IRA TRANSFER / DIRECT ROLLOVER
                                                                          AUTHORIZATION and LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE

TRANSFER or DIRECT ROLLOVER INSTRUCTIONS                                           SIGNATURE

1.    TO:                                                                          5.    Contact your existing Custodian/Trustee before signing to ask whether a
             Name of current Trustee/Custodian or Employer if Direct Rollover            Signature Guarantee is required.

      Street Address
                                                                                        SIGNATURE OF CUSTOMER                                   DATE
      City             State                               Zip
2.    RE:
                                                                                        SIGNATURE GUARANTEE (if required)                       DATE

             Customer’s Name
                                                                                   TRANSFER / DIRECT ROLLOVER AUTHORIZATION
      Street Address
                                                           (      )                6.     ______________________________________
      Current Account Number                               Daytime Telephone No.                                  Customer’s Name
                                                                                          has established an IRA with the Monteagle Funds for which Investors
                                                                                          Bank & Trust Company acts as Custodian. The Monteagle Funds
Current Account Type:                                                                     hereby accepts transfer of the funds referenced above for the
   Traditional IRA                       SEP-IRA                  Rollover IRA            Custodian. Please make your check payable to:

                                                                                   The Monteagle Funds
     SIMPLE-IRA*                         Roth IRA                Qualified Plan†
                                                                                   FBO: __________________________________________________________
* SIMPLE-IRAs must be in existence for at least 2 years to qualify for a                 IRA Customer’s Name (Traditional, ROTH, SEP, SIMPLE or Rollover IRA)
  transfer, rollover, or conversion to another kind of IRA                               ____________________________
† A trustee-to-trustee direct rollover from a qualified employer-sponsored               Account Number
  retirement plan will be subject to IRS reporting.
                                                                                   Delivery Address: The Monteagle Funds / Investors Bank & Trust Company,
                                                                                   Custodian c/o Ultimus Fund Solutions, 225 Pictoria Drive, Suite 450,
AUTHORIZATION INSTRUCTIONS                                                         Cincinnati, OH 45246.

3.    This is your authorization to transfer, rollover or convert:                 Note: Trustee-to-Trustee Transfers of Assets between a Traditional IRA and
                                                                                   another Traditional IRA, SEP-IRA or SIMPLE-IRA are not reported as a taxable
             The entire value of the above referenced account, OR                  distribution. Conversions from a Traditional IRA, SEP-IRA or SIMPLE-IRA to a
                                                                                   Roth IRA or a recharacterization are reported as a taxable distribution. See the
             A partial transfer of Certificate number(s) ____________, or          Investors Bank IRA Disclosure Statement for additional information. Consult the
                                                                                   IRS or a qualified tax or financial planning professional if you have any questions
      $ _____________, or ___________ % or __________ shares in kind               about the rules applicable to transfers from one IRA to another. The Customer is
      from my existing account.                                                    responsible for compliance of such rules.
      Please deliver the proceeds to: The Monteagle Funds / Investors Bank
      & Trust Company, Custodian c/o Ultimus Fund Solutions, 225 Pictoria          __________________________________________________
      Drive, Suite 450, Cincinnati, OH 45246.                                      Authorized Signature – Investors Bank & Trust Co.                   Date

NEW ACCOUNT TYPE (at MONTEAGLE FUNDS)                                              WITHHOLDING Check one:
4.    Please establish the following account(s):                                   7. Federal tax laws require a 10% withholding of any amount converted
     Traditional IRA          SEP-IRA                             Rollover IRA           from a non-Roth IRA to a Roth IRA, unless the IRA owner elects not to
                                                                                         have any amount withheld. If you do not elect to withhold, your
     SIMPLE-IRA               Roth IRA                                                   signature above acknowledges that you will pay all taxes due and
                   __________________                                                    penalties that may apply to the insufficient payment of estimated tax.
                                                                                         (Consult your tax advisor.)
                        in the following amount(s):
                                                                                        Please do not withhold federal income taxes.
                                                                                        Please withhold 10% for federal income taxes or withhold ________%
MONTEAGLE FUNDS:                                                                        (elect higher percentage, if desired).

Value Equity                   Growth Equity               Gov’t Bond              AGE 70 ½ Reminder:
   _______%                       _______%                    ________%            If this transfer is occurring during or after the year in which you attain age 70
                                                                                   ½, the required minimum distribution (RMD) under this IRA is still required
                                                                                   to by distributed. You are responsible for satisfying your RMD applicable to
     $______                      $______                         $_______         this IRA by withdrawing sufficient amounts from another IRA prior to your
                                                                                   deadline. Neither Monteagle Funds, nor Investors Bank & Trust Co. or your
                                                                                   current trustee/custodian are responsible for making RMD distributions prior
                                                                                   to or after your transfer.

                       If you have any questions about completing this form, please call (888) 263-5593.

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