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					Getting Started

Section   1: Let Clients Know You Offer Payment Plans
Section   2: How Adding CareCredit to Your Web Site Will Benefit Your Practice
Section   3: Your CareCredit Web Site Tool Kit
Section   4: Linking CareCredit to Your Site
Section   5: Banners
Section   6: Sample Copy
Section   7: Buttons
Section   8: Ready-made Web Page
Section   9: Customizing the Ready-made Web Page
Section   10: Payment Calculator
Section   11: CareCredit Video
Section   12: FAQ

Section 1: Let Clients Know You O er Payment Plans

Informing pet owners about your payment options, like CareCredit, prepares them to ac-
cept the best treatment plan for their family pets. It is especially important to let them
know before they arrive in the exam room. Including information about payment options
on your practice Web site can make a difference in the level of care an animal receives.

In fact, in a pet owner survey of CareCredit cardholders:
• 79% of pet owners said CareCredit influenced their decision about
  veterinary treatment
• Without CareCredit payment options, 76% of pet owners said they would have opted for
  less-than-optimal treatment

Section 2: How Adding CareCredit to Your Web Site Will Bene t Your Practice,
Your Clients and Your Patients

The content on your practice Web site is more important now than ever. Including infor-
mation about CareCredit Payment Plans on your site can benefit you, your new and cur-
rent clients, as well as their pets.

Remove cost as a barrier – new and existing clients visit your Web site every day –
helping them learn about payment options before they come in prepares them for pay-
ment of treatment fees before the patient is examined.

Increase practice revenue – when clients are prepared to pay, they have the ability to
accept the best treatment plan for their pet. You won’t compromise on care due to cost
constraints and will no longer need to discount, give-away services, or provide less-than-
optimal treatment.

Create value – clients will appreciate having a convenient monthly payment option
before they load their pet into the car to visit your practice. Informing clients about payment
options via your Web site can help ease the decision to visit your practice.
Section 3: Your CareCredit Web Site Tool Kit

The Web Site Tool Kit includes a variety of free tools including banners, sample copy, a
sample Web page, buttons and other Web features which can be customized to fit your
Web site and the needs of site visitors.

Below are brief descriptions and best practices for implementing each type of Web asset
(e.g., button, banner, copy, etc.) included in this kit. For more technical information about
placing assets on your site, including the HTML tagging necessary to link to the CareCredit
application process, please download and refer to the Technical Instructions included on
the CD.

Section 4: Linking CareCredit to Your Site

The most effective and efficient way to incorporate CareCredit into your site is to:

• Select a CareCredit banner or button for your home page
• Link it to your own “Paying for Pet Care” or “Payment Options” page or use the ready-
  made CareCredit page provided in the Tool Kit

An example of the path site visitors would follow:

For added benefit, take advantage of the “custom apply” link feature. This feature cus-
tomizes the application process with your practice information. So when a visitor applies
for CareCredit from your Web site, your practice’s information is populated automatically
into the application. The “custom apply” feature also allows you to identify visitors who
have applied, but have yet to schedule their pet’s appointment.

In order to create a “custom apply” link, visit and
request your custom apply URL.

You will need your CareCredit Merchant ID, practice ZIP code and an e-mail address for
the link to be e-mailed to you.
Section 5: Banners

Select from a suite of colorful, animated ban-
ners featuring a variety of messages. Designed
especially to fit your practice needs and catch
the attention of visitors, place these on your
Web site in fun and impactful ways. These ban-
ners are ideal for home page placements, or
other high-impact, highly visible areas of your
Web site.

Section 6: Sample Copy

To help site visitors understand your payment
options, we’ve created sample descriptions in
various lengths of copy about CareCredit. With
a range of short descriptions to longer para-
graphs, these can easily be inserted into your
payment options Web page “as is” or edited to
fit your practice needs.

Section 7: Buttons

Buttons provide a direct call to action for visi-
tors to learn more or apply for CareCredit.

A good place to insert a button is just after
sections of short copy about CareCredit or on
a payment options Web page.

Section 8: Ready-made Web Page

Introducing CareCredit to site visitors is simple
when you use our ready-made Web page. This
Web page is a convenient landing page created
from several of the Web Site Tool Kit compo-

Add this optional page “as is” to your Web site
and make sure to code your “custom apply” link
(section 4) to the CareCredit application. Please
download the Technical Instructions for more
Section 9: Customizing the Ready-made Web Page

Much of the copy on the ready-made Web page is modifiable using simple HTML text up-
dates. For example, if your practice only offers certain payment plans, you can customize
the page to only mention the plans you offer in your practice.

Section 10: Payment Calculator

Showing potential clients how easy it is to manage their
pet’s health care costs through small monthly payments is
key to helping bring them to your practice. With the Pay-
ment Calculator feature, potential clients can conveniently
get an estimate of what their monthly payments may be
from your Web site. The calculator comes pre-coded on
the ready-made Web page and can also be inserted as a
stand-alone piece on any page of your site. To insert the
calculator, reference the HTML code table located in the
Technical Instructions.

Section 11: CareCredit Video

Another great way to help site visitors learn about CareCredit and your payment options
is the CareCredit Video. The video is easy to use and links to your site using HTML coding.
Please refer to the Technical Instructions for information on how to link your Web page to
the video.

Section 12: FAQ

What is the Web Site Tool Kit?

The Web Site Tool Kit includes a variety of free tools including banners, sample copy, a
sample Web page, buttons and other Web assets you can customize to fit your Web site
and the needs of site visitors.

How will incorporating CareCredit on my Web site benefit my practice?

By providing information about CareCredit on your Web site, visitors can learn about their
payment options and apply for CareCredit online. If approved, they are prepared to pay
for their pet’s needed care and are ready to accept your best treatment recommendation.

I want to showcase CareCredit on my site, but we haven’t done much online
marketing. Where do we start?

The first thing you’ll want to do is read the Getting Started document. This will provide
you with a general overview of best practices for using your Web Site Tool Kit. The easiest
first step is to insert a ready-made Web page and a banner or button that links to it on
your site. This will give visitors instant access to CareCredit information and they can eas-
ily apply when they’re ready.
We are new to online marketing. Is it easy to place Web Site Tool Kit assets on
my site?

Yes. We’ve created this Web Site Tool Kit to be simple, easy and flexible for your practice
needs. Simply follow the directions provided with your kit and you’ll have an updated site
in no time. If you have any questions, just e-mail us at

Why should I encourage visitors to apply online directly from my site?

When visitors apply directly from your site, they can sign up from the privacy of their own
home, be approved instantly and start using their card when they arrive at your practice.

Why are there so many “assets” to choose from?

We designed a variety of sizes, photos and messaging in order to give practices a wide
selection to choose from.

How do I choose which banner or button to use? Do you have

We’ve created a suite of animated and static banners featuring various photos and mes-
sages designed to fit your practice and catch the attention of potential clients. You can
place these on your Web site in fun and impactful ways so visitors can learn about the
benefits of paying over time using CareCredit.

There are two styles of payment calculators in my Web Site Tool Kit. Which one
should I use?

We designed two different payment calculators so that you could choose the look and
functionality that best suits the needs of your Web site. The small payment calculator
returns the results in a new window, while the second, larger payment calculator returns
the results within the same graphic footprint.

I don’t understand the visual/graphic under the section “Linking CareCredit to
Your Site.”

You’ll find the most effective and efficient way to incorporate CareCredit into your site
is to link each Web asset on your site to the ready-made sample Web page or your own
client payment options page, embedded with your custom link. We suggest you use
banners, buttons or text in relevant places on your site and have them link to the ready-
made Web page or your own “client payment options page” with information about
CareCredit, along with a link for visitors to apply, embedded with your custom link.

How do I know where to point the links?

You can decide how to incorporate CareCredit into your Web site. The navigation that we
recommend is shown in the “Setting up links on your site” section.
I don’t know how to read code, can someone help me?

We suggest you contact a Web producer who can assist you with Web site design.

What is a “custom apply” link?

We strongly recommend that providers create a “custom apply” link for links that lead
your Web site visitors to the CareCredit application process. When a custom apply link
is used, it allows applicants to leave your site and proceed to the CareCredit application
process without having to re-enter your practice information. Additionally, this functional-
ity gives you the ability to identify the applicants who came from your Web site and track
their transactions allowing you to follow-up with clients who apply for CareCredit but
never schedule an appointment.

How will using the custom apply link make things easier for applicants?

A custom link streamlines the process for applicants. The custom apply link automatically
pre-populates your practice information into the application saving time for the applicant.

I still have a question that is not answered here. Where can I find my answer?

Please e-mail questions to CareCredit will make every effort
to respond to your question within two business days.

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