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									                     Online purchasing tips

Online shopping safe

Online shopping are generally safe, as long as you follow the right
steps do, caution point is no problem. Best is in the home of their
computer login, and note antivirus software and firewall open
protection and renewal, selecting third-party payment such as:
pay-and-escrow 100 SOHOBtob wait, this will merchants support, for
too cheap and prepaid if they had better not credulous.

Other online shopping items for books, music entertainment,
information to buy, cosmetics, clothing etc material general stronger,
like collection is unfavorable for shopping online, jewelry is, of course,
general jewelry exception. Because of these qualities is difficult to
determine, so it was easy to goods wrong edition, on both the buyer
and the seller will cause trouble, so just a kind of online purchase
channel, you can use the network connection to related to the seller,
then invite good face-to-face talks are, of course, geographically
conditional, and the two sides have the sincerity.

Online shopping skills

The first kind

1, want to choose good reputation online stores, lest be cheat,

2, buy goods, the payer and the payee material must fill out accurate,
with will be exempted from delivery errors;

Three, use of bank CARDS payment, best card don't have too much
amount, prevent be dishonest sellers dial; too much money

4, meets the fraud or other infringement thing can search on the net
network the police.

The second kind of

1, look. Look carefully commodity pictures, resolution is a commercial
photos or a shopkeeper taken by you real, and must pay attention to
the pictures of watermark and shop name because many inn-keeper
in theft others make pictures.

2 and asked. Through the prosperous inquire about products related
issues, one is to understand his products to understand, 2 it is to see
his manner, he bought his bad word is what trouble.

3, check. Check the shopkeeper credit records. Look at other buyers
this paragraph or related product evaluation. If there is in bad review
carefully watching the shopkeeper to appraise the explanation.

Additional, also can use already bought offerred to consultant in the
commodities, still can ask the shopkeeper video see goods. Principle
is not superstitious diamond imperial crown, large, there are many
services to extra careful, resolutely use pay treasure trading, don't
buy bad attitudes of the seller of things.

The third kind of

Through returns now nets to shopping, such already can have quality
assurance and can get more affordable.

What is the return now nets? This problem not many people know,
actually principle is very simple, general principles are: return now
nets as third-party websites with some brand cooperation, so long as
has the buyers from backflow into this brand is net shopping, which
yao, this brand nets are going to return, and returns now nets
commission now nets put most of income commission to return the
buyer, this is the so-called returns now.

Now on the Internet? What are the return now nets Now return now
nets many, hundreds of thousands, do good several returns now net
has: barbie nets, QQ rebate, etc


Through the search engine commodities, shopping to search the site
of the theses seller products are generally enterprise or factory open
online shop, with product quality assurance, through the shopping
search engine can compare the sellers of payment, delivery, the seller
to business credit service attitude comments, also can check vendors
location to offline itself withdrawals. This is a kind of new shopping
selection modes, currently know of the person is less, but quite

Online shopping experience


In online shopping fear most is met "dirty" the seller or cheated to
money. So in e-commerce is needed for these two needs attention.

Start with some famous large shopping website choose goods. The
seller's contact will have at you need the product for consultation,
must ask before deciding to buy no, never oneself take for granted the
almost. Decide to buy after, had better be through paying treasure,
Ann FuTong such can protect buyers of interest. First shop, had better
not directly from the bank remittance, still have even if should save
evidence, picture or chat material so as to avoid if you handle up

Then find good reputation sellers, watch more he gains the praise for
his whether sell similar products. Prevent prestige is hype or other
unfair means get.

Then we must choose a logistics mode, so is to calculate freight. If it
is express, they must have a single number. Convenient oneself query,
inspect different express company, general 1-3 days to, if the express
website not check straight off information or over five days without to
hand, they must give a reply and sell a connection, if can not contact,
or don't give a definite reply, remember! Must apply for refund,
because the average sellers invoice in complete an online after a
certain time will automatically confirm the delivery of goods, such as
automatic post-processing up will be very trouble,

Upon receipt of the goods, do not be eager to sign, must face opened
bag check to see whether the same products with the seller, if there is
any breakage, etc, and some express company must sign open again
bag, also similar, if not edition, rejected goods!

Of course it is directed at the unpleasant shop. Still wish you buy
satisfied goods! Finally, don't forget to confirm the delivery in time
and give a high praise of the seller of hard!

Online shopping services

Now online shopping are provided for 18 hours a day, 365 days free
telephone service, avoids the customer out shopping of bitterness,
enjoy home shopping door-to-door delivery of humanized service,
well-trained professional customer service personnel kind, rapid
service attitude has been hit by the self-identity of consumer, lead to
their relaxed, convenient, happy home shopping.

Efficient logistics distribution system, as well as proliferates national
nearly 2,000 major cities delivery network, all-round distribution
mode adapted to different areas you rapidly and efficiently,
high-quality service and guarantee you ordered goods timely delivery
to your hand.

Four trap led you into sets

According to the recent accepted several online shopping complaints,
industry and Commerce Department summarizes existing online
shopping four trap:

Trap one: low price temptation. On the website, if many products in
the market of half-price even lower prices appear, would then
increase vigilance, think about why it would be so cheap, especially
famous brand product, because the well-known brand product
besides the secondhand or defective goods, regular channel replenish
onr's famous brand is impossible and the market price difference so

Trap 2: high prizes. Some illegal web sites and web pages, often use
huge sums of money or award temptation to attract consumers to
browse the web, and buying their products.

Trap 3: false advertising. Some websites provide the product
description exaggerated even false propaganda, consumers click into
after, to buy online to see the real and do not match the sample. In
many cases, consumer complaints reflect upon arrial sample
scienologist. Some online store money hand after turn off the server
to cheat, then open a new website continue to repeat the fertilizer

Trap four: set format clauses. Buy goods easy return difficult, some
websites of purchase contract take formatting items sold goods, to
online does not undertake "3 packets" responsibility, without
authorization note, etc. Consumers buy poor quality products, want to
exchange or maintenance, cathay.

City procuratorate specifically for since last year, prosecutors dealt
with using e-commerce implementing crime case analysis, this paper
summarizes the three "buys trap", and make corresponding hints.
Trap one: fortress website cheat money. Prosecutors remind that
buys to practice ", "recognize.none url. In addition, when consumer
buys should only accept cash on delivery or safety third-party

Trap 2: cheat personal information guess password. Online shopping
when do not easily to seller leak personal details at set account
passwords when you try not to simply use your own personal identity

Trap 3: "phishing" steal information. Don't open the chatting tools at
sending over strange url, don't open strange E-mail and mail to the
attachment, update the anti-virus software. Once encountered need
to enter the link, number, the password before trading must carefully
check whether accurate url, and then to fill out.

Ten recruit wised online fraud

A recruit: check company/personal business qualification

1, see whether formal registered company in business. Whether to
publicise qualifications, company registration number, now the
website must publish ICP registration number (usually in a page
bottom), if not, may be on foreign servers, don't believe him. From
the ICP number to be able to check the website owner company.
100% provinces, municipalities of industrial and commercial bureau
(red shield nets) provide online inquiry method, or the telephone

If not announced company registered material, have a problem for

2, check the company leave contact, since the illegal con, will leave
yourself Bridges. Contact address or false or vague, contact telephone
number to mobile phones, mobile PHS majority. An even fixed place,
fixed telephone all dare not to your business, you dare to believe his

3, if a person in business and get attention, whether there is a
constraint mechanism (such as taobao adopted the pay treasure)?
Because of the ministry of commerce on personal business behavior
binding is negligible.

Two recruit, check whether there is a bad record

A formal business, on the Internet should be able to search out very to
related information. Includes introduction, news, information,
including registered etc, have been punished by complaints of

If taobao shop, are ebay's credit evaluation, clinch a deal the
customer has scanned the evaluation.

Three recruit, check whether the price trap

1, the temptation of interests, are always deceived start. A reasonable
profit is the company survival foundation, if the price is less than
ordinary quotation miserably, even half price, must be a trap. Any
customs detention is tasted, gray, a clearance is tasted, etc, is
impossible to have such a low price. Recently "shenzhen sha tau kok
ZhongYingJie" several almost half-price selling mobile phones, digital
"the company" has been enforcement authorities watched.

2, online shopping, convenient, information symmetry. Cheap price is
also a factor. Promotion of a strategy is here kui point, there earn a
point, supermarket sometimes cabbage five cents 1 catty, everybody
should be seen. So no wonder if individual low price is low, it is all

The fourth recruit, check whether have recently clinch a deal the
delivery schedule

Any company as long as normal operation, have express or postal
invoice number, request the website offers several recent customer
express number, or EMS, according to the number, can inquire on the
net whether have successfully sent record. Because does not show
customers shopping information, so there is no reason to refuse this
inquires the requirements.

Five recruit, check whether can offer cod

C.O.D. is cheater key seven inches. We do not crave present American
e-commerce company can offer the national regions cod, but the
company city or area, should be able to offer cod services. Also proves
that the company has enough strength, and earnestly in the business.
If it is impossible not to venture.

Six recruit, check whether told product authenticity

And gray/HangHuo identification method

Cheater company oneself adopt exchange important fittings, genuine,
shoddy, confusion HangHuo gray tricks for profit, so never clear tell
customer recognition method.

For example, online have a SONY digital camera price cheap, below
the purchase price, special. Via checking: the original 300 yuan, if
change false SONY battery, only a few yuan cost!

The seventh bidding, check transportation safety and after-sales

People's consumption idea, spending habits, attention before paying
the price. And the European and American countries mature
consumption idea attention on payment service. Online shopping
crowd is high quality crowd, it is necessary to upgrade their
consumption idea, note: attention transit goods lost without
compensation, after-sales service warranty without commitment, etc.
Pay special attention to individual brand such as SONY digital camera
need with invoice + warranty card can obtain the national LianBao.

Eight recruit, remittances to company account

Every regular registered company are basic corporate accounts,
account is absolutely company name full name, if prevaricate shuffle
with all sorts of reason refuses to use the company account accept
remittance of so-called "business", should be careful. If the company
does not exist or has cancellation, the bank will return the remittance.

The ninth recruit, entrust local friends transactions

Cheater can online fraud, is relying on fee man cannot find him, even
find cost is high. By the local friends, comes to take goods, or meet
deal, also is very good method.

Ten recruit, clinch a deal with priced goods first order

Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth! If above judgement is no
problem, some worry, can buy low-cost commodities, attempts to get
the company in sales, quality, delivery, service and so on more
understand, if satisfied, can gradually purchase some other high
value of some commodities, the prestige is long-term credit
accumulation. But cheater simply "go to catch the big fish", have not
had time to ignore your "small form".


Internet, bank, developing modern logistics industry of the product,
the Internet shopping website to buy through your own needs of the
commodity or service.

From both trade types are divided into two kinds of forms, one kind is
B2C that businessmen to the customer's form (such as the first-class
comprehensive quality e-commerce shopping malls if manage book
purchasing, more the dangdang mall, such as the dedicated to
enterprise and business white-collar provides comprehensive
one-stop shop services, our country's first offer high-grade brand
sales business online shopping platform 365 mall)

Another kind is C2C, namely the customer to the customer's form
(e.g., baidu yes, dragons). The third kind of call business to business
(B2B), business to enterprise, well-known platform is alibaba), B2B
influence than C2C, but turnover than C2C big shopping online,
actually is the subject of both sides, can save tremendous transaction
costs. A fourth is C2B, is a person with labor way provides enterprises
product, generally is wisdom products such as planning, creative, etc,
on the net also called witkey. In addition, G2C G2G G2B, B2G, C2G etc,
and to the government, the government said the government of
enterprise, government of individuals, businesses for the government
and individuals for government, etc, but have no the aforementioned
C2C and B2C development of quick and perfect.

In addition, there are still many comparison shopping search engines.

In view of the present results show that clean out treasure guest,
derive a large guide website. For like shopping list but want to save
time friend, still choose some excellent website as well.

Internet shopping is convenient, quick, the price is relatively cheap,

At the same time because the network security and merchants
prestige and other factors, the rights and interests of the online
shoppers damage incidents.

Countries also formulated relevant laws and regulations.

In order to guarantee the safety of shopping, safeguard the rights and
interests of shopping website shoppers adopted such as data
encryption, third-party payment, cod etc.

Online shopping payment platform

1. Pay treasure (USA) network technology Co., LTD is a leading to
provide online payment services of Internet company, by a global
leading B2B website - alibaba company establishes. Pay treasure is

dedicated to provide all kinds of USA's e-commerce security,
convenience and personalized online payment solutions.

Pay treasure trading services from October 2003, just three years in
dragons launch time quickly become use extremely extensive online
security payment tool, deeply user affection, cause industry high
attention. User covered the whole C2C and B2C and B2B realm,. 2006
September, use pay treasure of users are already more than 26
million, pay treasure daily trading total than 5800 yuan RMB, the daily
trading pen number exceeds $290,000 pen.

2. Wealth FuTong is tecent company in September 2005 formally
launch professional online payment platform, committed to the
Internet users and enterprises to provide a safe, convenient and
professional online payment services.

Wealth FuTong constructing new comprehensive payment platform,
covering B2C and B2B, C2C every field, provide excellent online
payment and settlement services. According to the individual user,
the wealth FuTong provides includes online deposits, carry, payment
and transaction management function; rich etc. For the enterprise
users, the wealth FuTong provides safe reliable payment and
settlement services and characteristic fruitiness QQ marketing
resources support.

Wealth FuTong successively crowned 2006 electronic payment
platform top prize, the 2006 best convenient payment prize, the 2006
USA electronic payment with the most potential for growth platform
award and 2007, the most competitive electronic payment enterprise
award, etc awards, and in 2007 first obtained "national e-business
special fund" financial support.

3. SOHOBtob by 100 of the world's biggest American search engine
company baidu founded, is USA's leading online payment application
and service platform. 100 SOHOBtob to establish "simple can rely on"
online payment credit system as its own duty, its innovative product
technology and rich application functions, for users tailor-made
trading experience flow, for Internet users and enterprise to provide
safe, can rely on online payment service.

100 SOHOBtob provide excellent online payment and settlement
services to provide users with the online cost and transaction
management, online payment, carry, account remind etc rich function,
unique dual password and security center of constantly monitoring

function is to give 100 SOHOBtob account safety provides double

In electronic payment field, 100 SOHOBtob USA.with innovative and
pragmatic style, leading technology, a keen market foresee force, to
consumers and businessmen double responsible for enterprise image,
uaec has bank such as partners highly appreciated. At present already
industrial and commercial bank of USA, USA merchants bank,
agricultural bank of USA, USA construction bank, USA unionpay and
so on has established strategic cooperative partnership.

Along with the rapid development of USA's economy and network
application continues to mature, e-commerce industry has entered
the stage of development. 100 SOHOBtob will has been committed to
paying online industry, continuously according to the demand of
customer launch innovative products, in order to promote the
sustainable development of e-commerce industry to make
unremitting efforts.

Shopping need to pay attention to the security matters

1 the seller shall, before the choose and buy goods ask whether
images captured with the objects have off color, be like likely is a
businessman in computer admiral pictures on colour add fresh. Forms
of colour and lustre may slants, dark, partial sink. If real bright color,
in natural light shooting with enough, there is no need to add pictures,
and generally fresh color difference is not obvious. If the very nearly
words, can consult the seller of goods, again to see directly with

Pat products before, made a money after, transit, received before
shipment, best and sellers keep close contact and a problem, timely

2. Both buyers and sellers, it's better to support the use of pay
treasure, for everyone is guaranteed.

3. Buyers after getting goods, should be carefully check the goods as
soon as possible, without quality problem, especially some
components, function of intact, should be as early as possible, lest
over warranty or guarantee.

4. Don't just choose a bargain, so-called "a penny, minutes, not to
mention items goods though expensive, but the postage but plan
weight. Therefore, too heavy items are not suitable for online

purchase. Online many are imitation goods, most of the fake is
shenzhen, zhuhai, imitate the production, such as the mouse like
most stick Microsoft, logitech, double delphiniums, because carve a
mold price is not high, profitable, the seller is to rush is false. And
many are being such or repair goods, people cannot see what was in
the parts.

5. Online shopping should maintain a good state of mind, for awhile or
unsatisfactory goods should be prepared, online shopping some good
good also has its flaws side, is non-changeable formalities trouble.
Send to send, waste money also waste of time. But this kind of thing
would be fewer happen. Many sellers are intermediary, as to the
quality of products, such as met such a thing trouble formalities is

6. Try to choose have reputation website

Choose business longer website. Such as 4-5 years ago when
e-commerce just rise created a batch of website, experience the
dotcom bubble, and have been the healthy development of the
website, these sites down the credit and services are generally are
better, credit and service level of general prep above traditional
shopping. Deceptive website generally founded time is not long,
history is longer, the credibility higher. Domestic website better have
taobao, dangdang, etc. Another can choose a few good gentlemen

7. The remittance prior to inquires the bank account information

At the same time will give orders the payment. At this time inquires
the bank account or credit card is in which city to open accounts, and
if a company address inconsistencies, should be vigilant. For on behalf
of company engaged in trading activities, but urged consumers will
money into individual account of especially take heed.

8. When receiving must ask for relevant proof

For now, business to that buys goods does not assume responsibility
is consumer most after-sale headache problem. Accordingly,
consumer is when receiving to seller for relevant proof. In addition,
consumers must be aware of the complete preservation "electronic
trading documents", the businessman delivery note check whether
the goods ordered goods is consistent, without warranty certificate of
quality guarantee, etc., and invoice or receipt for shopping.

In receiving time, in the ordinary circumstances, consumers in to the
other party within ten days after remittance basically can receive their
goods, if exceed the time limit, but hesitated each other's information,
through online, cell phone also couldn't reach the seller, this time,
consumers will timely tidy up all your remittance, trading vouchers,
public security organs to handle report.

First, the mind your own personal data, credit card number and id
number does not easily leak, more do not easily bring credit card and
id card hand in others.

Second, carefully chosen transaction object. For strange business, we
should pay attention to whether its web site provides detailed address
and contact telephone call shall, when necessary, to verify the identity
of the operators

Third, carefully read trading rules. Especially should pay attention to
the relevant product quality, delivery modes, expense burden,
exchange program, exception), dispute resolution style of content.
Because this kind "easy to modify electric evidence has sex", so in
began trading shall be deposited by print ella these

Fourth, if use credit pay, it is best to use special one account,
unfavorable inside card store too cash. At the same time reduce or
eliminate the use of public facilities such as Internet cafes, in case the
user information leakage. Every time a new password to timely after
shopping. Should be chosen C.O.D., city way to trade

Fifth, pay attention to the preservation relevant documents. Buyers
should pay attention to preserve about "electronic trading documents,
including businesses issued by E-mail confirmation, user name and
password etc. Don't omit suggestion deposit mail complete letterhead,
because of this part of the recorded the mail hair an address

Sixth, the businessman delivery, attention shall be paid to check
whether the goods ordered goods consistent. At the same time for
shopping invoice or receipt, in order to meet purchased goods and
accuse propaganda abhorrent when ask to return money.


1. Connections to safety

In submit any of your sensitive information or private information -
especially your credit card number -- before must affirm have data
encryption, and is connected transmission through security.

2. To protect your password

Do not use any easier to decode information as your password, such
as your birthday, phone number, etc. Your password is best a string of
comparative unique combination, at least fie digit, letter or other

3. To protect their privacy

Less as far as possible expose your private information, fill in online
form should take care all the more, not required information don't

Never reveal parents name of this information, someone could use it
to illegal steal your account.

A variety of free or the charge Web services can make you anonymous
browse and shopping. For example, you might use Anonymizer and
Privada etc site to other business site anonymous access, and need
not expose your name and E-mail address.

4. Use safe payment method

Use credit and debit CARDS online shopping not only convenient and
very safe, for through their trading by the relevant law protection, it
allows you to withdraw funds, some doubts on the suspicion be solved
before refused to pay the bill.

5. Inspection certificate and sign

Website certificate can be divided into many kinds, can generally be
divided into safe authentication certificate and payment certificate,
certificate of other properties. Seeing your site's certificate to pay
attention, and because of general certificate, such as paying treasure
to freelance business certificate, although many website will be
posted this icon, but only partly true signing freelance merchants. The
real certificate can generally click go in and see the specific content,
and this page is generally not the original site pages, but third-party
page. For example pays treasure freelance businessman figure
punctuation in is after the pay treasure pages. This can be seen in the
url out.

6. Check sales terms

The famous online retailer will produce the relevant terms of sale,
including commodity quality assurance, liability limit, as well as the
relevant provisions of the return of the goods and refunds etc. Some
sites require customers in shopping is required before selecting
"agree that these agreement", some sites regards these terms in a
link back.

7. Taxes and freight

Carefully read transportation and handling fees relevant instructions,
different delivery cost difference can be large. Find some provide low
cost allocation ways of company, or in large quantity order can be
delivered free site. In addition, many countries and regions of online
shopping taxed.

8. Check it again order

In order to send before shopping, again carefully checked again. Input
error (such as putting 2 into 22) can lead to serious consequences. If
you are receiving address and the address of an order, you'll need to
make different special instructions, and examined it carefully. In
addition, you must be sure that you see the price is the item current
price, rather than the last time you visit this site preserved in your
browser to the temporary page document on computer outdated

9. Estimates delivery dates

Vendors should tell you an idea of the delivery date. In accordance
with the provisions of the federal trade commission, if not specified
goods delivery date sellers, he will be in the goods will be delivered
within 30 days, or must inform the customer cannot deliver on time,
and put forward the cancel the order, refund payment.

10. Put forward the charges

If your online shopping process met questions, you should
immediately notify the business company. On their site found free
service telephone number, E-mail address or forward-facing
customer service links. If the company oneself do not solve the
problem, you should contact with relevant departments.

E-commerce prospects and engaged in psychoanalysis

Shopping mall hint: billion people buys matures, due to online sales
entry threshold low, and more recently had time to surf the Internet
more people can join in this, and subsequent challenge is the good
and bad are intermingled sales team to the consumer from
enthusiasm to despair to sensible mentality and increasing price
competition, quality competition and service competition. Besides old
customer hard to accumulate, it will make the long-term career to
shop as the crowd in the long run, as well as in a relatively profit
phases, but want to take this form large-scale and high return is has
the certain difficulty. So finally easy to produce the exhaustion,
boredom, numbness of psychology, therefore takes patience and

E-commerce of avoiding failure factors

Personal data is the biggest factor, leaked out if there is a hacker
cracked web source code, and on the web page or a Trojan virus, as
long as you log in and play on personal data, hackers can immediately
knew you lay on the web page what personal data. So how to defend
the customer a endowment etc is electronic business affairs the
biggest problem, if not treated properly, that the electronic stores will
be eliminated.

The development of e-commerce in future

Internet shopping is the future development tendency, safe,
convenient, quick.

The rise of the guide buys industry

That buys the rise of gentlemen industry, such as current famous free
shopping platform so 98 nets. It is of b2c and promote the role of c2c,
at least for now is like this. E-commerce guide industry is mainly
devoted to establish the consumer shopping website with between the
Bridges. Someone may ask why not directly through the shopping
website to buy? This is actually very easy to understand, first
shopping website is quite boring. Gentlemen website interest is
self-evident and contains certain parity function.

Online shopping anti-fraud

Generally speaking, goods on the net will be cheaper than store one or
two fold, but if a particular item a bid is folded even cheaper,
especially like computer, digital camera such large goods, must not

credulous. This time should always see many sellers and compare will
come to its reasonable price, thus to avoid for impulsive and fraud.

For those who dozen "customs confiscated" signs of low-cost
commodities especially beware, this is a very good explanation of
low-cost excuse, but mostly a hoax.

Suggestion: before trading'd better see the seller's credit records. The
seller's credit history is thus before and he did trading buyers of
evaluation, the cumulative compared commonly reliable. But does not
exclude the seller in their credit records to "do the false", so must pay
attention to the sellers when access to previous transaction record
and transaction details, avoid with those in short time through many
pieces of low-grade goods accumulated up credit line, and then
suddenly change sold high-grade goods seller transactions. If
someone is always sell socks for a while before, now suddenly started
to change to sell computers, you should be careful!

Seller suggestion in private transactions, beware

"If in you and sellers talked about good price contract, the other party
requires you to leave your contact details, both parties to the net
down in private transactions, register online, you better not promise."
He says some people just take this from the web "monitoring, then
carrying out his" fraud plan ".

Some people for the penny cheap, thought if with the seller, the seller
to off-line if trading eliminates originally should pay for part of the
cost of website, thus greatly benefit ourselves, so we often likes to
off-line in private transactions, but in doing so, you will lose all
security. Once each other to your goods are quality problem, you
probably bewildered.

Suggestion: trade on the net, try to retain the actual transaction
records, facilitate YouAnKeZha. This is maintaining their legitimate
rights and the important means. In the ebay, specially equipped with
"security exchange traded funds", as long as online a record, once the
buyers by losses, will give appropriate compensation.

Seller nasty roar push remittance, don't worry.

"Business after clinching a deal, if the seller in telephone nasty roar
rush you remittance, and threatened to a lot of people waiting for this
commodity, once you missed the time, probably just being robbed the
initiative, this time you have to be careful." He said, cheats have a

psychological characteristics, be nasty, was itching give money to
come to hand.

In general, if is city deal, try to choose C.O.D. or personal transaction,
If is a foreign trading requires first pay after delivery, had better
choose the post office remittance, have fixed address is relatively safe.
Whether the post office remittance or bank delimit zhang, all want to
confirm the payee name with online authentication talk is the same

Suggestion: can please the other party to provide a can contact of
fixed telephone call in different periods to confirm its effectiveness.
After successful trading for sales receipt.

Causes of the rapid development of the Internet shopping


Online shopping development is mainly got netizens recognition, low
as core competence has become online shopping rapid development
of important reason, however, what characterises a network of

First, online sales cost advantages. Because dangdang network
between suppliers and publication of the long-term good cooperation
relations, dangdang network established strong supply chain system,
can undertake large quantities, greatly reduces the purchasing cost.
Meanwhile, in the end, dangdang network will also receive supplier of
return point, this, again, reduce the purchase cost, Secondly, for
shopping website for, itself has media value, increasing the another
pen operating income, Again, online products group has high profit
space, such as press inventory of books, the website can also
underwriting, customize, buyout products to do selling. Meanwhile,
for new product line department, gifts, ornaments, can do tiepai sales,
Maori space high, to make up for the other product lines of low-cost
loss, Fourth, online shopping without storefront costs, and can
according to the customer demand for pertinent tracking promotion,
market advertisement cost is lower, the overall operation cost is low.

Meanwhile, online shopping to users to provide convenient purchase
way, just a simple network operation, never leave home, can
door-to-door delivery, and has the perfect after-sale service.
Meanwhile, in such a place to buy goods, can achieve
door-to-door delivery, cod, make online shopping safety ensured.

These are keen to online shopping and network customers rapid sales
of the reasons for that increase.

The network shopping in USA's development situation

Before 1999, USA's Internet before the prophets of began to establish
B2C website devoted to promote the network shopping in USA. But
this kind of practice at that time by the economic circle of commonly
questioned. This question mainly from three aspects:

First, whether there will be enough consumers will online shopping?
The answer is no. By 2000, the number of Internet users in USA no
more than 890 million, and most people do not form a network
shopping habits. So, the network shopping does not have a large

Second, the network shopping can solve the logistics and distribution
of the problem? The answer is not. The network shopping need
nationwide logistics distribution system, when the fast logistics, quick
delivery industry is still in the initial stage. Many economists talk
about logistics distribution, an idea came to USA post, more think
logistics distribution problems do not solve sex.

Third, the network shopping can solve the problem of online pay? The
answer is not. American prefer cash transaction, not yet formed brush
calorie of consumption habits, now again request everyone directly on
the network input bank material, directly through network realization
bank transfer, short-term inside in order to solve the problem of
apparently impossible.

However, in the time after the opinion, these doubts but is not a
problem, they have already been large shopping website and in
addition to postal outside the express company and the numerous and
each big bank docking third-party online payment solves.

And since 1991, USA has in the customs, foreign trade, transport
shipping department conducted EDI electronic data interchange)
application, launched the gold card, the JinGuan, gold process.
Founded in 1996, ministry of USA international electronic commerce
center. In 1997, online bookstore began to appear, online shopping
and American merchandise ordering system early is under way. In
July 1998, USA commodity trading and market web official operation,
New York, Shanghai started the electronic commerce engineering.

March 1998 on the afternoon of December 6 to prosper, the domestic
brushstroke INTERNET e-commerce transactions and success. CCTV's
Mr. WangKe flat through the bank of USA's Internet banking services,
from century Internet company bought 10 hours of Internet unit. On
March 18, century interconnection and bank of USA in New York
formally announced the this message. Matter every soon, carrying
value 166 million yuan, from the HuoGuiChe computer COMPAQ xian
shaanxi huaxing company arrived New York starfish cleanning
computer company, it is in USA commodity trading center network of
USA's first generation of e-commerce contract. From then on, the
Internet e-commerce in USA from concept into application.

At the end of 1999, it is the Internet climax comes, domestic gave
birth to more than 300 engaged in the B2C Internet companies. In
2000, the network company increased to 700. But as the nasdaq
tumbled to 2001, the people have the impression of only three or four
home. Then the network shopping experience a relatively long "winter

SARS opened up a new era of American online shopping. Face SARS
attack, most people were trapped in the house, while to think out to
buy things they need only depending on the network, many guard
consciousness very strong person also try online shopping. So far,
there are more and more people realize the "online ordering,
door-to-door delivery" convenient, also more and more people are
also beginning to accept online shopping. After SARS in 2003, more
and more people begin to participate in the network shopping. With
dangdang excellence and as a representative of the early settlers,
American B2C from books this low price, standardized commodities as
the breakthrough point, with the aid of the network shopping express
distribution and C.O.D. deal flow, began gradually to establish their
own market based on Internet, spend the winter after a fast growth.

With the development of economy, the network shopping gradually
replay extraordinary splendour. In 2005, dangdang network
realization 4.4 billion in annual sales, this number considerably more
than the two or three years ago most investment institutions
expectations. This number, proved (amazon, famous e-commerce
sites) mode in the success of USA, also proved economists excessive
pessimism and market forces greatness.

In dangdang, excellence, such as a book involvement market
comprehensive network mall mode, dragons and ebay outside two
C2C website also subsequently rise in trading, and the forged in the
short term won a big success.

The explosive growth of eve

Since 2006, USA's e-commerce market began to enter the second
stage. After a few years ago dangdang, excellence and taobao
websites, and a number of breed, Internet population growth than in
2001 after a dozen times, a lot of people have an online shopping
experience, the electronic commerce environments deal credibility,
logistics and payment aspects of bottleneck is also being gradually

Since 1999, the network shopping logistics distribution problems in
continual improvement. By 2005, for dangdang, dragons are
speaking, logistics and distribution is not the problem. A including
more storage centers, remote batch transportation, local delivery,
very quick piece grassroots logistics system began ripe, and the
development of the network shopping in USA plays a substantial role
in supporting. Online payment method also achieved significant
breakthrough. C.O.D. once was the main shopping network
transactions, the majority of people have been on the development of
USA's online payment is not hold confidence. But from the 2005
commercial Banks innovation and third-party online payment tool
development perspective, a lot of people begin to get very optimistic.

As if overnight, originally influence American network shopping
stumbling-block preventing the development of all has ceased to exist.
According to Shanghai aeryn market consulting Co., LTD was
published the 2004 USA online shopping research report estimates
that the 2005 USA Internet shopping market scale will reach 87.1
billion. But the actual figures than this one scale, according to figures
published (CNNIC), in the first half of 2005, USA's online shopping
scale will reach 100 million, while more than 200 million year.

2007 is USA network shopping market of fast development of year,
regardless of C2C e-business or B2C e-commerce market scale
respectively achieved 125.2% and 92.3% fast growth. According to
the latest erika consulting company released the 2007 ~ 2008 USA
Internet shopping development report data shows: 2007 USA B2C
e-commerce market scale to 43 million yuan, of which the market
share by 14.6 dang dang was first, excellence and gradually
narrowing gap, to share, followed by the big dipper 11.9% mobile
network, jingdong mall respectively by 9.7% and 8.1 percent in third,
four, 2007 USA C2C e-business market scale to 518 billion yuan,
including dragons trading share of the ratio reaches 83.6%, because
TOM with ebay joint venture in period, so 2007 whole clinch a deal

condition is not ideal, clap nets turnover beyond TOM ebay to first
8.7% trade share second.

The network shopping average annual growth rate of 50%, American
Internet shopping market scale will in 2009, actual close to 100 billion.
Considering influence future three years American online shopping
market development factors, overall profits element more, have a
bigger impact, so aeryn consulting prediction until 2011 American
online shopping market scale will reach over billion yuan.

The development trend

"Ants move elephant" has sing alone, now is an elephant matchups
era, enterprise and enterprise competition raging fire.

In view of the network shopping and prospect of the importance to the
national economy, the state in close to a year launched in the network
shopping market punching, every link of the shadow that can see
countries, from management, platform, payment, even the search
engine, etc., all are tightening. The end of nets crossplot criterion by
the ministry of commerce, the national MingYouTe enterprise to urge
on network, although from official shop daqo understood, has part
first traditional enterprise show body online, but not yet constitute a
subject, control is not strong, but obviously market plays a

Online shopping benign development ShiZaiBiRan, traditional
enterprise and traditional business will emerge network, main image
increasingly prominent, further will play the role of regulate the
market. Consumers more can rest assured, accept online shopping
online shopping concept.

Market commodity will also from homogeneity into differentiation,
branding, individuation all-round development.

How to solve the restrict online shopping development credibility

Online shopping rapid rise at the same time, the good faith issues are
increasingly constrains its healthy development, and the main factors
may influence the netizen consumer confidence and willingness to

Expert proposal from the following four aspects, restrict online
shopping development to solve the trustworthiness.

A, the perfect legal laws and regulations and establish online shopping
consumer protection system. Aimed at the online shopping appeared
in some new legal problems and new legal relation, etc, the relevant
departments shall make timely response, and the relevant system
and policy aspects of beneficial exploration and make online shopping
surveillance and the protection of consumers' rights in accordance
with the evidence to be online shopping, fundamentally ensure the
long-term development of the industry.

Two, improvement of technical means, to establish the Internet
business features supervison mode. In view of the current existing
online shopping goods examination and combined transaction
evidence collection, payment security problems, relevant
departments should strengthen the research, formulate norms, and
improving the supervision technology. Meanwhile, through the
regional regulatory network interworking methods for the online
shopping unified supervision, solve different regulation difficult,
improve the regulation efficiency and strength.

Three, advocate the self-discipline, formation and international
e-commerce credit service system. In European and American
countries, in the area of e-commerce honesty evaluation system, and
relatively developed according to the evaluation results give website
corresponding credit symbol. More than 90 percent of American
online shoppers think web site credibility symbol is very important,
3/4 online shoppers in only have the good faith marks on the website
of the commodities purchased.

Four, strengthen consumers shopping online education, constantly
create good consumption environment. Global business nets expert
thinks, for online shopping, TV shopping and other emerging shopping
way, consumers maturity can also affect the market standardization
degree. In this respect throughout the consumers' rights and
interests protection organization can play a positive role.

Five, consumers in the network shopping should be paid attention to
identify information authenticity, if the local website commodity, price
can accept, best choice in local site shopping, and try to choose cod,
if companies voluntarily delivery (not express) the door is most ideal,
can go less many disputes, already can realize network shopping of
cheap and convenient, also can achieve with traditional shopping as
security. Xian has YouHui extremely mall such sites provide similar

Industry and commerce can real-time monitoring online shop rights
or to reduce cost

Related research data shows, last year USA buys market trading size
of 2483.5 billion yuan, an increase of 93.7%, projected to 2011
trading scale will double reach 5760 billion. Meanwhile rising and
involves the TouSuLv buys.

State administration of industry and commerce recently issued a
formal "network commodities trading and relevant service behavior of
interim measures for the administration of (hereinafter referred to as
the" measures "), on July 1. "Method" regulation, through the network
to engage in commodity trading and relevant service behavior of
natural person, shall submit to provide network business platform
service operators application, submit the name and address and other
real identity information. According to the particularity of online
transactions, ministry of commerce will use three years to create a
unified national regulatory platform. According to the regulations,
wuhan industrial and commercial bureau recently issued the first
filling url self-employed industrial and commercial business license,
active intervention buys regulation. This will reduce the cost that buys

E-commerce hot to nurture new professional network bargaining

Along with the e-commerce industry has grown, network bargaining
division, network decoration division, network hemp beans (models)
these emerging network occupation is well received by zhuhai some
after 80, 90 after young people chase after hold in both hands.
Engaged in network bargaining division profession "newbie" monthly
salary have 2500 yuan to 3,000 yuan, and senior bargaining ace
salary can achieve 559 yuan. Network: bargining teacher need have a
certain experience in marketing, in yourself bargaining product
information and related market trends to clear-sighted, more familiar
with the electronic commerce and basic network technology.

Recently in Miami, New York city, there appeared a batch of house
property such as professional bargaining division. This part of the
bargaining teacher gathered at a local some well-known buys a house
property, within the website BBS for homebuyers offer opinions and
solicit business. They often instead of consumer and real estate
developers haggling price, and the specific checking and contract
signed by the buyers undertakes still. A real estate professional
bargaining division in blogs wrote: "this profession is spontaneously

formed, every time is a bargain with developers who 9) recapture
some bout of mental endurance weak, who will first bites."

Content abstract

Network, have already become our real life an important part.
However, as a new scientific and technological achievements, the
network popularization remains a problem to be solved. Main show is
as follows: for the younger generation, although know computer and
network applications, but knows not entire, expression is built, know
who knows not necessarily blog, image processing, Understand the
network game's person, not necessarily know computer maintenance
etc. For older, some will only email transceiver, some will only simple
word processing, some will only QQ chat, and age the longer a
universal displayed on the computer and network application
knowledge more impoverished.

Therefore, we prepared the set of network, and new life series is
mainly for our elderly premised on computer and Internet use friend
technical guidance, and provide the most convenient application

According to one survey, polled with over 60 years old, 60 percent of
people want to learn how to use computer and how to surf the net,
among them, more than 70 percent of the people believe that
computers can help them maintain contact with the society and a
better understanding of the world, more than 40 percent of people
said learning computers can draw near their kids with distance, make
them better communication.

With online shopping pop and continuous growth, appear a large
number of excellent websites. Some websites to the innovation of
shopping, typically found nets, special open find entertainment
oriented fashion shopping street new concept, entertainment deserve
everybody's attention.

Online shopping hot can also from fiery express profession see clue,
including clothing, cosmetics, digital etc are very popular, online
shopping bright prospect!

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