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					                                  McDowell Dentistry
                                                     OF GOODYEAR
      MAY 2011

                                                   Signature of Excellence
                                                 George R. Ayoub DDS, MAAIP, MICOI
                                                 Diplomate of International Congress of Oral Implantology

                                   14122 W. McDowell Rd. #200                        Goodyear, AZ                 85395


                                 Welcome to McDowell Dentistry!
                          Welcome to McDowell Den-              We believe an attractive              as well as information on
                       tistry of Goodyear!                    smile makes us look and feel            Pediatric Dentistry.
                         We are a state of the art gen-       youthful, healthy, successful,
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     DENTURES          eral and cosmetic dental office        and confident. A positive
                                                              change in your smile will have a        dental health information,
  SECOND OPINIONS      located in Goodyear, Arizona.                                                  various dental topics as well
                                                              dramatic effect, helping you
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                        Dr. Walter Villanueva DDS
                                         Pediatric Dental Specialist
                                              Dr. Villanueva is a Pediatric Den-       that his true passion is to treat chil-
                                            tist and a New York State native who       dren, help families and serve his com-
                                            moved to Phoenix in search of fun,         munity.
                                            sun and adventure. As a Pediatric            To stay current Dr. Villanueva is
                                            Dentist, Dr. Villanueva understands        affiliated with the American Acade-
                                            the importance of creating an envi-        my of Pediatric Dentistry and the
                                            ronment that will help to motivate         American Dental Association. In
                                            patients and parents to prevent den-       addition, Dr. Villanueva is currently
                                            tal cavities in children.                  a Board Eligible Diplomat of the
                                              Upon completion of his undergrad-        American Board of Pediatric Den-
                                            uate education at the University of        tists.
                                            Buffalo, Dr. Villanueva continued on         During his downtime he enjoys
                                            to receive his Doctors of Dental Sur-      playing guitar, salsa dancing and
                                            gery at Buffalo’s School of Dental         riding his motorcycle.
                                            Medicine. Throughout his term as an
                                            active dental student he found

          A Pediatric Dentist or pedodon-
       tist is a dentist who specializes in
                                                                      Pediatric Dentistry
       caring for the dental needs of chil-
       dren. Pedodontists complete their            As children lose baby teeth and          lems, from occlusion issues to cavi-
       education as dentists, and receive         develop adult teeth, the care of a pe-     ties. This care can include dental edu-
       additional training in the specialty of    dodontist can ensure that they get to      cation to help children learn to care
       pediatric dentistry so that they can       keep their adult teeth for life.           for their teeth and gums, along with
       provide the best possible care to             Services offered by a pedodontist       prophylactic procedures such as seal-
       their patients.                            include routine teeth cleanings,           ing the teeth to prevent cavities. Pe-
                                                  prophylactic care, dental examina-         dodontists work with children from
         While a child can be taken to a                                                     infancy to adolescence, providing den-
       general dentist, just like a child can     tions, and recommendations to prac-
                                                  titioners who can provide children         tal care as the mouth and teeth devel-
       be taken to a general practitioner                                                    op.
       for medical care, a child may benefit      with orthopedic care if their teeth or
       from the specialized services of a         jaws appear to be developing abnor-           Pedodontists also customize their
       pedodontist, much as some children         mally.                                     care to keep children comfortable
       benefit from seeing pediatricians.           Preventative care is a big part of       and happy. Reducing stress in children
       Children have some special dental          the practice of a pedodontist, as early    makes it easier to provide dental
       needs, and because they are still          intervention during dental develop-        care, and it also creates a lifelong
       growing, and as a result, their            ment can head off a variety of prob-       comfortable relationship with den-
       mouths are actively growing.                                                          tists.      

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