Back Porch Garden Wine _amp; Tea Bar by gdf57j


									           W INE
 We feature wonderful wines from
       Murielle Winery
       Clearwater, Florida
                                   Back Porch Garden
  Tropical Wines - $3.75/glass
 Traditional Wines - $4.50/glass
                                     Wine & Tea Bar
        Tropical Series
      Blueberry Pinot Noir
     Green Apple Riesling
   Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc
        Mango Semillon
  Passion Fruit White Zinfandel
   Peach Apricot Chardonnay
       Raspberry Merlot
      Three Berry Shiraz
Bing Cherry Cabernet Sauvignon

       Traditional Series
      Cabernet Sauvignon
          Pinot Noir
         Signature Red

        Vintners Series
    Ice Style Dessert Wine
      Cabernet Franc
   Chocolate Raspberry Port
          Sunset Red                    Open Mon - Sat
Exclusive Citrus County Retailer            10am - 5pm
      Back Porch Garden
        Wine & Tea Bar                     (later for parties)
       650 N. Citrus Ave.
    Crystal River, FL 34428
        352-564-1500               Enjoy Afternoon Tea Daily


                                          650 N. Citrus Ave.
                                       Crystal River, FL 34428
                            T EA                                               M A TC HA M A R TI N I
       Iced - $2.00/glass (select flavors brewed daily)                      organic Matcha with iced lemonade
      Hot - $2.00/cup (choose from over 50 loose leaf,                                      $4.00
      fair trade and organic teas, brewed fresh to order)
                                                                                           C HA I
                           Black Teas
                                                                        Hot—$3.00/cup               Iced—$3.00/glass
Assam Organic                 Darjeeling 2nd Flush Makaibari,
                                                                                        Daily Flavors:
Golden Monkey                              organic
                                                                     Kashmiri Chai, organic         Masala Chai, organic
Raspberry Ceylon              Crème de la Earl Grey, organic
                                                                     Tra Que Chai, organic          Spicy Chai, organic
Caramel Crème Brulee          English Breakfast organic
                                                                                        Highland Chai (decaf)
Mango Mist                    Irish Breakfast, organic
Ginger Peach                  Lapsang Souchong, organic                             S MO O T HI E S
Chocolate Cream Truffle       Orange Spice, organic
                                                                Strawberry Smoothie - made fresh with an herbal berry tea,
Peach Apricot, organic        Wuyi Rock Oolong, organic
                                                                organic strawberry yogurt, blended into a wonderful smoothie,
Lady Londonderry              Wild Blueberry, organic
                                                                                          low calorie
Monks Blend, organic          Plum Oolong , organic                                         $5.00
Imperial Keemun, organic
                                                                    Chai Smoothie - made fresh with our Tra Que Chai
                           Green Teas                           (cinnamon & black organic tea), organic French Vanilla yogurt,
Matcha, organic               Jasmine Gold Dragon, organic                blended into a great smoothie, low calorie
Moroccan Mint, organic        Lemon Green                                                   $5.00
Strawberry Sencha             Pomegranate Green
Sencha, organic               Slimming Oolong, organic                          C HI CK E N S A L A D
Pear & Green Tea              Royal Coconut Oolong               homemade chicken salad, with chicken breast, cran- raisins,
Green Apricot Decaf           Genmaicha Green, organic             grapes, celery, walnuts, sour cream/mayo combination,
                                                                        Masala spice and a croissant roll on the side.
                           White Teas
                                                                                          $5.75 each
China White Peach             White Blueberry
Silver Swallow, organic                                                        H O ME MA D E S O U P

                   Herbal/Tisanne Teas
                                                                            H O ME MA D E S CO NE S
                                                                                         Special Item
Rooibos Red Bush, organic         Lady Hannah
Rooibos Vanilla, organic          Yerba Mate, organic
Rooibos Red Peach, organic        Roasted Mate, organic             A UT HE N TI C F L A T B R E A D P I E S
Rooibos Belgian Chocolate         Serene, 80% organic
                                                                     Spinach Pie - sautéed with onions and lemon juice,
Kir Royale                        Hibiscus Herbal, organic
                                                                     served hot with hummus, Greek & light virgin olive oil
Papaya & Pineapple                Strawberry Apple
Peppermint, organic               Gold Rush
                                  Citrus Morning                   Cheese Pie - 3 white cheeses & black caraway seeds,
                                                                                 served hot with fresh grapes.
                       Medicinal Teas
Throat Tender, organic            Orange Echinacea, organic

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