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The Pilgrimage
                                                                                          came together so that we would finish
“How we came to be on a dragon boat paddling down                                         together. A few meters from the finish, in
                                                                                          front of a large crowd, all six Dragon Boats
the Ord River in the Kimberleys, is a bit of a long story.”                               rafted up and the two Dragons Abreast
                                                                                          Crews spread some flowers across the Lily
                                            across the Kimberley’s in May 2001            Lake, and Joanne and I scattered some of
These were Michelle Hanton’s, now
                                            (Jenny and Joanne had only just started       Jenny’s Ashes.
famous, words at the start of the Ord
Marathon in the 2004 June Long              dragon boat paddling) and we spent a          Congratulations to everyone who
Weekend Australian Story Episode, “In       few days in Kununarra, which included         paddled their dream and added another
the Pink”. This episode told the Dragons    travelling down the Ord River, along the      memorable page to their life story. Also
Abreast Story in Australia and it covered   same course of the Ord Marathon, on the       a huge thank you for everyone involved
all aspects of living life with breast      “Triple J” Tour Boat (the main support boat   in running this great event and to the
cancer. It helped raise the awareness and   for the Marathon, as we would find out        Pendragons Dragons Abreast “Spirit
benefits of Dragons Abreast Australia,      this year). So in 2004 when Jenny had co-     of Friendship” Team for giving us the
and the number of new Dragons               featured in the Australian Story Episode      opportunity to paddle this event in
Abreast clubs and paddlers grew quickly     with Michelle and various others, the         Jenny’s Honour and Memory.
across Australia. For the Ord Marathon      Ord River was very familiar and the Ord
Organisers, the Kununarra Dragon Boat       Marathon was an event we set as a goal.
Club, the show also exposed their great     Indeed for me, it was one of the reasons I                               Geoff Eldridge
event to Australia and the World.           started paddling.
The Ord Marathon is 55km Dragon Boat        Every time the opportunity presented          Editors note: Joanne Petterson is Jenny’s
paddle down the Ord River from the          itself to paddle the Ord Marathon,            twin sister and Geoff Eldridge is Jenny’s
Lake Arygle Dam Wall to the Lily Lake       we were always busy on some other             husband.
in Kununarra. The paddlers weave their      paddling campaign and we would always
way along the Ord River through one the     say, hopefully next time. Unfortunately,
oldest landscapes in the world. Anyone      Jenny passed away on the 30 June 2009.
who has travelled the Ord will tell you     When Joanne and I were invited by the
about the beautiful dominant colours        Pendragons Dragons Abreast Team to
of the orange weathered gorges, the         paddle the Ord Marathon with them on
unique green vegetation and the blue        Sunday of the June Long Weekend this
sky that comes with the beginning of the    year, we felt very privileged and a great
“dry season”.                               sense of honour. Like many DA clubs,
                                            the Australian Story Episode was the
For all who have paddled the Ord
                                            catalyst for the creation of their club and
Marathon, I am sure there “is a bit of a
                                            the reason a number of their members
long story” and for many in the Dragons
                                            started paddling.
Abreast Community, the Ord Marathon
has become a kind of “pilgrimage” and a     There were many special moments for
must do at some stage in their paddling     all of us who paddled that day and we all
career.                                     felt a great sense of pride in completing
                                            the 4 legs of the Marathon in good time,
Fast forwarding six years to the 2010
                                            having started at 7:30am and finishing
June Long Weekend, Joanne and myself
                                            around 4:30pm. Joanne has used Jenny’s
would find ourselves undertaking the
                                            paddle since Jenny’s passing and for the
Ord Marathon as part of the Penrith
                                            3rd and longest flatwater leg (15km) of
based Pendragons Dragons Abreast
                                            the Marathon, each of the paddlers in
Team – “The Spirit of Friendship”.
                                            our boat paddled with Jenny’s paddle
For Jenny, Joanne and myself the Ord        for approximately 1 km – this seemed to
Marathon was something we always            help make this our strongest leg. As we
wanted to do. Jenny and I had travelled     entered the Lily Lake all the Dragon Boats
                                                                                                            Photo: Jenny Petterson

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2010                      in the                         LOOP
                          The monthly e-newsletter from Dragons Abreast Australia

                          around the nation - Mackay QLD

And another perspective of the 2010
Ord Marathon
Mackay Girls
I first heard about dragon boating             excited we were up well before our early      Jenny’s twin sister Jo and her husband
from watching a story about DAA on             morning alarm as we didn’t want to miss       Geoff.
Australian Story on the ABC television in      the bus pick up at 5.15 a.m.                  After hearing about the special
2004. The show depicted breast cancer          We travelled by bus to the starting point     significance of today to their team it was
survivors participating in a marathon          at the base of the spillway wall and were     amazing the strength that we were able
paddle 55 kilometres along the Ord             in absolute awe of the sight of this huge     to draw from remembering Jenny and
River. The scenery was spectacular but         rock wall and towering rock formations        her outstanding achievements and the
these women were obviously a totally           which dwarfed the dragon boats which          finish line was in sight before we knew
different breed to me as I could barely lift   were tethered there waiting for us. I’ve      it. What a feeling! We were exhausted
my head off the couch at the time while        never paddled a dragon boat in fast           and emotional but we’d done it and I’d
undergoing chemotherapy.                       flowing water before and the experience       completed another adventure I never
The following July I heard Cheryl Machen       was exhilarating, especially when the         imagined I would ever have taken part
on the radio calling for other breast          strong current swept our boat quite close     in.
cancer survivors to come to a public           to a low hanging tree branch and a few
meeting to start a Dragons Abreast             of us leant over to avoid it. Our sweep,
group in Mackay and remembering that           Pauline, did a superb job of keeping the      Karen Baker, Dragons Abreast Mackay
television story I went along. We first        boat upright in what must have been
paddled with outriggers until we got our       very difficult circumstances.
own dragon boat and then travelled as a        We stopped for morning tea after 21
group to Chinese New Year in 2006 and I        kilometres feeling tired but still pumped
was hooked!                                    but everyone was telling us the part just
Since then we’ve competed at the               before the lunch break would be hardest.
regattas, Pan Pacific Masters Games and        The next 10 kilometres seemed to fly
the Queensland State Titles and I started      past, but then we hit a wall during the
to believe maybe I could do the Ord            next 12 kilometres and there was more
River marathon after all. Registrations        than one person in the boat that was
had closed for the 2008 event so I had to      wondering what they’d let themselves in
wait until this year and now two of my         for. Lunch time was over much too soon,
Mackay DA team mates, Cheryl Machen            I didn’t know how I was going to do the
and Maureen Hall, were coming to share         last 12 kilometres; I was struggling and
the adventure.                                 doubting myself.
We feel extremely fortunate that               In that 2004 Australian Story episode
Dragons Abreast NT welcomed us with            there’d been a beaming smile that I will
open arms (together with paddlers from         always remember and that I’d often seen
Victoria and South Australia). Once our        at regattas since which belonged to Jenny
registrations were confirmed we started        Petterson. This lady was truly remarkable
endurance training determined to be as         and inspirational to so many for her grit
well prepared as possible.                     and determination while undergoing
                                               treatment for her recurrent breast cancer,
We travelled over to Kununurra with
                                               always smiling she achieved at an elite
ladies from Dragons Abreast NT so had
                                               level and represented Australia. Always
the opportunity to get to know these                                                         The Mackay Girls
                                               by her side was her twin sister, Jo and
lovely ladies we’d be paddling with.
                                               never far away her husband, Geoff. Her
Saturday night we attended a briefing
                                               story is legend in DA circles and sadly
for the next day along with all the other
                                               she passed away in June last year. Today
teams and the excitement started to
                                               that same smile beamed at us from the
build. The day of the event we were so
                                               front of one of the other boats but it was

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 2010              in the             LOOP
                   The monthly e-newsletter from Dragons Abreast Australia

                   supporters of dragons abreast

Shaz Webster turned the Darwin Sailing Club
                                                               Pink Party
pink for her 50th birthday!

 The connection with Shaz
 came to Dragons Abreast
 via the Dinah Beach Cruising
 Yacht Association and Simply
 the Breast Yacht Race. Shaz
 felt she did not need any
 presents and instead asked
 her guests to make donations
 to us.

 Judging by the photos a
 great night was had by all
 with family members flying
 in from interstate to celebrate
 and helped raise in excess of
 $1,000 for Dragons Abreast -
 thank you Shaz!!!

          July 2010
 Dragons Abreast Melbourne

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2010                in the                      LOOP
                    The monthly e-newsletter from Dragons Abreast Australia

                     merchandise news / job vacancies

                                                              CLIC Magnetic Eyewear
                                                               Just letting you know that Lipstick
                                                               frames are now in stock and available
                                                               for purchase on our website.


Very important point to remember when ordering
- don’t forget to you must use the coupon section
of the website to write dragon_clic when you                                                           Hats
place your order for Dragons Abreast to receive the
$10.00 per pink (lipstick colour) ordered.

It is not enough for them to simply state “Dragons
Abreast” in the COMMENTS section, as this will not
allow ‘clic’s website to
record the order for donation purposes.

                                                Regional Representatives Vacancies
                                                Several of our Regional               The position outline is located
                                                Representatives are coming to         here and all representatives
                                                the end of their terms (2 years)      must be breast cancer survivors.
                                                and are moving on to support
                                                                                      If you are interested in
                                                DAA in other areas.
                                                                                      applying please contact
                                                In line with being a ‘living’         Trish Greenfield via email
                                                organisation we have reviewed         on regionalrepmanager@
                                                the role and are currently   for the
 For a copy of the position                     seeking expressions of interest       selection criteria.
 description, please click on                   from members who might be
                                                                                      Applications close 16th July and
 the Pdf icon above.                            interested in taking on the a
                                                                                      successful applicants will be
                                                more active role within DAA.
                                                                                      notified by 28th July.

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  2010                     in the                        LOOP
                          The monthly e-newsletter from Dragons Abreast Australia

Denise with Itzach, the Food and Beverage Manager

Quality Hotel Cambridge - Sydney
“My stay at the Cambridge Quality Hotel was wonderful.”
Some of life’s best made plans can           on how to generate more donations to
come unstitched at the last minute as        Dragons Abreast Australia through the
was my time allocated to catch up with       Quality Cambridge Hotel.
Steven Gargano, General Manager of
                                             Without letting on to much – the
the ‘Quality Hotel Cambridge’ in Sydney.
                                             hotel have seen to it that just about all
Steven was asked to attend the A.T.E
                                             bases will be covered when it comes to
(Australian Tourism Exchange) which just                                                 The Foyer of the Cambridge Hotel
                                             supporting Dragons Abreast. There will
happens to be the largest Tourism Trade
                                             be something on the menu – something
Show in the southern hemisphere a day
                                             in the rooms – entertainment – corporate
before my arrival in Sydney. So needless
to say it was disappointing not to catch
up with Steven, however, I was relieved      My stay at the Cambridge Quality Hotel
(slightly – only a little bit !! ) when my   was wonderful, and I am continually
personal training session that Steven and    reminded that there are many ‘good’
I had arranged had to be cancelled.          people in our vast country that see
                                             Dragons Abreast as their charity of
Although I didn’t get to meet Steven, I
                                             choice, and the staff at the hotel are no
did have the pleasure of meeting with
Manja – Client Relations Manager, Lilia
– Business Development Executive and         Denise Lynn
Itzhak, Food and Beverage Manager,
                                             National Fundraising Manager                Manja - Client Relations Manager and Lilia -
all equally bursting with fantastic ideas
                                                                                         Business Development Executive

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2010                    in the                          LOOP
                        The monthly e-newsletter from Dragons Abreast Australia

                                                                                            Palliative Care. Julie passed away in the
                                                                                            arms of her loving family on 12 May 2010,
                                                                                            leaving behind her husband, daughter
                                                                                            and son. Our thoughts are with them.
                                                                                            Julie’s husband Rob said –“Cancer became
                                                                                            a part of Julie’s life. She lived with it in
                                                                                            much the same way as many people live
                                                                                            with afflictions. She came to resolve that
                                                                                            she didn’t want to label any part of her life
                                                                                            as having the very negative connotation
                                                                                            expressed by the word ‘Battle’. It is true
                                                                                            that Cancer finally claimed her life, but
                                                                                            she died with a smile in her heart, not a
                                                                                            grimacing furrowed frown of a warlord
                                                                                            or the desperate sunken despair of a lost

VALE - Julie Scott                                         12 May 2010
                                                                                            battle. Julie had a wonderful life, because
                                                                                            she had the right attitude. I think she really
                                                                                            got the ‘point’ of this whole existence
                                                                                            thing. What an amazing person. We were
“The Crewsaders first boat, “Estuary Juille”, includes                                      all so honoured to be there to witness the
                                                                                            completion of our journey with Julie. Of
Julie’s name, so she will continue to be honoured and                                       course, she remains very much with us in
remembered by the Crewsaders into the future.”                                              so many ways. I’m sure Julie is somehow
                                                                                            guiding me.”
In April 2005 Julie Scott became one of       Julie said of the Crewsaders –                On the Saturday following Julie’s passing
the co-founders of Crewsaders Dragons         “Involvement in the Crewsaders has            the Crewsaders were joined by a dolphin
Abreast Bunbury, and their inaugural          made a big difference to my life. From the    that appeared and swam along with us
Coordinator.                                  start I knew Dragons Abreast was for me.      close by the front of the boat – something
                                              The opportunity to be physically active       that has never happened to us before.
Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer
                                              and share experiences, while having           It was a very precious moment as we
in April 2000 at the age of 37 and she
                                              fun times with a supportive group of          believe it was Julie joining us for one
celebrated her five year survival soon
                                              fellow survivors and supporters has been      more beautiful morning on the water.
after the Crewsaders was formed.
During the following 10 years Julie had       inspirational and was everything I’d been     The Crewsaders first boat, “Estuary Juille”,
several reoccurrences that responded          looking for”.                                 includes Julie’s name, so she will continue
to treatment, however she knew she            Julie was an amazing woman – her              to be honoured and remembered by the
had metastatic breast cancer. Despite         enthusiasm, quiet achievement and             Crewsaders into the future.
this Julie considered herself fortunate       gentle, caring personality lead the
to be able to keep active and well with       Crewsaders firmly in the right direction
the help of weekly Herceptin. Living          during that first year. She had a quiet       Jill Harrison
with breast cancer gave Julie and her         way of going about things, which
family a different outlook on life, as well   brought enormous respect, drew people
as strength and resilience and made sure      around her and always produced results.
they lived every moment to the full.          Everyone was important to Julie and she
Julie worked as a physiotherapist at          embraced everyone with her love and
the Bunbury Regional Hospital and             kindness. Julie taught us how precious
was pleased to be able to share some          life is and to make every moment count.
of her knowledge and skills with the          Julie’s strength was inspirational to us
Crewsaders. Primarily she saw herself         all and our lives are the richer for having
as another survivor wanting to have           known her.
fun, raise awareness and be part of a         Unfortunately the cancer spread to Julie’s
supportive group. Julie’s 12 year old         brain and during the last 12 months
daughter Courtney was also one of the         of Julie’s life her husband Rob became
Crewsaders founding members.                  her full time carer, with short stays in

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                             The monthly e-newsletter from Dragons Abreast Australia

The International Breast Cancer
Paddlers Commission (IBCPC)                                                                      Fundraising with a
Participatory Festival
                                                                                                 Dragons Abreast Wagga Wagga recently
The International Breast Cancer                  opening ceremony followed and we were           held a unique fundraising activity called
                                                 welcomed by every man and his dog and
Paddlers Commission (IBCPC)                                                                      Self Defence for Women, with formal
                                                 the evening was finished off with fireworks.    instruction provided by David Bardos
Participatory Festival was held
                                                                                                 and his experienced team from Aikido
in Peterborugh, Ontario, Canada                  Day One of the competition started off a        Wagga.
in early June. Many members                      real worry with thunder and lightening.
of Dragons Abreast Australia                     We weren’t sure whether we would be             Aikido is a Japanese martial art that
                                                 able to go onto the water but it cleared        aims to harmonize energy with that of a
attended and we are sure you’ll                                                                  partner or opponent in order to achieve
                                                 up enough to get the show on the road
enjoy reading the feedback                       and apart from the rain showers it was          both physical and emotional mastery
received here in the office:                     okay. Winds and currents made it tricky         through peaceful resolution. So this
                                                 for the sweeps and there were a few bugs        workshop was specifically designed to
The festival wasn’t only about the racing,       earlier on but they were sorted out. That       enable a woman to learn to escape and
it was the fellowship (or sistership) that       racing start of ours was a big factor in        defend herself from attackers and use
was the biggest factor. The ladies were all      our wins. We got off to a very strong start.    her ultimate weapon, the mind.
very nice and everyone was there to enjoy        The lifts then pulled us ahead and our
                                                                                                 The techniques used are not based
themselves and celebrate life. The locals        timing and longer deeper stroke made a
                                                                                                 on strikes and kicks, as are most other
welcomed us in the most generous way             huge difference. Winning both races on
                                                                                                 self-defence courses for women, as
and we were given so much. The opening           day one by over a boat and a half length
                                                                                                 strikes and kicks offer very little chance
parade was a symphony of noise and the           made us really appreciate our training.
                                                                                                 for success against an assailant who is
town turned out to wave and cheer us                                                             most likely going to be bigger, stronger,
all on. There were so many Australians           Boerge – Dragons Abreast ACT                    and capable of hitting back. The escape
there that one gentleman asked if we had                                                         moves are based on leverage and
brought over five jumbo jets. We all sang                                                        technique, and do not require strength
our team songs and chants and I can attest       Thank you for giving me what DAA is all         or speed, and can be used effectively
to the fact that we were amoungst the            about, the fun, friendship and support.         by women of any age, size, strength, or
loudest. In fact I strained my voice to the      I loved paddling with DA Inspiration as I       level of physical fitness ... sounds just
extent that I had to pretty much shut up for     was able to experience being with other         right for breast cancer survivors.
the rest of the time. Sadly, for you, my voice   like minded women.
is improving and I will be well and truly                                                        As this was a fundraising function there
back to my noisy self before we get home.                                                        was also a raffle with 4 great prizes which
After the parade there was a barbeque            Denise – Dragons Abreast Inspiration –          included a voucher for a wonderful
and over 2,000 people were fed very well,        composite team                                  stay at the Quality Hotel Cambridge
desserts were very nice (so I’m told). The                                                       in Sydney - thanks to Steven Gargano
                                                                                                 and Dragons Abreast Australia for this
                                                                                                 wonderful prize.
                                                                                                 Pictured left - with her Quality Hotel
                                                                                                 Cambridge voucher is our winner,
                                                                                                 Cheryl Robertson who was thrilled
                                                                                                 to win, and Denise Flockton, President
                                                                                                 of Dragons Abreast Wagga, presenting
                                                                                                 a Certificate of Appreciation to David
                                                                                                 Bardos and his Aikido team to thank
                                                                                                 them for donating their time and
                                                                                                 their skills to teach us ways to defend

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     The monthly e-newsletter from Dragons Abreast Australia

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2010                                                                                                                                                                 .

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