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    March 2007             Annapolis Valley Health                                                 Volume 1, Issue 1

                                                 AND AVH-CHIPMAN MAKES SIX
                           AVH-Chipman, once a dream is now a                    unpacking
                           reality. Over 120 people, thousands                   day, 98% of
• Annapolis Community      of boxes, hundreds of computers, and                  all staff at
  Health Centre
                           pieces of furniture safely made the                   C h i p m a n
• Soldiers Memorial        move from across the district.                        were able to
  Hospital                                                                       use      their
                           Leading up to the moving date a
• Western Kings            team of future “Chipman Dwellers”
  Memorial Health Centre                                                         and      were
                           met regularly with Stuart MacTavish
                                                                                 being trained on the phone system.
• AVH-Chipman              and Peter Zwicker, Project Manager.
                           The goal of the team was to ensure a                  Moving can be a very stressful time
• Valley Regional          smooth uneventful transition into the                 for anyone but this transition from a
                           new site.                                             variety of sites across the district to
• Eastern Kings Memorial                                                         AVH-Chipman was made a lot easier
                           On average, packing up took two
  Community Health                                                               through     complete planning, and
  Centre                   days, the move in total took two days
                                                                                 creative communications. Well done
                           and set up in the new spaces two
• Health Care in                                                                 to the organizing Team.
                           days. By the end of the second
  Annapolis and Kings
                                      AVH CHIPMAN                                           HIGHLIGHTS:

                                      Open House                                 Tour the NEW SPACE of Mental
Inside this issue:
                                Thursday, March 8, 2007                          Health, Addiction Services and
Bosom Buddies         2                                                          Administrative Services
                             3:30-5:00 pm at 15 Chipman Drive,
                                                                                 Door Prizes, Snacks and Refreshments
                                   Kentville Industrial Park
Cook it up            3
                           AVH SOURCE (FORMERLY WAVES)
Infection             4    Why the name change?                                   How can you help?
                           The name changed with the addition                     Contact Public Affairs with potential
Amnesty               6    of AVH-Chipman because WAVES                           story ideas you or your department
                           represented the sites of Annapolis                     want to share with the rest of the
Community             7    Valley Health. (Western Kings Memorial Health          district.
Health Planner             Centre, Annapolis Community Health Centre, Valley
                                                                                  If you have photos to share and
                           Regional Hospital, Eastern Kings Memorial Community
                                                                                  photo consents signed, please
Congratulations 7          Health Centre, Soldiers Memorial Hospital)
                                                                                  f o r w a r d    t h e m    t o
Dr. McNally                Why AVH Source?                              
                           The goal of the new format is to be                    Deadline for AVH Source?
                           your Source for information about
                                                                                  The deadline is the third Monday of
                           the district, our programs , services,
                                                                                  the month.
                           current events and general
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                                                     BOSOM BUDDIES
                        What    in       the  world    is          mums. You’ll be matched up with a
                        B o s o m         B u d d i e s ?          bosom buddy two weeks before your
                                                                   due date or just after you’ve had
                        Bosom Buddies is a free mother-to-         your baby. And you’ll be provided
                        mother breastfeeding telephone             with support until your baby is six
                        support line for women living in the       months old.       If you want to
                        Annapolis Valley. This exciting new        discontinue support you may do so at
                        program is an initiative of the            any time. Breastfeeding gives your
                        Annapolis Valley Health (AVH) District     baby the healthiest start in life, has
                        Baby Friendly Initiative Committee         health benefits for mum, and helps
                        offering you telephone peer support        build a healthy community.
                        as you embark on your breastfeeding
                        experience with your new baby.             If you are interested in participating
                        There’s nothing like having the ear of     in Bosom Buddies or would like more
                        someone who understands!                   information, please contact Stacy
If      you      are                                               Hanninen, Public Health Nutritionist,
                        Our Bosom Buddies are trained peer         at 538-1430 (Western Kings) or 542-
interested         in
                        volunteers who have breastfed their        6310 (Eastern and Central Kings).
participating      in   babies. They know first hand what it
                        means to breastfeed a baby.                *Program funded by Healthy Eating
Bosom      Buddies
                        Volunteers share their experiences         NS, Eastern Kings Memorial Health
please        contact
                        and provide support and                    Foundation, and supported by AVH
Stacy    Hanninen,      encouragement to new breastfeeding         Public Health Services.

Public        Health
                                        2ND ANNUAL WIF CELEBRATION EVENT
Nutritionist, at 538-
                        The five Community Health Boards           district projects that work to improve
                        (CHBs) within the Annapolis Valley         the health of the communities by
                        District Health Authority (AVH) held       addressing issues the communities
                        their Annual Wellness Initiative Fund      have identified as health concerns.
                        (WIF) Celebration Event award funds
                        and to thank community groups and          This was an opportunity to say thank
                        highlight the remarkable community         you     to    those  altruistic  and
                        projects they were able to fund this       enthusiastic community members
                        year.                                      who work so hard to make where we
                                                                   live a better place.
                        The CHBs of AVH received funding
                        (Wellness Initiative Funds) from the       Once again this year, the boards
                        Department of Health Promotion and         collaborated on a joint application
                        Protection. The fund is for non-profit     process for projects that stretched
                        groups working to improve health in        across more than one community.
                        their communities and must address         This allowed an opportunity to pool
                        the health priorities identified by both   funding and allowed the projects a
                        the Department of Health Promotion         broader scope.          The Boards
                        and Protection and the individual          recognized that their communities
                        CHB.                                       are often intertwined and share some
                                                                   of the same health resources and
                        The Boards evaluated all the               health concerns.
                        applications and chose both local and
    Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                     Page 3

March is Nutrition Month and this         Other Tips:
year’s theme is “Cook It Up Healthy”.
Research shows that Canadians are         • Go for SLOW: A slow cooker is a
cooking less and that families who        great kitchen appliance that can help
prepare and eat meals together have       you have a hot dinner on the table
healthier eating habits. There is         without much fuss. The food cooks
concern that cooking skills of            slowly and safely.
Canadians are deteriorating due to        • Big-Batch it! Weekends can be a
reliance on frozen foods and quick        great time to prepare big batches of
cooking appliances. The goal of this      food that can be refrigerated or
year’s theme is to increase the           frozen for later use or get together
number of Canadians eating home           with the family, friends or neighbors
cooked healthy meals throughout the       and share the work. Foods such as
week. Home cooked meals provide           soups, stews, chili, casseroles,
better meal balance, and can help         muffins, loaves and pancakes are
control what we eat by using less fat     perfect foods to 'big-batch'.
and sodium, and including more
fruits and vegetables and whole grain     • Freeze It! Many standard recipes
products. A healthy balanced meal         can be doubled or tripled and frozen
includes food from all food groups.       in meal sized airtight containers or     For more
                                          resealable freezer bags that can be      information, visit
Tips for quick healthy meals:             quickly defrosted on nights when
                                          time is tight.                 
√     Plan meals ahead of time.
                                                                                   or contact your
√     Mix and match certain items.        Meals can be “mixed and matched”,
                                          relying on home cooked and some          local dietitian.
      Make extra at one meal and use
      at the next meal. For example,      convenience foods. For example, try
      baked chicken one day and           bagged salad along with a cooked
      chicken stir fry the next.          meat and rice or a rotisserie chicken,
                                          frozen vegetables and a baked potato
√     Cook large quantities of freezer    followed by fruit salad with a a
      friendly items. Sauces such as      mixture of canned fruit and yogurt.
      spaghetti, soups and stews freeze   With meal planning and quick meal
      well.                               strategies, hopefully you too can
                                          cook healthy quick meals at home.
√     Use a slow cooker.
                                          For more information, visit
√     Try new flavors and recipes and a or contact your
      variety of foods.                   local dietitian. Watch for displays at
Make 'PLANNED            EXTRAS':         all AVH sites and enter the contest
Different from leftovers, PLANNED         for a chance to win a prize, the new
EXTRAS are on purpose! The extras         Dietitians of Canada Cookbook,
can be used for another meal within       Simply Great Food.
the next couple of days. Please see
page 5 for more information...
                     AVH SOURCE                                                           Page 4

                                  AVH COMMITTED TO BEING SMOKE FREE
                  AVH introduced a tobacco free policy      1 year after quitting: The risk of
                  in July of 2003. Since then many          coronary heart disease is half that of
                  people have quit or have significantly    a smoker's
                  cut back their tobacco use. Thank you
                  for making our community a healthier      Supports for quitting smoking:
                  place for everyone! If you have tried     √   Contact AVH’s Community Health
                  to quit in the past or would like to          Worker, Nicotine Treatment,
                  quit now we encourage you to seek             Addiction Services at 365-1715
                                                            √   Talk to your doctor about your
                  Benefits of quitting smoking:                 options
                  20 mins after quitting: your blood        √   Call the Smoker’s Helpline at
                  pressure will drop.                           1-877-513-5333
                  24 hours after quitting you               www.avdha.nshealth/program/
                  lowered your chances of having a          tobacco.asp
                  heart attack

                  Please provide feedback on the draft You can download the information
                          AVH Strategic Plan.          from .

 Hand hygiene
  is the single                   INFECTION CONTROL DID YOU KNOW!!??
      most        Submitted by AVH Infection Control Team   Flu” and that true flu is a respiratory
important way     Did you know…
   to prevent                                               That hand lotion bottles can be a
                  That alcohol hand sanitizers kill
   infections.    99.99% of transient germs on your
                                                            source of contamination?
                  hands?                                    That all patient care equipment
                                                            should be disinfected between ALL
                  That MRSA is not generally spread in
                                                            patients, not just those patients on
                  the air and that the reason for           isolation?
                  wearing a mask is moreso to prevent
                  healthcare workers from touching          That you should wash your hands
                  their nose (where MRSA likes to           after removing your gloves as self-
                  grow) while they are gloved &             contamination during glove removal is
                  gowned?                                   virtually inevitable?
                  That computer keyboards are more          That diarrhea associated with C.
                  contaminated with microorganisms          difficile is caused by a nasty toxin
                  than a toilet seat. That before an item   secreted by the bacteria rather than
                  can be adequately sterilized, SPD         by the actual presence of the
                  staff put the item through rigorous       bacteria?
                  manual and mechanical cleaning and
                  decontamination?                          That hand hygiene is the single most
                                                            important way to prevent infections.
                  That diarrhea and vomiting is not “the
    Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                        Page 5

  At this time each year people look at     to provide services to seniors, has
  making positives changes for the year     been decreased. The working group
  ahead. In the Annapolis Valley we are     is developing tools and processes to
  lucky to have a group that looks at       streamline services delivered across
  making positive changes for the           sectors for staff, seniors and their
  future every time they meet. This         families.
  working group began meeting on a
  regular basis in 2001. It is made up      “This working group provides an
  of members from each Long Term            excellent opportunity to learn more
  Care and Residential Care facility in     about each organization’s role and
  Kings and Annapolis counties,             identify common issues,” says Tom
  Continuing Care, Emergency Health         MacNeil, AVH Manager Seniors
  Services (EHS) and members from           LINCS. “It has helped to improve the        “The liaison
                                            care for seniors in the area.”
  Annapolis Valley Health (AVH).                                                        committee
  The working group’s goal is to ensure     “By using our collective knowledge          has      helped
  integration and consistency of long       we are able to problem solve for the        strengthen
                                            future of long term care system,”
  term care services in the AVH district.
                                            notes Helen Walsh, Administrator,           overall care
  By working in partnership these
  members strengthen communication,         New Visions, Home for Seniors. “The         for seniors in
  education and relationships among         liaison committee has helped                the Annapolis
  the different sectors. Isolation,         strengthen overall care for seniors in      Valley.”
  between the care facilities and the       the Annapolis Valley.”
  different sectors that work together

                               PLANNED EXTRAS
     ...continued from page 3– AVH Dieticians Cook it Up Healthy

       Great Planned Extras                 Suggestions for the Second Meal
Roast a whole chicken                  Cut into strips and use as a topping for pizza
                                       with added barbecue sauce; add to whole
                                       wheat pasta with leftover vegetables, Use in
                                       recipes, such as casseroles, that call for
                                       cooked chicken; make chicken salad for
Cook beef brisket in a slow cooker     Slice and use for beef sandwiches or add
                                       smallcubes to a vegetable soup

Grill extra salmon fillets             Make fish cakes, salmon salad or place on top
                                       of a salad

Bake a lean ham                        Make pizza using a pre-baked crust, canned
                                       tomato sauce, ham and pineapple slices

Cook a double batch of brown rice      Make stir-fried rice; add to soup; make rice

Roast an extra batch of vegetables     Use in frittata, vegetable soup or wrap in a
                                       tortilla with hummus spread
                        AVH SOURCE                                                   Page 6

                                   AMNESTY MONTH

                         HELP THE AVH LEPRECHAUN
                                      FIND THE GOLD

                              Gold=Equipment Return
Cost $84.20                                          March 1-31, 2007
                        Have you ever said these words to yourself! Maybe as you put on
                        OR scrubs because they are more comfortable than wearing your
                        own clothes at work? Or what is one pair of scissors to this unit,
                        they have lots? But not returning equipment, material or tools,
                        they are not available when they are most
B y             n o t   needed. All department have limited budgets for
                        new equipment, material or tools without having
                        to continually replace items removed from the
equipment,              facilities.
m a t e ri al      or
                        DO YOU KNOW THE COST?
tools, they are
                        Wheel Chair                             $1000.00
not      available
                        OR Scrubs: Tops $15, Pants $15             30.00
when they are
                        Stethoscopes                               84.20
most needed.
                        Audioscopes                              126.00

                        Cadd Pumps                                 56.50       During the
                        Baby Blankets                               6.00   Amnesty period all
                                                                           returned items will
                        Pillows                                     9.00      be gratefully
                        Linens: Pillow Cases         (per 12)      21.00    received without
                                                                            questions asked.
                                  Fitted Sheets          “        118.00     Items will be
  Wheel Chair
                                  Stretcher Sheets       “         77.00    accepted back at
  Cost $1000
                                                                            the Reception or
    each!                         Bedspreads          (each)       16.00
                                                                           Information desks
                                  White Sheets           “          9.95    in all AVH sites.

                                  Flannel Sheets         “          8.90
   Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                  Page 7

                       COMMUNITY HEALTH PLANNER
Annapolis Valley Health includes a          February.     The priority work will
wide range of programs, services and        include: Community Health Centre
initiatives that are at various stages of   and Chronic Disease management
evolution. Our work in AVH benefits         planning; revision of the Annapolis
from knowledge of the populations we        Valley Population Health profile;
serve and evidence of the most              building relationships with our
appropriate ways of meeting their           partners in the academic/research
needs.       The Community Health           community around the AVH
Planner will support AVH as we              Community Health and supporting the
improve our knowledge, explore              health planning role of the five CHB.
innovative ways to meet needs and           Brad will be working closely with
strengthen existing approaches.             members of the Quality and Systems
                                            Performance support team and will
Brad Osmond will move into the              report to the VP Community Health.
Community Health Planner role in late

                                   HOW WE FEEL
Depression                                   Anxiety disorders are a group of
There are a number of myths related          disorders which affect behavior,                                       Untreated
to the topic of depression such as:          thoughts, emotions and physical
Anxiety                                                                                                             seldom
myth                   fact                  Grief                                                                  resolves
                                             There can often be intense emotional
Talking about          Talking through       reactions to various types of losses
depression makes it    feeling is often a    including the loss of significant
worse                                        relationships, health or social roles.
                       helpful first step

Depression will go     Untreated
                                             To find out more about these topics,
away by itself                               plan to attend educational sessions to
                       depression seldom
                                             be held on February 23rd in VRH, SMH
                       resolves              and ACHC. More information to follow.
Suffering from         Most seniors enjoy    Submitted by: Senior’s Mental Health Program, AVH Colleen
depression is a        good mental health    Stephenson, RN & Pam McKinley, MSW, RSW
normal part of
getting older

                                                                                                         This program has been
  Empathizing, Listening,                   Registration is free. To register please                     accredited by Dalhousie
                                            complete the registration form which is
       Supporting                           available at and
                                                                                                         University        Continuing
                                                                                                         Medical Education and the
Delivering Difficult News and               fax to 902-473-6412.
                                                                                                         Division     of    Continuing
Providing Support                           For additional information, please call                      Pharmacy Education. For
Thursday, March 22, 2007, 2 – 4:30          Cancer Care Nova Scotia at 902-473-                          credentialing         details,
PM Auditorium – AVH Chipman Facility        5106 or toll free at 1-866-599-2267.                         please see the form.
15 Chipman Drive, Kentville
                         AVH SOURCE                                                              Page 8

                                            FEB. 14 CIU CELEBRATION

                      Angie Daniels, Cardiology               Volunteers at SMH were invited to
                      Technologist, and Dr. Adam Clarke,      visit the Cardiac Investigation Unit on
                      Cardiologist, cutting the cake on       that day to recognize the efforts and
                      February 14th to commemorate            expertise of our Cardiology
                      Cardiology Technologist Day at          Technologist and learn about the
                      Soldiers Memorial Hospital. Staff and   services provided by the CIU .

                                      AVH AND NSAHO SHOWCASE MUSE
                      Submitted by Jeremy Dann                representing Health Authorities from
                                                              across the province.
                      The Day was an opportunity for DHAs
                      interested in Cardiology Data
                      Management to meet with the AVH
                      and GE Healthcare team to discuss
                      the implementation and expansion
                      of Cardiology Management in the
                      province. Speakers included several
                      GE Healthcare representatives from
                      Atlantic Canada and Ontario. Tricia
                      Docherty, of Vancouver Coastal
                      Health Authority and sponsored by
                      GE Healthcare, spoke on the
                      challenges and success with putting
                      a system in place for multiple Health   Pictured from Left to Right are;
                      Authorities in BC. AVH and NSAHO
                                                              Carol Griffin, AVH CIU, Dawn Stillwell,
                      staff presented on our experiences
                                                              AVH CIU Bill MacKeen, AVH, Director CIU
                      during the implementation of the        RESP Physio, Tricia Docherty – Regional
                      MUSE Cardiology Information             Electro-diagnostic Leader Vancouver
                      Management system. More than 40         Coastal Health Authority, Pattie Dexter
                      people wee in attendance                Peck, AVH VP Acute Care

                                      ACHC TAKES THE ROOF OFF WINTER
                      Twenty-three staff at the Annapolis     Thanks to the “Take the Roof Off
                      Community Health Centre have            Winter” Program all walkers received
                      decided to take the roof off winter.    warm red toques to wear on their
                      Partnering with the County of           walks. To date, walkers have covered
                      Annapolis Recreation Services, staff    over 880 km, despite the many storm
                      set a goal to do some outdoor           days this February. The staff is
Debbie Cummings
                      walking, covering 1454 km, roughly      committed to continuing on until the
(left) and Eloise
                      the distance from Yarmouth to           goal of 1454 km is reached.
Mailman( right )out
                      Sydney, Nova Scotia and return.
for a noon hour                                               The walking program is popular
                      Starting on January 19, participants
walk.                                                         among staff members as a way to be
                      have logged the distance walked
                      outside. Group walks are scheduled      more active. Walking together is a
                      every Monday, Wednesday, and            great way to socialize and the fresh
                      Friday over the noon hour.              winter air at noon seems to make
                                                              afternoons at work more productive.
 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                             Page 9

                     CONGRATULATIONS DR. McNALLY
It is with great pleasure that            interdisciplinary approach to care.
Annapolis Valley Health congratulates     She resides of Kentville with her
Dr. Catherine McNally for receipt of      husband John and three children
certification in Hospice and Palliative   Rachael, Nathan and Samuel.
Medicine. Dr. McNally joins more
than 2,800 fellow physicians across       Eligibility requirements for
Canada and the US to have achieved        certification are significant. In order
such certification.                       to be eligible to take the certifying
                                          examination, applicants must have
Hospice and palliative medicine is the    received prior major specialty              We are delighted
medical discipline of the broad           certification, practiced at least two

                                                                                      that Dr. McNally
therapeutic model known as hospice        years following residency, worked as
and palliative care. The discipline       a member of an interdisciplinary
                                                                                      has       achieved
and model of care are devoted to          team for at least two years and have        A B H P M
achieving the best possible quality of    directly participated in the active care    certification. This
life for the patient and family           of at least fifty terminally ill patients   will     serve    to
throughout the course of a life-          in the preceding three years.               further strengthen
threatening illness through the relief    Alternatively, applicants must have         her already strong
of suffering and the control of           completed specialty fellowship              place in the district
symptoms.      Hospice and palliative     training in palliative medicine. The        as a palliative care
medicine helps the patient and family     fellowship training program must be         specialist, enrich
face the prospect of death assured        at least one year in length and must        the palliative care
that comfort will be a priority, values   meet the established voluntary
                                                                                      team as a whole
and decisions will be respected,          standards for such a program.
spiritual and psychosocial needs will
                                                                                      and increase the
be addressed, practical support will      The American Board of Hospice and           awareness         of
be available and opportunities will       Palliative Medicine (ABHPM) has             Palliative Care as a
exist for growth and development.         conducted its certification                 recognized medical
Hospice Palliative Care is a medical      examination in Hospice and Palliative       sub-specialty,”
specialty that provides palliative care   Medicine annually throughout the            says       Shelagh
for terminally ill patients and           Canada and the United States since          Campbell-Palmer,
supportive services to patients, their    the certification program was first         District Manager
families, and significant others.         offered a decade ago (currently, this       for Palliative Care
                                          is the only agency in North America         in AVH.
Dr. McNally is a graduate of the          offering such certification). Its goal is
University of Toronto. As well as         to establish and measure the level of
having completed a residency in           knowledge, attitudes and skills
family medicine, she completed a two      required for certification of physicians
year residency in Palliative Care         practicing hospice and palliative
medicine at Providence Centre in          medicine. In September 2006, the
Toronto. She joined the Palliative        American Board of Medical Specialties
Care Program in AVH in April 2005 as      (ABMS) voted to grant the discipline
Palliative Care Resource Physician.       of Hospice and Palliative
Dr. McNally has been helping to build     Medicine official status as a
a comprehensive hospice palliative        recognized subspecialty.
care program in the district to provide
care to those struggling with life
threatening illnesses, using an
                          AVH SOURCE                                                               Page 10

                      To continue efforts to be more Frail Friendly,   Think about literacy Many Nova
                      Michelle Helliwell, Library & Knowledge          Scotians – 38% - have significant
                      Management Services has partnered with the
                      Seniors LINCS.                                   literacy problems. Among seniors,
                                                                       80% read at a grade 8 level or lower.
                      Watch your language. What is                     In other words, about 1 of every 3
                      routine jargon to you isn’t always               patients might have difficulty
                      routine to others.   Use everyday                reading the written information put in
                      language to explain concepts. For                front of them – even more if you are
                      example, try using “cut” instead of              dealing with seniors!              As a
                      “incision”, or “stop” instead of                 healthcare provider you need to
                      “discontinue”.                                   understand all of the barriers patients
                                                                       have to looking after themselves…
                      Be specific when you give                        and literacy is a key skill they need.
                      directions What does “take as
                      required” mean? Or, “Increase                    What can Healthcare providers
                      gradually?”    “Use in moderation?”              do? Check the literacy level of the
                      These are value judgments: one                   written material you provide. Library
     The Valley       person’s moderation may be                       Services, Public Affairs or your own
 Community Adult      another’s excess. Instead, suggest               computer can assist you with this.
Learning Network      something a bit more specific, like              85% of all material is written at a
is a local resource   “add 5 minutes a day”. Instead of                grade 12 level or higher. Only about
 to use. Call 679-    “take as required” try “take this when           15% of Nova Scotians read well at
 5252 or email at     the pain is keeping you from normal              this level. Your material won’t be if   routine.”                                        helpful if people can’t use it.
      you have
  questions about     Get your patients to “Ask me 3”                  Keep your eyes open for red flags.
    helping your      Patients/clients should be able to               Do people give you excuses if you
    patients get      answer at least 3 basic questions                hand them written material? Did
   literacy skills    after their encounter with a health              they “forget their glasses”? Do they
     assistance.      care provider. They are:                         glance at it quickly and shove it in a
                                                                       pocket?     If you have the ability,
                      √    What is my main problem?
                                                                       conduct a “brown bag” test of meds.
                      √    What should I do about it?                  A person who can read will identify
                                                                       their medication by reading the label.
                      √    Why should I do it?                         A person with literacy challenges will
                                                                       often open the bottle and look inside
                      This gives them a basic
                                                                       to identify the medication. Make it
                      understanding of their own condition.
                                                                       a topic of conversation. There is
                      Not all patients do!
                                                                       still a social stigma associated with
                      Use the teach back method:                       people who are “illiterate”. Broach
                      Did your patient actually absorb what            the subject gently. Patients need to
                      you taught them? To be sure, use                 understand that you will not judge
                      the “teach back” method. After you               them. Try something like “I’m giving
                      explain a self care routine – like how           you a lot information here, and it’s
                      to take a particular medication, – get           important you understand it. How
                      your patient to tell you what you just           happy with you with how you read?”
                      explained. This ensures that any                 or “Do you like to read?” and if they
                      misunderstanding can be cleared up,              say no, ask them if they have
                      and reinforces they need to know.                someone to help them with that.
                                                                                                      Page 11
        Volume 1, Issue 1

New Nova Scotia legislation has taken          different booster seats can have
effect January 1, 2007. All children           different weight and height limits.
who have outgrown their child
car seat (at 40-48 pounds
depending on the seat) need to             √   The shoulder strap should sit
use a booster seat until they are              across the middle of the chest and
145 cm (4’9”) tall or nine years               the lap belt should sit comfortably
old.     Some children should continue         over the hip bones                       Snap Buckle
to use a booster seat beyond nine                                                      Drive-Child Car
                                           √   Never put the shoulder belt under
years until they are tall enough for                                                   Seat Clinic– call
                                               the child’s arm or behind the back
the adult seatbelt.                            because it elimi n ates the              Public Health
                                               protection for the upper body              542.6310
We know that correct use of car
restraint systems reduce injury by             parts and increases the risk of
70%.      The booster seat raises the          severe injury in a crash.
child up so that the seatbelt fits         √   Never use pillows, books or towels
correctly. A booster seat positions            to boost a child. In a collision,
the adult seatbelt safely on the child’s                                             New       Nova        Scotia
                                               they will compress, creating slack
body so that the lap belt stays below          in the seatbelt. The seatbelt could   legislation has taken
the abdomen and the shoulder belt              ride up on the child’s abdomen        effect     January        1,
rests diagonally across the chest and          and the child could be ejected.       2007.       All children
shoulder. Without it, a child could
suffer severe abdominal and spinal         √   A child who cannot sit with his/her   who have outgrown
injuries from the adult seatbelt or be         back straight against the vehicles    their child car seat
ejected from the seatbelt all together.        seat and have their knees bend at     (at      40-48    pounds
Seatbelts are designed to fit adults.          the edge of the seat, must use a      depending        on     the
It is the driver’s responsibility to           booster seat.
                                                                                     seat) need to use a
ensure a child is restrained
appropriately.    Failure to use the       √  All children 12 years and under        booster        seat    until
appropriate car seat, booster seat or      should be properly restrained in the      they     are     145     cm
seat belt can result in a $157.50 fine     back seat.
                                                                                     (4’9”)    tall   or    nine
and 2 demerit points.                      If interested in car seat inspection      years old.
TIPS FOR BOOSTER SEAT USE:                 and/or instillation contact Lisa
                                           Joudrey (car seat technician) @ 644-
√   Read your vehicle owner’s manual       1370. Please feel free to visit the
    and the booster seat instructions      websites and
    for your seat carefully before or call Child
    installing a booster seat –            Safety Link @ 1 866-288-1388.

                                                                                           Grand Prize
                    FLU SHOT GRAND PRIZE WINNERS

The District Grand Prize Draw took         Congratulations                   to:
place on January 17, 2007 at the AVH       Nancy    Stewart,    Public   Health,
Board of Directors meeting.                EKMCHC &       Carolyn, OBS, VRH
...continued from page 2.                                Projects ranged from “Strive for Five”, a how- to
                                                         guide to promote fruit and vegetables in our local
The Eastern Kings CHB funded 3 local and 11 joint
community projects for a combined total of               schools, provided in partnership with the school
approximately $11,000.                                   board, local suppliers and producers, and the AVH
The Central Kings CHB funded 1 local and 8 joint         Health Promoting Schools staff; to a “Support
community projects for a combined total of               Group Facilitation Training” from a community
approximately $14,000.                                   organization Survivors of Abuse Recovering (SOAR).
The Western Kings CHB funded 5 local and 4 joint         This project is to train peer counselors to work with
community projects for a combined total of               survivors in a community setting.
approximately $12,000.

The Kingston Greenwood CHB funded 3 local and 4
joint community projects for a combined total of
approximately $14,000.

The Annapolis CHB funded 10 local and 3 joint
community projects for a combined total of
approximately $10,000.

In summary, the five boards were able to fund over
$61,000 for projects in the Annapolis Valley.
                                                                                Western Kings
                                                                             Community Health Board

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