HDPE Grease Trap System

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					HDPE Grease Trap System                                                                                                                D:32         October 2008

heavy duty polyethylene

                                                                                                          ArEA(S) of ProDucT AvAilAbiliTy:
  APPlicATionS                                      inSTAllATion
  •	   Cafes                                        Hynds	 HDPE	 Grease	 Trap	 systems	 are	
  •	   Restaurants                                  most	 suitable	 for	 installation	 when	 the	
  •	   Commercial	kitchens	and	galleys              site	 is	 not	 accessible	 by	 trucks.	 As	                  Product available in
  •	   Situate	prior	to	onsite	Wastewater           the	 unit	 is	 made	 from	 Heavy	 Duty	
                                                                                                                 ALL REGIONS
                                                    Polyethylene	material,	the	HDPE	Grease	
  uniquE bEnEfiTS                                   Trap	 unit	 is	 so	 lightweight	 to	 transport	
  •	   Durable                                      that	two	men	can	lift	it	in	to	place.
  •	   Heavy	duty
  •	   Easy	installation                            WorkinG PrinciPlE
  •	   Easy	to	maintain
                                                    When	grease	is	hot,	or	contained	in	hot	
  •	   Light	weight
                                                    water,	 it	 is	 in	 the	 form	 of	 an	 emulsion.	
  •	   Easy	to	move
                                                    If	it	is	allowed	to	cool,	it	would	adhere	
                                                    to	 the	 sides	 of	 the	 pipes	 and	 cause	
                                                    The	working	principle	of	a	Hynds	Heavy	
  Hynds	Heavy	Duty	Polyethylene	Grease	             Duty	 Polyethylene	 Grease	 Trap	 unit	 is	
  Trap	 Units	 offer	 a	 simple	 and	 effective	    to	 intercept	 and	 retain	 the	 greasy	 fluid	
  solution	 which	 intercepts	 the	 flow	 of	
                                                                                                        HYNDS BRANCHES
                                                    within	 the	 unit	 chambers.	 This	 occurs	
  greasy	 fluids	 and	 solids,	 storing	 them	                                                          technical ServiceS department:
                                                    when	the	grease	reaches	its	congealing	
  prior	to	a	pipe	network.	Hynds	Grease	            point	 and	 rises	 to	 the	 top	 of	 the	 unit	     Ph: 09 274 0316 Fax: 09 274 8393
  Trap	 Units	 are	 easily	 installed	 and	 only	                                             
                                                    in	 a	 partly	 solidified	 state.	 The	 sizing	
  require	a	basic	level	of	maintenance.                                                                 0800 WE PIPE (93 7473)
                                                    of	 a	 Polyethylene	 Grease	 Trap	 unit	 is	
                                                    designed	to	ensure	effective	congealing	            NORTHERN REGION
                                                    of	 the	 grease	 before	 discharge	 to	 the	        Whangarei                                   09    438     7305
                                                                                                        Warkworth                                   09    425     9837
                                                                                                        Albany                                      09    415     9259
                                                                                                        Avondale                                    09    820     0122
                                                    Hynds	 Polyethylene	 Grease	 Trap	 Units	           Penrose                                     09    579     5605
                                                    are	rectangular	in	shape	and	are	divided	           Manukau                                     09    273     3053
                                                    into	 multiple	 chambers.	 Hynds	 units	            Pukekohe                                    09    237     1274
                                                    contain	 outlets	 at	 the	 bottom	 of	 each	        CENTRAL REGION
                                                    chamber	 such	 that	 the	 liquid	 is	 forced	       Hamilton                                    07    847     3193
                                                    to	 follow	 the	 longest	 route	 towards	 the	      Tauranga                                    07    575     5791
                                                    outlet.	Settleable	solids	can	be	retained	          Rotorua                                     07    346     0454
                                                                                                        Te Kuiti                                    07    878     8326
                                                    in	 the	 base	 of	 the	 units.	 It	 is	 most	       Taupo                                       07    378     9915
                                                    important	to	prevent	undue	agitation	of	
                                                    the	liquids,	otherwise	the	grease	will	not	         CAPITAL REGION
                                                                                                        Hastings                                    06    879     8989
                                                    rise	effectively	to	the	surface.                    New Plymouth                                06    759     8157
                                                                                                        Palmerston North                            06    357     2638
                                                                                                        Masterton                                   06    370     0700
                                                    Table 1: HDPE Grease Trap product information.      Kapiti                                      04    297     0689
                                                                                                        Petone                                      04    568     0933
                                                    Product Code         Capacity                       Kaiwharawhara                               04    472     4172
                                                                                                        SOUTH ISLAND REGION
                                                    GTPOLY100LTR          100 Litre                     Nelson                                      03    543     8330
                                                                                                        Amberley                                    03    314     8455
                                                                                                        Christchurch                                03    344     3500
                                                    GTPOLY150LTR          150 Litre
                                                                                                        Oamaru                                      03    434     3062
                                                                                                        Cromwell                                    03    445     4760
                                                    GTPOLY250LTR          250 Litre                     Winton (Southland)                          03    236     6044
                                                                                                        Disclaimer: Users of the Hynds products and/or information within this
                                                                                                        document must make their own assessment for suitability for their particular
                                                    GTPOLY500LTR          500 Litre                     circumstances. Product dimensions and specifications may vary according
                                                                                                        to factory of manufacture or changes due to product improvements.
                                                                                                        No warranty is neither expressed nor implied nor statutory is made by
                                                                                                        Hynds in this document unless expressly stated in any sale and purchase
                                                                                                        agreement entered into between Hynds and the user.                                                                                                    0800 WE PIPE (93 7473)

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