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					                                                                                           Issue 7

                         A u n t                 L e a h ’s                     N e w s
                         February 28 2010
                                                                                        Aunt Leah's
                                                                                   Independent Lifeskills
                   Aunt Leah’s goes to the
                     The month of February was packed full of              for the Deaf has worked with Aunt Leah’s
                     Olympic activities for the participants of Aunt       throughout the last few years and has had many
                     Leah’s. Through Kids Up Front and the Vancouver       of its students participate in Aunt Leah’s Training
                     Olympic Organizing Committee, Aunt Leah’s             Programs.
                     received 100 tickets to send its’ current and past
                     participants to some Olympic events!                  On Feb 20th 20 participants and staff were able
                                                                           to see a Men’s Preliminary Hockey match
                     One special participant of our Support Link           between Switzerland and Norway. There was a
                     Program was able to go with his Support Worker        lot of interest in this event by the youth and
                     and see the Opening Ceremonies Dress                  families that we work with. One youth who
                     Rehearsal. The youth reported that it was a pretty    attended the curling event caught the Olympic
Inside this          amazing ceremony to see live.                         fever and was wearing an all red outfit. Everyone
issue:                                                                     was impressed with where the tickets were when
                     On Feb 16th Aunt Leah’s was able to send 20           they arrived to the game (lower bowl behind one
Aunt Leah’s    1     participants and staff to a women’s qualifying        of the benches) but were even more
goes to the          curling match. Some of the youth were skeptical       impressed with how great the hockey game was.
Olympics!            about curling. But after witnessing the crowds at
                     the event we think they are converted to die hard     Aunt Leah’s also received tickets to two victory
                     curling fans. Aunt Leah’s was happy to provide        ceremonies.
                     the Vancouver School for the Deaf with a set of
                     tickets for a class to go to this event. The School                      Continue on Page 3...
ILFFY          1

                   ILFFY (Independent Living for Families and Youth)
                     Aunt Leah’s ILFFY Program operates every              On Feb 24th we were happy to have Pivot Legal
                     Wednesday evening out of our New Westminster          Resources present a workshop on their services
Retail         2     office. These workshops are provided on               and provide the youth with information on
                     Wednesdays for all of our residents in our            navigating the legal system.
Training             Support Link Program and Aunt Leah’s House.
                     The month of February was focused on informing        Coming up in March we will be focusing on the
                     our young people about their legal resources.         Environment. Our in house David Suzuki
                                                                           enthusiast and environmental expert, Candice
Cooking Club   2     On Feb 3rd we welcomed Youthco Aids Society.          Lander, will be providing two workshops designed
                     They lead a workshop on Sexual Self Esteem.           to enlighten, empower and educate our youth on
                                                                           being ambassadors of the earth.
                      On the 10th Jim Mandelin from John Howard
                     Society came in a spoke about his own                 In addition, our own Angelina Oates, World Host
                     experience with the justice system. The youth         instructor extraordinaire, will be leading the World
Aunt Leah’s    3     attending the workshop were captivated by Jim’s       Host Workshop (formally known as Superhost).
updated              story and experiences.                                This Provincially recognized workshop is designed
Website!                                                                   to provide certification in Customer Service and
                     On Feb 17th Cameray Child and Family Services         the Tourism Industry.
                     provided the youth with information about their
   Aunt Leah’s News                                                                                       Page 2

     Aunt Leah’s Retail Training Program
                                                                                                                 Aunt Leah’s
                                                                                                          Independent Lifeskills
   Aunt Leah’s Retail Training Program will be         675 S.E. Marine Drive (at the corner of
   starting it’s next 12 week session on April 1st                                                         Society helps prevent
                                                      Fraser and Marine) in Vancouver. Training
   and is currently accepting students. The Retail    shifts are on Thursdays, Fridays and                 children in foster care
   Training Program is a pre- employment                                                                       from becoming
                                                      Saturdays. Students receive a training
   program for youth. This program works with
   the participants to learn valuable lifeskills to   allowance for their training hours.                 Homeless, and mothers
   obtain and keep employment as well as the                                                                in need from losing
   practical skills needed to work in the retail      Interested individuals can find out more about
                                                                                                               custody of their
   industry. The program is designed to build the     Aunt Leah’s Retail Training Program by going
   student’s confidence and work with them on         to our website or you can           children. To support
   how to present themselves professionally and       contact our Training Program Coordinator,           them on their journey of
   in interview situations. Graduates of the
                                                      Angelina Oates at 604-264-7238.                       self-sufficiency, we
   program will leave with excellent customer
   service skills, a reference and a World Host                                                              provide supported
   certificate. Program graduates have shown                                                                housing, job training
   success in obtaining employment and
   motivation to go back to school for additional
                                                                                                              and coaching on
   training.                                                                                                 essential life skills.

   The Retail Training Program operates out of
   Aunt Leah’s Thrift Store which is located at

Aunt Leah’s Cooking Club Program                                                                          “Some People like
Aunt Leah’s Cooking Club Program will be start-                                                           to paint pictures,
                                                       The venue for the Cooking Club is the kitchen
ing it’s next 12 week session on March 31st.
Aunt Leah’s Cooking Club Program
                                                       located at St. Mark’s Anglican Church in           or do gardening or
                                                       Kitsilano. The Cooking Club operates in part-
operates out of St. Mark’s Anglican Church             nership with St. Mark’s Community Meal. On         build a boat in the
located at 1805 Larch Street (and W. 2nd Ave)          Thursdays at 12 noon. St. Mark’s welcomes
in Vancouver. It is a 12 week program designed         the community to come and enjoy a free             basement. Other
to provide students with some basic cooking
skills as well as experience preparing food in an
                                                       meal. The customers range from the elderly,
                                                       working poor, homeless and the isolated. The
                                                                                                          people get a
industry style kitchen. Our goal is to teach
students how to prepare various meals (from
                                                       Cooking Club is responsible for preparing the      tremendous
                                                       meal. Our Students work with our chef at pre-
scratch) including vegetarian dishes. The              paring a main course meal and a vegetarian         pleasure out of
emphasis will be on good-tasting quality food,         option for 100 people. In addition their will be
frugal food cost, and good nutrition.                  add on menu items specifically for the stu-        the kitchen,
                                                       dents to prepare based on their interest and
Trainers follow a set curriculum but also              available time of the program. The Cooking
                                                                                                          because cooking
customize the program for each student based
on their strengths and abilities and ensure that
                                                       Club hours are Wednesdays and Thursdays            is just as creative
                                                       from 9am – 12 noon. Lunch is provided for
reasonable accommodations are made
whenever possible to accommodate those
                                                       the students.                                      and imaginative
students with disabilities. Students will leave        Interested individuals can contact Sarah           an activity as
the program with experience in food                    Stewart at 604-525-1204 ext 223 to find out
preparation, kitchen safety and sanitation, food
                                                       more about Aunt Leah’s Cooking Club.
                                                                                                          drawing or wood
safety and a set of recipes to prepare at home.
Upon successful completion of the program,                                                                carving or music.”
students will be invited to attend a graduation
ceremony and provided with a reference from                                                               -Julia Child
their trainer.
                        Issue 7                                                                         Page 3

Aunt Leah’s Goes to the Olympics Cont. from page 1
     A group our participants were able to see        youth were also treated to a performance by
     Christine Nesbitt receive her gold medal for     INXS.
     her short track speed skating race. Aunt
     Leah’s youth sure know how to sing Oh            It was exciting to watch the youth and families
     Canada! They were then treated to a perform-     connected to Aunt Leah’s get caught up in the     An Individual’s
     ance by the popular band “Hedley”.               Olympic Fever. It was a once in a lifetime        artistic/soulful
                                                      experience and something that they will
     On Feb 24th Aunt Leah’s crew were able to        remember for the rest of their lives. Aunt        centre must be
     attend the Awards Ceremony at BC Place           Leah’s was honoured to be a part of it.
     when Clara Hughes received her bronze medal
                                                                                                        expressed and
     for her Long Track Speed Skating Race. The                                                         appreciated.

Aunt Leah’s Website has been updated!
 Aunt Leah’s Society has recently updated it’s website! You can view it at            -One of   Aunt Leah’s
 New features on our website are:
 •     List of ILFFY Workshops for the month.
 •        Aunt Leah’s Video
 •        Aunt Leah’s quarterly Newsletter
 •        Upcoming events
 •        Youth resource section
 •        Detailed program information

      Aunt Leah's Independent
      Lifeskills Society

                                                                                                        Did you know
      General Programming Questions                                                                     that Aunt Leah’s
      Sarah Stewart, Program Director 604-525-1204
                                                                                                        Thrift Store does
      Support Link                                                                                      donation pick
      Pam Costello, Residential Programs Coordinator 604-433-1204               ups?
      Aunt Leah’s House
      Pam Costello, Residential Programs Coordinator 604-433-1204               If you have some
                                                                                                        items you would
      Retail Training and Aunt Leah’s Thrift Store
      Angelina Oates, Thrift Store Manager and Training Coordinator 604-264-7238                        like to                                                                              donate please call
      Donor Relations and Communications                                                                604-264-7238.
      Theresa Olson, Director of Donor Relations and Communications, 604-525-1204 ext 224

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