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									With the population of eleven million, Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. The founder of
Pakistan Mohammad ali jinnah was born in this city at a time when Karachi was an isolated city
having no reputation in late 18th century. The British made it a city of modern age and also the
capital of Sindh. Since than Karachi has prospered to a international port as well as the largest
trade center of Pakistan. It is a comparatively new and modern city thus it is not as histories as
Lahore and Multan and some other cities are so it has no Mughal mosques or tombs rather it
boasts modern sky scrappers. The attractions of this city are its color full bazaars and the sea.
People of this city are very glamorous and modish, they usually keep themselves up to date. That
is why this city produces a lot of film and TV actors and the actors of the Karachi are considered
the best actors through out Pakistan.
In some aspects the people of Karachi are totally different from the people of other cities of
Pakistan. Usually the people of Karachi wake till late night and get up late in the morning. Foods
of this city are also totally different, Usually people like spicy foods. If you happen to visit the
bazaars of Karachi late in night you will find a lot of people enjoying their favorite food. It is
very famous about Karachiates that they can not adjust in any other part of the world and a
person from any other part of the world can not adjust in Karachi.
The most popular outing for the tourists with their children is Clifton beach, visitors ride camels
and horses along the beach. Clifton was developed into a health resort by the British. Hawks bay
is another recreation point for the people of Karachi. It is some kilometers away from the central
Karachi it offers beach huts with cooking facilities too, here also riding facilities are available.
Clifton and Hawks bay are the two very famous outing and recreation points for the people of
Karachi and also for the foreigners. People of Karachi love to come here to get some fun out of
the hustle and bustle of Karachi where the life is very busy specially in week days, so picnic
spots are packed to capacity on week ends.
Sadaar bazaar is modern Karachi's central shopping area. Here you will find every thing whether
they are excellent old embroided
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