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                     COMMUNICATION STYLES TABLE1
        How to Recognize Each Style, What They Ask, Dislike, React to,
             Improve with, Must be Allowed to, For Best Results

    FACTORS          EXPRESSER               DRIVER            RELATER          ANALYTICAL

                                                                               They seek a lot
                                                            They like
                                         They like their                       of data, ask
                                         own way;                              many
     How to                                                 attention, to
                  They get excited       decisive and                          questions,
    Recognize:                                              be helpful, and
                                         strong                                behave
                                                            to be regarded
                                         viewpoints                            methodically

                  Who? (the              What (the                             How? (the
                                                            Why? (the
     Tends to     personal               results                               technical
                                                            personal non-
       Ask:       dominant               oriented                              analytical
                                                            goal question)
                  question)              question)                             question)

                  Boring                 Someone            Rejection,         Making an
                  explanations/          wasting their      being treated      error, being
    What They
                  wasting time           time trying to     impersonally,      unprepared,
                  with too many          decide for         uncaring and       spontaneity
                  facts                  them               unfeeling
                                                                               Seeking more
 Reacts to                                                  Becoming
                  “Selling” their        Taking                                data and
 Pressure                                                   silent,
                  ideas or being         charge, taking                        information
and Tension                                                 withdrawn,
                  argumentative          more control
    By:                                                     introspective

 Adapted from Communication Styles Table (n.d.), (from GST Telecom, formally Call America)

         Communication module: Objective 1                                               1
Communication Styles Table

  FACTORS          EXPRESSER                DRIVER        RELATER         ANALYTICAL

                Get excited with                                          Provide lots of
Best Way to                           Let them be in    Be supportive,
                them. Show                                                data and
 Deal With:                           charge            show you care
                emotion                                                   information

 Likes to be    Applause,                                                 Activity and
                                      Results, goal-    Friends, close
  Measured      feedback,                                                 busyness that
                                      oriented          relationships
     By:        recognition                                               leads to results

                                                                          Make decisions
                Get ahead             Get into a        Relax, feel,
  Must Be                                                                 at own pace,
                quickly, Likes        competitive       care, know
Allowed to:                                                               not cornered
                challenges            situation,        you care
                                                                          or pressured
                                      Likes to win

             Recognition and          A position that   A structure of    Interpersonal
Will Improve some structure           requires          goals and         and
    With:    with which to            cooperation       methods for       communication
             reach the goal           with others       achieving         skills

                Effort. They rely     Time. They                          Face. They
                heavily on            like to be                          hate to make
  Likes to                                              Friendship
                hunches,              efficient, get                      an error, be
   Save:                                                means a lot to
                intuition,            things done                         wrong or get
                feelings              now                                 caught without
                                                                          enough info

                                                        Care and
                Inspire them to       Allow them                          Structure a
                                                        provide detail,
  For Best      bigger and            freedom to do                       framework or
                                                        specific plans
  Results:      better                things their                        “track” to
                                                        and activities
                accomplishments       own way                             follow
                                                        to be

        Communication module: Objective 1                                          2

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