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					Newsletter Of Hollywood Entertainment Museum
Volume 7                                                                                           Fall 2003

       An exhibition spotlight-                                                                          The exhibit colorfully
ing hundreds of artifacts from                                                                     demonstrates how Factor and
the priceless Max Factor                                                                           his son Max Factor Jr. liter-
Collection – many items un-                                                                        ally changed the face of
seen since the closure of its                                                                      Hollywood, exhibiting about
namesake museum more than                                                                          120 objects and images illus-
a decade ago and which docu-                                                                       trating their magical methods
ments Factor’s revolutionary                                                                       during a 50-year period.
impact on Hollywood, its stars                                                                     They include the beauty
and the cosmetics industry –                                                                       calibrator, his bizarre head-
opens at the Museum                                                                                measuring device; “heads,”
September 4.                                                                                       wigs and hairpieces for
       “Max Factor: Hollywood’s                                                                    Elizabeth Taylor, Linda
First Makeover Artist,” which                                                                      Darnell, Barbra Streisand,
will run through December 1,                                                                       Frank Sinatra, Debbie
represents a small portion of                                                                      Reynolds and Charlton
the vast collection donated to                                                                     Heston; appliances for the
Hollywood Entertainment                                                                            Frankenstein monster’s head;
Museum in 1992 by its                                                                              historic photographs showing
owner, Proctor & Gamble,                                                                           the master making over some
after the Max Factor Museum                  Max Factor attends to Joan Crawford in the late 1920s
                                                                                                   of the world’s biggest celebri-
was shuttered.                                                                                     ties; and displays of cosmetics
       While the Museum has a permanent Max Factor and salon furniture.
display, it is the first special exhibition of the artifacts since               “Max Factor gave Hollywood a whole new look
they were acquired by the Museum, which is exclusively beginning in the silent film era when he invented make-
responsible for the preservation and restoration of the up in 1914,” says Horak.
overall collection under curator Jan-Christopher Horak.

         A retrospective of television history as seen through the lens of prolific
  celebrity photographer Gene Trindl, whose art graced more than 200 TV
  GUIDE covers, opens as a new exhibition at the Museum September 4.
         “Gene Trindl: Television Portraits” is a revealing journey that traces the
  evolution of the TV industry beginning at its infancy in the early 1950s through
  the faces and personae who captured America’s fascination for three decades.
  Fifty images, including a dozen of Trindl’s most famous TV GUIDE covers, will
  comprise the exhibition, which runs through November 9.                                         Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and
                                                                  Continued on Page 7            Dean Martin in a 1963 TV special
  THE MARQUEE                                                                                         Page 2000

                  PRODUCTION NOTES                       The Marketing
                  A Message from the President
                  I COULD HAVE
                                                             By Richard Ayson, Marketing &
                  DANCED ALL                                          Development Director

Phyllis Caskey
                  NIGHT!                                                                              Richard Ayson

Dear Friends:
                                                             What an exciting and challenging time the last sev-
                                                      eral months have been for the Marketing Department!
       I feel like I’m still coming down from the
                                                             The highlights were the creation of a campaign to
extraordinary event honoring Johnny Grant. It
                                                      promote another blockbuster exhibition, “USO Presents:
was one of those evenings that will be remembered
                                                      Hollywood Salutes the Troops,” while simultaneously
for years to come. For those of you who were
                                                                                      building the communica-
there, you know what I am talking about.
                                                                                      tion material for our biggest
       So many people made it possible, but I
                                                                                      ever fundraising event salut-
would be remiss if I did not personally mention
                                                                                      ing Johnny Grant.
just a few. It was great to have AT&T back as our
                                                                                           Having now successful-
presenting sponsor and to have Betsy Bernard,
                                                                                      ly executed promotion cam-
President of AT&T, at the event. I also would
                                                                                      paigns for exhibits includ-
like to thank the Los Angeles Times, KTLA, The
                                                                                      ing Marlene Dietrich,
Entertainment Industry Foundation, Deluxe
                                                                                      Judy Garland and “Smoke
Labs, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce,
                                                                                      Lies and Videotape,” we
Paramount Pictures, and William A. Robinson.
                                                                                      have built a strong system
Our Board of Directors, led by our chairman Earl
                                                                                      for announcing our exhibi-
Lestz, staff, volunteers and our students all
                                                                                      tions and marketing their
worked very hard to make the event possible.
                                                                                      display, developed with our
Because it was Johnny we were honoring, everyone
                                                                                      agencies Garza Group
cared deeply and wanted to do everything they
                                                      Award-winning poster from our   Communications and BJR
could to make this evening memorable for an           2002 summer blockbuster exhibit Public Relations.
incredible man. And we succeeded. We raised the
                                                             I wanted to make special note of the Marlene
bar and the tone has been set for the Museum’s
                                                      Dietrich poster which
future events.
                                                      received an international
       Since then, we have been discussing our
                                                      design award in May from
future including exhibits, programming and
                                                      the Design Council of
events. Boy, are you in for a treat. Review the
                                                      Mexico for best poster of the
programs and exhibits we have planned between
                                                      year. The award was present-
now and the end of the year. You will receive invi-
                                                      ed to the Museum at the
tations to upcoming special events. You do not
                                                      Palace of Fine Arts in
want to miss them. We definitely know how to
                                                      Mexico City. I would like to
throw a party.
                                                      acknowledge and thank
       Talk to your friends and family—now is the
                                                      Nadine Romero Bossard
time to join as a member so you do not miss exhibit
                                                      and Agustin Garza of Garza
openings, stimulating programs and special events.
                                                      Group for their support and
       We’re in the midst of a remarkable year and
                                                      wonderful creative talent.
I know you will want to be part of it.
                                                             We are also very proud
                                                      to announce another major “Judy Garland: Princess of Oz”
Phyllis Caskey
                                                                  Continued on Page 8
  THE MARQUEE                                                                                                                    Page 3000

                  E X H I B I T S                                        C A L E N D A R
                                         (September 2003 - February 2004)

MAX FACTOR: Hollywood’s First Makeover Artist

                                                                                       Max Factor Jr. and Natalie Wood (1950s)
September 4 – December 1, 2003

An exhibition of artifacts from Hollywood Entertainment
Museum’s priceless Max Factor Collection – hundreds of
items unseen since the closure of its namesake museum
more than a decade ago. This exhibit documents Factor’s
revolutionary impact on Hollywood, its stars and the
makeup industry and how Factor and his son Max Factor
Jr. literally changed the face of Hollywood.

                                    GENE TRINDL: Television Portraits
                                    September 4 – November 9, 2003

                                    A retrospective of television history captured through the lens of prolific celebri-
                                    ty photographer Gene Trindl, whose work appeared in more than 200 TV GUIDE
                                    covers. The exhibit traces the evolution of the TV industry beginning at its infan-
                                    cy in the early 1950s through the faces and personae who fascinated America for
                                    three decades.

                                      Special Programming: Gene Trindl will discuss his career as a Hollywood
David Janssen as “Harry O” (1974)     portrait photographer on Saturday, October 4 at 2 p.m.

BOMBSHELL: Glamour from the Edward Weston Collection
November 13, 2003 – January 20, 2004

Some of the most glamorous photographic portraits of all time were produced by studio photographers like
George Hurrell, Clarence Sinclair Bull, Lazlo Willinger and Robert Richee. They defined Metro-Goldwyn-
Mayer’s distinctive style for almost two decades in the 1930s and 1940s. This exhibit, culled from the
magnificent collection of Edward Weston, make up a unique body of work.

SERGEI PARAJANOV: All Life is a Collage
December 4, 2003 – February 2, 2004

Lionized by cineastes worldwide as one of the greatest filmmakers in the world, Armenian-born Parajanov was
imprisoned repeatedly by the government because of its displeasure with his work and popularity outside the
old U.S.S.R. This exhibition comes directly from Armenia and explores both the late artist’s films and his
unique art collages.

 Special Programming: Armenian filmmaker Mikhail Vardanov will present a one-hour documentary on
 Parajanov and discuss his friendship with the director on Saturday, December 13 at 2 p.m.

Correction – A photo published in the previous issue of The Marquee misidentified Bonita Granville as Betty Grable. We apologize for the error.
  THE MARQUEE                                                                                                      Page 4000

                     THE                                    Current activities include:

                     CURATOR’S                              h    A major effort is underway behind the scenes to create
                     CORNER                                 much needed archival space for Museum artifacts in storage.
                                                            With the help of curatorial intern Marie d’Origny, new shelv-
                     By Jan-Christopher Horak               ing was installed in the vaults, while Mike King and Hector
                                                            Antichi have been busily helping the curator catalog material.

      Some people may be wondering what the                 h     In June, I was invited to lecture at Birbeck College in
Curator actually does? A Curator is responsi-               London on the relationship between film museums like
ble for all permanent and temporary exhibi-                 Hollywood Entertainment Museum and the writing of film
tions, museum programming and the mainte-                   history.
nance and growth of collections.
      Exhibitions and programming are the                   h     Work on new exhibitions is also progressing. The most
Museum’s public face made more personal by                  exciting development is a cooperative venture with the
the docents, who are trained for each new                   Parajanov Yerevan Museum in Armenia to present for the
exhibit.                                                    first time on the West Coast the work of the greatest
      The collections not on display also                   Armenian film maker in film history, Sergei Parajanov.

demand the Curator’s time. Acquisitions are                 Idolized by the likes of Federico Fellini, Parajanov died in
only possible through donations, requiring                  1990, his health certainly weakened by years of imprisonment
ongoing relations with collectors. Objects                  in Soviet camps. The exhibition (Dec. 4 – Feb. 2, 2004) will
placed in the Museum then require proper                    present never-before-seen artworks, many completed in
archival housing, cataloguing and evaluation                prison, as well as still and moving images from his films.
for future shows.

                           THANKS TO COMCAST
                                                                    The Cheers Bar at the Museum kicks off the 2003 NFL sea-
                                                                son September 8 with Monday Night Football presented for the
                                                                first time in High Definition.
                                                                    Comcast Cable Communications will be the presenting
                                                                sponsor each Monday night and is providing the bar with two big
                                                                screen, high definition television monitors and quality reception
                                                                second to none. In addition, a 100-inch projection screen will be
                                                                showing all the action, while a full bar will be available to all
                                                                patrons. Authentic Philly cheese steak sandwiches and other
                                                                Philly treats will also be sold throughout the night courtesy of
                                                                South Street. Doors open at 5:45 p.m. Game starts at 6:00 p.m.
Football fans gather at the famed “Cheers” bar for Monday Night Get here early for best seats. There is no cover charge.
                                                                    The Cheers Bar will be open every Monday night throughout
the season, including a Super Bowl party at the conclusion of the season.
     For more information, contact Josh Oakley at (323) 960-4812.

      Comcast will be televising a total of 600 announcements during football season promoting our Monday night
  parties at Cheers. Watch for us!
   THE MARQUEE                                                                                                              Page 5000

        The stars came out in force to honor Hollywood’s Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant at his 80th birthday gala, raising
nearly $840,000 for Hollywood Entertainment Museum and its innovative Education Center for at-risk youth.
        More than 800 celebrities, military person-
nel, political and entertainment industry leaders
converged May 10 on Hollywood & Highland’s
Grand Ballroom, recast as the Hollywood
Canteen of World War II fame, to recognize
Johnny’s lifetime achievements and dedication to
America’s servicemen and women. AT&T was
the presenting sponsor.
        Among the attendees were Mickey and Jan
Rooney, Red Buttons, Angie Dickinson, Ann
Jeffreys (who grew up with Johnny in Goldsboro,
N.C.), filmdom’s original “Blondie” Penny
                                                    Angie Dickinson presents Johnny Johnny gives thumbs up for the troops
Singleton, Marjorie Lord and her daughter Anne      with a World Series ring
Archer, James Woods, David Hasselhoff,
Margaret O’Brien, Piper Laurie, Rosemarie and
the late Robert Stack, Rose Marie, Marion Ross,
Anne Rutherford, Cindy Williams, Tracy
Scoggins, Terry Moore and Apollonia.
        Johnny received the Museum’s inaugural
individual Hollywood Legacy Award for his life-
time achievements; the Air Force’s Exceptional
Service Award – its highest civilian honor, a spe-
cial citation from the USO; and an Angels World
Series ring, fulfilling a long-standing promise by
Gene Autry.
                                                         A big hug for Mickey Rooney   Johnny and friends light up the Grand Ballroom

Tracy Scoggins gives Johnny a   Johnny teams up with Phyllis Caskey and Earl and         Johnny shares a laugh with Anne Rutherford and
birthday kiss                   Pat Lestz                                                Anne Jeffreys

Mike and Dagny Dubelko – Museum Film Segment Producers                                 Barcardi Martini – VIP Reception
Hollywood Fantasy Tours – Minibuses                                                    Truly Yours Catering – VIP Reception
Frederick’s of Hollywood – Goodie Bag                                                  Special Events Management – Security
Earl Lestz – Goodie Bag & convincing Johnny to say yes!                                Art Laboe – Goodie Bag
Garza Group Communications – Invitation & Tribute Book cover design                    Universal Studios – Goodie Bag
Original Sound Record Company – Goodie Bag                                             LAPD-Hollywood Division – Security
  THE MARQUEE                                                                                             Page 6000

EDUCATION REPORT                                 by Richard Doran, Director of Education

Our Camp Site Expands                                       v Leonard Roberts, Tyreese
                                                            Burnett, Miguel Gaetan and
       The Youth Arts and Education section of The          Christy Gamble, cast members
City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department has         from the film “Drumline,” held the
awarded a $7,500 grant to the Museum to expand a very       students spellbound with their sto-
successful outreach program.                                ries of breaking into the industry. Richard Doran
       Tim Cogshell, an instructor in the Reel              The program, which normally lasts
Hollywood after-school employment-training program,         an hour, went on for nearly two hours.
started teaching a 10-week video production class at
Camp Glenn Rockey in San Dimas last February. The           v As a result of a field trip to Mole Richardson
grant allows the program to expand from 10 to 20            Lighting, four students were invited to participate in a
weeks.                                                      10-week training program.
       I visited the camp – which is the L.A. County
                                                            v Patrisse Dawson-Dews, Museum Employment
Probation Dept. facility for youth with an interest in
                                                            Developer, took 10 students on a field trip to Warner
the arts – and was delighted to find the students were
                                                            Bros. post production facility.
excited and engaged creating their own video. Margaret
Taylor, assistant principal for the camp school, said she   v Brian Castillo, a former student, was a grip on this
would explore the possibility of expanding the program      season’s production of the CBS comedy, “Meet My
to other camps.                                             Parents.”
       In August, Taylor and the youth from the camp
visited the Museum for a tour and screening of the          v Former student Robin Ricks is really enjoying her
finished video. This event was an opportunity for the       job at FotoKem. According to her supervisor, the feel-
Museum to showcase its program. Taylor said she would       ing is mutual.
encourage the students transitioning out of the camp to
continue their training by enrolling at HEM.                REEL HOLLYWOOD AWARDED $25,000 GRANT
                                                                   The Museum extends a special thank you to the
Quick Take                                                  Los Angeles Times for supporting its important educa-
v Actor Danny Trejo made a return visit to the              tional programs, most recently in the form of aiding the
program. He spoke about two paths the students could        vital outreach program Reel Hollywood with a gener-
take, one of which would ultimately lead to prison; the     ous $25,000 grant. The much needed funding will
other to a satisfying career. He has been down both         help us reach additional youth, including students from
paths, so his words were powerful and the students were     Duke Ellington, H.R. Moore and Tri C/OIC High
totally engaged.                                            Schools.

DON’T BYPASS                                                            Museum, Universal Studios Hollywood,
                                                                        Starline Tours of Hollywood, the Autry
CITYPASS                                                                  Museum of Western Heritage and the
                                                                           Kodak Theatre. The normal retail cost to
                                                                           visit Universal Studios alone is $47!
      CityPass is an economical                                                Simply present your CityPass booklet
and no-fuss way to capture the                                on your way into each attraction. The agent will
magic of Hollywood. For a 30-day                              remove that attraction’s ticket, and you’re in!
period, the CityPass ticket booklet                                  Purchase CityPass at Hollywood Entertainment
admits you into five famous Hollywood attractions for         Museum or have your booklet mailed directly to you
only $69.                                                     to start enjoying the fun-filled close-ups of these major
      Your booklet becomes valid starting the first day       attractions. For more information, call Richard
you use a ticket, granting you admission to the               Ayson at (323) 960-4804.
   THE MARQUEE                                                                                                   Page 7000

                    The Museum Shop has been on a                                             Highlighted in our
                buying spree and the result will                                               shop this fall and not
              delight you!                                                                        to be missed is a
                         Our collection of costume                                                    unique line of
                      jewelry is unsurpassed. We                                                        custom             art
                      are showcasing exception-                                                               glass from
                      al bracelets, necklaces                                                           the Eugene
                      and earrings of colorful                                                             Art Glass
                     handmade glass and intri-                                                   Alliance in—you
                    cate beading, and our selec-                                             guessed it Eugene,
                 tion of humorous pins will                                                    Oregon. This distinc-
                                                          Trinity Elements set
                  prompt you to start collecting!                                          tive line of handblown
                    If you’re a purseoholic, there’s much      glass is exclusive to Hollywood Entertainment
                           to buy at the Museum. The           Museum and includes “Trinity Elements” by the
Handblown scent bottle
                           variety of our evening and          artist Adam Deering and marvelously colorful
daytime purses is                                              scent bottles by Jason
remarkable. There’s                                            Abbott.
something for every-                                                     When looking for
one.                                Scent bottles              that very special gift, think
       We’re show-                                             Hollywood Entertainment
casing David and                                               Museum. Our enthusi-
G o l i a t h ’s                                               astic staff will be pleased
“Drama Queen”                                                  to gift wrap and mail
purses, any of                                                 your purchases.         For
which will generate                                            details, call the Museum
plenty of attention!                                           Shop at (323) 960-4818.            Dichroic crystal bottles

       Trindl’s photography was published in LIFE, COLLIERS, SATURDAY EVENING POST and other major
                                  magazines and newspapers worldwide during his 50-year career as a shooter of
                                  Hollywood stars. Now semi-retired and living in Van Nuys, his largest body of
                                  work is represented by an unprecedented 600 assignments for TV GUIDE alone.
                                       “Trindl is known as a master of studio lighting and darkroom magic,” said
                                  Jan-Christopher Horak, curator of Hollywood Entertainment Museum. “The
                                  images we are presenting reflect a bygone era when show business’s biggest celebri-
                                  ties first began appearing on the then new television medium.”
                                       The exhibition is the first time a collection of Trindl photography has been
                                  presented in a museum setting. Steve McQueen, Alfred Hitchcock, Tony
                                  Randall and Jack Klugman (“The Odd Couple”), David Janssen, Frank
                                  Sinatra, Doris Day, Red Skelton, Orson Welles, Jack Benny and Fred Astaire
                                  are some of the notables in the show.
                                       TV GUIDE, in recognition of the exhibit, published an article in its August
                                  31 issue promoting the show and saluting Trindl’s contributions to the magazine.
Famed film director Alfred Hitchcock as
captured by Gene Trindl
 from Page 2
                                                                                                          STAFF’S UP
marketing promotion – the
Museum will appear on the backs                                                                                 We are pleased to
of forty million Kellogg’s cereal                                                                         announce the expansion of
boxes (Low Fat Granola & Bran                                                                             the Museum family. Recently
Wheat) as part of a promotion                                                                             joining the Museum staff
called Great American Getaways.                                                                           are James “Chip” Henderson
       This campaign, which was                                                                           as technical director, Amy
put together by LA INC, The                                                                               Kaufman as volunteer re-
Los Angeles Convention and                                                                                source manager and Josh
Visitors Bureau, features the                                                                             Oakley as marketing admin-
city’s most prominent venues and                                                                          istrator. Beth Muckler has
attractions that make up the                                                                              assumed the new role of
CityPass promotion, includ-                                                                               development associate.
ing Hollywood Entertainment                                                                                    We are confident that
Museum, the Kodak Theatre,                                                                                the additions and changes
Starline Tours, and the Autry                                                                             made will reinforce our
Museum of Western Heritage.                                                                               dynamic Museum team!

                                                         Hollywood Entertainment Museum featured on the
                                                         back of forty million Kellogg’s cereal boxes

                      Hollywood Entertainment Museum                                                                    NON-PROFIT
                      7021 Hollywood Blvd.                                                                              U.S. Postage
                      Hollywood, CA 90028
                       Address Service Requested

“Gene Trindl: Television Portraits” (Sept. 4 – Nov. 9) features
Tony Randall and Jack Klugman in “The Odd Couple”

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