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					SUMMARY OF COURSES AND UNITS MASTER            OF              For inquiries, please contact any of the following:

BASIC COURSES                                       9 units
                                                                      Carmelita C. Cervillon, PhD
GRMS 200    Research in Mathematics                      3                     Dean, COS
GRMA 200
GRMM 202
            College Algebra and Trigonometry
            Foundation of Mathematics
                                                                                COLLEGE OF SCIENCE
                                                                                                                        GRADUATE STUDIES
MAJOR COURSES                                       15 units           Edna T. Mercado, PhD
GRMS 211 Abstract Algebra                               3                 Director, COS GS
GRMA 204 Set Theory                                     3  
GRMA 206 Linear Algebra                                 3
GRMA 210 Number Theory                                  3
GRMM 221 Advanced Calculus                              3
GRMA 211 Review of Elementary Calculus                  3                Maria Lourdes G. Reyes
                                                                              Secretary, COS
Any two of the following                            6 units
GRMM 221 Advanced Statistics                            3
GRMA 212 Graph Theory                                   3
GRMA 216 Euclidean Geometry                             3      Mailing Address: College of Science (PCH101)
GRMS 222 Numerical Analysis                             3                              COS Graduate Studies,
GRMA 214 Differential Equations                        3                               DLSU-Dasmariñas
GRMS 213 Complex Analysis                               3                              Dasmariñas 4115 Cavite
                                                               Telefax No:    (046) 416-4524 (Direct Line)
GRMM 230    Special Project                         3 units    Trunk Line:     (046) 4164531 loc 3073/3150
                                                                              (02) 8447832 loc 3073/3150
TOTAL                                               33 units   Website:

                                                                                                                      MASTER OF
VISION-MISSION STATEMENT                                                     The Master of Mathematics program offers scholarly instruction in                 his/her academic folder. These requirements will be placed
DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY - DASMARINAS                                          mathematics education through computing and mathematical theories                 inside the student jacket to be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office
                                                                             and applications, extensive research, and upgrading modern trends on              for filing/safe keeping.
VISION                                                                       mathematics.                                                                 4.   The photocopy of all the requirements, including the application
                                                                                                                                                               form, submitted to SAdO will be put inside the academic folder to
De La Salle University-Dasmariñas is a Filipino Catholic University          GENERAL ADMISSION POLICY FOR MASTER OF MATHEMATICS                                be passed to the concerned department.
established and managed by the De La Salle Brothers and their lay            1.The student applicant must:
partners in the historic province of Cavite in response to the needs of         1.1 Be a graduate of BS/BSE major in Math or any related degree.          A student can proceed to the actual enrolment procedure upon
the Church and the Nation for human and Christian education,                         For non- AB/BS/BSE Math graduate, he/she must have earned            completion of all requirements.
particularly the youth at risk. Guided by the Lasallian values of Faith,             twelve (12) units of bridging courses: trigonometry, linear
Zeal, and Communion, the University participates meaningfully in the                 algebra, analytic geometry, and differential calculus.               RETENTION POLICIES
process of social transformation by forming God-centered, people-               1.2 Submit the following requirements in two (2) copies-                  1. The maximum residency for master’s program shall be seven (7)
oriented, and patriotic persons who serve as responsible and                         one original and one photocopy                                           years including thesis writing.
professionally competent stewards of God’s creation.                                    -Filled out application form for admission                        2.   A student is allowed to file a leave of absence (LOA) for a
                                                                                         -Transcript of Records with Special Order (S.O.)                     semester, renewable for another semester. However, this LOA is
MISSION                                                                                  -Two (2) accomplished letters of recommendation from a               counted in his maximum residency.
                                                                                              former teacher or employer                                  3. A course taken from another school with similar or the same
To realize this vision, the University shall strive to become a leading                  -Four (4) passport size pictures with white background               description may be credited in the graduate program upon the
institution nationally and globally in the integral formation of the youth               -Birth Certificate-NSO original                                      recommendation of the Director of COS Graduate Studies and
by offering relevant, responsive, and community-oriented academic                        -Marriage certificate (for married female applicants)- NSO           approval of the Dean of the COS. A maximum of fifteen (15) units
programs, research and extension services, and promoting a keen                               original                                                        shall be credited.
sense of history, arts and culture. Following in the footsteps of Saint                 -Certificate of Employment (if employed)                          4. An Incomplete (INC) grade is given to a graduate student who
John Baptist De La Salle, the University shall continue transforming                    -Business Permit (if self-employed)                                   failed to comply or submit course work requirements within one
itself into a caring community guided by Gospel values with a fervent           1.3 Pass the psychological test to be conducted by ITEO                       school year. Failure to complete within the specified time would
spirit of service, love for learning and excellence through a holistic          1.4 Have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 or its equivalent in             mean a grade of 0.0.
formation of its members.                                                             the undergraduate course for application in the master’s            5. A student who has already earned more than 50% of his/her
                                                                                      degree program.                                                         academic subjects shall not be allowed to shift.
OBJECTIVES OF THE COLLEGE OF SCIENCE (COS)                                      1.5 Verify with the office of the Director of Graduate Studies for the
                                                                                      psychological examination result two (2) weeks after the            GRADING SYSTEM
Guided by the Lasallian core values of FAITH, ZEAL IN SERVICE and                     examination date or as advised.
COMMUNION IN MISSION, the COS aims to:                                       2. Student transferee is required to have at least one(1) year of            Note : Written comprehensive examination must be passed by the
                                                                                   residency before filing the comprehensive examination                         student before taking up GRMM230
          produce academically competent graduates whose qualities          3. Other requirements for foreign student applicants:
           are both competitive locally and globally, and who can                 3.1 Satisfy all the admission requirements given by the Institutional           Grade Equivalent                   % Equivalent
           greatly contribute to the manpower needs of the country;                       Testing and Evaluation Office (ITEO).
                                                                                  3.2 Pay to the University’s Accounting Office the admission fee of                      4.00                           99-100
          develop innovative and creative thinkers through                               $500 for both permanent resident alien and transient alien.
           researches, especially in the areas of mathematics,                    3.3 Pass the English proficiency test for non- English                                  3.75                            97-98
           computer and natural sciences;                                                speaking applicants.
                                                                                                                                                                          3.50                            95-96
          enhance among the learners the qualities of a true Lasallian      APPLICATION PERIOD                                                                           3.25                            93-94
           by helping them recognize the community not as a subject or
           laboratory for learning but as a venue to reach for the less                       1st semester:               2nd week of May                                 3.00                            91-92
           fortunate.                                                                         2nd semester:               2nd week of October                                                             89-90
                                                                                              Summer:                     2nd week of March                               2.75
COS GRADUATE STUDIES                                                         ENROLMENT PROCEDURE                                                                          2.50                      Passing grade for
                                                                             1. Applicants who are not graduates of DLSU-D will be referred to                                                      Master’s program
The COS GS is one of the units of the College of Science, along with 4           SAdO/Testing Office for the schedule of psychological test.
other departments: Biological Sciences, Computer Studies,                    2. An applicant must complete all the requirements in two copies-                            2.25                          No credit
Mathematics and Physical Sciences, which aims to offer programs that             one original and one photocopy.                                                          0.0                            Failed
develop graduates who are responsible and committed following the            3. The original copy should be submitted to SAdO before the
tenets of Lasallian education.                                                   student number will be given to the new student together with

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