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									           The clothes used are here to represent                                              The producers have
           gender. As one can see the women                     The protagonists               used mark to
           are dressed in bright, feminine colours,             are mainly                     represent a
           whereas most of the men are dressed                  portrayed as white             homosexual, the tight,
           in dark more masculine colours.                      middle/ upper                  neat and often bright
                                                                class.                         clothes. The
                                                                                               highlighted hair is also
                                                                                               used to represent this.

                                                                                                The clothes and
                                                                                                makeup have
                                                                                                been used to
                                                                                                portray the
                                                                                                different social

                                                                                                 Dressed in
                                                                                                 shabby, frumpy
                                                                                                 clothes to
                                                                                                 portray the
                                                                                                 poorer class.
                                                                                                 The fact that
                                                                                                 she isn’t really
                                                                 WILHELMENA                      pretty and
                                                                                                 hardly no
                                                      Tight, figure hugging clothes help to      makeup on
                                                      represent the upper class. The slick       adds to this
Click screen to show next slide                       back hair and fine makeup also help to     representation.
                                                      represent this. This character totally
                                                      juxtaposes Betty.
As you can see Wilhelmina's
house is neat, tidy and
expensive. Through the mise
en scene we can see the
representation of the social
class. Obviously upper class is
represented here not only
through the opulent apartment
but the clothes as well.
There is no family scene here
showing independence.

                                  As you can see Betty’s house is
                                  very different. The house is messy
                                  and not in the best of conditions. It
                                  shows the middle/lower class. The
                                  clothes also represent this, the dad
                                  is in his work uniform and the
                                  others are in normal everyday
                                  As one can see a family orientated
                                  scene is set here.

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