The Makeup of the Knife by liaoqinmei


									The Makeup of the Knife
          Parts of the Knife
• A knife is constructed of several parts
• Each part determines how the knife feels
  in the chef’s hand and how to best use it.
• It also determines how long the knife will
             1. The Blade
• The blade is the cutting surface of the
• A high-quality blade is made of a single
  piece of metal
• The blade has been forged or stamped
  into its shape
        Forged vs. Stamped
• A forged blade is made from a single piece
  of heated metal that is dropped into a mold
  and then pounded and cut into shape.

• A stamped blade is made by cutting
  blade-shaped pieces from sheets of steel
• Usually made of stainless steel
• Some modern knives are made of a
  ceramic material called titanium
• These materials do not rust or discolor, but
  are difficult to sharpen
                2. The Tang
• The tang is the
  continuation of the
  blade into the knife’s
• Can either be full or
• A full tang is the
  length of the whole
               The Handle
• Knife handles are made of various
  materials, such as hard woods, textured
  metal, or composite materials
• Some are cushioned
• Some handles are attached to the blades
  using rivets
  – should be flush with the surface of the handle
                Trying On
• Because you will be holding your knife for
  extended periods, get a knife that:
  – Feels comfortable in your hand
  – Is the right size
  – Has a good material for the handle

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