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					Drivers, Registry, and Passwords. Oh My!
Tips to Fix Your Own Computer
You just spent hours trying to fix your broken computer. You resort to asking a family
member, friend, or maybe even paying a professional to fix it. Two minutes later, it's working
and you feel like an idiot.

"What was wrong with it?"

"Oh it was just a driver issue. That'll be $99.99."

What exactly is a driver? Why do you have them? Why do they keep breaking down?

A driver is a bit of software whose purpose is to make a physical component on the computer
perform properly. Unfortunately, as changes are made to the computer, sometimes other
software or updates may cause a driver to not work properly. Companies like Intel are
constantly updating your computer's drivers so as to keep up with the neverending march
forward that Technology is always heading towards.

Unfortunately, locating drivers on the internet can be a bit of a scavenger hunt even if you
know exactly what you are looking for. If you have an older computer running Windows XP
or Windows Vista, I would reccomend software that automatically does this for you, such as
Driver Robot.

Is your computer running sluggish? Chances are the registry hasn't been cleaned out for some
time now. Like changing the oil to a car, cleaning out your registry is vital to keep your
computer healthy and tuned up. There are some free registry cleaners available online, but be
warned--it could very well be a 'Trojan Horse Virus,' which is a computer virus disguised as
something you think might be good. A safe registry cleaner that I recommend is FixCleaner.
Check them out yourself.

Finally, what if you forgot your password to windows? Well you have two options. The first
would be to format your hard drive and reinstall Windows. This means you would loose all
your data, as well as your programs (sometimes programs cost more than the computer, such
as Photoshop and Microsoft Access). Another solution would be to reset your password,
which can easily be done with Password Resetter.

So in closing, I hope that some of my solutions might be able to help you with your computer
problems. Remember, when in doubt, reboot ;)

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