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									                      Ladies and Gentlemen of
                  Washington State Veterans Cemetery

The mission of the Ladies and Gentlemen is to provide
representation and to extend sympathy on behalf of the
military family, to the Next of Kin at the committal services for
those men and women who have served in the United States
Armed Forces and their spouses who are buried in the
Washington State Veterans Cemetery.

                         It is an honor and a privilege to be a Lady and Gentleman

                                    The vital part of this program is to have
                           dependable volunteers for each weekday of the month.
                         We are asking volunteers to commit to one day each month.
                                 Services will be held between 9 AM to 3 PM.

        Dress Code: clothing suitable to weather conditions

     Ladies                                      Gentleman
     Dress or pants suit (modest blouse)         Suit or blazer and tie
     No bright colors                            No colorful plaids or stripes
     A hat may be worn

            Volunteer training sessions are held at the Washington National Guard
         Regional Readiness Center, 1626 North Rebecca, Building G, Spokane, WA
                          on the second Thursday of the month at 1 PM.
The sessions will include the standard operating procedures, dress, By-Laws, and answer questions.
     Every volunteer must attend two sessions and shadow/train with a Lady and Gentleman.

     Candidate Information forms must be filled out and turned in by every volunteer candidate.
If you would like to volunteer go to, click on Ladies and Gentlemen of WSVC
           or go to find the cemetery information and download the form.
                Mail to address on the form or email to

The Ladies and Gentlemen of Washington State Veterans Cemetery is a non-profit volunteer association.
              We receive no financial support from the State of Washington or Cemetery.
  Contributions may be made to the Ladies and Gentlemen of WSVC and mailed to our business office
                        2620 South Bolivar Road, Veradale WA 99037-9370

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