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									Italian Feast FeastAffair
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Antipasti                                     Zuppa e Insalata
Bruschetta con Crema di
Agliotoa 8.00                                 Zuppa di Giorno 5.00
Grilled bread topped with roasted garlic      Served with homemade breadsticks
cream, roasted sweet peppers and dusted
with Parmeggiano Reggiano                     Minestrone Piemontese 5.00
                                              Classic Italian soup with orzo pasta,
Spiedini di Albicocca al                      vegetables and cannellini beans in tomato
Prosciutto Crudo 9.00                         broth
Tart, sweet dried apricots wrapped with
Prosciutto di Parma                           Zuppa de Pesce 8.00
                                              A broth-style seafood soup full of scallops,
Tortino di Gorgonzola 8.00                    prawns and halibut, seasoned with fresh
An individual Gorgonzola and mascarpone       Italian herbs
cheesecake topped with toasted walnuts and
served with black pepper grissini             Insalata Mista 5.00
                                              Greens tossed with crumbled Gorgonzola
                                              cheese and Cerignola olives in our house

Pasta                                         Insalata Rucola 7.00
                                              Arugula with sundried tomato, fennel, red
                                              onion and walnuts tossed in our basil
                                              Gorgonzola dressing
4 Layer 5 cheese Lasanga
With Duplicate That Marinara Sauce, ricotta   Insalata Fagioli 6.00
Mozzerala, fontina, regianno, parmasean       Cannellini beans, imported tuna and white
cheese 15.00                                  onions on mixed greens

Bucatini all’Amatriciana 16.00
With tomatoes, pancetta, white onion, white
wine and garlic
                                              Chocolate Zabaglione Cake 6.00
                                              Layers of chocolate cake, sprinkled with
Rigatoni Alla Siciliana 12.00
                                              Marsala and filled with freshly made
Grilled eggplant with fresh Mozzarella,
                                              chocolate zabaglione
Pecorino Romano, and marinara

Paglia e Fieno 14.00                          Zuccotto 6.00
                                              Upside-down Italian cake filled with
Handmade fresh spinach tagliatelle topped
                                              chocolate and hazelnut mousse and dusted
with peas, Prosciutto di Parma, and
                                              with cocoa powder
Parmeggiano Reggiano

Orecchiette con Rapini 14.00                  Canoli 6.00
                                              Italian cookie rolled and filled with sweet
Grilled rapini and fennel sausage with
                                              mascarpone cheese, ricotta, and chocolate
Pecorino Romano, garlic and white wine

Pappardelle con Coniglio 15.00
Braised rabbit with vegetables, garlic and    Sides
white wine
                                              Meatballs Marinara 5.00
                                              Italian Sausage 6.00
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any items from this menu!
                                              Garlic Rolls Included with
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