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					July 2009     Chapter 50 – Classic Thunderbird Club International   Volume 37 Number 7

 Disneyland Opens July 17, 1955

                                          Happy 4th of July
                                                                           Neil Armstrong on the Moon

                                      THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

The Early Bird Fan is the monthly newsletter of the Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds, SCVT. SCVT is dedicated to the
enjoyment of the classic 1955, 1956, and 1957 Ford Thunderbirds.

Address     Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds
            P.O. Box 26103
            San Jose, CA 95159

Web Sites

Meetings    Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at West Valley College 14000 Fruitvale Ave. Saratoga,
            CA. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. in the school board room.

Events      SCVT members participate in parades, displays, homecomings, regional and national
            meets, local cars shows, and driving events.

Membership Dues are $40.00 per year per family and are due by January 31 of each year. SCVT is Chapter 50 of the
Classic Thunderbird Club International, CTCI. Membership in CTCI is mandatory to participate in parades and displays
sponsored by SCVT. See for CTCI membership requirements.

2009 SCVT Board Members                                          SCVT items for sale
                                                                Contact Bernie Epolite - 408-847-0730
 President        Joe Ryan            650-483-6256                Magnetic signs          $5.00
 Vice President   Dennis Kay          650-341-6868                Visors                  $11.00
 Secretary        Don Reisinger       650-917-1288                Baseball mesh caps $8.00
 Treasurer        Ray Delgado         408-847-7640                Baseball cotton hats $15.00
 Editor           Marty Gerbasi       209-588-1589                Summer jacket           $21.00
 Parades          Steve Pedone        408 749-0469                Winter jacket           $39.50
 Displays         Mont Roach          408-847-0234                Large patch             $10.00
 Activities       Gene Cox            408-528-1916                Name badge              $8.50
 Fundraising      Al Thomas           650-493-4476                License plate frame $12.00
 Historian        Kathy Pedone        408 749-0469                Personalized tote       $10.00
 CTCI Rep         Jerry Schwab        650-571-1079                Logo T-Shirts           $15.00
 Logo Sales       Bernie Epolite      408-847-0730                SCVT chairs             $15.00
                                                                  3-Piece luggage set $25.00
                                                                  Grill Badge             $26.50

Caravan tips                                                              Parts Boxes
     Maintain your car.                                                        Box 1    Delgado
     Gas up and check fluids/tires.                                            Box 2    Charlie
     Know who your leader is and follow.                                       Box 3    Reisinger
     Turn CB to channel 11.                                                    6-Volt   Williams
     Turn FRS to channel 7-11.                                                 Tents    unknown
     Leave enough space for merging traffic,
      but keep up.
     Gas up at scheduled pit stops.
     Generic cars at the end of the caravan.

Deadline:     25th of each month.
Send to:      Marty Gerbasi
              16091 Crestridge Ave.
              Sonora, CA 95370
Phone:        209-588-1589

                                  THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                         Presidents Page
                                             Ryan’s Ramblings

The meeting day and location has been changed for July. The meeting will be Friday, July 17 at
Harry’s Hofbrau, 390 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose. Come early and have dinner with your fellow
members. We also will meet at Harry’s on August 14 and then decide if we want to make a
permanent meeting location change.

June 13 was the display at Capital Mall. This year we had some guests attend, Carl & Bernie‟s granddaughters.
Ray took some great pictures. Send him an email and he will send you the link to review them.

Doc has arranged a display for the residents of Sunrise Assisted Living in Belmont on June 27. This is a free
display but you will be wined and dined. He may have an opening so give him a call if you would like to attend.
We did this display a couple of years ago and the residents really appreciated it.

Next up is the Palo Alto Concours. Many members will be showing various cars. Bill Croxton will show his „67
Mustang, which he just restored (rumor has it, the car has already won two awards, including Best of Show). Hal
& Becky Schuette, Steve & Kathy Pedone, Joan Peterson, Al Thomas and Jenny Jump have been involved with
the Concours for many years. Go and give them your support.

July 9 -12 is the first annual Hot San Jose Nights. It is still not too late to sign up. Their web site is: Carl Epolite is the sponsor for SCVT. Please let him know if you are signing up.
There is a lot going on during those days and it should be fun.

Next is the annual Kirk Family Picnic on July 18. Please contact Don Reisinger for signing up. There is more
information in this Fan.

Hot August Nights is coming up fast (July 31 – Aug 9). If you are attending please let Sandie Kay know. If you
need a room please let her know as there may be some available. There is more information in this Fan.

The summer is quickly passing but there are still great events that members are hosting. Let‟s wash the T-Bird
and join in the fun!

Your Prez,

Joe Ryan

                                    SEE YOU FRIDAY, July 17th

                                   THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                       Meeting Minutes, June 12, 2009

Joe Ryan called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Officers present were Joe Ryan, Dennis Kay, Ray Delgado and Don
Reisinger. There were 59 members in attendance. Guests were introduced. Carl & Bernie presented their
granddaughters and Jenny Jump introduced an associate who talked to the membership about the upcoming show to
benefit the Cancer Society. There were no new members. Joe announced that Jill Schwab‟s father had passed away. A
card was sent from SCVT.
Vice President: Dennis thanked the Dye‟s and the Reisinger‟s for providing the refreshments and beverages for the
evening. Membership remains at 98 paid members for 2009. Anniversaries for the month were read. The Lerma‟s - 2
years, the Roach‟s -3 years, the Brisbee‟s -3 years, the Chesler‟s -5 years, Steve Haug - 8 years, the Raynor‟s - 14 years,
Pat & Joe Ryan -15 years, the Kirk‟s -17 years, the Morehead‟s -18 years, the Lomas‟s- 18 years, the Dance‟s - 33 years
and the Vincent‟s -33 years. The buy/sell board was passed.
Secretary: May meeting minutes were published in the Fan; questions and/or corrections were to be discussed at the
break. No changes or corrections were reported and the minutes were approved.
Treasurer: Treasurer Ray Delgado read the treasurer‟s report.
Club Logo Sales: Bernie Epolite had all of the logo items on display including the new SCVT grill badges and the new
summer jackets. There are a number of items available to members with the SCVT logo all through Bernie with many
items specially designed for the lady members of the club.
Parades: Steve Pedone announced that some of the schools have already replied for homecomings. A check was
received for the Mountain View parade. Steve has approached some new schools to offset the potential of lost
homecomings due to budget issues.
Display: The Capital Mall Display is tomorrow, Saturday, June 13. Doc announced the display at the Sunrise Assisted
Living Facility in Belmont on June 27.
Activities: There were 50 or so cars at Cars for ABC‟s on May 30 with a large number being from SCVT. Gene reported
on the Backroads Trip to Moss Landing in place of Rick Deutsch. There were about 25 participants for the event, the
food was good and as usual everyone had a good time. The Capitola Rod & Custom Show was June 5 - 7. The event
included a overnight stay, dinner, a cruise, the show, breakfast and some enjoyed Pajaro Dunes on Sunday. The event
was hosted by the Mann‟s and the Affrunti‟s. Doc discussed the plans for his trip to Alaska following the Regional in
Vancouver. Steve Pedone discussed the Palo Alto Concours, in which over 500 vehicles are being shown. Carl discussed
the plans being made for Hot San Jose Nights in mid July. SCVT will have good representation at the show with about
25 members participating. An itinerary for SCVT participation was discussed and it will be published. The 2 primary
events where it looks like SCVT members are going to participate as a group are: Friday night at the Capital Drive-In
with the Barbecue and the Show ‟N Shine. The SCVT picnic has been set for Saturday, July 18. A sign up sheet was
passed around and will be passed around again at the July meeting. The sign-up sheet for the Giants game was passed.
Dennis passed around the sign-up sheet for Hot August Nights. Members will be departing/arriving on the Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday. On August 1 there is a new event called Cars Cancer Awareness. Yvonne Spindy talked to the
membership about the show and how it was being organized. The San Mateo BBQ and school benefit is scheduled for
August 15. A sign up sheet was passed around. The Monterey Bay Club‟s 12th annual T-Birds on the Wharf is
scheduled for the September 26. In addition to the car show on the Wharf there will be a dinner and Bocce Tournament
at Bocci‟s in Santa Cruz. The weekend of October 9-11 is being planned for the Apple Hill redo including a car show on
Oct. 10 and touring Apple Hill on Sunday. Fun Ford Sunday is scheduled for September 13. SCVT participation is
planned to be on a Sunday only basis.
Editor: Just want to thank everyone for their input to the FAN. If you are looking for past articles and can't find your
copy of the FAN, go to the website, The Webmaster has posted 2008 and 2009 Fan‟s that you
can download. Thanks again and keep those articles and updates comin' in.
CTCI: The CTCI rep was unavailable.
Historian: There were new additions to the historian‟s books.
Fund Raising: Al & Jenny covered the June Father‟s Day raffle items.
Old Business: Discussions were held before the break in regard to the ongoing situation in regards to the meeting room at
West Valley College and the issues with getting the new contract for 2009-2010. Charlie Affrunti brought up to the
membership the use of a room at Harry‟s Hofbrau for the July and August meetings and potentially more often thereafter.
Members balloting will take place at Harry‟s. The results will determine whether or not this is a viable alternative
meeting place for SCVT in the future. Members expressed some concerns about the change and the possible problems
that could arise from holding a meeting in a restaurant where eating could interrupt the meeting.
New Business: Steve saw a ‟66 Mustang at the new Sunnyvale Toyota.

                                     THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

   Tech Session: Nothing was discussed.
   Buy/Sell: The Buy/Sell information was read.
   Raffle: The Father‟s Day Raffle was held.
   Announcements: With the change in venue, there will be no member provided desserts or beverages for the July and
   August meetings.
   Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned upon the completion of business.
   Post Meeting: Some members joined together afterward at the Flames in San Jose on Hillsdale.

   Respectfully submitted, Don Reisinger, Secretary

                              2009 SCVT Snacks and Beverage Signup
Date      Snacks         Beverages                        Date               Snacks         Beverages
Jan 9     Kay            Peterson                         * Jul 17           None           None (Mtg @ Harry‟s)
Feb 13    Pedone         Lynch                            Aug 14             None           None (Mtg @ Harry‟s)
Mar 13    Croxton        Lerma                            Sep 11             Hamblin        Dance
Apr 10    Affrunti       Citi                             * Oct 16           Maness         Parker
May 8     Cox            Schwab                           Nov 13             Kelley         Perry
Jun 12    Dye            Reisinger


See the May 2009 Fan for Snack & Beverage Helpful Hints

                              THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

JULY 2009 Membership Anniversaries
           Member                  Years                Member                          Years
Jack Linsay                        36                 Joan Peterson                        5
Don and Laurie Reisinger           24                 Jack and Carolyn Cash                5
Charlie Ryan                       19                 Harry Ozols and Dolly Hebert         2
Jim and Sandy Hickey               12                 Dean Hurt                            1
Jerry and Jill Schwab              12                 Mark Russell                         1
Jim Spence and Wanda Owens         12                 Kenneth and Stacey Horowitz          1
Charlie and Claire Affrunti         7
Tim and Shelly Roehm                7

               2009 Santa Clara Valley Thunderbird Activities by Gene Cox
        Date                    Event                                     Host
        Jan 24                  Awards Banquet                            Ryan
        Feb 8                   TET Parade                                Dance
        Feb 28                  Campo Di Bocce                            Pedone
        Mar 14                  Burger Bash                               Kay
        Mar 21                  Touch Up Clinic                           Hamblin
        Mar 22-24               Monterey                                  Ozols
        Apr 4-5                 SJ Flea Market                            Dye
        Apr 15-19               Kool April Nights                         Underwood
        Apr 26                  Dream Machines Half Moon Bay              Schwab
        May 1-3                 Morro Bay Car Show                        Ryan
        May 30                  Cars For ABC‟s                            Billy Mann
        May 31                  Back Roads Cruise to Moss Landing         Deutsch
        June 5-7                Capitola Rod & Custom Classic             Affrunti & Mann
        June 13                 Capital Mall Display                      Roach
        June 27                 Sunrise Assist. Living Display, Belmont   Dockter
        June 28                 Palo Alto Concours                        Schuette
        July 9-12               Hot San Jose Nights                       Epolite
        July 18                 SCVT Kirk Family Picnic                   Reisinger & Committee
        July 31 - Aug 9         Hot August Nights – Reno                  Kay
        Aug 1                   Cars Cancer Awareness                     Jump
        Aug 15                  San Mateo BBQ & Car Show                  Ryan
        Aug 18-20               CTCI Region 3 – Convention                Totem Classic T-Bird Club
                                  Vancouver, BC
        Aug 21 - ???            49 in ‟09 (North to Alaska)               Dockter
        Aug 30                  Giants Game                               Reisinger
        Sep 13                  Ford Fun Sunday                           Reisinger
        Sep 26                  T-Birds on the Wharf                      Reisinger
        Oct 9-11                Apple Hill Overnighter                    Reisinger
        Nov ??                  Filoli Gardens                            Schwab

                                THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

Want to host an event? I am looking for hosts for the following possibilities:
       Sept 17-20     Cool September Days – Lake Tahoe
       Sept 26        Ironstone Concourse

       Please contact me (Gene Cox, 408-262-8389, and let me know if you are
       interested in one or more of these opportunities.

                                     Parades by Steve Pedone
                                 No updated information was received.

                                     Displays by Mont Roach
                                 No updated information was received.

                                PAST EVENT REPORTS

Cars For ABC’s, May 30, 2009 Hosted by Billy and Heather Mann
See photos in the Photo Album Section.

Backroads Cruise to Moss Landing, May 31, 2009 Hosted by Rick and Diane Deutsch
We started the expedition (18 T-Birds) with a short convoy over to Club Auto Sport in San Jose for a
look at their new auto storage facility and “Condo‟s for Cars.” It was very impressive and enjoyed by
all. Our contact overslept, so we were 45 minutes behind schedule. We headed south on Almaden Road
and past Calero and Uvas Reservoirs to Hecker Pass and on towards the ocean. We had to skip the
Elkhorn Slough area due to our lunch reservations being overdue. We parked in the Monterey Marine
Labs lot. Lunch was at Phil‟s Seafood House. Next was shopping at the many Antique stores in town.
On the way home, we stopped at the Giant Artichoke in Castroville for some munchies. A good time
was had by all. See photos in the Photo Album Section.

Capitola Rod & Custom Classic, June 5-7, 2009 Hosted by The Affrunti‟s & The Mann‟s
See photos in the Photo Album Section.

Capital Mall Display, June 13, 2009
See photos in the Photo Album Section.

Sunrise Assisted Living Display, June 27, 2009 Hosted by Doc Dockter
On Saturday, June 27, twenty-nine SCVT members driving and riding in fifteen polished T-Birds took
part in the second bi-annual T-Bird event at the Sunrise Assisted Living Facility in Belmont.

                                 THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

When we arrived we were met by a host of residents, friends and relatives of residents and potential
residents invited because this was also a low key marketing event.

Between 4 and 5 PM all the spectators had a chance to view the cars and kick tires with SCVT members
as we were treated to snacks and beverages of our choice. This was followed by a sit down dinner.
Awards (Starbuck gift cards) were given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place based on people‟s choice voting.

Following dinner we were entertained by the Serenaders (40‟s – 50‟s swing band), who were playing
great dance music and many took to the dance floor. There were a number of Ginger Rogers/Fred
Astaire wannabe‟s on the dance floor.

From all reports it appears that everyone had a good time. Thanks to all who participated.

See photos in the Photo Album Section.

Palo Alto Concours, June 28, 2009
The Palo Alto Concours was held on Sunday, June 28. Several SCVT members assisted in the success
of the event from planning and organizing, to assisting with the logistics of the event itself. Members
who had their cars on display were: Epolite‟s ‟66 Mustang, Cox‟s ‟65 Mustang, Croxton‟s ‟67 Mustang,
Handelman/Gerbasi – ‟55 Nomad, Kay‟s ‟33 Chevy, K. Pedone ‟56 T-Bird, S. Pedone ‟48 Chysler, J.
Peterson ‟57 T-Bird, and Roach‟s ‟05 T-Bird. Bev and Marty took a 3rd place and Bill and Marcia took
a 2nd place in their respective divisions. Congratulations to all who helped put on this special event – it
was a great day.

See photos in the Photo Album Section.

                                   UPCOMING EVENTS

Hot San Jose Nights - July 9-12, 2009 Hosted by Carl & Bernie Epolite
Hot San Jose Nights is coming to town July 9-12, 2009. Go to to get your
registration form to participate in this new event. There will be many venues going on during the 4 days
including the Saturday Show & Shine held downtown near the San Jose Convention Center. You do not
have to participate in all 4 days. You can pick and choose what interests you. The big show and shine
will be on Saturday, July 11. The Santa Clara Valley Thunderbird Club has reserved parking on Woz
Way & Auzerais, next to all the action including The Kruse International Auction in the South Hall.
When you register please note you are with the SCVT and let me know you are attending because I will
be your contact person for this event. If you are going to enter a car, please let me know ASAP, that way
I can give the organizer a list so we will all be able to park together. Go to their Web Site for the latest
information and updates. I‟ll have a sign up sheet at the next meeting for those who will be participating.
More to come later! Contact: Carl Epolite, 408-847-0730,

                                 THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

SCVT Kirk Family Picnic - July 18, 2009
Time to make your plans for July 18. That‟s the day for the annual SCVT Kirk Family Picnic.

The location is, again, Linda Vista Park in Cupertino and the start time is approximately 10:00AM. We
will send out a map and directions just prior to the picnic. Thanks again to the Parkers for helping us get
this great location again. This is out 4th year at the park.

We‟ll follow a similar format starting with appetizers and moving on to the main meal. We‟ll try to start
the games a little earlier but that will depend on just how much “appetizing” occurs.

You have a choice of Hot Dogs, Hamburgers or Chicken. And we will ask each family to bring
something to share. A sign up sheet will be passed around at the June and July meetings with
suggestions. For anyone who doesn‟t have a preference, we‟ll ask them to bring something to fill in.
We‟ll try to get some balance and not have too much food. Ha Ha Ha!

The current plan for the fun and games is similar to last year with our now traditional Bocce Tourney,
the Frisbee Toss, Hillbilly Horseshoes and, of course, Bingo. Truly fabulous prizes will be awarded.

Set side July 18th for this great event. The charge for the picnic remains the same at $5 for adults and $3
for children under 12. SCVT provides the meat and fixings, drinks, prizes, etc. You can call or email us
your intent to attend. Be sure to tell us your choice for the meat course: Hot Dogs,
Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers or Chicken. Don Reisinger 888-206-0148,

Hot August Nights - August 3-9, 2009 Hosted by Dennis & Sandie Kay
This year the HAN event will be the week of August 3-9. Members of SCVT will caravan up on both
Wednesday and Thursday mornings. We are planning to have lunch Thursday at Awful, Awful in Reno
and dinner at The Nugget in Sparks Friday night. Many members are staying at the Nugget but some
will be in Reno or even Lake Tahoe. In any case, we will all be able to visit on Friday night at the buffet
dinner and then listen to some great music and watch or participate in the cruise.

If you are going to HAN please let us know so we can include you in all the correspondence. It doesn‟t
matter if you are taking a classic or generic. If you have an extra room please let us know before
releasing it back to the hotel. If you need a room please let us know so we can put you in touch with
someone with an extra.

HAN is always a fun event. If you are at all interested and don‟t know what to expect please reach out
to us and we will fill in the blanks. Contact: The Kay‟s 650-341-6868 ,

San Mateo Car Show & BBQ- August 15, 2009 Hosted by Joe & Pat Ryan
This is a great local car show that benefits Children with special needs. You can download the
registration form at: A tri-tip or BBQ chicken lunch is included and the
food has always been great. They always save SCVT a special place to park in the shade. Please get
your registration in early as they have limited space and we want them to continue to save our parking.

                                 THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

 A sign up sheet will be passed around at the July meeting. If you have any questions please let me
know. Contact: Joe Ryan 650-483-6256,

CTCI Region 3 Convention- August 18-20, 2009

The Totem Classic Thunderbird Club of British Columbia is hosting the 2009 CTCI Region #3
Convention, Aug 18th – 20th at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond BC, a suburb of Vancouver.
Hotel reservations at the River Rock Casino Resort should have been made by February 28, 2009 if you
wanted to be assured of the lower rate. Although the dates for this event are August 18-20, you may
wish to arrive on the 17th, if you are judging or showing a Thunderbird. Phone numbers for the River
Rock Casino are 1-866-748-3718 or 1-604-247-8900. Be sure to reference the Thunderbird Function.
Also, you will need a passport for the border crossing, be sure to start the process soon if you don‟t have

A preliminary information sheet/pre-registration form is currently available from Joe Ryan 650-483-
6256, or

49 in ’09, aka, North to Alaska- August 21 - ??, 2009 by Doc Dockter
The Chick Magnet (Doc‟s T-Bird) is becoming very restless about getting “on the road again.” I think
he‟s been listening to Willie Nelson too long. Does he realize the price of gas these days?

I‟m happy to report our next adventure is a go. We now have Betsy Bird („57), driven by Lucy Clark of
Southern California and Ira („57), driven by Gordon Peterson of Western Colorado, joining the Chick
Magnet („56) on the 49 in ‟09, aka, North to Alaska adventure. Red th‟ Zed, a brand new Harley ridden
by John and Connie Herrell of Northern California, will join us on the way. Lucy has created a new web
site so you will be able to follow the tour through her journal and posted pictures (see below).

On August 21, the day after the Richmond, BC regional convention, we will board an Alaska Marine
Highway ferry at Bellingham, WA and cruise the beautiful inside passage (popular with cruise ships) to
Juneau, AK. In Juneau, we will take our mandatory pictures of Betsy Bird, the Chick Magnet, and Ira in
front of the Alaska Capitol building and then do some sightseeing in the area. Note: There are no roads
into Juneau, thus the need for ferry access.

We will again board the ferry for a short trip to Skagway, AK where we will unleash Betsy Bird, the
Chick Magnet and Ira to begin driving the Yukon Territory and Alaska. Some of the places we plan on
seeing are Whitehorse, Yukon Territory (Red th‟ Zed joins us here for the rest of the trip), North Pole,
Fairbanks, Denali National Park, Healy, Wasilla, Anchorage, Palmer and Tok. The current estimate is
2,000 miles of driving in Alaska and the Yukon Territory.

After driving the highways of Alaska and Yukon Territory we will return to Skagway, board the ferry
system on September 6 and cruise back to Bellingham WA then drive to our respective homes.
If you are interested in joining our tour, please call me at (650) 591-5939 or (650)759-4302 or email me
at For more info, visit and

                                  THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

The Giants Are On A Roll- August 30, 2009 Hosted by Don & Laurie Reisinger

After a sloooooooooooooow start, the Giants have picked things up recently and that outstanding
pitching staff has come around. The odds are that we‟ll see a few runs, a pitching gem and the Giants
will be in the middle of the playoff battle. Now, this could be fiction, but it is only June. This year
we‟re heading to the game on a Sunday, August 30. We‟ll have slightly better seats moving a bit closer
to home plate. I think we‟ll move up at least 2 sections form previous years.

The game starts at 1:05 PM and in what has become an integral art of this event, a large part of the
group will get to the game on CalTrain. Details on the timing will follow, as we get closer to the date.
A sign up sheet was passed around at the April meeting and we have 35 members indicating they are
going already. We will have to make the initial ticket purchase soon – most likely right after the July
meeting to secure tickets. So, if you want to go, but haven‟t signed up, let us know. If you aren‟t sure
also let us know. For those who signed up in April, unless you want to confirm or change your quantity,
we‟re good for now. We can get a larger number of tickets this year, but the better area we are moving
into doesn‟t have as many open seats so don‟t delay.

For those of you who have indicated you are attending; the tickets will be purchased soon and after that
we‟ll need payment to the club to reimburse the treasury for the expense.
Play Ball! Contact: Don Reisinger 888-548-2402, or

Birds on the Wharf- September 26, 2009 by Barbara Perry
The Capitola Inn does not have many rooms available for us due to a wedding party. Right now there
are 9 rooms available to SCVT only at $85 a night. They will let us know on September 1 if more rooms
have become available. Book your rooms ASAP. Contact the Capitola Inn at 831-462-3004 and ask
for SCVT reservations for T-Birds on the Wharf.

                                            BUY AND SELL

Ads placed in the Fan are limited to 3 months unless renewed.

‟55 T-Bird drive shaft, Paul Perry 408-353-1930 (7/09)


No-Mar Deck Protector. Your choice black or white. $9.99
Parade Rest 2-Pad Set. Your choice black or white. $19.99
Ding Bats Dent Protectors. Your choice black or white $9.99
Reisinger (888) 206-0148. Don@Be-Ntouch.Com (7/09)

Really nice T-Bird pins. Al Thomas 650-493-4344 (7/09)


               PHOTO ALBUM

         Cars for ABC’s – May 30, 2009

Backroads Cruise to Moss Landing – May 31, 2009


Capitola Rod and Custom Classic – June 5-7, 2009


         Capital Mall Display – June 13, 2009

Sunrise Assisted Living Facilty Display – June 27, 2009


Palo Alto Concours – June 28, 2009


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