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Sunday 04 January 2009                                                                 21      Fida Qishta, in her diary of a week in
                                                                                               Gaza, tells of life under a rain of fire
MAIN                                                                                           How the pro-Israel lobby in Britain
News            1       Israel launches assault across Gaza's                                  benefits from a generous London tycoon
                        borders / by Chris McGreal                                             / by Rajeev Syal
                        PM unveils plan to create 100,000 jobs                         22      Music therapy: Web hit touches a chord
                        in 'new deal' / by Gaby Hinsliff                                       with anorexics / by David Smith
                2       Invasion of Gaza: Six children among 12       Comment &        23      This New Deal is a far greater gamble
                        killed in mosque blast / by Hazem             Debate                   than you might think / by Tristram Hunt
                        Balousha and Rajeev Syal                                               Don't be a dumbbell – the gym can wait /
                3       Invasion of Gaza: Thousands join march                                 by Jay Rayner
                        to protest against Israeli action / by        Comment          24      Gordon Brown is right to be radical/
                        Tracy McVeigh and Ben Quinn                                            Israel must withdraw from Gaza/Say
                        Invasion of Gaza: Have Gaza's Islamists                                no, Gromit
                        misjudged their foe? / Analysis by                             25      Cameron plans to transform Britain and
                        Mitchell Prothero                                                      has what it takes / by Peter Oborne
                4       Is Wilde worthy of Worthing? / by Tracy                                Don't be fooled by the 'little woman' /
                        McVeigh                                                                by Lionel Shriver
                        Public wants taxes that hurt the rich / by                     26      Your letters
                        Gabby Hinsliff                                                         The Observer panel: If you were
                5       Sickness bug and flu set to overwhelm                                  George Bush, who would you pardon?
                        UK schools / by David Smith and Denis                          27      After beavers and wolves, why not
                        Campbell                                                               bring back the black rat? / by Catherine
                        Dr Who? Big names lose out to an                                       Bennett
                        unknown 26-year-old / by Caroline                                      As its troops march in, again Israel
                        Davies and David Smith                                                 looks to its military past / by Peter
                6-7     Gordon Brown interview: Tough lap for                                  Beaumont
                        the marathon man / by Gaby Hinsliff           World            28      Beijing strikes at dissidents / by David
                8-9     Epic romance is reborn as Thorn Birds,                                 Stanway
                        the musical / by Vanessa Thorpe                                        France braced for 'rebirth of violent
                8       News in brief: Doctors' appeal to beat                                 left' / by Jason Burke
                        sperm donor shortage/Seaside vandals                           29      Street beggar to star striker, Raja is
                        hunt/Zoo creates a stink/Left in the                                   India's football hope / by Gethin
                        shade/Park and pray                                                    Chamberlain
                9       'Wireless power' to pull plug on cables /                              Blow to US attempt to resettle
                        by David Smith                                                         detainees / by Jason Burke
News Briefing   10      Disability: UK tried to water down anti-                               World briefing: Ghana/Somalia/
                        discrimination law                                                     Singapore/France
                        Railway carriage hosts mini movies once                        30-31   Frugal is cool in cash-strapped US / by
                        more after £10,000 refit                                               Paul Harris
                        Education: Grammars go it alone to hang                        31      Sri Lankan forces pound Tigers in
                        on to 11-plus / by Henry McDonald                                      battle for control / by Gethin
                        Fashion: Wigs are back as Christmas                                    Chamberlain
                        sales soar / by Tracy McVeigh and             7 Days           32      Does my bum look big in this stress? /
                        Morwenna Ferrier                                                       by David Mitchell
                        Travel: Hotel room rates fall for first                                A good week for: Abba singalongs,
                        time in four years / by Ian Fletcher                                   Gavin and Stacey, the economy,
Opinion         11      Barbara Ellen                                                          superheroes
News            12      BBC gives 'too white' TV doll a darker                                 A bad week for: Catfight fans, Kevin
                        face / by James Robinson                                               Bacon, fine oratory
                        Geoff Hoon favourite to be UK's next                                   Quotes of the week by The Pope,
                        European commissioner / by Toby Helm                                   Jonathan Ross, David Lammy, a
                13      Investigation: Health fears grow as fake                               relative of Harry Carr and Carla Bruni
                        drugs flood into Britain / by Mark                             33      Danny Boyle, a film director in a class
                        Townsend                                                               of his own / by Alexander Linklater
                14-15   Fashion: Fear on catwalks as cutbacks                          34      Victoria Coren
                        bite / by Charlie Porter                                               Pendennis / by Joy Lo Dico
                        Fashion's hopes depend on ladies of a                          35      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                        certain age / by Alice Fisher
                                                                      BUSINESS & MEDIA
                16      Observer Appeal: Mobiles give Africa's
                        farmers the chance to set out their stall /   Business: News   1       M&S reveals scars of high street slump
                        by David Smith                                                         / by Zoe Wood
                17      Cash for stars in NHS ads kept secret /                        1-2     Super-yacht for sale, one formerly
                        by Denis Campbell                                                      carefree owner / by James Robinson
                        Demonised Dewsbury invites Tory                                        WPP takes axe to jobs amid gloom / by
                        leader to tea / by Caroline Davies                                     Richard Wachman
                        EU pesticides ban will 'wipe out' carrot                               Observer's William Keegan honoured
                        crop / by Caroline Davies                                              with CBE
                18      Secret diary reveals A-bomb 'danger'                                   Bellway bonuses anger investors / by
                        fears / by Mark Townsend                                               Jill Treanor
                        Tories accused over 'free' office space /                              Bank of England urged to cut interest
                        by Rajeev Syal and Charles Young                                       rates to 1% / by Heather Stewart
Focus           19-21   Middle East crisis: Why Israel went to                         2       Credit squeeze will hit poor nations /
                        war in Gaza / by Chris McGreal                                         by Heather Stewart

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                                       The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                         UK resorts benefit from a strong euro /                             how the great Holocaust diary was
                         by Simon Bowers                                                     adapted for TV / by Stephanie Merritt
                         Bail us out, say Madoff victims / by                                Mother superior: Eclipsing even Meryl
                         James Doran                                                         Streep, Viola Davis plays the
                         Vodafone set to sign deal with Orange                               courageous mum in Doubt, the riveting
                         to share costs / by Richard Wachman                                 tale of a priest and a schoolboy / by
Business:          3     Private equity takes a hit at debt-laden                            Kate Kellaway
Analysis                 Debenhams / by Richard Wachman                                      Elizabeth Day asked Liverpool's
                         Jobs's departure wouldn't mean the end                              creative director Phil Redmond for his
                         for Apple / by Richard Wachman                                      top five tips as Liverpool's reign as
                         Painful year leaves investment tipsters                             European Capital of Culture comes to
                         tattered and torn / by Heather Connon                               an end
Business: Inside   4-5   New Year, new look for UK high street                               Pillow talk with a bunch of artists / by
story                    / by Zoe Wood                                                       Imogen Carter
                   5     ... but in America, the Wall-Mart way         People        4-7     The hotlist 2009: people and trends that
                         sweeps competition aside / by James                                 will shape the year / by Suki Dhanda
                         Doran                                         Cover story   8-10    Reasons to be fearful / by Tim Adams
Business:          6     Smiling through the slump / by Richard                      10      What are we worried about? We asked
Enterprise               Wachman                                                             people of all ages what concerns them
                         Debt and dole: the harsh world                                      most / by Ally Carnwath
                         awaiting Generation Zzz in 2009 / by          Television    11      Now see the unseen City / by Phil
                         Heather Stewart                                                     Hogan
Business:          7     In my view: Sterling has collapsed.                                 Doing the business on television / by
Opinion                  Markets are in chaos. But let's not                                 Phil Hogan
                         over-react / by William Keegan                Interview     12-13   Interview with Christopher Ciccone /
                         Market forces/ FTSE market movers                                   by Miranda Sawyer
                         Bank cuts to the case on rates... and         The Critics   15      The main event: Film of the week:
                         there's more to come / by Heather                                   Philip French reviews The Reader
                         Stewart                                                     16-17   Art: Laura Cumming reviews Inside/
Media              8     Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                               Outside at New Art Centre, Salisbury
                         The Networker: Slimming down in                             16      Philip French's screen legends: Boris
                         2009: laptops, software and upgrades /                              Karloff 1887-1969
                         by John Naughton                                            16-17   Other films: Philip French reviews
Cash               9     If you want it, rent it... from a 'must                             Che-Part 1/Bring Me the Head of
                         have' handbag to an Aston Martin / by                               Alfredo Garcia/The Sprit
                         Huma Qureshi                                                17      Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews Today
                   10    Don't panic if your online tax return is      Books         19      Geoff Dyer reviews Reborn: Early
                         rejected / by Neasa MacErlean                                       Diaries 1947-1964 by Susan Sontag
                   11    For the real spirit of Christmas past                       20      Interview: Anglophile writer Jean-
                         don't let your rubbish go to waste / by                             Pierre Ohl made a splash in his native
                         Jon Robins                                                          France with an ingenious debut
                         If you're struggling with debt the best                             inspired by David Copperfield / by
                         advice is free online / by Sam Dunn                                 Sam Taylor
                   12    Interest rates                                                      Biography: Ronan McDonald reviews
                   13    Get real: your debts won't vanish by                                William Hazlitt: The First Modern Man
                         magic, so start tackling them now / by                              by Duncan Wu
                         Neasa MacErlean                                             21      Collected writings: Rachel Cooke
                         That present has just got to go back –                              reviews The Pursuit of Laughter:
                         but will the shop take it? / by Peter                               Essays, Articles, Reviews and Diary by
                         Davy                                                                Diana Mosley
                   14    Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                      Fiction: Ian Thomson reviews The
                         'Twas the season to be jolly - but not                              Crossroads by Niccolo Ammaniti
                         January's here it's time to settle the bill                         Paperback of the week: Killian Fox
                         for all that goodwill / by Huma Qureshi                             reviews A Quiet Adjustment by
                                                                                             Benjamin Markovits
REVIEW                                                                               22      Paperbacks reviewed by James Purdon
                   1     The new age of anxiety: how the credit                              and Stephanie Cross
                         crunch is messing with our minds / by                               Audio round-up by Rachel Redford
                         Tim Adams                                                           Classics corner: Edward Marriott
                   2     Jane Bown's photo archive:                                          reviews Revolutionary Road by
                         Christening, Alton, 1963                                            Richard Yates
                         Your letters                                                        The Observer bestsellers of 2008
Details            3     A date with Anne Frank: interview                           23      Puzzles
                         with novelist Deborah Moggach on              TV            24      Euan Ferguson on television

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Sunday 11 January 2009                                                                23      Gaza diary by Fida Qishta
                                                                     People           24      Alan Bennett's History Boys are this
MAIN                                                                                          year's golden graduates / by David Smith
News         1         Primark in storm over conditions at UK        Comment &        25      America needed a titan in the White
                       supplier: Fashion giant acts after            Debate                   House, not a narcissist / by Frank Rich
                       investigation / by Dan McDougall              Comment          26      Railways, not runways, should be our
                       Prince Harry in racist language row                                    priority/At last, an idea that encourages
                       Leading British Jews call on Israel to halt                            upward mobility
                       'horror' of Gaza / by Peter Beaumont,                          27      Three little words that the prime minister
                       David Smith and Ben Quinn                                              can never say / by Andrew Rawnsley
             2         Alan Milburn back to lead Labour                                       Don't give me the facts, give me a film /
                       equality drive: Gordon Brown chooses                                   by Nick Fraser
                       former rival to level top jobs field / by                      28      Your letters
                       Gabby Hinsliff                                                         The big issue: crisis in Gaza - Israel is as
             3         Star of British TV satire set to conquer                               much to blame as Hamas
                       America / by Vanessa Thorpe                                            The Observer panel: Should Dawnell
                       Labour unrest grows as John Prescott                                   Batista have remained faithful?
                       supports rebels opposing sale of Royal                         29      If you want a great leader, don't promote
                       Mail / by Toby Helm                                                    a celebrity / by Rachel Cooke
             4         Prince Harry mocks gays and Asians in                                  How Gaza is alienating Britain's Jews
                       secret video / by Amelia Hill                                          and Muslims / by Francesca Segal and
                       News in brief: Baby's mother found/                                    Ed Husain
                       Charges over burning body/Here she                             30      Nick Cohen
                       goes again/Pensioner punches burglar          World            31      Hawks depart as Hillary Clinton ushers
             5         Housing crash creates tax black hole / by                              in new era of US 'soft power' / by Paul
                       Toby Helm and Heather Stewart                                          Harris
                       'Lazy' Kenneth Clark would split Tory                                  Pirates drown with ransom share / by
                       party, says Lord Tebbit / by Toby Helm                                 Amelia Hill
             7         MPs rage at Heathrow airport 'bullying'                                World briefing: Turkey/Sri Lanka/UAE
                       letter / by Amelia Hill                                        32      Holland's first immigrant mayor is hailed
             8         Fiona Phillips hails Alzheimer's 'heroic'                              as 'Obama on the Maas' / by Jason Burke
                       carers / by Amelia Hill                                                Deal to resume Russian gas eludes EU as
             9         Violence erupts at Israeli embassy protest                             11 people die in big freeze-up / by Luke
                       / by Ben Quinn and David Smith                                         Harding
                       Israel set to escalate Gaza campaign / by                      34-35   Second Coming of the Sandinistas turns
                       Chris McGreal                                                          sour / by Rory Carroll in Managua
News Briefing 10       Immigration: Would-be citizens face                            36      World's media flies in for Meredith
                       another year's wait / by Jamie Doward                                  Kercher murder trial / by Tom Kington in
                       Entertainment: Bling out, austerity in at                              Rome
                       the Globes / by David Smith                                    37      America's most revered newspaper is
                       Politics: Ex-home secretary John Reid                                  latest to be hit by financial woes / by
                       has private security job / by Rajeev Syal                              Paul Harris
                       Health: Deaths of elderly could double        7 Days           38      David Mitchell
                       this winter / by Tracy McVeigh                                         Quotes of the week by Paris Hilton, Nick
                       Society: Teenage drivers blocked from                                  Clegg, 'a judge', 'a new Anglican prayer'
                       texting / by David Smith and Caroline                                  and Lily Alan
                       Davies                                                         39      The Observer profile: Alexander
                       Nature: Evicted badgers find their way                                 Lebedev, an oligarch we could learn to
                       back home / by Rowan Walker                                            love / by Luke Harding
Opinion      11        Barbara Ellen                                                  40      Pendennis / by Oliver Marre
News         12        Under-fire Tory faces new attack over oil                      41      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                       firm job / by Rajeev Syal and Nicak
                                                                     BUSINESS & MEDIA
                       New 999 radio system 'is failing' / by        Business: News   1       Credit crunch puts train and bus services
                       Jamie Doward                                                           at risk / by Dan Milmo and Tim Webb
             13        Middle-class grip on professions 'must                                 Tesco trails after new discount offers
                       end' / by Gaby Hinsliff                                                backfire / by Zoe Wood
             14-15     Iraq victims sue UK security firm / by                                 Myners tell shareholders: get tough / by
                       Mark Townsend                                                          Nick Mathiason
             16        Monasteries in drive to recruit more                                   Lloyds TSB pays £230m in US faked
                       novices / by Gareth Rubin                                              records case / by Richard Wachman
             17        Uncertain times for style bible as US                          2       West urged to increase aid to poor
                       Vogue struggles to reach new generation                                nations / by Heather Stewart
                       / by Alice Fisher                                                      Plea for £50m to save Foxtons / by
             18        Islamists target teen crime gangs in                                   Richard Wachman
                       London / by Rajeev Syal and Mark                                       Chancellor to Quiz Bernanke on how to
                       Townsend                                                               get funds flowing / by Heather Stewart
             19        NHS patients to get better drug access /                               Up to 10,000 backroom jobs to go in
                       by Denis Campbell                                                      latest Wall Street deal / by James Doran
                       Last-minute holiday deals 'over' / by                                  in New York and Richard Wachman
                       Amelia Hill                                                            Green tax breaks from Tories / by Jill
             20        Space science: Mars robot sets out on an                               Insley
                       epic trek / by Robin McKie                    Business:        3       Comment: Ruth Sunderland
Focus        22-23     Conflict in Gaza: Why Israel's war is         Analysis
                       driven by fear / by Chris McGreal                                      Carmaking: Motown blues hit Detroit
                                                                                              auto show / by Andrew Clark

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                                         The Observer (microfilm edition) index
Business:               Changing Square Mile: From Big Bang                                  when he was a young senator / by Carole
Inside story   4-5      to whimper: welcome to the new City /                                Cadwalladr
                        by Nick Mathiason                              Cover Story   6-8     How one book ignited a culture war / by
                        The scaffolding that holds up Square                                 Andrew Anthony
                        Mile / by Richard Wachman and Heather          Design        9       It's out with marble and chandeliers; in
                        Stewart                                                              with polished limestone and glass / by
Business:      6        HBOS's gambler deals himself out / by                                Stephen Bayley
Party's over            David Teather, Jill Treanor and Nick           Music         10-11   Pop music? It's a girl thing now / by
                        Mathiason                                                            Kitty Empire
                        Energy suppliers feeling the heat / by         The Critics   13      The main event: Film: Philip French
                        Tim Webb                                                             reviews Slumdog Millionaire
Business:      7        Cracks in Anthony O'Reilly's crystal / by                    14      Other films: Philip French reviews
Mammon                  Richard Wachman                                                      Defiance/Stuck/Role Models/Sex Drive/
                        Rub of the green: Ireland's other multi-                             Bride Wars/ Hannah Takes the Stairs
                        millionaires                                                         Philip French's screen legends: Audrey
Business:      8        In my view: When there's no cashflow,                                Hepburn 1929-93
Opinion                 Mr Cameron, saving won't save us / by                        15      Art: Laura Cumming reviews UBS
                        William Keegan                                                       Paintings: Paintings From the 1980s and
                        Market forces/ FTSE market movers                                    Sean Scully: Paintings From the 80s
                        It's got so horrible that we ought to be                             Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons
                        revolting / by Simon Caulkin                                 16-17   U.S. Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews
Media          9        How long can Apple stay fresh once it                                Billy Elliot/All My Sons/Shrek/Speed-
                        loses its core? / by Bobbie Johnson and                              the-Plow
                        Charles Arthur                                                       Classical: Stephen Pritchard reviews
                        Media Diary                                                          Park Lane Group Young Artists Series
               10       Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                        17      Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews Darwin:
               11       By reading this, you agree to stop adding                            In Our Time/Motown Season
                        useless disclaimers / by John Naughton                       18      Releases: reviews of new music and
Cash           11       When saving doesn't pay, cut your debts                              DVDs
                        and put the rest in cash Isas / by Sam                       19      Theatre: Kitty Empire reviews Hit Me!
                        Dunn                                                                 The Life & Rhymes of Ian Dury
               12       Question of the week: Would another 12                               Theatre: Kate Kellaway reviews Quidam:
                        months of falling house prices be a good                             Cirque du Soleil
                        thing? Yes says Helen Adams, No says                                 Dance: Luke Jennings reviews
                        Roger Humber                                                         Resolution! 2009
                        The Equitable Life question: readers'          Books         21      William Skidelsky reviews 2666 by
                        responses                                                            Roberto Bolano
                        Forget low savings rates - it's our                          22      Madness: Alexander Linklater reviews
                        spiralling utility bills we should be                                Voluntary Madness: My Year Lost and
                        worried about / by Lisa Bachelor                                     Found in the Loony Bin by Norah
                        Deals for meals... log in to cut the cost of                         Vincent
                        eating out / by Huma Qureshi                                         Fiction: Kamila Samsie reviews The
               13       Know your rights if the boss suggests a                              Hidden by Tobias Hil
                        pay cut / by Neasa MacErlean                                         Families: Elizabeth Day reviews Granta
               14       So who's the fare-est of them all? / by                              104: Fathers edited by Alex Clark
                        Harriet Meyer                                                23      Philosophy: Mary Warnock reviews On
               15       Make the most of a retirement pot / by                               Kindness by Adam Phillips and Barbara
                        Jill Insley                                                          Taylor
               16       Interest rates                                                       Memoir: Hephzibah Anderson reviews
               17       'Don't wait, switch' call to save on energy                          Love Junkie by Rachel Resnick
                        bills / by Lisa Bachelor                                     24      Robert McCrum on books
                        Cloud over new homes in the sun as                                   Biography: James Purdon reviews The
                        Spanish banks renege on guarantees / by                              Life of a Long-Distance Writer: A
                        Graham Norwood                                                       Biography of Alan Sillitoe by Richard
               18       Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                       Bradford
                        Is there any room to improve your                                    My other life: Jan Morris
                        finances? / by Esther Shaw                                   25      Fiction: Jason Cowley reviews The Last
                                                                                             Bachelor by Jan McInerney
                                                                                             Travel: Tom Robbins reviews The Snow
               1        The fatwa 20 years on: How a death                                   Tourist by Charlie English
                        sentence on author Salman Rushdie                            26      Paperback of the week: David Smith
                        changed western culture / by Andrew                                  reviews The Bottom Billion: Why the
                        Anthony                                                              Poorest Countries Are Failing and What
               2        Jane Bown's photo archive: Gordon                                    Can Be Done About It by Paul Collier
                        Richards, 1950                                                       Paperbacks reviewed by Heather
Details        3        Sally shall go to the ball / by Amy                                  Thompson, Imogen Carter and Robert
                        Raphael                                                              Collins
                        To freeze, or not to freeze / by David                               Classics corner: Jean Hannah Edelstein
                        Smith                                                                reviews The Tale by Joseph Conrad
                        Christian finds redemption / by Elizabeth                            The Observer bestsellers list
                        Day                                            TV            28      Kathryn Flett on Television
                        Cramped, smelly, run-down... but the
                        Astoria on London's Charing Cross Road
                        hosted some iconic gigs
Photo Essay    4-5      Interview with photographer Callie Shell
                        who spotted Barack Obama's star quality

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Sunday 18 January 2009                                                                      loving, lovely John Mortimer / by Lucy
MAIN                                                                 Focus          30-31   The great escape: Passengers tell the
News         1        Israel calls a halt to its assault on Gaza /                          inside story of US Airways flight 1549 /
                      by Chris McGreal                                                      by Michael Wilson and Russ Buettner
                      Revealed: The rise of mixed-race Britain                              Tories accused over 'free' office space /
                      / by Anushka Asthana and David Smith                                  by Rajeev Syal and Charles Young
                      And finally... Obama heads for DC                             32-33   Gender and recession: The real victims
             2        President 'has four years to save Earth':                             of this credit crunch? Women / by Ruth
                      US must take the lead to avert eco-                                   Sunderland
                      disaster / by Robin McKie                      First Person   34      Top stores call them 'budget food lines', I
             3        Obama follows in Lincoln's tracks on the                              say they are a disgrace / by Jay Rayner
                      final leg of his incredible journey / by Ed    Comment &      35      Unless we are decisive Britain faces
                      Pilkington and Paul Harris                     Debate                 bankruptcy / by Will Hutton
             5        Nazi behind Kate Winslet film role is                                 Beware the motives of those Indians
                      revealed / by Rajeev Syal and Adam                                    knifing the Slumdog / by Khalid
                      Luck                                                                  Mohamed
             6        Gordon Brown ready to risk billions on         Comment        36      Editorial: Heathrow: a failure of courage
                      debt insurance / by Gaby Hinsliff, Ruth                               and imagination / A pointless war has led
                      Sunderland and Jill Treanor                                           to a moral defeat for Israel
             7        Israel accused of war crimes over 12-                         37      Don't drizzle your pessimism on
                      hour assault on Gaza village / by Fida                                Obama's grand parade / by Andrew
                      Qishta and Peter Beaumont                                             Rawnsley
             9        How multi-cultural Britain became 'not                                'The elegance of old age has now been
                      just black and not just white' / by                                   forgotten' / by the late John Mortimer
                      Anushka Asthana and David Smith                               38      Your letters
Opinion       11      Barbara Ellen                                                         The big issue: the elderly
News Briefing 13      Zimbabwe: MPs fight to stop deportation                               The Observer panel: What would be your
                      of activist / by Jamie Doward                                         fantasy act of heroism?
                      Shipping: Lifeline sought for hard-up                         39      The beauty industry is at it again... it's
                      lighthouses / by Jamie Doward                                         not a pretty sight / by Catherine Bennett
                      A Model Celebration: Media scramble as                                I have no doubt what colour I am / by
                      Kate Moss turns 35 / by Caroline Davies                               Matthew Ryder
                      Crime: Police extend search for missing                       40      It's no longer the poor the middle class
                      girl abroad / by Mark Townsend                                        fears / by Nick Cohen
                      Politics: Vince Cable tells of being                                  Let the war on hypocrisy begin / by
                      disowned by father / by Vanessa Thorpe                                Henry Porter
                      Will Kate Winslet cry her way through          Obama in the   41      Hands that picked cotton now pick
                      the Baftas?                                    White House            presidents, it's a new day for the US / by
News         14-15    The Sunderland lad set to storm Paris                                 Jesse Jackson
                      fashion world / by Alice Fisher                               42-43   Change is on the way – and it starts in
             15       Michelin in a stew over leaked ratings /                              Washington / by Paul Harris
                      by Jay Rayner                                                 43      'I'm tickled to death. I never thought I'd
             17       Ministers scrap plan to widen motorways                               see such a thing' says Lynwood Westray
                      / by Toby Helm                                                        / by Christopher Goodwin
             19       Experts hit out at Baby P 'witch-hunt:                                Washington voices
                      The sacking of care boss Sharon                               44      'We have only four years left to act on
                      Shoesmith will put vulnerable children at                             climate change – America has to lead' /
                      risk, say council workers / by Patrick                                by Robin McKie
                      Butler and Liz Lightfoot                       World          45      Eastern Europe braced for a violent
                      News in brief: Four charged with murder                               'spring of discontent' / by Jason Burke
                      of sub-postmaster's son/Refresher for                                 Policeman 'aimed in direction of' Greek
                      teen drivers/Titanic pub goes under/                                  schoolboy / by Helena Smith
                      Police find woman's body/Ancient gold                         46      Spate of killings over 'trivial' disputes
                      coin haul/ Woman killed in gales                                      reveals stress of life in India's capital / by
             21       Anger over fees paid to young cast of                                 Gethin Chamberlain
                      Oliver!                                                               Copacabana crime clean-up aims to
             23       Stop scattering ashes, families are told /                            restore the glitter / by Tom Phillips
                      by John Vidal                                                         350,000 civilians trapped in Sri Lanka
                      Foreign Office forced to trim budgets as                              war zone / by Amelia Gentleman
                      pound plunges / by Gaby Hinsliff                              47      Latino TV station tops US ratings / by
             25       Fury at airport lobby links to No 10 / by                             Christopher Goodwin
                      Toby Helm                                                             World Briefing: Afghanistan/Russia/
             27       Observer Appeal: In Katine, fruit could                               Zimbabwe/US/India
                      soon take King Cotton's crown / by John        Middle East    48      Can Hamas still walk tall in Gaza's
                      Vidal                                          Crisis                 streets? / by Peter Beaumont and Hazem
             28       Why we can never recover from first                                   Balousha
                      love / by Amelia Hill                                                 Any agreement will be of no
                      How do you get a girl? Ask this boy of                                consequence. All that matters now is
                      nine / by Eva Wiseman and Vanessa                                     Egypt's conduct with Gaza / by Ronen
                      Thorpe                                                                Bergman
Tribute      29       John Mortimer 1923-2009: Appreciation          World          50      Italians hail poet-singer's rebel legacy /
                      / by Robert McCrum                                                    by Tom Kington
                      My champagne moments with wicked,                                     North Korea issues nuclear threat / by

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                                           The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                        Tania Branigan                                                      Melanie Wright
7 Days         51       David Mitchell                                                      Signing on? Give it the full monty / by
                        Quotes of the week by Alexander                                     Jon Robins
                        Lebedev, Lord Malloch-Brown, Peter                          16      Interest rates
                        Mandelson, Lily Allen and Cherie Blair                      17      Home truth: staying in is the new going
               52       Victoria Coren                                                      out / by Huma Qureshi
               53       The Observer profile: Kaka, a footballer                    17      Further price falls may cause re-
                        of faith and fable / by Ned Temko:                                  mortgagers more problems / by Tony
               54       Pendennis / by Oliver Marre                                         Levene
                                                                                    18      Margaret Dibben: Your problems
Business:      1        Banks braced for £40bn in writedowns /       REVIEW
News                    by Richard Wachman                                          1       The future face of film: Gaby Wood on a
                        UK is in freefall, warns think-tank / by                            cinema revolution
                        Heather Stewart                                             2       Jane Bown's photo archive: Dame
                        Plea for Obama to increase aid / by Larry                           Ninette de Valois, 1960s
                        Elliott                                                             Your letters
                        Rail firm plans 31 seat charge as crunch     Details        3       Old Ferdinand pulls a fast one: Speed
                        hits franchises / by Dan Milmo                                      meets swagger at the new Porsche
                        Ofcom will call for ITV to regain                                   museum / by Stephen Bayley
                        breakfast slot / by James Robinson                                  Growing up in the White House / by Ally
               2        Russians hoard cash as fear of crisis                               Carnwath
                        takes hold / by Heather Stewart and                                 The fight club: five well know faces who
                        Kathryn Hopkins                                                     have left their ivory towers to campaign
                        JJB Sports may shut LifeStyle division /                            on local issues
                        by Zoe Wood                                                         Those improving books, greatly
Business:      3        Comment: Ruth Sunderland:                                           condensed / by Euan Ferguson
Analysis                                                             People         4-5     Interview with Benjamin Zephaniah / by
                        Resources: Mergers in pipeline as oil                               Lynn Barber
                        industry's fairytale era ends / by Terry     French Culture 6-7     Femme fatales fight back with sex and
                        Macalister                                                          violence / by Elizabeth Day
Business:      4-5      Why the party's over in Ireland / by                        7       So what do British Asians think of
Inside story            Richard Wachman and Henry McDonald                                  Slumdog Millionaire? / by Poorna Shetty
               5        Painful medicine that will help us to take   Cover Story    8-10    The genius shaping the future of the
                        on the world again / by Garret FitzGerald                           movies / by Gaby Wood
Business:      6        He's that rare breed: a banker that people                  9       From Toy Story to Bolt: a golden age of
Mammon                  like, Nick Mathiason on Trade minister                              animation / by Jason Solomons
                        Mervyn Davies                                               10      It's another dimension... the 3D
Business       7        Wall Street braces for change / by                                  revolution / by Killian Fox
                        Andrew Clark                                 The Critics    11      The main event: Pop: Kitty Empire
                        Richest apartment block in US becomes                               reviews Franz Ferdinand
                        a house of horrors / by James Doran                         12      Film of the week: Philip French reviews
Business:      8        In my view: Banks have been thrown a                                The Wrestler
Opinion                 lifeline, but we've been left to sink or                            Philip French's screen legends: Michael
                        swim / by William Keegan                                            Redgrave 1908-85
                        Market forces/FTSE market movers                            13      Philip French reviews A Christmas Tale/
                        Darwin's theory turned bosses into                                  Clubbed/My Bloody Valentine 3D/
                        dinosaurs / by Simon Caulkin                                        Hansel & Gretel/Notorious/ Seven
Media          9        TV waits to see a preview of its new                                Pounds/ Chandni Chowk to
                        world / by James Robinson and Richard                               China/Beverley Hills Chihuahua
                        Wray                                                                Trailer Trash by Jason Solomons
                        Media Diary                                                 14      Classical: Stephen Pritchard reviews
               10       Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                               Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Gatti/
                        The Networker: Spreadsheets serve as                                Dietrich Henschel and Steven Osborne
                        weapons of mass cost destruction / by                               Radio: Miranda Saywer reviews 5 Live
                        John Naughton                                                       Breakfast/ZaneLowe/Colin Murray
Cash           11       Now the real action's at auction as                                 Pop: Neil Spencer reviews Richard
                        repossessed properties pile up / by Peter                           Thompson: 1,000 Years of Popular
                        Davy and Andrew Moody                                               Music
                        The pain when a stranger moves into the                     15      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews
                        home you've been forces to leave / by                               Oliver!/ Roaring Trade
                        Andrew Moody                                                        Pop: Ally Carnwath reviews Animal
               12       Question of the week: Should                                        Collective
                        redundancy protection be compulsory for                             Art: Imogen Carter reviews John Korner:
                        mortgage holders? Yes says Sara-Ann                                 War Problems
                        Burgess, No says Teresa Fritz                                       Pop: William Skidelsky reviews Camille:
                        Falling house prices: readers' feedback                             The Dark Angel
                        Plenty of life left in the sad Equitable                    16-17   Photography: Lynne Barber reviews
                        tale as the government fails to draw a                              Martin Amis and Friends: Photographs
                        line under it / by Lisa Bachelor                                    by Angela Gorgas
                        Net savings by Huma Qureshi                                         Art: Laura Cumming reviews Unique
               13       Learn the golden rule if you're short of                            Forms: Umberto Boccioni
                        funds / by Sam Dunn                                                 Dance: Luke Jennings reviews La
               14       Phone users – say hello to free 0870 / by                           Bayadere

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                                  The Observer (microfilm edition) index
        18      Releases: reviews of new music and
Books   19      Elizabeth Pisani reviews Three Letter
                Plague: A Young Man's Journey
                Through a Great Epidemic by Jonny
        20      Music: Louise Wener reviews Bad
                Vibes: Britpop and My Part in Its
                Downfall by Luke Haines
                Fiction: Alison Kelly reviews Wandering
                Star by Jean-Marie Gustave le Clezio
        21      Iraq: Peter Beaumont reviews The
                Weight of a Mustard Seed / by Wendell
                Biology: Robin McKie reviews Six-
                Legged Soldiers: Using Insects as
                Weapons of War by Jeffrey Lockwood/
                The Super-Organism: The Beauty,
                Elegance and Strangeness of Insect
                Societies by Bert Holldobler and E.O.
                My other life: Tobias Hill
        22      Robert McCrum on books
        23      History: Tristram Hunt reviews Edward
                Carpenter: A Life of Liberty and Love by
                Sheila Rowbotham
                First novel: Kate Kellaway reviews The
                Rescue Man by Anthony Quinn
        25      Paperback of the week: Elizabeth Day
                reviews Somewhere Towards the End by
                Diana Athill
                Paperbacks reviewed by Helen Zaltzman
                and Mary Fitzgerald
                Audio round-up by Rachel Redford
TV      28      Kathryn Flett on television

                            MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                        The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 25 January 2009                                                                        Rajeev Syal
                                                                                      22      Google drive prompts privacy fears / by
MAIN                                                                                          David Smith
News            1        BBC crisis over refusal to broadcast                                 MRI boost gives view into lungs / by
                         Gaza appeal / by Caroline Davis,                                     Paul Rodgers
                         Vanessa Thorpe and Gaby Hinsliff              People         23      Haute cuisine's recipe for the credit
                         Britain's Andy Murray celebrates after                               crunch? Simpler, more honest food / by
                         winning the third round of the Australian                            Elizabeth Day
                         Tennis Open                                   Focus          24-25   White House in transition: How Obama
                         Three killed as avalanche engulfs                                    set the tone for a new US revolution / by
                         Scottish mountain / by Paul Kelbie and                               Paul Harris
                         David Smith                                                  26-27   Credit crunch UK: Across Britain people
                2        Parents given stark warning on alcohol /                             ask – is this country going bust? / by
                         by Denis Campbell                                                    Larry Elliott
                3        Snow gable that ended in tragedy for          First Person   28      Fergus Walsh tells of his part in TV
                         climbers / by Paul Kelbie and David                                  dramatisation of Anne Turner's assisted
                         Smith                                                                suicide
                         Worst gales in 10 years kill 15 across        Comment &      29      Yes it's bad, but at long last the
                         Europe / by Jason Burke and Toby Helm         Debate                 government is getting it right / by Will
                4        Recession loses each taxpayer £40,000 /                              Hutton
                         by Heather Stewart and Gaby Hinsliff                                 Actually, I like this grown-up Jonathan /
                5        Obama tells US of his radical new                                    by Kathryn Flett
                         agenda / by Paul Harris                       Comment        30      The bankers must be called to account /
                6        Cheap loans for drivers in car industry                              Why the BBC is wrong over the Gaza
                         bail-out plan / by Gaby Hinsliff                                     appeal
                         Schools tackle depression with class                         31      The return of Ken Clarke reveals David
                         therapy / by Caroline Davies                                         Cameron's fears / by Andrew Rawnsley
                7        Men become richer after divorce / by                                 We're in danger of losing our memories /
                         Amelia Hill                                                          by Lynne Brindley
                8-9      Charity row: at the heart of BBC row, the                    32      Your letters
                         homeless of Gaza / by Peter Beaumont                                 The big issue: multicultural Britain
                10       Websites 'must be saved for history' / by                            The readers' editor on the important line
                         David Smith                                                          between argument and insult / by
                         News in brief: Stranded spaniel lifted to                            Stephen Pritchard
                         safety/RAF lifts uniform ban/£3,800 for                      33      Ulrika Jonsson licking a fish is not my
                         Darwin tirade/Ring tone wigging/ Nazi                                idea of public service TV / by Catherine
                         vintage                                                              Bennett
                         Demand for beef 'harming' countryside /                              Obama's got a foreign team of big names
                         by David Smith                                                       – with egos to match / by Michael
Opinion         12       Barbara Ellen                                                        Crowley
                12-13    Style: It's farewell to the power suit as a                  34      Nick Cohen
                         lean look fits the times / by Charlie         World          35      Hamas fights to rebuild Gaza in new
                         Porter                                                               battle for hearts and minds / by Peter
                13       Prince Harry and girlfriend split after                              Beaumont
                         five years / by Caroline Davies                                      World Briefing: Belgium/Greece/
News Briefing   14       Birdwatching: Where have all the                                     Brazil/Italy
                         starlings gone? / by Amelia Hill                             36-37   China fears riots will spread as boom
                         Review: Never mind the TV, it's better to                            goes sour / by Tania Branigan
                         have Ross back on the radio / by                             38      Latin rivals learn it takes two to tango /
                         Miranda Sawyer                                                       by Rory Carroll and Oliver Balch
                         Energy: Five Severn barrage plans to be                      39      French left pioneers a radical new tactic:
                         unveiled by Robin McKie                                              the picnic protest / by Jason Burke
                         Defence: Intrepid finally runs aground on                            New Yorker critic rails at web malice /
                         eBay / by Robin McKie                                                by Paul Harris
                         Motoring: Drivers wary of M-way hard                                 Charity chief quits over autism row / by
                         shoulder plan / by Toby Helm                                         Richard Luscombe
                         Burns Night: Scotland opens its doors to      7 Days         40      David Mitchell
                         the world / by Paul Kelbie                                           Quotes of the week by Chris Bryant, 'a
News            15       Teachers leave Britain to find rich life                             fellow guardsman', Julie Imperiali,
                         abroad / by Jessica Shepherd                                         Alexander Lebedev and Gordon Brown
                16-17    Eye-witness: Denis Campbell was given                        41      The Observer profile: Amanda Staveley:
                         unprecedented access to Great Ormond                                 Flying fixer of the Square Mile / by
                         Street Hospital for Children's                                       James Robinson
                         neurosurgery wards                                           42      Pendennis / by Oliver Marre
                18       Welsh GM-free claim ruined by                                43      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                         'saboteur' / by Caroline Davies
                                                                       BUSINESS & MEDIA
                         Alistair Campbell is back on the frontline
                         / by Gaby Hinsliff                            Business       1       'Broadband for all' plan under threat / by
                19       Pope allows Holocaust denier back into                               Richard Wray
                         fold / by Tom Kington and Jamie                                      BT ponders return to mobile market / by
                         Doward                                                               Richard Wachman
                20       Inquests into Northern Ireland deaths to                             RBS share fall loses Stephen Hester
                         be kept secret / by Jamie Doward                                     £5.5m / by Heather Connon and Richard
                21       Call for airport cull of Canada geese / by                           Wachman

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                                         The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                          Banks failed to register subsidiaries in                              mutual' / by Sandra Haurant
                          'oversight' / by Nick Mathiason                                       Eco teams take energy bill savings into
Business: News   2        Shell in worst profit slump for 10 years /                            their own hands / by Huma Qureshi
                          by Tim Webb                                                 18        Margaret Dibben: Your Problems
                          Europe loving McDonald's again / by                                   HMRC's new 0% rate leaves nothing to
                          Simon Bowers                                                          gain for taxpayers / by Tony Levene
                          Tesco lobbies for right to cut pension
                          payments / by Philip Inman and Rob            REVIEW
                          Evans                                                       1         I'll take Manhattan: From Mad Men to
                          Hedge fund chiefs face grilling on role in                            Broadway, Elisabeth Moss is America's
                          crisis / by Nick Mathiason                                            hottest talent / by Phil Hogan
                          Men are more than twice as likely as                        2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Girl with
                          women to go bust / by Ruth Sunderland                                 plaits, c1953
Business:        3        Comment: Ruth Sunderland                      Details       3         I've no time for Tinkerbell / by Susannah
Analysis                                                                                        Clap
                          Crackdown on China: Is the new US                                     My debt to a dishwasher / by Gaby
                          president a protectionist? / by Heather                               Wood
                          Stewart                                                               They say old jokes are the best... / by
Business:        4-5      Money meltdown: Is it too late for                                    Imogen Carter
Banking Crisis            Britain's banks to make an honest living?     Cover Story   4-5       The Interview: Elisabeth Moss / by Phil
                          / by Heather Connon                                                   Hogan
                          New boss Stephen Hester earns credit as       Arts          6-7       What should Liz Forgan's priorities be
                          he sets out on his mission to save RBS /                              when she takes over as chair of Arts
                          by Heather Connon                                                     Council England / by Imogen Carter
Business:        6        In my view: Financial clowns stand            Essay         8-9, 11   Why I blame the left for Britain's
Opinion                   ready to lead us into another fine mess /                             financial ruin / by Nick Cohen
                          by William Keegan                                           11        Cheap laughs, idle chatter: How the
                          Market forces/FTSE market movers                                      culture industries failed
                          We must decide to keep the red flag           The Critics   12        The main event: Film: Philip French
                          flying here / by Simon Caulkin                                        reviews Milk
Business:        7        Why they all owe us now / by Nick                           12-14     Other films: Philip French reviews
Banking Crisis            Mathiason                                                             Valkyrie/Rachel Getting Married/Paris
                          Deep pockets: the bankers who went too                                36/Better Things/Faintheart
                          far / by Richard Wachman and Nick                           13        Philip French reviews Frost/Nixon
                          Mathiason                                                   14        Sundance Film Festival / by Nick Fraser
                 8        Overpaid, over there... and coming                                    Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons
                          home: Britain's expats leave Wall St / by                   15        Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Every
                          James Doran                                                           Good Boy Deserves Favour/The
Media            9        Mexican rides to rescue of America's                                  Convict's Opera
                          greatest paper / by James Doran                                       Theatre: Claire Brennan reviews
                          New media moguls / by Chris Tryhorn                                   Bouncers
                          Media Diary                                                           Pop: Ally Carnwath reviews Little Joy
                 10       Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                       16-17     Art: Less money to spend... less second-
                          The Networker: Apple's holier-than-thou                               rate art / by Laura Cumming
                          attitude may be its salvation / by John                     17        Folk: Killian Fox reviews Folk America:
                          Naughton                                                              Hollerers, Stompers & Old Time
Cash             11       From the high life to the good life:                                  Ramblers
                          cutting one's cloth is back in fashion / by                 18        Releases: review of new music and
                          Huma Qureshi                                                          DVDs
                 12       Question of the week: Should the under-                     19        Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Skin
                          16s be allowed to have their own bank                                 Deep/Opera North/The Beggar's Opera
                          accounts? Yes says Lesley McLeod, No                        19        Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Xavier Le
                          says Helen Powell                                                     Roy/Theatre of Silence
                          Readers' feedback on redundancy                                       Radio: Mirada Sawyer reviews Richard
                          protection cover                                                      Madeley/State of Mind
                          At last some good news: goodbye               Books         21        On the evolution of Darwin / by Philip
                          (almost) to overpriced, ineffectual single-                           Ball
                          premium PPI / by Lisa Bachelor                              22        Memoir: Olivia Laing reviews The Last
                          Net Savings by Huma Qureshi                                           Supper: A Summer in Italy by Rachel
                 13       One box you don't need on holiday / by                                Cusk
                          Guy Anker                                                             Biography: Brian Morton reviews The
                 14       Your Investments: Buyer caution takes                                 Bard: Robert Burns, A Biography by
                          shine off gilts / by Heather Connon                                   Robert Crawford
                          Property fund investors face lengthy                        23        Crime: Tobias Jones reviews The
                          lock-outs / by Harriet Meyer                                          Monster of Florence: A True Story by
                 15       Turbulent times reveal wisdom of                                      Douglas Preston with Mario Spezi
                          making a will / by Harriet Meyer                                      My other life: Margaret Drabble
                          Credit card providers come under fire                                 Shorts: Rebecca Seal reviews King Kong
                          over 'despicable' cheques / by Sam Dunn                               Theory by Virginie Despentes
                 16       Interest rates                                                        Shorts: Simon Garfield reviews The
                 17       Big-name lenders move to put their fixes                              Optimist by Laurence Shorter
                          back on track / by Lisa Bachelor and                        24        Robert McCrum on books
                          Esther Shaw                                                           Fiction: Joshua Rozenberg reviews The
                          CFS joins Britannia to form 'super                                    Associate by John Grisham

                                    MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                         The Observer (microfilm edition) index
     25    Paperback of the week: Mary Fitzgerald
           reviews Standard Operating Procedure:
           A Wary Story by Philip Gourevitch and
           Errol Morris
           Paperbacks reviewed by Jean Hannah
           Edelstein and Alyssa McDonald
           Audio round-up by Rachel Redford
           The Observer bestsellers list
     27    Puzzles
TV   28    Kathryn Flett on television

                                        The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 01 February 2009                                                                           Britain / by Mark Townsend
                                                                                                  Army names 143rd victim of Afghanistan /
MAIN                                                                                              by Tracy McVeigh
News             1         Peter Mandelson backs new 'people's bank'                      23      Norfolk fears repeat of 1953 flood disaster
                           at Post Office / by Toby Helm                                          / by Caroline Davies
                           Obama's half-brother arrested                 Focus            24-25   Childhood in Britain: Are our children
                           Fertility experts in moral warning over egg                            really in crisis, or the victims of parents'
                           freezing / by Denis Campbell                                           anxiety? / by Amelia Hill, Caroline Davies
                 2         David Cameron moves on from Margaret                                   and Gaby Hinsliff
                           Thatcher era / by Heather Stewart                              26-27   The Economic Challenge: Recession
                 3         A bidding war and a row over ethics: how                               Britain, The Great Debate / by Will Hutton
                           the octuplets story turned sour / by Paul                              and David Cameron
                           Harris in New York                            First Person     28      He two-timed me on Facebook. But our
                 4         Obama's brother on drugs charge / by Xan                               divorce will be for real / by Georgina
                           Rice in Nairobi                                                        Hobbs-Meyer
                 5         Storm over David Blunkett role with           Comment &        29      This mess was made by men. Now let
                           private jobs firm / by Toby Helm and          Debate                   women have their say / by Ruth
                           Rajeev Syal                                                            Sunderland
                           Peers face through new laws / by Toby                                  Great art that came without regrets / by
                           Helm and Rajeev Syal                                                   John Wilson
                 6         Struggling firms slice payments to            Comment          30      British workers need rights, not protection/
                           pensions / by Heather Stewart                                          Out with the bureaucrats, in with the artists
                 7         Parents who argue 'harm their children' /                      31      Mr Brown, it's time to come down from
                           by Gaby Hinsliff                                                       the mountain / by Andrew Rawnsley
                 8-9       Recession Britain: Unions say Labour was                               Children should be allowed to be sad / by
                           warned about jobs for foreigners / by                                  Lisa Miller and Margaret Rustin
                           Jamie Doward, Toby Helm, and Tom                               32      Your letters
                           Kington in Rome                                                        The big issue: divorce
                 9         Commentary: We once welcomed workers                                   The Observer panel: How much does the
                           from all over the Empire / by Heather                                  ending matter?
                           Stewart                                                        33      Does Labour really think John Prescott is
                 10        17,000 asylum seekers' files lost / by                                 the new Obama? / by Catherine Bennett
                           Rajeev Syal                                                            Riot? If I were 20 years younger I would
                           News in brief: Devon department store                                  take to the streets / by Henry Porter
                           shuts after 150 years/Steam loco's maiden                      34      Why everybody wants to keep the Lords /
                           trip/Poison case woman in court/Hotel                                  by Nick Cohen
                           denies outbreak/Five charged with murder      World            35      Gaza desperately short of food after Israel
 Opinion         11        Barbara Ellen                                                          destroys farmland / by Peter Beaumont
 News Briefing   12        Crime: Knife death father was champion                                 Russia rocked by financial crisis protests /
                           African boxer / by Mark Townsend and                                   by Tom Parfitt
                           Rajeev Syal                                                            Iraqis turn out in record numbers for
                           Weather: Rush-hour warnings as Russian                                 crucial elections / by Martin Chulov
                           snow blows in / by Caroline Davies                             36-37   Special report: Sleaze and anger as Africa
                           Crime: EU database 'vital to trace terror                              heads for first World Cup
                           suspects' / by Jamie Doward                                    38      Busker is the surprise star of Woody
                           Final countdown for this year's Australian                             Allen's new movie / by Tom Kington
                           Tennis Open                                                    40      Back to basics Republicans decide to play
                           Politics: 50,000 join protest march over                               a long game / by Paul Harris
                           Sri-Lanka / by Amelia Hill                                             World briefing: Sri Lanka/Zimbabwe
                           Tragedy: Boy killed by train 'was being                                /Romania/Afghanistan
                           chased by gang'                                                41      Georgians who can never go home / by
 News            13        Banned sex pay is now a teenage hit / by                               Jonathan Steele
                           Vanessa Thorpe                                7 Days           42      David Mitchell
                 15        Britain 'must revive farms' to avoid grave                             Quotes of the week by Daniel Radcliff,
                           food crisis / by Jamie Doward                                          Tom Cruise, Alan Titchmarsh, Kate
                           Commentary: It is now time to embrace                                  Winslet and Matthew Parris
                           GM technology / by Robin McKie                                 43      The Observer profile: Rafael Benitez / by
                 16        Low-paid suffer from legal aid cuts / by                               Ned Temko
                           Tracy McVeigh                                                  44      Victoria Coren
                 17        Salvage team finds wreck of the Victory /                              Pendennis / by Oliver Marre
                           by Vanessa Thorpe                                              45      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                 18-19     I was in awe of Paris then [fashion show in
                                                                         BUSINESS & MEDIA
                           1956]. And still am / by Katharine
                           Whitehorn                                     Business: News   1       Thousands of staff face axe at drugs giant
                 19        Black officers step up the pressure on new                             by Richard Wachman
                           Metropolitan police boss / by Mark                                     Sponsors look away from the London Eye
                           Townsend                                                               / by Richard Wachman
                 20        Climate expert snubs Heathrow protesters /                             Icap spearheads £800m bid for LCH
                           by Robin McKie                                                         Clearnet / by Richard Wachman
                           Google crash blamed on human error / by                                Downturn is shunting railway industry
                           Caroline Davies                                                        towards bail-out / by Dan Milmo
                 21        Islands in Turks and Caicos blame UK for                               Alistair Darling seeks MPC ally to stand
                           'stolen land' / by Jamie Doward                                        up to Mervyn King / by Heather Stewart
                 22        Guantanamo prisoner awaits return to                           2       Fate of UBS hangs on tax evasion case / by

                                    MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                          The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             Nick Mathiason                                                       Barbie turns 50 / by Imogen Carter
                             Private jets on sale but prices are still sky                 4-6    John Updike 1932-2009: When Martin
                             high / by Tim Webb                                                   Amis met John Updike
                             Centrica chief issues 'energy crunch'           Music         7      Taylor Swift: First, she conquered
                             warning / by Tim Webb                                                Nashville. Now she's set for world
                             BP attacked for watering down EU green                               domination / by Amy Raphael
                             agenda / by terry Macalister                    Cover Story   8-10   Oscars special
                             Non-execs admit inability to rein in bosses     The Critics   11     The main event: Pop: Kitty Empire
                             behaving badly / by Heather Connon                                   reviews Lily Allen
Business:          3         Protectionism is a dangerous road to walk                     12     Film of the week: Philip French reviews
Analysis                     – remember the Thirties / by Ruth                                    Revolutionary Road
                             Sunderland                                                           Philip French's screen legends: Catherine
                             Recession: Isolationists are now going                               Deneuve 1943-
                             global / by Tim Webb                                          13     Other films: Philip French reviews Tokyo
Business: Inside   4-5       Infrastructure: Can we fix it? No, we can't                          Sonata/Barry Lyndon/JCVD/The
Story                        – not during a credit crunch / by Nick                               Broken/Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
                             Mathiason                                                     14     Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Mrs
                   5         Is private-sector money the right tool to                            Affleck/Duet for One/Complicit
                             construct tomorrow's public Britain? No                              Theatre: Kate Kellaway reviews Be Near
                             says Kevin Beeston, Yes says Allyson                                 Me/Private Lives
                             Pollock                                                       15     Architecture: Stephen Bayley reviews
Business:          6         Industry's biggest secret: Buccaneering,                             Andrea Palladio: His Life and Legacy at
Ownership                    debt-fuelled and very private, Ineos is an                           the Royal Academy, London
                             unknown giant / by Richard Wachman                                   Art: Laura Cumming reviews Unveiled:
                             Working in private: Companies worth                                  New Art from the Middle East
                             billions but hidden from view                                 16     Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
Business:          7         Sam Laidlaw, the man who devotes his                          17     Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Die
Mammon                       energy to taking the heat for British Gas /                          tote Stadt/Nicholas Angelich/Stephen
                             by Tim Webb                                                          Kovacevich
Business:          8         In my view: Goldilocks' economy is too                               Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews Simon
Opinion                      cold, and the bears are prowling Davos /                             Mayo/Nick Grimshaw/The Most Godless
                             by William Keegan                                                    Town in Britain
                   9         Market forces/FTSE market movers                                     Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Dear Body/
                             Management Editor: Big banks have                                    La Bayadere
                             failed. The solution? Big banks... / by         TV            18     Kathryn Flett on television
                             Simon Caulkin                                   Books         19     William Leith reviews Bodies by Susie
Media              9         Digital Britain will benefit all, but who                            Orbach
                             will foot the bill? / by Richard Wray and                     20     History: Hitler's Private Library: The
                             James Robinson                                                       Books That Shaped His Life by Timothy
                             Media Diary                                                          W. Ryback
                   10        Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                                Fiction: Philip French reviews And Then
                             The Networker: Digital rights management                             There Was No One by Gilbert Adair
                             isn't music to everyone's ears / by John                      21     Fiction: Sophie Harrison reviews Wetlands
                             Naughton                                                             by Charlotte Roche
Cash               11        How the hidden 'criminal' in your home                               Science: Robin McKie reviews The
                             could rob you of insurance / by Jamie                                Strangest Man: The Hidden Life of Paul
                             Elliott                                                              Direc, Quantum Genius by Graham
                             Question of the week: With household                                 Farmelo
                             budgets stretched, should we holiday in                              My other life: Howard Jacobson
                             Britain this year? Yes says Patricia Yates,                   22     Non-fiction: Kate Sanders reviews How
                             No says Tim Williamson                                               Not to Write a Novel: 200 Mistakes to
                             Comment: Mad as hell? Don't take it any                              Avoid at All Costs If You Ever Want to
                             more / by Lisa Bachelor                                              Get Published by Sandra Newman and
                             Your letters                                                         Howard Mittelmark
                   13        Lenders are demanding 50% deposits on                                Fiction: Rachel Aspden reviews Mr Toppit
                             newbuilds / by Guy Anker                                             by Charles Elton
                   14-15     Overpayment: a spend-to-save mortgage                         23     Economics: Will Hutton reviews Fixing
                             plan / by Harriet Meyer                                              Global Finance: How to Curb Financial
                             Borrowers get precious little help from                              Crises in the 21st Century by Martin Wolf
                             their flexible friends / by Lisa Bachelor                            Shorts: Francesca Segal reviews Split: A
                   15        Bankruptcy is on the rise – but should it be                         Story of Love, Betrayal and Divorce by
                             seen as an easy option? / by Jon Robins                              Suzanne Finnamore
                   16        Interest rates                                                       Shorts: Edward Marriott reviews The
                   17        Back to basics: What taxpayers need to                               Island at the End of the World by Sam
                             know / by Harriet Meyer                                              Taylor
                                                                                           25     Paperback of the week: Louise France
REVIEW                                                                                            reviews The Suspicions of Mr Whicher by
                   1         Oscars special                                                       Kate Summerscale
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Emilia Fox,                               Paperbacks reviewed by Martin Hemming,
                             2004                                                                 Heather Thompson and Will Daunt
                             Your letters                                                         Classics corner: Jonathan Bouquet reviews
Details            3         Sadie Frost goes solo / by Vanessa Thorpe                            Bulldog Drummond by Sapper
                             A roof over your head? So last year / by                             The Observer bestsellers list
                             Stephen Bayley                                                27     Puzzles

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                                       The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 08 February 2009                                                                           allowed to make money from a fatal illness?
                                                                                                  / by Jenni Murray
MAIN                                                                        Comment &        31   Our culture of wasting food will one day
News            1         Key Labour employment plan close to               Debate                leave us hungry / by Alex Renton
                          collapse / by Toby Helm and Rajeev Syal                                 The Pope should let Eluana die in peace / by
                          A mother's pride as her boys play for                                   Mary Warnock
                          England in Six Nations Rugby at                   Comment          32   Tell us the truth about torture, Mr
                          Twickenham                                                              Miliband/A triumph for liberty/No 10 must
                          Italy faces constitutional chaos over coma                              curb bankers' greed
                          woman / by Michael Day                                             33   The greatest moral failure of Tony Blair's
                2         Children's secretary Ed Balls says he did the                           premiership / by Andrew Rawnsley
                          right thing over Baby P / by Toby Helm                                  Let engineers make Britain great again / by
                3         How Hollywood made its heroines weight-                                 James Dyson
                          obsessed and man mad / by Amelia Hill                              34   Your letters
                          Driver wins £20,000 damages for stress of                               The big issue: the recession
                          parking tickets                                                         An Observer panel special: What 'golliwog'
                4         Chancellor will launch probe into bankers'                              means to me
                          pay / by Rajeev Syal and Toby Helm                                 35   Carol Thatcher is dim, but don't pillory her
                5         Baby savaged to death by pet dogs / by                                  for thought crime / by Catherine Bennett
                          David Smith and Charles Yates                                      36   We can replicate the beauty that came from
                          News in brief: Shoppers switch to cheaper                               the Depression / by Will Hutton
                          brands to save money/Man killed at rail           World            37   Obama will tour US in bid to sell $800bn
                          crossing/Peaches to divorce/ Titanic fight for                          rescue deal / by Paul Harris and Nick
                          last survivor                                                           Mathiason
                6         Prisoners demand right to be fathers / by                               Biden: US is ready for new start with Iran
                          Jamie Doward                                                            and Russia / by Ian Traynor
                7         Dozens die as Australia's wildfires rage / by                           Steroids scandal threatens to engulf top US
                          Caroline Davies                                                         baseball star / by Paul Harris
                          Britain's freeze claims a new victim as boy                        38   Satirists turn their barbs on Sarkozy / by
                          falls through ice / by Caroline Davies                                  Lizzy Davies in Paris
                8-9       Special report – A father's plea: let my                                Flatmate's evidence at Meredith trial casts
                          daughter die in peace / by Michael Day in                               doubt on break-in story / by John Hooper in
                          Rome and Tracy McVeigh                                                  Perugia
                10        NHS forces to turn away women in labour /                          39   Israeli Arabs fear a Gaza backlash as far
                          by Denis Campbell                                                       right prepares for power role / by Peter
Opinion         11        Barbara Ellen                                                           Beaumont
News Briefing   13        Foreign Office list £1.3m in bungled sale of                       40   Downturn shatters east's dream of a
                          Irish embassy, says report / by Gaby Hinsliff                           prosperous post-Soviet future / by Jason
                          Education: Laureate wants end to 'boring'                               Burke in Marijampole
                          school books / by Vanessa Thorpe                                        Berlusconi's 'out of work' actress becomes
                          Racism: Rise in antisemitic attacks 'the worst                          the face of Naples / by Tom Kington
                          recorded in Britain in decades' / by Mark                          41   How one US mother went under cover in a
                          Townsend                                                                bid to clear 'killer' son / by Paul Harris in
                          Auction: Bugatti abandoned for decades is                               New York
                          sold for £3m                                                       41   World Briefing: Madagascar/Sri Lanka/
News            14-15     Torture row: Top US lawyer warns of deaths                              Pakistan/US
                          at Guantanamo / by Mark Townsend and              7 Days           42   David Mitchell
                          Paul Harris                                                             A good week for Lord Laidlaw, Chelsey
                16        Equality chief blasted over race row / by                               Sullenberger and JK Rowling
                          David Smith                                                             A bad week for Richard and Judy, Vladimir
                17        New science could defeat food crises / by                               Putin and John Schnatter
                          Gaby Hinsliff                                                           Quotes of the week by Rob Wilson, Una,
                19        Having babies can sharpen women's minds /                               Tony Blair and Posh Spice
                          by Amelia Hill                                                     43   The Observer profile: The Thatchers / by
                21        George Davis was innocent, and I helped                                 Tim Adams
                          him prove it / by Robert Chesshyre                                 44   Victoria Coren
                22        Farmers fight EU plans to tag 30 million                                Pendennis / by Oliver Marre
                          sheep / by Caroline Davies and Gerald                              45   Weather forecast for the week ahead
                                                                            BUSINESS & MEDIA
                23        Speed bumps to get new role as a source of
                          green energy / by Rhodri Phillips                 Business: News   1    Turn failed banks back into mutuals, Labour
                          Goa victim's email spoke of sex attack / by                             told / by Richard Wachman
                          Barney Henderson                                                        Baugur's British value unravels / by Simon
                24        Design guru's £5m bid to find new talent / by                           Bowers and Zoe Wood
                          David Smith                                                             UK property tycoon faces lawsuit over
Focus           26-27     Life in the downturn: Dreams shelved as                                 spread bet bill / by Nick Mathiason
                          recession forces Britons to put lives on hold /                    2    Flawed Bank of England model 'blinded'
                          by Gaby Hinsliff                                                        Mervyn King to credit crisis / by Heather
                28-29     Vitamin controversy: The great health                                   Stewart
                          debate: is sunshine a miracle cure? / by                                Bank of England to issue grimmest warning
                          Robin McKie                                                             yet on economy / by Heather Stewart
People          30        Why Jade Goody's struggle for life is a tale                            Reform City or we face second crunch,
                          of our times / by Tracy McVeigh                                         warns pension expert / by Phillip Inman
                          Commentary: Are only the chattering classes                             US clearing house ready to scupper £650m

                                   MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                         The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                           bid for LCH Clearnet / by Richard Wachman                          reviews Spring Awakening
Business:       3          Comment: Ruth Sunderland                                   14-15   Films of the week: Philip French reviews
Analysis                                                                                      The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and
                           Banking: Barclays battles to convince                              Doubt
                           doubters / by Heather Connon                               15      Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons
Business: Inside 4-5       Revolution in the US: Angry America is                     16      Other films: Philip French reviews Vicky
Story                      ready to agitate for a brand new deal / by                         Cristina Barcelona/Bolt/The Good, the Bad,
                           Heather Stewart and Paul Harris in                                 the Weird/Who Killed Nancy?/ Punisher:
                           Washington                                                         War Zone/ Timecrimes /The Secret of
                5          If you can hail an empty cab on 5th Avenue,                        Moonacre
                           times are bad / by James Doran in New York                         Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews Robert
Business:       6          Graham Beale: Mutual respect for Mr                                Winston's Musical Analysis/Today
Mammon                     Nationwide / by Richard Wachman                            17      Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews La
Business        7          Property's big beasts are back in the market /                     boheme/ENO/Philharmonia/Brabbins/
                           by Nick Mathiason                                                  Mackerras
Business:       8          In my view: Does the Bank care about                               Pop: Kitty Empire reviews La Roux
Opinion                    pound's steep nose-dive? Not at this rate / by             18      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews A View
                           William Keegan                                                     From the Bridge/Shun-kin/ Entertaining Mr
                           Market forces/FTSE market movers                                   Sloane
                           Management Editor: We can't afford to give                         Theatre: Rachel Cooke reviews The Pitmen
                           bosses a blank cheque / by Simon Caulkin                           Painters
Media           9          Slump gives bitter aftertaste to OK!'s                             Theatre: Clare Brennan reviews The
                           Stateside sugar / by James Robinson                                Hounding of David Oluwale
                           Media Diary                                                        Art: Laura Cumming reviews Altermodern:
                           Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                              Tate Triennial 2009
                           The Networker: The iPhone Ocarina is the                           Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Pitie!/ Triple
                           sound of serious money / by John Naughton                          Bill/Celebration
Cash            10         Anger as credit card firms slash spending                  20      Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
                           limits without warning / by Helen Pridham          Books   21      Stephanie Merritt reviews How to Meet a
                           and Margaret Dibben                                                Man After Forty by Shane Watson/
                           Savers are urged to seek out bonus accounts                        Backwards in High Heels: The Impossible
                           as interest rates fall further / by Lisa                           Art of Being Female by Tania Kindersley
                           Bachelor                                                           and Sarah Vine
                12         Question of the week: Given the cost of                    22      Art: Matthew Collings reviews Lucky
                           higher education, should I bother going to                         Kunst: The Rise and Fall of Young British
                           university? Yes says Andrew Oswald, No                             Art by Gregor Muir
                           says Tom Mursell                                                   Pop Music: William Skidelsky reviews Not
                           Savers taking a hit for the greater good / by                      Fade Away: The Life and Music of Buddy
                           Lisa Bachelor                                                      Holly by John Gribbin
                           Your letters: Love them or loathe them,                            Short Stories: Let's Call the Whole Thing
                           holidays in the UK still aren't cheap                              Off: Love Quarrels from Anton Chekhov to
                13         Beware being caught in the exclusion zone /                        ZZ Packer selected by Kasia Boddy, Ali
                           by Harriett Meyer                                                  Smith, Sarah Wood
                           Banned 'charity' is out collecting again / by              24      Robert McCrum on books
                           Tony Levene                                                        Politics: John Kampfner reviews The
                14         Your Investments / by Heather Connon                               Assault on Liberty: What Went Wrong with
                15         Divorce rates are falling as separated couples                     Rights by Dominic Raab
                           fail to recover the equity in their properties /           25      Politics: Nick Cohen reviews Liberal
                           by Graham Norwood                                                  Fascism: The Secret History of the Left
                           Mortgages: Hidden costs lurk behind                                From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning
                           appealing headline rates / by Laura Howard                         by Jonah Goldberg
                16         Interest rates                                                     First novels reviewed by Francesca Segal
                17         Car club memberships doubled last year – so                        My other life: Linda Grant
                           should we all be joining/ by Huma Qureshi                  26      Paperback of the week: The Brief Wondrous
                18         Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                     Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz
                           New grant aimed at improving health of                             Paperbacks reviewed by James Purdon and
                           expectant mums / by Melanie Wright                                 Stephanie Cross and Sophie Missing
                                                                                              Audio round-up by Rachel Redford
REVIEW                                                                                        Classics corner: Katie Toms reviews The
                1          Picasso: By the people who knew him best                           Pilgrims by Mary Shelley
                2          Jane Bown's photo archive: Eve Arnold,                             The Observer bestsellers list
                           1997                                                       27      Puzzles
                           Your letters: No business like showbusiness         TV     28      Kathryn Flett on television
Details          3         The good and the Great / by Ally Carnwath
                           The axeman cometh... / by Killian Fox
                           Hold the roses / by Eva Wiseman
                           The six commandments of Facebook / by
                           Ally Carnwath
Cover Story     4-7        The many faces of Pablo Picasso / by Peter
Film            8-9        High school drama in a class of its own
People          10-11      Interview with Ian Sinclair / by Rachel
The Critics      13        The main event: Theatre: Susannah Clap

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                                      The Observer (microfilm edition) index

 Sunday 15 February 2009                                                  Debate                   Close them / by James Hansen
                                                                                                   Why we said pants to India's bigots / by
 MAIN                                                                                              Nisha Susan
 News            1       Transplant row over organs for drinkers / by     Comment          30      We must make coal-fired energy less
                         Jamie Doward and Denis Campbell                                           toxic/End the secrecy in Sri Lanka/Ban on
                         Any colour so long as it's yellow                                         Wilders was folly
                         Labour's welfare reform chief defects to the                      31      The cabinet's quarrels are a warning of
                         Conservatives / by Gaby Hinsliff                                          storms ahead / by Andrew Rawnsley
                 2       Foreign Office link to torture cover-up / by                              A standing ovation for the West End / by
                         Paul Harris in New York and Mark                                          David Smith
                         Townsend                                                          32      Your letters
                 3       Designers feel benefit as America thrills to                              The big issue: motherhood
                         the Michelle Obama look / by Alice Fisher                                 The Observer panel: Would you donate to
                 4       Union bosses square off in 'bullying' row /                               help the octuplets?
                         by Toby Helm                                                      33      Geert Wilders has just made our leaders look
                 5       Jade Goody to wed and die 'in the public                                  truly idiotic / by Catherine Bennett
                         eye'/ by Rowan Walker                                                     MPs fiddle while parliamentary democracy
                 6       New fears over dumbing down of key exams                                  burns / by Henry Porter
                         / by Warwick Mansell                                              34      Nick Cohen
                 7       At 92, Vera Lynne, forces' sweetheart to tell                     35      Obama has picked the wrong hero for our
                         all / by Vanessa Thorpe                                                   times / by Will Hutton in America
                 8-9     Financial crisis: Gordon Brown under siege       World            36      Power sharing in Zimbabwe threatened by
                         as Congress caps bankers' bonuses                                         five-man cabal / by Alex Duval Smith
                 9       Chancellor Alistair Darling set to inject more                            Trapped Sri Lankans 'dying in makeshift
                         cash into HBOS                                                            hospital' / by Gethin Chamberlain in Delhi
                 10      Parents back C4 show reviled as 'child abuse'                     37      Julia Roberts leads Hollywood's charge on
                         / by Tracy McVeigh                                                        big business / by Paul Harris
                         News in brief: Romance stalls aboard                                      Anti-Chavez lobby dares to hope for a last-
                         Valentine's Day love bus/Gaza aid                                         ditch victory / by Rory Carroll in Caracas
                         convoy/Iraq hero's Channel victory/ Jimmy                         38-39   'Pashtunistan' holds key to Obama mission /
                         Choo windfall/Marine dies in Afghanistan                                  by Jason Burke in London, Yama Omid in
 Opinion         11      Carole Cadwalladr                                                         Kabul, Paul Harris in Washington, Saeed
 News Briefing   13      Society: Dying without funds or relations                                 Shah in Islamabad and Gethin Chamberlain
                         leads to increase in paupers' funerals / by                               in Delhi
                         Paul Kelvie and Caroline Davies                                   39      Flatmate saw scratch on Knox's neck soon
                         Road risks: Six die in head-on collision at                               after Kercher killing / by Tom Kington in
                         danger spot / by Amelia Hill                                              Perugia
                         Michael Jackson's world goes up for auction                       40      Prosperous Spanish city falls victim to hard
                         / by Chris Campion                                                        times / by Giles Tremlett
                         Crime: Terror police hold three in motorway                               Miss France's iron lady goes to court over
                         arrests                                                                   winner's allegations of 'topless exploitation' /
                         Housing: Gazumpers return as property                                     by Lizzy Davies in Paris
                         market rallies / by Jill Insley                                           World briefing: India/Germany/Israel
 News            14      Fears over alcohol test for mothers / by                          41      Poor Brazilians rejoice as loggers return to
                         Amelia Hill                                                               pillage the rainforest / by Tom Phillips
                 15      New report says racism still rife in police /    7 Days           42      David Mitchell
                         by Jamie Doward                                                           A good week for chocolate sales, sexual
                         How TV ads are taking the net by storm / by                               equality, Gordon Ramsay
                         David Smith                                                               A bad week for cricket, Prince Harry,
                 16      Figures reveal Tony Blair's charity empire /                              Channel 4
                         by Jamie Doward                                                           Quotes of the week by Richard Chartres,
                 17      Fashion guru Jane Shepherdson brings fresh                                Peter Luff MP, Omid Djalili
                         hope to the high street                                                   The Observer profile: Peter Singer, moral
                 18-19   Energy debate: Coal at centre of fierce new                               arbiter of life and death / by Ed Vulliamy
                         climate battle / by Robin McKie                                   44      Victoria Coren
                 21      New fight to stop mass flouridation / by                                  Pendennis / by Oliver Marre
                         James Meikle                                                      45      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                         Author Terry Pratchett blames his
                                                                          BUSINESS & MEDIA
                         Alzheimer's on mercury fillings / by Denis
                         Campbell                                         Business: News   1       UK's richest landowner hit by slump / by
                 23      Special tags to measure how often cats kill /                             Nick Mathiason
                         by Robin McKie                                                            Trebles all round after P Dibby endorses
                         Gordon Brown ally Digby Jones attacks jobs                                Diageo's Ciroc spirit / by Simon Bowers
                         policy / by Jamie Doward                                                  Men are more discouraged by job loss than
 Focus           24-26   Women and recession: 'We cannot return to                                 women / by Tim Webb
                         the old macho ways' / by Ruth Sunderland                                  'Doomsday' plan to renationalise BT / by
                 27      Special report: Army returns to an old tactic                             Richard Wray and Ashley Seager
                         to defeat resurgent Taliban: sniping / by                                 Rio Tinto revolt halts chairman's move to BP
                         Mark Townsend                                                             / by Tim Webb and Richard Wachman
 People          28      Is Joaquin Phoenix just another actor in                                  Bankers kept silent over Madoff fears /by
                         meltdown, or is this a hoax? / by David                                   James Doran in New York
                         Smith                                                                     Space NK loses its sparkle / by Zoe Wood

Comment &        29      Coal-fired power stations are death factories.                            Fears grow that Lloyds will end up state-

                                MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                      The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                         owned / by Heather Connon                        The Critics   11   The main event: Theatre: Susannah Clapp
                         Prudential eyes AIG's Asian businesses / by                         reviews England People Very Nice
                         Richard Wachman                                                12   Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                         Travel firms sell holidays to blacklisted                           Three Monkeys
                         Burmese resorts / by Nick Mathiason                                 Philip French's screen legends: Cary Grant
Business:          3     Comment: Ruth Sunderland                                            1904-86
Analysis                                                                                13   Berlin Film Festival / by Nick James
                         Europe: Recession crashes on to the                                 Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons at the
                         continent / by Ashley Seager                                        Baftas
Business: Inside   4-5   Risky business: Banking's big question: why                    14   Pop: Kitty Empire reviews Buraka Som
Story                    didn't anyone stop them? / by Nick                                  Sistema
                         Mathiason, Heather Connon and Richard                               Other films: Philip French reviews
                         Wachman                                                             Notorious/Fuck/Hotel for Dogs/Under the
                   6     Clean energy at a crossroads / by Terry                             Sea 3D/The Pink Panther 2/King of the
                         Macalister                                                          Hill/Friday the 13th
                         JJB's results reveal it needs a new strategy /                 15   Art: Laura Cumming reviews Subversive
                         by Zoe Wood                                                         Spaces: Surrealism and Contemporary Art
Business:          7     Medicine man Christopher Evans asks for a                           Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews Locked
Mammon                   £1bn injection / by Nick Mathiason                                  Up/ Sarah Party
Business:          8     In my view: Once upon a time, we had what                      16   Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Le nozze
Opinion                  were called 'clearing banks'... / by William                        di Figaro/Welsh National Opera/ Haydn
                         Keegan                                                              Quartets/Jerusalem Quartet
                         Management Editor: Inside every chief exec,                         Architecture: Stephen Bayley reviews St
                         there's a Soviet planner / by Simon Caulkin                         Benedict's School, Ealing
                         Market forces/FTSE market movers                               17   Classical: Susannah Clapp reviews Three
Media              9     Crisis, what crisis? Conde Nast says the                            Days of Rail/Seven Jewish Children
                         future's glossy / by James Robinson                                 Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Twelfth Floor
                         Media Diary                                                         Theatre: Kate Kellaway reviews Berlin – A
                   10    Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                               Reading by David Hare
                         The Networker: Need to read between the                        18   Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
                         lines? Microsoft Word can help / by John         TV            19   Kathryn Flett on television
                         Naughton                                         Books         21   Dominic Sandbrook reviews Khomeini's
Cash               11    Climbing off the property ladder 'was the                           Ghost: Iran since 1979
                         wisest move we ever made' / by Huma                            22   Interview: Richard Milward / by Caspar
                         Qureshi                                                             Llewellyn Smith
                         Question of the week: Would we be better                            Crime: Louise France reviews The Girl Who
                         off if we paid the banks fees for our current                       Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson
                         accounts? Yes says Darren Cook, No says                        23   Medicine: Elizabeth Day reviews Direct
                         Phil Jones                                                          Red: A Surgeon's Story / by Gabriel Weston
                         Comment: Lisa Bachelor                                              Fiction: Stephanie Merritt reviews The
                         Your letters                                                        Vagrants by Yiyun Li
                   13    What not to do with your money / by Sam                             Biography: James Purdon reviews Rimbaud:
                         Dunn                                                                The Double Life of a Rebel by Edmund
                   14    Builders hit by insurance 'conviction' feud /                       White
                         by Jamie Elliott                                               24   Robert McCrum on books
                         Savings: ING offers Kaupthing refugees a                            Children's fiction: Kate Kellaway reviews
                         2% sweetener / by San Dunn                                          Guantanamo Boy by Anna Perera
                   15    Look before you leap at the variable rate lure                      Fiction: Adam Mars-Jones reviews Rhyming
                         / by Melanie Wright                                                 Life and Death by Amos Oz
                   16    Interest rates                                                      Crime: Andrew Anthony reviews The Tall
                   17    Your Investments: Heather Connon                                    Man: Death and Life on Palm Island by
                         Why buying back the NI contribution years                           Chloe Hooper
                         could be a smart move / by Harriet Meyer                       26   Paperback of the week: Rebecca Seal
                         Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                      reviews Netherland by Joseph O'Neill
                                                                                             Paperbacks reviewed by Will Daunt,
REVIEW                                                                                       Alexandra Masters and Michael Englard
                   1     Just another love story? Elizabeth Day on                           Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                         the Holocaust romance that was too good to                          Classics corner: William Skidelsky reviews
                         be true                                                             The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F.
                   2     Jane Bown's photo archive: U2 Dublin, 1987                          Scott Fitzgerald
                         Your letters: The evergreen maestro of opera                        The Observer bestsellers list
Details            3     The man who made an icon / by Ally                             27   Puzzles
                         Stick up for morris men / by Olivia Laing
                         Pimp by celeb
                         The Pretty Woman's back... / by Ally
People             4-5   The interview: Mark Wallinger / by Tim
Cover Story        6-8   When one extraordinary life story is not
                         enough / by Elizabeth Day
Culture            9     Life is tweet: How the Twitter family
                         infiltrated our cultural world / by Ajesh

                                  MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                       The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 22 February 2009                                                                             Iceland's women lead the rescue / by Ruth
MAIN                                                                                        25      Commentary: UK businesswomen still fear
News            1         UK agents 'colluded with torture in                                       to show their feminine virtues / by Toni
                          Pakistan' / by Mark Townsend                                              Westwood of Everywoman
                          Jade: a tender kiss for bride-to-be            First Person       26      Battle still rages where my brave great-
                          Gordon Brown signals an end to the                                        uncle fell in Gaza back in 1917 / by Mark
                          excesses of 100% mortgages / by Gaby                                      Urban
                          Hinsliff                                       Comment &          27      We're a fast-food nation slowly eating
                2         Lord Ashcroft faces new funding probe /        Debate                     ourselves to death / by Jay Rayner
                          by Toby Helm                                                              And last of all I would like to thank... / by
                3         Your starter for 10: is Gail Trimble the                                  Glenda Jackson
                          cleverest contestant ever?                     Comment            28      A return to banking basics is only the
                4         Brown wins race for first Obama visit / by                                start/We need more than fine words on
                          Toby Helm                                                                 torture/Here's hoping
                5         Wedding day joy may ease the pain for                             29      Do the Tories know what they would do
                          dying Jade / by Amelia Hill                                               with power? / by Andrew Rawnsley
                          News in brief: Two pedestrians killed in                                  We will put people first, not bankers / by
                          Ipswich car accident/The £14,500 bag of                                   Gordon Brown
                          pic'n'mix/Pilot dies in aircraft crash/Six                        30      Your letters
                          hurt in London shootings                                                  The big issue: coal-powered energy
                          MPs rebel over agency workers / by Gaby                                   The readers' editor on the pitfalls of name
                          Hinsliff and Toby Helm                                                    calling / by Stephen Pritchard
                6-7       Investigation: Revealed: full horror of                           31      So you think women would have saved us.
                          Gitmo inmate's beatings / by Mark                                         Think again / by Catherine Bennett
                          Townsend                                                                  Science is just one gene away from
                9         Cancer deaths to double in next 40 years /                                defeating religion / by Colin Blakemore
                          by David Smith                                                    32      Nick Cohen
                10        Top Blair mandarin helps out Cameron /         World              33      Terrorists turn sights on Greek journalists /
                          by Toby Helm and Gaby Hinsliff                                            by Helena Smith in Athens
                          Don't play BNP's game, warns peer / by                                    It's a wrap, Oscar covers up for his big
                          Gaby Hinsliff                                                             night
                12-13     Interview: Reality show to anoint new                                     Mugabe demands cash and cattle for a
                          British fashion queen of NY / by Gaby                                     surreal 85th birthday banquet / by Alex
                          Wood                                                                      Duval Smith
                14        U-turn over 'foot and mouth' lab / by David                       34-35   After squalls in the Caribbean, Sarkozy
                          Adam                                                                      faces a storm at home / by Jason Burke in
News Briefing   15        London catwalk: Westwood celebrates the                                   Paris
                          enduring wit of St Trinian's / by Alice                           35      Rihanna speaks from hiding to thank fans /
                          Fisher                                                                    by Paul Harris in New York
                          Ireland: 100,000 march over credit crisis /                       37      Final twist in murder case that gripped
                          by Henry McDonald                                                         America / by Paul Harris in New York
                          Democracy: Brown and Blair among                                          World briefing: Saudi Arabia/Australia/
                          'enemies of freedom' / by David Smith                                     Sudan/Slovakia
                          Climate change: Nasa launches carbon                                      Taliban agrees 'permanent ceasefire' in
                          dioxide tracker satellite / by Alok Jha                                   war-torn valley / by Jason Burke
                          Culture: 'Fearful' companies to cut arts                          38      Abu Ghraib reborn with new name but
                          sponsorship / by Vanessa Thorpe                                           haunted by bitter memories / by Martin
                          Politics: Mandelson ready to unveil Royal                                 Chulov in Baghdad and Mona Mahmood
                          Mail plans                                     7 Days             39      David Mitchell
News            16        UK is branded a 'climate criminal' over                                   Quotes of the week by Michael O'Leary,
                          coal plans / by Juliette Jowit                                            Kate Moss, Terry Pratchett, David
                          Trawlers are 'destroying history on the                                   Miliband, Rubina Ali, Hugh Osmond and
                          seabed' / by Robin McKie                                                  Hazel Blears
                17        David Walliams on love, sexuality and                             40      Victoria Coren
                          loneliness / by David Smith                                       41      The Observer profile: Tessa Jowell, A
                          We're failing autistic people, minister                                   loyalist to the bitter end / by Martin Bright
                          admits / by Mary O'Hara                                           42      Pendennis / by Oliver Marre
                18-19     Investigation: The famous faces that fooled                       43      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                          Stanford clients / by Jamie Doward and
                                                                         BUSINESS & MEDIA
                          Rajeev Syal
                          FBI investigates Stanford's possible links     Business: News     1       Northern Rock to be reborn as a 'good
                          with Mexico drug gang / by Ed Vulliamy                                    bank' / by Jill Treanor and Ruth
                          and Paul Harris in New York                                               Sunderland
                21        Tessa Ross, the head of Film4: Self-                                      If nobody else will, here's a shirt that'll
                          effacing, camera-shy, no ego.. and in the                                 give you a hug / by Eloise Veljovic
                          running for 12 Oscars / by David Smith                                    HSBC faces new onslaught from activist
                          ...But the big night is in danger of losing                               investor / by James Doran
                          its shine / by Christopher Goodwin                                        Alistair Darling denounces Swiss secrecy /
                22        Top artists battle visa clampdown / by                                    by Nick Mathiason
                          Vanessa Thorpe                                                            Insurers cut back on high street credit
                23        Food cravings triggered by specific sports /                              cover / by Zoe Wood
                          by Amelia Hill                                 Business: Energy   2       Dash for gas 'holds UK to ransom' / by
Focus           24-25     Recession and the sexes: After the crash,                                 Mark Milner and Tim Webb

                                   MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                          The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             Britain to demand radical reform of World                            My barking day with one man and his dog
                             Bank at G20 / by Heather Stewart                                     / by Carole Cadwalladr
                             Debt-laden Mecom wins time / by Elena          Cover Story   4-7     Here today... the art of tomorrow
                             Moya and Chris Tryhorn                         People        8-9     The interview: David Peace / by Tim
Business:          3         Comment: Heather Stewart                                             Adams
Analysis                                                                    Politics      11      Meet the new freedom fighters / by Robert
                             Cricket billionaire Allen Stanford finally                           McCrum
                             caught out / by Andrew Clark                   Film          12      The Oscar fight begins / by Jason Solomon
Business: Inside   4-5       Banking meltdown: The global crisis finds      The Critics   13      The main event: Pop: Ally Carnwath
Story                        its way to Darling's doorstep / by Nick                              reviews NME Awards shows/War Child
                             Mathiason                                                            presents the Killers and Coldplay
                   5         Ruaridh Nicoll mourns the loss of a bank                     14      Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                             woven into the fabric of Scottish life                               Gran Torino
Business: Retail   6         Britain's meanest high streets / by Zoe                      14-15   Philip French's screen legends: Natalie
                             Wood                                                                 Wood 1938-1981
Business:          7         We're ready to listen, says Tom Albanese,                    15      Other films: Philip French reviews Che:
Mammon                       Rio's boss / by Tim Webb                                             Part Two/Cadillac Records/Anvil! The
Business:          8         In my view: The sad truth is, Your                                   Story of Anvil/Confessions of a
Opinion                      Majesty, we banked on this never                                     Shopaholic/20th Century Boys/Push
                             happening / by William Keegan                                        Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons
                             Market forces/FTSE market movers                             16      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Van Dyck
                             Management Editor: However good the                                  and Britain
                             pay, it doesn't buy results / by Simon                       16-17   Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Into
                             Caulkin                                                              the Little Hill & Down by the Greenwood
Media              9         Smartphones are go – and everyone is                                 Side/Music & Chance/BBC Concert
                             calling in for a piece of the action / by                            Orchestra/Vita Nuova
                             Richard Wray                                                 17      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews
                             Media Diary                                                          Othello/The Stone
                   10        Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                        18      Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
                             The Networker: Of course worms can                           19      Art: Tim Adams reviews Shah Abbas: The
                             enter the net, that's the whole point / by                           Remaking of Iran
                             John Naughton                                                        Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews BBC
Cash               11        Bogus trainers are leaving the unemployed                            news/What is a Wife?/Blasted: The Life
                             on a course to nowhere / by Neasa                                    and Death of Sarah Kane/Vive La France
                             MacErlean                                      Books         21      Jason Burke reviews The Kindly Ones by
                             Banks fobbing off PPI mis-selling                                    Jonathan Littell
                             complaints with 'goodwill' payments / by                     22      History: AN Wilson reviews The
                             Sam Dunn                                                             Victorians: Britain Through the Paintings
                   12        Question of the week: After 350 years of                             of the Age by Jeremy Paxman
                             loyal service is the cheque finally heading                          Technology: Rafael Behr reviews
                             for extinction? Yes says Rob Skinner, No                             Cyburbia: The Dangerous Idea That's
                             says John Bryant                                                     Changing How We Live And Who We Are
                             Comment: Lisa Bachelor                                               by James Harkin
                             Your letters                                                         My other life: Ruth Padel
                   13        Ireland looks to quash talk of crisis as                     23      Self-help: Carole Cadwalladr reviews Men
                             savers get the jitters / by Jill Insley                              Are Stupid...And They Like Big Boobs: A
                             Inflation taking toll on nest egg accounts /                         Woman's Guide to Beauty Through Plastic
                             by Jill Insley                                                       Surgery by Joan Rivers
                   14        Where there's a will, there's the hard-sell                          History: Jonathan Bouquet reviews
                             by charities / by Margaret Dibben                                    Liberation: The Bitter Road to Freedom,
                             Property slump offers unexpected IHT                                 Europe 1944-1945
                             relief / by Graham Norwood                                           History: Isabel Hilton reviews Fidel and
                   15        Forget the holidays – it really does pay to                          Che: A Revolutionary Friendship by
                             go into school for money / by Huma                                   Simon Reid-Henry
                             Qureshi                                                      24      Robert McCrum on books
                   16        Interest rates                                                       Fiction: Kate Kellaway reviews The Girl
                   17        Energy providers turn up the heat / by Lisa                          on the Landing by Paul Torday
                             Bachelor and Jon Robins                                      25      Reportage: Tim Adams reviews Hackney:
                             DIY electricity and gas repairs spark safety                         That Red-Rose Empire: A Confidential
                             alert / by Jill Insley                                               Report by Iain Sinclair
                   18        Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                       Memoir: Viv Groskop reviews Bluebird: A
                             Don't believe these claims of winning back                           Memoir by Vesna Maric
                             bank charges / by Tony Levene                                26      Paperback of the week: Michael Englard
                                                                                                  reviews How Fiction Works by James
REVIEW                                                                                            Wood
                   1         The extraordinary new trends and                                     Paperbacks reviewed by Lucy Scholes,
                             innovations that are reshaping our art,                              Robert Collins and Viola Fort
                             culture and design                                                   Audio round-up by Rachel Redford
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Jessye                                    Classics corner: Jean Hannah Edelstein
                             Norman, 1981                                                         reviews Memoirs of a Midget by Walter de
Details            3         Baddie bankers? Sounds familiar / by                                 la Mare
                             Philip French                                                        The Observer bestsellers list
                             Seven deadly scenes / by David Smith                         27      Puzzles
                             The full Uncle Monty / by Hazel Sheffield      TV            28      Kathryn Flett on television

                                      MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                         The Observer (microfilm edition) index
         Alexandra Masters and Michael Englard
         Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
         Classics corner: William Skidelsky
         reviews The Curious Case of Benjamin
         Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald
         The Observer bestsellers list
27       Puzzles

                                           The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 01 March 2009                                                     Comment          28      This is Royal Mail's best chance yet/
                                                                                                  Modern liberty has found it's voice
MAIN                                                                                      29      These bankers are lucky that they are not
News            1         Peter Mandelson goes to war on Labour                                   going to jail / by Andrew Rawnsley
                          mail rebels / by Ned Temko and Toby                                     Where are Britain's drama queens / by
                          Helm                                                                    Amy Jenkins
                          Class act: Slumdog star's new triumph                           30      Your letters
                          We miss our son Ivan so much, say                                       The big issue: religion
                          Camerons / by Toby Helm                                                 The Observer panel: What would you do
                2         Observer award nominations                                              with your hour?
                          Pressure mounts over secret HBOS papers                         31      Yesterday saw the birth of a great
                          / by Jamie Doward                                                       movement for liberty / by Henry Porter
                3         Was one of Gail Trimble's triumphant                                    Baroness, you are being a complete twit
                          teammates... / by Paul Gallagher                                        about Twitter / by Catherine Bennett
                          Anger at film about Bronson, UK's most                          32      Why the Tate's posing curator is so passé /
                          violent prisoner / by David Smith                                       by Nick Cohen
                4         Brown to support Obama's Afghan plea /         World            33      Israel PM's family link to Hamas peace bid
                          by Toby Helm and Paul Harris                                            / by Peter Beaumont
                5         School place lotteries may be scrapped / by                             Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe at
                          Polly Curtis                                                            his 85th birthday celebration
                6-7       The freedom debate: Liberty groups unite                                As Beckham stays away, Los Angeles falls
                          to defend UK rights / by Tracy McVeigh                                  out with another sporting hero / by Dan
                7         News in brief: Gardeners' Question Time                                 Glenister
                          panellist dies aged 80/Fatal car crash in                       34-35   Who now can stop the slow death of
                          Anglesey/HIV 'sex predator' arrested/ Jade                              Venice? / by Tom Kington
                          Goody in hospice/'Drugs overdose' kills                         35      Hit-and-run skiers bring death to slopes /
                          baby/Lottery results                                                    by Peter Beaumont
                9         Why I had to write the book about my                            36      Girls being force-fed for marriage as junta
                          son's drug trauma / by Vanessa Thorpe                                   revived fattening farms in Mauritania / by
                9         'Wireless power' to pull plug on cables / by                            Alex Duval Smith
                          David Smith                                                             Warren Buffet who has lost £3bn in the
Opinion         11        Carole Cadwalladr                                                       recession admits: 'I did some dumb things
                12-13     Interview: Peter Mandelson / by Andrew                                  in 2008' / by Richard Wachman
                          Rawnsley                                                        37      Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is set for
News Briefing   14        Crime: Cash seized as seven are held over                               shock comeback to ANC politics / by Alex
                          bank raid / by Henry McDonald                                           Duval Smith
                          Celebrity team ready to take on                                         World briefing: North Korea/Romania/
                          Kilimanjaro / by Paul Gallagher                                         China/Bangladesh
                          France: British tourists fall to death in      7 Days           38      David Mitchell
                          Alpine ravine / by Ian Sparks                                           Quotes of the week by Clint Eastwood,
                          Defence: Minister defends care given to                                 Evan Davis, Alexander Lebedev, Andrew
                          war veterans / by Mark Townsend                                         Sachs and Yasmin Le Bon
                          Politics: Cherie denies Bush and Blair                          39      The Observer profile: Alan Moore, the
                          prayer story / by David Smith                                           man with a graphic vision / by Vanessa
News            15        Ripped jeans that will cost you £1,000 / by                             Thorpe
                          Alice Fisher                                                    40      Victoria Coren
                16-17     Britain's birds facing extinction as climate                            Pendennis / by Oliver Marre
                          change leaves them with nowhere to go /                         41      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                          by Robin McKie                                 BUSINESS & MEDIA
                17        Pledge to stop law on plain cigarette
                          packets / by Jamie Doward                      Business: News   1       Hedge fund thinks bank slide is over / by
                18        UN attacks Britain over torture claims / by                             Simon Bowers
                          Mark Townsend                                                           Short-seller behind the Tories
                          Cold cures 'no use for children' / by                                   Sir Fred Goodwin took hard line on
                          Amelia Hill                                                             'clawing back' RBS pensions / by Heather
People          19        Why even the most reticent of stars will                                Connon
                          tell Kirsty Young their secrets / by                                    Currys goes mega to fight Best Buy / by
                          Elizabeth Day                                                           Zoe Wood
News            20        How to be happy in life: let out your anger                             Alistair Darling launches lender to save
                          / by Amelia Hill                                                        building projects / by Nick Mathiason
                21        Police 'over the top' at climate camp / by                              Green energy spending gap / by Terry
                          Tracy McVeigh                                                           Macalister
Focus           22-23     School discipline: Scenes from the new                                  Sahara gas pipeline faces 'immense' terror
                          class war / by Liz Lightfoot                                            threat / by Terry Macalister
                25        The Meredith Kercher murder: The friends                                HSBC to ask shareholders for £12bn / by
                          back home intent on telling the 'real                                   Richard Wachman
                          Amanda Knox' story / by Paul Harris            Business:        3       Heather Stewart
                26        Foreign Oscars: Hollywood leans a new          Analysis
                          film language / by David Smith and                                      BT speeds ahead with broadband network /
                          Vanessa Thorpe                                                          by Richard Wray
Comment &       27        It's time to tell America some home truths,                             Strike raises risk of meat shortage / by
Debate                    Prime Minister / by Will Hutton                                         Nick Mathiason
                          Nothing's worth seeing in Paris today / by                              Old Mutual seeks buyers for Nedbank / by
                          Stephen Bayley                                                          Richard Wachman

                                     MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index
Business: Inside 4-5       Five days of crisis: A dark week for the                              Wood
story                      world economy – Allied forces in a war on       Reportage     6-8     How Bridgend was damned by distortion /
                           recession                                                             by Carole Cadwalladr
Business:       6          Is it game over for Swiss banks? / by Nick      Music         9       New York singer-songwriter DM Stith is
Banking                    Mathiason                                                             drawing acclaim... / by Ally Carnwath
Business:       7          Andrew Baker explains why he has halved         Film          10      Is this a new golden age for British
Mammon                     the number of products at Duchy Originals                             cinema? / by David Smith
                           / by Zoe Wood                                   The Critics   12-13   The main event: Art: Laura Cumming
Business:       8          In my view: Yesterday's heroes must come                              reviews Picasso: Challenging the Past at
Opinion                    back from Bretton Woods to save us / by                               the National Gallery, London
                           William Keegan                                                14      Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                           Market forces/ FTSE market movers                                     The Class
                           We need local inspiration, not local                                  Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
                           elections / by Simon Caulkin                                  15      Other films: Philip French reviews The
Media           9          A timely makeover for Newsweek – or                                   International/Franklyn/The Unborn/ New
                           merely going over old ground?/ by James                               in Town/Obscene/Gun Crazy
                           Robinson                                                      15      Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Sylvia
                           Media Diary                                                   16      Opera: Fiona Maddocks reviews Der
                10         Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                                 fliegende Holländer/Doctor Atomic
                           There's a silver lining to Google's cloud                             Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews
                           computing glitch / by John Naughton                                   U2=BBC/Mastering the Universe/It's My
Cash            11         Now angry leaseholders kick back at the                               Story: the Boxing Civil Servant/ Desert
                           brokers / by Jamie Elliott                                            Island Discs
                           Why conditions may be perfect for                             17      Pop: Kitty Empire reviews NME Big Gig:
                           haggling with your freeholder / by Jessie                             The Cure/Franz Ferdinand/Crystal
                           Hewitson                                                              Castles/White Lies
                12         Question of the week: Is it time to abolish                           Theatre: Kate Kellaway reviews The
                           100% mortgages, as Gordon brown                                       Tempest/Plague Over England
                           believes? Yes says Jeremy Browne, No                                  Comedy: Killian Fox reviews Bill Hicks
                           says Karen Dugdale                                                    Lives!
                           Comment: Lisa Bachelor                                        18      Releases: reviews of new music and DVD
                           Your letters                                                          releases
                13         A stolen bicycle can leave the victim broke     Books         19      Rafael Behir reviews The Meaning of
                           as well as stranded – but is traditional                              Sarkozy by Alain Bodiou
                           cover your best insurance? / by Sally                         20-21   Peter Conrad reviews Chaplin: The
                           Hamilton                                                              Tramp's Odyssey by Simon Louvish
                14         Your Investments / by Heather Connon                                  David Smith reviews The Decisive
                           Junk these hidden credit checks / by Sam                              Moment: How the Brain Makes up its
                           Dunn                                                                  Mind by Jonah Lehrer
                15         Irish pledges fail to calm fears for UK                       21      Robin McKie reviews The Vanishing Face
                           savers / by Margaret Dibben                                           of Gaia by James Lovelock/He Knew He
                16         Interest rates                                                        Was Right: James Lovelock and Gaia by
                17         Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                        John Gribbin and Mary Gribbin
                                                                                                 Viv Groskrop reviews The Thoughtful
REVIEW                                                                                           Dresser by Linda Grant
                1          The strange passions for Mr Lynch: The                        22      Robert McCrum on books
                           enigmatic film-maker talks to Gaby Wood                               Geraldine Bedell reviews The Truth About
                2          Jane Bown's photo archive: Maggi                                      Love by Josephine Hart
                           Hambling and George Melly, c.1995                             23      Interview with novelist Graham Swift / by
                           Your letters                                                          Edward Marriott
Details          3         Bringing David Peace's noir Red Riding                                Rachel Cooke reviews Strangers / by Anita
                           novels to TV has been superbly achieved                               Brookner
                           by a trio of Britain's brightest talents / by                 25      Paperback of the week: Olivia Laing
                           Euan Ferguson                                                         reviews His Illegal Self by Peter Carey
                           That old black eyed magic: a new                                      Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                           generation of fans are copying The Cure                               Paperbacks reviewed by Sophie Missing,
                           My intoxicating glimpse of the future / by                            Helen Zaltzman and William Skidelsky
                           Gaby Wood                                                             Classics corner: Viola Fort reviews The
                           Pillow talk with a bunch of artists / by                              Post Office Girl by Stefan Zweig
                           Imogen Carter                                                 25      The Observer bestsellers list
Cover story     4-5        The interview: David Lynch / by Gaby            TV            28      Kathryn Flett on television

                                      MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                           The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 08 March 2009                                                                          David Smith
                                                                                      24      Stem cells may repair breast cancer
MAIN                                                                                          damage / by Angela Brooks
News            1         Two killed as terror returns to N Ireland /                         Eco-friendly weddings take the cake / by
                          by Henry McDonald                                                   Adam Vaughan
                          Paris fashion: Blooming marvellous                          25      British Islamic leader urged to quit / by
                          Lloyds chiefs fight for survival after                              Jamie Doward
                          £260bn bailout of bank / by Nick                Focus       26-27   Age in the UK: Baby boom Britain won't
                          Mathiason and Gaby Hinsliff                                         retire quietly / by Tracy McVeigh
                2         Calls for government to answer torture                      28      The new activism: The voices in G20's
                          claims / by Mark Townsend                                           chorus of protest / by Ed Vulliamy and
                3         Stars beat the pain barrier to conquer                              Richard Rogers
                          Kilimanjaro / by Venessa Thorpe and                         29      Confessional writing: Alexander Linklater
                          Caroline Davies                                                     welcomes Julie Myerson's honesty on
                          Recession victims to be offered                                     writing about her skunk-smoking son as he
                          government-backed psychological therapy                             recalls the troubled lagacy that a
                          / by Toby Helm                                                      bandishment left in his own family
                4         Cabinet split over right to stay in work        People      30      Steve Martin: How Hollywood's star
                          after 65 / by Gaby Hinsliff                                         comedian found a gift for writing – ban
                          Nasa probe seeks new planets                                        banjos / by David Smith
                5         Plan to warn women of violent men / by          Comment &   31      This is not youthful rebellion, we see the
                          Gaby Hinsliff                                   Debate              catastrophe ahead / by Joss Garman
                          News in brief: Bungling bank robbers                                Never say dye if you want to be a real man
                          tunnel into wrong building/Footballers                              / by Stephen Bayley
                          held for assault/Thousands at Tamil             Comment     32      It's hypocrisy to leave British tax havens
                          funeral/Pressure on mayor grows/Man                                 open/Mandatory retirement age should be
                          critical after impaling/ Boy, 10, in shooting                       put out to grass
                          arrest/Lottery results                                      33      Obama at least didn't treat Brown like a
                6-7       'Britain co-operated with my torture' says                          lame duck / by Andrew Rawnsley
                          Binyam Mohamed, the Guantanamo Bay                                  The lies men told to see me dance naked /
                          detainee who returned to the UK last moth                           by Nadine Stavonina de Montagnac
                          / by Mark Townsend                                          34      Your letters
                8         Minister in welfare 'cover-up row' / by                             The big issue: Royal Mail
                          Toby Helm                                                           The Observer panel: What would you give
                9         Focus on fact is stifling schools, warns top                        Gordon Brown?
                          head / by Catherine Davies                                  35      Want to hurt Sir Fred Goodwin?Well, take
                          Children's hopsital faces censure over                              away that knighthood / by Catherine
                          quality of care / by Denis Campbell                                 Bennett
Opinion         11        Barbara Ellen                                                       Printing money is the right way to get us
                12        Novelist Julie Myerson hits back at the                             out of this mess / by Will Hutton
                          critics of her controversial new book / by                  36      It's basic: We simply need more houses /
                          Jamie Doward                                                        by Nick Cohen
                          100 months to act on climate, warns Prince      World       37      Obama will use spring summit to bring
                          Charles / by Amanda Diamond                                         Cuba in from the cold / by Rory Carroll
                13        Loewe designer opens on a high / by                                 Russia paves way for US nuclear deal / by
                          Imogen Fox                                                          Peter Beaumont
                14-15     Banking crisis: The 'rescue' deal that                      38-39   Crisis in Pakistan: Laid-back Lahore faces
                          brought Lloyds to its knees / by Gaby                               a frightening future / by Jason Burke,
                          Hinsliff and Nick Mathiason                                         Isaam Ahmed and Saeed Shah
News Briefing   17        Religion: Bishop steps aside over inquiry                   39      Crisis in Pakistan: Commentary by
                          into 'inadequate' child protection policy /                         William Dalrymple
                          by Henry McDonald                                           40      Mourning Morgan Tsvangirai files out of
                          Health: Babies' bootees linked to hospital                          Zimbabwe / by Tracy McVeigh and Alex
                          superbugs / by Jon Harris                                           Duval Smith
                          Trade Unions: Simpons re-elected as joint                           French Justice Minister Rachida Dati
                          leader of Unite / by Toby Helm                                      defends swift return to work after birth / by
                          Baptism: Terminally ill TV star Jade                                Jamie Doward
                          Goody is christened in hospital with her                    41      Libby, Montana: The tragic US
                          sons / by Rowan Walker                                              community laid waste by asbestoc dust /
                          Agriculture: Bovine TB out of conrol,                               by Joanna Walters
                          warn farmers / by Caroline Davies                                   World briefing: Palestine/China/
                19        Scientists to issue stark warning over                              Australia/Afghanistan
                          dramatic new sea level figures / by Robin                   42      US army 'had opportunities to grab Mladic'
                          McKie                                                               / by Peter Beaumont
                20        Foreign social workers to be 'fast-tracked' /                       Sex attacks blight lives of Haitian girls / by
                          by Rajeev Syal and Jamie Doward                                     Tracy McVeigh
                          Jack Straw bows to pressure over data                       43      The first ladies of the Arab world blaze a
                          sharing / by Gaby Hinsliff and Jamie                                trail for women's rights / by Helena Smith
                          Doward                                                      44      France hails film drama of refugee's
                21        What every teenage pupil needs: a lie-in /                          desperate swim across the Channel / by
                          by Paul Gallagher                                                   Jason Burke
                          Abuse leads 7,000 refs a year to quit / by                          World Cup ticket sales slump in South
                          Graham Mole                                                         Africa / by Alex Duval Smith
                23        End of ITV's saga 'will kill village' / by      7 Days      45      David Mitchell

                                     MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                           A good week for The Beatles, Tolstoy,                                 prompting people to try something new /
                           Gloria Estefan                                                        by Dan Cook
                           A bad week for Harriet Harman, Spanish                        12      Question of the week: Despite the present
                           practices, Jacob Rees-Mogg                                            slump, are share actually good value n the
                           Quotes of the week by Amanda Evans,                                   long term? Yes says Gavin Oldham, No
                           Tony Little, Bob Harvey and Jenni Murray                              says David Kauders
                 46        Victoria Coren                                                        Comment: Lisa Bachelor
                 47        The Observer profile: Michael Jackson /                               Your letters
                           by Elizabeth Day                                              13      The drip-feed offer that is no life-saver /
                 48        Pendennis / by Oliver Marre                                           by Sam Dunn
                 49        Weather forecast for the week ahead                                   Your Investments: Heather Connon
                                                                                         14      Prepare to put up a fight if jobs axe falls
BUSINESS & MEDIA                                                                                 unfairly / by Jon Robins
Business: News   1         Life insurers' £137bn debt pile revealed /                    15      The terrible truth about shopping / by
                           by Richard Wachman and Heather Stewart                                Huma Qureshi
                           Philip Green shops for O2 centre / by Nick                    16      Interest rates
                           Mathiason                                                     17      That vacant pile of rubble could be your
                           Staff feel the pinch as John Lewis bonus                              dream home / by Isabel Hardman
                           pot dwindles / by Zoe Wood and Julia                          18      Margaret Dibben: Your Problems
                           Finch                                                                 How to find your ideal tariff and cut that
                           US rejects global finance controls / by                               phone bill / by Emma Lunn
                           James Doran
                           Gordon Brown does a U-turn on tax               REVIEW
                           havens with a blacklist / by Nick                             1       The full Monty: Britain's favourite
                           Mathiason                                                             gardener on life after his stroke
                 2         Carbon trade wrong, says Lord Browne /                        2       Jane Bown's photo archive: Richard Nixon
                           by Tim Webb and Terry Macalister                                      waxwork, Madame Tussauds, London
                           Films pep up Detroit economy / by James                               1974
                           Doran                                                                 Your letters
                           Knight Vinke slates HSBC over losses at         Details       3       Spotlight on a mother's milk / by
                           its US lender / by Richard Wachman                                    Morwenna Ferrier
                           Bailed-out bank executives claim non-dom                              Kim [Bassinger] lets her love flow / by
                           tax breaks / by Nick Mathiason                                        Ally Carnwath
                           Pension transfers pose risk to employees,                             Being Charles Bronson / by Andrew
                           warn experts / by Heather Connon                                      Anthony
Business:        3         Comment: Ruth Sunderland                                              The funeral's over, now for the launch
Analysis                                                                                         party / by William Skidelsky
                           Bankers took risks but crisis 'inevitable' /    Cover Story   4-5     The interview: Monty Don / by Kate
                           by Richard Wachman                                                    Kellaway
Business: Inside 4-5       How it will look if we hit rock bottom / by     Radio         6-7     When pop pirates ruled Britannia's
Story                      Heather Connon                                                        airwaves / by Simon Garfield
                 4-5       Jobs: The spectre of four million               Theatre       8-9     In Godot we trust / by David Smith
                           unemployed / by Heather Stewart                 Music         10      Shy girl or she-wolf? Will the real Polly
                           Housing: if there's another 40% fall on the                           Harvey please stand up / by Amy Raphael
                           cards / by Ashley Seager                        The Critics   11      The main event: Pop: Euan Ferguson
                           Trade: nightmare of a US-China                                        reviews Tina Turner
                           protectionist war / by Richard Wachman                        12      Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                           The euro: can the strain rip it apart? / by                           Watchmen
                           Larry Elliott                                                 12      Philip French's screen legends: Richard
Business:        6         Who taught them greed is good? / by Peter                             Wildmark 1914-2008
Education                  Walker                                                        13      Other films: Philip French reviews The
                           Grass of home grows greener as UK firms                               Young Victoria/Flame & Citron/Wendy
                           discover 'in-sourcing' / by Tim Webb                                  and Lucy/Surveillance/American Teen/
Business:        7         Domino's prospers in the gloom / by                                   Reverb
Mammon                     Simon Bowers                                                          Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons
Business:        8         In my view: Marx would say we're                              14-15   Art: Laura Cumming reviews Annette
Opinion                    doomed but the credit system must be                                  Messager: The Messengers/Roni Horn aka
                           oiled / by William Keegan                                             Roni Horn/The Russian Linesman
                 8         Management Editor: Cutting the payroll                        15      Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Eonnagata/
                           means unhappy dividends / by Simon                                    The Choreographer's Cut: In Your Rooms/
                           Caulkin                                                               Uprising
                           Market forces/FTSE market movers                              16      Architecture: Stephen Bayley reviews Le
Media            9         Ten years on, and Metro has turned                                    Corbusier's Cabanon 1952/2006 – The
                           London into free-for-all / by Stephen                                 Interior 1:1 at Florence Hall, RIBA,
                           Brook                                                                 London
                           Media Diary                                                           Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews I
                 10        Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                                 Capuleti e i Montecchi/La fedelta premiata
                           The Networker: How Amazon's Kindle                            17      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Dancing
                           brought technology to book / by John                                  at Lughnasa/Burnt by the Sun/ As You
                           Naughton                                                              Like It
Cash             11        Forget that natural British reserve and start                         Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews The Chris
                           haggling on the high street / by Harriet                              Moyles Show
                           Meyer                                                         18      Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
                           Doom and gloom in the real world is             Books         19      Tobias Jones finds out why crime fiction

                                      MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index
              travels so well
     20       Memoir: Adam Mars-Jones reviews A
              Fork in the Road by André Brink
              Aesthetics: Brian Morton reviews The Art
              Instinct by Denis Dutton
     21       Sexual politics: Viv Groskop reviews The
              Secret World of the Working Mother:
              Juggling Work, Kids and Sanity by Fiona
              Fiction: Sean O'Hagan reviews The
              Women by TC Boyle
              Memoir: Kate Kellaway reviews Hurry
              Down Sunshine by Michael Greenberg
     22       Robert McCrum on books
              War: John Kampfner reviews The Gamble:
              General Patraeus and the Untold Story of
              the American Surge in Iraq, 2006-2008 by
              Tomas R Ricks
     23       Biography: Tim Adams reviews Lowside
              of the Road: A Life of Tom Waits by
              Barney Hoskyns
              Poetry Olivia Laing reviews One Secret
              Thing by Sharon Olds
     25       Paperback of the week: Simon Garfield
              reviews Human Smoke: The Beginnings of
              World War II, The End of Civilisation by
              Nicholson Baker
              Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
              Paperbacks reviewed by Mary Fitzgerald,
              Alyssa McDonald and Hazel Sheffield
              The Observer bestsellers list
TV   28       Kathryn Flett on television

                         MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                           The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 15 March 2009                                                                              around Highgate cemetery / by Paul Harris
                                                                                                  Swifts may hold secret of staying young /
MAIN                                                                                              by Robin McKie
News            1         Job centre crisis as ten bid for each          Focus            24-25   The lost boys: The families torn apart by
                          vacancy / by Heather Stewart, Toby Helm                                 teenage skunk epidemic / by Tracy
                          and Rajeev Syal                                                         McVeigh
                          Sarah Brown takes on new role to improve                        26      Northern Ireland: 'As long as the British
                          maternal health                                                         remain, there will always be some kind of
                          Drink-drive suspects will lose the right to                             IRA' says Ruairi O'Bradaigh / by Henry
                          take blood test / by Denis Campbell and                                 McDonald
                          Jamie Doward                                                    27      Art and the Arts: Jane Fonda takes the lead
                2         Riot as ex-IRA man held over murders / by                               in stage triumphs for older stars / by
                          Henry McDonald                                                          Vanessa Thorpe
                3         Jane Austen scholars clash in textbook         People           28      Media showdown: American cheers as
                          research row / by Vanessa Thorpe                                        satirist delivers knockout blow to TV
                          Youth stabbed to death in failed burglary                               finance gurus / by David Smith
                          attempt / by Carl Fellstrom                    Comment &        29      Out skewed world view won't let us see the
                4         Thousands left in pain due to shortage of      Debate                   real Pakistan / by Jason Burke
                          specialist clinics / by Gaby Hinsliff                                   Since when did youth equal creativity / by
                          News in brief: Police authority chief                                   Elizabeth Day
                          suspended over complaint/Body found in         Comment          30      Let's see climate change as an opportunity/
                          river/Child abusers deported/Khan's                                     Give social workers incentives to improve/
                          invitation to soldiers/Notably honest/                                  Satire's power
                          Lottery results                                                 31      David Cameron needs more than a clique
                5         France and Germany reject Brown rescue                                  of four to succeed / by Andrew Rawnsley
                          plan / by Toby Helm and Heather Stewart                                 The Golden Age of liberty is now / by
                          Plea bargains to help FSA net fraudsters /                              Rafael Behr
                          by Gaby Hinsliff                                                32      Your letters
                7         New evidence over Bamber killings / by                                  The big issue: recession therapy
                          Mark Townsend                                                           The readers' editor on... the responsible
                8-9       At the mercy of gangmasters: the growing                                reporting of tragedies / by Stephen
                          army of jobless / by Rajeev Syal                                        Pritchard
                9         Self-esteem drive may backfire, warns                           33      In plain English, Harriet [Harman], you're
                          expert / by Jessica Shepherd                                            taking the public for a ride / by Catherine
Opinion         11        Barbara Ellen                                                           Bennett
News Briefing   13        War: British soldier killed in Helmand                                  Look no further than inequality for the
                          takes Afghanistan death total to 150 / by                               source of all our ills / by Will Hutton
                          Rowan Walker                                                    34      Save mothers – and you will save the
                          Health: More mothers opt for quick-fix                                  world / by Sarah Brown
                          tummy tucks / by Rowan Walker                                           It's little wonder liberal Muslims feel
                          Fraud: Madoff millions traced to deposits                               betrayed / by Nick Cohen
                          in Britain / by Rajeev Syal                    World            35      'Merchant of Death' denies arming terror:
                          Satellite on mission to reveal oceans'                                  interview with Viktor Bout, accused of
                          secrets / by Robin McKie                                                being the world's biggest arms dealer / by
                          Crime: Rape victims come forward after                                  Nick Paton Walsh
                          appeal / by Mark Townsend                                               Israelis 'firing live rounds' at West Bank
News            14-15     Climate crisis: Maldives first to go carton                             protesters / by Peter Beaumont
                          neutral / by Duncan Clark                                       36-37   Generation Y enjoys a last hurrah before
                15        Climate crisis: Commentary by Mohamed                                   recession hits at Panama City Beach,
                          Nasheed                                                                 Florida / by Paul Harris
                17        Huge rise in boys taking dance lessons / by                     37      Meet the 14-year-old wunderkind of US
                          Liz Lightfoot                                                           politics: Jonathan Krohn / by David Smith
                          Big Ben gets ready to ring the changes / by                     38      Now Coca-Cola feels force of Chavez's
                          Vanessa Thorpe                                                          colourful revolution / by Rory Carroll in
                18        Plain and simple – the new taste for                                    Caracas
                          cookbooks / by Rebecca Seal                                             Josef Fritzl is in the dock in Austria's trial
                          Restaurants fight ban on tips as wages / by                             of the century / by Kate Connolly
                          Gaby Hinsliff                                                           World briefing: Australia/United Arab
                19        Prescott reinvented as online campaigner:                               Emirates/US/Turkey
                          Former deputy prime minister is set to                          39      President Asif Ali Zardari pledge fails to
                          become unlikely web hero in fight with                                  halt protest in Pakistan / by Saeed Shah
                          the Conservatives / by Toby Helm                                40      Golden bullet fears for fallen hearth-throb:
                          Counterfeit cash alert over car sale scams /                            Edison Chen's attempted come-back after a
                          by Paul Kelbie                                                          sex scandal has been marred by Triad gang
                20        Welcome to the ideal divorce exhibition:                                threats / by Tania Branigan in Beijing
                          After the wedding fair, a new one-stop         7 Days           41      The Observer profile: Sergey Brin, Master
                          service offers help with break-ups / by                                 of the online universe / by Oliver Marre
                          Colette Berhardt                                                42      David Mitchell
                          Caterers call for school of curry in UK / by                            Pendennis / by Oliver Marre
                          Caroline Davies                                                 43      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                23        Marx's grave backdrop for $5m US book          BUSINESS & MEDIA
                          sensation: Acclaimed author Audrey
                          Niffenegger sets American publishing           Business: News   1       Watchdog to curb risky mortgages / by
                          alight with a huge advance of a novel set                               Phillip Inman and Richard Wachman

                                     MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                           Worried lenders sell on Formula One and                          19     Prices fall as internet providers see the
                           Man Utd debts at knockdown price / by                                   light / by Lisa Bachelor
                           Simon Bowers and Elena Moya                                             Technical support can seem prohibitively
                           Shareholders move to block Rio deal / by                                expensive – but is it a price worth paying?
                           Tim Webb                                                                / by Ben West
                           Treasury used muscle to save JJB Sports                          20     Margaret Dibben: Your Problems
                           clubs / by Zoe Wood
                2          Prosecutors target assets of [Bernie]
                           Madoff's wife / by James Doran in New             Work Special   1      Whatever happened to the 9 to 5?
                           York                                                             2-3    Let's talk about work / by Peter Conrad
                           Guinness's glass a third empty / by Simon                        4-5    Dream Jobs: When I grow up I want to
                           Bowers                                                                  be... one of these people
                           Sioux tribe set to reap a whirlwind of                           6-7    Design: You don't have to be supercool to
                           green profit / by James Doran in New                                    work here but... / by Stephen Bayley
                           York                                                             8-10   People: My laid-off life: Tom Templeton
                           Barclays at war with Treasury over                                      and Ally Carnwath talk to six people
                           insurance for toxic debt / by Richard                            11     Facts & Figures: A snapshot of Britain at
                           Wachman, Heather Stewart and Phillip                                    work
                           Inman                                                                   What a way to make a living...
                           Jobless total set to reach 2m / by Heather                       12     Culture: Observer critics review some
                           Stewart and Tim Webb                                                    cultural classics
Business:       3          Comment: Ruth Sunderland                          The Critics    13     The main event: Art: Laura Cuming
Analysis                                                                                           reviews Artist Rooms at the Scottish
                           Economics: Peruvian guru holds key to                                   National Gallery of Modern Art
                           crisis / by Neasa MacErlean                       Culture        14     Film of the week: Philip French reviews
Business: Inside 4-5       Property meltdown: Housing rescue must                                  Bronson
Story                      be the foundation of UK recovery / by                                   Trailer trash / by Jason Solomons
                           Heather Stewart                                                  15     Other films: Philip French reviews In the
                           Aziz Durrani share an estate agent's slow                               City of Sylvia/The Burning Plain/
                           day                                                                     Wonderful Town/Marley & Me/Hush/ Not
                5          Moneylenders put brakes on those dreams                                 Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story
                           of home / by Rupert Jones                                               of Ozploitation!
Business:       6-7        FSA's ex-golden boy [John Tiner] ends up                         16     Pop: Kitty Empire reviews Jerry Dammers'
Regulation                 with a tarnished reputation / by Heather                                Spatial AKA Orchestra
                           Connon                                                                  Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews Today/
Business:       8          Welsh miner [Rhidian Davies] finds a                                    Walls and Peace/Liza Tarbuck/Stand Up
Mammon                     welcome in the City / by Tim Webb                                       With the Stars
Business:       9          In my view: We mustn't throw the kitchen                         17     Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews West
Analysis                   sink out with the bathwater / by William                                Side Story
                           Keegan                                                                  Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Isadora/
                           Market forces/FTSE market movers                                        Dances at a Gathering/Pied Piper
                           Management Editor: Business as usual                             18     Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
                           while the foundations crumble / by Simon                         19     Theatre: Clare Brennan reviews Over
                           Caulkin                                                                 There/Victory: Choices in Reaction
Media           11         [Peter] Fincham feels the pinch at ITV –          Books          21     Kate Kellaway reviews The Lost Child: A
                           but it's all just part of the script / by James                         True Story by Julie Myerson
                           Robinson                                                                History: William Leith reviews The
                           Media Diary                                                             Leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan by
                           Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                                   John Man
                           The Networker: Why the world's most                              22     Politics: Peter Hain reviews A View From
                           powerful company may be useless / by                                    the Foothills: The Diaries of Chris Mullin
                           John Naughton                                                           by Chris Mullin
Cash            13         British holidaymakers in clover as rentals                              Fiction: Viv Groskop reviews The Russian
                           come tumbling down / by Graham                                          Dreambook of Colour and Flight by Gina
                           Norwood                                                                 Ochsner
                           Why your caravan of love requires an                             23     Fashion: Olivia Laing reviews
                           insurance policy of steel / by Sally                                    Fashionistas: A Century of Style Icons by
                           Hamilton                                                                Simone Werle
                14         Question of the week: As savings and                                    History: Sam Taylor reviews The Artist,
                           equities struggle, is now the time to get                               the Philosopher and the Warrior:
                           back into buy-to-let? Yes says Malcolm                                  Leonardo, Marchiavelli, Borgia – A
                           Harrison, No says Martin Bamford                                        Fateful Collusion by Paul Strathern
                           Comment by Lisa Bachelor                                         24     Sexuality: Alexander Linklater reviews
                           Your letters                                                            The Other Side of Desire: Four Journeys
                15         How humble cash Isas got hot / by Sam                                   Into the Far Realms of Lust and Longing
                           Dunn                                                                    by Daniel Bergner
                           Readers leap to defence of chequebook /                                 Fiction: Stephanie Merritt reviews The
                           by Sam Dunn                                                             Heretic's Daughter by Kathleen Kent
                16         Beware the bogus eBay buys / by Harriet                                 Crime fiction: Andrew Barrow reviews
                           Meyer                                                                   The Last Train to Scarborough by Andrew
                           Principality launches new 4% bond for                                   Martin
                           over-50s / by Harriet Meyer                                      25     Interview: Glen Duncan / by William
                17         Your Investments: Heather Connon                                        Skidelsky
                18         Interest rates                                                          My other life: Jeffrey Archer

                                      MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
              Biography: Ronan MacDonald reviews
              Maurice Bowra: A Life by Leslie Mitchell
     26       Robert McCrum on books
              Poverty: Paul Collier reviews The Life
              You Can Save: Acting Now to End World
              Poverty by Peter Singer
     27       Paperback of the week: Elizabeth Day
              reviews God's Own Country by Ross
              Paperbacks reviewed by Heather
              Thompson and Martin Hemming
              Classics corner: Mary Fitzgerald reviews
              The Siege by Ismail Kadare
              The Observer bestsellers list
TV   30       Kathryn Flett on television

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                                           The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 22 March 2009                                                                       28-29   The Great Debate: Which of these is a
                                                                                                   thing of beauty? / by Stephen Bayley
MAIN                                                                      Comment &        31      Obama should be aware the growing anger
News            1         RBS faces probe over 'threats' to directors /   Debate                   in America / by Michael Crowley
                          by Toby Helm, Jamie Doward and Paul                                      Honestly Google, I was only out to lunch /
                          Kelbie                                                                   by Ruaridh Nicoll
                          Royal approval, Ireland's triumph               Comment          32      Is austerity all you have to offer, Mr
                1-2       America floats plan to tempt Taliban into                                Cameron?/Beauty is our antidote to
                          peace process by Jason Burke                                             cynicism
                3         Police take baby into care within seconds                        33      The long party is over for the public sector,
                          of birth / by Clare Dyer                                                 whoever wins / by Andrew Rawnsley
                5         Oh no! World's worst single is back / by                                 How dare they do this to my Liverpool / by
                          Caroline Davies                                                          Ed Vulliamy
                6         Cameron faces backlash for supporting                            34      Your letters
                          supertax / by Gaby Hinsliff                                              The big issue: cannabis
                          News in brief: Vandals damage car of Jade                                The Observer panel: Would you pack for
                          Goody's cancer nurse/Victory for squatters                               Iraq?
                          /BNP list policeman sacked/ Better late                          35      The BBC has become the weakest link in
                          than never/Murder hunt: two arrested/                                    children's TV / by Catherine Bennett
                          Posthumous appointment/The Lottery                                       We are about to take the war against terror
                7         Office staff warned of confrontation as                                  to a new level / by Gordon Brown
                          City braces for mass G20 protests / by                           36      Even the whistleblowers have been
                          David Smith and Richard Rogers                                           silenced / by Nick Cohen
                8-9       Britain set to become most populous                                      Get off that sofa and start an argument / by
                          country in EU / by Robin McKie                                           Henry Porter
                          'Speak English' row postmaster forced           World            37      Gaza war crime claims gather pace as
                          from his job / by Amelia Hill                                            more troops speak out / by Peter Beaumont
                11        Barbara Ellen                                                            Austrian prison authorities set up suicide
News Briefing   13        Medicine: Parents lose fight against                                     watch on Fritzl / by Kate Connolly
                          hospital to keep disabled baby boy alive /                       38-39   Special report: Even as the Afghan war
                          by Tracy McVeigh                                                         rages, the talking starts / by Jason Burke
                          Celebrity mothers join Sarah Brown to                            40      Fraud claim over Wallace art treasures / by
                          boost maternity campaign                                                 Agnès Poirier
                          Law: Comedian backs MP's move to end                             41      Native Americans find their voice / by
                          sedition / by Vanessa Thorpe                                             Paul Harris
                          Privatisation: Driving licence deal gives                                Americans angered by fresh revelations
                          post offices hope / by Toby Helm                                         about AIG's bonuses / by Paul Harris
                          Scotland: Two dead named after boat                              42      Scandal sullies Spain's clean energy / by
                          accident on loch / by Paul Kelbie                                        Giles Tremlett
                          Business: Barclays struggles to avoid state                              World briefing: Iran/Hungary/Zimbabwe
                          buyout / by Chris Tryhorn                       7 Days           43      David Mitchell
                          Investigation: Police hunt for boy caught                                A bad week for: Prince Charles, Lauren
                          alone on CCTV / by Mark Townsend                                         Child and Jeremy Paxman
News            14-15     Birdwatching from home – how to spy                                      A good week for: Satirists, Ken
                          exotic species online / by Gibby Zobel                                   Livingstone and George Galloway
                15        £46 award for innocent man's 27 years in                         44      Victoria Coren
                          prison / by Mark Townsend                                        45      The Observer profile: Benedict XVI, The
                16        New UFO secrets are revealed in MoD                                      less than infallible pontiff / by Peter
                          files / by Mark Townsend                                                 Stanford
                17        The Archbishop of Cardiff attacks the                            46      Pendennis / by Oliver Marre
                          pope's advisers / by Caroline Davies                             47      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                18        Manners matter more than grades, say
                                                                          BUSINESS & MEDIA
                          parents / by Amelia Hill
                19        Trudie Styler: why I had to use my              Business: News   1       G20 warned unrest will sweep globe / by
                          celebrity to try to save the rainforest / by                             Heather Stewart and Larry Elliott
                          Elizabeth Day                                                            US treasury secretary Timothy Geithner to
                20        Wild, energetic sex is key to conception /                               unveil big reforms / by James Doran
                          by Denis Campbell                                                        Mike Ashley tried to scupper JJB rescue,
                          Binge-drink women strain NHS / by Jamie                                  says Dave Whelan / by Zoe Wood
                          Doward                                                                   City grandee defends Bradford & Bingley
                21        Woman who gave us the A-list look / by                                   and Northern Rock / by Tom Nash
                          Alice Fisher                                                             Fears grow that Legal & General will cut
                23        Give convicts a fresh start, pleads Aitken /                             dividend / by Richard Wachman
                          by Gaby Hinsliff                                                 2       Markets have hit bottom says shares guru /
                24        Darwin's university lifestyle uncovered /                                by Heather Connon
                          by Caroline Davies                                                       Asda suppliers under pressure / by Zoe
                          Why women read more than men / by                                        Wood
                          Vanessa Thorpe                                                           Chancellor can challenge Goodwin's
                25        Will Bluebird be allowed to fly again? / by                              pension / by Neasa MacErlean
                          Caroline Davies                                 Business         3       Comment: Ruth Sunderland
Focus           26-27     The new homeless: a growing number of           Analysis:
                          middle-class people whose lives suddenly                                 New broom Thiam steps in at the Pru / by
                          implode as the economic crisis wreaks                                    Richard Wachman
                          havoc / by Tracey McVeigh                       Business: Inside 4-5     Heather Stewart and Larry Elliott on the

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                                           The Observer (microfilm edition) index
Story                    many obstacles in the path of a meaningful                       Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews The
                         deal being struck at the approaching                             Single Story/From Edison to iTunes/Phil
                         London G20 meeting                                               Ochs: Still Marching/Third Reich &
Comment        4-5       Why we need an Ofsted for global finance                         Roll/Life of a Gram
                         / by Stephan Davies, David Pitt-Watson                   14-15   The Observer's Spring arts calendar
                         and Jon Lukomnik                                         16      Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews The
               5         Brief history of talks / by Larry Elliott                        Magic Flute/Norma/Sir Roger Norrington
               6         In my view: Brown flirted with Prudence,                         75th birthday
                         but he was seduced by deregulation / by                          Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews The Last
                         William Keegan                                                   Cigarette/Stovepipe
                         Management Editor: This isn't an abstract                17      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Rebecca
                         problem, targets can kill / by Simon                             Warren
                         Caulkin                                                          Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Destino/
                         Market forces/FTSE market movers                                 The Sadler's Wells Global Dance Contest
Business:      7         Lord Turner, the FSA's chairman believes                 18      Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
Mammon                   much of the Square Mile can be saved / by                19      Pop: Gareth Grundy reviews Doves
                         Heather Connon                                                   Shorts: Art: Kate Toms reviews Being
Business       10-11     A British car icon faces up to reality / by                      British/Theatre: Hermione Hoby reviews
                         Tim Webb                                                         New Boy
                         New man just build a bridge between Rio          Books   21      Ruth Sunderland reviews House of Cards:
                         and Beijing / by Richard Wachman                                 How Wall Street's Gramblers Broke
Media          12-13     Presses to grind to a halt as print passes its                   Capitalism by William D. Cohan
                         sell-by date / by James Robinson                         22      Aesthetics: Sebastian Smee reviews
                         Media Diary                                                      Beauty by Roger Scruton
               14        Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                            Poverty: Preston Preston reviews War,
                         The Networker: Actually, there can be a                          Guns and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous
                         point to making a little tweet-talk / by John                    Places by Paul Collier
                         Naughton                                                 23      Interview: Daniel Depp / by Elizabeth Day
Cash           15        Key repossession ruling opens door to                            Politics: Denis MacShane reviews A Life
                         mortgage mis-selling complaints / by                             by Simone Veil
                         Neasa MacErlean                                          24      Robert McCrum on books
                         Question of the week: In the light of new                        Fiction: Rachel Aspden reviews Burnt
                         government thinking, should credit card                          Shadows by Kamila Shamsie
                         cheques be banned? Yes says Andrew                       25      Memoir: Rachel Cooke reviews Stanley, I
                         Hagger, No says Sandra Quinn                                     Presume by Stanley Johnson
                         Your letters                                                     Fiction: Emma Donoghue reviews The
               17        Why the sun is sinking for ethical investors                     Elephant Keeper by Christopher Nicolson
                         / by Harriet Meyer                                               Fiction: William Leith reviews Forest Gate
               18        Frightened of losing your job? You can                           by Peter Akinti
                         ease the pain / by Liz Phillips                          26      Paperback of the week: Sean O'Hagan
               19        Home truth for newly weds / by Huma                              reviews The Rest is Noise: Listening to the
                         Qureshi                                                          Twentieth Century by Alex Ross
                         Your Investments: Heather Connon                                 Paperbacks reviewed by Stephanie Cross
               20        Interest rates                                                   and Viola Fort
               21        Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                   Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                                                                                          Classics corner: Katie Toms reviews Child
                                                                                          of All Nations by Irmgard Keun
               1         The death of the library / by Rachel Cooke                       The Observer bestsellers list
               2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Earl's Court                  27      Puzzles
                         underground station, c.1960                      TV      28      Kathryn Flett on television
                         Your letters: Making capital out of Marx
Details        3         Bruno and his mental guru / by Imogen
                         Get ready for the drag race / by Ajesh
                         The Andreotti file / by Ed Vulliamy
                         Sugar, spite... and it'll be all right on the
                         night / by Euan Ferguson
People         4-5       The interview: Polly Stenham / by Lynn
Cover Story    6-8       Time to go into battle to save our world of
                         books / by Rachel Cooke
Appreciation   9         Natasha Richardson 1963-2009 / by Peter
The Critics    11        The main event: Theatre: Susannah Clapp
                         reviews Madame de Sade
               12        Film of the week: Philip French reviews Il
                         Philip French's screen legends: Alec
                         Guinness 1914-2000
               13        Other films: Philip French reviews
                         Duplicity/The Age of Stupid/Diminished
                         Capacity/Paul Blart: Mall Cop/Bottle
                         Shock Lesbian Vampire Killers

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                                           The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 29 March 2009                                                      Focus            29      Bite-size cooking: Stuck for a recipe?
                                                                                                   Then just tweet a top chef / by Ruth
MAIN                                                                                               Jamieson and Morwenna Ferrier
News            1         Alistair Darling to give budget cash boost                       30-31   Ageing Britain: Caught in the caring trap
                          to poorest / by Gaby Hinsliff and Zoe                                    between kids and parents / by Gaby
                          Wood                                                                     Hinsliff
                          David Beckham hits 109 caps for England         Comment &        33      It's easy to sneer, but this G20 summit will
                          Every home in Britain must have water           Debate                   make a difference / by Will Hutton
                          meter / by Robin McKie                                                   How very apt is periapt these days / by
                2         Crisis plan to cause pensions 'disaster' / by                            Caroline Cadwalladr
                          Toby Helm and Phillip Inman                     Comment          34      A vital meeting that can effect global
                3         Fashionistas go wild as Topshop gets set to                              change/Great art deserves better/Stop
                          open in Manhattan / by Caroline Davies                                   splitting heirs
                4         Audit puts equality chief under free                             35      Mr Brown – more piggy in the middle than
                          pressure / by Gaby Hinsliff                                              global giant / by Andrew Rawnsley
                5         MoD takes the blame for 14 troop deaths /                                My father deserved a better way to die / by
                          by Jamie Doward and Mark Townsend                                        John Humphrys
                7         The night the world switched off its lights /                    36      Your letters
                          by Alok Jha                                                              The big issue: the public sector
                8-9       G20 Summit: UK clears its decks for the                                  The Observer panel: How old would you
                          Obama show                                                               want your judge to be?
                9         G20 Summit: The 'revolution' starts here as                      37      Well, would you believe it? The Queen
                          35,000 pack the G20 march / by Tracy                                     hailed as feminist heroine / by Catherine
                          McVeigh and Paul Lewis                                                   Bennett
Opinion         11        Barbara Ellen                                                            We must start sending our great art around
News Briefing   13        London: C4 to air tape of mayor Boris and                                the world again / by Michael Craig-Martin
                          the infamous plan to beat up a journalist /                      38      We did things differently in my day, Mr
                          by Jamie Doward                                                          Miliband / by David Davies
                          Health: Computer tanning hoax comes to                                   Who would you rather trust – the BBC or a
                          light / by Rowan Walker                                                  blogger? / by Nick Cohen
                          Ding don bell, very big pussy in the well /     World            39      Spanish judge accuses six top Bush
                          by Caroline Davies                                                       officials of torture / by Julian Borger and
                          Health: Doctors' swipecards spread                                       Dale Fuchs
                          infections / by Denis Campbell                                           Massive Chinese computer espionage
                14        Discrimination a daily fact of life for                                  network uncovered / by Paul Harris in
                          children / by Caroline Davies                                            New York
                          Clever boys dumb down to avoid bullying                          40      Divorce diva claims $100m from 'control
                          / by Jessica Shepherd                                                    freak' tycoon / by Paul Harris
                15        Anorexia risk could be predicted / by                                    World briefing: Indonesia/Czech Republic/
                          Denis Campbell                                                           Madagascar/Philippines/Pakistan
News            16-17     Culture: You British talent betrayed, says                       41      UK backs Pakistan offensive / by Mark
                          Britart guru / by David Smith                                            Townsend
                19        Missing chef Claudia: now police hunt for                                US army fights to separate friends from
                          a body / by John Woodcock                                                foe / by Jason Burke in Afghanistan
                20        MySpace shrinks as rivals grab its users /                               Electronic noses hold out the promise of
                          by David Smith                                                           sniffing out criminals / by Tracy McVeigh
                          News in brief: Less than a quarter know                          42-43   Dispatch: How Maoist guerrillas threaten
                          religious meaning of Easter/Widow given                                  Indian poll from their jungle lair / by
                          suicide rope/Body found after house fire/                                Gethin Chamberlain
                          Hain dubbed 'childish'/Dash for home                             44      Georgia's new unrest led by protest singer /
                          holidays/Lottery results                                                 by Matthew Collin
                21        Shampoo in the water supply triggers                                     China marks 50 years in Tibet / by
                          growth of deadly drug-resistant bugs / by                                Christopher Bodeen and Ashwini Bhatia
                          Robin McKie                                                      45      Mafia-hunter who needs protection to visit
                22        Anti-Europe donor drops Tories for Ukip /                                his office coffee machine / by Tom
                          by Toby Helm                                                             Kington in Sicily
                23        Women at 30 putting careers second / by         7 Days           46      My Week: William Boyd, author
                          Amelia Hill and Tracy McVeigh                                            A good week for: Spider-Man, Britney
                          Meditation courses for problem pupils / by                               Spears, Paul and Deborah Rees and Nelson
                          Polly Curtis                                                             Mandela
                24        'Dr Death' sells euthanasia kits in UK for                               A bad week for Lembit Opik, Rory
                          £35 / by Jamie Doward                                                    McInnes, hot tea drinkers and Silvio
                25        Divers fall foul of 400-year grudge / by                                 Berlusconi
                          Tracy McVeigh                                                    47      The Observer Profile: Fern Britton, Cuddly
Focus: World    26-27     'Blue-eyed bankers' prompt G20 divide /                                  queen of the breakfast sofa / by Elizabeth
Recession                 by Gaby Hinsliff                                                         Day
                          Interview with John McFall, the chair of                         49      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                          the Treasury selection committee / by           BUSINESS & MEDIA
                          Heather Stewart and Toby Helm
                27-28     What the G20 must do: key figures on            Business: News   1       Let us merge or we'll day, say local papers
                          what the summit's most important goals                                   / by Richard Wachman
                          should be                                                                What it costs to save US banks: WW2,
                28        Attacking the banks is nothing new –                                     plus the New Deal, plus... / by Heather
                          Commentary by Tristram Hunt                                              Connon

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                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                           Lib Dems want fraud office probe into                                 Your letters: Libraries on borrowed time
                           RBS / by Richard Wachman                        Details       3       How to dance up a storm / by Imogen
                           Boost for huge Scots tide-power plan / by                             Carter
                           Tim Webb                                                              Jazz genius Ornette Coleman will curate
                           Archie Norman and Allan Leighton view                                 this year's Meltdown Festival / by Neil
                           to be M&S chairman / by Zoe Wood                                      Spencer
                2          IoD urges public spending squeeze / by                                The fine art of incineration / by Oliver
                           Heather Stewart                                                       Marre
                           Icelandic banks play hardball with UK                                 Reunion tours: now everyone's on the
                           firms / by Elena Moya                                                 bandwagon / by Hermione Hoby
Business:       3          Comment: Ruth Sunderland                        People        4-5     The interview: Nick Frost / by Miranda
Analysis                                                                                         Sawyer
                           UK 'scaring poor nations into unfair trade      Art           6-7     Why it pays to be alone with the truly great
                           deals' / by Heather Stewart                                           works of art / by Laura Cumming
                           Bernard Madoff victims sue HSBC in US /         Cover Story   8-10    This time I've come to bury Cool Britannia
                           by James Doran                                                        / by Stryker McGuire
                           Barclays' bill to protect bosses soars / by                   10      21st-Century Cool: London still rules / by
                           Tim Webb                                                              Imogen Carter, Hermione Hoby and Lisa
Business: Inside 4-5       Tax havens batten down as the hurricane                               O'Kelly
story                      looms / by Nick Mathiason                       The Critics   11      The main event: Film: Philip French
                 4         States of disgrace: America's dirty secrets /                         reviews The Damned United
                           by Nick Mathiason                                             12      Other films: Philip French reviews
                5          Britain's record: tax havens / by Aziz                                Genova/Knowing/Traitor/Two Lovers/
                           Durrani                                                               Tyson/Afghan Star/Martyrs/The Life
Business:       6          Can there be any future for shares? / by                              Before Her Eyes
Investment                 Heather Connon                                                        Philip French's screen legends: Brigitte
                           City's King Canute fights the tide / by                               Bardot 1934-
                           Philip Inman                                                  13      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Parlour
Business:       7          Lloyds investors out to fire a Blank / by                             Song/Priscilla Queen of the Desert/
Banking                    Richard Wachman                                                       Dimetos
Business:       8          In my view: With everyone braced for a                                Theatre: Kate Kellaway reviews Dido,
Opnion                     steeper fall, it's clear more must be done /                          Queen of Carthage
                           by William Keegan                                             14-15   Art: Laura Cumming reviews Whitechapel
                           Market forces/FTSE market movers                                      Gallery reopening
                           Management Editor: It's time to explode                       15      Classical: Stephen Pritchard reviews Cosi
                           the myth of the shareholder / by Simon                                fan tutte/Choir of the King's Consort
                           Caulkin                                                       16      Design: Stephen Bayley reviews Baroque
Business:       9          Sally Bailey has overseen White Stuff                                 1620-1800: Style in the Age of
Mammon                     transform into a middle-class outfitter / by                          Magnificence at the V&A Museum
                           Zoe Wood                                                              Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Swan
Media           12-13      Expats return as media oasis in the desert                            Lake/The Collection
                           dries up / by James Robinson                                  17      Pop: Gareth Grundy reviews Animal
                           Sarah Hughes looks at why Life on Mars                                Collective
                           flopped on one side of the Atlantic, while                            Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews
                           Lost or Heroes win lower ratings in the                               Nightwaves: James Lovelock/Private
                           UK                                                                    Passions: Terrence Davies/Mark Steel's In
                13         Media Diary                                                           Town
                14         Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                         18      Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
                           The Networker: New Labour's dream is a          Books         19      David Runciman reviews Gray's Anatomy:
                           surveillance state nightmare / by John                                John Gray's Selected Writings
                           Naughton                                                      20      Fiction: Sean O'Hagan reviews American
Cash            15         The credit card refund that's all grief and                           Adulterer: A Novel by Jed Mercurio
                           no fun / by Liz Phillips and Lisa Bachelor                            Reportage: Wendell Steavenson reviews
                16         Question of the week: Is teaching personal                            The Strategy of Antelopes by Jean
                           finance education in schools just a waste of                          Hatzfeld
                           time? Yes says Lauren Willis, No says                         21      Travel: Euan Ferguson reviews
                           Wendy van den Hende                                                   Adventures on the High Teas: In Search of
                           Your letters                                                          Middle England by Stewart Maconie
                17         When death in the family equals debt / by                             Women: Virginia Smith reviews Hot
                           Jamie Elliott                                                         Flushes, Cold Science: A History of the
                18         Time to jump back on the ISA                                          Modern Menopause by Louis Foxcroft
                           rollercoaster? / by Sam Dunn                                  22      Robert McCrum on books
                19         Your Investments: Heather Connon                              23      Fiction: Alice O'Keeffe reviews Jeff in
                           Plugging a gap year to your advantage / by                            Venice, Death in Varanasi by Geoff Dyer
                           Isabel Hardman                                                        Fiction: Elizabeth Day reviews Intuition by
                20         Interest rates                                                        Allegra Goodman
                21         Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                        Biography: Mary Fitzgerald reviews The
                                                                                                 Ballad of Blind Tom, Slave Pianist:
REVIEW                                                                                           America's Lost Musical Genius by Deirdre
                1          Whatever happened to 'Cool Britannia'?                                O'Connell
                           How Britain lost its pizzazz / by Stryker                     25      Paperback of the week: The Penguin
                           McGuire                                                               History of Modern China by Jonathan
                2          Jane Bown's photo archive: Germain                                    Fenby
                           Greer, 1984                                                           Paperbacks reviewed by James Purdon and

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                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
              Robert Collins
              Classics corner: Olivia Laing reviews The
              Worm Forgives the Plough by John
              Stewart Collis
              Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
              The Observer bestsellers list
     27       Puzzles
TV   28       Kathryn Flett on television

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                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 05 April 2009                                                                                commentary / by Heather Stewart
                                                                           First Person     24      After 46 years in the critics seat, my love
MAIN                                                                                                affair with cinema lives on / by Philip
News            1, 3       'Parents to blame' for problems in UK                                    French
                           schools / by Liz Lightfoot                      Comment &        25      Don't blame teachers when it's parents who
                1          First ladies: Michelle Obama and Carla          Debate                   are failing / by Mary Bousted
                           Bruni-Sarkozy visit Strasbourg cathedral                                 Why I 'out' the hidden gay leaders in
                1-2        Police 'assaulted' bystander who died                                    America / by Aaron Hicklin
                           during G20 protests / by Mark Townsend          Comment          26      Afghanistan's oppressed still need Nato/
                           and Paul Lewis                                                           Good education beings at home, not school
                3          Sunshine and flowers mark Jade [Goody's]                         27      Well done, Gordon. Now it's time to come
                           last journey / by Tracy McVeigh                                          back to earth / by Andrew Rawnsley
                4-5        Strasbourg Summit: Nato pact to send                                     Google is just an amoral menace / by
                           5,000 troops for Afghan polls / by Patrick                               Henry Porter
                           Wintour, Jon Boone and Gaby Hinsliff                             28      The trillion dollar question: will banks
                5          Bitter Turkey finally lists veto on Danish                               now join the rest of us in the real world? /
                           PM as Nato chief / by Ian Traynor                                        by Will Hutton
                6          Police probe 29 UK torture cases / by                                    From the archive: 8 April 1979 – When
                           Mark Townsend                                                            Jim and Maggie first crossed swords / by
                7          Archbishop [of York] waves flag for                                      John Cole and Adam Raphael
                           England / by David Smith                                                 The Observer panel: Have you ever
                8-9        Britain's schools: teachers go to war over                               regretted going back?
                           life in our classrooms / by Liz Lightfoot                        29      Hooray for the Malawians who stood up to
                10         [Geoff] Hoon's home expenses come under                                  the Material Girl / by Catherine Bennett
                           spotlight / by Toby Helm                                                 We are in danger of creating an abandoned
                           News in brief: Don't fret about tomorrow,                                generation / by Nick Cohen
                           Brown advises schoolgirl/Pubs call part-                         30      Your letters
                           time/Stabbed teenager riddle/Missing                                     The big issue: water meters
                           woman charge/Into freefall at 97/The                                     The readers' editor on... when comment
                           Lottery                                                                  spills over into feuding / by Stephen
Opinion         11         Barbara Ellen                                                            Pritchard
News            12         Bungling Met lost £30m in Iceland / by          World            31      Shell in court over alleged role in Nigeria
                           Rajeev Syal                                                              executions / by Nick Mathiason
News Briefing   13         Networking: Transatlantic drama as                               31      Ice shelf half the size of Scotland on the
                           suicidal teenager is saved by Facebook                                   verge of collapse / by Paul Harris in New
                           plea / by Caroline Davies                                                York
                           Hunt for Madeleine: Gerry McCann                                 32      Is this man how public enemy No 1 for the
                           returns to Portugal for TV film / by Ned                                 US? / by Declan Walsh in Islamabad
                           Temko                                                                    Jobless gunman kills US police officers /
                           Crime: Freed sex offenders to face lie                                   by Paul Harris and Ben Quinn
                           detector tests / by Rajeev Syal                                  33      Tarantino makes Cannes comeback / by
                           Colleen [Rooney] picks Aintree winner /                                  Paul Harris
                           by Caroline Davies                                                       Meredith was victim of group sex attack,
                           Politics: G20 gives [Gordon] Brown a                                     court told / by Tom Kington in Rome
                           bounce in the polls / by Ben Quinn                               34-35   Special report: Traumatised Tamils live in
                           Education: Tories fall out over 'free school'                            fear of new crackdown / by Annie Kelly
                           policy / by Gaby Hinsliff                                        36      Berlusconi wants safe pair of hands as
News            14         Women's refuges told they must admit                                     mayor of Florence / by Tom Kington
                           men / by Gaby Hinsliff                                                   World briefing: US/Malawi/Russia/Iraq
                           Parents 'often unaware of glue ear risks' /     7 Days           37      My week: Andrew Neil, broadcaster and
                           by Denis Campbell                                                        journalist
                15         'I will never bury my daughter' says Ron                                 A good week for: Alan Shearer, Jamie
                           Smith / by John Woodcock                                                 Oliver, Russell Crowe, Ingrid Myerson,
                16-17      Britain's wildlife: Cradle of ecology opens                              Fabio Capello
                           its trove of natural secrets / by Juliette                               A bad week for: Lenin, Brad Pitt, Imelda
                           Jowit                                                                    Staunton, Boris Johnson
                17         Dance of honeybee holds key to survival /                        38      David Mitchell
                           by Alison Benjamin                                               39      The Observer Profile: Pete Seeger, the
                18         City trader questioned over bogus Claudia                                voice of protest sings on / by Elizabeth
                           site / by Jamie Doward and Georgia                                       Day
                           Lindsay                                                          40      Victoria Coren
                           Flagship jobs plan 'doomed' by Toby Helm                         41      Weather forecast
                19         How Jaws star's final film was rescued / by
                                                                           BUSINESS & MEDIA
                           Vanessa Thorpe
                20         Farmers face ruin as rustlers cash in on        Business: News   1       Brown backs new global assault on tax
                           soaring meat prices / by Caroline Davies                                 avoidance / by Nick Mathiason
                           Outrage over UK premiere of Bulger play /                                O2 in race to sell iPhone as new model
                           by Oliver Marre                                                          looms / by Richard Wray
                21         Lost drawing of Henry [VIII]'s great                                     US watchdog calls for bank executives to
                           victory uncovered / by Caroline Davies                                   be sacked / by James Doran
Focus           22-23      The Michelle effect: 'Of all the schools in                      2       Germany has more to fear than inflation /
                           London Michelle Obama chose us..." / by                                  by Ashley Seager
                           Carole Cadwalladr                                                        Ford to control Olympics costs / by Nick
                23         Reporting of the G20 summit –                                            Mathiason

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                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                           Darling will ask financial sector to fund                           Swedish vampires and Spanish ghouls are
                           rented homes / by Nick Mathiason                                    coming to a cinema near you / by Mark
                           Share rally saves Barclays' Agius from                              Kermode
                           investor plot to oust him / by Richard                              God really is in the details / by Oliver
                           Wachman and Jill Treanor                                            Marre
                           ABI plans to make money market funds                                The recurring curse of Him Indoors / by
                           safer / by Heather Connon                                           Hermione Hoby
Business:       3          Comment / by Ruth Sunderland                  Cover Story   4-6     The town that made Margaret [Thatcher]/
Analysis                                                                                       by Tim Adams
                           Car industry: GM Europe hangs on a knife      Books         7       Interview with writer Chimamanda Ngozi
                           edge / by David Gow                                                 Adichie
Business: Inside 4-5       G20: The aftermath – City looks to the        Film          8-9     We went from a state of crisis to State of
story                      future now that the party's over / by                               Play / by Amy Raphael
                           Richard Wachman                               Music         11      Rewind, recycle and rejoice / by Ally
Business        6-7        Sport finance: Game's up for clubs that                             Carnwath
                           took their eye off the ball / by Simon        The Critics   13      The main event: Pop: Euan Ferguson
                           Bowers and Elena Moya                                               reviews David Byrne
                6-7        Compromise with landlords gives JJB a                       14      Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                           change of survival / by Zoe Wood                                    The Boat That Rocked
Business:       9          Neville Richardson on why he believes in                            Critic of the year: read Philip's award-
Mammon                     a renaissance of building societies / by                            winning journalism
                           Ruth Sunderland                                             15      Other films: Philip French reviews
Business:       10         In my view: It ended with a great fanfare,                          Religulous/Monsters vs. Aliens/Cherry
Opinion                    but put any G20 euphoria on hold / by                               Blossoms/The World Unseen/I Can't Think
                           William Keegan                                                      Straight/Modern Life/Waveriders
                           Management Editor: Social concerns are                              Philip French's screen legends: Yves
                           crunched off the agenda / by Simon                                  Montand 1921-91
                           Caulkin                                                             Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
Media           11         With so much out there for men to read                      16-17   Photography: Sean O'Hagan reviews
                           and watch, who needs monthly magazines?                             William Eggleston
                           / by James Brown                                            17      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Fatal
                           Media Diary                                                         Attraction: Diana and Actaeon - the
                12         Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                               Forbidden Gaze
                           The Networker: Face facts: where                            18      Classical: Kate Kellaway reviews Dido
                           Britannica ruled, Wikipedia has conquered                           and Aeneas/Acis and Galatea
                           / by John Naughton                                                  Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews Eddie
Cash            13         Flat owners left flat broke as service                              Nestor/Nick Ferrari Show/Archive on 4
                           charges shoot through the roof / by Jamie                   19      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Tusk
                           Elliott                                                             Tusk/Paradiso, Inferno/Anthony and
                           Plagued by rats? Your building's                                    Cleopatra
                           management company can fix it / by Huma                             Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Heart of
                           Qureshi                                                             Darkness/tabu
                14         Question of the week: Is a building society                 20      Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
                           a better place for your money than a bank?    Books         21      Rachel Cooke reviews God Bless America:
                           / Yes says Michelle Slade, No says Kevin                            Misadventures of a Big Mouth Brit by
                           Mountford                                                           Piers Morgan
                           Your letters                                                22      Football: Tim Lott reviews The Last
                15         Ready to pay up for your next door                                  Game: Love, Death and Football by Jason
                           neighbour's water meter bill? / by Sam                              Cowley
                           Dunn                                                                Crime fiction: Louise France reviews The
                16         Looking for a new home? Then do your                                Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith
                           homework / by Graham Norwood                                        Crime fiction round-up / by Peter
                           Mortgages: Cheer for borrowers as LTVs                              Guttridge
                           start to rise                                               23      Biography: Jackie Kay reviews Nina
                           Saving: Isas now off limits at post offices                         Simone: The Biography by David Brun-
                           Grants: £190 to help pregnant women eat                             Lambert
                           healthily                                                           Biography: Paul Levy reviews Frances
                17         Hidden cost of your holiday money / by                              Partridge: The Biography by Anne
                           Melanie Wright                                                      Chisholm
                18         Interest rates                                              24      Robert McCrum on books
                19         Your investments / by Heather Connon                                My other life: James Lasdun
                           Cash readers help by pay funeral bill / by                  25      Society: Richard Reeves reviews The
                           Lisa Bachelor                                                       Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies
                20         Your problems / by Margaret Dibben                                  Almost Always Do Better by Richard
                                                                                               Wilkinson and Kate Pickett/Towards a
REVIEW                                                                                         More Equal Society? Poverty, Inequality
                1          So, what do we think of her now? Tim                                and Policy Since 1997 by John Hills, Tom
                           Adams on Margaret Thatcher - 30 years                               Sefton and Kitty Stewart
                           after she came to power                                             Fiction: Tom Webber reviews The
                2          Jane Bown's photo archive: Gore Vidal,                              Wilderness by Samantha Harvey
                           1964                                                        26      Paperback of the week: James Purdon
                           Your letters: Good riddance to the 90s                              reviews The World Is What it Is: The
Details          3         Desperately thanking Susan [Sontag] / by                            Authorized Biography of VS Naipal by
                           Imogen Carter                                                       Patrick French

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                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
              Paperbacks reviewed by Oliver Marre,
              Mary Fitzgerald and Helen Zaltzman
              Classics corner: Alice Fisher reviews The
              Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar
              Allan Poe
              Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
              The Observer bestsellers list
     27       Puzzles
TV   28       Kathryn Flett on television

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                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 12 April 2009                                                                        27      Now is not the time to turn our backs on
                                                                                                    our friends in the east / by Rafael Behr
MAIN                                                                                                Ah, I remember this sickly smell of sleaze
News            1, 5       Key Brown aide quits over Labour sex                                     / by Carole Cadwalladr
                           smear scandal / by Gaby Hinsliff                                 28      Our survival is too important to be left to
                1-2        Four psychiatric patients dying each day in                              the green movement / by Will Hutton
                           NHS care / by Denis Campbell                                             South Shields: 7 April – the closure of
                2          Minister says US policy is damaging                                      Swan Hunter, the north-east's greatest
                           Britain / by Jamie Doward and Rajeev Syal                                shipyard is complete as its last cranes are
                3          France falls in love the [Hugh] Laurie, 'the                             shipped out / by Bella Bathurst
                           greatest seducer in the world' / by Lizzy                        29      Women cannot afford to be clueless about
                           Davies                                                                   cash any more / by Ruth Sunderland
                3          Economics is a must study / by Gaby                                      I've watched the police for 30 years and I
                           Hinsliff                                                                 still despair / by Roger Graef
                4-5        Email scandal: How disaster struck when                          30      Your letters
                           Labour took on a blogger / by Gaby                                       The big issue: problem pupils
                           Hinsliff                                                                 The Observer panel: What dilemma would
                5          Email scandal analysis / by Gaby Hinsliff                                you give a five-year-old?
                7          Relatives of the newspaper vendor who           World            31      As the Sri Lankan army intensifies its
                           died in G20 demo warned of delays in                                     campaign against the last remnants of the
                           coroners' system / by Jamie Doward,                                      Tamil Tigers, Gethin Chamberlain hears
                           Caroline Davies and Gaby Hinsliff                                        the harrowing stories of the captured
                7          News in brief: Bookies bet on a new bank                                 female fighters
                           holiday next year/Obama ancestor's will/                                 Tamil hunger striker suspends London
                           Two held after bar death/British skiers                                  protest to attend UN talks / by Amelia Hill
                           injured/Last post/The Lottery                                    32      Hollywood bids a bitter farewell to cinema
                8-9        Special report: Doctors are 'failing to spot                             bible's veteran chief / by Christopher
                           Asperger's in girls' / by Amelia Hill                                    Goodwin
                9          Asperger's case study / by Nicky Clarke                                  Argentina calls halt to a wall separating
Opinion         11         Barbara Ellen                                                            rich from poor / by Peter Beaumont
News            12-13      Technology: 'Apps', the hottest tech                             33      Piracy: Revealed: the tense moments when
                           accessories are changing how we work and                                 French commandos stormed a hijacked
                           play / by Luke Bainbridge                                                boat / by Paul Gallagher
News Briefing   14         Education: Teachers' union votes to                                      Talks to free hero captain collapse / by
                           boycott Sats / by Polly Curtis                                           Paul Harris and Peter Beaumont
                           Schwarzenegger hands back Nazi art / by                                  World briefing: Iraq/Australia/Holland/US
                           Caroline Davies                                                  34-35   Central Asia Crisis: Soviet relics feel the
                           Crime: Officer critically injured in armed                               pain as Russian crisis deepens / by Luke
                           gang arrest / by Jamie Doward                                            Harding
                           Border control: Obama's half-brother                                     How the post-Soviet countries have fared
                           refused UK entry visa / by Ben Quinn                             36      Rail threat to Cézanne's landscape / by
                           Justice: Rioters rounded up after prison                                 Jason Burke
                           rampage / by Ben Quinn                                                   Thailand flies Asian leaders to safety as
                15         Families sue MoD in landmark rights case                                 Thaksin Red Shirts storm summit / by
                           / by Jamie Doward                                                        Peter Beaumont
News            16         Bus stop bullies to be targeted in              7 Days           37      My week: Sebastian Faulks, writer
                           crackdown / by Polly Curtis                                              A good week for: Homer Simpson, Prince
                           Street views don't breach privacy laws / by                              Harry, Comedic taboos, The dead, Dog
                           Jamie Doward                                                             food
                17         Comeback for pianist who beat Tourette's /                               A bad week for: Librarianship, Silvio
                           by Caroline Davies                                                       Berlusconi, Clare Balding, Willy Wonka,
                19         Victory of the 'Shropshire thunderbolt' / by                             Test messages
                           Euan Ferguson                                                            World briefing: US/Malawi/Russia/Iraq
Focus           20-21      Culture: How Britain's discovered the joy                        37      David Mitchell
                           of being serious / by Gaby Hinsliff                                      They said what? Quotes of the week by
                22         Terrorism: A security blunder – then a                                   David Starkey, Britney Spears and Elle
                           frantic race to uncover bomb plot evidence                               Macpherson
                           / by Jamie Doward, Rajeev Syal and Jason                         39      The Observer Profile: Jacob Zuma: South
                           Burke                                                                    Africa's leader in waiting / by Alex Duval-
                           Truth is tangled in the terror hype, analysis                            Smith
                           / by Jason Burke                                                 40      Victoria Coren
                23         Environment: Eco-warrior sets sail to save                       41      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                           oceans from 'plastic death' / by Robin          BUSINESS & MEDIA
First Person    24         Maybe now I can finally start to rebuild        Business: News   1       Tchenguiz's loans under microscope / by
                           my life after Hillsborough / by Adrian                                   Simon Bowers
                           Tempany                                                                  Banks face £18bn pension gap
Comment &       25         Don't knock the WiFi age – it satisfies our                              Vulture fund circles troubled Candover /
Debate                     restless minds / by Stephen Bayley                                       by Richard Wachman
                           In power's shadow, a humble dignity / by                                 Foxtons seeks debt-for-equity deal / by
                           Richard Coles                                                            Richard Wachman
Comment         26         Prepare now for the great pensions crash/                                [Alistair] Darling pledges help for troubled
                           McBride paid the price of spin/Express                                   manufacturers / by Heather Stewart
                           delight                                                          2       HSBC face crisis over US credit cards / by

                                      MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                           Richard Wachman                                         12   Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                           Sliding pound hits travel firms / by Phillip                 Let the Right One In
                           Inman                                                        Philip French's screen legends: Katherine
                           IBM set to axe thousands in move to cheap                    Hepburn 1907-2003
                           labour abroad / by James Doran                          13   Other films: Philip French reviews Tony
Business:       3          Comment / by Ruth Sunderland                                 Manero/Fifty Dead Men Walking/Fast &
Analysis                                                                                Furious/Race to Witch Mountain/
                           Property: Losses soar as housing trusts fall                 Dragonball Evolution/17 Again/Les Quatre
                           victim to fraud / by Phillip Inman                           cents coups
Business: Inside 4-5       Recession: The shoots of recovery look                       Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
story                      pale green at best / by Julia Finch                     14   Theatre: Clare Brennan reviews Death and
                 5         Can we build on estate agents' new                           the King's Horseman/The Fever/That
                           optimism? / by Heather Stewart                               Night Follows Day
Business:       6          Tchenguiz's Icelandic saga with a bitter                15   Photography: Fiona Maddocks reviews St
Property                   ending / by Simon Bowers                                     Matthew Passion/Choir of St John's
Business:       7          In my view: Let's agree that the budget                      College/Das Rheingold
Opinion                    won't be a walk in the park for Alistair / by           16   Classical: Kate Kellaway reviews Dido
                           William Keegan                                               and Aeneas/Acis and Galatea
                           On Management: Learn from their                              Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Giselle/
                           mistakes? That'll be the day / by Robert                     two: four: ten
                           Heller                                                  17   Art: Laura Cumming reviews William
                           Market forces/FTSE market movers                             Blake's 1809 Exhibition
Media           9          Journalism in the shadow of death and                        Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews Today/
                           Premier Putin / by Luke Harding                              Zoe Ball/Radcliffe and Maconie/Bringing
                           Media Diary                                                  Up Baby
                10         Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                   18   Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
                           The Networker: The police should take           Books   19   The joy of brief encounters / by Tim
                           note: little brother's watching you / by John                Adams
                           Naughton                                                     8 of the best short stories
Cash: Rescue    11         Beware the delays that could slash your                 20   Fiction: Sarah Churchwell reviews Lark &
Your Pension               payout / by Sam Dunn                                         Termite by Jayne Anne Phillips
                           Lisa Bachelor, the editor of Cash, explains                  Memoir: Hephzibah Anderson reviews An
                           why this week's section is devoted to                        Exact Replica of a Figment of My
                           pensions                                                     Imagination by Elizabeth McCracken
                12         Question of the week: Are pensions a                    21   Royalty: AN Wilson reviews Kate: Kate
                           waste of money? / Yes says Chris                             Middleton – Princess in Waiting by
                           Gilchrist, No says Tom McPhail                               Claudia Joseph
                           Your letters                                                 Humour: Phil Hogan reviews How to Be A
                13         How do I take control of my pension? / by                    Better Person by Seb Hunter
                           Sam Dunn                                                     Economics: Nick Cohen reviews The
                           Jill Insley asks if anxious workers should                   Storm: The World Economic Crisis and
                           cut and run from the once 'ultimate benefit'                 What it Means by Vince Cable/Chasing
                14         What are the alternatives to a pension? / by                 Alpha: How Reckless Growth and
                           Lisa Bachelor                                                Unchecked Ambition Ruined the City's
                           What should I do if my retirement pot is                     Golden Decade / by Philip Augar
                           smaller than I expected? / by Melanie                   22   Memoir: Adam Mars-Jones reviews The
                           Wright                                                       Music Room by William Fiennes
                16         Interest rates                                               Fiction: Geraldine Bedell reviews A Partial
                17         How exactly do I buy an annuity? / by                        Indulgence by Stephanie Theobald
                           Harriet Meyer                                                My other Life: Geoff Dyer
                18         Where can I get the right advice? / by                  23   Children's books: Kate Kellaway reviews
                           Harriet Meyer                                                Picture books, 2-up
                                                                                        Children's books: Lisa O'Kelly reviews 12-
REVIEW                                                                                  16 years
                1          And the agony lives on... Ten years after                    Children's books: Stephanie Merritt
                           Columbine, the survivors speak / by                          reviews 8-12 years
                           Elizabeth Day                                           25   Paperback of the week: Alison Flood
                2          Jane Bown's photo archive: Dalai Lama,                       reviews Swimming in a Sea of Death: A
                           1973                                                         Son's Memoir by David Rieff
                           Your letters: How to remember the Iron                       Paperbacks reviewed by Alyssa
                           Lady                                                         McDonald, Jean Hannah Edelstein and
Details         3          Hallelujah! Lent is over / by Philip French                  Helen Zaltzman
                           Granny takes a trip / by Susannah Clapp                      Classics Corner: Emma John reviews
                           See you, Anon / by Oliver Marre                              Beats in My Belfry by Gerald Durrall
People          4-5        Lisa Snowdon: The interview / by Barbara                     Audio Round-up / by Rachel Redford
                           Ellen                                                        The Observer bestsellers list
Art             6-7        The artists who are hot to squat... / by                27   Puzzles
                           Hermione Hoby                                   TV      28   Kathryn Flett on television
Books           7          Keep the pressure up over our libraries / by
                           Rachel Cooke
Cover Story     8-10       Ten years on and Columbine still feels the
                           pain / by Elizabeth Day
The Critics      11        The main event: Pop: Sarah Boden reviews
                           Bat For Lashes

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                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 19 April 2009                                                                                  A coq and bull story that leaves a bad
                                                                                                      aftertaste / by Jay Rayner
MAIN                                                                         Comment          24      Brown must rediscover his moral compass/
News            1, 12       Watchdog chief clams tactics of G20                                       The public are fast losing patience with
                            police                                                                    thuggish policing
                1           Chelsea FC glory in the FA Cup semi-final                         25      The Tories must avoid the cult of the
                1-2         Decriminalise drugs to curb aids, says                                    celebrity prime minister / by Peter Oborne
                            experts                                                                   Susan Boyle's worldwide fame is a
                2           Property slump costs pensioners £220bn                                    triumph for all those who have ever been
                3           How the bottle destroyed not only George                                  judged by appearances / by Patricia
                            Best but his mother as well / by Caroline                                 Williams
                            Davies                                                            26      You give bankers £1.3 trillion and do they
                            Crackdown on Antarctic cruise tourists as                                 thank you? Do they hell / by Will Hutton
                            soaring numbers alarm scientists / by                                     The world through a lens: London: 15
                            Caroline Davies                                                           April / by Euan Ferguson
                4           Young to benefit as [Alistair] Darling                            27      Anyone seeking help from Derek Draper
                            budget aims to lead Britain back to work /                                needs therapy / by Catherine Bennett
                            by Gaby Hinsliff and Heather Stewart                                      While we suffer, the box-tickers will
                            Labour veteran quits as party is hit by new                               continue to prosper / by Nick Cohen
                            dirty tricks row / by Gaby Hinsliff                               28      Your letters
                5           TV's surprise star Susan [Boyle] set for                                  The big issue: climate change
                            duet with heroine / by Caroline Davies and                                The Observer Panel: Would you enjoy life
                            Paul Kelbie                                                               in a billionaire's paradise?
                7           Lib Dem donor accused of brokering               World            29      Iran jails US journalist as spy / by Peter
                            Israeli arms deal / by Rajeev Syal and                                    Beaumont
                            Oliver Laughland                                                          Tamil civilians slaughtered as army shells
                            News in brief: British boy, five, dies in                                 'no-fire zone' / by Gethin Chamberlain
                            plane crash in Venezuela/Cows rescued                             30-31   Iraq: The legacy: The children of Basra
                            from mud/Steam back at King's Cross/                                      learn to live and hope / by Martin Chulov
                            Woman targets Red Arrows/Mountbatten's                            32      Satirists have last laugh on Zuma's ANC /
                            man dies                                                                  by David Smith
                8           Diet pills go on sale – with a warning / by                       32      Obama olive branch to leftist Latin
                            Amelia Hill                                                               America / by Rory Carroll
                9           A portrait of Shakespeare? 'Codswallop'                           33      Freedom painters return to give Berlin
                            says expert / by Vanessa Thorpe                                           Wall a facelift / by Jason Burke
Opinion         11          Barbara Ellen                                                             World briefing: Gulf of Aden/China/
News            12-13       Law and order: How the image of UK                                        Pakistan
                            police took a beating / by Tracy McVeigh,        7 Days           34      David Mitchell
                            Rajeev Syal and Gaby Hinsliff                                             A good week for: Dave, Michael Jackson,
                14-15       Pop's new wave: quirky, stylish girls                                     English football, Sue Curtis
                            fashioned from the 80s / by Elizabeth Day                                 They said what? Quotes of the week by
                14          Gene therapy hope to beat cystic fibrosis /                               Silvio Berlusconi, Barack Obama, Hugh
                            by Robin McKie                                                            Jackman, Richard Phillips and a
                15          Weak pound tempts French to tuck into                                     spokesman from Pet Airways
                            rosbif / by Heather Stewart                                       35      The Observer profile: Hilary Mantel: On
News Briefing   16          Obituary: 'Steady Eddie' George, who led                                  the path from pain to prizes / by
                            Bank to independence, dies of cancer at 70                                Hephzibah Anderson
                            / by Amelia Hill                                                  36      Victoria Coren
                            Environment: Climate-change threat to                             37      Weather forecast
                            rare black grouse / by Caroline Davies
                                                                             BUSINESS & MEDIA
                            Technology: Prize fight to engineer fraud-
                            proof mobiles                                    Business: News   1       Chancellor's £50bn home loans boost
                17          Interview with Morgan Tsvangirai / by                                     Floyd go after EMI's money / by Simon
                            Alex Duval Smith                                                          Bowers
                18          Solar power firms in plea for action to                                   Tesco plans to expand its telecoms and
                            prevent job losses / by Juliette Jowit                                    finance arms / by Zoe Wood
                            Equality chief in 'conflict of interest' row /                            Sexism 'a bigger barrier than recession' /
                            by Jamie Doward                                                           by Ruth Sunderland
                19          Call for a halt to UK's local hero statu / by                             [David] Blanchflower: Bank drove me to
                            Caroline Davies                                                           bring of resignation / by Ruth Sunderland
                            School help for children of drinkers / by                                 Nationwide halts workers' cancer care / by
                            Amelia Hill                                                               Tony Levene
                            Boys who stay on at school 'will earn                                     UK 'will recover faster than most' / by
                            more' / by Amelia Hill                                                    Elena Moya and Heather Stewart
Focus           20-21       Nuclear hazards: The most dangerous              Business:        3       Comment / by Ruth Sunderland
                            place in Europe / by Robin McKie                 Analysis
                22          Style and race: America's new black vogue                                 Stagecoach locked in rail contract row / by
                            for black fashion is all due to Michelle                                  Dan Milmo
                            [Obama] / by Paul Harris                                                  Fifa to tackle own fashion label / by Julia
                22          The small shifts that show an industry is                                 Finch
                            ready for change, commentary / by Alice                                   Best Buy sizes up 30 stores for UK launch
                            Fisher, Style Correspondent                                               / by Zoe Wood
Comment &       23          The crushing of eco-protest brings shame         Business: Inside 4-5     Budget 2009: Hands up who wishes they
Debate                      on our police / by Henry Porter                  story                    were Alistair Darling

                                       MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                   4-5       Hard times: six budgets to remember / by                      Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
                             Nathan Bleaken                                                Philip French's screen legends: Robert
Business: Retail   6         Every little helps. But £3bn helps a lot                      Donat 1905-1958
                             more / by Zoe Wood                                       16   Art: Robin McKie reviews A Duck for Mr
Business:          7         Bob Willett, Mr Best Buy goes looking for                     Darwin: Evolutionary Thinking and the
Mammon                       bargains in Britain / by Zoe Wood                             Struggle to Exist
Business:          8         In my view: Forget fancy fiscal trickery –                    Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Il
Opinion                      let's have some economic management / by                      travatore
                             Heather Stewart                                          17   Pop: Luke Bainbridge reviews AC/DC and
                             Management Editor: Seize the chance to                        The Prodigy
                             make banking dull again / by Simon                            Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Orgy of
                             Caulkin                                                       Tolerance/The Red Balloon
                             Market forces/FTSE market movers                         18   Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews After
Business:          9         Deal that struck a discordant note / by                       Dido/Panic
Financial Crisis             Simon Bowers                                                  Shorts: Ally Carnwath reviews Peaches
Media              11        Scent of victory puts PR firms on the hunt                    and Clare Brennan reviews The Winter's
                             for Tory big beasts / by James Robinson                       Tale/RSC
                             Media Diary                                              19   Photography: Rachel Cooke reviews Cindy
                   12        Peter Preston on Press and Broadcasting                       Sherman
                             The Networker: How Amazon bowed to                            Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews Edith
                             blogosphere over 'adult content' / by John                    Bowman/Steve Wright/The Reunion
                             Naughton                                                 20   Releases: reviews of new music and DVD
Cash               13        How digging can keep your garden                              releases
                             blooming / by Lisa Bachelor                      Books   21   Chris McGreal reviews four books tracing
                             Protected your home against theft? Don't                      South Africa's traumatic post-Mandela
                             forget your shed / by Huma Qureshi                            story
                   14        Question of the week: Should first-time                  22   Politics: Andrew Anthony reviews
                             buyers get on to the housing ladder now?                      Thatcher's Britain: The Politics and Social
                             Yes says Peter Rollins, No says Jonathan                      Upheaval of the 1980s by Richard Vinen
                             Davis                                                         Debut novels round-up reviewed by
                             Your letters: Are pensions just a waste of                    Francesca Segal
                             money?                                                   23   Memoir: Elizabeth Day reviews Love
                             Industry that fails to cover itself in glory:                 Child: A Memoir of Family Lost and
                             comment / by Lisa Bachelor                                    Found by Allegra Huston
                   15        Buyers find it's still hard first time / by                   Short Stories: Tom Fleming reviews An
                             Sam Dunn                                                      Elegy for Easterly by Petina Gappah
                             Hope for those at risk of repossession / by                   Memoir: Rachel Cooke reviews The
                             Sam Dunn                                                      Pattern in the Carpet: A Personal History
                   16        Your pensions, our expert solutions                           With Jigsaws by Margaret Drabble
                   17        'Affordable' homes rent hike angers tenants              24   Robert McCrum on books
                             / by Graham Norwood                                           Poetry: Olivia Laing reviews A Sleepwalk
                   18        Interest rates                                                on the Severn by Alice Oswald/Weeds and
                   19        The best things in life are free / by Liz                     Wild Flowers by Alice Oswald and Jessica
                             Phillips                                                      Greenman
                   20        Your problems / by Margaret Dibben                       25   Autobiography: Gaby Hinsliff reviews A
                                                                                           Fortunate Life by Paddy Ashdown
REVIEW                                                                                     Art: Ben Lewis reviews The American
                   1         In the therapist's chair / by Gaby Wood                       Leonardo: A Tale of 20th Century
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Yousuf Karsh,                      Obsession, Art and Money by John Brewer
                             1991                                                          My other life: Andrew Motion
Details            3         The upside of Afghanistan / by David                     26   Paperback of the week: William Skidelsky
                             Smith                                                         reviews Universe and Stone: Chartres
                             Just popping in for a breath of air... / by                   Cathedral and the Triumph of the
                             Hermione Hoby                                                 Medieval Mind by Philip Ball
Cover Story        4-5       How TV got inside the minds of America /                      Paperbacks reviewed by Martin Hemming,
                             by Gaby Wood                                                  James Purdon and Sophie Missing
Culture            6-7       Why we love history in 10-year chapters /                     Classics Corner: Robin McKie reviews
                             by Dominic Sandbrook                                          The Malay Archipelago by Alfred Russell
                   6         'Youth was worshipped for its own sake' /                     Wallace
                             by Philip Norman                                              The Observer bestsellers list
                   7         'Our generation swapped Donovan for                      27   Puzzles
                             Ziggy Stardust' / by Tony Jordan                TV       28   Euan Ferguson on television
                   9         'England was convulsed by a social and
                             political revolution' / by Jason Cowley
Interview          10-11     Patrick Wolf: The interview / by Miranda
The Critics        13        The Main Event: Classical: Fiona
                             Maddocks reviews Simon Bolivar Youth
                             Orchestra of Venezuela/Dudamel
                   14        Film of the week: Philip French reviews In
                             the Loop
                   15        Other films: Philip French reviews Good/
                             In Search of Beethoven/Before I Forget/I
                             Love You, Man/Not Easily Broken

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                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 26 April 2009                                                                               Bob [Dylan] will be bringing it all back
                                                                                                   home again / by Erica Davies
MAIN                                                                      Comment          26      The Tories must unveil their vision of
News            1, 5       Global flu fears as 68 die and virus spreads                            Britain/Obama's excellent 100 days/A
                           / by Tracy McVeigh and Jo Tuckman                                       victory for green thinking
                1-2        Humiliated [Gordon] Brown in retreat over                       27      Gordon and David are both whistling in
                           expenses / by Gaby Hinsliff and Toby                                    the graveyard / by Andrew Rawnsley
                           Helm                                                            27      I mourn the death of local newspapers / by
                2          UK ignored warning on bogus students /                                  Henry Porter
                           by Rajeev Syal and Toby Helm                                    28      Britain's power is draining away, so what
                3          Why Michael Caine's daughter is banned                                  sort of nation are we left with? / by Will
                           from seeing his latest film / by Vanessa                                Hutton
                           Thorpe                                                                  The world through a lens: Leeds, 23 April /
                           Cash-strapped NHS offers millions in                                    by Ruaridh Nicoll
                           prizes to its staff / by Toby Helm                              29      I don't want to live in a country
                5          Wealthy brother of UK football chief                                    manipulated by YouTube bullies / by
                           linked to gruesome Gulf 'torture tape' / by                             Catherine Bennett
                           Michael Day and Paul Harris in New York                                 If Pakistan erupts, will we need to close
                7          [Peter] Mandelson sidelined as cabinet                                  our borders? / by Nick Cohen
                           shifts to left / by Gaby Hinsliff                               30      Your letters
                           [Ed] Miliband calls for populist push in                                The big issue: psychotherapy
                           battle against climate change / by Gaby                                 The Observer Panel: Is contrition
                           Hinsliff and John Vidal                                                 necessary to be forgiven?
                8          Revealed: bosses' huge pension pots / by       World            31      Shock less of key province mars ANC
                           Heather Connon                                                          national victory / by Alex Duval Smith in
                9          ITV loses out as Susan Boyle conquers                                   Cape Town
                           web / by Caroline Davies                                                [Hillary] Clinton pledges to keep troops in
                           Government considers ban on 'legal highs'                               Iraq if violence escalates / by Martin
                           / by Jamie Doward and Oliver Shah                                       Chulov
News Briefing   10         Pollution: Poor air quality 'killing                            32-33   First 100 days: Iowa gives mixed verdict
                           thousands' in London / by Denis Campbell                                on the president it made / by Paul Harris
                           Footballer's brother dies after attack / by                     34      Bolivia's 'little Indians' find voice / by
                           Mark Townsend                                                           Rory Carroll and Andres Schipani
                           Weather: Man dies as flash flood sweeps                                 World briefing: US/India/Iran
                           car into river / by Caroline Davies                             35      Republicans hail beauty queen for her
                           Sport: Kenyan aims for record fourth win                                view on gays / by Christopher Goodwin in
                           in marathon / by Rowan Walker                                           Los Angeles
                           Student protest: Tamil hunger striker                                   12-year-olds forced on to front line by
                           'could die in a week' / by Oliver Shah                                  Tamil Tigers / by Gethin Chamberlain in
Opinion         11         Barbara Ellen                                                           Delhi
News            12         Number of billionaires halved as recession                              Atheist Berlin to decide on religion's place
                           bites / by Ben Quinn                                                    in its schools / by Kathy Connolly
                           Bus firms call for end to free travel passes   7 Days           36      David Mitchell
                           for over-60s / by Dan Milmo                                             My week: Geoff Dyer, author
                13         [Ed] Balls warned of new A-Levels                               37      The Observer profile: Mayawati, power
                           disaster / by Ben Quinn and Polly Curtis                                broker of the lower castes / by Gethin
                           News in brief: 'Jigsaw man' murder: two                                 Chamberlain
                           held in custody/Inside and in touch/                            38      Victoria Coren
                           YouTube pupils suspended/Coal power                             39      Weather forecast
                           protest riders/Fire mountain/Lottery results
                                                                          BUSINESS & MEDIA
                14-15      Conservation: Experts feud over how to
                           save apes / by Robin McKie                     Business: News   1       City bankers scoop huge pay increases / by
                15         Call for 20-year fishing ban on a third of                              Nick Mathiason
                           oceans / by Andrew Purvis                                               England star Lampard may have to testify
Interview       17         Like father, like daughter: Emily helps run                             in forex lawsuit / by Nick Mathiason
                           Glastonbury show / by Anushka Asthana                                   Indy owner in crisis talks on payment of
News            18         G20 police blog boasts about a 'good                                    £180m debt / by Richard Wachman
                           kicking' / by Mark Townsend and Jamie                                   IMF forecasts long housing slump / by
                           Doward                                                                  Heather Stewart
                           'Tory smear' MP to sue over emails / by                                 Budget 'depressing', says ex-minister
                           Gaby Hinsliff                                                           Digby Jones / by Ruth Sunderland
                19         Calls to curb heritage site tourism / by                        2       Winds of change blow for offshore power
                           Vanessa Thorpe and Caroline Davies                                      operations / by Tim Webb
                21         Jack Jones, 1913-2009 / by Max Arthur                                   Reveal carbon risks, oil firms told / by
Focus           22-23      Herbal highs: There are many drugs that                                 Ruth Sunderland
                           help people get out of their minds yet stay                             Cash-strapped Punch plans pub chain
                           within the law / by Jamie Doward and                                    makeover / by Simon Bowers
                           Oliver Shah                                    Business:        3       After the credit crisis, the pensions crunch,
                23         Herbal highs: Analysis / by Dr John            Analysis                 comment / by Ruth Sunderland
                           Ramsey                                                                  Budget hastens end of final salary schemes
First Person    24         My part in [Eric] Cantona's film about                                  / by Philip Inman
                           United love / by Tony Howard                   Business: Inside 4-5     Can the IMF now feed the world? / by
Comment &       25         I never believed the US would turn on its      story                    Heather Stewart
Debate                     torturers so swiftly / by Philippe Sands                        5       The loan arranger: five countries the IMF

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                                          The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                         has helped                                                       Time Travel/From Russia With Love/
Business:      6-7       Marches, sit-ins, violence... the workers                        Outlander/The Uninvited
Industrial               are now comrades: Observer writers report                        Tribute: Jack Cardiff 1914-2009 / by
relations                on the global wave of direct action / by                         Philip French
                         David Gow on Europe, James Doran on                      14      Dance: Luke Jennings reviews You Made
                         the US and Kathryn Hopkins on China and                          Me a Monster/Cheek to Cheek
                         Britain                                                          Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Lang
Business       7         Outlook gets ugly for plastic surgery firm /                     Lang/LSO/NYO/Daniel
                         by Nick Mathiason                                                Shorts: Theatre: Clare Brennan reviews
Business:      8         In my view: It's a real tragedy Darling, but                     Widowers' Houses/Pop: Jude Rogers
Opinion                  we will get out of this damned spot / by                         reviews Homegame 6/Theatre: Rafael
                         William Keegan                                                   Behr reviews Wall
                         Management Editor: The made world of                     15      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews The
                         New Labour's efficiency drive / by Simon                         Great Game
                         Caulkin                                                          Theatre: Carole Cadwalladr reviews
                         Market forces/FTSE market movers                                 Calendar Girls
Media          9         Internet pirates beware: this man is out to              16      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Thomas
                         stop you / by Richard Wray                                       Bewick: Tale-Pieces
                         Media Diary                                                      Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews The
               10        Peter Preston on Press and Broadcasting                          Budget/SunTalk/Brand and Gallagher
                         The Networker: Why the iPhone is giving                  17      Pop: Euan Ferguson reviews The Specials
                         Apple telephone-number profits / by John                         Pop: Kevin Mitchell reviews Van
                         Naughton                                                         Morrison
Cash           11        Now is the time for a wake-up call... don't              18      Releases: reviews of new music and DVD
                         let your sleeping cash lie / by Harriet                          releases
                         Meyer                                            Books   19      Olivia Laing reviews Wolf Hall by Hilary
               12        Question of the week: Is it fair enough for                      Mantel
                         budget airlines to charge passengers extra               20      Food: Carole Cadwallader reviews the
                         fees? yes says Stephen McNamara, no says                         boom in thrift-lit
                         Sandra Haurant                                                   Popular Culture: Max Clifford reviews
                         Your letters: Exposing the unacceptable                          Celebrity: How Entertainers Took Over the
                         face of housing associations                                     World and Why We Need an Exit Strategy
                         It doesn't pay to be old or poor in Britain /                    by Marina Hyde
                         by Lisa Bachelor                                         21      Drugs: Sean O'Hagan reviews The Corner:
               13        Look before you leap into financial bed                          A Year in the Life of an Inner-City
                         together / by Sam Dunn                                           Neighbourhood by David Simon and Ed
               14        Your investments: Is playing safe fraught                        Burns
                         with danger? / by Heather Connon                                 Fiction: Oliver Marre reviews Deadly Sins
               15        Dirty, late with the rent... perfect? / by               22-23   Interview: Cόlm Tόibín / by Robert
                         Esther Shaw                                                      McCrum
                         For sale: des res with burial chamber / by               23      Politics: Tom Holland reviews The Uses
                         Jon Bryant                                                       and Abuses of History by Margaret
               16        Interest rates                                                   MacMillan
               17        Budget 2009: the issues affecting you                    24      Biography: Roy Hattersley reviews The
                         ... and here's what was in the small print /                     Frock-Coated Communist: The
                         by Harriet Meyer                                                 Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels by
               18        Margaret Dibben: Your problems                                   Tristram Hunt
                                                                                          Poetry: Kate Kellaway reviews The Cinder
REVIEW                                                                                    Path by Andrew Motion
               1         The love in my life: one year after her                          My other life: Monica Ali
                         husband's death, actress Natasha                         25      Paperback of the week: Elizabeth Day
                         McElhone on grief, love - and joy                                reviews The Collected Stories of Lorrie
               2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Tennessee                             Moore
                         Williams and Clare Bloom, 1974                                   Paperbacks reviewed by Martin Hemming,
                         Your letters                                                     Sarah March and Jean Hannah Edelstein
Details        3         Does the face ring a bell? / by Ally                             Classics Corner: Alice Fisher reviews
                         Carnwath                                                         Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome
                         Back with a Big Bang / by Ajesh Patalay                          The Observer bestsellers list
                         Kissing to be clever / by Oliver Marre                   27      Puzzles
                         Magic from the Meltdown [festival] pot          TV       28      Kathryn Flett on television
Cover Story    4-5       Natascha McElhone: The Interview / by
                         Carole Cadwalladr
Reportage      6-8       How the horrors of war nearly destroyed
                         me / by Peter Beaumont
Appreciation   9         JG Ballard 1930-2009 / by Tim Adams
               7         'Our generation swapped Donovan for
                         Ziggy Stardust' / by Tony Jordan
The Critics    11        The Main Event: Film: Philip French
                         reviews State of Play
               12        Cannes preview / by Jason Solomons
                         Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
               13        Other films: Philip French reviews
                         Encounters at the End of the World/The
                         Grocer's Son/Shifty/City Rats/FAQ About

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                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 03 May 2009                                                                                 exit/Ode to Duffy
                                                                                           21      Why a clever man ends up making a fool
MAIN                                                                                               of himself / by Andrew Rawnsley
News            1, 3       Key minister savages PM over 'lamentable'                               I'm not invisible, I'm only in my fifties / by
                           failures / by Toby Helm and Gaby Hinsliff                               Emma Soames
                1, 6       Police to destroy DNA profiles of 800,000                       22      Life may not be fair, but that's still no
                           innocent people / by Jamie Doward                                       excuse for an unjust society / by Will
                2          Headteachers vote to boycott primary Sats                               Hutton
                           tests / by Anthea Lipsett                                               The world through a lens: Kirkuk, Iraq: 1
                           Heathrow cutbacks 'increase risk of                                     May
                           diseases entering UK' / by Tom Wall                             23      It's time to get in touch with your feminine
                3          One week on, 13 miles to go: Iraq veteran                               side, David / by Catherine Bennett
                           gets massive support for marathon task /                                How not to make a pig's ear out of a
                           by Amelia Hill                                                          pandemic / by Nick Cohen
                4          Investigation: Senior Tory and the sub-                         24      Your letters
                           prime profit / by Rajeev Syal and Oliver                                The big issue: fish stocks
                           Shah                                                                    The Observer panel: Are you passionate in
                5          Fury as Iran hangs woman artist, aged 22 /                              public?
                           by Robert Tait                                 World            25      Torture-tape Gulf prince accused of 25
                           News in brief: Man, 21,dies from head                                   other attacks / by Paul Harris in New York
                           injuries after dog attack/Euro jackpot hits                             US woos Pakistan opposition chief / by
                           £110m/Youths kick swan to death/Yes, we                                 Paul Harris in New York
                           have no tomatoes/Festival's sour note/                                  Burma worst for blog bans / by Tracy
                           Flood body found/Lottery results                                        McVeigh
                5          Fears grow of a rat plague / by Jamie                           26-27   Special report: Scarred by the legacy of
                           Doward                                                                  war, Bosnia lurches into a new crisis / by
                6          Classic left-wing novel comes in from the                               Peter Beaumont
                           cold / by Vanessa Thorpe                                        27      Special report: 'All is not lost yet... if the
                7          She was four years old and scared. Justice                              US gets involved' – interview with Paddy
                           has to find a better way / by Andrew                                    Ashdown / by Peter Beaumont
                           Anthony                                                         28      Murders force Roma to act in self-defence
                           More children should be trusted as abuse                                / by Nick Thorpe in Hungary
                           witnesses, says NSPCC boss / by Jamie                           29      Move over Montana, Carly is the new star
                           Doward and Tracey McVeigh                                               of tween TV / by Paul Harris in New York
                8          Village blames bleak outlook on BBC / by                                World briefing: Sri Lanka/Afghanistan/
                           Caroline Davies                                                         Gaza/Iraq
                9          Ministers face tough choice over swine flu     7 Days           30      David Mitchell
                           vaccine / by Robin McKie                                                My week: Catherine O'Flynn, author
                           Mexican economy suffers blow from                               31      The Observer Profile: Quentin Tarantino /
                           quarantine / by Rory Carroll and Jo                                     by Ryan Gilbey
                           Tuckman                                                         32      Carole Cadwalladr
News Briefing   10         Crime: Cabinet minister's driver arrested                       33      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                           over alleged sex assaults on children / by
                           Ben Quinn                                      BUSINESS & MEDIA
                           Tourism: Queen Mary to sail seas after         Business: News   1       Advertising giant WPP to axe 7,200 jobs /
                           after £1bn refit / by Caroline Davies                                   by Richard Wachman
                           Families flock to Germany's Highland                                    Blooms buck the gloom / by Zoe Wood
                           games / by Caroline Davies                                              Government set for defeat over cigarette
                           Health: Women smokers face higher lung                                  display ban / by James Robinson
                           cancer risk / by Denis Campbell                                         Barclays and Ghana plan tax haven / by
Opinion         11         Barbara Ellen                                                           Nick Mathiason
News            13         Russia to build floating Arctic nuclear                                 U-turn on investment as banks fund M25
                           stations / by John Vidal                                                project / by Aziz Durrani and Nick
                14         Ministry of Defence under fire for all-male                             Mathiason
                           models / by Mark Townshend                                      2       Equity release loan boom fuels fears
                           Generationof boys 'being failed' by the                                 elderly will lose out / by Phillip Inman
                           school system / by Amelia Hill                                          Rutland gets DIY broadband / by Nick
                15         Top designers make the recession chic / by                              Mathiason
                           Alice Fisher                                                            Trustee puts claim on cash from Madoff
Focus           16-17      Europe Elections: Fury at politicians                                   investors / by James Doran
                           drives BNP surge / by Gaby Hinsliff and        Business:        3       Comment: Heather Stewart
                           Toby Helm                                      Analysis
                17         YouTube if you want to, but it's better to                              Energy: Lawyer takes wind out of turbine
                           knock on doors, commentary / by Hazel                                   sails / by Terry Macalister
                           Blears MP                                      Business: Inside 4-5     The arrogant eagle that won't pull in its
People          18         The resurrection of Winona Ryder: how          Story                    wings / by Nick Mathiason
                           Hollywood's lost girl came back / by           Business: IT     6-7     NHS contract leaves BT with painful
                           Vanessa Thorpe                                 Controversy              results / by Simon Bowers
Comment &       19         The police need to stop and think about                                 Sound familiar? Apple launches a
Debate                     stop and search / by Matthew Ryder                                      revolution – and then gets overtaken / by
                           Let's send Britons back to the wild places /                            Richard Wray and Bobbie Johnson
                           by John Hemming                                Business:        7       Fight to change direction as 3i calls on
Comment         20         We must vote the BNP out of politics/Our       Private equity           investors for jump start / by Heather
                           duty does not end with the soldiers'                                    Connon

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                                               The Observer (microfilm edition) index
Business:          8         In my view: We're all aboard the American                              Hilton, Tania Branigan, Tom Templeton
Opinion                      loco, hoping it's on the right track / by                              and Gaby wood
                             William Keegan                                   Music         9       Interview with The Breeders / by Jude
                             Market forces/ FTSE market movers                                      Rogers
                             Management Editor: The rich cried wolf.          People        10-11   Frank Gardner: The interview / by Kate
                             Now they deserve to be bitten / by Simon                               Kellaway
                             Caulkin                                          The Critics   13      The main event: Art: Peter Conrad reviews
Business:          9         Equitable's guardian looks back in anger /                             Anish Kapoor
Mammon                       by Ruth Sunderland                                                     Brighton festival / by Imogen Carter
Media              11        Revealed: the Indy's secret history with                       14-15   Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                             Daily Mail / by James Robinson                                         Helen
                             Media Diary                                                            Other films: Philip French reviews Is
                   12        Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                                  Anybody There?/The End/X-Men Origins:
                             The Networker: Control freaks don't get it:                            Wolverine/Ghosts of Girlfriends
                             the web works best in a free-for-all / by                              Past/Hannah Montana: The Movie/Funuke:
                             John Naughton                                                          Show Some Love, You Losers!
Cash               13        Desperate houseowners turn to eBay in                          15      Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
                             search of elusive buyers / by Graham                           16      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews
                             Norwood                                                                Andromaque/Wuthering Heights/Romeo
                             Nationwide risks borrowers' wrath over                                 and Juliet
                             'two-tier mortgage system / by Lisa                                    Pop: Alice Fisher reviews Basement Jaxx
                             Bachelor                                                       17      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Francis
                   12        Question of the week: Should employers                                 Alÿs: Fabiola
                             be forced by law to become more family-                                Theatre: Clare Brennan reviews Funny
                             friendly? Yes says Sarah Jackson, No says                              Turns
                             John Wright                                                            Pop: Ally Carnwath reviews Little Boots
                             Nationwide: proud to be indifferent?                                   Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews Radcliffe
                             Comment: Lisa Bachelor                                                 and Maconie/Clive Anderson's Chat Room
                             Your letters: Forget budget airlines – you                     18      Reviews of new music and DVD releases
                             only get the 'extras' you pay for                              19      Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Decreation/
                   15        Withdrawal symptoms to hurt more / by                                  Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same
                             Melanie Wright                                                         Time
                             Cheque: consumers drive another nail in                                Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews
                             coffin/Broadband: BT claims deal could                                 Lohengrin/Piers Lane/Rafal Blechacz
                             save you a bundle/Insurance: Home                Books         21      Tim Adams reviews The Selected Works
                             contents cost £44,500 to replace/Child                                 of TS Spivet by Reif Larsen
                             Trust Funds: Shop and save with KidStart                               Caspar Llewellyn Smith reviews
                             purchases                                                              Revolution in the Air: The Songs of Bob
                   16        In search of gladrags that won't hurt the                              Dylan Vol 1: 1957-73 by Clinton Heylin
                             handbags / by Huma Qureshi                                     22      Adam Mars-Jones reviews The Children;s
                             Stamp duty deal 'not worth it' for new                                 Book by AS Byatt
                             buyers / by Harriet Meyer                                              Stephanie Merritt reviews In the Kitchen
                   17        Not ready to put your feet up yet? / by Lisa                           by Monica Ali
                             Bachelor                                                       23      Kathy Lette reviews 365 Nights: A
                             Great! Your child wants to be a vet,                                   Memoir of Intimacy / by Charla Muller
                             trouble is, it will cost you £95,438 / by Jill                         Robin McKie reviews How We Live and
                             Insley                                                                 Why We Die by Lewis Wolpert
                   18        Interest rates                                                         Oliver Marre reviews Forever in My Heart
                   19        Spam to go – the new mobile menace / by                                by Jade Goody
                             Sam Dunn                                                       24      Robert McCrum on books
                             Your investments: Heather Connon                                       William Keegan reviews The Euro: The
                   20        Your problems: Margaret Dibben                                         Politics of the New Global Currency by
REVIEW                                                                                              David Marsh
                                                                                            25      Voodoo Histories: The Role of the
                   1         Tiananmen: The legacy, twenty years on,                                Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern
                             key figures in China's tragedy speak out                               History by David Aaronvitch
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Unknown                                     Hanif Kureishi reviews When the Lights
                             woman, 1974                                                            Went Out: Britain in the Seventies by
                             Your letters: The beauty of Bewick writ                                Andy Beckett
                             large                                                          26      Paperback of the week: Sophia Martelli
Details: People/   3         Can't afford the car? Buy a ruler / by                                 reviews Physics of the Impossible by
Ideas/News                   Stephen Bayley                                                         Michio Kaku
                             Waiting for Gollum... Tolkien fans are in                              Paperbacks reviewed by David Edwards,
                             for a treat from amateur film-makers / by                              Alexandra Masters and Alex Larman
                             Richard Rogers                                                         Classics corner: Joy Lo Dico reviews
                             Return of the real Slim Shady / by Lisa                                Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi
                             Kjellsson                                                              The Observer bestsellers list
Poetry             4-5       Interview with Carol Ann Duffy / by                            27      Puzzles
                             Rachel Cooke                                     TV            28      Kathryn Flett on television
                   5         Roll over, Wordsworth: a new generation
                             of poets keep the art alive / interviews by
                             Ally Carnwath and Imogen Carter
Cover Story        6-8       Tiananmen: The flame burns on / by Isobel

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                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 10 May 2009                                                                                  Hutton
                                                                                                    Worlds through a lens: the other side of the
MAIN                                                                                                universe / by Robin McKie
News            1, 5       Taxmen to probe MPs over profits from                            27      Yes Jacqui, let's keep out those dangerous
                           home sales / by Rajeev Syal, Toby Helm                                   homeopaths / by Catherine Bennett
                           and Gaby Hinsliff                                                        The Damned Parliament has well earned
                1, 8       British victim of Mumbai terror tells of                                 its title / by Nick Cohen
                           official neglect back in UK / by Ned                             28      Your letters
                           Temko                                                                    The big issue: the BNP
                2          G20 police 'used undercover men to incite                                The Observer panel: How would you take
                           crowds' / by Jamie Doward and Mark                                       revenge on a referee?
                           Townsend                                      World              29      Inside the Taliban's besieged Swat fortress
                           Home Office mole 'dumped' by Tories                                      as battle rages / by Sana ul Haq and Declan
                           after being sacked / by Mark Townsend                                    Walsh
                3          Sexism, motherhood, ambition – and                                       Chávez sends troops to seize oil firms'
                           looking good by the Europe minister / by                                 assets / by Rory Carroll in Caracas
                           Lucy Fairford                                                    30-31   Special report: Sarkozy: Two years on –
                           Ken Dodd's Christmas show cancelled due                                  Bruni, bling and barricades / by Lizzy
                           to lack of laughs / by Jamie Doward                                      Davies in Paris
                4          Binge drinking increases risk of dementia /                      32      Revealed: cruel fate of miners who found
                           by Denis Campbell                                                        perfect blue diamond / by Alex Duval
                5          Thousands paid out for removing Artex                                    Smith in Cullinan, South Africa
                           ceilings... and moles / by Toby Helm and                         32      Electric fences stop invasion of Kenya
                           Ben Quinn                                                                nature parks / by John Vidal
                           Top pupils warned that grading may be                            33      She's Israeli, he's an Arab, war has made
                           flawed / by Liz Lightfoot                                                them like mother and son / by Sarfraz
                7          UK secret service accused over arrest of                                 Manzoor
                           two Britons in Syria / by Mark Townsend                                  World briefing: South Africa/Sudan
                           News in brief: Spanish ticket holder          7 Days             34      David Mitchell
                           scoops world's biggest lottery win/PC held                               My week: Rosie Boycott
                           for fiancée's murder/New swine flu cases/                        35      The Observer Profile: Joanna Lumley / by
                           Camera nabs 23,500 drivers/Beery tea                                     Tracy McVeigh
                           drink goes on sale/Lottery results                               36      Victoria Coren
News: Special   8-9        Terror victim in Mumbai, now abandoned                                   They said what? Quotes of the week by
report                     in Britain / by Linda Grant                                              Paris Hilton, Dr John Sentamu and John
                9          The court case: India begins reckoning                                   Prescott
                           with accused killer / by Tracy McVeigh                           37      Weather forecast for the week ahead
News Briefing   10         Science: Big, big firework lifts two
                           European satellites one million miles into    BUSINESS & MEDIA
                           space                                         Business: News     1       Fears grow for future of rail expansion / by
                           Afghanistan: Gurkha among four British                                   Dan Milmo
                           soldiers killed / by Mark Townsend                                       Sainsbury's loses tug of love over hard-
                           Paraplegic officer ends marathon after 13                                working Hampton / by Julia Finch
                           days / by Amelia Hill                                                    TNT's big investors reject Royal Mail plan
                           Economy: Minimum wage to rise despite                                    / by Tim Webb
                           business fears / by Gaby Hinsliff                                        Anger over GSK's bonus for ex-boss / by
Opinion         11         Barbara Ellen                                                            Richard Wachman
News            13         How Britain's prince of tennis wooed                                     Treasury set to bail out second recession-
                           Hollywood's top stars / by Jamie Doward                                  hit PFI / by Tim Webb
                15         Search on for the perfect picnic spot / by                       2       We will strike over layoffs, union tells Bt /
                           Caroline Davies                                                          by Richard Wachman
                16         Isle of Wight in a 'moodle' over plain                                   UK nuclear hopeful Areva attacked on
                           speaking / by Robin McKie                                                safety / by Terry Macalister
                           Hive rustlers are stealing bees by the        Business:          3       Comment: Heather Stewart
                           million / by Caroline Davies                  Analysis
                17         'Dragon' academy teaches teenagers who        News                       Unemployment could peak at 4m in 2012 /
                           quit school to become tycoons / by Liz                                   by Kathryn Hopkins
                           Lightfoot                                                                Candy brothers dig deeper into gold / by
Focus           19-21      MPs' expenses: 3-page special                                            Terry Macalister
                22         Web culture: The end of the age of free! /    Business: Inside   4-5     It's the Tory party... but not as we knew
                           by Vanessa Thorpe                             story                      them / by Nick Mathiason
Comment &       23         Reject the Prince of Pastiche and his                                    The blues' money team: from big beast to
Debate                     ludicrous prejudices / by Stephen Bayley                                 small firms / by Heather Stewart
                           Thanks for the memories, Melvyn / by                             5       ...but it's still policy to look after City
                           Beryl Bainbridge                                                         friends / by Nick Mathiason
Comment         24         MPs had ample time to reform, they failed     Business:          6       In my view: If Tories want to sail into No
                           us/Cold comfort from the consulate/Is the     Opinion                    10, they'd do well to study history / by
                           era of free news over?                                                   William Keegan
                25         These scams are atrocious, worse is the                                  Market forces/ FTSE market movers
                           lack of remorse / by Andrew Rawnsley                                     Management Editor: Here's an idea: don't
                           You bring shame on Italy, Mr Berlusconi /                                offer prizes for suggestions / by Simon
                           by Tana de Zulueta                                                       Caulkin
                26         Do not be fooled by green shoots in the       Business:          7       Vittoria Radice: 'The world is bigger than
                           City – our pain will continue / by Will       Mammon                     Marks and Spencer' / by Zoe Wood

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                                               The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             Gloomy Brits talk shop in Barcelona / by                 12-13   Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                             Zoe Wood                                                         Star Trek
Media              9         As [Michael] Grade stands down, ITV                              Other films: Philip French reviews Chéri/
                             shareholders pray for a chief who can raise                      O'Horten/Little Ashes/Blue Eyelids/
                             its fortunes / by James Robinson                                 Momma's Man/Sounds Like Teen Spirit/
                   9         Media Diary                                                      Coraline/Delta
                             Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                    13      Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
                   10        The Networker: Tales of the unexpected                           Philip French's screen legends: Barbara
                             and eBay's effect on antiquity / by John                         Stanwyck 1907-90
                             Naughton                                                 14      Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Don
Cash               11        Shelve those grand schemes and give your                         Carlos/Paradise Moscow/IgorFest/CBSO
                             home a little TLC instead / by Huma                              Dance: Luke Jennings reviews
                             Qureshi                                                          Aphasiadisiac/Just Add Water
                             Dear Occupier, pay up now – even if this                 15      Theatre: Euan Ferguson reviews Hoors
                             debt is nothing to do with you / by Allison                      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Time
                             Dickinson                                                        and the Conways
                   12        Question of the week: Is care finance a                  16-17   Architecture: Stephen Bayley reviews The
                             waste of time? Yes says Hayley Parsons,                          Commonwealth Institute redevelopment
                             No, says Paul Harrison                                           plan
                             Your letters: Fury over bad treatment by                 17      Pop: Alice Fisher reviews Taylor Swift
                             Nationwide                                               18      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                   13        Why Barclays is taking it personally / by                19      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Luke Fowler
                             Laura Howard                                                     Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews The
                   14        It's critical to know exactly what your're                       Forum/Heart and Soul: The Blair
                             covered for / by Harriet Meyer                                   Foundation/Today
                             Wachdog investigates NatWest ads / by            Books   21      Rachel Cooke reviews The Other Elizabeth
                             Lisa Bachelor                                                    Taylor by Nicola Beauman
                   15        All in the garden is far from rosy as                    22      Interview with Adam Foulds/ by Olivia
                             developers grab the greenery / by Graham                         Laing
                             Norwood                                                          Fiction: Lisa O'Kelly reviews Hearts and
                   16        Interest rates                                                   Minds by Amanda Craig
                   17        Are share still the best bet for your child's            23      Cookery: William Skidelsky reviews
                             fund? / by Esther Shaw                                           Shooting the Cook: A True Story About
                             Great! Your child wants to be a vet,                             Food, Television and the Rise of TV's
                             trouble is, it will cost you £95,438 / by Jill                   Superchefs – The Director's Cut by David
                             Insley                                                           Pritchard
                             Your investments: Heather Connon                                 Short stories: Tom Fleming reviews
                   18        Your problems: Margaret Dibben                                   Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and
                                                                                              Nightfall by Kazo Ishiguro
                                                                                      24      Reportage: Janine di Giovanni reviews The
                   1         George Orwell's last great act                                   Secret Life of War: Journeys Through
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Michael Frayn,                        Modern Conflict by Peter Beaumont
                             1975                                                             Fraud: Heather Stewart reviews Madoff:
                             Your letters: We name the mystery woman                          Corruption, Deceit and the Making of the
Details: People/   3         Matthew [Warchus]'s stage double / by                            World's Most Notorious Ponzi Scheme by
Ideas/News                   Matt Wolf                                                        Peter Sander
                             Anyone who had a heart... / by Carole                            Graphic novels reviewed by Roger Sabin
                             Cadwalladr                                               25      Religion: Kishwer Falkner reviews The
                             What Kate wore next / by Oliver Marre                            Crisis of Islamic Civilisation by Ali A
                             How the world is fired with enthusiasm... /                      Allawi
                             by Ally Carnwath                                                 My other life: Hilary Mantel
Television         4-5       Making great drama out of a credit crisis /              26      Paperback of the week: Emma John
                             by Rachel Cooke                                                  reviews Matisse: The Life by Hilary
People             6-7       Jessica Valenti: The interview / by Gaby                         Spurling
                             Wood                                                             Paperbacks reviewed by Oliver Marre,
Film               7         Ooh, aah, who's that bloke with Cantona? /                       Michael Englard and Robert Collins
                             by Jason Solomons                                                Classics corner: Oliver Marre reviews The
Cover Story        8-9       The masterpiece that killed George Orwell                        Complete Sherlock Holmes by Arthur
                             / by Robert McCrum                                               Conan Doyle
The Critics        11        The main event: Theatre: Susannah Clapp                          The Observer bestsellers list
                             reviews Waiting for Godot                                27      Puzzles
                                                                              TV      28      Kathryn Flett on television

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                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 17 May 2009                                                          scandal                  politicians / by Gaby Hinsliff, Caroline
                                                                                                     Davies and Toby Helm
MAIN                                                                        Focus: Ageing    28-29   How Britain is coming to terms with
News             1, 5       Top donors turn against Labour over             Britain                  growing old / by Tracy McVeigh
                            'cheat' MPs / by Rajeev Syal, Gaby              Focus: Sexual    30      Sex, drink and fashion. Is this the new face
                            Hinsliff and Toby Helm                          Politics                 of American feminism? / by Amelia Hill
                 1          In the Cannes Marceau and Bellucci                                       and Eva Wiseman
                            BBC viewers relaxed about swearing on           Comment &        31      Don't call me vulnerable just because I am
                            TV and radio / by James Robinson                Debate                   growing older / by Mark Warnock
                 2          Bank chiefs' pay soars in defiance of                                    A gig from the days when music meant
                            downturn / by Jamie Doward                                               more / by Caspar Llewellyn Smith
                            McCanns to sue detective who led                Comment          32      Without drastic changes, voter rage will
                            Madeleine inquiry / by Ben Quinn                                         reign/No More MoD cover-ups/Tenacity
                 3          Triumphant Sir Alex continues to defy the                                and trophies
                            final whistle at 67 / by Paul Hayward                            33      The right answer to public rage is a purge
                            Murderer gets state to pay for his haircuts /                            of the guilty / by Andrew Rawnsley
                            by Jamie Doward                                                          Writers and artists are getting warmer / by
                 5          Downing Street distances itself from                                     Robin McKie
                            Speaker as no confidence vote looms / by                         34      Renewal, reform, responsibility – the three
                            Toby Helm, Gaby Hinsliff and Kirsty Scott                                'R's every MP needs to learn / by Henry
                            Spotlight on MPs who opposed FOI / by                                    Porter
                            Gaby Hinsliff                                                            The world through a lens: Abbie Cornish
News: Cannes     6          British film adds glamour to Sixties                                     at Cannes, 15 May / by Euan Ferguson
Film Festival               equality struggle / by Vanessa Thorpe                            35      This spiteful campaign has neither rhyme
                 6-7        How Tony Blair inspired new Gilliam                                      nor reason / by Catherine Bennett
                            movie / by Vanessa Thorpe                                                Cameron can't run away from Europe
                 7          Cannes Diary / by Vanessa Thorpe                                         much longer / by Nick Cohen
News             8          Cameron is told his EU policy spells                             36      Your letters
                            disaster / by Toby Helm                                                  The big issue: expenses
                 9          Mystery of the stolen Moore bronze solved                                Voters' trust in democracy is shattered. We
                            / by Mark Townsend and Caroline Davies                                   must restore it / by Nick Clegg
                 9          News in brief: Firefighters battle £1m          World            37      Sri Lankan army claims 'total victory' over
                            blaze at their own college/Brothers held                                 Tamil Tigers / by Gethin Chamberlain
                            over death/Gould fails in election                                       Guatemala in uproar after lawyer predicts
                            bid/Parents can't pay fees/Lottery results                               own murder / by Isabel Hilton
News: Trauma     10-11      They said my son was dead, I screamed           World: Special   38-39   Obama makes his bid for Middle East
of war                      'No' by Trish Knight                            Report                   peace / by Jason Burke, Ewen MacAskill
                            Economy: Minimum wage to rise despite                                    and Rory McCarthy
                            business fears / by Gaby Hinsliff               World            40      The acid-tongued blonde who is taking on
Opinion          13         Barbara Ellen                                                            America's chat kings / by Christopher
News: Briefing   15         Terrorism: Report clears MI5 and the                                     Goodwin in LA
                            police of 'failures' in run-up to 7/7                            41      Strong Congress victory stuns India / by
                            bombings / by Jamie Doward                                               Amelia Gentleman
                            Fashion: Eyelashes are this year's must-                                 World briefing: Pakistan: Car bomb
                            have / by Alice Fisher                                                   slaughter/Somalia: UN ready to take action
                            Former CBI chief joins marchers for jobs                         42      Fear grips Venezuela as even the poor are
                            Gay rights: Tatchell held in Moscow after                                seized by kidnap gangs / by Rory Carroll
                            Eurovision rally / by Luke Harding                               43      The Observer profile: Christian Bale,
                            Road deaths: Woman and unborn baby                                       talent with a temper to match / by Andrew
                            killed in accident / by the Press                                        Anthony
                            Association                                     7 Days           44      Frankly, I do give a damn about Katie / by
News             16         Churches fear 4,000% 'rain tax' rise / by                                Victoria Coren
                            Jamie Dorward                                                            My week: Ian Rankin
                            Wachdog to examine bank advertising / by                         45      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                            Jamie Doward                                    BUSINESS & MEDIA
                 17         Fairytale story for [Graham] Norton on his
                            Euro debut / by Carole Cadwalladr               Business: News   1       Tchenguiz trust hit with £180m lawsuit /
                 18-19      How fancy dress became the new fashion                                   by Simon Bowers
                            of 2009 / by Alice Fisher                                                Cambridge dons step in to save University
                 19         Colombian cocaine ring targeted by UK /                                  Press printers / by Terry Macalister
                            by Mark Townsend                                                         Arms firms bids to buy ambulances / by
                 20         As Charlie's Angels star lies dying, she                                 Tim Webb
                            begs for camera to keep rolling / by Joanna                              Branson plans launch of Virgin internet
                            Walters                                                                  bank / by Richard Wachman
                 21         The 15 plants killing our countryside / by                       2       M&S ready for dividend cut as profits
                            Caroline Davies                                                          slide / by Zoe Wood
                 23         Jayne Zito: why it's time to end campaign /                              A lucrative market to collar / by Kathryn
                            by Owen Bowcott                                                          Hopkins
                            Art syndicate hopes to snare £40m bargain                                BA's losses expected to soar above £500m
                            / by Phillip Inman                                                       / by Richard Wachman
                 24         Which ministry is least green? The one          Business:        3       Comment: We must remind those self-
                            that deals with climate change / by Alok        Analysis                 interested execs who really owns the
                            Jha                                                                      company / by Ruth Sunderland
Focus: Expenses 26-27       The week Britain turned its anger on                                     Development: New reality dawns in

                                       MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                               The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             eastern Europe / by Heather Stewart                                    this Romford girl is a joy forever / by
Business: Inside 4-5         Debts that threaten the elderly and                                    Jason Solomons
Story                        vulnerable / by Nick Mathiason                                         Trash Cannes: Jason Solomons
                 4-5         Private hospitals struggle as recession hits     People        8-9     Antony Hegarty: The interview / by Peter
                             clients / by Nick Mathiason                                            Conrad
Business:          6         In my view: There's worse to come and            Reportage     10-11   Despatches from the fault lines of modern
Opinion                      jobs do not spring up like green shoots / by                           Britain / by Jack Night
                             William Keegan                                   The Critics   13      The Main Event: Opera: Fiona Maddocks
                             Management Editor: Don't simply stamp                                  reviews Peter Grimes
                             'Private' on the Royal Mail / by Simon                         14      Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                             Caulkin                                                                Synecdoche, New York
                             Market forces/ FTSE market movers                                      Philip French's screen legends: Warren
Business:          7         Jayne-Anne Gadhia: The woman Branson                                   Oates, 1928-82
Mammon                       is ready to bet the bank on / by Richard                               Other films: Philip French reviews Angels
                             Wachman                                                                & Demons/French Film/Fighting/Viva
                             Gentlemen bankers are back, but for how                        15      Radio: Miranda Sawyer by Chris Evans,
                             long will they be around? / by Heather                                 Nick Ferrari and Vanessa Feltz
                             Connon                                                         16      Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Pictures
Media              9         Hollywood visionary who can step in to                                 from an Exhibition/The Art of Not
                             save America's ailing national oracle / by                             Looking Back/Les Sylphides/Sensorium/
                             Andrew Clark in NY                                                     The Firebird
                   9         Media Diary                                                            Shorts: Clare Brennan reviews Serious
                   10        Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                                  Money/Oliver Marre reviews Will Self
Cash               11        Don't bet the house on passing your                            17      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Energy and
                             lifetime's savings to the children / by Sam                            Process, UBS Openings
                             Dunn                                                                   Pop: Ally Carnwath reviews Andrew Bird
                             Encouraging news for savers who are                            18      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                             prepared to tie up their money / by Lisa                       19      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Tunnel
                             Bachelor                                                               228/Brighton Festival/Cyrano de Bergerac
                   12        Question of the week: Are tracker funds a                              Theatre: Clare Brennan reviews Northern
                             waste of money? Yes, says Ben Yearsley,                                Exposure festival
                             No, says David Kuo                               Books         21      David Goodhart reviews Reflections on the
                             Your letters: Car finance ploy left me                                 Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam
                             feeling duped                                                          and the West by Christopher Caldwell
                   13        It pays to get the cat's insurance in the bag                  22      History: Peter Preston reviews The Morbid
                             / by Melanie Wright                                                    Age: Britain Between the Wars by Richard
                             Locks are the key to a successful policy                               Overy
                             claim / by Sam Dunn                                                    Fiction: Sophia Waugh reviews The Gulf
                   14        Who falls for scams? Not the usual                                     Between Us by Geraldine Bedell
                             suspects / by Neasa Macerlean                                          Family life: Oliver Marre reviews The
                             Travel: Ryanair to scrap check-in desks/                               Reluctant Fathers' Club (Or How I Learned
                             Property: Private game reserve for sale in                             to Stop Worrying and Cautiously Embrace
                             South Africa/Mortgages: Recovery hope as                               Parenthood) by Nick Duerden
                             home loans open up/Repossession:                               23      Biography: Carole Cadwalladr reviews
                             Lenders urged to do more to save homes                                 Bad Girls Go Everywhere: The Life of
                   15        Homes with a little extra? For some, it's on                           Helen Gurley Brown by Jennifer Scanlon
                             the house / by Graham Norwood                                          Biography: Mark Bostridge reviews The
                             Is this the end of the free current account? /                         Blue Hour: A Portrait of Jean Rhys by
                             by Mark Tran                                                           Lilian Pizzichini
                   16        Interest rates                                                 24      Robert McCrum on books
                   17        Why there's a long way to go before                                    My other life: Amanda Craig
                             elderly get fairer travel insurance / by                       25      Literature: Alison Kelly reviews A Jury of
                             Laura Howard                                                           Her Peers: American Writers From Anne
                             Your investments: Heather Connon                                       Bradstreet to Annie Proulx by Elaine
                             Your problems: Margaret Dibben                                         Showalter
                                                                                                    Philosophy: Sun Suyun reviews Confucius
                                                                                                    From the Heart: Ancient Wisdom for the
                   1         In the line of fire... Mark Thompson,                                  Modern World by Yu Dan
                             director general of the BBC, on a year of                      26      Paperback of the week: Euan Ferguson
                             living dangerously / by John Mulholland                                reviews This Is Not About Me by Janice
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Bill Douglas,                               Galloway
                             1978                                                                   Paperbacks reviewed by Natasha Tripney
                             Your letters: Don't destroy this classic                               and James Purdon
Details: People/   3         Voyage around my father / by Oliver                                    Audio round-up by Rachel Redford
Ideas/News                   Marre                                                                  Classics corner: William Skidelsky
                             Happy Valentino's day / by Oliver Marre                                reviews The Story of Art by EH Gombrich
                             Glyndebourne by numbers / by Ally                                      The Observer bestsellers list
                             Carnwath                                                               Puzzles
                             Money makes the art world go round / by          TV            28      Kathryn Flett on television
                             Catherine Wood
Cover Story        4-6       At the heart of a cultural storm / by John
Film               7         Hampstead may pass into nothingness, but

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                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 24 May 2009                                                        Comment &        29      Now at last it's time for Shell to atone for
                                                                          Debate                   my father's death / by Ken Saro-Wiwa Jnr
MAIN                                                                                               How intolerable life would be without
News             1, 4       Cameron forces MP out as grassroots                                    books and bookshops / by Andrew Marr
                            anger mounts / by Gaby Hinsliff and Toby      Comment          30      We must restore faith in our voting
                            Helm                                                                   system/Travel broadens the mind, so let's
                 1, 7       Historian says D-Day bombing ' close to a                              begin at home
                            war crime' / by Jamie Doward                                   31      A climate of loathing towards all MPs is
                 2          Fury as Commons denied DNA vote / by                                   bad for democracy / by Andrew Rawnsley
                            Jamie Doward                                                           Childless is not a synonym for weird / by
                 3          Boy on the way to football stardom is                                  Ruth Sunderland
                            stabbed to death in the street / by Mark                       32      Europe might be a better place without the
                            Townsend                                                               contemptuous, indifferent British / by Will
                            Sextuplet parents shun media spotlight / by                            Hutton
                            Amelia Hill                                                            The world through a lens: The Korengal
News: MPs'       4-5        Artists and activists join in call for                                 Valley, Afghanistan
Expenses                    electoral reform / by Gaby Hinsliff and                        33      Government by celebrity? No, not if it
Scandal                     Toby Helm                                                              means we get Esther / by Catherine
                 6          Ukip leader boasts of his 32m in expenses                              Bennett
                            / by Toby Helm                                                         The BNP's rise is a fantasy created by anti-
News                        News in brief: Soldier killed while on                                 democrats / by Nick Cohen
                            patrol in Afghanistan/Strike threatens                         34      Your letters
                            holidays/N-test families await verdict/                                The big issue: Parliament in crisis
                            Former TUC president dies/Man vanishes                                 The readers' editor on... new media and a
                            from prison/The Lottery                                                new wave of ombudsmen / by Stephen
                 7          BBC plans to send poet to Afghanistan                                  Pritchard
                            battlefields / by Vanessa Thorpe              World            35      Tamil's tales of terror emerge as UN chief
                 9          Britons set to scoop awards at Cannes / by                             flies into Sri Lanka / by Gethin
                            Jason Solomons                                                         Chamberlain
Opinion          11         Lumley's win is a national embarrassment /                             Even in victory, secrecy and evasion
                            by Barbara Ellen                                                       prevail: commentary / by Peter Preston
News: Briefing   13         Education: Job tips for graduates to help                      36-37   US politics: Washington trembles at the
                            beat recession / by Anushka Asthana                                    return of 'Darth Vader' / by Ewen
                            Entertainment: Boyle will be in Britain's                              MacAskill
                            Got Talent semi-finals / by Caroline                           37      The man who never talked won't shut up,
                            Davies                                                                 commentary / by Maureen Dowd
                            Healthcare: Hospital worker in row over                        38      Barcelona split over battle to tame wild
                            crucifix necklace / by Caroline Davies                                 side of the Ramblas / by Giles Tremlett
                            Weather: Bank holiday sunshine for stay-                               Iran's leader tries to silence rivals in the
                            at-home Brits / by Caroline Davies                                     run-up to presidential poll / by Peter
News             14         Gadget boom sends electric bills soaring /                             Beaumont
                            by Alok Jha                                                            World briefing: Pakistan: Taliban in street
                            Secrets of Satchmo up for sale / by                                    battle with soldiers/Australia: Thousands
                            Vanessa Thorpe                                                         flee storms/US: Marine to head Nasa
                 15         Film reveals soft side to Vogue's icy style                    39      How one newspaper's 'shameful' questions
                            queen / by Amelia Hill                                                 have rattled Berlusconi / by Tom Kington
                 16-17      The DNA Revolution: Eureka moment                                      in Rome
                            changed science and law for ever / by                                  Ex-president facing bribes scandal leaps to
                            Robin McKie                                                            death in ravine / by Justin McCurry in
                 19         How to make the perfect complaint / by                                 Tokyo
                            Amelia Hill                                   7 Days           40      David Mitchell
                            Back sufferers to receive acupuncture on                               My week: Joanna Trollope
                            NHS / by Denis Campbell                                        41      The Observer profile: Will Lewis, The
                 20-21      Families: Why having girls makes fathers                               man with an expense account / by Andrew
                            more left-wing / by Amelia Hill                                        Anthony
                 22         Bishops fight for right to criticise gay                       42      Feeling unloved, Mr Griffin? Do have a
                            lifestyle / by Jamie Doward                                            slice of Battenberg / by Victoria Coren
                 23         America's new green guru sparks anger                                  They said what? Quotes of the week by Sir
                            over climate change U-turns / by Robin                                 Ranulph Fiennes, Peter Andre and Carol
                            McKie and Ed Helmore                                                   Ann Duffy
                 24         Honoured: the gardeners who shaped a          7 Days           44      Frankly, I do give a damn about Katie / by
                            nation / by Anushka Asthana and Caroline                               Victoria Coren
                            Davies                                                         45      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                 25         Angry islanders accuse UK of stalling over    BUSINESS & MEDIA
                            £200m airport / by Alex Duval Smith in
                            cape Town                                     Business: News   1, 4    Shell board to pay back bonuses / by
                            Oxford poet may lose post over sex slur /                              Richard Wachman
                            by Ben Quinn                                                   1       Scottish petrol stations are running on
                 26-27      The pensions timebomb: The Britons who                                 empty / by Terry Macalister
                            can't afford to become old / by Ruth                                   Skanska billed £28,000 by employee
                            Sunderland                                                             blacklist firm / by Nick Mathiason
Focus            28         Sexual politics: How Obama set the tone                                Payouts to rail operators set to soar / by
                            for a quiet revolution in gay rights / by                              Dan Milmo
                            Joanna Walters in NY                                                   Proposed tax on forex trades to raise $50bn

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                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             aid / by Larry Elliott                                                Blacklisted but unbowed / by Philip
                   2         Lehmans bet lands tycoon in high court /                              French
                             by Nick Mathiason                                                     And the band plays on... / by Euan
Business:          3         Comment: Young, jobless and a stain on                                Ferguson
Analysis                     Labour / by Ruth Sunderland                                           Hard times on the cards? / by Oliver Marre
Business: News               Uzbekistan forced to stop child labour / by     People        4-5     Eric Pickles, The interview / by Rachel
                             Nick Mathiason                                                        Cooke
Business: Inside 4-5         Salary showdowns: Angry shareholders            Film          6       Lurid lars is no great Dane but Eric is an
story                        ambush the top pay bandwagon / by                                     idol / by Jason Solomons
                             Richard Wachman                                                       Trash Cannes: Jason Solomons
                   4         A fund manager's view: time to stop             Radio         7       'There are a lot of people like us' say Adam
                             feeding the habit / by Anthony Nutt                                   and Joe / by Miranda Sawyer
                   5         City deals soar again as headhunters pick       Cover Story   8-9     Revealed: the remarkable tale of TS Eliot's
                             carcasses of broken banks for staff / by Jill                         late love affair / by Robert McCrum
                             Treanor                                         Music         10      'So there I was, hugging a fan wearing a
Business:          6         In my view: While Brits are being                                     mankini...'/ by Ally Carnwath and Oliver
Opinion                      ridiculous, the real joke is a couple of                              Marre
                             indexes / by Wiliam Keegan                      The Critics   11      The Main Event: Pop: Barbara Ellen
                             Market forces/ FTSE market movers                                     reviews Beyoncé
                             Management Editor: Individuality can                          12-13   Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                             banish the downturn blues / by Simon                                  Everlasting Moments
                             Caulkin                                                       13      Philip French's screen legends: Joan
Business:          7         Don Ward: Thirty years of laughing all the                            Greenwood 1921-87
Mammon                       way to the bank / by Nick Mathiason                                   Other films: Philip French reviews A Girl
Media              8-9       Will Philadelphia be the place where the                              Cut in Two/Mark of an Angel/Night at the
                             American newspaper dies? / by Paul Harris                             Museum 2/Tormented/Blind Loves/
                   9         Media Diary                                                           Awaydays/Pierrot le fou
                   10        Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                                 Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews Life After
                             The Networker: Log on to an old-time                                  Boxing/What's the Point of... Formula
                             typewriter; now try to cut and paste / by                             One?
                             John Naughton                                                 14      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews A Doll's
Cash               11        The new diamond geezers: why                                          House/Grasses Of A Thousand Colours/
                             pawnbrokers are back in fashion / by Sam                              The Observer
                             Dunn                                                                  Shorts: Dance: Luke Jennings reviews As
                             Ombudsman in overdrive as desperate                                   Time Goes By/Angels in the Architecture/
                             estate agents switch to lettings / by                                 A Simple Man
                             Graham Norwood                                                        Shorts: Pop: Ally Carnwath reviews All
                   12        Question of the week: Are rail fares                                  Tomorrow's Parties
                             unreasonably high? Yes says Ashwin                                    Shorts: Theatre: Clare Brennan reviews
                             Kumar, No says Michael Roberts                                        Haunted
                             Your letters: Parents' home should pay for                    15      Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews
                             their care                                                            Falstaff/Agrippina/Zurich Opera
                   13        Insurers give motorcycle owners a rough                               Pop: Phil Hogan reviews Morrissey
                             ride / by Nic Cicutti                                         16-17   Photography: Tim Adams reviews Tom
                             Your investments: Heather Connon                                      Hunter: Flashback
                   14        Money problems? Just follow these DIY                                 Exhibition: Robin McKie reviews The
                             steps / by Lisa Bachelor                                              North-West Passage: An Arctic Obsession
                   14        Ethical investments: Interest grows in                        17      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Rank:
                             corporate integrity/Travel: Online train                              Picturing the Social Order 1516-2009
                             fares leave elderly on platform/Mortgages:                    18      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                             Tempting first-time deal – with 20%             Books         19      Piers Paul Read reviews God Is Back:
                             catch/Road safety: Motorists showing                                  How the Global Rise of Faith Is Changing
                             signs of ignorance                                                    the World by John Micklethwait and
                   15        'Free holiday' scams abroad will catch out                            Adrian Wooldridge/Reason, Faith and
                             400,000 Brits / by Neasa MacErlean                                    Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate
                             Flash, but without the cash: the prepaid                              by Terry Eagleton
                             cards that help you stick to a holiday                        20      Theatre: Peter Conrad reviews The Letters
                             budget / by Liz Phillips                                              of Samuel Beckett: Volume One 1929-40
                   16        Interest rates                                                        edited by Martha Dow Fehsenfeld and
                   17        How to beat the property trap and care for                            Lois More Overbeck
                             the elderly / by Sam Dunn                                             Politics: Peter Wilby reviews The Broken
                   18        Your problems: Margaret Dibben                                        Compass: How British Politics Lost Its
                             The Negotiator: Bagging a bargain bike /                              Way by Peter Hitchens
                             by Marc Lockley                                               21      Biography: Mark Bostridge reviews
                                                                                                   George Eliot: Novelist, Lover, Wife by
REVIEW                                                                                             Brenda Maddox
                   1         TS Eliot – the secret passion / by Robert                             Photography: Oliver Marre reviews
                             McCrum                                                                Backstage Pass: Rock & Roll Photography
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Colin Wilson,                              by Glenn O'Brien, Anne Wilkes Tucker
                             1956                                                                  and Laura Levine
                             Your letters: Whatever its faults, we love                            Shorts: Mary Fitzgerald reviews American
                             the BBC                                                               rust by Philipp Meyer
Details: People/   3         Who says it's worthless? / by Imogen                                  Shorts: Will Buckley reviews Eclipse by
Ideas/News                   Carter                                                                Nicholas Clee

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                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index
     22       Robert McCrum on books
              My other life: Giles Foden
     23       Biography: Andrew Anthony reviews Go
              Down Together: The True, Untold Story of
              Bonnie and clyde by Jeff Guinn
              Notebook: Julie Burchill reviews The
              Seventh Well by Fred Wander
     25       Paperback of the week: Philip French
              reviews Ever Dirk: The Bogarde Letters
              edited by John Coldstream
              Paperbacks reviewed by Sophie Missing,
              Lucy Scholes, Lisa Kjellsson and Imogen
              Audio round-up by Rachel Redford
              Classics corner: Sophia Martelli reviews
              Là-Bas by JK Huysmans
              The Observer bestsellers list
     27       Puzzles
TV   28       Kathryn Flett on television

                         MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 31 May 2009                                                                            29      The Lib Dems alone are truly serious about
                                                                                                      voting reform / by Andrew Rawnsley
MAIN                                                                                                  God is merciful, but only if you're a man /
News            1, 9       800 Britons on waiting list for Swiss                                      by Ophelia Benson
                           suicide clinic / by Denis Campbell                                 30      The lessons we should learn from the
                1          There are dreams that cannot be...                                         British car industry / by Will Hutton
                           Johnson predicts worst elections ever for                                  The world through a lens: Egypt: the bit
                           Labour / by Toby Helm                                                      match warm-up / by Euan Ferguson
                2          Test for Cameron over Ashcroft tax / by                                    Why are they trying to gag a top British
                           Jamie Doward                                                               science writer? / by Nick Cohen
                3          Britain's Got Talent: Diversity dance to                           32      Your letters
                           victory as reluctant star bows out / by Ben                                The big issue: the electoral system
                           Quinn and Amelia Hill                                                      The Observer panel: Which species would
                           Praised, mocked and pilloried. And all                                     you reintroduce?
                           Susan did was sing / by Euan Ferguson           World              33      'I'm only 16. They gave me a rifle. It was
                4          Fears for van job losses at Vauxhall / by                                  heavy. They said we had to go forward. If
                           Chris Tryhorn                                                              we came back, they would shoot us' / by
                5          Women have never had it so good at work,                                   Gethin Chamberlain in Ambepusse
                           says M&S chief / by Amelia Hill                                    34-35   Divided Poland falls out over Solidarity /
                           Forecasts of 'barbecue summer' for UK                                      by Jason Burke
                           come for health warning / by Robin McKie                           35      Gay mayor's illicit love shakes a Texas
                6-7        Investigation: Exposed: Ugly face of                                       town / by Paul Harris in NY
                           BNP's leaders / by Jamie Doward                                    36      Nuclear-armed North Korea is 'not
                7          Unions join demands for new voting                                         acceptable', warns US / by Paul Harris in
                           system / by Toby Helm                                                      NY
                9          Suspect in Paris hotel murder 'planned to                                  Berlusconi slaps veto on paparazzi party
                           flee Britain by speedboat' / by Mark                                       shots / by Tom Kington in Rome
                           Townsend                                                                   Tiananmen victims in public plea for
                9          News in brief: Insurers demand £250,000                                    justice / by Tania branigan and Jonathan
                           from jailed canoe couple/£50m ship                                         Watts in Beijing
                           salvage starts/Hit-and-run pensioner                               37      Expats flock to Cuba as US reforms spark
                           sought/Blaze burns 800,000 tyres/Cancer                                    a party / by Andres Schipani in Havana
                           man wins £10,000/Irish woman killed in                                     World briefing: Pakistan: army beat back
                           Spain/Schoolgirl names coral reef/£10m                                     Taliban/Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai frustrated/
                           haul of heroin seized/Children see                                         France: Thief takes £5m in jewels
                           grandfather die/The Lottery                                        39      The Observer profile: Alice Munro, The
Opinion         11         Carole Cadwalladr                                                          mistress of all she surveys / by Hephzibah
News Briefing   13         Government: Watchdogs paid staff £25m                                      Anderson
                           in bonuses / by Jamie Doward                    7 Days             40      Tagging your teen may be overdoing it /
                           Environment: The ladybird proves to be a                                   by Victoria Coren
                           car's best friend / by Caroline Davies                                     My week: Steve McQueen
                           Afghanistan: Two British soldiers killed in                        41      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                           explosion / by Paul Gallagher
                                                                           BUSINESS & MEDIA
                           Education: Plan to study history? Expect a
                           lot of sex / by Robin McKie                     Business: News     1       President's GM aid plan under fire / by
                           Volunteers try to save bleached pilot                                      Heather Stewart, Andrew Clark and
                           whales                                                                     Ashley Seager
News            14-15      Special dispatch: Why teachers, nurses and                                 Reality TV a popular career move for
                           lawyers go to war / by Anushka Asthana in                                  Motown's jobless / by Andrew Clark in
                           Helmand                                                                    Detroit
                17         Bookies turn blind eye to teen gamblers /                                  Camelot bets on growth of controversial
                           by Jamie Doward                                                            scratchcards Arms firms bids to buy
                           The Beast of Bolsover bites over expenses                                  ambulances / by Simon Bowers
                           / by Toby Helm                                                             Investors blast secrecy over Rock / by
                18         After 30 years, live drama returns to TV /                                 Tony Levene
                           by Gareth Rubin                                                            Lloyds faces shareholder backlash on
                21         How British babies fell in love with ballet /                              board pay / by Jill Treanor
                           by Simon Lennon and Rowan Walker                                   2       Row stalls UN summit on poverty / by
                23         Women should embrace age and not chase                                     Heather Stewart
                           allure of youth / by Amelia Hill                                           Aviva: the budget rebranding / by James
Focus: Elections 24-25     Labour loses out in people's revolt / by                                   Robinson
                           Toby Helm                                                                  Gatwick bidders get second shot at airport
                25         Commentary: My vote will really count                                      / by Dan Milmo
                           this week: but then I'm lucky enough to                                    Phone firms to meet Carter in bid to
                           have PR / by Fintan O'Toole                                                salvage broadband deal / by Richard Wray
Focus: People   26         They're called the Good Club – and they                                    Orange move for T-Mobile fails / by
                           want to save the world / by Paul Harris                                    Richard Wray
Comment &       27         Britain is not radical enough. That is why      Business:          3       Comment: What industry needs is clear
Debate                     we're in trouble / by Henry Porter              Analysis                   commitment / by Ruth Sunderland
                           Can a husband stoop any lower? / by Nicci                                  Investigation: Credit Suisse caught up in
                           Gerrard                                                                    $400m shares scam / by Tony Levene
Comment         28         On Europe, one party is showing the way/        Business: Inside   4-5     Manufacturing meltdown: Why the wheels
                           A triumph for legitimate protest/Our            Story                      fell off Germany's economic model / by
                           hottest tip                                                                Ashley Seager in Berlin

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                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             Looking for glimmers of hope amid            Architecture   9       How these men will honour the 7 July
                             exodus / by Ashley Seager                                           dead in this royal corner of London / by
                   6         In my view: With friends like these, who'd                          Sean O'Hagan
                             be king of Threadneedle Street? / by         Music          10-11   It was all a bit of a Blur... / by Ally
                             William Keegan                                                      Carnwath, Miranda Sawyer and Imogen
                             Management Editor: Look to the Puritans,                            Carter
                             not business schools / by Simon Caulkin      The Critics    13      The Main Event: Art: Peter Conrad
                             Market forces/FTSE market movers                                    reviews Tracey Emin: Those Who Suffer
Media              7         Hello! moves to Mondays with help of the                            Love
                             Mail / by James Robinson                                    14      Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                   8         Peter Preston: press and broadcasting                               Fermat's Room
                             The Networker: They told Time Warner it                             Philip French's screen legends: Peter Lorre
                             would never last. And it didn't / by John                           1904-64
                             Naughton                                                    15      Other films: Philip French reviews Drag
Cash               9         The overseas property dream that                                    Me to Hell/Sleep Furiously/Fireflies in the
                             continues to end in nightmares / by Jessie                          Garden/Fugitive Pieces/Obsessed/12
                             Hewitson                                                            Rounds/Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert
                             Stuck for a parking space? Why not rent                             Experience
                             someone's empty driveway / by Graham                                Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
                             Norwood                                                     16      Pop: Elizabeth Day reviews Gossip
                   10        Comment: Publish, and let us damn the                               Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Wuthering
                             bad banks / by Lisa Bachelor                                        Heights/Underdrome
                             Your letters: Any time, any place – rail                            Art: Laura Cumming reviews Garden and
                             fares are unreasonably high                                         Cosmos
                   11        They can't see the benefit in signing on /                  17      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Energy and
                             by Laura Latham                                                     Process, UBS Openings
                             Even cautious investors could hope for                              Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews
                             happier returns from Ernie, 52 / by                                 English Music Festival/Manon
                             Melanie Wright                                              18      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                   12        Hey freshers, these people are giving away                  19      Theatre: Kate Kellaway reviews All's Well
                             money / by Harriet Meyer                                            that Ends Well/When the Rain Stops
                             Rogue traders: Paving contractors top                               Falling/Aunt Dan and Lemon
                             OFT's offenders list                                                Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews Chart
                             Wedding costs: Guests spend average of                              Show/Clement Freud on Just a Minute: A
                             £450 on happy day                                                   Celebration
                             Banking: Barclays hikes up its overdraft     Books          21      Ulysses and Us: Sean O'Hagan reviews
                             rates                                                               The Art of Everyday Living by Declan
                             Transport: London cabs are best – if                                Kiberd
                             dearest – in world                                          22-23   History: Dominic Sandbrook reviews D-
                   13        Get into gear and shift your old car / by                           Day: The Battle for Normandy by Anthony
                             Sam Dunn                                                            Beevor
                             TalkTalk cuts BT out of the loop / by Lisa                          Fashion: Elizabeth Day reviews The
                             Bachelor                                                            Towering World of Jimmy Choo: A Story
                             Investments: Friends offers investors one                           of Power, Profits and the Pursuit of the
                             for 10 deal on F&C demerger / by Tony                               Perfect Shoe by Lauren Goldstein Crowe
                             Levene                                                              and Sagra Maceira de Rosen
                   14        Interest rates                                              23      Fiction: Tim Adams reviews The
                   15        Ageing Britain: 'In India they really like                          Complete Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino
                             older people' / by Neasa MacErlean                          24      Robert McCrum on books
                             Hats off to Santander, Mr Bradford – and                            Fiction: Kate Kellaway reviews The
                             change your name, too / by Lisa Bachelor                            Winter Vault by Anne Michaels
                             Your problems: Margaret Dibben                              25      Fiction: Tracy Chevalier reviews The
                             How to pick up a stack of good books for                            Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
                             next to nothing / by Huma Qureshi                                   Music: Sophie Heawood reviews Punk
                                                                                                 Fiction: An Anthology of Short Stories
REVIEW                                                                                           Inspired by Punk edited by Janine Bullman
                   1         24 hours to save the planet: The day six                    26      Paperback of the week: Oliver Marre
                             eco activists took the fight to the                                 reviews Snoop: What Your Stuff Says
                             Government and the energy industry. And                             About You by Sam Gosling
                             won                                                                 Paperbacks reviewed by Sarah March,
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Sean O'Casey,                            Alex Larman and Oliver Marre
                             1963                                                        26      Audio round-up by Rachel Redford
                             Your letters: Sex, money and George Eliot                           Classics corner: James Purdon reviews
Details: People/   3         Decadence at tea time / by Stephen Bayley                           Amours de Voyage by Arthur Hugh
Ideas/News                                                                                       Clough
                             Jude, don't make her mad / by Emma John                             The Observer bestsellers list
                             Kill that sequel / by Oliver Marre                          27      Puzzles
People             4-5       Alaa al Aswany, The interview / by Rachel    TV             28      Kathryn Flett on television
Cover Story        6-8       Why six Britons went to eco war / by
                             Geraldine Bedell

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                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 07 June 2009                                                                                Flint for that photoshoot, commentary / by
                                                                                                   Elizabeth Day
MAIN                                                                                       24-25   The Future: Labour must regain its
News            1, 7       Labour fears EU poll disaster will spark                                reputation as a party of principle,
                           fresh crisis for PM / by Gaby Hinsliff and                              commentary / by Roy Hattersley
                           Toby Helm                                                               Advice for the Prime Minister: 'People are
                1, 6       Angry Flint in fresh attack on Brown / by                               not stupid: they know what the country
                           Gaby Hinsliff and Carole Cadwalladr                                     needs'
                1, 3       We must never forget the lessons learned                        25      Key issues for the new cabinet
                           from D-Day, says Obama                                                  Poll Analysis / by Julia Clark
News: Special   2          Old soldiers return for their final D-Day /    People           26      Woody's back in New York. But this is a
Report                     by Euan Ferguson                                                        very different Manhattan / by Paul Harris
                3          Britain's veterans return in price / by        Comment &        27      Tear up these exams or we're going to
                           Caroline Davies in Bayeux                      Debate                   leave our boys behind / by Bahram
News            4          Waiters face sack if they ask diners for                                Bekhradnia
                           cash tips / by Jamie Elliott                                            Why does the US hate my Mexican
                           News in brief: Poison makes body too                                    heritage? / by Gaby Wood
                           dangerous for post mortem/Helicopters          Comment          28      This rebellion is a shambles. Now we need
                           save runners/Tremor in the valleys/Man                                  a year of dignified government
                           charged over murder/Lottery results                             29      Why in the end the cabinet just didn't have
                5          Drug convict: Briton is my baby's father /                              the stomach for a kill / by Andrew
                           by Tracy McVeigh and Andrew                                             Rawnsley
                           Drummond in Bangkok                                             30      Until we change the system, prime
News: Labour in 6-7        Peter Mandelson on Brown: insecure and                                  ministers will always act like kings / by
crisis:                    self-conscious / by Toby Helm                                           Will Hutton
                7          English Democrat flies flag of St George                                The world through a lens: Venice, 3 June
                           in Doncaster / by Martin Wainwright                                     2009 / by Tim Adams
News            8          Hypnotise your patient, surgeons told / by                      31      It's time we created special schools for
                           Amelia Hill                                                             MMR dodgers / by Catherine Bennett
                8          A therapy that gives control to the patient,                            The horrible truth is that cowards prosper
                           commentary / by Dr Naomi Craft                                          in Britain / by Nick Cohen
                9          Top Tory 'sold works of art given to                            32      Your letters
                           school' / by Vanessa Thorpe and Jamie                                   The big issue: religious misogyny
                           Doward                                                                  The editor on... the real front line of
                           Mother of murdered student tells Italian                                journalism / by John Mulholland
                           court of her pain / by Tom Kington in          World            33      Protests against Putin sweep Russia as
                           Perugia                                                                 factories shut down / by Luke Harding in
Opinion         11         Silvio, you're a saddo. Now just go away /                              Khabarovsk
                           by Barbara Ellen                                                        How America's first couple overcame their
                12         Two bodies found from doomed Airbus /                                   rocky moments / by Paul Harris in NY
                           by Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro                               34-35   Tunnel fraud leaves Gazans on verge of
News Briefing   13         Banking: Iceland agrees to repay £2.3bn                                 financial ruin / by Peter Beaumont in Gaza
                           that UK paid out to savers after crash / by                             City
                           Tim Webb                                                        36      Even football is political as election fever
                           Environment: Attenborough lifts Observer                                grips Iranians / by Ian Black in Tehran
                           Ethical award / by Ben Quinn                                    36      New calls to tackle Aids risk ahead of
                           Health: 'Swine flu' mother has baby 3                                   2010 World Cup in South Africa / by Alex
                           months early / by Jamie Doward                                          Duval Smith in Cape Town
                           Europe's oldest man a teenager once more                        37      Brazil's surf sensation inspires girls to take
                           Pensions: Retired teachers to lose £1,000                               on the big waves / by Rory Carroll
                           each after error / by Rajeev Syal                                       Former Czech leader is faced with the
News            15         Out with the new, in with the old as                                    naked truth / by Daniel McLaughlin
                           Britain's native species return / by Robin                              World briefing: Peru: Bloody standoff
                           McKie                                                                   continues in rainforest/China: Landslide
                           Dr Crippen may be pardoned – 99 years                                   kills 26/Thailand: Carradines call on
                           after his execution / by Mark Townsend                                  FBI/Mexico: 35 children killed in daycare
                16         Why new dads don't always love their                                    centre fire
                           baby / by Amelia Hill                          7 Days           38      An old message to find on your TV... / by
                           Defrocked priest squatting in vicarage                                  David Mitchell
                           faces eviction / by Riazat Butt                                         My week: Munira Mirza
                18         GCSEs blamed for boys not going to                              39      The Observer profile: Sacha Baron Cohen:
                           university / by Anushka Asthana                                         The comic who is always in your face / by
                           Prisoners are making scores of bombs / by                               Andrew Anthony
                           Jamie Doward                                                    40      But Mum, it's just not fair. Why do I have
                19         Top model exposes sordid side of fashion /                              to be a lama? / by Victoria Coren
                           by Tracy McVeigh                                                41      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                           Britain accused of colonialism as it moves     BUSINESS & MEDIA
                           to take over 'corrupt' islands / by Jamie
                           Doward                                         Business: News   1, 2    Barclays twins join tax-haven CD retailers
Focus: Labour   20-21      Brown hangs on by his finger tips / by                                  / by Simon Bowers
in crisis                  Toby Helm and Rajeev Syal                                               Top fashion graduates swap Paris for high-
                22-23      Women: 'It looks like we're in power: It's                              street stores / by Kathryn Hopkins
                           just a smokescreen' / by Carole Cadwalladr                              Rio Tinto to pick up $1bn tab for aborted
                23         The day I interviewed a feisty Caroline                                 deal / by Tim Webb and Richard

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                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                           Wachman                                          Details: People/   3       Mom's brush with history / by Hermione
                           RBS in row over Top Gear test track / by         Ideas/News                 Hoby
                           Richard Wachman                                                             This will never take off / by Jay Rayner
                           Accounting board could lose power to set                                    Raise the sales / by Oliver Marre
                           rules / by Nick Mathiason                                                   Beware! These people are in a league of
                2          Small firms put off paying £2.5bn in tax /                                  their own / by Imogen Carter
                           by Nick Mathiason                                People             4-5     James Cordon: The interview / by Carole
                           Few green shoots in Scotland / by Heather                                   Cadwalladr
                           Stewart                                          Cover Story        6-9     My harsh lesson in love and life / by Lynn
                           Rail regulator warns train lengths may                                      Barber
                           need to be cut / by Dan Milmo                    Music              10      Gaby Wood reviews Dave Longstreth and
                           Aid for Swedish banks hit by crisis in                                      his band
                           Latvia / by Heather Stewart                      The Critics        11      The main event: Pop: Susannah Clapp
Business:       3          Comment: Brown's dark drama masks rays                                      reviews Hamlet
Analysis                   of light / by Ruth Sunderland                                       12      Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                           Small business: Life begins at 60 for the                                   Terminator Salvation
                           silver entrepreneurs / by Kathryn Hopkins                                   Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons
Business: Inside 4-5       World economy: Beyond oil: a                                        13      Other films: Philip French reviews Sugar/
Story                      Switzerland in the sands / by Ruth                                          Spartacus/Shadows in the Sun/This
                           Sunderland                                                                  Sporting Life
                           Barclays and the Gulf: As Abu Dhabi bails                           14-15   Art: Laura Cumming reviews Venice
                           out, will Qatar stay? / by Ruth Sunderland                                  Biennale
Business:       6          Robert Stheeman: Your task: just borrow                             15      Art: Rachel Cooke reviews Richard Long:
Mammon                     £220bn to save the UK / by Heather                                          Heaven and Earth
                           Stewart                                                             16      Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews
Business                   Government debt: how the Treasury gets                                      Lulu/Roberto Devereux/Così fan tutte
                           its money / by Heather Stewart                                              Shorts: Dance: Luke Jennings reviews
Business:       7          In my view: Yes, Britain's got problems,                                    TrAPPED/Nothing There
Opinion                    but we shouldn't exit the EU stage / by                                     Shorts: Theatre: Euan Ferguson reviews
                           William Keegan                                                              Sister Act
                           Market forces/FTSE market movers                                            Shorts: Theatre: Emma John reviews
                           Management Editor: Good service must                                        Arcadia
                           not follow GM's road to ruin / by Simon                             17      Pop: Barbara Ellen reviews Britney Spears
                           Caulkin                                                                     Radio: Kate Kellaway reviews David
Media           8          Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                       Attenborough's Life Stories/Electric Ink
                           The Networker: Google makes a new wave                              18      Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
                           and transforms the browser / by John              Books             19      David Runciman reviews The Life and
                           Naughton                                                                    Death of Democracy by John Keane
Cash            9          Tip off: waiters still paid minimum wage                            20      Gastronomy: Jay Rayner reviews Au
                           out of your service charge / by Jamie                                       Revoir to All That: The Rise and Fall of
                           Elliott                                                                     French Cuisine by Michael Steinberger
                10         Question of the week: Are monthly house                                     Paul Levy reviews more food books
                           price indices useful? No says David                                         Fiction: James Delingpole reviews
                           Hollingworth, Yes says Martin Gahbauer                                      Turbulence by Giles Foden
                           Your letters: Our 'unhelpful and                                    21      Recession: Ruth Sunderland reviews Fool's
                           patronising' jobcentres                                                     Gold: How Unrestrained Greed Corrupted
                11         Why it can be hard to stick to your                                         a Dream, Shattered Global Markets and
                           principles / by Jill Insley and Peter Davey                                 Unleashed a Catastrophe by Gillian Tett
                           The negotiator: Location, location,                                         State of the Nation: Oliver Marre reviews
                           location: the secret of car boot sales                                      I'm Only Being Honest by Jeremy Kyle
                           success / by Marc Lockley                                           22      Robert McCrum on books
                12         It pays not to lose interest in your old Isa /                              Francesca Segal reviews debut novels
                           by Jill Insley                                                      23      Essays: Adam Mars-Jones reviews The
                           Insurance: NFU Mutual promises 20%                                          Revolt of the Pendulum by Clive James
                           loyalty bonus                                                               Fiction: Geoff Dyer reviews Sum: Forty
                           Current accounts: Abbey and Alliance                                        Tales From the Afterlives by David
                           raise interest to 6%                                                        Eagleman
                           Borrowing: HSBC's remortgage fix comes                              25      Paperback of the week: Gareth Grundy
                           at a price                                                                  reviews Brian Jones: The Untold Life and
                           Infestations: One in three homes attacked                                   Mysterious Death of a Rock Legend by
                           by vermin                                                                   Laura Jackson
                13         FSA talks on the rent-back profiteers / by                                  Paperbacks reviewed by Natasha Tripney,
                           Jill Insley                                                                 Robert Collins, Hermione Eyre and
                14         Interest rates                                                              Richard Rogers
                15         Your problems: Margaret Dibben                                              Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                           Where to find online savings for a sizzling                                 Classics corner: Alice Fisher reviews The
                           summer of fun / by Huma Qureshi                                             Riddle of the sands by Erskine Childers
REVIEW                                                                                                 The Observer bestsellers list
                                                                                               27      Puzzles
                1          How I lost my innocence: Lynn Barber on          TV                 28      Kathryn Flett on television
                           her dangerous liaison
                2          Jane Bown's photo archive: Henry Fonda,
                           Piccadilly Theatre, London, 1975
                           Your letters: God bless the Greenpeace Six

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                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 14 June 2009                                                        Comment &        23      Only radical action will end this lethal
                                                                           Debate                   search for 'respect' / by Henry Porter
MAIN                                                                                                A bloated BBC? Not from where I'm
News             1, 7       Riots erupt in Iran over 'stolen' election /                            sitting / by Mariella Frostrup
                            by Ian Black and Saeed Kamali Dehghan          Comment          24      The City must not slip back to its bad old
                            in Tehran                                                               ways/Israel should heed the clamour for
                 1, 2       £12,000 inheritance levy for long-term                                  peace/Plinth consorts
                            care of the elderly                                             25      The triumph and tragedy of the Overlord
                 2          Britain in good shape, declares top                                     of New Labour / by Andrew Rawnsley
                            economist / by Heather Stewart and Gaby                         26      It's the Conservatives who are now
                            Hinsliff                                                                promising real reform in the City / by Will
                 3          Queen turns corner of palace backyard into                              Hutton
                            an allotment / by Caroline Davies                                       The world through a lens: Rome, 10 June
                            Mandelson to get own 'question time' in                                 2009 / by Rafael Behr
                            Lords / by Gaby Hinsliff                                        27      So you thought the age of child labour was
                 4          New row over equality chief's outside                                   over in Britain... / by Catherine Bennett
                            interests / by Jamie Doward                                             The unlikely friends of the Holocaust
                            News in brief: Thatcher feeling well after                              memorial killer / by Nick Cohen
                            treatment for broken arm/Council cancels                        28      Your letters
                            parking fine/Doubts over smear tests/                                   The big issue: MMR vaccination
                            Campaign to save old ferry/Bin murder                                   The Observer panel: Should Nick Griffin
                            suspect in court/'Runaway' bride and                                    be given police corruption?
                            groom/Lottery results                          World            29      Far-right shootings raise fear of hate
                 5          Card fraud probes targets 300 detectives /                              offensive in America / by Paul Harris in
                            by Rajeev Syal                                                          NY
                            Britons warned over rise in Greek holiday                               North Korea threatens to 'weaponise' all of
                            'binge-drinking' rapes / by Helena Smith                                its plutonium / by Paul Harris in NY
News: Iran       6-7        A devastating defeat for Iran's green                           30-31   Kurds lay claim to oil riches as old hatreds
Election                    revolution / by Ian Black in Tehran                                     flare / by Martin Chulov in Kiruk
                            Voices from Tehran / by Saeed Kamali                            31      Disgraced tycoon bids for Club Med / by
                            Dehghan                                                                 Jason Burke in Paris
                 7          Analysis: Genie of democracy won't go                                   Villagers flee Niger Delta fighting as Saro-
                            back in the jar / by Peter Beaumont                                     Wiwa settlement raises hopes / by Nick
News             9          Racist taunts of elected BNP man revealed                               Mathiason
                            / by Jamie Doward                                               32      Wrong place, wrong man? Fresh doubts on
News Briefing    10         Health: Warning on birth risks for older                                Capa's famed war photo / by Giles
                            mothers                                                                 Tremlett in Madrid
                            Amy army enlivens Isle of Wight festival                                World briefing: Italy: Knox hits at police
                            Afghan conflict: British soldier killed by                              'crescendo' of pressure/Pakistan: Taliban
                            bomb in Helmand / by Ben Quinn                                          takes blame for five suicide bombings/
                            Crime: Anti-stab knife that can't kill is                               Thailand: Four killed in attacks by 'Muslim
                            unveiled / by Gaby Hinsliff                                             insurgents'/France: Farmers end blockade
                            Murder: Briton gives life for shooting                                  of food warehouses/Somalia: Ethiopia
                            fiancée dead / by Richard Luscombe                                      denies troops have crossed border
Opinion          11         Being a woman doesn't make a sex crime         7 Days           33      The Observer profile: Banksy, The
                            worse / by Barbara Ellen                                                graffitist goes straight / by Tim Adams
News             13         Families demand new Iraq war inquiry is                         34      Whatever next – a man with an opinion? /
                            held in public / by Toby Helm and Mark                                  by David Mitchell
                            Townsend                                                                My week: Sami Chakrabarti
                            All-night queues to buy half-price London                       35      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                            flats / by Amelia Hill                         BUSINESS & MEDIA
                 14         Feuding couples should 'split for children's
                            sake' / by Amelia Hill                         Business: News   1       'Light-touch' reforms raise fears of new
                 15         I've got my hour on the plinth, but what                                bank disaster / by Nick Mathiason
                            should I do up there? / by Vanessa Thorpe                               Young people 'giving up on the property
News: First      17         My son Sam has a life-threatening disease.                              dream' / by Ashley Seagar
Person                      But now we live in hope / by Justin Webb                                Lacklustre growth for Tesco as rivals surge
                            Analysis: Researchers focus efforts on                                  ahead / by Julia Finch
                            'artificial pancreas' / by Sarah Johnson                        2       Gala Coral faces wrath of regulators / by
News             18         Greek fury at Elgin marbles 'loan deal' / by                            Simon Bowers
                            Helena Smith                                                            Whitehall's bitter experience means no one
                 19         Pop Idol king brings couture to the masses                              wants Sugar / by Heather Stewart and Jill
                            / by Alice Fisher                                                       Treanor
                            Fashion houses hit back after Vogue                                     Hotels hit by worst trading conditions for
                            blames them for 'size zero' models / by                                 decades / by Richard Wachman
                            Alice Fisher and Caroline Davies                                        ITV favourite vows board revamp / by
Focus: Violent   20         How Ben's murder brought crime elders up                                Richard Wachman
London                      against the young killers / by Mark                                     LDA faces £60m Olympic budget shortfall
                            Townsend and Jamie Doward                                               / by Nick Mathiason
Focus: Ethical   21         Food is the new fur for the celebrity with a   Business:        3       Comment: Green shoots are not a fig leaf
Living                      conscience / by Jay Rayner                     Analysis                 for the City / by Ruth Sunderland
Focus: World     22         Swine flu is officially a pandemic. But        Business: News           Post unions must deliver a solution / by
Health                      don't worry... not yet, anyway / by Robin                               Tim Webb
                            McKie                                          Business: Inside 4-5     Property Paralysis: UK's housing needs

                                       MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index
Story                        new foundations / by Ashley Seagar and                           Indiana? / by Peter Conrad
                             Kathryn Hopkins                               The Critics   13   The main event: Theatre: Susannah Clapp
                             Green shoots? Normality is a long way off                        reviews Phèdre
                             / by Heather Stewart                                        14   Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                   5         Scales tipping as demand outstrips supply                        Looking for Eric
                             again / by Kathryn Hopkins                                  15   Other films: Philip French reviews Red
Business:          6-7       Krugman's fear for lost decade / by Will                         Cliff/The Hangover/Sol Cowboy/
Interview                    Hutton                                                           Doghouse/New Town Killers/The end of
Business:          8         In my view: So can we all stop panicking                         the Line/The Last House on the Left
Opinion                      now? Maybe yes, maybe no. Go figure / by                    15   Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews The Reith
                             William Keegan                                                   Lectures/Radcliffe and Maconie
                             Market forces/FTSE market movers                                 Philip French's screen legends: Elizabeth
                             Management Editor: Farewell, with a last                         Taylor 1932-
                             word on the blunder years / by Simon                        16   Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews
                             Caulkin                                                          Fidello/La cenerentola/The Sound Source:
Business:          9         Boots offers Hornby a way to mend                                Pianocircus
Mammon                       bruised CV / by David Teather                                    Shorts: Theatre: Kate Kellaway reviews As
Media              10        Peter Preston on Press and Broadcasting                          You Like It
Cash                         The Networker: When the Kama Sutra was                           Shorts: Pop: Killian Fox reviews Italians
                             banned by Big Brother iPhone / by John                           Do It Better
                             Naughton                                                         Art: Laura Cumming reviews Colour
                   11        Could this be the summer to open that                            Chart: Reinventing Colour 1950 to Now
                             dream B&B? / by Huma Qureshi                                     Design: Stephen Bayley reviews Marks in
                   12        Question of the week: Is it time to abolish                      Time
                             our existing leasehold laws? Yes says                       18   Pop: Alice Fisher reviews Katy Perry
                             Nigel Wilkins, No says Ben Young                                 Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Royal
                             Comment: It's hard to see an Advantage at                        Ballet: Jewels/Rambert: New
                             M&S now / by Lisa Bachelor                                       Choreography
                             Your letters: Time to shame restaurants                     19   Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews The
                             into changing their tips policies                                Bridge Project: The Winter's Tale, The
                   13        Even when there's no will, there's still a                       Cherry Orchard
                             way / by Nic Cicutti                                             Theatre: Clare Brennan reviews How the
                             Expecting a baby? Congratulations – pick                         Other Half Loves/Bedroom Farce
                             up your P45 at the door / by John Robins                    20   Releases: New CD and DVD releases
                   14        'My fuel filter was clogged up with kebab     Books         21   William Skidelsky reviews Ox-Tales by
                             fat' / by Adrian Holliday                                        Various
                             Savings: Intelligent Finance bucks Isa rate                 22   History: Andrew Roberts reviews
                             trend/Animal disease: Low-cost                                   Churchill's Bunker: The Secret Head-
                             vaccinations boost from vets/Broadband:                          quarters at the Heart of Britain's Victory by
                             Need for speed not matched by providers/                         Richard Holmes
                             Credit cards: Now Abbey cards get the                            Memoir: Rachel Cooke reviews Words
                             Santander look                                                   Can Describe by Abi Grant
                   15        How 10p-a-minute government helplines                       23   Biography: Peter Conrad reviews High
                             cripple those most in need / by Neasa                            Society: Grace Kelly and Hollywood by
                             MacErlean                                                        Donald Spoto
                             It's grim up north – but only if you're a                        Fiction: James Purdon reviews Lowboy by
                             landlord or developer / by Graham                                John Wray
                             Norwood                                                          Politics: Chris Mullins reviews Pistols at
                   16        Interest rates                                                   Dawn: Two Hundred Years of Political
                   17        Put caution centre stage if you're on a                          Rivalry by John Campbell
                             festival trip / by Hilary Osborne and Huma                  24   Robert McCrum on books
                             Qureshi                                                          My other life: Justin Cartwright
                             10% deposit boost for first-time buyers /                   25   Fiction: Tobias Hill reviews Lavinia by
                             by Lisa Bachelor                                                 Ursula Le Guin
                             Your problems: Margaret Dibben                                   Internet: David Rowan reviews Winners
                                                                                              and Losers: Creators and Casualties of the
                                                                                              Age of the Internet by Kieran Levis
                   1         How British theatre took on the world / by                  26   Paperback of the week: Martin Hemming
                             Gaby Wood                                                        reviews Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Coretta King,                         Lahiri
                             1970                                                             Paperbacks reviewed by Helen Zaltzman,
                             Your letters: Long live the ballot                               Mary Fitzgerald and Imogen Carter
Details: People/   3         Hey, monsieur tambourine man / by Lizzie                         Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
Ideas/News                   Davies                                                           Classics corner: Katie Toms reviews
                             The week that Gordon lost the plot / by                          Letters Written in Sweden, Norway and
                             Ally Carnwath                                                    Denmark by Mary Wollstonecraft
Arts               4-5       Art buddies doing it for each other / by                         The Observer bestsellers list
                             Euan Ferguson, Deborah Schoeneman,                          27   Puzzles
                             Imogen Carter and Ally Carnwath               TV            28   Kathryn Flett on television
Cover Story        6-7, 9    How Britain became the toast of Broadway
                             / by Gaby Wood
                   9         Is British theatre booming? / by Hermione
People             10-11     Who stole the soul of the boy from

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                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 21 June 2009                                                                                 his decline is epic: Commentary / by Ezio
                                                                                                    Mauro, Editor, La Repubblica
MAIN                                                                       Focus: Saviour   24      My Jamie is not a 'designer baby': he has
News             1, 4       Blair pushed Brown to hold Iraq war            Siblings                 given his brother a new life / by Caroline
                            inquiry in private / by Toby Helm, Gaby                                 Davies
                            Hinsliff and Jamie Doward                      Comment &        25      The urge to split the world into two
                            Two British hostages in Iraq are dead / by     Debate                   warring camps is children / by Peter
                            Tracy McVeigh and Martin Chulov in                                      Beaumont
                            Baghdad                                                                 My joy at being a midlife mother / by
                 1, 3       Martin insists: 'I could have fought on and                             Mariella Fostrup
                            survived' / by Gaby Hinsliff                   Comment          26      Let Iraq be the test of your openness, Mr
                 2          Ebay medicines 'a risk to child health' / by                            Brown/A weather forecast we daren't
                            Jacqui Thornton                                                         ignore/Splat!
                 3          Wagner's heir vows to lay bare her family's                     27      Dishonesty is not the best policy on public
                            Nazi history / by Kate Connolly in Berlin                               spending / by Andrew Rawnsley
News: Iraq       4-5        Memo reveals US plan to provoke Iraq                                    Sorry, Andy, I just can't support you / by
Fallout                     clash: Investigation / by Jamie Doward,                                 William Skidelsky
                            Gaby Hinsliff; Analysis by Gaby Hinsliff,                       28      When the boss asks you to take a pay cut,
                            Paul Harris and Jamie Doward                                            demand a share in the company / by Will
News             7          Fury at 'purge' of Tory MPs by Cameron /                                Hutton
                            by Toby Helm                                                            The world through a lens: Kortrijk,
                            Wimbledon splash by RBS / by Ben Quinn                                  Belgium, 17 June 2009 / by Elizabeth Day
                 8          South Africa may struggle to find room for                      29      No one gains from blowing the cover of
                            World Cup fans / by David Smith and                                     this secret policeman / by Catherine
                            Owen Gibson                                                             Bennett
                            Whistleblower accuses watchdog of                                       A chilling return to the land where once I
                            covering up its racist bully culture / by                               sowed hate / by Maajid Nawaz
                            Paul Gallagher                                                  30      This Iraq inquiry must be transparent / by
                 9          Police force Iran protest off streets / by                              Philippe Sands
                            Lindsey Hilsum in Tehran and Peter                                      Your letters
                            Beaumont                                                                The big issue: motherhood
                            When the clerics act, it will be crucial:      World            31      Kidnapped US reporter makes dramatic
                            Analysis / by Ali M Ansari                                              escape from Taliban / by Peter Beaumont
News Briefing    10         Afghanistan: Helmand fatality takes death                               Bye-bye to bling, as Sarkozy succumbs to
                            rate to new high / by Mark Townsend                                     highbrow passion / by Jason Burke
                            Stars campaign until they are blue in the                       32-33   Guns, children and cattle are the new
                            face / by Vanessa Thorpe                                                currency in Southern Sudan / by Tracy
                            Health: 3,500 cancer tests to be checked                                McVeigh
                            for faults                                                      33      Abused, neglected and poisoned: the plight
                            Politics: Doctors decide to keep Thatcher                               of the Kosovo Roma: Analysis / by Isabel
                            in hospital / by Caroline Davies                                        Fonseca
                            Crime: Plymouth abuse case: second                              34      Movie moguls bank on Tarantino to save
                            woman held / by Mark Townsend                                           fortunes of ailing studio / by Paul Harris in
Opinion          11         A war zone is no place for princely rivalry                             New York
                            / by Barbara Ellen                                                      World briefing: US: Apple CEO returns
News             13         Terror alert system too late for Olympics /                             after liver transplant/Pakistan: Army kills
                            by Jamie Doward                                                         50 militants/US: Airport geese culled/
                 14         After 40 years' reflection, laser moon                                  Russia: Medvedev offers to cut nuclear
                            mirror project is axed / by Robin McKie                                 weapons
News: Interview 15          'It was when they started attacking my wife    7 Days           35      The Observer profile: Twitter: The tweet
                            that I knew I had to go' says Michael                                   that shook the world / by Bobbie Johnson
                            Martin / by Roy Hattersley                                      36      Spare me that rubbish about your 'rights' /
News             16         Young offenders to face justice from                                    by David Mitchell
                            neighbours / by Jamie Doward                                            My week: Alain de Botton
                            Curries go ghee-free / by Caroline Davies                       37      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                 17         Revealed: catalogue of atomic leaks / by       BUSINESS & MEDIA
                            Terry Macalister and Rob Edwards
                 19         Music festivals reach out to top chefs / by    Business: News   1       Goldman to make record bonus payout / by
                            Rebecca Seal                                                            Phillip Inman
                 20         Propaganda coup of England's first black                                Police protection for Sir Fred? The public
                            May Queen / by Vanessa Thorpe                                           will pay. Again / by Richard Wachman
                            Taxpayers hit by £150m cost of                                          BA may ditch OpenSkies as transatlantic
                            mercenaries / by Ben Quinn                                              flights dive / by Richard Wachman
                 21         BBC tightens rules to avoid Challenge                                   Brown demands emergency plan to stop
                            fiasco / by Paul Gallagher                                              oil wrecking recovery / by Heather Stewart
                                                                                                    and Larry Elliott
                            Record profit water firm raises prices / by
                            Paul Gallagher                                                  2       Councils dip into pension fund savings / by
                                                                                                    Simon Bowers, Phillip Inman and Mark
Focus: Belfast   22         'Romanian gypsies beware beware.
and Race                    Loyalist C18 are coming to beat you like a
                            baiting bear' / by Henry McDonald                                       Bramdean set to oust Horlick / by Richard
Focus: Italy     23         Is this the woman who could break
Crisis                      Berlusconi's grip on power? / by Tom                                    Losses from fraud in the City top £1bn,
                            Kington in Rome                                                         police say / by Nick Kochan
                            He saw himself as a modern Caesar. Now                                  Soup kitchen queues grow as US teeters on

                                       MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             brink of new downturn / by Heather                                   Day
                             Stewart                                                       5      A daily nude in your living room / by
                   3         Channel 4 boss eager to pursue liaison                               Louise France
                             with BBC after failing to win handout / by     Architecture   6-7    The young generation with a new vision to
                             James Robinson and Mark Sweeney                                      build Britain / by Geraldine Bedell
Business: Inside 4-5         Young, jobless, broke: today's lost                           7      Stephen Bayley on the battle for Chelsea
Story                        generation / by Heather Stewart and                                  Barracks
                             Kathryn Hopkins                                Cover Story    8-10   Apollo... the dream that fell to Earth / by
                   5         BA's work-for-free-bid hails era of short                            Robin McKie
                             days and long breaks / by Richard              The Critics    11     The Main Event: Pop: Gareth Grundy
                             Wachman                                                              reviews Kings of Leon
Business:          6         Comment: Sir Fred might have gone away,                       12     Film of the week: Jason Solomons reviews
Opinion                      but the issue of bankers' bonuses sticks                             Telstar
                             with us / by Ruth Sunderland                                         Other films: Jason Solomons reviews
                             In my view: We still have a crisis, while                            Transformers: Revenge of the
                             the banks are still not on message / by                              Fallen/Katyn/ The Disappeared/Beyond
                             William Keegan                                                       the Fire/ Gigantic/ North by Northwest
                   7         Jaguar job threat as Tata opens the bonnet /                  13     Edinburgh International Film Festival / by
                             by Tim Webb                                                          Jason Solomons
Business:          8         Pubs perform transformation act / by Julia                    14     Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews 62nd
Leisure                      Finch                                                                Aldeburgh Festival/Norma
                             Brits holiday at home, but UK tourism                                Shorts: Pop: Alice Fisher reviews Jarvis
                             struggles / by Zoe Wood                                              Cocker
Media              10        Peter Preston on Press and Broadcasting                              Shorts: Theatre: Rafael Behr reviews
                             The Networker: Parliament's transparency                             Kursk
                             trick puts raw data out of easy reach / by                    15     Art: Laura Cumming reviews Per Kirkeby
                             John Naughton                                                        Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Been So
Cash               11        Insult, injury and self-interest: how                                Long/The King and I
                             financial advisers eroded our trust / by                      16     Design: Stephen Bayley reviews Radical
                             Sam Dunn                                                             Nature: Art and Architecture for a
                   12        Question of the week: Do we really need a                            Changing Planet 1969-2009
                             change to the way financial advisers                                 Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Ballet
                             operate? Yes says Andrew Fisher, No says                             Russes/Richard Alston dance Company
                             Chris Cummings                                                17     Pop: Molloy Woodcraft reviews Ornette
                             Comment: Mis-selling scandals that won't                             Coleman's Meltdown
                             go away / by Jill Insley                                             Festival Watch: Beach Break Live 2009
                             Your letters: For leasehold read                                     Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews The
                             stranglehold – now set the peasants free                             Surgery/I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue/Back
                   13        How troops are winning war on their                                  From the Dead: the Return of Spinal
                             finances / by Jill Insley                                            Tap/James and the Giant Tree
                             Six scandals from the darkest days of an                      18     Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                             already murky industry / by Sam Davies                               Memoir: Rachel Cooke reviews Words
                   14        Confused? Get your kids on the case / by                             Can Describe by Abi Grant
                             Huma Qureshi                                   Books          19     Salley Vickers reviews Doctoring the
                             Britain's poorest caught in an information                           Mind: Why Psychiatric Treatments Fail by
                             gap, claims Citizens advice / by Madeleine                           Richard Bentall
                             Thomas                                                        20     Fiction: Tim Adams reviews To Heaven
                             'It was like a weight lifted off my                                  by Water by Justin Cartwright
                             shoulders' / by Lisa Bachelor                                        Fiction: Rachel Aspden reviews The Dark
                   15        Hard to work out who has passed the trust                            Side of Love by Rafik Schami
                             test / by Sam Dunn                                                   Crime: Alison Flood reviews Dead Men's
                             'We have lost £65,000 – but still believe in                         Dust by Matt Hilton
                             financial advice' / by Julie Boyles                           21     Sport: Tim Lewis reviews Outcasts United:
                             How a personal profile can help you                                  A Refugee Team, an American Town by
                             achieve principled targets / by Harriet                              Warren St John
                             Meyer                                                                Marriage: Vanessa Thorpe reviews
                   16        Interest rates                                                       Honeymoons: Journeys From the Altar
                   17        Want to know if a DIY pension plan is                                edited by Roger Hudson and Rose Baring
                             right for you? Just Sipp it and see / by                      22     Robert McCrum on books
                             Harriet Meyer                                                        History: Cristina Odone reviews Fires of
                   18        Your problems: Margaret Dibben                                       Faith: Catholic England Under Mary
REVIEW                                                                                            Tudor by Eamon Duffy
                                                                                           23     Economics: Will Hutton reviews When
                   1         One giant leap?                                                      China Rules the World: The Rise of the
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Boris Karloff,                            Middle Kingdom and the end of the
                             1965                                                                 Western World by Martin Jacques
Details: People/   3         'I feel I should be there' says Iranian-born                         Memoir: Janine di Giovanni reviews The
Ideas/News                   comedian Shappi Khorsandi / by Stephanie                             Secret Life of France by Lucy Wadham
                             Merritt                                                       25     Paperback of the week: Sophia Martelli
                             Dicing with Dillinger – Irish writer Ronan                           reviews Quantum: Einstein, Bohr and the
                             Bennett talks to Killian Fox                                         Great Debate About the Nature of Reality
                             What is it about dads and daft gadgets? /                            by Manjit Kumar
                             by Oliver Marre                                                      Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
People             4-5       The Interview: VV Brown / by Elizabeth                               New paperbacks reviewed by Emily Hill,

                                        MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
              Alexandra Masters, Emily Aldred and
              Nicole Green
              Classics corner: Phil Mongredien reviews
              Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo
              The Observer bestsellers list
     27       Puzzles
TV   28       Kathryn Flett on television

                         MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 28 June 2009                                                                                  Amelia Hill
                                                                            Comment &        25      They say Obama is starting to stumble.
MAIN                                                                        Debate                   The hell his is / by Michael Crowley
News             1, 4       Jackson's family 'ask for second autopsy' /                              Grandad, that's me. So bring on AC/DC /
                            by Paul Harris in New York                                               by Kevin McKenna
                            Singin' in the... sunshine: Glastonbury-        Comment          26      As politicians bicker, too many pupils still
                            goers basked in the heat yesterday                                       lose out/Don't bash the BBC for being
                 1, 6       Fraud inquiry into new government jobs                                   honest/Sod's law
                            scheme / by Rajeev Syal and Toby Helm                            27      Power to the people! Great idea, Mr
                 2          Defence black hole 'may finish Trident' /                                Brown, but how? / by Andrew Rawnsley
                            by Gaby Hinsliff and Mark Townsend                                       The plutocrats aren't so patronising now /
                 3          Murray provides a quieter, less mad, steely                              by Charles Saumarez Smith
                            kind of hope / by Euan Ferguson at                               28      Everything had been destined to lead to
                            Wimbledon                                                                this untimely, shady death / by Paul
                            Hospitals on alert as weather forecasters                                Morley
                            give heat warning / by Mark Townsend                                     The world through a lens: Farewell,
News: Michael    4-5        Jackson used drugs to regain his lost crown                              Kodachrome: 23 June / by Sean O'Hagan
Jackson                     / by Andrew Gumbel                                               29      They just don't get it, do they? Actually,
                            The Music / by Paul Harris in New York                                   they just don't care / by Catherine Bennett
                            Analysis / by Anushka Asthana                                            Why I wouldn't ban BNP members from
                 6          Parents face fines if pupils behave badly /                              the classroom / by Nick Cohen
                            by Gaby Hinsliff and Polly Curtis                                30      Your letters
                 7          'Historic day' as loyalist groups finally lay                            The big issue: climate change
                            down their arms / by Henry McDonald,                                     The Observer panel: What would your
                            Ireland Editor                                                           nugget of philosophy be?
                            News in brief: Road 'devastation' after fatal   World            31      Battle for Iran shifts from the streets to the
                            pile-up in fog/BBC man in gun drama/                                     heart of power / by Peter Beaumont and a
                            Aqueduct on heritage list/Dear Francis.../                               special correspondent in Tehran
                            The Lottery                                                              Developing world faces black market
News:            10         Never too old for your first festival:                                   cigarette plague / by Denis Campbell
Glastonbury 2009            Review / by Luke Bainbridge                                      32-33   Healthcare – it's make or break for Obama
                            Festival-goers spell out runway feelings /                               / by Paul Harris in New York
                            by Paul Lewis                                                    33      Victory on climate change boosts
Opinion          11         Every parent knows about the God scam /                                  president's position / by Suzanne
                            by Barbara Ellen                                                         Goldenberg
News briefing    12         France: Ministers act to control credit card                     34      French fishermen hit back at stars' bid to
                            temptations / by Toby Helm                                               save bluefin tuna / by Jason Burke in
                            Garlic to the rescue for the conker tree                                 Marseille
                            Politics: Squatters seize 'main' house of                                Tax fraud case rocks champion of India's
                            MP couple                                                                lowest caste / by Gethin Chamberlain in
                            Health: Oldest mother at work four weeks                                 Delhi
                            after birth / by Amelia Hill                                             World briefing: US: Madoff's wife agrees
                            Culture: Arts world 'must not bow down to                                to $2.5m settlement/Brazil: Air France
                            business'                                                                search halted/Thailand: Police warn
News             13         Doctors told to be more sensitive and listen                             protesters/Lebanon: Pro-west PM takes
                            to parents of very ill children / by Denis                               over
                            Campbell                                        7 Days                   The Observer profile: Sir Philip Green,
                            Case study: 'Doctors know best' attitude is                              man with a fine attention to retail / by
                            grating / by Denis Campbell                                              James Robinson
                            Milburn to stand down at next election / by                      36      Let's not get so feckin' hung up about
                            Gaby Hinsliff                                                            swearing / by David Mitchell
                 14-15      DNA map traces source of elephant ivory                                  My week: Alex Poots
                            smuggling / by Robin McKie                      BUSINESS & MEDIA
                 15         Fat-rich diets 'raise risk of pancreatic
                                                                            Business: News   1       Supermarkets seize chance for land grab /
                            cancer' / by Robin McKie
                                                                                                     by Nick Mathiason
                 16         Cafe waiters fear the axe over cash tips /
                                                                                                     Rose facing investor revolt / by Zoe Wood
                            by Jamie Elliott
                                                                                                     and Julia Finch
                 17         Debt agencies act illegally and chase
                                                                                                     Darling thwarts King's bid to take wider
                            wrong people / by Tracy McVeigh
                                                                                                     powers / by Jill Treanor and Heather
                            CCTV evidence is false, but they don't
                            listen / by Lucy Rock
                                                                                                     €100m loss for Doughty after demise of
                 19         How Britain's funniest man turned tears
                                                                                                     Setanta / by Richard Wachman
                            into sunshine / by Vanessa Thorpe
                                                                                             2       US prosecutors to target Madoff's wife and
                 20         Don't retire the over-65s, bosses told / by
                                                                                                     sons / by James Doran in New York
                            Toby Helm
                                                                                                     South African miners move to stop Xstrata
                            Balls admits contact with ex-spin doctor /
                                                                                                     and Anglo deal / by Richard Wachman
                            by Gaby Hinsliff
                                                                            Business: Wages 3        Sex feels the credit squeeze in Nevada / by
                 21         A tragic death puts 'gentle' cows on list of
                                                                            of sin                   Andrew Clark
                            dangers in a countryside walk / by
                                                                                                     Current account
                            Anushka Asthana
                                                                            Business: Inside 4-5     Setanta thought it had a sporting chance. It
Focus: Defence   22-23      Are we getting ready for the wrong war? /
                                                                            story                    lost / by James Robinson
spending                    by Gaby Hinsliff and Mark Townsend
                                                                                             5       A beautiful game with horrible debts / by
Focus: People    24         Adieu to the rugged look as new male
                                                                                                     Richard Wachman
                            beauties blend into Identikit image / by

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                                           The Observer (microfilm edition) index
Business:       6         It's not bankers who deserve the credit –                    Loss/Singular Sensation
Opinion                   it's investment-starved British industry / by           18   Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                          Ruth Sunderland                                         19   Pop: Alice Fisher reviews The Dead
                          In my view: Labour remains intensely                         Weather
                          relaxed about people getting rich / by                       Festival Watch: Sonar 2009 / by Killian
                          William Keegan                                               Fox
Business:       7         From APS to Zirp... the fallout from the                     Jazz: Dave Gelly reviews Ornette
Lexicon                   credit crunch explained in 26 easy steps /                   Coleman's Meltdown
                          by Heather Stewart and Elena Moya               Books   21   Emma Duncan reviews Free: The Future
Media           8         Peter Preston on Press and Broadcasting                      of a Radical Price / by Chris Anderson
                          The Networker: The war of the cyber-                         History: Avi Shlaim reviews Balfour and
                          worlds is coming, and we'd better be ready                   Weizmann: The Zionist, the Zealot and the
                          / by John Naughton                                           Emergence of Israel by Geoffrey Lewis
Cash            9         Banks exploiting obscure law to raid                    22   Interview: George Weidenfeld / by Oliver
                          accounts and recover debts / by Sam Dunn                     Marre
                10        Question of the week: Have online                       23   Memoir: Kate Kellaway reviews The
                          banking and billing made it easier to                        Sixties by Jenny Diski
                          manage our money? Yes says Matthew                           Fiction: The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz
                          Higgins, No says Graham Snowdon                              Zafόn
                          Your letters: Commission – adding insult                24   Robert McCrum on books
                          to injury                                                    Fiction: Olivia Laing reviews We Are All
                          Elf warning – there is a funny side to being                 Made of Glue by Marina Lewycka
                          in debt                                                 25   Philosophy: Alain de Botton reviews In
                11        Thousands face first-home despair / by                       Search of Civilization: Remaking a
                          Jessie Hewitson                                              Tarnished Idea by John Armstrong
                12        Interest rates                                               My other life: Irvine Welsh
                13        Game, set, but you need an HD match / by                     Biography: Robin McKie reviews
                          Mark Tran                                                    Franklin: Tragic Hero of Polar Navigation
                          Stampede of savers sees deals pulled / by                    by Andrew Lambert
                          Harriet Meyer                                           26   Paperback of the week: James Purdon
                14        Your problems: Margaret Dibben                               reviews Casanova by Ian Kelly
                                                                                       New paperbacks reviewed by Sarah
                                                                                       March, Natasha Tripney, Robert Collins
Michael Jackson 1         Michael Jackson 1958-2009 Special Issue                      and Imogen Carter
1958-2008                                                                              The Observer bestsellers list
                2-3       Tragedy of the pop genius who never grew        TV      28   Phil Hogan of television
                          up / by Sean O'Hagan
                4-5       'I'm so sad, and I'm really sad for my mum'
                          / by Carole Cadwalladr
                5         Michael was my age, my size. With his
                          Afro he looked like me / by Keith
                6-7       'Magic is easy – if you put your heart into
                          it' / by Sylvie Simmons
                7         A principal boy in total control – review,
                          The Observer 17 July 1988 / by John Peel
History         9         They're too cool for school: meet the new
                          history boys and girls / by Oliver Marre
People          10-11     Bobby Baker: The Interview / by Kate
Music           12        'I like to do whatever I want. I'm not trying
                          to fit into any box' / by Caspar Llewellyn
The Critics     13        The Main Event: Opera: Kate Kellaway
                          reviews The Fairy Queen
                14        Films of the week: Jason Solomons
                          reviews Rudo y Cursi/Lake Tahoe
                15        Other films: Jason Solomons reviews
                          Shirin/Sunshine Cleaning/My Sister's
                          Keeper/Year One/Tenderness/Dummy
                          Radio: Miranda Sawyer reviews
                          Wimbledon/6-Love-6/Althea Gibson
                16        Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Lost in
                          the Stars/Michael Berkeley Premiere/
                          Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews The
                          Hypochondriac/Mincemeat/Ernest Jones
                          Shorts: Theatre: Clare Brennan reviews
                          Every Time It Rains
                          Shorts: Pop: Miranda Sawyer reviews Blur
                17        Art: Laura Cumming reviews Walking in
                          My Mind
                          Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Love and

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                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 05 July 2009                                                           Focus: Interview 20      Hollywood gets hitched to booming
                                                                                                       Bollywood / by Anushka Asthana
MAIN                                                                          Comment &        21      The soldiers give all, while the politicians
News              1, 9       Pay freeze threat to all public workers / by     Debate                   starve them of cash / by Henry Porter
                             Anushka Asthana and Gaby Hinsliff                                         Swine flu's at my gate. But I'm not afraid /
                             Sister superior: Serena slams Venus at                                    by Mary Warnock
                             Wimbledon                                        Comment          22      We are losing an opportunity to rebuild
                  1, 6       Fear for cancer patients as vital drugs are                               banking/We've lost sight of our goal in
                             exported / by Jamie Doward                                                Afghanistan/Love all, Andys
                  2          G8 summit venue shaken by tremors:                                23      Oh no. Not another one who wants to be in
                             Berlusconi under fire for picking quake-hit                               the West Wing / by Andrew Rawnsley
                             town / by Tracy McVeigh and Tom Kington                                   Boys, let's focus on the balls, not the belles /
                             in Rome                                                                   by Louis France
                  3          Blaze death flats 'should have been torn                          24      Hail the man who argues that Britain should
                             down years ago' / by Rajeev Syal, Jamie                                   stop worrying about its debt / by Will Hutton
                             Doward and Sam Rogers                                                     The world through a lens: Sir David Frost's
                             Charities slam Tory voucher plan for                                      party, 2 July / by Euan Ferguson
                             developing countries / by Toby Helm and                           25      Whatever has become of the great British
                             Heather Stewart                                                           sex scandal? / by Catherine Bennett
                  4          LA fears cost of security at Jackson's                                    It's easy to play the hard man with Ronnie
                             memorial / by Andrew Gumbel in Los                                        Biggs / by Nick Cohen
                             Angeles                                                           26      Your letters
                             News in brief: Swine flu hits Potter actor                                The big issue: debt agencies
                             Rupert Grint/Mary says 'yes' 65 years on/                                 The Observer panel: How would you punish
                             Dog chews the evidence/Shooting tragedy/                                  a fibbing mum?
                             Mother on poison charge/The Lottery              World            27      Mousavi labelled a 'US agent' as Iran
                  5          How lottery dream can turn deadly / by Lucy                               charges British official / by Robert Tait
                             Rock                                                                      Global blacklist plan to ground unsafe planes
                             Fiancée pays tribute to hero killed by                                    / by Peter Beaumont
                             Taliban / by Jamie Doward                                         28-29   Le Pen's daughter scents victory for
                  6          Show Murray some love, says Fred Perry's                                  resurgent far right / by Jason Burke
                             grandson / by Tracy McVeigh                                       29      America to remove HIV ban after Briton's
                  7          Laser breakthrough gives new hope for                                     protest / by Anushka Asthana and Sam
                             blindness cure / by Denis Campbell                                        Rogers
                             Good times roll again for elite property / by                     30      'Lost boy' who fled Sudan tells of his 4,000-
                             Lisa Bachelor                                                             mile trek / by Alex Dubal Smith in Pretoria
                             Failure to circumcise men 'may have cost                                  World briefing: Afghanistan: Taliban kill
                             millions of Aids deaths' / by Alex Renton                                 two US soldiers in attack on base/North
News: Public      8-9        Cuts package threatens deep political                                     Korea: Seven missiles fired/Russia: Militants
spending                     divisions / by Gaby Hinsliff                                              murder police
                  9          We've had years of growth – so let's not be                       31      A sexy saga of Facebook's birth – but is it
                             afraid of cuts: Commentary / by Steve                                     fantasy? / by Paul Harris in New York
                             Bundred                                                                   Military regime threatens reprisals as
Opinion           11         Debbie Rowe may even out-weird Michael /                                  deposed president plans defiant return to
                             by Barbara Ellen                                                          Honduras / by Ben Quinn
                  13         'I always regret letting dad persuade me to      7 Days           32      Burnt bangers and other summer charms / by
                             bring him back to Britain' says Michael                                   David Mitchell
                             Biggs / by Amelia Hill                                                    My week: Matthew d'Ancona
                             Brown's policy of local homes for local                           33      The Observer Profile: Liam Donaldson, The
                             people 'is illegal' / by Jamie Doward                                     nation's own flu fighter / by Andrew
News Briefing     14         Arts: Orbit switches from Madonna to                                      Anthony
                             Tennyson with live Radio 3 epic / by                              34      Could the high life in Las Vegas turn my
                             Vanessa Thorpe                                                            head? You bet / by Victoria Coren
                             Health: Pig returned to zoo after swine flu
                                                                              BUSINESS & MEDIA
                             Motoring: Transport chief wants action on        Business: News   1       Darling to clamp down on bonuses / by
                             parking firms / by Toby Helm                                              Heather Stewart
                             Sarah Brown takes pride in joining gay event                              National Express: we'll extend franchise / by
                             Religion: British dressmaker on path to                                   Tim Webb
                             sainthood / by Vanessa Thorpe                                             Porritt blasts Treasury 'arrogance' / by Ruth
                  15         Inquiry into private firms cash lure for                                  Sunderland
                             jobseekers: Investigation / by Toby Helm                                  EDF threatens to scale back nuclear power
                             and Rajeev Syal                                                           plans / by Tim Webb
                             Parents alarmed over sex assault in children's                    2       CBI issues swine flu alert / by Julia Finch
                             novel / by Vanessa Thorpe                                                 Lloyd's Names ruling means Stevenson's
                  17         Heatwave prompts surge in massive basking                                 work is done / by Ruth Sunderland
                             sharks off British shores / by Lisa Bachelor                      3       PWC audit of 'India's Enron' faces probe / by
                             Bank chief urges employers to give former                                 Nick Mathiason
                             drug addicts a job / by Jamie Doward                                      California's pot clubs offer to pay more tax
Focus: Families   18-19      Pioneering court offers hope to addict                                    in fiscal crisis / by James Doran
and the Law                  mothers / by Amelia Hill                                                  Recession set to burden employment
                  19         'We were so desperate to keep our family                                  tribunals / by Kathryn Hopkins
                             together': case study / by Lucy and Chloe in                              Private equity firms own four major UK debt
                             London                                                                    collectors / by Nick Mathiason

                                        MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             Current account                                                       Festival Watch: Glastonbury Festival / by
Business: Inside 4-5         Public v Private: Have we reached the end of                          Sarah Boden
Story                        the line for privatisation? / by Richard                      15      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews It Felt
                             Wachman and Tim Webb                                                  Like a Kiss/Forbidden Broadway/Apologia
                   4-5       From money-pot to millstone: How                                      Shorts: Photography: Eva Wiseman reviews
                             company pensions have helped and hindered                             Gay Icons at the National Portrait Gallery
                             / by Phillip Inman                                                    Shorts: Comedy: Hermione Hoby reviews
                   5         Adonis: man of steel / by David Teather                               Tom Tom Crew
Business:          6         Comment: It's ridiculous to talk about                        16      Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
Opinion                      'freeconomics' when we've already given                       17      Art: Laura Cumming reviews JW
                             ourselves away / by Ruth Sunderland                                   Waterhouse at the Royal Academy, London
                             In my view: Have we never had it so bad                               Art 2: Laura Cumming reviews Eva
                             since the age of Macmillan? / by William                              Rothschild: Duveens Commission at Tate
                             Keegan                                                                Britain
Business           7         T-Mobile bid battle holds no fear for a cool                  19      Dance: Luke Jennings reviews English
                             operator / by Richard Wachman                                         National Ballet/Ballets C de la B/Ballet
                             Italy's financial tremors rumble on for                               Black
                             Berlusconi / by Heather Stewart                                       Michael Morris's Appreciation: Pina Bausch
Media              8         Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                 1940-2009 / Interview by Vanessa Thorpe
                             The Networker: There's no such thing as a                             Opera: Fiona Maddocks reviews Unballo in
                             free... or perhaps there may be / by John                             maschera/Eliogabalo/Cunning Little Vixen
                             Naughton                                         Books        20-21   Text on the beach – the 50 best summer
Cash: Summer       9         Travelling with children – the mother of all                          reads ever
Spending                     battles / by Lisa Bachelor                                    22      Interview: Sally Vickers / by Lisa O'Kelly
                   10        When hidden treasure is just a Stone's throw                          Biography: Robert Service reviews Stalin's
                             away / by Harriet Meyer                                               Nemesis: The Exile and Murder of Leon
                             Check your cover in case delays leave you                             Trotsky by Bertrand M Patenaude
                             grounded / by Harriet Meyer                                   23      Sport: Matthew Engel reviews Ashes to
                             Your letters: Online banking fails the screen                         Ashes: 35 Years of Humiliation (And About
                             test                                                                  20 Minutes of Ecstasy) Watching England v
                   11        We will fight them on the beaches... / by                             Australia by Marcus Berkmann
                             Huma Qureshi                                                          Fiction: Rachel Aspden reviews This is How
                             Property prices: Northern exposure the                                by MJ Hyland
                             cheap way to get a house by the sea / by Lisa                 24      Society: Rafael Behr reviews Ground
                             Bachelor                                                              Control: Fear and Happiness in the Twenty-
                   12        Interest rates                                                        First-Century City by Anna Minton
                   13        Your problems: Margaret Dibben                                        Fiction: Nicola Barr reviews The Twelve by
                             Net Savings: Virtual trips that ensure you're                         Stuart Neville
                             not being taken for a ride on holiday costs /                 25      Paperback of the week: Sarah March reviews
                             by Harriet Meyer                                                      Semi-Invisible Man: The Life of Norman
                                                                                                   Lewis by Julian Evans
REVIEW                                                                                             Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                   1         Who are you looking at? Laura Cumming on                              Paperbacks reviewed by Alexander Larman,
                             the enduring power of the self-portrait                               Michael Englard, Imogen Carter and Nicole
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Muriel Spark,                              Green
                             1970                                                                  Classics corner: Anna Arco reviews The Art
                             Your letters: One thing is sure, it was a                             of Sinking in Poetry by Alexander Pope
                             man's step                                                            The Observer bestsellers list
Details: People/   3         John Lennon's rise and fall / by Philip                       26      Puzzles
Ideas/News                   French                                           TV & Radio   28      Andrew Anthony on television
                             Peckham raises the roof / by Hermione Hoby                            Miranda Sawyer on radio
                             Priest strips down barriers / by Oliver Marre    Television   28-29   Programme listings
                             The thwack of leather against guitar strings /
                             by William Skidelsky
Reportage          4-5       Bradford reflects on many shades of
                             Englishness / by Sarfraz Manzoor
Art                6-8       Face to face with your own maker / by Laura
Interview          9         Award-winning playwright Lucy Prebble
                             tells Tim Adams how dramatising the Enron
                             scandal called for high tragedy
The Critics        11        The main event: Pop: Sean O'Hagan reviews
                   12        Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                             Public Enemies
                   13        Other films: Philip French reviews Ice Age
                             3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs/Am I Black
                             Enough For You/Red Mist/Embodiment of
                             Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons
                             Philip French's screen legends: John-Paul
                             Belmondo 1933-
                   14        Pop: Luke Bainbridge reviews Steve Reich
                             and Kraftwerk

                                        MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 12 July 2009                                                                                Insurers cancel travel cover for airport
                                                                                                   strikes / by Lisa Bachelor
MAIN                                                                       Focus: Youth     20     Teenage tragedies cast shadow as
News            1, 7       MoD plans troops surge as Afghan deaths         and Alcohol             Newquay's drink culture takes toll / by
                           mount / by Mark Townsend, Toby Helm,                                    Anushka Asthana
                           Peter Beaumont and Gaby Hinsliff                Focus: Culture   21     Why the British film revival is in danger of
                1, 3       Swine flu could bring UK to a halt,                                     being killed off / by Vanessa Thorpe
                           Whitehall told / by Nick Mathiason and          Focus: First     22     And the kids came too... the Obama
                           Robin McKie                                     Daughters               roadshow becomes a family affair / by
                2          Tory about-turn on council houses / by                                  Paul Harris
                           Nick Mathiason                                  Comment &        23     Far too many women, faith is the basis for
                3          It's good for women to suffer the pain of a     Debate                  cruelty / by Jimmy Carter
                           natural birth, says medical chief / by Denis                            Eternal youth is an ugly obsession / by
                           Campbell                                                                Rebecca Seal
                4          Police face inquiry into media payouts / by     Comment          24     We must rediscover our purpose in
                           Gaby Hinsliff                                                           Afghanistan/Today's lesson: relearn what
                5          Publishers unearth bestsellers from beyond                              our universities are for/Pray for rain
                           the literary grave / by Paul Harris                              25     Cameron's spinner is making the wrong
                           Hundreds flee as smoke fills BA jet / by                                sort of headlines / by Andrew Rawnsley
                           Tracy McVeigh                                                           Creating sperm is a triumph for science /
                           Ban on 100% home loans dropped / by                                     by Carol Sarler
                           Gaby Hinsliff                                                    26     Our laboratories and colleges ought to
News:           6-7        A price paid in suffering as the war looses                             define Britain, not our greed / by Will
Afghanistan                its way / by Jason Burke                                                Hutton
Conflict                                                                                           The world through a lens: Leicester
                7          Letters from the front line: 'I now know                                Square, London, 7 July / by Rafael Behr
                           what the blokes in the trenches in WWI                           27     When it comes to fawning, our politicians
                           went through'                                                           are in pole position / by Catherine Bennett
                8          They call it 'the visit'. It means your loved                           This lost generation has been betrayed by
                           one has been killed / by Mark Townsend                                  its elders / by Nick Cohen
                           The experts' view: What should we do                             28     Your letters
                           next?                                                                   The big issue: male circumcision
News            9          Margate's shrine to Eliot's muse / by                                   The Observer panel: Why are Britons so
                           Vanessa Thorpe                                                          badly behaved abroad?
                10         Hundreds die in 'hidden world' of mental        World            29     India prays for rain as water wars break
                           hospitals / by Amelia Hill                                              out / by Gethin Chamberlain
                           Brown bans long holidays for ministers /                                Western leaders sceptical as Iran offers
                           by Toby Helm                                                            olive branch on nuclear programme / by
                11         Councils on alert as tower block blaze                                  Peter Beaumont
                           fuels fears of more high-rise deaths / by                        30     Obama deeply moved by 'evil' slave
                           Rajeev Syal and Jamie Doward                                            fortress / by Paul Harris
                           Claims soar for botched cosmetic surgery /                       31     Young bride whose life was torn apart by
                           by Amelia Hill                                                          hatred in Urumqi riots / by Tania Branigan
                           News in brief: Rare newts move home/                                    in Urumqi
                           BBC sends 324 to T festival/David Vine                                  World briefing: South Korea: North
                           leaves £1.5m/The Lottery                                                'ordered crippling cyber-attacks'/Israel:
Opinion         13         Stop calling us curvy and bring back the F-                             Jerusalem Jews come to blows over car
                           word / by Barbara Ellen`                                                park/Spain: Five more injured in Pamplona
News Briefing   14         Public spending: Equality watchdog hired                                bullrunning
                           too many staff / by Jamie Doward                World: Dispatch 32-33   Agony without end for Liberia's child
                           British man dies at Serbian rock festival                               soldiers / by Annie Kelly
                           Crime: Teacher on murder bid charge is          World            34     Why France is in thrall to the Tour it can't
                           remanded                                                                win / by Jason Burke in Paris
                           Sport: All about selecting the right pea –                              Washington Post sorry for 'ethical lapse' /
                           and laser / by Rowan Walker                                             by Paul Harris in New York
                           Europe: Brussels casts doubt on £1.2bn          7 Days           35     The Observer profile: Rebekah Wade,
                           border controls                                                         Testing time for red-top stunner / by James
News:           15         Protesters defied as first ecotowns get go-                             Robinson
Environment                ahead / by Gaby Hinsliff                                         36     I'm free – but only if you agree with me /
                           Climate: El Nino will bring wild weather                                by Stephanie Merritt
                           in the year ahead, say scientists / by John                             My week: Hardeep Singh Kohli
                           Vidal                                                            37     Weather forecast for the week ahead
                           Commentary: 'A low-carbon revolution            BUSINESS & MEDIA
                           will put us at the forefront of world
                           recovery' / by Gordon Brown                     Business: News   1      Phoenix Four net another £3.5m from
News            17         Mia Farrow apologises to MPs hit by tide                                collapsed MG / by Ian Griffiths
                           of spam Darfur faxes                                                    Investors back BA rights issue / by Tim
                           Hair test can confirm alibi / by Rajeev Syal                            Webb
                18         Drive to recruit more men for primary                                   Walker will put banks' chairmen in the hot
                           schools / by Anushka Asthana                                            seat / by Ruth Sunderland and Jill Treanor
                           New crisis as children can't find a school                       2      Xstrata to lure Anglo to table with £5bn
                           place / by Tracy McVeigh and Polly Curtis                               deal / by Richard Wachman
                19         The first Earthling to journey to Mars –                                Comic offers 'perpetual advert' / by
                           Conan the Bacterium / by Robin McKie                                    Richard Wray

                                      MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                            Engineering firm joins raft of final salary                            Vanessa Thorpe
                            plan closures / by Phillip Inman                People         4-5     Jay McInerney: The interview / by Rachel
                   3        Where high-flyers crash out / by Elena                                 Cooke
                            Moya                                            Cover Story    6-8     Meet Miss Right: the rise of the new Tory
                            Sportswear chief hands olive branch to                                 woman / by Geraldine Bedell
                            bitter rival / by Zoe Wood                      Film           9       Killer, robber, master of disguise... and
                            Fall in profit warnings offers hope but                                now the biggest movie star in France / by
                            recovery still far off / by Kathryn Hopkins                            Andrew Hussey
                            Current account                                 The Critics    10-11   The main event: Photography: Sean
Business: Inside 4-5        Swine flu: As Britain falls sick, will the                             O'Hagan reviews Les Rencontres d'Arles
Story                       economy fail? / by Nick Mathiason                                      2009
                            The winners and losers: Pile into Glaxo,                       11      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Corot to
                            but sell your airline shares                                           Monet: A Fresh Look at Landscape From
                   5        Pandemics that changed the course of                                   the Collection
                            history / by Kathryn Hopkins                                   12      Film of the week: Philip French reviews
Business:          6        Comment: A plea to Sir David: save our                                 Brűno
Opinion                     schools, jobs and pensions from Britain's                      12-13   Philip French's screen legends: Kim Novak
                            timid investors / by Ruth Sunderland                                   1933-
                            In my view: Remember gentlemen,                                13      Other films: Philip French reviews 35
                            Thatcher's cuts didn't actually work / by                              Shots of Rum/Cloud 9/The Private Lives
                            William Keegan                                                         of Pippa Lee/Fired Up!/Echoes of Home/
Business:          7        The makings of a brand leader / by David                               Soul Power/Mishima: A Life in Four
Mammon                      Teather                                                                Chapters/Ichi
Business: Cars     8        Tangle of figures that don't add up for                                Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
                            Rover / by Ian Griffiths                                       14      Pop: Luke Bainbridge reviews Elbow and
                            Broken up for parts? The arcane structure                              the Hallé Orchestra
                            of the Phoenix group                                                   Festival Watch: Hop Farm Festival
Business: Banks 9           Goldman grabs hi-tech hacker / by Andrew                               Opera: Fiona Maddocks reviews Rusalka/
                            Clark in New York                                                      L'Amour de loin/Il barbiere di Siviglia
                            A world of financial scandals / by Andrew                      15      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Every-
                            Clark                                                                  body Loves a Winner/The Importance of
Media              10       Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                  Being Earnest
                            The Networker: Now Google parks its                                    Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Carlos
                            tanks right outside Microsoft's gates / by                             Acosta
                            John Naughton                                                  16      Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
Cash               11       Credit scores wrecked as lenders ignore                        17      Architecture: Stephen Bayley reviews
                            transparency guidelines / by Sam Dunn                                  Chips
                            Unemployed? Now your bank could fine                                   Shorts: Art: Kate Kellaway reviews
                            you if you are made redundant / by Lisa                                Charles LeDray: Mens Suits
                            Bachelor                                                               Shorts: Theatre: Hermione Hoby reviews
                            Question of the week: Should TV adverts                                Eight
                            promoting financial products be banned?         Books          19      Peter Conrad reviews Eighty Years of
                            Yes says Annie Shaw, No says Fay                                       Book Cover Design by Joseph Connolly
                            Goddard                                                        20-21   Interview: Arundhati Roy / by Tim Adams
                            Comment: Beware the PR message from                            21      Religion: Cristina Odone reviews Does
                            'IVA factories' / by Lisa Bachelor                                     God Hate Women? / by Orphelia Benson
                            Is this a fitting cost? Carpetright hikes                              and Jeremy Stangroom
                            insurance customer bills by 40% / by Sue                       22      Robert McCrum on books
                            Hayward                                                                Letters: Oliver Marre reviews Enlighten-
                   13       Travellers all at sea in card crackdown / by                           ing: Letters 1946-60 by Isaiah Berlin
                            Nic Cicutti                                                    23      Autobiography: Sarfraz Manzoor reviews
                            Savings: High fives all round as fixed-rate                            Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey
                            increases                                                              Home From the Moon / by Buzz Aldrin,
                            Insurance: Help for parents as a new idea                              with Ken Abraham
                            is born                                                                Memoir: Ariane Sherine reviews
                            Privacy fears as mobile service launches /                             Chastened: No More Sex in the City by
                            by Harriet Meyer                                                       Hephzibah Anderson
                   14       Interest rates                                                         Fiction: Elizabeth Day reviews One Day
                   15       How to make big savings on your                                        by David Nicholls
                            insurance bill / by Esther Shaw                                25      Paperback of the week: Robin Baird-Smith
                            Inheritance: Where there is a will there is a                          reviews Between the Monster and the
                            way to reduce fees / by Tony Levene                                    Saint: Reflections on the Human Condition
                            Your problems: Margaret Dibben                                         by Richard Holloway
                                                                                                   Paperbacks reviewed by Sophie Missing,
REVIEW                                                                                             Jean Hannah Edelstein and Alexandra
                   1        The new-look Tory women                                                Masters
                   2        Jane Bown's photo archive: Sandie Shaw,                                Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                            1968                                                                   Classics corner: Alice Fisher reviews
Details: People/   3        Out of the cold on a hot ticket / by Ally                              Raffles by EW Hornung
Ideas/News                  Carnwath                                                               The Observer bestsellers list
                            Sculpture for our times / by Stephen                           26      Puzzles
                            Bayley                                          Television &   27      Kathryn Flett on television: Michael
                            Don't hit send... / by Oliver Marre             Radio                  Jackson's Memorial Concert/Being Neil
                            The place to be seen – from all angles / by                            Armstrong

                                       MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                        The Observer (microfilm edition) index
        Miranda Sawyer on radio: David
        Attenborough's Life Stories/Zoe Ball/
        Archive on 4: Walking on the Moon
28-30   Television listings for the week

                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 19 July 2009                                                                                   Lucy Rock
                                                                             Comment          22      A fine green start, but Miliband must go
MAIN                                                                                                  further/And still the banks mock their
News              1, 5       Row over swine flu advice to women                                       saviours/Hurrah Henry
                             wanting babies / by Amelia Hill and Jamie                        23      Labour may never, ever win power on its
                             Doward                                                                   own again / by Andrew Rawnsley
                  1, 6       MoD rejected three deals to buy Black                                    Why I made an exhibition of myself on the
                             Hawk helicopters / by Ned Temko and                                      plinth / by Vanessa Thorpe
                             Mark Townsend                                                    24      The suburbs are derided by snobs, yet they
                  1, 4       Revealed: the hidden benefits of a private-                              are the best hope for our future / by
                             school education / by Gaby Hinsliff                                      Tristram Hunt
                  2-3        Henry Allingham: 1896-2009: Old soldier                                  The world through a lens: St Louis,
                             who was 'truly a gentleman': Appreciation                                Missouri, 14 July 2009
                             / by Max Arthur                                                  25      More top jobs for northerners? Whoever
                  4          Rabbi urges Tories: cut link to Polish MEP                               next? Pagans, actually / by Catherine
                             / by Toby Helm and Rajeev Syal                                           Bennett
                  5          China puts ill UK students in quarantine                                 Even mathematicians run scared of our
                             Vital swine flu hotline delayed for months                               libel laws now / by Nick Cohen
                             by Whitehall in-fighting / by Jamie                              26      Your letters
                             Doward                                                                   The big issue: natural childbirth
                  6          Four commissioners to quit equalities                                    The Observer panel: If you were PM, who
                             watchdog / by Gaby Hinsliff                                              would you invite to lunch?
                  7          Official warning to boozy Brits abroad / by     World            27      Bush's key men face grilling on torture and
                             Helena Smith in Athens                                                   death squads / by Paul Harris in New York
                  8-9        How private schools ensure a life of                                     US salutes Cronkite, giant of TV
                             privilege for their pupils / by Gaby Hinsliff                            journalism's golden age / by Paul Harris in
                             Comment: 'The UK is an unequal society                                   New York
                             in which class background too often             World: Special   28-29   Drugs 'Taliban' declares war on Mexican
                             determines life chances' / by Alan Milburn      Report                   state / by Jo Tuckman in Mexico City and
                  9          Tycoons pledge to stop bankrolling Labour                                Ed Vulliamy
                             if 'non-dom' tax bill passes / by Rajeev                         30      How an evil baby made Family Guy the
                             Syal and Toby Helm                                                       king of comedy / by Paul Harris
                  10         BBC to throw open its archive of film and                                Key suspect named in Jakarta bombing /
                             radio treasures / by Vanessa Thorpe                                      by Peter Beaumont
                             Al-Qaida prisoners living in hostels after                               Daughter of arrested Falun Gong couple in
                             early release / by Jamie Doward                                          plea to Downing Street over China's
Opinion           11         Try picking on someone your own size,                                    persecution / by Peter Beaumont
                             Bruno / by Barbara Ellen                                         31      Chechen president sues over claim he had
News Briefing     12         Family tragedy: Man and girl, 3, killed in                               activist killed / by Luke Harding in
                             waterfall plunge / by Ben Quinn                                          Moscow
                             Wine for the Tower, courtesy of the US                                   World briefing: Crime: Six dead in
                             Navy                                                                     Alabama and Tennessee/France: Police
                             Welfare: Emergency social fund swamped                                   probe Madonna stage roof tragedy/Kenya:
                             by claimants                                                             Kidnapped aid workers taken to
                             Science: Japanese bugs may be answer to                                  Somalia/France: Motorcycle kills woman
                             knotweed / by Robin McKie                                                at Tour de France
                             Weather: Storms get holidays off to a           7 Days           32      Expensive air travel? It's just not cricket /
                             damp start / by Vanessa Thorpe                                           by David Mitchell
News              13         Rush for tickets to posh sex parties / by                                My week: Paddy O'Connell
                             Jamie Doward and Matthew McCullogh                               33      The Observer profile: Duncan Jones,
                  14         More deaths feared on mental health wards                                Creating his own space odyssey / by
                             / by Owen Bowcott                                                        Killian Fox
                             On the march to save steel jobs / by Zoe                         34      I love you, so give me £163,424 and then
                             Wood                                                                     eff off, you... / by Victoria Coren
                  15         Gun culture sweeps through Sheffield                             35      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                             estates as postcode gangs do battle / by        BUSINESS & MEDIA
                             Mark Townsend
                             Labour shuns its own bike scheme / by           Business: News   1       Ex-Lehman traders to get huge bonuses /
                             Anushka Asthana and Liam Wright                                          by Richard Wachman
                  17         Dressing down fits the mood – but it                                     Government admits marine power fund has
                             doesn't come cheap / by Amelia Hill                                      run aground / by Terry Macalister
                             Online 'confessions' of dishonesty reveal                                Bring back usury law to control interest
                             what sways a jury's verdict / by Gareth                                  rates, campaign urges / by Nick Mathiason
                             Rubin                                                                    Tata to ditch electric cards if £10m loan is
Focus: War in     18         Bitter fallout as Brown and the generals                                 delayed / by Tim Webb
Afghanistan                  caught in war games / by Gaby Hinsliff                           2       Small firms bid for jobless graduates / by
Focus: Assisted   19         I watched as my parents faced their                                      Nick Mathiason and Heather Stewart
Suicide                      dignified, peaceful death – together, says                               Swiss call for tax watchdog / by Nick
                             Boudicca Downes / by Anushka Asthana                                     Mathiason
Focus: Moon       20         How Michael Collins became the forgotten                         3       Spotify to take online jukebox to the States
Memoir                       astronaut of Apollo 11 / by Robin McKie                                  / by Andrew Clark in New York
Comment &         21         A toxic culture of suspicion is souring our                              Row grows over bill to boost US-Pakistan
Debate                       children's lives / by Henry Porter                                       trade / by Saeed Shah in Peshawar
                             You're yesterday's woman, Bridget / by                                   Calendonia set for revolt on plan to donate

                                        MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                               The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             to the Tories / by Richard Wachman                                      Philip French's screen legends: Raymond
                             Current account                                                         Massey 1896-1983
Business: Inside 4-5         Reborn masters of the Universe / by                             13      Other films: Philip French reviews Harry
Story                        Richard Wachman                                                         Potter and the Half-Blood Prince/The
Business:        6           Green dream runs low on power / by Terry                                Informers/Moon/Kisses/Burma VJ
Energy                       Macalister                                                      14      Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Oh Baby/
Business:        7           Phantom oil and bogus bonds: Aim's                                      The Seekers
Markets                      darkest days / by Simon Bowers                                  15      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Elizabeth
                             Tchigirinski case accuses Russia's female                               Peyton
                             billionaire of secret deal / by Luke Harding                            Shorts: Theatre: Hermione Hoby reviews
                             in Moscow                                                               The Container
Business:          8         Behind our Ken's smile lies the knowledge                               Shorts: Theatre: Phil Hogan reviews
Opinion                      that power will come in a poisoned chalice                              Young@Heart
                             / by Heather Stewart                                            16      Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
                             In my view: It will be a long, hard road.                       17      Opera: Phil Hogan reviews Prima Donna
                             But at least we have a route map / by                                   Festival Watch: T in the Park
                             William Keegan                                                          Short: Pop: Killian Fox reviews Fever Ray
Business: Health 10          Bupa boss warns of care crisis / by Nick                                Theatre 2: Susannah Clapp reviews The
                             Mathiason                                                               Browning Version/Home/Swansong
Media              11        Monsters of rock sound upbeat at last / by       Books          19      Alain de Botton reviews The Case for
                             Richard Wray                                                            God: What Religion Really Means by
                   12        Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                   Karen Armstrong
                             The Networker: Apple hands Palm a                                       Biography: Peter Preston reviews
                             problem and gets slapped by Microsoft /                                 Nazarbayev and the Making of
                             by John Naughton                                                        Kazakhstan: From Communism to
Cash               13        Care-hire credit crunch drives up costs for                             Capitalism by Jonathan Aitken
                             holidaymakers in Spain / by Lisa Bachelor                       20      Economics: Rafael Behr reviews All
                             Comparison sites cool on code of conduct /                              Consuming by Neal Lawson
                             by Sam Dunn                                                             Debut novels reviewed by Francesca Segal
                   14        Question of the week: Is it worth paying a                      21      Sport: Tim Lewis reviews Lance
                             monthly fee for your current account? Yes                               Armstrong: The World's Greatest
                             says David Black, No says Michelle Slade                                Champion by John Wilcockson
                             Your letters: Embarrassment... the one                                  Fiction: Simon Baker reviews My Father's
                             thing that is on the cards abroad                                       Tears and Other Stories by John Updike
                   15        Celebrity chef leaves waiters with bitter                       22      Robert McCrum on books
                             taste over tips / by Jamie Elliott                                      Fiction: Luke Bainbridge reviews The Last
                   16        Interest rates                                                          Mad Surge of Youth by Mark Hodkinson
                   17        Don't let your expat dream be a financial                       23      Art: Rachel Cusk reviews A Face to the
                             nightmare / by Chris Alden                                              world: On Self-Portraits by Laura
                             Thinking of taking a risk? Sleep on it first /                          Cumming
                             by Liz Phillips                                                         Fiction: Tim Adams reviews Between the
                             Overpay to save money, mortgage                                         Assassinations by Aravind Adiga
                             borrowers told / by Jill Insley                                 25      Paperback of the week: Mary Fitzgerald
                   18        Your problems: Margaret Dibben                                          reviews The Girl Who Played With Fire by
                                                                                                     Stieg Larsson
                                                                                                     Paperbacks reviewed by Robert Collins,
                   1         Dinner is served: how one man is tackling                               Natasha Tripney and Philippa Lewis
                             the global scandal of waste food: William                               Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                             Skidelsky talks to Tristram Stuart about                                Classics corner: Philip Womack reviews
                             the environmental crisis we can't afford to                             The Testament of Cresseid & Seven Fables
                             ignore                                                                  by Robert Henryson
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Rupert                                       The Observer bestsellers list
                             Murdoch, 1981                                                   26      Puzzles
                             Your letters: Woman trouble again                Television &   27      Kathryn Flett on television: Freefall/The
Details: People/   3         Why VBTs are the future / by Kate                Radio                  Street/Monday Monday
Ideas/News                   Kellaway                                                                Miranda Saywer on radio: Gay Life After
                             Voice out of the wilderness / by Tim                                    Saddam/Moonbathing/Simon Mayo
                             Adams                                                           28-30   TV listings
                             What a sham... / by Hermione Hoby
                             That's what first prize can do for you / by
                             Rachel Cooke
People             4-5       Goldie: The Interview / by Lynn Barber
Cover Story        6-7       Why do we throw away vast amounts of
                             food? / by William Skidelsky
                   7         Waste diaries: What do you throw away in
                             a week?
The Olympics       8-9       King of the track, lord of the rings / by
                             Andrew Anthony
Music              10        Why did Friendly Fires take so long to get
                             going, asks Ally Carnwath
The Critics        11        The main event: Theatre: Susannah Clapp
                             reviews Jerusalem
                   12-13     Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                             Frozen River

                                        MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 26 July 2009                                                         Comment &        23      A black president doesn't make America
                                                                            Debate                   colour-blind / by Patricia Williams
MAIN                                                                                                 A Doctor in Doc Martens? Yes please / by
News            1, 7       Minister: flu panic is danger to NHS / by                                 Polly Vernon
                           Toby Helm, Anushka Asthana and Denis                              24      Our voting system needs a radical overhaul
                           Campbell                                                                  /Berlusconi's antics deserve our censure/
                1, 5       This is how we let the credit crunch                                      He boldly went
                           happen, Ma'am... / by Heather Stewart            Comment          25      A chance to change politics. And
                2          Fresh charges rock equality watchdog / by                                 embarrass Cameron too / by Neal Lawson
                           Jamie Doward                                                              The truth is rarely so black and white / by
                3          Harry Patch, 1898-2009: Britain's last                                    Euan Ferguson
                           surviving soldier of the Great War, dies at                               Why I made an exhibition of myself on the
                           111 / by Tracy McVeigh and Mark                                           plinth / by Vanessa Thorpe
                           Townsend                                                          26      At last, Brown is getting it right. His
                4          Labour plans election day poll on new                                     tragedy is that no one can see it / by Will
                           ways of voting / by Toby Helm                                             Hutton
                5          Cash and fame elude Olympic stars / by                                    The world through a lens: Liverpool
                           Tracy McVeigh                                                             Crown Court, 23 July / by Rafael Behr
                6          Row over Tory link to Polish right grows /                        27      Only a dose of humanity can save us from
                           by Toby Helm and Rajeev Syal                                              swine flu panic / by Karol Sikora
                           News in brief: Children rescued from sea                                  What's Cameron doing with Europe's
                           after sandbank collapses/Police foil cash                                 lunatic fringe? / by Nick Cohen
                           hijack/Helicopter crash kills Briton/We'll                        28      Your letters
                           meet again.../Boy hero rescues dad                                        The big issue: education
News: Flu       7          Town halls and libraries to hand out swine                                The readers' editor on... hard times and the
Pandemic                   flu pills / by Anushka Asthana, Rajeev                                    demise of the TV guide / by Stephen
                           Syal and James Sturcke                                                    Pritchard
                           British embassy 'refused to bring food to        World            29      Zuma plea as protests sweep the townships
                           isolated child' in China / by Tracey                                      / by Alex Duval Smith at KwaZulu-Natal
                           McVeigh                                                                   Hundreds evacuated as Med coast
News: Special   8-9        Police expose flaws in army's torture                                     wildfires spread / by Tracy McVeigh
Investigation              inquiry / by Rajeev Syal and Mark                                 30      Rebellion in Provence at Paris plan for
                           Townsend                                                                  national park / by Jason Burke
                10         Wealthy elderly turn backs on seaside                                     Ousted Honduran leader vows to stand
                           havens / by Jamie Doward                                                  firm in border stand-off / by Rory Carroll
Opinion         11         Still living at home at 40? Shame on you /                        31      Whistleblower tells of America's hidden
                           by Barbara Ellen                                                          nightmare for its sick poor / by Paul Harris
                12         One in 50 admit to drug addiction / by           World: Special   32-33   Fears of an Islamic revolt in Europe begin
                           Jamie Doward                                     Report                   to fade / by Jason Burke in Paris and Ian
                13         Now it's the husband's turn to tell all in the                            Traynor in Brussels
                           battle of the ex-files / by Paul Harris in                        34      Poisonous gas from African lake poses
                           New York                                                                  threat to millions / by Robin McKie
News Briefing   14         Justice: Sick Lockerbie bomber pleads for                                 World briefing: Croatia: Six die as train
                           release / by Jamie Doward                                                 derails on popular tourist line/US: Beers
                           Channel flight marks Blériot's / by Jamie                                 are on Obama/India: Gandhi prize for
                           Doward                                                                    Gates/Congo-Brazzaville: Election result
                           Crime: Teenager stabbed in row over van                                   stands/China: Arab TV channel opens
                           attack / by Ben Quinn                            7 Days           35      Come back Arlene. But cut out the gags /
                           Armed forces: Lumley 'humbled' by visit                                   by Victoria Coren
                           to meet Gurkhas                                                           My week: Tom Bower
                           Town planning: Charities say no-kerb                              36      The Observer profile: Andrew Roberts,
                           roads are dangerous / by Tracy McVeigh                                    The history man who loves to party / by
News            15         Revealed: the secret evidence of global                                   Oliver Marre
                           warming Bush tried to hide / by Suzanne                           37      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                           Goldenberg and Damian Carrington
                                                                            BUSINESS & MEDIA
                           Meltdown is a warning the world can't
                           afford to ignore / by Robin McKie                Business: News   1       Lenders plan break-up of Gala Coral / by
                16-17      Here comes the son: stars' boys storm                                     Simon Bowers
                           catwalk / by Alice Fisher                                                 RHS thins out workforce / by Terry
                17         Lack of helicopters 'puts injured troops at                               Macalister
                           risk' / by Mark Townsend                                                  New Anglo chairman poised to sell off
                18         Earliest Wodehouse satires discovered / by                                Tarmac / by Richard Wachman
                           Vanessa Thorpe                                                            NatWest Three will be released owing
                19         Secrets of CIA 'ghost flights' to be                                      $6.1m / by Simon Bowers
                           revealed / by Jamie Doward                                        2       Elvis developer all shook up / by James
                           Graduates go door to door for a career / by                               Doran in New York
                           Anushka Asthana                                                           Banks' asset protection still not finalised /
Focus: New      20-21      Where might Gordon Brown bump into                                        by Jill Treanor and Nick Mathiason
Thinking                   scientists, poets, internet gurus, and even                       3       Could crash spell doom for City's boys'
                           Cameron (Diaz, that is? At TED, the                                       club? / by Katie Allen
                           festival of new ideas / by Carole                                         Government trade credit protection scheme
                           Cadwalladr                                                                flops / by Nick Mathiason
Focus: People   22         Poisoned legacy left by the king of thrillers                             The Week in Review
                           / by Vanessa Thorpe                              Business: Inside 4-5     Here comes August, the cruellest month of

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                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index
Story                       all / by Heather Stewart and Larry Elliott                            Proms 1, 5 & 8/Un ballo in maschera
                  4         What, me worry? The experts' fears                                    Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Klub
Business:         6         Banks show little interest in lending / by                            Fiskulturnik/Lo Commotion
Banking                     Jill Treanor                                                  14      Pop: Gareth Grundy reviews Kasabian
Business:         7         Speculators reap the whirlwind / by Nick                              Festival Watch: Latitude
Commodities                 Mathiason                                                             Shorts: Theatre: Vanessa Thorpe reviews
Business:         8         When you tell banks how to behave, don't                              The Mountaintop
Opinion                     forget those people called customers / by                             Pop: Killian Fox reviews Marnie Stern
                            Heather Stewart                                               15      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Enron/
                            In my view: Bluntly, this is no time for                              The Black Album/Dreams of Violence
                            diversions or spending cuts / by William                              Tribute: Jill Balcon 1925-2009 / by Peter
                            Keegan                                                                Stanford
Media             9         War breaks out on cable as America's left                     16      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                            savages Fox / by Paul Harris in New York                      17      Art: Laura Cumming reviews After
                  10        Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                 Darwin: Contemporary Expressions
                            The Networker: The original Big Brother                               Exhibition: Robin McKie reviews Cosmos
                            is watching you on Amazon Kindle / by                                 & Culture
                            John Naughton                                  Books          19      Sarah Churchwell reviews Inherent Vice
Cash              11        Had enough of rising call costs? Then hang                            by Thomas Pynchon
                            up on BT / by Lisa Bachelor                                   20-21   Children's books: Kate Kellaway reviews
                            Travellers stuck in pandemic exclusion                                John Burningham by John Burningham
                            zone / by Lisa Bachelor                                       20      Children's books: 10-up novels reviewed
                  12        Question of the week: Is it really fair to                            by Lisa O'Kelly
                            haggle? Yes says Marc Lockley, No says                        21      Children's books: Picture books, 2-up
                            John Dean                                                             reviewed by Kate Kellaway
                            Your letters: What's the big deal with these                          Children's books: 12-up reviewed by
                            paid-for current accounts?                                            Stephanie Merritt
                            Comment: Online ticket extras still a poor                    22      Robert McCrum on books
                            show / by Lisa Bachelor                                               Fiction: Helen Echlin reviews Sunnyside
                  13        Why buying the boat of your dreams is not                             by Glen David Gold
                            all plain sailing / by Harriet Meyer                                  Short stories: Alexander Linklater reviews
                            Fancy the barge life? Don't go off the deep                           Reheated Cabbage by Irvine Welsh
                            end / by Huma Qureshi                                         23      Celebrity: Fame: From the Bronze Age to
                  14        Interest rates                                                        Britney by Tom Payne
                  15        Investment: Co-op fund sees world of                                  Memoir: Ariane Sherine reviews The
                            opportunity / by Jill Insley                                          Worst Date Ever by Jane Bussman
                            Mortgage trap that looms for right-to-by                              Music: Sean O'Hagan reviews Perfecting
                            homeowners / by Jamie Elliott                                         Sound Forever: The Story of Recorded
                  16        Your problems: Margaret Dibben                                        Music by Greg Milner
                            Don't pay the penalty for missing double                      25      Paperback of the week: Oliver Marre
                            tax deadline / by Melanie Wright                                      reviews The Seven Lives of John Murray:
                                                                                                  The Story of a Publishing Dynasty by
                                                                                                  Humphrey Carpenter
Cycling Special   1         Britain's easy riders                                                 Paperbacks reviewed by James Purdon,
                  2-3       All pumped up and ready to go / by Tim                                Natasha Tripney, Michael Englard and
                            Lewis                                                                 Imogen Carter
Special: People   4-5       Stephanie Flanders: The Interview / by                                Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                            Carole Cadwalladr                                                     Classics corner: Sophia Martelli reviews
Special: Design   5         Gears, springs and favourite things / by                              Incandescence by Craig Nova
                            Stephen Bayley                                                        The Observer bestsellers list
Special: Tribes   6-7       We wouldn't be seen dead in Lycra shorts:                     26      Puzzles
                            The Naked Riders / by Ally Carnwath            Television &   27      Phil Hogan on television: Desperate
                            The Three Wheelers / by Ally Carnwath          Radio                  Romantics/Young, Dumb and Living Off
                            The Bromptonites / by Hermione Hoby                                   Mum/Wildest Dreams
                            The Fashionistas / by Rebecca Seal                                    Miranda Saywer on radio: Lauren Laverne/
                  6         Me & My Bike / by Alexei Sayle                                        The Proms
Special: Europe   8-9       I have seen the future... and its bikes / by                  28-30   TV listings
                            Euan Ferguson
                  8-9       Vive la vélorution, but now can we have
                            our bikes back? / by Lizzy Davies in Paris
                  8         Me & My Bike / by Sophie Okonedo
                  9         Me & My Bike / by Kimberly Stewart
Special: Map      10        They inspired Salvador Dalí but the Nazis
                            hated them – around the world by bike / by
                            Rebecca Seal
The Critics       11        The main event: Film: Philip French
                            reviews Antichrist
                  12        Other films: Philip French reviews The
                            Proposal/Just Another Love Story/Skin/
                            Charles Dickens's England/Once Upon a
                            Time in the West/The Blues Brothers
                            Philip French's screen legends: Margaret
                            Rutherford 1892-1972
                  13        Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews BBC

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                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 02 August 2009                                                                                 mainstream: an inside view / by Emma
MAIN                                                                          Comment &         21    It's wrong to believe that nature is always
News            1, 9       'Dumbing down' row over value of degrees /         Debate                  best / by Robin McKie
                           by Gaby Hinsliff                                                           Be a good citizen or lose a bit of humanity /
                1          The day was dull but the outfits were                                      by Ruth Sunderland
                           definitely not during the annual Brighton and      Comment           22    A law on assisted dying would be merciful/
                           Hove Pride parade                                                          New homes matter more than rising house
                2          Civilians to fill in for firefighters / by Jamie                           prices/Babby dazzler
                           Doward                                                               23    It's hard to believe, but the Tories really are
                3          Who's really who in the novel world of Mr                                  progressives / by Richard Reeves
                           Faulks? / by Amelia Hill and Holly Bentley                                 No one's fooled – we colluded in torture / by
                           Home Office to unveil points system for                                    Henry Porter
                           immigrants seeking British citizenship / by                          24    Don't let the defeatists and cynics talk down
                           Gaby Hinsliff                                                              Britain's need for speed / by Will Hutton
                4          Anger as law to curb political donations by                                The world through a lens: Crossroads, Cape
                           tax exiles is 'delayed' / by Rajeev Syal                                   Town, 28 July / by David Smith
                           Gap year charity workers urged to stay at                            25    Why are we so squeamish about paying egg
                           home to help restrict spread of swine flu / by                             donors? / by Catherine Bennett
                           Denis Campbell                                                             How wise of politicians to charm the arts
                6          War effort is being hampered by troops too                                 world / by Nick Cohen
                           unfit to deploy / by Mark Townsend                                   26    Your letters
                           Al-Qaida suspect 'held on British island' / by                             The big issue: electoral reform
                           Jamie Doward and Mark Townsend                                             The Observer panel: When should you go in
                7          When it's time to cook, America just sits and                              for the kill?
                           stares / by Paul Harris in New York                World             27    Mugabe 'in bid to wreck unity' / by Alex
                           Fate of Briton could be Laos jail 'black hole'                             Duval Smith in Harare
                           / by Andrew Drummond in Bangkok and                                        Mass trial for Iran protest leaders / by Jason
                           Mark Townsend in London                                                    Burke and Saeed Kamali Dehgha in Tehran
                           News in brief: Electricity-loving ants spark                               Six Christians burned alive in Pakistan riots /
                           blackout fears/Cyclist's body found/Stabbing                               by Ben Quinn
                           murder hunt/Balloon burglars/Mantel is             World: Dispatch 28-29   Russia fears embrace of giant eastern
                           Booker favourite/No home for zoo rats/The                                  neighbour / by Luke Harding
                           Lottery                                                              30    Boastful Berlusconi buys off his party rebels
News: Special   8-9        How do we tell the good universities from                                  / by John Hooper in Rome
Report                     bad? / by Gaby Hinsliff                                                    Philippines mourns ex-president Aquino / by
News Briefing   10         Crime: Bail for UK graduates in Brazil fraud                               Justin McCurry
                           case / by Jamie Doward                                               31    India to cut birthrate with payouts / by
                           A day at the races for a classic British car /                             Gethin Chamberlain in Delhi
                           by Jamie Doward                                                            Mission to solve mystery of how pioneer
                           Commonwealth: Jamaica backs Obama over                                     aviator disappeared / by Paul Harris in New
                           Charles as head / by Anushka Asthana                                       York
                           Biology: Sea anemone named most northerly                                  World briefing: Israel: Three killed as
                           species / by David Adam                                                    gunman opens fire in gay bar/Venezuela:
                           Healthcare: Control use of cosmetic filler                                 Voting districts changed/India: Police killed
                           jabs, say surgeons / by Denis Campbell                                     in Kashmir/Malaysia: Police break up march
                11         The undying love of a man who gave up              7 Days            34    You need panache to vote for Sarkozy / by
                           everything for Debbie / by Anushka Asthana                                 David Mitchell
News            12         30 dead: the toll of failure since Baby P / by                             My week: Christopher Hampton
                           Jamie Doward and Chris Slater                                        35    The Observer profile: William Trevor, The
                           Ministers predict dramatic fall in number of                               keen-eyed chronicler / by Tim Adams
                           women in prison / by Amelia Hill                                     36    The British summer has become the perfect
Opinion         13         A malign show on a bankrupt TV channel /                                   oxymoron / by Victoria Coren
                           by Carole Cadwalladr
                                                                              BUSINESS & MEDIA
                15         Manson follower ends her silence 40 years
                           after night of slaughter / by Robin McKie          Business: News    1     High street banks set to write off further
                16-17      Neglect is casting Britain's once bright                                   £32bn / by Jill Treanor
                           woodlands into darkness / by Damian                                        Little appetite for Bank of Scotland loans /
                           Carrington                                                                 by Nick Mathiason
                17         Most parents can't find enough time to play                                Drugs worth millions go missing in Tanzania
                           with their children / by Anushka Asthana                                   / by Nick Mathiason
                           and Chris Slater                                                           Propping up final salary schemes 'will create
                           Giant screens at crash sites to end 'rubber-                               poverty' / by Phillip Inman
                           necking' danger / by Jamie Doward and                                2     Mervyn King urged to keep cash taps
                           Chris Slater                                                               running / by Heather Stewart
Interview       18         'I'm not afraid of being flogged. It doesn't                               Jaguar Land Rover close to gaining state aid
                           hurt, but it insults women' says Lubna                                     / by Tim Webb
                           Hussein / by James Copnall in Khartoum                                     Now middle America falls victim to
Focus:          19         Rivals strive to topple Google in quest for                                repossession crisis / by James Doran in New
Innovation                 the 'perfect search' / by Paul Harris in New                               York
Online                     York                                                                       Desmond ends high-cost calls / by Richard
Focus: Gender   20         Women are making inroads in pop. But men                                   Wray and Chris Tryhorn
and Music                  still call the tune / by Anushka Asthana           Business: Fraud   3     Trio accused of £80m Ponzi scam / by
                           We're thriving in music – but not in the           Probe                   Simon Bowers

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                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                           Current account                                   Books        21      Mark Bostridge reviews Muriel Spark: The
Business: Inside 4-5       Changing times: Slump spells the end for                               Biography by Martin Stannard
Story                      our traditional nine to five / by Phillip Inman                        Memoir: Sean O'Hagan reviews Bicycle
                           Better option: fewer hours score over                                  Diaries by David Byrne
                           redundancy / by Ian Brinkley                                   22      Man Booker Prize: The 2009 longlist
Business:         6        Comment: Cheerleaders for so-called                                    Religion: AN Wilson reviews Sinners and
Opinion                    recovery are blind to reality for growing dole                         Saints by Father Michael Seed and Noel
                           queues / by Ruth Sunderland                                            Botham
                           In my view: On the steps of St Paul's, things                  23      Pop: Caspar Llewellyn Smith reviews the
                           seem unsteady without Eddie / by William                               hastily written biographies of Michael
                           Keegan                                                                 Jackson
Business:         7        We're two years older and sadder, but                                  Fiction: Sophia Waugh reviews Valeria's
Unhappy                    perhaps not a great deal wiser / by Richard                            Last Stand by Marc Fitten
Anniversary                Wachman                                                                Society: Anna Blundy reviews Londongrad
Media             8        Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                  by Mark Hollingsworth and Stewart Lansley
                           On Technology: Why Google wishes Steve                         24      Crime: James Purdon reviews Occupied City
                           and Carol a happy marriage / by Richard                                by David Peace
                           Wray                                                                   Biography: Michael Beloff reviews The Old
Cash              9        Why it will be no holiday for single parents                           Devil: Clarence Darrow, the World's
                           if a child is hit by swine flu / by Jill Insley                        Greatest Trial Lawyer by Donald McRae
                  10       Question of the week: Should people travel                     25      Paperback of the week: Ruaridh Nicoll
                           abroad and risk the spread of swine flu to                             reviews Leviathan or, The Whale by Philip
                           unaffected areas? Yes, says John McEwan,                               Hoare
                           No, says Robert Dingwall                                               Paperbacks reviewed by Michael Englard,
                           Comment: Why state pension is hard to                                  Oliver Marre and Robert Collins
                           credit / by Jill Insley                                                Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                           Your letters: Rising prices – just one of the                          Classics corner: On the Subjection of
                           many reasons BT's number is up                                         Women by John Stuart Mill
                  11       Students: Forget the free iPod, get the                                The Observer bestsellers list
                           overdraft / by Huma Qureshi                                    26      Puzzles
                           Debt: Borrowing binge back on the cards /         TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
                           by Jill Insley                                                         Miranda Sawyer on radio
                  12       Interest rates                                    Television   28-30   Programme listings
                  13       Recession boost for student towns / by
                           Hilary Osborne
                  13       Your problems: Margaret Dibben
                           Push hard for the best price on a baby buggy
                           / by Marc Lockley
'89: The Year of 1         1989: It was the year that Europe was
Revolution                 convulsed by revolutions
                 2-4       A time when hope replaced repression / by
                           Neal Ascherson
                  4        Where are they now? The key figures of
                  5        Changing face of a continent
'89: The Legacy   6-7      Meet the children who came from the cold
'89: The People   8-9      Ivan Klima: The Interview / by Bjrn Steinz
'89: Culture      10-11    The art and culture of the year of revolt
                  11       Where art and politics come face to face / by
                           Kate Connolly
The Critics       13       The main event: Theatre: Kate Kellaway
                           reviews A Streetcar Named Desire
                  14-15    Film of the week: Philip French reviews The
                           Taking of Pelham 123
                  15       Other films: Philip French reviews Coco
                           Before Chanel/Crossing Over/Rumba/Land
                           of the Lost/G-Force/Mad, Sad & Bad
                  16       Art: Laura Cumming reviews Carmen
                           Herrera at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
                           Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Shall We
                           Dance at Sadler's Wells, London
                  17       So were you there? We review the biggest
                           festival weekend of 2009
                  18       Releases: reviews of new music and DVDs
                  19       Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews BBC
                           Proms 12, 14, 15, 16 and L'elisir d'amore
                           Shorts: Music: Neil Spencer reviews
                           Lucinda Williams
                           Shorts: Theatre: Kate Kellaway reviews
                           Tribute: Merce Cunningham 1919-2009 / by
                           Alistair Spalding

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                                               The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 09 August 2009                                                                                   when women can have children
                                                                                                25      The Tories think the internet works for them.
MAIN                                                                                                    It soon won't / by Rafael Behr
News              1, 8        Women at 30 urged to test for fertility / by                              Bugger Broadstairs for another holiday / by
                              Amelia Hill and Anushka Asthana                                           Rachel Cooke
                              Australia roar back in the Ashes                                  26      We'll never destroy the Taliban. So let's
                  1, 16       120 Labour MPs plan to stand down at next                                 rethink our strategy / by Jason Burke
                              general election / by Toby Helm                                           The world through a lens: The Canaries, 1
                  2           Police DNA files reveal 'racial bias' / by                                August 2009 / by Robin McKie
                              Jamie Doward                                                      27      I hate the puerile laughter that greeted
                  3           The actress, the prince and the Briton saved                              Harriet talking sense / by Ruth Sunderland
                              from death row / by Vanessa Thorpe                                        Don't be fooled – the recession is far from
                              Healthy people are lying to get swine flu                                 over / by Nick Cohen
                              drug, warns GPs / by Denis Campbell and                           28      Your letters
                              James Sturcke                                                             The big issue: university education
                  4           Nine killed in mid-air crash over New York /                              The Observer panel: Are you a pacifist?
                              by Ben Quinn                                                      29      Protests erupt across the US at 'evil' Obama
                  5           Fury over British embassy 'spy' on trial / by                             health plan / by Paul Harris in New York
                              Peter Beaumont and Saeed Kamali Dehghan                                   Taliban commander denies the death of
                              in Tehran                                                                 Mehsud / by Jason Burke
                  7           Survey finds low morale as troops battle         World            30      Bali bombs mastermind believed dead after
                              with poor kit / by Mark Townsend                                          siege / by Peter Beaumont
                              MPs demand answers over 'torture flight'                                  World briefing: Tonga: 87 feared dead as
                              CIA papers / by Mark Townsend                                             divers search wreck of ferry/Sri Lanka:
News: Special     8-9         Late motherhood: time for a vital wake-up                                 Elections in rebel towns/India: Muslim
Report                        call / by Anushka Asthana and Amelia Hill                                 infiltrators shot/Turkey: PKK rebels kill
                              The generation gap: same wishes, different                                soldier
                              expectations                                                      31      'Miss Uncontrollable' is arrested as Chavez
News Briefing     10          Sport: Man dies in powerboat crash at Dover                               turns on his radical ally / by Rory Carroll in
                              Regatta / by Mark Townsend                                                Caracas
                              Wonderland's darker side in ballet and film /                             Spider-Man the musical hangs by a thread /
                              by Vanessa Thorpe                                                         by Paul Harris in New York
                              Politics: Tories in power 'would hold huge                        32-33   Notes from the underground: Romania's
                              assets sale' / by Toby Helm                                               street kids 20 years on / by Ed Vulliamy
                              Society: RSPCA plea over gun attacks on                           33      Clinton upbeat after meeting with Zuma / by
                              animals / by Rowan Walker                                                 Alex Duval Smith in Cape Town
                              Crime: E-fit prompts 600 calls in Madeleine                       34      Oil giant faces inquiry over spill at
                              case                                                                      Carmargue reserve / by Lizzy Davies in
Opinion           11          Hell hath no fury like a sad man scorned / by                             Paris
                              Barbara Ellen                                    7 Days           35      The Observer profile: Rupert Murdoch, A
News              12-13       Huge protests over quarry threat to Scottish                              villain turned unlikely hero / by James
                              beauty spot / by Bella Bathurst                                           Robinson
                  13          Tories hit by new row over federal Europe /                       36      You flobby slob, now you're a sex symbol /
                              by Toby Helm and Rajeev Syal                                              by David Mitchell
                  15          Row over Olympic deal for McDonald's / by                                 My week: David Peace
                              Rajeev Syal                                                       37      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                              Brown moves to help victims of terrorist acts    BUSINESS & MEDIA
                              overseas / by Ned Temko
News: Politics    16-17       All change in the House as MPs desert in         Business: News   1       Vulture fund swoops on Congo over $100m
                              droves / by Toby Helm and Anushka                                         debt / by Heather Stewart and Ashley Seager
                              Asthana                                                                   Defiant William Cash leads buyout of
                  17          Commentary: Commons will be robbed of                                     magazine for the very rich
                              independence and authority / by Denis                                     Taxpayer-owned banks repossess thousands
                              MacShane                                                                  of homes / by Jill Treanor and Phillip Inman
                  18          Holiday deals vanish in rush to escape rain /                             Sacked JJB chief Chris Ronnie vows to clear
                              by Amelia Hill                                                            his name / by Zoe Wood
                              Therapists split over regulation / by Jamie                       2       CNBC slides as viewers get crunched / by
                              Doward                                                                    Andrew Clark in New York
                  19          Elderly 'put at risk' as sheltered homes are                              Bank bailout has created a damaging
                              forced to axe their resident wardens / by                                 monopoly on lending, say small firms / by
                              Rajeev Syal and Graham Mole                                               Phillip Inman
Focus: Sport and 20           Fans pay price as game flaunts its wealth in                      3       Can China cure the west's ills? / by Richard
Money                         age of 'football capitalism' / by Jamie                                   Wachman
                              Doward                                                                    Current account
First Person      21          I owe my life to an unsung soldier who           Business: Inside 4-5     Inequality at work: Pregnant staff face new
                              saved my grandfather / by Henry Porter           Story                    wave of bullying in recession / by Kathryn
Focus: Cultural   22          Hollywood's new 'zeitgeist of doom' is                                    Hopkins and Ruth Sunderland
Trends                        sparked by anxious times / by Paul Harris        Business:        6       Comment: The patient may be off life
Comment &         23          The pursuit of riches destroys the lives of      Opinion                  support, but there's still a long road to full
Debate                        young black men / by Matthew Ryder                                        recovery / by Ruth Sunderland
                              Are U2 the last great rock'n'roll idealists? /                            In my view: Happily, King knows that
                              by Luke Bainbridge                                                        salvation won't be found in Japan / by
Comment           24          Tory policy on Europe is an unseemly                                      Heather Stewart
                              shambles/Society should not be dictating         Business:        7       Embattled Chris Ronnie fights back / by Zoe

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                                               The Observer (microfilm edition) index
Mammon                       Wood                                                                    Journey Through the British and Their Food
Media              8         Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                   by Tom Parker Bowles/The Game
                             The Networker: So did Apple and AT&T                                    Cookbook by Norman Tebbit
                             gag Google Voice? / by John Naughton                            21      Psychology: Salley Vickers reviews The
Cash               9         Food for thought: why shoppers no longer                                Philosophical Baby: What Children's Minds
                             discount own-label brands / by Jill Insley                              Tell Us About Truth by Alison Gopnik
                   10        Question of the week: Is it fair that women                     22      History: Robert Service reviews The Storm
                             should pay less for their car insurance than                            of War: A New History of the Second World
                             men? Yes says Ali Steed, No says Aileen                                 War by Andrew Roberts
                             McColgan                                                                Biography: Carole Cadwalladr reviews
                             Comment: Protection for tenants that is long                            Bunny Tales: Behind Closed Doors at the
                             overdue / by Lisa Bachelor                                              Playboy Mansion by Izabella St James
                             Your letters: It's not just single parents who                  23      Drugs: Andrew Anthony reviews The Candy
                             struggle to cope with adversity                                         Machine: How Cocaine Took Over the
                   11        Smart students muck in together / by Huma                               World by Tom Feiling
                             Qureshi                                                                 Fiction: Simon Baker reviews The Escape by
                             Well done in graduating. Now what about                                 Adam Thirlwell
                             that £17,500 debt? / by Nic Cicutti                                     Fiction: Francesca Segal reviews Hodd by
                   12        Interest rates                                                          Adam Thorpe
                   13        How I took in a foreign student to help pay                     25      Paperback of the week: Olivia Laing reviews
                             bills / by Karen Dugdale                                                Our Story Begins by Tobias Wolff
                             Deadline looms for Aviva vote / by Jill                                 Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                             Insley                                                                  Paperbacks reviewed by Alexandra Masters,
                   14        Margaret Dibben: Your problems                                          Lettie Ransley and Robert Collins
                             Beware the siren call of the firms that claim                           Classics corner: Philip Womack reviews
                             they can wipe out your debts / by Harriet                               Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini
                             Meyer                                                                   The Observer bestsellers list
                                                                                             26      Puzzles
REVIEW                                                                          TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
The cost of war    1         When war hits home                                                      Kate Kellaway on radio
                   2-3       'I still feel my feet. I still think I've got my   Television   28-29   Programme listings
                             legs' / by Andrew Anthony
                   4-5       A place where peace and joy are just distant
                             memories / by Havana Marking in
                   6-7       Grief and hope on the home front: interviews
                             / by Elizabeth Day and Hermione Hoby
                   9         Tough times back on Civvy Street / by Mark
People             10-11     Michael Clark: The Interview / by Lynn
The Critics:       12-13     Comedy: Boyfriends and other disasters / by
Edinburgh                    Stephanie Merritt
Festival Special
                             Edinburgh Diary / by Veronica Lee
                   13        Art: Female curators throw light on women's
                             work / by Laura Cumming
                             Theatre: Long Kesh to Toad Hall / by Euan
                             Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                             Mesrine: Killer Instinct/Mesrine: Public
                             Enemy No 1
The Critics        15        Other films: Philip French reviews Home/
                             Orphan/GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra/Mega
                             Shark vs Giant Octopus/The Ugly Truth/The
                             Yes Men Fix the World/The Meerkats/Adam
                             Philip French's screen legends: Shelly
                             Winters 1920-2006
                   16        Music: Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews
                             Tristan und Isolde/The Ring/Marlinsky
                             Dance: Geraldine Bedell reviews Marlinsky
                             Ballet: Romeo and Juliet
                   17        Pop: Gareth Grundy reviews Africa Express
                             Festival Watch: Standon Calling
                             Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews
                   18        Releases: reviews of new CD and DVDs
 Books             19        David Runciman reviews Why England
                             Lose and Other Curious Football Phenomena
                             Explained by Simon Kuper and Stefan
                   20-21     Euan Ferguson interviews James Lovelock
                             Food: Rachel Cooke reviews Full English: A

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Sunday 16 August 2009                                                                                 President / by Michael Crowley in America
                                                                                                      Peter [Mandelson] knows we all love a
MAIN                                                                                                  pussycat / by Charlotte Raven
News            1, 5       Key Tory MPs backed call to dismantle                              24      David, you're right. Burgeoning debt will
                           NHS / by Toby Helm and Rajeev Syal                                         cause another catastrophic crash / by Nassim
                1-2        Wounded soldier's death takes Afghan toll to                               Nicholas Taleb
                           200 / by Paul Gallagher, Mark Townsend in                                  The world through a lens: Lairg, 12 August
                           London and Jon Boone in Kabul                                              2009 / by Ruaridh Nicoll
                3          It's all over for fat lady singers as slimline                     25      We'll never trust GM until we break the
                           divas triumph / by Vanessa Thorpe                                          power of Monsanto / by Catherine Bennett
                           Exams 'don't teach how to think' / by                                      I saw Lockerbie's victims. Tell their families
                           Anushka Asthana and Jessica Shepherd                                       the truth / by Nick Cohen
                4          £40m gem raid was second try / by Ben                              26      Your letters
                           Quinn                                                                      The big issue: holidays in Britain
                           Call for new laws as liver disease soars / by                              The Observer panel: Which is worse, obesity
                           Jamie Doward                                                               or dancing in public?
                5          Senator wins release of US prisoner held by       World            27      Hamas destroys al-Qaida group in violent
                           Burma / by Paul Harris in New York and                                     Gaza battle / by Peter Beaumont
                           Mark Townsend in London                                                    Islanders split as Whitehall takes over Turks
                           Arrests as anti-fascists protest at BNP rally /                            and Caicos / by Jamie Doward
                           by Tracy McVeigh                                                   28-29   Karzai counts on tribal vote to win Kandahar
                6          Firms in fraud probe set for Whitehall cash /                              / by Jon Boone
                           by Rajeev Syal and Toby Helm                                       29      Commentary: Why Taliban leaders prefer
                7          Dan Brown blockbuster heralds electronic                                   dead diplomats / by Jason Burke
                           revolution for books / by Vanessa Thorpe                           30      Rome cracks down on teenage binge
                           Lib Dems face £2.4m funds investigation /                                  drinking / by Tom Kington
                           by Rajeev Syal                                                             World briefing: Iran: Khamenei hardliner is
News: NHS       8-9        Tory reformists battle 'nasty party' tendency                              new head of judiciary/Kuwait: 41 killed in
Row                        / by Toby Helm and Anushka Asthana                                         wedding fire/US: Bollywood star 'hassled'/
                8          Comment: 'The Conservatives have nothing                                   US: Bobby Brown warrant
                           to offer but platitudes' / by Alan Johnson                         31      Obama becomes target amid fear that hate
                9          Commentary: How I got caught up in the                                     will turn into violence / by Paul Harris in
                           transatlantic health battle / by Karol Sikora                              New York
News Briefing   10         Human Rights: Two more quit equality                               32      Paltrow faces brash rival to be web style
                           watchdog / by Jamie Doward                                                 queen / by Paul Harris in New York
                           Free-runners display skills in Trafalgar Sq       7 Days           33      The Observer Profile: Kathryn Bigelow,
                           Crime: Gardener charged with woman's                                       Director with a different take / by William
                           murder                                                                     Skidelsky
                           Sport: Parachutist survives 10,000ft freefall /                    34      Don't waste time. Be creative while you blub
                           by Rowan Walker                                                            / by Victoria Coren
                           Wildlife: Death of golden eagle at 22 sets                                 My week: Christopher Hitchens
                           UK record / by George Wigmore                                      35      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                           Economy: Tesco sells two sewing machines          BUSINESS & MEDIA
                           a minute / by Amelia Hill
Opinion         11         Out of a job, but won't admit it? How             Business: News   1       Crackdown on Channel Islands VAT
                           ridiculous / by Barbara Ellen                                              loophole / by Simon Bowers
                12         Healthy obsession fuels new eating disorder                                Rising wave of piracy sends shipowners'
                           / by Amelia Hill                                                           costs soaring / by Ruth Sunderland
                           'Ransom' call for missing ship / by Ben                                    Kick galacticos bonus strategy out of the
                           Quinn and Jamie Doward                                                     City, say academics / by Jill Treanor
News: A-Level   13         State or private: still the key factor in                                  Investors urge Parker to give Anglo a shot in
Results                    shaping life for our schoolchildren / by Polly                             the arm / by Jill Treanor
                           Curtis and Tracy McVeigh                                           2       This can't be the recovery yet... can it? / by
News            14-15      Breakthrough in fashion for Asia's new                                     Katie Allen and Andrew Clark
                           supermodels / by Morwenna Ferrier and Nell                                 Resilient Oslo bucks the global trend for
                           Frizzell                                                                   crisis / by Gwladys Fouché
                           Jails 'doubling up' to cope with overspill / by   Business:        3       Spinvox struggles to stay on message as new
                           Jamie Doward                                      Technology               accusations of mismanagement fly / by
                16         British scientist wins second shot at space /                              Richard Wray
                           by Robin McKie                                                             Current account
Focus: Baby P   17-19      The killers of Baby P came from decades of        Business: Inside 4-5     Heroes to zeroes... and back again / by Julia
Tragedy                    abuse and dysfunction. Can the state ever         Story                    Finch
                           reach these families? / by Andrew Anthony         Business:        6       Comment: To rebuild the corporate sector,
People: The     20         Depression, drugs and an absent dad. Then         Opinion                  we have to do more than just smash the glass
Interview                  music saved me... Interview with Speech                                    ceiling / by Ruth Sunderland
                           Debelle / by Anushka Asthana                                               In my view: It's possible to subtract
Comment &       21         Drop GCSEs. We should be teaching our                                      mathematics from economics / by John
Debate                     children to think / by Peter Hyman                                         Llewellyn
                           A modest proposal at Alton Towers / by            Business         8       The two-bed thermal envelope / by Ashley
                           Rafael Behr                                                                Seager
Comment         22         NHS row reveals the depth of Tory                                          Brands fighting for shelf space now that
                           fissures/Put your trust in Socrates, not                                   Wal-Mart believes less is more / by Zoe
                           economists                                                                 Wood
                23         Beware the rise of the angry white man, Mr        Business:        9       Keeping up appearances for Russia's

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Mammon                       oligarchs / by Elliot Wilson                                          making From the Normans to the Nineties
Media              10        Peter Preston on press and broadcasting                               by David Horspool
                             The Networker: Battle lines are drawn for                             Football: Tom Lamont reviews Englischer
                             the war of web search dominance / by John                             Fussball: A German View of Our Beautiful
                             Naughton                                                              Game by Raphael Honigstein
Cash               11        School's back soon, so pack up your new kit                   21      High Society: Selina Hastings reviews Mad
                             bag... and save, save, save / by Sandra                               World: Evelyn Waugh and the Secrets of
                             Haurant and Lisa Bachelor                                             Brideshead by Paula Byrne
                   12        Millions trapped by equity failings / by Jill                         Fiction: Elizabeth Day reviews Noah's
                             Insley                                                                Compass by Anne Tyler
                             Your letters: The proof of good value is in                           My other life: Ed O'Loughlin
                             the sauce                                                     22      Robert McCrum
                   13        Developer's charge for electricity shocks                             History: Heather Stewart reviews Newton
                             leaseholders into action / by Jamie Elliott                           and the Counterfeiter by Thomas Levenson
                   14        Interest rates                                                23      Advertising: Emma John reviews 20th
                   15        Fears over sales surge in 'unsuitable' savings                        Century Fashion: 100 Years of Apparel Ads
                             bonds / by Sam Dunn                                                   edited by Jim Heimann and Alison A Nieder
                   16        Your problems: Margaret Dibben                                        Cinema: Philip French reviews Alistair
                                                                                                   Cooke at the Movies edited by Geoff Brown
REVIEW                                                                                             Religion: Jason Burke reviews How to Win
                   1         End of an era: Why Eunice Kennedy's death                             a Cosmic War: Confronting Radical Man by
                             last week signals the end of an American                              Reza Aslan
                             epoch – an age of hope, ambition, power and                   24      Paperback of the week: Sophia Martelli
                             wealth / by Robert McCrum                                             reviews A Book of Silence by Sara Maitland
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Orson Welles,                              Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                             1951                                                                  Paperbacks reviewed by Helen Zaltzman,
                             Your letters: Dissidents at the wheel                                 Jean Hannah Edelstein, Martin Hemming
Details: People/   3         The pluck starts here... / by Neil Spencer                            and Josh Sykes
Ideas/News                                                                                         Classics corner: Phil Mongredien reviews
                             Nothing ventured, something gained / by                               Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo
                             Hermione Hoby                                                         The Observer bestsellers list
                             Water, water everywhere / by Imogen Carter                    25      Puzzles
Culture            4-5       Can art put new heart into our seaside           TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
                             towns? / by Rachel Cooke                                              Miranda Sawyer on radio
People             6-7       Michael Frayn, The Interview / by Tim            Television   28-29   Programme listings
Cover Story        8-9       Eunice Kennedy and the death of the great
                             American dream / by Robert McCrum
Film               11        Eva Wiseman reviews (500) Days of
The Critics:       12-13     Theatre: Barflies, a Beast and Lionel Blair /
Edinburgh                    by Euan Ferguson
Festival Special
                             Edinburgh Diary / by Veronica Lee
                   13        Comedy: Talent? He's got it in Spade / by
                             Stephanie Merritt
                   14        Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                             Mid-August Lunch
                             Philip French's screen legends: John Wayne
                   15        Other films: Philip French reviews Sin
                             Nombre/Bandslam/A Perfect Getaway/The
                             Time Traveler's Wife/Aliens in the Attic/
                             Imagine That/Les Demoiselles de Rochefort
                             Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons
                             Dance: Geraldine Bedell reviews Swan
                             Lake; Homage to Balanchine
                   16        Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Hello,
                             Dolly!/Another Door Closed
                             Classical: Stephen Pritchard reviews Tête à
                             Tête: The Opera Festival/Proms 36 & 37
                   17        Art: Laura Cumming reviews The Discovery
                             of Spain: British Artists and Collectors –
                             Goya to Picasso
                             Jazz: Stuart Nicholson reviews Led Bib
                             Festival Watch: The Big Chill / by Akin
                   18        Releases: reviews of new CD and DVDs
Books              19        Robin McKie reviews Cold Earth by Sarah
                             Moss/Ultimatum by Matthew Glass/The
                             Rapture by Liz Jensen/Flood by Stephen
                   20        History: Roy Hattersley reviews The English
                             Rebel: One thousand Years of Trouble-

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                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 23 August 2009                                                                                 can Britain have so few women in its
MAIN                                                                                          23      Labour should make Gordon go on holiday
News             1, 7       Brown in new storm over freed terrorist / by                              more often / by Rafael Behr
                            Gaby Hinsliff                                                             I envy Siena and its disregard for danger / by
                 1          Freddie's farewell                                                        Henry Porter
                 1, 4       Science tsar blasts GCSEs for failing to                          24      The world hoped Obama was going to tackle
                            stretch pupils / by Anushka Asthana                                       climate change. It isn't that easy / by Eric
                 2          Fox demands exit plan in Afghanistan/ by                                  Roston
                            Gaby Hinsliff                                                             The world through a lens: Newcastle, 20
                 3          Revealed: failure of top UK firms to get                                  August 2009 / by Euan Ferguson
                            women on board / by Ruth Sunderland                               25      Ah, Alyce Faye, what a shining inspiration
                 4          Tories warned over cost of radical school                                 you are. To Wags / by Catherine Bennett
                            plans by Gaby Hinsliff                                                    As their elders save themselves, the young
                 5          Ashes could earn 'next Flintoff' millions / by                            are cast adrift / by Nick Cohen
                            Anushka Asthana and Mark Townsend                                 26      Your letters
                            Fan Mandes recruits key player for US                                     The big issue: secondary schools
                            cricket film / by Vanessa Thorpe                                          The Observer panel: Is wheel clamping a fair
                 6          'Perfect storm' of travel delays on bank                                  punishment?
                            holiday / by Jamie Doward and Cordelia           World            27      Inferno rages unchecked around historic
                            Jenkins                                                                   Greek town of Marathon
News:            7          Gaddafi plans party to celebrate 40 years in                              CIA 'threatened al-Qaida leader with mock
Lockerbie                   power with al-Megrahi as is trophy / by                                   execution' / by Peter Beaumont
Bomber                      Jamie Doward                                                              US now trains more drone operators than
News Briefing    8          Sport: Semenya: South Africa athletics boss                               pilots / by Edward Helmore
                            quits / by Emily Miller                                           28      Taliban chopped off voters' fingers / by Jon
                            West Ham defender has 'serious' injuries                                  Boon in Kabul
                            Aviation: Aerobatics pilot dies in Silverstone                    29      Kampusch: 'I may be free but I'm still a
                            crash / by Ben Quinn                                                      prisoner' / by Kate Connolly in Berlin
                            Art: Sculpture on road causes a stir in Poole                             US warned as hurricane brings floods to
                            / by Vanessa Thorpe                                                       Bermuda / by Richard Rogers
                            Terrorism: Preacher's speech via video link                       30-31   Why as Israeli Jew joined Fatah to save
                            is banned / Jamie Doward                                                  Palestine / by Peter Beaumont
                            Crime: Third man charged over Mayfair                             31      'Cash for clunkers' deal runs out of money as
                            jewellery raid                                                            US car sales surge / by Ewen MacAskill in
Opinion          9          Gender has no place on the sporting agenda /                              Washington
                            by Carole Cadwalladr                                              32      Lario speaks out over divorce from
News:            10-11      Words from the front line: the bloody truth                               'ridiculous' Berlusconi / by Tom Kington in
Afghanistan                 of Helmand – by a combat soldier                                          Rome
Diary                                                                                                 World briefing: Italy: Lucky winner claims
                 11         'My heart is broken that out son will never                               €147m lottery payout/Thailand: Terror
                            know his father' / by Nic North                                           attacks kill four/Pakistan: Taliban choose
News             12-13      UK scientists bid to preserve world heritage                              leader
                            treasures / by Paul Gallagher                    7 Days           33      The Observer Profile: Angela Merkel / by
                 13         Carbon targets may be too tough, says                                     Constanze Stelzenmüller
                            Prescott / by Gaby Hinsliff                                       34      I scent an almighty stink about nothing / by
                 14         Apple's next trick: the tablet computer / by                              Victoria Coren
                            David Smith                                                               My week: Jenni Murray
                 16         Cost of vetting childcare workers soars to                        35      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                            £600m / by Jamie Doward                          BUSINESS & MEDIA
                            News in brief: Police arrest 672 in blitz on
                            Manchester crime/Dream job for train fan         Business: News   1       Fury at plan to power EU homes from
                            Sam/Saint Swithin got it right/Girl with                                  Congo dam / by Nick Mathiason
                            cancer attacked/The Lottery                                               Dividend flows to River Island owners
                 17         Riot police notebooks reveal use of brutal                                despite profit slump / by Zoe Wood
                            tactics against G20 protesters / by Mark                                  Crossroad delays feared as Conservatives
                            Townsend                                                                  probe funding crisis / by Dan Milmo
                            Happy days! We do like Mondays (but don't                                 Pearson leads FTSE 350 for women in the
                            mention Wednesdays) / by Paul Gallagher                                   boardroom / by Ruth Sunderland
                            Eco-homes give new life to mining village /                       2       Coal aid rides high above wave power / by
                            by Amelia Hill                                                            Terry Macalister
Focus:           18         The Obamas' holiday isle is a political                                   UK eco-business suffers as EU states bend
American Idyll              playground / by Robert McCrum                                             rules, experts warn / by Tim Webb
Focus: Free      19         Why I will set up a new school to give my                                 Public sector inefficiency claimed to cost
Schooling                   children the best change in life / by Toby                                £58.4bn / by Kathryn Hopkins
                            Young                                                                     Investors demand return of Madoff fees /by
Focus: Sport and 20         'Who are white people to question the                                     James Doran in New York
Gender                      makeup of an African girl? It is racism' / by    Business:        3       Calorie reducing, crisp making, porridge
                            David Smith in Masehlong, Limpopo                Interview                launching, lighter lunching... PepsiCo / by
Comment &        21         We insult Afghans by calling their election a                             David Teather
Debate                      real success / by Havana Marking                                          Current account
                            I'm a young woman and I still need feminism      Business: The    4-5     Inside story: Women still face a steep climb
                            / by Hermione Young                              Gender Gap               to the top table / by Ruth Sunderland
Comment          22         The shameful silence over Lockerbie/How                           4       Equal opportunities: How the companies

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                             were rated                                                              Classical: Enlightenment with a dash of
Business           4-5       Beating the old boys club: Be confident and                             French and Scots / by Fiona Maddocks
                             get connected / by Elena Moya                                           Critics choice: Festival highlights for the
Business:          6         Comment: High stakes in the shifting sands                              week ahead
Opinion                      of the oil sector are not best served by low                    16      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                             tactics / by Ruth Sunderland                                    17      Art: Rachel Cooke reviews Subject/Sitter/
                             In my view: We're still between a rock and a                            Maker
                             hard place, and need a soft pound / by Bill                             Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews No Way
                             Martin                                                                  Out (Huis Clos)/The Adventures of Jason
Media              7         Out of Little Rock: a model for Murdoch /                               and the Argonauts/Medea/Watch This Space
                             by Andrew Clark                                    Books        19      Justin Cartwright reviews A Week in
                   8         Peter Preston on Press and Broadcasting                                 December by Sebastian Faulks
                             The Networker: Now you see it, now you                          20      Graphic novels reviewed by Roger Sabin
                             don't. Google's wizardry is worrying / by                               Robert McCrum on books
                             John Naughton                                                           My other life: Meg Rosoff
Cash               9         Families at a loss over child trust fund                        21      Interview with bestselling author Sadie
                             confusion / by Sam Dunn                                                 Jones / by Eva Wiseman
                   10        Question of the week: Should we give to                                 Biography: Adam Mars-Jones reviews The
                             street chuggers? Yes says Caroline Howe,                                Last Englishman by Roland Chambers
                             No says Richard Marsh                                           22      Politics: Stryker McGuire reviews
                             Your letters: Pouring cold water on my bid                              Renegade: The Making of a President by
                             to cut bills                                                            Richard Wolffe
                   11        Don't bank on landing a fortune with land                               Fiction: Viv Groskop reviews The Innocent
                             banks / by Graham Norwood                                               by David Szalay
                             Rail firms not quoting cheap fares / by Huma                            Poetry: Tom Chatfield reviews The
                             Qureshi                                                                 Movement Reconsidered: Essays on Larkin,
                   12        Interest rates                                                          Amis, Gunn, Davies and Their
                   13        How to keep gems safe from diamond                                      Contemporaries edited by Zarchary Leader
                             geezers / by Huma Qureshi                                       23      Paperback of the week: Oliver Marre
                             Over-50s rush to take pensions early before                             reviews Anything Goes: A Biography of the
                             rule-change deadline / by Neasa MacErlean                               Roaring Twenties by Lucy Moore
                             Margaret Dibben: Your problems                                          Audio round-up
                             The Negotiator: Get the place you want –                                Paperbacks reviewed by Natasha Tripney,
                             and pay less rent / by Marc Lockley                                     Sophie Missing, Alexandra Masters,
                                                                                                     Philippa Lewis and Martin Hemming
                                                                                                     Classics corner: Anna Arco reviews Elective
                   1         'We are like lovers' Pedro and Penélope talk                            Affinities by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
                             exclusively about their special relationship                            The Observer bestsellers list
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Anthony Blunt,                       24      Puzzles
                             1968 / by Luke Dodd                                TV & Radio   25      Kathryn Flett on television
                             Your letters: Why we love to be beside the                              Miranda Sawyer on radio
                             sea                                                Television   26-28   Programme listings
Details: People/   3         The colourful end of pop / by Rebecca Seal
                             This chair has still got legs / by Stephen
                             Suck on this, says Ryanair.../ by Oliver
People             4-5       Andrea Arnold, The Interview / by Amy
Real Lives         6-7       Six years that changed this country for ever /
                             by Robert McCrum
                             War then peace: Life after 1945 / by
                             Hermione Hoby
Cover Story        8-9       Pedro and 'Pe' ... the mentor and the muse /
                             by Louise France
Music              9         Tell Laura I love her – or at least I used to /
                             by Alice Fisher
The Critics        11        The Main Event: Film: Philip French
                             reviews Inglourious Basterds
                   12        Other films: Philip French reviews I Love
                             You, Beth Cooper/Afterschool/Shorts/Dance
                             Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons
                   13        Pop: Gareth Grundy reviews Grizzly Bear
                             Philip French's screen legends: Thelma
                             Ritter 1902-69
                             Festival Watch: Summer Sundae
Critics:           14-15     Theatre: I'd sell my soul to see this again / by
Edinburgh                    Euan Ferguson
                   14        Edinburgh Diary / by Veronica Lee
                   15        Comedy: Gild young Lily with a dab of Noël
                             / by Stephanie Merritt

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Sunday 30 August 2009                                                           Comment          26      Lord Turner is right – Gordon Brown must
                                                                                                         now cut the City down to size / by Will
MAIN                                                                                                     Hutton
News             1, 5       Brown in new Afghan plan: talk to the                                        The world through a lens: Upton Park, 25
                            Taliban / by Mark Townsend in Helmand                                        August 2009
                            and Gaby Hinsliff in London                                          27      Climate Camp has energy but is damaged by
                 1-3        Presidents pay respects at Kennedy funeral /                                 self-regard / by Peter Beaumont
                            by Gaby Wood in Boston                                                       We can't afford another cover-up like
                 1, 9       Jaycee kidnap focus turns to the suspect's                                   Churchill's / by Martin Gilbert
                            wife / by Jamie Doward                                               28      Your letters
                 3          The Eulogy: 'Ted Kennedy's life work was to                                  The big issue: the Lockerbie bomber
                            give a voice to those who were not heard'                                    The Observer panel: When should a child be
                 4          More Brits think recession is ending / by                                    let out on her own?
                            Gaby Hinsliff                                       World            29      Families flee Burma as new wave of fighting
                 5          Pledge to get teens off the dole queue and                                   breaks out / by Tania Branigan in Beijing
                            into work / by Gaby Hinsliff                                                 Unhappy Japanese voters turn against LDP /
                 6          Adopt-a-child parties 'risky' admits agency /                                by Justin McCurry
                            by Amelia Hill                                                               Germany battles 'pet dumping' / by Richard
                 7          TV presenters defend reality shows / by                                      Rogers
                            Amelia Hill                                         World: Special   30-31   Revealed: terrible birth defects in children of
News: California 8-9        Kidnap man wired to drugs and god / by              Report                   the Punjab linked to coal pollution / by
Abduction                   Jamie Doward and Bobbie Johnson                                              Gethin Chamberlain in Bathinda
                 9          Analysis: Why some couples are driven to                             31      French Socialists don the mast of unity / by
                            evil / by Phillip Hodson                                                     Jason Burke in Paris
News Briefing    10         Sport: Hundreds cheer teenager's record / by        World            32      Shuttle could win reprieve to relaunch US
                            Richard Rogers                                                               space programme / by Robin McKie at
                            Obituary: Observer newsroom veteran dies                                     Kennedy Space Centre, Florida
                            at 84 / by Robert Chesshyre                                                  World briefing: Sudan: Cattle raiders shoot
                            Crowds queue as Banksy show nears its end                                    38 villagers dead/US: Trailer park deaths/
                            / by Paul Gallagher                                                          Vietnam: Crackdown on bloggers/Thailand:
                            Banking: Question marks over future of the                                   Biker in grenade attack
                            Halifax / by Ben Quinn                              World: The      33       For the once proud Navajo, a fight for
Opinion          11         Oh for goodness sake, Fay, do put a sock in         Grapes of Wrath          survival leads to the pawnshop / by Chris
                            it / by Barbara Ellen                               Revisited                McGreal
                 13         Rebuilding of schools hit by big rise in costs      7 Days          34       Chin up, Midlanders, you're in clover / by
                            / by Amelia Hill and Max Rashbrooke                                          David Mitchell
                            Ministers approve choice of tougher GCSE                                     My week: Samuel West
                            in eight subjects / by Warwick Mansell                               35      The Observer Profile: Margaret Atwood, On
                 13         News in brief: Meredith killer hires help/Still                              a voyage to the world's end / by Tim Adams
                            rocking, at 81/Driver shot dead/Strike threat                        36      Sorry, but I don't think happiness comes in a
                            to Fujitsu/Titanic ticket for sale/The Lottery                               can / by Victoria Coren
News:            14-15      BBC's Peston in furious face-to-face row                             37      Weather forecast for the week ahead
Edinburgh TV                with Murdoch / by Leigh Holmwood and                BUSINESS & MEDIA
Festival                    James Robinson
                 15         Commentary: This attack on the BBC is               Business: News   1       Revealed: how Shell won the fight for
                            specious. And politically and economically                                   Libyan gas and oil / by Terry Macalister
                            out of date / by Will Hutton                                         1-2     OFT to investigate tactics of price
News             16         Secret files reveal UK talks over Libya's oil /                              comparison websites / by Phillip Inman
                            by Terry Macalister                                                  1       Leaked letter warns Tories to delay property
                 17         Guantánamo guard held at Heathrow / by                                       developments / by Nick Mathiason
                            Ben Quinn                                                            2       Water firms oppose pipe network plan / by
                            Obesity 'linked to swine flu fatalities' / by                                Tim Webb
                            Jamie Doward                                                                 Apple iPhone faces android threat / by
                 18-19      Stars are back to celebrate London's 25th                                    Richard Wray
                            Fashion Week / by Alice Fisher                      Business:       3        Calm after stormy ride at MPC / by Heather
Focus: Web       20         Google's plan for world's biggest online:           Monetary Policy          Stewart
Culture                     philanthropy or act of piracy? / by William                                  Current account
                            Sidles                                              Business: Inside 4-5     Labour's home front: Prices might be going
Focus: Musical   21         Born to feud: how years of animosity finally        Story                    up, but the new homes aren't / by Nick
Differences                 split Oasis boys / by Gareth Grundy                                          Mathiason
Interview        22         'I still miss Suzy. It's like living in limbo. It                    4       Letting up: Is home ownership past its sell-
                            will be the same for Claudia's father' / by                                  by date?
                            Tracy McVeigh                                       Business:        6       Comment: And here are a few other ideas to
Comment &        23         My family's debt to the Kennedys' America /         Opinion                  make the bankers splutter / by Ruth
Debate                      by Patricia Williams                                                         Sunderland
                            He gave us strength to achieve our dreams /                                  In my view: Keynes believed in morality;
                            by Jesse Jackson                                                             now the City needs to practise it / by Heather
Comment          24         Change in Afghanistan must come from                                         Stewart
                            within/Pioneers such as Google need to be           Business:        7       Why Virgin Trains' driving force is ready to
                            policed                                             Mammon                   go to war for the railways / by Dan Milmo
                 25         Who do you think you are kidding, Mr                Media            8       Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting
                            Cameron? / by Andrew Rawnsley                                                The Networker: Impatient CEOs are all of a
                            Carnival's changed, but I still love it / by                                 Twitter, but it doesn't work like that / by
                            Lloyd Bradley                                                                John Naughton

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                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
Cash               9         No way ahead – the policy barrier faced by                    16      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                             drivers with disabilities / by Nick Cicutti                   17      Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews BBC
                             'Misleading' benefit advice site that charges                         Proms 48, 50, 52, 56/BBC Chamber Music
                             £11 just to check a form / by Sam Dunn                                Prom 6
                   10        Question of the week: Should you hand over                            Theatre 2: Robert McCrum reviews Hamlet
                             pocket money to children on a reward basis?      Books        19      Tim Adams reviews Let the Great World
                             Yes says Siobhan Freegard, No says Mary                               Spin by Colum McCann
                             MacLeod                                                       20      Fiction: Julie Myerson reviews Juliet, Naked
                             Comment: If the excess is excessive, you can                          by Nick Hornby
                             steer clear / by Lisa Bachelor                                        Fiction: Sophia Waugh reviews The Boy
                             Your letters: 'People have a fundamental                              With the Cuckoo-Clock Heart
                             right not to be bullied by chuggers'                          21      Biography: Peter Conrad reviews William
                   11        Sun shines once again on rainy-day savings                            Golding: The Man Who Wrote Lord of the
                             rates / by Lisa Bachelor                                              Flies by John Carey
                             When borrowing gets really personal / by                              History: Simon Garfield reviews 1939:
                             Huma Qureshi                                                          Countdown to War by Richard Overy
                             Credit cards: Play or pay: Amex won't let                     22      Robert McCrum on books
                             sleeping accounts lie / by Sam Dunn                                   Crime: Susanna Jones reviews Tokyo
                   12        Interest rates                                                        Hostess: The Shocking True Story of the
                   13        When subsidence gives you that sinking                                Western Girls Who Work as Tokyo
                             feeling – look to the skies / by Helen                                Nightclub Hostesses by Clare Campbell
                             Pridham                                                               My other life: Penelope Lively
                             Big brother insurers are watching you / by                    23      Economics: Paul Krugman reviews Keynes:
                             Neasa MacErlean                                                       The Return of the Master by Robert Sidles
                   14        Margaret Dibben: Your problems                                        Fiction: Melissa Katsoulis review Love and
                             Keeping a cool head as cutbacks turn up the                           Summer by William Trevor
                             heat on holiday car hire / by Harriet Meyer                   24      Paperback of the week: Mary Fitzgerald
                                                                                                   reviews The Act of Love by Howard
                   1         My name is Charles Saatchi and I am an                                Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                             artoholic                                                             Paperbacks reviewed by James Purdon,
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Children's                                 Hermione Hoby, Sophie Missing and
                             swimming lessons, 1963 / by Luke Dodd                                 Philippa Lewis
                             Your letters: Domestic classics and home                              Classics Corner: Emma John reviews The
                             fronts                                                                Private Memoirs and Confessions of a
Details: People/   3         The first lady of lard-di-da / by Imogen                              Justified Sinner by James Hogg
Ideas/News                   Carter                                                                The Observer bestsellers list
                             And on guitar... my dad / by Elisa Bray                               Puzzles
                             The no-show must go on                           TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
                             An unsung heroine of the home front / by                              Phil Hogan on radio
                             Simon Garfield                                   Television   26-28   Programme listings
Cover Story        4-5       30 things about art and life – as explained by
                             Charles Saatchi
                   5         The big question: five answers in one
People             6-7       Rachel Cusk: The Interview / by Lynn
Photography        8-9       Meet all the president's men and women / by
                             Nadav Kander and Elizabeth Day
Theatre            10        The playwright putting heart and soul back
                             into British theatre / by Kate Kellaway
The Critics        11        The Main Event: Film: Philip French
                             reviews The Hurt Locker
                   12        Film of the week 2: Philip French reviews
                             Broken Embraces
                             Philip French's screen legends: Leslie
                             Howard 1893-1943
                             Other films: Philip French reviews Funny
                             People/The Final Destination/Mesrine:
                             Public Enemy No 1/Jetsam/In the Realm of
                             the Senses
                             Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
Critics:           14-15     Dance: Luke Jennings reviews The Return of
Edinburgh                    Ulysses/Royal Ballet of Flanders/Gelabert
Festival                     Azzopardi Companyia de Dansa
                   14        Edinburgh Diary / by Veronica Lee
                             Critics choice: Highlights of the week ahead
                   15        Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews The Last
                             Critics choice: Festival highlights for the
                             week ahead
Critics                      Pop: Hermione Hoby reviews Arctic
                             Festival Watch: Green Man / by Ally

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                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 06 September 2009                                                                               McVeigh
                                                                                                       Meet the spider named Bowie / by Arko
MAIN                                                                                                   Olesk
News             1, 5       'Take more babies away from bad parents' /       Focus:          24        Is the world really on the road to a full
                            by Tracy McVeigh                                 Economic Crisis           recovery? / by Ruth Sunderland and Ashley
                 1          Framed: Observer portraits of PM mark end                                  Seagar
                            of the line for Polaroid / by Toby Helm          Focus: Families   26      Another horrific attack – so just how do we
                 1, 4       BBC forces Labour to rethink BNP ban / by        in Crisis                 deal with damaged children? / by Tracy
                            Gaby Hinsliff                                                              McVeigh
                 2          End war on drugs, says [Brazil's] ex-            Focus: Keith      27      'The north was a part of Keith's life. It was
                            president / by Gaby Hinsliff                     Waterhouse,               the part that made him' / by Roy Hattersley
                 3          Image of dying marine divides US / by Gaby       1929-2009
                            Hinsliff                                         Focus: Beauty     28      Bardot and Loren at 75: two screen
                            Brown faces Labour conference motion to          and Ageing                goddesses – two ways to grow old / by
                            pull troops out of 'winnable' war / by Gaby                                Elizabeth Day
                            Hinsliff and Mark Townsend                       Comment &         29      We all suffer when adults lose authority over
                 4          Brown heading for 'catastrophic defeat' / by     Debate                    children / by Jenni Murray
                            Toby Helm and Gaby Hinsliff                                                Say a little prayer – and then so to bed / by
                 5          Brown wins G20 battle to stop curbs on bank                                Kevin McKenna
                            bonuses / by Ashley Seager and Toby Helm         Comment           30      Prohibition's failed. time for a new drugs
                            Tilda Swinton embraces her Italian co-star,                                policy/Sometimes it's kinder to take children
                            Edoardo Gabbriellini at the Venice film                                    into care
                            festival                                                           31      The things Mr Brown left unsaid about
News: Special    6-7        Latin America's backlash against US war on                                 Afghanistan / by Andrew Rawnsley
Report                      drugs / by Ed Vulliamy in Tijuana, Rory                                    For women, taxis must remain a haven / by
                            Carroll in Caracas, Annie Kelly in Buenos                                  Cristina Odone
                            Aires and Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro                           32      The world through a lens: Soyapango, El
                 7          Commentary: 'Continuing with more of the                                   Salvador / by Rory Carroll
                            same tactics is ludicrous' / by Fernando                           33      Where is the compassion for the old lags
                            Henrique Cardoso                                                           who truly deserve it? / by Catherine Bennett
News             8          Cheers for champagne on the cheap / by                                     No one wants to help the unemployed
                            Tracy McVeigh                                                              minorities / by Iqbal Wahhab
                 9          Labour could get a lift from voting reform /                       34      Your letters
                            by Toby Helm                                                               The big issue: Murdoch and media – Is it
                            Euro probe into supermarket dairy prices /                                 time to cut the BBC down to size?
                            by Ian Fletcher                                                            The Observer panel: What secret place
                 10         Teenage jockeys killed in 'arson attack' / by                              would you like access to?
                            Mark Townsend                                    World             35      Hamas in talks on freeing kidnapped Israeli
                 11         Libyan weapons dealers attend London arms                                  soldier / by Rory McCarthy
                            fair / by Mark Townsend                          World: Special    36-37   Wish you weren't here, locals tell tourist
                 13         Tory plan for councils to set benefit levels /   Report                    horde / by Tracy McVeigh
                            by Toby Helm                                     World             38      Dynastic feud sullies the regal image of
                            Limit on UK jobs for foreigners / by Gaby                                  Italy's king of cars / by Tom Kington in
                            Hinsliff                                                                   Rome
News: Briefing   14         Weather: Hundreds of homes evacuated as                            39      Uganda fights rise in child sacrifice / by
                            heavy rain causes floods in Scotland / by                                  Annie Kelly
                            Rowan Walker                                                       40      Female news anchors go head to head in
                            Entertainment: Shirley follows Vera in bid to                              ratings war / by Edward Helmore in New
                            head the charts / by Amelia Hill                                           York
                            Health: Underground wartime hospital up                                    World briefing: US: Teen denies brother
                            for sale                                                                   killed their family by Paul Gallagher/
                            Jack Tweed in court on rape charge / by                                    Pakistan: Pakistani troops kill 43 militants in
                            Rowan Walker                                                               the Kyhber/Macedonia: At least 15 die as
                            Business: PC World staff abuse customers                                   tourist boat sinks on lake
                            on Facebook / by Rowan Walker                    7 Days            41      The Observer profile: Jay-Z / by Alice
                            The Lottery                                                                Fisher
Opinion          15         Why are women being done down by rom-                              42      As the Bible wisely says, the tweet shall
                            coms? / by Barbara Ellen                                                   inherit the earth / by Victoria Coren
News             16-17      It's a slow, reluctant change, but fashion now                             My week: Sebastian Faulks
                            accepts the plus-size models / by Amelia                           43      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                            Hill                                             BUSINESS & MEDIA
                 17         Adviser threatens to quit as chair of race
                            taskforce / by Rajeev Syal                       Business: News    1       UK was hours from bank shutdown / by
                 18         Gangmaster in £300,000 payroll 'con' / by                                  Larry Elliott and Jill Treanor
                            Jamie Elliott                                                              Lehman collapsed the day he arrived, but
                 19         Tory hopeful's class warning to Cameron /                                  this Frenchman still wants to work in
                            by Toby Helm                                                               London / by Julia Kollewe
                            'Sex epic' by Stephenson / by Amelia Hill                                  Xstrata weighs move for platinum producer /
                                                                                                       by Richard Wachman
News: Climate    20-21      Melting ice will trigger wave of natural
Change                      disasters / by Robin McKie                                                 O'Brien attack on old guard fuels row over
                                                                                                       Independent / by Richard Wray
News             22         Shelf-help tips from bygone era are back / by
                            Rebecca Seal                                                       2       Cut interest rates to zero, say firms / by
                                                                                                       Heather Stewart
                 23         Gangsters recruit girls to traffic illicit
                            tobacco / by Mark Townsend and Tracy                                       Taxpayers' bill for MG Rover report is £16m

                                       MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                               The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                              / by Tim Webb                                                         Festival Watch: Leeds 2009
                   3          Generation gap: how the $3bn marriage of                      20      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                              eBay and Skype ended in divorce / by             Books        21      Rachel Cooke reviews The Country
                              Richard Wray                                                          Formerly Known as Great Britain by Ian
                              Current Account                                                       Jack
Business: Inside 4-5          Battle for Britain: Dark days when banks                              Society: James Harkin reviews Snark by
Story                         reached brink of oblivion / by Jill Treanor                           David Denby
                              and Larry Elliott                                             22      Fiction: Thomas Jones reviews Summertime
                              The banking crisis: Nick Mathiason looks at                           by JM Coetzee
                              losers and winners                                                    Debut novels: Francesca Segal reviews All
Business:          6          Comment: Banks prefer to turn on Lord                                 the Colours of the Town by Liam
Opinion                       Turner when they should be turning over a                             McIlvanney/After the Fire, a Still Small
                              new leaf / by Ruth Sunderland                                         Voice by Jonathan Cape/Book of Clouds by
                              In my view: I kid you not, we should not                              Chloe Aridjis
                              make a dash for the exit strategy / by                        23      History: Andrew Anthony reviews Strange
                              William Keegan                                                        Days Indeed: The Golden Age of Paranoia
Business: Tax      7          Financial hurricanes shake the tax havens /                           by Francis Wheen
Avoidance                     by Nick Mathiason                                                     Language: Euan Ferguson reviews The Last
Media              8          Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                 Word: Tales from the Tip of the Mother
                              The Networker: I'm booking a seat for                                 Tongue by Ben Macintyre/Jolly wicked,
                              Google's battle to buy our literary heritage /                        Actually: The 100 Words That Make Us
                              by John Naughton                                                      English by Tony Thorne/It's All in a Word:
Cash               9          Race is on for investors left behind by the                           History, Meaning and the Sheer Joy of
                              market surge / by Sam Dunn                                            Words by Vivian Cook
                   10         I lost my husband and found money trouble /                   24      Robert McCrum on books
                              by Jill Insley                                                        Fiction: The Man in the Wooden Hat by Jane
                              Your letters: Trapped by land bank? Let's                             Gardam
                              help each other                                               25      Fiction: The Year of the Flood by Margaret
                   11         Why finding cheap insurance for young                                 Atwood
                              drivers is a bumpy road / by Huma Qureshi                             Atwood Live in London / by Nicola Barr
                   12         Interest rates                                                        Women: Dinah Birch reviews
                   13         Smart-move sites set on a renting pal / by                            Bluestockings: The Remarkable Story of the
                              Graham Norwood                                                        First Women to Fight for an Education by
                   14         Margaret Dibben: Your problems                                        Jane Robinson
                                                                                            26      Paperback of the week: 50 People Who
REVIEW                                                                                              Buggered Up Britain by Quentin Letts
                   1          The Observer's polaroid project                                       Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                   2          Jane Bown's photo archive: Isaiah Berlin /                            Paperbacks reviewed by Sophie Missing,
                              by Luke Dodd                                                          Philippa Lewis, Jean Hannah Edelstein,
                              Your letters: Give Hillary her due                                    Oliver Marre and William Skidelsky
Details: People/   3          Wanted: a homing vulture / by Imogen                                  Classics Corner: Phil Mongredien reviews
Ideas/News                    Carter                                                                The Gettysburg Address by Abraham
                              Double the stubble / by Stephen Bayley                                Lincoln
                              Place your bets / by Oliver Marre                                     The Observer bestsellers list
                              High on the octane, low on emissions / by                     27      Puzzles
                              Lucy Siegle                                      TV & Radio   29      Kathryn Flett on television
People             4-5        Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones: The Interview /                               Phil Hogan on radio
                              by Rachel Cooke                                  Television   30-32   Programme listings
Real Lives         6-7        A life sentence for a con artist who fell in
                              love / by Elizabeth Day
The Polaroid       8-11, 13   Now smile... it's the last Polaroid picture
Project                       show / by Sean O'Hagan and Imogen Carter
The Critics        15         The Main Event: Dance: Luke Jennings
                              reviews Michael Clark Company
                   16         Film of the Week: Philip French reviews
                              District 9
                   16-17      Philip French's screen legends: Joan
                              Fontaine 1917-
                              Other films: Philip French reviews (500)
                              Days of Summer/Bustin' Down the Door/Big
                              River Man/Tricks/The Red Baron/Greek
                   17         Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
                   18         Edinburgh Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews
                              Peter and Wendy/The Testament of Cresseid
                              /The Yalta Game
                              Theatre 2: Euan Ferguson reviews A New
                              World: A Life of Thomas Paine/Alan
                              Cumming: I Bought a Blue Car Today
                   19         Pop: Caspar Llewellyn Smith reviews Brian
                              Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews BBC
                              Proms 61 & 62/Royal Concertgebouw

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                                               The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 13 September 2009                                                                                 must invest, invest, invest / by Will Hutton
                                                                                                         The world through a lens: London, 9
MAIN                                                                                                     September / by Peter Preston
News              1, 5       Labour set to target middle-class benefits /                        27      Dear BBC, why oh why don't you just ditch
                             by Gaby Hinsliff                                                            the licence fee? / by Catherine Bennett
                  1          Police seek mother of newborn left in                                       From revolutionary socialist to runaway
                             bushes                                                                      bestseller / by Nick Cohen
                  1, 4       Plea for donors as patients die from liver                          28      After Lehmans' fall, we must look beyond
                             transplant delays / by Denis Campbell                                       the banks / by Alistair Darling
                  3          How the Luftwaffe bombed the palace, in                                     Your letters
                             Queen Mum's own words / by Caroline                                         The big issue: children and care
                             Davies                                             World            29      Five more soldiers killed as pressure mounts
                  4          Children 'serious' as E coli outbreak strikes                               on Karazai / by Declan Walsh in Islamabad
                             farm park / by Ben Quinn                                                    Berlusconi bids state funeral farewell to
                  5          TUC boss: Cut pension tax relief for rich /                                 Italy's beloved quizmaster / by John Hooper
                             by Gaby Hinsliff                                                            in Rome
                  7          Colin Firth best actor at Venice festival / by                      30-31   The last nomads: drought drives Kenya's
                             Jason Solomons                                                              herders to the brink / by Peter Beaumont in
News: Organ       8-9        My kids could lose their father. I need a new                               Elwak, Kenya
Donor Crisis                 liver to survive / by Frank Deasy                                   31      Trauma counselling for Semenya following
                             I'd do anything to help a friend I love and                                 test / by Alex Duval Smith in Cape Town
                             Admire. You can help too / by Dougray                               32      Europe fears fuel crisis as Moscow's oil grip
                             Scott                                                                       tightens / by Luke Harding and David Hearst
News Briefing     10         Industrial relations: Postal staff go on strike                             in Moscow
                             prior to national ballot                                                    $1m reward offered for stolen Warhols / by
                             Released Liverpool fan returns to Anfield                                   Vanessa Thorpe
                             Business: Small firms to borrow direct from                         33      Washington awaits Dan Brown fever / by
                             the City                                                                    Joanna Walters
                             Justice: Pentagon hacker in last chance                                     World briefing: Zimbabwe: EU team holds
                             appeal / by Jamie Doward                                                    talks with Mugabe/Cuba: Country mourns
                             Politics: Islamic march forced to switch                                    loss of revolutionary hero/US: M*A*S*H*
                             location / by Jamie Doward                                                  writer Larry Gelbart dies
                  11         Teaching of history comes under threat / by        7 Days           34      How Islamists track and kill Iraq's gays / by
                             Polly Curtis                                                                Afif Sarham in Baghdad and Jason Burke
                             News in brief: Museum to get more mileage                           35      Meet Dave 'Tough Guy' Cameron
                             out of classic car/Yachtsman faces the dock/                                My week: Michael Shields
                             Missing Briton's body found/New police                              36      The Observer profile: Fabio Capello,
                             chief named/Six teenagers shot/Lottery draw                                 Ringmaster of the Three Lions / by Paul
                  12         Women are risking their lives to have IVF                                   Hayward
                             babies / by Amelia Hill                                             37      Weather forecast for the week ahead
Opinion           13         Fabio, the Wags didn't lose the World Cup /        BUSINESS & MEDIA
                             by Barbara Ellen
                  14-15      Charity accused of vandalism in bid to save                         1       Russians hold talks to move in on British
                             birds / by David Adam                                                       nuclear sector / by Terry Macalister
                  15         Quarter of pensioners have to keep working /                                Profits in store as John Lewis looks to
                             by Amelia Hill                                                              expand internet arm / by Julia Finch
                  16         Student ghetto areas 'blight of lives of locals'                            Farmers claim 'ethical' Co-op is driving too
                             / by Jamie Doward                                                           hard a bargain / by Zoe Wood
News: Special     17         Body Shop accused as farmers are evicted to                                 Rover report could lead to civil action
Investigation                make way for palm oil / by Rajeev Syal                                      against Phoenix Four / by Ian Griffiths and
                  18         TV is ignoring teen viewers, says Phil                                      Tim Webb
                             Redmond / by Vanessa Thorpe                        Business: News   2       Musicians take sides as piracy deadline
                  19         The dealer, the $10m and the missing art                                    looms / by Katie Allen
                             treasures / by Mark Townsend                                                Unions warn Cadbury bid could bring job
                  19         Ofsted Unite official getting full salary and                               losses / by Richard Wachman
                             perks deal / by Toby Helm                          Business: TUC    3       Cash-strapped Labour forced to listen as
Focus: Society    20         From Booker to BBC: why our culture is             Congress                 union barons come in from the cold / by
                             escaping into the past / by Tim Adams                                       Nick Mathiason
Focus: Interview 21          How radio's star overcame barriers of age                                   Current account
                             and sex / by Elizabeth Day                         Business: Inside 4-5     Merger Mania: New dawn for the City as the
Focus: Children   22         'We didn't know our babies had been                Story                    deal returns / by Richard Wachman
in Crisis                    damaged by alcohol' / by Amelia Foster                              5       Too early to take banks off life-support
Comment &         23         Each day brings more death. It's time to                                    machine / by Jill Treanor
Debate                       legalise drugs / by John Gray                      Business:        6       Comment: Darling may be coy and Cameron
                             Harrah for the Windsors' wedding / by              Opinion                  gung-ho, but can any party avoid the
                             Carole Cadwalladr                                                           cruellest cuts? / by Heather Stewart
Comment           24         The Phoenix Four personified the age of                                     In my view: In the rush to exit recession,
                             greed/A bold BBC does not need to be a                                      bankers must wait their turn / by William
                             bigger BBC                                                                  Keegan
                  25         If Labour doesn't fight the tide, it will be                        7       CBI chief's vision blows them away up north
                             drowned by it / by Andrew Rawnsley                                          / by David Teather
                             We need to repeal 12 years of vile laws / by       Media            8       Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting
                             Henry Porter                                                                The Networker: Why everyone's invited to
                  26         Slashing the national debt can wait. First we                               the tenth birthday bash for Blogger / by John

                                        MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                               The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                              Naughton                                                            Bunny Munro by Nick Cave
Cash               9          Just who can you bank on to deliver real                            Fiction: James Miller reviews Generation A
                              benefits? / by Lisa Bachelor                                        by Douglas Coupland
                   10         Question of the week: Do loyalty schemes                            Self-Help: Elizabeth Day reviews The Star
                              generally offer really good value to                                Qualities: The Secret to Being Confident
                              customers?                                                          and Successful, From the World's Leading
                              What you say: Your letters                                          Actors by Caroline Goyder
                              Online banking loophole risk                                22      Colm Tόibín's small masterpiece deserves a
                   11         A home loan built on shaky ground / by                              better Booker fate / by Robert McCrum
                              Esther Shaw                                                         Booker shortlist
                   12         Interest rates                                                      Shorts: Ian Irvine reviews The Junior
                   13         Marking sure you're a winner in a split                             Officer's Reading Club: Killing Time and
                              decision / by Harriet Meyer                                         Fighting Wars by Patrick Hennessey
                   14         Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                      Shorts: Alex Preston reviews Binge Trading
                                                                                                  by Seth Freedman
REVIEW                                                                                    23      Memoir: Donald Trelford reviews My Paper
                   1          Let me lay my cards on the table... Victoria                        Chase: True Stories of Vanished Times by
                              Coren on life, death and poker                                      Harold Evans
                   2          Jane Bown's photo archive: Mechthild                                Fiction: Kate Kellaway reviews The
                              Nawiasky, 1950s / by Luke Dodd                                      Bradshaw Variations by Rachel Cusk
                              Your letters: The demise of an iconic                       24      Paperback of the Week: Sarah March
                              brand...                                                            reviews Antigona and Me by Kate Clanchy
Details: People/   3          Profs, toffs and cop-offs / by Oliver Marre                         Paperbacks reviewed by Hermione Hoby,
Ideas/News                                                                                        Alex Larman and Emily Stokes
                              Hard day at the orifice, dear? / by Oliver                          Classics Corner: Alice Fisher reviews Tropic
                              Marre                                                               Moon by Georges Simenon
                              Great West End 'purrformances' / by                                 The Observer bestsellers list
                              Hermione Hoby                                               25      Puzzles
                              Death, art and dining on the dark side / by    TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
                              Imogen Carter                                                       Phil Hogan on radio
People             4-5        Kelly Osbourne: The Interview / by Tim         Television   28-30   Programme listings
Television         6-7        And it's goodbye from Melvyn's one-man
                              show / by Andrew Anthony
Cover Story        8-10       Me, my dad, and the deal of a lifetime / by
                              Victoria Coren
Music              10         France, Sweden, Malawi, London... the band
                              with a truly global sound / by Gareth Grundy
The Critics        11         The Main Event: Film: Philip French
                              reviews Julie & Julia
                   12         Film of the Week 2: Philip French reviews
                              Fish Tank
                              Other Films: Philip French reviews The
                              September Issue/Dorian Gray/WhiteOut/The
                              Thing/Adventureland/Miss March:
                              Generation Penetration/Sorority Row
                   13         Jason Solomons reviews the Venice Film
                              Palazzo Trash
                   14         Art: Laura Cumming reviews Rosalind
                              Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Rosas danst
                              Theatre: Kate Kellaway reviews Judgment
                              Day/Punk Rock/Lolita/Katrina
                   16         Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                   17         Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Linda di
                              Chamounix/Actus Tragicus/Musical
                              Offering/Kings Place Festival
                              Festival Watch: Offset 2009
                              Shorts: Theatre: Euan Ferguson reviews
                              Shorts: Pop: Hermione Hoby reviews Beth
                              Shorts: Theatre: Clare Brennan reviews The
Books              19         William Boyd reviews The Secret Lives of
                              Somerset Maugham
                   20         Autobiography: Tim Adams reviews Queen
                              of the Court: An Autobiography by Serena
                              Politics: Peter Preston reviews Freedom for
                              Sale by John Kampfner
                   21         Fiction: Sean O'Hagan reviews The Death of

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                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 20 September 2009                                                       Focus: Interview 27      The promise I had to keep: to wear a dress at
                                                                                                        my fallen friend's funeral / by Barry Delaney
MAIN                                                                           Focus: Sexual    28      New generation of Italian women find a
News             1, 5       Tories' tax rise claim backfires on Osborne /      Politics                 voice after 'summer of sleaze' / by Tom
                            by Gaby Hinsliff                                                            Kington in Rome
                 1          Size 14 row hits London Fashion Week                                        Commentary: Out battle is not only against
                 1, 4       Cancer risk casts doubt over future of HRT /                                Berlusconi – it's also against our friends,
                            by Anushka Asthana                                                          partners, colleagues and bosses / by Maria
                 3          Susan Boyle races Robbie for Christmas No                                   Laura Rodota
                            1 spot / by Vanessa Thorpe                                                  Is Italy a sexist country?
                            Gangs circulate list of thousands of people        Comment &        29      Carter was right. 'Post-racial; America is still
                            vulnerable to scams / by Mark Townsend             Debate                   a distant hope / by Keith Richburg
                 4          Lib Dems spurn olive branch from Cameron                                    Waiter, there's a spy in my soup / by Henry
                            the 'con man' / by Gaby Hinsliff                                            Porter
                 5          Poor nations need £900m to avert swine flu         Comment          30      Clegg's liberalism is genuine, but is
                            disaster / by Rajeev Syal                                                   Cameron's?/We saved the economy; now for
                            All eyes on Anish Kapoor / by Vanessa                                       the world/Call a truce!
                            Thorpe                                                              31      Why Clegg has to loathe Cameron's
                 7          The lessons that should have saved a                                        messages of love / by Andrew Rawnsley
                            Yorkshire school from sex scandals / by                                     I wish people would lay off lap dancing / by
                            Anushka Asthana                                                             Heather McGregor
                 8-9        Postal strike poses 'real threat' to daily                          32      When it comes to life, love and true
                            delivery at home / by Toby Helm and Jack                                    happiness, Sarkozy is leading the way / by
                            Griffith                                                                    Will Hutton
                 9          Addicts could be given free foil to wean                                    The world through a lens: London, 18
                            them off dirty needles / by Denis Campbell                                  September
News Briefing    10         Politics: Ministers urge caution on electoral                       33      The astonishing hypocrisy of those who push
                            reform poll / by Gaby Hinsliff and Toby                                     child legislation / by Catherine Bennett
                            Helm                                                                        One woman's success is another's
                            Jane Austen fans set Regency dress record                                   exploitation / by Nick Cohen
                            Families: Authorities 'fail to act' on domestic                     34      A Lib Dem-Tory movement will vanquish
                            violence                                                                    Labour / by David Cameron
                            Health: Doctors had smoking fears 400 years                                 Your letters
                            ago / by Vanessa Thorpe                                                     The big issue: surveillance Britain
                            Iraq: Death inquiry to hear torture claims /       World            35      World leaders 'must act now' to save climate
                            by Mark Townsend                                                            treaty – UN / by Suzanne Goldenberg
News             11         Catwalk row over size 14 models / by Alice                                  Iranian TV edits out protesters from football
                            Fisher                                                                      match / by Robert Tait
                 12         Call for farms to ban petting by toddlers / by                      36-37   Obama cannot avoid the sound and fury over
                            Jamie Doward                                                                the colour of his skin / by Paul Harris in
Opinion          13         Why Katie Price is right not to name her                                    Allendale, South Carolina
                            rapist / by Barbara Ellen                                           37      Battle for Kennedy's Senate seat could save
News: Organ      14-15      'It's a tragic death, but he leaves a massive                               healthcare reforms / by Peter Beaumont
Donor Crisis                legacy' / by Tracy McVeigh                                          38      German poll reignited by East's anger / by
                 15         Commentary: Last wishes need to be shared                                   Jason Burke in Schwerin
                            / by Mary Harney                                                    39      America falls for 'bonnet-ripper' tales of
News             16         How children get stuck in the naughty corner                                Amish passion and desire / by Paul Harris in
                            / by Anushka Asthana                                                        New York
                            News in brief: Man dies after gunshot                                       World briefing: US 'Godfather of neo-
                            wound to the chest/Cameron own goal/Jury                                    conservatism' dies/Serbia: Gay pride march
                            shown 'Kercher knife'/Paras remember                                        axed after extremist threat/Nigeria: Minister
                            Arnhem/Lottery results                                                      tries to ban blockbuster film/Thailand:
                 17         Milk 'strikes' and shortages hit Europe as UK                               Protests and clashes on coup anniversary
                            dairy industry reels from crisis / by Jamie                         40      Terror stalks Russia's deep south / by Clancy
                            Doward                                                                      Chassay in Nazran
                 18         Listed buildings can solve homes crisis / by       7 Days           41      Heels? Well, I've worn them to work / by
                            Jamie Doward                                                                David Mitchell
                            Anger over DNA tests on asylum seekers /                                    My week: Tony Parsons
                            by Jamie Doward                                                     42      The Observer profile/Whitney Houston:
                 19         Fashion courts its new queen: blogger Tavi,                                 Return of the troubled diva / by Oliver Marre
                            13 / by Eva Wiseman                                                 43      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                 20         NHS blamed for three-year legal fight / by         BUSINESS & MEDIA
                            Rajeev Syal
                            Students told of lethal risks in 'legal highs' /   Business: News   1       Lost City jobs punch hole in London's tube
                            by Jamie Doward                                                             budget / by Dan Milmo
                 21         Football chiefs clamp down on web pirates /                                 Chic buggy to Zimmer / by David Teather
                            by James Robinson                                                           PM aims to lure Siemens wind power
                 22         Grizzly bears starve as fish stocks collapse /                              investment / by Terry Macalister
                            by Tracy McVeigh                                                            Xstrata faces bid demand from Anglo
Focus: Special   24-25      The drugs debate: legalise or not? The case                                 American / by Richard Wachman
Report                      for by Tom Lloyd ...and against by Antonio                          2       Berlin to beg EU nations for Opel aid / by
                            Maria Costa                                                                 Tim Webb
Focus: The       26         Sarah Brown: a year in the life of a rising                                 Row as agencies dodge £800m Olympic debt
Political Wife              force inside Downing St / by Gaby Hinsliff                                  / by Nick Mathiason

                                       MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                                The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                              Avoiding tax robs our public services,                                    Philip French's screen legends: Sidney
                              declares minister / by Jill Treanor                                       Poitier 1927-
                              Philippines ponders text levy / by Kathryn                        13      Other films: Philip French reviews
                              Hopkins                                                                   Chevolution/The Firm/The Agent/Blind
Business: Space    3          Euro space mission prepares for lift-off. But                             Dating/31 North 62 East/Three Miles North
Race                          will UK firms be left out in the cold? / by                               of Molkom/Je veux voir/Birdwatchers/
                              Nick Mathiason                                                            Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 3D
                              Current account                                                   14      Theatre: Kate Kellaway reviews The Shawl/
Business: Inside 4-5          Alternative economics: Forget GDP:                                        The Shawshank Redemption/Othello
Story                         happiness is the secret of success / by                                   Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Kidd Pivot:
                              Heather Stewart                                                           Lost Action/Bounce: Insane in the Brain
                              Is Sarkozy's approach a tall order? Views for                     15      Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Le
                              and against                                                               Grand Macabre/La traviata/Don Carlo
                   5          Workplace stress adds up to a sense of doom                               Shorts: Theatre: Clare Brennan reviews Pub
                              for the fearful French / by Ross Tieman                                   Quiz is Live
Business:          6          Cadbury has plenty to fear from Kraft / by                                Shorts: Pop: Ally Carnwath reviews Massive
Takeovers                     Richard Wachman                                                           Attack
Business:          7          The buggy man comes of age / by David                             16      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
Mammon                        Teather                                                           17      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Moctezuma:
Business:          10         Comment: Memo to world leaders: spare us                                  Aztec Ruler
Opinion                       all the summit speeches and fix finance                                   Festival Watch: End of the Road / by
                              instead / by Heather Stewart                                              Shahesta Shaitly
                              In my view: Who do you think is right,               Books        19      Peter Conrad reviews The Lost Symbol by
                              Osborne or Keynes? No prizes / by William                                 Dan Brown
                              Keegan                                                            20      Sport: Emma John reviews get Her off the
Media              11         An unlimited supply of nostalgia helps labels                             Pitch!: How Sport Took Over my Life by
                              prosper / by Katie Allen                                                  Lynne Truss
                              Songs that just keep on earning / by Katie                                Fiction: Elizabeth Day reviews Ordinary
                              Allen                                                                     Thunderstorms by William Boyd
                   12         Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                             21      Memoir: Robert McCrum reviews True
                              The Networker: And the winner for internet                                Compass: A Memoir by Edward M Kennedy
                              display advertising is... Google / by John                                Diaries: Caroline Boucher reviews Halfway
                              Naughton                                                                  to Hollywood: Diaries 1980-88 by Michael
Cash               13         Why taking in lodgers is a bad move when it                               Palin
                              comes to home insurance / by Jamie Elliott                        22      Interview: Valerie Martin / by William
                   14         Pay off your credit card debts in the right                               Skidelsky
                              order / by Sam Dunn                                                       Crime round-up by Peter Guttridge
                              Net savings: Huma Qureshi                                         23      Ballet: Luke Jennings reviews Different
                              Question of the week: Should there be a cap                               Drummer: the life of Kenneth MacMillan by
                              on personal debt?, Yes says Tim Cockerill/                                Jann Parry
                              No, says David Black                                                      Biography: Oliver Marre reviews James
                   15         Smart ways to cut the winter bills / by Lisa                              Lees-Milne: The Life by Michael Bloch
                              Bachelor                                                          24      Paperback of the week: The Invention of
                   16         Interest rates                                                            Scotland: Myth and History by Hugh
                   17         What you say: Your letters                                                Trevor-Roper
                              Interest rate v arrangement fee... it's all in the                        Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                              balance / by Melanie Wright                                               Paperbacks reviewed by Katie Toms,
                   18         Margaret Dibben: Your problems                                            Natasha Tripney, Oliver Marre and Imogen
REVIEW                                                                                                  Classics Corner: The Analects by Philip
                   1          Letters from the front line                                               Womack
                   2          Jane Bown's photo archive: Pre-budget                                     The Observer bestsellers list
                              prices, 1964 / by Luke Dodd                                       25      Puzzles
                              Your letters: There's still plenty to Bragg          TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
                              about                                                                     Miranda Sawyer on radio
Details: People/   3          Sugar? Life is sweet enough / by Oliver              Television   28-30   Programme listings
Ideas/News                    Marre
                              Can't you feel the love? / by Carole
                              The day we won at Lord's / by William
Photography        4-5        Images of pop-star cool caught in
                              Manchester / by Miranda Sawyer
Music              6-7        Passion and politics driving an ultra patriot /
                              by Ed Vulliamy
Cover Story        8-10       'Love to you, our best son, and may God
                              guard you': the poignant correspondence
                              between a teenage soldier on the Western
                              Front and his father – the Observer's
                              celebrated editor, JL Garvin
The Critics        11         The Main Event: Pop: Gareth Grundy
                              reviews Jay-Z
                   12         Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                              Away We Go

                                         MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 27 September 2009                                                     Conference/Inter         bellies. We've got to fight back' / by Toby
                                                                             view                     Helm and Heather Stewart
MAIN                                                                         Focus: People    27      Female 'cougars' are on the prowl. Or are
News            1, 7       Labour leadership 'has lost the will to live'                              they just a male fantasy? / by Paul Harris in
                           says Darling                                                               New York and Anushka Asthana
                1, 3       Jail corruption inquiry folds after huge          Focus: History   28      Golden hoard casts Mercia and its wealthy
                           payouts / by Jamie Doward                                                  warriors in a new light / by Vanessa Thorpe
                2          Baroness forced to issue another denial / by                               Heaney's Beowulf
                           Gaby Hinsliff                                     Comment &        29      The end of the world is nigh? No, things are
                3          Mystery group's UK model hunt / by Jamie          Debate                   getting better / by Henry Porter
                           Doward                                                                     The new organic revolution starts here / by
                4          Sick babies to get one-to-one intensive care /                             Jay Rayner
                           by Denis Campbell                                 Comment          30      Labour appears resigned to opposition. But
                5          US 'will demand access to Iranian nuclear                                  there are crucial arguments still to be won
                           sites within three months' / by Julian Borger                      31      Gordon Brown has to break out of the spiral
                           in New York                                                                of decay / by Andrew Rawnsley
                           China reluctant to force new sanctions / by                                Stop telling me I'd be happier in the kitchen /
                           Tania Branigan in Beijing                                                  by Ruth Sunderland
                6          Alcohol test for claimants sparks row over                         32      We now live in a society so cynical that
                           benefits / by Jamie Doward                                                 cheating has become the norm / by Will
                           News in brief: Ex-Scout leader charged with                                Hutton
                           sex attacks on boys/That'll be his big day/                                The world through a lens: Lower Tamar
                           Cambridge cleric found dead/14m motorbike                                  Lake, dawn / by Ross Hoddinott
                           record/Car speaker jobs at risk/Lottery                            33      In princes we trust... to do absolutely nothing
                           results                                                                    useful / by Catherine Bennett
                7          Labour may 'never recover from defeat' / by                                The bankroller who is blighting British
                           Toby Helm                                                                  political life / by Nick Cohen
                           No wedding day off for Ken / by Tracy                              34      Your letters: We must switch to an opt-out
                           McVeigh                                                                    donor register
News: Special   8-9        New study dispels myth of bleak life for                                   The big issue: drugs
Report                     elderly / by Robin McKie and Anushka                                       The Observer panel: What valuable wouldn't
                           Asthana                                                                    you want dug up?
News Briefing   10         Remembrance: Berlin airlift veterans mark         World            35      Chaos on Greek islands as migrants
                           60th anniversary / by Patrick Forbes                                       demonstrate over detention camps / by
                           Stars in the pit lane as Beyoncé meets Lewis                               Helena Smith
                           / by Rajeev Syal                                                           Germany bans flights after Bin Laden threats
                           Law: Holiday traffic tickets to follow                                     cloud poll / by Peter Beaumont
                           Britons home / by Jamie Doward                                     36-37   US braced for surge of protest over Afghan
                           Crime: Last witness heard in Meredith                                      war / by Paul Harris
                           murder trial / by Rajeev Syal                                      37      Literary recluse charms US critics after a 15-
                           Health: Dentists may stop NHS work in                                      year wait / by Paul Harris in New York
                           contracts row / by Denis Campbell                                  38      Coup leader admits that exiling former
Opinion         13         Alesha Dixon and the ugly face of ageism /                                 president was a mistake / by Peter Beaumont
                           by Barbara Ellen                                                           Shy woman's artistry in sand has Ukraine
News            12         Trust in business chiefs hits new low / by                                 shedding tears / by Tracy McVeigh
                           Denis Campbell                                                     39      My name's Hervé and I'm an alcoholic –
                           Cameron faces new demand for EU poll /by                                   France confronts its drink problem / by
                           Toby Helm and Henry McDonald                                               Jason Burke in Paris
                13         Arts may lose out as Tories pledge £40m for                                World briefing: Philippines: Five dead after
                           heritage / by Vanessa Thorpe                                               worst floods in 42 years/Pakistan: Two
News:           14-15      Dust clouds take deadly viruses across the                                 suicide bombs kill 16 and wound 150/US:
Environment                world / by John Vidal                                                      Manson cult member dies in jail from
                17         I don't have the bare cheek for mantyhose /                                cancer/North Korea: Family reunions signal
                           by Euan Ferguson                                                           thaw towards Seoul
                18         UK firm accused over dam projects / by                             40      Tests on skull raise doubts over how Hitler
                           Rajeev Syal and Daniel Pye                                                 died / by Uki Goñi
                           A-level flop lands top science job / by Jacqui    7 Days           42      Pointless studies are the key to evolution / by
                           Thornton                                                                   David Mitchell
News: Interview 19         'Even after Heath died, it was still his movie'                            My week: Simon McBurney
                           says director Terry Gilliam / by Tim Adams                         43      The Observer profile: Stanley McChrystal,
                21         Phone giant backs climate campaign / by                                    The President's stealth fighter / by Peter
                           Damian Carrington and David Adam                                           Beaumont
                           I'm a green convert, but where is my                               44      Even now I wouldn't be confident enough to
                           messiah? / by Mariella Frostrup                                            date a teacher / by Victoria Coren
                23         Divorce rates linked to age and schooling /                        45      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                           by Anushka Asthana and Denis Campbell             BUSINESS & MEDIA
                           Tipping law 'will cost jobs in restaurants' /
                           by Tracy McVeigh                                  Business: News   1       Hermès to pay £75m for Asprey's Bond
Focus: Labour   24-25      Brown prepares his last desperate roll of the                              Street store / by Nick Mathiason
Conference                 dice / by Gaby Hinsliff                                                    Despite the slump, shoppers still want a
                           How can Labour win the next election?                                      £15,000 handbag / by Elena Moya
                25         Commentary: There is a choice: equality or                                 Hutchings starts online campaign to regain
                           rampant individualism / by Jack Straw                                      Lupus / by Terry Macalister
Focus: Labour   26         'We don't look as if we have fire in our                                   Bitter struggle for Cadbury's as Kraft lines

                                      MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                                The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             up hostile bid / by Richard Wachman                               13      Other films: Philip French reviews The
                   2         Make Rock a mutual again, says report / by                                Soloist/Surrogates/Born in 68/Jack Said/
                             Richard Wachman                                                           White Lightnin'/The Crimson Wing/Fame/
                             Australian bank set to pick off weaker UK                                 Management/The Godfather
                             building societies / by Richard Wachman                                   Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
                             Banks' lifeboat set to move into Titanic's old                    14-15   Art: Kate Kellaway reviews Angels of
                             offices / by Jill Treanor                                                 Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism
                             Plea to extend car scrappage scheme / by                                  Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Giselle &
                             Tim Webb                                                                  Men Y Men/English National Ballet
                             INM's rebel offers rival a lift on rescue                         15      Pop: Hermione Hoby reviews Beth Jeans
                             vehicle / by Richard Wray                                                 Houghton
Business:          3         Where the City suits strip off and get down                       16      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
Sporting Life                to some very brutal business / by Zoe Wood                        17      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews The
                             Current account                                                           Drunks/The Grain Store/Our Class/Talent
Business: Inside 4-5         Showdown in store: Davies returns to trump                                Classical: Stephen Pritchard reviews The
Story                        rivals as high street dusts itself off / by Zoe                           Damnation of Faust: LSO and Chorus/
                             Wood and Julia Finch                                                      Gergiev/Chicago Symphony Orchestra/
                             Big spenders: how world's top shopping                                    Haitink
                             streets have fared / by Zoe Wood                     Books        19      Rachel Cooke reviews Alan Clark: The
                   5         Runners and riders in the race to replace                                 Biography by Ion Trewin
                             Rose / by Julia Finch                                             20      Fiction: Geoff Dyer reviews A Gate at the
Business:          6         Comment: As Kraft tries to swallow                                        Stairs by Lorrie Moore
Opinion                      Cadbury, it's time we took down the Britain                               Short Stories: Rachel Aspden reviews Love
                             For Sale sign / by Ruth Sunderland                                        and Obstacles by Aleksandar Hemon
                             In my view: Is Cameron at the cutting edge                        21      Biography: Peter Conrad reviews The Secret
                             of becoming a hate figure? / by William                                   Life of Marilyn Monroe by J. Randy
                             Keegan                                                                    Taraborrelli
Business:          7         End of road for blue-chip, blue-blood                                     Music: Luke Bainbridge reviews The
Finance                      Cazenove / by Richard Wachman                                             Haçienda: How Not to Run a Club by Peter
Media              8         Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                     Hook
                             The Networker: And lo, the Tablet appeared,                               Fiction: Alice Fisher reviews Chalcot
                             and verily there was no Apple on it / by John                             Crescent by Fay Weldon
                             Naughton                                                          22      Robert McCrum
Cash               9         Property fraudsters target students and                                   My other life: No. 25 Ian Jack
                             tourists in London letting scam / by Jamie                        23      Memoir: Edward Docx reviews For Richer,
                             Elliott and Graham Norwood                                                for Poorer: A Love Affair With Poker by
                   10        What you say: Your letters: When students                                 Victoria Coren
                             turn 'professional' they become reliable                                  Society: Michael Bond reviews On
                             overnight!                                                                Rumours: How Falsehoods Spread, Why We
                   11        Postal strikes leave eBay users in limbo / by                             Believe Them, What Can be Done by Cass
                             Sam Dunn                                                                  Sunstein
                   12        Interest rates                                                            Memoir: Peregrine Worsthorne reviews
                   13        Doubt over 'flat head syndrome' fix / by                                  Keith Kyle: Reporting the World by Keith
                             Hilary Osborne                                                            Kyle
                   14        Margaret Dibben: Your problems                                    24      Paperback of the week: Robin McKie
                                                                                                       reviews The Earth After Us: What Legacy
REVIEW                                                                                                 Will Humans Leave in the Rocks? by Jan
                   1         Get a movie on! It took the dynamic duo                                   Zalasiewicz
                             Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine just                                    Paperbacks reviewed by James Purdon,
                             five days to make their latest film                                       Jessica Holland, Helen Zaltzman and Lettie
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Madame                                         Rawnsley
                             Yevonde, 1968 / by Luke Dodd                                              Classics Corner: Lisa O'Kelly reviews
                             Your letters: Close, but no cigar                                         Delight by JB Priestley
Details: People/   3         Boris and Dave: the Bullingdon years / by                                 Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
Ideas/News                   Toby Young                                                                The Observer bestsellers list
                             An artful approach to living / by Hermione                        25      Puzzles
                             Hoby                                                 TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
                             Odds on for the Nobel book / by William                                   Miranda Sawyer on radio
                             Skidelsky                                            Television   28-30   Programme listings
Cover Story        4-5       It's a rap: this is England, economy rate / by
                             Sean O'Hagan
People             6-7       Michael Ignatieff: The Interview / by Rachel
Drama              8-9       So, who fancies another cheesy-pineapple
                             one? Abigail's Party changed the face of TV
                             drama and comedy / by Imogen Carter
Art                10        Is it art, or is it a store? Keith Haring's iconic
                             Pop Show is now reborn as both / by
                             Elizabeth Day
                   11        The Main Event: Art: Laura Cumming
                             reviews Anish Kapoor at the Royal
                             Academy, London
                   12        Film of the Week: Philip French reviews

                                        MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                               The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 04 October 2009                                                                                   cynical calls for fake change' / by Nick
                                                                                                         Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats
MAIN                                                                                                     Analysis: Brown isn't finished yet, but high
News             1, 11       Tory turmoil over EU as Ireland says Yes to                                 turnout is his main hope / by Sir Robert
                             treaty / by Toby Helm, Henry McDonald and                                   Worcester, founder of MORI
                             Rajeev Syal                                        Focus: Culture   24      US women lash out at Hollywood 'claim' for
                 1           In the running for PM? Tory leader David           Clash                    its defence of Polanski / by Paul Harris in
                             Cameron jogging near his home in west                                       New York
                             London                                             Focus: Olympics 25       Brazil revels in new-found respect as it
                 1, 5        Brown bows to TV debates but wants them            2016                     evolves into a 'first-rate' nation / by Tom
                             to start now / by Gaby Hinsliff                                             Phillips in Rio de Janeiro
                 3           Brutality of real-life Sopranos grips America                               Comment: Rio has won the battle: now the
                             as 'mafia boss' stands trial / by Paul Harris in                            real fight starts / by Joao Marcello Erthal,
                             New York                                                                    City Editor of O Dia
                             Actors oppose asylum cuts / by Jamie               People           26      Meet Erdem, the hot young designer who
                             Doward                                                                      unites Brown and Cameron / by Vanessa
News: Politics   4-5         Will TV debates change the face of the                                      Thorpe
                             election? / by Andrew Rawnsley                     Comment &        27      Britain must grow up and stop believing
                 6           Cutbacks in therapists treating depression /       Debate                   Europhobe nonsense / by Rafael Behr
                             by Jamie Doward                                                             One happy ending – but not the last chapter /
                             Cheryl Cole glows on Simon Cowell's big                                     by Rachel Cooke
                             night                                              Comment          28      Cameron has deftly identified Britain's
                 7           Boom in birth coaches for mothers / by                                      problems. He has yet to offer credible
                             Denis Campbell                                                              solutions
                             Police in hunt for £1bn carbon credit                               29      Power beckons for the Tories – but are they
                             fraudsters / by Rajeev Syal                                                 ready for it? / by Andrew Rawnsley
                 8           Private schools' outcry over 'tougher' AS-                                  When daddy is just an optional extra / by
                             levels / by Anushka Asthana                                                 Elizabeth Day
                             News in brief: Mother arrested over death of                        30      Mandelson was Brighton's darling but
                             three-year/Five-year-old sees killing/Humble                                Brown gave Labour a future / by Will
                             springs aloft/Tribute to Real IRA victims/                                  Hutton
                             Harman 'left crash scene'/Lottery draw                                      The world through a lens: Tiananmen
                 9           Judge us on what we do for the poor, say                                    Square, 1 October / by Peter Beaumont
                             Tories / by Gaby Hinsliff                                           31      The silence of the ladies who lunch over the
                             Seizing assets from crime bosses 'is more                                   ladies who die / by Catherine Bennett
                             effective than prison' / by Mark Townsend                                   Why Roman Polanski just loves the English
News: Lisbon     10-11       Irish 'Yes' vote starts Blair's bid for                                     courts / by Nick Cohen
Treaty                       presidency of the new Europe / by Ian                               32      Your letters
                             Traynor in Brussels and Toby Helm                                           The big issue: research funding
                 11          Analysis: Vote threatens to plunge Tory                                     The Observer panel: What message for Earth
                             party into new civil war / by Toby Helm                                     would you send from space?
News Briefing    12          Civil liberties: Anger as 500,000 job seekers      World            33      Sumatran hopes fade as whole villages
                             have to pay £23 for criminal records check/                                 sucked into earth / by Ben Doherty in
                             Environment: MacArthur quits sailing to                                     Padang and Peter Beaumont
                             fight for green issues/Education: School asks                               The joke's on David Letterman as rivals
                             parents to stop/After 50 years, a new loco                                  mock his studio sex / by Paul Harris in New
                             steams into view/Afghanistan: Serviceman                                    York
                             killed by roadside bomb named                                       34      As India's rich get richer, the child death rate
Opinion          13          These armchair paedophiles are just as guilty                               soars in the slums / by Gethin Chamberlain
                             / by Barbara Ellen                                                          in Delhi
News             14          Grace-and-favour-homes may open / by                                        Tax on Coca-Cola 'could make Americans
                             Toby Helm                                                                   thinner' / by Peter Beaumont
News:            16-17       Vital food chain at risk as Arctic seas turn to                     35      Welcome to the No 1 Ladies' Opera / by
Environment                  acid / by Robin McKie                                                       Alex Duval Smith
                 17          Soot clouds pose threat to Himalayan               World: Special   36-37   Life and brutal death in world's murder
                             glaciers / by Randeep Ramesh in Delhi and          Report                   capital / by Ed Vulliamy
                             Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington                                    38      Left's dynasty poised to rule Greece again /
News             18          Fountains on tap in war on bottled water / by                               by Helena Smith
                             Paul Gallagher                                                              World briefing: Afghanistan: Karzai rival
                             New drugs to transform treatment of cancers                                 says UN head allowed fraud/Italy: Mudslide
                             / by Robin McKie                                                            deaths will hit 50, says Berlusconi/
                 19          Up to 64,000 women in UK 'are child-sex                                     Philippines: Typhoon Parma fells pylons and
                             offenders' / by Mark Townsend and Rajeev                                    trees
                             Syal                                               7 Days           39      I don't go to restaurants to tell the truth / by
                 20          Darling rejects call for UK to lose seat on                                 David Mitchell
                             IMF / by Larry Elliott in Istanbul                                          My week: Alastair Campbell
                             Hi-tech chairs to cut the risk of superbugs /                       41      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                             by Vanessa Thorpe
                                                                                BUSINESS & MEDIA
                 21          Own-label food has lowest salt levels / by
                             Anushka Asthana                                    Business: News   1       Plan to force banks to lend in poorer
Focus:           22-23       Which Tory face will be on show in                                          communities / by Larry Elliott
Conservative                 Manchester? / by Gaby Hinsliff                                              Report urges Darling to take a slice of the
Conference                                                                                               City's bonus pot / by Heather Stewart
                 23          Comment: 'Sorry, David, we won't join in                                    John Hutton declines job offer from EDF

                                        MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             Energy / by Tim Webb                                                   the Tate Modern, London
                             Chinese steel giant seeks £1bn stake in                        13      Hermione Hoby reviews Florence + the
                             Anglo mine adventure / by Richard                                      Machine/Speech Debelle
                             Wachman                                                        14      Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                   2         UK firm bids to claim 'blood diamond' field /                          Army of Crime
                             by Ian Evans in Cape Town                                              Philip French's screen legends: Hedy Lamarr
                             BAE pushes for settlement with SFO as                                  1913-2000
                             shares wobble / by Terry Macalister and                        15      Other films: Philip French reviews The
                             David Leigh                                                            Invention of Lying/The Beaches of Agnès/
Business:          3         Goodbye Bretton Woods, hello Beijing: the                              Surviving Evil/Vinyan/Pandorum/Toy Story
Economic                     buck is passing to new world order / by                                in 3D/Driving Aphrodite/IP Man/District 13:
Power                        Larry Elliott                                                          Ultimatum/The Spell
                             Current account                                                        Trailer Trash: Jason Solomons
Business: Inside 4-5         Changing leadership: Trouble at the top:                       16      Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Mother
Story                        why few succeed with succession / by                                   Courage and Her Children/Inherit the Wind/
                             Richard Wachman                                                        Speaking in Tongues/Breakfast at Tiffany's
                             History lessons: from schisms to                                       Theatre 2: Kate Kellaway reviews Prick Up
                             Shakespeare / by Heather Stewart                                       Your Ears
                   5         If you want to get the right leader, then look                 17      Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Tristan
                             within / by Elisabeth Marx                                             und Isolde/Werther
Business:          6         Comment: Dane's Inferno is no more of a                                Dance: Luke Jennings reviews The Land of
Opinion                      fantasy than the fairytales the bankers told us                        Yes and the Land of No
                             / by Ruth Sunderland                                           18      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                             In my view: Labour saved capitalism. Would        Books        21      Memoirs: I'm a celebrity – get me on the
                             the Tories have done so well? / by William                             bookshelf / by Eva Wiseman
                             Keegan                                                                 Reportage: Jessica Holland reviews A Week
Business:          8         Why iPhone is the apple of Orange chief's                              at the Airport: A Heathrow Diary by Alain
Telecoms                     eye / by Richard Wray                                                  de Botton
                             'The organisation [O2]has never focused                                Thriller: Nick Cohen reviews The Girl Who
                             itself around one product' / by Richard Wray                           Kicked the Hornets' Nest by Stieg Larsson
Media              9         Heat of the Sun may not be what it was / by                    22      Robert McCrum on books: The return of the
                             Chris Tryhorn                                                          cracking good read
                   10        Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                  Fiction: Adam Mars-Jones reviews The
                             The Networker: Old fogeys at the Spectator                             Infinities by John Banville
                             prove there's profit in web news / by John                     22      Robert McCrum
                             Naughton                                                               My other life: No. 26 Michael Holroyd
Cash               11        Now it's a matter of life and debt even if you                 23      Autobiography: Gaby Hinsliff reviews
                             do earn a good salary / by Jill Insley                                 Climbing the Bookshelves by Shirley
                   12        It pays to be thrifty if you've reached 50 / by                        Williams
                             Heather Connon                                                         Fiction: Stephanie Merritt reviews Her
                             Your letters                                                           Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
                   13        Pushed from pillar to post by landlords and                    24      Paperback of the week: Sophia Martelli
                             agents / by Graham Norwood                                             reviews The House of Wittgenstein by
                             Mortgages: Abbey deal offers free legal fees                           Alexander Waugh
                             / by Harriett Meyer                                                    Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                   14        Interest rates                                                         Paperbacks reviewed by Robert Collins,
                   15        Pensions delay 'will hit worse-off' / by Sam                           Martin Hemming and Mary Fitzgerald
                             Dunn                                                                   The Observer bestsellers list
                             Egg beats a retreat on annual credit card perk                 25      Puzzles
                             / by Hilary Osborne                               TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
                   16        Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                         Euan Ferguson on radio
                             How to save money instantly on a new              Television   28-30   Programme listings
                             glasses prescription / by Rebecca Smithers
                   1         Sales of self-help books are booming / by
                             Carole Cadwalladr
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: JG Farrell, 1978
                             / by Luke Dodd
                             Your letters: No prime minister, actually
Details: People/   3         They're a blast from the pasta / by Sarfraz
Ideas/News                   Manzoor
                             Tell us about it, Bill / by Rebecca Seal
                             The numbers behind the words / by Euan
                             I'll have Dorset / by Imogen Carter
Film               4-5       The year the girls grew up on screen / by
                             Barbara Ellen
People             6-7       Dasha Zhukova: The Interview / by Miranda
Books              8-9, 11   Welcome to the bright new world of positive
                             thinking / by Carole Cadwalladr
The Critics        12-13     The Main Event: Art: Laura Cumming
                             reviews Pop Life: Art in a Material World at

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                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 11 October 2009                                                                                  nation from the rising seas / by Robin McKie
                                                                               Comment &        27      Sorry, David, if you roll back the state, you
MAIN                                                                           Debate                   invite disaster / by Will Hutton
News              1, 6       Miliband in fresh attack on Tory links to far                              A dancer out of step with the rest of us / by
                             right / by Toby Helm and Rajeev Syal                                       Sarfraz Manzoor
                  1, 5       Brown treated in hospital for damage to his       Comment          28      David Cameron's sins of omission/Inequality
                             right eye / by Gaby Hinsliff                                               is the source of our schools gap/Prize chump
                  3          'Mentally ill' Briton faces execution for                          29      The parties turn back to politics in primary
                             smuggling heroin into China / by Mark                                      colours / by Andrew Rawnsley
                             Townsend                                                                   I'll only be happy if smoking is banned / by
                  4          Let pupils take mobile phones into class,                                  Duncan Bannatyne
                             says teachers' leader / by Liz Lightfoot          Comment          30      To understand the crash, we need a Bonfire
                             News in brief: Police treat deaths of two in                               of the Vanities for our time / by Ruth
                             house fire as suspicious/Tribute to                                        Sunderland
                             suffragettes/Car passenger dies/Wanted:                                    The world through a lens: Gaza City,
                             island caretaker/Bank investors cry 'theft'/                               Wednesday / by Peter Beaumont
                             The Lottery                                                        31      They'll still need us, but will they still feed
                  5          How the loss of an eye has shaped Gordon                                   us when we're 66? / by Catherine Bennett
                             Brown's life / by Gaby Hinsliff                                            Europe's response to Berlusconi has been
                  6          Writer's dying plea will save hundreds of                                  cowardly / by Nick Cohen
                             lives / by Tracy McVeigh                                           32      Your letters
                  7          Call to legalise World Cup sex trade / by                                  The big issue: caring Cameron?
                             Tracy McVeigh and Savious Kwinika in                                       The readers' editor on... Baltic murders,
                             Johannesburg                                                               transparency and the press / by Stephen
News: Education 8-9          Frantic race for places in top schools fuels                               Pritchard
                             tutoring boom / by Anushka Asthana                World            33      Sri Lankan refugees facing monsoon
News Briefing     10         Policing: Scotland Yard faces criticism by                                 disaster, warns UN / by Gethin Chamberlin
                             two inquiries for its raid on MP's office/Law:                             in Delhi
                             Britain's reputation as divorce capital grows/                             Turkey and Armenia sign landmark accord...
                             Healthy: Back pain sufferers are denied                                    eventually / by Robert Tait in Istanbul
                             osteopathy/More than 30 arrested during                            34      Moore film outrages religious right / by Paul
                             race protests/Crime: Kenya agrees to reopen                                Harris in New York
                             Julie Ward death case                                                      Berlusconi's daughter accuses his opponents
Opinion           11         A heartbroken father shows us how to                                       of a 'manhunt' / by Tom Kington in Rome
                             protest / by Barbara Ellen                                                 and Rajeev Syal
News              12         Scandal over pricing of swine flu vaccine /                        35      Barcelona prepares to vote on future of the
                             by Rajeev Syal and Adam Luck                                               bullfight / by Jason Burke
                             Tilly and the giant pumpkin                                                Iran defiant as three more get death penalty /
                  13         Mother is refused wine at store – in case                                  by Peter Beaumont
                             daughter, 17, drinks it / by Cheryl                                        World briefing: Philippines: US troops give
                             Stonehouse                                                                 aid for storm victims/Gaza: rocket raids on
                             Tories will let hard-up raid pension pots / by                             Israel 'prevented by Hamas'/Iraq: Protesters
                             Gaby Hinsliff                                                              seek reform in voting and services/Russia:
News:             14-15      Is this man fit to lead the Tories in Europe? /                            Medvedev urged to ban St Petersburg tower
Investigation                by Toby Helm                                                       36-37   Ukraine fears for its future as Moscow
                  15         Comment: 'There will be incredulity that the                               muscles in on Crimea / by Luke Harding in
                             party of Churchill chooses allies like this' /                             Yalta
                             by David Miliband                                                  37      Soldiers held after Pakistan militants raid
News              16         Shark fin ban ends cruel slaughter / by Robin                              army HQ / by Paul Gallagher
                             McKie                                             7 Days           38      Oh no! The 50p tax upsets Tracey Emin / by
                  18         Charity shops lose £2.5m to thieves / by                                   David Mitchell
                             Simon Lennon                                                               My week: Gavin Turk
                  19         The online England experience: pricey,                             39      The Observer Profile: Sam Taylor Wood,
                             weird and ends in defeat / by Caspar                                       Out of the gallery into the cinema / by
                             Llewellyn Smith                                                            Vanessa Thorpe
                             Ashes cricket will return to terrestrial TV /                      40      Books: overrated, overpriced and not great
                             by James Orr                                                               in the bath / by Victoria Coren
                  20         Millions face hunger after $2bn aid gap / by                       41      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                             John Vidal in Bangkok
                                                                               BUSINESS & MEDIA
News: Political   21         Look familiar? Cameron snapshots mirror
Images                       Obama's life through a lens / by Gaby             Business: News   1       Kaupthing chief named as suspect in fraud
                             Hinsliff                                                                   case / by Simon Bowers
News              22         Merkel enters Google digital library row / by                              The hottest tickets in the City are for the
                             Jamie Doward and Paul Harris                                               M&S talent contest / by Julia Finch
                  23         Olympic workers face anti-terror scans / by                                Xstrata set to boost bid fund with Glencore
                             Jamie Doward                                                               coalmine deal / by Richard Wachman
                             Churches defy writers over schools vetting /                               Youth unemployment expected to rise above
                             by Riazat Butt                                                             one million / by Larry Elliott
Focus: Art        24         How we all learned to stop sneering and                            2       Angry dispute over staff poaching by rival
Renaissance                  embrace modern art / by Miranda Sawyer                                     money brokers ends up in the High Court /
Focus: Food       25         Banana price war in supermarkets brings                                    by Jill Treanor
Business                     fear to the developing world / by Jamie                                    Buyers eye up Minerva after creditors deal /
                             Doward                                                                     by Richard Wachman
People            26         Meet the man who aims to save his island                                   Male bosses mentored in bid to put women

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                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             into top IT jobs / by Kathryn Hopkins                                  Theatre 2: Susannah Clapp reviews Tales of
Business: Retail   3         Return of pancetta-wrapped chicken:                                    Ballycumber/The Blue Dragon
                             indulgence is back at the checkouts / by Julia                 14      Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews
                             Finch                                                                  Turandot/Bournemouth Symphony
                             Current account                                                        Orchestra/Karabits/Thomas Trotter
Business: Inside 4-5         Britain's economy: Which man has the right                             Pop: Luke Bainbridge reviews Dizzee
Story                        cutting edge? / by Ashley Seager                                       Rascal
                 4           Labour: Where Darling gives and takes / by                     15      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Turner prize
                             Heather Stewart                                                        2009
                   5         Conservatives: How Osborne does his sums /                             Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Mayerling
                             by Heather Stewart                                             16      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                             Pensions: We need a revolution / by Ros                        17      Photography: Stephen Bayley reviews
                             Altmann                                                                Beatles to Bowie: the 60s exposed
Business:          6         Comment: One year on, the banks may be            Books        19      Robert McCrum reviews Defence of the
Opinion                      back from the brink but we still have a long                           Realm: The Authorized History of MI5 by
                             way to go / by Ruth Sunderland                                         Christopher Andrew
                             In my view: Theatre of the absurd truth: we                    20      Biography: Elizabeth Day reviews It's Not
                             must pay for finance's sins / by William                               What You Think by Chris Evans
                             Keegan                                                                 Fiction: Euan Ferguson reviews And
Business:          7         HSBC: king of the jungle in China / by                                 Another Thing... Douglas Adams's
Banking                      Richard Wachman                                                        Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Part Six of
                   8         Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                  Three by Eoin Colfer
                             The Networker: Just as in Sinclair's day,                      21      Memoirs: Gaby Wood reviews The Clinton
                             Silicon Fen remains challenging ground / by                            Tapes: Wrestling History With the President
                             John Naughton                                                          by Taylor Branch
Cash               9         Ready for change: but how much change                                  Fiction: Michael Mansfield reviews The
                             will the Tories leave you? / by Jill Insley                            Dying Light by Henry Porter
                   10        Why you should beat the rush for ETFs / by                     22      Fiction: Dominic Sandbrook reviews
                             Heather Connon                                                         Lustrum by Robert Harris
                             Your letters: How the 'good' £70,000 salary                            Children's Fiction: Kate Kellaway reviews
                             doesn't amount to much                                                 Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson
                   11        Race is on as homeowners' huge 'Sams' debts                            Debut novels reviewed by Francesca Segal
                             pile up / by Sam Dunn                                          23      Society: Fintan O'Toole reviews Occasions
                             Ring change with your old mobile / by                                  of Sin: Sex and Society in Modern Ireland
                             Huma Qureshi                                                           by Diarmaid Ferriter
                   12        Interest rates                                                         Art: James Hall reviews Michelangelo: A
                   13        Beware of your financial skeletons / by                                Tormented Life by Antonio Forcellino
                             Harriet Meyer                                                  24      Paperback of the week: Tom Lamont
                   14        Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                         reviews Txting: the gr8 db8 by David
REVIEW                                                                                              Paperbacks reviewed by Hermione Hoby,
                   1         David: Has he really transformed the                                   Alexander Larman, Jessica Holland and
                             Conservatives? by Carole Cadwalladr                                    Helen Zaltzman
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Tommy Steel's                               The Observer bestsellers list
                             wedding, 19 June 1960 / by Luke Dodd                           25      Puzzles
                             Your letters: Self-help books: fact or fiction?   TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
Details: People/   3         The harp that thinks it's a synth / by Molly                           Miranda Sawyer on radio
Ideas/News                   Woodcraft                                         Television   28-29   Picks of the week
                             Keeping it in the family: Kate Kellaway                                Today's television
                             meets the James Cartwrights reviving the
                             career of Little Voice
                             Talking of me...
                             It'll be all fright on the night / by Hermione
Cover Story        4-5       The Conservative Party Conference 2009:
                             Was this the year the Tories broke the
                             mould? / by Carole Cadwalladr
People             6-7       Conrad Shawcross: The Interview / by
                             Rachel Cooke
Film               8-9       Independents' day dawns for new movie
Dance              10        When ballet met science and they did a pas
                             de deux / by Euan Ferguson
The Critics        11        The Main Event: Film: Philip French
                             reviews Up
                   12        Other films: Philip French reviews Love
                             Happens/Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee/
                             Zombieland/Katalin Varga/Goodbye Solo/
                             Died Young, Stayed Pretty/Vanishing of the
                             Philip French's screen legends: Charles
                             Boyer 1899-1978
                   13        Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews The Power
                             of Yes

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                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 18 October 2009                                                        Comment &        26-27   The great banking debate: Is it finally time to
                                                                              Debate                   end the bonus culture in the City? Yes says
MAIN                                                                                                   Will Hutton, No says Heather McGregor
News             1, 5       Royal Mail hires 30,000 workers to crush          Comment          28      We must compete for respect in Africa/
                            strike / by Toby Helm, Ned Temko, Tim                                      Politicians should show courage over Royal
                            Webb and Mark Townsend                                                     Mail
                 1          Boyzone's goodbye to Stephen Gately                                29      Will David Cameron turn out to be a one-
                            Pakistan in fresh assault on Taliban / by                                  term wonder? / by Andrew Rawnsley
                            Peter Beaumont                                                             Beware of that takeaway chicken / by Jay
                 1, 9       Prisons accused of moving difficult inmates                                Rayner
                            to dupe chief inspector / by Jamie Doward                          30      We are shockingly complacent about locking
                 2          Labour MPs may sue over expenses / by                                      up 2,000 children a year / by Henry Porter
                            Toby Helm and Rajeev Syal                                                  The world through a lens: Wembley
                 3          They felt a kinship. Stephen Gately was, to                                Stadium, Wednesday / by Polly Vernon
                            the last, one of Dublin's own / by Elizabeth                       31      Lenny Henry v Nick Griffin. I'd certainly
                            Day                                                                        stay in to watch that / by Catherine Bennett
                            Mourners unite to condemn columnist's                                      The world's future is being decided this
                            attack in Daily Mail and demand apology /                                  weekend / by Nicholas Stern
                            by Henry McDonald in Dublin                                        32      Your letters
                 4          Bailed-out RBS amasses £1.8bn for bonuses                                  The big issue: mobile phones in class
                            / by Jill Treanor                                                          The Observer panel: Who would be your
                 5          Government 'sting' operation shows huge                                    perfect singer?
                            race bias among UK employers / by Rajeev          World            33      Pakistan sends 30,000 troops for all-out
                            Syal                                                                       assault on Taliban / by Declan Walsh
                 7          Children do not lose out if mums work –                                    Analysis: Success or failure hangs on what
                            new evidence / by Anushka Asthana and                                      the local tribes decide / by Jason Burke
                            Sakshi Ojha                                       World: War on    34-35   Two Afghan wars... same grim outcome / by
News: Special    8-9        How 'ghosting' threatens to plunge UK jails       the Taliban              Peter Beaumont
Report                      into fresh crisis / by Jamie Doward               World            36      Police helicopter explodes and 12 die as
News Briefing    10         Environment: Stingless wasp species                                        drugs war engulfs Rio's Favelas / by Tom
                            discovered in Kent / by Lewis Smith                                        Phillips in Rio de Janeiro
                            Rogers' cancer unit wins top architecture                          37      Italy split by film account of heroic Milan
                            prize / by Paul Gallagher                                                  rebels / by Tom Kington in Rome
                            Policing: 7/7 detectives arrested over fraud                               World briefing: Thailand: Thaksin pardon
                            allegations / by Rajeev Syal                                               sought from ailing king/Bosnia: Karadzic
                            Health: Most people ignore safe alcohol                                    claims envoy made immunity offer/USA:
                            limits / by Denis Campbell                                                 Corpse mistaken for Halloween display
                            Climate protest: Police officer injured in        7 Days           38      Let's admit it. Hypocrisy oils the wheels / by
                            power station clash / by James Orr and Mark                                David Mitchell
                            Townsend                                                                   My week: Iain Dale
                 11         Men 'shouldn't be at birth of child' / by Denis                    39      The Observer profile: David Dimbleby,
                            Campbell                                                                   Ringmaster of our democracy
News             12         Beach ball sends red-faced goalkeeper the                          40      Ah, the Royal Mail. It's enough to make
                            wrong way / by Jamie Doward                                                anyone go postal / by Victoria Coren
                            News in brief: Young brother and sister                            39      The Observer Profile: Sam Taylor Wood,
                            killed in house fire/Chip-fat bus arrives in                               Out of the gallery into the cinema / by
                            Asia/Break-in kills 136,000 hens/Murdered                                  Vanessa Thorpe
                            children's farewell/Lottery results                                40      Books: overrated, overpriced and not great
Opinion          13         Pack children off to school as soon as you                                 in the bath / by Victoria Coren
                            can / by Barbara Ellen                                             41      Weather forecast for the week ahead
News             15         Missing chef's secret lovers told they risk
                                                                              BUSINESS & MEDIA
                            being exposed / by Mark Townsend
                 16-17      TV's comic genius: films that taught me to        Business: News   1       Industrial blackspots 'show jobless total is
                            be funny / by Vanessa Thorpe                                               3m' / by Larry Elliott
                 17         NHS sends thousands of staff for private                                   Burberry gets hot under the collar over pet
                            care / by Jamie Doward                                                     retailer's check / by Simon Bowers
                 18         Web 'cover-up' of Tory ally's far-right past /                             Former JJB boss claims prosecution
                            by Toby Helm and Rajeev Syal                                               immunity / by Zoe Wood
                            Boost for Blair's EU president hopes as                                    Moulton bounces back with new buyout
                            Czech leader relents / by Toby Helm                                        plans / by Nick Mathiason
                 20         UK bomb victim 'joyful' after winning aid                          2       Tycoon set to swell fortune with scheme for
                            battle / by Ned Temko                                                      the Clyde / by Nick Mathiason
                            Sex offenders have charity trustee jobs / by                               Britain faces painful 'VW' recovery, says
                            Amelia Hill                                                                Item Club / by Heather Stewart
                 21         More children put into care as recession          Business:        3       When the financial crisis bites in the
                            bites / by Jamie Doward                           Equality                 developing world, girls get to eat last / by
                            Maldives' underwater appeal                                                Ruth Sunderland
Focus: BNP on    22-23      A far-right journey that ends on primetime                                 Current account
Question Time               TV / by Nick Cohen                                Business: Inside 4-5     Will a weak pound make Britain strong
Focus: Culture   24         Should parents panic when children are            Story                    again? / by Heather Stewart
                            terrified by books and films? / by Vanessa                                 Economics before the crunch? 'A disaster
                            Thorpe and Anushka Asthana                                                 and a disgrace' / by Ashley Seager
Focus: The       25         After the mourning, here comes the big cash       Business:        6       Comment: Women don't just want a seat on
Jackson Industry            / by Paul Harris in New York                      Analysis                 the board. They want to help build the

                                       MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             world's future / by Ruth Sunderland                           17      Comedy: Stephanie Merritt reviews Ricky
                             In my view: Scratch a Modern Conservative                             Gervais, Science
                             and find the old attitudes / by William                               Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Nash
                             Keegan                                                                Ensemble, Kathryn Tickell/Marlinsky/
Business: Retail   7         A chink of light at JJB, but shadows still                            Gergiev
                             linger / by Zoe Wood                                          18      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                             The Dads' Army of retail: In line for a £4m      Books        19      Alexander Linklater reviews Legend of a
                             windfall                                                              Suicide by David Vann
Media              9         Tune in for the start of ITV's turnaround / by                        Profanity: Ian Irvine reviews Filthy English:
                             James Robinson                                                        The How, Why, When and What of
                   10        Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                 Everyday Swearing by Peter Silverton
                             The Networker: Sadly, I can't invite you to                   20-21   Art: John Vanville reviews Vincent van
                             my Windows 7 Tupperware party / by John                               Gogh: The Letters – The Complete
                             Naughton                                                              Illustrated and Annotated Edition edited by
Cash               11        Condemned apartments advertised to UK                                 Leo Jansen, Hans Luijten and Nienke
                             buyers / by Graham Norwood                                            Bakker
                             Dinner party too costly? Let them eat cake /                          Biography: Vanessa Thorpe reviews Paul
                             by Huma Qureshi                                                       Newman: A Life by Shawn Levy
                   12        Emerging markets show their mettle / by                       21      Vampires and Bierkellers: Frankfurt Book
                             Heather Connon                                                        Fair Diary / by Roger Tagholm
                             Your letters: Some of us need saving from                             Memoir: Kate Kellaway reviews The Plot: A
                             ourselves                                                             Biography of an English Acre / by
                   13        Beware of the dog policy exclusions / by                              Madeleine Bunting
                             Sally Hamilton                                                22      Robert McCrum on books
                   14        Interest rates                                                        Opera: Peter Conrad reviews Opera For
                   15        Some great deals, but you may not need one                            Everybody: The Story of English National
                             just yet / by Hilary Osborne and Sam Dunn                             Opera by Susie Gilbert
                             Investments: Guaranteed 5-year bond on                                My other life: Julie Myerson
                             offer / by Sam Dunn                                           23      Paperback of the week: Peter Beaumont
                   16        Margaret Dibben: Your problems                                        reviews A World of Trouble: America in the
                                                                                                   Middle East by Patrick Tyler
REVIEW                                                                                             Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                   1         The dark side of John Cheever / by Rachel                             Paperbacks reviewed by Natasha Tripney,
                             Cooke                                                                 Hermione Hoby, Sophie Missing, Stuart
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Rudolf Nureyev,                            McGurk and Helen Zaltzman
                             1964 / by Luke Dodd                                                   Classics corner: James Purdon reviews
                             Your letters: Buns of steele                                          Confessions of an English Opium Eater by
Details: People/   3         Flipper gets his revenge / by Lucy Siegle                             Thomas De Quincey
Ideas/News                                                                                         The Observer bestsellers list
                             Britain in its true colours / by Euan Ferguson                25      Puzzles
                             Ones to watch / by Imogen Carter                 TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
                             When Nina went Awol and all that jazz / by                            Miranda Sawyer on radio
                             Dave Gelly                                       Television   28-29   Picks of the week
Cover Story        4-6       The demons that drove John Cheever / by                       30      Today's television
                             Rachel Cooke
Music              7         'I keep making music because I haven't made
                             a good record' says psychedelic folk rocker
                             Devendra Banhart / by Hermione Hoby
People             8-9       The Interview: Jane Campion
Psychology         10        The American schoolmarm who would rid
                             us of our racism – if we'd only listen / by
                             Andrew Anthony
The Critics        11        The Main Event: Art: Laura Cumming
                             reviews Ed Ruscha: Fifty Years of Painting/
                             John Baldessari: Pure Beauty
                   12        Art 2: Peter Conrad reviews No Love Lost,
                             Blue Paintings
                             Art 3: Laura Cumming reviews How it is:
                             Miroslaw Balka, Unilever Series
                   13        Art 4: Miranda Sawyer reviews Frieze Art
                   14-15     Film of the week: Philip French reviews The
                             Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasssus
                             Other films: Philip French reviews Triangle/
                             Thirst/Ong-Bak: The Beginning/Pontypool/
                             Couples Retreat
                   15        London film festival: Trailer Trash / by
                             Jason Solomons
                   16        Euan Ferguson reviews Spandau Ballet
                             Dance: Luke Jennings reviews In the Spirit
                             of Diaghilev
                   17        Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews
                             Comedians/Life is a Dream/Endgame/The
                             Birds/Freefall/Radio Muezzin

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                                                The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 25 October 2009                                                                                      the soul of two churches / by Diarmaid
MAIN                                                                             Focus: Media       33      The king of online gossip who became the
News              1, 5        Bosses told: make new jobs fit with family                                    scourge of Hollywood / by Paul Harris
                              life / by Gaby Hinsliff                            Comment &          34-35   A question of leadership: Is Tony Blair the
                  1, 11       Obama declares national emergency over             Debate                     right man to be president of Europe? / Yes
                              swine flu / by Paul Harris                                                    says Charles Grant, No says Henry Porter
                  2           Rebel soldier calls for Afghan exit / by Mark      Comment            36      Europe needs a president we can all trust.
                              Townsend and Rajeev Syal                                                      Blair is not the man for the job
                  3           BNP supporters attack Griffin over poor                               37      The more people see of the BNP, the worse
                              Question Time performance / by Jamie                                          for the party / by Andrew Rawnsley
                              Doward                                                                        Britain offers great art a true sanctuary / by
                              Comment: 'The programme was not rigged –                                      Tamara Rojo
                              our audience sets the agenda of the show' /                           38      Listen to the governor – let's start breaking
                              by Gavin Allen, Executive Editor, Question                                    up the megabanks now / by Will Hutton
                              Time                                                                          The world through a lens: Jakarta, Friday
                  4           Families flee cities to find better schools / by                      39      No trafficking? Well, there's a hell of a lot of
                              Polly Curtis                                                                  women suffering / by Catherine Bennett
                  5           Final push to save Christmas post / by Jamie                                  Fewer British babies would mean a greener
                              Doward and Martin Wainwright                                                  planet / by Alex Renton
                  7           Hollywood's biggest A-listers slug it out to                          40      Your letters
                              star as Sinatra / by Paul Gallagher                                           The big issue: bankers' bonuses
News:             8-9         Gun feud that put armed police on London                                      The Observer panel: Can luxury come
Investigation                 streets / by Mark Townsend                                                    cheap?
News              10          Eddie Stobart dumps tricks to deliver fresh        World              41      Pakistan captures extremist stronghold in
                              food by train / by Robin McKie                                                fierce fighting / by Declan Walsh in
                              Morrissey collapses on stage / by James Orr                                   Islambad
                  11          Ten-year-olds to receive careers advice / by                                  Merkel strikes coalition deal / by Kate
                              Gaby Hinsliff and Anushka Asthana                                             Connolly in Berlin
News briefing     12          History: Last Titanic survivor's ashes                                42      Call to cut cash for HIV in Africa / by Alex
                              scattered in dock / by Katie Hodge                                            Duval Smith
                              Exhibition celebrates Jane Bown's career /                            43      Twenty years after communism's fall,
                              by Amelia Hill                                                                Stalin's favourite art is back in fashion / by
                              Roads: Briton's die in head-on collision in                                   Vanessa Thorpe
                              rural France / by Peter Allen                                         44-45   Saving Corporal Pablo: a father's epic
                              Crime: Detective returns to work on murder                                    struggle / by Lucero Rodríguez García in
                              case / by James Orr                                                           Bogotá
                              Health: 'Assisted self-harming' offered in                            46      Obama in new world global warming fight /
                              UK hospitals / by Amelia Hill                                                 by Suzanne Goldenberg
Opinion           13          All-women shortlists? Rubbish idea, Dave /                                    Two years on, tenants move into Meredith
                              by Euan Ferguson                                                              murder house / by Tom Kington in Rome
News              15          Sexist violence sickens crime critic / by                             47      Israel adds a final twist to Kafka's Trial / by
                              Amelia Hill                                                                   Rory McCarthy in Jerusalem
News: Special     16-17       Obesity epidemic: who's to blame? / by                                        World briefing: Egypt: Rail crash kills at
Report                        Tracy McVeigh                                                                 least 25 and injures dozens/US: Threat to LA
News              19          Top UK music festivals join eco campaign /                                    reporter/Zimbabwe: MDC house 'raided'
                              by Adam Vaughan and James Randerson                                   49      Last act of the Balkan wars as Karadzic goes
                  21          The rise of the history man who tells the                                     into the dock / by Ian Traynor in Brussels
                              story of ordinary Britons / by Elizabeth Day       7 Days             50      It's a tip, Mum, but it's home, sweet home /
                  22-23       Rare wildlife falls victim to cocaine cartels /                               by David Mitchell
                              by Jamie Doward                                                               My week: Armando Iannucci
                  23          New prize will reward good writing – and                              51      The Observer profile: James Cameron, Hard
                              shame the literary windbags / by Vanessa                                      man with a soft centre / by Vanessa Thorpe
                              Thorpe                                                                52      Education, education, education – it's clearly
                  24          TV remakes 70s classics in ratings hunt / by                                  wasted on the young / by Victoria Coren
                              Gareth Rubin                                       BUSINESS & MEDIA
                  25          Airport liquids ban 'to stay in force until
                              2011' / by Jamie Doward                            Business: News     1       Call for bank chiefs to face personal fines on
                              Deep freeze 'arks' to save coral reefs / by                                   mis-selling / by Jill Insley
                              Robin McKie                                                                   Affordable Art Fair is picture of success as it
                  27          Teachers fight back against false claims of                                   nets £100m / by Kathryn Hopkins
                              pupil assault / by Anushka Asthana                                            Queen reigns in property with £500m estate
                              The victim's tale: 'I was viewed as guilty                                    boost / by Terry Macalister
                              until found innocent' / by Anushka Asthana                                    Palestinians plan to boost housing projects
                              Muggle lawyers ban Harry Potter feast / by                                    by investing in City hedge funds / by Phillip
                              Anushka Asthana                                                               Inman
                  28          Ukip threat to a Cameron majority / by Gaby                           2       Low-cost rivals profit from upheavals at
                              Hinsliff and Henry McDonald                                                   Royal Mail / by Terry Macalister
Interview         29          How Cheryl Cole went from tabloid victim           Business: Retail   3       Ten years ago, a two-mile mega-mall must
                              to national treasure – and No. 1 / by Alice        Sector                     have seemed a brilliant idea / by Zoe Wood
                              Fisher                                                                        Current account
Focus: Culture    30-31       Ending the silence on 'honour killing' / by        Business: Inside 4-5       Sinning city? Churches turn on the modern
and Crime                     Tracy McVeigh                                      Story                      moneylenders / by Julia Finch and Nick
Focus: Religion   32          Pope Benedict opens new front in battle for                                   Mathiason

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                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                   5         St Paul's gospel: a moral compass / by                                Wonderful Day/The Caucasian Chalk Circle/
                             Kathryn Hopkins                                                       The Glass Mountain
Business:          6         Comment: Mervyn King was right: it's high                     16      Photography: Carole Cadwalladr reviews
Opinion                      time that the banks developed a split                                 Martin Parr: Parrworld
                             personality / by Ruth Sunderland                              17      Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews The
                             In my view: Memo to financiers: Give us the                           Italian Girl in Algiers/L'heure espagnole,
                             money (it used to be ours) / by William                               Gianni Schicchi/Salomé/Sound Affairs
                             Keegan                                                        18      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
Business:          8         Investors go to court to call the sleeping       Books        19      David Runciman reviews Superfreak-
Finance                      audit giants to account / by Nick Mathiason                           onomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic
                             Auditing global institutions: Who makes the                           Prostitutes and Why Suicide bombers
                             rules? / by Nick Mathiason                                            Should Buy Life Insurance by Steven D
Media              9         Conrad Black's shadow looms over troubled                             Levitt and Stephen J Dubner
                             media empire / by Andrew Clark                                20      Fiction: William Skidelsky reviews The
                   10        Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                 Hunbling by Philip Roth
                             The Networker: Surprisingly, parts of                                 Fiction: Philip Olterrmann reviews
                             cyberspace are teenager-free zones / by John                          Heartland by Anthony Cartwright
                             Naughton                                                      21      Memoir: Robert Yates reviews The Blaze of
Cash               11        Anguish of self-employed as 'liar loans' face                         Obscurity: The TV Years by Clive James
                             a ban / by Lisa Bachelor                                              Memoir: Jessica Holland reviews Howards
                             Credit card holders face big increase in                              End Is on the Landing: A Year of Reading
                             minimum monthly repayments / by Lisa                                  From Home by Susan Hill
                             Bachelor                                                              Education: Dinah Birch reviews It's a Don's
                   12        Beating the tax clock – and the code / by Liz                         Life by Mary Beard
                             Phillips                                                      22      Robert McCrum on books
                   13        Seek out hardship funds when the heat is on                           Ballet: Luke Jennings reviews Diaghilev: A
                             with fuel costs / by Sam Dunn                                         Life by Sjeng Scheijen
                             Spanish corruption has ruined lives – your                    23      Religion: Cristina Odone reviews A History
                             letters                                                               of Christianity: The First Three Thousand
                   14        Interest rates                                                        Years by Diarmaid MacCulloch
                   15        Wary tenants change terms of reference on                             Short Fiction: Edmund Gordon reviews
                             landlords / by Laura Howard                                           Presence: Collected Stories by Arthur Miller
                   16        Margaret Dibben: Your problems                                24      Paperback of the week: Olivia Laing reviews
                                                                                                   Collected Stories by Janice Galloway
REVIEW                                                                                             Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                   1         Is this Europe's best director? Elizabeth Day                         Paperbacks reviewed by Ben East, Griselda
                             meets the extraordinary film-maker Michael                            Murray Brown, Imogen Carter, Stuart
                             Haneke                                                                McGurk and Alyssa McDonald
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Billie Whitelaw,                           Classics corner: Elizabeth Day reviews A
                             1976                                                                  Game of Hide and Seek by Elizabeth Taylor
                             Your letters: Stop bashing the ENO                                    The Observer bestsellers list
Details: People/   3         The final curtain: Can a pop song ever be as                  25      Puzzles
Ideas/News                   moving as a hymn?                                TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
                             Fame in the family album / by Simon                                   Miranda Sawyer on radio
                             Garfield                                         Television   28-29   Picks of the week
                             Songs in the key of strife / by Hermione                      30      Today's television
                             How to help someone just say no / by
                             Vanessa Thorpe
Books              4-5       The final twist in Nabokov's untold story /
                             by Robert McCrum
Film               6-7       'There is as much evil in us as there is good'
                             says Austrian director Michael Haneke / by
                             Elizabeth Day
Internet           8-9       Facebook? Pass. Twitter? Never heard of it...
                             / by Tim Adams
The Critics        11        The Main Event: Pop: Gareth Grundy
                             reviews Robbie Williams
                   12-13     Film of the week: Philip French reviews
                             Fantastic Mr Fox
                             Other films: Philip French reviews The Cove
                             /Johnny Mad Dog/Made in Jamaica/ Cirque
                             du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant/ Colin/
                             Coffin Rock/The Goods: Live Hard, Sell
                   13        London Film Festival / by Jason Solomons
                   14        Dance: Luke Jennings reviews The
                             Wheeldon Company: Morphoses
                             Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Annie Get
                             Your Gun/The Rise and Fall of Little Voice
                   15        Art: Laura Cumming reviews The Sacred
                             Made Real: Spanish Painting and Sculpture
                             Theatre 2: Clare Brennan reviews My

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                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 01 November 2009                                                                                 by Gareth Grundy
                                                                               Focus:           22-23   Forty days to get a climate deal / by Robin
MAIN                                                                           Environment              McKie in London, Susanne Goldenberg in
News             1, 13       Billionaire donor tipped for top Tory foreign                              Washington and Jonathan Watts in Beijing
                             job / by Rajeev Syal, Toby Helm and Jamie         Focus: Society   24      How the tyranny of email keeps us in touch
                             Doward                                                                     – but drives us all apart / by Elizabeth Day
                 1           The dilemmas facing working mothers – one         Focus: Culture   25      Tale of abuse, illiteracy and obesity grips
                             woman's story                                                              America's film-goers / by Elizabeth Day
                 1, 8        Universities must reveal data on dropout          Comment &        26-27   The dream and the reality: A year on: has
                             rates and teaching time / by Polly Curtis         Debate                   Barack Obama met the hopes of the world?
                 2           Court bid to block 'strike breakers' / by         Comment          28      Copenhagen may fail, but the world has
                             Jamie Doward                                                               woken up/Let's get the work-life balance
                 3           Obamas give revealing glimpse of tough                                     right at last
                             times inside their marriage / by Paul Harris                       29      Cameron has only himself to blame for this
                             in New York                                                                mess on Europe / by Peter Oborne
                             Obesity 'will cause more liver damage than                                 So you think you know your history? / by
                             alcohol' / by Anushka Asthana                                              Tristram Hunt
                 4           Row over schools' help for parents / by                            30      Inefficient, expensive, poor service,
                             Anushka Asthana                                                            dangerous... that's our private sector / by
                 5           Blair makes last-ditch bid to secure EU                                    Will Hutton
                             presidency / by Toby Helm in Brussels                                      The world through a lens: Hyde Park,
                             Darling to unveil plans to break up Lloyds                                 London, Wednesday / by Euan Ferguson
                             and TSB / by Toby Helm                                             31      Sorry, Gordon, but your body politic doesn't
News: Science    6-7         Ministers face rebellion on drug chief's                                   match Putin's / by Catherine Bennett
and Politics                 sacking / by Jamie Doward, Gaby Hinsliff                                   Beware the instant online anger of the
                             and Robin McKie                                                            HobNob mob / by Nick Cohen
                 6           Why do politicians shun science?/ by The                           32      Your letters
                             Observer                                                                   The big issue: EU presidency
                 7           Commentary: 'Since Brown took over, our                                    The Observer panel: Do you find the
                             advice has been undermined by the                                          possibility of death invigorating?
                             government' / by Professor David Nutt,            World            33      Karzai in last-ditch effort to strike deal with
                             sacked Drugs Tsar                                                          poll rival / by Jon Boone in Kabul
                 8           Pirate ransoms 'could fund terrorists' / by                                Iran students plan massive return to street
                             Rajeev Syal and Mark Townsend                                              protests / by Saeed Kamali Dehghan
                 9           Brother hits out at 'hurtful' prince over award                    34      Mother's plea for jailed oligarch / by Luke
                             boy's death / by Amelia Hill                                               Harding
                             News in brief: Three soldiers shot on live                         35      China's black TV pop idol exposes a racist
                             firing exercise in Falklands/Patient locked in                             divide / by Stephen vines in Kong Kong
                             ambulance/Chef on drink-drive charge/Man                                   World briefing: Middle East: Clinton pushes
                             dies after break-in/Poppy row splits village/                              for peace deal talks/Italy: Mafia boss caught
                             Top jockey arrested for fraud/The Lottery                                  after 15 years on the run/Mexico: Bodies
News Briefing    10          Chemical scare after six BA passengers faint                               found after shootings at ranch
                             / by Mark Townsend                                World: Dispatch 36-37    From Motown to misery: the bitter fate of
                             Families: Office colleagues don't back                                     Detroit / by Paul Harris
                             working parents / by Anushka Asthana                               38      Philippines hit by third big typhoon in a
                             Science: Weather satellite 'will revolutionise                             month / by Jonathan Watts in Manila
                             forecasts' / by Robin McKie                                                Suspected serial killer held as six bodies
                             Parliament: Lords' expense claims 'should be                               found / by Paul Harris in New York
                             taxed' / by Rajeev Syal                           7 Days           39      The Observer profile: John le Carré, The
Opinion          11          If parents lie, whose fault's that, Mr Balls? /                            constant bestseller
                             by Barbara Ellen                                                   40      Morse or Blair? Now that's a tricky one / by
News: Ashcroft   12-13       Special investigation: How tiny Belize                                     David Mitchell
and the Tories               turned against Cameron's wealthy backer /                                  My week: Luke Johnson
                             by Jamie Doward and Ian Cobain in Belize                           41      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                                                                               BUSINESS & MEDIA
                 15          Blunder that doomed 50,000 PoWs / by Tom
                             Carver                                            Business: News   1       Winter crisis could see UK run out of gas in
                             Sara Payne calls for victims' needs to be                                  hours / by Tim Webb
                             placed at the heart of criminal justice / by                       1-2     Former Tchenguiz partner sues over
                             Mark Townsend and Anushka Asthana                                          Somerfield sell-off
                 16-17       New attempt to unlock secrets of the                               1       Obama faces criticism after US state tops
                             universe / by Robin McKie in Geneva                                        secrecy table / by Nick Mathiason
                 17          Fry fans beg actor not to give up on Twitter /                             Treasury refuses Lloyds plea to drop £14bn
                             by Ben Quinn                                                               lending pledge
                 18          Bereaved are 'distraught' at MoD gaffes / by                       2       Europe and US 'face food and oil crisis' / by
                             Mark Townsend                                                              Nick Mathiason
                             Mediterranean diet 'can help stave off                                     London exchange wants to ring changes / by
                             depression' / by Amelia Hill                                               David Teather
                 19          BBC tells chefs: keep eel off menu / by Paul                               Current account
                             Eccleston                                         Business:        3       As the downturn destroys jobs, it's party time
                             Euthanasia opponents deluge net poll / by         Leisure                  in the City again / by Kathryn Hopkins
                             Jamie Doward                                                               ...but unemployment and competition from
News: Interview 21           Dave Towntree: From Britpop star to                                        pubs are growing headache for night clubs /
                             politician – and now fighting for free music /                             by Simon Bowers

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                                               The Observer (microfilm edition) index
Business: Inside 4-5          Financial future: More lending, less risk:                    15      Architecture: Stephen Bayley reviews The
Story                         banks face up to a painful detox / by Phillip                         Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
                              Inman                                                                 Pop: Gareth Grundy reviews The Xx
                              Reform: Can the consumer benefit?                             16      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                   5          Quiet man with a great deal to prove / by                     17      Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Mark Morris
                              David Teather                                                         Dance Group
Business:          6          Comment: Lloyds wants billions of                Books        19      Robin McKie reviews Catching Fire: How
Opinion                       taxpayers' money as it tries to gallop away                           Cooking Made Us Human by Richard
                              from Darling's rein / by Ruth Sunderland                              Wrangham/The Well-Dressed Ape: A
                              In my view: Tory 'septics' still cannot answer                        Natural History of Ourselves by Hannah
                              the European question / by William Keegan                             Holmes/The Humans Who Went Extinct:
Business: Air      7          Will Gatwick take off as plans stall for                              Why Neanderthals Died Out and We
Travel                        Heathrow? / by Tim Webb                                               Survived by Clive Finlayson
Business: Secret   8          Delaware – a black hole in the heart of                       20      Fiction: Stephanie Merritt reviews Last
States                        America / by Nick Mathiason                                           Night in Twisted River by John Irving
Business:          9          Mugabe faces loss of gem profits / by Ian                             My other life: Will Self
Mining                        Evans in Cape Town                                                    Fiction: Rachel Aspden reviews Sunset
Media              11         Mr Murdoch's attack dog prowls News                                   Oasis by Bahaa Taher
                              Corp's pay wall / by Andrew Clark in New                      21      Social History: Simon Garfield reviews
                              York                                                                  Family Britain 1951-57 by David Kynaston
                   12         Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                 Memoir: Viv Groskop reviews Jealousy: The
                              The Networker: Google's Android may be                                Other Life of Catherine M by Catherine
                              about to overturn the Apple cart / by John                            Millet
                              Naughton                                                      22      Philosophy: Jonathan Rée reviews Justice:
Cash               13         It's just like the old days! Welcome back to                          What's the right Thing to Do? by Michael
                              the 90% mortgage deal... / by Lisa Bachelor                           Sandel
                              ...and the National Savings account that pays                         Literature: Phil Hogan reviews Twitterature:
                              a market-leading return / by Sam Dunn                                 The World's Greatest Books Retold Through
                   14         Your letters: The complex truth behind our                            Twitter by Alexander Aciman and Emmett
                              'liar loans'                                                          Rensin
                   15         Reassurance for the silver surfers / by                               History: Ben Hutchinson reviews Utopia or
                              Harriet Meyer                                                         Auschwitz: Germany's 1968 Generation and
                              It's no joke.. £200 to change a headlamp bulb                         the Holocaust by Hans Kundnani
                              / by Heather Connon                                           23      Biography: Jenny Uglow reviews The
                   16         Interest rates                                                        Pantomime Life of Joseph Grimaldi by
                   17         Red alert as debtors fall behind with IVA                             Andrew McConnell Stott
                              plans / by Liz Phillips                                               Fiction: Tim Adams reviews Beginners by
                   18         Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                        Raymond Carver
                                                                                            24      Paperback of the week: Rafael Behr reviews
REVIEW                                                                                              False Dawn: The Delusions of Global
                   1          Everything but the boy: The Observer's                                Capitalism by John Gray
                              political editor Gaby Hinsliff on being a                             Paperbacks reviewed by Alyssa McDonald,
                              working mother, losing out on family life –                           Sophie Missing, Griselda Murray Brown,
                              and why it's time to go home                                          Stephanie Cross and Claire Hopley
                   2          Jane Bown's photo archive: Bob Hope and                               Classics corner: Olivia Laing reviews The
                              Anita Ekberg, c1962                                                   Cat Inside by William S Burroughs
                              Your letters: Why Wes Anderson was right                              The Observer bestsellers list
Details: People/   3          Songs from the ex-files / by Killian Fox                      25      Puzzles
Ideas/News                                                                     TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
                              Twins get us seeing double                                            Miranda Sawyer on radio
                              How The Merry Widow cleaned up her act           Television   28-29   Picks of the week
People             4-5        Kelly Brook: The Interview / by Andy Hall                     30      Today's television
Art                6-7        Children, art and morality – an explosive
                              culture clash / by Laura Cumming
Film               7          It's no Thriller, but it's not half Bad / by
                              Caspar Llewellyn Smith
Cover Story        8-10       'I had it all. But there was never, ever
                              enough time' / by Gaby Hinsliff
                   10         The work-mum balance: How other mothers
                              manage their work and family
The Critics        11         The Main Event: Film: Philip French
                              reviews An Education
                   12         Other films: Philip French reviews Tales
                              From the Golden Age/Love Exposure/9/
                              Dead Man Running/The Horseman/
                              Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons
                   13         Photography: Sean O'Hagan reviews Jim
                              Goldberg: Open See
                   14         Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Simon
                              Boccanegra/Alina Ibragimova
                              Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Mrs Klein/
                              Pains of Youth/If There Is I Haven't Found It

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                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 08 November 2009                                                                    25      Secret report shows UK link to 'stolen'
                                                                                                   Iraqi art / by Vanessa Thorpe and James
MAIN                                                                                               Doeser
News            1-2        Secret Labour plan to axe spending on                           26      UK's nuclear future could ruin Kalahari /
                           training for young / by Toby Helm and                                   by John Vidal
                           Heather Stewart                                                         Arts students 'see academics for just nine
                1, 9       Row breaks out over Brown's bid to tax                                  hours a week' / by Anushka Asthana
                           City / by Kathryn Hopkins and Heather                           27      Heartbreak in Court 50 as sad life of a tiny
                           Stewart                                                                 baby hangs in the balance / by Elizabeth
                1          Weekend cocaine and alcohol abuse                                       Day
                           combine to create fatal heart risk / by         Focus: The      28-29   Freed dog of war comes home demanding
                           Jamie Doward                                    Wonga Coup              justice / by Tracy McVeigh, Rajeev Syal
                           Hail to the champ: Londoner David Haye                                  and Patrick Smith
                           pulled off a gargantuan upset by snatching                      28      Who's who in the coup saga
                           the WBA heavyweight title from the              Focus: Family   30      Yes, it's hard for working mothers. But
                           Russian Nikolai Valuev                          Life                    fathers are struggling too / by Richard
                3          Student pub crawls banned after backlash                                Reeves
                           over drunken disorder / by Amelia Hill          People          31      The private campaigner who became
                4          Leading Anglican author converts to                                     Hollywood's biggest star / by Vanessa
                           Catholicism / by Anushka Asthana                                        Thorpe
                           We'll resign too, drug advisers to tell         Comment &       32-33   Britain at war: Should we bring our troops
                           Johnson / by Jamie Doward, Robin McKie          Debate                  home from Afghanistan? Yes, says Peter
                           and Anushka Asthana                                                     Beaumont / No, says Jason Burke
                5          US commander wants British troops 'out of       Comment         34      Cameron's policy on Europe is bad for
                           harm's way' in Afghanistan / by Toby                                    Britain/Western silence aids Tehran/The
                           Helm and Mark Townsend                                                  poppy is not political
                           Bombs in the dust: the men who take on                          35      Two cheers for the world after the fall of
                           the toughest job in Helmand / by Mark                                   the Berlin Wall / by Andrew Rawnsley
                           Townsend                                                                I saw the joy on German faces – but now I
                7          Tough love 'breeds smarter children' / by                               despair / by Henry Porter
                           Anushka Asthana                                                 36      Discarded mobiles, wire-taps and Mr
News: Global    8-9        Gordon Brown has backed a truly radical                                 Biggs. Welcome to Wall Street / by Will
Economy                    plan to transform the world's banking                                   Hutton
                           system / by Will Hutton                                         37      Welcome to the age of the eco-martyr.
                           Analysis: Why the figures on a transaction                              God help us / by Catherine Bennett
                           tax are starting to add up for Brown / by                               While we rail at MPs, the City gets away
                           Heather Stewart                                                         with murder / by Nick Cohen
Opinion         11         That's enough slap and tickle, Sir Nicholas                     38      Your letters
                           / by Barbara Ellen                                                      The big issue: cannabis debate
News            12-13      Tory hostility to EU police law 'risks a                                The Observer panel: Which discovery has
                           new Costa del Crime' / by Toby Helm and                                 most improved your life?
                           Jamie Doward                                    World           39      How Juan Escobar atoned for the sins of
News Briefing 15           Business: Cadbury's future uncertain with                               his father / by Uki Goñi
                           £10bn Kraft takeover bid imminent / by          World: Army     40-41   Grief and pain in Fort Hood after the most
                           Simon Bowers                                    massacre                bitter betrayal / by Paul Harris in Texas
                           Health: Boy, 9, beats phobia to save sister's                   41      Military killer told neighbour 'I'll miss you'
                           life                                                                    on day of attack / by Paul Harris in Fort
                           Hand of God arrives to open Mayfair                                     Hood, Texas
                           gallery / by Amelia Hill                                        42      Hezbollah rearms to fight off Israel / by
                           Society: More parents plead for help over                               Mitchell Prothero in Lebanon and Peter
                           bully children / by Amelia Hill                                         Beaumont
                           Music: Fans in uproar after Morrissey                                   World briefing: Russia: Nuclear arms deal
                           storms off / by Ben Quinn                                               'before year's end'/Saudi Arabia: Swine flu
News            16         Brixton confirmed as latest jail in 'ghost'                             fears 'will not stop' hajj pilgrims/US: Los
                           probe / by Jamie Doward                                                 Angeles set to ban removal of cats' claws
News: Science 17           How an author's forecast of global                              43      France seeks enlightenment in the great
                           extinction triggered a bidding war / by                                 debate over national identity / by Lizzy
                           Robin McKie                                                             Davies in Paris
News            18-19      Discovered at last: the formula for a hit                       44      Beggars swept into jail in Delhi games
                           film sequel / by Katie Allen                                            facelift / by Gethin Chamberlain in Delhi
                20         Tragic killing of Briton on Amarillo song                               Iran may reject plans to ship out uranium /
                           trail / by Ben Quinn                                                    by Peter Beaumont
                           News in brief: Cannabis crop worth £1m                          45      Opera strikes gory note for slasher movie
                           found in Essex warehouse/Piece of moon                                  generation / by Tom Kington
                           craft for sale/Oldest museum reopens/           7 Days          46      No more edgy humour? You're joking / by
                           EuroMillions still unclaimed/The Lottery                                David Mitchell
                21         From underdog to the ring's number one                                  My week: Romola Garai
                           hit / by Ben Quinn                                              47      The Observer profile: Mikhail Gorbachev,
News: Special   22-23      Middle-aged at risk from cocaine and                                    The forgotten hero of history / by Peter
Report                     alcohol mix / by Jamie Doward                                           Beaumont
                24         New safety zones protect UK sea life / by                       48      You'll find nothing but pure logic in my
                           Lisa Bachelor                                                           retrained brain / by Victoria Coren
                           Plan to block paedophiles on Facebook                           49      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                           fails / by Jamie Doward

                                      MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                           The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                                                                         People         7     Henry Holland: The Interview / by
                                                                                              Elizabeth Day
 Business:      1         China 'lower risk than UK' for green           Art            8-9   How much is that body in the window? /
 News                     investment / by Terry Macalister                                    by Kate Connolly
                          Weak pound gives West End a bumper             Television     9     A prime cut for prime time telly / by Euan
                          Christmas present / by Julia Finch                                  Ferguson
                          Row over civil groups delays UN treaty on      The Critics    11    The main event: Film: Philip French
                          corruption / by Nick Mathiason                                      reviews Bright Star
                          Emerging cities set to transform table of                     12    Philip French reviews Henri-Georges
                          world's wealthiest / by Ashley Seager                               Clouzot's Inferno/The Men Who Star at
                2         Economists split over end of recession / by                         Goats/Jennifer's Body/Disney's A
                          Heather Stewart                                                     Christmas Carol/Peter Heart/Welcome/1
                          Bra wars: US lingerie chain prepares to                             Day
                          take on M&S / by Julia Finch                                        Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons
 Business:      3         Church refuses to publish advice that led to                  13    Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Agon/
 Investments              £400m stockmarket gamble / by Phillip                               Sphinx/Limen; Mayerling
                          Inman                                                         14    Art: Laura Cumming reviews Running
                          Current account                                                     Time: artist films in Scotland 1960 to
 Business:      4-5       Food industry: Kraft chews on a sweeter                             now/'Painter' and the Studio: Paul
 Inside Story             deal for Cadbury / by Simon Bowers                                  McCarthy and the Myth of the Artist
                5         Fruit & Nut's not the same under the stars                          Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews
                          and stripes / by Andrew Clark                                       Artaxerxes/Oxford Lieder Festival/Maida
 Business:      6         Comment: Once he's fixed the wreck,                                 Vale 75th Anniversary/BBCSO
 Opinion                  Darling needs to show he's learned to be a                    15    Architecture: Stephen Bayley reviews
                          better driver / by Heather Stewart                                  Rafayel on the Left Bank
                          In my view: Humble pie is the plat du jour                    16    Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Uncle
                          of the financially mediocre / by William                            Vanya/Grand Guignol/They Only Come at
                          Keegan                                                              Night
 Business:      7         Tea farmers struggle for survival in fields                         Comedy: Stephanie Merritt reviews
 Commodities              of gold / by Nick Mathiason                                         Michael McIntyre
 Media          8         Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                         17    Pop: Kitty Empire reviews Leona Lewis
                          The Networker: Want to read 1984 on                           18    Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                          Kindle? Big Amazon is watching you / by        Books          19    Geoff Dyer reviews Open: An Auto-
                          John Naughton                                                       biography by Andre Agassi
 Cash           9         Flood victims risk going under to pay for                     20    Environment: Peter Preston reviews Crude
                          insurance / by Jamie Elliott                                        World: The Violent Twilight of Oil by
                10        The fraud's in the post / by Lisa Bachelor                          Peter Maass
                          OFT plans probe into debt firms / by Sam                            Debut novels reviewed by Francesca Segal
                          Dunn                                                          21    Biography: Adam Mars-Jones reviews
                          Your letters: New 90% mortgage prompts                              Cheever: A Life by Blake Bailey
                          challenges; and travellers shop around for                          Biography: Luke Jennings reviews The
                          insurance bargains                                                  Devil Is a Gentleman: The Life and Times
                11        Want high definition? Here's the lowdown                            of Dennis Wheatley by Phil Baker
                          / by Harriet Meyer                                            22    Robert McCrum
                12        Interest rates                                                      Fiction: Alice O'Keeffe reviews The
                13        Residents shore up defences as new wave                             Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver
                          of 500 flats loom on horizon / by Graham                            My other life: Lynne Truss
                          Norwood                                                       23    Rachel Cooke reviews The Freedoms of
                14        Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                      Suburbia by Paul Baker
                          Why it's better to be Gas Safe than sorry                     24    Paperback of the week: Alexandra Masters
                          before letting a contractor into your home /                        reviews Letters of Ted Hughes selected
                          by Jill Insley                                                      and edited by Christopher Reid
                18        Margaret Dibben: Your Problems                                      Paperbacks reviewed by Claire Hopley,
                                                                                              James Purdon, Jessica Holland, Louis
                                                                                              Pattinson and Lucy Scholes
                1         The man behind the fringe: At 75, with a                            Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                          masterly new play on stage, are we finally                          Classics corner: Phil Mongredien reviews
                          seeing the true Alan Bennett? / by Tim                              The Tin Drum by Günter Grass
                          Adams                                                               The Observer bestsellers list
                2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Truman              Television &   27    Kathryn Flett on television
                          Capote, 1959                                   Radio
                          Your letters: Working mothers speak out                             Miranda Sawyer on radio
Details         3         Snout to get excited about: The pint sized
                          pigs that are all the rage among the stars /
                          by Eva Wiseman
                          Cock of the walk and talk / by Hermione
                          U2 save the day – again... / by Caspar
                          Llewellyn Smith
                          The new Call of Duty sequel is pre-selling
                          faster than a speeding bullet / by Killian
Cover Story     4-6       Enter, finally, the real Alan Bennett / by
                          Tim Adams

                                     MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                            The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 15 November 2009                                                                               Harris in New York
                                                                             First Person     28      I served on a jury but I felt uneasy sitting in
MAIN                                                                                                  judgment on others / by Victoria Coren
News            1, 9       Battered Brown to help army families / by         Comment &        29      The 1989 generation has taken power – but
                           Toby Helm and Mark Townsend                       Debate                   can it handle it? / by Matthew Ryder
                1, 3       Exclusive: boyfriend speaks of his love for                                Spare us Mr Sergeant's saccharine Britain /
                           Neda, murdered Iranian protester / by Iason                                by Tristram Hunt
                           Athanasiadis                                      Comment          30      A trial that should restore faith in US
                2          Expert on Iraq fears inquiry whitewash / by                                justice/Come clean, Lord Ashcroft/Mind the
                           Jamie Doward                                                               pay gap
                3          Fake payslips bought on web spark mortgage                         31      The country doesn't want to be led by
                           frauds worth millions / by Lisa Bachelor and                               someone it pities / by Andrew Rawnsley
                           Rajeev Syal                                                        32      The country needs the Iraq inquiry but I fear
                4          Osborne pledges to end era of PFI / by Toby                                it will be a whitewash / by Carne Ross
                           Helm and Phillip Inman                                                     The world through a lens: Liverpool,
                5          Public sector chiefs' pay must be cut, says                                Monday 9 November / by Tracy McVeigh
                           Harman / by Toby Helm                                              33      Is England's World Cup bid in the bag? I
                           Weather warning: 'A beast of a just' brings                                really hope not / by Catherine Bennett
                           floods and 100mph winds, with more to                                      How the government buys the silence of
                           come / by Amelia Hill                                                      charities / by Nick Cohen
                6          Britain blasted for its treatment of children /                    34      Your letters
                           by Tracy McVeigh and Mark Townsend                                         The big issue: 'flexitarianism' Forget the
                           News in brief: Four youths killed after care                               labels – learn to love food
                           crashes into wall/Elvis hair sells for £1,055/                             The readers' editor on... the Observer
                           Baby critical after collision/Murderer on the                              entering a new era / by Stephen Pritchard
                           run/Student knife death probe/The Lottery                          35      China's role on world stage is no cause for
                7          Keating: 'I still feel crushed by Stephen's                                fear, says Obama / by Tania Branigan in
                           death': Boyzone star tells of emotional                                    Beijing
                           trauma after death of bandmate Gately – and                                Illinois jail transfer lined up for Guantánamo
                           his anger at Daily Mail / by Elizabeth Day                                 detainees / by Peter Beaumont
News: Special   8-9        Cabinet fears backlash from frustrated army       World: Special   36-37   The Zetas: brutal kings of their own
Report                     families / by Mark Townsend and Toby              Report                   Mexican narco-state / by Ed Vulliamy in
                           Helm                                                                       Reynosa
News briefing   10         Penguin cruise tourists trapped in sea ice / by   World            38      Embittered Serbs turn their backs on
                           Sam Rogers                                                                 Kosovo's democratic experiment / by Julian
                           Defence: Half of army armoured vehicles                                    Coman in Mitrovica
                           out of action / by Mark Townsend                                   39      World Cup grass isn't green enough / by
                           Crowd drama: Barrier collapse injures 60 at                                Alex Duval Smith in Cape Town
                           Christmas event / by Ben Quinn                                             US opens its first marijuana cafe
                           Finance: Consumers to be given 'class                              40      Anti-immigrant Italians find a new foe: food
                           action' powers / by Jill Treanor                                           from abroad / by Tom Kington in Turin
Opinion         11         It's about time we gave nurses a degree of                                 World briefing: US: Parents of balloon boy
                           respect / by Barbara Ellen                                                 plead guilt over stunt/Russia: Explosions at
                13         Actors playing disabled roles is modern                                    arsenal/Peru: Spy scandal arrest
                           version of blacking-up, says campaigner / by      7 Days           41      Are you a clumsy klutz? Help is at hand / by
                           Amelia Hill                                                                David Mitchell
                15         Climbers mourn as hero dies in Nepal / by                                  My week: Oona King
                           Paul Gallagher                                                     42      The Observer Profile: Stephenie Meyer, A
News            16-17      Abuse victims' fury at legal delays by church                              squeaky-clean vampire queen / by Olivia
                           / by Tracy McVeigh                                                         Laing
                17         Medical records to be made electronic / by                         43      Weather forecast for the week ahead
                           Denis Campbell
                                                                             BUSINESS & MEDIA
                18         MPs demand action over Ashcroft probe / by
                           Rajeev Syal and Toby Helm                         Business: News   1       Rail projects under threat of £750m budget
                           Griffin Euro ally barred from meeting / by                                 cuts / by Dan Milmo and Tim Webb
                           Jamie Doward                                                               John Lewis greets Christmas with the gift of
                19         Discovery brings hope of clean fuel from                                   Guns N' Roses / by Julia Finch
                           coal / by Alok Jha                                                         Queen's speech will give FSA power to curb
                           Ronnie Corbett stepped into Bruce Forsyth's                                City bonuses / by Jill Treanor
                           shoes on BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing last                                 Insider dealing case in peril after crucial
                           night                                                                      witness falls ill / by Nick Mathiason
                21         How the politics of young Murdoch is                               2       RBS attacked for backing Cadbury bid / by
                           changing the tone of the Sun / by James                                    Phillip Inman and Elena Moya
                           Robinson                                                                   Nuclear disposal put in doubt by recovered
                22         Rebel MPs plot openly in pact to oust Brown                                Swedish galleon / by Terry Macalister
                           / by Toby Helm                                                             Tax disputes now taking more than a year to
                           Tax fizzy drinks to curb obesity, doctor                                   resolve / by Phillip Inman
                           urges / by Anushka Asthana                                                 TUC calls for £5bn tax on empty homes / by
                23         Chores 'good for modern children' / by                                     Heather Stewart
                           Amelia Hill                                       Business:        3       After a long wait in the departure lounge,
Focus: The      24-25      The great debate: Will Hutton vs George           Aviation                 BA makes its connection / by David Teather
Economy                    Osborne                                                                    and Dan Milmo
Focus: US       26-27      Right-wing America finds a new heroine to                                  Current account: Orange fizz/Threadneedle
politics                   take up the battle against liberalism / by Paul                            street blues/Temporary relief/Not among the

                                      MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                               The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             rescued/Eight months = £1m-plus/Eurozone                                  Entertainer/Two Gentlemen of Verona
                             up, Britain down                                                  17      Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Duke
Business: Inside   4-5       Back to boom and bust: Bubble trouble:                                    Bluebeard's Castle/The Rite of Spring/
Story                        have prices already risen too much, too                                   Takács Quartet
                             soon? / by Larry Elliott and Heather Stewart                              Dance: Luke Jennings reviews Birmingham
Business:          6         Comment: A Tobin tax is not a mythical                                    Royal Ballet: Quantum Leaps/National
Opinion                      monstrous beastie, and Brown is right to                                  Dance Company Wales
                             believe in it / by Ruth Sunderland                                18      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
                             In my view: Spare us from the sins of today's        Books        19      Peter Conrad reviews Changing My Mind:
                             Lords of Finance / by William Keegan                                      Occasional Essays by Zadie Smith
Business:          7         Jobs being trampled by black horse of                                     Humour: Carole Cadwalladr reviews
Banking                      Lloyds / by Kathryn Hopkins and Jill                                      Seasonal Suicide Notes: My Life as it is
                             Treanor                                                                   Lived by Roger Lewis
Business:          9         Capitalist who makes a difference / by Nick                       20      Education: Wasted: Why Education Isn't
Mammon                       Mathiason                                                                 Educating by Frank Furedi
Media              10        Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                     Fiction: Mary Fitzgerald reviews Winterland
                             The Networker: For people to pay, Fleet                                   by Alan Glynn
                             Street has become Quality Street / by John                        21      Literature: Olivia Laing reviews Love
                             Naughton                                                                  Letters of Great Women edited by Ursula
Cash               11        Revealed: the fake payslips being used to                                 Doyle/Once again to Zelda: fifty Great
                             cheat lenders / by Lisa Bachelor                                          Dedications and Their Stories by Marlene
                   12        Feel the burn but don't get burned / by Huma                              Wagman-Geller/Telling Tales: A History of
                             Qureshi                                                                   Literary Hoaxes by Melissa Katsoulis
                   13        Your letters: A £2,500 bill for an unwanted                               Publishing: Dinah Birch reviews The Case
                             chequebook                                                                For Books: Past, Present and Future by
                   14        Interest rates                                                            Robert Darnton
                   15        Act fast for a duty-free deal on a new home /                     22      Robert McCrum
                             by Harriet Meyer                                                          Society: Caroline Boucher reviews The
                             Tax: Revenue drums up interest for £200m                                  Great Silence 1918-1920: Living in the
                             refund                                                                    Shadow of the Great War by Juliet
                   16        Margaret Dibben: Your problems                                            Nicholson
                                                                                               23      Climate Change: Philip Ball reviews The
REVIEW                                                                                                 Real Global Warming Disaster by
                   1         Neda was the young woman whose brutal                                     Christopher Booker
                             death in June during the Iranian street                                   Memoir: Elizabeth Day reviews No
                             protests shocked the world. She has since                                 Invitation Required: The Pelham Cottage
                             become an icon of the reform movement.                                    Years by Annabel Goldsmith
                             How her boyfriend tells the story of his lost                             My other Life: Sue Townsend
                             love                                                              24      Paperback of the week: Robin McKie
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Angelica                                       reviews The Invention of Air by Steven
                             Garnett, 1979                                                             Johnson
                             Your letters: The boundaries of morality                                  Paperbacks reviewed by Mary Fitzgerald,
Details: People/   3         Plug into the future of driving / by Stephen                              Imogen Carter, Hermione Hoby and
Ideas/News                   Bayley                                                                    Alexander Larman
                             Good at throwing shapes / Rebecca Seal                                    Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                             A local rag in nice new drag / by Hermione                                Classics corner: Philip Womack reviews The
                             Hoby                                                                      Death of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories by
People             4-5       Ronan Keating: The Interview / by Elizabeth                               Leo Tolstoy
                             Day                                                                       The Observer bestsellers list
Theatre            6-7       The creative who's who... of a theatre near                       25      Puzzles
                             you / by Kate Kellaway                               TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
Cover Story        8-9       'I cannot believe it yet. I still think I will see                        Miranda Sawyer on radio
                             Neda again' / by Arash Sahami and Angus              Television   28-29   Picks of the week
                             Macqueen                                                          30      Today's television
The Critics        11        The Main Event: Art: Laura Cumming
                             reviews David Hockney 1960-1968
                   12        Film of the week: Philip French reviews The
                             White Ribbon
                             Philip French's screen legend: Clark Gable
                             Other films: Philip French reviews Amelia/
                             2012/Harry Brown/Taking Woodstock/
                             Tulpan/Cold Souls
                   13        Trailer trash: Jason Solomons
                   14-15     Art: Euan Ferguson reviews Lumiere in
                             Pop: Kitty Empire reviews Muse at O2
                             arena, London
                             Country: Molloy Woodcraft reviews Steve
                             Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers at
                             Royal Festival Hall, London
                   16        Theatre: Kate Kellaway reviews Mixed Up
                             North/The Kreutzer Sonata/Shraddha
                             Theatre 2: Clare Brennan reviews The

                                        MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                             The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 22 November 2009                                                                                Methadone 'makes addicts of prisoners' by
                                                                                                       Jamie Doward
MAIN                                                                                           27      Superdiets? They're just a myth, says top
News             1, 8       Poll boost for PM as confidence in economy                                 doctor / by Anushka Asthana and Rowan
                            grows / by Toby Helm and Zoe Wood                                          Walker
                 1          Life sentence demand for Knox                     Focus:           28      So, just how difficult is it for parents to set
                 1, 5       Obama ready to offer target for cutting           Education                up their own school? / by Toby Young
                            greenhouse gas emissions / by Suzanne             Focus: Culture   29      From flag waving to baton charges: colonial
                            Goldenberg in Washington                                                   past returns to haunt Paris / by Andrew
                 2-3        After the deluge, a sodden Cumbria begins                                  Hussey
                            clean-up / by Mark Townsend in                    People           30      Brush with death brings Williams a thirst for
                            Cockermouth                                                                life / by Vanessa Thorpe
                 3          Wettest month makes this the new Wild             Comment &        31      Couples don't need the law to tell them how
                            West / Analysis by Robert Penn                    Debate                   to live together / by Ruth Deech
                            Brown pledges £1m relief package as he                                     Only a fool would mess with Marks &
                            tours devastated communities / by Mark                                     Spencer / by Elizabeth Day
                            Townsend                                          Comment          32      Cameron is losing his likeable qualities/A
                            Brown pledges £1m relief package as he                                     subtle champion of the faith/Great comedy,
                            tours devastated communities / by Mark                                     great timing
                            Townsend                                                           33      A parliament hung in both its houses is a real
                 4          Bright pupils lose out in push for results / by                            prospect / by Andrew Rawnsley
                            Anushka Asthana                                                            What Thierry Henry's handball did to my
                            News in brief: Man dies in hospital after                                  country... / by Fintan O'Toole in Ireland
                            nightclub shooting/Electronic tags triple/                         34      I've no problem voting Conservative but I'm
                            £20m for Children in Need/Belfast deaths                                   not convinced by this team / by Henry Porter
                            linked/The Lottery                                                         The world through a lens: Gare Loch, Friday
                 5          Williams faces pope after Vatican call for                                 20 November / by Euan Ferguson
                            converts / by John Hooper in Rome                                  35      At long last, a newsreader who made us face
                 7          Team GB has last laugh on old rivals / by                                  reality / by Catherine Bennett
                            Kevin Mitchell                                                             Where are all these militant atheists ruining
                 8          Warning over kidney failure risk from drug /                               Britain? / by Nick Cohen
                            by Diane Taylor and Denis Campbell                                 36      Your letters
                 9          'Put them in solitary confinement' / by Tom                                The big issue: nursing degrees
                            Kington in Perugia                                                         The Observer panel: Is enough space set
                            Churches must lift ban on gay staff, orders                                aside in Britain for nudity?
                            Brussels / by Jamie Doward                        World            37      Revealed: the shocking rise of 'new slavery'
News briefing    10         Politics: Lib Dems can keep fraudster's                                    in US Midwest / by Paul Harris in Dayton,
                            £2.4m / by Rajeev Syal                                                     Ohio
                            Atlantis stretches to repair space station / by                            Mubarak adds fuel to fire as football riots
                            Tracy McVeigh                                                              spread / by Jack Shenker in Cairo
                            Politics: Brown and Cameron sorry for             World: Special   38-39   Wrath descends on the Church of
                            'turkey shoot' / by Paul Gallagher                Report                   Scientology / by Peter Beaumont, London;
                            Industry: Dutch car-maker switches to                                      Toni O'Loughlin, Sydney; Paul Harris, New
                            Britain                                                                    York
                            Entertainment: O2 takes over as world's top                                History of scientology
                            music venue / by Rajeev Syal                      World            40      Kenyan rulers outraged as TV puppets mock
Opinion          11         Jimmy Carr & co. They're just not that funny                               the elite / by Xan Rise in Nairobi
                            now / by Barbara Ellen                                                     Panic over hundreds of flu deaths exploited
News             13         Divorce counselling offered on NHS / by                                    by Ukraine's politicians / by Tracy McVeigh
                            Denis Campbell and Tracy McVeigh                                   42      Delta Kalahari under threat as locals protest
                            FBI searches for Madeleine detective / by                                  at tourist invasion / by David Smith in
                            Ben Quinn                                                                  Samochima, Botswana
                 14         Artists are new saviours of British cinema /                               World briefing: Italy: Father and son held in
                            by Vanessa Thorpe                                                          terrorist swoop/China: Mine blast kills 42/
                 15         Working women 'spin myth of useless men' /                                 US: Carp risk to Great Lakes/Bangladesh:
                            by Amelia Hill                                                             Joy for mother of conjoined twins
News: Politics   16-18      Britain's future hangs in balance / by Toby                        43      Germans fall back in love with an 'old
                            Helm                                                                       Romantic' / by Kate Connolly in Berlin
                 16-17      Hung parliaments are bad: I know, I was in                                 US army killer talked to extremist imam
                            one / First Person by Roy Hattersley                                       about cash transfers / by Paul Harris in New
News             19         Recession-hit couples turn to 'shift-                                      York
                            parenting' / by Anushka Asthana                                    44      Sri Lanka to free 130,000 internees / by
                 21         Feuds, drink and jealousy that drive teenage                               Gethin Chamberlain in Delhi
                            girls to violence / by Tracy McVeigh              7 Days           45      Cybersex in Swindon? Count me out / by
                 23         Food waste to provide homes with green gas                                 David Mitchell
                            / by Adam Vaughan                                                          My week: Michael Grade
                            Taxpayers in £481m police pension top-up /                         46      The Observer profile: Philip Anschutz, A
                            by Jamie Doward                                                            quiet, and very rich, American / by Ed
                 24-25      Michael Palin's bond of friendship with                                    Vulliamy
                            Somali asylum seeker / by Jamie Doward            BUSINESS & MEDIA
                 25         Security 'cover-up' at nuclear plants / by
                            Jamie Doward                                      Business: News   1       Labour backs down on bid to unmask top
                                                                                                       bankers / by Till Treanor
                 26         One in four girls face attack by boyfriend /
                            by Jamie Doward and Amelia Hill                                            Christian Aid to axe a fifth of UK jobs as

                                       MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                              The Observer (microfilm edition) index
                             cash donations fall / by Nick Mathiason                                Other films: Philip French reviews Glorious
                             Claimants await ruling over overdraft bank                             39/The First Day of the Rest of Your Life/
                             charges / by Jill Insley                                               The Informant/The Twilight Saga: New
                             Economic crash plunges developer                                       Moon/Machan/The Sea Wall/Examined
                             Chelsfield £101m in red / by Nick                                      Life/Ulysses
                             Mathiason                                                              Trailer Trash / by Jason Solomons
                   2         Cadbury kept in the dark as RBS backed its                     16      Pop: Kitty Empire reviews Richard Hawley,
                             rival / by Ruth Sunderland and Heather                                 Alex Turner, I Blame Coco
                             Stewart                                                                Killian Fox reviews The Low Anthem
                             Dalmore whisky fetches a record £27,000 at                             Classical: Fiona Maddocks reviews Alfred
                             auction / by Kathryn Hopkins                                           Schnittke: Between Two Worlds/LPO/
                             Lloyds to reveal terms of £13.5bn                                      Rumpelstiltskin
                             fundraising / by Jill Treanor                                  17      Jazz: Dave Gelly reviews London Jazz
                             Ashton will change jobs during Doha                                    Festival
                             summit / by Heather Stewart                                            Dance: Luke Jennings reviews The Sleeping
Business:          3         A question of ownership: Tory figures will                             Beauty/The Rite of Spring
Political                    play Cameron to their advantage / by Nick                      18      Releases: reviews of new CDs and DVDs
Connections                  Mathiason                                         Books        19      Art: Laura Cumming reviews Ed and Nancy
                             Current account                                                        Kienholz: The Hoerengracht
Business: Inside 4-5         Renewing a retailer: A new face at M&S:                                Theatre: Susannah Clapp reviews Cock/The
Story                        same old problems / by Zoe Wood and Julia                              Fahrenheit Twins
                             Finch                                                          20-23   Books of the Year: So what kept you turning
                   5         England expects Mr Bolland to do his duty /                            the pages this year?
                             by Simon Caulkin                                               24      Fiction: Sean O'Hagan reviews Blood's a
Business:          6         Comment: Banks are desperate to prop up                                Rover by James Ellroy
Opinion                      property, but they're sitting on another                               Biography: Geraldine Bedell reviews A
                             timebomb / by Ruth Sunderland                                          Gambling Man: Charles II and the
                             In my view: Inflated optimism and a deficit                            Restoration by Jenny Uglow
                             of clear thinking / by William Keegan                          25      Paperback of the week: Jessica Holland
Business:          7         InterCity dream could start new age of the                             reviews The Paris Review Interviews Vol 4
Transport                    train / by Dan Milmo                                                   edited by Philip Gourevitch
Business:          9         On the trail of dictators' plunder / by Heather                        Paperbacks reviewed by Ben East, Natasha
Corruption                   Stewart                                                                Tripney and Louis Pattison
Media              10        Peter Preston: Press and Broadcasting                                  Audio round-up / by Rachel Redford
                             The Networker: Dark lords of the net                                   Classics Corner: Mary Fitzgerald reviews
                             monopolies should remember Tolkien / by                                The Physiology of Taste – Or Meditations
                             John Naughton                                                          on Transcendental Gastronomy by Jean
Cash               11        Is a fiver a minute enough to make parents                             Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
                             pick their kids up on time? / by Sam Dunn                              The Observer bestsellers list
                   12        Make your money work for a good cause too                      25      Puzzles
                             / by Heather Connon                               TV & Radio   27      Kathryn Flett on television
                             Your letters: Fake payslips? Another sign of                           Miranda Sawyer on radio
                             borrowing too much                                             28-29   Picks of the week
                   13        Repossession? But we're insured / by Jill                      30      Today's television
                   14        Interest rates
                   15        Island dream swept away in Caribbean bay
                             of despair / by Graham Norwood
                   16        Margaret Dibben: Your problems
                   1         From Wales with love / by Carole
                   2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Leslie Caron,
                             Your letters: We have to give local theatre a
Details: People/   3         Japan bids for new boom time / by Elizabeth
Ideas/News                   Day
                             Picasso, Warhol... Burton? / by Gaby Wood
                             Once bitten / by Morwenna Ferrier
                             This season Helena wears deepest green / by
                             Imogen Carter
Culture            4-5       Meet the new recruits to the birdwatching
                             flock / by Kate Kellaway
People             6-7       Joe Sacco: The Interview / by Rachel Cooke
Cover Story        8-9, 11   The little comedy with a big heart / by
                             Carole Cadwalladr
The Critics        13        The Main Event: Theatre: Susannah Clapp
                             reviews the Habit of Art
                   14        Film of the week: Philip French reviews A
                             Serious Man
                             Philip French's screen legends: Shirley
                             Temple 1928-

                                        MICROFORM ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                          The Observer (microfilm edition) index

Sunday 29 November 2009                                                                    / Toby Syral, Rajeev Syal
                                                                                   25      Hollywood's bad girls clean up as US
MAIN                                                                                       public tires of celebrity excess / Gayl
News         1, 9        Eleven more hospitals at centre of safety                         Murphy
                         scandal / by Anushka Asthana and Denis       Comment &    26      Is there any real change of averting the
                         Campbell                                     Debate               climate crisis? / James Hansen
             1,7         BNP leader to represent Europe at world                           Reductions should not be imposed on
                         climate summit / Toby Helm, Robin                                 poor countries / Caroline Lucas
                         McKie and Rajeev Syal                                             It's too late for the Arctic, but it's not yet
             2           Brown told to lift Iraq probe secrecy /                           too late for us / Ann Daniels
                         Toby Helm, Rajeev Syal                                    27      It's in the world's interest for China not to
             3           Tiger Woods faces questions over                                  fail / Yang Ailun
                         mystery of early morning car crash / Paul                         Politicians face scepticism as warming
                         Harris /                                                          slows / Benny Peiser
                         UKIP leader's insurance company at                                Despite our predicament, I'm optimistic /
                         heart of Costa Rica bribe claims / David                          Mohamed Naseed
                         Leigh ,Rob Evans                             Comment      28      Transparency, not targets, will make a
             4           Ashcroft promotion threatens Belize rift /                        better NHS
                         Nicholas Watt                                             28      Britain's shareholders must take control
                         Senior Muslim calls for bar on radical                            Wise up
                         Imans / Rajeev Syal                                       29      Gordon brown's favourite Conservative
             5           UK summit to plan for Afghanistan                                 policy pledge / Andrew Rawnsley
                         withdrawal / Nicholas Watt Mark                                   Don't let parents ruin local schools /
                         Townsend                                                          Fiona Millar
                         Zeta-Jones is New York's hottest ticket                   30      Cadbury is a great British company we
                         on her Broadway debut / Elizabeth Day                             should treasure it ,not let it go / Will
             7           Western lifestyle unsustainable, says                             Hutton
                         world's top climate expert / James                        31      Here's another life class our children
                         Randerson                                                         really don't need / Catherine Bennett
             8,9         The worst NHS wards... where safety is a                          Will no one stop politicians consorting
                         lottery / Anushka Asthana., Denis                                 with conmen? / Nick Cohen
                         Campbell, Andy Hall                                       32      Cruelty has no place in satisfying vanity /
             9           Dangers of treatment stay hidden longer /                         Elizabeth Day's
                         Claire Rayner                                World        33      Russia blames terrorists as dozen killed
Opinion      11          This shameful liaison does not deserve                            in train crash / Luke Harding
                         prison                                                    34      Palestine pins hopes of unity release of
                         Stop behaving like a child, Mr Chiles                             its 'Mandela' / Rory McCarthy
News Briefing 12         Prince hails Cumbrian spirit in face of                   35      Rustlers scoop up prize French oysters /
                         floods                                                            Lizzie Davies
                         Canadian polar bears forced into                          36      Alex and Jose : the gay couple whose
                         cannibalism / Robin Mckie                                         marriage vows will divide a nation /
                         London streets honours Mr Benn cartoon                            Annie Kelly
                         series / Jamie Doward                                     38      Obama in row over top embassy posts /
                         Mother and child may have died in arson                           Paul Harris
                         attack / Ben Quinn                                                Soap giant Omo challanged over prize
News         13          Seven-year old sells landscapes for                               whitewash /
                         £17,000 / Tracy Mcveigh                                   39      Fears grow for hunger strike Nobel
             14          Plans to ease inheritance tax at risk /                           nominee / Giles Tremlett
                         Toby Helm                                                         Three us crew die as plane crashes on
                         Fears of "rogue" landlords as rentals soar                        takeoff
                         / Jamie Doward                                                    Deluge toll hits 106
             16,17       'I want an education. 1 want to change                            Protests target banks
                         my life / Amelia Gentleman                   7 Days       40      Why my old school ties no longer /
             18          Hackers stalk facebook to steal cash                              David Mitchell
                         secrets / Paul Gallagher                                          My week: Victoria Derbyshire
             19          Madonna loves his label, but will we? /                   41      The Observer profile: Morrissey Just
                         Alice Fisher                                                      why is he so miserable now? / Polly
             20          Stigma of HIV is worse now than a                                 Vernon
                         decade ago / Tracy Mcveigh                                42      Cheryl's smile is as fake as her hair. but i
                         Budget hotels in online war over cost of                          love her for it / Victoria Coren
                         a cut-price room / Jamie Doward              BUSINESS &
             2           MPs attack continued detention of            MEDIA
                         children at immigrant centre 'prisons' /                  1,3,6   Investors tell Dubai: 'You won't raise a
                         Tracy Mcveigh                                                     penny again' / Elena Moya, David
             21          Cartel bosses eye west Africa as a new                            Teather, Heather Stewart
                         cocaine / Jamie Doward                                            UK must find 600,000 new engineers,
                         Supermarkets' plea to Mandelson? /                                claim report / Larry Elliott
                         Jamie Doward                                                      Hershey lines up $7bn finance to back
Focus        22          Bling city is dead ,but Dubai's desert                            Cadbury challenge / Richard Wachman
                         dream survives / Jack Hughes                                      Banks turn against bank: author leads
             23          The property bonanza that just wasn't                             stinging RBS attack /
                         built to last                                Business     2       Ten years on, Seattle rioters win by
             24          Revenge of the mandarins: how                News                 default / Heather Stewart
                         Whitehall stuck the knife into Tony Blair                 3       Realities of recession and borrowing

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                         dissolve the mirage in the desert / David                           Ke$ha / Elizabeth Day
                         Teather                                       Music         8       Hit us again with that old rhythm stick:
               3         Walker in odium                                                     Ian Drury / Sean O'Hagan
                         Myners in orbit                               The Critics   13      The main event: Pop: Corinne Bailey
                         Tesco tunes in                                                      Rae / Kitty Empire
                         Clunk fails to click                                        14      Film of the week: Jason Solomon's
                         Sinking in the east                                                 reviews Seraphine
                         All deals were off                                          15      Jason Solomon's reviews Paranormal
Business:      4,5       Peak oil: fields of plenty or are we                                Activity
Inside story             scraping the barrel? / Terry Macalister       Art           16      Hirst serves up more reheated Bacon
                         A drop in the ocean: hopes for a British                    16      Dance : a step too far into windy rhetoric
                         oil bonanza have virtually dried up, but                            / Luke Jennings
                         the business could continue until 2040                      17      Classical: Cecilia Bartoli / Fiona
               5         Higher prices: good for sovereign funds                             Maddocks
Business       6         Dubai's going down the plughole , but                               Theatre: Nation, The Priory, The Line
Opinion                  let's just hope they don't take us with       Books         19      The Group, Mary McCarthy
                         them / Ruth Sunderland                                              Policing Controversy, Ian Blair
                         Mr Cameron, I fear that your position is                            Under The Dome, Stephen King
                         oxymoronic / William Keegan                                 21      Going Rogue: An American Life, Sarah
Business:                Spotify sees the way to make free songs                             Palin
Music                    pay off / Richard Wray, Katie Allen                                 Breakfast With The Socrates: The
Industry                                                                                     Philosophy of Everyday Life
Business       8         Lewis points his finger in a new digital                    22      The postman always used to ring twice /
Media                    direction / Peter Preston                                           Robert McCrum
                         Web goes for free, while print bills just                           Invisible, Paul Auster
                         go up                                                               Burnt Shadows, Kamila Shamsie
                         Breakfast television: from hot dish to                      23      Important Atrifacts and Personal
                         cold porridge                                                       Property, Leanne Shapton
                         Paper abandons suburban standards                                   Blood, Iron & Gold: How the Railways
                         Big Google watching you - and the                                   Transformed the World
                         hardware you use / John Naughton                            25      Paperback of the week .Hiroshima: The
Cash           9         Law closes in on insurers' loophole over                            World's Bomb, Andrew J Rotter
                         disclosures / Lisa Bachelor                                         Fiction, Non Fiction, Classic Corner &
                         What they didn't know can hurt you                                  Audio Round-up, The Observer Best
               10        For a DIY Christmas that's frugal as well                           Sellers List
                         as fun, get crafty / H Qureshi                              26      Puzzles
                         Clock is ticking to reclaim NHS care fees     TV & Radio    27      Phil Hogan on Television
                         in Wales / Jon Robins                                               Miranda Sawyer on Radio
               11        Watch your waste during a season of                         28,29   Picks of the week
                         overindulgence / Jill Insley                                30      Today's Television
               12        Why no stone should be left unturned on
                         home front / Graham Norwood
                         Split capital trusts returns to the stage /
                         Heather Connon
                         Your Letters: Nurseries need to be more
                         time sensitive
13                       Amex: don't leave home without it
                         (unless you only want a newspaper) /
                         Sam Dunn
                         EU to toughen protection against
                         bankrupt airlines / Lisa Bachelor
               14        Interest Rates
               15        Margaret Dibben: Your problems
                         Bank charges: Be wary of claims sites,
                         consumers are warned / Lisa Bachelor
               1         One year on: The backlash but who's
                         orchestrating it? Gaby Wood on the real
                         power players of the American right
               2         Jane Bown's photo archive: Andrei
                         Tarkovsky 1984
                         Your letters : Time to rescue reading
Details:People 3         How the boyz made me into margot /
/Ideas/News              Luke Jennings
                         Frocks off girls / Alice Fisher
                         Schooled in a family tradition /
                         Hermione Hoby
Cover Story    4,5       The loose cannons of the American right
                         / Gaby Wood
Books          6         Now bring on the real bookshops /
                         Rachel Cooke
                         Where do you buy your books? Writers
                         reveal their favourites shops
People         7         She's a walking, talking, Living Dollar

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Sunday 6 December 2009                                                    Comment &    31   Obsessing on class is madness when we
                                                                          Debate            search for leadership / Henry Potter
MAIN                                                                                        Bono rocks, unlike that whinging
News            1,8         Darling plans tax on Bank bonuses /                             Morrissey / Sarfraz Manzoor
                            Toby Helm, Heather Stewart                    Comment      32   The truth about climate: Copenhagen
                1,5         Tearful Knox jurors praise Kercher                              isn't enough
                            family's 'dignity' / John Hooper, Tom                           Let's fight about fairness, not class
                            Kingston                                                   33   Acts of confession must not catch on /
                2           Climate scientist is target of break-ins /                      Ann Treneman
                            Robin McKie, John Vidal                                         The Tories have put all their chips on
                3           Laureate puts political spin on 12 days                         David Cameron / Andrew Rawnsley
                            of Christmas / Vanessa Thorpe                              34   President Sarkozy is absolutely right.
                3           Rightwing marchers clash with police /                          The City has to be cut down to size / Will
                            Mark Townsend                                                   Hutton
                4, 5        Kercher verdicts end marathon trial but                         The world through a lens: Abingdon,
                            turns spotlight on Italy's justice system /                     Maryland
                            John Hooper                                                35   For such fans of marriage, the Tories do
                5           Jurors say they did not believe that                            seem to split up a lot / Catherine Bennett
                            convicted pair were 'evil'                                      This anti-green backlash is a gift to
                            Hot milk but cold comfort as Knox                               brutish regimes / Nick Cohen
                            begins 26-year sentence / Tom Kington                      36   Your letters
                7           Crackdown will force hosp