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					Volume 2 Issue 4                                                                                                                                    November 2007                     $2.00

                                                                                              Welcome to their

                                                                                              FEAR these LEOPARDS
                                                                                              Lady Leopard varsity volleyball players #14 Brennan Roehrig,
                                                                                              #9 Courtney Ray, #10 Tyler Bradsher & #21 Natalie Puckett.

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Cross Country . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3                                                                                   Postmaster,
                                                                                    High School Sports Report
                                                                                                                                           requested in home dates:        PRSRT STD
Football . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3, 4             6702 Dalrock Rd., Suite 126-235                          November 6 - 10, 2007.       US POSTAGE
                                                                                    Rowlett, TX 75089                                                                          PAID
Volleyball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 - 7                                                                                                            DALLAS, TX
                                                                                                                                                                          PERMIT 2024
Club Connection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 - 11
    Spotlight on the Texas Longhorns Soccer Club . . . 8
    McKinney HS Hockey: Best of Both Worlds . . . .9
Keeping Healthy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Tennis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Golf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

It has been one full year since the first issue of the “Sports Report” - and it is because
of you, our readers and advertisers, that we are here to celebrate. I have truly enjoyed
meeting so many of our local athletes and their families, and am privileged to share                                        SPORTS REPORT
their stories with you.

Those of you with “eagle eyes” might notice a change in the paper this month: we have                                      Victoria Osborne
shortened our full name to “High School Sports Report.” We are still focusing on North                                           Publisher
Texas, we just wanted to make the name easier for all of you good folks to say. Around                        
here, we refer to it affectionately as the “Sports Report.” As they say, we don’t care
what you call us, just call!
                                                                                                                              Vic Medina
We welcome back Courtney Brewer and Brigitta Powers (student journalists from                                                     Editor
Frisco HS) and introduce Chris Bell from Plano West (his first story is on page 3).                               
Vic and I enjoy working with these talented journalism students. If you know an out-
standing student reporter who would enjoy being part of our team, just give Vic                                                Bo Carter
a shout-out at                                                                                          Advertising
New to the team are Justin Moore, our soccer “guru” and Sherrie St. Cyr, who will be                            
helping all of us manage our busy lives with her “keeping healthy” contributions.
                                                                                                                           Contributing Writers:
                                                                                                       Chris Bell, Courtney Brewer, Michele Degani
Michele Degani and Jennifer Nelson are returning as contributing writers, and Laura
Dixon continues to bring us insightful interviews with the movers and shakers of the
high school and college sports world.                                                                           Laura Dixon, Justin Moore
                                                                                                     Jennifer Nelson, Brigitta Powers & Sherrie St. Cyr
Last but not least, we are pleased to have as our newest team member Mr. Bo Carter.
Bo has many years (I promised I wouldn’t say how many) working with the Big 12,                                 The High School Sports Report is published
the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame, the Texas                             by Striker Enterprises, LLC, an independent publishing
Collegiate League and more. Not only is Bo leading our advertising team, he will                                     company based in Rowlett, Texas.
be a great resource for all of YOUR questions about the transition from high school
to college sports.                                                                                                Our printer is Midway Press in Irving,
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We couldn’t publish the paper without our talented contributing photographers: Lisa
Owens, Thad Fenton, Joe Diehl, Fred Helms & Alyson Johnson.                                         Issues are published monthly on the 15th. Advertising and editorial
                                                                                                       submissions are due no later than the 25th of the month prior.
Thanks to all of you for reading and supporting the paper through your story ideas
and sucscriptions. Writing the donation checks from new subscriptions each                                     Cover photo courtesy of Chris Lamb
month has become my favorite thing on the “to do” list each month.                                               #14 Brennan Roehrig, #9 Courtney Ray,
                                                                                                                #10 Tyler Bradsher & #21 Natalie Puckett.
And now - on with the game! God Bless,
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   2                                     High School Sports Report                                                          Vol. 2 Issue 4
                                                                                                                                                                                   Sports News
12 QuestIoNs WItH . . . AARoN LeoNARD
                                                              Do you remember your first          higher than most high school baseball I                   What did you take away from
                                                              game and how you did?               have seen. There were some pretty good                    the tournament?
                                                              I remember a lot of chaos and                                                                 Well I had a lot of fun, and I learned new
                                                              running around chasing the          What were the perks of being on the                       things taught it other parts of the country,
                                                              ball.                               team?                                                     like different theories on how to approach
                                                                                                                                                            a ground ball, and different hitting theo-
                                                              Do you remember any point in        Since the team was sponsored by Under                     ries.
                                                              your life at which you real-        Armor, we got a pair of cleats, a pair of
                                                              ized you were a good baseball       shoes, and a jersey. They also fed us and                 What are your plans for the future?
                                                              player, better than most kids?      took us to all the games and practices.
                                                                                                                                                            My plans for the future are to have fun
                                                              I think I realized that when I      Did you have a particular favorite                        and enjoy playing baseball.
                                                              was little and all the other kids   moment from the tournament?
                                                              were throwing rocks and pick-
                                                              ing weeds. I always got mad at      My favorite moment was probably the
                                                              them for not being serious.         first day when we all played together,                    Who would you like to see on this page?
                                                                                                  because it was fun meeting all the people                 Call and let us know! 469-450-8794
                                                              What has your high school           from different places.
                                                              baseball career been like
                                                              so far?

               photo	by	Greg	Chatmon,                                                                  O TB A L L F O
                                                             My high school career has                                     FO

                                                                                                                                                          Join Now!
Aaron Leonard plays second base for                          been pretty good, last year we

Sachse High School, and even though the           made it to playoffs and made a name for

Mustangs baseball season doesn’t start            ourselves, and were looking even better
                                                                                                                                                       The National Football Foundation

until 2008, the senior was padding his            this year so hopefully we can win district
baseball resume last month. In October,           before I graduate.
                                                                                                                                                             & College Hall of Fame, Inc.
                                                                                                            & COLLEGE HALL OF FAME, INC.
he participated in the Florida National
Tournament, which featured players from           How have your coaches and teammates
                                                                                                                                                Established: 1947
some of the top teams from around the             helped in your progress?                                    Our mission is to promote and develop the power of amateur football in
country. Aaron’s strong performance at                                                                        developing the qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, competitive zeal
the Under Armour National Team Tryout             I have learned a lot from my coaches and                      and the drive for academic excellence in America’s young people.
earned him an invitation to join the Base-        teammates; I learn something new about
ball Factory team at the tourney. Aaron           the game every time I play.
has also played in the DBAT and BBI
leagues and participated in a number of           take me through the process of                                 Building Leaders
combines.                                         being selected to the team for
                                                   the Florida tournament.
                                                                                                                          Through Football
How did the tournament go? What were
your stats?                                       We tried out this summer for the team. It
                                                  was a one day invitation-only try out and
The tournament was great, It was a lot of         there were a little more than a hundred
fun and I did pretty well.                        kids there. Like most try-outs, we ran the                   For more information, contact: Membership Department
                                                  60-yard dash, tested arm strengths, and                                      972-556-1000, ext. 215
Going back to the beginning - when did            hit. When I learned that I made the team I                        Email:
you first get started in baseball?                was pretty excited because it was a team                                       Fax: 972-556-9032
                                                  made up of people that had tried out all
I first got started when I was five, playing      over the country.                                                          www.FooTballFouNdaTIoN.Com
tee ball for the YMCA on a team called
the Tigers. I didn’t like tee ball because        What was the level of play like compared
I hated hitting off of the tee, by then I         to high school ball or select play you’ve
had already been used to getting the ball         seen?
thrown to me by my parents so hitting off                                                                    The National Football Foundation 433 Las Colinas Blvd. East, Ste. 1130
the tee wasn’t as fun.                            The level of play at this tournament was

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               Vol. 2 Issue 4                                  High School Sports Report                                                                           3
  Cross Country                                       Football
FoR HuRst, eARLY                                      LeADING BY eXAMPLe
                                                                                                       mates may lack in size, they more than make
                                                                                                       up for in effort. “Our defensive line averages
MoRNINGs PAY oFF                                      Patteson, Malone let their timely play do
                                                      the talking for Plano East
                                                                                                       about 200 pounds a man. There are ends
                                                                                                       that are bigger than me in district, some are
Plano West Cross Country Athlete Practices                                                             6’4” and 240 pounds, but I play hard every
While Others Sleep                                    Big plays may make the highlight reel, but       down and I stay in shape and that gives me
By Chris Bell                                         the true story of a game is told in effort and   an edge.”
                                                      example shown in every individual play. The      It may be no surprise, then, that Malone’s fa-
It’s 6 a.m. and most people are still sleeping, but   true turning point in a game is often lost in    vorite player is an undersized defensive end.
not cross-country runner Reuben Hurst of Plano        touchdowns and turnovers. Great players un-      “Dwight Freeney (Indianapolis Colts) is not
West. He and his team start running at six and        derstand that showing up every play is what      the biggest defensive end, and neither am I,
don’t stop until eight. Reuben has been on the        wins games. Plano East’s success this year       but he gets the job done. If I could be any
team since he was a freshman, and has enjoyed         can be attributed to the fact that they have a   player, it would be 6’ 7” Julius Peppers.”
every moment. He first got into the sport in          number of players who lead by example and
middle school because he liked to run, but since      show up for every play. Two in particular set    ZACH PAttesoN
Frankford Middle School did not have a team,          their high standards on opposite sides of the    There are probably several defensive backs
Reuben had to wait until his freshmen year to         football.                                        who have tried to deliver a Roy Williams-
join a cross-country team.                                                                             type of hit on Zach Patteson. They quickly
                                                      tRAVIs MALoNe                                    realized that underneath those pads is not
“I like the challenge, and the since of achieve-      At the beginning of this season, the Pan-        just a receiver, but a hockey player as well.
ment when I finish a meet,” says Reuben. In           thers’ defense was singled out by many as a      A hockey player who likes to hit.
cross-country, each week can bring a different        probable weakness. They had one telling stat
course to run. Like no other sport, you have to       to prove it: only two starters were returning    “I like the speed out route, it allows me to
prepare for the course and what it brings, and        from last year’s squad. That didn’t seem to      get open, catch the ball, then move down-                                         Photo by Fred Helms
hills on a course can bring a tough task. “We         rattle defensive end Travis Malone much.         field to hit somebody,” he said. That isn’t
practice by running hills because usually hills       He knew exactly what to do.                                                                        Celina’s Clint Coulter (above) was a big
                                                                                                       just talk. As a sophomore, he not only made
can make you or brake you.”                                                                                                                              part of the outstanding Wildcat line effort
                                                                                                       the Plano East hockey team, he was named a
                                                      “With only two returning defense starters, I     captain. He has a dog and a cat named after       this year.
Being on the cross-country team is no easy
                                                      felt like I needed to motivate the defense,”     Dallas Stars legends Derian Hatcher and
lunch; hard work and dedication is what it takes                                                                                                         Allen’s win over Plano West was certainly
                                                      Malone said. “I just played my best. It          Sergei Zubov, respectively. It may be hard
to be on the team. A typical day for the high                                                                                                            thrilling, but something was lost in the
                                                      turned out that we’re really not lacking: all    to distinguish where the football player ends     hype over Steven Terrell’s block of a West
school team begins when they arrive at 6 a.m.
                                                      of the young guys are fast learners, so I can    and the hockey player begins, but no one          field goal that would have sent the game to
and just start running. If Coach Grubbs feels
                                                      just be a regular player. Sometimes I do have    with either team is complaining.                  overtime. Namely, Eagle Nate Bonsu’s 4th
like having a shorter practice, he goes with a six
mile stroll, but if he feels like the team needs
                                                      to help motivate them through tough games,                                                         quarter sack of Jason Coats that stalled a
to do work, they will go on a 12 mile run. “It’s
                                                      and show them it’s going to be all right. I      Patteson has seen his first real varsity action   drive. We didn’t forget. Nice play, Nate!
hard, but most of the team works hard enough          kind of surprised that we’re doing as well as    this season, and his success may be due to
                                                      we are considering we lost nine defensive        the fact that he as worked with his team-         The Plano Wildcats Quarterback Club
to be in top shape for the meets” Reuben said.                                                                                                           gave out some lineman kudos of their own
Plano West has had a good, solid cross country        starters.”                                       mates for several years. “Wide receiver
                                                                                                       Mikey White, quarterback Riko Smalls and I        on their website after a win over Berkner.
team since it opened. The team last year made                                                                                                            They awarded the “Block of the Night”
it to state, and were very excited, Reuben            Malone has seen such progress that he no         all played on the ninth grade team together,”     to center Blake McJunkin for a solid hit
explains. “Coach Grubbs went crazy once we            longer worries about the positions around        he said. “When Riko was coming back from          downfield against a Rams defender.
qualified for state.” Reuben calls it one of his      him; he can concentrate on his level of          his injury last season, we worked together
best memories of being on the team.                   play. “Tyler Melancon has stepped up in          on the second team. He knows how we all           McKinney Boyd Sophomore defensive end
                                                      the linebacker position,” he said. “During       play.”                                            Keith Owens (below) scored the first touch-
Hurst feels the team could have success like it       the Mesquite game I saw Tyler return an                                                            down in the game against McKinney North.
did last year. Outside of running, Reuben excels      interception for a touchdown, and I knew we      Patteson admits he doesn’t have great speed,      He also had a sack and several tackles and
in school. Regardless of the lack of sleep, he        would be all right. I was kind of worried that   but as long as he runs a good route and gets      was named KLAK’s Player of the Game.
maintains a 4.26 GPA, so he dominates in every        first game. We had come off of a pretty bad      open, that’s all Smalls needs. “He’s a great       Photo by Lisa Owens,
area in high school. When asked about how he          scrimmage against Dallas Skyline. After the      leader. He is incredible. I get as open as I
does it, he jokingly replies “I don’t know.”          Mesquite game, I knew we would be OK for         can and catch everything Riko throws.”
                                                      the rest of the season.
Reuben is currently being recruited for cross-                                                         Patteson may not be the Panthers’ lead-
country. He is being looked at by Harvard,            “Josh Peprah is doing good, and Travis           ing receiver, but he has a knack of getting
Tufts, Pepperdine, and Rhodes. “I hope I get the      Thompson is great in the secondary. Every-       catches when needed and giving the extra
chance to run in college. It would be cool.” He       one is pulling their weight and then some,”      effort, something his teammates respect. He
is looking forward to a great season, and hopes       Malone said. At his position, he takes his       doesn’t worry about stats at all. “If one guy
to make it back to state. “ I think we can do it,”    role very seriously. “Defensive end is a very    doesn’t get many catches one night, they
Reuben says.                                          versatile position. You have to be strong to     know they’ll get them the next game.”
                                                      fight off the defensive tackles but quick to
                                                      bounce outside. After my sophomore season,       What matters most to both Malone and
FeeL tHe LoVeJoY                                      my coaches really helped me develop men-         Patteson is that they do their part to give the
Congratulations to Lovejoy High and their             tally and physically. Now I’m more disci-        Panthers a chance in the playoffs. “When we
strong showing in cross country this year. The
                                                      plined, I’m seeing the game a little slower,     are on, we can beat anybody. The coaches
varsity boys team as well as the JV boys team
                                                      and I became faster and stronger than most       treat every game like it is a playoff game.
each won the District 9-3A championship. Ellen
                                                      of the players on the opposing team.”            Every team in this district has the best
Paxton advanced to the varsity girls regional
                                                      Malone knows that what he and his team-          chance of winning it all,” Patteson said.

    4                                          High School Sports Report                                                                         Vol. 2 Issue 4
                                                the offense, while Simmons brings a lot of        Justin Lee and Ryan Beasley return from           LIttLe eLM Hs: BoYs soCCeR
McKINNeY NoRtH: GIRLs BAsKetBALL                talent to the post. Santee is orally committed    the 2006 roster overall. While experi-
                CoACH: Valerie Little           to Northeastern State in Oklahoma.                ence will not be their strength, head coach                        CoACH: LIN POWELL
                LAst seAsoN: 12-19                                                                Russell Miller is counting on the shooting                         LAst seAsoN: 8-14-1
                teAM Motto: “Believe,           According to Coach Krempin, the return-           prowess of his new core of guards, includ-                         teAM Motto: “Fight to the
                Commit, Achieve”                ing players bring a knowledge of the game         ing Lee, Beasley, senior Brett Horton, and                         Finish!”
                                                that will benefit them in district play against   sophomore Brandon Jolivette. Sophomore
The Lady Bulldogs will need to rely on a        rivals like Princeton. An aggressive defense      forward Zach Lambert will also be counted         We can expect good things from the Lobos
mix of returning players and new talent to      and size inside gives the Lady Wolverines         on to power the offense.                          this year. Eight starters return from last
form a solid foundation that should chal-       a nice edge. If they can integrate the new                                                          season, including All-District selections
lenge for the District 9 title. Tashee Abrams   players and cut down on fouls, they should        Guard Stephen Martin will provide the             Enrique Sanchez (1st team), Miguel Rodri-
and Sara Herbel are the returning starters,     be in the thick of the District 9 race.           defensive pressure, which will be needed,         guez (1st team), Mauricio Velasquez (2nd
and they will pair with sophomore forward                                                         as the Titans don’t have the height to bully      team), Karlo Sanchez (Honorable Mention),
Amanda Mason (who will also play post)          Among the new faces for Wakeland are              teams around physically.                          and Matt Utt (Honorable Mention). Enrique,
to create the offensive punch. Sophomore        Jasmine Jones (Jr.), Porsche Caster (Sr.,                                                           Mauricio, and Karlo will lead the offense,
guard Lauree Stewart and Abrams will be         G), and Krystal Koester (Sr., G).                                                                   while Rodriquez and Utt top the defense.
the team’s key defenders.
                                                CeLINA: GIRLs BAsKetBALL                                                                            Senior goalkeeper Rudy Ibarra should have
Even with so many new, young faces, sec-                         CoACH: Bill Hemby                                                                  a lot of pressure taken off of him with a
ond year head coach Valerie Little feels the                     LAst seAsoN: 17-13                                                                 talented supporting cast. Amir Marquez (D)
team’s hustle and intensity will be a strong                     teAM Motto: “Run, Gun,                                                             and Erick De Santiago (D) should continue
point. They will need it to compete with                         and Have Fun”                                                                      to start as well. The team is quick and always
Frisco and the other district powers. Among                                                                                                         ready to play, but may face some problems
the new faces on the team this year are Lau-                      The Lady Bobcats are                                                              being undersized compared to district foes
ree Stewart (guard), Tahnie Hilliard (post),    returning three starters from last year’s                                                           HP, Pearce, and the Frisco schools. Improv-
Kristin Kudlacek (post), Allison Stubbs         team: Camryn Nichols, Kyla Hutson, and                                                              ing on last year’s 4-10 district record may be
(forward), Lindsey Lay (guard), Ashliegh        Bre Johnson. They and newcomer Amy                                                                  tough, but they have the talent to do it.
McLean (guard), Katie True (guard), and         Thiel (Jr., G) will have to coordinate a
Jemema Crayton (forward/post).                  speedy, quick scoring offense, as their lack
                                                of size makes them vulnerable. District rival                                                        COLLEGE COMMITTMENTS
FRIsCo WAKeLAND: GIRLs BAsKetBALL               Princeton poses the biggest threat, but with
                CoACH: Darilyn Krempin          some experience and proper execution, the
                                                Bobcats could see some success this season.                                                          Kierra Mallory of Frisco High has
                LAst seAsoN: 17-15
                                                                                                                                                     orally committed to play basketball
                teAM Motto: “When you
                play one of us, you play all    FRIsCo CeNteNNIAL: BoYs BAsKetBALL                                                                   at texas tech.
                of us”                                           CoACH: Russell Miller
                                                                 LAst seAsoN: 6-8 (district)                                                         McKinney North’s Kathy Shelton has
After going 10-4 in district last season,                        teAM Motto: “Hard work                                                              committed to playing softball at Baylor.
hopes are high at Wakeland, especially since                     pays off!”
standouts Montric Santee (G), Khristina
Clemons (F), and Ann Simmons are return-        The Titans lost all of their starters from
                                                                                                   Brandon Jolivette              Submitted Photo
ing starters. Santee and Clemons will power     last year’s 15-16 team. Only senior guards

 FOOTBALL HITS                    WILLIAMs toRCHes BLue RIDGe           Melissa quarterback Zach Williams passed for 207 yards and three touchdowns to beat Blue Ridge and secure a
 playoff spot for the Cardinals. tRutH oR DARYN It seems everyone is getting into the act over at McKinney Boyd. Quarterback Daryn Alves was unstoppable, running for 333 yards
 - that’s not a typo - and threw a TD pass as the Broncos held off a very good Centennial team 19-16 on October 4. The Titans nearly tied the game on a last second field goal, but Boyd’s
 Phillip Sears blocked it to preserve the win. HuNteR to HuNteR Sachse quarterback Henry Hunter passed for 178 yards and two touchdowns against Garland on October 4. His fa-
 vorite target? Another Hunter - Hunter Dugan to be precise. He hauled in six catches for 63 yards. see ReX RuN Rex Burkhead ran over Lake Highlands on October 5, amassing 126
 yards on the ground and another 25 through the air. That includes a 50 yard touchdown run. Carson Meger threw for 202 yards, including a 56 yard bomb to Kris Lott. ALLeN esCAPes
 IN oVeRtIMe In a game that featured over 100 points scored and over 1400 yards of offense from both sides, Allen needed overtime and a one yard touchdown run from Zac McCullock
 to beat Berkner 56-49 on October 4. The individual stats are incredible. Allen’s Jeremiah Williams rushed for 277 yards, while Dan Buckner pulled in 210 yards in the air. Matt Brown
 threw for 361 yards.   J.J. Is DYNo-MIte! Josh Johnson rushed for 241 yards against Allen on October 5, and scored two touchdowns. tHe MAD MoNK & tHe CRAZY LeGs BACK-
 FIeLD The only thing more impressive than Wylie QB Jerod “Mad” Monk is the Wylie running game. In a recent win over Richardson, Nicholas Duvall and Noah Chesier led a ground
 attack that gained 380 yards. Wade Venett returned a fumble 95 yards for a touchdown. stARs ARe BoRN The Carrollton American Heritage Stars Junior High football team completed
 its season with a 14-8 loss to Coram Deo Academy on October 27. The junior high team has had a difficult rebuilding year, and had not scored a touchdown all season coming into the
 game. The offensive touchdown is a moral victory for the team, who has improved all season, and the defense had its best game yet. As the game ended, the team was rushed on the field
 not by parents or cheerleaders, but by members of the Stars varsity football team. The varsity was due to play just after the junior high, but took note of the team’s hard play and went out
 to offer congratulations in a large group huddle. The show of support brought many in the crowd to tears. The varsity team then went out and defeated the Coram Deo varsity team 43-
 14. Kyle Henricks passed for 294 yards and five touchdowns. The win gave the varsity Stars sole possession of first place in TAPPS District 2-III.

             Vol. 2 Issue 4                                   High School Sports Report                                                                     5
tHe LIttLe teAM tHAt CouLD
No one is underestimating Lovejoy anymore
As Lovejoy head coach Ryan Mitchell puts it, his foes in Dis-         Team co-captain Tyler Bradsher
trict 9-3A have seniors and expectations. Lovejoy has neither.        feels her teammates all play a
With a team comprised of freshmen and sophomores, Lovejoy             role. “I believe Courtney Ray
has absolutely dominated this season to win the District 9-3A         provided a lot of leadership on
championship. To begin the season, no one expected Lovejoy to         the court. She helped us focus on
be anything but a team looking to gain some experience against        what we needed and everyone
stronger programs.                                                    listened to her. Natalie Puckett
                                                                      always encouraged us. Camille
That’s probably why the success the Lovejoy varsity volleyball        Collinsworth is always pushing
team has enjoyed this season has been a surprise to everyone,         us. She plays really hard.”
including Coach Mitchell. “We weren’t expecting to be in this
situation,” he admits. “Our goal was to do our very best and let      At several points during the
the rest sort itself out. I didn’t know what their very best would    season, the team faced adversity,
be, since we were so young. I didn’t know if we were a playoff        only to rise to the occasion. It
team. I thought we would be able to compete against other             has brought confidence to a team
teams, but I thought it would come down to the more mentally          that could easily have doubted
tough team would win the game. They really surprised me from          itself. “We lost to John Paul II in
that standpoint.”                                                     a tournament early on and they
                                                                      beat us pretty bad in two games,”
Part of that mental toughness means not thinking about the age        Mitchell said. “We then played
issue. “It’s a credit and a tribute to these kids that they haven’t   them in a regular season game on
thought about their age,” Coach Mitchell, a Dallas Baptist            their court. It went to five games
University grad, said. “They’ve focused on working hard and           and we beat them in five. We
improving themselves. It doesn’t matter how young you are or          then beat (5A team) Berkner in a game just after that. Winning           weren’t the greatest team out there, we just needed to remain
your lack of experience. What matters is what you bring into          those games back to back showed me we were doing things and              humble and go out there and play with our hearts and not worry
practice.”                                                            making decisions that only experienced players do. In district, I        about what other people think.”
                                                                      didn’t know how we would do, and we played Bonham and beat
Co-captain Brennan Roehrig believes the hard work given at            them at our place in three games. We thought, ‘We just beat the          Roehrig believes Mitchell deserves a fair share of the credit.
practice translates to success on the court. “I think intensity is    team that was supposed to do well in district.’ It started at boot       “Coach Mitchell always encourages us and he has really made
part of it. Our practices are pretty intense and we bring that into   camp (the team’s training camp). Over the last three months              an impact on my volleyball career. It would not be the same
games. Sometimes I think other teams don’t have that. I think         it has grown. These are ten girls who love each other and love           without him or with another coach. He is passionate and focused
that sets us apart: we want to play with that intensity.”             playing together. It’s been a pleasure coaching them.”                   on winning.”

According to Mitchell, the offense is led by a number of players.     Bradsher pointed out that the team not only responds to adver-           For Mitchell, winning district is one step of a much bigger goal.
“We’re an outside-driven offense. Freshman Natalie Puckett and        sity, they get mad. A loss this season didn’t spark a tailspin; it in-   “My long term goal is to make the state tournament and win the
sophomore Lauren McDaniel are the go-to players on offense.           spired a winning streak. “Wakeland was our biggest nemesis. We           state championship. To get there, you have to go through these
I think, however, the development of the other players like           don’t like to lose and we didn’t like the feeling that night when        types of games. The fact that they are getting to experience it
Courtney Ray (MB) and Becky Kendall (D) is a big reason for           we lost to them. We wanted to show everyone that we could win            as freshmen and sophomores is awesome. I’m not going to shy
our success.”                                                         this district even though we were freshmen and sophomores. We            away from it. I’m going to embrace it.”

By Courtney Brewer                                                                         Frisco High School fans can often be seen filling the        roster, Amber Evans, Meagan Glen, Maddy Hopkins
                                                                                           stands at football games on Friday nights, but what          and Haley Kirk, Frisco counted on younger players
                                                                                           many don’t know is that the boys aren’t the only ones        to step up and help out. They faced a major change in
                                                                                           making big hits when the sun goes down. Volleyball           their team dynamic after Amber Evans was injured in
                                                                                           might not have the bright lights, loud music, or flashy      early September.
                                                                                           halftime show that football does, but the match-ups
                                                                                           are just as tough.                                           Even with setbacks, Frisco was determined to do their
                                                                                                                                                        best to move forward. The Lady Raccoons played hard
                                                                                           When Frisco High’s Lady Raccoons walk out on the             through the rest of their schedule, but ended the year
                                                                                           court, they come prepared to work. This group of girls       disappointed with their record. Although things didn’t
                                                                                           has been preparing for this season since early August.       always work in Frisco’s favor, Evans described things
                                                                                           They’ve been through 6 a.m. practices, two-a-days            well. “You have to suck it up and fight through it.
                                                                                           and all day tournaments. Frisco knew that they had           You have one year, and you want to look back and be
                                                                                           to prepare themselves as much as possible, because           proud of what you’ve done. You can’t give up.” Frisco
                                                                                           a tough season lay ahead. Teams like Frisco Centen-          fought hard through tough games this season, and
                                                                                           nial and McKinney Boyd posed a challenge for Frisco          hopefully next year’s team will use this season as a
                                                                                           High this season.                                            learning experience. In years past, Frisco High was the
                                                                                                                                                        team to beat in district 9-4A. With returning players
                                                                                           In non-district play, Frisco started out with a bang. The    like Jori Minett, Sydney Campbell, and Lindsey Keys,
                                                                                           Lady Raccoons volleyball team had four wins in their         Frisco has a fighting chance to bring back the fire in
                                                                                           first five games. With only four senior players on the       seasons to come.
from	L	to	R	:	Amber	Evans,	Maddy	Hopkins,	Meagan	Glen,	and	Haley	Kirk

   6                                High School Sports Report                                                                                           Vol. 2 Issue 4
By Jennifer Nelson

Frisco Centennial’s varsity volleyball program didn’t start off the year in what you’d
call a good place. The team lost 10 seniors to graduation and returned only two varsity
players from 2006. Many people assumed the 2007 season would be a rebuilding year.
Some didn’t expect much from the Titans. But the team didn’t let those predictions hold
them down. With a dedicated coach and hardworking, motivated young women, the
Titans set their goals high – they wanted to make it to the playoffs.

The Titans worked hard to end with a winning season. They came out 11-3 in their
district, 22-10 overall. The team’s efforts and talent led them to be ranked second in
District 9-4A behind McKinney Boyd, the 2006 district champion. The Texas Girls
Coaches Association ranked them 16th in the state 4-A division for the regular season.
Centennial closed out the season with a loss in the bi-district playoff match to Mesquite
Poteet. They did give the Pirates a run for their money, though. Centennial lost by only
a few points in each game. Overall, it was a fantastic run for a team that was thought to
be rebuilding.

Varsity volleyball Coach Kari Bensend, who has been with Centennial since 2003 when
the school opened, is proud of her team and their hard work. “This team has done every-
thing asked of them and more. With losing 10 seniors, I think we took a lot of people by
surprise. It was fun to see these kids dig down deep, work hard and then get rewarded
for it.”

Coach Bensend says moving from the junior varsity to the varsity level can be a difficult
transition for players because the speed and intensity of the game is completely differ-
ent. “I thought these kids did a very good job of understanding where they were at the
beginning of the season and where they wanted to be by the end of the season, and then
working to get there.”

Lunden Azuara, a senior outside hitter who was one of the two returning varsity play-
ers, helped the team tremendously. “I think Lunden’s been the push to get these kids
to understand that they can be pushed harder than they have in the past,” said Coach
Bensend. “I think she’s been the strong motivator both on the court during a game and
in practice.”

The attitude of the team also affected the outcome of the season. “Their chemistry has
been phenomenal this year,” said Coach Bensend. According to Bensend and the play-
ers, the girls on the team are extremely close, in part because many of them have played
together since middle school and during off-seasons. “That’s one thing I really like
about our team – we work really well together,” said Lunden, who hopes to play ball in
college. “We’re all like sisters and we pretty much tell each other everything.”

Senior setter Kate Ehmke says that the chemistry allows them to focus on the game and
their goals. “I think we all know as a general consensus what we want, and we just keep
our goals in mind. So we just play our best and take care of business. We get as far as
we can doing the things we know how to do.”

Looking ahead to next year, Centennial varsity volleyball is losing seven seniors.
Lauren Thuman, a senior libero player, isn’t worried for the team, though. “There are
a lot of freshmen stepping up, a lot of younger talent. So they’ll be able to help out the
juniors and sophomores who are on varsity this year. There’s just a lot of really good
talent in the program right now.” And after a successful season with such a new team,
all eyes will be on the Titans next year to see if they can keep up the intensity.

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            Vol. 2 Issue 4                                           High School Sports Report         7
teXAs LoNGHoRNs soCCeR CLuB:

                                                    ented boys and girls in the Under 7 through          While other select soccer clubs in DFW con-
                                                    Under 10 age groups. The Texas Longhorns             tinue to expand the number of teams in their
                                                                                                                                                          tHe RoAD to NAtIoNALs . . . Pri
                                                                                                                                                          Lewisville October 20 & 21, 39 teams qualified f
                                                    Academy, Academy 68, has six teams which             club, the Longhorns focus on maintaining a       And One took the Grand Championship, with Ph
                                                    compete in local academy leagues. Academy            smaller organization with increased involve-
                                                    68 offers boys and girls the opportunity             ment from parents, players and families.
                                                    to play for both the academy and a team              With 7 girls’ and 12 boys’ teams, the club
                                                    in their local soccer association. The goal          believes that too much expansion would
                                                    of the academy is to prepare young soccer            make keeping the “family” feel they are
by Justin Moore                                     players for competition at the club level.           known for too difficult. This allows the club
                                                    Players receive skills training, learn condi-        to focus on the players and their future both
The Texas Longhorns Soccer Club, TLSC,              tioning techniques, and participate in game          athletically and academically. The Long-
will be celebrating their 40th anniversary          play throughout the fall and spring seasons.         horns help their players and parents through
in 2008. Established in 1968, they hold the                                                              the transition from club to high school to
distinction of being the oldest select soccer       PHILosoPHY                                           college, a philosophy has attracted both
club in Texas and the southwest. The inter-                                                              players and their parents to the organization.
nationally recognized youth soccer tourna-          “The philosophy of the Texas Longhorns
ment, the Dallas Cup, was created by the            Soccer Club has always been to provide               As part of their focus on the whole player,
club in 1979. The Longhorns have filled the         opportunities to showcase prospective                the TLSC hosts bar-b-ques, tournaments,
years with state and national championships,        college-bound student/athletes, to assist in         and charity events for the teams, their fami-
numerous tournament championships, and              the education of players and parents in the          lies and the community. This year the TLSC
famous players. Even with all of this his-          process of obtaining soccer athletic scholar-        is hosting the second annual Legacy Golf
tory, the Longhorns have recently begun an          ships, and to support players in their efforts       Tournament at El Dorado Country Club in
important transformation to stay at the top of      to achieve placement in college soccer               McKinney, benefitting the Miracle League
competitive soccer in the area.                     programs through the college recruitment             of Frisco and the Legacy Scholarship of
                                                    system,” said Ms. Murphey. “It is our                Texas Longhorns Soccer Club.
FutuRe                                              intent as an organization to promote honor,
                                                    integrity, teamwork, perseverance, confi-            Now in its 29th year, the TLSC-hosted Dal-
Judy Murphey, Vice President of TLSC,               dence, and sportsmanship both on and off             las Cup is one of the premier youth soccer
said that every five to six years, the club         the soccer field.”                                   tourneys in the world. Staffed with parent
looks back at past goals and                                                                             volunteers, the Dallas Cup is scheduled for
establishes short and long term                                                                          March of 2008. The Spring Classic Invi-
goals for the future. Currently,                                                                         tational is a spin-off from the Dallas Cup
the club is planning to continue                                                                         and offers girls teams a chance to compete
the growth of their 6-acre                                                                               against the tops teams in the nation and in-
training facility near Coit Road                                                                         ternationally. Both tournaments rely heavily
and George Bush Freeway:                                                                                 on the TLSC families and players, who are           HSSA	and	Elite	tip	off.
one of only a few club-owned                                                                             rewarded with an organization that believes
facilities. This facility sets                                                                           in helping them prosper in every area of life.
them apart from other clubs in
the area, which they feel gives                                                                          For more information visit:
                                                                                                                                                          HOCKEY SHOTS
them a competitive advantage.                                                                                                                                   FoRMeR MCKINNeY PLAYeR AILING O
Realizing that the stress of                                                                   
                                                                                                                                                          announced. It is hoped that given Alex’s you
driving long distances to prac-
tice, the club is also seeking to                                                                                                                         Brendan Colbert is leading the Raccoons in
establish additional regional                                                                                                                             Lynch, Colbert had a power play goal, and te
facilities in the Dallas-Fort
                                                                                                                                                          through for the Panthers with the only goal i
Worth Metroplex. Their vision
is to increase participation                                                                                                                              and overtime, and kept three Frisco players f
in club soccer by bringing it                                                                                                                             been strong so far. In the varsity gold divisio
closer to the players and their
                                                                                                                                                          Mound Gold has been nearly as good, with a
                                                                                                                                                          and a 0.00 GAA. He is one of the main reaso
Academies have become an                                                                                                                                  percentage. In the JV Gold division, Keller
important aspect of soccer         During	the	2007	TLSC	Club	Picnic	at	Adventure	Landing,	the	90	Boys	                                                    GARLAND HoCKeY HAs Its oWN BIG PAPI D
clubs in DFW because of the         Orange	challenged	the	Longhorn	coaches	to	a	soccer	match.		The	
ability to spot and develop tal-             coaches	won	5-2.													Photo	courtesy	of	TLSC                                                          pede. Ortiz was leading the team in nearly eve

                                                                                                            MCKINNeY HoCKeY:                                         The results are evident: McKinney players have
                                                                                                                                                                     played well this season at all levels. The varsity
                                                                                                            THE	BEST	Of	BOTH	WORLDS                                  gold team finished October only a few points out of
                                                                                                                                                                     the division lead. Andy Weyrens, Devin Davis, and
                                                                                                            MHS Club is Both High School                             Taylor Holt each averaged a goal per game early in
                                                                                                            and Travel Team                                          the season. Goalie Michael Pittman has been solid
ime Time Sports’ Fall Challenge continues with tournaments in the Dallas and Houston areas. In                                                                       in the net with a .880 save percentage and a 2.43
for the Prime Time National Championship in July 2008. In the 7th-grade boys’ division Texas                For some time, high school hockey players in North       goals against average in October, stats good enough
henom Boys taking the 8th-grade grand championship.                                                         Texas have faced a dilemma. There are two options        to place him in the top 10 in league. “He really
                                                                                                            of play available: high school teams and travel, or      gives the defense the confidence that if they make
                                                                     north	Texas	Blaze	-	7th	Grade	Girls	   select, teams. High school teams participate in the      mistakes, there is somebody back there to bail them
                                                                      won	third	placce	in	their	division.   AT&T Metroplex High School Hockey League                 out. This year, we have so much confidence in our
                                                                                                            (MHSHL), and while it has proved to be popular           goaltending that if we do make a mistake, it is not
                                                                                                            with many, college and pro scouts rarely give it the     going to hurt us.”
                                                                                                            attention it deserves. They tend to look at travel
                                                                                                            teams, where players with elite talent show off their    McManaman is also quick to point out how well
                                                                                                            skills. This often causes a conflict for great players   the defense is playing. “Matt Nadolny, one of our
                                                                                                            who want to be scouted, yet like the appeal of play-     captains, has really solidified the power play and
                                                                                                            ing for their school in the MHSHL.                       penalty kill,” he said. “He’s really helped out the
                                                                                                                                                                     young defensemen we have. We don’t want our
                                                                                                            For the McKinney Ice Hockey club, that is not            defense to take chances other than Nadolny. If the
                                                                                                            a problem. The club’s teams participate in the           defense steps up, the forwards should be there to
                                                                                                            MHSHL, the North Texas Hockey League, and                either make the hit or take the puck. If they are not
                                                                                                            various developmental tournaments and games used         there, we have the goalie to bail them out.” Nadolny
                                                                                                            by select teams. This provides McKinney players          even scored the winning goal in a 6-5 win over
                                                                                                            the chance to play for the “home team” as well as        Keller.
                                                                                                            against the travel teams that can open up future
                                                                                                            opportunities.                                           “We play a 1-2-2 neutral trap system modified. Our
                                                                                                                                                                     forwards have to come back and our center comes
                                                                                                            The program seems to work. “It cuts down on con-         down low to help out the defense. It’s really a five
                                                                                                            flicts and fighting over practice time with players,”    man unit out there on the ice this year. It really
                                                                                                            varsity gold head coach John McManaman said.             comes down to special teams and defense,” he said.
                                                                                                            In fact, McManaman says that home travel games
                                                                                                            are played during ice time set aside for high school     The importance of playing fundamental defense for
                                                                                                            practice, which not only ends the schedule conflicts,    a full period hit home for the varsity gold team this
                                                                                                            but greatly reduces the costs involved. A McKinney       season against Allen, when the Eagles took control
                                                                                                            player can sometimes pay as little as one-quarter        of a loose puck and broke a tie with just nine sec-
                                                                                                            what a player would pay to play for high school and      onds left in the game. A sure point in the standings
                                                                                                            select teams. It’s a model many other teams have         with a tie evaporated, which can make a huge dif-
                                                                                                            contacted McKinney about possibly duplicating.           ference in the highly-competitive standings.

                                                                                                            The skill level players face may vary between            The team took the lesson to heart. In a stretch to
                                                                                                            leagues, but it only makes McKinney players stron-       open the season, McKinney was giving up an aver-
                                                                                                            ger. “Our toughest games are against Midget AA           age of a goal per high school game. It was the kind
            The Coppell Mavericks’ Collin Whitaker (in blue) on the way to the net. The Mavericks won the   teams, so when you play high school teams, you           of play McManaman wanted. “If you give up only a
            5th grade boys’ division.                                Photo courtesy of Kim Whitaker
                                                                                                            play with the same intensity,” McManaman said.           goal a game, you’re going to win a majority of the
                                                                                                                                                                     games in this league,” he said.

 Our thoughts and prayers go out to former McKinney hockey player Alex Daggett, who has been diagnosed with bone cancer, the team                                    McKinney has a simple rule for measuring how
ung age, good health, and the location of the tumor, a full and complete recovery is possible.                  FRIsCo oFFeNse PoWeRs WINs                           well the defense and special teams are playing. It is
n scoring, and they will need him to keep attacking the net if Frisco wants to contend in the Silver Division. In a recent win against Bishop                        a combination of power play scoring percentage and
                                                                                                                                                                     penalty kill percentage, which needs to be at least
eammate Chris Murray had a short-handed goal.                    PLANo eAst JV KILLs FRIsCo IN sHootout Forward Hunter Mudgett came                                  100. For example, if a team scores on 30% of power
in a shootout to give Plano East a win over Frisco JV 1-0 on October 18. Goalie Nick Simonetti was perfect with 24 saves in regulation                               plays, they need to kill at least 70% of their penal-
                                                                                                                                                                     ties (not allowing a score). Anything less than 100%
from scoring in the shootout.            WHo’s MINDING tHe Net? Even in the offense-first MHSHL, goalies still play, and their play has
                                                                                                                                                                     probably means a team is playing from behind and
on, Tim Franda of Plano Sr. Gold has a paltry .94 goals against average (GAA) and a .951 save percentage. Colin Goodhart of Flower                                   anything above it will probably translate into wins.
a 1.27 GAA and a .930 save percentage. In the silver division, Plano Silver’s Cody Smith finished a fantastic October with two shutouts
                                                                                                                                                                     With the players finding their groove, staying in
ons Plano is tied for the Silver Division lead. Ryan Koontz of Colleyville Heritage has been impressive with a 1.00 GAA and a .952 save                              the thick of the Gold Division title chase is all the
r’s Tanner Cruce finished October with a .93 GAA and a .956 save percentage. His play has helped Keller stay atop the division.                                      chance they need. “I think this year more than ever,
                                                                                                                                                                     you have parity,” McManaman said. He said that
 David “Big Papi” Ortiz may be all the offense for the Boston Red Sox, and Garland’s Marcus Ortiz is filling the same role for the Stam-
                                                                                                                                                                     any of the top 12 teams could challenge for the city
 ery offensive category as October ended. He scored four goals in a win against The Colony/Lewisville. How does “Big Mapi” sound?                                    or state title.
BIDDY BAsKetBALL ReADY to Go                                                              sPoRts RePoRt tRAINING tIP:                   SOCCER
Fred Gulley, Biddy Basketball League Director, has announced that                                                   by Justin Moore
registration is open to teams wishing to participate in this year’s
                                                                         When training before, during, or after the season, a soccer player always needs to vary their
league. The season begins January 4, 2008 and games will be held         training program. In a soccer game, a player might sprint up and down the field twice, then jog
at Paul Quinn College and A. Maceo Smith High School.                    for a few minutes and then start all over again. With the distance and speed varying throughout a
                                                                         soccer game, players will require different types of stamina.
Teams can participate in the following divisions from 8th/9th grade
down to 1st grade, both boys and girls. For specific information on      During weekly training, you should take two days off to allow your body to recover. Going to
teams and the league, contact Fred Gulley at 214-280-8667, or email      the track, field, gym or around the neighborhood for a brisk run or jog is always key to training.
GULLEYDBBA@AOL.COM.                                                      Running two to five miles at a good pace three days of the week will increase stamina and long
                                                                         distance running. This training will help you stay at the same fitness level throughout the whole
Registration is $295 per team and ten games are guaranteed, with         game.
playoffs following.
                                                                         Two days a week should be spent on sprint conditioning, a perfect drill for this is to use the lines
                                                                         on the soccer field for sprint work. Start at the end of the field and sprint to the closest goal box,
     See your team’s stories and photos                                  then jog back. Next sprint to the edge of the penalty box and jog back to the end of the field. Now
in the Club Connection . . . contact us today!                           sprint to the line in the middle of the field and jog back to the end. Finally sprint all the way to the
                                                                         other end of the field and then jog back. After completing, relax and rest for a minute or two be-
                                                                         fore starting over, and remember always listen to your body, but don’t be afraid to push yourself.
       ph. 469-261-4969     fax 972-692-8956

                                                                      Join us for the
                      2007 November Diamond Sports Elite Showcase
                                 & Recruiting Camp

                                                                  Diamond Sports Elite Showcase
                                            Plano is serving as the host for the
                                            & Recruiting Camp November 9-11 at Heritage Yards.
                                            Welcome teams, scouts, and fans!

                                            TIME TO HIT ANOTHER ONE OUT OF THE BALLPARK!

                                                             This tournament is hosted by the
                                                                       Elite Sports Group
                                                   TO LEARN MORE, VISIT WWW .ELITESHOWCASE.COM

 The Plano CVB is excited to welcome the Texas Elite Showcase Guild and is
 honored to serve as the host destination for their exceptional events.                                                        convention & visitors bureau

       For more information on the Plano CVB and the services offered visit or call 972.422.0296.

10               North Texas High School Sports Report                                                                     Vol. 2 Issue 2
The YMCA’s Plano Football
League’s fall season got off to
a great start, and is roaring
towards their playoff season
and Super Bowl event on
November 17th & 18th at
Kimbrough Stadium.

Check the website for more
information and schedules, and
be sure to support these young
                                                                          Photos	by	Thad	fenton,

by Alyson Johnson

Four gymnasts from Eagle’s
Wings Athletics have earned
spots on the TOPs National
Gymnastics Team. After
completing the last round
of testing on October 5-7 at
the National Team Training
Center in Houston, Sabrina
Schwab and Heather Udow-
itch made the A team and Ko-
rinne Manjarres and Breven
Zabilka are on the B team.

The Talent Opportunity
Program (TOPs) is a talent
search and education program
for female gymnasts and their
coaches. The athletes are
scored on physical abilities
tests and basic gymnastic
skills.                                                                                                     photo	by	Alyson	Johnson
                                  Sabrina	Schwab,	Heather	Udowitch,	Korinne	Manjarres,	and	Breven	Zabilka

Regional testing took place throughout the summer and approximately 3,000 gymnasts participated. From those who
participated, 310 gymnasts from around the country were invited to TOPs National Testing. There, approximately 20
gymnasts in three age groups (9,10,11) were selected to the TOPs National Team.

As National Team members, these girls have earned the right to train at Bela Karolyi’s Ranch in Houston in December.
The TOPs program at Eagle’s Wings Athletics is run by coaches Greg Coots and Tatiana Schegolkova.

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  Keeping Healthy
Health Tips From Centennial                     Journal of School Health in April 2006.       your body that are most likely to get          held and a full length). Undress complete-
Medical Center                                  The study showed little change in sun-        burned or are at risk for skin cancer. Ap-     ly. Look systematically from head to toe
                                                screen use as measured in 1999, 2001 and      ply liberally and frequently. (Note: Don’t     and make sure that you do not miss any
Adopting a healthy lifestyle has become         2003. The study also found that routine       forget the top of the ears and the temples)    areas. Do it the same way every time.
a priority for people of all ages. A well       sunscreen use is more common among                                                           To help you look at difficult areas this
balanced diet, stress reduction, and regular    females than males, among younger age         • Use extra caution near water, snow and       examination can be done with the aid of
exercise are used to achieve this goal.         groups than among older ones, and among       sand. They reflect the damaging rays of        a spouse or friend. Basal cell carcinomas
Exercising outdoors, in the fresh air and       white youth more than minority youth.         the sun.                                       may appear as a rough patch of skin with
sunshine, is a joy that many athletes both                                                                                                   a central ulcer and may intermittently
young and old share, but it is also a risk.     Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is    • Treat your clothing: While all cloth-        bleed.
                                                damaging to the skin. It causes destruc-      ing provides some sun protection, darker
The effects of the sun on an athlete’s skin     tion of the outermost lining of the skin      colors such as blues, blacks and greens of-    Take a close look at all moles because this
can be as hazardous as any sport injury.        (epithelium) as well as damage to the         fer the most protection. Adding specialty      is where melanoma begins. The following,
The rising incidence of melanoma is             deeper structures. Collagen is a substance    detergents such as Rit’s Sun Guard gives       known as the ABC’s, are warning signs of
often the result of life style factors rather   that provides a supporting framework          clothes even more SPF protection. Caps         potentially cancerous moles.
than genetics. According to the American        for the skin. As we age, collagen decays,     and visors should also be treated.
Cancer Society, most of the more than 1         and wrinkles occur. UV radiation greatly                                                        A) Asymmetry. Common moles are
million cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer        accelerates this process and causes small     • Talk to your doctor: Most teens visit        usually symmetric. Draw an imaginary
diagnosed yearly in the United States are       breaks in the DNA of skin cells. This dam-    dermatologists to treat acne or other skin     line through the center of the mole. If
sun-related.                                    aged DNA may cause a cell to ultimately       problems. Few of them worry about skin         one side is noticeably different from the
                                                form a cancer.                                cancers, but letting your doctor know          other, the mole is asymmetric and may be
“Serious recreational and elite athletes are                                                  about your activities and how much time        a problem.
at higher risk than the general public for      Prevention                                    you’re spending in the sun can help them
getting skin cancer because of the amount                                                     provide personalized advice.                      B) Border. An irregular border that
of time they spend in the sun, because          Dr. Li explains that the best way to pre-                                                    seems to notched or indistinct is a warning
they often don’t wear proper protective         vent sun damaged skin and skin cancer         More about sunscreens                          sign
clothing, because of constant sweating          is to limit or modify your exposure. Sun
which reduces the effect of sunscreen           light, like other forms of radiation, is a    “As awareness of the damaging effects of         C) Color. Common moles are usually
and because of their history of excessive       cumulative toxin -- the more you are ex-      the sun has increased, so has the availabil-   one color. Multiple hues or colors are a
skin exposure,” says Lucy Li, M.D., a           posed…the more damage is done.                ity of sunscreens,” says Dr. Li. “A good       warning sign.
board-certified dermatologist practicing at                                                   product will provide protection against
Centennial Medical Center.                      • Limit unnecessary exposure, and avoid       both UV-A and UV-B light.” Many are             D) Diameter. A diameter greater than 6
                                                team practices during peak UV loads (ap-      now available that are “waterproof” or         mm is a warning sign
And a recent study shows teen athlete’s         proximately noon- 4 pm)                       “sweatproof” and these are the ones that
to be the least compliant when it comes                                                       athletes should use. The sun protection        Take notes on your findings and see your
to wearing sunscreen. Only 14 percent           • Clothing provides an effective barrier to   factor (SPF) reflects how many times bet-      doctor. Dermatologists are generally the
of high school students reported routine        sunlight; hats, sun-visors and sunglasses     ter the sun protection is over unprotected     most skilled physicians in evaluating for
sunscreen use with an SPF of 15 or higher       can help protect some areas of your face.     skin. The higher the SPF number the bet-       skin cancer.
when outside for more than an hour a day,                                                     ter. For example, a SPF factor of 15 means
according to an article published in the        • Use sunscreen. Apply to the areas of        that in 15 hours of sun exposure the skin      “Young athletes are at the right age to
                                                                                              “sees” the same amount of sun as in one        learn good habits that they can take into
                                                                                              hour without protection. But don’t let this    adulthood,” stresses Dr. Li. “And most
                                                                                              fool you; all sunscreens must be re-ap-        kids heed their coach more than they do
                                                                                              plied during continued exposure -- even        their parents.”
                                                                                              the “waterproof” ones.
                                                                                                                                             Dr. Lucy Li has a practice with Frisco
                                                                                              early Detection: the ABCs
                                                                                                                                             Dermatology, Laser and Surgery Center
                                                                                                                                             and Centennial Medical Center and can
                                                                                              Physician examinations and frequent            be reached at 972/712-3131
                                                                                              screening self-examinations are the best       or
                                                                                              insurance for early detection of skin
                                                                                              cancer. The greater the risk factors for       Resources
                                                                                              an individual, the more frequently these       The National Cancer Institute -
                                                                                              exams should be done.                          Cancer Information Service

                                                                                                                                             Reference: The National Council
                                                                                              The self-exam should be done with the aid
                                                                                                                                             on Skin Cancer Prevention
                                                                                              of bright lights and two mirrors (a hand

   12                                    High School Sports Report                                                                 Vol. 2 Issue 4
                                                                                                                                                                Keeping Healthy
                                     HoW Do I KNoW IF MY CHILD Is Overstressed?
                                                                                                                                            one sport and the seasons overlap, so they
by Sherrie St. Cyr, Special Contributor       frequent colds                                                             rience to help     never really have time to recover.
                                              or other minor                                                             your child
Several years ago my husband and I            illnesses.                                                                 balance his        Third, teach your child how to filter stress
took a bicycling vacation in Vermont. I       Emotional                                                                  emotions can       through powerful thinking. Truly power-
had just finished riding a century (100       symptoms                                                                   be found at        ful thinking depends on good logic skills
miles) in August and this was just the end    include                                                                    www.focus-         as well as strong self-esteem. Grownups
of September. I thought I was in pretty       depression,                                                                for-success.       can ask themselves, “Is this really worth
good shape, but as I would ride along in      lethargy, anger                                                            com.               getting upset over? Will it matter in a year
Vermont I noticed it just felt hard. The      outbursts, loss                                                                               or ten?” Children, because they have a dif-
terrain didn’t look challenging at all. I     of appetite,                                                                Second, teach     ferent sense of time than grownups, can’t
couldn’t understand it. Then one day I        irritability,                                                               your child        gain that kind of perspective. You can
happened to look back and noticed that        restlessness,                                                               the value of      help by gently guiding them through some
although the grade had been gradual, I had    and trouble                                                                 recovery. This    logical questions about their thinking
actually been pedaling uphill for as far      sleeping.                                                                   means time        about their stressful situation. Reminding
back as I could see. What does this have      If your child is                                                            to recharge       them that their value does not depend on
to do with knowing whether your child         experiencing                                                                between peak      their performance is also key.
is overstressed? Simple - even though         any of these                                                                times. As I
you may not be able to identify a major       symptoms of                                                                 tell my clients   Stress can’t be eliminate from your child’s
stressful event recently, if your child has   stress, you can                                                             frequently,       life, and you wouldn’t want to even if you
been experiencing even mild stress over       help. Three                                                                 “Even race        could. It is the energy of challenge and
an extended period of time, she may be        skills will help                                                            cars make pit     excitement that fuels growth and prog-
overstressed.                                 your child                                                                  stops”. Just as   ress. Just be sure to take into account how
                                              navigate stress                                                             a good coach      much challenge and excitement your child
The symptoms of overstress fall into          without long-                                                               avoids over-      is experiencing and over what period of
two categories – physical and emotional.      term effects.                                                               training to       time. Like climbing those very gradual
Some children are more prone to physical                                                                                  keep muscles      hills in Vermont, little things do add up.
symptoms, others experience emotional         First, make sure your child knows how to      at their peak, your child’s nervous system
symptoms more often. Combinations of          relax. This means mental as well as physi-    and adrenal glands (the prime stress            Sherrie St. Cyr teaches her clients to activate their
symptoms are common.                          cal relaxation. One tried-and-true method     target) need time off to allow the system       body’s natural stress-neutralizing system through
                                                                                                                                            mental focus, powerful thinking, and emotional
                                              to learn the difference between physical      to balance again. During a busy season,         balancing. Using techniques of positive psychology
Physical symptoms include clumsiness,         tension and relaxation is called progres-     recovery periods may be short and fre-          combined with sophisticated biofeedback software
headaches, fast or irregular heartbeat,       sive relaxation, which involves alternately   quent. After a season, a longer period of       and fun, kid-friendly activities, she provides the tools
dizziness, heartburn, stomach aches,          tensing and relaxing groups of muscles.       recovery is appropriate. Pros have an “off      students (and adults) need to make the mind-body
                                                                                                                                            connection their ally instead of their enemy. Sherrie
generalized body pain, teeth grinding,        Complete instructions for progressive         season”, and then they start training again.    can be contacted at or by
cold hands and feet, skin breakouts, and      relaxation as well as a short guided expe-    Often, sports-minded kids play more than        phone at 903-815-8591.

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            Vol. 2 Issue 4                                        High School Sports Report                                                                 13
The Varsity Tennis team finished the Fall Season        CoNGRAtuLAtIoNs to Wakeland’s Yesenia Campos, Nick strohla, and Cameron strohla (L to R).
with a victory over Liberty High School. WHS took       As part of team Dallas, they took first place at the John Newcombe
a 5 to 2 match advantage after dominating in doubles    tennis Ranch state Playoffs.
play. All three Men’s doubles teams won easily,
while the mixed doubles lost in a very close match 8-
6. The Women’s doubles proved to be the difference
by winning two out of three matches. Monica Sok
and Yesenia Campos won at #2 doubles while Lauren
Bond and Hannah Floyd won at #3 doubles. Kathryn
Thiel and Merida Thurmon lost 8-6 in a hard fought
match at #1 Women’s Doubles.

The Men’s team rolled over the Liberty team, win-
ning all six singles matches and setting the pace
for the eleven match to eight win. Senior Blaine
Harwell won 6-2, 6-2 and Senior Christian O’Rourke
won 6-2, 7-6.

Wakeland finished the fall season 8-7 and 4-0 against
3-A opponents. Five of the seven losses came at the
hands of top 20 ranked 4-A teams with the remain-
ing losses coming to 5-A opponents. The team
competed well against some of the top area varsity
squads, and has a lot of momentum heading into the
spring season.
Watch out! Two Frisco HS golfers shot holes-
in-one during practices in the past month.

In an email, head golf coach Mary Black said,
“It is such a great accomplishment to have a
hole in one on a par 4 and have it witnessed by
your peers,” she said. “Both golfers are new to
the team this year and they are wonderful addi-

Freshman Patricia Holt (immediate right) shot
her hole-in-one on the Par 4 #8 at The Trails of
Frisco Golf Course on September 13.

Tyler DuBay (far right) a junior, also shot his
hole-in-one on a Par 4, the 9th hole at Plantation
Golf Course October 1.

Congratulations to these amazing athletes!

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