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									              Hair Artistry | Natural Nails | Hair Removal | Tinting | Ear Candling | Elemental Nature Facials
                Enhanced Treatments | Massages | Body Treatments | Spa Packages | Bridal Packages

Child Cut                      $15.00 or higher
Shampoo and Style              $25.00 or higher
Cut and Style                  $35.00 or higher
Men’s Cut                      $20.00 or higher
Perm & Cut                     $100.00 or higher
Relaxer                        $75.00 or higher
Color & Style                  $80.00 or higher
Part Hightlights & Style       $80.00 or higher
Full Highlights & Style        $95.00 or higher
Aveda Condition Treatment      $45.00 or higher
Up-Do                          $45.00 or higher
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Essential Manicure
Trim and shape nails, cuticle care, stress-relieving arm and hand massage,
and polish.
The treatment requires forty-five minutes.
Cost: $27.00
French Manicure
Cost: $30.00
Spa Manicure
Provides all of the benefits of our relaxing Essential Manicure and more.
This manicure also includes smoothing exfoliation, a hydrating masque
treatment and a paraffin dip. This is a great experience for an individual
with overstressed, dry hands and cuticles.
This treatment requires one hour.
Cost: $50.00
Essential Pedicure
Trim and shape nails, cuticle care, file and scrub calluses, stress relieving leg
and foot massage, and polish.
This treatment requires one hour.
Cost: $40.00
French Pedicure
Cost: $43.00
Spa Pedicure
Gives you all the perks of our tranquil Essential Pedicure and more. This
pedicure also includes smoothing exfoliation, a hydrating masque treatment
and a paraffin dip. This is a wonderful experience for an individual with dry,
rough heels and calluses.
This treatment is about one hour and fifteen minutes.
Cost: $68.00
Paraffin Wax
Cost: $15.00
Polish Change Hands
Cost: $12.00
Polish Change Feet
Cost: $15.00
Caribbean Therapy Hand and Foot Treatment
Rejuvenate and nurture your hands and feet with a warming seaweed
masque and an exfoliation that combines sea salts, ginger and oranges. This
experience will smooth, soften, relax and renew with the healing touch and
ingredients of the Caribbean.
Beach Hands: $45.00
Feet in the Sand: $62.00
Anti-aging Manicure & Hand Treatment
Nurture your hands with Aveda’s new botanical resurfacing manicure.
Removes dead cells that dull the skin’s surface, smoothes, softens the skin,
and helps with skin tone without irritation. Along with this exceptional
treatment, we will trim and shape nails, provide cuticle care, stress relieving
arm and hand massage and polish.
Cost: $45.00
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    Brow/First-time Shaping                    $20.00 or higher
    Brow                                       $15.00
    Chin                                       $12.00
    Chin & Throat                              $20.00
    Lip                                        $15.00
    Sideburn                                   $15.00
    Whole Face                                 $45.00 or higher
    Chest                                      $45.00 or higher
    Abdomen                                    $15.00 or higher
    Back                                       $60.00 or higher
    Forearm                                    $25.00 or higher
    Full Art                                   $45.00 or higher
    Under Arm                                  $20.00 or higher
    Bikini                                     $35.00 or higher
    French Bikini                              $45.00 or higher
    Brazilian Bikini                           $60.00 or higher
    Top Leg & Bikini                           $65.00 or higher
    Top Leg                                    $40.00 or higher
    Lower Leg                                  $35.00 or higher
    Full Leg & Bikini                          $85.00 or higher
    Full Leg                                   $75.00 or higher
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    Brow Tint                                        $15.00 or higher
    Lash Tint                                        $20.00 or higher
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    This practice is used to relieve pressure, toxins and inner-ear
    blockage. A paraffin cylinder is gently placed in your ear as you lie on
    your side, then lit at the opposite end to create a vacuum. Through
    the gentle warm smoke and vacuum of a burning candle, this
    treatment offers a natural alternative compared to chemical
    This session requires thirty minutes.
    Cost: $35.00
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Back Treatment
Designed to bring purity and balance to the skin on the back, this
treatment will focus on cleansing, skin exfoliation, back massage and
masque therapy.
This treatment is about forty-five minutes.
Cost: $60.00
Gentlemen's Refreshing Treatment
A customized Aveda facial for our gentlemen designed to deeply
clean and hydrate the skin. Scalp, foot and facial massage relax the
mind and body.
This treatment requires one hour and fifteen minutes.
Cost: $75.00
Elemental Nature Customized Facial
The goal of our customized facial is to restore balance to the skin.
Based on your Elemental Nature Questionnaire, your esthetician will
consult with you to design a facial treatment that includes
personalized products, essential oil aromas and facial techniques.
This treatment is about an hour and fifteen minutes.
Cost: $75.00
Botanical Resurfacing Facial
Aveda’s alternative to microdermabrasion! Botanical resurfacing
smoothes, softens skin, diminishes superficial lining, and evens skin
tone without the irritation of microdermabrasion. Six consecutive
treatments recommended for best results.
This treatment is about an hour and fifteen minutes.
Cost: $125.00
Self Renewal Facial
During this facial you experience an integrated foot and scalp
treatment. The Aveda Facial Massage, featured as an important part
of the facial treatment, is a combination of pressure point, lymphatic
drainage and ayurvedic massage techniques that will leave your skin
looking refreshed and alive.
This treatment is about ninety minutes.
Cost: $140.00
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Eye Zone Wrap
Focuses on diminishing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles in the
delicate eye area.
This treatment takes about fifteen minutes.
Cost: $30.00
Let our advanced make-up artists provide you with the knowledge to
enhance your natural beauty or show you how to skillfully create
daring and bold new looks. This service includes application of
make-up as well as education about product application.
This session requires thirty to forty-five minutes. Make-up touch-
ups which include the enhancement of one feature are
complimentary upon request.
Cost: $35.00
Pure Essence
Enhance your next spa service with our Pure Essences. These twenty-
five 100-percent-pure essential oils harness the therapeutic power of
nature and are sure to boost any treatment.
Cost: $ 5.00 addition
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Swedish Massage
A full-body massage that uses long, fluid strokes to calm your mind,
body and spirit. Swedish massage helps to alleviate stress, fatigue
and pain from muscles and joints.
Half Hour Session: $45.00
One Hour Session: $75.00
One and a Half Hour Session: $110.00
Therapeutic Deep Tissue
Similar to Swedish massage. Therapeutic massage allows the
therapist to work deeper into the muscles and to focus on specific
areas of pain and tension. The deeper pressure helps to release the
built up tension and toxins that cause the muscles to ache and hold
Half Hour Session: $55.00
One Hour Session: $85.00
One and a Half Hour Session: $120.00
Inspiritu Hot Stone Massage
Black Baltic stones are heated and used to massage the body with our
Inspiritu Composition of cedar wood, sage and sweet grass. The
heated stones are used alternately with the therapist's hands to
release the muscles. This allows for a deeper massage, while still
relaxing the body.
One Hour Session: $90.00
One and a Half Hour Session: $125.00
Hydrotherm Massage
Available only for Aveda, warm water-filled cushions cradle the body
and rock you gently in response to the massage therapist's touch.
Conforming to the curves of your spine, these heated cushions allow
for a full-body massage without the interruption of turning over or
the use of face cradles.
One Hour Session: $85.00
To promote relaxation, gentle pressure is applied to specific areas on
the hands and feet that represent the different organs of the body.
The therapist releases blockages that restrict the flow of energy
through the body.
Half Hour Session: $45.00
One Hour Session: $60.00
Chair Massage
Quick and convenient, fifteen-minute stress relief that is sure to
make your day. There will be a one-dollar-per-minute charge, with a
minimum of fifteen minutes. You may increase that amount of time
if the therapist's schedule allows. The session is performed in our
comfortable massage chair in the front retail area.
Fifteen Minute Minimum: $15.00
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Caribbean Therapy
Indulge yourself with a body treatment inspired by the Caribbean,
using healing pure plant ingredients and nurturing touch. It begins
with a full body dry exfoliation, with Jute mitts that are yours to
keep, and an application of a self-heating and detoxifying seaweed
masque. Removal of the masque with warm aromatic towels is
followed with a restorative full body, scalp and face massage using
the new island-inspired body care line.
One Hour Session: $125.00
Rosemary Mint Body Wrap
Renew body and mind with this stimulating and nurturing dry wrap.
Your body is exfoliated and smoothed with Jute mitts that are yours
to take home. Your body is then softened and soothed with our
Rosemary Mint Body Lotion and enveloped in layers of warm
blankets. Essences of rosemary and peppermint will awaken your
senses while a scalp and foot massage balances the whole body.
Forty-five Minute Session: $80.00
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Day Spa Retreat
This package is a full-day retreat. It includes a one-hour Swedish
massage, the Elemental Nature Customized Facial, an Essential
Manicure and Pedicure, Shampoo and Style, Makeover, Lunch, and a
complimentary gift.
Plan this visit to be about six hours.
Cost: $292
Refreshing Retreat
A refreshing spa experience. A one-hour Swedish massage followed
by an Elemental Nature Customized Facial. An Essential Pedicure
and Essential Manicure complete this spa experience. Each guest
receives a complimentary gift to take home.
Plan this visit to be about three and a half hours.
Cost: $217
Caribbean Escape
Experience a taste of the Caribbean at VanDavis. Begin with a
Caribbean body wrap followed by a Caribbean Therapy Hand and
Foot Treatment. Each guest receives a complimentary island inspired
gift to take home.
Plan this visit to be about three and a half hours.
Cost: $232
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    For The Bride
    All bridal packages can be quoted upon consultation.
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