Online Auction Registration - Heaven In Ojai by jizhen1947



9950 Sulphur Mountain Road, Ojai, California will be auctioned online. The
auction will be LIVE but will not be held at the property. The following information
outlines how the online auction will work.

The auction will be an audio auction over the internet. Bidders who meet the
Seller’s terms and conditions of auction will be allowed to place online bids. The
Terms and Conditions will be modified to reflect an online bidding process versus
an onsite “Sealed Bid” process. The auction will be called on December 4, 2010
at 2:00PM Pacific Standard Time for registered bidders.

1. Registration on Auction Site

To register to use the auction site, bidders must do the following:

      Visit and scroll down and click on the
       9950 Sulphur Mountain Road auction.
      On the left side of the 9950 Sulphur Mountain Road auction page, under
       Site Links, click on “Become a Member”. 
      Complete the “Become a Member” form to be able to use the site

2. Pre-registration to Bid

To pre-register to bid at auction, bidders must do the following:

      Return to the Site Links button on the 9950 Sulphur Mountain Road
       Auction page.
      Under Site Links, click on “Register for Auction”
      Verify your information and request a Bid Limit. The Bid Limit requested is
       the maximum amount of the purchase price you have been prequalified for
       by your lender. If you are paying cash, the Bid Limit requested is the
       maximum price you can support with proof of funds. It is recommended
       that you insert a maximum request even if you do not intend to bid to that
       limit. Your Bid Limit information will remain private and is used for site
       programming purposes.
      Read the Terms and Conditions of auction and approve by clicking on the
       “I Agree to Terms and Conditions” button at the bottom of the page.
      Email your lender financing approval letter or Proof of Funds (Bank
       Statement, Savings Statement, Asset Management Statement, etc.) if
       paying cash to or fax to (619)872-0611.
      Wire the required bidder deposit following the “Wiring Instructions” under
       the Auction Document button on the 9950 Sulphur Mountain Road page.

       Congratulations your pre-registration is complete! The online software will
       be authenticated for your bidding use on auction day.
3. To place a bid

On auction Day return to
Select the 9950 Sulphur Mountain Road Property and to the right of Item #1
select “more details/place a bid”.
Scroll down and place your bid. You will be prompted during the auction as to
the current bid amount and the next bid amount being sought.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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