Seven Good Reasons To Work With A Health Coach

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					Seven Good Reasons To Work With A Health Coach

Training of health is a new model of comprehensive health and wellness. Training of health is not
something you do when you're sick. Training of health is about maximizing human potential and has a
philosophy of constantly expanding the possibilities. Training of Health recognizes that there is an innate
intelligence within you an innate wisdom that governs all healing, function and repair and that the aim
of all practices of health and welfare, is to eliminate the interference of this intelligence your body can
heal itself. The 7 good reasons to work with a health coach below make clear how to achieve this state
of health and wellness in your life now.

You must first be held responsible.

As children, there is always someone to make sure we do what we are supposed to. As adults, we are
supposed to be able to do this for ourselves. But what if we can not? What happens if we keep doing
other things more important than our health and welfare and not to move forward? A health coach can
help you check and ask the right questions and be a reminder to keep moving toward your goals of
health and wellness.

Also in most traditional models to see a health practitioner, we tend to see a specialist - they know more
about our body that we do, and they can tell us what we need to do to get better. This system
encourages us in a sense, by placing our health in the hands of others. We are not responsible, the
health practitioner. We are not really responsible for the health practitioner, or pills, they told us to take
is. Health coaching, you are the best and only expert on you and the only one qualified to know whether
something works or not.

2. You want your health and well being in the right way once and for all

Too many of us have joined gyms or started a diet in the past feeling excited at first, just to see our
enthusiasm run away a few weeks later. We may feel disappointed with ourselves, with the money we
lost, and with the lack of results we have achieved. Things change, our change in responsibilities, the
time available to us and change our goals of health and well-being. What keeps you from committing to
a path of better health? A health coach will help you find those answers once and for all and help you
find real solutions that not only work for you, but continue to work for you in the future.
3. You know what you need to be healthy, but you can not keep the changes

So it's not a question of education in good health - most of us understand clearly what we must do to
stay healthy - eat lots of fruits and vegetables, minimizing red meat, the regular exercise and not
smoking or drinking too much. Simple right? Why are there more we do it? Before we make changes in
our lives, we must agree with the changes they need to be consistent with our values and they need to
make sense in the context of our lives.

4. Struggling with being overweight are always dieting or otherwise do not feel good about how you

Overweight is a problem that affects many Australians. It affects our health and damage to our self
esteem. Here, a health adviser will help you find your way through the enormous amount of information
in conflict and to keep things as simple as possible - no "plan" just a good idea of how you can see the
value and food and how that impacts the use of the amount and type of food you eat each day.

5th Can not find or take time to eat well, exercise regularly or take time for yourself

What is really going on here? What are you holding back to give you what you need to be healthy? Many
of us are crazy busy and challenged over time "not enough", but it is a real problem? Health Coach will
help you identify your priorities and find a way to work for their own health and welfare objectives, so
you can keep what you want, whenever you want.

6. You have been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, a condition of stress or other chronic diseases and
want to explore other treatment options available to you.

You had a wake up call. Your body sends you messages loud and clear that something must change. A
health coach will help you identify options, alternatives, complementary therapies and educate you
about the conventional methods, so you are informed and can make the best decisions for your health.
7. They are "addictive personality" and to make changes only to find yourself slipping back into
unhealthy behavior or

Addictive behaviors, abuse, food and drugs and alcohol can completely undermine our attempts to
make lasting changes in our lives. Health coaching sessions to educate, inspire and support you to deal
with these difficult questions, then you develop all the skills and knowledge you need to create and
maintain a life of vibrant health and well-being without dependence of any kind.

As those of us who have had an awakening to know, health is most important in our lives - without it,
nothing matters much. Unfortunately, many of us wait until it's too late to make changes in our diet and
lifestyle. 80% of people in Australia die of "diseases of civilization" such as heart disease, complications
of diabetes and many forms of cancer. Can you afford to wait until something broken to fix it?

Health coaching is not just something to do when you are sick. It will help you find better health and
wellness. Ultimately, you are the best (and only) expert for you. Asking the right questions, providing
training and experience in the real world to know your choices and find new ideas, possibilities and ways
of looking at health. We'll help you find what works in your life right now, without slipping back into bad
eating, physical activity, or behavior patterns. You can choose the lifestyle changes, you can set the pace
and see how good it is, you know!

Susan Livingstone is a community-based speaker, workshop facilitator and coach extraordinary health!
Burns to the vibrant health and well-being accessible to all, his down to earth and practical ideas on
health and wellness are life-changing. His idea of the nature of food and addiction and the complex
psychology of consumption is applicable to anyone with a body.

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