr_hdr_user_addr             User address
qtn_spr_hdr_user_info             User details
qtn_spr_hdr_vibrate_mode          Vibrating alert
qtn_spr_hdr_voice_message         Voice message
qtn_spr_ilist_3g_active_disc      3G status
qtn_spr_ilist_alarm               Alarm
qtn_spr_ilist_bluetooth           Bluetooth
qtn_spr_ilist_cam                 Camera
qtn_spr_ilist_cam_quality_econ    Camera quality
qtn_spr_ilist_countdown           Countdown
qtn_spr_ilist_digital             Digital mode
qtn_spr_ilist_encrypt_on          Encryption
qtn_spr_ilist_gps_on_disc         GPS
qtn_spr_ilist_headset             Headset
qtn_spr_ilist_ihf                 Speakerphone
qtn_spr_ilist_in_call             Call status
qtn_spr_ilist_ir_active           Infrared
qtn_spr_ilist_keyguard            Keyguard
qtn_spr_ilist_message             Text message
qtn_spr_ilist_outbox              Outbox
qtn_spr_ilist_phone_details       Phone details
qtn_spr_ilist_query               Text input
qtn_spr_ilist_radio               Radio
qtn_spr_ilist_roaming             Roaming
qtn_spr_ilist_silent              Silent mode
qtn_spr_ilist_stopwatch           Stopwatch
qtn_spr_ilist_vibra               Vibrating alert
qtn_spr_ilist_vm0                 Voice message
qtn_spr_indic_3way_call           Multicall
qtn_spr_indic_auto_answer         Auto-answer
qtn_spr_indic_handsfree           Handsfree
qtn_spr_indic_info_network_busy   Network busy. Try again later.
qtn_spr_indic_info_out_of_range   Out of range. Cannot call.
qtn_spr_indic_info_signal_faded   Signal faded. Call was lost.
qtn_spr_indic_speaker             Listen only
qtn_spr_indic_time                Time:
qtn_spr_indic_warn_low_battery    Battery Low. Please recharge.
qtn_spr_info_nai_not_avail        Service has not been activated
qtn_spr_list_analog               Analogue
qtn_spr_list_device_info          Version details
qtn_spr_list_digital              Digital
qtn_spr_list_icon_info            Icon details
qtn_spr_list_sw_version           Software version
qtn_spr_list_system_info          System details
qtn_spr_list_user_info            User details
qtn_spr_main_voicemail            Voicemail
qtn_spr_menu_hdr_display          Display options
qtn_spr_menu_hdr_phone_info       Phone details
qtn_spr_menu_main_keyguard        Keyguard
qtn_spr_menu_sel_display          Display options
qtn_spr_msg_conf_popups_disable   Pop-up display disabled
qtn_spr_msg_conf_popups_immed     Selected display: immediate
qtn_spr_msg_conf_popups_standby   Selected display: in standby
qtn_spr_msg_hdr_popups            Pop-up display
qtn_spr_msg_list_popups_disable   Disable
qtn_spr_msg_list_popups_immed     Immediate
qtn_spr_msg_list_popups_standby   In standby
qtn_spr_msg_sett_email            E-mail
qtn_spr_msg_sett_popups           Pop-up notifi-cation display
qtn_spr_msg_sett_shortmail        Shortmail
qtn_spr_nai_hdr_netguard          Net guard
qtn_spr_nam_list_edit             Edit
qtn_spr_nam_list_view             View
qtn_spr_nam_quest_incomplete      Service programming incomplete. Exit anyway?
qtn_spr_sett_brows_ver            Browser version
qtn_spr_sett_chan                 Channel
qtn_spr_sett_freq                 Frequency
qtn_spr_sett_game_settings        Game settings
qtn_spr_sett_hw_ver               Hardware version
qtn_spr_sett_msid                 Mobile station ID number (MSID)
qtn_spr_sett_nai_status           Status
qtn_spr_sett_own_number           My number (MDN)
qtn_spr_sett_phone_info           Phone details
qtn_spr_sett_phon_mod             Phone model
qtn_spr_sett_prl                  Preferred roaming list (PRL)
qtn_spr_sett_sid                  System ID (SID)
qtn_spr_sett_sw_version           Software version
qtn_spr_sett_tech                 Mode
qtn_spr_sett_user_address         User ID
qtn_spr_urn_gate_timeout          HTTP Error 504: Gateway timeout. The system did not respond in tim
qtn_spr_urn_http_err              HTTP Error %N: The request from your browser cannot be satisfied
qtn_spr_urn_http_forbidden        HTTP Error 403: Access forbidden. The web page or document you
qtn_spr_urn_http_invalid_req      HTTP Error 400: Invalid request. Please try again. If the problem per
qtn_spr_urn_http_not_found        HTTP Error %N: Document not found. The web page or document y
qtn_spr_urn_http_timeout          HTTP Error 408: Server timed out. The web page or document you r
qtn_spr_urn_http_unauth           HTTP Error 401: Improper authentication. Please try again. If the pro
qtn_spr_urn_int_err               HTTP Error %N: There is a problem with the page you are trying to r
qtn_spr_urn_serv_unavail          HTTP Error 503: Service unavailable. The web service that you requ
qtn_spr_user_addr                 User name
qtn_spr_vm_ilist_voice_msgs       Voicemail
qtn_srdnr_list_empty              Service numbers list empty
qtn_stereo_conf_widening_off      Stereo widening off
qtn_stereo_conf_widening_on       Stereo widening on
qtn_stereo_ilist_st_widening      Stereo widening
qtn_stme_conf_cbr_sent            Callback request sent
qtn_stme_wait_cbr_sending         Sending callback
qtn_stm_list_emergency            Emergency
qtn_stm_list_private              Private number
qtn_stm_list_view_details         View details
qtn_stopw_hdr_erase_times         Delete times
qtn_stopw_hdr_options             Options
qtn_stopw_list_empty              (empty)
qtn_stroke_key_lower_row2col10    丨
qtn_stroke_key_lower_row2col11    丿
qtn_stroke_key_lower_row2col2     一
qtn_stroke_key_lower_row2col3     丨
qtn_stroke_key_lower_row2col4     丿
qtn_stroke_key_lower_row2col9     一
qtn_stroke_key_lower_row3col10    乛
qtn_stroke_key_lower_row3col2     丶
qtn_stroke_key_lower_row3col3     乛
qtn_stroke_key_lower_row3col4     ?
qtn_stroke_key_lower_row3col8     ?
qtn_stroke_key_lower_row3col9     丶
qtn_sync_conf_bt_selected         Bluetooth selected
qtn_sync_conf_db_name_saved       Database address saved
qtn_sync_conf_http_selected       Internet selected
qtn_sync_conf_interrupt           Synchro- nisation interrupted
qtn_sync_conf_ir_selected         Infrared selected
qtn_sync_conf_name_saved          Name saved
qtn_sync_conf_pw_changed          Password changed
qtn_sync_conf_select_data         Synchronise selected data? %U
qtn_sync_conf_select_other_sett   Select another set of sync settings?
qtn_sync_conf_server_changed      Server address saved
qtn_sync_conf_sett_selected       Activated: %U
qtn_sync_conf_sync_ok             Selected data synchronized
qtn_sync_conf_username_changed    User name saved
qtn_sync_conf_wml_selected        WAP selected
qtn_sync_database_fail            failed
qtn_sync_err_db_server_problem    Check data- base and server address
qtn_sync_err_no_authorisation     No authori- sation
qtn_sync_err_other                Synchro- nisation failed
qtn_sync_err_select_db            Select data to be syn- chronised
qtn_sync_err_server_not_avail     Sync server not available
qtn_sync_full_personalise         Edit active Inter-net sync settings
qtn_sync_hdr_data                 Synchronise
qtn_sync_hdr_database_name        Database add.
qtn_sync_hdr_local_profile        PC sync settings
qtn_sync_hdr_medium               Synchronise via
qtn_sync_hdr_server_sync          Server sync
qtn_sync_hdr_service_sett         Sync settings
qtn_sync_hdr_settings             Settings
qtn_sync_hdr_setting_name         %U
qtn_sync_hdr_synchronization      Synchronisation
qtn_sync_ilist_synchronization    Sync
qtn_sync_info_contact_provider    Contact service provider for sync settings
qtn_sync_info_edit_affects_sel    Editing settings affects sync data selection
qtn_sync_info_enter_sett          Enter WAP service settings first
qtn_sync_info_pw_do_not_match     Passwords do not match
qtn_sync_info_settings_invalid    Selected set- tings invalid for synchroni- sation
qtn_sync_list_bt                  Bluetooth
qtn_sync_list_calendar            Calendar: %U
qtn_sync_list_http                Internet
qtn_sync_list_ir                  Infrared
qtn_sync_list_notepad             Notes: %U
qtn_sync_list_phonebook           Contacts: %U
qtn_sync_list_server_sync         Server sync
qtn_sync_list_service_sett        Sync settings
qtn_sync_list_setting_name        Set %N
qtn_sync_list_start               Synchronise
qtn_sync_list_synchronization     Synchronisation
qtn_sync_list_sync_sett           Settings
qtn_sync_list_wml                 WAP
qtn_sync_ota_conf_discarded       Synchroni-sation settings discarded
qtn_sync_ota_conf_sett_replaced   tion settings replaced
qtn_sync_ota_conf_sett_saved      sation settings saved
qtn_sync_ota_hdr_opt_list         Sync. settings
qtn_sync_ota_list_default_name    Received set %N
qtn_sync_ota_list_details         Details
qtn_sync_ota_list_discard         Discard
qtn_sync_ota_list_save            Save
qtn_sync_ota_notif_set_received   tion settings received
qtn_sync_ota_quest_discard_sett   Discard synchronisation settings?
qtn_sync_ota_quest_replace        Replace? %U
qtn_sync_prmpt_db_add_calendar    Calendar database address:
qtn_sync_prmpt_db_add_notepad     Notes database address:
qtn_sync_prmpt_db_add_phobook     Contacts database address:
qtn_sync_prmpt_name_for_db        Database address:
qtn_sync_prmpt_name_for_sett      Settings' name:
qtn_sync_prmpt_re_enter_new_pw    Verify password:
qtn_sync_prmpt_set_new_pw         Password:
qtn_sync_prmpt_set_server_name    Synchronisation server:
qtn_sync_prmpt_set_username       User name:
qtn_sync_quest_interrupt          Quit synchro- nisation?
qtn_sync_quest_memful_repl        Memory full. Replace settings?
qtn_sync_quest_save_settings      Save synchronisation settings first?
qtn_sync_quest_start_again        Start synchronising again?
qtn_sync_sett_calendar_db_name    Calendar database
qtn_sync_sett_data                Data to be synchronised
qtn_sync_sett_database            Database addresses
qtn_sync_sett_local_profile       PC sync settings
qtn_sync_sett_medium              Synchronisation connection
qtn_sync_sett_name_for_settings   Settings' name
qtn_sync_sett_password            Password
qtn_sync_sett_pb_db_name          Contacts database
qtn_sync_sett_pb_db_notepad       Notes database
qtn_sync_sett_profile_in_use      Active Internet sync settings
qtn_sync_sett_server_name         Synchronisation server
qtn_sync_sett_username            User name
qtn_sync_tick_all                 All
qtn_sync_tick_calendar            Calendar
qtn_sync_tick_notepad             Notes
qtn_sync_tick_phonebook           Contacts
qtn_sync_tick_selected            Selected items
qtn_sync_wait_synchronizing       Sync/Sending data
qtn_sync_wait_sync_initialising   Initialising sync
qtn_sync_wait_sync_receiving      Sync/Re- ceiving data
qtn_sync_wait_terminating         Quitting sync
qtn_system_mode                   Network mode
qtn_t9_off                        Prediction off
qtn_t9_on                         Prediction on
qtn_tag_business_cards            [Business cards]
qtn_tag_calendar_notes            [Calendar notes]
qtn_tag_one_business_card         [Business card]
qtn_tag_one_calendar_note         [Calendar note]
qtn_tamil_entry                   Text: அ ஆ இ
qtn_tcred_add_units_query         Make sure you have a valid Airtime PIN
qtn_tcred_full_add_units          Add airtime
qtn_tcred_full_code_entry_mode    Code entry
qtn_tcred_info_psms_restart       Restarting phone now
qtn_telugu_entry                  Text: అ ఆ ఇ
qtn_telus_ilist_newapps           New apps.
qtn_telus_ilist_newgames          New games
qtn_telus_ilist_newimages         New graphics
qtn_telus_ilist_newtones          New tones
qtn_telus_ilist_telushome         Telus home
qtn_temp_conf_celsius             Celsius format selected
qtn_temp_conf_displayed           Thermometer displayed
qtn_temp_conf_fahrenheit          Fahrenheit format selected
qtn_temp_conf_hidden              Thermometer hidden
qtn_temp_hdr_temp_format          Temp. format
qtn_temp_hdr_thermometer          Thermometer
qtn_temp_list_celsius             Celsius
qtn_temp_list_fahrenheit          Fahrenheit
qtn_temp_list_format              Temp. format
qtn_temp_list_hide                Hide thermometer
qtn_temp_list_show                Show thermom.
qtn_temp_sett_celsius             %U°C
qtn_temp_sett_fahrenheit          %U°F
qtn_temp_sett_hyphen              -
qtn_temp_sett_thermometer         Thermomtr.
qtn_text_template_title           Text template
qtn_thai_entry                    Text: ก ข ค
qtn_thai_t9_input_instructions    Predict. text help
                                  Selected theme:
qtn_themes_conf_theme_selected    %U
qtn_themes_hdr_download_theme     Theme downlds.
qtn_themes_hdr_ringing_tone       Ringing tone
qtn_themes_hdr_screensaver        Screen saver
qtn_themes_hdr_themes             Themes
qtn_themes_ilist_download_theme   Theme downls.
qtn_themes_ilist_select_theme     Select theme
qtn_themes_ilist_themes           Themes
qtn_themes_info_file_corrupt      Unable to open. Theme corrupted.
qtn_themes_list_copy              Copy
qtn_themes_list_download_theme    Theme downloads
qtn_themes_list_select_theme      Select theme
qtn_themes_list_set_as_theme      Apply theme
qtn_themes_sett_themes            Themes
qtn_themes_wait_opening_theme     Opening theme
                                  Delivery status:
qtn_title_delivery_status         %U
                                  Invitation message:
qtn_title_invitation_text         %U
qtn_title_inviter                 %U
qtn_title_message_received        %U
qtn_title_ptt_address             PTT address:
qtn_title_received_mm_msgs        Received multimedia messages:
qtn_title_received_text_msgs      Received text messages:
qtn_title_sent_multimedia_msgs    Sent multimedia messages:
qtn_title_sent_text_messages      Sent text messages:
qtn_title_user_id                 User ID:
qtn_todo_conf_note_sent           To-do note sent
qtn_todo_conf_status_completed    Done
qtn_todo_conf_status_restored     To-do note marked as not done
qtn_todo_list_deadline            Deadline
qtn_todo_list_erase_completed     Delete done notes
qtn_todo_list_note_discarded      To-do note discarded
qtn_todo_list_set_completed       Mark note as done
qtn_todo_list_set_restored        Mark as not done
qtn_todo_list_sort_date           Sort by deadline
qtn_todo_list_sort_priority       Sort by priority
qtn_todo_options_accept           Save
qtn_todo_prmpt_due_date         Due by (date):
qtn_todo_prmpt_due_time         Due by (time):
qtn_todo_quest_discard          Discard to-do note?
qtn_todo_todo_note              To-do
qtn_todo_type_for_sms_todo      To-do:
qtn_tone_conf_callb_off         Callback tone off
qtn_tone_conf_callb_select      Callback tone selected
qtn_tone_conf_call_alert_off    Incoming call alert off
qtn_tone_conf_key_tones_off     Keypad tones off
qtn_tone_conf_notify_tone       Notification tone selected
qtn_tone_hdr_imsg_alert         IM alert tone
qtn_tone_sett_imsg_alert        Instant message alert tone
qtn_track_conf_added_file       File added to track list
qtn_track_conf_moved            Track moved: %U
qtn_track_conf_removed          Track deleted: %U
qtn_track_conf_renamed          Track renamed
qtn_track_hdr_memory_status     Memory status
qtn_track_hdr_tracklist         Track list
qtn_track_list_add_to_list      Add to track list
qtn_track_list_add_track        Add track
qtn_track_list_empty            (empty)
qtn_track_list_memory           Memory status
qtn_track_list_move             Move track
qtn_track_list_play             Play
qtn_track_list_remove_track     Delete track
qtn_track_list_rename           Rename
qtn_track_quest_remove_track    Delete track? %U
qtn_track_wait_removing         Deleting
qtn_track_wait_saving           Saving
qtn_tty_conf_enable             Text phone may affect headset use. Continue?
qtn_tv_list_scroll_text         Scroll text
qtn_ucsk_activate_bluetooth     Bluetooth
qtn_ucsk_activate_ir            Infrared
qtn_ucsk_ai_activation          Enabl. standby
qtn_ucsk_als_header             Change outgoing
qtn_ucsk_als_list_change_line   Change outgo. line
qtn_ucsk_als_sk_change_line_1   Line 1
qtn_ucsk_als_sk_change_line_2   Line 2
qtn_ucsk_ams                    New audio msg.
qtn_ucsk_audio_player           Music player
qtn_ucsk_bbmsg_inbox            BlackBerry inb.
qtn_ucsk_bluetooth              Bluetooth menu
qtn_ucsk_bookmarks              Bookmarks
qtn_ucsk_brew                   Applications
qtn_ucsk_browser                Web
qtn_ucsk_calculator             Calculator
qtn_ucsk_calendar               Calendar
qtn_ucsk_call_divert            Call divert
qtn_ucsk_call_log               Call log
qtn_ucsk_changes_saved          Changes saved
qtn_ucsk_chat                    Chat
qtn_ucsk_chlist                  Station list
qtn_ucsk_collection              Collection
qtn_ucsk_common_inbox            Message inbox
qtn_ucsk_compass                 Compass
qtn_ucsk_conf_note               Selection key set
qtn_ucsk_countdown_timer         Countd. timer
qtn_ucsk_create_bb_message       BlackBerry msg.
qtn_ucsk_custom_menu             Custom. menu
qtn_ucsk_dictionary              Dictionary
qtn_ucsk_downlds_list_downlds    Gallery
qtn_ucsk_fast_connect            Quick connect
qtn_ucsk_fast_disconnect         Disconnect Wi-Fi
qtn_ucsk_flashlight              Torch
qtn_ucsk_flight_mode             Flight profile
qtn_ucsk_gallery                 Gallery
qtn_ucsk_go_to                   Go to
qtn_ucsk_hdr_add_ptt_group       Add channel
qtn_ucsk_hdr_ams                 Create aud. msg.
qtn_ucsk_hdr_applications        Application list
qtn_ucsk_hdr_audio_player        Music player
qtn_ucsk_hdr_bbmsginbox          BlackBerry inbox
qtn_ucsk_hdr_bookmarks           Bookmarks
qtn_ucsk_hdr_brew                Applications
qtn_ucsk_hdr_bt                  Bluetooth menu
qtn_ucsk_hdr_calculator          Calculator
qtn_ucsk_hdr_calendar            Calendar
qtn_ucsk_hdr_callback_requests   Callback inbox
qtn_ucsk_hdr_calllog             Call log
qtn_ucsk_hdr_call_divert         Call divert
qtn_ucsk_hdr_chat                Chat
qtn_ucsk_hdr_chlist              Station list
qtn_ucsk_hdr_cntdwn              Countd. timer
qtn_ucsk_hdr_collection          Collection
qtn_ucsk_hdr_common_inbox        Message inbox
qtn_ucsk_hdr_compass             Compass
qtn_ucsk_hdr_createbbmsg         BlackBerry msg.
qtn_ucsk_hdr_createmms           Create MMS
qtn_ucsk_hdr_cretxtmsg           Create message
qtn_ucsk_hdr_custom_menu         Custom. menu
qtn_ucsk_hdr_dictionary          Dictionary
qtn_ucsk_hdr_fast_connect        Quick connect
qtn_ucsk_hdr_fast_disconnect     Disconnect Wi-Fi
qtn_ucsk_hdr_flashlight          Torch
qtn_ucsk_hdr_flight_mode         Flight profile
qtn_ucsk_hdr_gallery             Gallery
qtn_ucsk_hdr_home                Home
qtn_ucsk_hdr_im                  IM
qtn_ucsk_hdr_im_contacts         IM contacts
qtn_ucsk_hdr_im_conversation     Conversations
qtn_ucsk_hdr_im_vf              Messenger
qtn_ucsk_hdr_incomingcall       Incom. call alert
qtn_ucsk_hdr_ir                 Infrared
qtn_ucsk_hdr_javaapps           Applications
qtn_ucsk_hdr_javaemail          E-mail
qtn_ucsk_hdr_java_app_list      Application list
qtn_ucsk_hdr_java_calculator    Calculator
qtn_ucsk_hdr_lasturl            Last web addr.
qtn_ucsk_hdr_lock_keypad        Lock keypad
qtn_ucsk_hdr_maketodo           Make a to-do
qtn_ucsk_hdr_message_menu       Messaging menu
qtn_ucsk_hdr_missedcalls        Missed calls
qtn_ucsk_hdr_mmsinbox           Multimedia inbox
qtn_ucsk_hdr_mms_menu           MMS menu
qtn_ucsk_hdr_msgalert           Message tone
qtn_ucsk_hdr_my_accounts        My accounts
qtn_ucsk_hdr_my_idle            My act. standby
qtn_ucsk_hdr_my_presence        My presence
qtn_ucsk_hdr_names              Names
qtn_ucsk_hdr_number_entry       Number entry
qtn_ucsk_hdr_ow_browser_menu    Minibrowser
qtn_ucsk_hdr_partner_list       Data transfer
qtn_ucsk_hdr_picmail_menu       Pictures
qtn_ucsk_hdr_poc_group_list     PTT channel list
qtn_ucsk_hdr_poc_ptt_contacts   PTT contacts
qtn_ucsk_hdr_poc_push_to_talk   Push to talk
qtn_ucsk_hdr_profiles           Profiles
qtn_ucsk_hdr_quick              Go to
qtn_ucsk_hdr_radio              Radio
qtn_ucsk_hdr_reccalls           Received calls
qtn_ucsk_hdr_recent_ctcs        Msg. recipients
qtn_ucsk_hdr_ringingtone        Ringing tone
qtn_ucsk_hdr_ringingvol         Ringing volume
qtn_ucsk_hdr_selectgame         Games
qtn_ucsk_hdr_send_message       Send message
qtn_ucsk_hdr_serviceinbox       Service inbox
qtn_ucsk_hdr_services           Web
qtn_ucsk_hdr_setalarm           Alarm clock
qtn_ucsk_hdr_set_time           Set the time
qtn_ucsk_hdr_sprint_ams         Downloads
qtn_ucsk_hdr_stopwatch          Stopwatch
qtn_ucsk_hdr_subscribed_names   Subscrib. names
qtn_ucsk_hdr_synchronise        Synchronisation
qtn_ucsk_hdr_takephoto          Camera
qtn_ucsk_hdr_textmsginbox       Inbox
qtn_ucsk_hdr_todo               To-do list
qtn_ucsk_hdr_uinfo              U-Info
qtn_ucsk_hdr_umagic             U-Magic
qtn_ucsk_hdr_umail              U-Mail
qtn_ucsk_hdr_uniinfo            UNI-INFO
qtn_ucsk_hdr_unija_menu           U-Magic
qtn_ucsk_hdr_vibra                Vibrating alert
qtn_ucsk_hdr_view_notes           View notes
qtn_ucsk_hdr_voicerec             Voice recorder
qtn_ucsk_hdr_voice_mailbox        Voice mailbox
qtn_ucsk_hdr_volume               Volume
qtn_ucsk_hdr_wallpaper            Wallpaper
qtn_ucsk_home                     Home
qtn_ucsk_im                       IM
qtn_ucsk_im_contacts              IM contacts
qtn_ucsk_im_contacts_aol          Buddy List
qtn_ucsk_im_contacts_icq          Contact List
qtn_ucsk_im_contacts_vf           IM contacts
qtn_ucsk_im_conversations         Conversations
qtn_ucsk_im_vf                    Messenger
qtn_ucsk_javaemail                E-mail
qtn_ucsk_java_app_list            Application list
qtn_ucsk_java_app_menu            Applications
qtn_ucsk_java_calculator          Calculator
qtn_ucsk_last_url                 Last web addr.
qtn_ucsk_list_add_ptt_group       Add channel
qtn_ucsk_list_poc_contacts        PTT contacts
qtn_ucsk_list_poc_push_to_talk    Push to talk
qtn_ucsk_livecast                 %U news
qtn_ucsk_lock_keypad              Lock keypad
qtn_ucsk_make_a_note              Make a note
qtn_ucsk_make_a_todo_note         Make a to-do
qtn_ucsk_message_menu             Messag. menu
qtn_ucsk_missed_calls             Missed calls
qtn_ucsk_mms_menu                 MMS menu
qtn_ucsk_mobileweb_list_mobweb    Mobile web
qtn_ucsk_multimedia_inbox         Multim. inbox
qtn_ucsk_my_accounts              My accounts
qtn_ucsk_my_idle                  My act. standby
qtn_ucsk_my_presence              My presence
qtn_ucsk_names                    Names
qtn_ucsk_names_note               Contacts cannot be unmarked
qtn_ucsk_no_last_url              Web address not available
qtn_ucsk_no_options               (no options)
qtn_ucsk_number_entry             Number entry
qtn_ucsk_options_move_down        Move down
qtn_ucsk_options_move_to_bottom   Move to bottom
qtn_ucsk_options_move_to_top      Move to top
qtn_ucsk_options_move_up          Move up
qtn_ucsk_overextension_note       Cannot be moved further
qtn_ucsk_ow_browser_menu          Minibrowser
qtn_ucsk_partner_list             Data transfer
qtn_ucsk_picmail_menu             Pictures
qtn_ucsk_poc_group_list           PTT channel list
qtn_ucsk_poc_list_callback_req   Callback inbox
qtn_ucsk_profiles                Profiles
qtn_ucsk_radio                   Radio
qtn_ucsk_received_calls          Received calls
qtn_ucsk_recent_ctcs             Msg. recipients
qtn_ucsk_screen_saver            Screen saver
qtn_ucsk_select_game             Games
qtn_ucsk_send_message            Send message
qtn_ucsk_service_inbox           Service inbox
qtn_ucsk_set_alarm               Alarm clock
qtn_ucsk_set_time                Set the time
qtn_ucsk_sk_brew                 Apps.
qtn_ucsk_sk_countdown_timer      Countd.
qtn_ucsk_sk_custom_menu          Custom.
qtn_ucsk_sk_fast_disconnect      Disconn.
qtn_ucsk_sk_java_calculator      Calculat.
qtn_ucsk_sk_message_menu         Messag.
qtn_ucsk_sk_mms_menu             MMS
qtn_ucsk_sk_my_idle              Standby
qtn_ucsk_sk_ow_browser_menu      Browsr.
qtn_ucsk_sk_picmail_menu         Pictures
qtn_ucsk_sk_send_message         Msg.
qtn_ucsk_sk_sprint_ams           Downls.
qtn_ucsk_sk_umail                U-Mail
qtn_ucsk_sk_unija_menu           U-Magic
qtn_ucsk_sk_write_multim_msgs    MMS
qtn_ucsk_sms_inbox               Inbox
qtn_ucsk_softkey_add_ptt_group   AddPTT
qtn_ucsk_softkey_ams             Audio
qtn_ucsk_softkey_app_list        App. list
qtn_ucsk_softkey_audioplayer     Music
qtn_ucsk_softkey_bbmsg_inbox     BlackBerry
qtn_ucsk_softkey_bluetooth       BTmenu
qtn_ucsk_softkey_browser         Web
qtn_ucsk_softkey_calculator      Calculat.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_calendar        Calend.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_call_divert     Call div.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_chat            Chat
qtn_ucsk_softkey_chlist          Chnls.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_common_inbox    Msg.inb.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_compass         Cmpas.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_create_bb_msg   BlackBerry
qtn_ucsk_softkey_dictionary      Diction.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_discreet        Discre.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_downloads       Gallery
qtn_ucsk_softkey_fast_connect    Quick
qtn_ucsk_softkey_flashlight      Torch
qtn_ucsk_softkey_flight_mode     Flight
qtn_ucsk_softkey_gallery         Gallery
qtn_ucsk_softkey_general         General
qtn_ucsk_softkey_home             Home
qtn_ucsk_softkey_im               IM
qtn_ucsk_softkey_im_contacts      IM cont.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_im_conv          Conv.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_im_vf            IM
qtn_ucsk_softkey_incoming_alert   Call ale.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_ir               IR
qtn_ucsk_softkey_javaemail        E-mail
qtn_ucsk_softkey_java_apps        Apps.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_last_url         LastURL
qtn_ucsk_softkey_list_uinfo       U-Info
qtn_ucsk_softkey_list_umagic      U-Magic
qtn_ucsk_softkey_list_umail       U-Mail
qtn_ucsk_softkey_list_uniinfo     UNI-INFO
qtn_ucsk_softkey_loud             Loud
qtn_ucsk_softkey_make_todo_note   To-do
qtn_ucsk_softkey_meeting          Meeting
qtn_ucsk_softkey_missed_calls     Md. calls
qtn_ucsk_softkey_mms_inbox        MMS inb.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_mobileweb        Web
qtn_ucsk_softkey_move             Move
qtn_ucsk_softkey_my_accounts      My acc.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_my_presence      Presen.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_my_style1        Style 1
qtn_ucsk_softkey_my_style2        Style 2
qtn_ucsk_softkey_number_entry     Nos.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_outdoor          Outdoor
qtn_ucsk_softkey_pager            Pager
qtn_ucsk_softkey_partner_list     Data tr.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_poc_callback     Clb. inb.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_poc_group_list   Chnls.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_profiles         Profiles
qtn_ucsk_softkey_ptt              PTT
qtn_ucsk_softkey_ptt_contacts     1 to 1
qtn_ucsk_softkey_radio            Radio
qtn_ucsk_softkey_received_calls   Rd. calls
qtn_ucsk_softkey_recent_ctcs      Recips.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_screen_saver     S. saver
qtn_ucsk_softkey_service_inbox    Srv. inb.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_set_alarm        Alarm
qtn_ucsk_softkey_set_time         Time
qtn_ucsk_softkey_silent           Silent
qtn_ucsk_softkey_sms_inbox        Inbox
qtn_ucsk_softkey_std_photo        Camera
qtn_ucsk_softkey_stopwatch        Stopw.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_subscrib_names   Names
qtn_ucsk_softkey_synchronise      Synchr.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_text             Go to
qtn_ucsk_softkey_todo_list        To-do
qtn_ucsk_softkey_tone_msg         M. tone
qtn_ucsk_softkey_tone_ringing    Rn. tone
qtn_ucsk_softkey_tone_vibra      Vi. alert
qtn_ucsk_softkey_tone_volume     Rng. vol.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_uinfo           U-Info
qtn_ucsk_softkey_umagic          U-Magic
qtn_ucsk_softkey_umail           U-Mail
qtn_ucsk_softkey_uniinfo         UNI-INFO
qtn_ucsk_softkey_view_notes      Notes
qtn_ucsk_softkey_voice_mailbox   Vc. mail
qtn_ucsk_softkey_voice_record    Vo. rec.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_volume          Volume
qtn_ucsk_softkey_wallet          Wallet
qtn_ucsk_softkey_wallpaper       Wallp.
qtn_ucsk_softkey_write_msg       SMS
qtn_ucsk_softk_call_log          Log
qtn_ucsk_softk_livecast          More
qtn_ucsk_softk_lock_keypad       Lock kp.
qtn_ucsk_sprint_ams              Downloads
qtn_ucsk_stopwatch               Stopwatch
qtn_ucsk_subscribed_names        Subscrib. names
qtn_ucsk_synchronise             Synchronisation
qtn_ucsk_take_std_photo          Camera
qtn_ucsk_todo_list               To-do list
qtn_ucsk_tone_incoming_alert     Incom. call alert
qtn_ucsk_tone_message            Message tone
qtn_ucsk_tone_ringing            Ringing tone
qtn_ucsk_tone_vibra              Vibrating alert
qtn_ucsk_tone_volume             Ringing volume
qtn_ucsk_umail                   U-Mail
qtn_ucsk_unija_menu              U-Magic
qtn_ucsk_view_notes              View notes
qtn_ucsk_voice_mailbox           Voice mailbox
qtn_ucsk_voice_recorder          Voice recorder
qtn_ucsk_volume                  Volume
qtn_ucsk_wallet                  Wallet
qtn_ucsk_wallpaper               Wallpaper
qtn_ucsk_write_message           Create message
qtn_ucsk_write_multimedia_msg    Create MMS
qtn_udd_hdr_user_id              User IDs
qtn_udd_info_id_not_found        No user IDs found
qtn_udd_send_address             Send address
qtn_udd_send_number              Send number
qtn_udd_urn_chat_open            Unable to start new chat while one is already open
qtn_udd_user_id                  User ID
qtn_ufe_full_esn                 Serial number: %U
qtn_ufe_hdr_esn                  Serial number
qtn_ufe_nam_err_cannot_save      Activation failed. Try again.
qtn_ufe_nam_err_invalid_value    Invalid value
qtn_ufe_nam_err_mdn              My number (MDN) must be 10 digits
qtn_ufe_nam_err_min              Mobile ID number (MIN) must be 10 digits
qtn_ufe_nam_err_only_digits     Only enter numbers from 0 to 9
qtn_ufe_nam_err_spc_failed      Excess SPC failures
qtn_ufe_nam_header_language     Language
qtn_ufe_nam_own_no              My number (MDN):
qtn_ufe_nam_prmpt_mdn           My number (MDN):
qtn_ufe_nam_prmpt_min           Mobile ID number (MIN):
qtn_ui_gal_key_0_alphas          0
qtn_ui_gal_key_0_lower_alphas    0
qtn_ui_gal_key_1_alphas         .,'!1-()@_
qtn_ui_gal_key_1_lower_alphas   .,'!1-()@_
qtn_ui_key_chr                  "/_&~\%=<>[]{}£€$¥¤^`¡¿§|.,?!-()@:;+*#
qtn_ui_key_hash_stnd_nbr_mode   #
qtn_ui_key_lower_row1col10      9
qtn_ui_key_lower_row1col11      0
qtn_ui_key_lower_row1col2       1
qtn_ui_key_lower_row1col3       2
qtn_ui_key_lower_row1col4       3
qtn_ui_key_lower_row1col5       4
qtn_ui_key_lower_row1col6       5
qtn_ui_key_lower_row1col7       6
qtn_ui_key_lower_row1col8       7
qtn_ui_key_lower_row1col9       8
qtn_ui_key_lower_row2col1       -
qtn_ui_key_lower_row2col10      oöøòóôõ
qtn_ui_key_lower_row2col11      p
qtn_ui_key_lower_row2col12      =
qtn_ui_key_lower_row2col2       q
qtn_ui_key_lower_row2col3       w
qtn_ui_key_lower_row2col4       eèéêë
qtn_ui_key_lower_row2col5       r
qtn_ui_key_lower_row2col6       tþ
qtn_ui_key_lower_row2col7       yý
qtn_ui_key_lower_row2col8       uùúûü
qtn_ui_key_lower_row2col9       iìíîï
qtn_ui_key_lower_row3col1       +
qtn_ui_key_lower_row3col10      l
qtn_ui_key_lower_row3col11      ;
qtn_ui_key_lower_row3col2       aäæåàáâã
qtn_ui_key_lower_row3col3       sß
qtn_ui_key_lower_row3col4       dð
qtn_ui_key_lower_row3col5       f
qtn_ui_key_lower_row3col6       g
qtn_ui_key_lower_row3col7       h
qtn_ui_key_lower_row3col8       j
qtn_ui_key_lower_row3col9       k
qtn_ui_key_lower_row4col10      .
qtn_ui_key_lower_row4col11      /
qtn_ui_key_lower_row4col2       z
qtn_ui_key_lower_row4col3       x
qtn_ui_key_lower_row4col4       cç
qtn_ui_key_lower_row4col5       v
qtn_ui_key_lower_row4col6       b
qtn_ui_key_lower_row4col7       nñ
qtn_ui_key_lower_row4col8       m
qtn_ui_key_lower_row4col9       ,
qtn_ui_key_star_finance_query   +-.
qtn_ui_key_star_stnd_nbr_mode   *+pw.
qtn_ui_key_upper_row1col10      )
qtn_ui_key_upper_row1col11      #
qtn_ui_key_upper_row1col2       !
qtn_ui_key_upper_row1col3       "
qtn_ui_key_upper_row1col4       £
qtn_ui_key_upper_row1col5       $
qtn_ui_key_upper_row1col6       %
qtn_ui_key_upper_row1col7       &
qtn_ui_key_upper_row1col8       €
qtn_ui_key_upper_row1col9       (
qtn_ui_key_upper_row2col1       _
qtn_ui_key_upper_row2col10      OÖØÒÓÔÕ
qtn_ui_key_upper_row2col11      P
qtn_ui_key_upper_row2col12      ~
qtn_ui_key_upper_row2col2       Q
qtn_ui_key_upper_row2col3       W
qtn_ui_key_upper_row2col4       EÈÉÊË
qtn_ui_key_upper_row2col5       R
qtn_ui_key_upper_row2col6       TÞ
qtn_ui_key_upper_row2col7       YÝ
qtn_ui_key_upper_row2col8       UÙÚÛÜ
qtn_ui_key_upper_row2col9       IÌÍÎÏ
qtn_ui_key_upper_row3col1       *
qtn_ui_key_upper_row3col10      L
qtn_ui_key_upper_row3col11      :
qtn_ui_key_upper_row3col12      @
qtn_ui_key_upper_row3col2       AÄÆÅÀÁÂÃ
qtn_ui_key_upper_row3col3       S
qtn_ui_key_upper_row3col4       DÐ
qtn_ui_key_upper_row3col5       F
qtn_ui_key_upper_row3col6       G
qtn_ui_key_upper_row3col7       H
qtn_ui_key_upper_row3col8       J
qtn_ui_key_upper_row3col9       K
qtn_ui_key_upper_row4col10      >
qtn_ui_key_upper_row4col11      ?
qtn_ui_key_upper_row4col2       Z
qtn_ui_key_upper_row4col3       X
qtn_ui_key_upper_row4col4       CÇ
qtn_ui_key_upper_row4col5       V
qtn_ui_key_upper_row4col6       B
qtn_ui_key_upper_row4col7         NÑ
qtn_ui_key_upper_row4col8         M
qtn_ui_key_upper_row4col9         <
qtn_umail_bm_conf_added           Bookmark added
qtn_umail_bm_hdr_bookmark         Bookmark
qtn_umail_confo_del_e_addr_sel    %U?
qtn_umail_conf_acct_cncld         Account cancelled
qtn_umail_conf_acct_reg           Account created
qtn_umail_conf_added_group        %U
qtn_umail_conf_audio_deleted      Sound clip deleted
qtn_umail_conf_autorecv_off       E-mails will not be automatically received
qtn_umail_conf_autorecv_on        E-mails will be automatically received
qtn_umail_conf_bm_added           Bookmark added
qtn_umail_conf_contact_added      Contact added to group
qtn_umail_conf_contact_del_grp    All contacts deleted from group
qtn_umail_conf_deleted_from_grp   Deleted from group
qtn_umail_conf_deleted_group      Deleted:%U
qtn_umail_conf_deleted_sel_addr   %U deleted
qtn_umail_conf_del_sel_e_addr     %U deleted
qtn_umail_conf_duration_set       Duration set
qtn_umail_conf_emails_sorted      Sorted
qtn_umail_conf_email_addr_del     E-mail address deleted
qtn_umail_conf_email_deleted      E-mail(s) deleted
qtn_umail_conf_email_moved_to     E-mail moved to: %U
qtn_umail_conf_email_saved_sent   E-mail saved to Sent items
qtn_umail_conf_email_sent         E-mail sent
                                  Selected encoding:
qtn_umail_conf_encoding_type      %U
                                  Add to already existing contact?
qtn_umail_conf_existing_contact   %U
qtn_umail_conf_file_deleted       File deleted
qtn_umail_conf_filter_added       Filter added
qtn_umail_conf_filter_deleted     Filter deleted
qtn_umail_conf_filter_reloaded    Filter reloaded
qtn_umail_conf_history_deleted    Recipient history deleted
qtn_umail_conf_image_deleted      Image deleted
qtn_umail_conf_large_font         Large font selected
qtn_umail_conf_mail_retrieved     %N e-mail(s) retrieved
qtn_umail_conf_phonebook_set      Saved to phone memory
qtn_umail_conf_play_attach_off    Auto-playback of attachment off
qtn_umail_conf_play_attach_on     Auto-playback of attachment on
qtn_umail_conf_pres_deleted       Presentation deleted
qtn_umail_conf_pres_renamed       Presentation renamed
qtn_umail_conf_pres_saved         Presentation saved
                                  Presentation saved to:
qtn_umail_conf_pres_saved_to      %U
qtn_umail_conf_quote_orig_off     Original message will not be attached
qtn_umail_conf_quote_orig_on      Orginal message will be attached
qtn_umail_conf_recipient_remove   Recipient removed
qtn_umail_conf_recv_attach_off    Attachments will not be received
qtn_umail_conf_recv_attach_on     Attachments will be received
                                  Selected auto-recep. option:
qtn_umail_conf_recv_type_all      All/full
                                  Selected auto-recep. option:
qtn_umail_conf_recv_type_sender   Send. & subj.
qtn_umail_conf_renamed_group      Renamed: %U
qtn_umail_conf_save_as_new        E-mail saved as new
                                  Selected auto-recep. option:
qtn_umail_conf_select_full        Selected/full
qtn_umail_conf_sent_item_delete   E-mails in Sent items deleted
qtn_umail_conf_settings_custom    Options set
qtn_umail_conf_settings_reset     Settings reset
qtn_umail_conf_show_folders_off   Auto-display of folders off
qtn_umail_conf_show_folders_on    Auto-display of folders on
qtn_umail_conf_slide_deleted      Slide deleted
qtn_umail_conf_slide_moved        Slide moved
qtn_umail_conf_small_font         Small font selected
qtn_umail_conf_smil_del           Presentation deleted
qtn_umail_conf_smil_deleted       Presentation deleted
qtn_umail_conf_text_copied        Text copied to clipboard
qtn_umail_conf_text_deleted       Text cleared
qtn_umail_err_cannot_retrieve     Cannot retrieve during voice call
qtn_umail_err_cannot_send         Cannot send during voice call
qtn_umail_err_file_name_long      File name too long. Rename.
qtn_umail_err_max_pres_reached    Maximum number of presentations reached
qtn_umail_err_same_til_exists     Name already exists
qtn_umail_hdr_address_groups      Address groups
qtn_umail_hdr_add_filter          Add filter
qtn_umail_hdr_attach              Attachments
qtn_umail_hdr_attach_settings     Settings
qtn_umail_hdr_bm_bookmark         Bookmark
qtn_umail_hdr_body                Body
qtn_umail_hdr_contacts            Contacts
qtn_umail_hdr_delete_all          Delete all
qtn_umail_hdr_duration            Duration
qtn_umail_hdr_edit_text           Edit text
qtn_umail_hdr_group_name          %U
qtn_umail_hdr_insert_image        Insert image
qtn_umail_hdr_insert_sound_clip   Insert sound clip
qtn_umail_hdr_options             Options
qtn_umail_hdr_other               Other
qtn_umail_hdr_recipient           Recipient
qtn_umail_hdr_rename              Rename
qtn_umail_hdr_save                Save
qtn_umail_hdr_selected_full       Selected/full
qtn_umail_hdr_sent_history        Recipient history
qtn_umail_hdr_smil_list           Presentations
qtn_umail_hdr_subject             Subject
qtn_umail_hdr_umail               Mail
qtn_umail_info_address_email      Add e-mail address first
qtn_umail_info_addr_group_empty   Address group empty
qtn_umail_info_add_bm_failed      Cannot add bookmark
qtn_umail_info_add_email_addr     Add e-mail address
qtn_umail_info_attach_list_full   Maximum number of attachments reached
qtn_umail_info_attach_too_large   Cannot retrieve. Attachment too large.
qtn_umail_info_bm_max_reached     Maximum number of bookmarks reached
qtn_umail_info_body_too_large     Cannot retrieve. E-mail too large.
qtn_umail_info_cannot_lock        Maximum number of locked e-mails reached
qtn_umail_info_cant_select_full   Cannot retrieve. Memory full.
qtn_umail_info_cant_sel_pres_lg   Cannot select. Presentation too large.
qtn_umail_info_contact_exists     Contact name already exists
qtn_umail_info_copyprotect_atta   Attachment is copyrighted
qtn_umail_info_create_acnt_frst   Create account first
qtn_umail_info_create_grp_first   Create group first
                                  Maximum number of
qtn_umail_info_email_addr_excee   e-mail addr. reached
qtn_umail_info_end_time_set       End time set
qtn_umail_info_file_delete_gal    Object deleted from Gallery
qtn_umail_info_filter_alrdy_add   Filter already added
qtn_umail_info_filter_already     Filter already reloaded
qtn_umail_info_filter_cap_excee   Maximum number of filters reached
qtn_umail_info_folder_empty       Folder empty
qtn_umail_info_folder_renamed     Folder renamed
qtn_umail_info_gal_full_no_pres   Cannot access presentation. Gallery memory full.
qtn_umail_info_gal_full_no_retr   Cannot retrieve. Gallery memory full.
qtn_umail_info_inbox_almst_full   Inbox almost full. Delete some e-mails.
qtn_umail_info_inbox_empty        Inbox empty
qtn_umail_info_inbox_full_del     Inbox full. Delete some e-mails.
                                  Inbox full. Cannot retrieve
qtn_umail_info_inbox_full_retri   e-mail.
qtn_umail_info_invalid_email      Invalid e-mail address
qtn_umail_info_invalid_sec_code   Invalid security code
qtn_umail_info_large_attach_del   Cannot add. Attachment too large.
qtn_umail_info_large_email_lock   Cannot lock. E-mail too large.
qtn_umail_info_large_smil_data    Presentation too large. Delete some objects.
qtn_umail_info_max_slides_reach   Maximum number of slides reached
                                  Maximum duration:
qtn_umail_info_max_time           16 minutes 30 seconds
qtn_umail_info_name_alrdy_use     Name already in use
qtn_umail_info_network_busy       Network busy, try again.
qtn_umail_info_no_email_addr      No e-mail addresses
qtn_umail_info_no_email_on_serv   E-mail not on server
qtn_umail_info_no_email_retriev   No e-mails to retrieve
qtn_umail_info_no_new_email       No new e-mails
qtn_umail_info_no_recipients      No recipients
qtn_umail_info_object_removed     Business card deleted
qtn_umail_info_poor_signal        Not enough network coverage. Try again.
                                  Minimum duration:
qtn_umail_info_pres_min_time      1 second
qtn_umail_info_register_account   Create account first
qtn_umail_info_same_tit_exists    A bookmark with this name already exists
qtn_umail_info_sending_failed     Sending failed
qtn_umail_info_send_fail_copyri   Cannot send e-mail with copyrighted objects
qtn_umail_info_send_fail_sender   Sending failed. Check sender %N
qtn_umail_info_sent_history_emp   Recipient history empty
qtn_umail_info_sent_items_empty   Sent items empty
qtn_umail_info_start_time_set     Start time set
qtn_umail_info_sys_busy_no_acnt   System busy. Account not created
qtn_umail_info_sys_down_no_acnt   System error. Unable to create account.
qtn_umail_info_too_many_select    Too many e-mails selected
qtn_umail_info_unable_forward     E-mail not on server. Cannot be forwarded.
qtn_umail_info_unable_to_connec   Unable to connect while phone is in use
qtn_umail_info_unable_to_retrv    Unable to retrieve
qtn_umail_list_attach             Attachment
qtn_umail_list_clear_group        Clear group
qtn_umail_list_delete             Delete
qtn_umail_list_delete_contact     Delete contact
qtn_umail_list_delete_group       Delete group
qtn_umail_list_edit               Edit
qtn_umail_list_email_address      E-mail address
qtn_umail_list_gallery            Gallery
qtn_umail_list_go_to_email        Go to e-mail
qtn_umail_list_inbox_folder       Folder %N
qtn_umail_list_inbox_main         Main
qtn_umail_list_other              Other
qtn_umail_list_phone_number       Phone number
qtn_umail_list_rename             Rename
qtn_umail_list_rename_group       Rename group
qtn_umail_list_view_details       View details
qtn_umail_list_view_group         View group
qtn_umail_notif_mails_received    %N e-mails received
qtn_umail_notif_mail_received     New e-mail received
qtn_umail_options_paste           Paste text
qtn_umail_prmpt_bm_enter_title    Enter title:
qtn_umail_prmpt_contact_name      Contact name:
qtn_umail_prmpt_duration          Duration:
qtn_umail_prmpt_enter_end         Enter end time:
qtn_umail_prmpt_enter_sec_code    Enter security code:
qtn_umail_prmpt_enter_start       Enter start time:
qtn_umail_prmpt_enter_subject     Enter subject:
qtn_umail_prmpt_folder_name       Folder name:
qtn_umail_prmpt_group_name        Group name:
qtn_umail_prmpt_phone_number      Phone number:
qtn_umail_prmpt_pres_name         Presentation name
qtn_umail_prmpt_recipient         Recipient
qtn_umail_quest_delete_file       Delete attachment?
qtn_umail_quest_delete_from_grp   Delete from group?
qtn_umail_quest_delete_pres       Delete presentation?
qtn_umail_quest_del_addr_grp      Delete address group?
qtn_umail_quest_del_cont_grp      Delete all contacts from group?
qtn_umail_quest_del_sel_e_addr    %U?
qtn_umail_quest_end_save          End. Save?
                                  Add to already existing contact?
qtn_umail_quest_exist_contact     %U
qtn_umail_quest_grp_not_empty     Address group not empty. Delete anyway?
qtn_umail_quest_grp_not_emtpy     Address group not empty. Delete anyway?
qtn_umail_tick_animations         Animations
qtn_umail_tick_images             Images
qtn_umail_tick_sound_clips        Sound clips
qtn_umail_tick_video_clips        Video clips
qtn_umail_tick_voice_clips        Recordings
qtn_umail_wait_check_for_mail     Checking new e-mail
qtn_umail_wait_connecting         Connecting
qtn_umail_wait_creating_filter    Adding filter
qtn_umail_wait_filtering          Reloading filter
qtn_umail_wait_open_folder        Opening folder
qtn_umail_wait_processing_wait    Processing. Please wait.
qtn_umail_wait_registering_acnt   Creating account
qtn_umail_wait_reloading_filter   Reloading filter
qtn_umail_wait_retrieve_attach    Retrieving attachment
qtn_umail_wait_retrieve_mail      Retrieving %0N/%1N
qtn_umail_wait_sending_email      e-mail
qtn_umail_wait_sorting_email      Sorting e-mail
qtn_umail_warn_auth_err_retrv     Authentica-tion error. Cannot retrieve %N
qtn_umail_warn_auth_err_send      Authentica-tion error. Cannot send %N
qtn_umail_warn_comnd_err_retrv    Command error. Cannot retrieve %N
qtn_umail_warn_comnd_err_send     Command error. Cannot send %N
qtn_umail_warn_conect_err_retrv   Connection error. Cannot retrieve %N
qtn_umail_warn_conect_err_send    Connection error. Cannot send %N
qtn_umail_warn_no_create_accnt    Unable to create account
qtn_umail_warn_server_err_retrv   Server error. Cannot retrieve %N
qtn_umail_warn_server_err_send    Server error. Cannot send %N
qtn_umax_ilist_uinfo              U-Info
qtn_umax_ilist_umagic             U-Magic
qtn_umax_ilist_umail              U-Mail
qtn_umax_ilist_uniinfo            UNI-INFO
qtn_umax_list_uinfo               U-Info
qtn_umax_list_umagic              U-Magic
qtn_umax_list_umail               U-Mail
qtn_umax_list_uniinfo             UNI-INFO
qtn_umax_main_menu                uni
qtn_unable_paste_buffer_full      Unable to paste. Editing space full.
qtn_unable_paste_invalid_data     Unable to paste. Includes invalid data.
qtn_unmark                        Unmark
qtn_unmark_all                    Unmark all
qtn_urn_autosave_off              Phone will ask to select a folder where downloaded files will be save
qtn_urn_autosave_on               Downloaded files will be saved to phone's folders automatically
qtn_urn_delete_not_ok_status      Deleting details:
qtn_urn_delete_not_ok_sys_item    Deleting system item not allowed: %N
qtn_urn_delete_ok_item            1 item deleted
qtn_urn_delete_ok_items           All %N items deleted
qtn_urn_move_items_not_ok         %N items not moved
qtn_urn_move_items_ok             All %0N items moved to %1U
qtn_urn_move_item_not_ok          1 item not moved
qtn_urn_move_item_ok              1 item moved to %U
qtn_urn_move_not_ok_copyright     Unable to move copyrighted item to memory card: %N
qtn_urn_move_not_ok_lack_mem      Not enough memory to move item: %N
qtn_urn_move_not_ok_name_exists   Item name(s) already exists in target folder: %N
qtn_urn_move_not_ok_nbr           Items not moved: %N
qtn_urn_move_not_ok_path_long     Item path too long: %N
qtn_urn_move_not_ok_source_same   Unable to move to current location: 1
qtn_urn_move_not_ok_sys_item      Unable to move system file or folder: %N
qtn_urn_move_not_ok_unknown       Unknown: %N
qtn_urn_move_not_ok_using_item    Item(s) being used by another application: %N
qtn_urn_move_status               Moving details:
qtn_usb_conf_disabled             Data storage mode deactivated
qtn_usb_err_cable_removed         USB data cable removed
qtn_usb_info_cable_removed        USB data cable removed
qtn_usb_info_card_busy            Memory card in use by another application
qtn_usb_info_connect_cable        Connect USB data cable first
qtn_usb_info_connect_mmc          Insert memory card first
qtn_usb_info_disabled             Data storage mode deactivated
qtn_usb_list_transfer             USB data cable
qtn_usb_notif_enable              Use phone as data storage device?
qtn_usb_quest_enable              Use phone as data storage device?
qtn_usb_quest_quit_transfer       Some data might be lost. Cancel data transfer?
qtn_usb_quest_standby             USB connection on standby
qtn_usb_text_transfer_mode        Data storage mode
qtn_usb_wait_transfer             Transferring data
qtn_usernote_default              You can make your own note here
qtn_user_away_msg                 %U is now away
qtn_user_busy_msg                 %U is now busy
qtn_user_offline_msg              %U is now offline
qtn_user_online_msg               %U is now online
qtn_usim_emerg_ambulance          Ambulance
qtn_usim_emerg_fire               Fire brigade
qtn_usim_emerg_marine             Marine guard
qtn_usim_emerg_mountain           Mntn. rescue
qtn_usim_emerg_police             Police
qtn_usim_info_dimmed              SIM card does not support SIM language
qtn_usim_language_change          SIM language
qtn_usim_language_sel             SIM language selected
qtn_usr_not_printed_reason        Some files were of an invalid format or had invalid activation keys
qtn_usr_some_items_printed        %0N of %1N printed
qtn_uwn_err_not_saved             Welcome note not saved
qtn_value_form_ring_bgr           Incoming call video
qtn_value_ring_bgr                Incoming call video
qtn_vb_voice_press_to_start       Record
qtn_vb_voice_rec_recording        Recording
qtn_vb_vorec_rec_paused           Paused
qtn_vcalendar_set_number          Calendar note %N
qtn_vcard_set_numer               Business card %N
qtn_vedit_conf_quit               Quit editing video clip?
qtn_vedit_default_file_name       Edited
qtn_vedit_hdr_preview             Preview
qtn_vedit_hdr_veditor             Video editor
qtn_vedit_info_end_cannot         End mark must be after start mark
qtn_vedit_info_fits_to_mms        Full video clip can be sent via multimedia
qtn_vedit_info_mem_totally_full   Original clip too long. Memory full.
qtn_vedit_info_start_cannot       Start mark cannot be at end of clip
qtn_vedit_list_clear_marks        Clear marks
qtn_vedit_list_exit               Exit video editor
qtn_vedit_list_mark_end           Set end mark
qtn_vedit_list_mark_start         Set start mark
qtn_vedit_list_mms_size           Begin MMS size clip
qtn_vedit_list_play_selection     View selected part
qtn_vedit_list_save_exit          Save
qtn_vedit_list_use_selection      Use set marks
qtn_vedit_wait_processing         Creating video clip
qtn_video_conf_muted              Microphone muted
qtn_video_conf_unmuted            Microphone unmuted
qtn_video_softk_record            Record
qtn_video_vmbx                    Video mailbox
qtn_view_marked                   View marked
qtn_view_unmarked                 View unmarked
qtn_vivo_ilist_3g_downloads       Open URL
qtn_vivo_ilist_3g_open_gallery    Open Gallery
qtn_vivo_ilist_agenda             Agenda
qtn_vivo_ilist_bank               Banking
qtn_vivo_ilist_call_divert        Call divert
qtn_vivo_ilist_intl_roaming       International roaming
qtn_vivo_ilist_vivo_informa       Vivo informa
qtn_vivo_ilist_vivo_service       Vivo service
qtn_vivo_ilist_voice_portal       Voice portal
qtn_vivo_list_3g_downloads        Open URL
qtn_vivo_list_3g_open_gallery     Open Gallery
qtn_vivo_list_agenda              Agenda
qtn_vivo_list_bank                Banking
qtn_vivo_list_call_divert         Call divert
qtn_vivo_list_intl_roaming        Internat. roaming
qtn_vivo_list_vivo_informa        Vivo informa
qtn_vivo_list_vivo_service        Vivo service
qtn_vivo_list_voice_portal        Voice portal
qtn_vm_ilist_voice_messages       Voice messages
qtn_voicc_command_too_long        Voice command too long. Try again?
qtn_voicc_command_too_short      Voice command too short. Try again?
qtn_voicc_conf_command_changed   Voice command changed
qtn_voicc_conf_command_erased    Voice command deleted
qtn_voicc_conf_command_saved     Voice command saved
qtn_voicc_hdr_asabi              Audible alerts
qtn_voicc_hdr_call_register      Log
qtn_voicc_hdr_home_url           Web
qtn_voicc_hdr_infrared           Infrared
qtn_voicc_hdr_messages           Messages
qtn_voicc_hdr_player             Music player
qtn_voicc_hdr_profiles           Profiles
qtn_voicc_hdr_radio              Radio
qtn_voicc_hdr_voice_commands     Voice commands
qtn_voicc_hdr_voice_memo         Voice recorder
qtn_voicc_hdr_voice_message      Voice mailbox
qtn_voicc_info_erase_command     Memory full. Delete an existing command?
qtn_voicc_list_activate_ir       Activate infrared
qtn_voicc_list_add_command       Add command
qtn_voicc_list_asabi             Audible alerts
qtn_voicc_list_asabi_batt        Audible battery bar
qtn_voicc_list_asabi_signal      Audible signal bar
qtn_voicc_list_call_register     Log
qtn_voicc_list_call_video_mail   Call video mailbox
qtn_voicc_list_create_sms        Create text message
qtn_voicc_list_homepage          Homepage
qtn_voicc_list_home_url          Web
qtn_voicc_list_infrared          Infrared
qtn_voicc_list_listen_to         Call voice mailbox
qtn_voicc_list_messages          Messages
qtn_voicc_list_missed_calls      Missed calls
qtn_voicc_list_next_channel      Next station
qtn_voicc_list_next_song         Next track
qtn_voicc_list_otaprof1          (My profile 1)
qtn_voicc_list_otaprof2          (My profile 2)
qtn_voicc_list_player            Music player
qtn_voicc_list_player_off        Music player off
qtn_voicc_list_player_on         Music player on
qtn_voicc_list_previous_song     Previous track
qtn_voicc_list_prev_channel      Previous station
qtn_voicc_list_radio             Radio
qtn_voicc_list_radio_off         Radio off
qtn_voicc_list_radio_on          Radio on
qtn_voicc_list_received_calls    Received calls
qtn_voicc_list_record            Record
qtn_voicc_list_voice_memo        Voice recorder
qtn_voicc_list_voice_message     Voice mailbox
qtn_voicc_query_erase_command    Delete voice command?
qtn_voicc_wait_voice_replaying   Playing voice command
qtn_voice_hdr_voice_mailbox      Voice mailbox
qtn_voice_header_data_nbr        Data mailbox no.
qtn_voice_header_fax_nbr          Fax mailbox no.
qtn_voice_header_vmbx_nbr         Mailbox number
qtn_voice_info_received           Information received
qtn_voice_info_unlock_sec_kg      Unlock security keyguard first
qtn_voice_main_voice_features     Voice
qtn_voice_msg_info_emgs_waiting   %N new emergency voice msgs.
qtn_voice_msg_info_urgs_waiting   %N new urgent voice messages
qtn_voice_softk_playback          Playback
qtn_vol_hdr_bluetooth_volume      Bluetooth vol.
qtn_vol_hdr_earpiece_volume       Earpiece volume
qtn_vol_hdr_handsfree_volume      Handsfr. volume
qtn_vol_hdr_headset_volume        Headset volume
qtn_vol_hdr_loopset_volume        Loopset volume
qtn_vol_hdr_loudspeaker_volume    Loudsp. volume
qtn_vol_hdr_media_volume          Media volume
qtn_vorec_conf_folderselected     %U selected
qtn_vorec_empty_list              (empty)
qtn_vorec_list_alarm              Alarm
qtn_vorec_list_play_last          Play last recorded
qtn_vorec_list_send_last          Send last recorded
qtn_vorec_press_to_start          Press 'Record' to start
qtn_vorec_sett_storage_folder     Select memory
qtn_vorec_softkey_record          Record
qtn_votag_conf_old_tags_removed   Old voice tags deleted
qtn_votag_conf_remove_tag         Delete voice tags for old SIM to add new ones?
qtn_votag_hdr_voice_tags          Voice tags
qtn_votag_info_old_tag_not_work   Tags on SIM not available
qtn_vovol_list_volume             Volume
qtn_wait_applying_theme           Applying theme
qtn_wait_cancel_mms_retrieval     Cancelling retrieval
qtn_wait_cancel_mms_retrievals    Cancelling retrievals
qtn_wait_channel_selection        Retrieving channels
qtn_wait_checking_app_details     Checking details
qtn_wait_checking_contact_lists   Checking for contact lists
qtn_wait_check_cont_lists_aol     Checking for Buddy list
qtn_wait_check_cont_lists_icq     Checking for Contact Lists
qtn_wait_check_cont_lists_yah     Checking for contact lists
qtn_wait_completing_install       Completing installation
qtn_wait_connecting               Connecting to %U
qtn_wait_connecting_printer       Connecting to printer
qtn_wait_connect_to_server        Connecting
qtn_wait_copying_marked_msgs      Copying marked msgs.
qtn_wait_copying_msgs             Copying message
qtn_wait_copying_to_server        Copying to server list
qtn_wait_copy_file                %U
qtn_wait_creating_group           Creating group
qtn_wait_delete_marked_item       Deleting item
qtn_wait_delete_marked_items      Deleting items
qtn_wait_disconnect_from_server   Disconnecting
qtn_wait_dl_no_save              Receiving data
qtn_wait_downloading             Downloading software
qtn_wait_drm_getting_key         Receiving ac-tivation key
qtn_wait_drm_registering_with    Registering with %U
qtn_wait_drm_unregist_from       Deregistering from %U
qtn_wait_fetching                Retrieving
qtn_wait_filtering_details       Searching for details
qtn_wait_filtering_folder        Filtering
qtn_wait_installupdate           Installing
qtn_wait_joining_group           Joining group conversation
qtn_wait_joining_group_vf        Joining Conversation
qtn_wait_loading                 Loading
qtn_wait_logging_in_aol          Signing on to AIM
qtn_wait_logging_in_icq          Connecting to ICQ
qtn_wait_logging_out             Logging out
qtn_wait_logging_out_aol         Signing off
qtn_wait_logging_out_icq         Disconnecting
qtn_wait_login_first_step        Connecting
qtn_wait_login_sec_step          Loading IM contacts
qtn_wait_login_sec_step_aol      Loading Groups
qtn_wait_login_sec_step_icq      Loading Contact List
qtn_wait_login_sec_step_vf       Loading IM Contacts
qtn_wait_login_third_step        Synchronising
qtn_wait_marking_pb              Marking items
qtn_wait_move_marked_item        Moving item
qtn_wait_move_marked_items       Moving items
qtn_wait_move_terminate          Cancelling
qtn_wait_moving_from_server      %0N/%1N
qtn_wait_moving_msgs             Moving messages
qtn_wait_opening_folder_name     Opening %U
qtn_wait_opening_members_list    Opening contact list
qtn_wait_opening_mms_messages    Opening multim. msgs.
qtn_wait_opening_text_messages   Opening text messages
qtn_wait_open_members_list_aol   Opening Buddy list
qtn_wait_open_members_list_icq   Opening Contact list
qtn_wait_open_members_list_yah   Opening contact list
qtn_wait_open_msg_details        Opening msg. details
qtn_wait_prepar_install          Preparing installation
qtn_wait_prep_download           Preparing download
qtn_wait_printer_continue        Waiting to cont. printing
qtn_wait_printing_n_of_x         Printing %0N of %1N images
qtn_wait_proc_script             Processing script
qtn_wait_retrieving_lists        Retrieving contact lists
qtn_wait_retrieving_mms          Retrieving message
qtn_wait_saving                  Saving
qtn_wait_saving_to_pbook      %0N/%1N
qtn_wait_scaling_image_to     Scaling image to %U
qtn_wait_searching            Searching
qtn_wait_sending              Sending file
qtn_wait_sending_invitation   Sending invitation
qtn_wait_sending_via_bt       Sending via Bluetooth
qtn_wait_sending_via_ir       Sending via infrared
qtn_wait_send_file_name       Sending %U
qtn_wait_send_marked_items    Sending items
qtn_wait_step1of3             Step 1/3
qtn_wait_step2of3             Step 2/3
qtn_wait_step3of3             Step 3/3
qtn_wait_trans_to_printer     Printing
qtn_wait_unmarking_pb         Unmarking items
qtn_wait_updatingsoft         Updating
qtn_wait_updating_folder      Updating folder
qtn_wait_updating_info        Updating information
qtn_wait_usb_print_connect    Connecting to printer
qtn_wait_zooming              Zooming
qtn_wakeup_conf_tone_off      Start-up tone off
qtn_wakeup_conf_tone_on       Start-up tone on
qtn_wakeup_hdr_tone           Start-up tone
qtn_wakeup_list_off           Off
qtn_wakeup_list_on            On
qtn_wakeup_sett_tone          Start-up tone
qtn_wall_comf_code_changed    Wallet code changed
qtn_wall_conf_clear_card      Card cleared
qtn_wall_conf_code_disab      Wallet code request off
qtn_wall_conf_code_enab       Wallet code request on
qtn_wall_conf_rec_rec         Receipt received
qtn_wall_copy_card            Copy card
qtn_wall_err_inv_card_no      Invalid card number
qtn_wall_hdr_account          User info
qtn_wall_hdr_bill_details     Billing info
qtn_wall_hdr_card_details     Card info
qtn_wall_hdr_code             Code request
qtn_wall_hdr_expirymonth      Expiry month
qtn_wall_hdr_expiryyear       Expiry year
qtn_wall_hdr_opt_address1     Street address 1
qtn_wall_hdr_opt_address2     Street address 2
qtn_wall_hdr_receiptemail     To e-mail
qtn_wall_hdr_receiptphone     To number
qtn_wall_hdr_replace          Replace
qtn_wall_hdr_ship_details     Shipping info
qtn_wall_info_invalid_date    Invalid date. Try again.
qtn_wall_list_account         User info
qtn_wall_list_bill_details    Billing info
qtn_wall_list_browser         Use wallet info
qtn_wall_list_card_details    Card info
qtn_wall_list_card_set            Card %N
qtn_wall_list_change_code         Change code
qtn_wall_list_clear_card          Clear card
qtn_wall_list_fill_all            Fill in all fields
qtn_wall_list_ok                  OK
qtn_wall_list_pin_off             Off
qtn_wall_list_pin_on              On
qtn_wall_list_pin_request         Code request
qtn_wall_list_receipt_details     Receipt info
qtn_wall_list_rename              Rename card
qtn_wall_list_sec_settings        Settings
qtn_wall_list_ship_details        Shipping info
qtn_wall_prmpt_expire_month       Expiry month:
qtn_wall_prmpt_expire_year        Expiry year:
qtn_wall_prmpt_remail             Receipt to e-mail address:
qtn_wall_prmpt_rphone             Receipt to phone number:
qtn_wall_prmpt_sfirst_name        First name:
qtn_wall_prmpt_slast_name         Last name:
qtn_wall_prmpt_sstreet1           Street address 1:
qtn_wall_prmpt_sstreet2           Street address 2:
qtn_wall_quest_clear              Clear all fields?
qtn_wall_sett_remail              Receipt to e-mail address
qtn_wall_sett_rphone              Receipt to phone number
qtn_wall_sett_scity               Town
qtn_wall_sett_semail              E-mail address
qtn_wall_sett_sstreet1            Street address 1
qtn_wall_sett_sstreet2            Street address 2
qtn_wall_sett_verification        Verification value
qtn_wall_softk_brow               Wallet
qtn_wifi_apmac                    Access point MAC: %U
qtn_wifi_channel                  Channel: %U
                                  Connected to
qtn_wifi_conf_connected           %U
qtn_wifi_conf_conn_set_saved      Connection settings changed
qtn_wifi_conf_deleted             %U
                                  Disconnected from
qtn_wifi_conf_disconnected        %U
qtn_wifi_conf_off                 Wi-Fi switched off
qtn_wifi_conf_on                  Wi-Fi switched on
                                  Network saved:
qtn_wifi_conf_saved               %U
qtn_wifi_conf_saved_tmo           %U successfully saved
qtn_wifi_conn_time                Connection time: %U
qtn_wifi_dns                      DNS server: %U
qtn_wifi_gateway                  Gateway: %U
qtn_wifi_hdr_add_network_tmo      Add network
qtn_wifi_hdr_available            Avail. networks
qtn_wifi_hdr_change_priority      Change priority
qtn_wifi_hdr_connection_setting   Conn. settings
qtn_wifi_hdr_connect_hidden       Connect hidden
qtn_wifi_hdr_saved                Saved networks
qtn_wifi_hdr_tutorial_tmo         Tutorial
qtn_wifi_hdr_uma_settings         Wi-Fi call sett.
qtn_wifi_hdr_wifi                 Wi-Fi
qtn_wifi_ilist_ask                Ask first
qtn_wifi_ilist_automatic          Automatic
qtn_wifi_ilist_manual             Manual
qtn_wifi_info_ap_err              Wi-Fi calls unavailable from this access point
qtn_wifi_info_ap_err_j1_tmo       Service not available from this access point (J001)
qtn_wifi_info_busy                Appl. busy. Try again.
qtn_wifi_info_busy_err            Network busy
qtn_wifi_info_busy_err_c0_tmo     Network busy (C000)
qtn_wifi_info_connection_lost     Wi-Fi connection lost
qtn_wifi_info_end_call_first      End call first
qtn_wifi_info_intn_err            Internet connection failed
qtn_wifi_info_intn_err_w4_tmo     Internet connection failed (W004)
qtn_wifi_info_intn_err_w5_tmo     Internet connection failed (W005)
qtn_wifi_info_intn_err_w6_tmo     Internet connection failed (W006)
qtn_wifi_info_loc_err             Wi-Fi calls unavailable from this location
qtn_wifi_info_loc_err_j2_tmo      Service not available from this location (J002)
qtn_wifi_info_loc_err_j4_tmo      Service not available from this location (J004)
qtn_wifi_info_not_available       Network not available
qtn_wifi_info_not_found           Network not found
qtn_wifi_info_not_saved           Network not saved
qtn_wifi_info_no_available_tmo    Could not connect to a Wi-Fi network
qtn_wifi_info_no_connectable      No quick connect networks available
qtn_wifi_info_no_delete           Unable to delete
qtn_wifi_info_no_to_add_tmo       No networks available
qtn_wifi_info_ntw_err             Network connection failed
qtn_wifi_info_ntw_err_j3_tmo      Network connection failed (J003)
qtn_wifi_info_ntw_err_j6_tmo      Network connection failed (J006)
qtn_wifi_info_ntw_err_j7_tmo      Network connection failed (J007)
qtn_wifi_info_ntw_err_j8_tmo      Network connection failed (J008)
qtn_wifi_info_ntw_err_j9_tmo      Network connection failed (J009)
qtn_wifi_info_ntw_err_w8_tmo      Network connection failed (W008)
qtn_wifi_info_paring_failed_tmo   Securing con-nection failed. Check wire-less router.
qtn_wifi_info_restriction         Unable to edit
qtn_wifi_info_sim_err             SIM not allowed
qtn_wifi_info_sim_err_c2_tmo      SIM not allowed (C002)
qtn_wifi_info_unsupported         Network not supported
qtn_wifi_info_wifi_err            Wi-Fi connection failed
qtn_wifi_info_wifi_err_w0_tmo     Wi-Fi connection failed (W000)
qtn_wifi_info_wifi_err_w2_tmo     Wi-Fi connection failed (W002)
qtn_wifi_info_wrong_code          Incorrect operator code
qtn_wifi_ip                       IP: %U
qtn_wifi_list_add_new             Add new network
qtn_wifi_list_ask                 Ask first
qtn_wifi_list_automatic           Automatic
qtn_wifi_list_available           Available networks
qtn_wifi_list_available_hidden    Hidden networks
qtn_wifi_list_available_refresh   Refresh
qtn_wifi_list_avail_details       Details
qtn_wifi_list_avail_details_tmo   View details
qtn_wifi_list_avail_save          Save
qtn_wifi_list_conn_settings       Conn. settings
qtn_wifi_list_delete              Delete
qtn_wifi_list_edit                Edit settings
qtn_wifi_list_edit_tmo            Edit details
qtn_wifi_list_fast_connection     Quick connection
qtn_wifi_list_forward             Forward settings
qtn_wifi_list_from_available      Avail. networks
qtn_wifi_list_help_link_tmo       Wi-Fi help
qtn_wifi_list_manual              Manual
qtn_wifi_list_priority            Organise priority
qtn_wifi_list_rename              Rename
qtn_wifi_list_saved               Saved networks
qtn_wifi_list_save_tmo            Add to saved networks
qtn_wifi_list_securing_tmo        EasyKeySetup
qtn_wifi_list_tutorial_2_tmo      Available net-works: Networks you can connect to and place calls us
qtn_wifi_list_tutorial_3_tmo      Saved networks: Phone will automa-tically connect to a saved Wi-Fi
qtn_wifi_list_tutorial_4_tmo      Quick connect: Lets you find the best Wi-Fi connection available bas
qtn_wifi_list_tutorial_5_tmo      Wi-Fi radio: Setting for switching Wi-Fi on and off. If off, no Wi-Fi con
qtn_wifi_list_tutorial_6_tmo      Add new network: Option for saving a network from a list of available
qtn_wifi_list_tutorial_7_tmo      EasyKeySetup: Create a secure conn. with T-Mobile wireless router
qtn_wifi_list_tutorial_8_tmo      Wi-Fi help: Gives online help for using the Wi-Fi wireless networks.
qtn_wifi_list_uma_settings        Wi-Fi call settings
qtn_wifi_list_wifi                Wi-Fi
qtn_wifi_list_wifi_on_off         Wi-Fi radio
qtn_wifi_list_wifi_tmo            Wi-Fi
                                  Connect to
qtn_wifi_notif_connect_to         %U?
qtn_wifi_no_forward               Unable to forward
qtn_wifi_phonemac                 Phone MAC: %U
qtn_wifi_prmpt_operator_code      Enter operator code:
qtn_wifi_prmpt_ssid               Enter network SSID to connect:
qtn_wifi_quest_delete             %U?
qtn_wifi_quest_disconnect_first   %U first?
qtn_wifi_quest_not_connect_tmo    No connection will be made to network. Continue?
qtn_wifi_quest_pairing1_tmo       Create a secure connection and save a network. If you do not have a
qtn_wifi_quest_pairing2_tmo       Press Easy-KeySetup on wireless router and OK
qtn_wifi_quest_pair_tmo           Run Easy-KeySetup for: %U
qtn_wifi_quest_run_next_tmo       View Wi-Fi tutorial and connect to Wi-Fi on next power up?
qtn_wifi_quest_run_tutorial_tmo   Your phone can use Wi-Fi for calls. Run the tutorial now and then co
qtn_wifi_quest_save               Add %U to your saved networks?
qtn_wifi_quest_wifi_on_first      Switch on Wi-Fi first?
qtn_wifi_quest_will_disconnect    Will disconnect network. Continue?
qtn_wifi_security_unsupported     Not supported
qtn_wifi_softk_connect           Connect
qtn_wifi_softk_next_tmo          Next
qtn_wifi_subnetmask              Subnet mask: %U
qtn_wifi_text_empty              (empty)
qtn_wifi_urn_tip_connect_tmo     To connect to Wi-Fi, go to Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi
qtn_wifi_urn_tip_settings_tmo    To edit Wi-Fi, go to Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi
qtn_wifi_wait_cancel             Cancelling
qtn_wifi_wait_connecting         Connecting to %U
qtn_wifi_wait_deleting           Deleting %U
qtn_wifi_wait_disconnecting      Disconnecting from %U
qtn_wifi_wait_please_wait        Please wait
qtn_wifi_wait_save               Saving priorities
qtn_wifi_wait_saving             Saving setting
qtn_wifi_wait_searching          Searching for networks
qtn_wifi_wait_search_available   Refreshing networks
qtn_wifi_wait_search_key_tmo     Securing con-nection
qtn_wifi_wait_turning_off        Switching off Wi-Fi
qtn_wifi_wait_turning_on         Switching on Wi-Fi
qtn_wim_conf_dsign_done          Digital signature done
qtn_wim_conf_pin_changed         PIN code changed
qtn_wim_conf_pin_req_off         PIN code request off
qtn_wim_conf_pin_req_on          PIN code request on
qtn_wim_conf_pin_unblocked       PIN code unblocked
qtn_wim_conf_wim_closed          Security module disabled
qtn_wim_det_certificate_url      Certificate address:
qtn_wim_det_label                Title:
qtn_wim_det_manufacturer         Manufacturer:
qtn_wim_det_status               Status:
qtn_wim_err_cert_not_supp        Certificate not supported
qtn_wim_err_chk_user_cert        User certificate corrupted
qtn_wim_err_codes_not_match      Codes do not match
qtn_wim_err_invalid_pin          Code too short. Minimum 4 characters.
qtn_wim_err_no_user_cert         User certificate not found
qtn_wim_err_pin_blocked          PIN code blocked
qtn_wim_err_pin_incorrect        Code error
qtn_wim_err_user_cert_exp        Check certificate validity
qtn_wim_err_user_cert_notval     User certificate not valid yet
qtn_wim_err_user_cert_rvkd       User certificate revoked
qtn_wim_err_wim_rejected         Security module rejected
qtn_wim_full_change_signpin      Change signing PIN
qtn_wim_full_change_wim_pin      Change module PIN
qtn_wim_full_wim_details         Security module details
qtn_wim_hdr_dsign_signcert       Signing certifs
qtn_wim_hdr_dsign_signpin        Signing PIN
qtn_wim_hdr_dsign_to_sign        Read
qtn_wim_hdr_pin_request          PIN request
qtn_wim_hdr_security             Security
qtn_wim_hdr_user_certs           User certificates
qtn_wim_hdr_wim_details          Security module
qtn_wim_hdr_wim_options          Module settings
qtn_wim_hdr_wim_pin               Module PIN
qtn_wim_info_activate_pin_g       Activate module PIN request first
qtn_wim_info_insert_wim           Insert security module
qtn_wim_info_no_matching_key      Certificate does not match module
qtn_wim_info_only_phone_avail     Insert security module first
qtn_wim_info_user_cert_expird     User certificate expired
qtn_wim_info_wim_already_closed   Security module already disabled
qtn_wim_info_wim_error            Security module error
qtn_wim_info_wim_not_ready        Security module not ready
qtn_wim_list_close_wim            Disable module
qtn_wim_list_pin_req_off          Off
qtn_wim_list_pin_req_on           On
qtn_wim_list_unnamed_wim          Unnamed
qtn_wim_new_pin                   Enter new PIN code:
qtn_wim_prmpt_curr_pin            Current PIN code:
                                  Enter PUK code for:
qtn_wim_prmpt_enter_puk           %U
                                  Enter PIN code for:
qtn_wim_prmpt_ping_pinnr          %U
qtn_wim_query_anon_conn           Try unauthenticated connection?
qtn_wim_req_user_auth             Authentication requested by %U
qtn_wim_serial_nro                Serial number:
qtn_wim_sett_pin_request          Module PIN request
qtn_wim_set_menu                  Security module settings
qtn_wim_softk_dsign_sign          Sign
qtn_wim_status_closed             Disabled
qtn_wim_status_open               Enabled
qtn_wim_user_cert_menu            User certificates
qtn_wim_verify_pin                Verify new PIN code:
qtn_wim_wait_cert_details         Reading details
qtn_wim_wait_process_signpin      Processing signing PIN
qtn_wmlbm_conf_bm_added           Bookmark added
qtn_wmlbm_conf_nr_bm_rcvd         1 bookmark received
qtn_wmlbm_hdr_app_serv            App. downloads
qtn_wmlbm_hdr_game_serv           Game downloads
qtn_wmlbm_hdr_image_serv          Graphic downlds.
qtn_wmlbm_hdr_music_serv          Music downloads
qtn_wmlbm_hdr_tone_serv           Tone downloads
qtn_wmlbm_hdr_video_serv          Video downloads
qtn_wmlbm_info_bm_toolong_tsave   Address too long to be saved
qtn_wmlbm_info_url_not_sent       Address too long to be sent
qtn_wmlbm_list_new_bm             New bookmark
qtn_wmlbm_list_send_as_sms        Via text message
qtn_wmlbm_list_send_one_bm        Send
qtn_wmls_conf_access_point        Access point changed
qtn_wmls_conf_activated_wapp      Connection settings activated
qtn_wmls_conf_address_changed     Proxy address changed
qtn_wmls_conf_addr_tp             Address type selected
qtn_wmls_conf_auth_tp             Authentica- tion type selected
qtn_wmls_conf_bearer              Data bearer selected
qtn_wmls_conf_conn_sec_off        Connection security off
qtn_wmls_conf_conn_sec_on         Connection security on
qtn_wmls_conf_conn_tp             Session mode selected
qtn_wmls_conf_cook_allowed        Cookies allowed
qtn_wmls_conf_cook_reject         Cookies not allowed
qtn_wmls_conf_data_call_speed     Data call speed selected
qtn_wmls_conf_data_call_tp        Data call type selected
qtn_wmls_conf_dial_up_nr          Dial-up number changed
qtn_wmls_conf_discard_wapp        Connection settings discarded
qtn_wmls_conf_dns_changed         DNS address changed
qtn_wmls_conf_homepage            Homepage changed
qtn_wmls_conf_ip_addr             IP address changed
qtn_wmls_conf_login_tp            Login type selected
qtn_wmls_conf_numkeys_select      Numeric keys selected
qtn_wmls_conf_online_disabled     Always online disabled
qtn_wmls_conf_online_enabled      Always online enabled
qtn_wmls_conf_online_ready        Always online ready
qtn_wmls_conf_port_changed        Proxy port changed
qtn_wmls_conf_proxy_disabled      Proxies disabled
qtn_wmls_conf_proxy_enabled       Proxies enabled
qtn_wmls_conf_replaced_wapp       Connection settings replaced
qtn_wmls_conf_saved_wapp          Connection settings saved
qtn_wmls_conf_sav_and_activ_wap   Settings saved and activated
qtn_wmls_conf_scrollkeys_select   Navigation key selected
qtn_wmls_conf_server_nr           Server number changed
qtn_wmls_conf_service_code        Service code changed
qtn_wmls_conf_service_nr          Service number changed
qtn_wmls_conf_sett_active         Activated
qtn_wmls_conf_sett_deleted        Connection settings deleted
qtn_wmls_conf_sett_name           Settings' name changed
qtn_wmls_conf_term_window_off     Terminal window not displayed
qtn_wmls_conf_term_window_on      Terminal window displayed
qtn_wmls_conf_user_name           User name changed
qtn_wmls_dtail_application        %U
qtn_wmls_dtail_app_browser        Web
qtn_wmls_dtail_app_email          E-mail
qtn_wmls_dtail_app_mms            Multimedia messaging
qtn_wmls_dtail_app_poc            Push to talk
qtn_wmls_dtail_app_streaming      Streaming
qtn_wmls_dtail_app_syncml         Synchronisation
qtn_wmls_dtail_app_wv             Instant messaging
qtn_wmls_dyn_usr_nme_passwd       Login type
qtn_wmls_dyn_usr_sel_dyn          Manual
qtn_wmls_dyn_usr_sel_stat         Automatic
qtn_wmls_err_fail_sett_disc       Verification failed. Settings will be discarded.
qtn_wmls_err_toohigh_portnbr      Maximum value 65535
qtn_wmls_err_verif_fail_retry     Verification failed. Try again.
qtn_wmls_full_bearer_sett         Bearer settings
qtn_wmls_full_view_sett           View active web settings
qtn_wmls_hdr_act_sett             Sets
qtn_wmls_hdr_bearer_settings      Bearer settings
qtn_wmls_hdr_conn_behavior        Pack. data conn.
qtn_wmls_hdr_cookies              Cookies
qtn_wmls_hdr_font_size            Font size
qtn_wmls_hdr_login_type           Login type
qtn_wmls_hdr_multiple_wims        Security modules
qtn_wmls_hdr_new_address          New address
qtn_wmls_hdr_new_apn              New access pt.
qtn_wmls_hdr_new_dialup           New dial-up no.
qtn_wmls_hdr_new_dns              New DNS addr.
qtn_wmls_hdr_new_homepage         New homepage
qtn_wmls_hdr_new_ip               New IP address
qtn_wmls_hdr_new_port             New port
qtn_wmls_hdr_new_server_nbr       New server no.
qtn_wmls_hdr_new_service_code     New serv. code
qtn_wmls_hdr_new_service_nbr      New service no.
qtn_wmls_hdr_new_setname          New sett. name
qtn_wmls_hdr_new_username         New user name
qtn_wmls_hdr_passwd               Password
qtn_wmls_hdr_proxies              Proxies
qtn_wmls_hdr_scroll_mode          Scroll mode
qtn_wmls_hdr_show_images          Show images
qtn_wmls_hdr_terminal_window      Term. window
qtn_wmls_hdr_text_wrap            Text wrapping
qtn_wmls_ilist_bearer_gprs        Packet data
qtn_wmls_ilist_conn_bhv_offline   When needed
qtn_wmls_ilist_conn_bhv_online    Always online
qtn_wmls_ilist_cookies_off        Reject
qtn_wmls_ilist_cookies_on         Allow
qtn_wmls_ilist_disable_proxy      Disable
qtn_wmls_ilist_dyn_usr_sel_dyn    Manual
qtn_wmls_ilist_dyn_usr_sel_stat   Automatic
qtn_wmls_ilist_enable_proxy       Enable
qtn_wmls_ilist_numeric_keys       Numeric keys
qtn_wmls_ilist_scroll_keys        Navigation key
qtn_wmls_ilist_set_empty          (empty)
qtn_wmls_ilist_set_reserved       Reserved
qtn_wmls_info_memo_full           Settings' memory full
qtn_wmls_info_no_sets             Nothing to delete
qtn_wmls_info_save_fail_wapp      Failed to save received connection settings
qtn_wmls_info_sets_invalid        Invalid settings. Unable to save.
qtn_wmls_list_bearer_gprs         Packet data
qtn_wmls_list_conn_bhv_offline    When needed
qtn_wmls_list_conn_bhv_online     Always online
qtn_wmls_list_disable_proxy       Disable
qtn_wmls_list_enable_proxy        Enable
qtn_wmls_list_load_stngs          Cookie settings
qtn_wmls_list_numeric_keys        Numeric keys
qtn_wmls_list_scroll_keys         Navigation key
qtn_wmls_list_set_empty           (empty)
qtn_wmls_list_set_reserved        Reserved
qtn_wmls_no_channel_name          Name unavailable
qtn_wmls_option_active_sett       Active web settings
qtn_wmls_option_edit_sett         Edit active web settings
qtn_wmls_prmpt_dns_server         DNS address:
qtn_wmls_prmpt_enter_sett_pin     Enter settings' PIN:
qtn_wmls_prmpt_proxy_addr         Proxy address:
qtn_wmls_prmpt_proxy_port         Port:
qtn_wmls_prmpt_sett_name          Settings' name:
qtn_wmls_quest_activate_wapp      Activate connection settings?
qtn_wmls_quest_activ_rcvd_sett    Activate saved web settings?
qtn_wmls_quest_delete_all         Delete all settings?
                                  Delete web settings?
qtn_wmls_quest_delete_conn_sett   %U
                                  Delete MMS settings?
qtn_wmls_quest_delete_mm_sett     %U
qtn_wmls_quest_discard_wapp       Discard connection settings?
qtn_wmls_quest_memfull_replace    Memory full. Replace connection settings?
                                  Replace conn. settings?
qtn_wmls_quest_replace_wapp       %U
qtn_wmls_quest_sets_invalid       Discard invalid settings?
qtn_wmls_quest_sets_locked        All settings are locked. Discard settings?
qtn_wmls_sett_conn_behavior       Packet data connection
qtn_wmls_sett_name_setting        Settings' name
qtn_wmls_sett_primary_dns         Primary DNS address
qtn_wmls_sett_primary_proxy       Primary proxy
qtn_wmls_sett_proxies             Proxies
qtn_wmls_sett_scroll_mode         Scroll mode
qtn_wmls_sett_secondary_dns       Secondary DNS address
qtn_wmls_sett_secondary_proxy     Secondary proxy
qtn_wmls_sett_terminal_window     Display terminal window
qtn_wmls_soft_received_wapp       Connection settings received
qtn_wmls_wait_connecting_to       Connecting to %U
qtn_wml_access_point_auth_req     Access point authentication needed
qtn_wml_access_point_password     Access point password:
qtn_wml_access_point_username     Access point user name:
qtn_wml_aes_encrypt_high128       AES, %N-bit key
qtn_wml_auth_query                Enter user name and password for %0U at %1U
qtn_wml_cert_3des_encrypt         3DES, 128-bit key
qtn_wml_cert_hash                 %U
qtn_wml_cert_hash_md5             MD5, 128-bit
qtn_wml_cert_hash_sha1            SHA-1, 160-bit
qtn_wml_cert_invalid              Invalid server certificate
qtn_wml_cert_not_supported        Server certificate not supported
qtn_wml_cert_quest_delete_warn    Deleting this certificate might cause some applications to not work. C
qtn_wml_cm_serial_number          Serial number:
qtn_wml_conf_cert_accepted        Certificate accepted and saved
qtn_wml_conf_memselect_wimtitle   Selected memory: %U
qtn_wml_conf_phone_mem_select     Phone memory selected
qtn_wml_conf_saved_to_phone       Saved to phone
qtn_wml_conf_saved_to_wim         Saved to security module
qtn_wml_conf_saved_to_wim_label   Saved to %U
qtn_wml_conf_usr_cert_discard     User certificate discarded
qtn_wml_conf_usr_cert_saved       User certificate saved
qtn_wml_conf_wim_mem_select       Security module memory selected
qtn_wml_domain_mismatch           Domain name of web address does not match the domain name(s) i
qtn_wml_dtail_ca_cert_more_info   More info at:
qtn_wml_dtail_usr_auth            User and server authenticated
qtn_wml_encrypt_medium2           RC5, 64-bit key (high)
qtn_wml_err_check_dialup          Check dial-up number
qtn_wml_err_check_ip              Check IP address
qtn_wml_err_gprs_conn_fail        Packet data connection not available
qtn_wml_full_cert_list            Certificate list
qtn_wml_hdr_certs                 Certificates
qtn_wml_hdr_download_links        Downloads
qtn_wml_hdr_input_opt             Text options
qtn_wml_hdr_memo_used             Storage memory
qtn_wml_hdr_options               Options
qtn_wml_hdr_redirection           Redirection
qtn_wml_hdr_select_memory         Select memory
qtn_wml_ilist_download_links      Downloads
qtn_wml_info_bearer_not_avail     Data bearer not available
qtn_wml_info_cert_already_exist   Certificate already exists
qtn_wml_info_cert_not_verif       Signer unknown
qtn_wml_info_check_server_nbr     Check server number
qtn_wml_info_check_service_nbr    Check service number
qtn_wml_info_check_serv_code      Check service code
qtn_wml_info_check_url            Check homepage address
qtn_wml_info_conn_notavail_rtry   Connection not available. Try again.
qtn_wml_info_hash_cert_no_match   Code does not match certificate
qtn_wml_info_hash_typo            Code incorrect. Try again.
qtn_wml_info_inv_format           Invalid format
qtn_wml_info_inv_vcal             Invalid calendar note
qtn_wml_info_inv_vcard            Invalid business card
qtn_wml_info_signature_not_veri   Signature cannot be verified
qtn_wml_info_toolarge_tosend      File too large to be sent
qtn_wml_info_wim_notallow_erase   Deleting not allowed
qtn_wml_info_wrong_code_length    Code must be 30 digits
qtn_wml_list_discard_cert         Discard
qtn_wml_list_download_links       Downloads
qtn_wml_list_fetch                Insert
qtn_wml_list_open_list            Open list
qtn_wml_list_phone                Phone
qtn_wml_list_purpose_appl         App. signing
qtn_wml_list_purpose_cross        Cross-certif.
qtn_wml_list_purpose_server       Server authen.
qtn_wml_list_save_cert            Save
qtn_wml_list_select_purpose       Select use
qtn_wml_list_wim                  Security module
qtn_wml_prmpt_verify_cert         Code for: %U
qtn_wml_push_conf_auto_off        Automatic connection off
qtn_wml_push_conf_auto_on         Automatic connection on
qtn_wml_push_conf_saved           Saved to Service inbox
qtn_wml_push_dtail_recvd          %U
qtn_wml_push_full_auto            Automatic connection
qtn_wml_push_hdr_box_set_auto     Automatic conn.
qtn_wml_push_hdr_rcpt_sel         Service msgs.
qtn_wml_push_ilist_inbox          Service inbox
qtn_wml_push_list_auto_off        Off
qtn_wml_push_list_auto_on         On
qtn_wml_push_quest_boxfull_repl   Service inbox full. Replace a message?
qtn_wml_quest_ca_cert_recvd       Authority certificate: %U
qtn_wml_quest_discard_user_cert   Discard user certificate?
qtn_wml_quest_more_mem_needed     Not enough memory. Delete more?
qtn_wml_quest_save_other_mem      Memory full. Save to another memory?
qtn_wml_quest_save_to_phone       Memory full. Save to phone?
qtn_wml_quest_save_to_wim         Memory full. Save to security module?
                                  User certificate:
qtn_wml_quest_user_cert_recvd     %U
qtn_wml_rc4_encrypt_high128       RC4, %N-bit key
qtn_wml_send_data_query           Data you are sending will be redirected to another server. Continue?
qtn_wml_sett_used_mem             Storage memory
qtn_wml_softk_discard             Discard
qtn_wml_softk_go                  Go to
qtn_wml_srv_cert_revoked          Server certificate revoked
qtn_wp                            Wallpaper
qtn_wp_conf_note_activated        Wallpaper activated
qtn_wp_conf_note_deactivated      Wallpaper deactivated
qtn_wp_conf_note_selected         Wallpaper selected
qtn_wp_hdr_wallpaper              Wallpaper
qtn_wp_ilist_change               Sel. wallpaper
qtn_wp_info_select_first          Select image first
qtn_wp_list_change                Select wallpaper
qtn_wp_list_off                   Off
qtn_wp_list_on                    On
qtn_wp_sett_main_display          Main display
qtn_wp_sett_mini_display          Mini display
qtn_writing_language              Writing language
qtn_writing_language_change       Writing language
qtn_writing_language_name         English
qtn_wta_conf_dtmf_sent            DTMF sent
qtn_wta_info_call_needed          Active voice call needed
qtn_wta_list_return               Go to browser
qtn_wta_list_save_phob            Save to contacts
qtn_wta_quest_call_name           %U
qtn_wta_quest_call_nbr         %U
                               Save name?
qtn_wta_quest_save_name        %U
                               Save number?
qtn_wta_quest_save_no          %U
                               With number?
qtn_wta_quest_save_number      %U
qtn_wta_quest_send_dtmf        Send DTMF?
                               Send DTMF?
qtn_wta_quest_send_dtmf_nbr    %U
qtn_wv_conf_erase_history      %U
qtn_wv_conf_history_erased     Conversation deleted
qtn_wv_conf_history_renamed    Conversation renamed
qtn_wv_conf_hist_saved         Conversation saved
qtn_wv_conf_homep_changed      Homepage changed
qtn_wv_conf_invitation_sent    Invitation sent
qtn_wv_conf_logged_in          Logged in
qtn_wv_err_login_failed        Login failed
qtn_wv_err_login_failed_aol    Sign on failed
qtn_wv_err_login_failed_icq    Login failed
qtn_wv_err_login_failed_yah    Login failed
qtn_wv_ilist_contacts          IM contacts
qtn_wv_ilist_contacts_aol      Buddy List
qtn_wv_ilist_contacts_icq      Contact List
qtn_wv_ilist_contacts_vf       IM Contacts
qtn_wv_ilist_contacts_yah      Friend List
qtn_wv_ilist_login             Login
qtn_wv_ilist_login_aol         Sign on
qtn_wv_ilist_login_icq         Connect
qtn_wv_ilist_login_yah         Sign In
qtn_wv_ilist_logout            Logout
qtn_wv_ilist_logout_aol        Sign off
qtn_wv_ilist_logout_icq        Disconnect
qtn_wv_ilist_logout_yah        Sign Out
qtn_wv_ilist_menu              Instant messages
qtn_wv_ilist_menu_vf           Vodafone Messenger
qtn_wv_ilist_saved_histories   Saved con-versations
qtn_wv_list_block              Block contact
qtn_wv_list_block_aol          Block
qtn_wv_list_block_icq          Block messages
qtn_wv_list_contacts           IM contacts
qtn_wv_list_contacts_aol       Buddy List
qtn_wv_list_contacts_icq       Contact List
qtn_wv_list_contacts_vf        IM Contacts
qtn_wv_list_contact_info       Contact info
qtn_wv_list_contact_info_aol   Buddy info
qtn_wv_list_contact_info_icq      User's details
qtn_wv_list_delete_conversation   End conversation
qtn_wv_list_erase_history         Delete
qtn_wv_list_login                 Login
qtn_wv_list_login_aol             Sign on
qtn_wv_list_login_icq             Connect
qtn_wv_list_logout                Logout
qtn_wv_list_logout_aol            Sign off
qtn_wv_list_logout_icq            Disconnect
qtn_wv_list_menu                  Instant messages
qtn_wv_list_menu_vf               Messenger
qtn_wv_list_read_invitation       Read invitation
qtn_wv_list_rename_history        Rename
qtn_wv_list_saved_histories       Saved convers.
qtn_wv_logged_in_aol              Welcome %U
qtn_wv_logged_in_icq              %U connected
qtn_wv_prmpt_decline_reason       Reason for rejection:
qtn_wv_prmpt_group_name           Group name:
qtn_wv_prmpt_history_name         Conversation name:
qtn_wv_prmpt_invitation_text      Invitation:
qtn_wv_prmpt_screen_name          Screen name:
qtn_wv_wait_logging_in            Logging in
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row1col10    ㄞ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row1col11    ㄢ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row1col2     ㄅ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row1col3     ㄉ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row1col4     ˇ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row1col5     ˋ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row1col6     ㄓ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row1col7     ˊ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row1col8     ʩ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row1col9     ㄚ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row2col10    ㄟ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row2col11    ㄣ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row2col2     ㄆ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row2col3     ㄊ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row2col4     ㄍ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row2col5     ㄐ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row2col6     ㄔ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row2col7     ㄗ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row2col8     ㄧ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row2col9     ㄛ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row3col10    ㄠ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row3col11    ㄤ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row3col12    ㄦ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row3col2     ㄇ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row3col3     ㄋ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row3col4     ㄎ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row3col5     ㄑ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row3col6     ㄕ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row3col7     ㄘ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row3col8     ㄨ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row3col9     ㄜ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row4col10    ㄡ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row4col11    ㄥ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row4col2     ㄈ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row4col3     ㄌ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row4col4     ㄏ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row4col5     ㄒ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row4col6     ㄖ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row4col7     ㄙ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row4col8     ㄩ
qtn_zhuyin_key_lower_row4col9     ㄝ
qtn_zoom_hdr_pan_hor              Left and right
qtn_zoom_hdr_pan_vert             Up and down
text_accepted_calls               Selective call acceptance
text_access_codes_menu            Access codes
text_active_call_timer            Active call duration
text_add_to_name_already_in_mem   Add to already existing contact?
text_add_to_name_not_possible     Too many items for this contact
text_alarm_clock                  Alarm clock
text_alarm_clock_rep_fri          Friday
text_alarm_clock_rep_mon          Monday
text_alarm_clock_rep_sat          Saturday
text_alarm_clock_rep_sun          Sunday
text_alarm_clock_rep_thu          Thursday
text_alarm_clock_rep_tue          Tuesday
text_alarm_clock_rep_wed          Wednesday
text_alarm_clock_sel_off          Off
text_alarm_clock_sel_on           On
text_alarm_expired                %U
text_alarm_off                    Alarm off
text_alarm_on                     Alarm on
text_alarm_register_network       Switch the phone on?
text_alarm_sleep_active           Snooze on
text_alarm_sleep_deactivated      Snooze off
text_alarm_time_entry             Set alarm time:
text_allowed_numbers              numbers
text_all_calls_cleared            All call lists cleared
text_all_calls_cost               All calls' cost
text_all_calls_time               All calls' duration
text_all_calls_units              All calls' units
text_als_alternate_line           Line 2
text_als_line_blocking_menu       Phone line change
text_als_line_blocking_off       Allowed
text_als_line_blocking_off_sel   Line change enabled
text_als_line_blocking_on        Not allowed
text_als_line_blocking_on_sel    Line change disabled
text_als_line_change_query       Change outgoing phone line?
text_als_line_lock               Lock
text_als_line_selection_menu     Line for outgoing calls
text_als_line_unlock             Unlock
text_als_not_allowed             Line change not allowed
text_als_primary_line            Line 1
text_alternate_line_selected     Line 2 selected
text_analog_digital              Digital preferred
text_analog_few_minutes_conf     Analogue for next few minutes?
text_analog_only                 Analogue only
text_analog_only_conf            Selected: Analogue only
text_answer                      Answer
text_anykey_answer               Anykey answer
text_anykey_answer_off_sel       Anykey answer off
text_anykey_answer_on_sel        Anykey answer on
text_anykey_off                  Off
text_anykey_on                   On
text_apoff_warning               Phone will power off if not used
text_april                       %0N-Apr-%1U %2U:%3U:%4U
text_are_you_sure                Are you sure?
text_august                      %0N-Aug-%1U %2U:%3U:%4U
text_auto_answer                 Automatic answer
text_auto_answer_off             Off
text_auto_answer_off_sel         Automatic answer off
text_auto_answer_on              On
text_auto_answer_on_sel          Automatic answer on
text_auto_dialing                Redialling
text_auto_lock_off               Off
text_auto_lock_off_sel           Phone lock off
text_auto_lock_on                On
text_auto_lock_on_sel            Phone lock on
text_auto_mode                   Automatic
text_avc                         Automatic volume control
text_avc_off                     Off
text_avc_on                      On
text_a_card                      SIM card
text_barring_activated           Barring activated
text_barring_canceled            Barring cancelled
text_barring_not_active          Barring not active
text_battery_full                Battery full
text_battery_low                 Battery low
text_bcard_erased                Business card discarded
text_bcard_erase_query           Discard business card?
text_bcard_received              Business card received
text_bcard_saved_to_phonebook    Business card saved to phone memory
text_bcard_send                  Send bus. card
text_bcard_sending             Sending business card
text_bcard_send_all            All details
text_bcard_send_def            Default number
text_bcard_send_failure        Sending failed
text_bcard_sent                Business card sent
text_blocked_numbers           numbers
text_browser_disabled_conf     Minibrowser disabled
text_browser_enabled_conf      Minibrowser enabled
text_browser_save_to           Save as
text_browser_softkey_play      Play
text_browser_softkey_save      Save
text_bs_active                 Active for:
text_bs_alpha_0                All services
text_bs_alpha_10               Voice calls, fax and messages
text_bs_alpha_11               Voice calls
text_bs_alpha_12               Fax and messages
text_bs_alpha_13               Fax
text_bs_alpha_16               Messages
text_bs_alpha_19               Voice calls and fax
text_bs_alpha_20               Data services
text_bs_alpha_21               Asynchronous services
text_bs_alpha_22               Synchronous services
text_bs_alpha_24               Synchronous data services
text_bs_alpha_25               Asynchronous data services
text_bs_alpha_26               Packet data
text_bs_alpha_27               PAD access
text_bs_alpha_89               Line 2
text_bs_inactive               Inactive for:
text_b_phone                   Phone
text_calculator                Calculator
text_calc_add                  Add
text_calc_decimal_separator    .
text_calc_div                  Divide
text_calc_division_by_zero     Cannot divide by zero
text_calc_domestic             In domestic
text_calc_d_in_f               Domestic unit in foreign units
text_calc_exchange             Exchange rate:
text_calc_foreign              In foreign
text_calc_f_in_d               Foreign unit in domestic units
text_calc_mul                  Multiply
text_calc_result               Equals
text_calc_set_rate             Exchange rate
text_calc_sub                  Subtract
text_calendar                  Calendar
text_calendar_alarm_note       Remember:
text_calendar_alarm_t_alarm    With tone
text_calendar_alarm_t_silent   Silent
text_calendar_april_hd         Apr %U
text_calendar_august_hd        Aug %U
text_calendar_a_10_min_before    10 min before
text_calendar_a_15_min_before    15 min before
text_calendar_a_1_day_before     1 day before
text_calendar_a_2_day_before     2 days before
text_calendar_a_30_min_before    30 min before
text_calendar_a_3_day_before     3 days before
text_calendar_a_5_min_before     5 min before
text_calendar_a_custom_date      Other
text_calendar_a_custom_time      Other
text_calendar_a_on_day           On the day
text_calendar_a_on_time          At event time
text_calendar_a_week_before      Week before
text_calendar_beam_one           Via infrared
text_calendar_birthdate_prompt   Date of birth:
text_calendar_birthday           Birthday
text_calendar_birthyear_prompt   Year of birth:
text_calendar_bi_weekly          Every 2 weeks
text_calendar_call_to            Call
text_calendar_copy_to_day        Copy
text_calendar_date_prompt        Date:
text_calendar_day_note           Memo
text_calendar_dd_mm_yy           DD MM YYYY
text_calendar_december_hd        Dec %U
text_calendar_delete             Delete
text_calendar_delete_note        Delete?
text_calendar_delete_old         Auto-delete notes
text_calendar_delete_rep_note    Delete note?
text_calendar_del_1_month        After 1 month
text_calendar_edit               Edit
text_calendar_end_date_prompt    End date:
text_calendar_end_date_warning   End date is before start date
text_calendar_end_time_prompt    End time:
text_calendar_end_time_warning   End time is before start time
text_calendar_every_day          Every day
text_calendar_every_month        Every month
text_calendar_every_week         Every week
text_calendar_every_year         Every year
text_calendar_february_hd        Feb %U
text_calendar_format_date        Date format
text_calendar_goto_date          Go to date
text_calendar_invalid_date       Invalid date
text_calendar_january_hd         Jan %U
text_calendar_july_hd            Jul %U
text_calendar_june_hd            Jun %U
text_calendar_make_note          Make a note
text_calendar_march_hd           Mar %U
text_calendar_may_hd             May %U
text_calendar_meeting            Meeting
text_calendar_memory_full        Calendar memory full
text_calendar_memo_full          Calendar memory full
text_calendar_mm_dd_yy            MM DD YYYY
text_calendar_move                Move
text_calendar_name_prompt         Name:
text_calendar_note_copied         Note copied
text_calendar_note_deleted        Note deleted
text_calendar_note_expired        Time/date already past
text_calendar_note_moved          Note moved
text_calendar_note_saved          Note saved
text_calendar_not_repeated        Never
text_calendar_november_hd         Nov %U
text_calendar_no_alarm            No alarm
text_calendar_no_deletion         Never
text_calendar_no_notes            (no notes)
text_calendar_october_hd          Oct %U
text_calendar_repeat_note         Repeat
text_calendar_send_as             Send note
text_calendar_send_reserved       Still sending previous note
text_calendar_send_sms            Via text message
text_calendar_separator_dash      -
text_calendar_separator_dot       .
text_calendar_separator_slash     /
text_calendar_september_hd        Sep %U
text_calendar_settings            Settings
text_calendar_set_today           Set the date
text_calendar_start_time_prompt   Start time:
text_calendar_subject             Subject:
text_calendar_this_day            Day notes
text_calendar_time_prompt         Time:
text_calendar_to_number           Phone number:
text_calendar_type_for_sms_birt   Birthday note:
text_calendar_type_for_sms_call   Call note:
text_calendar_type_for_sms_day    Memo note:
text_calendar_type_for_sms_meet   Meeting note:
text_calendar_view_note           View
text_calendar_weeknbr_abbr        wk %N
text_calendar_week_format         Week starts on
text_calendar_week_friday         Fr
text_calendar_week_f_monday       Monday
text_calendar_week_f_saturday     Saturday
text_calendar_week_f_sunday       Sunday
text_calendar_week_monday         Mo
text_calendar_week_saturday       Sa
text_calendar_week_sunday         Su
text_calendar_week_thursday       Th
text_calendar_week_tuesday        Tu
text_calendar_week_wednesday      W
text_calendar_yy_mm_dd            YYYY MM DD
text_call                         Call
text_calling                      Calling
text_calling_card                 Calling card
text_calling_card_call_going      Card call
text_calling_card_call_number     Access number:
text_calling_card_card1           Card A
text_calling_card_card2           Card B
text_calling_card_card3           Card C
text_calling_card_card4           Card D
text_calling_card_dia_seq1        Access no.+ phone no.+ card no.
text_calling_card_dia_seq2        Access no.+ card no.+ phone no.
text_calling_card_dia_seq3        Prefix+ phone no.+ card no.
text_calling_card_erase           Delete
text_calling_card_erased          Card information deleted
text_calling_card_erase_confirm   Delete card information?
text_calling_card_name            Card name:
text_calling_card_nbr             Card number:
text_calling_card_nbr_prefix      Prefix:
text_calling_card_nbr_too_long    Phone number too long
text_calling_card_none            None
text_calling_card_not_ready       Card information incomplete
text_calling_card_no_card         No calling card selected
text_calling_card_no_nbr          Card number required
text_calling_card_no_prefix       No prefix defined
text_calling_card_program         Edit
text_calling_card_ready           Card ready for use
text_calling_card_select          Select
text_calling_card_set_dial_ord    Dialling sequence
text_calling_card_set_name        Card name
text_calling_card_stored          Card information saved
text_call_barred                  Note: active call barrings
text_call_barring                 Call barring service
text_call_charge_limit            Limit:
text_call_charging_mode           Call cost limit
text_call_charg_mode_limited      Call costs limited
text_call_charg_mode_unlimited    Call costs not limited
text_call_cost_counters           Call costs
text_call_divert                  Call divert
text_call_diverted_outgoing       Call is being diverted
text_call_forward                 Call divert
text_call_in_absence              %N missed calls
text_call_in_progress             Call in progress
text_call_lists_menu              Log
text_call_mode_sel                Digital/analogue selection
text_call_mode_selected           Call mode selected
text_call_not_allowed             Call not allowed
text_call_number                  Call %N
text_call_options                 Call settings
text_call_repeat                  Automatic redial
text_call_repeat_off              Off
text_call_repeat_off_sel          Automatic redial off
text_call_repeat_on               On
text_call_repeat_on_sel           Automatic redial on
text_call_settings                Call settings
text_call_termination_note_menu   Summary after call
text_call_termination_note_off    Off
text_call_termination_note_on     On
text_call_term_note_title         Call summary
text_call_timers                  Call duration
text_call_timers_off              Off
text_call_timers_on               On
text_call_t_auto_dis              Show call time on display
text_call_t_auto_hid              Active call time not displayed
text_call_t_auto_see              Active call time displayed
text_call_t_dialled               Dialled calls' duration
text_call_t_received              Received calls' duration
text_call_waiting                 Call waiting
text_call_waiting_activated       Call waiting activated
text_call_waiting_cancelled       Call waiting cancelled
text_call_waiting_menu_item       Call waiting
text_call_waiting_not_active      Call waiting not active
text_cal_auto_delete_done         Auto-delete activated
text_cal_date_format_done         Date format selected
text_cal_date_set                 Date is set
text_cal_week_monday_sel          Week starts on Monday
text_cal_week_saturday_sel        Week starts on Saturday
text_cal_week_sunday_sel          Week starts on Sunday
text_cancel_all_barrings          Cancel all barrings
text_cancel_all_diverts           Cancel all diverts
text_cancel_all_forwards          Cancel all diverts
text_card_blocked                 PIN blocked
text_cb_footer                    - End -
                                  (info message incomplete)
text_cb_incomplete_end            - End -
text_cb_index                     Topic index
text_cb_index_header              Index:
text_cb_index_item                Index
text_cb_index_on                  Index reception on
text_cb_language                  Language
text_cb_language_all              All
text_cb_network_changed           Check info service
text_cb_off                       Off
text_cb_on                        On
text_cb_opt_add                   Add
text_cb_opt_edit                  Edit
text_cb_opt_erase                 Delete
text_cb_opt_select                Subscribe
text_cb_opt_topic_name            Topic name:
text_cb_read                      Read
text_cb_received                  Info message received
text_cb_reception_off             Info reception off
text_cb_reception_on              Info reception on
text_cb_sim_opt_add               Add
text_cb_sim_opt_erase           Delete
text_cb_sim_topics              Info topics saved on SIM card
text_cb_sim_topic_added         Topic added
text_cb_sim_topic_erased        Topic deleted
text_cb_topics                  Topics
text_cb_topic_added             Topic added
text_cb_topic_deactivate_conf   Topic closed
text_cb_topic_edit_conf         Topic saved
text_cb_topic_erased            Topic deleted
text_cb_topic_number            Topic number:
text_cb_topic_off               Close topic
text_cconv_invalid_input        Invalid input value
text_cconv_too_many_digits      Too many digits. Maximum 10 digits allowed.
text_cell_broadcast_topic       Info service
text_cg_name_already_exists     Group name already exists
text_change_lcd_contrast        Display contrast
text_charging                   Charging
text_chi_input_key_1            ,。?!:
text_chi_input_pinyin           Pinyin
text_chi_input_pinyin_tones     ˉˊˇˋ‌
text_chi_input_star_key         ,。?!:;、…“”„‟()@《》¥$£#%&*+-\<=>_/~
text_chi_input_stroke           Stroke
text_chi_input_zhuyin           Zhuyin
text_chi_input_zhuyin_tones     ‌ˊˇˋ˙
text_cleared                    Deleted
text_clearing_personal_dir      Deleting
text_clip_active                Number of caller is shown
text_clip_not_active            Number of caller is not shown
text_clir                       Send my caller ID
text_clir_active                My caller identity not sent on calling
text_clir_next_call_active      My caller identity will be sent
text_clir_next_call_inactive    My caller identity will not be sent
text_clir_not_active            My caller identity sent on calling
text_clir_suppr_rejected        Caller identity cannot be shown
text_clir_temporary             Send my caller ID with next call
text_clir_temporary_off         No
text_clir_temporary_on          Yes
text_cli_control                Send my caller identity
text_cli_group_addnew           Add contact
text_cli_group_def_colleagues   Business
text_cli_group_def_family       Family
text_cli_group_def_friends      Friends
text_cli_group_def_others       Other
text_cli_group_def_vip          VIP
text_cli_group_logo             Group logo
text_cli_group_menu             Caller groups
text_cli_group_name             Group name
text_cli_group_name_added       Contact added to caller group
text_cli_group_name_change      Group name:
text_cli_group_name_changed     Caller group renamed
text_cli_group_name_removed       Contact removed from caller group
text_cli_group_none               No group
text_cli_group_remove             Remove contact
text_cli_group_tone               Group ringing tone
text_cli_group_tone_selected      Group ringing tone changed
text_cli_group_view_names         Group members
text_cli_logo_activated           Group logo in use
text_cli_logo_deactivated         Group logo not in use
text_cli_logo_erased              Group logo discarded
text_cli_logo_erase_query         Discard group logo?
text_cli_logo_off                 Off
text_cli_logo_on                  On
text_cli_logo_received            Group logo received
text_cli_logo_saved               Group logo saved
text_cli_logo_sending             Sending group logo
text_cli_logo_send_via_sms        Send logo
text_cli_logo_sent                Group logo sent
text_cli_logo_view                View
text_cli_sending_default          Set by network
text_cli_sending_off              No
text_cli_sending_on               Yes
text_cli_withheld                 Private number
text_closed_user_groups           Closed user group
text_cnam_conf_act_success        Phone activation successful
text_cnam_conf_change_discard     Changes cancelled
text_cnam_err_no_digits           Enter number first
text_cnam_list_discard_changes    Discard
text_cnam_list_review_changes     Edit
text_cnam_list_save_changes       Save
text_cnam_prmpt_hm_analog_sid     Home analogue system ID:
text_cnam_prmpt_hm_dig_sid        Home digital SID:
text_cnam_prmpt_home_nid          Home network ID:
text_cnam_prmpt_what_next         My number
text_codes_do_not_match           Codes do not match
text_code_accepted                Code accepted
text_code_error                   Code error
text_colp_active                  Answering number is shown
text_colp_connected               Diverted to:
text_colp_not_active              Answering number is not shown
text_colr_active                  My ID not sent on answering
text_colr_not_active              My ID sent on answering
text_conference                   Conference
text_confirm_changes              Save changes?
text_confirm_done_changes         Save changes?
text_connected_to_external_term   Connected to computer
text_conn_both_choice             Both
text_copied                       Copied
text_copied_name_shortened        Copied (contact name modified)
text_copying_memory               Copying
text_copy_memory_all_conf         Copy contacts?
text_copy_memory_from_card        From SIM card to phone
text_copy_memory_menu             Copy
text_copy_memory_mode_all         All
text_copy_memory_mode_slt         One by one
text_copy_memory_to_card          From phone to SIM card
text_copy_mem_defaults            Default numbers
text_countdown_period_stopped     Continue to the next period?
text_countdown_timer              Countdown timer
text_countdown_timer_off          Off
text_countdown_timer_running      Timer running
text_countdown_timer_set          Change time
text_countdown_timer_stop         Stop timer
text_countdown_timer_stopped      Timer stopped
text_countdown_time_up            Countdown time up
text_counters_cleared             Counters cleared
text_crypt                        Voice privacy active
text_crypt_lost                   Voice privacy not active
text_crypt_mode_sel               Voice privacy
text_crypt_off                    Off
text_crypt_off_sel                Voice privacy set off
text_crypt_on                     On
text_crypt_on_sel                 Voice privacy set on
text_csysl_analog_per_call        Analogue per call
text_csysl_conf_analog_per_call   Selected: Analogue per call
text_csysl_conf_digital_only      Selected: Digital only
text_csysl_conf_digital_prefer    Selected: Digital preferred
text_csysl_conf_rm_rate_outside   Accept roam rate when abroad?
text_csysl_conf_roam_rate_off     Stay in analogue mode until phone is switched off?
text_csysl_fwsc_mode              Mode
text_csysl_fwsc_network           Roaming options
text_csysl_header_mode            Select mode
text_csysl_header_network         Select option
text_csysl_indic_analog_roam      Analogue roaming
text_csysl_indic_digital_roam     Digital roaming
text_csysl_ind_enh_roam_home      Home
text_csysl_wait_enter_analog_rm   In analogue roaming area
text_csysl_wait_enter_banner      In %U service area
text_csysl_wait_enter_digit_rm    In digital roaming area
text_csysl_wait_enter_home_area   In home service area
text_cterm_d_barred_in_cug        Call barred in closed user group
text_cterm_d_clir_not_subscr      Check caller ID sending service
text_cterm_d_cug_bs_incompab      Service not possible in this group
text_cterm_d_cug_call_failur      Check closed user group
text_cterm_d_no_cug_selected      Select closed user group
text_cterm_d_unknown_cug_index    Closed group unknown
text_cterm_nbr_barred             Number barred
text_cterm_nbr_not_in_cug         Number not in closed group
text_cterm_off_conf               Summary not shown
text_cterm_on_conf                Summary shown
text_cug_default                  Default
text_cug_default_done             Default setting selected
text_cug_error                    Value too large
text_cug_group                    On
text_cug_group_done               Group %N selected
text_cug_in_use                   Group %N in use
text_cug_suppress                 Off
text_cug_suppress_done            No closed group selected
text_currency_display             Show costs in
text_currency_name                Currency name:
text_curr_mode_active             Currency
text_curr_mode_inactive           Units
text_curr_mode_set_active         Costs shown in currency
text_curr_mode_set_inactive       Costs shown in units
text_datacall_list_graphical      Graphic
text_datacall_list_off            Off
text_datacall_list_rate           %N kbps
text_datacall_list_receiving      Receiving:
text_datacall_list_textual        Text
text_datacall_list_transmitting   Sending:
text_datacall_sett_data_rate      Data rate display
text_datacall_sett_settings       Data/fax calls
text_data_and_voice_call          Voice/data call
text_data_call                    Data call
text_data_call_connecting         Connecting
text_data_call_end                End data call?
text_data_call_end_conf           Data call ended
text_data_conn_lost               Data connection lost
text_data_data_only_sindctor      Data only
text_data_data_prearranged        Data calls only
text_data_data_selected           Data reception only
text_data_fax_only_sindctor       Fax only
text_data_fax_prearranged         Fax calls only
text_data_fax_selected            Fax reception only
text_data_mode                    Data mode
text_data_mode_active             Data mode active
text_data_mode_end                Data connection ended
text_data_nokia_connected         Data enhancement connected
text_data_off_prearranged         Normal
text_data_prearr_voice_sel        Normal mode selected
text_data_ready_ir                Ready for data
text_data_type_prearranged        Incoming data/fax call
text_date_input_format            DD-MM-YYYY
text_december                     %0N-Dec-%1U %2U:%3U:%4U
text_default_number_changed       Default number set
text_destination_memory_full      Target memory full
text_digital_only                 Digital only
text_dig_data_not_poss            Digital data not available
text_displ_contrast_hdr           Display contrast
text_diverted_call                Diverted call
text_diverted_incoming_call       Diverted call
text_divert_activated             Divert activated
text_divert_active                Divert active
text_divert_all                   Divert all voice calls
                                  Divert if
text_divert_all_cond              not available
text_divert_canceled              Divert cancelled
text_divert_data_all              Divert all data calls
text_divert_deactivated           Divert deactivated
                                  Divert all
text_divert_fax_all               fax calls
text_divert_inactive              Divert not active
                                  Divert if
text_divert_not_avail             out of reach
                                  Divert if
text_divert_no_reply              not answered
                                  Divert if
text_divert_on_busy               busy
text_divert_to_data_mail          To data mailbox
text_divert_to_fax_mail           To fax mailbox
text_divert_to_number             To other number
text_divert_to_voice_mail         To voice mailbox
text_done                         Done
text_drop                         End call
text_drop_done                    Call ended
text_dtmf_emp_speed_dial_loc      Speed dial not assigned
text_dtmf_inv_speed_dial_loc      Invalid speed dial
text_dtmf_length_sel              DTMF tone length
text_dtmf_mode_burst              Fixed
text_dtmf_mode_burst_sel          Fixed DTMF tones selected
text_dtmf_mode_continuous         Continuous
text_dtmf_mode_continuous_sel     Continuous DTMF tones selected
text_dtmf_mode_off                Off
text_dtmf_mode_off_sel            DTMF tones turned off
text_dtmf_mode_sel                Manual DTMF tones
text_dtmf_sending                 Sending
text_dtmf_send_failure            Not sent. Try again.
text_dtmf_tone_long               Long
text_dtmf_tone_long_sel           Long tones selected
text_dtmf_tone_short              Short
text_dtmf_tone_short_sel          Short tones selected
text_easy_act_spc                 Service prog. code:
text_email_messages_waiting       %U new e-mail messages
text_email_message_waiting        New e-mail message
text_emergency_call               Attempting emergency call
text_emergency_call_on            Emergency call
text_emergency_only               Emergency calls only
text_emerg_call_rest_norm_svc     Restore normal service?
text_emerg_call_sel_unavailable   Exit emergency mode first
text_emerg_call_svc_restored      Normal service restored
text_emg_calls_only               EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY
text_end                         End all calls
text_erase_all_calls             All call lists
text_erase_card                  From SIM card
text_erase_dialled_calls         Dialled numbers
text_erase_memory_confirmation   Delete all details?
text_erase_missed_calls          Missed calls
text_erase_number_or_text        Delete?
text_erase_phone                 From phone mem.
text_erase_received_calls        Received calls
text_error                       Code error
text_fax_and_voice_call          Voice/fax call
text_fax_call                    Fax call
text_fax_messages_waiting        %U new fax messages
text_fax_message_waiting         New fax message
text_fax_mode                    Fax mode
text_fax_mode_active             Fax mode active
text_fdn_add_new                 Add
text_fdn_all_number_allowed      Fixed dialling not active
text_fdn_are_you_sure            Are you sure?
text_fdn_card_error              SIM card error
text_fdn_edit                    Edit
text_fdn_empty                   Fixed dialling list empty
text_fdn_erase                   Delete
text_fdn_erased                  Fixed dialling list deleted
text_fdn_erase_all               Delete all
text_fdn_erasing_numbers_wait    Deleting numbers
text_fdn_list                    Number list
text_fdn_off                     Off
text_fdn_off_sel                 Fixed dialling off
text_fdn_on                      On
text_fdn_on_sel                  Fixed dialling on
text_feacode_deactiv             Feature deleted
text_feacode_fea_code_note       Feature saved
text_feacode_fea_code_prmpt      Feature code:
text_feacode_fea_code_set        Network feature setting
text_february                    %0N-Feb-%1U %2U:%3U:%4U
text_find                        Search
text_find_no_match               (no matches)
text_finp_key_0_nbr              0
text_finp_key_0_nbr_low          0
text_finp_key_0_nbr_up           0
text_finp_key_1_low              .,'?!-()@/:_
text_finp_key_1_nbr              1
text_finp_key_1_nbr_low          .,'?!1-()@/:_
text_finp_key_1_nbr_up           .,'?!1-()@/:_
text_finp_key_1_up               .,'?!-()@/:_
text_finp_key_2_low              abcäæåàáâãç
text_finp_key_2_nbr              2
text_finp_key_2_nbr_low    abc2äæåàáâãç
text_finp_key_2_nbr_up     ABC2ÄÆÅÀÁÂÃÇ
text_finp_key_2_up         ABCÄÆÅÀÁÂÃÇ
text_finp_key_3_low        defèéêëð
text_finp_key_3_nbr        3
text_finp_key_3_nbr_low    def3èéêëð
text_finp_key_3_nbr_up     DEF3ÈÉÊËÐ
text_finp_key_3_up         DEFÈÉÊËÐ
text_finp_key_4_low        ghiìíîï
text_finp_key_4_nbr        4
text_finp_key_4_nbr_low    ghi4ìíîï
text_finp_key_4_nbr_up     GHI4ÌÍÎÏ
text_finp_key_4_up         GHIÌÍÎÏ
text_finp_key_5_low        jkl£
text_finp_key_5_nbr        5
text_finp_key_5_nbr_low    jkl5£
text_finp_key_5_nbr_up     JKL5£
text_finp_key_5_up         JKL£
text_finp_key_6_low        mnoöøòóôõñ
text_finp_key_6_nbr        6
text_finp_key_6_nbr_low    mno6öøòóôõñ
text_finp_key_6_nbr_up     MNO6ÖØÒÓÔÕÑ
text_finp_key_6_up         MNOÖØÒÓÔÕÑ
text_finp_key_7_low        pqrsß$
text_finp_key_7_nbr        7
text_finp_key_7_nbr_low    pqrs7ß$
text_finp_key_7_nbr_up     PQRS7$
text_finp_key_7_up         PQRS$
text_finp_key_8_low        tuvùúûü
text_finp_key_8_nbr        8
text_finp_key_8_nbr_low    tuv8ùúûü
text_finp_key_8_nbr_up     TUV8ÙÚÛÜ
text_finp_key_8_up         TUVÙÚÛÜ
text_finp_key_9_low        wxyzýþ
text_finp_key_9_nbr        9
text_finp_key_9_nbr_low    wxyz9ýþ
text_finp_key_9_nbr_up     WXYZ9ÝÞ
text_finp_key_9_up         WXYZÝÞ
text_folder_add            Add folder
text_folder_added          Folder added
text_folder_delete         Delete folder
text_folder_deleted        Folder deleted
text_folder_delete_query   Delete folder?
text_folder_empty          (empty)
text_folder_enter          Open folder
text_folder_name           Folder name:
text_folder_not_empty      Folder not empty. Delete anyway?
text_folder_rename         Rename folder
text_folder_renamed        Folder renamed
text_forward_all           Divert all calls
text_forward_not_avail            Divert if out of reach
text_forward_no_reply             Divert if not answered
text_forward_on_busy              Divert if busy
text_full_voice_tags              Voice tags
text_gallery                      Gallery
text_games_hdr_vibrator           App. vibration
text_games_lights_off_sel         Default settings activated
text_games_lights_on_sel          Application settings activated
text_games_menu                   Games
text_games_opt_lights             Application lights
text_games_opt_lights_off         Default
text_games_opt_lights_on          App. defined
text_games_opt_settings           App. settings
text_games_opt_sounds             Application tones
text_games_opt_sounds_off         Off
text_games_opt_sounds_on          On
text_games_snake                  Snake II
text_games_sounds_off_sel         App. tones off. Saved to profile: %U.
text_games_sounds_on_sel          App. tones on. Saved to profile: %U.
text_games_vibra_off_sel          Application vibration off
text_games_vibra_on_sel           Application vibration on
text_give_group_number            Group number:
text_gms_edit_cmd                 Edit text
text_gms_postcard_nbr             Picture %N
text_gms_preview_cmd              Preview
text_gms_sending_wait             Sending message
text_gms_sent_info                Picture message sent
text_going_call                   Calling
text_hdml_animated_screen_info    Animation received
text_hdml_anim_screensaver_only   Screen saver received
text_hdml_anim_welcome_only       Welcome animation received
text_hdml_conf_both_saved         Saved as animation & screen saver
text_hdml_conf_screensavr_saved   Screen saver saved
text_hdml_conf_welcome_saved      Welcome animation saved
text_hdml_connect_conf_menu       Minibrowser confirmation
text_hdml_conn_both_choice        Both
text_hdml_conn_both_conf          Exit and connection confirmed
text_hdml_conn_exit_choice        On exit
text_hdml_conn_exit_conf          Confirmed when exiting
text_hdml_conn_never_choice       None
text_hdml_conn_never_conf         No confirmation selected
text_hdml_conn_start_choice       On connection
text_hdml_conn_start_conf         Confirmed when connecting
text_hdml_conn_warning_conf       Browsing may incur charges. Continue?
text_hdml_download_anim_both      Both
text_hdml_download_anim_welcome   Welcome anim.
text_hdml_download_menu           Downloads
text_hdml_err_cannot_view_anim    No animation found
text_hdml_exit_browser_confirm    Exit minibrowser?
text_hdml_exit_minibrowser        Exit browser
text_hdml_message_from_s           New message from: %S
text_hdml_minibrowser_menu         Minibrowser
text_hdml_minibrowser_version      Minibrowser version
text_hdml_minibwsr_alerts          Minibrowser messages
text_hdml_new_alert                New minibrowser message
text_hdml_new_ring_tone_info       Ringing tone received
text_hdml_new_wakeup_image_info    Welcome logo received
text_hdml_no_address_book_error    Local address book not available
text_hdml_n_new_alerts             %N new minibrowser messages
text_hdml_softkey_launch           Connect
text_header_alarm_clock            Alarm clock
text_header_alarm_time             Alarm time
text_header_allowed_numbers        Allowed nos.
text_header_als_line_blocking      Line change
text_header_als_line_selection     Outgoing line
text_header_answered_calls         Received calls
text_header_anykey_answer          Anykey answer
text_header_archive                Saved messages
text_header_automatic_answer       Auto-answer
text_header_auto_call_timer        In-call timer
text_header_bar_all_outgoing       Outgoing
text_header_bar_incoming           Incoming
text_header_bar_incoming_abroad    Incoming abroad
text_header_bar_intl_except_hom    Int. except home
text_header_bar_outgoing_intern    International
text_header_blocked_numbers        Blocked numbers
text_header_browser_options        Web options
text_header_browser_settings       Settings
text_header_calculator             Calculator
text_header_calendar_alarm_set     Alarm
text_header_calendar_alarm_t       Alarm type
text_header_calendar_date          Date
text_header_calendar_date_format   Date format
text_header_calendar_erase_old     Delete notes
text_header_calendar_make_note     New note
text_header_calendar_note          Calendar note
text_header_calendar_repeat        Repeat note
text_header_calendar_sending       Send note
text_header_calendar_separator     Date separator
text_header_calendar_settings      Settings
text_header_calendar_week_form     Week starts on
text_header_calling_card           Calling card
text_header_calling_card_option    %U
text_header_call_acceptance        Call acceptance
text_header_call_barring           Call barring
text_header_call_cost_counters     Call costs
text_header_call_divert            Call divert
text_header_call_mode_sel          Mode selection
text_header_call_register          Log
text_header_call_repeat            Automatic redial
text_header_call_settings         Call settings
text_header_call_term_note        Summary
text_header_call_timers           Call duration
text_header_call_waiting          Call waiting
text_header_car_mode              Handsfree
text_header_cb_adv_index          Index
text_header_cb_message_list       Received topics
text_header_cb_save_to_folder     Save to folder
text_header_cb_sim_options        SIM info topics
text_header_cb_topic_list         Topic list
text_header_cb_topic_options      Topic options
text_header_cell_broadcast        Info service
text_header_change_codes          Change codes
text_header_clir_perm             My caller identity
text_header_clir_temp             Next call
text_header_cli_control           Send my number
text_header_cli_groups            Caller groups
text_header_cli_group_logo        Group logo
text_header_cli_group_tone        Group tone
text_header_conversion            Send via
text_header_crypt_mode            Voice privacy
text_header_cug_settings          Closed group
text_header_dialled_calls         Dialled numbers
text_header_distribution_lists    Distribution lists
text_header_divert_all_cond       If not available
text_header_divert_all_data       All data calls
text_header_divert_all_fax        All fax calls
text_header_divert_all_voice      All voice calls
text_header_divert_if_busy        If busy
text_header_divert_no_reach       If out of reach
text_header_divert_no_reply       If not answered
text_header_dtmf_auto_length      Tone length
text_header_dtmf_manual           Manual tones
text_header_edit_allowed_nbr      Edit
text_header_edit_blocked_nbr      Edit
text_header_erase_call_lists      Clear
text_header_fdn                   Fixed dialling
text_header_fdn_list              Number list
text_header_feacode               Network feature
text_header_games_game_settings   App. settings
text_header_games_lights          App. lights
text_header_games_select          Games
text_header_games_sounds          App. tones
text_header_headset_mode          Headset
text_header_inbox                 Inbox
text_header_incoming_calls        Incoming calls
text_header_in_call_menu          Call options
text_header_ir_gate               IR-link
text_header_key_tone_volume       Keypad tones
text_header_language              Language
text_header_light_setting         Lights
text_header_mcn                   Cell info display
text_header_memclear_all          Delete all
text_header_memclear_all_or_one   Delete
text_header_memory_copy           Copy
text_header_memory_copy_range     Copy
text_header_memory_default        Default numbers
text_header_memory_move           All
text_header_memory_scrolling      Select view
text_header_memory_select         Default memory
text_header_menu                  Menu
text_header_menu_inf_nbr          Info numbers
text_header_messages              Messaging
text_header_message_settings      Msg. settings
text_header_missed_calls          Missed calls
text_header_mode                  Profiles
text_header_mode2                 Silent
text_header_mode3                 Meeting
text_header_mode4                 Outdoor
text_header_mode5                 Pager
text_header_mode_vip_group        Alert for
text_header_move_message          Move to folder
text_header_names_list            Contacts
text_header_nam_selection         My number
text_header_network_list          Operators
text_header_network_services      Network service
text_header_nitz_menu             Auto-update
text_header_normal_mode           General
text_header_one_key_calling       Speed dialling
text_header_operator_logo         Operator logo
text_header_outbox                Sent items
text_header_outgoing_calls        Outgoing calls
text_header_own_number_display    My numbers
text_header_phonebook             Contacts
text_header_phonebook_options     Settings
text_header_phone_settings        Phone settings
text_header_pin_code_request      PIN request
text_header_private               Private with
text_header_realtime_clock        Clock
text_header_reply_options         Start reply with
text_header_reply_path            Same centre
text_header_restrict_calls        Restrict calls
text_header_ringing_option        Incom. call alert
text_header_ringing_type          Ringing tone
text_header_ringing_volume        Ringing volume
text_header_rtc_am_pm             Time of day
text_header_rtc_time              Time
text_header_rtc_time_format       Time format
text_header_screen_saver          Screen saver
text_header_security_level        Security level
text_header_security_settings     Security settings
text_header_select_number         Numbers
text_header_select_set            Sending profiles
text_header_select_template       Templates
text_header_service_dial_nbrs     Service numbers
text_header_settings              Settings
text_header_simatk_notes_activa   Confirmations
text_header_simatk_sub_menu       SIM services
text_header_sms_dest_options      Default recipient
text_header_sms_insert_pbook      Insert contact
text_header_sms_multi_settings    Send
text_header_sms_option_address    Recipient
text_header_sms_tone_type         Message alert
text_header_special_sets          Sending profiles
text_header_speed_dialling        Speed dials
text_header_speed_dial_assign     Contacts
text_header_speed_dial_options    Key %N
text_header_speed_dial_view_num   Key %N
text_header_sp_send_opts          Sending options
text_header_status_report         Delivery reports
text_header_system_public         Public system
text_header_system_select         Oper. selection
text_header_t9_settings           Predictive text
text_header_time_settings         Time settings
text_header_todo_add              New to-do
text_header_todo_list             To-do
text_header_todo_note             To-do note
text_header_todo_priority         Priority
text_header_touch_tones           DTMF tones
text_header_ussd                  Service reply
text_header_validity              Validity
text_header_vibra_option          Vibrating alert
text_header_voice_rec             Voice recorder
text_header_warning_tones         Warning tones
text_header_welcome_note          Welcome note
text_header_wml_conn_security     Conn. security
text_header_wml_set               Set %N
text_header_wml_set_replace       Replace
text_hold                         Hold
                                  On hold:
text_hold_done                    %U
text_home_area                    Home only
text_home_area_sel                Home only selected
text_hplmn_selected               Home network selected
text_ignition_off                 Off
text_ignition_on                  On
text_ignition_sense               Ignition detector
                                  Serial no.
text_imei                         %U
text_imsi_unknown_in_hlr          SIM card registration failed
text_incoming_call              calling
text_incoming_calls_diverted    Note: active incoming call diverts
text_incoming_call_waiting      waiting
text_incoming_data_call         data call
text_incoming_fax_call          fax call
text_incoming_voice_data_call   voice/data
text_incoming_voice_fax_call    voice/fax
text_inf_nbr_premium            Premium %U
text_insert_number_item         Insert number
text_insert_number_query        Number:
text_insert_number_too_long     Number too long
text_invalid_number             Phone number not valid
text_invalid_value              Check unit price and limit
text_ir_activation              Infrared
text_ir_disconnect_data_line    Remove data cable first
text_ir_irda_activated_note     Infrared reception activated
text_ir_irda_already_active     Infrared reception already active
text_ir_send_abort_conf         Sending interrupted
text_january                    %0N-Jan-%1U %2U:%3U:%4U
text_join                       Conference
text_join_done                  Conference call active
text_july                       %0N-July-%1U %2U:%3U:%4U
text_june                       %0N-June-%1U %2U:%3U:%4U
text_keyguard_activating        Keypad locked
text_keyguard_auto_act          Automatic keyguard
text_keyguard_auto_on           Automatic keyguard on
text_keyguard_instr_step_2      Now press *
text_keyguard_off               Keypad unlocked
text_keyguard_press_ok          Press 'Unlock' and then 'OK'
text_keyguard_unlock_keys       Unlock keypad?
text_keygu_off                  Off
text_keygu_on                   On
text_keyg_set_delay             Set delay:
text_key_tones_level_number     Level %N
text_key_tones_off              Off
text_key_tone_volume            Keypad tones
text_key_tone_volume_sel        Keypad tone volume set
text_language_automatic         Automatic
text_language_date_format       DD-MM-YYYY
text_language_sel               English selected
text_language_select            Phone language
text_language_time_format       HH:MM
text_language_week_start        Monday
text_last_calls_cleared         Dialled numbers list cleared
text_last_call_cost             Last call cost
text_last_call_time             Last call duration
text_last_call_units            Last call units
text_life_time                  Life timer
text_lights_off                 Off
text_lights_on                  On
text_lights_on_sel                Lights on
text_lights_timed                 Automatic
text_lights_timed_sel             Automatic lights selected
text_light_control                Lights
text_limited                      On
text_listen_to_voice_messages     Listen to voice messages
text_locked                       Phone locked
text_lock_code                    Enter lock code:
text_lock_code_changed            Lock code changed
text_lock_code_cntrl              Phone lock
text_lock_code_menu               Change lock code
text_lock_code_prompt             New lock code:
text_maint_req                    Call the service provider
text_manual_mode                  Manual
text_march                        %0N-Mar-%1U %2U:%3U:%4U
text_may                          %0N-May-%1U %2U:%3U:%4U
text_mcn_control                  Cell info display
text_mcn_off                      Off
text_mcn_off_conf                 Cell info not displayed
text_mcn_on                       On
text_mcn_on_conf                  Cell info displayed
text_memory_a_b                   Memory in use
text_memory_header_cligroup       Group:
text_memory_header_email          E-mail:
text_memory_header_fax            Fax:
text_memory_header_home           Home:
text_memory_header_mobile         Mobile:
text_memory_header_name           Name:
text_memory_header_note           Note:
text_memory_header_office         Office:
text_memory_header_postal_addr    Address:
text_memory_header_standard       Number:
text_memory_move_erase            Move original
text_memory_move_keep             Keep original
text_memory_options_add_text      Add detail
text_memory_options_change_type   Change type
text_memory_options_delete_num    Delete number
text_memory_options_delete_text   Delete detail
text_memory_options_detail_view   View details
text_memory_options_edit_name     Edit name
text_memory_options_edit_number   Edit number
text_memory_options_edit_text     Edit detail
text_memory_options_erase         Delete
text_memory_options_list_names    Quick search
text_memory_options_make_def      Set as default
text_memory_options_send_email    Send SMS e-mail
text_memory_options_send_sms      Send message
text_memory_options_settings      Settings
text_memory_options_status        Memory status
text_memory_options_tone          Assign tone
text_memory_phone_not_ready       Contacts not ready
text_memory_save_empty_entry      Nothing to save
text_memory_scrolling_done        Contacts view selected
text_memory_scrolling_select      Contacts view
text_memory_scroll_name           Normal name list
text_memory_scroll_name_nbr       Name and number
text_memory_scroll_name_only      Large name list
text_memory_status                Memory status
text_memo_opt_cli_group_name      Caller groups
text_memo_opt_details_speed_dia   Speed dial
text_memo_opt_view_speed_dials    Speed dials
text_mem_opt_own_number           My numbers
text_mem_own_number               My number
text_menu_clear_all               Delete all
text_menu_erase_calls             Clear log lists
text_menu_fdn                     Fixed dialling
text_menu_inf_nbr                 Info numbers
text_menu_in_call                 Menu
text_menu_location_clear          One by one
text_menu_reset                   Restore factory settings
text_menu_reset_complete          Settings restored
text_message_memory_full          Message memory full
text_message_rejected             No space for new text messages
text_missed_calls                 Missed calls
text_missed_cleared               Missed calls list cleared
text_mode                         Profiles
text_mode_cli_vip_group           Alert for
text_mode_cli_vip_group_all       All calls
text_mode_cli_vip_group_many      Several groups
text_mode_cli_vip_none            No calls
text_mode_cli_vip_not_selected    No calls will be alerted
text_mode_cli_vip_saved           Selection of groups saved
text_mode_command_adjust          Personalise
text_mode_command_select          Activate
text_mode_conf_renamed            Profile renamed
text_mode_menu                    Profiles
                                  Activated profile:
text_mode_selected                %U
text_mode_selection_car           Handsfree
text_mode_selection_headset       Headset
text_mode_selection_mode2         Silent
text_mode_selection_mode3         Meeting
text_mode_selection_mode4         Outdoor
text_mode_selection_mode5         Pager
text_mode_selection_normal        General
text_mode_selection_power_off     Switch off!
text_moved_name_shortened         Moved (contact name modified)
text_move_cursor                  Move cursor
text_move_memory_all_conf         Move contacts?
text_moving_memory                Moving
text_mo_sms_disabled_conf      Message service disabled
text_mo_sms_disable_choice     MO-SMS off
text_mo_sms_enabled_conf       Message service enabled
text_mo_sms_enable_choice      MO-SMS on
text_mstat_nn_pct_free         %N%% free
text_mstat_nn_pct_used         %N%% used
text_mstat_one_pct_free        1% free
text_mstat_one_pct_used        1% used
text_mute                      Mute
text_muted                     Muted
text_name_already_in_memory    Contact name already exists
text_nam_prg_dvcc_entry        DVCC:
text_nam_prg_freq_entry        Frequency:
text_nam_sel                   My number selected
text_nam_select                My number selection
text_nbr_of_units              Number of units:
text_network_busy              Network busy
text_network_failure           Error in connection
text_network_services_header   Netw. services
text_network_services_menu     Network services
text_net_info_lost             Check network services
text_new_call                  New call
text_new_pass                  Enter new password:
text_new_pin                   Enter new PIN code:
text_new_pin2                  Enter new PIN2 code:
text_nitz_ask_conf             Updated after confirmation
text_nitz_auto_conf            Automatic update enabled
text_nitz_menu                 Auto-update of date & time
text_nitz_no_update_conf       Automatic update disabled
text_nitz_option_ask_first     Confirm first
text_nitz_option_auto          On
text_nitz_option_no_update     Off
text_nitz_update_done          Date and time updated
text_nitz_update_query         Update date and time of the phone?
text_nn_locs_copied            %N contacts copied
text_nn_locs_moved             %N contacts moved
text_nn_locs_not_copied        %N contacts not copied
text_nn_locs_not_moved         %N contacts not moved
text_not_active                Service not active
text_not_allowed               Not allowed
text_not_done                  Request not completed
text_november                  %0N-Nov-%1U %2U:%3U:%4U
text_no_access                 No network access
text_no_answer                 No answer
text_no_credit                 Call cost limit reached
text_no_data_mailbox_number    No data mailbox number
text_no_fax_mailbox_number     No fax mailbox number
text_no_incoming               Incoming calls
text_no_incom_if_roam          Incoming calls when abroad
text_no_international          International calls
text_no_inter_but_home          Int. calls except to home country
text_no_networks_found          No operator found
text_no_number                  No phone number
text_no_outgoing                Outgoing calls
text_no_service                 No network coverage
text_no_sms_network             No network support for messages
text_no_svc                     No service
text_no_voice_mbx_nbr           Save voice mailbox number first
text_number                     Number:
text_number_add_to_name         Add to contact
text_number_busy                Number busy
text_number_call                Call
text_number_save                Save
text_number_send_sms            Send message
text_number_too_long            Number too long
text_number_type_changed        Type changed
text_number_type_fax            Fax
text_number_type_home           Home
text_number_type_mobile         Mobile
text_number_type_office         Office
text_number_type_standard       General
text_october                    %0N-Oct-%1U %2U:%3U:%4U
text_off_setting                Off
text_old_pass                   Current password:
text_old_pin                    Enter current PIN code:
text_old_pin2                   Enter current PIN2 code:
text_one_call_in_absence        1 missed call
text_one_key_calling            Speed dialling
text_one_key_call_off           Off
text_one_key_call_off_sel       Speed dialling off
text_one_key_call_on            On
text_one_key_call_on_sel        Speed dialling on
text_one_loc_copied             1 contact copied
text_one_loc_moved              1 contact moved
text_one_loc_not_copied         1 contact not copied
text_one_loc_not_moved          1 contact not moved
text_on_setting                 On
text_oper_logo_erase            Discard
text_oper_logo_erased           Operator logo discarded
text_oper_logo_erase_query      Discard operator logo?
text_oper_logo_save             Save
text_oper_logo_saved            Operator logo saved
text_opt_games_vibra            Application vibration
text_opt_games_vibra_off        Off
text_opt_games_vibra_on         On
text_otasp_no_digital_service   Phone is in analogue mode
text_otasp_sys_access_fail      Network access failed
text_ota_auto_update_tworow     Automatic update of service
text_ota_calc_a_key             A-key exchange
text_ota_calen_discard          Discard
text_ota_calen_note_discarded     Calendar note discarded
text_ota_calen_received           Calendar note received
text_ota_calen_save               Save
text_ota_calen_transfer_done      Calendar note sent
text_ota_calen_transf_started     Sending calendar note
text_ota_calling_serv_prov        Calling service provider
text_ota_conf_auto_off            Automatic update off
text_ota_conf_auto_on             Automatic update on
text_ota_discard_calendar_note    Discard calendar note?
text_ota_full_auto_serv_update    Automatic service update
text_ota_nam_download             NAM download
text_ota_oplogo_received          Operator logo received
text_ota_prl_download             PRL download
text_ota_prog_failed_info         Programming failed
text_ota_prog_in_progress_info    Programming in progress
text_ota_prog_success_info        Programming successful
text_ota_save_failed_error        Saving failed
text_ota_service_updated          Service updated
text_ota_sett_auto_off            Off
text_ota_sett_auto_on             On
text_ota_tone_discard             Discard
text_ota_tone_erased              Ringing tone discarded
text_ota_tone_erase_query         Discard received ringing tone?
text_ota_tone_header              Ringing tone
text_ota_tone_header_replace      Replace
text_ota_tone_option_no_replace   No replacing
text_ota_tone_play                Playback
text_ota_tone_received            Ringing tone received
text_ota_tone_replace             Replace tone? %U
text_ota_tone_save                Save
text_ota_tone_saved               Ringing tone saved
text_other_messages_waiting       %U new messages in mailbox
text_other_message_waiting        New message in mailbox
text_outl_softkey_back            Back
text_outl_softkey_exit            Exit
text_outl_softkey_option          Opt.
text_outl_softkey_stop            Stop
text_out_of_range                 Maximum result is 10 digits
text_over_air_act_error           Activation failed. Try again.
text_own_number_not_stored        My numbers list empty
text_password                     Barring password:
text_password_changed             Password changed
text_password_error               Password error
text_password_select              Change barring password
text_personal_dir_cleared         Contacts deleted
text_phonebook_in_call            Contacts
text_phonebook_menu               Contacts
text_phonebook_view_item          View
text_phone_memory_full            Phone memory full
text_phone_memory_not_allowed     Phone memory protected
text_phone_memory_selected        Phone memory selected
text_phone_number                 Phone number:
text_phone_settings               Phone settings
text_pin                          Enter PIN code:
text_pin2                         Enter PIN2 code:
text_pin2_blocked                 PIN2 code blocked
text_pin2_change                  Change PIN2 code
text_pin2_changed                 PIN2 code changed
text_pin2_rejected                PIN2 code rejected
text_pin2_unblocking_key          Enter PUK2 code:
text_pinyin_key_2                 abc
text_pinyin_key_3                 def
text_pinyin_key_4                 ghi
text_pinyin_key_5                 jkl
text_pinyin_key_6                 mno
text_pinyin_key_7                 pqrs
text_pinyin_key_8                 tuv
text_pinyin_key_9                 wxyz
text_pin_change                   Change PIN code
text_pin_changed                  Code changed
text_pin_code_cntrl               PIN code request
text_pin_code_cntrl_set           Set PIN code request on
text_pin_code_off                 Off
text_pin_code_off_sel             PIN code request off
text_pin_code_on                  On
text_pin_code_on_sel              PIN code request on
text_please_connect_terminal      Connect terminal first
text_please_select_network        Select operator
text_press_menu_star              Press 'Unlock' and then *
text_primary_line_selected        Line 1 selected
text_private                      Private call
text_private_done                 Private with: %U
text_prmpt_ufe_nam_directory_no   My number (MDN):
text_prmpt_ufe_nam_own_num_min    Mobile ID number:
text_rate_saved                   Exchange rate saved
text_realtime_12h                 12-hour
text_realtime_12_selected         12-hour clock selected
text_realtime_24h                 24-hour
text_realtime_24_selected         24-hour clock selected
text_realtime_am                  am
text_realtime_clock               Clock
text_realtime_format              Time format
text_realtime_hidden              Clock hidden
text_realtime_hide                Hide clock
text_realtime_pm                  pm
text_realtime_query               Time:
text_realtime_separation_mark     :
text_realtime_set                 Set the time
text_realtime_set_system_time     Set clock first
text_realtime_show                Show clock
text_realtime_shown             Clock displayed
text_realtime_time_not_set      Time not set
text_realtime_time_set          Time is set
text_recall_last                Dialled numbers
text_received_calls             Received calls
text_received_cleared           Received calls list cleared
text_recharge_battery           Battery empty
text_refreshing_started         SIM card update started
text_reject                     Reject
text_remote_end_active          Connected
text_remote_end_mpty_active     Conference call active
text_remote_end_on_hold         On hold
text_remote_end_waiting         Waiting
text_remote_sim                 Remote SIM mode
text_remote_sim_idle            Remote SIM mode
text_request_rejected           Request rejected
text_reset_counters_option      Clear counters
text_reset_settings_query       Restore factory settings?
text_reset_timers               Clear timers
text_restr_call                 Call restrictions
text_restr_call_inc             Restrict incoming calls
text_restr_call_out             Restrict outgoing calls
text_restr_open_add             Add restriction
text_restr_open_edit            Edit
text_restr_open_erase           Delete
text_restr_open_erased_restr    Number deleted
text_restr_open_list_full       Restriction list full
text_restr_open_not_allowed     Restriction not allowed
text_restr_open_select          Select
text_restr_open_select_all      All calls
text_result_unknown             Result unknown
text_ringing_level_warning      Select maximum volume for ringing tone?
text_ringing_options            Incoming call alert
text_ringing_options_selected   Incoming call alert selected
text_ringing_opt_ascending      Ascending
text_ringing_opt_beep_only      Beep once
text_ringing_opt_off            Off
text_ringing_opt_ring_once      Ring once
text_ringing_opt_ring_only      Ringing
text_ringing_opt_silent_serv    Silent
text_ringing_type               Ringing tone
text_ringing_type_number        Type %N
text_ringing_type_selected      Ringing tone selected
text_ringing_volume             Ringing volume
text_ringing_volume_number      Level %N
text_ringing_volume_set         Ringing volume selected
text_roaming                    Roaming
text_sat_wildchar_error         Some digits still missing
text_sat_wildchar_prompt        Fill in missing digits:
text_saved                      Saved
text_save_to_other_memory        Save to another memory?
text_save_to_phone_done          Saved to phone memory
text_save_to_sim_done            Saved to SIM card memory
text_sca_activate                Activate
text_sca_add_number              Add number
text_sca_deactivate              Deactivate
text_sca_edit                    Edit
text_sca_remove_all_numbers      Remove all
text_sca_remove_number           Remove number
text_scm_data_nbr_saved          Data mailbox number saved
text_scm_directory_empty         Selected memory empty
text_scm_email_too_long          E-mail addr. too long. Max. length: %N
text_scm_erase                   Delete?
text_scm_fax_nbr_saved           Fax mailbox number saved
text_scm_free                    free
text_scm_free_locs               free
text_scm_illegal_location        Invalid selection
text_scm_in_use                  in use
text_scm_in_use_locs             in use
text_scm_lcs_phone_number        No last dialled numbers
text_scm_location_empty          Speed dial not assigned
text_scm_memory_full             Memory full
text_scm_moved                   Moved
text_scm_name                    Contact name:
text_scm_name_too_long           Contact name too long. Maximum %N characters.
text_scm_no_mcs_calls            No numbers
text_scm_number                  Phone number:
text_scm_number_too_long         Number too long. Maximum %N digits.
text_scm_replace                 Replace?
text_scm_replaced                Replaced
text_scm_save_new                Add new contact
text_scm_save_new_number         Add number
text_scm_select_b_memory         SIM card not ready
text_scm_sim_invalid_number      Characters invalid for SIM
text_scm_vmbx_nbr_saved          Voice mailbox number saved
text_screensaver_conf_image      Screen saver selected
text_screensaver_err_format      File format not supported
text_screensaver_list_image      Screen saver
text_screen_saver_menu           Screen saver
text_search_active               Searching
text_security_code               Security code:
text_security_code_changed       Security code changed
text_security_code_menu          Change security code
text_security_code_prompt        Enter new security code:
text_security_code_verify        Verify new security code:
text_security_level              Security level
text_security_level_memory       Memory
text_security_level_memory_sel   Memory protection enabled
text_security_level_none         None
text_security_level_none_sel     No protection selected
text_security_level_phone        Phone
text_security_level_phone_sel    Phone protection enabled
text_security_menu               Security settings
text_security_settings           Security settings
text_selected                    %U selected
text_sending                     Requesting
text_send_calendar_item          Via calendar
text_send_dtmf                   Send DTMF
text_send_flash                  New call
text_send_number_activated       My caller identity will be sent
text_send_number_deactivated     My caller identity will not be sent
text_send_number_preset          Default value selected
text_september                   %0N-Sept-%1U %2U:%3U:%4U
text_service_dialling_numbers    Service numbers
text_serv_prg_code_ufe_nam       Service programming code:
text_serv_search_type_select     Network
text_settings_menu               Settings
text_set_countdown_text          Note for timer:
text_set_countdown_timer         Set timer:
text_shortcut_invalid            Invalid shortcut
text_short_messages_menu         Messaging
text_short_message_sent          Message sent
text_simatk_call                 Call
text_simatk_call_setup           Allow SIM card to call?
text_simatk_enter_char           (one character)
text_simatk_enter_char_string    Enter:
text_simatk_enter_nbr            (one digit 0-9)
text_simatk_enter_nbr_string     (number)
text_simatk_main_menu            SIM services
text_simatk_notes_activation     Confirm SIM service actions
text_simatk_notes_off            No
text_simatk_notes_off_sel        Confirmation not asked
text_simatk_notes_on             Yes
text_simatk_notes_on_sel         Confirmation asked
text_simatk_not_allowed          Updating SIM card
text_simatk_off                  Disabled
text_simatk_resp_min_max_value   Valid length: %0N - %1N
text_simatk_resp_value           Valid length %N characters
text_simatk_resp_value_1         Valid length 1 character
text_simatk_send_sms             Allow SIM card to send a message?
text_simatk_send_sms_note        Sending a message
text_simatk_send_ss              Allow SIM card to send request?
text_simatk_send_ss_note         Sending a request
text_simatk_start_softnotif      Allow SIM action?
text_simatk_sub_menu             Options
text_simplex_tone_main           Tones
text_sim_card_memory_error       UIM card error
text_sim_lock_active              SIM card not valid
text_sim_lock_already_closed      Phone already restricted
text_sim_lock_already_open        Phone was not restricted
text_sim_lock_closed              Phone restriction on
text_sim_lock_error               Code error
text_sim_lock_not_done            Not allowed
text_sim_lock_opened              Phone restriction off
text_sim_lock_pending             SIM card cannot be used
text_sim_memory_full              SIM card memory full
text_sim_memory_selected          SIM card memory selected
text_sim_not_available            SIM card memory protected
text_sim_rejected                 SIM card rejected
text_sim_removed                  Insert SIM card
text_sim_store_failed             Saving to SIM card failed
text_slm                          Sound meter
text_slm_db                       dB
text_slm_options_dynamic          Dynamic peak
text_slm_options_hold             Hold peak
text_slm_options_reset            Reset peak
text_sms_1_h                      1 hour
text_sms_1_week                   1 week
text_sms_24_h                     24 hours
text_sms_6_h                      6 hours
text_sms_72_h                     3 days
text_sms_ack_not_received_info    Message did not reach center
text_sms_alert_tone_off           Off
text_sms_all_erased               All messages deleted
text_sms_all_reports_erased       All delivery reports deleted
text_sms_alpha_address            Routing address:
text_sms_alpha_id                 Profile name:
text_sms_alpha_id_stored          Sending profile renamed
text_sms_archive                  Saved text msgs.
text_sms_bcard_list_item          Business card
text_sms_calen_note_list_item     Calendar note
text_sms_callback_header          Call:
text_sms_callback_message         %U
text_sms_callback_msgs_received   %N callback messages
text_sms_callback_number          Callback number:
text_sms_cause_code               Cause code:
text_sms_cb_class_0_rec_note      %U
text_sms_cb_class_0_rec_notif     %U
text_sms_cdma_numeric_page        Numeric page
text_sms_cdma_text_message        Text
text_sms_clear_message            Delete message?
text_sms_clear_msg_with_ack       Receipt not received. Delete anyway?
text_sms_compose_as_email         Create SMS e-mail
text_sms_data_msg_header          Data
                                  Delivered to:
text_sms_delivered_to             %U
                                  Read by:
text_sms_delivery_content         %U
text_sms_delivery_content_end     …
                                  Not sent to:
text_sms_delivery_failed          %U
text_sms_delivery_pending         %U
text_sms_delivery_reports         Delivery reports
text_sms_delivery_reports_off     No
text_sms_delivery_reports_on      Yes
text_sms_delivery_reports_set     Setting selected
                                  Time and date:
text_sms_delivery_time            %U
text_sms_deliv_ack_received       Delivered:
text_sms_destination_accept       Accept
text_sms_destination_find         Search
text_sms_destination_stored       Default recipient defined
text_sms_dest_address             Default recipient number
text_sms_dest_not_resp_try_ltr    Not responding. Try later.
text_sms_dest_not_subscr          Recipient has no msg. service
text_sms_dest_unavail             Destination not available
text_sms_distribution_lists       Distribution lists
text_sms_dl_add_name              Add contact
text_sms_dl_delete_name           Delete contact
text_sms_dl_delete_name_done      Deleted from list
text_sms_dl_email_added           E-mail added to list
text_sms_dl_name_added            Contact added to list
text_sms_dl_rename                Rename list
text_sms_dl_renamed               Renamed: %U
text_sms_dl_view                  View list
text_sms_dl_view_details          View details
text_sms_email                    E-mail
text_sms_email_address            E-mail address:
text_sms_email_recipient_prompt   E-mail address:
text_sms_email_subject            Subject:
text_sms_emergency_header         Emergency
text_sms_emergency_received       New emergency message
text_sms_erased                   Deleted
text_sms_erase_report             Delete report
text_sms_erase_reports            Delete all reports
text_sms_erasing_message_wait     Deleting message
text_sms_error_class              Error code:
text_sms_err_not_sent             Message not sent
text_sms_fax_3                    Fax
text_sms_format_unsupported       Message format not supported
text_sms_forward_as_email         Via e-mail
text_sms_forward_as_text          Via text message
text_sms_forward_multi            Send to many
text_sms_forw_options             Forwarding opt's
text_sms_from                     From:
text_sms_get_sc_number            Centre number:
text_sms_inbox                    Inbox
text_sms_insert_name              Insert contact
text_sms_insert_pbook             Insert contact
text_sms_insert_template          Use template
text_sms_invalid_email            Invalid e-mail address
text_sms_maximum                  Maximum time
text_sms_memory_full_begin        Message memory %N
text_sms_memory_full_end          % full
text_sms_messages_erased          Messages deleted
text_sms_messages_received        %N messages received
text_sms_message_centre           Message centre number
text_sms_message_conversion       Messages sent via
text_sms_message_conversion_set   Message type selected
text_sms_message_moved            Moved to: %U
text_sms_message_received         1 message received
text_sms_message_renamed          Message renamed
text_sms_message_saved            Message saved
text_sms_message_title            Message title:
text_sms_moved_to_archive         Saved to 'Saved text messages'
text_sms_moved_to_user_folder     Saved to: %U
text_sms_msg_emp_not_sent_error   Message empty. Not sent.
text_sms_multi_sent               %0N out of %1N sent
text_sms_network_fail             Message not sent. Try again later.
text_sms_normal_sms               Text
text_sms_not_subscribed           Message service not subscribed
text_sms_no_address_error         No recipients found
text_sms_no_email_add_found       No e-mail address found
text_sms_no_numbers_found         No numbers found
text_sms_no_number_found          No numbers found
text_sms_no_service_avail         Messaging requires digital service
text_sms_number                   Phone number:
text_sms_opening_folder_wait      Opening folder
text_sms_options_menu             Message settings
text_sms_option_address_accept    Accept
text_sms_option_address_alpha     Alphanumeric
text_sms_option_address_numeric   Numeric
text_sms_option_address_search    Search
text_sms_option_archive           Save
text_sms_option_callback_number   Callback number
text_sms_option_clear             Delete
text_sms_option_clear_all         Clear text
text_sms_option_compose           Create message
text_sms_option_copy              Copy
text_sms_option_copy_cal          Copy to Calendar
text_sms_option_cut_number        Use number
text_sms_option_detail            Message details
text_sms_option_edit              Edit
text_sms_option_erase_msgs        Delete messages
text_sms_option_exit              Exit editor
text_sms_option_forward           Forward
text_sms_option_list_recipients   List recipients
text_sms_option_move              Move
text_sms_option_rename            Rename
text_sms_option_reply             Reply
text_sms_option_resend            Resend
text_sms_option_save              Save message
text_sms_option_save_address      Save address
text_sms_option_send              Send
text_sms_option_use_web_link      Use web link
text_sms_opt_erase_all_msgs       All read
text_sms_originally_sent          Originally sent:
                                  Message was:
text_sms_outbox                   Sent items
text_sms_outbox_msg_rejected      Memory full. Cannot save to Sent items. Send?
text_sms_paging                   Paging
text_sms_part_missing             * some text missing *
text_sms_perm_send_failure        Check operator services
text_sms_read_font_big_choice     Large font
text_sms_read_font_big_conf       Large font selected
text_sms_read_font_header         Font size
text_sms_read_font_setting        Font size
text_sms_read_font_small_choice   Small font
text_sms_read_font_small_conf     Small font selected
text_sms_recipient                %U
text_sms_recipients               Recipient(s):
text_sms_recipient_list_empty     No recipients
text_sms_recipient_prompt         Recipient(s):
text_sms_remove_recipient_conf    Recipient deleted
text_sms_reply_path_provided      Reply via same centre enabled
text_sms_reply_request            Reply via same centre
text_sms_reply_request_set        Setting selected
text_sms_reply_req_off            No
text_sms_reply_req_on             Yes
text_sms_reply_w_blank            Empty screen
text_sms_reply_w_orig             Original text
text_sms_reply_w_temp             Template
text_sms_report_erased            Delivery report deleted
text_sms_report_list_item         Report
text_sms_sc_stored                Centre number saved
text_sms_selection_add_email      Add e-mail
text_sms_selection_add_number     Add number
text_sms_selection_edit_message   Edit message
text_sms_selection_edit_recips    Edit recipients
text_sms_sel_edit_recipient       Edit recipient
text_sms_sender                   %U
text_sms_sending_email            Sending e‑mail
text_sms_sending_fax              Sending fax
text_sms_sending_message          Sending message
text_sms_sending_page             Sending page
text_sms_send_by_dl               Send to list
text_sms_send_fail                Sending failed
text_sms_send_failure             Message sending failed
text_sms_send_multi               Send to many
text_sms_send_options             Sending options
text_sms_send_opt_callback        Callback no.
text_sms_send_opt_del_ack_requ    Read receipt
text_sms_send_opt_urgent          Urgent
text_sms_send_reserved            Still sending previous message
text_sms_send_special             Sending profile
                                  Message centre:
text_sms_service_centre_header    %U
text_sms_settings                 Settings
text_sms_set_alpha_id             Rename sending profile
text_sms_set_tag                  Profile %N
text_sms_stnd_answ_1              Yes
text_sms_stnd_answ_10             Sorry, I'm late
text_sms_stnd_answ_2              No
text_sms_stnd_answ_3              OK
text_sms_stnd_answ_4              Thank you
text_sms_stnd_answ_5              Congratulations
text_sms_stnd_answ_6              Happy birthday
text_sms_stnd_answ_7              I love you too
text_sms_stnd_answ_8              Hugs and kisses
text_sms_stnd_answ_9              Sorry
text_sms_successfully_delivered   Successfully delivered:
text_sms_system_msg_received      %U
text_sms_templates                Templates
text_sms_temp_1                   Please call
text_sms_temp_10                  I will be arriving at
text_sms_temp_2                   I'm at home. Please call
text_sms_temp_3                   I'm at work. Please call
text_sms_temp_4                   I'm in a meeting, call me later at
text_sms_temp_5                   Meeting is cancelled.
text_sms_temp_6                   I am late. I will be there at
text_sms_temp_7                   See you in
text_sms_temp_8                   See you at
text_sms_temp_9                   Sorry, I can't help you on this.
text_sms_temp_send_failure        Message not sent. Try again later.
text_sms_tone_type                Message alert tone
text_sms_tone_type_beep_once      Beep once
text_sms_tone_type_long_loud      Ascending
text_sms_tone_type_none           Off
text_sms_tone_type_set            Message alert tone selected
text_sms_tone_type_special        Special
text_sms_tone_type_standard       Standard
text_sms_too_long                 Message too long. Delete %N characters.
text_sms_too_many_in_dl           Too many recipients
text_sms_too_many_recipients      Recipient list full
text_sms_transmitted              %U
text_sms_unreadable_list_item     Unreadable
text_sms_unreadable_message       Message cannot be displayed
text_sms_urgent                   Urgent
text_sms_user_def_folder_choice   My folders
text_sms_user_def_folder_header   My folders
text_sms_validity_period          Message validity
text_sms_validity_period_set      Message validity selected
text_sms_view_name_details        View details
text_softkey_aa_to_cligroup       Add
text_softkey_accept               Accept
text_softkey_add_item             Add
text_softkey_add_number           Add
text_softkey_answer               Answer
text_softkey_assign               Assign
text_softkey_back                 Back
text_softkey_call                 Call
text_softkey_cancel               Cancel
text_softkey_change               Change
text_softkey_clear                Clear
text_softkey_close                Close
text_softkey_connect              Connect
text_softkey_continue             Continue
text_softkey_copy                 Copy
text_softkey_detail               Details
text_softkey_done                 Done
text_softkey_drop                 End call
text_softkey_dtmf                 DTMF
text_softkey_edit                 Edit
text_softkey_end                  End
text_softkey_erase                Delete
text_softkey_exit                 Exit
text_softkey_find                 Search
text_softkey_flash                Flash
text_softkey_help                 Help
text_softkey_hold                 Hold
text_softkey_info                 Info
text_softkey_insert               Use
text_softkey_ir            Infrared
text_softkey_lap           Lap
text_softkey_list          List
text_softkey_listen        Listen
text_softkey_lock_keys     Lock
text_softkey_lookup        Look up
text_softkey_mark          Mark
text_softkey_menu          Menu
text_softkey_more          More
text_softkey_msk_stop      Stop
text_softkey_mute          Mute
text_softkey_names         Names
text_softkey_no            No
text_softkey_number        Number
text_softkey_ok            OK
text_softkey_open_folder   Open
text_softkey_option        Options
text_softkey_options       Options
text_softkey_phonebook     Names
text_softkey_play          Play
text_softkey_preview       Preview
text_softkey_quit          Quit
text_softkey_read          Read
text_softkey_reject        Reject
text_softkey_replace       Replace
text_softkey_reply         Reply
text_softkey_retry         Retry
text_softkey_save          Save
text_softkey_search        Search
text_softkey_select        Select
text_softkey_send          Send
text_softkey_show          Show
text_softkey_silent        Silence
text_softkey_skip          Skip
text_softkey_sleep         Snooze
text_softkey_start         Start
text_softkey_status        Status
text_softkey_stop          Stop
text_softkey_swap          Swap
text_softkey_t9_save       Save
text_softkey_t9_spell      Spell
text_softkey_t9_symbol     Symbol
text_softkey_t9_undo       Prev.
text_softkey_t9_use        Use
text_softkey_unhold        Unhold
text_softkey_unlock        Unlock
text_softkey_unmark        Unmark
text_softkey_unmute        Unmute
text_softkey_view          View
text_softkey_yes           Yes
text_softk_quit_data_call        Quit
text_softk_split                 Split
text_some_inc_calls_diverted     Note: active incoming call diverts
text_speech_mode                 Voice mode
text_speech_mode_active          Voice mode active
                                 Speed dial not assigned.
text_speed_dial_assign_new_qu    Assign it now?
text_speed_dial_duplicate_warn   Already assigned for key %N
text_speed_dial_erase_query      Delete speed dial from key %N?
text_speed_dial_key_assigned     Number assigned for key %N
text_speed_dial_key_erased       Speed dial key %N deleted
text_speed_dial_location_empty   (empty)
text_speed_dial_number_query     Phone number:
text_speed_dial_option_change    Change
text_speed_dial_option_clear     Delete
text_speed_dial_option_view      View number
text_speed_dial_replace          Replace existing speed dial?
text_speed_location_text         %N.
text_sprint_pcs                  %U
text_ss_detail_delay             Delay
text_ss_detail_delay_10_sec      10 seconds
text_ss_detail_delay_15_sec      15 seconds
text_ss_detail_delay_20_sec      20 seconds
text_ss_detail_delay_25_sec      25 seconds
text_ss_detail_delay_30_sec      30 seconds
text_ss_detail_delay_5_sec       5 seconds
text_ss_detail_delay_header      Delay time:
text_ss_detail_nbr_header        To number:
text_ss_detail_number            Number
text_ss_no_items_in_list         No items found
text_stm_erase_entry_query       Delete entry from list?
text_stm_no_number               (no number)
text_stm_option_call             Call
text_stm_option_clear            Delete
text_stm_option_edit             Edit number
text_stm_option_send_sms         Send message
text_stm_option_store            Save
text_stm_option_time_stamp       Time of call
text_stm_option_view_number      View number
                                 Time of
text_stm_time_not_available      call not available
text_stopw_are_you_sure_query    Are you sure?
text_stopw_continue_choice       Continue
text_stopw_delete_all_choice     Delete all
text_stopw_delete_choice         Delete times
text_stopw_delete_one_choice     One by one
text_stopw_delete_query          Delete?
text_stopw_discontinue_query     Discontinue previous timing?
text_stopw_enter_name_prompt     Name:
text_stopw_hdr                   Stopwatch
text_stopw_mem_empty_info        Stopwatch memory empty
text_stopw_mem_full_query        Memory full. Delete one of existing?
text_stopw_menu                  Stopwatch
text_stopw_reset_choice          Reset
text_stopw_reset_query           Reset stopwatch?
text_stopw_save_times_choice     Save
text_stopw_section_choice        Lap timing
text_stopw_show_last_choice      Show last
text_stopw_split_choice          Split timing
text_stopw_start_choice          Start
text_stopw_times_erased_conf     Deleted
text_stopw_times_saved_conf      Saved
text_stopw_view_times_choice     View times
text_stopw_view_times_hdr        View times
text_stroke_key_1                一
text_stroke_key_2                丨
text_stroke_key_3                丿
text_stroke_key_4                丶
text_stroke_key_5                乛
text_stroke_key_6                ?
text_swap                        Swap
text_swap_done                   Swapped
text_system_automatic            Automatic
text_system_automatic_a          Automatic A
text_system_automatic_a_sel      Automatic A selected
text_system_automatic_b          Automatic B
text_system_automatic_b_sel      Automatic B selected
text_system_automatic_sel        Automatic network selection
text_system_invalid_prl          Invalid roaming list
text_system_requesting           Requesting
text_system_search_for           Searching for network
text_system_select               Operator selection
text_system_selected             Selected operator:
text_system_select_auto_conf     Automatic mode selected
text_t9_disabled_conf            T9 prediction off
text_t9_edit_cmd                 Edit word
text_t9_edit_query               Edit word:
text_t9_edit_word                Edit word
text_t9_enabled_conf             T9 prediction on
text_t9_matches_opt              Matches
text_t9_no_match                 No other matches found
text_t9_no_match_symbol          ?
text_t9_settings_off             Prediction off
text_t9_settings_opt             Predictive text
text_t9_spec_char                Insert symbol
text_t9_spell_mode               Insert word
text_t9_spell_query              Insert word:
text_tcred_conf_prepaid_active   Prepaid service active
text_tcred_conf_welcome          Airtime card due %S
text_tcred_err_buy_airtime       Airtime tank is empty
text_tcred_err_disabled          Prepaid service disabled
text_tcred_full_add_units        Add units
text_tcred_full_info             Airtime tank info
text_tcred_full_info_display     Airtime tank info display
text_tcred_hdr_prepaid           Prepaid
text_tcred_indic_charge_rate     %S/minute
text_tcred_indic_fone_locked     TracFone locked
text_tcred_indic_remain_units    %S units
text_tcred_info_fone_locked      TracFone locked
text_tcred_info_units_added      %S units added
text_tcred_info_units_used       %S units deducted
text_tcred_main_prepaid          Prepaid
text_tcred_prmpt_pin             Airtime PIN:
text_tcred_query_code            Code:
                                 Card due
text_tcred_quest_due_date        %S
text_tcred_roaming               Roaming
text_tcred_title_due_date        Due date: %S
text_tcred_title_remain_units    %S
text_tcred_tracfone              TracFone
text_tcred_wait_for_service      Wait for service
text_terminal_connect_lost       Terminal connection interrupted
text_text_messages_menu          Text messages
text_text_type_email             E-mail address
text_text_type_note              Note
text_text_type_postal_address    Postal address
text_timers_cleared              Call timers cleared
text_time_input_format           HH:MM
text_time_lowerbound             00:00
text_time_output_format          HH:MM
text_time_settings_menu          Time settings
text_time_upperbound             23:59
text_todo                        To-do list
text_todo_add                    Add
text_todo_beam                   Via infrared
text_todo_calendar               Go to Calendar
text_todo_change_priority        Edit priority
text_todo_completed_erased       All notes marked as done deleted
text_todo_deadline_set           Deadline set
text_todo_edit                   Edit
text_todo_empty                  No more to-do notes
text_todo_erase                  Delete
text_todo_erased                 To-do note deleted
text_todo_erase_completed_note   Delete all to-do notes marked as done?
text_todo_erase_todo             Delete to-do note?
text_todo_high                   High
text_todo_low                    Low
text_todo_memory_full            To-do memory full
text_todo_memory_full_old_n      Memory full. Delete an existing note?
text_todo_normal                 Medium
text_todo_note_received          To-do note received
text_todo_note_sending           Sending to-do note
text_todo_no_todo                (no notes)
text_todo_priority_changed       Priority changed
text_todo_prior_1                High
text_todo_prior_2                Medium
text_todo_prior_3                Low
text_todo_saved                  To-do note saved
text_todo_save_as_day_note       Save to Calendar
text_todo_send_as                Send
text_todo_subject                Subject:
text_todo_view_todo              View
text_tone_default                Default
text_touch_tones_menu            DTMF tones
text_transfer                    Transfer
text_transferred                 Transferred
                                 Connected to:
text_transferred_with_number     %U
text_transferring                Transfer in progress
text_transfer_done               Transfer done
text_tty_conf_off                Text phone disabled
text_ufe_nam_sid_nid_alrdy_svd   SID/NID pair already saved
text_ui_gal_key_2_alphas         ABC2ÄÆÅÀÁÂÃÇ
text_ui_gal_key_2_lower_alphas   abc2äæåàáâãç
text_ui_gal_key_3_alphas         DEF3ÈÉÊËÐ
text_ui_gal_key_3_lower_alphas   def3èéêëð
text_ui_gal_key_4_alphas         GHI4ÌÍÎÏ
text_ui_gal_key_4_lower_alphas   ghi4ìíîï
text_ui_gal_key_5_alphas         JKL5£
text_ui_gal_key_5_lower_alphas   jkl5£
text_ui_gal_key_6_alphas         MNO6ÖØÒÓÔÕÑ
text_ui_gal_key_6_lower_alphas   mno6öøòóôõñ
text_ui_gal_key_7_alphas         PQRS7$
text_ui_gal_key_7_lower_alphas   pqrs7ß$
text_ui_gal_key_8_alphas         TUV8ÙÚÛÜ
text_ui_gal_key_8_lower_alphas   tuv8ùúûü
text_ui_gal_key_9_alphas         WXYZ9ÝÞ
text_ui_gal_key_9_lower_alphas   wxyz9ýþ
text_ui_key_1_alphas             .,'?!"1-()@/:_
text_ui_key_1_lower_alphas       .,'?!"1-()@/:_
text_ui_key_2_alphas             ABC2ÄÆÅÀÁÂÃÇ
text_ui_key_2_lower_alphas       abc2äæåàáâãç
text_ui_key_3_alphas             DEF3ÈÉÊËÐ
text_ui_key_3_lower_alphas       def3èéêëð
text_ui_key_4_alphas             GHI4ÌÍÎÏ
text_ui_key_4_lower_alphas       ghi4ìíîï
text_ui_key_5_alphas             JKL5£
text_ui_key_5_lower_alphas        jkl5£
text_ui_key_6_alphas              MNO6ÖØÒÓÔÕÑ
text_ui_key_6_lower_alphas        mno6öøòóôõñ
text_ui_key_7_alphas              PQRS7$
text_ui_key_7_lower_alphas        pqrs7ß$
text_ui_key_8_alphas              TUV8ÙÚÛÜ
text_ui_key_8_lower_alphas        tuv8ùúûü
text_ui_key_9_alphas              WXYZ9ÝÞ
text_ui_key_9_lower_alphas        wxyz9ýþ
text_unassigned_number            Number not in use
text_unblocking_key               Enter PUK code:
text_unconfirmed                  Request not confirmed
text_unhold                       Unhold
text_unhold_done                  %U
text_unit_price                   Unit price:
text_unlimited                    Off
text_unlocked_phone_number        Allowed number when lock active
text_unlock_phone                 Unlock phone first
text_unmute                       Unmute
text_unmuted                      Unmuted
text_unsupp_accessory_connected   Enhancement not supported
text_user_prg_wakeup_msg          Welcome note
text_usim_language_name           English
text_ussd_message_header          Serv. commands
text_ussd_message_prompt          Message:
text_ussd_request_editor          Service commands
text_vcom                         Voice commands
text_vcom_profiles                Profiles
text_vcom_profiles_general        General
text_vcom_profiles_meeting        Meeting
text_vcom_profiles_outdoor        Outdoor
text_vcom_profiles_pager          Pager
text_vcom_profiles_silent         Silent
text_vd_found                     Found:
text_vd_sim_changed               Cannot add tags to new SIM card
text_vd_sim_changed_query         Are you sure?
text_verify_lock_code             Verify new lock code:
text_verify_pass                  Verify new password:
text_verify_pin                   Verify new PIN code:
text_verify_pin2                  Verify new PIN2 code:
text_vibra_normal                 On
text_vibra_off                    Off
text_vibra_off_sel                Vibrating alert off
text_vibra_on_sel                 Vibrating alert on
text_vibra_options                Vibrating alert
text_vmbx                         Voice mailbox
text_vmbx_nbr_query               Mailbox number:
text_voice_add                  Add voice tag
text_voice_change               Change
text_voice_changed              Voice tag changed
text_voice_mails_l1_waiting     %N new voice messages on line 1
text_voice_mails_l2_waiting     %N new voice messages on line 2
text_voice_mail_l1_l2_waiting   New voice messages on both lines
text_voice_mail_listen          Listen
text_voice_mail_note_view       View details of last voice msg.
text_voice_mail_waiting_on_l1   New voice message on line 1
text_voice_mail_waiting_on_l2   New voice message on line 2
text_voice_mbx_nbr              Voice mailbox number
text_voice_messages             Voice messages
text_voice_messages_waiting     %U new voice messages
text_voice_message_waiting      New voice message
text_voice_mmc_voiceop_reject   Remove data cable first
text_voice_msg_emg_waiting      Emergency voice message
text_voice_msg_urg_waiting      Urgent voice message
text_voice_no_matches           No match found
text_voice_no_more_tags         No more voice tags
text_voice_no_tag               No voice tags saved
text_voice_recorder_infra_red   Infrared still active
text_voice_rec_alarm_add        Add alarm
text_voice_rec_alarm_expired    %1U
text_voice_rec_edit_title       Edit title
text_voice_rec_erase            Delete
text_voice_rec_list_memos       Recordings list
text_voice_rec_memo             Voice recorder
text_voice_rec_play             Playback
text_voice_rec_record           Record
text_voice_rec_recording        Recording
text_voice_remove               Delete
text_voice_remove_one_tag       Memory full. Delete an existing voice tag?
text_voice_remove_tag           Delete voice tag?
text_voice_replay               Playback
text_voice_replaying            Playing voice tag
text_voice_speak_now            Speak now
text_voice_start_speak          Press 'Start' then speak after tone
text_voice_system_error         Voice system error
text_voice_tag                  Voice tag
text_voice_tags                 Voice tags
text_voice_tag_removed          Voice tag deleted
text_voice_tag_stored           Voice tag saved
text_voice_too_long             Voice tag too long. Try again?
text_voice_too_quiet            Voice too quiet. Try again?
text_voice_too_short            Voice tag too short. Try again?
text_volume                     Volume
text_wait                       Wait
text_waiting_call               Call is waiting
text_waiting_for_service         Waiting for service
text_wait_for_service            Wait for service
text_wait_tone                   Wait for tone and press 'OK'
text_wait_tone_again             Press 'OK' after tone
text_wakeup_erase                Delete
text_wakeup_erased               Welcome note deleted
text_wakeup_saved                Welcome note saved
text_warning_tones               Warning tones
text_warning_tones_off           Off
text_warning_tones_off_sel       Warning tones off
text_warning_tones_on            On
text_warning_tones_on_sel        Warning tones on
text_wmlbm_conf_bm_disc          Bookmark discarded
text_wmlbm_conf_bm_sent          Bookmark sent
text_wmlbm_err_send_failed       Bookmark sending failed
text_wmlbm_hdr_rcvdbm            Bookmark
text_wmlbm_hdr_send_bm           Send bookmark
text_wmlbm_list_rcvd_bm          %U
text_wmlbm_list_save_rcvdbm      Save
text_wmlbm_list_send_as_txt      As bookmark
text_wmlbm_list_view_rcvdbm      View
text_wmlbm_prmpt_phonenbr        Phone number:
text_wmlbm_quest_disc_rcvdbm     Discard received bookmark?
text_wmlbm_quest_repl_bm         Memory full. Replace bookmark?
text_wmlbm_rcvdbm_addr           %U
text_wmlbm_rcvdbm_title          %U
text_wmlbm_wait_send_bm          Sending bookmark
text_wmls_conf_show_imgs_off     Images not shown
text_wmls_conf_show_imgs_on      Images shown
text_wmls_conf_srv_set_disc      Web settings discarded
text_wmls_conf_txt_wrap_off      Text wrapping off
text_wmls_conf_txt_wrap_on       Text wrapping on
text_wmls_dcall_speed_19200      19200
text_wmls_dcall_speed_28800      28800
text_wmls_dcall_speed_38400      38400
text_wmls_dcall_speed_43200      43200
text_wmls_full_appe_stgns        Appearance settings
text_wmls_hdr_app_set            Appearance
text_wmls_hdr_rcvd_set           Set details
text_wmls_hdr_servaddr_type      Address type
text_wmls_list_bearer_ussd       USSD
text_wmls_list_cookies_off       Reject
text_wmls_list_cookies_on        Allow
text_wmls_list_disc_recvd_cert   Discard
text_wmls_list_disc_recvd_set    Discard
text_wmls_list_font_size_l       Large
text_wmls_list_font_size_s       Normal
text_wmls_list_save_recvd_set    Save
text_wmls_list_servi_ip           IP address
text_wmls_list_servi_nbr_sett     Service number
text_wmls_list_show_imgs_off      No
text_wmls_list_show_imgs_on       Yes
text_wmls_list_txt_wrap_off       Off
text_wmls_list_txt_wrap_on        On
text_wmls_list_view_recvd_set     View
text_wmls_option_appe             Appear. settings
text_wmls_prmpt_servi_code        Service code:
text_wmls_quest_memful_repl       Memory full. Replace set?
text_wmls_sett_cookies            Cookies
text_wmls_sett_font_size          Font size
text_wmls_sett_servaddr_type      Address type
text_wmls_sett_servi_code         Service code
text_wmls_sett_servi_nbr          Service number
text_wmls_sett_show_imgs          Show images
text_wmls_sett_txt_wrap           Text wrapping
text_wmls_show_hpage              %U
text_wml_authentication_setting   Authentication type
text_wml_authentic_option_chap    Secure
text_wml_authentic_option_pap     Normal
text_wml_auth_type_header         Authentication
text_wml_bearer_header            Data bearer
text_wml_bearer_option_csd        GSM data
text_wml_bearer_option_sms        SMS
text_wml_bearer_setting           Data bearer
text_wml_bm_changed               Bookmark changed
text_wml_bm_edit_title_query      Edit title:
text_wml_bm_edit_url_query        Edit address:
text_wml_bm_enter_title_query     Enter title:
text_wml_bm_enter_url_query       Enter address:
text_wml_bm_erased_confirmation   Bookmark deleted
text_wml_bm_erase_confirm         %U
text_wml_bm_full_confirm          Replace bookmark?
text_wml_bm_header                Bookmarks
text_wml_bm_option_edit           Edit
text_wml_bm_option_enter_new      Add bookmark
text_wml_bm_replaced_confirmati   Bookmark replaced
text_wml_bm_replace_header        Replace
text_wml_bm_saved                 Bookmark saved
text_wml_browser_menu             Web
text_wml_cache_emptied_note       Cache cleared
text_wml_certificate_ca_expired   Authority certificate expired
text_wml_certificate_ca_not_val   Authority certificate not valid yet
text_wml_certificate_discarded    Authority certificate discarded
text_wml_certificate_disc_confi   Discard authority certificate?
text_wml_certificate_erased       Certificate deleted
text_wml_certificate_erase_conf   Delete certificate?
text_wml_certificate_err_pmmsto   Memory full. Delete some certificates?
text_wml_certificate_fingerprin   Fingerprint:
text_wml_certificate_hash         Hash: SHA-1, 160-bit key
text_wml_certificate_issuer       Issuer:
text_wml_certificate_month_apr    %0N-Apr-%1N
text_wml_certificate_month_aug    %0N-Aug-%1N
text_wml_certificate_month_dec    %0N-Dec-%1N
text_wml_certificate_month_feb    %0N-Feb-%1N
text_wml_certificate_month_jan    %0N-Jan-%1N
text_wml_certificate_month_jul    %0N-Jul-%1N
text_wml_certificate_month_jun    %0N-Jun-%1N
text_wml_certificate_month_mar    %0N-Mar-%1N
text_wml_certificate_month_may    %0N-May-%1N
text_wml_certificate_month_nov    %0N-Nov-%1N
text_wml_certificate_month_oct    %0N-Oct-%1N
text_wml_certificate_month_sep    %0N-Sep-%1N
text_wml_certificate_owner        Owner:
text_wml_certificate_rc5          Encryption:
text_wml_certificate_received     Authority certificate received
text_wml_certificate_rsa          Key exchange:
text_wml_certificate_saved        Authority certificate saved
text_wml_certificate_srv_auth     Server authenticated
text_wml_certificate_srv_crt_i    Server certificate details:
text_wml_certificate_unkn_name    Issuer unknown
text_wml_certificate_unsupp_err   Authority certificate corrupted
text_wml_certificate_valid_from   Valid from:
text_wml_certificate_valid_to     Valid until:
text_wml_conn_lost_error          Connection lost
text_wml_conn_security            Connection security
text_wml_conn_security_sel_off    Off
text_wml_conn_security_sel_on     On
text_wml_conn_sec_failed_error    Secure connection not available
text_wml_conn_type_header         Session mode
text_wml_data_lost_confirm        Discard web settings?
text_wml_dcall_option_analog      Analogue
text_wml_dcall_option_isdn        ISDN
text_wml_dcall_setting            Data call type
text_wml_dcall_speed_header       Data speed
text_wml_dcall_speed_opt_14400    14400
text_wml_dcall_speed_opt_9600     9600
text_wml_dcall_speed_opt_autoba   Automatic
text_wml_dcall_speed_setting      Data call speed
text_wml_dcall_type_header        Data call type
text_wml_dialup_query             Dial-up number:
text_wml_dialup_setting           Dial-up number
text_wml_encrypt_high             RC5, 128-bit key (high)
text_wml_encrypt_low              RC5, 40-bit key (low)
text_wml_encrypt_medium           RC5, 56-bit key (medium)
text_wml_err_addr_notavail        No response
text_wml_err_addr_too_long        Entered address too long
text_wml_err_conn_not_rsmd      Connection not resumed
text_wml_err_conn_suspend       Connection suspended
text_wml_err_conn_timeout       Connection lost. Try again.
text_wml_err_dialup_failed      Connection not available
text_wml_err_file_notavail      Page not found
text_wml_err_file_notexist      Page no longer exists
text_wml_err_file_too_large     Memory full
text_wml_err_inv_serv_cert      Invalid server certificate
text_wml_err_no_gate_resp       No gateway reply
text_wml_err_no_sec_acc         No secure access
text_wml_err_no_serv_acc        No server access
text_wml_err_page_not_disp      No response. Try again.
text_wml_err_reply_unkn         Response unknown
text_wml_err_sec_conn_timeout   Connection time-out. Try again.
text_wml_err_server_busy        Server busy. Try again.
text_wml_err_serv_timeout       Server time-out. Try again.
text_wml_err_unkn_data_form     File format unknown
text_wml_err_unkn_serv_resp     No response. Try again.
text_wml_exchange_high          RSA, %N-bit key (high)
text_wml_exchange_low           RSA, %N-bit key
text_wml_exchange_medium        RSA, %N-bit key (medium)
text_wml_exit_confirm           Quit browsing?
text_wml_header_secur_certs     Auth. certifs
text_wml_header_secur_info      Security info
text_wml_homepage_query         Homepage:
text_wml_homepage_setting       Homepage
text_wml_ip_query               IP address:
text_wml_ip_setting             IP address
text_wml_list_secur_info        Security info
text_wml_no_bookmarks           (no bookmarks)
text_wml_no_certificates        (no certificates)
text_wml_no_sec_in_connection   Connection is not secure
text_wml_option_back            Back
text_wml_option_bookmarks       Bookmarks
text_wml_option_bookmark_del    Delete
text_wml_option_bookmark_go     Go to
text_wml_option_call_back       Use number
text_wml_option_certificate     Authority certificates
text_wml_option_clear_text      Clear text
text_wml_option_edit            Edit
text_wml_option_empty_cache     Clear the cache
text_wml_option_erase           Delete
text_wml_option_exit            Quit
text_wml_option_goto            Go to address
text_wml_option_help            Help
text_wml_option_home            Home
text_wml_option_ok              OK
text_wml_option_open            Open
text_wml_option_options         Options
text_wml_option_reload          Reload
text_wml_option_reset          Reset
text_wml_option_save           Save
text_wml_option_settings       Settings
text_wml_option_show           View
text_wml_option_unknown        Unknown
text_wml_passwd_changed        Password changed
text_wml_passwd_error          Passwords do not match
text_wml_passwd_new_query      Enter new password:
text_wml_passwd_query          Password:
text_wml_passwd_setting        Password
text_wml_passwd_verify_query   Verify new password:
text_wml_push_conf_erased      Service message deleted
text_wml_push_co_rcpt_off      Service messages off
text_wml_push_co_rcpt_on       Service messages on
text_wml_push_dtail_addr       %U
text_wml_push_dtail_crtd       %U
text_wml_push_dtail_exp        %U
text_wml_push_dtail_title      %U
text_wml_push_full_settings    Service inbox settings
text_wml_push_hdr_box_set      Service inbox
text_wml_push_hdr_details      Service message
text_wml_push_hdr_inbox        Service inbox
text_wml_push_hdr_opts         Message options
text_wml_push_list_details     Details
text_wml_push_list_erase       Delete
text_wml_push_list_inbox       Service inbox
text_wml_push_list_load        Retrieve
text_wml_push_list_none        (no messages)
text_wml_push_list_rcvd        %U
text_wml_push_notif_boxfull    Service inbox full
text_wml_push_notif_rcvd       1 service message received
text_wml_push_notif_rcvds      %N service messages received
text_wml_push_quest_erase      Delete service message?
text_wml_push_sett_rcpt        Service messages
text_wml_push_sett_rcpt_off    Off
text_wml_push_sett_rcpt_on     On
text_wml_push_skey_disc        Discard
text_wml_push_skey_load        Retrieve
text_wml_request_waitnote      Connecting
text_wml_sec_issuer_unknown    Issuer unknown
text_wml_sec_server_unknown    Secure server unknown
text_wml_server_query          Server number:
text_wml_server_setting        Server number
text_wml_service_query         Service number:
text_wml_service_setting       Service number
text_wml_session_option_cl     Temporary
text_wml_session_option_co        Permanent
text_wml_session_setting          Session mode
text_wml_settings_error           Check web settings
text_wml_settings_received        Web settings received
text_wml_setting_set              Set %N
text_wml_set_replaced_conf        Set replaced
text_wml_set_replace_confirm      Replace set?
text_wml_set_saved_confirm        Web settings saved
text_wml_set_show_name            %U
text_wml_srv_cert_expired         Server certificate expired
text_wml_srv_cert_not_valid       Server certificate not valid yet
text_wml_username_query           User name:
text_wml_username_setting         User name
text_wrong_charger                Not charging
text_zhuyin_key_0                 ㄧㄨㄩ
text_zhuyin_key_1                 ㄅㄆㄇㄈ
text_zhuyin_key_2                 ㄉㄊㄋㄌ
text_zhuyin_key_3                 ㄍㄎㄏ
text_zhuyin_key_4                 ㄐㄑㄒ
text_zhuyin_key_5                 ㄓㄔㄕㄖ
text_zhuyin_key_6                 ㄗㄘㄙ
text_zhuyin_key_7                 ㄚㄛㄜㄝ
text_zhuyin_key_8                 ㄞㄟㄠㄡ
text_zhuyin_key_9                 ㄢㄣㄤㄥㄦ
helptext_access_codes_menu        Lets you change access codes and activate the phone lock.
helptext_alarm_clock              Lets you set the phone to alert you at a given time.
helptext_allowed_number_menu      Lets you define a phone number that can be dialled when the phone
helptext_all_calls_timer          Shows the duration of all received and made calls since the last rese
helptext_als_line_blocking_menu   Prevents changing the line for outgoing calls.
helptext_als_line_selection       Lets you select the phone line for outgoing calls. This service must fi
helptext_anykey_answer            Lets you select whether a call can be answered by pressing any key
helptext_auto_answer              Lets you select whether a call is answered automatically after 5 seco
helptext_avc                      Lets you keep the volume at a certain level regardless of both interna
helptext_calculator               Lets you make calculations or perform currency conversions. Note th
helptext_calendar                 Includes options for writing and viewing calendar notes and lets you
helptext_calling_card             Lets you store calling card numbers, and to select a card to use.
helptext_call_barring             Includes options for blocking incoming or outgoing calls.
helptext_call_cost_counters       Includes options for viewing and limiting the costs of calls, and lets y
helptext_call_divert              Includes options for diverting incoming calls to other phone numbers
helptext_call_lists_menu          Includes phone numbers of recent calls, most recent message recip
helptext_call_mode_sel            Lets you select a digital or analogue call preference.
helptext_call_options             Includes options for making and receiving calls.
helptext_call_repeat              Lets you select whether the phone repeats a call when the number is
helptext_call_settings            Lets you adjust your phone's settings for making and receiving calls.
helptext_call_termination_note    Lets you select whether the information on the call duration is display
helptext_call_timers              Includes options for viewing the duration of calls, and lets you reset t
helptext_call_t_current           Lets you select whether the current call timer is displayed and runnin
helptext_call_voice_mailbox       Calls the voice mailbox number once it has been saved in the phone
helptext_call_waiting             Requests the network to send a beep during a call, when another ca
helptext_cancel_all_barrings      Requests the network to cancel all call barrings.
helptext_cancel_all_diverts       Requests the network to cancel all call diverts.
helptext_cb_topic                 Includes options for activating and deactivating info message and ind
helptext_charging_mode            Lets you set a limit for the cost of calls, if this function is included in t
helptext_chi_input_instructions   Press the # key to switch input methods. Press the * key to enter spe
helptext_chi_qwerty_instruction   Press Chr+Shift key to switch input methods. Press number key or O
helptext_chng_passwords_menu      Includes the option to change access codes for SIM card, phone or b
helptext_clear_counters           Clears all the cost counters.
helptext_clear_timers             Clears all the call timers.
helptext_clir                     Lets you select whether your identity is shown to the phone you are c
helptext_closed_user_groups       Lets you select a restricted group of subscribers only allowed to call
helptext_copy_card_to_memory      Includes options for copying contacts from SIM card to phone.
helptext_copy_memory_to_card      Includes options for copying contacts from phone to SIM card.
helptext_crypt_mode_sel           Lets you select voice encryption when this service is available.
helptext_csysl_analog_per_call    Lets the phone operate in analogue for the next few minutes.The ph
helptext_csysl_automatic_a        Lets the phone look for network service on the A side of the frequenc
helptext_csysl_automatic_b        Lets the phone look for network service on the B side of the frequenc
helptext_csysl_banner_srvc_only   When this option is selected, the phone will operate in the home serv
helptext_csysl_digital_only       Lets the phone use a digital signal only.
helptext_csysl_digital_prefer     Lets the phone search for a digital signal first. If there is not one ava
helptext_csysl_home_only          Lets the phone operate in the home network only.
helptext_csysl_ind_rm_rate_pwr    When this option is selected, the phone operates in analogue until sw
helptext_csysl_mode               Lets you choose whether your phone will use digital or analogue serv
helptext_csysl_network            Lets you choose the type of network you want the phone to use.
helptext_csysl_rm_rate_outside    When this option is selected, a roaming rate applies if the phone is o
helptext_currency_mode            Lets you select whether costs are shown in currency or in units, if thi
helptext_data_type_prearranged    Lets you select the mode for incoming calls. Selecting data or fax ca
helptext_dialled_calls_timer      Shows the duration of made calls.
helptext_divert_all               Requests the network to divert all incoming voice calls to another nu
helptext_divert_all_cond          Requests the network to divert voice calls, if you do not answer, or y
helptext_divert_data_all          Requests the network to divert all data calls to another number.
helptext_divert_fax_all           Requests the network to divert all fax calls to another number.
helptext_divert_not_avail         Requests the network to divert voice calls, if your phone is switched
helptext_divert_no_reply          Requests the network to divert voice calls, if you do not answer.
helptext_divert_on_busy           Requests the network to divert voice calls, if your phone is busy.
helptext_dtmf_length_sel          Lets you select the length of the automatic DTMF tones.
helptext_dtmf_mode_sel            Lets you select the length for manual DTMF tones or turn them off.
helptext_edit_short_messages      Lets you create and send messages. Change case with #, add a spa
helptext_emergency_call_off       Warning: if you restore normal service, emergency operators may no
helptext_erase_calls              Shows options for clearing the numbers of the most recent calls and
helptext_fax_and_data_calls       Includes options for making fax and data calls, if a terminal is conne
helptext_fdn_select               Lets you create, edit and activate a list of allowed phone numbers or
helptext_feacode                  Lets you activate network services in the phone by using feature cod
helptext_games_light_control      Lets you control application lights. This setting only applies to applica
helptext_games_menu               Lets you manage and use Nokia games downloaded to the phone.
helptext_games_settings           Includes lights, sounds and shakes settings for applications stored in
helptext_games_sound_control      Lets you control application tones. This setting only applies to applica
helptext_games_vibra_control      This setting only applies to applications and does not affect shakes e
helptext_get_sc_address           Lets you set the phone number of the message delivery centre. This
helptext_hdml_alert_box           Provides a link to the minibrowser's inbox.
helptext_hdml_connect_conf      Lets you choose whether confirmation will be required when connect
helptext_ir_activation          Provides access to the phone infrared link for receiving contacts and
helptext_keyg_lock_key          Lets you lock the keypad of the phone, to prevent accidental keypres
helptext_key_tone_volume        Lets you select the volume level of the keypad tones.
helptext_language_select        Lets you select the language of the display texts or use automatic se
helptext_last_call_timer        Shows the duration of the latest call.
helptext_life_timer             Displays the duration of all made and received calls. This timer cann
helptext_light_control          Lets you control the phone's backlighting.
helptext_lock_code_menu         Lets you change the lock code that protects the phone against unaut
helptext_mcn_control            Lets you select whether the cell identity is displayed, if available from
helptext_memory_a_b             Lets you select SIM card memory, phone memory or both.
helptext_memory_scroll_select   Lets you select the way names and numbers are displayed in Contac
helptext_memory_status          Shows the amount of space available in Contacts.
helptext_menu_reset             Restores the original factory default settings without affecting person
helptext_menu_reset_all         Warning! Clears all user entered data and restores menu settings ba
helptext_message_options        Includes options for changing the settings of message services. Che
helptext_missed_calls           Shows the phone numbers of unanswered incoming calls, if availabl
helptext_mode_cli_vip_group     Lets you have the phone alert only when a member of a selected cal
helptext_mode_menu              Lets you choose how your phone behaves in different environments
helptext_nam_select             Displays your current phone number, or lets you select another one
helptext_netw_services_menu     Displays available network services and their settings.
helptext_nitz_menu              Lets you select if the time in your phone is automatically updated to l
helptext_no_incoming            Requests the network to block all incoming calls.
helptext_no_incom_if_roam       Requests the network to block all incoming calls when you are abroa
helptext_no_international       Requests the network to block all outgoing international calls.
helptext_no_inter_but_home      Requests the network to allow outgoing international calls only to you
helptext_no_outgoing            Requests the network to block all outgoing calls.
helptext_one_key_calling        Lets you select whether number keys (2-9) can be used for one-touc
helptext_operator_logo          Lets you choose whether the phone displays the operator logo when
helptext_ota_auto_update        Lets the phone receive updates from the network that may improve c
helptext_password_select        Requests the network to change the password for call barring servic
helptext_phone_lock_menu        Lets you activate the phone lock.
helptext_phone_settings         Includes settings related to general functionality of the phone.
helptext_pin2_change            Lets you change the code for accessing protected SIM card features
helptext_pin_change             Lets you change the code for accessing the SIM card.
helptext_pin_code_cntrl         Lets you select whether the PIN code is required at switch-on. The S
helptext_read_short_messages    Displays text messages saved in the phone.
helptext_realtime_clock         Lets you set the time, select a time zone, select if the time is shown
helptext_recall_last            Shows the most recently dialled numbers.
helptext_received_calls         Shows the phone numbers of answered incoming calls, if available f
helptext_received_call_timer    Shows the duration of received calls.
helptext_restrict_calls         Lets you select calls to be blocked.
helptext_restrict_in_calls      Lets you select incoming calls to be blocked.
helptext_restrict_out_calls     Lets you select outgoing calls to be blocked.
helptext_ringing_options        Lets you select how the phone alerts when there is an incoming call.
helptext_ringing_type           Lets you select the ringing sound.
helptext_ringing_volume         Lets you select the volume of the ringing sound.
helptext_screen_saver           Lets you enable a screen saver which will be activated after the sele
helptext_security_code_menu     Lets you change the code that protects the phone and its memory.
helptext_security_level         Lets you protect the phone or its memory by security code.
helptext_security_menu            Includes security options for phone, SIM card, memory and calls.
helptext_serv_type_select         Lets you choose the preferred network selection.
helptext_settings_menu            Includes settings related to calls, phone and security.
helptext_short_messages           Includes options for reading, creating and sending messages.
helptext_simatk_main_menu         Includes services provided and updated to your SIM card.
helptext_simatk_notes_activatio   Lets you select whether SIM service actions are visible and confirme
helptext_slm                      Lets you measure the noise level of the environment. Not for profess
helptext_sms_delivery_reports     Requests the network to inform you whether it was able to deliver yo
helptext_sms_dest_address         Lets you define a destination phone number or address for this comb
helptext_sms_inbox                Contains received messages.
helptext_sms_msg_conversion       Lets you select the format of the messages to be sent. The availabili
helptext_sms_outbox               Contains sent messages.
helptext_sms_reply_req            Lets you select whether the reply to your message is delivered throu
helptext_sms_set_alpha_id         Lets you name this combination of message settings.
helptext_sms_special_sets         Lets you define groups of settings used for sending messages.
helptext_sms_tone_type            Lets you select the alert tone for incoming messages.
helptext_sms_validity_period      Lets you select for how long the network should attempt to deliver yo
helptext_sms_view_delivery_rep    Contains delivery information on messages you have sent.
helptext_stopw                    Lets you measure time by taking intermediate times and lap times.
helptext_system_public            Lets you select which public wireless system to use.
helptext_system_select            Lets you select the network operator or use automatic selection.
helptext_tcred_add_units          Lets you add prepaid units to your phone.
helptext_tcred_airtime_tank_dis   Displays the remaining units and the TracFone airtime card expiratio
helptext_tcred_airtime_tank_inf   Shows you the remaining units and the TracFone airtime card expira
helptext_tcred_checksum           This menu item is for customer service only and is used for debit info
helptext_tcred_prepaid_menu       Lets you access prepaid services provided by TracFone.
helptext_text_messages            Lets you create and send text messages as well as read and save re
helptext_time_settings_menu       Includes options for setting the time and the date.
helptext_todo                     Lets you create to-do notes and to prioritise and edit the notes.
helptext_touch_tones_menu         Lets you activate DTMF tones and select DTMF tone length.
helptext_user_prg_wakeup_msg      Lets you set the text to be shown when the phone is switched on.
helptext_ussd_request_editor      Lets you write both numbers and letters in order to control automatic
helptext_vibra_options            Lets you activate the vibrating call alert.
helptext_voice_mbx_nbr            Lets you set the phone number of your voice mailbox.
helptext_voice_memo               Lets you record, save and listen to voice memos and phone calls.
helptext_voice_messages           Lets you access your voice mailbox, after its number has been save
helptext_warning_tones            Lets you control warning and confirmation tones.
helptext_wml_browser              Lets you access the mobile internet browser.
qhn_acc_accessory_settings        Lets you adjust the phone enhancement settings.
qhn_acc_def_prof                  Lets you select which profile is activated when you connect an enhan
qhn_acc_lps_in_use                Lets you select whether loopset settings are used instead of headse
qhn_acc_tty_in_use                Lets you select whether TTY/text phone settings are used instead of
qhn_active_cover_lights           Lets you select whether the phone's cover lights will flash at the sam
qhn_active_idle                   Lets you set the active standby mode on or off. You can select and o
qhn_ai_activation_method          Lets you select how the active standby mode is activated.
qhn_alarm_repeat                  Lets you set the phone to alert you on selected days of the week.
qhn_alarm_time                    Lets you set the alarm time.
qhn_alarm_tone                    Lets you select a tone for the alarm.
qhn_ams2x_im_email                Lets you access web-based IM and e-mail applications and also dow
qhn_applications                  Includes pre-installed applications and games. New applications and
qhn_arabic_input_inst       Press keys 2-9 to enter letters. Enter numbers with a long keypress
qhn_audio_message           Lets you create and send voice messages directly to recipients' mob
qhn_banner_spr              Lets you personalise the banner or use default banner settings.
qhn_barring_all             Includes options for blocking incoming or outgoing calls.
qhn_barring_fax             Includes options for blocking incoming or outgoing fax calls.
qhn_barring_video           Includes options for blocking incoming or outgoing video and data ca
qhn_barring_voice           Includes options for blocking incoming or outgoing voice calls.
qhn_bar_fax_cancel          Requests the network to cancel all fax call barrings.
qhn_bar_video_cancel        Requests the network to cancel all video and data call barrings.
qhn_bar_voice_cancel        Requests the network to cancel all voice call barrings.
qhn_bengali_input_instr_1   Each key contains multiple characters that can be accessed by pres
qhn_bengali_input_instr_2   The consonants are grouped according to vargs (ক, চ, ট, ত and প) in
qhn_bengali_input_instr_3   A sequence of consonants can be joined by pressing key * between
qhn_bengali_input_instr_4   Vowels and corresponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To
qhn_cam_video_quality             Lets you define the video clip quality. Clips of equal length may vary
qhn_cam_video_size                Lets you select the length of the video clips recorded with the camer
qhn_cdata_data_rate_indicators    Lets you select whether or not your phone will display transmission s
qhn_cdmaptt_contacts              Lets you view your push to talk contact list.
qhn_cdmaptt_groups                Lets you manage and place calls to your push to talk groups.
qhn_cdmaptt_pres_refresh          Lets you request a presence update.
qhn_cdmaptt_ptt                   Push to talk allows you to use your phone like a walkie-talkie.
qhn_cdmaptt_redial                Lets you call the most recent incoming or outgoing number or outgoi
qhn_cdmaptt_settings              Lets you define push to talk settings.
qhn_cdmaptt_sett_alerting_tone    Lets you select the tone that will indicate incoming push to talk alert
qhn_cdmaptt_sett_default_audio    Lets you select the default audio routing for your push to talk calls.
qhn_cdmaptt_sett_manual_answer    Lets you choose whether a confirmation will be required to answer a
qhn_cdmaptt_sett_ptt_service      Lets you enable or disable the push to talk service.
qhn_cdmaptt_set_presence          Lets you choose your push to talk presence settings in order to let ot
qhn_cdmp_list_online_media        Lets the user browse and purchase streaming media.
qhn_cellbr_help_erase             Lets you delete all read info service messages from a category folde
qhn_cellbr_help_info_inbox        Provides access to the info inbox where info service messages are s
qhn_cellbr_help_info_serv         Lets you access the info message inbox and change info service me
qhn_cellbr_help_saved             Lets you access archived info service messages.
qhn_cellbr_help_settings          Lets you select settings related to info service messages.
qhn_change_contact_list           Lets you change the list of people with whom you send instant mess
qhn_character_support             Lets you select character support for message sending. When 'Full'
qhn_chfont_font_sett              Lets you select the font size used in Messaging, Contacts and Web.
qhn_chfont_font_sett_no_web       Lets you select the font size used in Messaging and Contacts.
qhn_chi_input_pinyin              Press the # key to change input mode. In Pinyin mode, press the * k
qhn_chi_input_stroke_qwerty       Press Chr+Shift key to change input mode. Press Chr key to enter s
qhn_chi_input_zhuyin              Press the # key to change input mode. Press the * key to enter spec
qhn_cmm_blackberry_create         Lets you create and send BlackBerry e-mails. For this to function, yo
qhn_cmm_blackberry_email          Lets you create, send and receive BlackBerry e-mails. For this to fun
qhn_cmm_blackberry_erase          Lets you delete messages from a selected BlackBerry e-mail folder.
qhn_cmm_blackberry_inbox          Contains received BlackBerry e-mail messages.
qhn_cmm_blackberry_outbox         Contains BlackBerry e-mail messages waiting to be sent.
qhn_cmm_blackberry_saved_items    Contains BlackBerry e-mail messages that you have saved or move
qhn_cmm_blackberry_sent_items     Contains sent BlackBerry e-mail messages if BlackBerry sent items
qhn_cmm_email                     Lets you create and receive e-mails provided that you have an e-ma
qhn_cmm_multimedia_erase          Lets you delete messages from selected multimedia messages folde
qhn_cmm_multimedia_messages       Lets you create and send multimedia messages as well as view and
qhn_cmm_multimedia_new_message    Lets you create and send multimedia messages. This service must b
qhn_cmm_multimedia_outbox         Contains multimedia messages which you have sent and are waiting
qhn_cmm_multimedia_saved          Contains saved multimedia messages.
qhn_cmm_multimedia_sent_items     Contains sent multimedia messages. The setting for saving sent me
qhn_cmm_settings_blackberry       Includes options for changing the BlackBerry e-mail settings. Check
qhn_cmm_settings_multimedia_msg   Includes options for changing the multimedia messages' settings. Ch
qhn_cmm_settings_other            Includes options for changing the message display. The options inclu
qhn_cmm_settings_text_message     Includes options for changing the text messages' settings. Check the
qhn_cntdn_item                    Lets you set a countdown timer. After the defined time runs out, the
qhn_collection_menu               Lets you manage and use applications downloaded to the phone.
qhn_common_settings               Lets you view and edit settings for both text messages and multimed
qhn_connectivity_gprs             Includes packet data connection types and packet data settings.
qhn_connectivity_gprs_wo_modem    Includes settings for packet data connection.
qhn_connectivity_menu           Activates connectivity devices for uploading and downloading data b
qhn_create_message              Lets you create and send messages. These services must be activa
qhn_create_private_group        Lets you create your own private instant messaging group conversat
qhn_cs                          Lets you personalise the colours on the phone's display by setting a
qhn_csysl_a_only                Lets the phone look for service on the A side of the preferred roamin
qhn_csysl_b_only                Lets the phone look for service on the B side of the preferred roamin
qhn_csysl_call_guard            Lets you enable and disable the extra keypress that prevents you fro
qhn_csysl_call_guard_off        Disables the extra keypress required for roam calls.
qhn_csysl_call_guard_on         Enables the extra keypress required for roam calls.
qhn_csysl_is95_per_call         Lets you use the CDMA IS-95 per call mode. If no call is placed after
qhn_csysl_main_menu             Lets you select the type of network and mode the phone will use to p
qhn_csysl_pcs_only_main_menu    Lets you select the type of network the phone will use to make and a
qhn_csysl_roaming_only          When this option is selected, a roaming rate applies until the phone
qhn_csysl_set_mode              Lets you select whether the phone will operate in the home service a
qhn_csysl_set_mode_no_amps      Lets you select whether the phone will operate in or outside the hom
qhn_csysl_spr_set_mode          Lets you select the roaming option the phone will use to place and a
qhn_data_logs                   Displays the size and duration of all data calls from the time the regis
qhn_delete_messages             Lets you delete messages from a selected folder.
qhn_dict_dictionary             Lets you look up a Chinese character or phrase for English counterp
qhn_display                     Lets you adjust the display brightness and personalise the banner on
qhn_display_settings            Lets you personalise your phone's display by selecting different grap
qhn_displ_contrast_horizontal   Lets you increase or decrease the display contrast.
qhn_divert_all                  Includes options for diverting all incoming calls to other phone numb
qhn_divert_all_busy             Requests the network to divert calls, if your phone is busy.
qhn_divert_all_calls            Requests the network to divert all incoming calls to another number.
qhn_divert_all_not_avail        Requests the network to divert calls if you do not answer or your pho
qhn_divert_all_no_reply         Requests the network to divert calls if you do not answer.
qhn_divert_all_out_reach        Requests the network to divert calls if your phone is switched off or o
qhn_divert_all_video_calls      Requests the network to divert all incoming video and data calls to a
qhn_divert_video                Includes options for diverting incoming video and data calls to other
qhn_divert_video_busy           Requests the network to divert video and data calls if your phone is b
qhn_divert_video_cancel         Requests the network to cancel all video and data call diverts.
qhn_divert_video_not_avail      Requests the network to divert video and data calls if you do not ans
qhn_divert_video_no_reply       Requests the network to divert video and data calls if you do not ans
qhn_divert_video_out_reach      Requests the network to divert video and data calls if your phone is s
qhn_divert_voice                Includes options for diverting incoming voice calls to other phone nu
qhn_divert_voice_cancel         Requests the network to cancel all voice call diverts.
qhn_drafts_folder               Contains draft messages which have not been sent yet.
qhn_dset_chap_password          Lets you modify settings for the challenge-handshake authentication
qhn_dset_data_settings          Lets you modify the data connection settings of your phone.
qhn_dset_gateway_settings       Lets you modify the IP address and port values of your phone.
qhn_dset_pap_password           Lets you modify settings for the password authentication protocol.
qhn_dset_username               Lets you modify the username used for data connection authenticati
qhn_email_centres               Lets you edit the name and number of e-mail delivery centres.
qhn_email_centre_in_use         Lets you select an e-mail message centre to be used.
qhn_email_java_email_settings   Includes options for changing the e-mail settings. Check the availabi
qhn_emer_help_switch_off_on     Switch phone off and on to restore normal operation.
qhn_ems_font_size               Lets you change the font size for message reading.
qhn_ems_font_style              Lets you change the font type for message reading. You can select f
qhn_ems_insert_animation        Lets you select an animation from the animation folder and insert it in
qhn_ems_insert_picture           Lets you select a picture from the picture folder and insert it into a m
qhn_ems_insert_sound             Lets you select a sound from the sound folder and insert it into a me
qhn_ems_library_objects          Lets you view and manage pictures, sounds, and animations.
qhn_ems_msg_snd_autoplay         Lets you select whether a sound inserted in a message is automatic
qhn_ems_text_alignment           Lets you change the alignment for the current paragraph.
qhn_equ                          Enhances voice audibility during a call by amplifying or attenuating fr
qhn_equ_media_eq                 Enhances sound quality in media applications by amplifying or attenu
qhn_extras                       Includes a group of extra features.
qhn_farsi_input_inst             Press keys 2-9 to enter letters. Enter numbers with a long keypress
qhn_flash_light_alert            Lets you activate the light alert for incoming calls.
qhn_fold_anim                    Lets you choose whether an animation is shown when opening and c
qhn_fota_phone_updates           Lets you update your phone's software if an update is available.
qhn_gal_menu_help                Lets you manage your image and audio files. You can store the files
qhn_go_to                        Lets you access quickly the functions selected by you.
qhn_gprs_always_online_setting   Lets you select the packet data connection mode. With 'Always onlin
qhn_gprs_clear_data_amnts        Clears all packet data counters.
qhn_gprs_clear_durations         Clears all packet data connection timers.
qhn_gprs_conn_duration           Shows the duration of packet data connections and lets you reset the
qhn_gprs_conn_duration_total     Shows the total duration of all packet data connections.
qhn_gprs_data_recv_last          Shows the amount of packet data received during the last connectio
qhn_gprs_data_recv_total         Shows the total amount of data received.
qhn_gprs_data_sent_last          Shows the amount of packet data sent during the last connection.
qhn_gprs_data_sent_total         Shows the total amount of data sent.
qhn_gprs_dlup_apn                Lets you edit the currently selected packet data access point.
qhn_gprs_dlup_apn_active         Lets you select the access point to be used in packet data connectio
qhn_gprs_dlup_apn_name           Lets you create a nickname for the currently selected packet data ac
qhn_gprs_dlup_apn_settings       Lets you edit the currently selected packet data access point and cre
qhn_gprs_dlup_conn_set           Lets you edit the access points for a packet data connection with you
qhn_gprs_last_conn_durat         Shows the duration of the last packet data connection.
qhn_gprs_transf_data_amount      Shows the amount of sent and received packet data and lets you res
qhn_gps_always_on                Lets your phone share location information with the network.
qhn_gps_emergency                Lets you reject location information requests from the network, exce
qhn_gps_privacy_1                If you select 'On' location info will be shared with the network,
qhn_gps_privacy_2                making some services easier to use. If you select 'Emergency' locati
                                 will be enabled for emergency calls
qhn_gps_privacy_3                No service may use the
qhn_gps_privacy_4                phone's location info without permission.
qhn_gujarati_input_instr_1       Each key contains multiple characters that can be accessed by pres
qhn_gujarati_input_instr_2       The consonants are grouped according to vargs (ક, ચ, ટ, ત and પ) i
qhn_gujarati_input_instr_3       A sequence of consonants can be joined by pressing key * between
qhn_gujarati_input_instr_4       Vowels and corresponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To
qhn_hindi_input_instr_1   Each key contains multiple characters that can be accessed by pres
qhn_hindi_input_instr_2   The consonants are grouped according to vargs (क, च, ट, त and प) i
qhn_hindi_input_instr_3   A sequence of consonants can be joined by pressing key * between
qhn_hindi_input_instr_4   Vowels and corresponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To
qhn_kannada_input_instr_2   The consonants are grouped according to vargs (ಕ, ಚ, ಟ, ತ and ಪ) i
qhn_kannada_input_instr_3   A sequence of consonants can be joined by pressing key * between
qhn_kannada_input_instr_4   Vowels and corresponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To
qhn_memory_info                  Lets you view the memory status of features that contain user data.
qhn_menu_call_summary            Lets you turn on and off the call summary that appears when you en
qhn_menu_help_number_entry       Lets you access the number entry state where you can make a call o
qhn_menu_main_java               Lets you manage and use applications downloaded to the phone.
qhn_menu_main_rworld             Lets you manage and use applications downloaded to the phone.
qhn_menu_sett_livecast           Lets you set the service on or off and to modify the settings.
qhn_menu_timers_counters         Includes information about data sent and received to and from the ne
qhn_menu_view_type               Lets you select and activate the type of menu view.
qhn_message_centres              Lets you edit the name and number of message delivery centres. Th
qhn_message_counter              Lets you view the amount of sent and received text messages.
qhn_message_log                  Lets you view the amount of sent and received text and multimedia m
qhn_minibrowser_logs             Displays the duration of all browser sessions and the size of all data
qhn_mmp_bookmarks                Lets you open browser bookmarks.
qhn_mmp_conn_sett                Lets you define connection settings for video and audio streaming.
qhn_mmp_go_to_address            Lets you manually enter a web address.
qhn_mmp_media_player             Lets you open different types of files, including images and tones.
qhn_mmp_media_services           Lets you access a mobile Internet service from which media files can
qhn_mmp_open_gallery             Lets you open files directly from the gallery application.
qhn_mms_full_conn_settings       Lets you define connection parameters for multimedia data transfer.
qhn_mms_local_inbox              Contains received multimedia messages.
qhn_mms_postcard                 Lets you create a multimedia message to be sent to the operator for
qhn_mms_sett_default_timing      Lets you select the default value for timed slides composed for multi
qhn_mms_sett_image_scaling       Lets you select if images are scaled to a smaller size when inserted
qhn_mms_sett_incoming            Lets you decide how multimedia messages are retrieved.
qhn_mms_sett_receive_ads         Lets you enable and disable automatic multimedia advertisement rec
qhn_mms_sett_receive_any         Lets you enable and disable the multimedia messaging feature.
qhn_mms_sett_save_sent_msgs      Lets you select if sent multimedia messages are saved in the Sent it
qhn_mocal_help_abbrev_dial       Lets you save a 5 or 6 digit dialling prefix that will allow you to fast di
qhn_mocal_help_pref_carr         Lets you enter a 2 digit code for your preferred long-distance carrier.
qhn_mode_presence_status         Lets you configure presence information that is shared when the pro
qhn_mode_profile_name            Lets you change the name of the profile.
qhn_mode_tone_settings           Includes options for customising the sounds of the currently active p
qhn_msg_centre_in_use            Lets you select a message centre to be used.
qhn_msg_flash_message            Lets you create and send messages that will be immediately display
qhn_msg_queue                    Lets you store in Outbox messages that can be sent later when digit
qhn_msg_recipients               Lets you view the most recently used message recipients.
qhn_mtcal_answer_on_open         Lets you select whether opening the fold will answer calls.
qhn_mtcal_help_no_call_id_ring   Lets you set a ringing tone for incoming calls from callers with no cal
qhn_mtcal_slide_ans_open         Lets you select whether opening the slide answers incoming voice ca
qhn_mtcal_video_ringer           Lets you choose a video ringing tone to play for an incoming call inst
qhn_multimedia_freemode          Lets you create messages with several types of content and send th
qhn_multimedia_smil              Lets you create presentations and send them as multimedia messag
qhn_mymetro_main_menu            Lets you view and pay your monthly bill, request balance information
qhn_my_files                     Includes Gallery and Applications features.
qhn_nai_dwnld_profile            Lets you replace your current data settings with new ones downloade
qhn_nai_internet                 Lets you modify and update Internet settings.
qhn_nai_netguard                 Lets you choose whether confirmation will be required when connect
qhn_nbpm_add_balance             Lets you refill your prepaid credit balance.
qhn_nbpm_balance_number          Lets you check your prepaid credit balance once the phone number
qhn_nbpm_check_balance           Lets you check the prepaid credit balance.
qhn_nbpm_prepaid_main_title     Contains settings related to prepaid credit management.
qhn_nbpm_replenish_number       Lets you refill your prepaid credit balance once the phone number ha
qhn_nbpm_save_access_numbers    Lets you save the phone numbers needed for checking and refilling
qhn_nmp_oma_conn_sett           Lets you select the configurations and available accounts within the
qhn_notep                       Lets you write, edit, view and send notes.
qhn_number_select               Lets you select whether to use Latin or Arabic number entry.
qhn_oma_conf_settings           Some applications must be configured in order to function properly. C
qhn_op_men_help                 Lets you access a portal to services provided by your operator.
qhn_organizer_menu              Includes features that assist you in organising daily tasks.
qhn_other_tones                 Lets you activate warning tones and other tones used in various app
qhn_outbox                      Contains messages waiting to be sent.
qhn_overwriting_in_sent_items   Lets you select if overwriting takes place when messages are sent a
qhn_ow_alert_box                Provides a link to the web's inbox.
qhn_ow_browser                  Lets you access web services offered and updated by service provid
qhn_pen_input_time_setting      Lets you adjust how fast the phone begins to recognise the trace.
qhn_personal_shortcut           Contains shortcut functions that you can personalise.
qhn_phap                        Enhances speech intelligibility especially in noisy environments.
qhn_phbook_font_sett            Lets you select the font size used in Contacts. This setting affects th
qhn_phbook_name_display         Lets you select the way names are displayed in Contacts.
qhn_phonebook_menu              Lets you save and edit contacts and contact related information to th
qhn_phoneupdates                Lets you update your phone's software if an update is available.
qhn_pin2_code_on_off            Lets you select whether PIN2 code is required when using specific p
qhn_pmail_create_pic_mail       Lets you create and send picture messages. Change case with a #,
qhn_pmail_draft_item            Lets you access an unsent picture message. Unsent messages are
qhn_pmail_inbox                 Contains received picture messages.
qhn_pmail_main_pictures         Lets you take pictures that can be sent and uploaded later.
qhn_pmail_picture_mail          Lets you create and send picture messages.
qhn_poc_main_menu               Lets you create and manage push to talk channels.
qhn_positioning_menu            Lets you adjust the positioning settings, manage request rules and v
qhn_presence                    Lets you share your presence information with selected contacts and
qhn_ps                          Lets you choose whether the power saver option is switched on or o
qhn_psc_data_transfer           Lets you synchronise or copy data between your phone and another
qhn_punjabi_input_instr_1       Each key contains multiple characters that can be accessed by pres
qhn_punjabi_input_instr_2       The consonants are grouped according to vargs (ਕ, ਚ, ਟ, ਤ and ਪ) i
qhn_punjabi_input_instr_3       A sequence of consonants can be joined by pressing key * between
qhn_punjabi_input_instr_4       Vowels and corresponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To
qhn_saved_msgs                    Contains messages that you have saved.
qhn_save_sent_messages            Lets you select if sent messages are saved in the Sent items folder.
qhn_scl_text_help_mmplayer        Lets you enter a 2-digit number to go to a different channel, or you c
qhn_scroll_keys_setting           Lets you assign functions as shortcuts to the navigation key.
qhn_scroll_key_indication         Lets you select whether the navigation key icons are switched on or
qhn_sec_keyg_request              Lets you activate the security code request to prevent unauthorised u
qhn_sent_items                    Contains sent messages if 'Save sent messages' setting is turned on
qhn_server_sync_main              Lets you synchronise phone data with a remote server.
qhn_services_font_sett            Lets you select the font size used in Web. This setting affects the fon
qhn_settings_date_time_settings   Includes options for setting the time and the date.
qhn_settings_speedkeys            Lets you assign both phone numbers and functions as shortcuts to n
qhn_settings_ucsk                 Lets you set and organise functions for the right selection key.
qhn_sett_alt_delivery             Lets you select when an alternative method of delivering the messag
qhn_sett_edit_channels            Lets you modify your channel subscriptions.
qhn_sett_iv_service               Lets you set Instant viewer on or off and view Instant viewer related i
qhn_sett_livecast_service         Lets you set the service on or off.
qhn_sett_main_display             Lets you personalise your phone's main display by selecting differen
qhn_sett_mini_display             Lets you personalise your phone's mini display by selecting different
qhn_sett_ticker_message           Lets you modify the number of messages shown in the news ticker.
qhn_sett_ticker_speed             Lets you set how fast the news ticker moves across the phone's disp
qhn_set_flip_call_handle          Lets you set the function of the keypad cover's opening and closing f
qhn_simcd_change_appl             Lets you select the service provider that you want to use.
qhn_simcd_curr_active_code        Lets you select whether the UPIN or PIN code should be active.
qhn_simcd_request_upin_code       Lets you select whether the UPIN code is required when switching o
qhn_simcd_rqst_code_universal     Lets you select whether a code is required when switching on your p
qhn_simcd_sim_card_settings       Includes SIM card options for start-up applications and for confirming
qhn_sinhalese_input_instr_1       Each key contains multiple characters that can be accessed by pres
qhn_sinhalese_input_instr_2       The consonants are grouped according to vargs (ක, ච, ට, ත and ප) in
qhn_sinhalese_input_instr_3       Press key 1 to add al-lakuna to a consonant. To write "ප්ර", first ente
qhn_sinhalese_input_instr_4       Vowels and corresponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To
qhn_sinhalese_input_instr_5       If a consonant must be followed by a vowel instead of a vowel sign, p
qhn_sinhalese_input_instr_6       Press key 1 to enter anusvara or visarga. To write "අං", first enter "අ"
qhn_sinhalese_input_instr_7       Press and hold key * to access the list of symbols.
qhn_sivr_list_playback_language   Lets you select the language for voice playback.
qhn_sivr_voice_commands           Lets you control certain phone functions by using voice commands.
qhn_slide_anim                    Lets you choose whether an animation is shown when opening and c
qhn_slide_call_handle             Lets you select the function for opening and closing the slide with inc
qhn_smileys_setting               Lets you select if character-based smileys are replaced with graphica
qhn_smscb_info_msgs               Requests the network to send informative messages on user selecte
qhn_smscb_language                Lets you select and change the language of the info messages that a
qhn_smscb_read                    Lets you read info messages which have been received.
qhn_smscb_sim_topics              Includes options for adding and deleting topics on SIM card.
qhn_smscb_topics                  Includes options for selecting, adding, editing and deleting info topics
qhn_smsse_font_setting            Lets you select the font size used in Messaging. This setting affects
qhn_smsse_overwrite_inbox         Overwriting takes place when new messages are received or sent an
qhn_smsse_overwrite_outbox        Overwriting takes place when new messages are received or sent an
qhn_smsse_send_settings           Lets you define default settings used for sending message.
qhn_smsse_sett_auto_resending     Lets you set automatic resending on and off.
qhn_smsse_usage_settings          Includes settings related to general messaging features.
qhn_smsse_use_gprs                Lets you select whether messages can be sent using packet data wh
qhn_smsvo_clear_voice_icon     Lets you clear the voice message icon from the display until you rece
qhn_smsvo_view_reminder        Lets you view your last voice message information.
qhn_sms_archive                Lets you save messages to the Saved text messages folder.
qhn_sms_callback_recips        Lets you define a callback number to be sent to all message recipien
qhn_sms_create_text_msg        Lets you create and send text messages. Change case with #, add a
qhn_sms_def_font_size          Lets you change the font size for message reading, writing, and mes
qhn_sms_def_msg_overwriting    Lets you determine how and whether messages will be automatically
qhn_sms_def_priority           Lets you set the priority for messages as urgent or normal.
qhn_sms_def_save_to_outbox     Lets you determine whether messages should be saved automatical
qhn_sms_def_timestamp_config   Lets you determine the information that should display when viewing
qhn_sms_dl                     Lets you create and edit your personal mailing list for messages.
qhn_sms_drafts                 Lets you store draft messages that can be edited and sent later.
qhn_sms_edit_email             Lets you create and send messages to e-mail addresses. To send m
qhn_sms_eraseall               Lets you delete messages from a selected folder or from all folders.
qhn_sms_global_settings        Includes options for changing the settings for reading, writing, and se
qhn_sms_immed_view             Lets you select whether incoming messages will automatically be dis
qhn_sms_msg_display            Lets you determine how received messages will be displayed. Msg.
qhn_sms_outbox                 Contains messages that have not yet been sent.
qhn_sms_ownfolder              Lets you create and name your personal message folders.
qhn_sms_predict_text           Lets you activate predictive text within the message editor.
qhn_sms_read_receipt           Lets you request the network to inform you when the recipient has op
qhn_sms_send_numeric_page      Lets you send a page with an attached callback number.
qhn_sms_sett_save_sent_msgs    Lets you save sent text messages.
qhn_sms_set_callbacknr         Lets you enter a callback number to be sent to the recipient.
qhn_sms_set_deliv_note         Lets you request the network to inform you when a message has be
qhn_sms_set_manual_ack         Lets you request a recipient to reply back to you by pressing a numb
qhn_sms_signature              Lets you define a signature that can be attached to the bottom of you
qhn_sms_templates              Includes a selection of templates for creating messages.
qhn_sms_validity               Lets you set a time limit, a minimum 1 hour and a maximum 5 days,
qhn_sm_menu                    Lets you choose whether the sleep mode option is switched on or of
qhn_snooze_time_out            Lets you select the duration of the alarm clock snooze.
qhn_sort_contacts              Lets you select how the contact list is sorted, by status or alphabetic
qhn_sportextras_menu           Includes sport and outdoor activities related features available in the
qhn_spr_ams_main_downloads     Lets you download and manage images, animations, tones, applicat
qhn_spr_csysl_roam_ringer      Lets you enable and disable the ringing tone that indicates an incom
qhn_spr_csysl_srvc_tones       Lets you to enable and disable the alert tone that will indicate a chan
qhn_spr_msg_email              Lets you send and receive e-mail via the browser.
qhn_spr_msg_popups             Lets you enable pop-up notification settings. When set to immediate
qhn_spr_msg_shortmail          Lets you send and receive Shortmail via the browser.
qhn_spr_phone_info             Lets you view information about your phone.
qhn_stand_by_settings          Includes settings related to the phone's standby mode.
qhn_stereo_widening            Stereo widening enhances the phone's audio output by enabling a w
qhn_swivel_anim                Lets you choose whether an animation is shown when opening and c
qhn_swivel_call_handle         Lets you select the function for opening and closing the swivel with in
qhn_synchronisation_main       Lets you synchronise your phone data.
qhn_sync_data                  Lets you select the applications or data to be synchronised.
qhn_sync_database              Lets you define and edit the address of the remote server database
qhn_sync_homepage              Lets you define and edit the server name or address, which will be u
qhn_sync_local_profile         Lets you define your user name and password for PC synchronisatio
qhn_sync_main                  Lets you synchronise phone data with a remote server and define se
qhn_sync_password           Lets you enter and change your password.
qhn_sync_server_sync        This command starts the server synchronisation.
qhn_sync_service_settings   Lets you define your synchronisation service settings.
qhn_sync_username           Lets you define and edit your user name.
qhn_tamil_input_instr_1     Each key contains multiple characters that can be accessed by pres
qhn_tamil_input_instr_2     The consonants are grouped to keys 4-8. Grantha letters are groupe
qhn_tamil_input_instr_3     Vowels and corresponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To
qhn_wifi_help_link_tmo        Allows you to open browser and provide Wi-Fi help.
qhn_wifi_main                 Wi-Fi wireless networks can replace mobile network coverage for m
qhn_wifi_on_off               Lets you switch Wi-Fi radio on and off.
qhn_wifi_priority             Lets you organise the order of automatic connection attempts.
qhn_wifi_rename               Lets you change the name of a saved network.
qhn_wifi_saved                List of all saved networks. Lets you change the connection setting an
qhn_wifi_save_tmo             Allows you to save settings for Wi-Fi networks manually or by selecti
qhn_wifi_securing_tmo         Allows you to save security settings for your access point.
qhn_wifi_uma_settings         Lets you set configuration settings for Wi-Fi calls.
qhn_wp                        Lets you set a background image that will be displayed when the pho
qhn_writing_language          Lets you select the language for text editing.
qhn_wv_instant_messaging      Lets you send and receive instant messages. An active account with
qhn_wv_list_contacts          Lets you view the list of people with whom you send instant message
qhn_wv_list_logout            Lets you logout from the instant messaging service.
qhn_wv_list_saved_histories   Lets you view, erase and rename previously saved conversations.
qhn_wv_settings               Lets you modify the connection settings.
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i, go to Menu >Settings>Wi-Fi

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e. Select items to delete?

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service provider cannot guarantee the quality or the content. Continue downloading?
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t on phone. Search Web?
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 s to be opened. OK?

nloading applications uses airtime. Continue?
on key to select and the right selection key to return to the previous screen
ection key to select and the right selection key to return to the previous screen. The left selection key is reserved for specific applications.

owed over secure connection
d over secure connection
secure. Load unsecure items?
 onfirma-tion will not be asked.

Confirma-tion will be asked.

 arching devices when Bluetooth on
 ly visible to all devices

 ejected for security reasons
while curr. devices connected
 connect automatically? Choosing 'Yes' allows connections to take place automatically without confirmation. Choosing 'No' means connectio
 e Bluetooth devices?

witched off. Continue?
o all searching devices?
oth visiblity to 'Hidden'?
oth visibility to 'Permanent visibility'?
o searching devices when Bluetooth is on?

able to remote devices due to active connections. To make phone connectable, end one or more connections.
le nor connectable to remote devices due to active connections. To make phone visible and connectable, end one or more connections.
t rejected. Connection to %0U not allowed by %1U. Disconnect and try again.
table to remote devices
and connectable to remote devices

 be bigger than zero
Double Ninth Festival
f the twelfth month festival
e an existing record?
y. Close keypad flip.

com- plete image sequence
m- plete image sequence
ntains an image. Replace image?
ort to the IR terminal

 audio routed to handset
 audio routed to loudspeaker

ill be automatically answered
ill be confirmed first
ty set to 'Do not disturb'
act from all PTT groups?
om all PTT groups and PTT contacts list?

 push to talk service

es high-speed data connection

of contacts reached

of members reached

D not recognised by server
onnection unavailable

on could not be updated

e temporarily unavailable
 d. End voice call first.
not exceed 24 characters

ave only one Push to talk address

om PTT groups and contacts

twork. No response yet.
 Add new group member?

ged to PTT numbers
ges waiting to be retrieved?

y full. New msgs. discarded.
ge cannot be retrieved. Remove prompt?
ge retrieval failed. Try again?

 network. Continue?
access text messaging?
e size exceeded by %N kB
d. Original size used.
e one of existing periods?
e one of existing timers?

 ew or access all your landmarks until app. exits?
ns cannot be used when active standby is on. Switch active standby off and navigation key icons on?
ns cannot be used when Orange HomeScreen is on. Switch Orange HomeScreen off and navigation key icons on?
not be used when navigation key icons are on. Switch navigation key icons off and active standby on?
 en cannot be used when navigation key icons are on. Switch navigation key icons off and Orange HomeScreen on?

cators option to see all standby mode info in active standby
option must be selected to see all standby mode info in active standby
cators option to see all standby mode info in active standby

 start when notified?
 use connectivity applications?

already installed. Open it now?

nd recorded data. Continue?

phone start-up selected

ne memory. Select phone memory or combined memory to view contact in Contacts.

 d-only. Copy app. to phone memory?
nnect automatically. Continue?

. All active conns. ended.

ending in Outbox. End all connections?
 get your current location?
our current and future locations until app. exits?

ed msgs. deleted from Outbox
 r ID available. Select one.
ssenger ID available. Select one.
  use microphone for voice recording?
  use this camera image?
  use camera and microphone for recording until application exits?
  use camera for video recording?

 ant messaging contacts

 newer version %1U?

 d-only. Application will be run from %0U folder %1U.

-start and netw. acc. not allowed

 ot shown in standby

swered when slide is opened
 red when slide is opened
ded when slide is closed
  when slide is closed
  saves battery. Switch off anyway?
municate with smart card until app. exits?
red when swivel is opened

swered when swivel is opened
hen swivel is closed

ervice name changed

available in digital service

able. Roam on analog?
 pply until the phone is switched off
ailable. Place roam call?
ry. Delete files or acti- vation keys?
ry. Delete more activation keys?
may prevent you from connecting to internet services. Continue?

unication' settings and the 'Multimedia rec.' setting are set to 'Always allowed'. Application can send data automatically.
unication' settings and the 'Positioning' setting are set to 'Always allowed'. Application can send data automatically.
unication' settings and the 'Read user data' setting are set to 'Always allowed'. Application can send data automatically.
unication' settings and the 'Smart card' setting are set to 'Always allowed'. Application can send data automatically.

ed, %N deliveries failed
vered, 1 delivery failed
 livered, %1N deliveries failed
ngs provided by %U. Service provider will inform you when new phone software and application settings are available.

 software update. Before the software can be used, it must be installed.

 edit and add new data in:
t for messages. Contact your service provider.

age centre number not on fixed dialling list

ble from %0U. Updating is recommended. To receive the update you need to connect to %1U.

ejected by SIM card

e. Contact your service provider.
 is set to 'Ask first time'. Accepting prompt allows application to access data until application exits.

sage rejected by recipient.
unsupported objects
nd on to restore normal serv.
annot be dis-played. View anyway?

Delete an existing item?

te. Forward anyway?
te. Rename anyway?

ace. Delete another item?
ects in message. Remove?
ccording to phone's date

etion not completed.

 ecognised by server

r. Cannot access application.

ax. number of subscriptions.

 tem files and folders
ry on memory card to save file
 memory to save file
e saved. Exit anyway?
been saved. Save now?
r will be displayed next time you charge or switch on your phone. To update your phone later, go to 'Settings', select 'Phone settings', then 'P

Recharge phone battery first.

. Contact service provider.

tion. Cannot start update.
 emory card. Down-load to phone.
hone mem. Down-load to card.

e items from Gallery.

with full stop or space
needed on card. Select files to delete.
em. needed. Select files to delete.

ow? App. downloaded to %U.

ry on card. Download to phone?
 memory. Download to memory card?
ry on card. Save to phone?
 memory. Save to memory card?
ry on card to download file
 memory to download file

e unlocked. Continue?
needed. Select files to be deleted?
t data connection first

ction closed by network
e shared during emer-gency calls
e shared with network

service is restored, emerg. operators may not reach or find you.
mergency calls only?
nfo with the network?

Delete %N characters.

ce an existing picture?
Save without picture?
calls when slide is closed
s when slide is closed
ad-only memory card. Go to application in %0U folder %1U.
ad-only memory card

ory full. Message from %U.

nt messaging contacts

 upported by SIM card
hen auto-update enabled

ed. SIM card memory unavailable.
er or e-mail address first

ong to set as homepage

cannot be displayed

of conversations active

ed. Card slot flap open.

ed. Memory card removed.

. Memory card removed.
py-righted item to mem. card
  does not support this attachment
  does not support this recipient info
 ot available from act. standby
able from active standby

 supported on this server

senger ID not found.

ry. Image discarded.

r number not defined

SIM card not inserted.

on could not be updated
lected. Presence info not shared.

ad-only memory card

ne when auto-upd. enabled
en auto-update enabled

y-guard to use data cable
s provided by China Mobile, including recent promotions, discount plans and the introduction of new services. There is no fee for the conten

r cancel a MMS service, send CX0000 to the service code of the service provider.
r cancel a SMS service, send 0000 to the service code of the service provider. To cancel all SMS services, send 00000 to the service code o
ries and booking services. For tariff information, please call the service hotline.

will be deactivated. Continue?
ge queued for sending
 essage to %N recipients?
 essage to 1 recipient?

y installed. Replace?

ems marked. Continue?

em marked. Continue?
on. Cannot continue.

e. Components missing.
 e. Application is untrusted.

data for application?

dy installed. Continue?

ady installed. Continue?
t. Delete application to continue?

M rights not updated.

ady installed. Continue?
 Update registration info?
automatically accepted

automatically rejected
will be used for each requester

te will not be shown

matically accepted: %U

matically rejected: %U
' setting must be enabled first

est rules for all requesters?

ules will be used for each request-er. Continue?
 l personal request rules. Continue?
on requested by %U

Pos. request rejected for %U.

ill be disabled. Continue?
messages in folder:
 ll be accepted from %U
om %U will be rejected
contain a web address

 be smaller than maximum port

valid request. Try again.
ip not found on server.
erver problem. Try again later.
erver time-out. Try again.
idth. Quality less than normal.

 Outbox and will be sent

r in multimedia msgs. inbox

essages will not be saved
essages will be saved
ge sending in progress
Multimedia msg. received.
 sg. when flight profile active

 sert media or add text to send.
 ecording in message
heck multim. recept. sett.
ge waiting to be retrieved

ansfer will continue after the call

ported for msg. sending
ry full. View waiting msg.

l. New msgs. discarded.

 ported. Msg. not sent.
 ent. Cannot be cancelled.
n video clip is already added

ge memory full. New messages may be discarded. Delete some old multimedia messages to free memory. %N kB more memory needed. Se

ill be saved without activation key. Continue?
  to pay to activate content. Continue?
  than one object of same type

ansfer to make call?

 messages from %U?

ge memory full. View waiting message?
ges waiting to be sent?
e sent in IS-95 or analogue mode. Message will be automatically sent once the express network connection is restored.
e retrieved in IS-95 or analogue mode. Try again later.
 nt automatically when flight profile is not active. Message saved to Outbox.
heck multimedia reception settings.

o clip with multiple slides
 be added to slide with text
 display: Message view

eued after prompting
many pending messages. Try again later.
Msg. saved to Outbox.

nt when digital service is available
d and original deleted

rom selected folders?
 read messages from Inbox?
rom selected folders?
essages from selected folders?

original recipient(s)?
 when digital service is available?
wer calls when fold is opened
calls when fold is opened

wer calls when slide is opened
calls when slide is opened

will override the default ringing tone and may not be loud enough to hear. Continue?
es from another folder?
ance or add money?

. Home agent address may be incorrect or the home agent may not be responding. Please try again. If this problem persists, you may need

rvice. Please try again later. If the problem persists, you may need to contact your service provider.
n in failed. Please wait a moment and try again. If this problem persists, you may need to contact your service provider.
n in failed. Please wait a moment and try again. You may need to go to internet and select update settings. If this problem persists, you may n

a session lifetime that is too long. If this problem persists, switch the phone off and on, then try again.
 name and/or password may be incorrect. Please try again. If this problem persists, you may need to update your settings or contact your se
 name and/or password may be incorrect. Please try again. If this problem persists, you may need to contact your service provider.
 in failed. Please wait a moment and try again. If this problem persists, you may need to contact your service provider.
 in failed. Please wait a moment and try again. You may need to go to internet and select update settings. If this problem persists, you may n
 n in failed. Please try again. If the problem persists, switch the phone off and on.
me agent addresses. Please try again. You may need to go to internet and select update settings. If this problem persists, you may need to c
s updating your settings. Press Cancel to end update.
available. Update application now?

n marked application(s)

es navig. key up/down when enabled
own to enable active standby
p to enable active standby
p/down to enable ac- tive standby
y belong to the group

will be used only in home netw.

 ed. 1 message already sent.
 ed. %N messages already sent.
 celled. 1 message already sent.
 ncelled. %1N messages already sent.
Messages already sent.
Message already sent.

mber defined by SIM card.

 h messages to e-mail. E-mail addresses will be removed from recipient field.
 flight profile activated

 ated. Try again later.

attery low. Charge phone first.

settings to receive messages
e. Data size too large.

 . 1 message already sent.
 . %N messages already sent.
eted. 1 message already sent.

ending multimedia msg. notification
ble for default templates

red. Cannot activate %U.

red. Connect to activate %U?

protected objects. Some will be sent without activation key and some will be removed.
protected objects. Protected objects will be removed.
protected objects that will be sent without activation key
er. Phone still registered.

 ble for adding folder
 ble for copying message
 ble for moving message
 ble for receiving message
 ble for saving message
 ble for sending message
 ble for receiving operator msg.

ings. Settings discarded.
work. Network discarded.

%N e-mail addresses

ers, %1N e-mail addresses

n flight profile active
ofile by activating another profile to make an emergency call
mode inactive until enhancement disconnected
mode inactive until loudspeaker deactivated

k printer for more information.

 able in Instant messaging

ark text first with navig. keys.
k text first with navig. keys.

n recipient field: %U
ill follow profile settings

 full, network discarded. Delete some networks first.
sel. key when %U is on

1N messages cancelled. Only pending MMS notifications can be cancelled.
 messages cancelled

 leted. %1N messages already sent.
 ages resent. Pending messages cannot be resent.
1N messages set for retrieval. Only non-pending MMS notifications can be set for retrieval.
 ages resent. Pending messages cannot be resent.
 ages sent. Pending messages cannot be queued for sending.
1N messages will be retrieved when SIM card inserted. Only non-pending MMS notifications can be set for retrieval.
1N messages will be retrieved when flight profile is deactivated. Only non-pending MMS notifications can be set for retrieval.
1N messages will be retrieved when possible. Only non-pending MMS notifications can be set for retrieval.
e size exceeded by %N kB
of recipients reached: %N

e to add new network.

y low. Try again later.
available in Messaging

ge retrieval cancelled

ages moved. Pending messages cannot be moved.

esent when SIM card inserted

ages moved. Multimedia message notifications cannot be moved.

sent when SIM card inserted

ed ticker messages set

 or more ele- ments invalid.

 messages. Default templates cannot be deleted.
 messages. Some messages already retrieved.
ry to receive messages. Delete some data first.
ry to receive operator messages. Delete some data from SIM card.
d to Sent items folder

 nd. Define alias first.
me found. Define name to use.
me found. Define name to use.
me found. Define name to use.
cted. Select list first.

 tion. Unable to download.

mail addresses found

ge settings not defined. Message not sent.

 s. Enter new name.

 message cancelled

 sg. contains only 1 slide.
items' setting changed
ages will be resent when possible. Pending messages cannot be resent.

 e not available in Contacts
 available in Contacts
ed the installation of downloaded phone software. An update reminder will be displayed next time you charge or switch on your phone.

esent when flight profile is deactivated
esent when possible
ages will be resent when flight profile is deactivated. Pending messages cannot be resent.
sent when flight profile is deactivated

 when flight profile deactivated

etrieved when possible

 rieved when possible

Active ringing tone: %U
be used as ringing tone
t full. Delete some networks first.

ailed. Invalid network sett. received.

ent when flight profile is deactivated
o Outbox and will be sent when SIM card inserted

nt when flight profile is deactivated
 Outbox and will be sent when SIM card inserted

hout message centre no.

be sent to phone numbers
nt or sent without act. key
nt without activation key
ent without act. key

ailed. Format not supported.
ailed. No network support for messages.

ailed. Try again later.

pport not found. Contact your service provider for settings.

ailed. Number not in use.
. Contact service provider.

Reconnect to printer again.

n will follow profile settings

 from 'Go to address' history

ages will be resent when SIM card inserted. Pending messages cannot be resent.

d when flight profile deactivated

settings. Check settings.

est conn. Open %1U.
gs. failed. Check details.
st full. Delete items?
unknown application
ailed. Check details.

gs. failed. Not allowed.
d. Sending not allowed
 IM to receive msg.?

nnected. Select mode.
ation settings available
not support this application

ation settings selected

ound. Contact your service provider.
wed. Settings discarded.
 ry. Settings discarded.
 Contact your service provider.
  ist. Overwrite existing settings?
hile in a customer service call

rom the home page
rom the last page viewed
 images, and objects

 valid request. Please try again. If the problem persists, it is likely that the service you are seeking is incompatible with your browser.
mproper authentication. Please try again. If the problem persists, it is likely that you provided incorrect credentials.
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
ccess forbidden. The web page or document you requested is restricted.
 ocument not found. The web page or document you were looking for was not found at the supplied address. Check the URL (address) and t
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
erver timed out. The web page or document you requested was not returned in a timely manner. Please try again. If this problem persists, it i
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
ocument not found. The web page or document you were looking for was not found at the supplied address. Check the URL (address) and tr
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
here is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.
here is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.
here is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.
ervice unavailable. The web service that you requested is unavailable. Please try again at a later time. If this problem persists, please contac
ateway timeout. The system did not respond in time. Please try again. If this problem persists, check the URL.
here is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.

 active. Cannot start browser. Try again later.
 eturn to home page?
eturn to previous screen
 o view/edit settings. Exit now?
ct 'Exit web' from the browser menu to exit the browser
o open browser menu
art to enable settings. Save settings and restart?
dow but keep connection active?

ne is in digital network mode (IS-2000)

the alarm in Calendar is set
ne is in analog mode

calls are not possible
the camera is ready for use
camera image quality is set to low
the image in the camera viewfinder was captured
camera image quality is set to high
the camera is not ready for use.
camera image quality is set to normal
the self-timer is being used for the camera
the countdown timer is active
ne is in digital network mode (IS-95)

a headset is connected
the speakerphone is active

coming call, call-in-progress, or missed call

the keyguard is active
you have an unread text message in the Inbox
packet data is being delivered to the phone
 quests will be accepted
 quests will be confirmed first
emergency requests will be accepted
onal request rules will be used
phone positioning is enabled
 position has been requested
normal text input will occur for current query

the phone is roaming
the phone is in silent mode
the stopwatch is active
predictive text is active for the current query
the phone's vibrating alert is enabled
you have new voicemail
sg. display: Msg. alert

 display: Message view

eceive selected file type. Continue?
xceeded by %1N kB
of recipients reached
n only be prin-ted at a time
 multiple files are selected

arked. Maximum %U
cture message for printing, contests, and other services. The list of services can be updated by selecting Update list from the previous screen

aved to phone. Save now?

 er applications. Delete anyway?

er media. Delete anyway?

 picture messages from Inbox?

 read picture messages from Inbox?
 unread picture messages from Inbox?

d by recipient. Continue?
not available. Continue?
 m Camera to Online albums

m Camera to Online albums
nt. Print at lower resolution?

 Transfer at lower resolution?

 ration cannot be completed on the following files due to size limitations
er applications. Cannot be deleted.
d with inactive status

TT on. Check settings.
e some channels first.

nnels or members in a channel

 dicator for connec-tion status
vate channel not allowed
Channel not deleted.
ge. Own channels kept.

e temporarily unavailable
 rk. Push to talk disabled.
 ilable. PTT enabled.
 2 or more contacts have same address.

subscription activated
ush to talk disabled when abroad.

ed when abroad. Change setting?
mporarily unavailable. Continue?
Delete from phone? %U

 from phone and network?

  from phone and network?
ontacts list and Contacts? %U
 ists. Change status?
opy buddies from master list?
Copy users from master list?
Copy contacts from server?
le. Ap-plication not supported.

from my phone to other device
from other device to my phone

ailable when app. is active

upported on other device
Ap-plication not supported.

ossible. Other device busy.
ossible. No response.
ossible. Check data connection.

ng transfer contact?
t full. Delete existing contact?

phone data on my phone? %U
phone data on other device? %U

ossible. Set time and date?
dated on other device:

e to process all items.

ry full on other device.
ation not supported on other device.
ts and %1N groups?

ts and %1N groups?
 nging tone. Audio levels may vary depending on video sound quality. Continue?
 ap open. Insert card and close flap to continue.
 ved. Insert memory card to continue.
 place video. Continue?

 ding cancelled and failed, will be automatically retrieved when setting is set to 'Retrieve'. Continue anyway?
 atically on phone startup?
omatically on phone startup?
ect on phone startup?
ssenger automatically on phone startup?

 differs from original. Continue?
 unknown. Continue?
 blocked list to private list?
versations and invitations will be deleted.
versations will be deleted.
versations will be deleted.
 end all conversations?
onversations and invitations will be deleted.
nversations and invitations will be deleted.
 vers. and chat requests will be deleted
 end all conversations?

 nversations will be closed. Continue?
sages are currently blocked. Unblock now?
ently blocked. Unblock now?
 ently blocked. Unblock now?

 remove all content from message. Continue?

e created will be deleted. Change anyway?

 ssages. No message and e-mail centre numbers defined. Define message centre now?
mails. No e-mail centre number defined. Define one now?
 t messages. No message centre number defined. Define one now?
 s from 'Go to address' history?

on phone memory?

ntact. Change selection?
%N contacts. Change selection?

esses for %N contacts

addresses for %N contacts

  for some applications from service provider?
 other profile to be able to make a call. Exit flight profile?
 time and date to start connecting.

 nue saving to phone's Contacts?
ntinue saving to phone's Contacts?
 ntinue saving to phone's Contacts?
 software for later install?
mbers. Keep anyway?
  essage notifications?

e presentation about your new phone?
 again on next phone start-up?

 d all conversations?

nt. Only %N allowed in phone.
ble. Free more memory?
 d. Delete some items?

 ble. Free some memory?
 ry to save message to Drafts. Delete some data?
 supported and will be removed. Continue?
 needed. Delete more?

 ere message can be moved. Create new folder?
 ere messages can be moved. Create new folder?

e via text message. Send other details?
 age type. Delete message?
ady installed. Open?
e settings. Download at next start-up?
erver. Connect now?

  saves battery. Switch off anyway?
 ng and switch off push to talk?
 ed. End conversation?
odafone Messenger Contacts?

ce a saved conversation?
 will be disabled. Continue?
be used as ringing tone. Continue?
as ringing tone. Audio levels may vary depending on video sound quality. Continue?

e. Scale image down?
ge. Scale images down?

was truncated. Insert truncated text?
 Text will be truncated. Continue?

all and make video call?
ings will be discarded.
gs will be discarded.

eded for stereo output
from this conversation
estrict %N numbers. Continue?

ved when mailbox active

nt when mailbox is active

Connect phone to PC.
t and e-mail deleted
account is disabled. All e-mail is deleted. For more information contact your BlackBerry administrator.
 trator msg. received
t be defined when saving
ted when conn. enabled

ddresses. Some deleted.
nt when mailbox active again

ngs first to receive web settings

. View waiting message?
g and was shortened. Use incomplete add.?
 ested. Request again?

and requests waiting to be sent?

 been registered with the wireless network
ard received. Update SIM?
 reate browser connection?
s a problem with the server. Please try again later.
s a problem with the server. Please try again later.
s a problem with the server. Please try again later.
nly emergency calls allowed.

ergency dialling allowed

er to restore default lock code
O :-":) ;) :-P:-*:'(8-)%-);-D:-[:-C:-@:->B-);> :-q

attachments. View now?
e when packet data active

ption not available in this network

 read messages from Inbox?

sages from all folders?
 that refer to an old SIM card?

essage not complete.

Delete %N characters.

s. Maximum %N allowed.
owed. Replace existing?

 than %N parts. Send anyway?

empty. Delete anyway?

sent. Show recipients?

e displayed. Header missing.
 will be deleted when read. Continue?

 msgs. Save msg. to Drafts?

message. Exit anyway?
ved to UIM then phone

 Msg. saved to Outbox.

e as e-mail. Picture removed.

or serv. blocked: %U
s. Distribution list not added.

of recipients reached (%N)
g. too long for network.
g. too long for network.
  ng information message
 ing information message
 ng information message

mail. Check content or length.

e an existing contact.

e an existing distrib. list.
 of characters reached
 . Cannot move message.
e for billing infor-mation msg.

messages available

ed messages available
en flight profile activated
not be sent. Continue?
not be received. Continue?
s invalid or service blocked: %U

es can only be saved to phone. Continue?
 ked messages. Delete anyway?
ssage too long for network.
 rom UIM to phone. Cannot be moved back. Ok?
g options for picture. Attach anyway?

 always be saved. Continue?

g options for picture. Attach anyway?
saved to Sent items. Save when sending?
ecipients. Add maximum number allowed?

ess 'No' to use GMT time).

le yet. You will receive a text message when it is ready.
or. No space in folders.

oved from UIM card to phone and cannot be moved back. Continue?
due to recipient e-mail address. Remove %N characters.
saved to Sent items to receive a delivery report
 add to message %U
most full. Delete items.

e deleted. Continue?

 ll be deleted. Are you sure?

 Download content appli-cation?

 download. Select items to delete?

 aranteed. Continue?
the alarm in Calendar is set

making calls is not possible
the camera is ready for use
camera image quality is set to low
the image in the camera viewfinder was captured
camera image quality is set to high
the camera is not ready for use.
camera image quality is set to normal
the self-timer is being used for the camera
the countdown timer is active
the phone is operating in digital mode

a headset is connected
the speakerphone is active

coming call, call-in-progress, or missed call

the keyguard is active
you have an unread text message in the Inbox
there are unsent messages in the Outbox
packet data is being delivered to the phone
normal text input will occur for current query

the phone is roaming
the phone is roaming on a non-preferred system
the phone is in silent mode
the stopwatch is active
predictive text is active for the current query
the phone's vibrating alert is enabled
you have new voicemail
 ng incomplete. Exit anyway?

 ateway timeout. The system did not respond in time. Please try again. If this problem persists, check the URL.
he request from your browser cannot be satisfied by the server.
ccess forbidden. The web page or document you requested is restricted.
 valid request. Please try again. If the problem persists, it is likely that the service you are seeking is incompatible with your browser.
ocument not found. The web page or document you were looking for was not found at the supplied address. Check the URL and try again.
erver timed out. The web page or document you requested was not returned in a timely manner. Please try again. If this problem persists, it i
mproper authentication. Please try again. If the problem persists, it is likely that you provided incorrect credentials.
here is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.
ervice unavailable. The web service that you requested is unavailable. Please try again at a later time. If this problem persists, please contac
ovider for sync settings
ects sync data selection

invalid for synchroni- sation
e a valid Airtime PIN
ect headset use. Continue?
w chat while one is already open

 MIN) must be 10 digits
automatically received
of presentations reached
of attachments reached

of bookmarks reached

of locked e-mails reached

sentation. Gallery memory full.

elete some e-mails.

rge. Delete some objects.

k coverage. Try again.
 is name already exists

l with copyrighted objects

ble to create account.

er. Cannot be forwarded.
while phone is in use
empty. Delete anyway?
empty. Delete anyway?

or. Cannot retrieve %N
or. Cannot send %N
 elect a folder where downloaded files will be saved
will be saved to phone's folders automatically

pyrighted item to memory card: %N
ry to move item: %N
 dy exists in target folder: %N

stem file or folder: %N

 by another application: %N

e by another application

 e lost. Cancel data transfer?

 support SIM language

 an invalid format or had invalid activation keys
be sent via multimedia
e an existing command?
or old SIM to add new ones?
able from this access point
 le from this access point (J001)

able from this location
 le from this location (J002)
 le from this location (J004)

on failed. Check wire-less router.
s: Networks you can connect to and place calls using Wi-Fi.
hone will automa-tically connect to a saved Wi-Fi net-work within range.
s you find the best Wi-Fi connection available based on network coverage.
  for switching Wi-Fi on and off. If off, no Wi-Fi connect-ions can exist.
Option for saving a network from a list of available net-works or manually.
eate a secure conn. with T-Mobile wireless router and save network.
 nline help for using the Wi-Fi wireless networks.

be made to network. Continue?
nnection and save a network. If you do not have a T-Mobile wireless router, select Back and Add to saved networks.
up on wireless router and OK

and connect to Wi-Fi on next power up?
e Wi-Fi for calls. Run the tutorial now and then connect Wi-Fi?
i, go to Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi
 Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi

nimum 4 characters.
Settings will be discarded.
ived connection settings
ce connection settings?

ked. Discard settings?

nd password for %0U at %1U

cate might cause some applications to not work. Continue?
eb address does not match the domain name(s) in server certificate
Replace a message?

o another memory?

ng will be redirected to another server. Continue?
ed to phone memory
aximum 10 digits allowed.

ode until phone is switched off?
r charges. Continue?
olume for ringing tone?
ng. Max. length: %N

ong. Maximum %N characters.

Maximum %N digits.
ot save to Sent items. Send?
Delete %N characters.
es marked as done?
e an existing voice tag?
ccess codes and activate the phone lock.
 one to alert you at a given time.
 hone number that can be dialled when the phone is locked.
   of all received and made calls since the last reset.
  the line for outgoing calls.
  phone line for outgoing calls. This service must first be activated by the network operator.
ether a call can be answered by pressing any key.
ether a call is answered automatically after 5 seconds when a handsfree or headset is used.
volume at a certain level regardless of both internal and external noise.
  ulations or perform currency conversions. Note the limited accuracy of calculations.
r writing and viewing calendar notes and lets you set a reminder alarm.
ng card numbers, and to select a card to use.
r blocking incoming or outgoing calls.
r viewing and limiting the costs of calls, and lets you reset the counters. This function is available only if it is included in the SIM card, and its
r diverting incoming calls to other phone numbers.
mbers of recent calls, most recent message recipients and call durations.
  gital or analogue call preference.
r making and receiving calls.
ether the phone repeats a call when the number is busy or there is no answer.
  r phone's settings for making and receiving calls.
ether the information on the call duration is displayed after each call.
r viewing the duration of calls, and lets you reset the timers.
ether the current call timer is displayed and running when you have a call in progress.
 lbox number once it has been saved in the phone.
ork to send a beep during a call, when another call is coming.
ork to cancel all call barrings.
ork to cancel all call diverts.
r activating and deactivating info message and index reception.
 for the cost of calls, if this function is included in the SIM card. The functionality may vary depending on the network.
switch input methods. Press the * key to enter special characters in Chinese input mode.
y to switch input methods. Press number key or OK key to select an option. Press Chr key to input tone marks for Pinyin input method.
 to change access codes for SIM card, phone or barring password.

ether your identity is shown to the phone you are calling. This service must first be activated by the network operator, and its functionality ma
estricted group of subscribers only allowed to call each other. This service must first be activated by the network operator.
r copying contacts from SIM card to phone.
r copying contacts from phone to SIM card.
ce encryption when this service is available.
 rate in analogue for the next few minutes.The phone will try to find a digital signal once the call is completed.
k for network service on the A side of the frequency band first. If it cannot find a digital service, it will use an analogue one. A roaming rate ap
k for network service on the B side of the frequency band first. If it cannot find a digital service, it will use an analogue one. A roaming rate ap
  selected, the phone will operate in the home service area only.
  a digital signal only.
 rch for a digital signal first. If there is not one available, then it searches for an analogue service.
 rate in the home network only.
  selected, the phone operates in analogue until switched off.
hether your phone will use digital or analogue service.
 e type of network you want the phone to use.
  selected, a roaming rate applies if the phone is outside the home country.
ether costs are shown in currency or in units, if this function is included in the SIM card.
 mode for incoming calls. Selecting data or fax calls will disable incoming voice calls until the selection is changed.

ork to divert all incoming voice calls to another number.
ork to divert voice calls, if you do not answer, or your phone is busy, switched off or out of coverage area.
ork to divert all data calls to another number.
ork to divert all fax calls to another number.
ork to divert voice calls, if your phone is switched off or you are out of network coverage.
ork to divert voice calls, if you do not answer.
ork to divert voice calls, if your phone is busy.
  length of the automatic DTMF tones.
  length for manual DTMF tones or turn them off.
d send messages. Change case with #, add a space with 0 (zero), view special characters with *. To send messages, this service must be ac
 tore normal service, emergency operators may not reach you.
clearing the numbers of the most recent calls and message recipients.
 r making fax and data calls, if a terminal is connected.
 it and activate a list of allowed phone numbers or prefixes. When the list is activated you can only call or send messages to the numbers on
etwork services in the phone by using feature codes received from your service provider.
 plication lights. This setting only applies to applications and does not affect lights elsewhere on the phone.
 nd use Nokia games downloaded to the phone.
 nds and shakes settings for applications stored in the Games and Collection folders.
 plication tones. This setting only applies to applications and does not affect tones elsewhere on the phone.
pplies to applications and does not affect shakes elsewhere on the phone.
 one number of the message delivery centre. This number can be obtained from the network operator.
he minibrowser's inbox.
 hether confirmation will be required when connecting to or exiting the browser.
  the phone infrared link for receiving contacts and logos, as well as for data transmission.
 eypad of the phone, to prevent accidental keypresses or dialling.
  volume level of the keypad tones.
  language of the display texts or use automatic selection.

on of all made and received calls. This timer cannot be reset.
e phone's backlighting.
 e lock code that protects the phone against unauthorized use.
ether the cell identity is displayed, if available from the network.
M card memory, phone memory or both.
  way names and numbers are displayed in Contacts.
  of space available in Contacts.
 al factory default settings without affecting personal data such as contacts, language selection or calendar notes.
   user entered data and restores menu settings back to factory defaults.
 r changing the settings of message services. Check the availability of the options from your service provider.
  umbers of unanswered incoming calls, if available from the network.
phone alert only when a member of a selected caller group is calling.
ow your phone behaves in different environments by selecting and customising a combination of phone settings.
  nt phone number, or lets you select another one if available.
network services and their settings.
  e time in your phone is automatically updated to local time by the network. The functionality may vary depending on the network.
ork to block all incoming calls.
ork to block all incoming calls when you are abroad.
ork to block all outgoing international calls.
ork to allow outgoing international calls only to your home country.
ork to block all outgoing calls.
ether number keys (2-9) can be used for one-touch dialling, i.e. calling a number by pressing and holding a key.
hether the phone displays the operator logo when the phone is in the idle state.
 eive updates from the network that may improve coverage and performance.
ork to change the password for call barring services.

elated to general functionality of the phone.
 e code for accessing protected SIM card features, if supported by the SIM card.
 e code for accessing the SIM card.
ether the PIN code is required at switch-on. The SIM card may require that the code is always asked.
 ages saved in the phone.
me, select a time zone, select if the time is shown on the phone's display and the format in which it is shown.
 cently dialled numbers.
 umbers of answered incoming calls, if available from the network.

oming calls to be blocked.
going calls to be blocked.
w the phone alerts when there is an incoming call.

 volume of the ringing sound.
screen saver which will be activated after the selected time, if there is no action in the phone.
 e code that protects the phone and its memory.
e phone or its memory by security code.
ptions for phone, SIM card, memory and calls.
 e preferred network selection.
elated to calls, phone and security.
 r reading, creating and sending messages.
  rovided and updated to your SIM card.
ether SIM service actions are visible and confirmed by you.
 he noise level of the environment. Not for professional use.
ork to inform you whether it was able to deliver your messages.
 estination phone number or address for this combination of message settings. If this number or address is not defined, it will be requested e

 format of the messages to be sent. The availability of each format depends on the network operator.

ether the reply to your message is delivered through the same message centre you used. The availability of this service depends on the netw
  combination of message settings.
 ups of settings used for sending messages.
 alert tone for incoming messages.
how long the network should attempt to deliver your message. The availability of this service depends on the network operator.
nformation on messages you have sent.
 ime by taking intermediate times and lap times.
 ch public wireless system to use.
 network operator or use automatic selection.
 id units to your phone.
ning units and the TracFone airtime card expiration date in the phone's display when you have activated this feature.
 aining units and the TracFone airtime card expiration date.
 or customer service only and is used for debit information.
epaid services provided by TracFone.
d send text messages as well as read and save received messages. This service must be activated by the service provider.
r setting the time and the date.
do notes and to prioritise and edit the notes.
 TMF tones and select DTMF tone length.
xt to be shown when the phone is switched on.
  numbers and letters in order to control automatic telephone services of the network.
 e vibrating call alert.
 one number of your voice mailbox.
 ve and listen to voice memos and phone calls.
 ur voice mailbox, after its number has been saved to your phone. The voice mailbox service must first be activated by your service provider.
 rning and confirmation tones.
e mobile internet browser.
  phone enhancement settings.
 ch profile is activated when you connect an enhancement to the phone.
ether loopset settings are used instead of headset settings.
ether TTY/text phone settings are used instead of headset or loopset settings.
ether the phone's cover lights will flash at the same time as ringing tones and other phone sounds are played.
tive standby mode on or off. You can select and organise the content of the active standby.
w the active standby mode is activated.
 one to alert you on selected days of the week.

eb-based IM and e-mail applications and also download IM and e-mail applications to the phone. If an application is downloaded it can be acc
ed applications and games. New applications and games can also be downloaded.
 nter letters. Enter numbers with a long keypress of a number key or change the mode by pressing #. With a short keypress of * you can acc
d send voice messages directly to recipients' mobile or e-mail. Multimedia messaging service must be activated by the service provider befor
 e the banner or use default banner settings.
r blocking incoming or outgoing calls.
r blocking incoming or outgoing fax calls.
r blocking incoming or outgoing video and data calls.
r blocking incoming or outgoing voice calls.
ork to cancel all fax call barrings.
ork to cancel all video and data call barrings.
ork to cancel all voice call barrings.
multiple characters that can be accessed by pressing the key repeatedly.
e grouped according to vargs (ক, চ, ট, ত and প) in keys 4-8. Rest of the consonants are grouped in keys 9 and 0.
sonants can be joined by pressing key * between subsequent consonants. To write "প্র", first enter "প", then press key * and finally enter "র".
ponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To write "ইতত", first enter the vowel "ই" from key 2, then consonant "ত", and finally apply the vow
  video clip quality. Clips of equal length may vary in size depending on the selected clip quality. Selecting low quality may allow longer clips to
 length of the video clips recorded with the camera. Only video clips that are of default length or shorter can be sent in a multimedia message
ether or not your phone will display transmission speeds when sending and receiving data and fax calls.
 push to talk contact list.
 nd place calls to your push to talk groups.

you to use your phone like a walkie-talkie.
ost recent incoming or outgoing number or outgoing group.

 tone that will indicate incoming push to talk alert calls.
 default audio routing for your push to talk calls.
hether a confirmation will be required to answer a push to talk call or if push to talk calls will be automatically answered.
 disable the push to talk service.
 ur push to talk presence settings in order to let other users know your availability.
se and purchase streaming media.
read info service messages from a category folder.
  the info inbox where info service messages are stored. Five messages can be stored in each category folder of the info inbox.
e info message inbox and change info service message settings.
chived info service messages.
 ings related to info service messages.
 e list of people with whom you send instant messages.
 racter support for message sending. When 'Full' is selected, all characters are sent as displayed. When 'Reduced' is selected, special chara
 font size used in Messaging, Contacts and Web.
 font size used in Messaging and Contacts.
change input mode. In Pinyin mode, press the * key or key 1 to enter special characters. After entering pinyin, press key 1 to enter a tone ma
 y to change input mode. Press Chr key to enter special characters. In stroke mode, press a number key, OK key, or Enter key to select a Ch
change input mode. Press the * key to enter special characters. In Zhuyin mode, press a key a certain number of times to enter a zhuyin sym
d send BlackBerry e-mails. For this to function, you need a BlackBerry e-mail account and connection information set up in BlackBerry setting
 nd and receive BlackBerry e-mails. For this to function, you need a BlackBerry e-mail account and connection information set up within the B
 ssages from a selected BlackBerry e-mail folder.
BlackBerry e-mail messages.
 y e-mail messages waiting to be sent.
 y e-mail messages that you have saved or moved from another BlackBerry e-mail folder.
kBerry e-mail messages if BlackBerry sent items setting is turned on.
d receive e-mails provided that you have an e-mail account and have added the necessary connection information to settings for e-mail mess
 ssages from selected multimedia messages folders.
d send multimedia messages as well as view and save received messages. This service must be activated by the service provider.
d send multimedia messages. This service must be activated by the service provider before messages can be sent.
 a messages which you have sent and are waiting to be transmitted.
 ltimedia messages.
 media messages. The setting for saving sent messages must be activated first.
r changing the BlackBerry e-mail settings. Check the availability of options from your BlackBerry e-mail provider.
r changing the multimedia messages' settings. Check the availability of the options from your service provider.
r changing the message display. The options include, for example, the viewing and editing layouts.
r changing the text messages' settings. Check the availability of the options from your service provider.
ntdown timer. After the defined time runs out, the phone sounds an alarm and shows a note.
 nd use applications downloaded to the phone.
edit settings for both text messages and multimedia messages.
ta connection types and packet data settings.
 r packet data connection.
 ity devices for uploading and downloading data between the phone and various devices.
d send messages. These services must be activated by the service provider before messages can be sent.
ur own private instant messaging group conversation.
 e the colours on the phone's display by setting a colour scheme the display will use.
k for service on the A side of the preferred roaming list only.
k for service on the B side of the preferred roaming list only.
 d disable the extra keypress that prevents you from answering or making roam calls accidentally .
keypress required for roam calls.
 eypress required for roam calls.
DMA IS-95 per call mode. If no call is placed after 10 minutes, the phone will return to the previous mode.
 type of network and mode the phone will use to place and answer calls.
 type of network the phone will use to make and answer calls.
  selected, a roaming rate applies until the phone is switched off.
ether the phone will operate in the home service area, outside the home service area or in an analogue system.
ether the phone will operate in or outside the home service area.
 roaming option the phone will use to place and answer calls.
nd duration of all data calls from the time the registers were last reset.
 ssages from a selected folder.
 Chinese character or phrase for English counterparts or to look up an English word for Chinese counterparts.
 display brightness and personalise the banner on your phone.
 e your phone's display by selecting different graphics and colour schemes.
or decrease the display contrast.
r diverting all incoming calls to other phone numbers.
ork to divert calls, if your phone is busy.
ork to divert all incoming calls to another number.
ork to divert calls if you do not answer or your phone is busy, switched off or out of coverage area.
ork to divert calls if you do not answer.
ork to divert calls if your phone is switched off or out of coverage area.
ork to divert all incoming video and data calls to another number.
r diverting incoming video and data calls to other phone numbers.
ork to divert video and data calls if your phone is busy.
ork to cancel all video and data call diverts.
ork to divert video and data calls if you do not answer or your phone is busy, switched off or out of coverage area.
ork to divert video and data calls if you do not answer.
ork to divert video and data calls if your phone is switched off or out of coverage area.
r diverting incoming voice calls to other phone numbers.
ork to cancel all voice call diverts.
 sages which have not been sent yet.
ttings for the challenge-handshake authentication protocol.
e data connection settings of your phone.
e IP address and port values of your phone.
ttings for the password authentication protocol.
e username used for data connection authentication.
ame and number of e-mail delivery centres.
e-mail message centre to be used.
r changing the e-mail settings. Check the availability of the options from your service provider.
nd on to restore normal operation.
 e font size for message reading.
 e font type for message reading. You can select from any combination of italics, bold, underline, and strikethrough.
animation from the animation folder and insert it into a message. The first 15 animations may look different to the recipients as they are not s
 cture from the picture folder and insert it into a message.
ound from the sound folder and insert it into a message. The first 10 may sound different to the recipients as they are not sent with the mess
manage pictures, sounds, and animations.
ether a sound inserted in a message is automatically played when it is highlighted.
e alignment for the current paragraph.
dibility during a call by amplifying or attenuating frequency bands.
uality in media applications by amplifying or attenuating frequency bands.

 nter letters. Enter numbers with a long keypress of a number key or change the mode by pressing #. With a short keypress of * you can acc
 e light alert for incoming calls.
hether an animation is shown when opening and closing the fold.
ur phone's software if an update is available.
our image and audio files. You can store the files in predefined folders or create your own personal folders.
 ickly the functions selected by you.
 packet data connection mode. With 'Always online', you will stay connected at all times. With 'When needed', a packet data connection is es

ata connection timers.
  of packet data connections and lets you reset the timers.
 ation of all packet data connections.
 of packet data received during the last connection.
ount of data received.
 of packet data sent during the last connection.

urrently selected packet data access point.
  access point to be used in packet data connections.
 ickname for the currently selected packet data access point.
urrently selected packet data access point and create an alias for it.
ccess points for a packet data connection with your computer.
  of the last packet data connection.
 of sent and received packet data and lets you reset the counters.
 are location information with the network.
ation information requests from the network, except in the case of emergency calls.
 cation info will be shared with the network,
 ces easier to use. If you select 'Emergency' location info sharing

 o without permission.
multiple characters that can be accessed by pressing the key repeatedly.
e grouped according to vargs (ક, ચ, ટ, ત and પ) in keys 4-8. Rest of the consonants are grouped in keys 9 and 0.
sonants can be joined by pressing key * between subsequent consonants. To write "પ્ર", first enter "પ", then press key * and finally enter "ર".
ponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To write "ઇતત", first enter the vowel "ઇ" from key 2, then consonant "ત", and finally apply the vo
multiple characters that can be accessed by pressing the key repeatedly.
e grouped according to vargs (क, च, ट, त and प) in keys 4-8. Rest of the consonants are grouped in key 9.
sonants can be joined by pressing key * between subsequent consonants. To write "प्र", first enter "प", then press key * and finally enter "र".
ponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To write "एथे", first enter the vowel "ए" from key 3, then consonant "थ", and finally apply the vow
e grouped according to vargs (ಕ, ಚ, ಟ, ತ and ಪ) in keys 4-8. Rest of the consonants are grouped in keys 9 and 0.
sonants can be joined by pressing key * between subsequent consonants. To write "ಪರ", first enter "ಪ", then press key * and finally enter "ರ".
ponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To write "ಇತಿ", first enter the vowel "ಇ" from key 2, then consonant "ತ", and finally apply the vow
memory status of features that contain user data.
 d off the call summary that appears when you end a call.
e number entry state where you can make a call or perform other tasks with the numbers entered.
 nd use applications downloaded to the phone.
 nd use applications downloaded to the phone.
 rvice on or off and to modify the settings.
 n about data sent and received to and from the network.
d activate the type of menu view.
ame and number of message delivery centres. The number can be obtained from the network operator.
 mount of sent and received text messages.
 mount of sent and received text and multimedia messages.
on of all browser sessions and the size of all data sent and received from the time the registers were last reset.

nnection settings for video and audio streaming.
 enter a web address.
 rent types of files, including images and tones.
 mobile Internet service from which media files can be downloaded to your phone.
  directly from the gallery application.
nnection parameters for multimedia data transfer. Contact your service provider for instructions on downloading the settings.
 multimedia messages.
multimedia message to be sent to the operator for printing and delivery to a postal address.
  default value for timed slides composed for multimedia messages.
mages are scaled to a smaller size when inserted into a message.
 w multimedia messages are retrieved.
 d disable automatic multimedia advertisement reception.
 d disable the multimedia messaging feature.
 ent multimedia messages are saved in the Sent items folder.
or 6 digit dialling prefix that will allow you to fast dial a 10 digit number by entering the last 5 or 4 digits.
 digit code for your preferred long-distance carrier.
 presence information that is shared when the profile is activated.
 e name of the profile.
 r customising the sounds of the currently active profile.
message centre to be used.
 d send messages that will be immediately displayed to the recipient.
 utbox messages that can be sent later when digital service is available.
most recently used message recipients.
 ether opening the fold will answer calls.
 ng tone for incoming calls from callers with no caller ID.
 ether opening the slide answers incoming voice calls.
 video ringing tone to play for an incoming call instead of the default ringing tone.
  ssages with several types of content and send them as multimedia messages. This service must be activated by the service provider before
  sentations and send them as multimedia messages. This service must be activated by the service provider before messages can be sent.
 pay your monthly bill, request balance information, and add money to your MetroConnect account.
  d Applications features.
our current data settings with new ones downloaded from the network.
 d update Internet settings.
 hether confirmation will be required when connecting to or exiting data services.
 prepaid credit balance.
  r prepaid credit balance once the phone number has been saved into your phone.
  prepaid credit balance.
elated to prepaid credit management.
prepaid credit balance once the phone number has been saved into your phone.
phone numbers needed for checking and refilling your prepaid credit balance.
 configurations and available accounts within the selected configuration.
  view and send notes.
ether to use Latin or Arabic number entry.
 must be configured in order to function properly. Configuration settings may be obtained from your service provider.
portal to services provided by your operator.
hat assist you in organising daily tasks.
 arning tones and other tones used in various applications.
s waiting to be sent.
verwriting takes place when messages are sent and the message memory is full.

eb services offered and updated by service providers.
w fast the phone begins to recognise the trace.
unctions that you can personalise.
 ntelligibility especially in noisy environments.
 font size used in Contacts. This setting affects the fonts used when viewing names and numbers.
 way names are displayed in Contacts.
edit contacts and contact related information to the phone.
ur phone's software if an update is available.
ether PIN2 code is required when using specific phone features which are covered by PIN2 security code. USIM card may require that this co
d send picture messages. Change case with a #, add a space with 0 (zero), view special characters with *.
  unsent picture message. Unsent messages are saved automatically by the phone.

res that can be sent and uploaded later.
d send picture messages.
d manage push to talk channels.
 positioning settings, manage request rules and view positioning requests log.
r presence information with selected contacts and control what information they see.
hether the power saver option is switched on or off. The power saver allows you to save some battery power.
se or copy data between your phone and another device, PC or server.
multiple characters that can be accessed by pressing the key repeatedly.
e grouped according to vargs (ਕ, ਚ, ਟ, ਤ and ਪ) in keys 4-8. Rest of the consonants are grouped in keys 9 and 0.
sonants can be joined by pressing key * between subsequent consonants. To write "ਪਰ", first enter "ਪ", then press key * and finally enter "ਰ".
ponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To write "ਇਤਤ", first enter the vowel "ਇ" from key 2, then consonant "ਤ", and finally apply the vo
s that you have saved.
ent messages are saved in the Sent items folder.
digit number to go to a different channel, or you can choose 'Channel listing' to return to the channel listing view.
nctions as shortcuts to the navigation key.
ether the navigation key icons are switched on or off in the idle state.
  e security code request to prevent unauthorised use of the phone. Security code must be entered to unlock the keyguard.
sages if 'Save sent messages' setting is turned on.
se phone data with a remote server.
  font size used in Web. This setting affects the fonts used when viewing web pages.
 r setting the time and the date.
th phone numbers and functions as shortcuts to number keys (2-9) and *- and # -keys.
 ganise functions for the right selection key.
en an alternative method of delivering the messages is used.
ur channel subscriptions.
 t viewer on or off and view Instant viewer related information.

  e your phone's main display by selecting different graphics and colour schemes.
  e your phone's mini display by selecting different graphics and colour schemes.
e number of messages shown in the news ticker.
ast the news ticker moves across the phone's display.
nction of the keypad cover's opening and closing for incoming and on-going calls.
  service provider that you want to use.
ether the UPIN or PIN code should be active.
ether the UPIN code is required when switching on your phone. The SIM card may require that the code is always asked for.
ether a code is required when switching on your phone. The SIM card may require that code is always asked for.
options for start-up applications and for confirming SIM services.
 multiple characters that can be accessed by pressing the key repeatedly.
e grouped according to vargs (ක, ච, ට, ත and ප) in keys 4-8. Rest of the consonants are grouped in keys 9 and 0.
  al-lakuna to a consonant. To write "ප්ර", first enter "ප", then enter "්" and finally enter "ර".
ponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To write "උහු", first enter the vowel "උ" from key 3, then consonant "හ", and finally apply the vow
 t be followed by a vowel instead of a vowel sign, press key * before entering the vowel. To write "මඊ" instead of "මී", first enter "ම", then press
  r anusvara or visarga. To write "අං", first enter "අ" and then apply "්ං" from key 1.
   * to access the list of symbols.
  language for voice playback.
 rtain phone functions by using voice commands.
hether an animation is shown when opening and closing the slide.
  function for opening and closing the slide with incoming and on-going calls.
haracter-based smileys are replaced with graphical ones.
ork to send informative messages on user selected topics. The availability of this service depends on the network operator.
d change the language of the info messages that are received.
messages which have been received.
 r adding and deleting topics on SIM card.
 r selecting, adding, editing and deleting info topics.
  font size used in Messaging. This setting affects the fonts in message reading and editing.
  lace when new messages are received or sent and the message memory is full.
  lace when new messages are received or sent and the message memory is full.
 ault settings used for sending message.
 atic resending on and off.
elated to general messaging features.
ether messages can be sent using packet data whenever possible.
voice message icon from the display until you receive another new voice message.
 last voice message information.
sages to the Saved text messages folder.
allback number to be sent to all message recipients.
d send text messages. Change case with #, add a space with 0 (zero), view special characters with *. To send messages, this service must b
 e font size for message reading, writing, and message list viewing.
  how and whether messages will be automatically overwritten when the message memory is full.
 ority for messages as urgent or normal.
  whether messages should be saved automatically to the Sent items folder when sent.
  the information that should display when viewing the time of incoming messages.
d edit your personal mailing list for messages.
  messages that can be edited and sent later.
d send messages to e-mail addresses. To send messages, this service must be activated by the service provider.
 ssages from a selected folder or from all folders.
r changing the settings for reading, writing, and sending messages.
ether incoming messages will automatically be displayed when received.
  how received messages will be displayed. Msg. content shows the sender and beginning of the message. Msg. alert only indicates the num
s that have not yet been sent.
d name your personal message folders.
redictive text within the message editor.
 e network to inform you when the recipient has opened your text message. To receive a read receipt notification from the network, message
 ge with an attached callback number.

  llback number to be sent to the recipient.
 e network to inform you when a message has been delivered to a recipient.
 recipient to reply back to you by pressing a number key. In your message you should define values with numbers (e.g. 1=Yes, 2=No). The ke
 ignature that can be attached to the bottom of your outgoing messages.
n of templates for creating messages.
   limit, a minimum 1 hour and a maximum 5 days, within which the network will attempt to send your messages.
hether the sleep mode option is switched on or off. The sleep mode allows you to save some battery power.
   duration of the alarm clock snooze.
w the contact list is sorted, by status or alphabetically.
 outdoor activities related features available in the phone. The features are compass, stopwatch, countdown timer, audio messaging, and the
  and manage images, animations, tones, applications, and games.
 d disable the ringing tone that indicates an incoming roam call.
 and disable the alert tone that will indicate a change of service when the phone enters the home or roaming service area.
 receive e-mail via the browser.
 p-up notification settings. When set to immediate display, pop-up notifications will not close your game or application, only pause it.
 receive Shortmail via the browser.
mation about your phone.
elated to the phone's standby mode.
  hances the phone's audio output by enabling a wider stereo sound effect.
hether an animation is shown when opening and closing the swivel.
   function for opening and closing the swivel with incoming and on-going calls.
se your phone data.
   applications or data to be synchronised.
d edit the address of the remote server database to be synchronised.
d edit the server name or address, which will be used in synchronisation.
ur user name and password for PC synchronisation.
se phone data with a remote server and define settings for local and remote synchronisation.
 change your password.
 ts the server synchronisation.
ur synchronisation service settings.
d edit your user name.
 multiple characters that can be accessed by pressing the key repeatedly.
e grouped to keys 4-8. Grantha letters are grouped in key 9.
ponding vowel signs are grouped in keys 2-3. To write "ஆகா", first enter the vowel "ஆ" from key 2, then consonant "க", and finally apply th
 browser and provide Wi-Fi help.
works can replace mobile network coverage for making calls.

 he order of automatic connection attempts.
 e name of a saved network.
 works. Lets you change the connection setting and other settings.
 settings for Wi-Fi networks manually or by selecting from available networks.
 security settings for your access point.
uration settings for Wi-Fi calls.
kground image that will be displayed when the phone is in the idle state.
  language for text editing.
 receive instant messages. An active account with a service provider is needed.
 st of people with whom you send instant messages and their availability.
m the instant messaging service.
 e and rename previously saved conversations.
e connection settings.
ction key is reserved for specific applications.
out confirmation. Choosing 'No' means connection requests will require your confirmation.
connectable, end one or more connections.
avigation key icons on?

range HomeScreen on?
an send data automatically.
end data automatically.
an send data automatically.
end data automatically.
ion settings are available.
r, go to 'Settings', select 'Phone settings', then 'Phone software updates'.
n of new services. There is no fee for the content, but a GPRS connection fee will be charged.

SMS services, send 00000 to the service code of the service provider.
o free memory. %N kB more memory needed. Select messages to be deleted?
work connection is restored.
try again. If this problem persists, you may need to go to internet and select update settings.

ntact your service provider.
pdate settings. If this problem persists, you may need to contact your service provider.

y need to update your settings or contact your service provider.
y need to contact your service provider.
tact your service provider.
date settings. If this problem persists, you may need to contact your service provider.

ttings. If this problem persists, you may need to contact your service provider.
 can be set for retrieval.
fications can be set for retrieval.
time you charge or switch on your phone.
eking is incompatible with your browser.
incorrect credentials.

upplied address. Check the URL (address) and try again.

nner. Please try again. If this problem persists, it is likely that the service is incompatible with your browser.

upplied address. Check the URL (address) and try again.
later time. If this problem persists, please contact your service provider.
by selecting Update list from the previous screen.
eking is incompatible with your browser.
upplied address. Check the URL and try again.
nner. Please try again. If this problem persists, it is likely that the service is incompatible with your browser.
 incorrect credentials.

later time. If this problem persists, please contact your service provider.
d Add to saved networks.
lable only if it is included in the SIM card, and its functionality may vary depending on the network.
epending on the network.

o input tone marks for Pinyin input method.

 by the network operator, and its functionality may vary depending on the network.
 ated by the network operator.

ce, it will use an analogue one. A roaming rate applies when you are abroad.
ce, it will use an analogue one. A roaming rate applies when you are abroad.

e selection is changed.

with *. To send messages, this service must be activated by the service provider.

 n only call or send messages to the numbers on the list.
on or calendar notes.

n of phone settings.

 may vary depending on the network.

g and holding a key.
er or address is not defined, it will be requested every time a message is sent.

he availability of this service depends on the network operator.

e depends on the network operator.

ve activated this feature.

ctivated by the service provider.

e must first be activated by your service provider.

 one. If an application is downloaded it can be accessed through this menu and the Downloads menu.
essing #. With a short keypress of * you can access a list of other characters.
e must be activated by the service provider before messages can be sent.

uped in keys 9 and 0.
enter "প", then press key * and finally enter "র".
y 2, then consonant "ত", and finally apply the vowel sign "
ity. Selecting low quality may allow longer clips to be inserted into multimedia messages.
h or shorter can be sent in a multimedia message.

 be automatically answered.

ch category folder of the info inbox.

 ayed. When 'Reduced' is selected, special characters are converted.

er entering pinyin, press key 1 to enter a tone mark, press the * key to switch pinyin candidates.
number key, OK key, or Enter key to select a Chinese character. Key D or key J are mapped as wildcard strokes.
y a certain number of times to enter a zhuyin symbol. Press the * key to enter a tone mark.
onnection information set up in BlackBerry settings.
nt and connection information set up within the BlackBerry settings.

connection information to settings for e-mail messages.

ust be activated by the service provider.
 messages can be sent.

Berry e-mail provider.
n analogue system.

 out of coverage area.

 line, and strikethrough.
ay look different to the recipients as they are not sent with the message.
the recipients as they are not sent with the message.

essing #. With a short keypress of * you can access a list of other characters.

h 'When needed', a packet data connection is established only when you connect to a service.

ouped in keys 9 and 0.
 enter "પ", then press key * and finally enter "ર".
ey 2, then consonant "ત", and finally apply the vowel sign "
enter "प", then press key * and finally enter "र".
y 3, then consonant "थ", and finally apply the vowel sign "
 uped in keys 9 and 0.
  enter "ಪ", then press key * and finally enter "ರ".
ey 2, then consonant "ತ", and finally apply the vowel sign "
ons on downloading the settings.

 must be activated by the service provider before messages can be sent.
service provider before messages can be sent.
m your service provider.

security code. USIM card may require that this code is always used.

uped in keys 9 and 0.
enter "ਪ", then press key * and finally enter "ਰ".
ey 2, then consonant "ਤ", and finally apply the vowel sign "
 channel listing view.

ntered to unlock the keyguard.

hat the code is always asked for.
 is always asked for.

uped in keys 9 and 0.

ey 3, then consonant "හ", and finally apply the vowel sign "්" from key 3.
write "මඊ" instead of "මී", first enter "ම", then press key * and finally enter "ඊ".

pends on the network operator.
ers with *. To send messages, this service must be activated by the service provider.

y the service provider.

f the message. Msg. alert only indicates the number of new messages.

ad receipt notification from the network, messages must be saved to the Sent items folder.

 values with numbers (e.g. 1=Yes, 2=No). The key press acts as the reply.

atch, countdown timer, audio messaging, and thermometer.

ome or roaming service area.

your game or application, only pause it.
m key 2, then consonant "க", and finally apply the vowel sign "
d as wildcard strokes.

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