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					Malaria Ends – Life Begins

One in Thirty Children in Togo Dies
of Malaria - From a Mosquito Bite!
                 Did you know that . . .

• Malaria is a life-threatening disease, spread through the
  bites of mosquitoes.

• About half of the world’s population (3.3 billion people)
  are at risk of malaria.

• Malaria kills nearly one million people a year. 85% of
  people dying from malaria are children under five years
  of age.
                Where does malaria occur?

Most of these deaths
from malaria are in
sub-Saharan Africa,
where malaria is a
leading cause of death
of children.
In Africa, one child
dies from malaria
every 45 seconds.
                                Source: Centers for Disease Control and
                                Prevention, 2010
                    For example, in Togo . . .
  Wikipedia, 2010


• In Togo, 25% of childhood deaths are
  due to malaria.

• In Togo, one of every 30 children dies
  from malaria.                            Google maps, 2010
                  Why focus on Togo?

• Malaria is a serious problem in Togo.
• Churches in the city of Lomé, Togo
  are united with each other as well as
  government agencies, non-profits,
  and businesses in their communities
  to lead the fight against malaria.

                                          Google maps, 2010
                   What can be done?
• Malaria is a serious, life-
  threatening disease.
• But malaria can be
• Malaria can be cured!
• Our goal is to save the
  lives of children in Togo
  by preventing malaria
  through health education
  and bed net distribution.
What will the churches in
       Togo do?
        • Church members in Togo will
          distribute long-lasting
          insecticidal bed nets and
          teach how to use them.
        • They will visit families in their
          homes and provide follow-up.
        • They will teach about malaria
          and other health topics.
        • They will share the power
          and hope of the gospel.
                        What are long-lasting
                        insecticidal bed nets?
• Malaria is spread by mosquitoes
  that bite at night. Mosquito nets
  act as a physical barrier to
  prevent mosquito bites.
• Long-lasting insecticidal nets
  contain an insecticide that drives
  away or kills mosquitoes.
• When people sleep under long-
  lasting insecticidal nets, there are
  fewer mosquitoes and fewer
  mosquito bites—so less malaria.
           What is Malaria Ends – Life Begins ?

We are a coalition of Christian churches and ministries
  working together under the banner of the Global CHE
  Network to save lives, make followers of Jesus, and
  engage with our communities in wholistic mission.
Our mission is to equip church members to deliver bed
  nets, health education, and the transforming truths of
  the Gospel into every home in Lomé.
                           What are the goals of
                      Malaria Ends – Life Begins ?
To save the lives of children in Togo by preventing malaria through health
   education and bed net distribution.
To disciple 2000 people in the city of Lomé and establish 200 new small
To engage U.S. churches with their communities raising awareness of the
   devastating problem of malaria and raising funds to fight it.
To nurture and strengthen a partnership between U.S. churches and the
   Churches of Togo.
To mobilize believers in Togo to transform lives and communities through
   the power and hope of the Gospel through Community Health
   Evangelism*.                  (*See to learn about CHE.)
                How can North American
               churches be a part of this?
• Churches in North America will
  raise funds to purchase bed nets
  and support master trainers in
• They will raise awareness of
  malaria in their communities and
  invite businesses and schools in
  the community to contribute to
  the cause.
• North American churches will also
  take vision trips to develop
  relationships with the churches of
                 What can you do?

Join with churches in Togo to prevent these
  deaths and bring life!
• Learn
• Give
• Act
• Study: Learn the facts about malaria and the project in
  the city of Lomé.
• Go to
• Share: Use the small group bundle to give a quiz, share
  about the project, show a video, and hand out response
  cards to your small group or Sunday School class. Also,
  teach your children about malaria.
• Go to

A $10.00 donation delivers . . .
• a bed net,
• education about the prevention and treatment of
• Bible study, and
• monitoring and follow up through home visits.
Go to
• Pray for the teams at work in Lomé, for the church members who
  are visiting in homes, and for the recipients of the bed nets. Read
  reports about what God is doing on Facebook.
• Provide: $10 provides a bed net that provides protection for two
  children for four years, education about the prevention and
  treatment of malaria, Bible study, and monitoring and follow up
  through home visits.
• Go Social: Join us on the Malaria Ends – Life Begins Facebook
  page! Share what you are doing and see what others are doing to
  end malaria and bring life to the city of Lomé. Post your stories,
  photos, videos and links on the Facebook page.
• Take a vision trip to get to know the CHE teams in Togo.
Malaria Ends - Life Begins

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