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					                                      Claiming our history
                                   Celebrating our present
                                       Creating our future!
LGBT History Month Bulletin                                      issue 43 Jan. 2008

                         LGBT History Month bulletin 46
               Welcome to the 47th LGBT History Month Bulletin. There are 6 sections:
                  Get ready for LGBT HM 5: a new section with regular updates
               News: A selection of LGBT related news articles from the past month
             Events: a calendar of shows, conferences and meetings during late January
                    Community: appeals, requests and community based ideas
                Coming Soon: advance notice of events occurring during the month
                             Quotes: who said what, where and when

  Get ready for LGBT History Month 5!
  Next year will mark our 5th birthday. LGBT History Month UK is already the biggest
  LGBT History Month in the world, but now we need to build on the past 4 years by
  making it the biggest and best LGBT History Month ever; and we need to start now.
  First of all we need your help.

 This year we are planning a UK-wide LGBTHM5 meeting to discuss good ideas, develop new
 ideas and establish ways that we can help you to celebrate LGBT people and their achievements
 throughout LGBT History Month 2009.

                                           We already have the LGBT History Month 2009
If you have a new and interesting          badges, which resulted from a competition held
idea for an event, tell us about it.       among some of London’s finest students of Art and
Go to                                      Design. These will be released for the          TUC LGBT Conference, the Transfabulous
rum/?CategoryID=3 and write to             Conference and London Pride;
us on our Forum.                           all of which will take place at the start of July.
In the meantime, our site contains a                 We are also planning to re-vamp our
new health-pack, with issues and ideas               lesson suggestions to fit them into the
surrounding LGBT History Month and the               new National Curriculum orders and
promotion of good health. To see this                present them to teachers in a new house-
new and exciting resource, go to                     style this year, in a new effort to bring               LGBT into the classrooms. Someone who
lth/.                                                needs no help in doing this is Elly Barnes,
                                                     a teacher at Stoke Newington School. To
                                                     see what she has achieved with her pupils
We shall be at London Pride this year,               go to
as well as Brighton, Lincoln and a host    
of others. Keep you eyes peeled and                  ls/SNschool.htm
come and visit us and help us to sell our

                                                      In summary:
                                                      New ideas
We want a website full of personal                    Health
histories and ground-breaking events. If              New Education packs
there is a famous LGBT person in your                 Help us at Pride!
area, contact us and tell us about them               Sell our wares!
(if they are alive, get their permission              Write about a famous LGBT
first!) Give us an LGBT history of your               character from your area
town/city/village. Go to                              Fill our website up!
ory/personalhistories.htm for details.

 Tories trounce labour as Boris takes London
 As the Tories take over the nation’s local councils and Boris tries on the crown as the newly
 elected Mayor of London, LGBT campaigners have to prepare themselves to deal with some new
 faces. Is the party that brought us Section 28 a new caring party, or is there enough of the old
 nasty party around to set back our campaigns? Will New Labour be more biddable now that they
 have lost the faith of the electorate, or will they batten down the hatches in an effort to win back
 their support from the right? It has never been more important to make our voices heard with
 our MPs’ so if there is a campaign, or if your MP has been ambiguous over LGBT rights, contact
 him/her and let them know what you want. Remember that LGBT people vote too!

 Support International Day against Homophobia!
There are 77 countries in the world today where it is a criminal offence to be gay.
These countries punish women, men and children because of their sexuality and in
seven countries the punishment is death.
An International Day against Homophobia (IDAHO) provides a platform for everyone to
make a powerful statement to demand improvements for the quality of life for LGBT
people both overseas and here in the UK. The 17th May can be used to raise
awareness of homophobic issues that are negatively impacting on people’s lives and to
showcase success stories where a positive change has been achieved.
Please visit and see how you can get involved
on the 17th May 2008

Birmingham Gay Remembered

Birmingham marks its LGBT History with an exhibition throughout the month of May.
The ‘Gay Birmingham Remembered’ exhibition illustrates the political, social and
cultural heritage of the lesbian, gay and bisexual community and the experiences of
local people contributing to and living through times of great change. It will transport
you through time with images and quotations from 80 interviewees documenting and
describing the transition from an era when male homosexuality was both criminilised
and taboo to today’s vibrant and open lesbian, gay and bisexual community in

LGBT History Month welcomes GRT History Month
The UK’s first Gypsy, Romany, Traveller Month is to be held in June this year. We
welcome this initiative and invite any GRT people who are LGBT to talk to us and share
their experiences, so that we might work together. Go to
Meanwhile we are delighted to note that the GRT History Month website proudly boasts
the logo of the Department for Children, Schools and Families. Might we ask again
that they allow our website to sport their logo?

Mehdi Kazemi Latest
Since the announcement by Jacqui Smith to review the decision to deport gay Iranian
Mehdi Kazemi to Iran, where his boyfriend was executed in 2006, there has been no
further news on his case. However, on March 22nd Middle East Workers' Solidarity [1]
and National Union of Students staged a protest opposite Downing Street in defence of
Kazemi. Several LGBT student organisations also attended in their own right, including
the Manchester, Bradford, and Leeds University LGBT Societies. The demonstration
demanded that he should not be sent to his death in Iran, and that he should be
allowed to stay in Britain if he so chooses. Thanks to them, and thanks to Wikipedia for
producing this information. No thanks to Respect Revival’s George Galloway, who
trotted out the old line that Kazemi’s partner was executed for raping boys on Sky

Mother jailed in Landmark homophobic hate crime case
A 44 year old mother was jailed for 3 months and her 22 year old daughter served with
a 2 year supervision order after they were found guilty of a systematic campaign of
homophobic abuse and harassment against a gay couple in Kent. LGBT campaigning
organisations have hailed the sentence as a sign that homophobic hate crime is at last
being taken seriously and Kent police have invited anyone who claims to be on the
receiving end of homophobic hate crime to come forward. Full story

DV8’s To Be Straight With You storms the nation
Physical Theatre Company DV8 is storming the nation to terrific reviews with its latest
production, Lloyd Newson’s To Be Straight with You. A multi-ethnic cast performs
around the theme of religious, sexual and racial intolerance and the performance is
based on a series of interviews with people from a range of backgrounds. TBSWY hits
Newcastle and Coventry in May.

Proud Heritage Online Museum Launched
After three years of careful research and development, Proud Heritage, the national
museum for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history and cultural ancestry,
opened its doors online officially on 18 April. There was a special preview event for the
public on the 14th which featured a biographic interview with Peter Tatchell.
During the event, organised in partnership with the Natural History Museum, Proud
Heritage set out its future plans and unveiled its first public phase - a cutting edge
online museum that breaks new ground, and not just for being queer!
Jack Gilbert, Executive Director commented, “Proud Heritage has already established
itself as an expert agency in the heritage sector, now it is ready to go live. And now it
needs public support. Find out how to give memory or memorabilia, how to
volunteer and how to become a Friend! Be Proud!"

No Parade for Birmingham
It won’t rain on their parade at Birmingham Pride this year because there won’t be
one. After failing to reach a settlement over the times and the road closures the
weekend will go ahead without its traditional parade and floats.


Moscow Gay Rights Group Gets Smart
After a series of bans on LGBT marches throughout Russia’s capital, Moscow Pride
organisers have applied for 5 marches every day throughout the month of May. The
intention is to bombard the courts with applications and grind the whole bureaucratic
process to a halt!

Rainbow Flag at Belarus
At a demonstration to mark the anniversary of Chernobyl, the LGBT rainbow flag has
its first outing on Belarus!

Events Calendar
17-18 May 2008                                 Nottingham Pride
Blackpool Gay Pride                            Saturday 2 August 2008
Thursday 17 May 2008                           Brighton and Hove Gay Pride - Parade and park party
International Day Against Homophobia - IDAHO   Sunday 3 August 2008
9-25 May 2008                                  Pride in our City - Leeds
Queer Up North - Greater Manchester            7-10 August 2008
24-25 May 2008                                 Reykjavik Gay Pride - Iceland
Birmingham Gay Pride                           Saturday 9 August 2008
23-25 May 2008                                 Gloucestershire Rainbow Day
Bear Pride                                     Saturday 9 August 2008
Saturday 7 June 2008                           Hull Pride
Scottish Borders LGBT Pride Barbeque           Sunday 10 August 2008
Saturday 7 June 2008                           Wakefield Pride
Plymouth Gay Pride                             Saturday 16 August 2008
Saturday 7 June 2008                           UK Black Pride - London
South Yorkshire Pride - Sheffield              Sunday 17 August 2008
Saturday 5 July 2008                           Doncaster Pride
Pride London - Parade and rally                15 - 25 August 2008
Saturday 5 July 2008                           Manchester Gay Pride - Festival
Rainbow Fest - Aberdeen                        21-24 August 2008 - Parade on 23 August
11-13 July 2008                                North West of Ireland LGBT Pride - Sligo
Bourne Free - Bournemouth                      Saturday 23 August 2008
Saturday 12 July 2008                          Manchester Gay Pride - Parade
Oxford Gay Pride                               Saturday 23 August 2008
Saturday 12 July 2008                          Cornwall Gay Pride - Beach picnic Day
N-Pride - Newcastle-upon-Tyne                  Saturday 30 August 2008
19-20 July 2008                                Reading Gay Pride
Lincolnshire Gay Pride                         Saturday 30 August 2008
25 July - 3 August 2008                        Pride Glasgow
EuroPride in STOCKHOLM - Sweden                11-14 September 2008
26 July - 3 August 2008              
Brighton and Hove Gay Pride - Festival         Pride Derby 26-28 September
26 July - 2 August 2008                        SuperGay weekender - Middlesbrough
Belfast Gay Pride                                                 23-26 October 2008
Saturday 26 July 2008                                             York Lesbian Arts Festival
Thanet Pride
Saturday 26 July 2008

Pride Events 2008

                                                 LESBI:-GAY:-BI:-TRANS (LGBT) PHOBIA
                                                INTERNATIONAL END HOMOPHOBIA DAY
                                                       SATURDAY MAY 17TH 2008
                    In 77 countries it is illegal to be GAY, in some the punishment is by death.
                    Interrelated Lesbi-Gay- Bi-Trans- Phobias exists through out the world even in the UK.
                    Verbal & Physical Bullying, driven to Suicide.
                    6% more LGBT persons tend to harm themselves or add onto the suicide rate.
                    Neo Fascists attacks throughout Europe against LGBT persons. These are not a Human Right.

                               OXFORD MARCH AND RALLY
                                                           MARCH START :-12pm
                                                         Manzil Way, Cowley Rd, Oxford

                             RALLY IN BROAD STREET, OXFORD CITY CENTRE UNTIL 3pm
                    Peter Tatchell:- Human rights campaigner
                    Dennis Hambridge:-Amnesty International LGBT group member
                    Richard Lohman:-UNISON National LGBT Committee BI-Caucus male representative.
                    Additional speakers to be announced.

                                     Amnesty International
                    “Protecting individuals wherever Justice, Fairness, Freedom and Truth are denied”
                    Supported by:-
                    UNISON and the KYOSEI SYSTEMS End Homophobia Campaign

                                                 Contact:-Dennis Hambridge, Amnesty International LGBT group member

                                                     Supporting- IDAHO UK
                                          A work conceived and directed
                                                by Lloyd Newson
May 6th Tues
Evening (every Tuesday)               CSI (Cramlington Sexual Identity) A group for gay, lesbian and bisexual young
Cramlington Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual   people aged between 13-19. contact Sharon on: 01670 597 865 or Steve at MESMAC
Youth Group                           on: 0191 233 1333.

5.30-9.30 Central Schools of Speech   Under 25 LGBTQ drama workshop Free! Contact Alice on or Jay on
and Drama Nr. Swiss Cottage 
Every Tuesday evening. Stage opens    Central Station, 37 Wharfdale Rd, King's Cross, London N1
9pm Bar Wotever
May 7th Wed
7pm CAMRA LGBT Pub Crawl              We will meet at 7.00 pm in The Ship, 116 Wardour Street, London, W1
NTA Southwark                         Southwark LGBT Workers Forum. Dax Ashworth 020 7525 5659
May 8th Thurs
All Day Queens University Belfast     Donation not Discrimination Day. Protest against the Blood Donation service’s ban on
                                      active homosexuals giving blood. Organised by the NUS QUB
9.30-4.30                             A conference hosted by North East Funders Forum to explore making Equality and
                                      Diversity happen in strategy and practice. Keynote speaker: Patrick Diamond, Strategy
                                      Group Director at The Equality and Human Rights Commission. Thursday 8 May at
                                      Durham Cricket Club, Riverside, Chester-le-Street.
                                      More information
                                      Booking Form
5.30-9.30 Central Schools of Speech   Under 25 LGBTQ drama workshop Free! Contact Alice on or Jay on
and Drama Nr. Swiss Cottage 
7.30 till Sat. 10th                   DV8 To Be Straight with You
Northern Stage Newcastle    
6pm Southwark Town Hall               Southwark LGBT Forum
May 9 Fri
All day till 25th                     Queer Up North
May10 Sat
All day till 25th                     Queer Up North
May 11 Sun
2-6pm Central Schools of Speech       Under 25 LGBTQ drama workshop Free! Contact Alice on or Jay on
and Drama Nr. Swiss Cottage  
                                       The Gay Football Supporters Network's National League Cup at Rainworth Miners
1pm Mansfield
GFSN National League Cup Final         Welfare FC, Mansfield. This is the second year of the tournament with Village
                                       Manchester FC playing Leicester Wildecats. GFSN hopes to offer a parallel
                                       women's tournament in the future. For more information go to
8pm Nightingales Birmingham            Laughing Cows Comedy Night. To book; Kerry Downing – 07956576865
8pm Gay Night Out in Herts             The Candlestick, Essendon
May 12th Mon
All day (?) Ten Pin Bowling London         Canada Quays
May 13 Tues
5.30-9.30 Central Schools of Speech        Under 25 LGBTQ drama workshop Free! Contact Alice on or Jay on
and Drama Nr. Swiss Cottage      
7-11                                       Polari with Paul Burston. Green Carnation, 5 Greek Street. Free
7.30 till Saturday 17th UnityTheatre       Homotopia and Glasgay present ‘Rock’ Book Tickets £10 - £12 Unity Theatre Box Office:
Liverpool                                  0151 709 4988
9pm Bistrtheque, Wadeson Street            The House of Homosexual Culture £5
May 14th Wed
6pm Unity Theatre Liverpool                Now We Know He Was Gay. Film Historian and Professor Richard Dyer appraises Rock
                                           Hudson 0151 709 4988

May 15th Thurs
2pm every Thursday                         Out in the City. For LGBT people 50+
Taurus Bar Manchester
6.30-8pm The Women’s Library, London       Join us on a guided tour. 15 places available To reserve your free place contact
Metropolitan University           020 7525 5659/ 07958 301324
                                           Venue: The Women's Library, London Metropolitan University
                                           Old Castle Street, E1 7NT More info @
May 16th Fri
7.30 till Saturday 17th UnityTheatre       Homotopia and Glasgay present ‘Rock’ Book Tickets £10 - £12 Unity Theatre Box Office:
Liverpool                                  0151 709 4988
May 17th Sat
3.30- 8.30                                 Dragon Hall, 17, Stukeley Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5LT
Section 28: Hiding                         There will be an exhibition of press material from the period, covering the tabloid
Homosexuality, Covent Garden               backlash against the lesbian and gay policies (actual and apocryphal) of a number of
                                           local authorities, the social impact of HIV and AIDS, and the routine and recurrent
                                           homophobia of Fleet Street's finest (George Gale, Jean Rook, 'Mills the Angry Voice' et
                                           al). Drinks (wine, or fruit juice for members of the Temperance League) and nibbles will
                                           be provided. Attendance is free, although places need to be pre-booked. Please provide
                                           names of attendees to Robert Thompson via or telephone on 020
                                           8411 4933.
All day                                    REF:-LESBI-GAY-BI-Trans- (LGBT)Phobias.
Oxford march and rally                     INTERNATIONAL END HOMPHOBIA DAY
                                           Please find a downloadable poster for the above event and if possible display on your
                                           students notice boards and pass forward to others.
                                           This is the first International call to support end to Homophobia.
                                           All people should enjoy the FREEDOMS of the Universal Decleration of Human
                                           Rights and following Covenant of Rights (1948-2008).Yet there are millions of people
                                           across the globe face Execution,Torture, Violence, Imprisonment and Discrimination
                                           because of thier Sexual Orientatation and /or Gender Identity. The range of abuses are
                                           *Women raped to "cure" thier Lesbianism, sometimes at the behest of thier families.
                                           * Individuals persecuted because thier private and consensual relationship is deemed a
                                           social disorder.
                                           * Loss of custody of thier children.
                                           * Individuals beaton by police.
                                           *Indivduals beaton by Neo-Facists.
                                           *Attacked and sometimes killed on the streets, a victim of hate crime.
                                           *LGBT events banned and /or attacked.
                                           *Regualr subjection to verbal and/or physical attacks.
                                           *Bullying at school.
                                           *Denial of employment, housing or health services.
                                           *Denial of Asylum when they flee abuse.
                                           *Raped and otherwise tortured in detention.
                                           *Threatened for campaigning for thier rights.
                                           *Driven to suicide.
                                           *Executed by the state.
                                            For all IDAHO events go to
1-2pm Rochester Cathedral                   Demonstration against notorious homophobe, Bishop Nazir-Ali
May 18 Sun
5pm Catholic Mass (Fortnightly)             The Church Of The Assumption & St Gregory, Warwick Street Street, Soho
May19 Mon
PM Badminton Social Nottingham    
May 20th Tues
6.30 London Gay & Bi men’s book             Upstairs at Comptons, Soho
May 21st Wed
Evening: Greenwich gay and Lesbian          Waterstones. Contact store for details
Writers’ Group
7.30 till Sat. 24th Warwick Arts Centre     DV8 To be Straight with You
May 22nd Thurs
All Day Beat Bullying                       Anti-Bullying Alliance: Beat Bullying; the Big Stand
6-8pm GLA (29th if it rains!)               Photo Shoot Aim: to take some images to be used for future Southwark LGBT
                                            resources, (Pride/History Month/ exhibitions) the Southwark Network website etc. All
                                            welcome to take part would be great to have a good mix of ages/ genders etc The
                                            photographer will be Allison Livingstone-Whitton Venue: Meet at the GLA building, City
                                            Building, Queens Walk, SE1 2AA. Photos will be taken at and near Tower Bridge and the
                                            river. After the photo shoot people are invited to a near by pizza/ pasta place. The cost
                                            of the pizza/ pasta to be subsidised for those that take part in the shoot. If you are
                                            interested in taking part, please contact Dax on
                                            020 7525 5659
                                            Or text ‘photo’ with your name to 07958 301324
May 23rd Fri
All day till 25th                           Queer Up North
All weekend Birmingham                      Birmingham Pride
May24th Sat
All day till 25th                           Queer Up North
May 25 Sun
All day till 25th                           Queer Up North
May 26 BH Mon
May 27th Tues
Evening: Wycombe Book Group                 Dykes Enjoy Books and socialising (DEBS)
May 28 Wed
Afternoon: sailing                          East Coast Sailing Club, Ipswich. Meeting for LGBT sailors/yachters
May 29th Thurs
8pm Karaoke in Watford                      Load of Hay
May 30 Fri
All Day till Sunday Bolton Socialist Club   Celebrating Walt Whitman. See letter below.
May 31 Sat
10am Stirling Highland Hotel                Equality without Borders.
June 1 Mon

                            The Edward Carpenter Forum is delighted to announce
                       ‘Celebrating Walt Whitman’
              an event, in partnership with Bolton Socialist Club,
                       at Bolton May 30th - June 1st 2008.

   Walt Whitman, America’s great gay poet, was championed in England
         by his friend and lover, the gay pioneer Edward Carpenter,
      & further by ‘the Bolton Whitmanites’ a Socialist group at Bolton.
  Edward Carpenter, friendly with the Bolton group, attended their annual
   celebration of Whitman’s birthday. The comrade love which bound the
  Whitmanites together, having within in it a degree of homophile affection,
                          lasted to end of their lives.

                 On May 31st 2008 (Walt Whitman’s birthday)
       a Conference, with an international group of Whitman experts,
              will be followed by ‘the Whitman Birthday Walk’
            into nearby hills, complete with lilacs, poetry readings,
      a loving-cup and afternoon tea, in a tradition dating back to 1887.

Dear Friend
   I am writing to you on behalf of the Edward Carpenter Forum, a new group
for people with an interest in Carpenter (,
to advertise ‘Celebrating Walt Whitman’ at Bolton May 30th -June 1st.
Knowing of your own interest in Carpenter, we hope that you may be able to
attend this unique event.

  To give you a little more information:
  Friday afternoon activities will begin at 2.30pm - to include a talk on the
Bolton Whitmanites at the Museum building, a reception and viewing of the
Whitman items within the Museum’s collection, the civic unveiling of a
plaque to the Whitmanites, and a tour of Whitmanite sites around the town.

  Saturday morning will include talks at the Bolton Library Lecture Hall.
We are fortunate to have the following to present during the weekend;
Dr. Paul Salveson - Paul’s original research into the Bolton Whitmanites,
published in his ‘Loving Comrades’, led to the revival of the annual Whitman
 birthday celebrations 25 years ago this year.
Sheila Rowbotham - professor at Manchester University, Sheila has had a
lifelong interest in Carpenter. Her forthcoming book, to be published later
this year by Verso, promises to be the definitive biography of Carpenter’s life.
Michael Robertson - professor of English at the College of New Jersey,
Michael’s book ‘Worshipping Walt - the Whitman Disciples’ published this
month by Princeton Press, includes chapters on both Carpenter and Bolton.
Joey Cain - based in San Francisco, Joey has had a long standing research
interest in both Edward Carpenter and Walt Whitman, and has made a
particular study of the relationship between the two men.
              The traditional Whitman Birthday Walk begins at 2pm.
              It may be that some people, unable to commit for the full three days, will
              choose to come just to these Saturday events.
              For those able to stay on, Sunday will include the lovely walk to Rivington,
              another Whitmanite spot nearby, and a Unitarian service at Rivington Chapel,
              with a Whitman theme, at which the Bolton Clarion Choir will be singing.

              We are grateful to the Bolton Socialist Club for inviting us to be their guests.
              The event promises a diverse group of people - with the chance to share our
              varied responses to Whitman adding to the richness of the weekend.

             Costs for this event should be reasonable. They will chiefly comprise:
          1. your travel costs - those arriving by train are advised to book early.   (N.B.
             Bolton is a short journey by train from Manchester Piccadilly and is served by
             a regular commuter service.)
          2. your accommodation expenses. (It may be that some people will have friends
             in Manchester or nearby with whom they can stay, otherwise we are asking
             you to arrange your own B&B accommodation near to Bolton - a list of
             possible places can be supplied if requested.)
          3. Payment for your meals as need be - this may include a contribution for a
             buffet supper on Friday evening, afternoon tea on Saturday, a group meal out
             on Saturday evening, a pub lunch on Sunday.

                If you would like to attend this event please confirm by e mail to this
              address. Along with your full contact details, please also kindly indicate
              whether you plan to attend for the full three day event or just for Saturday
              May 31st itself.
               With good wishes,
                           John Baker on behalf of the Edward Carpenter Forum.

New LGBT group in North Tyneside
There's a new group getting together - its called 'Fruit Salad' - anyone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) can join. The group
aims to be a social opportunity and also to help educate organisations about LGBT issues. ( I believe you can just take part in the bits you want
you could just use it as a 'social' if you didn't want to be part of the 'educating'!) Anyone who is interested should contact Fruit Salad direct via
Jamie on 07716 775102
Virtual Group for Transgender People
I have started an msn group for local transgender men an women, covering Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and Durham. It is hoped in the long
run we will meet as a group, but that is driven by the needs of members as some are out than others. The group's address is It started as Tyne and Wear and has spread a little further. Stephanie Butterfield
HIV 1-Hour Test
A new free one-hour HIV testing service open to gay and bisexual men in the North East is now available in MESMAC offices in both Newcastle &
Middlesbrough. The test is a simple finger prick test with pre and post test counselling and results within the hour.
The Newcastle sessions are available every Tuesday between 5-7pm, for more details please contact MESMAC on 0191 233 1333.
The Middlesbrough sessions are available for drop-in between 12 noon and 6pm on Tuesday's and appointments can be made for other days and
times if required. To make an appointment call MESMAC Teesside on: 01642 804400.
Lesbian counselling service in Middlesbrough
The LBW Network has worked in partnership with Mind to develop a confidential support service for lesbian and bisexual women, or women
questioning their sexuality. The service will offer one-to-one listening support, either face to face or through a telephone support line. They can
provide support for a variety of difficulties, including stress, anxiety, depression, relationships and anger. For support or more information about
this free service, contact Caroline at Middlesbrough Mind on 01642 248809, Middlesbrough Mind, 1st Floor, Grange Road, Middlesbrough TS1 5AU
or contact Lesley.
Calling all Newcastle based footballers!
In the last 5 years the national gay football league has grown from strength to strength, but The Yorkshire Terriers are the most northern team
for gay men and women to play in... I think it’s about time Newcastle have a time of their own.
If you are aged between 16 to 116, love playing football whatever your ability and have the desire to become the best team in the league, then
email Rob your name, contact number and location to
If you are not interested in playing then there are other ways you can support the team:- Side line support, sponsorship, admin help and half
team orange provider(not a real job)
Research: women’s body satisfaction physical appearance and sexuality
My name is Caroline Huxley and I am a PhD student in the Centre for Appearance Research, which is based at the University of the
West of England.
My research focuses on women’s body satisfaction, physical appearance, and sexuality. This is an important area to research as
body satisfaction and appearance concerns are linked with psychological well being and health behaviours. Most research,
however, assumes that women are straight. Little is known about how lesbian and bisexual women feel about their appearance,
and how this has affected their well being.
In order to explore this I am conducting one to one interviews with women who identify as lesbian or bisexual to talk about their
feelings towards their body and appearance. Interviews last about an hour and can be done at a time and place that suit you.
If you are interested in taking part or would like more information about the project then please contact me on:
Centre for Appearance Research, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of the West of England, Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour
Lane, Bristol, BS16 1QY,
Telephone Number: 0117 328 3947

Coming Soon
London Pride Saturday 5 July 2008
To all our trans friends and friends of trans…
We are the 2008 Trans at Pride Committee, acting as a communication link between Pride London and the trans community. We
want to make this year's Pride Fortnight and March bigger and better than ever for trans people and grassroots trans groups like
yours and our own.
Read on and you will see that we are planning lots of exciting things for Pride, including, a conference, a decorated float for the
March, a high-profile trans presence on the Rally Stage in Trafalgar Square and our very own magazine!
So, if you want to get involved in the best Pride celebration ever, just read on and then send us an email with your details. Or, if
you don't want to get involved but have a great idea, please let us know!
Rally in Trafalgar Square
Last year, a young trans musician              performed his own song on the rally stage in Trafalgar Square. This year we would
like to increase the presence of trans people on the stage and we would like suggestions from you as to who you would like to
see. We would welcome nominations of speakers and performers who are well-known and have cross-over appeal to the lesbian,
gay and bisexual communities as well.
At this stage, please could you nominate one person who could speak about trans issues and one trans person or group to
perform. Please send nominations to by Saturday 5 April
Travel Bursaries
For the last two years, we have offered travel bursaries so that trans people from outside London can join the trans marching
group at London Pride. Travel bursaries are available again this year. We can pay a maximum of £30 per person, payable on the
day of the parade when you provide a receipt. If you would like to apply for one, please email with Travel
Bursary in the Subject Line. Tell us your name and the journey you are making with the cost of the return ticket. (Hopefully you
will be able to obtain a discounted ticket.)
Stall in at the Rally at Trafalgar Square.
Trans @ Pride are having a stall in Trafalgar Square this year during and after the Pride London march on Saturday 5 July. We will
display information about the various trans groups making up Trans @ Pride and the stall will also act as a meeting place. If you
would like to promote your group by displaying leaflets on the stall, please email us at with Stall in the
Subject line. If you are coming to London Pride, you can bring your leaflets on the day. If you can't make it this year, you will need
to send them in advance.
Funding for new Banners for London Pride 2008
Has your group always wanted a banner but never been able to afford one? Would you like to march with the trans group at
London Pride this year? We hope to be able to fund the production of some new banners this year. We can also help with
information about where to get the banners made and some suggestions of help with design. If you are interested, please email us
at with Banner in the Subject Line and we give you more information.
Volunteers for Saturday 5 July
How about coming to London Pride this year and getting involved on the day. There will be several roles for volunteers including
stewards in the parade, stall minders and leaflet distributors. Email us on with Volunteer in the Subject
Line and let us know what you would like to do. Come and help us make this Pride the best one yet for the visibility of the trans
We also need volunteers to make decorations for the float and costumes for people on the float. This year's Pride theme is
Fairytales, Myths and Legends, so we would love to hear from people who are creative with fabrics and a sewing machine!
Trans With Pride Conference 2008
The second conference will take place at:
The Empress State Building,
Lillie Road
London SW6 1TR
(Nearest tube: West Brompton)
Registration 1.30pm
2pm – 6pm.
More information and registration forms will be made available from 1st May 2008 on the Gendered Intelligence website.
We are looking for a group of approximately 15 people from the Trans Community to help us plan and facilitate the Trans with
Pride Conference 2008, which will take part on Friday 4th July. Based on last year's feedback we want this year's workshops to
centre mostly on group discussion in order to offer delegates an opportunity to talk more constructively in a space.
In conjunction with Central School of Speech and Drama, facilitation trainer Richard Fallon and Jay Stewart from Gendered
Intelligence are planning a series of 10 sessions that will allow us to explore what we feel are important aspects and topics within
the Trans community and what models we can use to discuss these effectively.
If you would like to sign up to these sessions or have any questions get in touch with Gendered Intelligence:
 check out for more information
Trans at Pride Magazine 2008
This year the trans community will have its very own Trans at Pride Magazine! It will celebrate our beautiful, talented and diverse
community, showcasing creative talent as well as raising awareness of our struggles, hopes and achievements.
We would welcome suggestions for content by email to by Saturday 5 April.
If you want to submit any articles, poems, stories or artwork, then pick up your pen, paintbrush or mouse and start creating! We
will be asking for submissions during April.
Trans at Pride Website
We have our very own website to keep you informed of plans, preparations and progress.
                                      We welcome submissions and will update the site regularly

Imaan LGBT Conference
This year’s IMAAN LGBT Conference is set to take place on the weekend starting October 19th. Watch here for further details.
I am Lucy Walton, Volunteer Co-ordinator for the London 2008 IGLFA World
Championship, which due to our successful bid, and to our delight is being
held in August 24th-30th 2008.
It is an opportunity for all Gay, Lesbian, and Gay friendly teams and
individuals to enter an international tournament that has been running for
the past 10 years, and is more about enjoyment than competition. Our ethos
is that of unity, sport free from discrimination on the grounds of
sexuality and to make the event accessible to people of all backgrounds
and all sporting abilities.
During the week, additionally to the football played at the fantastic
location of Regents Park will be many social events at different venues,
and I can vouch for the fact that this event is extremely fun and has
great opportunities for all involved, having just got back from Beunos
Aires ,Argentina for the Gay World Cup 2007( which was a dream come true,
as a volunteer sports masseuse for one of the London teams). I can also
say that it is a great opportunity to meet people from a range of
different countries and areas, and to celebrate and embrace our sexuality-
with a common theme, love of sport.
We have a number of affiliated partners for London 2008 to include The
Mayor of London, Stonewall and the Football Association.(FA).
What we are looking for is people who are as passionate as us about Gay
rights, and developing our presense within the sporting world to join us
as volunteers for the week. We are currently divising our training
programme and will start out recruitment process in the new year for the
following positions:

- Stewards.
- Stage set-up.
- Security checkers for lockers.
- Sports Massage Therapists.
- Sign Language Interpreters.
There will be a number of benefits to the volunteers during the week, to
- Free entry to opening and closing ceremonies.
- Free training.
- Free access to grounds.
( We are also talking on club and bar discounts for volunteers, perhaps
free entry to certain venues throughout the week and discounts on
I am sure you will agree that this is a great opportunity to be involved
in a very positive sports event, and what I would like is for you to
forward details to of those individuals or
groups within your organisation who would like to be a volunteer with us-
to include the following details:
-Contact Telephone number.
-The area you would like to work in.
-Any Skills or Experience you may have.
-Any languages you may speak (and to what level).
-Availability throughout the week. (24.08.08 - 30.08.08.)
Do also have a look at our website which gives a
deeper insight into the games, which will kickstart the 'Cultural
Olympiad', a period in the run up to The London 2012 Olympics.
It is going to be HOT, the beer is going to flow and real excitment and
achievement is going to be felt. Be part of it. Lets make London 2008 a
representation of Gay unity, ability and spirit- and show the world what
the LGBT in London can really do. It is an international tournament which
is being designed to be enjoyable for all- and you may even get your pic
in a newpaper or on the TV!

Homophobic and Transphobic Quotes

             Look nuh, there are complex issues underpinning Jamaican homophobia that
             ultimatums, sanctions and international condemnations will not address. Banning
             dancehall artists or boycotting Jamaican tourism won't help people to examine
             their intolerance and change their prejudices. It will merely prevent more poor
             people from 'eating a food', alienate allies, and breed bigger bangarang.
             Blakka’s Box Jamaican Star on line 30-04-08

             Yow, violence is reprehensible. And no matter how righteously opposed we may
             be to their lifestyle, violence against people because of their sexuality is a
             dangerous kind of backwardness. So there's a problem. But some people are
             responding to it with strategies that are reactionary and counter-productive.
             Shouldn't anti-homophobia activists be trying more culturally sensitive methods
             of facilitating education and critical thinking among Jamaicans at all levels around
             sexuality and human rights?
“We have never asked those who disagree with us to leave the Church”
The Reverend Richard Kirker sums up the difference between LGBT clergy and homophobic
clergy (Episcopal News online 30-04-08)

“makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy.”
North Carolina Governor Mike Easley’s stunning endorsement of Hillary Clinton
(BeyondChron 04-05-08)

As long as the church insists that we're "objectively disordered," they will not be able
to sort out the pedophiles from their truly holy homosexual clergy.

Until the Pope decides to heal the rifts caused by institutional homophobia, the
church will continue to destroy and alienate families who are harmed by their archaic
and hurtful attitudes about sexuality. But, like Galileo, I guess good and moral
homosexuals have to wait another 500 years to hear an apology.

TERRI LUKACKO (Times 30-04-08)

                                See you next month!

                   BM LGBT History Month, London WC1N 3XX
                   Cyril Nri: actor, director, writer; Sarah Weir:
              Executive Director of the Arts Council, Sir Ian McKellen

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