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					Case Study

             Arora Hotels
             Why Arora Hotels booked us for an
             extended stay

               At a glance

              Formed in 1999 and already with seven hotels around the UK, Arora Hotels is one of the
              UK’s fastest growing privately owned hotel companies. It has a reputation for designing,
              constructing and operating luxury hotels with high levels of hospitality. However, it soon
              found itself needing to extend hospitality beyond just TV and phone services for its clients.

              Organisation Arora Hotels                       Products
              Industry sector Hospitality                     • IPVPN (Internet Protocol Virtual
                                                                Private Network)
              Location UK (nationwide)                        • Managed Internet Access.
              Challenge To provide hotel guests with          Benefits A tailored solution providing
              a first-class experience. Where fast and        all sites with high-speed access
              reliable internet access allows them to         over our Next Generation Network.
              operate as if they were in their own office.
              Solution A high bandwidth internet
              connection for the Sofitel London
              Heathrow, and a next-generation
              communications infrastructure linking
              eight locations across the country.

             The telecoms technology of today won’t necessarily cope
             with the demands that tomorrow throws at it. Unless that is,
             it’s a Next Generation Network.

             With the UK’s largest national Next              Our technical people and engineers
             Generation Network, we were in a                 recommended and went on to build a
             unique position when Arora Hotels                high-speed Managed Internet Access
             asked us for help. Arora Hotels already          solution. Perfect for meeting the
             had six hotels across the UK. It came            high expectations of today’s guests,
             to us for the installation of state-of-the-      because long gone are the days of
             art telecoms for its guests throughout           supplying a room with just an Ethernet
             its latest venue, the Sofitel London             socket and a phone.
             Heathrow, at Terminal 5.
“The convenience and peace of mind                                     Overnight and conference guests                                         Up for a challenge
 only provided by a single partner,                                    expect to find fast and reliable internet                               We accepted the challenge and set our
 single support team, and single                                       access and operate as if they were                                      Account Management team the task
 Account Management team.”                                             in their own office. With a Managed                                     of working hard with our designers,
                                                                       Internet Access solution there’s less                                   engineers and Arora Hotels to ensure
“They offered us UK-wide Next                                          worldwide wait and more emails,                                         the project ran to schedule.
 Generation Network capabilities,                                      internet phone calls and surfing.
 and a cost-effective solution capable                                                                                                         Our experts recommended and installed
 of delivering our business-critical                                   Happy with the results at the Sofitel                                   a high bandwidth 100Mbit/s Managed
 services across all our hotels.”                                      London Heathrow, we were asked to                                       Internet Access solution, along with
                                                                       connect all of Arora’s other hotels with                                wireless access throughout the hotel
“We also knew from our own                                             our IPVPN solution. Now the business                                    and wired connections in all the rooms.
 experience they would provide                                         enjoys high security with guaranteed                                    With the service’s high capacity and
 reliable support and project                                          high speeds. So emails, documents,                                      reliability, guests could all be doing a
 management.”                                                          video conferencing and data now all                                     variety of things online at speed, like
Sunny Roda, IT and Purchasing Director,                                flow over one network.                                                  emailing or video conferencing.
Arora Hotels.

                                                                       The Sofitel London Heathrow.                                            All this was done on time, to budget.
                                                                       Preparing it for take off.                                              We’d like to think we helped in some
                                                                       Arora Hotels’ new £180 million                                          small way in the hotel winning the
                                                                       flagship hotel recently opened at                                       recent accolade of ‘Best New Business
                                                                       London Heathrow Terminal 5. With its                                    Hotel in the World’ at the Business
                                                                       convenient airport location, it was set                                 Traveller Awards.
                                                                       to be an ideal conference hotel for
                                                                       many business people and companies.                                     The success at the Sofitel London
                                                                                                                                               Heathrow led to us installing the WAN
                                                                       There could soon be quite literally                                     (Wide Area Network) that now hooks up
                                                                       thousands of people in the hotel                                        all of the Arora Hotels venues across
                                                                       needing to be online at the same time.                                  the UK. Within months they were all
                                                                       They needed a company that had the                                      connected up to an IPVPN, secure and
                                                                       expertise to meet these demands and                                     ready for the future.
                                                                       deliver within budget and on time,
                                                                       ready for the grand opening.
                                                                                                                                                    Key benefits
                                                                       Since we own the UK’s largest national
                                                                                                                                                  •    Our IPVPN now securely connecting
                                                                       Next Generation Network, the hotel                                              all the hotels and head office.
                                                                       group approached us. It’s a network
                                                                                                                                                  •    Quick and easy access to data and
                                                                       that could easily cope with the demands                                         internet services – both for their staff,
                                                                       of high quality video and data services,                                        hotel guests and day visitors.
                                                                       both for the hotel’s staff and guests.                                     •    Future-proof technology designed to
                                                                                                                                                       grow with the business.
                                                                                                                                                  •    The convenience and reassurance
                                                                                                                                                       of a single IT partner, along with
                                                                                                                                                       the support of a local Account
                                                                                                                                                       Management team.

                                                                                       To find out how we can help your business lift off too,
                                                                                       please check in with us. Call us on 0800 052 0845 or visit

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