Renew Your Chakras_ Live A Better Life_ by secretofreiki


									Renew Your Chakras, Live A Better Life!
With the Reiki discipline of self-healing, learning to stop and breathe for a moment, may it be in a moment of meditation or simple relaxation, is very important to keep the energy flowing. In this very tense, yang world, we are often unable to get that break in order for us to meditate and allow our bodies to heal itself.

However, meditating is not that easy. Our modern life consists of noise. Whether it’s in the form of traffic in the street or the sheer number of visual distractions that they put up like advertisements in the streets, our society wallows in distraction. Due to these distractions, we must learn to take time to focus on the spiritual aspect of our lives. The diminishing life force energy in Man. Every person in the world has this life force. Living the modern life is very stressful. These stresses lead to our energy levels going down. With our energy levels going down, we will see a weakness in our body and general disillusionment with life. This is why we are often bored and in the quest for distractions. However, the solution to that really is to reach deep within your self. This may happen through meditation or through energy-touch. Reiki believes that you can help channel the flow of your energy and redirect it to begin healing. Any other massage therapist can give you temporary satiation but a Reiki Master will do wonders for shifting the energy in your chakras promoting healing at many levels. More than just alternative medicine, Reiki offers an alternative lifestyle. Thus, we need to take some time off from our modern lives and start living a different life. Reiki is a philosophy that dates its principles in spiritual wisdom. Now, Reiki happens differently in different people. Other people may practice Reiki in different ways with some meditating more often than others. However, the effects of energy healing will ultimately be the same. With constant Reiki exercises, you can improve the flow of energy in your chakras or your life’s energy force. You will find yourself seeing the world in a different light from before. The new you will be more open to opportunities that will lead to your selfrealization. After all, once you’re free from your stressful burdens, you have renewed energy for new endeavours. Achieve the impossible through your Will! Now that you’ve got your inner energy all charged up, you spiritually exude an inner light. With your new focus, you will be able to gather the spiritual energies into one blinding concentration of light. This is a beacon for the universe to follow. Being a positive energy, the universe will be sending positive things in the direction of your light. With your new curiosities and open-mindedness about everything that surrounds you, you can start rebuilding your life and doing what it is that you want to do. We were all put in this Earth to fulfil a special purpose. Let your inner light guide you to it.

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