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2   ARKANSASMINUTEMAN    February 2011


February 2011                                                                     ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                                                                            3

    ARKANSAS                           EDITORIAL: BLACK HISTORY MONTH
    Editorial staff
  Capt. Chris Heathscott
      State Public Affairs Officer
                                       Honoring our past, celebrating our future
    Lt. Col. Keith Moore
   Agriculture Development Team
     Capt. Heath Allen
                                                s I pondered on a topic for this
        Public Affairs Officer
                                                month’s editorial, it seemed
         Northwest Office
 Sgt. 1st Class Chris Durney                    Black History Month was
                                                                                                      “No man can know where he is going unless
       Public Affairs Specialist
     Adrienne Brietzke
       Public Affairs Specialist
                                       the obvious answer. Throughout the                               he knows exactly where he has been and
       Donna Shelton                   month, the Department of Defense cel-
         Information Officer
                                       ebrates and pays tribute to African
                                                                                                      exactly how he arrived at his present place.”
      Garrick Feldman
          Editor & Publisher
     Christy Hendricks
                                       Americans who have served our nation                                                                                                  – Maya Angelou
          Managing Editor
                                       throughout its history – from the Bat-
   How to reach us
                                       tle of Lexington to the Battle of Fallujah
         404 Graham Road
          Jacksonville, Ark.
                                                                                                      blood for a country which required them      only further highlight our differences
                72076                  to battles taking place overseas at this
          Ph: 501-982-9421                                                                            to serve in segregated units. While it is    and continues to set us back. Because of
         Fax: 501-985-0026             very moment.
                                                                                                      important to remember and learn from         that, I’d ask that you keep in mind that
                                          Identifying the topic was easy, but
       Advertising:                                                                                   this history, it is even more important      the celebration of Black History is not
      arkansasminutemanads@            finding an adequate way to honor Black
                                                                                                      to realize why we call it history and con-   intended to highlight our differences, as
                                       History in 400 words or less is much
       Story ideas                                                                                    tinue to move forward as a people – yet      much as it is to remember and honor the       more difficult.                                                                     never forgetting to honor the memory of      struggle of those individuals in our his-
                                          “For more than two hundred years,
  Arkansas Guard                                                                                      those who brought us here.                   tory who fought to overcome them.
      News                             African-Americans have participated in
                                                                                                         Maya Angelou said, “No man can               I challenge all Americans, regardless
    Published by Leader Pub-           every conflict in United States history,”
lishing, Inc. 404 Graham Road,                                                                        know where he is going unless he knows       of race, to take advantage of opportuni-
Jacksonville, AR 72076, phone          retired Lt. Col. Michael Lee Lanning
number (501) 982-9421, a pri-
                                                                                                      exactly where he has been and exactly        ties to learn about the contributions of
                                       wrote in his book “The African-Amer-
vate firm in no way connect-                                                                           how he arrived at his present place.”        African Americans in our military his-
ed with the Arkansas National          ican Soldier: From Crispus Attucks to
Guard, under written contract                                                                            I feel that there is no organization in   tory. I challenge you to learn from that
with the Adjutant General of           Colin Powell.” Lanning added, “They
the Arkansas National Guard.                                                                          the nation that has seen as much prog-       history and try to understand the sac-
This civilian enterprise Na-           have not only fought bravely the com-
tional Guard newspaper is an
                                                                                                      ress towards racial unity and equality       rifice it took to accomplish in times of
                                       mon enemies of the United States but
authorized publication for the                                                                        as we see in today’s military, but I would   extreme racism and prejudice. I chal-
members of the U.S. military           have also had to confront the individual
services, published under the                                                                         also argue – with little dispute by many     lenge you to recognize the differences
provisions of AR 360-1, AFI 35-        and institutional racism of their coun-
101 and the Arkansas Military
                                                                                                      – that those challenges still exist today.   between all races, but more important-
Department. Contents of the                                                                              Sometimes it seems as though our ef-      ly – celebrate those differences… AND…
Arkansas Minuteman are not                These brave men and women spilt
necessarily the official views of,                                                                     forts to move forward as a nation often      our similarities.
or endorsed by, the U.S. govern-
ment, the Department of De-
fense or the National Guard.
The appearance of advertising
in this publication, including
inserts or supplements, does                                            ON THE COVER
not constitute endorsement by
the National Guard or Leader
Publishing Inc. of the products
or services advertised. Every-                                                                                                            BENEFITS
thing advertised in this publi-                                                                   SAD TO SEE HIM GO. A young
cation shall be made available
for purchase, use or patronage
                                                                                                  father tries to comfort his child be-
                                                                                                  fore he boards a bus at Camp Rob-
without regard to race, color,
religion, sex, national origin,                                                                   inson bound for Camp Atterbury,
age, marital status, physical                                                                     Ind. Approximately 25 members
handicap, political affiliation                                                                    of the Arkansas Army National
or any other non-merit factor                                                                     Guard’s 449th Aviation Support
of the purchaser, user or pa-                                                                     Battalion of the 77th Theater Avia-
tron. Editorial photos unless                                                                     tion Brigade departed January 6
otherwise noted. The Arkan-
                                                                                                  for mobilization training in antici-      No Charge
                                                                                                                                                                            Mike Smith
sas Minuteman reserves the
                                                                                                  pation of a nine-month deployment
right to edit all items. Editorial                                                                                                              for          425 W Capitol Avenue #3700
content is edited, prepared and                                                                   to Kosovo.
provided by the Public Affairs
                                                                                                                                            Consultations                  Little Rock, AR
Office of the Arkansas Nation-                                                                                                                                          (501) 375-9151
al Guard. All photos are Arkan-                                                                                                                         
                                                        Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Chris A. Durney
sas National Guard unless oth-
erwise noted.                                                                                                                                               Advertisement
4                                                                    ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                                     February 2011

Guard supports governor’s inauguration
    CAMP JOSEPH T. ROBIN-                           Photos by Sgt. 1st Class Chris A. Durney
SON, Ark. – The Arkansas National
Guard supported the inauguration
of Gov. Mike Beebe during a cere-
mony Jan. 11 at the State Capitol in
Little Rock, marking the beginning
of the governor’s second term.
    Col. Patricia Anslow, command-
er of the Arkansas Army Nation-
al Guard’s 87th Troop Command,
served as Master of Ceremonies
while the 106th Army Band provid-
ed music during the event.                                                                        (LEFT) INAUGURATION. ARKANSAS Governor Mike
    Maj. Gen. William Wofford, the                                                                Beebe speaks at his inauguration January 11. The Arkansas
adjutant general of Arkansas also                                                                 National Guard supported the event at the State Capitol.
attended the ceremony, which took
place in the Capitol rotunda due to                                                               (TOP, RIGHT) ARMY BAND. The Arkansas National
a blast of winter weather that hit                                                                Guard’s 106th Army Band plays during the governor’s inaugu-
Arkansas on January 9. A sched-                                                                   ration ceremony at the State Capitol January 11.
uled fly-by of A-10 Thunderbolt II
aircraft from the Arkansas Air Na-                                                                (BOTTOM, RIGHT) GUARD SPEAKER. Col. Patricia
tional Guard’s 188th Fighter Wing                                                                 Anslow, the commander of the Arkansas Army National
was cancelled when the event was
                                                                                                  Guard’s 87th Troop Command, serves as Master of Ceremo-
moved inside.
                                                                                                  nies at the Governor’s inauguration January 11 at the Arkan-
    During his speech, Governor
                                                                                                  sas State Capitol.
Beebe lauded the Arkansas Nation-
al Guard and praised the dedication
of the Guard’s Soldiers and Airmen
to the state and nation.

    FINAL FAREWELL. A Soldier with the 449th Aviation Support Battalion embraces
    his family before boarding a bus bound for Camp Atterbury, Ind., January 6. Approxi-
    mately 25 members of the unit are training for a nine-month deployment to Kosovo.

    Aviators depart state for mob station                                                     ■

                 Photos by Sgt. 1st Class Chris A. Durney                                     ■                     ■

                                                                                              ■                     ■

       CAMP JOSEPH T. ROBINSON, Ark.                The unit will deploy with a helicop-      ■

    – Soldiers with the Arkansas Army Na-        ter maintenance mission in support of        ■                     ■

    tional Guard’s Camp Robinson-based           the Nebraska Army National Guard’s                                 ■

    449th Aviation Support Battalion of the      1st Battalion, 376th Aviation Regiment
    77th Theater Aviation Brigade depart-        (Security & Support). The two units are
    ed the state Jan. 6, 2011 for Camp Atter-    slated to deploy as part of a task force
    bury, Ind., to begin mobilization training   led by the New Mexico National Guard’s
    in preparation for deployment in support     111th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade.
    of KFOR (Kosovo Force) 14, the ongoing
    peacekeeping mission in Kosovo.                               Please see Depart, Page 7
February 2011                                                          ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                                                                                             5

Winter blast brings
out the Guard’s best
Soldiers and Airmen bring help to stranded motorists
   CAMP JOSEPH T. ROBINSON, Ark –               ple were assisted during the operation.
Two winter blasts that hit Arkansas mid-           Approximately 15 Guard Soldiers and
January snarled traffic and stranded             Airmen were called into action in the
motorists along stretches of several ma-        northwest corner of the state January
jor highways, and prompted a call up of         20, tasked with patrolling stretches of
Guard Soldiers and Airmen to help.              Interstate 40, Interstate 540 and High-
   Approximately 25 Soldiers with the           way 412.
39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team’s                The Arkansas Air National Guard’s
Malvern and Benton units were called            188th Fighter Wing in Fort Smith sup-
to action shortly after midnight on Janu-       ported the mission with three military           READY TO ROLL. Soldiers with Company E, Brigade Support Battalion of the 39th
ary 10 to help motorists stranded on In-        humvees and seven troops. The Airmen             Infantry Brigade Combat Team get ready to roll out on a patrol of Interstate 30 between
                                                                                                 Little Rock and Malvern. The area was turned into a virtual parking lot following a winter
terstate 30 from Malvern to Little Rock.        patrolled I-40 from Alma to the Oklaho-
                                                                                                 blast on January 9 that stranded motorists.
Vehicle accidents due to icy conditions         ma line, and I-540 from Fort Smith to
turned the interstate into a virtual park-      Van Buren, and from Alma to the Bobby
ing lot.                                        Hopper Tunnel just north of the Wash-
   Crews in military humvees patrolled          ington County line.
the scene and assisted motorists as nec-           The Arkansas Army National Guard’s
essary, bringing them water and fuel,           142nd Fires Brigade Headquarters unit
and calling for emergency assistance if         in Fayetteville supported the mission                                                     TAKE COMMAND
needed.                                         further north with three military hum-
    The armories in Malvern and Ben-            vees and eight troops. The Soldiers pa-                                                   OF YOUR FUTURE.
ton also served as emergency shelters           trolled Highway 412 from Siloam Springs
if needed. According to the Director of         to Huntsville, and I-540 from the tunnel
Military Support, approximately 40 peo-         to the Missouri state line.

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PREPARING. Members of the Arkansas Army National Guard get a humvee ready for a                       1.800.862.2040                                   Funded in part through a grant with the SBA
health and safety patrol along a stretch of Interstate 30 hit by a winter storm January 9.
Icy conditions turned parts of the highway into a virtual parking lot and stranding motorists.
6                                                                                    ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                                                                                      February 2011

Arkansas’ role in Afghan agriculture mission
continues with authority-transfer ceremony
End of mission for the state’s first agri team
marks the beginning for its second
                                                       partners operating throughout the prov-
By Lt. Col. Keith Moore                                ince.
Arkansas Agriculture Development Team Public Affairs       “The ADT has brought considerable de-
                                                       velopment to assist the agriculture grow-
   ZABUL PROVINCE, Afghanistan –                       ers of Zabul,” said Nasari. “They have pro-
Wednesday, January 19, 2011, was a his-                vided not only their ideas and techniques
toric day for the members of the Arkansas              to improve the productivity and quality of
National Guard’s first Agriculture Devel-               agriculture in Zabul, but also to help build
opment Team (ADT-1), as they marked                    capacity in expertise of the Zabul Agricul-
the end of their mission here serving the              ture Department to assist the people.”
farmers and herdsmen of southern Af-                       Even as he praised the contributions of
ghanistan.                                             ADT-1 in launching initiatives to regener-
   The team participated in a ceremo-                  ate the agricultural economy and produc-                                                                             Photo by Sgt. Michael Brinson, Arkansas ADT-2 Public Affairs
ny marking the transfer of authority for               tivity of Zabul Province, Governor Na-                             CASING THE FLAG - Col. Stephen Redman, commander of the ADT-1, cases his team’s
the civil-military mission here in Zabul               sari said he expected ADT-2 to continue                            colors during a transfer of authority ceremony on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 in Zabul
Province to their successors - the Arkan-              to grow the projects and programs that                             Province, Afghanistan. The team turned the mission over to the Arkansas National Guard’s
sas National Guard’s second ADT. The re-               ADT-1 had set in motion.                                           second ADT.
placement unit, designated as Arkansas                     Mr. Bismillah Harifal, the director of
ADT-2, brings farming and ranching ex-                 the Zabul Agriculture Department, not-
perience to the mission in order to con-               ed how the program of agricultural edu-
tinue the initiatives that ADT-1 had set in            cation and training developed by the ADT
motion.                                                had enabled his staff to reach eight of the
   Wednesday’s ceremony was simple and                 province’s 12 districts and provide train-
short with the casing of the first team’s               ing for over 360 farmers.
flag followed by the uncasing and raising                   The ADT-1 applied their expertise in
of the second team’s colors.                           support of operations with a variety of co-
   Zabul Provincial Governor Muham-                    alition force partners including US, Lith-
mad Ashraf Nasari addressed the com-                   uanian and Jordanian Special Forces
bined formation of the teams, as well as               Teams, Romanian Army units, the Afghan
guests representing many coalition force               National Army and the Afghan National

                                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Sgt. Michael Brinson, Arkansas ADT-2 Public Affairs
                                                                                                                          UNFURLING THE COLORS - Col. Mark Lumpkin, commander of Arkansas ADT-2, un-
                                                                                                                          furls the colors of his team during the transfer of authority ceremony Wednesday, January
                                                                                                                          19, 2011, in Zabul Province, Afghanistan.

                                                                                                                          Police. The team brought agriculture ed-      large shoes to fill.”
                                                                                                                          ucation, training and farm development           “You all have absolutely done every-
                                                                                                                          programs into villages throughout eight       thing possible to set us up for success,”
                                                                                                                          districts in Zabul.                           Lumpkin said as he addressed the mem-
                                                                                                                             Col. Stephen Redman, commander of          bers of both teams. “You had the hard
                                                                                                                          ADT-1 praised the mission his team has        part, which was meeting the players,
                                                                                                                          been responsible for over the past year by    building the relationships and figuring
                                                                                                                          saying, “This agriculture mission is vital.   out where to start on this mission. Now
                                                           Photo by Sgt. Michael Brinson, Arkansas ADT-2 Public Affairs   It represents the tip of the spear in the     we can take your game plan and continue
CONFERRING WITH THE Governor - Col. Mark Lumpkin (left), commander of ADT-2,                                              counter-insurgency fight.”                     to build with it.”
and Col. Stephen Redman (right), commander of ADT-1, talk with Zabul Provincial Gover-                                       Col. Mark Lumpkin, commander of in-           ADT-1 was slated to return to Camp
nor Muhammad Ashraf Nasari following a transfer of authority ceremony between the two
                                                                                                                          coming team, praised the work of ADT-         Atterbury, Ind., at the end of January, and
teams. Governor Nasari praised the ADT for the work and progress they are making for the
farmers of Zabul.                                                                                                         1 and acknowledged his team had “some         back to Arkansas in early February.
February 2011                                                           ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                                                                                            7

      Deployment brings family members together
    Father, son cross paths in Kandahar
    By Sgt. Michael Brinson                            farmers benefit from American agricultural
    Arkansas Agriculture Development Team-2            knowledge and techniques.
                                                           Situated on a high plateau and sand-
       KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan –
                                                       wiched between two mountain ranges, KAF
    Happenstance, karma, kismet, fate, luck of
                                                       is the proverbial beehive of activity. Aircraft
    the draw; any one of these terms could be
                                                       take off and land at all hours of the night and
    applied to a series of events that brought a fa-
                                                       day, and military personnel from the United
    ther and son together a half of a world away
                                                       States and 12 other nations make up the co-
    from Arkansas.
                                                       alition forces operating here.
       Sgt. David J. Hickey, 44, and Air Force
                                                           Jaynes enlisted in 1999 and was deployed
    Tech. Sgt. Jesse A. Jaynes, 29, experienced
    a two-day father and son reunion at Kan-           to Kuwait in 2005, and then to Iraq in 2007.
    dahar Air Field in southern Afghanistan –              “This deployment is somewhat more dif-
    a long way from their homes in Van Buren,          ficult than my previous two,” says Jaynes,
    Ark.                                               “primarily because of the cultural differ-
       Hickey is a security force team lead-           ences between my background and the Af-
    er with the Arkansas Agriculture Develop-          ghans.” He is quick to add that he enjoys the
    ment Team-2, which was traveling through           challenge and believes the mission is worth-
    KAF on its way to a forward operating base         while.
    in Zabul Province. Jaynes is a communica-              Hickey enlisted in the Arkansas Army
    tions navigation technician with the 440th         National Guard in 2006 and celebrated his
    Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron                40th birthday in basic training. With two
    based at the Kabul International Airport.          sons already in uniform – Michael D. Hickey
       The mini family reunion came about              is also in the Arkansas Guard – Hickey said
    when Jaynes heard that his dad’s unit would        joining the Guard was a calling.
    be entering the Afghanistan Theater through            “I felt like it was something I needed to
    KAF, and hopped a routine Air Force trans-         do. I had been given so many opportuni-
    port from Kabul to Kandahar. There he ren-         ties in my lifetime and I just wanted to give
    dezvoused with his father just as ADT-2 be-        something back,” said Hickey.
    gan its year-long deployment in support of             After the brief two day visit, it was time
    Operation Enduring Freedom.                        for father and son to go their separate ways.                                                          Photo by Sgt. Michael Brinson, ADT-2

       ADT-2 replaced Arkansas’ first Agricul-          They said the parting was bittersweet, but        FATHER AND SON. Sgt. David J. Hickey (left) and his son, Air Force Tech.
    ture Development Team, which returned to           both were in good spirits. When asked if ei-      Sgt. Jesse A. Jaynes, enjoy a brief reunion at Kandahar Air Field in southern
    the United States Jan. 29, 2011, and is slat-      ther or both intended to make the military a      Afghanistan. Hickey is a member of the Arkansas Agriculture Development
                                                       career, each flashed a quick smile and gave a      Team-2, traveling through KAF on its way to a FOB in Zabul Province. Jaynes
    ed to be back in Arkansas in early February.
                                                       thumbs up.                                        hopped an Air Force transport from his post in Kabul just to see his dad.
    Arkansas is one of 13 states helping Afghan

                                                                                                                                                  Continued from Page 4
                                                                                                                                                Guard units from Pennsylvania and
                                                                                                                                             West Virginia will also serve within the
                                                                                                                                             task force.
                                                                                                                                                The 449th last served on deployment
                                                                                                                                             from August 2006 to August 2007 in sup-
                                                                                                                                             port of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Ballad,
                                                                                                                                                The Arkansas National Guard current-
                                                                                                                                             ly has approximately 60 Soldiers deployed
                                                                                                                                             to Kosovo, and another 60 serving in Af-
                                                                                                                                             ghanistan, all of whom are slated to return
(ABOVE) HEADING OUT. A bus with approximately 25 members of the Ar-                                                                          to the United States early this year.
kansas Army National Guard’s 449th Aviation Support Battalion departs Camp
                                                                                                                                                With Thursday’s departure, the Arkan-
Robinson January 6 bound for Camp Atterbury, Ind., where the unit is training
                                                                                                                                             sas National Guard will have over 300 Sol-
for deployment to Kosovo.
                                                                                                                                             diers and Airmen mobilized in support of
(RIGHT) LOADING UP. A member of the 449th Aviation Support Battalion                                                                         operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Koso-
puts his gear on a bus prior to the January 6 departure of 25 of the unit’s Sol-                                                             vo.
diers for their mobilization station at Camp Atterbury, Ind.
8                                                                       ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                                                                          February 2011

Aviators set for deployment to Iraq
   NORTH FORT HOOD, Texas – Soldiers with                                                                                                                        GREETING THE TROOPS.
the Arkansas Army National Guard’s 1st Battal-                                                                                                                   Maj. Gen. William Wofford, the
ion, 185th Aviation Regiment have completed                                                                                                                      adjutant general of Arkansas,
their mobilization training here and are set to                                                                                                                  visits Fort Hood, Texas to wish
depart for deployment in support of Operation                                                                                                                    members of the 1st Battalion,
                                                                                                                                                                 185th Aviation Regiment well
New Dawn.                                                                                                                                                        on their deployment in support
   On January 25, leaders with the Arkansas                                                                                                                      of Operation New Dawn.
National Guard spend the day visiting the Sol-
diers as they wound up training for their de-
ployment to Iraq. Among those looking in on
the troops was Maj. Gen. William Wofford, the
adjutant general of Arkansas, Brig. Gen. Rog-
er McClellan, the Joint Force Land Component
commander, and Col. John Payne, commander
of the 77th Theater Aviation Brigade.
   Approximately 110 Soldiers with Companies
B and C departed the state Dec. 2, 2010 for mo-
bilization training at Fort Hood. The 1st of the
185th is deploying as part of the California Na-
tional Guard’s 40th Combat Aviation Brigade,
and will be in Iraq for nine months.                                                                                           +hoto by Capt. Chris Heathscott

Standing tall for Arkansas Army Guardsmen
    When Sheridan’s Steven Veazey enlist-         Sheridan unit – Delta Company, 1st Battal-
ed in the local National Guard unit as a pri-     ion, 153rd Infantry Regiment of the 39th In-
vate back in1979, he became a member of           fantry Brigade. His career in the 39th Bri-
the Army’s backbone. Today, over 30 years         gade continued and led him to deploy to Iraq
later, ‘Command Sergeant Major’ Steven            in 2004 as the 1st Battalion’s command ser-
Veazey not only serves as a member of that        geant major. 2007 called him back to Iraq
backbone, but also as one of its primary ad-      for a second tour there with the 39th – this
vocates. He does so as the first to hold his       time as the command sergeant major for the
newest position as the senior enlisted advi-      brigade and its 3,000 plus Soldiers.
sor to the commander of the Arkansas Army             “In the past thirty years I have seen
National Guard.                                   many changes in the National Guard. We
    Veazey took on the responsibility, under      have become a fighting force that works
Brig. Gen. Roger McClellan, in September          right alongside the active duty Army,” said
2010.                                             Veazey. “But one thing that has stayed
    As commander of the Arkansas Army             constant is the leadership of our non-com-
National Guard, McClellan has responsibil-        missioned officers and their dedication to
ity and oversight of the state’s four maneu-      mentoring young men and women who
ver brigades: 39th Infantry Brigade Combat        have chosen to serve our great country.”
Team, 77th Theater Aviation Brigade, 87th             Although he says he had too many men-
Troop Command and 142nd Fires Brigade.            tors to count, Veazey credits much of his
McClellan also has a command responsibil-         accomplishments to two men in particu-
ity over the state’s Medical Command, 233rd       lar, retired 1st Sgt. Billy Ables and retired                                                                                Photo by Capt. Chris Heathscott
Regional Training Institute, Marksmanship         Sgt. 1st Class Richard Solomon.
Training Center (Army) and the Arkansas               “They taught me to always lead from
                                                                                                  LEADERSHIP VISIT. MAJ. Gen. Wofford (left), the adjutant general, and Command
                                                                                                  Sgt. Maj. Steven Veazey, command sergeant major of Arkansas’ Joint Force Land Compo-
Army Guard’s Recruiting and Retention.            the front and to do the right thing,” Veazey
                                                                                                  nent, visit with the 185th’s Capt. Daniel.
    As the senior enlisted advisor to Mc-         said.
Clellan, Veazey serves to represent, oversee          He also credits former 1st Sgt. Raymond     than anyone else; never get tired of learn-            career.
and advocate for every single enlisted Sol-       McCool for the mentorship he provided pri-      ing new things; and always do the right                   Veazey said one of the main keys to
dier serving in those units. This is a task for   or to his death.                                thing even if no one else is watching.”                success in the military is to seek out such
which he is very well qualified, having served         “He taught me that an enlisted Soldier          As well as acknowledging past mentors,             mentors and take advantage of the sound
with and for his fellow Soldiers for over three   is the most important asset in the Army,”       Veazey offered thanks to some of his cur-              advice they provide. He also added that
decades through some very trying times.           said Veazey. “He taught me that every Sol-      rent mentors – the adjutant general, Maj.              the primary source of strength has been
    Veazey witnessed the Guard’s growth into      dier deserves the same respect and caring       Gen. William Wofford, and his senior en-               in his faith in God and continued support
an operational force and personally served        I received early in my career.”                 listed advisor and top enlisted Soldier in             of his wife – and “battle buddy” – Leanna.
overseas on three deployments over the past           The sergeant major said McCool also         the state, Command Sgt. Maj. Deborah                      “You don’t find true success in your life
10 years. His first came in 2001, when he          taught him to “Be honest with your Sol-         Collins – for providing him the opportu-               without hard work,” said Veazey, “and you
was called to deploy as first sergeant of the      diers and yourself; know your job better        nity to take on this most recent step in his           definitely don’t find it alone.”
February 2011                                                      ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                                                            9

Transitioning back from deployment                                                                                                     GETTING THE FACTS.
                                                                                                                                       Capt. Luke McCartney,
                                                                                                                                       executive officer of the
                                                                                                                                       1037th Route Clearance
                               2nd platoon leader. “It        Enduring Freedom, and                                                    Company, 875th Engineer
Story and photos by Spc.       has helped us out a lot.”      returned to Arkansas in                                                  Battalion, and 1st Lt. Lo-
Stephanie Hernandez               Some of the service         December, 2010.                                                          gan Allen, special projects
119th Mobile Public Affairs    providers in attendance           A Freedom Salute cer-                                                 officer, discuss veteran
Detachment                     included Arkansas Work-        emony for the 200-person                                                 benefits during a Yellow
    JONESBORO, Ark. –          force Services, Veterans       unit is scheduled for Feb.                                               Ribbon reintegration event
Soldiers of the Arkansas       Affairs Medical Center,        6, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. at the                                              in Jonesboro January 8.
Army National Guard’s          Arkansas State University      Valley View High School
1037th Route Clearance         and TRICARE.                   fine arts center.
Company        reconnected        “We know the bene-
with Families and service      fits are out there, but we
providers at a reintegra-      didn’t know how to find
tion event held at Arkan-      them,” explained Kim
sas State University here      Turner, wife of Sgt. 1st
Jan. 8, 2011.                  Class Kevin Turner. “In
    “This 60-day reinte-       the education class, we
gration event gets the ser-    were provided with a
vice members and their         book that shows us how to
Families together in a ca-
sual, comfortable atmo-
sphere,” said Maj. Hilary
Dubois, the Arkansas Na-
                               use this benefit.”
                                  The Yellow Ribbon
                               Program is a Department
                               of Defense mandated pro-
                                                                Offering Families Award Winning Services
tional Guard Yellow Rib-       gram that was established
bon Reintegration Pro-         in 2008. The program is
gram Manager. “They can        available to all National
learn from various service     Guard units to include Air
providers about the bene-      National Guard as well as
fits and services that are      all Reserve units within
available to them because      the state.
of their deployment.”             “We have received a lot
    Throughout the day,        of feedback from Fami-
Soldiers and their Fam-        lies,” said Dubois. “It was
ilies attended breakout
sessions based on their
                               definitely valuable.”
                                  The 1037th Route                SERVICES
specific needs. Some of         Clearance Company is a
the sessions included fi-       combination of Soldiers             Largest Arkansas Behavioral Health Facility
nance, power struggles         from the 875th Engineer           Specializing in Ages 5-17
with children, education       Battalion’s 1037th En-
                               gineer Company out of               Acute and Residential Inpatient Services for
and how to write a re-
sume.                          Jonesboro, and the 1036th         ages 5-17 – Pinnacle Pointe Hospital in Little Rock
    “We have attended          Engineer Company based              Outpatient services for all ages
some classes for the kids,     in Paragould. The unit
                               spent nine months in Af-            School-based services in Conway, Mtn. View,
such as ‘picking your bat-
tles’ and ‘how to talk to      ghanistan looking for im-         Stuttgart, North Little Rock, Lakeside
your kids’,” said Staff Sgt.   provised explosive devic-         Hot Springs & Clinton
Chris Brown, a 1037th          es in support of Operation
                                                                   Day Treatment Services – Little Rock
                                                                                            Only Tricare-certified residential program in Arkansas
                                                                                            serving children of active duty and retired military personnel.
                                                                   2007 Residential Facility of the Year
                                                                  Therapeutic Recreation Facility of the Year
                                                                   Silver Sponsor of the Children’s Protection
                                                                 Center, a Children’s Advocacy Center

                                                                 11501 Financial Centre Parkway • Little Rock, AR 72211
                                                                 (501) 223-3322 • Toll Free 800-880-3322
MAKING THE ROUNDS. Staff Sgt. Chris Brown of the
1037th Route Clearance Company speaks to members of              Web:
the Veterans of Foreign Wars during a Yellow Ribbon reinte-
gration event at Arkansas State University January 8.                                                   Advertisement
10                                                                 ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                                                              February 2011

National Guard Youth Challenge program graduates Class 35
Photos by Sgt. 1st Class Chris A. Durney
– Sixty-seven cadets with the Arkansas National Guard’s
Youth Challenge program were honored in a graduation
ceremony January 14 that recognized their successful
completion of the program’s 22-week residential phase.
    Youth Challenge is a voluntary program that leads
trains and mentors at-risk youth so that they may become
productive citizens in America’s future. The program
is free to all participants and is open to 16 to 18 year old
males and females who have either dropped out, or have
been expelled, from high school. Cadets must be drug-free
and not in trouble with the law.
    The program is centered on teaching eight core com-
ponents of life skills that help cadets become successful
members of society. The eight components are: academic                                                                                                   CONGRATULATIONS.
excellence, physical fitness, job skills, service to the com-                                                                                             Maj. Gen. William Wofford,
munity, health and hygiene, responsible citizenship, lead-                                                                                               the adjutant general of Ar-
ership/followership, and life coping skills.                                                                                                             kansas, presents an award
    Upon graduation from the 22-week residential phase,                                                                                                  to a cadet during a gradu-
cadets are paired with a positive role model (mentor) to                                                                                                 ation ceremony January 14
guide them after they return to their communities.                                                                                                       for Class 35 of the Arkan-
                                                                                             MARCHING IN. Cadets from Class 35 of the Arkansas           sas National Guard’s Youth
                                                                                             National Guard’s Youth Challenge program march into the     Challenge program.
                                                                                             Professional Education Center’s Davis Auditorium at Camp
                                                                                             Robinson January 14 for their graduation from the 22-week
                                                                                             residential phase.

READY TO GRADUATE. Cadets with Class 35 of the Arkansas National Guard’s Youth
Challenge Program wait to march in to the Professional Education Center’s Davis Auditorium
January 14 at the beginning of their graduation ceremony.

COLORS. Arkansas
National Guard Youth
Challenge cadets pres-
ent the colors during a
January 14 graduation
ceremony for Class 35.

February 2011                                            ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                                                                 11

E2                            Hunt, Stetson C.             CMTC                       Heller, Jessee L.J.                   Murray, Jonathan P.
                              Johnson, Christopher H.      Thornburg, Arrow T.        Hess, Jacob D.                        Neal, Brandon M.
142ND FA                      Jones, Stephen M.                                       Hogue, Christopher A.                 Riley, Angela M.
Bowen, Brandon L.
Brockmeyer, Charles J.
                              Laughlin, Kenneith L.        E3                         Hokhold, Eric M.
                              MacDonald, Jacob W.                                     Hunter, Jacquane S.                   87TH TC
Brown, Victoria L.                                         142ND FA                   Ingersoll, Mathew S.                  Becerra-Munoz, Banthi K.
                              Massey, John W., Jr.         Black, Douglas W.
Flippo, Benjamin R.           McKannan, Shaylee M.                                    Jennings, Tyrell G.                   Dejesus, Francisco
                                                           Boss, Brandon L.                                                 Harlan, Jeremy W.
Hartman, Jaron L.             Murrah, John D.                                         Jones, Katraia L.
                                                           Gonzalez, Heber J.                                               Hill, Preston L.
Lindeman, Ian K.              Musgrove, Michael J.                                    McGowan, Andre
                                                           Johnson, Joshua D.                                               Neal, Timothy R. II
McKellips, Samuel D.          Phenis, Jesse D.                                        McGuire, Dylan K.
                                                           Johnson, Richard A.                                              Peabody, Noah T.
McPherson, Kristian L.        Richter, Eric C.                                        Pettit, Brandon L.
                                                           Justus, Clyde P.                                                 Ray, Jacob T.
Pearson, Derek A.             Robins, Robert M.            Kinsey, Cody A.            Pittman, Cecil J.
                              Roch, Danial Z.                                         Ponder, Mickie J.                     Tenner, Melvin L.
Sanchez, Mark J., Jr.                                      Lewis, Johnathan G.                                              Thompson, Montrell J.
Seiver, Dustin A.             Royer, Brandon S.            Lewis, Raymond L.          Ramsey, Colton J.
                                                                                      Remsing, Lukas A.                     Warner, Jason C.
Sliva, Robert M., Jr.         Rubier, Dante U.             McGuire, Robert W.
                                                                                      Riley, Logan J.                       Zuniga, Frank Jr.
Toudouze, Robert M.           Sapp, Kevin L.               Moses, Drew E.
Williams, Harrison A.         Sheets, Timothy J.           Slechta, Landon J.         Roy, James A.
                                                                                      Sanders, Mark W.                      RMTC
                              Sheppard, Waldron R. III     Wilson, Vincent M.                                               Walker, Christopher A.
39TH IBCT                     Smith, Jonathon A.                                      Shaw, Brent R.
                                                                                      Smith, Brandon C.
Ante, Nereyda
Barker, Ronnie D.
                              Smith, Renikka D.
                              Ussery, Geraldo Q.
                                                           39TH IBCT
                                                           Anchor, Michael J.         Smith, Daniel A.                      E4
Barrow, Nicholas B.           White, Darren J.             Anderson, Jarvis D.        Stone, Sara E.                        142ND FA
Bembry, Kenneth G.            Winkle, Sean A.              Baxter, Hillary A.         Stroud, Brian R.                      Allen, Joshua L.
Bristow, Matthew F.                                        Bishop, James C.           Tags, Kevin M.                        Bliss, Jessica L.
Brotherton, Ronald J.         77TH TAB                     Butler, Khadijah T.        Talbert, Derek R.                     Chastain, Nicholas S.
Burton, John E.               Aytch, Jessica L.            Chambers, Dustin C.        Vaughan, James O.                     Davidson, Bret W.
                              Hughes, Matthew H.           Cotner, John D.            Walker, Jordan K.                     Hirschi, Amy J.
Carlin, Brian J.
                              Payne, Stephen M.            Curtis, Christopher C.     Ward, Damian M.                       King, Eric W.
Clifton, Jahbreon J.
                              Schwaesdall, Thomas S.       Dorman, Caleb A.           Wilkes, John M., Jr.                  Nystrom, Jesse L.
Flores, Micah W.
                              Smith, Tyler J.              Emmerling, Tracy a.        Williams, Kirtmichael L.              Peevy, Jolynn N.
Flud, Christopher R.                                                                                                        Robertson, Kristopher C.
Glade, Brian C.               Solomon, Miranda T.          Ericson, David A.
                                                           Evans, Halie D.            77TH TAB                              Turner, Aron T.
Grant, Tyler J.                                                                                                             Vojdani, Aaron G.
                              87TH TC                      Fatheree, Stacia D.        Carter, Chester L., Jr.
Graves, Eric W.
                              Green, Robert W., Jr.        Felton, Johnny V.          Lockard, Meghan D.
Hairston, Matthew J.          Little, Darryl J.            Glenn, Edward L.           Mitchell, Alonzo B.
Havranek, John M.             Waid, Dustin L.              Hardwick, Jason A.         Mitchell, Jeremy J.                        Please see Promotions, Page 12

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12                                                           ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                                 February 2011

                                      RMTC                                                              Moody, Justin D.
Promotions                            Valdivieso, Cory M.             233RD RTI
                                                                      Bartlett, Randall A.              188TH FW
Continued from Page 11                E5                              Dodson, Joshua S.                 Simmons, John D.
Baker, Robert J.
                                      142ND FA
                                      Campbell, Jed O.
                                                                      39TH IBCT                         O2
                                                                      Barnes, Matthew D.
Brown, Ashton E.                      McIntyre, Edward F.             Brown, Paul D.                    142ND FA
Byrd, Joe A. II                       Mora, Emery E.                  Hrenchir, George B.               Mason, Lucas S.
Charlton, Andrew T.                   Ralls, James A.L.
Christopher, Denise R.                Reynolds, Derrick A.            77TH TAB                          39TH IBCT
Cooper, Bryant L.                     Wingo, Jason G.                                                   Stokes, Michael S.
                                                                      Seeley, Byron E.
Criss, Steve Q.
Drewry, David P.                      233RD RTI                       87TH TC                           JFHQ
Ferguson, Jonathan C.                 Rather, Cody P.                                                   Witte, David R.
                                                                      Barrow, Shane O.
Franks, Dexter L.                                                     Jackson, Laportia J.
Frazee, Lucas C.                      39TH IBCT                       Johnson, Windell L.               O3
Garrett, Bronson L.                   Barrett, Joseph L.              Morton, Terry J.                  142ND FA
Glass, Joshua T.                      Barrett, Michael A.             Mullins, Zackary T.               Pham, Hoai N.
Graves, Joshua D.                     Bopp, Bryan J.                  Templeton, Trenton L.
Hodge, Cory L.                        Dillard, Justin C.              Tucker, Stanley M.                39TH IBCT
Horton, Matt M.                       Earl, Scott E.                  Yarborough, Stephanie A.          Fears, Willie B.
James, Brittanya G.                   Hall, Nathan O.                                                   LACKIE BENJAMIN ROBERT THOM
Johnson, Charles E.                   Harper, Clarisse E.                                               Lackie, Benjamin R.T.
Johnson, Jeremiah D.
Johnson, Robin L.
                                      Holt, Kenneth C.                E7                                Pruitt, Jason L.
                                      Mallory, Lacolezat L.                                             Wood, Timothy D.
Lee, Jonathan D.                                                      39TH IBCT
                                      Smith, Skipper J.               Evans, Marcus A.
MacDonald Jessica R.                  Staggs, Bradwick D.                                               77TH TAB
Madero, Frederick                                                     Holland, Jerry O., Jr.            McNeely, Dakota B.
                                      Turnage, Mandi N.
Massanelli, Jeffery D.
                                      Williams Eric L.
Matthaei, Anthony R.
                                      Zieammerman, John C.
                                                                      77TH TAB
                                                                      Baldwin, Michael D.J.             O4
McDade, Jonathan E.
McNair, Devon M.
                                                                                                        39TH IBCT
                                      61ST CST                        JFHQ                              Tuckett, Jonathan F.
Murray, Kourtney R.
                                      Wallace, Tasheenia L.           Powell, Sean A.
Qualls, Randy R.
                                                                      Whittenburg, Larry R.
Sewell, Megan L.
Steward, Latoya N.
                                      77TH TAB                        Grooms, Troy A. (Air)             O6
                                      Parker, Charles G.
Tinson, Christine H.                                                  189TH AW                          JFHQ
Ward, Joshua A.                       87TH TC                         Grinnell, Ralph D.                Long, Anita E.
Watters, Timothy B.                   Grayson, Daniel R.
Sanders, Almen D.
                                      142ND FA
87TH TC                               Boblett, Dennis E.
Andrew, Gregory N.                    Holson, Raymond V.
Blankenship, Christopher A.
Burgess, Robert A.
Burton, Alison M.
Cargile, Colby T.
                              Sherwood Moose Lodge
Childers, Adam T.             4000 E. Kiehl • Sherwood • 835-1200
Clark, Mary A.
Clauson, Spencer A.
Cooper, Tanisha A.
Gonzalez, Jose G., Jr.
Harris, David J.
Henderson, Crystal R.
Horn, Jeffery D.
Jones, Maury B.
Kohrs, Brian A.
Mathews, Eric G.
Perkins, Andrewniquis G.
Perkins, Doncosta E.
Perkins, Jayce A.
Rankin, Matthew T.
Reeves, Nathan J.
Rutling, Darious R.
Shannon, William D.
Smith, Craig A.
Spindel, Cammie L. L.
Thomas, Henry B.
Vanzandbergen, George D.
Vinson, Michael W.
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