8 Things Your Hairstylist Won’t Tell You by MichJesse


									8 Things Your Hairstylist Won’t Tell You
1. Hairstylists make sincere effort to give
their clients what they want. They expect
that if their work is liked by the clients, they
should let them know.

2. Hairstylists are professionals and
experts in their field but still they cannot
give everyone an attractive look. Clients
should not go for that hair cut which will not
suit them.

3. One should not expect hairstylists to
remember everything. If a person wants to have same hair cut that was done weeks ago, then they
should take photograph of it and show it to the hairstylist. This will help him or her to recall what he
or she has done previously and he or she would be able to give the client the same cut. This will make
both of them satisfied and happy and the client may like to visit the same hair salon again and again.

4. If clients are interested in bringing their children to the beauty salon, then they should see that
their children do not spoil the things which are kept in the beauty salon. If the children of the clients
do not listen to them then they should not bring them to the hair salon. A hairstylist works very hard
to maintain his or her hair salon.

5. Hairstylists are after all human beings and they have their own problems. If people come to their
hair salon to discuss the problem they are having in their life then it is not going to make the
hairstylist happy. His or her main work is to give a good hair style to his or her clients and nothing

6. Women looking for a nice hair cut should also spend some time to take good care of themselves.
They should buy those hair products which are right for them. They should not worry about the
expenses. If they are spending so much on their hair styles then they can surely spend some more
money to purchase right hair products.

7. Hairstylists have expertise and knowledge in their field only. They might not be able to do other
job like manicure, pedicure etc. Women interested in having their nails filed or polished should get the
job done from someone else. They should not expect the hairstylist to do every job. However if the
hairstylist has employed other people in his or her hair salon who have skills to do manicure or
pedicure then the client can ask them to shape or file their nails.

8. If somehow clients are not able to keep their appointments, they should inform the hairstylist in
advance. Cancellation at the last minute will create problem for the hairstylists as they cannot allot
time to other customers at the last moment. The time of hairstylists is precious as they have many
customers to attend. They have to manage their time in such a way that they are able to attend each
customer. They would lose money if any appointment is cancelled at the last minute and would not be
able to utilize that time properly.


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