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Old Town Hall, Main Street (route 28)                    Bell Tower at Phillips Academy, Main Street
                                                         (route 28)

South Church, Central St.
 South Church and North Parish (in North
Andover) played key roles in the history
of the two Andover communities and how     Memorial Hall Library, Main Street (route 28)
and why they came to separate in 1855.
View of Boston from Holt Hill (in the Ward Reservation), the highest point in Essex County.

                                                      Chinmaya Mission

                                                      One of the newer places of worship in the area, the
                                                      Chinmaya mission, a Hindu temple, located on North
                                                      Main Street (route 28) near I-495, reflects the chang-
                                                      ing demographics of Greater Lawrence. A diversity of
In 1991, during the Gulf War, President H.W.          Christian and non-Christian faiths are represented in the
Bush paid a visit to Raytheon Company (in Ando-       Greater Lawrence communities, including many Catho-
ver), producer of the Patriot missile, to congratu-   lic and protestant churches, several synagogues and at
late the employees on the role this weapon played     least one mosque.
in defeating Saddam Hussein’s military.

Lawrence City Hall                    Rollins School, Prospect, Hill, named for John Rodman Rollins, a
                                      Mayor of Lawrence, built in 1892-1893

1936 Merrimack River Flood, The
Great Dam, Lawrence

                                                       North Canal viewed from North Canal St.

The Bread and Roses Strike of 1912. Law-                Essex Street in Lawrence in the first half of the 20th
rence mill workers demanded safe working                century when downtown Lawrence was filled with
conditions and decent pay.                              theatres and fancy shops.
Ayer Mill Clock Tower
                                New Balance Shoe Factory with Ayer Mill Clock Tower above it

                                                                                Water tower on Prospect
                                                                                Hill, visible from I-495
Tower Hill Water Tower

                                                                   Many people from all over the re-
                                                                   gion learn to sail at Greater Lawrence
                                                                   Community Boating, located in South
Lawrence Canoe Club, Lawrence                                      Lawrence on the Merrimack River.

Searles building, now Methuen’s City Hall, formerly Methuen’s high school. Methuen has had several high
schools. After the Searles building, the structure which is now Tenney Grammar School became the next
high school for Methuen until the town built the current campus on Ranger Road in the 1970s. The current
high school is slated for major improvements, requiring each freshman class for the next few years to be
located off campus during the construction period, beginning in 2011.

                                                                                   Water tower on Forest
                                                                                   Street, just west of I-93,
                                                                                   visible from 5 miles

Nevins Memorial Library, on route 28 (Broadway), near route 213
Tenney Gate House
                                                         Searles Castle

  Methuen = Searles, Nevins, Tenney

Methuen Organ Hall (Methuen Memorial Music Hall) for-               The organ at the Methuen Organ Hall
merly Serlo Hall, located on Broadway (route 28)                    (Methuen Memorial Music Hall).

The world famous Methuen Memorial Music Hall, on route 28 (Broadway) located at one of the places where
the Spicket River passes beneath route 28. The organ, which originally was in the Boston Music Hall (now
known as Symphony Hall -- where the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pops play), was bought by
Methuen philanthropist Edward F. Searles, who after purchasing the organ, commissioned a famous architect
(this architect later designed the Washington National Cathedral) to design a building to house the instrument.
The building was known as “Serlo Hall” before its name was changed to Methuen Memorial Music Hall. Fa-
mous organists from all over the world give concerts there in the summer. In addition, every year a Gilbert and
Sullivan operetta is produced by the Methuen Youth People’s Theatre Company. See the accompanying PDF.

North Parish Church, also known          Stevens Estate at Osgood Hill
as the North Andover Unitarian
Universalist Church. The North
Parish Church was the Town’s
original meeting place and is the
focal point of the “Old Center.”

                                            Stevens Memorial Library

                                North Andover Trinitarian Congregational Church. The church was in the news in
                                the last few years because they were exploring a proposal to install a cell phone
                                tower inside the church’s steeple, which would have produced extra needed income
for the church, and better reception for the community. However, neighbors complained about the possible ef-
fects of living so close to a transmitter and the matter became a great controversy in the community.
Stevens-Coolidge Estate

Phillips Brooks, a famous preacher from North Andover,
and author of the words to “O Little Town of Bethlehem,”
was the minister of Trinity Church in Boston, where the
above statue is located. There is another statue (not pictured
here) of Phillips Brooks on the North Andover Common.
The Brooks School in North Andover is named after him.

The serpentine wall at the Stevens-Coolidge Estate
                                                      Compare the serpentine wall at the Stevens-Coolidge
                                                      Estate to the one designed by Thomas Jefferson at the
                                                      University of Virginia (above two photos). Jefferson, an
                   Merrimcak Col-
                                                      architect as well as our third president, is usually credited
                   lege, a Catho-
                                                      as being the inventor of the serpentine wall, which not only
                   lic liberal arts
                                                      looks beautiful but also acquires additional strength from
                   college founded
                                                      its twisting design.
                   in 1947, is lo-
                   cated mainly in
                   North Andover
                   but partially in
                   Andover, too.

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