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Mastering Width and Depth

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					Mastering Width and Depth

Instructors: Jacques & Lynetta Johnson
          YTB University
     2007 National Convention
        St. Louis Missouri
           2 Major Points

                4 Key Facts

# 1) Building Principle (3 and Me)
#2 ) Get 6 Personally Sponsored to get
  Reimbursement of your $49.95 per month
#3) What’s Better Fast or Slow in You Building
    The Business?
#4) 1st Team Completed in 30 Days for you and
  team members
    *****Something To Remember*****

Momentum Makes You Look Better Than what
 you’re actually are, when you Have It.

And It Makes You Look Worst When You Don’t
Have It!
What’s More Important?

Structure, Pins (Awards) or Money?

You’re Ground Floor of What You’re Developing
You’re The CEO and President or your own Travel
  Business Dot Com , WOW!!!!
 50% of Winning is about showing Up
When You Show Up You Will Go Up!!!

3 Types of People To Recruit: Go Up For the Best

1) Reds
2) Greens
3) Blues
  Your Name’s List is the Blueprint
1) List Should Consist of Minimum of 100
2) Contact & Invite New Prospects To YTB
   Events from Name’s List!
3) Identify 7 to 10 Key Leaders for Massive
4) Add & Remove from your name’s list
     You Have To Always To Lead By
1) The Dog Wags The Tail, not The Tail Wags The
2) Stay 2 Steps Ahead of Your Organization
3) This Business is all about DUPLICATION
4) If You ain’t the Lead Dog Then The View
   Never Changes!!
 Most Groups Have Nubs Not Legs
*** A Leg or an Organization is not a group
  until it’s at least 3 to 4 Levels of Depth
*** Build an Organization of 3 Minimum of 3
  Legs and 20 Levels of Depth (Infinity in Depth
  and Width)
*** Develop at Least 5 Relationships in each
*** You will Be Going Through The Mud and
  Guts to Find those Key Leaders
Legs Vs. Nub

       A Diamond in the Rough
***You’re Looking for that One Person That’s
  Going to Put 10,000 RTAs in Your Business and
  that’s done by Intensed Depth Building !!!
*** You’re Looking For Somebody for your team,
  but there are 10 People Looking for you, did
  you ever think about that?
*** You Can’t Say The Wrong Thing to the Right
  Person !!!!!
Create Value, Take Value
Gauge Your Business By The Numbers
I. 10 RTAs on Your Team = Belief in the
II. 100 RTAs on Your Team = A Real Business you
III. 1,000 RTAs on Your Team= Freedom from
     your J.O.B. or Current Career
IV. 10,000 RTAs on Your Team = Becoming Rich
     in Life and YTB
   Building in Waves is the Key To Big
I. Building in 3’s is just smart Business
II. Help Those Initial 3 Get to Coach’s Corner
     within 90-120 Days (30 In Coach’s Corner)
III. A Pencil that stands alone is easy to Break,
     but with 5 to 7 bundled together it’s harder
IV. Have a Graduating Class of Power Team
     Leaders every single month
    The Bottom of Your Legs is Most
1) Every 48 Hours we have to be at the Bottom
   of 3 to 5 Working Legs
2) You can’t INITIALLY Sponsor 10-15 Legs and
   expect to work all of them effectively.
3) Most People’s Organization Look like a BIG
   BALL from the Top Down
4) Spin Plates in only 3 to 5 Legs, Don’t Let any
   Grass Grow under your Feet!
    To Stack or Not To Stack RTAs
1) Work where you’re deserved not needed
2) Reward those who are actively working the
3) Take The Path of Least Resistance
4) Always Stack Family in The Same Leg, Do You
   know WHY?
5) Stack will Cause Exponential Growth to
   happen faster in your Growth
 You Have To Do Whatever It Takes
I. You will Be Running The Roads Late at Night
      and Being Uncomfortable/ Inconvenienced
II. Ideally Add a New Level on the Bottom of
     your Organization Every 2 Weeks or so.
III. When Your Business gets Stubborn then it’s
     time to Crack The Whip a Little Harder
IV. You’re Going Up A Down Escalator
5 Things That Depth will Do For You
1) Make You A Better Teacher of the Business
2) Cause Proper Growth of New RTAs Per Month
3) Make Everyone in that Leg Smarter and More
4) Forces the People on the Top of the Leg to Do
   The Business
5) Will Cause You To Hit Those Higher Levels of
   Director in the Company Faster.
Is Your New Prospect a Dud or a Stud?
Everyone You Recruit will not be Stud Initially:
There are 2 Theories:
Either Find a Leader
Or a Build a Leader
***** Most of the Time Your New Person has to
   Grow into Becoming an Incredible Networker!
***** Always Back a Leader up another Leader
***** 2 Things You Can’t Do Enough of, and that’s
       Building Depth and Dream Building
The Huge Delay of Network Marketing
Whatever You’re Doing TODAY you will see the
 Fruit of it 90 Days From Now!

The Larger You Get, Let’s Say at 10,000 RTAs
then the effects will Probably be at least 2 to
3 Years From Now
No One Has Ever Seen Grass Grow, but you have
  to cut it every week
  Things To Always To Remember:
Ask Yourself a Question Everyday, If My
  Organization Did What I did Today, How Much
  Money would I have made?

You Have To Be Willing to Do The Things Today
  others aren’t willing to do in order to have the
  things today that others won’t have!
      No Holes in Your Calendar
I. Be Willing To Show This Business 5 to 6 Times
   a Week
II. Hand Out 5 to 10 Business Cards Per Day
III. Use The 30 Day Madman Cycle Consistently
No Holes In Your Calendar

SUN   MON     TUES   WED    THUR   FRI     SAT

1     2       3      4      5      6       7
8     9       10     11     12     13      14
15    16      17     18     19     20      21
22    23      24     25     26     27      28
29    30      31

            Show the plan 3 times a day,
                  7 days a week
The 3 Year Plan That Will Change Your
In Your 1st Year You Will Feel Like You’re
In Your 2nd Year The Income will begin to catch
  up with you
In Your 3rd Year You Will Begin To Feel Guilty
  from All The Money YTB will be Paying You!
The Deeper You Go, The Smarter Your
People Get, and The RICHER YOU GET!

          When you Show UP, You Go UP!!!!!

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