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									April 8, 2006                                                                                               1

                                                                               MMWLL LITTLE LEAGUE
      SNACK BAR DUTY                                                           DAY WITH THE PADRES

The     followings  teams   are
scheduled for Snack Bar Duty for                                            Please join MMWLL on Sunday,
the next two weeks:                                                         May 7, 2006, at 1:05 p.m., at
                                                                            Petco Park for Little League Day
4/8/06                                                                      with the Padres. The Padres will
8:30-11:00 – Ironbirds                                                      be playing the Chicago Cubs. All
11:00-2:00 – Mets                                                           kids 14 years of age and younger
2:00-end-of-play – Aquasox                                                  will receive a mini baseball pillow
                                                                            upon entrance to the game.
                                        FUNDRAISER MONEY DUE                MMWLL is selling the tickets for
Spring Break – NO GAMES                                                     $12 each. MMWLL will receive $2
                                      If you have not turned in your        for each ticket sold. Only 250
4/17/06                               fundraiser money to Darla Razzani     seats are available, so be sure
4:30-end-of-play - Thunder            (Parent Rep), please immediately      place your orders quickly. Order
                                      do so. Pictures and trophies will     information will be provided to your
4/18/06                               not be provided until fundraiser      Managers          and/or      Team
4:30-end-of-play - Mets               money has been received. Also,        Representatives within the next
                                      players will not be permitted to      week.
4/19/06                               participate in tournament play if
4:30-end-of-play - Timber Rattlers    fundraiser money has not been
                                      received. Please contact Darla at                 TUPPERWARE
4/20/06                               858-243-1788        to      make
                                                                            Kris Tokunaga, a Tupperware
4:30-end-of-play - Yankees            arrangements to turn in your
                                                                            consultant, will be at the fields by
                                      fundraiser money. Thanks!
                                                                            the Snack Bar on the followings
4/22/06                                                                     days to sell Tupperware products:
8:30-11:00 – Rivercats                     DOMINO’S COUPONS                        th
11:00-2:00 – Red Sox                                                        May 13
2:00-end-of-play – Aquasox                                                  June 3
                                      Domino’s coupon pamphlets are
Please be sure to arrive a few        available for purchase in the         A portion of the proceeds will be
minutes early for your duty. If you   Snack Bar for $10 each. Inside        donated to the league. Please be
have any questions please contact     the pamphlet is a coupon for a        sure to stop by to view the latest
either Cheryl Gillard or Michelenne   free 1-topping large pizza, in        and greatest in Tupperware.
Crab.                                 addition to numerous buy-one-get-
                                      one free coupons. The league
Cheryl Gillard                        receives $6 for each coupon
                                                                                   LEAGUE WEBSITE
Michelenne Crab                       pamphlet that is sold. Remember
MMWLL Concessions                     - Domino’s delivers to the fields –
                                      and who doesn’t love pizza for a      Be sure to check out the league’s
                                      post-game treat!                      website     (      for
                                                                            current information, contacts, local
           * * * * *                                                        weather      conditions,    photos
                                                 * * * * *                  (coming soon), etc.
                                                                                 T-BALL HIGHLIGHTS
  2                                                                                           BASELINES
                                         Unfortunately, Kris was sick and
            Scrappers                    out commission for this game, and      Thanks again to the MUCKDOGS
                                         the MUCKDOGS are anxious for           coaches and fans. A BIG thanks
3/18/06                                  his speedy recovery and return to      to our scorekeepers – Chris and
                                         the field.                             Carey! Go MUCKDOGS!
The rain stopped in time for the
SCRAPPERS and the Mudcats to             Kudos to Manager Buddy and his
take the field Saturday morning,         coaching staff. Many thanks to               MINOR HIGHLIGHTS
and boy was it muddy! For the            the fans of the Raptors and
SCRAPPERS, it was the first              MUCKDOGS.        The players                       Red Wings
game of the season, and they             appreciate your support! GO
were ready! All those practices          MUCKDOGS!                              3/25/06
paid off. Antonio, Austin, Chase,
Conall, Daniel, Jack, Logan,             4/1/06                                 RED WINGS – 12
Tanner, Shelby, and Zac hit the                                                 Thunder – 0
ball great. They fielded the ball like   After a rain-out in March, the
the pros – great alligators! And         MUCKDOGS and Ironbirds finally         The RED WINGS met the
boy can they run! We are in for a        met on the baseball field for the      Thunder again on March 25 . The
fun season. Go SCRAPPERS!                first match-up of the season.          RED WINGS were going into this
                                                                                game with a 2-0 record and they
                                         The MUCKDOGS came up                   were going to keep their
        FARM HIGHLIGHTS                  swinging early on in the game with     undefeated record.
                                         lead-off hits by Matt and George.      The Wings were the visiting team,
                                         Jeremy’s bat was on fire, hitting      so they headed to the plated first.
      Mojo Sounds Muckdogs
                                         three singles and a double. Nate,      Stuart was our lead off batter, he
                                         with back-to-back singles, came        was unable to get on base but he
3/25/06                                  around to score twice in the game.     had a nice hit. His brother Nathan
                                         Austin also had two strong hits.       followed and landed a nice
The MUCKDOGS and the Raptors             Showing great determination, and       TRIPLE to centerfield. Zoe
met up for the second time this          battling off some hard pitches,        followed Nathan and with Zoe's
season.                                  Aldo hit a big single and eventually   mom cheering him on in the
                                         came around to score.          After   stands he put that game face on
The MUCKDOGS dazzled their               missing his last game, Kris was        and landed an awesome hit to
fans with great plays on the             back and battled hard getting a big    advance Nathan to second and
defensive side. Nate had two             single.                                himself at first. Kaden took his
awesome stops at second,
                                                                                stance in the box; with Kane
throwing to Jeremy at first for outs     The MUCKDOGS’ defense was              sporting his ‘Kadens Brother’
in the first inning. Showing his         impressive.       At the pitcher’s     jersey from the sidelines he was
range at shortstop, Chris made a         mound was George, who caught a         hoping to rip one but was walked
nice snag and threw to Jeremy at         pop-up and turned to throw at          on his first at bat. Jake followed
second for an out in the fourth          Jeremy at first to complete a          Kaden with a nice hit down third
inning. Great job by the entire          double play. Heads-up ball, guys!      baseline to second Kaden to
MUCKDOGS defense for being               Later in the game, Matt made a         second. Dustin approached the
ready to play throughout the             great play on the mound and threw      plate and really wanted to get a
game.                                    to George at third for the out.        hold of that ball, but was walked.
                                         Jeremy snagged a scorcher at           Ashley got on base as a walk too.
Offensively, the MUCKDOGS                short and threw to a stretching
were on fire. Stepping up BIG at         Chris at first for an out. Over at     Kaden took the mound again and
the plate was Caitlyn, who               the hot corner was Carloss, who        brought his A game. Jake caught
smacked the ball for her first hit of    made several great stops and           for Kaden and as always they
the season. Way to go, Caitlyn!          caught a pop-fly for an out.           work GREAT together. Kaden
Kevin also came through with a           Carloss was also awarded with the      takes the signs from Jake and
big single. Matt, George, Chris,         game ball. Awesome job, Carloss.       from there its history for the
and Jeremy all went 4-for-4. Also
                                                                                opposing team. Our infield was on
with multi-hits in the game were         The MUCKDOGS wish Adam,                their toes as well; Stuart took first
Aldo, Nate, Adam, Austin, and            Kevin and Caitlyn a speedy             with Zoe at second, Nathan at
Carloss.                                 recovery, and cannot wait for their    short and Chris at third. Ashley
  3                                                                                          BASELINES
was playing left, Kyle was center,    3-0! WAY TO GO WINGS!! Coach             Felipe pitched great and struck out
                                                                                                 nd             rd
and Dustin was in right. Kaden        Charles is so proud of his team,         3 batters in the 2 inning and 3
struck out the first batter, the      they work hard on the field each         innings.
second batter popped one up and       practice and it shows come game
Kaden struck out his third batter.    day. Thanks to the parents who           Matthew made his pitching debut
Second inning, Kaden struck out       were out supporting our team, the        as a TIMER RATTLER throwing
his batters 1,2,3! He was RED         kids really like to hear everyone        some awesome pitches. Felipe
HOT!!                                 cheering them on; it gets them           made the first out of the 4 inning
                                      more ‘hyped’ up. Darla, thank you        tagging 1       base. Brandon at
Third inning, Ashley was walked       for keeping score, I know it was         catcher tossed the ball to Matthew
and stole second base on a pass       hectic up there. Thanks to Shelly        to catch the runner trying to steal
ball. You show them how it’s done     for taking over. Your help is greatly    home for the second out. Great
girl!! Kyle was walked and Stuart     appreciated it. Thanks!                  defense. Matthew struck out the
followed with a nice hit. Stuart                                               batter for the third out.
decided to keep running the bases     The WINGS face the Timber
after his hit even though Coach       Rattlers on Saturday at 2 p.m.           We started back at the top of the
Charles was at third base telling     They plan to clinch another              lineup with Matthew slamming the
him to hold up at second, he was      VICTORY!                                 ball for a base hit then fast on his
bound and determined to make it                                                feet ran to 2 on a passed ball
to third and he did! Stuart you are   CONGRATS RED WINGS YOU                   and stole 3 . Dominic clobbered
so fun to watch. Nathan ended the     GUYS ARE UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!!             the ball for a base hit RBI bringing
inning with a hit to the mound.                                                in the first run! The crowd goes
                                                Timber Rattlers                wild. Austin was hit by the pitch
Kaden and Jake again with great                                                took first base then stole 2 .
teamwork struck out their batters     3/18/06
1,2,3! They don’t get any better                                               Matthew struck out 2 batters in the
than that!!!!!                        Thunder – 10                             5 inning and threw the ball to
                                                                                            st                rd
                                      TIMBER RATTLERS – 5                      Felipe at 1 base for the 3 out.
Fourth inning, Zoe had an                                                      Matthew struck out 3 batters in the
AWESOME triple. There was no          After having last weeks game             6 inning keeping Thunder from
stopping that boy he turned on        called because of rain. The              scoring that inning. The bats really
those wheels! Kaden and Jake          TIMBER       RATTLERS         were       came alive in the 6 inning!
were dangerous in the box, with       anxious to play. The sky was             Matthew sent the ball flying for a
nice hits to advance their            threatening rain but it held out for     base hit then quickly stole 2 .
teammates.                            us to play our first game with           Julian hit the ball and got an RBI.
                                      Thunder this season.                     Peter slammed the ball for a
Zoe took the mound in the fourth                                               double! Dominic knocked the ball
inning, he was on FIRE. Stuart        The TIMBER RATTLERS took the             way out into the field for a base hit
caught for him and did a great job.   field with Felipe pitching, Peter        then displaying excellent base
Stuart says when he catches           catching, Matthew on 1 base,             running skills stole all the way
                                                   nd               rd
nothing gets past him! They too       Austin at 2 , Brandon on 3 base,         around to home for a run. Austin
showed great teamwork. Good           Dominic at shortstop, Jonah in left      showed great patience with the
Job Guys! Peters was his first        field, Tyrone in center field and        pitches taking a walk then stealing
batter and he hit back to the         Micah in right field. Dominic made       around to home for a run. Micah
mound and Zoe picked it up and        a great play stopping the ball and       took a base on balls then stole 2
threw to first for the out. Second    throwing it to Matthew at 1 base         base.
batter popped one up to Jake for      for the first out of the game. Great
the second out. He faced Bowers       teamwork guys! Matthew caught a          The game ball was presented to
and Zoe threw some HEAT he            fly ball for the second out. Felipe      Matthew for his awesome hitting,
was outttta there! I think we seen    struck out a batter for the third out.   fielding and pitching skills he
a little smile from Zoe up in the     Matthew started the lineup with a        demonstrated during the game.
stands. LOL Roland did a great        base hit then stole his way around       He went 3 for 3 at bat. Way to go
job at third base. Kyle did a         to 3 base. Micah showed the              Slugger!
fantastic job at second. Way to       fans what he learned in batting
play on your toes.                    practice making great contact with       A BIG THANK YOU to Manager
                                      the ball.                                John and Coaches Mark, Dave
The RED WINGS took home                                                        and   Phil, our  scorekeeper
another VICTORY to make them
  4                                                                                          BASELINES
Leonard, all of the people who         The bats really came alive in the      the season over the center field
worked on the field and our fans!      3 inning. Matthew slammed the          fence. Marcus also drove in six
We look forward to playing the         ball up the middle for a single then   runs, thanks to Brandon Iwasaki
Redwings next week.                    quickly    stole    2 .     Brandon    and Alex Doyle reaching base
                                       smacked the ball for a base hit        ahead of him. The top three RED
GO TIMBER RATTLERS!!!!!!!!!!           then stole 2 . Peter clobbered the     SOX hitters combined to score
                                       ball for a 2 RBI triple then stole     nine runs.
4/1/06                                 home! The crowd goes wild!
                                                                              But they were not the whole story
Red Wings – 25                         Peter took the mound for the last      offensively for the RED SOX. Jake
TIMBER RATTLERS – 5                    inning and displayed his excellent     Marshall had a triple and a double,
                                       pitching skills striking out 2         the second hit driving in both
It was a beautiful Saturday as the     batters. Felipe stopped the ball       Marcus and Adam Durbin, who
TIMBER RATTLERS took the field         and tagged the bag for the out at      had a double as well. David Barton
to play the Redwings the first time    1 .                                    reached base in both of his at bats
this season.                                                                  and scored twice. Trinton Murrell,
                                       Felipe took a walk then stole all      Julian Vega and Carlos Castillo all
We started with Felipe pitching,       the way around to home! Jacob          had    tough      at  bats.   Tyler
Peter catching, Matthew on 1           watched the pitches for a walk         Brookshire walked and scored and
                      nd          rd
base, Jacob on 2 , Brandon at 3        then showed the fans his great         run, and Mark Durbin hit the ball
base, Dominic at shortstop,            base running skills stealing his       hard three times, eventually
Tyrone in Left Field, Julian in        way to home.                           reaching on an infield error.
Center Field and Micah in Right
Field. Felipe caught a fly ball for    The game ball was presented to         On the pitching front, Trinton
the first out of the game. Throwing    Felipe for his great game of           started the game. Despite some
some great pitches he struck out a     pitching, fielding and excellent       early control problems and a
batter for the 2 out. Matthew          base running.                          couple of bad hops, Trinton stayed
grabbed the ball and tagged first                                             cool and got the first two outs of
base for the 3 out of the first        A BIG THANKS to Manager John           the game while only giving up two
inning.                                and Coaches Dave and Phil, our         hits. Mark then came on and got
                                       scorekeeper Leonard, all of the        the final out of the first inning on a
Peter showed great patience            people who worked on the field         nice play by Brandon at second
taking a base on balls then stole      and our fans!                          base. Then, in the second inning,
2 . Dominic watched the pitches                                               Mark used a wicked array of
carefully for a walk. Good eye         We look forward to playing the         cutters, changeups and two-
boys!                                  Redwings again on Thursday.            seamers to strike out the top three
                                       GO TIMBER RATTLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!         White Sox hitters in order. Mark
Dominic showed us his golden                                                  pitched 2-1/3 innings in all, striking
glove stopping the ball and making                                            out five and limiting the White Sox
a great throw to Brandon at 3               MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS                  to one hit (a nice double by former
base for the first out of the 2                                               teammate Michael Cahill) and a
inning. Matthew and Felipe                    Callahan’s Red Sox              lone run. Tyler finished up on the
switched positions. Felipe caught                                             mound for the RED SOX. Flashing
a fly ball for the 2 out of the        3/18/06                                his trademark control, he did not
second inning. Matthew struck out                                             yield a hit and struck out the first
a batter for the 3 out.                White Sox – 4                          batter he faced on three pitches.
                                       Callahan’s RED SOX – 14
Felipe took a walk then fast on his                                           All-in-all, a big win for the 2-0 RED
feet stole 2 base. Jacob watched       The RED SOX returned to action         SOX, who will be repeatedly tested
the pitches for a walk.                after a two-week layoff and, even      in this very competitive league.
                                       with cloudy skies overhead, their
Matthew threw some great pitches       bats showed little rust as they
striking out 2 batters in the 3        pounded out 15 runs against                        * * * * *
inning. He was quick to turn a ball    White Sox pitching. The offensive
hit back to him to Felipe at 1         outburst was highlighted by
base for an out. Great team work       Marcus Smith, who had three hits       3/25/06
guys.                                  and blasted his first home run of
                                                                              Callahan’s RED SOX – 11
  5                                                                                            BASELINES
Nationals – 7                           connected with Alex and gunned          It was touch and go for a while but
                                        out a runner at second. The game        the rain held off and the games
Anxious to play the Nationals for       would remain 5-5.                       were on and the YANKEES were
the first time in this long season,                                             ready to play. All of their hard
the RED SOX came ready for              In the sixth, with a lead-off walk by   work at practices has started to
action – despite the absence of         Mark and Tyler following with           pay off. The team pulled together
Brandon and Trinton.                    getting hit by a pitch, the RED         in their win over the White Sox.
                                        SOX would take the lead with the        The pitching belonged to the
The RED SOX had a slow start,           help of the bat of Julian. With a       Connor’s.      Connor Courtney
stranding Marcus (after reaching        one-run lead, the game went to          pitched four great innings striking
base on an error) and Mark (walk)       the bottom of the fifth.                out seven and allowing only four
in the first. Adam took the mound                                               hits. Connor Maitland finished off
for the first time this season, and     The Nationals had runners at first      the game with two strikeouts. The
shut the Nationals down with two        and second, when Alex snagged           defense of the YANKEES was
strikeouts, and an unassisted out       the ball at short and threw to Tyler    awesome.         Sheldon Linville
at first by Mark.                       for a close call.       Adam then       stopped everything that came to
                                        handled things on his own at first      him at shortstop and made two
In the second, Adam took first          base for the second out. After          great plays in the second inning
base after getting hit by a pitch       running the count full, Marcus          looking back the runner at second
and came around to score from           came up with a huge strikeout to        before making perfect throws to
the mighty bat of David. After a        end the inning. The Nationals           Jacob Rogers at first base.
lead-off walk for the Nationals in      came back with two runs, going          Another great play came in the
the bottom of the second, Adam          into the sixth and final inning with    fourth inning on a hard hit to right
got into a groove striking out the      a 7-6 lead.                             field. Jacob Mayer relayed the ball
next hitters, and snagged a                                                     to Max Delgadillo who in turn had
comebacker and threw to Mark at         The RED SOX, with their backs           a perfect throw to the catcher
first. The RED SOX yielded only         against the wall, came up fighting      Brian Cohen to tag out the runner
one run to the Nationals in the         in the sixth. Carlos started things     coming home. Along with great
second, heading to the third all        off with a walk, followed by a          defense, the Yankee bats came
tied up at 1.                           single off the bat of Jake. Alex got    alive!   The star was Krishtian
                                        aboard with a fielder’s choice and      Navedo who went 3 for 3 with a
The RED SOX bats came alive in          came around to score off the bat        huge HOME RUN! Way to go
the third. Jake led things off with a   of Marcus, who smacked double.          Krishtian.
walk, and came around to score          Mark, showing patience at the
off a single from Mark. Tyler and       plate, took first on a walk. Tyler      Every member of the team made
Adam followed up with singles,          and Adam came up with back-to-          contact with the ball.          Ricky
and the RED SOX would go to the         back singles, and another walk by       Caldero had a hard hit to second
bottom of the third with a 3-1 lead.    David. When all was said and            base and Shalita Jordan made it
The Nationals came back strong          done, the RED SOX had taken an          to first with a solid single. Cristian
in the third, and after giving up a     11-7 lead, but would it be enough.      Figueroa was home sick but sent
few walks and a single, Adam            In the bottom of the sixth, Marcus      his mom to support the team. The
struck out the side, showing great      took the mound and never looked         team is looking to keep the
control. RED SOX 3, Nationals 5.        back. Marcus struck out the side        momentum going when they face
                                        to end the battle.                      the Padres next game.
After a single in his first at bat,
David smacked another single in         This was a GREAT game played
the fourth. Jake wanted a piece of      by the RED SOX and Nationals.                 JUNIOR HIGHLIGHTS
the action, hitting a nice single as    Many thanks to ALL the fans who
well. The big bat of the inning         came to support the players.            No articles were provided.
belonged to Alex with a double.
Nice hitting RED SOX. David and         GO RED SOX!                                         * * * * *
Jake came around to score, tying
up the game once again.                              Yankees
Marcus stepped up to the mound          White Sox – 1
in the bottom of the fourth striking    YANKEES – 11
out two. Showing off his strength
from behind the plate, Jake
  6                                                                                      BASELINES
                                                                       Dodgers            3 1   0.750   --
         March 18, 2006                      April 1, 2006
                                                                       Giants             0 4   0.000   4
                Minors                         Minors
Thunder – 10                    Thunder – 17
Timber Rattlers – 5             Storm – 6                              A special thank you to all of our
Storm – 2                       Red Wings – 25
                                                                       Avon (Gloria Echols)
Red Wings – 14                  Timber Rattlers – 5
                                                                       A & P Plumbing
                Majors                         Majors
Nationals – Game rescheduled    Yankees – 18                           Filippi’s Pizza
Yankees                         Padres – 5
                                                                       Mojo Sounds
White Sox – 1                   Yankees – 6                            Network Printing
Yankees – 11                    White Sox – 5
                                                                       Play It Again Sports
White Sox – 4                   Nationals – 10                         Gary Pulsipher, DDS
Red Sox – 14                    White Sox – 7
                                                                       San Diego Madres
             Juniors                           Juniors                 Wings ‘N Things
CH White Sox – 9                MB Cubs – 12
MM Dodgers – 12                 MM Dodgers – 3
CO Angels – 11                  MM Giants – 4
MM Giants – 1                   CO Padres – 10
         March 25, 2006

                Minors            STANDINGS AS OF 4/1/06

Red Wings – 12                              Minor Division
Thunder – 0
                                                   W L       Win% GB
Timber Rattlers – 11            Red Wings          4   0 1.000    --
Storm – 8
                                Thunder            2   2 0.500    2
                Majors          Timber Rattlers 1      3 0.250    3
                                Storm              1   3 0.250    3
Red Sox – 11
Nationals – 7

Padres – 6                                  Major Division
Nationals – 10                                     W L       Win% GB

Padres – Game to be concluded   Red Sox            3   0 1.000    --
Yankees     at a later date     Yankees            3   1 0.750 0.5

             Juniors            Nationals          3   2 0.600 1.5
                                Padres             1   2 0.333    2                 * * * * *
CH Red Sox – 4
MM Dodgers – 11                 White Sox          0   5 0.000 4.5
MM Giants – 3                             Junior Division
CH White Sox 8
                                                   W L       Win% GB
 7                                 BASELINES

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