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					Murrindindi Regional Tourism Association                  22 March 2005                                         Page 1
                                                   Minutes of Committee Meeting                      File No. 58/06/13

                                     Minutes of Committee Meeting
                                        Tuesday 22 March 2005
                                    Tanglewood Restaurant, Kinglake

1.     Meeting Opened & Welcome

       Welcome drinks were held at 6:00pm for guests from the Kinglake Ranges Tourism & Business
       Association. The meeting was opened by the Chairperson at 6:30pm.

2.     In Attendance & Apologies

      ORGANISATION                             PRIMARY                            PROXY         APOLOGY

Alexandra Traders &                                                                             Geoff
Tourism Association                                                                             Proctor &

Department of                                                                                   John Steer
Sustainability &

Eildon Action                              Arthur Kapantzian       X

Kinglake Ranges                            Stan Burden             X
Tourism & Business

Lake Mountain Alpine                       Brett Herridge          X

Murrindindi Shire                          Cr Peter Beales         X     Cr Mike Dalmau     X

Mystic Mountains
Tourism Inc.

Parks Victoria                             David Nugent            X

Upper Goulburn Food                        Marcus Gillon           X
Wine & Culture Group

Yea & District Tourism                                                                          Sam Hicks

OTHER:                                     Cr Graeme Brown, Murrindindi Shire Council       X

                                           Cindy Ferguson, Murrindindi Shire Council        X

                                           Bronwyn Mumford, Murrindindi Shire Council       X

                                           Tammy Blakeney, Murrindindi Shire Council        X

GUESTS:                                    Muriel Gray, Victoria Wissell and David Johns,   X   George
                                           Kinglake Ranges Tourism & Business Association       Nadj
Murrindindi Regional Tourism Association          22 March 2005                                         Page 2
                                           Minutes of Committee Meeting                      File No. 58/06/13

       Additional Apologies: Damien Jacobs has resigned from MRTA as MMT‟s delegate & Jodi Morrison has
       resigned from MRTA as YADTA‟s delegate.

3.     Confirmation of Minutes of the Previous Meeting

       Motion: For the Minutes of the 22nd February 2005 meeting to be accepted.
       Moved: Cr Beales                Seconded:      Brett Herridge                    CARRIED

4.     Business Arising from the Minutes and Action Items


5.     Correspondence


         Letter from Sas McKenzie accepting the MRTA Bookkeeping position

         Invoice from Sas McKenzie, Bookkeeping Charges - $87.50

         Sales Now Open for Victoria‟s Cultural Guide 2005-2006, Cultural Tourism Industry Group

         Organisation Changes, Tourism Victoria

         Tourism Market Briefings – Register Now, Victorian Tourism Awards Update #26

         Invitation for MRTA to join in upcoming marketing campaign - Trek Australia, New Zealand & The

         Invitation to exhibit at The Gardening Australia Festival, 29 September-2 October – Haymarket Events
         Agenda for Country Victoria Tourism Council Annual General Meeting held on the 28 th of February 2005
         and request for proxy to vote on behalf of MRTA if not able to attend

         Notification of Tourism Alliance Victoria‟s annual Victorian Tourism Conference 2005: The Art of
         Tourism Relationships - Unlocking creativity for the right outcome 5/ 6 May 2005 (handouts provided)

         MMT alliances discussion paper and the Motions passed at the March 2005 General Meeting

         Email from Damien Jacobs resigning as the MMT representative due to other commitments including his
         recent appointment to the Yarra Valley Dandenong & The Ranges Board

         Strengthening Our Communities Conference (for Community Groups) Application Form

       Action: Secretary to forward „Strengthening Our Communities‟ Conference application forms to LISTA &
       VIC member groups.

         David Nugent extended an offer for MRTA to sponsor an MRTA Delegate/s to attend the
         Strengthening Communities Conference.
Murrindindi Regional Tourism Association          22 March 2005                                             Page 3
                                           Minutes of Committee Meeting                          File No. 58/06/13


       Letter to Council regarding the Yarra Valley Dandenong & The Ranges Memorandum of Understanding

       Appointment of Proxy Nicholas Hunt on behalf of MRTA for Country Victoria Tourism Council Annual
       General Meeting held on the 28th of February 2005

       Letter from Council‟s Tourism Unit (on behalf of the Unit/ MRTA) to Minister Pandazopoulos thanking him
       for his contribution to the Murrindindi Regional Tourism Awards, sending him copies of Coast & Country
       featuring Murrindindi and rather belatedly inviting him to be our guest at Marysville‟s World‟s Longest

       Letter to Better Business Victoria confirming MMT‟s financial membership with MRTA

       Motion: That the correspondence be accepted.
       Moved: Bronwyn Mumford                Seconded:               Cr Beales              CARRIED

6.     Reports

       Delegates reports were not discussed in great detail as they had been sent to members with the agenda.
       An additional copy will be sent with these minutes for your records. David invited any questions arising
       from the reports, however no questions were forthcoming.


       Further to David‟s delegate report that included information regarding Lake Eildon National Park (Fraser)
       & the Fernshaw Picnic Area, David commented on the importance and successfulness of the recently held
       Tourism Industry Forum. He felt it was the highlight of the month.

       Furthermore, David added that various current issues were discussed at the Executive Meeting last week.


       Please find attached copies of the December, January & February Treasurers Reports. With the recent
       appointment of a Bookkeeper, these reports should now be received monthly and will be forwarded with
       the agenda.

       Tourism Unit

       The TSO advised that at the recent VIC Network Group Meeting training of the volunteers was discussed
       and subsequently, various training opportunities would be provided over the coming twelve months. It is
       proposed that a VIC Summit will be held for all volunteers across the Murrindindi Shire (approximately
       160) with assistance from Tourism Alliance Victoria.

       The TSO thanked local businesses for their support of the most recent Coast & Country marketing
       opportunity, a feature of the Mitchell, Whittlesea and Murrindindi (Kinglake, Yea, Strath Creek &
       Flowerdale) areas focusing on natural attractions.

       Furthermore the TSO advised that aspects of the area were filmed recently in conjunction with the
       National Mountain Bike Championships and featured fly fishing at Snobs Creek Winery. Whilst the
       production will predominately feature the Championships, it is fantastic coverage for the Shire and will air
       on SBS on Sunday the 27th of March at 10:30am.
Murrindindi Regional Tourism Association          22 March 2005                                            Page 4
                                           Minutes of Committee Meeting                         File No. 58/06/13

       Cr Brown stated that the Championships were a fantastic event, the only issues he raised were dust
       problems and no water in the portable toilets at one point. Cr Dalmau explained how Eildon had hosted
       this National Event for two years running now and people stayed in the area for 4-5 days. Eildon nearly
       lost the event but thanks to Council Officers & Councillors, the event was retained.

       Good negotiations happened and Tony Scott from Mountain Bike Australia was made aware of the great
       bike riding/trail opportunities, not only in Eildon, but also across the whole Shire. Cr Dalmau went on to
       state that Council/MRTA need to further promote and invest in this area, as it‟s a popular sport with
       many state and national titles being held.

       David Nugent added the demand for mountain biking is high and ranges from a family activity to hard-
       core enthusiasts. Parks Victoria needs to work with Local Government at looking further into
       opportunities, particularly opportunities to link in with the upcoming Commonwealth Games and
       programs at Lysterfield Park. Cr Dalmau stated this is possible, but it‟s a matter of being able to
       maintain the course. These public liability and land management issues will be discussed with Goulburn
       Murray Water.

       Additionally, a debrief meeting regarding the recent National Mountain Bike Championships held in Eildon
       has been organised for Thursday the 31st of March, in the Alexandra Council Chambers from 7:00pm.
       Jeff Harrison, Goulburn Public Use Manager, Goulburn Murray Water is currently on leave, however upon
       his return a meeting with Council Officers will be arranged to discuss future opportunities for the course
       area. In previous discussions Jeff has highlighted that ownership of the course and area would need to
       be driven by the local community/Eildon Action.


       David Nugent invited KRTBA (as host delegate) to speak briefly about the association‟s recent activities.

       KRTBA – Stan apologized for being late and welcomed delegates to the Kinglake area. Stan raised
       several current issues. Firstly, the reproduction of the Yea-Kinglake Touring Guide & Map. KRTBA has
       been working in conjunction with YADTA and the production should be finalised shortly. It is ambitious
       to think they will be produced in time for Easter, however the associations are aiming for as soon as

       Secondly, KRTBA sent a letter to the Murrindindi Shire Council requesting assistance with the placement
       of signage to the Kinglake area on the Melba Highway and Plenty Road as „Kinglake is up the road from
       Whittlesea‟. Cr Beales advised the letter had not been received yet and that Council was still working on
       negotiations with Whittlesea and VicRoads. Furthermore, the TDO advised Council was currently
       investigating a tourism signage audit, which was good timing and could assist.

       Finally, David Johns, KRTBA Member, has put together and is continuing to produce pamphlets that
       highlight a range of visitor services throughout the Kinglake area. David provided examples to delegates.

       David Johns discussed his pamphlets in further detail. He thought of a series looking at different aspects
       of the Kinglake area. He began with a general booklet and is now producing more specific ones
       focussing on waterfalls etcetera. He has created a National Park one, yet to be seen by Parks Victoria,
       which he will produce with their approval after ensuring details are correct. David Nugent suggested
       contacting him at Parks Victoria, as they may be interested in advertising in that edition.

       David Johns has spent six months taking photos and working on the booklets. He plans to develop
       additional ones focusing on fishing, mountain biking, canoeing and the like. The pamphlets have only
       just got going in the last few weeks and it is early days, he has never done anything like this. The
       booklets are being displayed at the VIC and within local businesses where people frequent.

       Brett asked whether more would be produced after this original run. David explained he would try to
       keep up with demand. Brett went on to suggest using different colours to differentiate the different
Murrindindi Regional Tourism Association          22 March 2005                                              Page 5
                                           Minutes of Committee Meeting                           File No. 58/06/13

       Cr Beales explained that the booklets are for visitors to use when they are in the area, not as a
       marketing tool to promote the area. Cr Dalmau said he admired the production, servicing customers
       their on arrival. Stan highlighted that advertising on the back of the booklets assisted funding the
       production, which was not expensive as hundreds are being circulated along the range.

       Cr Dalmau suggested Council might be able to assist with production costs. Cr Brown added MRTA may
       also be able to be involved with the funding. David Nugent commented MRTA might be able to help out
       with part sponsorship. The TDO stressed the need to embrace the opportunity by putting a formal
       request for funding/sponsorship to both MRTA and Council so that the sentiment isn‟t buried in the
       meeting‟s minutes, but actually has the chance of happening.

       Arthur invited David Johns to the next Eildon Action Meeting, on either the 11 th or 18th of April, to make a
       presentation about the booklets, his ideas and the local support that has been achieved. The support
       gained appears to have come after seeing the product and hard work, an attitude we should promote,
       instead of what often happens, which is asking for support before taking the initiative.

       David Johns stated with over 200,000 visitors to Kinglake National Park annually, the sky‟s the limit. Cr
       Brown suggested that KRTBA write letters to Council, MRTA and other organisations (including relevant
       data) and detailing the kind of sponsorship they are seeking. Additionally Cr Beales suggested
       monitoring interest levels in the booklet and obtaining accurate figures. Letters seeking support should
       include the possibility of expanding the locations of the booklet drops, which would therefore increase
       production. Muriel stated that other VIC‟s within the Shire had already requested copies of the booklets.

       Action: Arthur and David Johns are to liase regarding a booklet presentation at the next Eildon Action

       Action: KRTBA to consider sending a letter to Council and MRTA, explaining the booklet process and
       including copies of the current booklets, seeking sponsorship and support. Ensure to detail the value of
       sponsorship being requested.

       In closing, Stan advised that membership in KRTBA is increasing which is encouraging.

       Marketing Sub-Committee

       The TSO advised that the Sub-Committee met yesterday (21 March) as a new extended Committee, as
       per the recent industry forum request for LISTA‟s to nominate additional representatives. Unfortunately
       a few representatives were unable to make the meeting.

       An initial introduction was provided and homework given to representatives to investigate the marketing
       dollars allocated by each LISTA for the 2005/06 period, as well as individual operator costs, to get a
       grasp on collectively what the area is spending. This information will be collated and information sought
       on what, when and where LISTA‟s market to assist with strategies of the plan and subsequent actions.

       The TSO added that the next meeting will be held on Monday the 11 th of April and will focus on
       developing further strategies and actions, prior to making a presentation to Council on Tuesday the 3 rd of
       May 2005.

       TDO stated that whilst Geoff Proctor, Chair of the Sub-Committee is absent at this meeting, he strongly
       believes that for the Sub-Committee to work, all associations have to get behind it.
Murrindindi Regional Tourism Association          22 March 2005                                            Page 6
                                           Minutes of Committee Meeting                         File No. 58/06/13

       Awards Sub-Committee

       David Nugent commented that MRTA needs to be aware of what, and how much, it takes on with
       relation to the running of the awards. This year‟s awards are coming around quickly again, thus it is
       important to get the Sub-Committee back together. The Sub-Committee is made up of representatives
       from the hosting LTA from the previous year, this years host LTA and next years host LTA, together with
       Council Officers and the MRTA President and Secretary. For your information, this years host is
       Marysville, last years was Alexandra and the previous year it was Yea.

       The TSO advised that it is hoped that the awards will be launched in May and there are plans to have
       Tourism Victoria come to the Shire and combine the launch with a networking night focussing on the
       awards process. David added that a really good debrief was held after the last awards night and it is
       imperative to get moving on this years awards.

       OVG Sub-Committee

       The TSO provided an update on the new Official Visitors Guide. A proof has been received from The
       Standard (who produce the guide) and the Tourism Unit is currently reviewing it and will provide
       feedback tomorrow (23 March). There are naturally advertising changes, the addition of new businesses,
       some businesses have dropped out and some have closed down. Editorial changes include highlighting
       the distance to townships from Melbourne and travel times from other areas in a user friendly table.
       Approval is required from the Legends, Wine & High Country Campaign Committee and Tourism Victoria.
       The production should be released in about a fortnight.

7.     Other Business

       7a) Professional Indemnity/Public Liability Insurance (ZIB Insurance Brokers Ltd Proposal)

       The TDO commented that due to a lag response from the insurance agency, there is no current update
       on findings. It has been suggested to invite Lisa Elward from Council to attend the next MRTA meeting
       to assist with discussions, whilst also following the issue up further with ZIB Insurance Brokers who have
       been recommended by Tourism Alliance Victoria. David Nugent added it is MRTA‟s intention to source
       the information for delegates to take back to each LISTA.

       Arthur advised that he attended a lecture today given by the Treasury & Finance Department‟s Senior
       Advisor to Minister John Lenders, who spoke about public liability and professional indemnity insurance
       and the tourism industry. Issues discussed included concerns regarding the availability and affordability
       of insurance. Arthur suggested considering approaching the lecturer to come and speak with MRTA
       given she is currently working on the issue.

       Cr Brown suggested Lisa and Cindy make contact with the lecturer. Cr Dalmau suggested putting a
       process into place to get the lecturer to an MRTA meeting in order to express views and implications to

       Action: Arthur to provide the Secretary with the lecturer‟s details so contact can be made.

       Action: Secretary to invite Council Officer Lisa Elward to the next MRTA Meeting to discuss insurance
       issues and options.

       Motion: The Tourism Unit and Lisa Elward work together, with the support of Council and MRTA, to
               arrange for Minister Lender‟s Senior Advisor to attend a future meeting and discuss insurance
       Moved: Cr Beales                Seconded:       Stan Burden                     CARRIED
Murrindindi Regional Tourism Association          22 March 2005                                            Page 7
                                           Minutes of Committee Meeting                         File No. 58/06/13

       7b) Visiting Journalist Policy

       The TDO advised that Council Officers are seeking MRTA feedback to assist with the creation of a „Visiting
       Journalists Policy‟. Journalists to region naturally focus their editorial on the area and often require
       accommodation, food and entry to attractions. The Tourism Unit is in the process of implementing a
       policy whereby operators who get editorial coverage as a result provide their services free of charge,
       recognising the value provided by such publicity for the business directly, as well as for the area.

       Brett suggested getting LISTA‟s to provide a list of service providers who are happy to do this and then
       call upon these members when the situation arises. The TDO stated that that is included in the strategic
       marketing plan, however we need to know what to do when the service provider is not on the database.

       Cr Dalmau said that it is not fair to expect one service provider to provide dinner, bed and breakfast, and
       perhaps utilising different businesses would help spread the load. If businesses get a mention it is worth
       thousands of dollars.       There is a need for Tourism Officer‟s expertise to ensure professional
       establishments are used, as they are first impressions for this area. We‟d hate to take journalists to a
       place that‟s not up to scratch.

       Muriel suggested informing members of promotions available to assist with getting them involved in

       Arthur stated that this should fall under the financial plan, which has never been discussed as part of the
       MRTA meetings since he joined. He added a budget should be created a year ahead to see the amount
       we need for the whole operation, therefore we can see how we can share costs and sell to associations
       as financially interested stakeholders. Could the monthly treasury report include how we meet budgeted
       items? Then we don‟t need to discuss these kinds of things as they have already been agreed ahead of

       David Nugent advised there is a Business Plan and thanked Arthur for highlighting the need to report
       against it. David said MRTA needed to look at how to report on it as part of the monthly reporting. He
       added that the Visiting Journalist Program is part of the marketing plan and financial contribution needs
       to be highlighted. The TDO has highlighted that in-kind support is also required.

       Action: Executive to look at how to report back to delegates on items from the Business Plan.

       Brett and David positively suggested that delegates could provide the Secretary with a list from each
       LISTA of businesses that are happy to provide in-kind services and be involved in the Visiting Journalist

       Action: Delegates to provide Secretary with a list from each LISTA of businesses that are happy to
       provide in-kind services and be involved in the Visiting Journalist Program.

       Arthur added that the time to discuss the policy is when discussing the marketing plan with individual
       LISTA‟s to ensure that all members have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss further.

       David said MRTA needs to work with the Tourism Unit to get criteria established, fit the policy into the
       marketing plan and sell to the LISTA‟s.

       Action: Executive needs to work with the Council Tourism Unit to get criteria established for a „Visiting
       Journalist Policy‟ that will fit into the marketing plan and then sell it to the LISTA‟s.

       Cr Dalmau suggested that LISTA‟s report back to MRTA on what coverage they have received previously
       from visiting journalists, equating the coverage to dollars. A report of this kind would help justify the
       policy to members.
Murrindindi Regional Tourism Association          22 March 2005                                           Page 8
                                           Minutes of Committee Meeting                        File No. 58/06/13

       The TDO stated that MRTA would need a publicity report from everyone within the region, to bring back
       to the table and enhance the value of presenting to Council. Each association needs to collect this data.
       Currently the program is being funded from the Tourism Unit/Council, who needs to work with MRTA to
       expand and enhance the process for consultation. Brett gave an example that Lake Mountain estimate
       they received $400,000-$500,000 worth of free publicity last year and mentioned that editorial is far
       more powerful than advertising.

       Cr Dalmau added that if MRTA are spending their $4,000 budget on food and accommodation for visiting
       journalists, then less is achieved. With more in-kind support, significantly more can be achieved.

       Action: Each LISTA to provide Secretary with a publicity report detailing publicity gained from Visiting
       Journalists in the past and to gauge the opinion of their members with regard to providing in-kind

       7c) Legends Wine & High Country Name Change

       The TDO explained the letter requesting feedback was received by MRTA, but also by the Tourism Unit
       and individual LISTA‟s seeking a direct response. The TDO highlighted that it is worthwhile that each
       LISTA table an individual response to LWHC and also bring their response back to a future MRTA
       meeting to discuss further in order for MRTA to respond as a coordinated industry body.

       Action: Each LISTA is to table a response to LWHC regarding their name change and bring your
       response back to a future MRTA meeting to discuss further, in order for MRTA to respond as a
       coordinated industry body.

       The initial feedback deadline is Wednesday the 30th of March. LWHC will collate the responses and then
       for further input.

       Cr Dalmau advised that Council‟s response regarding a suggested new name is „Victoria‟s Legendary High
       Country‟. As a previous representative on the LWHC Board, Cr Dalmau explained there were good
       reasons behind the suggested name. „Legends‟ has an acceptance in the marketplace. Whilst wine is
       important, it is a universal product and not something that sets Murrindindi apart anymore. The other
       part, „High Country‟ sticks in peoples minds with snow etc.

       Whilst our perception of „high country‟ might be from Mansfield and beyond, it is not so in the market.
       Any way you look at it, be it travelling up the Melba Highway, Black Spur or through Whittlesea/Kinglake
       to Murrindindi, the perception from travelling up the through the hills, is we are high country. We need
       to educate people to understand where it is. The word „legendary‟ pertains to Hume & Hovell Cricket
       Ground, High Country Cattleman etc; the area boasts a lot of tradition.

       David Nugent added the term „legendary‟ could also lead us into Aboriginal history as well. Cr Dalmau
       continued stating Murrindindi per se is not known in the market, whereas Yarra Valley – High Country are
       and this subsequently positions Murrindindi well. To have the North East Campaign Committee known as
       „Victoria‟s Legendary High Country‟ means we can be marketed and people can have ownership. A
       concept may be the „legendary high country road‟ starting in Healesville, through the Black Spur, Eildon,
       Tolmie and up and out to Chiltern. Whilst between Cheshunt and Myrtleford is yet to be sealed, we can
       still push the concept, as the biggest domestic market is travelling along the Hume and into NSW & Qld.
       If we can divert travellers off the Highway and through Murrindindi and the Yarra Valley, we can get high
       yield from the touring route and an icon. Alignment with the name would be of huge value to our area.
       Yarra Valley Dandenongs and The Ranges are only focussed on Melbourne and not their back door.

       The TDO explained that the LWHC Committee has already changed its name, so from an industry
       perspective it is now North East Victoria Tourism Inc (NEVT). The process being worked through now is
       to determine what name is used with consumers. After receiving preliminary comments, NEVT will come
       back for further feedback from industry before testing suggested names with visitors from Queensland,
       New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.
Murrindindi Regional Tourism Association          22 March 2005                                            Page 9
                                           Minutes of Committee Meeting                         File No. 58/06/13

       David Nugent said that given the short timeline for preliminary feedback, MRTA would take Cr Dalmau's
       comments and focus on them in the MRTA response letter. The Chief Executive Officer will be
       responding on behalf of Council and MRTA will write a separate letter, consistent with Councils thoughts.
       Each individual LISTA has the opportunity to put in independent comments to NEVT and it is requested
       that the TDO be provided with a copy of such feedback.

       Stan suggested delaying this edition of the OVG for namesake, so we can use the new name change
       prominently on OVG. The TDO advised that the name change has a much longer timeframe and should
       be ready for the next OVG. David acknowledged it was a good idea but that the timing would not be

       Arthur raised concerns about different names, why have one for industry and one for customer? The
       TDO advised she had raised the same point to the Committee and agreed it does not make sense,
       however the majority of the Committee voted to change the industry name and progress with the
       customer name.

       Cr Dalmau said the only rationale is that it happened in line with the new Regional Development Plans,
       as the name change is now in line with them. After researching the name change and selecting one,
       perhaps then we can suggest to change the industry name back for harmony.

       Brett mentioned „Victoria‟s High Country‟ was discussed at Lake Mountain after receiving the letter, as the
       name highlights the strengths of the region.

       Motion: The MRTA support the principle and concept that came from Council regarding the LWHC name
               change to Victoria‟s Legendary High Country.
       Moved: Brett Herridge            Seconded:     Arthur Kapantzian                      CARRIED

       Action: Secretary to produce a letter to LWHC from MRTA in relation to the name change.

       8d) Destination Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges Funding Accord

       David Nugent explained to KRTBA members for those that were not aware, that MRTA is in the process
       of reviewing its association with DYVDR, specifically in relation to MMT as they are a key player and have
       provided feedback. MRTA has sent a letter to Council and the issue was recently on the front page of
       the North Central Review newspaper.

       Furthermore, the TDO advised that a letter was sent today (22 March) from Council‟s Chief Executive
       Officer advising the DYVDR Executive Officer that Council had made a decision not to sign the proposed
       Memorandum of Understanding for the current financial year and therefore, not to provide a further
       $10,000. The letter also advised that Council would write to the new Committee of Management
       indicating that Council/MRTA would welcome the opportunity to meet with them to continue
       strengthening the strategic alliance.

       David Nugent explained the $10,000 not provided to DYVDR had been redirected to MRTA‟s Regional
       Marketing Plan and that the Marketing Sub-Committee are looking at marketing initiatives for
       Murrindindi. The TDO added that any recommendations from the Marketing Sub Committee have to be
       approved by the MRTA at a general meeting.

       A copy of the letters mentioned (the letter to Council from MRTA and the letter to YVDR from Council)
       are attached to these minutes.

       Cr Dalmau expressed that Council would like to see industry get on board and supplement the $10,000
       their with own money to ensure the money goes as far as possible.

       Action: MRTA Delegates to discuss opportunities for co-contribution with LISTA‟s and report back to
Murrindindi Regional Tourism Association          22 March 2005                                          Page 10
                                           Minutes of Committee Meeting                        File No. 58/06/13

       8e) Murrindindi Tourism Industry Forum

       Cr Brown provided details on the forum being held next Tuesday the 29 th of March. Bill Fox, Regional
       Marketing Manager with Tourism Victoria contacted the Mayor with concerns and a lack of understanding
       regarding Council‟s decision not to sign the DYVDR Funding Accord. Bill Fox strongly desires strategic
       links between Murrindindi and DYVDR and indicated that he wants to sit down and discuss issues and
       concerns with key industry people.

       Invitations have been sent to a range of key stakeholders. There is a sense of unity about MRTA‟s
       position, which provides an opportunity to strengthen presence with benefits to Marysville, Kinglake and
       Yea, being areas closer to Melbourne. Council believes there are great opportunities to link in down
       there, to market our region and talk at high levels to achieve outcomes. Council thoroughly supports and
       works with MRTA and Cr Brown reminded delegates that projects need to be put through to Council
       through MRTA. Council supports any alliances to help further develop our industry.

       Action: The procedure for future project support from Council is to be directed through Council.

       David Nugent encouraged participation and representation by all LISTA‟s at this important industry

       Cr Brown added this was a unique opportunity as Murrindindi had never been able to get Tourism
       Victoria to the table at this level before, particularly given that Bill Fox approached us. The people
       invited to the forum represent a range of community and industry stakeholders and are able to speak
       well on these issues.

       Muriel stated that she felt Kinglake would support MRTA‟s move away from DYVDR as DYVDR do not
       seem to know or acknowledge Kinglake and the area has dropped off their maps. “Basically we don‟t

       The TDO stated that Kinglake has real potential, highlighted tonight with the new booklets and the venue
       itself. Whilst Kinglake is not a Tourism Victoria recognised Village or Destination like Marysville, Lake
       Mountain and Lake Eildon, the real opportunity for Kinglake and surrounds is to highlight its product
       strengths in nature based Tourism, touring, adventure and food & wine instead.

       Cr Dalmau highlighted the beauty and potential of Frank Thomson Reserve. Kinglake with its proximity
       to Melbourne could become the new Dandenongs. David Nugent added he was interested in discussing
       the future use of the land at Frank Thomson Reserve with Council, as Parks Victoria are limited with what
       they can do. He indicated he would be open to exploring the possibility of removing the Frank Thomson
       Reserve from the National Parks Act.

       Motion: That MRTA approach Council and encourage them to approach Parks Victoria and arrange a
               meeting to discuss the future of Frank Thompson Reserve.
       Moved: Marcus Gillon            Seconded:       Arthur Kapantzian                CARRIED

       Action: Secretary prepare a letter to Council requesting they approach Parks Victoria to arrange a
       meeting to discuss the future of Frank Thompson Reserve.

       Stan added that a friend of his from Epping had recently picked up an OVG and commented that from
       the heading „Yarra Valley to the High Country‟ he had felt it was a considerable distance and too far to
       travel. Stan suggested instead describing the area as from Plenty Valley, somewhere recognisable. David
       Nugent said it was something the Marketing Sub-Committee needed to look at and the TDO added that a
       branding study is being prepared, which will review the „Yarra Valley to the High Country‟ tagline.
Murrindindi Regional Tourism Association          22 March 2005                                             Page 11
                                           Minutes of Committee Meeting                           File No. 58/06/13

       8f) Strategic Outlook for MRTA

       David Nugent highlighted the importance of following on the momentum from the forum. Whilst things
       have started happening in the Marketing Sub-Committee, there is still further work required. The TDO
       added each local LISTA still needs to advise MRTA how they would like the consultation and proposed
       structure communicated/how information be disseminated to the broaden industry. David asked whether
       LISTA‟s wanted MRTA and Sub-Committee representatives to attend local meetings. Delegates agreed to

       Action: Marketing Sub-Committee to arrange representatives to attend LISTA meetings to discuss the
       marketing plan.

       8g) Backpackers Forum

       The TSO explained that the Backpacker Operators Association of Victoria (BOAV) have received a grant
       to run workshops. BOAV have employed Bass Consulting to run the workshops and they have
       subsequently been invited to Murrindindi and will host a forum at the Alexandra Shire Hall on Wednesday
       the 6th of April, 6:00pm-9:00pm.

       An overview of the industry will be provided and topics will include how new and current businesses can
       get involved in the market. Advertisements have been placed in local media and invitations have been
       sent out to LISTA‟s and VIC‟s. The TSO asked for delegates to disseminate information to their members
       and encourage their participation. There has been quiet a lot of interest in the backpackers market
       recently and it is an industry Shire operators can tap into more than at present. It will also be a great
       networking opportunity too.

       Further Business Items

       Victoria Wissell enquired where is a forum for small business? Is MRTA the forum for support? Where
       do new businesses such as Tanglewood sit? Cr Dalmau explained that Council was in the process of
       hiring an Economic Development Manager who would be another Officer looking at businesses, as well
       as the Tourism Unit and this will be the relevant person to address such queries. Interviews are
       currently being held for the role and ideally an appointment will be made by the end of April. At present,
       this type of support would have to be gained through the Tourism Unit.

       Cr Brown also suggested raising any issues or concerns with your local riding Councillor, or any
       Councillor. Victoria went on to explain that many small businesses, including her, are struggling to keep
       a float. One has recently closed and she feels she is nearly in the same position and it seems no one in
       the Shire can help.

       Cr Brown suggested discussing this issue after the meeting, as it does not fit into MRTA. Cr Beales made
       mention of the mentoring program at the Whittlesea Shire and explained we are trying to tap into that.
       Cr Dalmau added that with the appointment of Bronwyn and Tammy, a presentation was made at the
       recent tourism industry forum regarding the different responsibilities of each Officer and there is clearly a
       hole that Council want to fill quickly with this new Economic Development position. Council hope to
       appoint to this new position someone with clout to get out there, it is a different role to the previous

       Cr Brown commented that with the recent RACV Foundation event, the RACV raised $6,000 in Marysville
       alone; these events with large numbers of supporters bring in high yield for tourism businesses.

       Marcus Gillon raised an issue that Snobs Creek locals are having with three blind corners at Snobs Creek,
       that create dangerous situations with frequent logging trucks and school student drop offs. Aside from
       safety concerns, having speeds lowered could make Snobs Creek more of a destination, as it is in a lull
       and needs a boost to get things going.
Murrindindi Regional Tourism Association          22 March 2005                                          Page 12
                                           Minutes of Committee Meeting                        File No. 58/06/13

       Locals are interested in lowering the speed limit to 80kph through the Snobs Creek area, as there have
       been several incidents for residents, thus making a real focus to slow down. A progress committee is
       looking to form within the locale, as this could bring more tourists and promote the area whilst bringing
       together a tight knit community. Marcus has already gained support from UGFWCG, local residents and
       operators and is seeking verbal support from MRTA for this tourism focused application to see what can

       Motion: Cr Dalmau moved that MRTA provide in principle support to Snobs Creeks‟ position and ask
               that Murrindindi Shire Council convene a meeting with VicRoads on site with the Riding
       Moved: Marcus Gillon           Seconded:      Cr Beales                   CARRIED

       Action: Cr Dalmau through Council is to convene a meeting with VicRoads on site at Snobs Creek with
       the Riding Councillor to discuss making the area an 80kph speed limit.

       Our host for the evening, Victoria Wissell of Tanglewood Restaurant provided a brief history of the
       business. The Restaurant has been 12 years in making, with her husband building the establishment,
       completely out of recycled materials, with his laborer being Victoria. Victoria described him as a hoarder
       and explained that the materials were a collection of things from building sites over the years.

       Tanglewood Restaurant opened it doors for business in January 2004 and business has been up and
       down, however they are still here fighting. The Restaurant has attracted a lot of people from Melbourne
       and is becoming a place where people regularly come to. Sunday trade is good, lots of lunch and
       afternoon teas. There is jazz on the second Sunday of each month.

8.     Next Meeting

       Marketing Sub-Committee – 3:00pm, Monday the 11th of April 2005, Alexandra Shire Council

       Executive Committee – 4:00pm, Monday the 18th of April 2005, Alexandra Shire Council

       Awards Sub-Committee – TBA.

       Official Visitor Guide Sub-Committee – TBA.

       General Committee – 6:00pm, Tuesday the 26th of April 2005, Alexandra Council Office
       Meeting Room

Meeting closed           9:20pm.

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