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					                          MINUTES OF COLLEGE COUNCIL MEETING
                                         APRIL 22, 2003
                            2:00 p.m. - - Cafeteria Conference Room

PARTICIPANTS: Dr. Tyree Wieder, President; Samvel Kbushyan, ASU President; Carlotta
Tronto, Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs; Selma Cohen, AFT Staff Guild; and
Chairperson, Dr. Yasmin Delahoussaye, Vice President of Student Services.

ABSENT MEMBERS: Leon Marzillier, Academic Senate (represented by Dr. Shannon Stack);
               Joanne Waddell, AFT Faculty (represented by Dr. Lawrence Nakamura);
               Tom Jacobsmeyer, Vice President of Administration (represented by Mr.
               Raul Gonzalez); and Cedric Smith, Non-AFT Classified Representative,

RESOURCE MEMBERS: Pat Calder, Space and Work
                  Jeffrey Kent, Technology
                  Lynn Polasek, Budget
                  Dr. Shannon Stack, IPC
                  Dr. Bruce Thomas, Student Services
                  Jeanne C. Rubin, Note-taker

OBSERVERS: Ms. Cindy Sardo (Public Relations), Dr. Adrienne Zahler (Speech Lab), Mr.
           Duane Martin, Academic Affairs.

(Please note that copies of the minutes as well as all reports/handouts submitted to the Council
are available in the Office of President, Administration Building Room #116)

The Chair, Dr. Yasmin Delahoussaye called the meeting to order at 2:12 p.m.

1. Review Minutes of March 25, 2003 Meeting
A draft of the minutes of the March 25, 2003 meeting was reviewed. Upon a motion by Raul
Gonzalez (duly seconded by Bruce Thomas), the minutes were approved as submitted.

2. Unfinished Business
     A. Charging for Class Schedules (Noticed Motion)
Dr. Delahoussaye stated that the motion had been brought before the ASU, which had endorsed
it in view of the budget crisis facing the college. Therefore, the motion was brought back to the
Council jointly recommended by the Student Services Committee and the ASU.                     Dr.
Delahoussaye restated the language of the recommendation, set forth in the handout distributed
(a true and exact copy of which is attached hereto). Ms. Cohen asked who will be selling the
schedules, and was referred to the handout, which states that cost and implementation will be
determined by the department of Academic Affairs. Dr. Delahoussaye then asked for a
consensus on this recommendation, which was unanimously reached, and the recommendation
was forwarded to the President. Some further discussion ensued regarding how the price will be
determined, and whether the goal was to recoup the entire cost of production or merely the cost
of printing. Dr. Wieder explained that the target is cost of printing, and advised that she had
surveyed other colleges: Glendale, Santa Monica and College of the Canyons all charge $1;
Pierce charges 25¢; Mission charges 50¢. Ms. Tronto estimated that 40¢ would just about cover
printing costs. Duane Martin reminded the Council that schedules are given away for free in
orientation sessions. Discussion then turned to the possible means of implementation. Most
importantly, it was concluded, there needs to be a policy of implementation that is clear and well
communicated as to who will receive free schedules as opposed to those who will be charged.

3. New Business
    A. Valley Heritage Fair

College Council Meeting
April 22, 2003
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     Mr. Kbushyan distributed a hand out on this subject, a true and exact copy of which is
attached hereto. He gave a brief history of carnivals that took place in 1996 and 2999. This
proposed event would be organized by the ASU. People on campus and in the wider community
would be consulted. Dr. Wieder explained that the college stopped having this event because the
people who were putting it on lost money and lost interest in it. The ASU at one point did have a
carnival in one of the parking lots, she said. The 4 of July event that used to take place at LAVC
was put on by an outside firm that rented the facility. This was halted two years ago because the
promoter refused to meet the contract requirements regarding safety, and sanitation issues.
Additionally, because of the impending construction projects, it was felt that this was a good time
to drop this event. Mr. Kbushyan said that he had been in contact with the person who had put
on the carnival in the past. Dr. Wieder explained that this company or anyone with an interest in
putting on such an event would need to be aware of and follow the process the college has in
place. If the ASU has an interest in sponsoring such an event, they need to sit down with their
advisor and Mr. Jacobsmeyer and discuss the issues, which are insurance, sanitation, security
fees and so forth. It would be the ASU, not the College Council that would be responsible for
staging the event. Mr. Kbushyan said that he had brought the matter to the Council because his
goal is to bring the ASU, the community and the campus together, and he wanted to receive
input/feedback fro the members of the Council.

     Dr. Delahoussaye reminded Mr. Kbushyan that the new ASU Board will be seated on July 1,
2003, and so the new board members would need to be involved in the process. Dr. Nakamura
raised the point that since there will be only one Summer Session, starting July 7 , many people
will be off campus and it would be difficult to publicize. Dr. Stack added her concern that she has
worked with the Heritage Board in the past and found that they did not follow through on many
items. She imparted this information so that Mr. Kbushyan would be forewarned.

     B. June College Council Retreat
         Dr. Delahoussaye suggested the theme of “Planning”. The elements, as discussed with
Mr. Marzillier and Dr. Delahoussaye would be: Access; Budget Priorities (the Budget Committee
would be asked to recommend priorities and bring the list to the retreat); and, Strategic Planning
(i.e. putting a Strategic Plan in place for the college). Ms. Polasek said that the Budget
Committee is currently working on three scenarios - - 5%/10%/15% cuts.

Dr. Delahoussaye said that thought had been given to bringing in a facilitator. Dr. Wieder
observed that that would be a question of dollars. Dr. Delahoussaye asked if the retreat would be
one or two days, and after a review of the myriad projects related to Proposition A that the
campus community is participating in, it was concluded by all that the retreat should be a one day
event, to be held on June 17, 2003. Mr. Kent advised the Council that he would be out of town on
that date.

4. Administrative Reports
A. President’s Report
         Dr. Wieder distributed a memo to the council regarding the recommendations forwarded
to her from the Council’s meeting on March 25, 2003. A true and exact copy of Dr. Wieder’s
memo is attached hereto. After clarifying that the recommendation forwarded to her by IPC
regarding the Theater Department referred to the Fall semester, Dr. Wieder stated that she had
accepted this recommendation, as well as that from the Budget Committee. Dr. Wieder then
addressed the recommendation from IPC regarding the planning proposal for FTES. She
explained that the number may have to be reduced so the college can meet the target WSCH. It
may be necessary, she explained to eliminate the college’s Winter Intersession. Additionally,
there has been discussion of Classified Staff furloughs and so that might be a time when the
campus would be closed. Dr. Wieder then turned to IPC’s recommendation regarding the
Mathematics Program Review and said that she has accepted the recommendation. She did,
however, state her concern that there are tasks designated that require completion without the
corresponding designation of who exactly will do them. Dr. Wieder advised the Council that she
had accepted the Proposition “A” project prioritization recommendation received from Space and
Work (via its sub-committee).       She then turned to the Space & Work Committee’s

College Council Meeting
April 22, 2003
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recommendation regarding the campus gardening issues, which she explained she had not
accepted, and referred the Council to her memo for her rationale for her decision. Dr. Nakamura
said that although some people have expressed frustration with the issues of aesthetics and
communication, he agreed with Dr. Wieder’s decision.

Dr. Wieder then addressed the Operations Plan. A $42 million budget has been submitted, which
includes only full time benefited employees and mandated expenses. There is $5 million in
hourly rate faculty for the Fall semester. The Chancellor, she reported, has asked the colleges to
look at the Fall semester. LAVC, she said, will have to reduce the cost of instruction and then the
only area left to reduce is salaries. She explained that the District has been working with the
state legislators, and the community colleges may receive more money in the Governor’s May
Revise of the state budget proposal. If Proposition AA passes, the District could refinance some
loans and return some monies to the campus. Dr. Wieder told the Council that she will be
attending a Chancellor’s Cabinet meeting this evening that three scenarios of the Third Quarter
Budget Report will be discussed. A discussion of the major “take backs” that were imposed on
the college during the Spring break ensued, raising the anticipated deficit for the college from
$157,000 to $441,000. She said that Mission College will be letting all student workers and sub
and relief workers go for May and June.

Ms. Polasek stated her concern that, if the college got through the 02-03 year with $44 million
and we are now looking at $42 million, the problem is that it costs more that $2 million to “do all
the rest”. Dr. Wieder responded that “all the rest” does not necessarily come from the college’s
budget, but rather from Specially Funded Programs, the Bookstore, Community Services and
Extension, etc.

Dr. Wieder then noted recognition received by three District colleges from the Community
Colleges Public Relations Organization. Valley’s “Monarch News”, Mission’s media kit for a
student/soldier, and City’s class schedule.

B. Academic Affairs
       Ms. Tronto stated that there was no report.

C. Administrative Services
      Mr. Jacobsmeyer stated that there was no report.

D. Student Services
        Dr. Delahoussaye told the Council about the availability of the Bill and Melinda Gates
Grant, and reported that LAVC is going to write a proposal to fund the Early Start Program. She
said that a newspaper article in the April 20 “Daily News” featured some of our students. Of 28
Early Start Students, 3 were accepted at Stanford, 2 at MIT, 2 at Boston College, 2 at Cal Tech, 1
at Dartmouth, 1 is wait-listed at Harvard, 12 were accepted at UCLA, 10 at Cal, 7 at UC Santa
Barbara, and 3 at UC Davis.

5. Committee Reports
A. Technology
         Mr. Kent reported that in the CAIVE and LAIR, the new computers have been installed,
as well as new software for those academic programs that requested it. A one-time purchase of
computers was made from the League for Innovation after its event held in Long Beach earlier
this year. Dr. Delahoussaye asked if it would be possible to get this software for the Lion’s Den.
Mr. Kent suggested that this question be directed to Mr. Mata, as it is most likely one that involves
licensing. Dr. Wieder wondered if this is the kind of software we should be putting in the lion’s
Den. In the CAIVE and LAIR, assistance is available, but not in the Lion’s Den. Dr.
Delahoussaye took this concern under advisement.

Mr. Kent then turned to the issue of the common login system being used in open labs and
classrooms. Redundancy has been established so there will be back-up allowing login even if a
computer goes down. We are trying, he reported, to implement the same for faculty and staff.

College Council Meeting
April 22, 2003
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The issue is, Mr. Kent reported, that the District uses employee numbers as passwords. There is
a problem with identity theft. He reported that the committee is working with the District to
implement the requirement to change passwords every three months as a means of safeguarding
against this problem. Our student authentication, he said, has to be coordinated with the District.

 Mr. Kent then addressed the print management system. We have, he said, a problem with
abuse of printing. Vocational Ed is paying for the print management system, and it is being beta
tested in the Summer session. Students will be charged per page printed. There will be no
charge for printing wok that an instructor requires the student to print. This is not being used to
make money, but rather to recoup losses. Dr. Delahoussaye asked that the Technology
Committee work with Dr. Sherri Rodriguez on this mater, as the printing in the Lion’s Den is free
and she stated her concern that a result would be over-use of that facility. Mr. Kent responded
that the Lion’s Den will be included in the print management system. It is simply being beta
tested in other labs. Dr. Delahoussaye said that the 03-04 budget for the Lion’s Den is being
developed presently and she asked what the cost of this would be. Mr. Kent suggested that Dr.
Rodriguez get together with Dr. Nalepa on this subject.

Dr. Delahoussaye then asked Mr. Kent if the Technology Plan will be ready for review at the
Council’s June 17 Annual Retreat. Mr. Kent responded that it will not. He explained that they
have been awaiting approval of a consultant contract at the LACCD, which has just very recently
been approved. Although the contract is now approved, the work pursuant to it will not be
complete by June 17 .

B. Space & Work
Ms. Calder reported that Dr. Nakamura is updating voicemail and e-mail lists so that the committee and its
sub-committees can avoid having to physically hold a meeting in the event of an emergency. Dr.
Delahoussaye asked that this be put on hold until after the May 27th Council meeting, because Associate
General Counsel Martine Magana will be making a presentation on the Brown Act public meetings laws.
Issues such as whether telephonic or electronic meetings are permitted under the Brown Act will be
addressed at Ms. Magana’s presentation.

The Space and Work Committee had been asked to take a look at state funding for capital
construction and report back to the Council, but Ms. Calder reported that, due to many of the
members service on a recent Proposition A project selection committee, many members had
been unable to attend the last Space and Work Committee meeting. She said that the matter will
be addressed at their next meeting. She further reported that the committee had received an
office space request for Student Services to use Bungalow 53, which has been vacated by
CalWorks. The committee has no problem with this requested use, she said, but is brining it to
the Council due to the issue of funds needed to make it wheelchair accessible. Dr. Delahoussaye
replied that funding is not an issue since the use is requested for the Upward Bound program,
and the grant monies for Upward Bound would cover any remodeling required for access by
disabled persons.

Dr. Wieder inquired about the status of the Office Space Sub-Committee. Ms. Calder reported
that this sub-committee is chaired by Marla O’Connell, and they have sent out questionnaires to
all department chairs. Ms Calder said she has not received the recommendations of the sub-
committee as yet. Dr. Wieder said that she would like to have this by the next Council meeting,
and Ms. Calder and Dr. Nakamura said this would not present a problem.

Dr. Nakamura then presented the report of the Proposition A Sub-Committee. He said that things
are going along “on track”. SOQs have been received by DMJM from architects bidding on the
Media Arts and Gym Complex projects. Anshen + Allen should have a proposal on the AH/S
project this week. The master plan, Dr. Nakamura reported, is controversial. He said that he has
heard from a lot of people who are pleased with it, but he made it clear that he is not among
them. Ms. O’Brien has told him that there is a new deadline, nothing is to be printed as yet, and
there is a problem with tBP. Dr. Wieder replied that there is a problem with tBP and the master
plan. Because this is a personal services contract, she explained, we cannot simply withhold
College Council Meeting
April 22, 2003
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payment under the contract. However, tBP has not yet been paid for the full contract amount and
will not be until the master plan document is completed to the satisfaction of the college. Dr.
Nakamura then said that the draft EIR had come in, and he was distressed to see “Harbor
College” on it instead of LAVC. Dr. Wieder explained that this was a typo and would be

C. Budget
        Ms. Polasek observed that Dr. Wieder’s report had covered the state of the budget. She
described that the Budget Committee has broken out into sub-committees and has sent detailed
questionnaires to all department chairs and cost centers. So far, 2/3 of those who received them
have responded. She stated that this is not a good response, because without 100% response,
the committee cannot be accurate in its work. She told the Council that we are looking at a “real
hard picture” because in order to obtain our accreditation, there are certain expenditures that
have to be made. It was agreed that Ms. Tronto would obtain a list of non-responding parties
from Ms. Polasek. After some discussion, Ms. Polasek speculated that the cost centers have
been a problem. A master list was to have been given to Mr. Gonzalez, but Mr. Gonzalez has
said that no one ever asked him to send anything out.

D. Student Services
       Dr. Thomas stated that there was no report.

E.  Instructional Programs Committee
        Dr. Stack submitted two recommendations of the IPC in the form of a handout, a true and
exact copy of which is attached hereto. The two recommendations concerned: (1) Acceptance of
the Program Review by the Cooperative Education Program, (2) 2.92 FTE addition to the Fall
2003 schedule. Dr. Delahoussaye asked for a consensus on the two recommendations, which
was unanimously reached, and the recommendations were forwarded to the President.

6. Constituent Group Reports
A. Associated Student Union - - Samvel. Kbushyan
         Mr. Kbushyan reported that the ASU just conducted the Dean’s Reception for Spring
2003 and had a great turnout. The ASU is looking forward to their May 8 retreat. He informed
the Council of a multi-cultural event (which will be worked into the Spring Games) and an arts
                                                             th       th
festival coming up He reminded the members of the April 29 and 30 elections for ASU officers
ad the Student Trustee.

B. Academic Senate - - (no report, Leon Marzillier being absent)

C. AFT - - (no report, Joanne Waddell being absent)

D. AFT Staff Guild - - Selma Cohen
         Ms. Cohen reported that the Staff Guild will hold a meeting on April 23 . “We are”, she
said, “going crazy over benefits. I don’t think people should be able to send e-mails. They don’t
know what they are talking about.””

A. Non-AFT Classified - - (no report, Cedric Smith being absent)
There being no further business to come before the College Council, the meeting was adjourned
pursuant to a motion by Ms. Tronto (duly seconded by Mr. Gonzalez) at 3:52 p.m.

Jeanne C. Rubin, Note Taker

College Council Meeting
April 22, 2003
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