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(insert date)

All Staff,

(Add Your Company Name) has an obligation to comply with Health and Safety Regulations.
For (Company) to achieve this compliance, the support and help of all our employees is
required. It is both our moral and legal obligation and is also important for the future operation
of the business to implement policies, in this case specifically related to “Alcohol and Drugs in
the Workplace”.

The use or possession of Drugs and/or Alcohol at any (Company) place of work is prohibited
and will be monitored.

From the (inception date), Random Breath Testing, Urine/Saliva Drug Testing, will take place
at the discretion of management, to eliminate and minimise the risk of person/s in the work
place working under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs and also associated activities which may
effect the Health and Safety of others.

A person/s who test positive to Alcohol or Drugs from this date will be required to attend a
Rehab Clinic (to be announced at a later date) directed by (Company) management. The
company will pay the cost for the person to attend the Rehab clinic, but the company will NOT
pay any person/s wages during any period of absence from work during this time, starting
from the day of testing positive to the use of Alcohol or Drugs.

A Disciplinary Procedure will be documented and implemented as of (inception date) to form
part of the Drug and Alcohol policy, and is summarised as follows:

      1. First Positive Test – Rehab Clinic with a written oral warning given by management of
      2. Second Positive Test – A more comprehensive course and longer period of time at the
         Rehab Clinic, with a written warning by management of (Company)
      3. Third Positive Test – Termination of your employment with (Company)

As from today being (insert date) any (Company) employee may be tested at random
including employees that management suspects is under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol.
However the employee has the right to refuse this Test until (inception date), after which the
test will become compulsory.

If a person Refuses to undergo the Test, management reserves the right to escort this
person/s off (Company) premises. Transport will be arranged by the company to take the
person/s affected to their normal place of residence. The company will endeavor to give
assistance to those employees who request it both prior to and after the date of

Occupational Health & Safety Manager 	


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