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Kishore Dharanikota


									Kishore Dharanikota


Looking for challenging opportunities in the area of distributed computing, enterprise application
development, service oriented integration, or E-commerce.


 I have 8+ years of extensive professional experience in analysis, design, program development and
deployment of various applications in: building marketplaces for financial securities, for traveling, hotels,
marketing and advertising firms; portals, corporate content management systems, intranet projects and
web-based course developments. Possess strong ability to work in a team and to handle independent
responsibilities, and have excellent presentation and communication skills. Proficiency in: .NET, BizTalk
2006/04 and Web services.


         MS, Computer Science, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, USA.                 -        9/99.
         MBA, Maharishi University Of Management, Fairfield, IA, USA.                     -        12/97.
         BE, Computer Science, Bangalore University, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.         -        7/94.


         Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) – BizTalk 2006                  -        12/06
         Microsoft Certified Solution Developer in .NET ( MCSD .NET)                      -        9/04


         BizTalk 2006 Deep dive course                                                    -        6/06.
         Java Web Services Technology for Enterprise-Level Application Integration        -        8/04.
         Designing and implementing applications using BEA Weblogic Server 4.5.X          -        02/01.
         Implementing and integrating applications using WebMethods                       -        4/01.
         Using UNIX & C to develop Client server applications.                            -        6/96.
         Database development using Oracle 7.X.                                           -        8/96.


         International Association of Software Architects (IASA)
         Southern California .NET Architecture Group
         Los Angeles .NET Users Group


         Financial , Automotive, Travel and cruises, Entertainment, Medicine.

         Microsoft Solution Framework 3.0 Process & team models, Water flow model, Extreme
         programming models.

         Microsoft Visio 2000, Rational Rose 2000.

         .NET specifics: ASP.NET, Windows Programming, VB.NET, C#, .NET Web services, COM+,
         Remoting, MSMQ, ADO.NET, .NET Security, ADSI, Logging, Exception management, caching and
         Data access frameworks, Visual Studio 2005/2003.
        Java Language specifics: J2SE 1.4,multithreading, socket programming, JNDI, JDBC, J2EE 1.4,
        Java Servlets 2.4, JSP 2.0, EJB 2.0, JMS 1.0, Java Web Services.
        Lotus Notes Specifics: Lotus Notes 4.0/4.5/4.6 client – server , Lotus Domino Server 5.0 (R5),
        Lotus Notes Sametime 1.5, Lotus Notes Live 3.0, Lotus Mail, Lotus Designer, Lotus Script, Lotus
        Formulas, Functions.
        Languages ( including scripting languages): C#, Visual Basic.NET, Java, SQL, Perl, XML,
        C++, C, Pascal, Visual Basic, Javascript, VB Script, Jscript.
        Application/ web servers:Internet Information Server 5.0/6.0(IIS), Microsoft’s COM+, BEA
        Weblogic 4.x/5.0/6.x, Apache Tomcat 3.x/4.x, BizTalk 2004.
        Operating Systems: Windows NT/95/98/2000, MS DOS ,Unix, Linux.
        Databases: MS SQL Server 7/2000, MySQL 3.x , MS Access 2000, Oracle 7.0/8.1.x, Cloudscape
        5.1,Oracle 7.0/8.1.x.
        XML specifics: Xerces XML parser 1.4, XQL, XSL, XML, DTD, XSD, MS XML parser.
        Communication protocols: SOAP, HTTP 1.0, TCP/IP, UDP, RMI-IIOP, SSL.
        Data formats: HTML 3.2, DHTML, jar files, DLL, XML files, audio files, video files.
        Project Management software: Visual Sourcesafe 6.0, Serena Dimensions, CVS, WinCVS.
        Project development software: MS Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005 Enterprise Architect, MS
        Visual Studio 6.0, Lotus Notes Designer 4.5, Eclipse 4.0.
        Rich client interface deigns: MS .NET windows development, Java Swing.
        Code documentation: Javadoc , VBDoc, Ndoc, VBCommenter 1.3

        Testing Software: Nunit 1.0, Junit 3.5, HTTPUnit 1.x, BizUnit.


Countrywide Home Loans – Simi Valley – CA                                            1/06 to Present
       Designing, developing and Integrating Preference Management System using BizTalk
       Skills Utilized: BizTalk server 2006, .NET development, Visual SourceSafe, Serena
       Dimensions, Process documentation.
       -        Captured and documented the high level system requirements and performed high level
                Analysis and design of version 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2
       -        Led the BizTalk 2006 development team.
       -        Created core artifacts for BizTalk development – Xml Schemas( Internal and
                interfacing), Maps, Orchestrations and ports.
       -        Set up the internal workflow process using orchestrations.
       -        Integrated with external systems using MSMQ, File, SQL and SOAP based adapters.
       -        Created .NET windows service for batch processing and MSMQ queue management.
       -        Created deployment process documentation and released BizTalk deployment
                packages to BizTalk Operations team.
       -        Performed Performance tuning and throttling of BizTalk for Maximum Sustained
                Through put.
       -        Designed and developed business processes involving service orientation.
       -        Supported mission critical Exception Processing System(EPS) in production.
       -        Created a framework for logging enterprise scale web services.
       -        Developed single-sign-on interfaces between Exception Processing System and

AAA – Costa Mesa – CA                                                                   1/05 to 1/6
       Enhancing and maintaining AAA - ACSC(Auto club of Southern California) Enterprise
       service oriented integration broker framework and Enterprise Portal.
       Skills Utilized: ASP.NET Web services, Application integration ( Mainframe, SQL Server,
       custom applications, Vendor products – Neon, Attachemate/Attunity, Onyx) , Requirement
       gathering, MS Visio 2003, VB.NET, Windows .NET, WSE 2.0, BizTalk 2004, Active Directory,
       ADSI, Caching Application Block, Exception Management Block, Data Access Application Block,
       Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, IIS 5.0, IIS 6.0, VBCommenter 1.3.
       -   Designed and Performed proof of concepts for adapters for receiving mainframe information
            more efficiently. Created adapters for Neon’s drivers and Attachemate’s drivers.
       -   Enhanced broker to work with AAA’s CRM vendor ( Onyx). Designed and created services to
            facilitate information transfer between ACSC broker and Onyx broker.
       -   Enhanced integration broker’s workflow functionality – branching, sequential and
       -     Designed a configurable and generic mapping functionality for receiving responses
            from multiple sources. ( Insurance, Customer data Exchange, membership)
       -    Enhanced broker’s security features.
        -    Integrated caching framework with broker framework.
        -    Created a proprietary unit testing framework for integration broker, which sets the quality
             standard for each new service being integrated with the broker.
        -    Designed and Created load testing scripts using Microsoft’s Application center test ( ACT)
             to perform performance and load tests on the integrated services in broker.
        -    Facilitated communication between ACSC’s broker framework and the remote National
             server’s Customer data exchange(CDX) interfaces, for member and ERS ( Emergency road
             side service) Authorization information from remote clubs.
        -    Worked closely in developing and integrating portal applications, ( Payment, Insurance) with
             integration broker.
        -    Performed proof-of-concept (POC) for integrating BizTalk 2004 managed process into
             broker development.
        -    Performed migration of current adapter implementations ( SQL, Web services, HTTP) to
             BizTalk Adapter implementations.
        -    Migrated orchestrations from current integration broker to BizTalk orchestrations.

Keenan Associates – Torrance – CA ( Part time)                                         5/04 – 9/04
       Designed and developed Integration between Sagitta Transporter with
       related data updates.
       Skills Utilized: .Net web services, .NET windows services, Java client development, Oracle 10g
       data bases.
       -        Analyzed the Sagitta Transporter application interfaces and created the integration
       -        Created unit testing interfaces for Sagitta Transporter web services.
       -        Created .NET Windows services which migrate the data updates received from
       to Oracle 10g data base to Transporter web services on a periodic
       -        Developed and tested both Java and .NET based enterprise components for
                communicating with .NET based Transporter web services.
       -        Deployed the integration application in production environment.

Zentropy Partners – Los Angeles - CA                                                   11/99 - 11/04

West Coast Hospitality Corporation’s (WHC) – Seattle – WA                                 5/04 – 11/04
       Redesigning West Coast Hospitality Corporation’s (WHC) branded commerce web
       Skills Utilized: BizTalk 2004 – orchestration, schemas, Mapper, Requirement gathering,
       data modeling, process Management documentation, MS Visio 2003, C#, COM, Interoperating
       with Java Web services.
       -    Performed technology audit, documented the current application architecture, and evaluated
            the current architecture.
       -    Analyzed the current architectures for WHC corporate hotel management application,
            ticketing web application, and reservation management system.
       -    Gathered functional requirements for the application.
       -    Identified and created use cases and usage scenarios.
       -    Evaluated router vendors for new physical architecture.
       -    Designed the load throttling mechanism for ticketing web application.
       -    Developed BizTalk 2004 orchestration for ticketing application.
       -    Developed schemas and maps using BizTalk schema Editor and BizTalk Server Mapper.
       -    Evaluated the third party reservation system’s open web service interfaces for interface
       -    Designed the logical object model for the corporate web application, reservation system, and
            Ticketing system.
       -    Designed the physical architecture for the corporate web application.
       -    Developed base architecture and implemented the base application flow.

Microsoft                                                                             03/04 – 05/04
       Redesigning Microsoft’s Unified Profiler System ( UPS) - Customer Resource
       Management application.
       Skills Utilized: Requirement gathering, Entity relationship (ER) models, process Management
       documentation, MS Visio 2003, ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server 2000, stored procedures,
       views, Business components, NUnit, MS SourceSafe, NANT, MS Application Center Test.

General Motors                                                            01/04 – 03/04
       Designed and developed General Motor’s Local marketing Group’s (LMG) promotion
       management application.
        Skills Utilized: ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server 2000, XML, XSLT, MS Visual Studio .Net
        Enterprise Architect, Nunit, Microsoft Application blocks – Logging, Exception management
        and Data access frameworks.

Music Today                                                                              11/03 – 1/04
        Designed extendable multilingual application framework for MusicToday.
        Skills Utilized: ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server 2000, COM+,XML, MS Visual Studio .Net
       Enterprise Architect, Nunit, Microsoft Application blocks – Logging, Exception management
       and Data access frameworks.

 GM Buypower                                                                            12/02 – 10/03
       Developed GMBuyPower ( GMBP) B2B application.
       Skills Utilized: ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Visual Studio.NET Enterprise Architect version,Struts
      framework 1.0 , Weblogic Application Server 6.1, EJBs, web services, Xerces XML parser 1.4,
      RMI, Jakarta Ant 1.5, Junit 3.5, Jlogger 1.5Eclipse 3.0, EJBGen 2.0, Oracle 8i, SQL Server 2000.

Uniworld                                                                               03/03 - 06/03
      Developed Uniworld Reservation system.
      Skills Utilized: ASP.NET, VB.NET, MS SQL Server 2000, XML, XSLT, MS Visual Studio .Net
      Enterprise Architect, NUnit, VBDoc, Microsoft Application blocks – Logging, Exception
       management and Data access frameworks.

Parkplace Entertainment                                                                 01/02 – 11/02
       Designed, Developed and managed ParkPlace Entertainment(PPE) Property’s
       commerce web application.
        -   Participated in the entire project life cycle starting from requirement gathering till delivery.
       Skills Utilized: ASP.NET, VB.NET, MS SQL Server 2000, XML, XSLT, MS Visio 2000 , MS Visual
       Studio .Net Enterprise Architect, NUnit, VBDoc.                                                                        06/01 – 11/01
      Skills Utilized: ASP, VB Scripts, WSCs, MS SQL Server, XML, XSLT, JSP, Linux, CSS and

Municenter                                                                           06/00 – 05/01
        B2B marketplace for MuniCenter, a bond trading facility with the collaboration of
        Merrill Lynch & CO, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Solomon Smith Barney, and Chap
        Delaine & CO.
      -    Designed, developed prototype’s core business layer where central bond trading happens;
           used Enterprise Java Beans with information persisted in Oracle 8.1.5.
      -    Tested the trading implementation in SUN labs to concur the performance and scalability
           requirements. During the process multi threading, object life cycles, connection pooling are
           tested and tuned for highest performance requirements.
      -    Envisioned the applicability of Model view controller implementation for the user interfaces;
           developed a proto type of Servlets, Java Server Pages and Java Beans for the user
      -    Implemented presentation layer which captured - buying and selling of bond inventory,
           posting and negotiating bids and offers, and bond index management application.
      -    Implemented B2B XML data transactions from the legacy systems to the MuniCenter
           marketplace using B2B Messaging Architecture. The inventory providers had multiple
           messaging architectures MQ Series, TIBCO, and JMS to our pure J2EE architecture.
      -     Tested trading B2B messages with all inventory providers individually.
      -    Unit tested all the individual components using Junit and HTTPUnit..
      -    Created and maintained procedures and functions in Oracle8i data base server.
      -    Created physical data model for Oracle 8i data base.
      Skills Utilized: Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), Oracle 8.1.5, Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSPs),
      Java Beans, JUnit, HTTPUnit, XML, and Java Messaging Service (JMS).

  AdmineInc.                                                                         01/00 -06/00
      Developed B2B marketplace
      Skills Utilized: Apache Web server, BEA Weblogic Application server 4.5.1, DHTML, JSPs,
        Servlets, Java Script and Oracle 8.1.5.

   Total Army Distance Learning Program (TADLP)                                   11/99 - 01/00
        Skills Utilized: Lotus Notes Sametime 1.5, Lotus Learning space 2.5, Lotus Notes Live 3.0,
        Lotus Mail and Java.
   Old Dominion University - Norfolk - VA                                              01/98 - 10/99

       Improved Web Access Tool (IWAT) for Lotus Release 5                            05/99 - 09/99
       Skills Utilized: Lotus Notes Designer 5 & Domino server, Java Applets, Java Swing,

       Developed and administered Web based Distance Learning courses for Old Dominion
       University                                                                     09/98 – 05/99
       Skills Utilized: Lotus Learning space 2.5, Lotus Domino Server R5, JavaScript and DHTML.

       Excellence in Computational Science (ECOS) for National Science Foundation. (NSF)
       1/98 -8/98
       Skills Utilized: Lotus Notes 4.6 Client, Lotus Script, Lotus Formulas, Functions, JavaScript.

Chakkilam Construction PVT LTD                                                       11/94 – 12/95
     Maintained Oracle-based Salary and benefits (S&B) system
     Skills Utilized: Developer 2000,Forms 4.5;6i,Reports 2.5; Oracle 7.0 on HP Unix Version 10


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