Larimer County Colorado Alternatives to Incarceration by xiuliliaofz


									  Larimer County Colorado
Alternatives to Incarceration
          Gary A. Darling
      Criminal Justice Services
         Jail Inmate Population
• If LC was at the average incarceration rate for
  the State of Colorado, we would have 858
  inmates in jail.
• If LC were at the National average we would
  have 758 inmates in jail.
• Consultants projected in 2003 LC would have
  567 inmates in jail.
• We now have a average daily population of
  468 inmates for 2009.
          Alternative Programs
• Work Release has been used for nearly 30 years.
• Work Ender program has been used for 25 years.
• Useful Public Service has been used for 20 years.
• Electric Home Detention has been used for over
  10 years.
• Alternative daily costs per inmate averages $26.
• Jail daily cost per inmate $104.
          Alternative Programs
• Pretrial Services established 30 years ago.
• Community Corrections established 33 years ago.
• Re-entry Program established 2 years ago.
• Mental Health Intervention Pretrial Services
  (MHIPS) established 3 years ago.
• Alternatives for Incarcerated Individuals with
  Mental Health Needs (AIIM) established 3 years
• Crisis Assessment Center established 3 years ago.
• Community Dual Disorder Treatment (CDDT).
    Criminal Justice Advisory Committee
            (CJAC) Membership
•   District Court Judge
•   Public Defender
•   District Attorney
•   Sheriff
•   Director of Community Corrections
•   Two Chiefs of Police
•   Jail Commander
•   Chief of Probation
•   Regional Director of Parole
•   Director of Heath and Humane Services
•   County Manager
•   Director of Criminal Justice Services
                                Decision to

      Sentence                                              Decision to
     Modification                                           Detain Pre-
      Decision                                                 trial

                                Center                            Decision to
Sentencing                                                       Release from
 Decision                        (Jail)                            Pre-trial

                Adjudication                  Decision to
                 Outcome                      Prosecute
               2009 Scenario
• January 2009 ADP at the jail increased.
• 2009 budget forces Sheriff to cap the jail at 460.
• Sheriff proposes to CJAC that anyone charged
  with a class 4 felony or less will not be accepted
  into the jail (some exceptions noted).
• Proposal not acceptable to members of the CJAC
  and a special meeting is scheduled with all judges
  and other criminal justice department heads.
             Meeting Results
• Change requirements for bonds and use
  Pretrial Bond Commissioners to get more PR
  and PR-CO bonds recommended.
• Review outcomes of new procedures and
  evaluate the workload and failure to appear
  rate over the next four months.
• Officers on the street to use a summons in lieu
  of arrest when appropriate.
            Meeting Results
• If Officer makes an arrest, determine if the
  individual has ties to the community and
  determine if they may be released to a
  responsible individual when appropriate.
• Increase the number of beds in Work Release
  to increase sentencing options.
• Bookings at the jail decrease by 13%.
• Number of people bonding and placed on pretrial did
  not increase.
• PR bonds increased, PR-CO, cash, and surety bonds
• FTA rate on those bonded with pretrial supervision
• Jail population has decreased to a low of 419 inmates.
      NOTE: ADP for the year is at 468 due to the high counts early in the
• Number of people sentenced to Work Release
  increased slightly.
      Matrix of Pretrial Defendants Arrested

                High risk   Low risk     Released
Released         with $      with $       on PR
to Surety                                 PR/CO

Remain in       High risk   Low risk
                without     without      Released
                   $           $          on PR
Average number of defendants per month by year
• You must look at the system as a whole and
  make changes at each of the decision points.
• You must determine what the reason is for
  your programs. Less cost, recidivism
  reduction, community safety or a combination
  of reasons.
• Community safety for Larimer County is more
  important than an individual returning to
  court. Pretrial Services are critical to success.

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