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University of
North Dakota                          701.777.3911
Regular Academic Session - A regular session class is any class that meets the whole semester.

Online Session - An online class is a class that has a “location code” of online. It will meet only
    online. There are additional tuition and fees associated with online classes. These are
    semester-based, and all Regular Session/Non-Standard Meeting Session deadlines apply for
    these classes.

Non-Standard Meeting Session - A Non-Standard Meeting Session is any class that meets for part
   of the regular semester. The registration and refund deadlines are calculated proportionally
   based on the regular session dates.

Correspondence Classes - Classes via Internet that are not term-based and are coordinated
     through the Division of Continuing Education.
Drop a class - Drop one or more classes, but remain enrolled in other class(es) at UND.

Withdraw from UND - Be officially withdrawn from all classes at UND through the Registrar’s office.

           Represents the University of North Dakota going green!
                   Fall 2011 Student Finance Calendar
Wednesday, June 1     First day to sign up for UND Monthly Payment Plan
Monday, Aug. 22       First day of class; Fall 2011 Campus Connection charges due
Wednesday, Aug. 31    Last day to withdraw from all regular academic session
                      enrollment to receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees;
                      Last day to receive a refund for dropped regular session
                      academic classes; Contact Student Account Services for non-
                      standard meeting session classes
Saturday, Sept. 3     Financial Aid Disbursement begins
Wednesday, Sept. 21   Last day to pay and avoid a late fee of up to $200;
                      Last day to enroll in UND’s Monthly Payment Plan;
                      Last day to request UND bill a third party for current semester
Friday, Sept. 30      Last day to withdraw from all regular academic session
                      enrollment to receive a 75% refund of tuition and fees; no refunds for
                      dropped regular academic session classes; Contact Student Account
                      Services for non-standard meeting sessions
Sunday, Oct. 30       Last day to withdraw from all regular academic session enrollment to
                      receive a 50% refund of tuition and fees; no refunds for dropped regular
                      academic session classes; Contact Student Account Services for non-
                      standard meeting sessions
Monday, Oct. 31       Partial refunds for withdrawal from UND no longer available
       How much do I have to pay and when?

     Below is an example showing what is due by the
           first day of class, August 22, 2011:

Tuition/Fees & Room/Board             $5,000

Anticipated Aid for semester          ($3,000)

Pay by August 22, 2011                $2,000
                   Check your Campus Connection

Remember to check your Campus Connection account on a regular
basis, even if you think you are paid in full, to ensure all transactions and
your tuition rate are correct and charges have correctly posted.

To view your transactions, go to:
Student Center > Student Account Detail

You also need to check your account to make sure all Financial Aid has

been applied. If it has not, contact Student Financial Aid at 701-777-3121.
                                  Pay Online
Use our FREE e-Check option to pay any amount that you owe on your account. All you need
is your bank routing number and account number. Paying online is the safest and quickest
way to pay on your account. The payment will be reflected on your Campus Connection
Account immediately.

Log into Campus Connection at:

Make online payments to your account:
Student Center>Finances>Pay Online Now

There is a 2.75% fee if paying by credit or debit card (MasterCard, American Express,
and Discover).

For other Payment Options and information on Payment Plans please visit:
                  Online Deposits / Pre-Pay
Once in the online payment system:

Aviation Students - To make a deposit to your flight account:

   Click the “Deposits” tab > From the drop down box,

Other Deposits (Housing 1st Installment, Housing, Tuition, Parking,
Children’s Center, or Int’l Health Insurance Prepayments):

    Click the “Deposits” tab > From the drop down box,
    select the desired UND prepayment type.
                                    UND Pride Card
What does activating my UND Pride Card mean?
“Activating” the UND Pride Card simply means choosing your refund preference. That is, how do you want to
receive your excess aid and other refunds?

You have two choices for your refund preference:
1. Deposit to a OneAccount
   - The UND Pride Card WILL function as a Debit Mastercard.
   - You will have a bank account with Higher One.
2. Deposit to your personal bank account (ACH Transfer)
   - The UND Pride Card WILL NOT function as a Debit Mastercard.
   - You will not have a bank account with Higher One.

What happens if I don’t use my UND Pride Card to select my refund preference?
Students who do not choose their refund preference at will experience a significant delay in
receiving their excess financial aid or other refunds. (A check will be mailed after 21 days from the initial processing
date of the refund).

The checks are issued through Higher One, not UND, so if students did not update their HOME address on Campus
Connection prior to the UND Pride Card being mailed, there is a risk that the check will be mailed to the wrong
**Please don’t throw away your UND Pride Card!**
A fee will be assessed to the student for a replacement card.
For additional information, please visit or the Frequently Asked Questions page on the
Student Account Services website at:
                  Set up an Authorized User
Does a family member or other outside party help with your finances? If
so, set them up as an Authorized User. This will allow them to view your
monthly e-Bill and to make online payments and deposits.

        1. Log into Campus Connection
        2. Student Center > Pay Online Now
        3. Click “Authorized Users” tab
        4. Add e-mail address of Authorized User(s)

Authorized users receive monthly e-Bill notifications at the beginning of
each month.
                         Keep your Family Informed
You can have a copy of your emails sent to your family or Authorized User’s email account.

U-Mail is the official means of communication used by UND. Student Account Services sends
out important information through U-Mail. It is important to check your U-Mail account on a
regular basis. You can claim your U-Mail account at the following website:

To forward your U-Mail to another email address:
1. Log into U-Mail
2. Options > Settings
3. Check “Enable Forwarding” and “Don’t leave a copy on the server”*
4. Enter Family Email address and your preferred email

* Only select, “Don’t leave a copy on the server,” if you are going to have your
U-Mail forwarded to your preferred email.

            You may also contact our office directly to have these important people
     added to our “Family Listserv,” to receive general emails from Student Account Services

            Changes are coming to University Email this Fall!!
               Submit a FERPA Release Form

This form allows you and those designated by you to be able to
discuss financial information if they call Student Account Services
or Student Financial Aid with the security code that you set on the
FERPA form.
             Update your Home Address
By keeping your contact information current, you will allow Student
Account Services to contact you when issues arise on your account. This
will also ensure that important documents get to you quickly. Documents
include tax information, past due notices, and your UND Pride Card.

Log into Campus Connection at:

Go to Student Center > Personal Information
Please note: Updating your home address in Campus Connection will not
update your home address with Payroll or with Higher One; updating
your home address with Higher One will not update your home address
in Campus Connection or with Payroll.
              “Holds and To Do List”

If Campus Connection indicates that you have a “Hold” or “To Do” item,
please take the appropriate action. This will help ensure that you are
not prevented from registering and that all financial aid is posted to your
account. If you have any questions regarding an item, please contact the
office indicated in the details.

Campus Connection > Student Center
                     TuitionPay Payment Plan
UND offers a payment plan to students through our partner Sallie Mae - TuitionPay service.

TuitionPay is an interest-free plan that allows students to break down the large lump-sum
payments due at the beginning of each semester into monthly installments.

Students can enroll in semester-based plans at the beginning of each semester to cover
their Tuition/Fees and Room/Board charges. Payments can be spread over 3, 4, or 5
monthly installments. There is an enrollment fee per plan payable to Sallie Mae.

Students should only budget for Tuition/Fee and Room/Board costs exceeding their
financial aid award. The payment plan may not be used to cover other charges such as
books, aviation charges, student health, rent, etc.

To enroll in the Sallie Mae TuitionPay plan or to request additional information, please call
TuitionPay directly at 1-800-635-0120 or visit

Enrollment Dates:
Fall 2011 Plan: June 1 - September 21
                       Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I have a hold on my account?
Log into your account on Campus Connection > Student Center > Holds and/or To Do List
Why do I still owe…I have financial aid!
If your aid has not applied to your account yet – it will still be listed as ‘anticipated aid’ on your account. If
your total bill is $5000, you are receiving $3000 for the term in aid, it is your responsibility to pay the $2,000
difference by the first day of class (8/22/11) and follow up on any delays in Financial Aid with the Student
Financial Aid Office.
Why hasn’t my financial aid applied yet?
Log into your account on Campus Connection > Student Center > Holds and/or To Do List. If nothing is
showing, contact the Student Financial Aid Office – 701-777-3121.
I just want my refund! What do I have to do?
Select a refund preference with your UND Pride Card to ensure the fastest delivery of your refund. If you
have not received a UND Pride Card within 2 weeks of enrolling in classes at UND for the first time, please
contact the Student Account Services Office, as it may indicate an incorrect address on file.
Will the University send me a bill?
Registered students with an outstanding balance will receive an e-Bill notification electronically to their
University assigned U-Mail account. Students are advised to review their account balance and transactions
on Campus Connection. Paper billing statements are not mailed to currently enrolled students.
How much do I owe?
Students can view their account balances through Campus Connection at:
Navigate to your account information by selecting the following: Student Center > Student Account Detail
                               FAQs Continued…
What is a 1098-T and how do I get one?
The 1098-T tax form is information provided annually to students and to the IRS showing your tuition
charges, scholarships and grants for the calendar year. This can be used when filing your taxes to gain
certain education tax breaks. You can grant consent to receive your 1098-T electronically in Campus
Connection by going to: Campus Finances > View 1089-T. The forms will be available in late January for the
prior calendar year.

What is a U-card? Where do I make a deposit into my U-card account?
The U-card is your official University of North Dakota identification card. It allows you to access services at a
variety of locations throughout campus. The U-card can also be used as a pre-paid debit card. Deposit
money into your account in advance, and the balance decreases as you use it. You can make deposits into
your U-card account at the U-card Office in the Memorial Union.

What do I do if I can’t pay in full by the due date?
You can set up a payment plan through Sallie Mae (see info. on page 3) or contact the Student Financial Aid
Office to inquire about possible financial aid options.

What happens if I miss the payment deadline by one day?
Payments are due on the first day of class and must be received by Student Account Services before the last
day to make payment without a late fee. Payments postmarked but not received by Student Account
Services by the final due date will be considered past due and subject to a late fee. Please allow sufficient
mailing time. To ensure payments are received, we recommend paying online by electronic check (e-Check).
Online payments post immediately to your Campus Connection account. Online e-Check payments are free.
                              FAQs Continued…
How do I drop a class?
 is the link to find information about dropping a class and whether you will receive any refund/credit. *If you
are going to withdraw from the University – DO NOT DROP any classes – complete the withdrawal form and
submit to the Registrar’s Office.

How do I withdraw from UND? - Be aware that you may owe
money if you withdraw after the 100% deadline.

Why don’t I receive Student Account Services’ emails?
UND Policy states that “a University assigned student email account shall be the University’s official means
of communication with all students on the UND campus. Students can expect to receive official information
regarding deadlines, policy/procedure changes, changes in degree requirements, special events, class
schedule changes, regulatory changes, emergency notices, as well as other useful information from Student
Account Services, the Registrar, Office of Financial Aid, the Provost’s office, Dean of Students, the Graduate
School and information from academic departments. Students are responsible for all information sent to
them via their University assigned email account.” To verify that your U-Mail account has been activated
please visit

If your U-Mail account has been activated, please verify that your email inbox is not “over quota” or full.
Full inboxes will reject incoming email. Make sure that you have not blocked the Student Account Services’
email address. If you continue to have problems receiving your email, please contact the Help Desk at
              Fiscal Responsibility
Are you prepared to manage your finances?
A couple items to consider:
1. Have you prepared a budget?
2. How much Financial Aid do I need to actually
   meet my budget needs?
3. Who is paying for what?
4. Are you protecting yourself from fraud?
             Importance of a Budget

 Making sure you have enough funds to cover
  expenses including meals, cell phone bills, gas,
 Save, Save, Save
 Responsible spending decisions, Need vs. Want
 Less stress, more studying
           Who is Paying for What?
Work with your family to determine who pays
  for what
 Family Contribution
 Are you going to have a job?
 Have you considered Tuition/Fee Pre-payment?
 Who will be paying back loans?
            Work Closely with Student
                 Financial Aid
 After you create your budget, work closely with
  SFA to determine:
 How much financial aid do I need each semester.
 Do I have to take out the maximum amount?
Reducing Financial Aid by $500 a Semester
Average College student attends 4.5 years
Total savings not including loan interest charges is
Protect Yourself from Fraud
• Protect your identification.
• Protect your debit cards.
• Do you know the difference between debit
  cards and credit cards?
• Check your bank accounts on a regular basis.
• Check your Campus Connection Account on a
  regular basis.
• Communicate with your family!
If you have questions about the financial impact of dropped classes by a
     certain date, please contact us - we can help! If you are unsure of
   information that you have seen or heard, be sure to contact Student
               Account Services for an accurate clarification.


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