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					     April                                                                               1977
                                         STAFF COUNCIL
                                       University of Wyoming
                                        Resolution Number 3
                             Sponsored by: _________________________
                                     Michael Chris Humphreys


 1           WHEREAS, the staff personnel policies and procedures of the University of

 2   Wyoming as recorded in UniReg 174 provide guidelines for existing leave policies; and

 3           WHEREAS, said policies have been deemed to be obsolete, insufficient, and ill

 4   defined in review by the Staff Council of the University of Wyoming acting in an

 5   advisory capacity; therefore

 6           RESOLVED, that the Staff Council requests amendment of UniReg 174

 7   concerning staff personnel policies as follows:

 8           I.     We request that sections 9, 10, and 12 of UniReg 174 be deleted as they

 9                  are now written; and,

10           II.    We request that these sections be replaced with the amended versions

11                  below.

12           9.     VACATIONS
13           9.1    Staff employees should take vacations earned and accrued within a year
14                  from the date of entitlement; otherwise such vacation credit is lost.
15           9.2    Staff employees of the University earn vacations in accordance with the
16                  following statements and interpretations:
17                  9.2.1 After one month of full time employment staff employees become
18                         eligible for vacation privileges as they are earned at the rates
19                         enumerated below.
20                  9.2.2 Staff farm research aides working on a six-day week, 12-month
21                         basis, earn two calendar weeks annual vacation not to exceed 12
22                         working days with pay.
23                  9.2.3 Full-time salaried staff employees whose working term is 12
24                         months and who do not receive vacations to coincide with student
25                         vacation periods at Christmas, between the school terms, etc., earn
 1                  two calendar weeks annual vacation not to exceed 10 working days
 2                  with pay, except where other contractual arrangements exist.
 3          9.2.4   At the beginning of the third year (25th month) of service, full-time
 4                  salaried staff employees (except those designated in 9.2.5) shall be
 5                  eligible to earn three calendar weeks annual vacation not to exceed
 6                  15 (farm research aides, 18) working days with pay. This earning
 7                  rate shall be 1 ¼ working days (1 ½ for farm research aides) per
 8                  month. At the beginning of the seventh year (73rd month) of
 9                  service, those employees shall be eligible to earn four calendar
10                  weeks annual vacation not to exceed 20 (farm research aides, 24)
11                  working days with pay. This earning rate shall be 1 2/3 working
12                  days (2 for farm research aides) per month.
13          9.2.5   Staff employees whose working term is less than 12 months,
14                  irrespective of the fact that their salaries may be paid in 12
15                  monthly installments, are not entitles to vacation with pay. This
16                  includes nine-month staff personnel who receive time-off periods
17                  at Christmas, between school terms, etc.
18   9.3    (DELETE)
19   10     SICK LEAVE
20   10.1   Personnel employed in full time-salaried staff positions shall earn 1 ½
21          days of sick leave for each month of full time continuous service up to a
22          maximum of 120 days.
23          10.1.1 For purposes of this provision the monthly salary is considered to
24                 be one-twelfth of the annual salary for persons employed on both
25                 an academic and calendar year basis.
26          10.1.2 Employees become eligible for sick leave with pay only after
27                 performance of duties for 1 month. Leave without pay must be
28                 taken lieu of sick leave with pay (or lost time must be made up
29                 within that work week) at any time during the first month of
30                 employment.
31          10.1.3 Sick leave with pay will not be granted beyond that earned and
32                 accumulated at the rate of 1 ½ working days per month.
33          10.1.4 Questions on eligibility for sick leave benefits shall be referred to
34                 the Director of Personnel Administration (Part VII, Section 3 of
35                 the reference.
36   10.2   Earned sick leave may be used by an employee when he is incapacitated
37          by sickness or injury; for medical, dental, or optical examinations or
38          treatment; examinations for military service or disability payments; for
39          death of a member of the employee’s immediate family (Paragraph 12.2);
40          or when an employee is exposed to a contagious disease at home and his
41          family physician submits a written recommendation that his presence at
42          work would constitute a health hazard to fellow employees.
 1          10.2.1 Above benefits to include cases of incurred sickness or injury to
 2                  employees spouse and/or children.
 3   10.3   Employees unable to report for work shall notify their supervisor as soon
 4          as possible on the first day of absence. If notification is not made in
 5          accordance with this policy, such absence may be charged to vacation
 6          accumulated leave or to leave without pay.
 7          10.3.1 The appointing authority may refuse to authorize payment of sick
 8                  leave without satisfactory medical verification.
 9          10.3.2 Sick leave may be granted to employees who become ill while on
10                  vacation upon immediate request, provided satisfactory medical
11                  proof of illness is submitted to the appointing authority upon return
12                  to duty.
13   10.4   When a holiday occurs during a paid sick leave, the holiday is not
14          considered a day of sick leave.
15   10.5   Upon termination of employment, if other than for retirement, sick leave
16          accruals are frozen and will not be paid to an employee. (See special
17          provisions in paragraph 4.11.2 for reinstating sick leave benefits to
18          reappointed former employees.)
19          10.5.1 At the prospective time of employee retirement accrued sick leave
20                  benefits may be transferred as unused vacation credit at one-half of
21                  the accumulated time.
22   10.6   When an employee transfers from one department to another within the
23          University, his sick leave credits shall be automatically transferred to the
24          new department.
25   10.7   Sick leave shall not accrue during leave of absence without pay.
26   10.8   Each appointing authority shall be responsible for keeping necessary
27          records of sick leave credited and used for each employee. Sick leave
28          reports must be sent to the Personnel Office on the day the employee
29          returns to work.
30   10.9   Certain University positions are covered by the Wyoming Workmen’s
31          Compensation Act. If an employee assigned to any one of these positions
32          is injured at work the accident must be reported immediately to the
33          supervisor and department head. Workmen’s compensation pays medical
34          and hospital costs as provided in the Act. It also provides partial
35          compensation for time lost from work when the injured person is
36          hospitalized or away from his job more than three days.
37          10.9.1 It is the policy of the University that an eligible employee must
38                  choose between accepting his University sick leave benefits and
39                  compensation for the time lost under the Workmen’s
40                  Compensation Act.
41          10.9.2 Payments made under the Workmen’s Compensation Act become
42                  charges to the University’s account and result in costs to the
43                  University. To process claims, every work injury must be reported
44                  without delay to the Finance Office by the department concerned.
45                  Appointing authorities and the Personnel Office must also be
46                  informed of such injuries.
 1   10.10 Sick leave may not be used for vacations (or other time off except as
 2         stated in 10.2).
 4   12.1   A salaried staff employee may be allowed leave with pay for jury or other
 5          legal duty when subpoenaed for such service
 6   12.2   After one month of continuous service, absence from work to a maximum
 7          of three days because of the death in the family may be reported by a full-
 8          time salaried staff member as sick leave without loss of pay (Paragraph
 9          10.1). The family includes husband, wife, child, parents, brother, sister,
10          grandparents, and grandchildren of the employee or his or her spouse. The
11          sick leave report will show the name and relationship of the deceased.
12   12.3   Appointing authorities may grant a full-time salaried staff employee leave
13          with pay to participate in meetings, institution, professional examinations,
14          and other activities directly related to his work. Such leaves should be
15          reported on monthly time cards for nonexempt personnel to Personnel.
16          12.3.1 Additionally, leave equivalent to one working day per calendar
17                  year may be granted to a full-time employee for personal reasons.
18                  Such leave shall be reported directly to the Office of Personnel
19                  Administration.
20   12.4   See 13.1.1 for military leave.

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