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                       Why is it that everyone is using Paypal for online payments?
                       Even reputable businesses?

                       Is there not any other means to make payments online?

                       I wont touch Paypal or Ebay. Since Paypal is owned by
                       Ebay, and I
                       will do absolutely nothing with Ebay or any company owned
                       by them.
                       Ebay has done a great job of ruining online business. When
                       is there
                       going to be a neutral online payment company?

               Sellers use Paypal for business transactions to avoid having to pay
               charges and fees to banks for accounts that allow acceptance of
               credit cards. These fees typically run 2−4 % of the total
               transaction (including taxes, and shipping). That is why some gas
               stations charge more for credit than cash fillups. Also, since
               Paypal was created with the birth of internet commerce many business
               on the internet feel obligated to accept it−in order to enhance
               their "web presence". I stopped using paypal 10 years ago when I
               realized how easy it would be for personal identity information to
               become compromised. I do not use Ebay for the same reason.

       To be perfectly honest, I'd rather pay the 2−4% than trust my bank account to paypal.

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You dont have to trust your bank account to paypal, you can use a card with paypal instead.

        The identity issue is precisely why I wont use paypal,

Pity that thats an even bigger problem with using a card
directly with operations that you dont know anything about.

        and in addition to that, I once had a paypal account. My small local ISP
        was sold to one of the major ISPs, so I cancelled them and found another
        ISP. When I tried to access my paypal acct. it refused to allow me to
        enter, insisting I use my old email address (which no longer existed).

Anyone with a clue uses an email address thats independant of the ISP
so they can continue to use the email address when they change ISPs.

And that doesnt even cost a cent.

        Because of that, I was locked out, and was never able to get my money.
        That was about 6 years ago. I sent numerous emails and got no reply,
        I phoned and only got a recording, I sent an actual letter and got no
        response. Paypal IS as bad and worse than many people say.

Only for fools that dont have a clue.

        I had to change all my bank accounts after
        that, because paypal still had access to them.

No you didnt.

        I did use ebay a few times after that, but only bought from
        sellers that accepted checks or money orders. After getting
        defective junk on several occasions, I quit using ebay entirely.

More fool you.

        It would be a cold day in hell before I'd use either of them again.

Your problem.

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        I recently did business with a reputable and excellent company
        who I have used numerous times in the past. When I placed my
        order I had the choice to use Paypal or mail my payment. I did
        not want to wait for mailing payment. I phoned them, and they
        had no problem taking my credit card payment by phone.

And if they had a clue, they'd accept the card online.

        I felt obligated to express my views about Paypal, and they told me they'd
        rather have another online payment option but it simply does not exist.

They're lying.

        When I asked them why they do not have the option to place a wb
        order using my credit card, the person said they did not know why....

Because they are fools.

        From now on I will just phone in my orders.

Wota dinosaur.


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