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January 24, 2011

Donna Jewell: (505) 450-4991,

               Cabula6 and UNM’s Department of Theatre and Dance
                            THE ANGOLA PROJECT
             CABULA6, an internationally award winning theater company
        based in Vienna and New York presents performance for two nights only!

WHAT: THE ANGOLA PROJECT is a funny and moving investigation into global
events and the complex unexpected polycultural mash-up identities emerging in the 21st

WHEN: Part I - Lisboa 2008, Friday, February 11th at 7:30pm, Part II - Angola 2010
Saturday, February 12th at 7:30pm

WHERE: ARTS Lab, 131 Pine Street NE (one block west of University)

HOW MUCH: Donations accepted

MORE INFO OR RESERVATIONS: (505) 440-4991, or online at

CABULA6 and The University of New Mexico Department of Theatre and Dance

present THE ANGOLA PROJECT, for two nights only, February 11 and 12 in the

ARTS Lab Performance Space. THE ANGOLA PROJECT playfully straddles the

worlds of performance and film-making as the audience watches a movie being

constructed from fragments of film and narrative right before their eyes, only to crumble

again into disarray. Based on Jeremy Xido's true life adventures of trying to make a

feature film in Angola, THE ANGOLA PROJECT takes us on a dizzying journey

through the history of colonial Portugal, the Travelogues of Burton Holmes, the films of

Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly, the Detroit race riots/rebellion, Berlin documentary film crews

in Africa and the blood-thirsty mechanisms of international film finance.

THE ANGOLA PROJECT is a funny and moving investigation into global events and

the complex unexpected polycultural mash-up identities emerging in the 21st Century.

CABULA6 (cabula seis) was founded in 2000 with its production of “The Love Project.”

It is an international theater company based in Vienna and New York whose members

come from Catalunya, the United States, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Austria,

Germany, Montenegro, and England. They have various performance backgrounds

including contemporary dance, theater, fine arts, journalism and film. When asked about

CABULA6 and their visit to UNM, Associate Professor and Head of Dance, Donna

Jewell explained, “We are bringing them to present this interdisciplinary work on our

campus and to give workshops in physical theater practice. I have been an actress with

CABULA6 for eight years and have worked with directors Claudia Heu and Jeremy Xido

on many site specific pieces since 1998. These directors build pieces that address identity

and cultural heritage of place, time and history. They usually create new works with the

actors in the ensemble, using characteristics and histories of the individuals to support the

theme and intent of the works.” CABULA6 received the Outstanding Theater Company

of 2009 from the prestigious BalletTanz Magazine for their work on the community

based project MACONDO.

The two co-directors of CABULA6, Jeremy Xido and Claudia Heu, will present THE

ANGOLA PROJECT along with workshops on UNM’s main campus. Originally from

Detroit, Jeremy Xido graduated cum laude in Painting and Comparative Literature from

Columbia University in New York and trained at the Actor's Studio. He has been the

artistic co-director of the performance and film company CABULA6 since 2003, having

produced and presented stage and film work all over the world. He is known as a

performance artist with a unique artistic voice and approach to stage and film, blending

emotionally gripping personal stories with the larger social contexts within which they

emerge. Working as a dancer, actor and filmmaker, he has performed and presented work

around the world on stage, TV and in Cinema. Claudia Heu is a freelance artist and

performer. In 1997 she founded ONNOtheater, which focused on the shifts and the

boundaries in theatre, research on the borders between reality and fiction and the shifting

and deconstruction of the separation between the audience and the performers. Claudia

Heu works in public spaces and with artistic interventions, such as in the Favelas of Saõ

Paulo, in hospitals, shopping malls and prisons. She recently began a new project

focusing on post-war conflict zones. In addition to her work as an artist, she teaches at

such performance institutions as SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance),

Conservatorium Linz, Ernst Busch Schule in Berlin, and the NYU experimental

performance wing in New York City.

Performance of THE ANGOLA PROJECT will be held at UNM’s ARTS Lab, located

at 131 Pine St., NE, one block west of University Blvd. and half a block north of Central.

Part I - Lisboa 2008, will be performed on Friday, February 11th at 7:30pm, and Part II

- Angola 2010 will be performed on Saturday, February 12th at 7:30pm. No tickets are

necessary for these performances, but donations will be accepted at the door and

reservations are recommended. For more information, or to make reservations, please call

Donna Jewell at (505) 440-4991.



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